Newspaper of Evening Star, May 4, 1855, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 4, 1855 Page 2
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EVENING STAR. WAS1IINGTON 01T Y: IBMV AJriiBNiON May 4 AGZXTS FDS THE STAR. The following persons are authorized to contract for the publication of adver tisements in the Star: Philadelphia?V. B. Palmir, N. W. corner of Third anl Chestnut streets. New Tork?S. 11 P?tti2,*gill & Co., I' r-ssan street. Boston ? V. B. Paljob, Eeoliay's 13jilding. /vdtb&~i:?b?skt3 should be handed in ly 1C o'clock, 31., otherwise they may d 3t appear until the next day. ? AFlZiT 0/ THa 3naH13fQ PSSS3 ate lntcUige?ctr h emused with the growl i?,7 of our friends of the New Yoik Sun over their dsippoictmenf. in hading that, after all, the Administration doe3 not dejign counte naacki'* titlibustcrism. The Sun is indignant ?? bein^ "fooled ' in this matter Its editor rhcuid cbide his own hope3. and the efforts o? j<L pjmpath:iic? with him to dictate a r 'icj to the governin?nt of the United ? ;-'e* in thi^ comcxion All ifs disappoint* r nt ari:;s ftcu thi3 scurc?, not from any thing act a all j done by tho Administration. The U 7j>i think; the London XY;.tj furors I 1 ".rica? Kcow Nothir.gism under the im r-rcsti. n that the new party, if in power, will ojp-ice tie acquisition of Cuba on aocouut of tta religion and foreign blood of the inhabit ants oi the island. The Union farther con tains i.n iatcresiirg e?say on the rights of *1 plomaiicts in tho countries to which they are accredited, and rejoiced over the prospects of t o ty-ilectLn of the lion. T. L Clingmm. i pon the prospects of Krcw Nothingism, the Union als-i saj.?: ?4I'u' Ks?"w XothingiEm is dying out ail over the Union from other noses. "A c -rrupn iti;al and prjfligato !egis!a lose tt i??* York h*? eiartlei and alarme.1 lue p:opie of lh?.t State. "the fraud and violczae upon the billot Lose - ic Cin-'inuati have ex> oeel it io univer se? ??;? rn red derision in Ohio. ?* Ihe -lii r' afftsr in Massachusetts. f>l 1-wed b. lut outage upon constitutional rights m tha p.r oo ot Jot*e L -ri g fe^s excited a^in^t 'ht^. the ind-gnaticn anl the con temp: vf M:-. ft Eujtland. ?lhc Ji - y uU: ch.vrfrricjof corporations cf .VI kjikL by ihsPennsylvania Legislature, tho attempts at bribery a d corruption, and the ?8:u.i ;L-re..ud>.fuilcouiide.auoniofsoucd p 1 icy. Lava Lnishcd it i:t Pennsylvania. ??!<ever before has a party grown up nnd giiio down so suddenly sstiiis. We have how. ever, teen but tho beginnirg cf the end nr.'.u at:d Pinl-di'pkia are battbeavant coii. iios ? f he god time th:?t iscomitg; and ve do iiitdojbt ttiat i very few months will tae fh-aror- eat the t umpery of ?hi? dit jjf?ce:u. fjree rj iured from tho sta^e of ac tion anJ tjioviiLi.o the mast of <iL3cardcd lumver .7itn oihtr iiplnd9i (x^iiuiiiLU upon ll?e CMiUli'y of the pe?.p!e." Dz j*t > l?2v;tw.?We hive rsceivcd tha May num tr o[ il.;s vaI:.abio mr./azico. 1; c ntairs tbo able article, by Mr. Game tt, of \irg!cii. nj.i>n t.e Sm 'a and the I nion, aud .-'r. JieCord's el.ibora'e rcrien of British e-jiancipa;^n , a:br.r? p?per by Dr Scj?, c>f Caliurnia, ar.d a very oic upon education j ??iae U:r. i!r. Marshal], cf Mlashsippi, Ip ? '*hieb re^ ir. 5 views arc pre.-'cntf J to the eontY Prcfessor For;hcy has a paper tt??c ttc r.i!r-id rystem or xtxu, and the * II or r:9 upon i ur ne.*? conrt-ar n:iduip iooi&tic fy-ieia. Pi li.o i ts t re.-uit of the rtcent e!oc i n 'hat to: k jiiico a dsy or two e^o for School Thatteea in Lancaster, Fa : A-Mi Know Nethtaj 710 iii cw-K >tb*cg Aa i Knew foiling majority 130 L >eir in e; ;ctirg these sama ofucors the Jincw l><,!Li&?j triumphed bj 6u0 majojity. a :-view oi the fne department cl n-'e ruit, Aii Lig^r, on Vi'cdneiday iait. about t..:i tf o c Ti'-Vr if3 vera disbanded, in c cfc^u^nce cf the j cf ?n ordinance pr Libi?ir,^ the :tnnlD;;of ermines upon the s:de-walk? t: [avo i rtr.:?ti. Much dirsa'is frr'i tii-ted?n *c?at on tc the ?" attcr. and a ynb'.'c meeting *.?a3 c^Kcd lor last eight to coc-ldcr the cutj ct. ? v"*A mo c^iictl nt tae cilice cf the New O'lrans i>el.i a few d-;.e tgo and that he L.. 1 ams'cd, near Carrolton, Ls , the fffi tive B ?kor, who ki 11c t Poole in New York. The Stlta p*M littie attention to the man'a T'orj: bnt as a person has since been taken up thu iiver heavily ironed, it thinks it not irn ^rcti.Lie that it iras Bukcr. Ccn."sectici v.?T!.e Leg-id at uxe yesterday Ti.oiJ.irg, elccted Wm T. iii^er, Kuow Noth irg. for Gsvemor if Connecticut. The vote t oo.; : Miner 177; In^him, Dtn.;srat, 70 All the other K-^.. Nj;hing Candidates fcr ?tais ith.cri vere elee.ed ....Ck3- 11 Powcli indicted on the charge ? , / letters ai. I m ney from the ?*! t.-: e 1? CH-'e. aT.rr briog tritd iu the U. l: t -*oi C'c-r*. ie that ei'y, wes acqnittcd ye- e- ' y?t r ,a y r even iearicg their bo* to a>*sc up tiici? verdict. .... The 11 v.. !? ' jcn O llaven ha? been rr^u-ner<*c 1 ly flc Luftlo as rpctke-rf the next United S a'ei ilouse of i-? f j>i\c-- ill i- *????? inreiligent, eipe xicnced. and courteous gentleman. .... u'o x-c-tice in our eschjngcs Urge num ber'' ti t U'i ice d. ih = in v ?iu u< parts of the l uo'ry. Keccutiy, L>Lt. Simmons, formerly i> I. 'ter c Trior ir. '.ho Philadelphia Puft Of t*". t ?*r.t ?? the O id F'.llows' L d^e. in Third f'jtKf. ti e o be' e^iniui;, and while eitiir.g on ih?3 te ta t*Ifilesd,Ml over aud cap.i.t.1 iu a .w minutes. ....itev. LjToj batheria nd tf this city, v . 5 .nncutct i a.? oC;j of tho speakers at the - j ti ika I'-: .n.-> 1-ania Amer .f Iract Sociatj,ksM teal ti|kt in Philt tic phi* ....CLatoa C ck, L, tf tjuee*. Ante's r-nrty. Alar j land ij c.oksn of a* the Know -So.L... .; tani. :..o !