Newspaper of Evening Star, May 8, 1855, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 8, 1855 Page 2
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( :NIN6 STAR. ili.JG f ON OITI: 3 RYTSBI C3 Xoy 8. rr OF THTJ M0HHIF3 PRF*S s I'ff-tn ij rp"<2 Know Notbingnm to ? ^riber, and is a powerful partisan t. Its lev* or is io illustrate the fact that ? ?* -rad.o cf Liberty" (meaning Boston^ i:. ?j ^r.ger of bceomicg its grave." The i. vitl cf Judgo Luring is the point which is ! on to illustrate the editor's text We the article is ncll poised in all its t -kiU., and will bo exUnsiTely republished by ' c ices cf its par'y. We also find in this . g*a Union a compilation cf important Ml Tacts likeiy to militate against the . ?i>f iiaow tfothicgiiai?the places of the >'*/'4 naany of the foreign-born patriot? ir revolution, caruJ of withdrawal from a 1 Sotting lodges, resolutions cf Know I?ot? ir.g convonti-ms Ac , Ac. . :?? Intelli^tneer presents its readers with ? and conclusive defence of tho policy ( Pert Oui^a l>epartmcnt with reference : :c i transLt and ocean postages, as against ? *:ti>n taken by the British Postmaster ? . ril; in s late report of that cflicer? say ii;: the aile .atlon that the inconvenience ? raced of arises from tho United States . mrrt retosicfc to coneir with England . is an arrangement for the mode c;iog the postage, we have to remark :csordiag to ihe corresponden e which . ; Ico mvie public, this is not the point of v. but it is that the British Oovern ~ pcr?i?t* in demanding twenty-four cents . u:;cw for the tran it conveyance through . d ci the Atieri^c-French corresnond c vsersas cur UoTcromant has claimed .-ei;s>? that the price should not exceed t. - ?rH s half cjn s r.n cnr.ce, the sum t e I sited EUtos by th* Briii?b G^vern l for Ui* oon-eyanee of tho British and ... ?. clj.ed mails between Canada and . -. * >.tk aid Boston. '.'ha British Govern . t. it ca.irely within its power to accede ,..^o ;erni\ tr^ich ser'idnly see.n reasona j.t. instead of this, that Government has ' with Frarae iu a partxaL arrangement. - : c La-iii*. ?*i;oa convejtd by Bri ? _ .citls. a'e tiaismi"cd and treated as n whereby the sea posia^o (not i transit ra*3 vhich ie the point in .*r y i? til ;h.l7 reduced; and the Uni k'ii dsolin cj to ecter into this partial .. -i nl a; unlcsj tho Ifritish :v ??:!! m tu? <=ta po-tago is rcdaccd. j ?? . ;y ao thn question ro ?u j.'it'd. 'fhare has h*en c > ecntro t* the seap?ft v~'i Vere the tert^ .?y ^.e Uait*;d oi-ti*: <ivvcrr,m*n: ro to, *Le ra;.p on letiers to atd fiom *. u L. wouM be cstiiderably - *L^r. it nc ?* i* by ci har lin?, and it i -j" aiiicrm ty both lines " J-.-t. i. i .iia; J >nt ia in Wuahir.2 . -iju A .in.^e, ot i'i . is stopping at x~L ocal Uo'.?T. L .ix :r!.anlt th? supposed vietlxa of a .?? -a iJ /. rtilj Lis appjar^nce in wi 1. ?- on b^tnriay last ib i'hiladcl-. i !t..s :.-??^.ijthat two dropi of bloo^l | ,i ; f pan.-.i*.:;as. and tbc flooring ' w.*'6 suffijicnt to make } . j -! a, t L. ?'< rdcra soldier of tLoj ; r. r.i t-j?7cr in Huron's lejioc, :ri.*ir? C ;:?ch c? unly. (Icorgiti, at .i ? ^4d ^go ci o^o hundred and tVur * t'; * >? Ac .**jL ?: c.crsor of Natural *7 .3 J*rverd tJ.-.-leg". ha; had the effer ( oitiioa i*i tbe i'aivers.ty of EJin .J a salary of ton thousand r? I'? dec lie as the ofcr. . ?. ^r lv/jtrt Atdcrscn, of Yoiktjvrn, has ? ? ^ LLs^elf iLa ?? Amnicaa caaui ?*^r Cn^iaa from tho Acioa?ac (Va ,) . tt-iu'i-r y Lmi^. a ?ol licr of tho Ilevo ued i<>r a rhort period a rcctr-l-er of ^t c.'s Lite i?u.n i died at SontLicg J; ,. gcd aiattv>fivo yea s cr Col. Kianrr asi? Cossul Faesvs ^crc b.oj^'at boforo tte x i eg C-urt, Ncjr York, yesterday ? on tlie cha-ge of an alleged design! Ic.c ceutra!it> !a?rs cf the United -he J-jg: ruit-i ?hat the cate should ttLcl tbo l>lstric; Attorney s tid tfc it as it it 1.Ls U s;o3al to cali up a cafe, ... n. i call up thocaso ia question new. then released tho sarctics, and ro .. Li .c*c-j scd Consul Fabon^ to cn .. . :. ' g-i?*-oe in tho sum of $!,? iv :i!!SC itcTt:nsas ?A d'.fpatch _ ?a.^e; a Fciry, Va., dated May 7 p. m.t cr.lcipai election took tlaoc to-day. 1 r. _al.od ai".cr u desperate snuggle, (in L ^'b {.artier male e*. mj exertiou to ?? x c o.-j > in tie d^t'oat of tho Knov 4 list B*n: . mtic ^Ityor, llecorder ;a. arc elaoud by !a.*ge majori^iis " . 1. 2 otL.r du'patcb, of the eamo data, ?.w'sbarg, V* , sta'es: {lecti a for CorpoiuticncCcershsre ifur an exciting ccctes?, the Know wtn daieated. 'J ho acinocrats . . ., x-j? *:tv vi the Cuuneil, '.ho hiaycr, ... .he eny oiUc.r.', with olc exoeption." ? itoasEUY ?Seven tha^-end dollais, ?. d ten d '..a: n tos cf the Peninsular . i'.tr-lt, w, rc jcitorii.y sloleL from that l-Utijn 'gif' -L.: ri-v~'. discovery of tho v.hiio metal . j. u . Li t ioil) cukh*y followed by that . iiiCr, c tnt nan.) of sir^utium .?.. < -io/ tho metal cf which st.-o/i Ua Its color iJLcarly thatcf .t ?i jr.'f \r .-A r, -Qha i^eicr. licrald tclli if a aan, whc.a: tho } eii 1 cf h>s life. , _n^-?aj hois ,intkiit city, acd whe ? * i. ,;aii:;nr <>o, and sj.ei.ditg half : u- Luat u; iht< arer, as presented . ?.? t * (.*. triable ?. -j?r.? ? '.U I'iiUAEA iliVilt ?Tho ? of wv.-r like the Niuara ' *i3 ihov. ?. in ?remarkable i.;ar ai'mj'tv iMr.Hab in* t -.u-.i tbe river 1 ' ; ?? i i-tt?