Newspaper of Evening Star, May 8, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 8, 1855 Page 3
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EVENING STAR. Local Intelligence. Citt CorsciL? ?The Board of Aldermen met yesterday afterroon, at 5 o'clock and 15 minutes p. m. Ihe hour for their meeting hating bean for that ocession fixed at 4 p. m , and for tba bal oca of the rammer season The Secretary (Mr. Middleton) having read the journal of the proceedings at the last pre vious meeting There being no quorum present? On motion, they adjourned Hoard of Common Council ?The Board met at 4f o'cloek, p m Mr Smith presented the petition of Mr*. Ann Best asking a remission of a fiae; re ferred. Reports were made from committee!*: By Mr. J. W. Davis, from the committee of improvements, Board of Aldennen bill for re pairing the carriage-way on the south front of (quarts 402 and 42*; passed By Mr. Duncanscu. from the committee on eU'ms, asking to be discharged from the pe tition of Mary Ann Philipy for a remission of a fine; granted. Also, from the same committee, asking to to discharged from the petition of Jotn Joy for a remission of a fine; granted. Also, from same committee, Board of Alder men bill for the relief if John Campbell; re j?eted. Also, from the same committee. Board of Allermen bill for the relief cf William B Cheever; laid over. By Mr. Barr, from the comm'tteo on public schools, asking to be discharged from the con sideration of a com uunic-uio i cf the Board of Trusteoe of the Public Schools; grantod. By Mr. Bussy. from the committee on health, the Board of Aldermen's bill for the cleaning of the city; passed By Mr Cross, from the jjint committee of the Fifth and Sixth Wards in relation to the Eastern Market house, with tho recommen ia tion that the second section of the bill be stricken out, which section proposes to dis pense with the market bouse in the Sixth W*rd Upon this a debate aroee. which wts settled by the indefinite postponement of the whole Fubject. Mr Busey asked to be excused from serving on toe committee to locate the market-house in the Fifth Ward, as it was impossible for him and his colleague to agree; waich re quest was not granted The following tills from the BoRrd cf Al dermen were then taken up: An act to pay Isacc Ten l.'yck #3S0 for num bering the houacs; referred. An act granting Levi Pumph ey permission to erect a fire-proof brick stable on C 6treet, between Four-and a-lialt and Sixth street"; passed. Ad act to pay the heirs of James Moore the surplus of tho sale cf certain lots, after de ductir g expenses ; referred. An act to ohange the grade of Ninth, Tenth, and Eleventh street east; referjei Mr Basey moved to iecoerider the vole by which the bill to locate tLeNorthern Liberties' engine bouse oncq-iare S43*as rejected at the last meeting of tho Board. The motion was agreed to, and the bill was then passed by yeas 11, nays 0. Mr. Donn then moved to take up tao bill to Tegulate the sale of hay, s^raw, and fodder, which was agreed to This bill was under con-ideration whsn we loft Asti Know Nothing Mkettkg ?There was a large tweeting of the aati Know Nothings of the First Wa?d held last night in Swarms riding school; Mr. Win Spiuldin/Ma the chair, ?nd Mr Wm. Keefa actin? a* Sectary. Mr Parker reported frcin the commutes se lected at the lastprew >u* to call upon various citiiers of the W ard to awrortaiu whether, if ncminv.ed for the Council l'oard 1 hey would coneant ro sarve fr. m tho Ward The report stated that, with the exception of Dr. Magruder anl Ci-arlas Aberr, Esq., all whom the committee had consulted. b:&,edto decline on account of the prc&i:>g nature ol their busine-a en<agcuie:.*r though ailci'thena expressed their desie for the success of the ticzet to Le nominated tLen and there Mr. Limxoni moved the nomination of Dr. Wm B Magruder for Aiderman from the Ward, agreea to uaanimomly. Mr Chas. Abert was th'.n proposal as a candidate lor Common Council; and ho wa! formally nom'natsJ by an unanimous vote Mr Edvard 11 Fuller was next also unan:< mously nominated for the Common Cour.cU. On motion of Mr Somhall, a committee ol three?Messrs South all. Random and Carrol being yarned by the Chair?was appointed tc wait oslhe nominees and inform them of th( action of the meeting with to them ?el vee It was then resolved to elect a oommitteo ol five, to servo as de!e<;at<>c to the Conversion tc meet at Harmony Hall to night for the nomi nation of ami Know Ntuning Candida es f)t Collector, Kegister and City Surveyor. The tollowmg gintlemsn were then eleotci said delegates, vix : Mi*srs James T Pear eon, Wm. T. Dove. Wm B Magruder. Calvert, and Parker Mr. Southail, from the committee to w*ii on the nominees lor the councils, notified the meeting of the acceptance of Dr. Wm. B Mi gruJer Dr M bein,' next called out, addrr-cccd the meeutg at s^ice ler gth. thanking them for tae honor oonfe red upon him, and declaring that he teli it to be his duty to serve his fel low eitisens in any way in which they con ceived that bis labors wonld be most likely to a d in the overthrow of the party that had assumed the name of the American P?*rty, enly iLe bettur to en?b!e them to strike at the American principles of the fathers of our revo lution lie remarked that the Organ not long eince denominated Mr Fitspitnok of the Pifth Ward and himself the lsaders of the Catholic party in the Board ot Aldermen, lie thanked the oonductors of the Orgin for tho Ugh compliment paid to fcim in thus a*socia ting his name with that c f Mr Fitspatrick, a man of remcritably fine intelligence, varied information, chivalric cbaruoter, aid, alto getaer, ono cf tho most servioable men oo far as the puilie interest was c >n?erned, whose fortune it had ever been to hold a *eat in the Councils cf the city, lie was an honor to the position, and thus to cla^s bis nwo with that cf Mr. F , was really ? compliment, however Intended, for which ne felt grateful. As for tho alcgu'iun that he was a t'athoikj lewder, ho was grateful for &a too; iascmneu as his fellow-citizens there present knew wall tnat he was a I'eotestant, ulwejg anxiou> for the su3ce;sof Protestanisin ai tae rival of Catholicity, and that, thare lore, tue chargo c;uld ody mean that he felt to oc Lu au-y as a man tf integrity tf par. po.e and true Auierijan pa-riotism, to stru^glo f L ,, til9 Fre**r*tttlon ot eva.y civil i # ? ?v e ulJct this (Jo7ercment, aa?i lor the entire oo equality of tteir xeligion Btaor this UjverLmcnt, as Ui i.hat vf Protest an I.m U tho latter were to be so Improperly jf?. M llie f?rmer has been. Be hai his <J l'*r;oria M honest American, 0,U,Jr,J' the Puprem^ry of caatl njhts I?icfUJPJt'ilrg22?the politloo-religious SSS*f Ue r'W* <r tho Ameslcsn Uot letUr h? lIlouiJ Ji?barge it to the tJifL.hmJ b6cn iJ;^!cd, toor -c tho friand of a hetiV,^ V'v*L^ cxl)'uincJ tnai no man was Ar?nir> * ^5.. heartier American than himself, it m Wl *r# toro-i iuJeed to show that intiot tonak to maintain, and taw" "ghto which ?L.e Ccnctitu'ion ea_ [? 