Newspaper of Evening Star, May 8, 1855, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 8, 1855 Page 4
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CVENiNG STAK [FOB TH* ITA.R. THE IOBN COAT. Lines tent to a !>iJp with a eoat to mend. *!f '.here's a hole in a' your coati, I reed re tent it; A cb>? I amaag ye tak'n Bote*, An' faith he'll print it." Fair tu-iiJ. within wbw> fenile b-east, gaereet Pay dw?|!? a weleome truest, vV'ith t-n l *r heart for others' wo?a VVn?-n gapin* s?an?* their rents disclose, And pallid want and poverty ? all fori ?t-nr of sympathy ; 1h whose soft bosun's inmost eolM 'IV milk ? f human kiudtns Ant thrills tl.e t>' tuj through every vein To aolatv n>ry mortal pain, Aud *igh? with pitying tenderness T i b? ar tho wari>i>g of rfi*tr? a*, Till tin r b'ig'it eje? w;ih tear* lire b'ind To ?* the mi.-ery of nunkinri ; Wide o'er the wor d why need jou roam, Swrrt Chanry beg.ns at hom?;, Aji oVr t'i- scui'' yoa wander tret, i.**t fall one p IJ>i:g drop for me. Am! let }<ni: b >r.oni jjImw? The tale wcmU melt a heart ot snow. i ?r. w.nuar.: what though for.|s may flout thet. Yei whm could man do without thee; Thi? paths of life arc* rougb end jacgetl, ?>ur coat* and pania are gett'n: ragged; An 1 worse th in tliM?alaa! i oor uniiert! V? fio wcuUI there he iu ,?et our dinners. What pleasure lik? v-hat B^amy shed*, Arri wfco n>>ulH make our lisnoly fced?H? ill 2 o'er the dying couch to w- e ?, With lovirg eve that kno-vs no *ie*p? P,e-H with v.?lt han 1 t'le turning brow, Who shall for be r to love thee now? For life's mo*t d'-ep and wi r -t ?prin?s Sii?' cb?? will; healing on her wings. i'.ut w? dizre's?Ibis long preamble, I'.ecan-"- the ? tisrj de'iphu to ramble; M<?1? t?y vhe w;iy in ?arh gay bower, Ai <1 I n a?he the tra^r.ince ol ue fl wer; 1. j .y each to .t jjrrf j the *>e An i a*' mpture on the ~kv. Till ? n ti.e ui >u.h vi-ioas p<>ur, We :<>v:-. w?r wonder, and ai? re. L:it to return to eaitbly th? me*. Ai.d *a*e itii> r. .tih:ng land u' We mm orait lh:s liirh wr? 112M Mriin, IVbevr.rf t >lev. I ean.'i again. And gWy >i< !ii to thmiclit- of pelf. And ta !< oi' conee:r.!' ?u:^'If; r oft the I.kL. th;it Fame ha- ?hed Wi'l n" aflTo'd a crust of brea 1: Ar.d -weett ? ?iio:iff^i|P by Pot:V ??jiig, Tb .t nieli m :>ic 0.1 the tongue. Thou h they n?ay h it the world inspire, iint rtdd our fagot to bis pyre. if in th" name ol <'haruy Ymu Inlay net tfir Iovi> to ply, And \o? w?m>d pr ve that maxim true, To u?? a yi.u wi uld r.av^ rtl.e s d?>; We'il Lr.nt "he ua'.ier to a point, >1y ? lirws are (paiJe Oil! of J<*!l:t. Bn?-l time will tii.i h 'he r* pair ? if dv co:;t. t he w o-??? f..r wear; Y?>ur skill ar d ki.i<?i>e?4 have Us due. Tkat makes 1 Id t !othc? a? sot.d as new, An-1 a- ><>u J-now I ?? too p >>u i To w? ?r -rcii 1 itters m the tiowJ, li'ynu will r>ini*i} tT-'.p th.? ruit ?M !iia:ii? 3'on :i? ) bc-tt'o cf.otent; Altai more?g;v? y? :i a r.