>i t*o hunired and uvt !cr:y jruLd weight of ? " : *-t k ior a second cf .c^ .. iu a; j* ^rir.cs :gain on tho c. ? ^'1 i?e?t feet down the j> ? t i,.. a ?' -r._* Kke a oliip, until j 1 L?> ?bo The velocity of . : hen f.rikii ^. r. u f^u-l to o?.e i . . i :?*:. y toar i=ct per s-coni, and mcz':,l- t;;<? thcusiEd p-ur.ds 'ibis :?e ilaa uf ths f<irec ot tie -urrent i^r.? tho r -tor oi St. Ueorge'al ' . ptoa n.d to the ^abha a] !.? oiju-v r>( editing of ?' *.' Iiici_ j i.jvhy itd not da, .. . ? . ? l;?t' !.:? Cl-'aTi. Do JCU j .. Lu 'j iho Ue-.crcal geV.!ein*n. ? u ' ' Yta, ciree," ahcuted a c. - *. of i. ? ui z Aaicr'ca, 4 Wn th*j : the d.-vll'e tail" I? is r?pjrtcd, . . -.,'i -s.cved, that, tha pastor *nig V ; a - Aib?.iijf * j ? L. fc ! i ^ h .? ar]>ceTV'l ia -c -antlcu < jtiT distlivt, C., .* ltd is . !.i pivl.i j" are fcasting till' wit ihkiii wisnmcTos news hiis gossip. The Approaching Municipal Eleetioni. 'Vo have l>e?n arked repeatedly, of late, whether it is the purpose of the majority in meeting of the Washington Councils to deprive their fellow citizens who do not agree wi-h tiiem politically cf a representation aicJ^ :ho commissioners to be chosen to superintend the manio^al election to take plaoe in this city in June. In reply, we have to siy that vve take it for granted that they oannot possi bly entertain any su:h design; i&aomuch a? it would bo a gross violation of the principle cf oquality of political rights, which, up to this, has been conscientiously respected by all parties when in powor in Washington; ao fla grant as io bear on its faco the proclamation of the purpcre of doing acts to recure a tri umph?perpetrating frauds on the integrity of tiie ballot-box?to conceal which, aa far as pes fible, it is absolutely necessary to deny the 0-her side th*ir light to be represented in the tribunals which are to determine who may and who may n?t legally exercise the elective iranobiae at ibis coming election. Not having ti.c least idoa that we havo any considerable cumber of men among us who would thus seek to bring about the destruction of the oloitivc r gats of the citiscn, we think we are at liber ty to atrare the inqaiiers that both sides will be ieprc;ented in tLo several boards of elec tion commissioners, which are to be chosen by the Councils on Monday afternoon next. B&ilroad Traveling.?In the appropriate department of the Star may be found Set forth the new arrangements provided by the Baltimoro and Ohio Railroad Company for tho accommodation of travelers between the E<?st and West It rnoy be observed that great improvements have beea effected by the liberal and onterpri.'ing managers of the road, and thnt all the moat desirable features of modern locomotion are now combined in their attractive routo. Tho only railroad leading from Washington is the 'Washington Branch" of the Baltimore &nd Ohio line. It wa3 completed in 1831? twenty-one years ago. Ever since that time, pacacnger- fo: the Wfest have necescauly trav eled over this branch road, in order io rcach Lhc lines running between the Atlantic cities t:.d tho great West. For many years previous to 1851, the stage coache- over the National road thrcng'n Cum Lcriand, Unionlcwn, aid Brownsville to Wheeling and Pittsburg?and tho continua 1-on of the same lino;, or the Ohio river steam e-s, constituted the great central route be t*ecn the E.wt end West for ail travelers?to and from Washington andBaltimcio especial ly The popularity cf this routo was only partiahy interfered with by the completion ol the Pennsylvania car-is, which safely and suroiy carried great numbers of admiring traveler* between Philadelphia and Tiita harg?some 30o miles?in the incredible space of ?>e days. Twenty five ye? ago it required tho trav eler from Washington jast Lve days to reach tie Ohio at Wheeling, by the esp'o^s line ci undor the then famous "ritcckton and St-jkes " No"v, tho stages Lave vanished, and the trip ocouj:;. d but t Ao-thirds cf ono day by ttte L .Itiiuoro and Ohio railroad???ct ntecv a J j L?lj hanis bcirg the full time rtquired to: the ran cetwe? n Wa: Ling -on and Wheeling As the buil^ eg of the railroad pTogrettod, how ever, the ttiium cT tho coach was substituted by the eaw cf the car E.ederiek, Point of Rock?, Ii .rp?i'o Ferry, Hancock, and Cam bcrland, Were successively reached by the loco motive in lS31.-'32 -r31,-'4l, ar.d :42. At Cuntbeitand a long pau.'e en^acd, arresting the progress of the road for nearly ton ysars This delay arcse from disputes about the oharter, right of way, and the western termi nus, and was prolonged by the impracticable 6pliitof tome of the partiesdisfutact, partic ularly th..;o representing tho Wheeling inter est. vihioh tnally controlled the Legislature ef Virginia in the aetilement of the contro versy. V, hilo tho prcgrcio cf the Baltimore and 0?-i3 rauroad was thus onti.ely arretted, (by the con.eatioa of abstractionists ar.d tho oppo sition of selfish interests,) and while the stage cca:hes were a'ill forming tho western divi sion of its between Cumberland and Wheeling, tho New York an I Erio railroad waz fiaishrd. We well lemoa.bor how, in loil, tho tido of travel wai at onoe turned from tho moro direct southern and oantral roLtea to tho newly openoi railroad between Nc.r York and Dunkirk. The anomaly was then presented of travelers from the tniddlo of O^.o, and frvUi a-st.rc Kentuoky and Tennes see, going ntrthward to L?ke Eria and oast ward to New York city in order to reach V? itching ton by the most prompt and comfort able, though journeying in many edits dcublo tho more dirco: distance by the previously traveled routes. The necessity for this circuitous coarse is no* happily removed. 