^r ijv.-erncr oi" th*tState ....K' welt Cc of S uthin^-on, Conn , <? -imitud su:c:de, not haviig ihiloaophy to jt?t otaf th?Imi of $i,uot), which ft-jj st >len iK'aa him. ....MiJ3 La y Sane, tho famous sirocj xn:; del vouaa, wis marritd cn Monday to a iir. 1, cf Ohio. ....lte? a.iu W. Kixtall, implicated in IhoJ! j'tka V.'a:hitgtoc eocs^iracy. his b^en ?Tf ? - - !? bail in the cam of $2 - 60'?. U'Wilcw 1>. i/a'u'a 1 a,band lately died of elder.i la ike midst if bis m<*:t acute I I y pat a. the h.nd of death bid t j 1 Lia,asd wti'e writhing in n^ony h:." r ' tifi :>'J t>hiiu ??Well, >lr. Drinle I ;\r -d we ir the ttie. j .11 out. it jva arc a djrin^;!" XfiSHINtim mVSJND GOSSIP. The Value of Precaution?was sever mora 1 farcitly ehown than in th* result of the action | of Cocgre?8 lart winter in increasing the pay of the rank and file of the army, and author ! i*ing the addition of four new regiments to the Era,j of the United States. Thcsa acts were wrung fr^m the House of Representatives only by the martjrdum of hundreds if not thousands of ocr fellow citiiens in and cut of the public service, and the capture and de struction of hundreds of thousands of dollars' worth of tha property of emigrants crossing the plains For six months before they were passed, hardly a mail was received from Ore ! gr.n, Utah, or New Mexico, which did not tell of mora or lefs new murders and robberies by tie sarnges, who, from the absolute want of ion and means on the part of the government, had becomo comp'eto misters of the gre3t plains of our west, levyiDg black mail on, and murdering emigrants psssing over them and settlers on ther borders with us mu;h impuni ty as Bedouins ever did tha same things on and around the Arabian desert. The action of Congress, however, has already evidently put a stop, for the most part, to the rccurronce of similar a^ts of brutality and violence in that qiarter, and again restored the control of the great plains to the government of the United Stites. without the necessity for firing a single gan, cr making a single Indian prisoner. Ktubcldeccd iy the immunity from just pun ishment uiry jong enjoyod, there can be no question that too cutiaw3 of all the tribes on tae frontier had formed a plan to atsearble this earing in an ailay of thousands, to rob and murder the wbitas wherever they could be found on and around their locality?the unoc cupied territory between the waters of the Mississippi and Missouri and the Itocky Moun tains. The fact of the arrangement of this plot was well known here, and the Govern went bent all its energies first to ob'ain from Congress the fi?ur new regiments, cr.d next to set them in the field in time to check and pun i3h tbe savages before 'hey cculd dc uJuch damage. The news of their entire success with Ccngross went upon the wing* cf the lightning to our frontier posts, and w-s speed ily known among the tiibca. Its effects was to instantly induce the heatile and .uilaw sav ages to abandon their schemo of rapino and muiuar, information of whioh reached hero very qut.-kly through letters of officials sta tioned in the Far Wee., all of ?vhcm, in their letters to this point, arc new understood to be i writing that the danger of such a eombina- i tion among tho tribes or any portion of them i this season no longer oxiais. All will rejoice i with ns that the ab:o!u'e necessity for making < fearful war on more cr ?cs? cf the tribes has ; been obviated without spilling the blood of n j human being, by the prompfcocas and erergy i wi*h which the preparation we have rfas:;ibc<? J above was prosecuted by tho War Department, j Very Inteiea'irj frsm X-.vr Mexico ?Our a'tentivo New Mexican correspondent writes us by the last mail a bitch ot letters, twj of ' which we publish Jo-day : { Fsrnaxdfz d: Taos. N M. ) March 2*tb, ih?5. } { Ihia usually quiet plaza had. within tho last : three vrevVis, been tho theatre of considerable i excitement 'j h*s ha* Lieu the p^int of ren dezvous for tbe trir p , who have j-art ftartf i ' o > 'h* car y:ji^u again8* 'ha Ini ar r; an;', ir ] s-'lditiort t:e?r?o. ttse Ur.iied .Sta'es District i Conn 1th.s Territory, Jc Jra Urooshua pre ti ling, has l-eeu in session, and aa <ccn;ribu.Ld its ot animati u tu tho s:tre. Iho peo ] plauf this new portion >,f ? ur e unfry, i the org.ti'is -.tion of a j idiclnry By nr. hut , become ford of li:ipati->n, end, consequently, Ac ii^vo an able r.rid energetic bar, the ' courts are pretty full of business, ssl the ex citetcer!. ihei?::? ?*tccdisg, is qti'6 a relief . to the usual tranquility of our coun*y t >wns It is very evident that tho peoplo generally. s arc piessci with the substitution of ihia mode J of settling their rights, in oUeo cf the oUt meuod ci resorting to the I\ic^t for trie at tainment of such ends. 1 The irilitary f ?rce, which bo* jast moved of! < in pursuit of the hostile Indians who have ; lj'ely recti praying urxn the U-cks and the lives < f our people w. h fuch a b^aroua and reieLtlc5? ha.:d, corsisoi of roven (Tnip"!.ier? < three ot regclar frcops and four cf volunteers 1 iiie exreiition is<?d by Col Vaunt- 5 le; jy. Lieut Cal. Bt. Vraia appu.n'ed by tfct Governor of tbo i>rriu.ry fror.i civil iife h^e ' ;bo c.mican lof tho voluEte-ir portion of tbe : f ir.