- w ml cent. Yi nr hiiaib'- '.r, Mr AisxaM'K a. V* , Aptil, lt^?3. 3. K. A. ?^ ? ? ? <iiGA.\Tic Ei;u*.?In ilia last sitting of the Acadtmy of Sciencc at Paris, M. Gtolfroy Saint Ililairc jiref?ntetl another rjrg of what is calk-1 ihe ''gigantic bird ol* Ma?lagAicar,*'the spccics ol which is now supitoscd tu be extinct, but of which bones a;id ire btin^ coaatantly found f>y the natives of that Island. This c.Tg is considerably larger than those eft he same bul already existing in the^ustuut oftlieJaroin dvsPlantas, ard of which n.odcls h%vc b^en sent to all the principal tnrseumsof natcai history in Earcr>e. I's lorrn is ellipsoid, its lar jr.s: c rcuinference is, in French measure, O.U25 metrtf. \tlie n-etre is about three f^et and a hiiif iiiCh,) an1 it it contains aliout eleven and a half quarts. The largest egg pieviou^ly known of this bird ?one of those in the museum at l aiis contains eight and tliree quarter quarts; and it is s x times bigger titan art ostrich tgg. one hundied times bigger than a hen's egg, and fifty thousand times bigger than the e^g of the humming bird. ? Lit irary (Jazitlt. ^7"4'My i jve,"' said Mrs. Foozle to her husband, 4< oblige inc with a $20 note to day to purchase a new dress." "S.ian't t;o any such thing Agues; you called me a btar ye<t< rday." '? ly.r, love, t^at was nothing : I meant Lr it that ycu wtre fond ol hugging." "You little , I hive not a Sg'iO, but Lere are four 51u's. ?i.JVLMLIilS OF OCEAI,' STilAjJElLi. A.c{ lxttc Fct lioxtt. A.-.? Liv.,j ho.-,un HaitiC l.i/. r.oai... New ^urk...Viay .1 Uii.oti ...liavre N*> w Yoik..)lay 9 A?/? a ?; ? t'-I .Livrrp.?.i:.. Kay 'J ;ir; 'li lVaiur....Xt;w York...Havana Mny y l.iverpool^..r.o:on .V!a> li Aua:.Lr .\e.v Y?.r<...' iv. -p.xd . ,\Iay !.'? ;?? rui S.:j li^vre itw Vork..May 19 ?' - i'ti .a "Iv-'Oti-is leave 2itw \ofk on tl.** olO i i ta! I -'J.I il.C htii. AilEIVAIo AT PillliCIPAL liOTilLS. Klikvocd UoKXi?j. n.k i. Kiaxwcca. i' l>unga >, DO J i: T.t u, ill U pkiu^r.MJ <? Ungury, NY J Liwoiaa.ra J Tboni^ivoa, DC ?V V II*o', Va C ?tea i.?>, sv J Ai.'fy, t?a it l>iulingf<*e "A Tla?;?ip^jn, do T <ial.n^?.n, Vfd li 11 Fiifei, NV S Wi^e, jr, %U*a ii h haw!- j-, do it S liaiuitiomi a lamily, J Ko< wiing, >1.1 Ny .? >: Huwli.h, C-i V' A l<a:iib- rg, France .1 Vi U"r. NY i A iiu'lgi rlorJ. M.Vl If A Cibttbus 'i* l> Oowniiig, NY i K. ui u?d^. Va S r un.j?,do J L Kuiii? i'' -, <it> i Ldiui'iiib, do Wlilart2?* lictai-n. a. 2t j. c. wiuaia. H 41 ?yi.