'b?s? foreigcor3 who had ba eamecjasens of the United S-aUs. remarked that the Know safturiff / beateu e? in their tiaA.w ?st> an>* they ^ere sarely des attJ-w 4a ?>erwil*,u,?o^ defeat in this city S-r?kUaf c'ectioa ? a'-'i lhea went on to show ?r rr, ? u COm? ltt-' P5wcr ia tho city gov EST.-1.*-fuil ^ bad already m k ?P ^ the c-rporatioa. havirg r.o funds on hatd t0 pjJfho wii!ow ard th<scar^aa and tbiegBtrao'ofi?Di laborer# for the ci.y They r-,? * P^mism^ pir,y iLdetd-promi.isg to "?e e*p?ases ot tho corporation on pJ.V f-- Power- ?t-d so ?oon Laving bank "0*ry 12sthrj haJ furrtptitiously w ' V? e'c" Ck,t -ir.t.i the con'rol of the BJl'rs ,u*e ^''asfaiu^'en .M '-nuc-ent Stcletr, -pledgein a year to rnon h r w ** tho end cf three w , f e.r ,!l? trlumpU < f t-ieir trtekj tkev fi?JUK,a. ?tn?: tiej hU co tec. u vu. $-? ia aid wj furiu^j j<rosecu tien of the work, throwing themselves on the country at large for fanda to that end, though in February they had proclaimed the ability and determination of the " Order" to finish the enterprise in a single year. He would not jay that the Knew Nothing board had received no more than $27, contributed for that pur pose. though that .sum waa all the receipt of which they had seen fit to acknowledge. L)r M. continuing, spoke at greater length and rith earnest eloquence. indeed, s gainst the principles and practices of Know Notnisg ism, being repeatedly interrupted in the eourso of big remarks with the hearty applause of t :c meeting. Mr. Southall, at the conclusion cf Dr. M 'a speech, announced the acceptance by Mr. Fuller of his nomination for a seat in the low er Board; and Mr F being called oat return ed thanks for the honor conferred on him in a few feeling and appropriate remarks. It was nest rrsolved tbat the Chair appoint a finance committeo occsisting of three, and a vigilance committee to consist cf nine. The Chair named as the finance committee Pr Wm. B Magiuder, and Messrs Joseph iledfcrc aid Wm. Brown. It was then resolved that the chairman of the meeting. Mr, Wm. Spaulding, be the chairman of the vigilance committee, and ihat he should appoint the ethor members thereof at his earliest convenience On motion of Mr. Sou-.ball, General Ea'.on was unanimously nominated for the third feat from the ward in the Council Board. It was next row>lved that tbevigiiance com mittee be authorized to fi.l any vacanoy on tbe ticket for the ward that might in any man ner ccour. ? An&then the meeting adjourned. Tns Concert Last Night.?The Ucino Choir Association gave r concert last night at the Smithsonian Institution, in the presence cf a large thou h not creeled wembly, per forming the cantata cf "The Pilgrim Fathers," which is founded on hL>toiical incidents, from the time shortly previoca to their embarka tion in the Mayflower to tbe famous trea y ?ith the Mnssasoit Indians, which gave them peace for so mauy years. The soloe, duetto, trios, quartettes, quintette, recitative, temi ohorusses, choruisrs, and tho finale, by the respective characters repre sented. were creditably executed Several buodreds of ladies and gentlemen, members of the Union Choir Association, participating in the vccal performances, v. ith instrumental accompaniments. The auditory appeared to be highly gratiEel with ihe entertainment. We may here mention tbat the "ao-low," between the first and second parts of tho cau tcta whs applauded by a large portion of the ct-mptiny, though but very few word? of a s'aiimeut which was read could be heard by those for who:c benefit it was pronounced. Musical Cosvexhojc, composed of dele gates from various associations of thia ar,d o;her cities, met this morning in the lec'ure room of the Smithsonian Institution. It was oiganised by tho appsiu.ment of T. J Ma gruder, of Washington, as Pretidoot; John Ssrentael, J. W. Alby, Charles W Lrgan of Baltimore, Wm. T. Webb and W. II Murphy cf Norfolk, and F. A. Tucker, cf Washington, Vice Presidents; F. (ilenrcy of Washington, and B V. Lo an. of Baltimore, Secretaries, and T^oinas Me ti ill, cf this City, treasurer. Three meetings aro to be held daily?at 10 ia tbe morning. 4 in the afternoon, and o in the evening Protestor Woodbury, tbia morning praetisod the delegates iu the singing of various piece cf mush. Jonadab?A Land tf temperance yuutha aro to perform 'he moral drnuia of (>Jcnadab, the Sou of Kechab, or Washi gton in lbii,'1 , on to inerrow (Wednesday) evening, a; Old Follows' liall. Navy Yard. As it is en in ttiucive p:e3e, at the same time affjrding an cuL ag's entcr'ainmen', our Navy Yard :cad ets (as well as ethers) should encourage the.-e youths by tfceir pres?7oe, thereby urging them forward ia their eff >rts to j ersu&de their jcuag frieuis to coitc Kith them. All in a How.?Several L.d:eaI::!cgin t'..e Fifili Ward were arrested, yesterday, and taken before Justice B-?'C3 by the<?5'ers of tbat Ward. nae was charged wi h (browing eg4i at anotLar. and two others w:re accused oi threatening her They wero lie.d tojjrouri ty for peace. We ha7e since learned f*at one is now supposed to be in a dying condition, having becu taken very sicK Tbe complain ant in th'^e casts was fined for uiing profane language in the st;eet. Tns Fight.?Lost night, about 11 o'clock, a fight occurred in a tavern in the Sixth Ward, wV.ich continued until a late hour, not withstanding 'he efforts cf effisar Willett anu watchman UriCin and AtcLison to restore peace and order. Many persons were eng-igel in the fight; but no arrest* were made last night. Whether ihs riot wss caused by politics or wlisky, we have cot been informed. rostponed ?The trial of the four colored men, who were chargid with attackirg beat ing. and attempting to rob Mr Coxson, which was to have taken place yesterday at the coun ty jail, was postponed until this af.ernoon at five o'clock. We should hive statad tbat cQi? eer Wollard arrested the?