^e Ito u an o!d monntainer, of great ri pe;itn?e in frontier life, ir,d mttibio courng , yre&t pradereo, remarkable coolness, deep foresight, ar.d possosco* quaiitici of hoar: ' which ha;o anueared him 10 tLe whole ooun- 1 :ry Much rtii^iico it> ^iaced up' n h:in. fj i j much e**pacted from him. la tiii? expedition Li u: i?l.'i^ru'ji>r goes ns acting a^si* nnt ad iu a jt general ; Lieut Crsig, cl tho th:rd in- 1 t>nfry. w acii:.g adjutant to Lieut. Col. 61 : V;air?; Liest. M-.Cook, of the third i.ifantry. a: rc'.I:^ n.iaii-a'y; Mtj>r I'ucktr as quar ter tnajter; Dr. Peleru furgcon cf tbe reg- ' ulartrcopa; and Lr. hiavanauK-i, a promisiaK t youug ph>-ticiaa, lately from Missouri, ss sur- j ge..n cf thaveluntser dep^rtmsntcf the force. Ual Lrooks, of I'irt M lasfcchusetts, commands ore cou;p;?ny of artillery, armed with riflss. uxd Mtj^r XhoiDption a d Lieut. Adams have 1 each coc.mar.d of a company of dra^ooos. Col ir'auntlt-roy, or* wicin the Uiancgeuieiit ( of tie wiolo campaign devolves has Eiarted out with graat energy atd dttermiaalion. He i~ re3^lvid to f ,l!ov tho cn*my, or 1 them to ?ha Grand liivtr Mountains, to tbe t Valley cf the Great Fait Lake, and to too i.avaji cjuntiy if necoisary 'iho campaign , will La one of *cvt ray,'ion, end peril ( It is expected th^t it will traverse sixorsrvtn hundred c:il-s thtou/h irhi ? r*ab'e mountain regions, fci,d 'o penetrate though snows of al- [ moft unfafCiou:aUe depths. Let r-o .at suppose that tha p.oiession of arms is odo cl >uxury. The men of the mill- | tarycalbrg de-erre all their honors, erpe eial'y .vhen earned bysacrifi'es and endu rances such at have *o b? m tdo and encoun ter'd in active service, iu this frontier coun try Tbe only time at which it is at all worth wbilo to pursuo Indians in these re gions. is while the deep euuws lie axum^st the towerirg mouutains. whi h se. ve as the home, tbe hiding plaoe. and the bulwark of tho red barbarians cf the wilderness Su'ch % cam. paign is not to be courted but to be enunned, save by tha iola*%r whose heart is animated by the true sentiments of humanity, patiioU ism, and ' aior. ? Fkrnakusz ve Taos. N M i Maioh 2^th, 1S55. j Ac exprris reoc icd us las T.ight from Col. rauttlaroy, wbo i- now in the Uta^ and i*pa cbo coun ry. in Command of a part of the regular army, and four comraniescf Mexi cr>n volunteers lhat they ni?tt/ti the lJvii of Muich, near the Cochal ipa l'a-s, about ISO to 150 Utah and A| acbe Indians, and k lied six of the former, and one of the latter, wound. I:? z large number, and ca,iunng maty ani nsals. Af er tne fight, the Utah's and A^acbo s separated, md the latter were foilowel through the t unche Fass, and dvwn the Arkansas, and fiaatly again overtaken *.c tho 22d, when two w^re killed and several wonn led. Two were also captared and forty odd animals taken wi:h saddles, LtHukaM, robes and provisions, leaving tn? Indi ins neatly destitute. O.i the 22d, us tbe command w-ic leaving tha Puneho Pjhj, a party of three Ut&bs wara ovethanl^d, caa woULded and captured, and one killed. liie cmmarid re'urned tkrou<?h tho moun taia valley and Moka Pais b^ck^to Fort Mas suhusetts. whero it will recruit for fifteen da;s, and th-c r>f^e against the Utubs a?aia. ? Tra eirrmant bed tv.o men wjur:i;d of C/ip*. 1 Adama' e?ir.,any fin? dragoons, nud lo*t ? st>u.e Line or ton animals Xhe iudiacs are lite I j to bo kept busy the ' ensoicg spring Our excellent commanding officer, Gen. Garland, will gire them but little reat. He ha* an expedition at this time in pursuit of the Me*coleras near the White mountama, in which region he will establish a post. Coming to their Senses ?A London book seller has very recently been in Washington bunting up and purchasing copics of every thing published in this country on the mili tary science. It is judged among the Wash ington booksollers that he came to fill an order for hia Government. Wo saw two huge boxes yesterday being packed for him at Taylor <fc Maury's, containing copies of every thing American cn military affairs which their extensive stock embraces. Among thorn we observed Lieut. Woodbury's papers f n engineering and sustaining walla; Ordnance regulations; lfield srtillcry, horse and foot: Military Laws; Regulations of the mcdical department, U. S. a ; Regulations cf the Qjarteimister's department, U. 3. A ; Capt. Lie's tables and formulu; Major Wayne's sword exorcise; Mordeoai'a experiment's in gunpowder; General navy register and laws; Col. Graham's report on the Mexican boun dary survey: Gordon'j compilation of tho U S. urmy registers from 1S12; Regulations for the Ubiforji and dross of tho army; and many others on American military laws, regulations, weapons, tactics, 4c. The Cleaning of this is, that England is seeking to repair her military error.' in the Crimea from the experience of oar military men in the Mexican war and on oar wc-stcrn frontier. Our army oCi:crs may well be proud of this mute testimony of the superior efficiency of our army, and also of the superiority of their Almi Mater, West Point, as an institution for cffeoUve preliminary mi'iUry training We doabt whether its cqar?l, to that ?^nd cxi3fs eliowhore in tho world, insomuch as, without exception, every one of i;s eloves leave its barracks posscssiag the foundation of scientific military attainments of the high est order, as well as the foundation of high toned character, on which, to their honor be it said, very few of them neglect to improve. Ihe Buakeg3 of the Third Auditor'a Cffics By way of giving our readers ecmsthirg of idea of the charactor and amount of the labors of tho gentlemen employed In the offije of the lhird Auditor of tho Treasury, wo fccro with present a summary of the principal work lone in that Bureau, during the past month of April?viz : oi Quartermaster's money accounts auliteJ, involving ihe sum of SI 271 31; 03 Quarter master s property accounts settled. 