<tr I. D ' Capt ?' iLr.jgnld, USX I'. !1 Tratey, NY VV A \rls,a, Ya vv Cald**:?. *? Worrcl', Cuba Ur hitiitle, Man- J liamha.) &. lady, Md Airs Pidd>, do VV P lilak-, XY P tj ureje, i!o D K Wluiucy auJ lady, T D t.'all. Mi Mw <; C ? ou.. Ct D Filter. Pa J A SIcCilyua. XY T W Atkinson, Md '.V H |)3.um1I X l^.Uy, do Mi tf Atkinson, do D M Rhodes, MJ t'ol Ir*in a taauly, DC ?; M lie te l. XY Dr Wiliiami ilivj C ilctltll, do Brnvrni' Uoial?t. r X m. brow*. W C Cidg* !i > jr, DC W V, ailaeh, X Y G 1. ti'Tdon. Va D S I.unth?r, Va A F Duate a (1-lighter*, I) T II -wes,do Ala, l a ft I> Uarilaer. Md T II VVlm l*-r, XY M \.tk n, Ntl Ms ??dOI 8i maid, NO l.? I li H M t>, I a I. Powell, Va T H Poaieroy, do it Ilinlges. M l 1 P lira^.? y 8c son, do L A Pesu iio .n. do nailc&tl lictil' i p. HiLUtB j Kui J s (JvV)nne, XY i l? Ji iu. t f, i'a H WeMlcr, XJ ii Phii:ip.?, Md Hon A liiloiorr. Pa J T ..<?!' p !?, d?? <-'?pt f?li!;illl IB, NM A , Pa K J ilrent. M l iUTim iitso*.. Ky t. K it> rrell, Pa J?r Ano-ld lit VV V McGra li, do 11 Pea-ce, <? L'At ted Etatta Houl?a. c. aaenrr. II l.ifiiii.. DC ^ W P p.-rry, A!a .Mr I'wuim. NY p ll Citmpbeil, Pa H !l Jrm^?n, Va J Cnr.?l', 4) J I* Swain, do Mr P.nicy, do V.* Tun ? r, Pa K lotm?.o , do PT&mM* J 11 5cott. Md i S Fatt>u, do 1??-* VV Uiatkvrood, Pa V\ E Alcock,N7 it'-V 1. II V .m Lloran, KJ r.iailca llf???, AltiMiilr.a, Va. a. aawroa, peo?iij< toa. C \V Blinc^, Va C rfchn^b- r. Pa Ur J VV ftnlhngtoij, d . V> Lee, I t ;4. s E A Pwlfingtuu, <lo *? l.ryai., Md >1 M J KuHii.gtun,?io H Hice, Va |.i U'iIkiii, uu 1. C I hadon, do <; tVeir, ?!?? J t eny, I.C S V Tlw-lrd, Tr. V X Preit. Va S VV Pit-Mtm oi, Va J Sti:n!*fcuiy. Md 1. Ma;? ne, tro P U :iume, Va |>r Willey, DC M lle^d, DC U Cry b*"*. VV r&hafery,do .? K Lippi.i^tt, Pa J Air. y, Va VV "11.? ?, Ya A X \ erby, do T Afhl v, U? At) Y? rty & lady, do Jl McVV it.ianitf, tl D i'ratoo,do SPARKLING SUGAR. For preparing a mott delicioa? Eammer Bev. erage, possssgicg th? propertift cf, and Maal to ths b?*t Soda Water. /l UAfH IER his the pleasure of announcing to V/? his numerous patrols and the public that, ai i*-r many experiments, and a? considerable expense, ne na?succeeded in pro-lucirg an arucl* which he -*.y le< Sparkling Sugar, for the itist ntuneoua prepa ration of S'?da Water, equal in ail respects to that d licmus now daily sold by him. manufac tured by Swan's Almost litnc Soda Fountain Appa iatm, a mode highly commended by the Mecical Faculty in tb? Northern and Western cities, and which I* fosi .-uperce^lini; ail other. The sparkling Sugar is not only innocent in itself. but in many In stances eminently beneficial to dyspeptics and eth era similarly aflheted, >t being a combination, in a form, of articles in daily use in every taraily. With this preparm- -n Sog i Water can be mnde at home, in the parlor or at tim dinner ta'le. instantaneously, without the lean inconvenience. To travelerj and persons residing in the country the Sparkling Sug:*r will be invaluable, a? tli?; means or producing at an Inconsiderable expense a mort piea~ant, hsw !I *< h-a'ihful dimmer lever age. No one undertaking a journey, either by land or sea, should be wifhou: it. as it is put up in a port able form, und not afllcted by the vir i^itu.!