1 he Baltimore and Ohio r ilroad, thanks to the rare ability and energy of i?s lato Prcsi. dent, Thcmas S.vann, was completed to Wheel in 1863. Owing to the want of proper rail conatotlons, however, tho btt?incs3 cf tho road?in passengers?has eo far been comparatively rmall Boirg the Crst great l?ne mat by tho csjerding stetme;s of the Oh:\ end rcashing nearer than any other to wards tho heart cf the West, it has bven made a f.vorito carrier cf its rich products to the eastern markets. Its freighting business has thu3 been encrmtur, and the promptness and rcgniaiity which havo atterded its transport has commanded general rcmaik. Notwithjtanding the drawbacks fc!ready al luded to, besides ths vigorous opposi ion of its rival", the road has had a fair chare cf through t-nvei Being obliged here'ofore to rely Lr n ccnnsctlon at Wheeling, npen the Ohio rivor, with i's ever variable stages of n.H\igrvtion?too slew for the business man's transit at best?cr upon the worse resource of tho National turnpiho with its lumbering Coaohfs?even the great natural advantages of the read?in i s ^ciiiral location, and it* sublime sconery, were not suflioieat to secure it a very large proportion of the heavy travel always mcvir.g between the oast and west. A brighter prospect has now dawned upon tie route, axd it is at la<t in the way to a-cttme the commanding ranS, as a pareenger lite, which its Leal rtsourcee, and its muiti v'ic-d attructiona would a^tm to war.-an*, mis improved c^tdiiion of thlLgi grcwaout of t^e late oounletlon and the rapid rxtcn ?.. n cf tevsral important lin*s converging at or tear Wheeling, which will, with tho Bal timore and Onto road, with tho entiro systtm of wts crn railroads. The in at valuable of these is the Ccn'ra! Ouia rocj, runnhg from | Clunibus to tie Ohio rirtr at Belaire, dl 1 rec lj Cj petite L-tw cd Stutiors on tLo lialti i m>;e ixd Ohio f,ur miles below Wheeling. To facilitate Iho trailer of pas sengers and merchandise bet men the two roads, arrangement* were mad* to connect directly at this point?Benwood?tLus saving also a distance of eight miles in the travel and transport between the east and west, by avoiding Wheeling. Wheeling, however, was aroused, and proved true to its own previous selfishness, a&d true to the recent example or Erie. lueited by the imminent danger of losing the supply oi dinners and suppers to hungry travelers, and also the taxes heretofore levied in the form of drayage and commissions upon the large quantities of merchandise passing to abd fro by the road, caused an injunction to be issued by one of its own citizen judges, restraining the company from using the legitimate and convenient connection at Benwood, and fore ng the business to be done withiu the limits of their town. The two railroad compa nies, therefore, in conformity with the law imposed by this dog-in the-manger polio;, are now connecting through Wheeling. They have arranged their time tables to effect thij without unnecessarily delaying their passon gars, and yet without allowing the pea-nut injunctionst an opportunity to relieve them of their spare coppers on the waj. The Central Ohio Railroad is one hundred and thirty-seven miles long It runs through several very rich and populous counties of Ohio constituting the ho*rt cf the State. It has highly important railroad connections at Zinesville and Newark ; and at Columbus, its western terminus blends itself with th* leading iiaes of the great West. It is thus an invaluable adjunct of th* Baltimore and Ohio Road. Col. J. II Sullivan is its ntelll gent President, and Isaac II Southwfck, Esq , its new and very efficient fuperintendent. During tho last month, t.s we are informed, a large increase of through travel has beon had by this route. Its through tiokets are now sold in New York, Philadelphia, Balti more, end Washington, for all the important cities of t-e west, and the north and southweeti including even New Orleans. The general features of the routo are becoming well ksowni since all who have parsed over it have spoken *o loudly of its point3ofinterejt. We may on:y say, there Tore, o those who are not aware of ths fact, that the Brltimore railroad crosres ihe Allegany mountains by oae o the boldest and most picturesque lines ever marked out by the ongineer, and that it potee?ses every re quisite cf speed, safety, and comfort to be found in any other first c!sa route f r travel ers. We congratulate the ccmpacy. its early friends and its present controllers, that their grea* road may at last?aJter twenty eight years of labor, and o' hope deferred?be pro nTrncedcomploted. Under its present ener gelio and sagacious management, the road is sure to grow in favor, e.'peci^lly with the large a;.d increasicg number of direct travelers be tween Washington and the West. We ought not to conclude our noticc of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad, without a word of compliment to i s worthy chief officers. Wm. G. Harrison, the president of the com pany, Is highly esteemed for the ability, en ergy aLd integrity with which he has for two yc.