-e men with tho as sistance cf watchmen Mockabee and L'lanUy Emiorated ? Officers Wise and Simenda were, yesterday, in ssarch of four or five young m-n who had b:en engaged is rioting in a bcn?e below the Capitol, in their district. Alter searching without success t3e (fibers wc'O informed that tbe rioters, hearing that they were being locked after, wcro " Off to Charleston early in the morning " The lady of the bouse was fined for celling liquor with out a license A llano Cbowd ?Last night, a gang of col ored individuals were amusing themselves by 6inging bacchanalian ditties as they passed up Leuiuana avenuo toward Fourth street. That the greater number of them were drunk is be yond a doubt with those who saw the filthy condition of tbe stc| s in front of the Unitarian church before the rain last night Ihe watcb and several cititdns were after them, but mi3eed their May Cel En ratios ?The pupils of the pri mary publio school, taught by Miss Wells, had a pleasant time last night, at Haimony Hall. Iter orowoed their May Queen, had several brief but appropriate speechos, and then danced until midnight, to the mush cf an in strumental band. Parents of tho ohildrcn and othtr friends wcro present, by invitation. The Anti Know Noiuxso Convention of Washington will meet to-night, when tbe dele gates from the several wards will nominate candidates for City Collector, City Better, and Surveyor, to be voted for on tho first Mon day in J lug * Bi Hill ?The draaiatio diorama of the Battle cf Bunker 11111 continues to attract large and fashionublo audiences at Old Fel lows' liall. It clores in this city on Saturday next. No one should fail to attend this won. derful exhibition. Mental Derangement ?List night a ool orderod boy( a slavo of C. B Calvert, L:q , was taken ta tho guard house to prevent his doing mhohief He was craxy, nnd had botu so three years ago; but the kind treatment ho received from l is master hud restored him. Tbe extreme pains of a bono folon had affected his mind. ilo appears te have been deranged originally by teligious cxoitemunl The Bain, which which fell late last night, has considerably cooled the atmosf here, and redueed the temperature to forty-eight de grees?cut doors, ia the shade ; thus spoiling the sports of th -sa who sought to " fores tho season" by the putting on of summer olothes May Balls ?Oar readers must not forget that Carusi gives hi? May Ball and Festival this oonirg, at his popular saloon. Professor Munder will r^^eat his at the National Theatre, on Thursday evening; the programme in nil particufars to be the same us it was on the first occasion. Fbsnklin Bcilding Association.?At the ??econd monthly meeting of thii new society, held last nijrht, tbi m nty was sold at an av erage prtm.uji oi fi' ty tour per cent. Ti?< Fishiso Season b. ing rcarly ever, a !ar?? ntiuber cf hands, r-cant'y tmployed on tho P'touiu) banke, have patted, and are pacsinrf through this city, ou tbeir way home. Auction ?al*s.?Ibo pre.=s upon the col umns of this paper for new advertisement* for tbo lant moath is sjc'u, tba: wj hare b^en compelled to place a cclcmn of onr taction sales (which are generally placed on tho third page) on the first page of the paper. Persons interested will please refer to tnat page. Watch Kbturx# ?Matthew Mcllhenny. drank and diierderly; fine and costs John Llewellyn, drunk and disorderly ; workhouse thirty days. AAHKIUO. On the 7;h instant. I y Rev. John E. Rates, of In d an*, ALB N Hf Til??EI'F, oi 11 u:iir:try, 1o Mi-* JULIA B., daughter of the latu ttev. Wm Ee. ol this city. * L?1KI>. In this city, a' tlie tesiJenre of her nw? C. F. Lourey on Monday cTcninc. th* 7ih irount, after a iincerir j? illnctt, Mrs. MARY EHNEY,lat.? of ChnrleHon, S C, in the G2?l >e <i <?f Iter ace. Her f.icnd>, and those of Mr. a-'it Mrs.C. P. Loii rry, are invited ti attend Ut:r funeral to morrow atternoon,nt 4 o'clock, l'r? ni No. 313 Siith ftreet, near New Yi.rk avenue. Wants. WANTED?TWO HANDS. while or Inat Ir. and n man and hi-? wife, l?y lite ycir, to work on h lanu the Di.-trict * Also, would l*ir* (>rpirclu'i,afccond hand Canal Call between 3 find 3 o'clock, d.tit*, at the ottieeol LLOVli & CO . opposi.e the Tr?r.snry, inay 8 ?tf lfiiii ? lr? V\r AVI LO-A SlVr.k'.ott Vul .\ti FO.SH * V Cow, wish or without her call", tor which r fair price mil be given. Addro si Ho.*:2f9, City Fait ol ice;. aixj 8? 3t WantkT?-HtY rjuTAbvein isi;i:7aITi r nntioxi tr? d.> th" washing aid ir<>niri2 a :il ha si ! In ih?- st'wing. Address "E" at this cflic*. iuiy X?It* \V/ ANTED?A COOK TO HO TllK COOKIAiG ?? for a mall f i -ilv and firm people- Also, a woman to wa li and inn and do the h network tor a small family. Colored women from the ciuntry preferred. To ?nrh as ran do the unrk end are well recommenced jood wa ges will be given. Ap : ly at Locust Hill Fa?m, Tih street road, two miles fn?m the Geseral Port Oflcr. may 7 WANTED-A\\ OMAN AS A COOK, washer ami ironer?one that can furnish aood re co:nniendaliong as to eapacli,* iiad good character, will b'- ? m;;l >yed. Ap;<ly at 342 N York avenue, may r> -St* W A N T i: I) ?A PAtli NLiTTO work A Mtii.c U'lnrry a;.-J for sal.; <d Stone to Government and nih"r?, there hcin^now areatde ii.and lor stcne. Th * Ci'iarry i- immediately oppn ?ite Georget wn. La ??? .hanty, blacksmith ?hop, and every implement on the ?p t. Tl is ijuarry fur nishes tha best and largest truck S'oi.e, ?e. A chancc is now ojJ'eied. Call or wrile to LLO VI) tx. CO , F flw.t!i street. oppo. the Treasury m-.y?? tf \\f AN m>?EVEKtaoDV TO KNOW THAT they ean e t a lot 24 feel fronl by 130 fret deep, forth* low price of ^75>?payaale ?3 morth without iii!