* of cli mate. Hotel and steamship proprietors vt ill find the S narkling Sugar j>re'arable to, and cheaper than the Mineral water now sold in bottles. It u nut un in half pound tf aw jars, and flavored with lemon, gia iter, sars^purillri, vanilla, h.c.t to suit the; faney or taste of the purchaser. C. GAUTIEK wili not resort to the usuni method of push .g his discovery It require! no inch adven titious aid. It carrn-s with it its own recommenda tion, and has only to be known t? lie propeily ap preciated. Families having once given it a trial will never lie without the Spinlmg Sugar. .. ^ ' * " '* |,,r "n'y M his establishment, ^O"45"5 "a- avenue, Where the citizens of Wash ington and Georgetown and visiters to theV'ctr.p olis generally, are invited to call and judge tor 3 by giving it a trial. may 1?er6t ICE!ICE!IClT PETTI BON **'s wago-s are now running dally, whteli contains as good ICIlvi'an he produced hi Boston -T the Pot??ma* Riv?r. Those who com mencc by the 10lh of May will he furnished durin<? the sea-on without advance pnew. Orce^eft at the fta-e, south west corner of II tli and Bfllreets will be promptly attended t-i ay 36?eo6i? ' A HUH8K HIH ?A yi-ung, large, S3l and finely formed COLT, whn_h is/tv t>roken 11 both double and i;s^le harness, J and to the paddle, is no a- offered for sale.? Such a h.> *?? is raely fonnl in the market, and the owner wishes to sell bin only because of the >ugh ot livery, ar.d lii?? havi;iz ns? hut for th** one. His match can be had also if desired, hat the ? w;.->r would prefer k- eping one of the pair Also, a stt of silver ptated double hainesa, new havina[ been u el r.nlv sine dor, \ times. Enquire at C< ?\V LI vG'S Stable, G >t., bet. 13;h and 1 Uh. ap "21 ~ tot! CARRIAGFS?CARRIAGES. Ill A'. E now f-n hand, and constantly fini'lims. n very larg" ? >rt>ncnt of Pleasure MH/vnag Faintly I ARK;.\i;ES, of the lat? t".~ii which I Will s? II a. low as the same iiu uuv ol work ran be sold in any of the principal niaYkcts oj the United State?. The !-ub.?criber is bow Jcaims ? xebi-ivt Iy in Car ring' s of lus own i:iani.t.:i t!ir-, ai.d ali work -old hv liiin w it: be warrant'd, a:id <?? -r??j.^i favonbly with any work in thi< niaiki t. As I always h."? p a larg'. .ifsoriii.e'it, 1 invii.; p*ir<*has *rs and otiier* to t-j auiiite niv Sto. * ? ef r. purcbi. in/ < !s? where. t'amages built to o?i!er ?t|d Carrt:?r-3 taken in exclia.ij-, or lerawed at th- shortest n ,t e TsinVAS \OL'NG, v rn of ths Golden llor^e. No 4 01) Pa. avenue tn l 4 v sUaet. nny I?c-3;n SUPERIOR MATTING?. TI ST received an : on s;.le. HJti roll j 14 34 kM(i extra rualitv Gowrju:., FoiklPg lie. >n,,e! ,.Rj Cfiong-hin^ MA I j'I.VGS, in white, red, checked. Uncy ri:* anil colcr.4 Th?s.- g aru warrant- <1 gool. S.->rr,e a'e ex HlV.' *."1' ^.,Jh ",,r , ,r"i,r ?'?-?