4,609 ronesers in money and property accounts; 70 lub^iatenco accounts settled; number of vouch es, 1.475; amount involved, *514 045 30; 53 iccountsof officers 3nd ngen'.s of the engineer ir.d topographical departments sealed; iium ?er of vouchors, 1,171; amount involved; :i.'190.210 64; 19 pension agents' accounts fettled; rubber tf vouchers, 3,382; amount .-no.ved, $192.7*0 00; number of claims for jortea and other property lost, and for misccl. ar.eous purpcaes, under various acts cf Con ;ress, acted on and reported to Comptroller i9i ; amount involved in same, $130,000 ; cx uniuation cf rolls under boar.ty land nots. u'-ie and reported, 010 ; 02 half pay and in ia'id pension claims examined and reported; yi pension and half p.-ty cliims settled; 10 pen ion and half pay oi aims rrjecled or run pfuded; 523 requisitions regietered. iuJsxe?i '?) 1 sig'.eJ; 1,151 letters, accounts, and cl-tins, end>??soJ, m,l registered; 1,293 let ers written, Terordsd, and sent; 3 coaiplete nanu.-cripts of ae:oua?a, cii-de and reported or sent. TLa TTcw Buffalo Custom liccaa ? The j-crctary of tho Treasury has selected as the i'ta cf ihe new Custom House to bo built at L'u;r*Io, Y . a lot at the coraer of Soncca ad Wushing on streets, rcntraily located. a*?d imaicd.ateiy opposilo the present post It will bo recollcc ted that this building ;s to acoom module the Custom LIcuso. United ?tat?s Courts and City Post Office. Tl.o sito :;vc.a lots belonging to eleven proprietors [t 1-0 by 140 feat, and cost tho Government Ei0,0 ;0. The building is to cost $38,000. Pro PG: have bern i?sueJ for tiiis lor tho coa ?'.ruction cf the building. Tho Croat Fait agiinut the City Sink cf u iun.bns Ohio ? liiiuyuii?t!io United Staler l . the City Bank of Co'umbus?for tho recove ry oz the amount (1100,000) of th# transfer 1 raits deposited with them by Mr. Corwin *uen Secretary of the TroMcry->i? expected o ccme to trial ca the 11th inat. It will be recollected that theao doposita were part cf tho ;j;inordinary Government financial oper^ icuj of Messrs. Robert Corwin, Uunlcvy, De lano A Co. Ce ery.?\? e have obtained tho following [?Kper iu manuscript from Air. Brown, the &c somplLhed chief cf the agricultural branch :?f th# l'atont Cffico Bureau, and publish it as umbracirg valuable information to all among m who are sensible enough to pos^osa and cul tirata gardons : SjcvMooB'a White Somn Cer,ERv?Thia variety ij generally growu on aooount of its jio.r Wuiu oolur, nud and crirpy :' C uliwatio't.?Iho ?c?d m<ty he sown in the .^f:ddleand Northorn Stato", witli slight for fiom March until the lir?t or second w? ek in May. It m;iy bo town io drills, eix itches apart, in a Lot-bed or a rich mellow border, after the manner of oabbage need, watjring moderately in dry weather hith bo fore and after it ia up. Aa soon en the piants are two or throe inches high thoy may be transplanted into a nirsery, thxae or four itches apart, in a sunny situation, into tempo rary bedn formed of old hot-bed dung or well rotted stable manure mixed with one-fourth ?'t its bulk of finely pulverized earth. TL?>se beds should be laid six or seven inches thick, u?i a plat of giound having a surfaco made hard by compree3i>m in order to prevent the celery from running to seed the following spring The cnrMiog plants should bo watered daily until they have taken firm root, and as often at terw iids aa the dryneis of the weather may require. Aa soon as the plants nave acquired a height of six or eight inches, they may be removed ia monthly succession from Jane till Sep'e nbar, into a soil rather moist and rich ia vegetable mould, but not rank from new or unfei mstited dung.. Previous to the last transplanting the ground should be thorough ly worked with the spade or plough to adep'h of twelve to eighteen inches, and then bo di vi'Ied into trenches twelvo inches deep, eighteen iLohoa wide, and four feet apart frjm centre to centre The trooches should ncx' bo filled nine inches deep with a compost of well-rotted dang mixed with one-fourth of ilz bulk of strong sandy loam, "iho plants shoulj then b* taken from the nursary bed* *iih as much soil v? $;J! conveniently adhere to their roots, and after removing the side shoots from the stems, they may To planted nice or ten inohe.s apart in the centre of each tranch, watering thrin as often aa the weather nuy require uQtiJ they are ready to earth up. as the planta in the tranchea riso from ten to fifteen mohts hi *h commence the operation of ear hingup the blanobing but never do thie whilo it ia wet. In the first two mouldings tho earth should be sparingly raised to th? r.'friB" forming a /light ridg? on eajh aide of the row<i leavtog a hollow to receive tbe first benefit of the waterings ox rain. Wheo the plant* become strong enough to bear a mould six inches in heighth the earth may be drawn up equally on each side proven'ing ii ae much an possible from falling into the hearts of the plants by keeping closely together the onter leaves. This may be done by tying them to gether by long btnds of bi*3 matting untying them as fast as the plants are earthed op, which should be repeated oneo or twice a fort night until they are ready for use. Tbe width cf the top of the ridges should be gradu\lly diminithel until they are at last drawn to a thin edge near the tip* of the plants By these means they may be weii blanched and ready for table by the end of September. The IT. 8. Steamship San Jacinto.?The new propeller not long sinoe put inte the U S steamship San Jacinto, has increased her speed nearly one and a half knot per hour, making her at this moment tho fastest known propeller-worked ship that float*. U. 3. F.tvenuo Marine C fficora Eetachcd and Ordered.?First Lieut R. J. Iludgins, and Lieut. Anson S. Rogers, have beon