*.rs psrt discharged his office. John II Doue, who, under the title of Mastor of Trans1 p.-rtatioa, hki the general direction of the practical affairs of the road, io recognized ev ery whore as asterling man, asd an unsurpassed ollicar in all respects, llis administration com mands the public approval, and evidences b rare combination of the essential qualification for his arduous position. The Road Depart ment, embracing the track, the bridges and other improvements, is undor the exolusive control of Wendcl Bull man, rail and favorably known as the inventor ot the Iron Railroad Suspension Bridge. The numcrcus locomo tives and cars cf the company, with its huge workshops, are all under the chargo of Samuel llays, its mas'.or of machinery, whose abilities are amply shown in the many oxoelleni en gines no* success'ully wcrkingita trains 2:700 feet up the Alleghanies, at a speed of 2a miles per hour. In the hands of such f fibers the company's interests may be eafely rep^d, and the public at the same time be fully served. IU signed -Mr. A Dudley Mann, in pur ruance of his determination announced in the papers last fall, on the 1st inat. rengned the i oition he held undor the U jvcrnmont of the United States as Assistant Secretary of Stato. We understand that it is Mr. Mann's pur pose to go to Europe, where ha has private business growing out of his long residence in that quarter of the globe. Iti the course of his residenoe in the loderal metropolis, the urbanity of his manners, his extensive expe rience with men and things, and his high character have mado for him hosts of personal friends, who will part with him with elnoere regret. Amoric&n Building Stone ?With all pro posals for the erection cf buildings for tho Government ccnttruoled under the auspices of tho Treasury Department, the Secretary of the Treasury receives specimens of the stone proposed to be used In tho works by the dif ferent bidders. As of late hundreds of such ?'.ruotures havo been oommsnced cr projected in all quarteri of tho country, the oonso quc-nce has been an unprecedented accumula tion of specimens of American building stone at the Department. Nearly all of them aro admirable; and, as a whol*, they prove that overy portion of our vast country is capitally supplied with this now almost prime necessary cf an advanced state of society. 'Iho Ilcrell s v\ry l ist Satch of JSosxbacks it a collection cf stories from Washington, by telegraph, in iis issue of yesterday, saving that the President despairs cf the success of Wijo iu Virginia, and telling all sorts of cook aid-bull stories about a qaarrel in the Cabi. nat, wiih reference to the removal cf Reeder and conccmicg a dissolution of the Cabinet. It U sufficient for us to say that we are tatis Ctd that thero is not a word of truth in the rruolc batch. It will be rsooilecled that wo Lave been invariably correct ia disabusing tho public mind of all th* previous similar folsbhocda of the lltrald, and we have positive knowledge of th* unblushing falsity of all tbe Ihr,xld's correspondent says in the oommuni cation in qnobtivn. iha C*sc of Charles Arundel, cf Fairfax ccunty, Va ?Yesterday, the grand jary for the United States Court, in Virginia, at Rich rnoud, found true tills against this individual for forgery, in altering the record in th* county clerk'* office, of Fairfax ocunty, ohang ing thereon tbe date of his mother's marriage, and for false swearing in his declaration to the Persian Bureau, setting forth tbe cor roetDCJj of iLe forgery lie >va3 held tc tail in under each indictment, and confessed judgment inj* eml suit for the amount eb* tained from the^&if&nnafef Treasury on the forged papers, wltjieosta, interest, St a. Petersburg Aid Harper's Ferry?The usual anti Democratic majority In the town of Pe tersburg, V*., is fromto 125. The majority Against Pierce there was about 95. We have not yet learned the majority by whioh the Know Nothings were defeated there, jester-, day. The anti Know Nothing majority in Har per's Ferry at the eleetion held there yester day, was 39. According to Know Nothing oaloulattoas they were to have had a majority of 226 there. ? Light Housa Keepsrs Appointed ? Jno. F. Cannon, to be light house keeper at St Si mon's Island, Qa ; salary, $400 per annum. J. Smith to be assistant light house kevper at Race Point, Mass.; salary, $200 Addison Norwood to be assistant light house keeper at Baker's Island, Mass ; salary, $200. Jabes Delano to be light house keeper at Sea lloree Key, Fla.; salary, $600, in place of VVm. Wilson, resigned. The Temperature of Newfoundland.?A correspondent of the Smithsonian Institution in Newfoundland writes April 3d, that he "reads of severe weather in the Northern StAtesand Canada." "Oar insulate position," he says, '-modifies our climate, which acts in dependently ef the atmospherical effects of surrounding or adjacent countries, consequent ly we have no cold to record, the thermome ter not having reached zero of Fahrenheit this winter, and, in general, we have ezperieneed but a few degrees of frost." Kisprinte ? Yesterday, in the haste of en deavoring -to get to press in time to save the iniil, we were forced to place some of the (( matter" in the form without due eorrcction Thus, we printed "Judge Loring." Gtorge Loiing, and the word " intents," in another article instincts. The Sound Due*.?Russia and France have declared themselves in favor of tho continua tion of the Sound Dues. So says the Augs burg AUgemcine Zeitung of April 11,1855. T. I The Current Operations of the Treasury Department.