< re t. Ap;;'.y at ih?- Union i.ana Oilice, si., a Low tjdd Fallows' lla:'. ap2S- 3m JOHW POX, See. ft,"ANTED?A C >MPLETE FILE OP T1IE V* WEEKLY ( ?VaShiri{Tt'>ri City) tiTAl! t ii.< publirati(>n tin t > the preeent rate, for which '?lieral priee will J>e paid if sjr.ttn ibis office. ai> J ti Bcard::s<?. !N' IVJAKL1NG.?TIIKEE Oil I'OLii lEKrt'Nt?, \ > or a tiina:i family, ran U- u>??:'??mmi-.iediiuriii-< the ruofjii uf I'oujres.!. :>t V?i dCiii \t w jcr-ev averue, went 6i.le, nrar tto C.ijiiti I. may &- 3_* One fine lar^cfront r???u>. Willi > nil a.-jo:nin2 chamber, Iie-ini^oun ly fur. i -}.? .!, suitable for a lumiiy or several yorn.? me;:, Ai.o, t'l wmber- la>-j: r t'iaii '.n- t? nr.V.iy uppropilai^.l t.> | sj-clo n. vijjj boar t, un n- .ior.abic l? /u._ The #:nia:ion !- I.iJi li-a it?y, a*i.l i. ;! e iniT-i rii >tr in irhhi-rnoo : v.i?!ie t'at? nt {'fPc-1 J'o-i oifioe, and l>ur nu. Tra;i-ient a:. 1 table l oi*rd. ;a ran fee sl?o avc uiaw da it i i.y appbrr; I ei to No. 3 Union T?ow. F stre t, bet A t ? i: t> !? a id /<h <l*. may 7 1** tic u?n-t ULN i^FAulTu\\Tj CVt nn ers. with bourd. A", o, iat>!? :?e,i tr in ??i' T-t board with a luthiii ? room aa.i fin v?< r it .r-x and every attention to ren.ier it !?(??: a^ret a!>!e to iier board e * y,,*. p. t; M UK KAY, ''?>rnrr FennsySv mia avenue ami l!.i ^t. rpS3-ju< ]>6an;?T^?= - mf.?. i!ATr?~JiTVii~;,V.jT > w: st r-?rnerof Fa. av and *?t!i !?'reet i- pic pared to '.i',."?.iie<' c?-ntb .neit with r; o 11, with or wiiliom board. Every > :T f ?vdHe- rn"i !?? to r< n d'-r Uio?e comfort! bis: who may favor her with t:;ejr [isironHex. rt,i ??? r~ i - i - ? ? m n i i? A CAI-. D,?Fu.-rhaju-rs aj ii.- -uie .,f diy fcoods J\. at halt St Hrotti?;r:.> on 7l!i -tr et, ar- aouti* th it their Uj< e'e now ?e*uy tor delivery, <tnd they are respectfuilv reqii :sti d local! forth m with out d< lay. JAMES O. McGUiRE, 3?d /\;j ?ion> <:r UTS MARINE BAND. ^I'liE ut: !? r-igned would rei-,)?rtfjly i..form ti.e i Military. Firemen, t'l'jbs and the'puh:io i.e ri!!y that by a; pi in; to h>m at the Ma'inr Biirraekr or ;tl bis r^si.V lire, tin I*, b. 'v^eet* il;n ar:l .0t!i sv e:--!, or by role at lli'liin & Miiy.'- tf.isi* In-put, they can obtain tin. n iviets t.t iJ;e Marine R i;id, ur * portion ? f it eiiber as a bra , k.-j m c.'.illo:: band, which Will emlitaee Lraus W'cberV Ufrivtllt d Pally- F. HI'ALA, t'onductor ar.d Leader of Marine Hand, ap 30-?1 m* I li THOMP 05. M E E C II A N T T AILOR, IIa< rer,:uved to his oid tan I, HollitV ItiiilJinj, j 4)? ttrec!, oi:c d<Mitaort": o| ."-h.lhuRtOti'ii Hook-tore, [ Wi.ere he would be pi.ia^ed to .mr?e hia fr. -lels and I tl.e piiMi-,-. ni#? 3?2?v MORE AUCTION BARGAINS^ IUd'F rcceeive.i at II ALIi'ti Great Uhe?ap Cn?ih Store, tii ; i'i||uwai|( nnction hargninf. wjoeli ran be sold at a?K.-ut one half the tost of iuip trta I lion: [ Ladirj' sine Hoi?e. rmbM wlih ^ilk, 1H cij, worth L7 cents ^ Ladi< ? and Gi ntlrmeii'*Mlk '! ?vvh, 12 cli., worli 37 ccnts Ladien\ Getitl.:menV and Mi.-s-nj' cctton s( (B v4 ftRte t'orton Hove and Hal: llos.-6c S*'iy* li'-er'inj Fr.c Ijish Linen 2."ic Haidk rchii ts *s 2d yds. f; li? o for jJ! Fine l)e Rng'i, lie woith 2.? 6,000yds fie.e < aiieo, wJiiautcu 1031 colors, G *??rth 12; per yard Yard wide Coiinu 5c Yard wi<le Lawn.s only 0?, worth l^c Fine French Lav.iw, warranted fast colon 12c', worth 2J>c 12 di>7.- n more of tluuc Sue L;n;si Shirt Do<oius at 2.r? ? worth .r0c Fine lin:-n Shirt Collars l(lc IJa-lershirt* only worth t'U Linen ToweUtie lilr.iched Siieetiii" only 10c, woita 12>jc yp-ko! Cotton Itl.- per doz L idit s' French Corsets 1 37 Acouifiiet." assortment of Floiiaf iii??, Siviajan J Cambric K lgiiijpi and Collars, i xtra cheap Very i^ Chi in item 18c Und? r?leeves mily Cc. Ladii'r fu.e Cra.-s SkiiV v; ly < h ap Hoimets, Hal-, l'iau and Tuia.ois at ?>? low pikei Ro<>u and Shoes?In tli's lino I have gru.t bai gai ia to ciir r: Lad e*' Hail Cai'rre only "5 i-u 'vry ft :e b'aek Gaiter* only .| i, wi rth J1 Ladies' fiiippers 37c ? hi'drenV 2fic Mines' (Jaiti r? CJo fJenis' Slippers,60; ijfti.ts' Conpri Ks Giulers .>1 o7, v. o: Ji <&3 (li nts find R.-ys' Lasting SIui;-^, Ox lord Ties rniil Fancy Siio.a i:i pier.: Vi'n'iy. 1 won d invite the whole purchaiirig i-I!U?u.Uiiiiy | to call nod take a look through my sto^k Lcfore ;na*sin^ tin ir purchases, as 1 feel confident the-* will Le Milled t.o h in gv^ods and price*, Mid jqVC at heat ten per cent. it. u. HAI L, No. 373 North Seventh sUt? t, A.urtli houso kbive 1 st. Ail goods a>' wil b- f?uud iu may i -ci.C: * NOTfCK TO Tii A VELLFRi_ BIYTirEEX h\1SHJXGTC(X A' HALTIliOU K Alii r tins d:U-:, the F.a r ftTT# Ti;.io frot? VVjmii, to>i a' 0 a, m iTi Itrtlna.i re, and the Train from F&i'ini re at 5 !o p. m. f->r V/achineton, on Si *hat V% !LL I'.L i ISCONTiNUKlt. The oulv 'iiai.-t, therefor, ?u S.nuluy, from Washington, will b.: that leaving At 4 3'- r M , and from H iUi u-.r? at 4.!.r> a m. Tii? Tr;un rtirn yVashiv^un cuunrc'i ut Ihe WmMhIm Jawclioa with Se Eiw?ti 'I rate Ir.a* i z Baltimore at 5 1.) p h for \VI.'Ki!:r.4 and the ?Ve.t. JO'iN U. DONE, in 1?lOt M .?tcr Transp nation R I. O. TR. [U.:i ai, Gerrgetowu AJvo?a*r, Alexandria Sentinel coj>y.l "Jilts. L. ALIEN, A? 3t& Pa. avenue, b.tuean A'ia.A f-rsT^\ aivi Teutk sirert*tsoi4h tide, V..-** 4) ? ar Will opi-n on Sr.tiir.lay, 7tli i ><!. nt. a*/ftJ mo-t i^tcn. ive and bcaotiful asiioitineiit of Sprins *! I L'li I N E K Y. con-inline of t'n Kiik, I. ace, So -tied Ur: p ? anl Gni-s f.inen HATS, incluftme Straws o! ev* ry d?-scriplion. A!s->, Mines' H.-t II it.* and I ?.il.^ dec* hi ALLciN, ap 4? For Bale and Font. ITtOR RENT?THE SMALL FKNME two-story House, No. 47? Thirteenth street, west side, lw^ doors south of Pa avenue. It is neat and com table. P-wsession given immediately. Apply at t e Star Offi ??. may 8-if 110RSALE?THEC?