detached from the cutter Joseph Lane, and wait orders. Lieut. F. Milligan has been ordered to the outter Forward, at Now Orleans. The Pecretary cf the Treasury ?'This gen tleman left the city, yesterday, for Louisvill'? bis heme, designing to be absent from his post about a fortnight. Clerical Appointments ?Louis C. Hootee, of Mo., and Ihos Mitchell, of Ct., have been appointed to first class ($1,200 per annum) clerkships in the Pension Bureau. Clerical Promotion.?Mr. Chas. F. McDon ald has been promoted to a second class v$l,400 per annum) clerkship in the Sixth Auditor's Ofii so. Th9 Curront Operations of the Treasuiy Doparinsect.?On yesterday, the 3d of May, thcrs were of Treasury Warrants entered on the booke of the Department? For paying Treasury debts $63,314 34 For covering into the Treasury from L*nds 14,706 17 for covering into the Treasury from miscellaneous sources.... 55 16 For tho War Department 134,738 83 Fur repaying in the War Depart ment 10 011 68 For the Navy Department 61,088 13 For theInterior Department 22,043 3S For repaying for the Interior De partment ...? 5,171 19 GEORGETOWN CORRESPONDENCE. Hi turn of Hands to work on the Aqn*dnct? Tour of Inspection Ltferred? Sale of Property?Markets, 4'C Georgetown, May 4, lb55 We learn that tho hands etgiged upon the Washisgton Aqueduct, who struck for higher wages, as noticed In the Star of Wednesday have all, with tbe exception of some half iloxon, leturned to work at the same wages they were receiving before tbe strike. We aro informed, this morning, that the tour of inspection (of cur Cana!) by tbo officers and directors of the Canal Company, which was to start on tbe 7th infant, had been y>ost p-i-.ei to to definite perio l The travel up<m the Canal by the packet boat Congress will not be interiuptel Yesterday aid last, night we had a fioe rain, which has greatly revived tbe gardens, ka. E.S. Wright ?nld on Wednesday brick bnure and lot on We.-' streot, tbe property of the heirs tho late Mm. Corcoran, for ?1,359 ; purchaser, Mr J-hn Cochran. Private despatches lro?n tbe north this Qji>riiirg boing r?tber more favorable, thato e.ppeara to be rather a bettor feeling: in tba dour market, held nominally at $10 2i f->r standard brau is Wheat, $2 35 for red and $2 40 for whi:e. Corn. %ln$l U5. 'itie supply of beef cattle at Drover's Rest this wc?k ba3 bccTi equal to the demand, acd pr?co? havo advan*M 75 cents perhunlred. SjIo? at $'} 75J$G 75 on the hoof, equal to t>ll 50^$13 50 nt'. Old sheep. 5?6c per lb?. Kress. Lombs J-i par hefcd. Veal calves, osGo per pounds grots. Spectator. Aeeival op Ex Consul Fabens.?Ex-Cci> euI Fa bens arrived in town this morning from Washington, in oh urge of tho Unitol States Marshal, who arrested him on an indictmont, f. un i againrt him by the grand jury, for an aliogel u'.itmp: to ?iolatotbe neutrality laws. lie uppcartd before Judge logcraoll in the Di-triei Court at noon, and requested permis rl >n to g'.vi bail at a reasonable amount. Tte court ordered the same rule to be er.terod as in the cas-j of Coiouel Kinney, vis: bail io be given 11 Uie amount of $10,COO, with two sure ties to justify in iuOjOCO. Mr Fabens waa accompaniol in court by Colonel Kinney and several of his friends, ar>d after the announcement by the court, went ont to procure tbe required bail and suietics, but had not effared tbem at two o'olock ?iV Y. hv Pust, of yesterday. Tdb Sr. Lawre~cc at Montreal?The Montreal Gazette cf Friday rays tho ice was broken up and rapidly moving away, but the river was not yet clear. Oa Monday last twenty-throe persons, including thirteen ladies ar.d gentlemen, who v.itbod to take tho cars for Boston, and ten fenymen, undertook to cross the rivor on foot. When about four hunJred yards from tbe Montreal chore, a loud shouting trcm tbe laud which they had quitted, ar.d a sharp hissing sound, caused by the rapid upturning of tbe ice above thorn, warned them that a " ttbovo " had commenced, and that the ica waa moving down. They were in a very dangeroua position, and immediately com munced making for tbe shore. Around them was a moving mass of jigged, rotten ice, and they were obliged to jump from one cake to another. Finally, all reached a placo of safe ty, with the exception of ono gentleman, Mr. banderson, who was brought ashore by the ourrent uopn a cake of ice. dead. Whether bo was stunned or crushed by the concuseion of tbe ioe, or whether he was fiightened to death, is not known. HP* A very interesting sale took place at Mollen's Auction Room* to diy. A large crowd was in attondanoa to bid off the traps and "calamities'' of unfortunate travellers cn the C. C. & C RailroaJ, tho lost baggage, Be - eral tons of which have been waiting for own ers for a year. Carpet bags, valises, and trunks wer?cffjrol in profusion. Poor emi grant's eboste. nil the way from tbe Alps or tho Black Forests; Indies' band boxa:; dandies' valises, f'lll of dickeys and starch; boarding school iuises' trunks, well packed with laces and love letter?; a poor attorney'? bag, with paoket* of papers, era kers and obeese; all ?cnt off for trifling amounts of cash. Tho trunks not being opened before the sale, no one could know the contents until ha took pos session, nor know whether he had drawn a blank or a prixs. One man bid off a trunk for a trifle, which proved to be full of dry goods ?a prizi. Bids on the next went up rapidly It was knocked off to a stout woman, who im mediately raised the lid, end discovered her prise to be a bushel of pies and oakes a year old. Lcud laughter now broke from tbe crowd, whereat sne "pitched in," and with two Hit a cleared the sidewalk in double quick time.?Cleveland