-?On yesterday, ibe 7th of May, there ?reie of Treasury Warranto entered on the books of the Department? For the redemption of stock $1,121 21 For paying Treasury debts 8 85b 12 for the Ouatoms.??????????????*? 45j244 44 For covering into the Treasury from customs 30,640 16 For ecvenng into the Treosury from miscellaneous sources.... 627 00 For the V* ar Department 17,891 23 For tha Interior Department 5,561 25 GEORGETOWN CORRESPONDENCE Gborobtowr, May 8, 1&j5 The commi'.tcc appointed to prepare for the tho c?leb:ation of the landing of the Pilgrim? alS:. Mary's arc busily engaged in perfecting their arrangements. From present indications tbo numbar which will go from cur city will bo much larger than ever known befuro The scho.iner Homa, Csrt Rea\e*. of Eal ti'.iior6, bound to Fredrick-burg, with a cargo of iimo from Washirgton. was wrecked on or about tho first ol thi* month. It in supposed that tho iime took firo and consumed her. Our City Council* iaeet to night to clect a bo.Td of appeals The foroi^n news by the Asia, together wi'h northern dispatches hss completely unsettled our flour market. Holders this morning are more firm and demanding hu advance Prices will doubtlessgj up fr4B 25 to 50c. Wheat ?red $2 40 white$2 4iu$i 00. C^rn held at $1 0$. TAToR. ALEXANDRIA CORRESPONDENCE. AliBXAKDniA, May 8, 1855. Tbo Coafcty Court met yesterdiy, with all the justices present. Wm Bateman, charged with stealing a pair of boots from Peyton Bal lecger, wastriod, found guilty, and sentenced to twenty days imprisonment. The Court, during the sesiion, appointed the following commissioners of election for the gubernatorial poll: First Ward?A D. Wsr fl-.ld. R W. Wbe-tt, G. W Maxwell; G W Walker, conductor. Second Ward?C F Sut tie. C. S Price, Geo L Deaton; J. Padgett, conductor. Thiid Ward?Geo. Davis, cT?;is K ;ones J. P. Smith; S. N. Chipley, cor?d?> tor. Rural precinct? E P Upton, W Micor, 1 Call; S Rail, conductor. Au election for inngistrate, in lien of W. H. ,-gess, removed from the First Ward, was ordered The Alexandria Canal Company met at the Oouooil chamber, yesterday morning, and ad ourutd over until June. At ui^ht, ih<> know Nothing Council met at Amrric&n Hall; report says to select a oanii d it? for the House of Delegates. Messrs. L. ttcKeczie, J. U Reid, and W. W. William son aie sail to have been before tho Council, and we bear that the Council adjourned with out a decision. Later in the night, we had a heavy shower, a God send to the vegetation, and this morn ing, the olouds hang hoavily around us as if waiting to give us another soaking ere they depart. The Hrdraulion Fire Company and Mount Vernon Rand, No 4.1 O U R are out with programmes for line excursions, the former on the 17th instant and the latter on tha 23th The brick-making establishment near the Four-mild run is nearly ccmpletod The Ga "'jtto aa>s steam powsr will be employed in the manufactory of bricks in this factory. Ibe stream of water known as tho Gut, on the uorthern suburb of cur city, has boeu turned to adTontage Our entorprUlng olti son, Mr.D. fchryer, h&i erected at iU mouth a small miter-shot wheel, whioh is a valuable aid in tho cleaning of skins for his large mo rcoaa-dreseing establishment. Fuhing season io noarly ovsr ; few fish are ooming up. Wo he:ir of no sales this morx> ing, but tho quotat.ons are?Shad, 18 25 per hundred; herring. 50 per thousand. kJf>:;Al>AB, T1IL BON OPRECtlAB; or, Wn?iih,Mn iu 1US5?This inurestins au.l instructive Mori! ttraiaa, will he prnoruitd on WEDNESDAY EVENING, the 'Jill instant, (the weather permitting) ct Oddfellows' Hall, Nuvy 1 *.rd. l'rice of n.!mise;cn, ccuU, no half price, li affords -u tve. inf't eutertamnMut bknded wl h in*trucii mnot likely to be for go tun. Imprmdons in - y here i>o made upon the young mind productive ot p? rioancut good?lasting ??* li f? Performance to conmiencv a: 6 unlock. may b?2t Sfr-T^MET. MECH INSTITUTE ?A regular monthly meeting of the Met Mech. Fn>?i tutc will b> I 'hi in tiie In?tnut?: Room.- WEDNES DAY EVENING, May 9, at 8 o'clock P. M. PEARSON, may 8?2t (Intel) Rec. S?c. ATTENTION, UNION GUARDS.?The t;u l liber* o? til* Company 9e itq-.utied io at t nd a drill on WEDNESDAY EVENING, I H (he 'J.h inmant, a' 8 o'clock. Tuncitul attendance is tuxfssary a? there it La ftuuhiMl husiiiHss to be teitlfd. By order: ? TllOS IJR1GGS, O. S. may 8? 9t ATTENTION, GEltMAN YEAGER8?You ?rc tierrby ortltrfd io meet at ynur armory in full nur.vrm, fur inspuctica, at 614 o'clock on THURSDAY EVENING, May lOJi. By ordfcr ? f the Capuin: may 8-3r M. RUTrEL, O. 8. ALUMNI OF WASHINGTON SEMI 11 try.?A mealing <?f nil the Old Piip'ls ol the Wanhi::^ton Seminary will he held at the Semi nary, P Jtrnt, be tween tnh and loth, on FRIDAY next. tlii> instant, at o'clock p 111 l'uaciual and ^nvral aitendance is particulu:ly nywWi v-'ll> papen) majr MUTUAL BENEFIT AND LOAN AS _ ?