>UKTER AM) FIXTURES of my store They .ire ."tillable for most any business, and will bo sold a ba-gain. Prison* wi?h ir.j thrnt will please call soon aid examine them at tny :-tore, Per na avenue,near Third street, north :i.l'. FREDRICK RUPP. iti y 8-3t I^OTl HALE-SEVERAL EMRIItLY LOCA ted and conveniently constructed frame Houses c in !?;? br.ught che,?p and on p'ea?ir.g Urins, on ap plying, by letter or in person, ?o WM R WOODWARD, ill IV 7?lw* No. Jilt) Sixth street w ??t. 1.1 OR REN T?A THREE-STORY FRAME llouee on 3 li, 1 etwei n M N ?tre*ts, con taining ei^ltt roc>u:s, with but!! house. Terms mod erate o a punctual fnatiL Ir, quire <-f J VV. Hieks City Post Office, or Wm. Varham, N ?. 4 5 1 IVnth 5treet. _ mnyj?3t U O R R E N T? A TIIREF.-8TOKY PRICK ? llou^r, No. 3S3 L Mreet north, b< tween l.ul? and Pith streets, containing eight room* within 5 minuter walk ?t the Depar menu. Rent $.00 per annum. Enquire at ihs Han't of Dt;ty 7?:tf PAIKO S yO!?R*K. MISS JAN S SHANKS. Na. 100 ?rt<!c?* sire, t, CJ-or.-rtown, fc ?s several line room- to rent, w tli b^ar.l, or the will rent the whol*. house, fur i.ished. may 5 3i* 1711! RENT- A NEW THREE STORY FliAME |/ House, with brick basement, coMaining tine rooms, with ruinp of excel! 11! wa'er in the yard, -d on 22.1 street, Firrt Wan*, m ar intersection of K street with P.t. avenue. To a rood tenant tb len'is Will b.' ninlerate Apply on tie- premios, or to 11. A WATERS^, at Lis Printi >g Ortice, l>, beiw. iltli and 10th st*. may 5 - lw* A LARGE FRAME HOUSE, WITH BKICK J \ back l-ui!dinj and lot adjoining, on the corner of :4th ai d 0 streets, in Square ?53, part Lot No 5 will be ?.ffV red at private :;ale, until May 15th and it"rot sold will bj ?old at public auction. Apply to ANDREW I. JOYCE, m-.y 2?tf No. 47 7 Fourteenth st. IT O!! RENT.?'T?vo!n*id:f;nie!y furnished Houses, j* cor.'amin^ 15 rooxs in one, a'd 'J in the other, 1 h desirable location (routing on pub!ic square, one square from Lafay ette Suuare, on 11, coruerof II and Eighteen!'.! streets. w.?h hath rooms, &.C., will b-: rented on reasonable t* rms to good t> cants, ap 13?lin" >1TrE\T? 1'IE d rOK?~luUSE Now OC ' rupied by !l Mm bell, on Pa. avenue, b nw^eii 8th arJ'Jtli streets. Posit3-ion given on 15th >isty ii* x!, on whieh time 111 ? prese nt l?ase ex res. Apply to JAMES DIXON, E-q , of'iiis city, o. too su;JdC;iuC.-, "Cottage," M ntg m r" eo-intv, Ml. TUOH. CONNELLY." ap *23?tf \ MiR RENT?SEVERAL HANDSOME PAR i lors and Chambers, witii Iwird. A5>o. Table and transient board. Inqui.e at Mrs. SMITll'S, ?33 F street ap9 " M.R RENT?TWO P-.RLOICS l.'dNM'.i 'TKD witii llfd r.??.ins, and on- r-i-ig'f large ruom, a I b in?L >n:t!y furnii-iteii and v? ?v cor.Vf.iiient, aie for f? nl Pa. a\e.>ue. o;<;?os*te Wi'iar.ts* lluttlt 5415, T-rxs? are. low. Aj.;.!y t<> tin: prr n-is?ni. i'1 ay 3?eo3:? TITFRIEJMJS. T^SOR RLNT?THREE NEWLY FINISHED ,F* Itiick Iiou -cs, eoiitaining nine room.', kitchen ar. I cellar eucis. 'J'bty ar" Siant'som* ly fint'lied with centre pieces, marble mantels, and coi;tain> i:a::it:ous elo^ets ar. l ?.tli*:r eonveniences, R^nt ,^!l per month. Forfunlier p^rlieulats enquire of MISS Y< iRRlSON, corner cl 1L and 14t!? sis. mat 5?eo1?' U0-' in:NT? FOCR NEW AND CONVENI L cut Wrick IIoum ??, brown mastick fronts, eon tiiiuin-; parlors with marble mantel^, liining mom. kitchen, servant's, and five chambers <ach, and situat Jon Thirteenth ?.tre? t, 1-land, near the ptiblie pTtind:;. cfinvealeiit '<? l a. iiwn'i*" and the I.V:pattiiien?s. R.-nt very ni ^derate. A poly it R. II. t": 'MIKE'S < ie. c.t,- r (a" Mtlln -".ie?*t aid K?iui.-i;,*?a avenue, ? r hi 0. R. CLARKE'S Drug Store, Li. v? nth str< ei. island. mar {>?coij \VALUABLE TRACTS t?l I.ANO NEAR th 1 jiy, ai Private ?ai?. ?For ?tie fMir \?rv ?t.' siral'l" :?n?i 'li^ildy . i ua'^d tracts of { snd, e< ie.j about fi:ty acres each. |;?.i!:v 11 M.>nt^;'tneiy eour-ty, l-tt priici.inily in Wa^ht.n-tnn county, !??'. oj pofitv ihi- iai.ii ' f to-? ph II I'.ra'ley, !>)., ahnui mi' s from Wa !t iu-.- 'si, e< Ino.ur.ieatiiig \?ish it b> a m-w an.t eoiiunodeios road row under e-o:; stitict ?n Th-.; soil is exe<!!?i.*, and ?v-|i .1 to corn and wh at The S'ttrilion is prounnent and lit :.i;!i-. .-.nrt fie land v.ell wateied. There are Ui!-1 e 1 i-eiueat.- en pi"eaiue>. T::u ty is p c-.MS fy su:'?*tl to ser.tlctnen having business in the city fur b> auttful country rcj it!, u;-' a. A piat oi the prcpeity t an Le ?e. 11 i.t the oCice of tli*- sutiscn'-er. J"hn Pat iter, E-q., living adjoining, will show the property to an> who may wi h to see it. EtiW. SWAXV. No. 1!40 L'JUUiana av- nu :, near City iiall. r;?2o cirim 170 K KENT FIVE NEW THREE STORY l.r;eU Dwi lling Houses 0:1 2th street west, be tween D aiol E clre< t? so-nli, opiiwiU: to th?- Giace Church, tiii rh' d 2 >1 s'yle, and er ntai.iin.r sa iMin parlors mi e'-aieb is dicing rwnn an* kiteh* n each, with staUe and ample yards, and will lc rea.iv .?et'on by the I jth Line. To punctu al f? >d . a < I'u t< na.its tin-1 i.t will !>e very low. Appli to CH \S. S. WALL-.I'll. Oppofcite the West Wiugof City Hall. up 2^ ?1 oiw T il lLDINC L<?TS FOR SALE ?A VARIETY I >?;! Itui .ling Lot in tit.* vicinity of Ce Ciiy Hall. Al-o, in all oilier parts of the city, on aecominoi it ins terms. Enquire at Mr*. ADAMS' Hoarding lion. ?*, opj^Hite to Browns'Hotel, to l?e seen frmn y to 9 a hi, or 3 to 4 p in. A:-o. an n b'^'ss ti:ri;U?li the |'o<t ? u?cc will receive am ntici. nwr5?enCin DAVID MVF.RLE. s |f?.\lES F<?!1 ALL.?Bc.".uti:'u!ly and healthily ^ Soratutl Huilding Lots, 21 fe? 1 front by |;*? tiret ue- o, en gr:?<!:*d <tret is, <*aii, until sprin?, he bought ai the rxre.^l.u.; low pnee ot }gl3} payable {?< r iu >aih. J .nui^'pu'able. L'uiou Land OOii-e, ?ili -t., ab'jVe ? Md Fell.."-?' Hall, jan G:n J< Ml N FOX. Pecretary. |> r.N'TS PEtliiCED TO SClT THE TIMES, j- 1/ 5...A a j* it W..I be itCi-iveJ for t..c <it ll.tjs.- new and cooVMii>*nt cottages r.t Kendali C.i.i 11. witii (ho acres of ground. st :ide, wood ?i<J and otittr convtmeuccs attached. Pumps ot pure waft ar^ near th;: do ir, and Cfinn.uiiieat on ia had with Georgetown by way of li and 8cve::th streets end Pe'-u. Aytaue, inotiuug ana alt* moon, at the usual fart;, for the accommodation of clerks in the deiiauuie,.ts. To seeure tha advantage of this ?reat r- ducii'm of tent iniiiiciliui.' "M-!uUivn iuu-t !