Paper. Singular Puknohehok.?Just above tbe locks on Green river, Indiana, when there is a low s ago of water, the steamboats shut down their furnace doors for fear of " setting &ro to the river," tbe bottom of which is oov ered to a freat dep-h with deoomposed vege table matter, which, stirred np by the pvl dies, emits an inflammable gas. instantly ig niting in contact with flame. By st -pping tbe boat the tUiftecoates, and is seldom dangerous, or Love is m a*s?esary to a woain'i heart m a fashionabl? bonnet to her head. Indeed, we think, rather more ee; for nothiog lesa than a larre measura of lore will content her. whereas the recent fashion he? thown that the can be satiified with a very little bonnet It is undoubtedly a r-anlalous obcervati n. bat a modern philosopher has remarket, end we give the ephorisna ft?r what it r worth, that " love is ?o es-ential to the very life of a wo mm tha' in celibacy she is unhappy with^at a lover, and after marriage, if sha is to nntor tunate as not to love her husband, she ii pretty certain to love?somebody aisa's!"?Botton Pott. _ [ADVEtTIStWXJT Health Malting vt lit Making. Dr. Harmon K. lloot, of N?w York city, we notice by onr exchanges, is about to org*ni*e a congress, to ba composed of physicians in* ?tead of politicians, whose province it will be to manufacture health instead of laws. The idea of convening physicians from every "nook and corner" of the globe for the pur pose of legislating for the siok is certainly rational, and maybe attended with gratifying results. The bitter prejudices existing between the different schools ot medicine interpose se rious barriers to the progress of the healing art, and, so long as these prejudices are per mitted to make civil war among the members of the (Cttulapian profession tut little ad vancement in the soience of miteria '.audita car be expected. Dr. Koot's plan is to unite under one roof the medical an i surgical skill of tha whole world, and to harmonise, if po? sible, the conflicting opinions of medical men. To accomplish this desirable purpose he has engaged the ?err ices of physici&us represent ;ng all thn different systems of medical prao t ce on both continents, all of whom are to as 8;mb?e at No. 512 Broadway. New York, on the 1st of June, when the first session of the " World's Medical Congress" will convene This institution h to be open to iavalidt from all parts of the United States, and dis eases will be treated on the electio system of practice. All the good feature' of allopathy, Ihompsoniaclsm. cbrono thermalison, vege t&rianism. hoc apathy Ac , will be employed in the trea'msat of patients, and the errors of each will be strenuou-Iy avoided, especially those which emwrace nnrcury as a medical agent. This institution, if properly maneged will excel in it? advantages all the hospitals in the world. Many of the disaster at times prevalent here, are importations from foreign countries, and it is but reasonable to presume that the physioians of those countries wherein ;u:h disease had their origin, are the best qualified to treat them successfully. 3 be medical Congress, it must be borne ic miad. is to be composed of physicians from eveTy part of the Old and New World, and the pub lie can seo at a glanco the advantage? it will popsess in this important y articular."Toe pro jecfor of this g-eat enterprise is a g;ntleman of wealth and acknowledged medical skill. He is the ?ulhor of several medical puMica tior.s, the last of which is the " IVple'i Med ical Light house," a book of wide circulation TO THE EDITOR OP THE tfTAR: HOSa> Il^'i'g sern my na r.e Ihctirtol members of tlie K now Nodiii gs, n- published in the Dai'y Bait more Republican on May l-?, I have to stale that I am not and never to in* Or der. J. T. DONALDSON. nry4 It* . tTllP Editor* of the Republican wi'l please make this correctianj i,TOTHE FIREMENOF WASHINGTON AN!) GEORGETOWN?GENTLEMEN: We return our heartfelt tha?<ks for your generous escort on the 1st of Majr, on the arrival of oar ilo-e Carriifie, the prompt response to the raM in the lo cal mutter of the "Star" and "Orean," (lo Hi** Edi tors ot which we are under many aoknowUJje mcnti, for which they receive our graiituih*.) show a nrompt action on your p.irt which shall never be effaced from our memory. T?Mr. MiddUton Birckhead, Chief Marshal of the day, we owe erpecial thanks, ami rhr nl.l there have Iw-en any informality on the pan of tli; Coin pany, it was not for the want of any respect lor the Companies p-e^ent. hut to make ereryilnng acr.e able lo all, '.or which we are un er ma.iy ofclication* lo you, ami ene of which your Hue uotic* to out President of th^ presentation of "he Wreath from our friends and fellow citizen-of the Frsi.klm Fire Company We do hereby acknonl^lp) iheir re ? l>-et for our Company ami tothint; on our turl h ilt ever interrupt the fricti-lly fe? hug evinced by ih?? respect paid its. We enter on duty in the Fire Department friends in each t'omp?ny; we exir-t but t > si rvc you, and may we b" o' service to all. \Ve letU'n our th inks or the kind hospitality and ?lie l.ou'itiful Mippiy of r- frechments e? rv? d Io us by the rations Companies 'in the route We return our thanks r.l-o t-- Mr W. T. Dove for Lis kidness at Philadelnha : nod to a!! others wh" have Ri?i-tnl tt? on Ihis ocvM i jj? : and we hef als in coi;rlnrio.i to return ?:ir thanks to Mr Jo? I a viiNon for bis rcfre-liing beverage Or? our propress. An4 to the I.adie* who contriUi|?n| so hountiiuily the Wreaths, i'^iitis hnd Fiowers sent to ailorn our llo?e Catii.tge; ah well no other neighbors around tiie h.tli for their kiiidn<>M also ia the he uitii'u! prrnenU. I!v order of the Western Hn?c Company; may 4?It* J. F. EUWAKiiM, Fee. X II 1 B IT I ON OF Til F SAlttATH School at the E ?.lrei t lSiptifet Churt li ? This Se'iool will five an exhihui"ii on FRIDAY EVENING, Miy 4th. to commence at a quarter be ?Irs ei?ht o'clock. Admi'tance froe. ?ay 2?3t ?2^2, FIREMEN'S PICTURES ?The lt?ffl< for tho^e tour beautiful Piciur s in Gi't Frames, rej reseniir.s the lour scenes in the Life o! a Firemen, will p ititivelv take on SATUR DAY NIGHT next, the 5<h instant, at o'clock , at Profes or ii. W. Munder's Uooa:4, over R. 1'am iiam'* Houk-jlore, corner i'a arcnue anJ Eteveuih slr? i t. We kave a few chances yet for Bale at one dollar j,er tiiLiii(.e. JNO. F ELEIt*, 305 Pa. avenue, near iVnth sired, may 2-3t SKVKKTH WARD.