^ 'cofiHK** ?I' i? proposed to ore*n-x?* a newMiituil Benefit and Loan or Building Aseoeia take stock in the A.-socia tion orde*ring iaf rm?tioi on the subject are in riled to attend a puWic "JTjjj* J251? on Medical Collar* ? corner 1 ,, Vfj on TUESDAY, th?*8th instant, at o'clock p m. may 7 - 2t* TTi ATTENTION, PRESIDENT'S MOUNT eJ Guard.?Vou are hereby Lotifted that /J|v) *n adjourn ??t meeting will be he'd at tee f nLArmorv at 7^ o'clock, on TUESDAY EVENING, ibe 8th instant. Aa bufinnw of imjwrtincc to the Corp* win he under consideration a full attendance is reauested. JNO. H McCUTCHEN, may 7?St* Beer aary. INFORMATION IS WANTED OF JNO. DON nalfr, son of iho late Patrick Doenilly, who ujfd in Fred riek. Mil , two year* since, wh i is supposed to reside in tleorg*town. Th* person an [ swfiing to ihi* will pl?*-i?p capiat Mr*. Robinson's Boarding IJ u-;e, No 53 8 Pa avenue, between 1st and 2J rticft* may 8?It* QrrDOZEN~~KIfTC.iTovE8_THIS DAYRE ?' ? ceivtd, winch wr ire s< llins lar 50c a pair. WALL fc 8TF.rilENS. 344 Pa. avenu?, next to Iron Hall. may 8?3t MI AY?II AY ! JUST received l.*?0^:i!es of prime J'if oihy HAY, wMch will be sold low at the wareh.ui-e, cor ner llth and B su . nearCnnal. may 8?3t? * H W. BOM M EES &? CO. LUMBER, TAR, PITCH AND ROSIN. SEASONED LUMBER of ail de?cripii.>?s. White Pine, Yellow Pine, and Eia'ern Shere Jci?t. Scantling a^d Flooring T?r, Pitch and Rosin in good barrels. A cargo of North Carolina Timber now landing, i assort* d sizes. II. N. fc W. EASBY, Corner 96th and I) streets, Fir?t Ward, may 8?en3t NOTICE. .THE CFLEWDID 8TSAMEB bOXOBQB PAOK is itill running between Washington and Alexandria FAEK FIVE CERTf. This is the only boat connected with the Orange and Alexandria Railroad 49* This boat can be had on the ?> oat reasonable | terms for Excursions, &c. * Apply to E A EYTHER, Capt. SUMMER BONNETS. tir^^MRS. BEIIREN'DS,frctn Bait more, *?*?*-111 open on Thursday, the Hi.h in-^^^B wVTstaut, a splendid assortment of SUM-^B|q **MrR BONNETS, to which she cal'a^*? the attention ??f the ladies, at her store. 379 I'd. avenue, bet. 4% and Gih sts. may 8?3t* ir?i FRENCH HATS. iMHj1. M. I'EARi.L h>ts just receiveJi J:i well selected and beautiful ss*ort-J 'rmnt of French 11 ATS and SUMMER MILLI VERY of the latent styles Also, STI BO\NETS, Flats for Children, Ribbon* and Flow-1 trs, which site will open on Thursday, the lO.h in ? tunt, on llth st., betw. E and Pa av., No. 4C4. may 8? 3i* FRENCH MILlTnERY. MRS M L. DAVISON, No. 303, I Pa avenue, betw-en 9i!i and lOtli .-t respectfully annvMince* to her cur tumris end the !a '.i? s of Washington a ltd vicinity, that fhc has ju*t received a case (.1 Feney French IIATS and will open th?m to the pt W.c or Thursday, the 10.h iiisisnt, which she re specttuUy invites the attention of the Udies. may 8?5t? M. L. D. HO ! FOR SPORT! A RARE chanee the lovers of field sjtortsto se cure a genuine Pointer Pup. Gentlemen can r^iy t>|ioa retting a thorough brc* I up without thn nsk, as too often the case, nt being imposed upon by dishonest dog sellers. Those in waitt may r? st ?ntUfied of those Pups not being bred in and in, which is so oiten the cast*.great care has been t iken to posses* the \er/ Iwst blood in the conntry. En quire at ihe Wood Yard of T. HHURY.I i avenue, between 17th and 18th sUeets, First Ward, may 8-3.* NEW AND SECOND-HAND HOUSE FURNISHING ESTABLISHMENT, 395 Penn-ylvit.ia avenue, Bet a em fotr attda-'ftaif a* J 3ixtk *t?.f i. WHERK will h<? kppt constantly on hand n Inrce' miti excellent a?snrtHie , of; J1 k?ni!s of housekeeping goods' stu-lt as ? ( Parlor an! Chamber Furni'ure, Bedtli;i(f, Sic, (il issware, Tinware, Wood and Wil lowwar.' Table Cutlery Car-ets, Cooking Utensils Clock*. Looting C;!a.*s?'s Lamp--. &c. All of which will be sold at the lowest pvsible prices for ca-h or ^ood paper. may 8~eo2^r J R. McORFCOR. AUCTION BARGAINS IN DRY COtJDS.?Stiipcd and plaid Ccshmeir, cost 20 cents, for 12'^ Stripijrf and plaid De Lainoc, com 20 cents, f^r '2V Yard wide Lawns,cost llj^ cents, for 8 Do Gingbains, 11 do 8 White and colored Spool Cotton only 1 cent Bleached Sheeting, three yards wide, 35 cents Beautiful t ercge I'e L?-iii'*s. cost 21 cents, for 14 **'ine Frcnch Challcy or ly 20 cents Do do ] 1 c?-nt^, for 8 White and cob r?nl Briiliants'only 22 cents French Chintz *10 c? nts 4 4 1 ish Linens 31cents 6-4 Pillow do .*i7k' cents Beautiful Berege Robes, very chesp Saiiri Plaids m.<I G-enaitiiKvi Alt' ', air;- r-.ssortiu' in cf Dome-tics t-'i m*: e 'rl and secure the g.eatcot bargains ever ofTcr* d in h<s city The Rfw>d- must po itiv ly be closed out about] the firtt day of Ju'.y. THE \\ ALDINGTON 3TC.BE, (Ea?c M?gnidur h. Calvert,) No. 16 opp. Centre Market, bet. tfth and 'Jih tt. may 8?lw 44 LANDING OF THE PILGRIMS OF MARYLAND." T!IK COMMITTEE OF AR ^jKANOSMKNTS of tho ?? Young Catholic's Friend Society " of <ie!