>e iiioi'v lo tin' iimtern^nej, enlu r by I. tier, or ai Ins house at K< iK'.iIC.een, a!\< r ofiice hours, whore the k>) may be had an.i the houses wi.-;h; ted at any ti;a?'. tji vt ral of these ru*idt n?;es will he sold en iiU-ruI teiuii. WM. STiCKMEY, No 4, Kendall Green. N. H ?I!. nU> paid quauerly in mivuiue. apt 'J, D55? t! mm m II ?? mm i . ? ?i ? m , mtmrnm >'?? ?! mmmmm / iJ.Ot. ICS. W ATC li 88 AND JEWELUY V^.?>p?: tins i'uy, folly dil:". r' lit s-vles ot L' o? fcs Ci.od Clocks ?1 "i5 Fine Ot.ld VVatchcs, %*2-, uarraiited- Jewslry cheaper il?au t?vcr. ' Cail and see for j ourselves at J ROBINSON'S, No. 34U opposite Rrtiwns' Hotel. tf?-< y 1 ?d 1 ai SILKS FRUM AUCTION. 1^7 li Oi>. ii this mori.iiig a large lot cf DU11S8 Vf SILKS, purch*."?et5 at the late sale rS '1 Dr ?s , at i>nt bull' thrir vain- , and which wo will sill at a advance f>r tcs*,or li pioiiipt cu-s tnnierr. ALSO -JUGT OrENZD Rich Hontiecd liin je tue.-uis 50 pieccu rich piinted I! uc{i* 30 do pla t, biuj, piuk, brown and tan cotbtec D.iregcs 75 do O.-gatidy Mus'.in and French Laur.s ISM I) jiiiu ? b. au;i 11I Latins at I~,Vc; worth 5; 0 iiu goo t-tyle llaregc de Liiins at 12>^c. 50 j iec~H nil j-ure lr>b Linen v.!:ich w c will tell by the piece it 3i and 37Uc per yard 0 n (' istlccicn's French Shit: n;<s.>ms. Liuvet', C;ava:.f, Pock-t Hjks. *c., &c COLLEY It SEARS, No. 5'i3 StVenth street, may 2 -ec^.v 3 d<)ors above Pa. avenue. ( FHEKCU LANUUAUli & OKAVVISO. COMPLETE and ih?.rough instruction ia ll.t _J above branches will be given on moderate ti-TuiS by a French Getitleinati, a graduate of tl.e, Pilyteth'ic Sclio-1, tf Paris. The r.dvortisir is] bear r ot the highest testimonial* of succcss ui t.aciiiiu. Ad-t'Vrs the initials F. T , C ty I'o.-t Oflicc. op 27? dltn MISS l.ANl'HiKR i*. .YJUS. DITTY SUMMK RlMIL L TN ERY ON SATURDAY, ?th in.-taut. may 3? BONNETS, KL.VIS AN > RIBBONS ? i T E have now on hand a very larue an I genera't vV assortment of Ladiec* and Misses' IMlNNETS. Cluicreu's tLATS, Boy?' afelfi&jiy Men's HATS. ?Jr Also, a hanifomp a sr.rtin^nt of Ilonnct and <*ap hib'noits, Flowers, Wreaths, '1 arltons. Mar celliue Moral . .v, Kusha->, &c., to b? sold at our UkUa'ly low prices. ? VV. F.GAN ti SON, 3'43 ?, y dc Ta. a.cuu1 e*i 7;li street. aj;30? 2*v Auction dales. By GKIiEN A SCOTT* A?ctlon?tri. <T> 1 AAA BANK OF WASHINGTON STOCK O I *UUat Auction.?Oa WEDNESDAY, Uip 9 h in-tan t, we shall ikII, at our Auction Siere, at 5 o'clof k p-tn., . ? $1,200 of Rank of Washington St-Kk. Sale pt*i ive. Terms cn-h. 1 GREEN fc SCOTT, may f>-3t Auctioneers. Ai9o, .r>8 shares of the Farmers' and Mechanic#' Baak of Georgetown Stock Also. $1,000 pr? ferred boid of the Chesapeake 8t Oliio Caml Slo.k Willi three year coupon* due. GREEN 4l SCOTT, nia; 8-d A'-ftionccn BY J. C ^IcQllith:, Auctioneer. VALUABLE C0IJJ5CT10N OF BOOKS AT A tciion ? t>n WEDNESDAY afternoon, the 9 li lnstact, at 7%4 o'clock, at the Auction Room-. I sfn.II sell a choice collection of Itook*. the propertv o a g'inan recently deceased; to which will if sddtd h small invoice o' standard London edi ti ns. Terms cash JAMES C McGUIRE, ma] 8 -d Auctioneer I'y J. C. McGl'ins, Auctioneer. TTAI.C BEE IMPfcOVF.D PROPERTY AT V Public Hale ? t>u FBI DAY afternoon, Juno 1, hi o'cl'K k, on Ute premises, I shad kill, by o ner of the Orphans' Court, that valuable piece of property s i uated at the coiner of lOtli ami E stre- t, a?d cenerpl y known as the Medical Co'lege. The lot fronts f l feet 1 inch on E street by 08 feet on lt'ih ftiei t, containing i',543 square f< et. The ItittldinQ consists of a substantial and wt II butlt three t;? ry brick Building. which is admirably a-lMi !*'d for a warehou-e, fur manufacturing or ?t hool purpo es 1'oiticn* of this bui.dinj ai? now un tier very satisfactory rent. Title perfect Terms : ???e thir 1 cash; the residue in 6, 12. 1*, piuI 24 toon:lis, wiih interest, secured t<y a died it iru.-ten I he premises. S. M NO' RSE, \dmini*ira<rix. By WM. NuUKSB, Attrrn< v. JA*. U. McGUlKE, may S?euVda Auctioneer. Hy J.C. McCL(ttK, Anetlosetr. T^AE CABLE IMPROVED PROPr.RTV AT \ Pub ic Sale ?On THE-DAY, May 15th, a: 5 o'clock p. m, I shall n l', in front of the prcmi?<Mi, the 'arse, sub.-tantt?!, well-built ".r,d voutuianding pro|rf:riy, at the southwest corner of 6th and E sts r>-i refectiry and hot-1 p irpos* s. and for which it was originally designe-i and i-? now occup'cd, it has uo superior in uo.nt of position in the t ity. Its situation ill the immediate viciiity of the Post Office Detriment, Patent Often, r.nd 'Department of the Inter or, must alivay* secure to it great per urgent vtlue. The building is litre .-stories, with a fine hasc in''i t, vaults under tin; ridewnlk, granit" founda tion, and the wkcle tdiflce of (|>e ma t toiid mason ry. it i- nov in ccmp'ete repair, and held under a short lease by the pre>ent occupant. Terms of sale- One fm;th c*>h; ball nee in 6,12 If, ana 21 nunths, for itoft s bearing interest from the day of rale, secured by a d*ed of trurt cu the probity. Conveyancing &t cost of purchaser. JAS. C. KjCLMRE, r.ay 7? d Auctijrrcr. Ty C. XV. BGfkLKU, Auctioneer. rpRITSTEE'S SALE OF TWO sma'l FBAME t Houses o:i ilie Island.-On MuXDAY, t In fill ot May, instant, by virtue of n deed <.f trust bearine dale the 17 h ot November, l&Vt.hnd r~co*d eil iu I.liter "J A H," No. f7. folios ol'J, 3i->, otr.. one of he land rec->r'lf of Wa?h i> i .n eouijty, l?is tnot o!?C?lunibi:i. tlic ?iib>criber uiU II, r.t jiubiic aut'tion, !*? fr?'t of tin> pren.; ?es, Tart of L^t 12, in Sqiu-2 No. !Vao, on which a*o erected two smatl frame fronting o,4 Sou:L Fur?ot. * T rni^ol ss'c: Oiie-f..urth in band, and the re mainder iu 2, 4 and 6 luoi.lhs, with interest, secured by a d ed of t:u: t. Ail conveyancing; at c'-st of {.tin haser. Eitln r cr both ol tit - If -u t> can be had at privat* ?a!e by applicauon to :J. p. Smith, Fs.t, at the City Hall. JAS C. MA UP! V, Trustee. C. W. BOTE' Fli, may 1?eo Auctioneer. C> GRKk.^ & >Ct>TT? Anetlnatere. f t P.< MJEKinS, J.IUCORS, >Ti?RE fjxitrls \JI &.C. ?t ..'I 'l iiti.?C*:i V? EDNESDAY, the ?di in-unt, W'- hb iil sell, m i0 oMoek a ??., at the ?imcpry CtiTi- rf M ?. Win. II Clark, :it -he ifrmr ? if 12 li and ??