-UXION TICKET. For Aiderman?DEAUBORN R. JOHNSOV. F-r Coinmoi, Council?SAMUEL PUMPIIKKY, SAMUEL TAYLOR, HENRY A. CLARICE. itiav 4?te Drug store for sale?in an excel lent lo< u ion, and doing n go?>d hiisiuasa. Sut ist-ictory rea^onaforaelluig. Addret8,4Z"at th" Su r officc. may 4-3'. GRAND PIC NIC ?>r tin Northern Liberties' Fire Co. The n< >ki hern liberties' fire com PANY respeeilully make hnown to their friondt an 1 the public g> neraMv that they will giv# their tirst Pic Nic at the WHI'i'E ilOL'JE ou the 7th of June, 1;5V Particulars in future a.lvertiscu:cnt. may 4?eo3t GRAND F1REMENS', Military Club and Civic Ball. ?j^HE (RANKLIN FIRE COMPANY take jr. ai J jdeabure in annouuc n? to the public that th 'y will live a Gran t Firenn n's, Military, t'liih, and Civic Ball at the Natiotal Theatre, on TUESDAY, EVENING, May litW They assure the public that no pt.ins or expense' witl bo spared to make this one of the moat magnifi cent entertainments of twason. Parti ulars in a tuture advi-rthemetU. may 4?3t PIU NICS. THOSE goirj; on l ie Ni;a or nxcnrsi? n5 ihis feumtner biiould not f-i: to supply them*elrej Willi OWTIGR'li SPARKLING SUOAV, TLe new tubs Bute iv?r S da Water, may 4 - eo3l REFRIGERATORS, WATER COOLERS, Jkc ?f am receiving my a u il Sprinp cuppty of REFRIGERATORS, with Fiona bitter pou?, water Jars, and a complete ventilating arrang- ment, muling it the most perfect Refrigerator ;n market ALo, Water Coo!era of superior finish, all si2e?. For sale low by W. 11. HArtROVER, Seventh street, opp Patriotic Bank, may 4?3t JAMES n. BURNS'S Cheap Book, Sl2l j?itryt Periodical Vaiieiy Start <u d CIRCULATING LIBRARY, * No. 150 Bridge street, opposite llie Mayors Oftce, OEOaOKTOWH, D C. Subscriber* to all the Weekly Periodicals and Maeaainri sieved at their dwellings Agent lor the '"Evenins Star," where advertise menta will be promptly attended to, and sub*cri{ tJons received. mav A?1 w IIATS-HATSr r-w " SMALL PROFITS AND QUICK r?w l_m RETURNS'' is tnv m Hto. For pro?t IW and aee the v??y he?( knd mo*.idBQ fashionable Drew Hatti at ? S 90, worth %4 or ^5, and a firct rate Hat at $3 50 worth from to $3 So Just received a few more dncen Stbaatop^l Ham. Those young men who hare been wanting can now lie ?upi*lieJ at ANTHONY'S, Tih street, eecond door north of Pa av?tiue. i i . _1J L , LJ ! Amusements. MUSICAL CONVENTION. The friend* of sacred music in wo*. ingtor, ar>d cflixens ???nsrallv, are mm clfMlly in<br:ii?- l that a MUSICAL CONVENTION, under the patronage of the VHIOA CHOIH AKSOC1 ATIOI will b# held in (he Smithsonian Institution, oa ifce 8th, i?tb. IOth, and llih of Mar. t'-rmi aung with a PUBLIC CONCERT on Fridav Evening, ths 11th Tin1 eierci?cs will be und r the direction of Psol. I B Woodbary. nf New York. wIiom booki kavi b en ao generally adopted by the wnoma Choirs of this CUV. The Convention will hoi J three ??mioni each day, cmmeneing at 10 a m , on Tuesday, tbe Sih May, during which Anthem t, Chants, Trios, Du? Is. Pol op, and Gleet will be practised, accompanied by a course of lessons in execution, s?vle, d'livcrv. vo< alaation, expression, articnlit.on, The Pahlic Concert on Uie cImrt ? v. rung, will also be under the direc tion of Prof. W. Thin ? nterprlse fs earnestly commended lo the at tention of our nu>ical brethren tn the DtKrifl, and in Mfjonint cities Circular*, stating more foils the object* of the Convention, can be had on applica tion to T. J. Mm filer, |i slr<e?, n? ar 7ih. Tehmm : ft a-on Ticket, (embracing also the clos ing Cot cer%t .f 1. Hingis Tickets. (admitting to any one of tbe u> sions, or to ihe Concert only,> 9> cents. Ticket" can be had on applitaiioa a* abovn. my 2?5t ANNIVERSARY COS CERT or TBI HilOl CHOIfi ASSCCIATIOV. 1MIE UNION CHOIR ASSOCIATION res&eet fu'ly announce their fir?t Anniversary Coucert, to be given in the Smithsonian Institution oa IONDAY kVCRllO, Mmy 7. 1IM. when they will present the Cantata of THE PILGRIM FATHERS, W>tli Orchestral Accompaniment, including a Grand Piano F??rte. Th? f'onrnt will be on<W the direction of F. A. TUCKER, Conductor of the Association. Tickets *0 c? n?s ; to l>r had at the autre* of Tsy i-jr & Maury, Hilbus h Hit*, and other principal book ai.d music atom in the city; a I ho from leader* t.f the various Choirs belong in* to the Association. No tickets wi?l be sold or money received at the do<?r. The numb- rs of tickets is lim.ied, a> d each will be accompanied by n laniphlet [fti,umiui, con tacting the words of the Cantata. Prof f< HriL will preside at the Piano F<-rto. ap H i oJtkd Tllfi TROUPE OF TURKISH MAGICIANS, who are now playing ailh vuch brilliant success In A<< xiii Ji.a, will soon appe ar in this cry. m 1 ?tf J_KEMPTON, Agent. CARUSI'S MAY~FESTIVAL. VT THE EARNEST SOLICITATIO* OF HIS many former patrons nn.1 pupils, L. CARUSI h?u iM-en induced to repeal ugaui hia annual MAY Fi^STI VAL wlo? h has for a long series of years kctii ko imporant an event to the togng. Its Jl uke place oa Tm?day evening, May 8. L. C. can only say that th>a last jubil*e w Jl not be inferior l? any previous ? tie. Tbe A?sctab*jr Paad ?:?s teen rngaged, and ttio?