*e nr. tlie b. t ctoek 01 ,1 U, town, all ol which will be sold on the nio>t re; .onable f mis .p a > - e.-Ow tiLAGETT. OODSOX & CO. <?? A OAILKF, ?. D. " QEUTIST, !Ia? rcamvd his nfhee o:.e d or west 1 f Eleventh -treet. Po,,n<-Iva.Ma aveau-*, Waihioguin, I). s;t 2.1?? < <>?? J* . J. MI'j?bKTC5, dealer in ice, - " e I)-p t toiiiri h U f, neil to 1 orncr V2ih >J. | Tir^.rvT1' , VN^rH XTI'Y ON' "AM) AT I 1 which 1 an u?: hfsd m lar^e or una!) ' ^ ? ? 1. 11 . s m *e open fi.?m j a ni. t-> 'J n m. ml?i'. i.,. r Rj:V.vJ^.Jm L ''' FASTOK m? 'J lit LAL1LH -rRLEI', M. E. CHUi.CP ? A ,,ruw ,! s"v 10 ^ r.efii affl;ot< i mdace- ii m i.ius to ctri:*. We chal eijfe any other inedic:i:? . . prestmts ion a n.a>s of t,.. .iniony from g ntb nien an lailie^ ot htgh st inding of our own wil-known Cluzen-1. Wh ? 1 ?:( flI> , ofl'OIT(i!l itlii Ni L'dlTIS, U11E L'M A TI s.M.ii YS PEPS; A?ic B*i.*i4oaa, Jauuary y-ith, 16S5. itimT--. Afcrt?.v?er 4 Ato<tf-ray: I tax- pleasure j:, sa i;.K t<: you that I have a^ed J HIT ? Hampton s luicture' wan very great r.roiit. troji a s? ri.iaa t.iroit aiTectiori, my gi neril healiii .v.d bee ,me very much impaired, when I coai a.eiire-J to use '? Hampt n's Tincture " I found ^ upot, lay g -m r I health ui.Mt Kalutaiy? .?Iy nerv ?ns sy-r in and digestive organs soon right ed up under its 0 I haw several times recommended it to m> fronds, and 11. every case, as far a.s I have been iu form, d, they have u-% it will, micc.-s?. Yours trwir, JoHK Lanab^x, Pastor ' "Jteler ??.. M. L- t,'hurch, IJaluinore. tLEEDING OFTHE LUNG P. ?? *? .. , f?<? C., Feb e, 1855. lit nt. !JMcner u Mr-v - rcj: I dj here y ce.tiiy t.iat aUeut t velve momhs rtt' 1 was taken w ,.h as? v. re hetion'.ase of the !.n;i^ aiu. h..d four "utackiof it 1 v.'a^ advised to j Dr. rtaiiiiaim's V. g-iaL!e Toicture I procar.-j'on D-j.tle, and after taking which, I w;is s -d tiia; I wa.< mum better ; and that, ..f tr taking tl.e f anil bot'le, I was ei.tirely w< II, and now I enjoy ,??< s-.m, btaltb u> e ver 1 did hi my life. 1 can, and do. with out t.?e least hesitation, recommend the Tmctur. , to all pe-i'son? ainicted in my way. Gao. W. WrAKLai, CUKE fit^-iieal: ? rsh<t..c Sti Ihun Gold.?From one id the mo^: (?Jpocuble I>rug_'iots in South Carolina. C?iarlsoto>i, H. C. j-'ept. 21,1653. iUi-JTJ. J\ laiiiitk a. Mowbbay:?Tb? sale nt jeer Hampton's Ve^e'.ible Tinct*ire is increasing ?ivery ?: .y, und ri/ery bottle oold recobtiiiends tia? va:ou la laedieine t? the atdicted. oeverU of our juanters have tried u in different cases with asb>n uaiuj success, and are retting it by half dozens. It has been lou::d to be the greatest rem dy I or rheu inane affections, and a wonderful cure has been performed on a negro bov, suffering from Fits. I wl. funnsu you wiui a number of certificates if vou wish tiiem. ' I ain, gentlemen, yoars, W. G. Taorr. ^ t.aJl and get pamphlets gratis, and see cores ol ^Jd^h, Krnncintis, Khiumatism, N;uraljia, Ilys i>'p8ta, Nervousness and General Weakness. As 3 fiuiaie m<jdi .