>rp'iton'n, D. having chartered the safe and commodious well known steamer "Powhatan," Capt Mitchell an nounce to the pul lie ttinr the Mennier will |f?v? G^irgctown on MONDAY, the 14 li instnt, ai I 1 o'clock p m., precisely, and Alexandria 1>? o' lock touehlnj; at the different landings on the Polomic for pxssei gers going asd returning. The Steamer will proceed to Piney Point, arriv ing at 8 o'clock p. m , and remain during the night, alfordiitf the pa.?scti?ers an op{>ortiiiiitv of enjoying the pleasures of this delightful watering plaoe.'and early next mnrninjr will proceed up the St Mary V river to unite in the celebration of the Linding of the I'iluri/iis of Maryland, (under th?? anspicei of the Phliodcmic Society, of Geoigeioutt College,) re'urn liig to Piney Point after the celebration to ipend the evening, ami leave for home early on Wednesday moi nine, Itith in.-tant The accommodations fur Ladies are of the most comfortable character, us the Boat is well pro vided wiih state rooms and beiths lor turee hundred passengers. &Hp"T:eket'5 for the round trip, including every-' thing, FIVEJJOLLABS. Application to be made to the Committee of Ar rangemcrt* at Georgetown; Geo. Muttingly, Ee?j., at the Steamboat Wh 'rf, Wa*hingtna; ai.d John A. Ro;:cb, Esq., I'nirn street, Alexandria Va. It is liopvd that persons wisbiiij to attend the csl will have their tickets procured on or be tore the 12:h instant. II J. SEMMES, JOHN L. KID WELL, JOHN J BOGUE, FRANCIS HARPER, ANDREW CODDA^D, Coniroiltett of Arrait^eniiortA iniy 8.10.ia-3t (Intel may 10&12) AUCTION BARGAINS IN DItKSS GOODS. \zr E have lust reteivod frcm an extensive auc f f tion safe, in New York, the following desira ble GOODS: * 1 cute haiiu^ome Let.'ges,..t 25 ct# per vard 2 cimch beautiful ityle Berege de Laiue and Challey 1 de Wane, at 23^ 1 cas? netft figured Berege <:e Lai en, at lie 2 ca??^ si <hI style aud ijuality of Ginghams, at 12c 1 case 4 4 En- ish Cbinizca, at 2<i and 25c 1 casu b-auiiful style Biilliants, at 25c 2 cases Merrimack and Allen Piints, at 12* 50 pi-ces very excellent quality of Frcnch Lawns an J Jaconets, warranted good colors, at 20 aad 25c 25 pieces neat figured Mcusselains, suitable for childr n 2 ca es l?est Portsmouth Lawns, wan anted fast col c r?, 12c 75 Dr?ss Patterns rich figured Bctcgrs, at 10 and (i 'c per yard 100 Dress Patterns rich figured Eereges, at 31 and . 37c per yard 50 piccea pijin Bereges, til colors, at 31 and 37c per | yard 10 pieces plain Frtnch Jaconets, in pink, blue green, purpie, ta.i, bufl, brown, and oii>er shades, at 37c 25 pieces best quality French Ginghams, at 25c Ladies are respjctfully invited to call aud ex the above gowds, as tln-y will be found much cheaper than any we had earher in the a- asou OUR STOCK n all o:her depaitmeats is for thr season unusual* large and well assorted, and, wishing to redu ce it a ^nnspo^.be.we will ),om thiad.t. offera^ an'I all of our best Goods at a very email advice e?n t-iv Cvf I oay8^ACETr? NEWTON, MAY h CO. . _ i.i . i i__ii RUNAWAY. aiA REWARD hnrehesinnt w?rrH Mar*, about 8 or 9 y?ara old, with hmg tail r?1 IMJ man*;, with a scar her hack ; and on each rndm *tic hv wiiail while spots, rljhl for# hoof has Mn injured. Tho *1 ove reward will be givn If brought o J. Harvey h Co, 8u*e n? r I^on* Bridge, or left at Fiontr*! MriM Shore, Maryland fide. may 7?3t* CAT. FAUNCK DRESS CAPS, 4c. Ill WE Utu day itrHrwl aj fiae and choice lot of Itrew and Infant Capo. Flow Kuchct for Bonnet*, Long and Sho? t Si k Ru ho* A. TATE, may 7?Jt 314 Pa. av , bet 10th and 11th M T?OH SAL.B J; An Engl sh Close Carriage A Double Warm ? A pair of Carriage Horse* A saddle and baggy Horse Inquire for the rourhman of the French Min t SCHWARTZ'S Litcry Stable.G u, betw. .7th and 18;h. may 7?*? OUIS mURTERNTH and the Wrnera of h? J Age, br the Rrv. F A*ti?', 1 vol. Itao The Saint's Inheritance, or ihe World to Ccote, by Henry F. Hill, 1 vol, 12o?o Family Trayem for every morning and evening in the year, by lb* Rev J Cumming, D. D, 9 voi* lime Cumming'* S^riptur eReading* oa Luke Guide Rook in the adminitirauonof the Discipline of the M. E. Church kv Rw.?\ Baker D Imo. graV at ballantyne, may 7?3t Seventh at. HARPERS' MAGAZINE FOR MAY? Eiiid?, beii g No. 6 of Harper*' Si ry Books. Just received by TAYLOR A MAURY, may 1 Bowkstore. near 9th C SI VkRTII WARD.?UNION TICKET. For Alderman?DEARBORN R. JOHNSON. F.>r Common Council?SAMUEL Pl'MPHREY. SAMUEL S. TAYLOR, HENRY A. CLARKE. nay 4?te POCKCT CHEII, a convenitnt ar tele fcr sa'e at LAMMOND'S, 7th at. may 5-3t L N HAY?HAY! OTICR.?Ju*t received per Scbr J Holmes,and . . now landing at Page'* Wharf, font of Seventh *treet, a prime article tf Timothy HAY, which will be sold low for cash if laken from the Wharf. Applvto MATT1NGLY BROTHERS, may 3? 5t (Intel) 0MOW'S REVIEW for May Frank Leslie's Gazette do In* and Outs of Paris, by Julie de Mnrguerittee Ttie O'D-heriy Paper*, by the late W m. Magvm, ?2 v> Is McEIIigottV American Dthatsr mayji FRAXCK TAYLOR. MOHOCCO BKLtTB, Transparent Soap, Hair Brushes, Sewing Birds, ke , for sale cheap at LAMMONt>*S, 7th at. may 5-3t IT* A !f A lot of very cheap Pan* leceived and ' for ?ale at LAtlMOND'S, 7th st. may 5?3t |>^ tlHMKR ?ILL1IBRY. |W <i4L'ust opened, at the old stand, Sixth at C4h n?..r Louisiana avenue. a choice assortment of Sp ing and Summer HATS. Bh*achi?g. Prest-ing, >c ashs-usl. may 5? 