*uho have dan cad to it* mnwtc can appreciate it* merits. Every pass! ? b'e arrangement has b" n made to pr tu te the hap piness an t coiufoit of his patrons and friends. my 3?3i* [latel. A Union ] ODD FELLOWS1 HALL. Ti* Grand and Aston: din? Di&maiM DIORAMA OF THE BATTLE OF BUNKER HILL, AND DESTRUCTION OF CHJIRLELsTOMM, {hot a raisti*o.> Will b<? open for exhibition on TUESDAY EVE MXG, May 1st, and continue every evening during the week. AU?, on WEDNESDAY and SATURDAY after noons, at So'clork. Doors opf n a' 7?to ccn.mence at 8 o'clock. Admission 25 c< nt-?Cluidren accompanied by ibcir parents half p ice. ap 28? U A LL STRA!tOtH8 j\_ vim-in;, the City Hhou'd see Hunter's Cata ? ?uu" ol Ihe Curi?"?itica nf the Patent < ?1hce. Alaa, Iuk iJefrip'ion of Powel'.'a Great Picture. leb BY RIILKDAD KHRCIT TO T XI a W B ST. lime boiwaen Washir^toa and WhMliic bat 17i liourc! tiutiKing tit/** 4.rtp<?-? W.:s/itne;toH and Cinrimuttt 27 hours !! Through Tickcts and Baggage Checks to be had ia Washington !!! T1IK BALTIMORE AMD OHIO KAILKOAD HAVING grently improved its Western connec tions n ?w offers the fullest inducem nts to ir^velers beineen Wa-hinriou, Baltiu;ore, nau all portion? of tin' Wot, llie Northwest and the Suaih WfSL The conn'clion betwi-en the trains from Wa?i> in^toa and tf.e tranui b?>ui! 1 west trom Bulnmo.e is always j:r:?isii>tly ma le ai tbe Washingtm Jnueti^n (lately called the U- lay IK Utt) 9 miles Balii iiiore. This i? the only cbanre of cars required ba ;n-ere \Va?liington and the Ohio iiv.t. Haggife is ciircked through lo Wheeling at the Wsrbington rtilioa, and r? check^d and tr;insi?*ne*i there, (with ?he |<asH*tu-'r?) w.thcut charge, lor those bidding through tickets <"or poiu's beyon<i. The conu? cling triin- Uave Washington daily at 6 a. in. nud p. in. ??n Sundays al the latter hour only. At Vvheslins <onnrt ion is made wiih the liiaus ot the CF.NTRAtj OIllM UAlLUOAli. run ning from Bellaire on the Cbio, near \Aii?eting, brou?h Cnabrilge, 'Z^n'-sville uj?d Ne?aik, to COLUMBUS. Ttiee tnins connect at Newurk with ihe cais of the Newark, Mxu?fl*l<l and Sandus ky Railroad for Sanuu?ky, Toledo, Detroit, Chicago St. Loins, etc. At CHumhus the C. O. Railioad trains connect w.ih Uie l n-t trains of the IaUU Minnu RmiiioaU to Xenia, CINCINNATI, LOUISVILLE etc. Al Xtnia (on Littls Miami Ilatl'oad) cma cuon w t'onned with llie trains ll.r- ugh Day'on, to INDIAN AI'OLIS, Terre Haute, LaUi>ette, CI icago, Rock Inland, St. Louis elc. - Pa??eii|erti holding through tfekets tor Afsw. yhit I'ickiLurgs Kaltlus, New Orlc.ti$ vtc., which are also -?old at Wa>h1 s jton- are uonsfe?rcd at Cin cinnati tn the Mail b'Ua.ners on the Ohio. Tickets for Lvuu?vi!le, Caiio, and St. Louis ars told by this route. ?^FOR CLEVELAND, and %*:a tlentnd to Toied-, Detroit, Chicago, elc , tickets ere roW, wnen the Ohio is uavigab'ebetween Who?hng and VVeUsville (foity inih-sj where u connection with liie Cleveland and Pittsburg Railroad is made. Travellers are r? qu? s d to noticc iha? wkile th'9 is ih-' itrcteatiordini tlirough lickeU aud ch'^ka in Washington, ii is al?- > ilis anortot, mokt *|>e?Sv. and direct to nearly ail the leudoig poiuts in -he great Wcht. The ?M.-ta:.c<- tr *ni \Vn?i-irig on toCin einnaii is hut 6: J utiles, being about 13U nules short er than bv anv oihi r route ! PARE BY THROUGH 'WCKET PROM WASH IN'GTON: Tu Wheeling, 50; <'<tlumbas ?13 a5; Payton, &I5 5U ; Cincinnati, ?iu ; Loui-vd-s, by radr.iad $le6'>. by kteam? rt'roiu ?'incnitiau, f 16; In diana;*oiis, $17 ft"; C leveland, ?li 15; T< 1?h|o. ^15 MO; D iroit, %'5 2U; Ctiiragu. %>? 65 ami flV 50; Su Loais, and ?.&, Meuiphie, New Or leans, $31, etc. Cj- rOR FREDERICK and IIARPER'8 IERRY MARTINSBURG, PERRELEY STRINGS, CUM BERLAND, BED* ORDSPRINGS, Piedinout, Oak land, and Painnount, p&sseiur* is may leave Wasb iiigton a* 6 a m or 4S^p. m. For the it.inor wav stations between f.allimore and Wu?? ling, ukt 6 a m tram from Washington Cf For train" la un i from Baltimore, Annapulis, 0<-., see F|iecial ndvemst-mi uts. tUTPor further inio muti m. ihr ngh tickets, lie., rpiilv to THOS. II. PARSONS; ni, al W a>htn? lon Station. JOHN H. Dc>NE, Master ol Tiaaeportation BaUimore and Ohio Railroad, lialiunurf. may 3?if ~~TUE COLLECTORS SALK OP CITY rKOFKHTV FOR TAX BP. as ?dv? riised In the Nh>ouh1 Inl^Iligeacer, will l..he place on MONDAY, Mny 7?h, at the City H?H, in the Aldermen's ne in, co??m? ncing at 10 o'clock. The li?t embrace* a lar^e amount of property m sll parts of the city, .ud the occasion pi?li a voraUe epportu ay for all persons dmring to make iaTe and ^rod^able Investments. Person# intending to pay taxes on pro petty advertised, art nqoesseJ to do so beforh tbe day of sale. n ay 3 td R. J. ROCHE, Collectsr. REESE'S EAGLE PLUMBING"AKD GA^-PITTING DEPtrr. THE subscriber re- pectfuhy announces to I"* friends and tin- public in general Uiat he !??? re ceived the fi'A lot of l*e celebrated DODGE'S DOUBLE ACTING SUCTION AND FORCB PUMP, which receivid Ihe SILVER UkMJLL* ihe late Fair of ihe Metropolitan M?chaaics' ln^t? tnle, aod is now prewired to luruiah all wlnaf favor iiio wit.i a ^ali. ' His stock of OAR Fl^Tl'BVI ?f? ?W pasiM d la the DislricU ? ^ With his corps at competent wo|?w>ea k* F*? hiin^ell to fill ??ny or Jem in the PLUMSfNua^' GAS-PITTING line wall proaiptnessaad Cf All wotk done warran ed t" gipe cmwfiets tatisfuciKHi JOHN IMWi uiay 3?U" cor. f?|i Jl st and Pa avrna*

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