-.r-'et''. near t!ie oa?.**l. a large and es -filer t assort en t <-t <;r-?c^r es a*:d Eiqu>(is. viz: "I ? i, St;car aa i i'?"lee Sp-rm ?.:?' o h-1 Can>!l? s S H*e:j. Sn't.Tob i. r.-. ;? r. I -v ??'?? Spiv'Ci oi ? vcrj ueseiipti.m, h.udies aud B:ootns U |? -s, Block >. I'. Shoes an-t II.j?? O'vokerv r.'id Slonew Sn XVood. Willow and iliudwftie L'rj'.tors of ov-:y dcsc*ipiioii, |.| bojthsand casks, mkii.: <.t >* iiii 'a are ve?y old, and fiiu,> id. Vinejar, Mac.'ierel With a larg<? lot? f o<h?r tJroi ?ries, which wc deem u inces-arv to enoui^r re Al-o, the Store Fix;ur- ??, T> a (banisters Plarfiirm and Cnann r Scales Fine Iron Firep oof Safe, nearly Mahogany Writing Deik Siand <*a-kf and M'lvn Terms : A 1 ?utn- nf aad ttr.;'i r ^ri'ca^h; over A25 a credit of 2 and I lie tnhs for notes ?ati<fa.t rily endorsed, bearing interest. GREEN k t?C? -TT, may 5?d Anrticn. crs. k.. a. WKIG!IT? A?e;!on?^r. ? <i?0i,as.0WN \ rEitY VAEUAnEE REAL ESTATE AT Anc > ti >a.? l>y virt:ie?.f adecrceof th?t'lreuitConrt o: the lii Jiict ol lYlatoS-a. thef?b.?rri:- r ?i:l orirr at public iinsiiiwi, t!i ? t l>idd?*r. -ft 5 oVJw. k li ui, i n TUESDAY, the ^ h diy of M^y n xt, it. irent of t!:e pr>, Uie f llowin^ rral es'iie in C> i r^> t??v. .i, ? f which iv illiani Nelson, inrc of Fair fax eounty, in the ^'taie of Y.r^iaia, tiicd weired, viz: l?t. Tait i f l.i'i No. '?? in the origin I p!au of Georgetown, fUtnileJ o.i the ef..-1 side ?f ?l?rbt space, ^n l m xt so i h 11*and adjoimnsto the li.m-e of *lr. Samuel Cftpley, tr- lomg IS' \ I'M op M trkrt Space.i.nd lunnu.^ ? ?-nvar.lly of ihai w:<lih K) ieot, on which tr.ere ?.< u tt>r- o story brick build inf. 2 I. Tie- tvV'.Ip of E "t N.i 10, in the same plaa ot Gcoryetowii, lying i? tin en street o.d l'rus pec? street, aud ft intie.j t^i i?-et on each street 11 i ^ proposed t > s?Jl this Lot in live {..reels, as follow *: 1-t Theea. tern part thircof t*;oiiling 37 I. ct on Bridge street, ami run*iit:g tiorth cd" thi'XMdih 1"2"' te t <Jti this put there <->and> a three tt'?rv bti.-k h >cse, n ull back lyings, heretofore r. ? d as a t ivern; it fronts i!,". f* -t on street. a?!-l h.?- up purteiomt t > it a i a'l. y I. adi.'? !:ou? I'.riJge PtT' Ctlo the rear of lb- Lot l'j ?"eei .vide 21. 'I ue weMe n part of said Lot, fror.utic 29 feet on street, and iwaning ha' k thutw dth 120 fc' l u^rih, with : n O il fraino bsiilnir^ thereon. 3d. That part of the s id I.rt 1?? w?"hich fronts on Pro?psct; et i!l oe offe.e l in tht e separate lot", out h of whic h will fient 2*2 feet on saiil ?trr-e?, and run south of that wicth one hundred art! tw< uty feet. They ate vacant. Th?; terma of wtie u:.;.o ??d 1 y the decree rejuire tlw purchaser ta pay onV-'cintu of purchase money in hand, ui.J '.he residue in :hr?:e eqna! inMalmenu at r ix twelve, a-jd eiijhieen tiioutiu l; 'in the Jay of sale, with interest tin leon ; aud lor t>uch d* ferr.d payments the Trustee is required to take tl|- n.nes of the p<irehase:s, with apptevi d nes, p.?>al>ie at the times aforesaid, v. :ti> outre, t ir >iu the day of salt!. Tin: Trustee i; *erv: s ?o hiasclf ill ? ri^I.t to resi B any t.f the lots an I pr aii.i s al'.ire^nid itis purchaser of which has fai'.-.l f.i.- th : siia-'e of ten Jtys to c< ni plv uuh the teruit of mle. dale lo couuui-uce at Lot 4^, on M.:iket Space. JOilN MAUBLRV, Tru?tee. ed a wu:ghi\ m?v 1? An. ttoatrj By J C. KcGPtUk, .itai'ilcartr. ITXECCTOH'S 6AI.E OF l.AUGE PL'NCII \ I A'u Machine, lilacksa.iihs' Tmii. Iron, Cmu em.?On TUESDAY uf;nrn<?>n, May BJi, ui < o:clk I si;a'l s* II, at Easby'* Ship Yard ? tine large i'ttui'Li^g Machine Lot of Ut^cLsmi li s Tools, Bolls Siiickics Chain, Bei'otvs l'urrtll Can, Wlictl-, Ca?t Lot ol Log:, Sc. Terms -if sale: %3J aad undt r c.uli; ovc; that sum a credit of bixiyii<d uinety day.i, tor ajiprcvcJ eu dorecd notes bearing it.^e?t ^lAS. C. McGUIRE, may 4?d Auctioneer. L By J. C. KtGPlUK, Auctioneer. 'BUSTEE'S SALE OF IlOfsfE AND LOP _ ne r the r^'avy Vard.?Oa FRIDAY afternoon. May >ih, at 5 o'clock, on tlo premises, the subscri bers will m II, by virtue of a deed "f trust, >tated the 26tto March, 1852. and duly iccorded in ! ibi r J A. H., N'o. 40, luliw iilil, le., one of the hnd record? f..r Wa>hin?iMU county. Lot No. \ i;t Si;uaM 99i, situated at the con ?:r of C w:f'? I south and ?>li st. east, under :t gr und n nt of p -r annum for the period of niuety-niue years, frt.iu Scpttmber 18th, i&al, with the improvements," consisting ef a tw o story frame Dwelling with back building. Terms at sale. J NO W. McKl ??, RICH II. CLARKE. \ r'u~'CC9 JAMES C. McGCIRE, mar 34?IiwIda Auctiond^r. #v- The aliavs ?al? It past pr.ut.l cc til FRIDAY altcrronr., May 18. rrm? hour. J NO VV. .VtcK I >1, ) . RICH. 11. ? LAttKE, J ee*" JAS. C. McGUIRE, may 4?il Auctioneer. 1, 2, 3, 4, S, 6, 7, 8 9. 0. 171 LABARRE, corner of l'enlli and C sts , who _ a is a practical luanulacturer in melal, has an a sor'.ment of Silvei plated NUMBERS of various ptlteri'H tie will make i un;bei* for houses, hot* Is pewj in rhur? I.:, and l'ir ? tckr, l<? suit all t -strs, and is i trnflji n? .t the low (tiice they wid !*? made Uiat il will suit the, ap 16?lm Tfi L KGit A i' HI (J. EiroBrrn roa iu JOAHiY EVEWINQ 8TAR. Arrival of the Steamer A sic FIVE DATS LATKR VROr EU30PS Halifax, May 8.?The steamer Asia arrived here last evening at 10 o'clocw, with Liver pool dates to April 2stb, one week later thaa list Advices. Flcar has advanced Is. 61 ?2* and corn 1*. Tho date? from the Crimea Are to the 19th u!t, from Lord Raglan, and to the 22d from t'je Russians, via St Petersburg The bombardment was still continue I, wUh o it any do;.give result, but with great k-ts on both sides. ? Tha French Exhibition e>p?n:ag has been postponed fioc the ldth to the 15th cf Majt. Slnoe the breaking up (fthe Vienna Ccnfer ecei there hss been several tupplementa j meetings cf the lour parties without any dtfi ni:e result, The I'ionipotsntiaries astembied on the 25*1, and signal th? protocol of the last conference. Subrequently another meeting cl tha four powers wus held al '.he request of (lortrchakcff, when further inadmitKablo pro preilions Were made by llu*d*n