3t* REOPENED. ~ MRS FsRRAR respcetfullr inform* tbe citizen* of Washington that She hu had btr Bowlitg Sal on. on Missouri avenue, neai 6th ?t., filled up ii the best manner, which ahe will op-n on Tw?? d*y, Miy Htb. M ARY FA Rita 11. may 5?3t* f|1HE FAMILY iLfcT;~tiR TilE X Influence of ChrhfJPQJPHples, by Mrs. Mac kay. Philip ColviPe; a Civeuafer's Story, by Grace Kennedy Straw Arrows, by the Rev. 8. L Cuy?er Forrester's Illustrated Juvenile Kespsake Mhe Chemistry of Common Life, by J. T. John?ton The r .'want Boy Philosopher. by Henrv Mavhew. G1MY fc. BALLANTYNE, may 5 4 08 Seventh *t. JAMES n. BDRNS'S Chtaj. Be ok, Stu' loncnj, Perii-liml J'arutv Stort and i lUCULA'llfttt l.IBHAHY, No. 150 Briitge ftrei't, oppositt; tbe Mayoi's Oflicc, OtDEOtTOW*. D C. Sub.?cribcr* tn all th?* Weekly Periodical* n id Mtcazin?s served at their dwellings A^ent tor the '-Evtrirg Star," ?hrre advertise ni. will be pr< mptly rttcndtd to, and suhsenp tioDi received. may 4?lw BY BAILIIIIAD DIRECT TO Time between Washington and Wheeling bat 17i hoart! Running timi brtwn Washington and Cincinnati 27 hours !! Through Tickets And Baggage Checks to be had in Washington !!! THE BALTIMORE AND OlllO RAILROAD HAVING crcatly improved it* Western connec tion* now otleM the fullest inducements to travelers between Washington, Baltimore, and aM portions of the Wot, tbe Northwest and the South west. The connection between the trains from Wa*h inmon and tlie trains bound west Irom Baltimore is niways promptly made at tlie Washington Junction (lately colh d tlie IUIay House) U miles ipso Balu m-rre. This i? tbe only cbanre of cam required be tweee Wavhingiou and tbe Ohio river. B&ggsge 1* citeekcJ Uirouah to Wheeling at the Washington ftaiioa, and r< cheeked and tran*f? ried there, (with toe past^nKcis) w thout char(e,for tbo?e no'.dmg Jirough tick< u *<>r palm* beyond. The connecting tr. in ? Udvc daily at 6 a m. and p. in. On Sunda>s at the latter hour only. At W b?'?li!t< AireA connt^ioa is made with the traias .d*the CENTRAL OHIO RAILROAD, run mug from Bellaire on the Ohio, near Wh.eling, ihmufih Cambridge, Zsnesville and Newark, to COLUMBUS. The*e unins connect at Newark witli ill** cats of the Newark, Mansfl id and Sandus ky Raliroed for Sandusky, Toledo, Detroit, Chicago St. Louts, etc. At Cnlutobu* the C. O. Railroad trains connnct with tLe fast train* of the Lxlt.t l^f.cin Railroad ta Xenia, CINCINNATI, LfiUISVlLLE. etc. At Acuta (on Little Miami Railroad) connection is fi-rnied with the train* through Ihn/ton. to 1NDI AX' APOLIS, Terre Haute, Lafayette, Chicago, Rock Muiid, St Louis, etc. m^T PssM'n.ers Uo'ding through tlckeU tor Mem fhis l i.ktkurg, Wilt hes, Ns?c Orleans etc., which are J-o aold at Wa^ungton-are tranafeired at Cin cinnati to the Mail Steamer* on tlie Ohio. 1'ickst* fcr Evansville, Cairo, and St. Louu are sold by this Date. A^rFOR CLEVELAND, and via Cleveland to To!cd Deuoit, Clncago, etc., ticket* are sold, wlieu the Oliio is navigable betwten Wheeling and Wellsville (foity miles) where a connection with the Cleveland and Pittsburg Railroad is made. Traveliers are nqiies ed to notice that wkib* this U the only rout" uflordini; thrrugli tickets and checks in Warhington, it is uUo the shonest, most speedy, and direct to neaily all the leading poiuts in 'be great West. The distance tr m Washirg on toCin cinnati is but G' J miles, l^ing &Umt 1?K) miles short er tliun bv arty other u.utc I FARE BY Til ROUGH TICKET FROM WASH INGTON: To Wheeling, ?9 f4>; Columbus $13 85} I ayt'in, ^15 50; Cincinnati, ?16 ; Louisvd.'s, by railroad $i?63, by steamer front Cincinnnu. flQ; ln iliennntdis, ?17 5u; Cleveland, ?12 15; Tol^lo, ?13 83; ll troit, $15 'JO: Chicago 65 an<l ?1U 50; St. Le-uis, 50 au<l ?25, Memphis, New Or l< an*, fjol, etc. A#* r'OR FREDERICK und HARPER'S FERRY MARTIN8UURG. BERKELEY SPRINGS, CUM BERLAND, BEDVORI) SPRINGS, Piedmont, Oak land, and Fairnwui.t, |.a.^< og> rs may leave Waafc intion a^ 6 a tu or p. in. Por the n.inor way stutioni b'tAeeu I aluiiiore and Wheeling, take ( a ni train i'ioui Washin^toa. For trams to and from Baliimore, Annapolis, etc., ?ee special advertLscments. if Tor further information, through ticket.*, lie., spplv to 'PlIOS. H. PARS->NS; fg ut, at Washing ton Statiou. JOHN H. DONE, Most' i ot Transportation Balt.m >rc and Ohio Railroad, Baltimore. may 3?tf w MAY CALLS. E have just received, for the May Balls, th* . . largest and mvi vart.-d h^-ortmeut ot Fans, Iioijuvt Holders, I'atkels, Fine lYrfaiueries, Ac. JOliN F. ELLIS, 306 Ta. aveuue, feet. VJi ana 10th ft*. np S8 -tf RAW AWAY.-910 REWARD.?JOII N, my nepio mat:, aged aSout 50 yeara, ran away lr?>.n my l'ano in Alexandria county. Va., on Mon day, 15th inKtdiit. lie stoop* in hi* walk ; had on a griy frock coat and cray pant* He ha* a wife at Mr. A. (?ladmau's, oa ilth street, near the boundary in Washington. I think he U lurking abiut there. He aleo has abi?ier at Mr. Marbury**, is George town. JOHN M. YOUNG, Coach Maker, Corner ot street and Pa. avenue. apl 8 -tf NOT1C1C.?I received this nay a new r*st rl meut of SI.EEVE BUTTONS and STUDS, ef tlie latest stjles. Also, a variety of other new Goods: as Vert Chains, Ctial< iains, Bracelet*, Pin?> Earrings, Rim;*, etc. Great inducement* offsred to pnrehas?*ra. II. SKMKEN, No. 330 Pa avenue, bet. 9il? arwl 10th st'. {j|7- iVt? Point* put to G<#ld P.uj at short n.? ice. Diani'.i is rt mounted, and Jewelry uiaJe W ur<L*? mar ?if

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