Plenipotenti aries and rrjected by Frot.ce, England and Turkey Pennsylvania Lesiiliture /djrurned Harbisbi rg, Mij 8.?Legislature adj u*ned stax da this morning. The House unanimously Raised a resolution thanking Governor heeder, of Kama* f>r tie f iitfeful adhererce to the old land marks of republican liberty, in defending the purity cf the ba!lot box a^airst the lawless mobof Mis sjuriac.8. and bidding hiin ac.rdial welcome home to bis fp.mily and fiends In the Senate, Speaker Heistor resigned h's sejf^and on the 'Jth ballot William Tratt was e'ected ; the contest being terminated by Mr. Pratt voting fos him elf. Xurder and Election Troubles it K tuc^s. BirriL), Miy 8.? Advice*, have been iej c ivei from Fart Leavoii worth, *hich coati n an account of tla marier cf hlalcomb Clark, by Lawyer McCiea, on account of an olec t:ou difficulty. KeCraa jumped into t e iiver after con TLi;iing the fatal d*ei, und attempted to es ctpe; bat he wis oveitaken and oonvey^d to the guard hcusa. lla:dbil!3 had ncen circulatei ca'lirg on he oi'isens nvrrjr*) Clark's Mo>l. It la ' amered thit Mc'Jrea has been lyarhcd ar.d bis he use burnt. Paltimoro Eltrkfta. Laltimohe. May 8?Tro receipt of the foreign news had a palp ib'e eflect upon the juke's this roornirg, and prTcc* advanced to a considerable ox-cat. I ,our ?There were no sa'es reported. Howard M.-eet and Ci'y Mil's b:ands were h-ild at $ 10 75; buyers !re?ly of forcd $10 W) Wh-a* has advanced 15 t? 2?1 crrts per bushel. S?les of red at $2 05 and W?ite at $2 75. C^rn has advanced 3 to 4 c?r. Se-os -.f white ?t $1.04 a $1 05; ycilcw fl.07 a SI OS. I??W York H^ikta New York. Miv 8?Cotton i? <*-.M ar j ?^xrnwar '. Fiou' has sdvanced Axl2.? ; g<. <| 0 i<? $lu I8f$10 37, 8< utv?ia has ndvarced 32: ; aula at $10.?5svU 31. Wheat is 6 ra fti li an upward toadency; wLii* Michigan S2 05 Co'n is fi<-m with an npwaid tenden ey Pr.ra i? a tr-.ile higher ; st'fi of old roe;* a' $16.50 .|1G 61 ISecf i? unchanged Lard is urm. Whisky?Ohio 3'Jic. Kew York Stock Market New Yop.k M .y 8 ?Sio?-k^ o* enr<2 La yant bat eloiad heavy Mcnry U plenty. 8?l?s at tj.e 2-stbrard o" I>io Rii!n>?.d, I.?i; C'sve l.tai X Toledo li ilronl, 7S-; Cumberland Coal, Reading Ilailmad. ^6; Canfon C>n'janv. 25j; s 45d : N-j? York Cenrr.*! Kail road S?2i; Pennsylvania C??ai, 106; Virginia, 6 s, 97j; lientuck} 6"s, 1U4. ' PRICAN COSF^nr.S. K Ck' T'.; it MBTBadtST KrisrorAL CurRcti ?Tti<s body, -ahich ba-/ been in session f<-r ki re tban a week past, yester.!ny clo ed its labor?, at. I n'j^arrvri .???? dir. Wo h-\ve vi-tiie-l tba church in Sa ratoga street. vibere tfca meetings havs beea held sevoral times and were pie iKeJ with the dcorusi at ail tiroo* used in'heir devo.iona! and busiest* ex^rcisis T. o body cigh* hate been taken ss a twodfel f?r similar ::s-*?uibiases at"or!g those who hnve higher pretentions. The Conference elosod its sec;ioas ycr'teriay. t( assembled at the ujuhI hour, una religicus fxeroiees were coi dccted l.y the Itev batnui.1 ti'atti After ecina elating busiaess, of ?p23:al ij.;erest, it w:is rcMved that a vote of thanks be tendcrad to hiR honor tho May.>r ut ?ha c?ty and otters of tna ci.y ie?, for the very ur.intoiro^d pe?ue they b~??o orjoyed during tho ctti.-c reicicu f the feretce A vots of tha^l* w is u'so pa&soi ta (?thers who had in various vrujj renderei civilities and ecurtesies to tnrtu After the above prcceedims. Lith -p Qainn, the p:eeidit<g < S:or. osoae t:.<l u?ie a t jelint; va'edictory uddree*, ivilh 'he ai nonnceiaeat ot tte ft P--win^ Ar 4?>'ntu.ant8 . ll?l lmore -Le:h-1 church, A W. Wavman, hlbecezer, Jamei A 8hort?r; l i ion iloihei Michael Sluby. Washington. D C ?Israel tU'?roIi, Sziaucl VVatts; Union Pethol gavtgo S lljuimood Ua.-eurown E;ali u?Fdwa'.i Charjtors Fretleiick SUiiOa ?dobu J Iluii bard Cuiiihetland Circuit? W'a 11 Ilurstdi. WtoSuiugtoncoun'.y? I.. C ojechs. Ualuascr* county?Let la L'? Havre d* (iraua?S?rl. Willmcie. Port D^puit?Th-ujj W Hear".. Skep'nP Hajari Lc'.*?.ure: H^iyr Di?William W Grimes , Ltwii'jwu?T7n H. Hipkica; Camden?t. T. Vlilliaai; (Jo?rgt*< towu? (to be tut pliel i I?:.i s^lvauia : C?? liaie ? J 11 lienson ; Llian Vciourg ? J. Ltaok-?; L^wittown?Win 11 \Tut?j?; D^w viile?J. H. Gainos City ML sion?J It. Blerr'n. Helton r.?i.:lop?to lo sappliad l y lbs Ba.LcI <uv*tca tuiiit:. ) At lb* oonc!usion i? \is%? aiiimua^od tuai tho Coafcraneo aJjvurn* d eo a.?-et la A?ashington, L. C , on the 4;h J Ap.-U, 1835. Last evening the meaibe;s -f ihj Cjn.rc:ence had ek ended to theio. by tLoir friand>, a;, en icrtairmsnt rf a ex alleat ea^raoter, which was doubtlejs appreciatcl ?B i t Sun iiy OKUKS dt KOrr, A utliukttr*. SKVI'.W VAKUAIH.K Rril.WIN J I.' T8 A i* AU-tioh.?t>n VVt??.Vfcs|ia V, TS?h iustent, w s!ia!l s?-iS, :?i (i ??Vl'.ck p. m , 34 i ''f<rt n.J haTiR| a from ns U ?un1 v u li I-SeJ loot 5 inches, a li rtrt'et t avi 251 b>? t ll> iuvh?'i". Tbr ab->ve tioi i-b'<i |>><i,K'.iy is li:a<koni< Ijr lit cnttd, u< iam Iruiti vnc Nary h J tvliicwiuifa ?! ? ?' * a'k. Teruut: Uoo liali'ca !:; kil.ium- in Rnr anJ tmi yratv, Uie jnirciii'?;-? i:t t?vr note* twlbf detuad paynaeut#, U aiins :u rf. *t ti>.tu d i\ of A dee?l (;tyeu and a?k?<l ut'trust taken OUI.t X at ^?'orT, AUC I tllW* ?i"Th? ab 'V? Silt Iu pnatpcurduu i? WKUXKDAT,SStfi b -t. - h Gltu:\ & S* ? >TT, ap 18?c.jfcis A'aauwcw. 9 a" ' t*e :b<)V* itl* la f <rilitr i o?t~ poned uelil TISCKSflAY. 3d V iy. at saute l.our, whi-n ii will poriuvi iy :?!:?? p!aee OilKEN h. Sf'OTT, a;i 57?d Aactm sn. Tlae kTiCTMStt !? farS^erjioat pwH' l in conf^iirnec <>: th>:iau, li'i'il TUB-DAY the ?.h lUbUti.l, sfeuie l.?<:ir CHEPN 4i SC.JTT. may 4 - A At;ruo;it-0r?. ?pi!K] OF TIID NATIONS. BY a C!I AS. I.INTON. Witta au lu'r?Hl?ctioa and Ap;xi??tix by N. P. T*!lioa>-i;o. |*ub i bed bv tb? StM-u-.y tor iho tl IIu-hw uC tv.'ititu I Nvw VoiK I ik-IWi> v -litpr re .<1 iil. For ?!?!<* at TAY LOR it M\t!K\ 'S ll^.<8Xo-f, n ar t);b ku?-. t. ntv 2 A LI. ?TKA.1Ukl(H \i?.i iit? ihe City idiwUl.t ??<?<? !!.;ntcrt l>ts i'*KUt* ot *lir t bri-Malitf nt'iIh> pn?at < lAcr. AI?o, hi" |irM?rtpuon "I poweb't Grvat I'ic'.ure. tcb JJ '?in'

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