-:ne cr for dehcate childrea we buheve h an?*qualleti. S?ld by MOETIMER U MOW0RAY, mo aiore street, It.Utitnorc. and 304 Braadway, N. York Cuas. Sff.TT i Co., J. Ii. Mooar. I?. B. Clark* oLAaas H How use, '.V. Elliot, nnd 11. M< Piieb' ?0.1, Wasbington; aijo, by R. S. F. Ct eet., George town; and C. C. Bkkuy, Alexandria, and by jisu everywhere. fcj, 21 _u AN APPEAL TOOOaiMON SENSE. LST TSI SICK UCAR TUB TItOTIl. CirTAtw Kbiu^jik?Whi rever known hi-i testl mony will be conclusive. But lest those who do not know the CV.ptaiu should be sceptical Dr. Dam son X Pro., wt.*! others of the best known and mu?t nighlv respectable citizens ot EasMa, endorso hu wonderful cure by HAMPTON'8 YBQBTABLX THftTTUHS. ... Easto*, Oct. 4,1&54. Af **?ri MoitnAC !( 'lowl/ray." Gentlemen?I feel it my dutv to you and the pub I<c to certify to the effects of Hampton's Vegetahli Tincture. I was for more than Ave veara lab^iring under a disease of Chronic Kheuina'ism. and tlie great r-irt of that time I was so helpless thai I hat! to be bel|s-d from my bed and in my clotaef I become reduced to a invre sk?Tetou. All themed i-'ines I took done me no good, and I continued t? grow ?on>e. I iifard of Hampton's Tmei'ire and thought I would give it a trial. At this time I dii' not expe-ct to live one day aAer another. 1 l>,t no take it (the Tmcture) fnr the Bbeumati?m, bi t u a short tune I was well ?.f that disease. From t:-? effects of your 1 mciu/e and tlie help ol God 1 an now getting in g?^id health. I wish all the afflicted n try Hampton's Vcjftals Tincture, as I hav. d me, with the same effect Uia! it has on Voor ibedient servant, I?aac RejfjAHm. We are acquamtiM with Isaac Benjamin, roh htm e.?me ol Hampton's Vegetable Tincture,amibt deve the above stateun nt correct. Dawsom X Uro. our knowledge of Captain Benjamin we are confident that the above statement is tru" and un txajer^j. j. a. John -3K, CHaRLIS K .B.MSOH, Call and g??t pamphlets trails, and see r ?ret. o. t-"UB.i, Bronchitis, Rhenmatisai, NeU'iu^ia, Dvi P* ps:a, Nervousness nnd Geuerul V^ eakne.,s. As {? U??e*q??r? for d,;,,cal" c.'lildieu We believs m^liI,ZJl,|tR.TIM2R & MOWBRAY, 110 BaiU ru* 1 Liinurri; Broadw-v, X. Vork Lhas. ?tott fe. Co., J. B. Moori, D. B. Clarks W. Elliot, and H. M. Pbbb ? on, W a.Hhitigton1; alw bv R. H. F. Ciss?l, George town, and C. c. Bctai, Alexandria, and bv Dms |iasev#r)??lM.?. jan b?u I Propittii fi?t jl'tloitty, Omcs op to* 2ec;;*iart or tbe i.;-ur?. 21, 1W> IN puruan<vof ths "ajt 'e??'izinz am making aprropriat on- f.-r su;h njosa:y rejects a* have ?v"?3 usually included la the ^eat<g1 sppr piUticn bills with ut aothrrity of law, ani to ilx aod pro vide for certain Incidental expend of the depart ra*nt: and offl*e?< of the (T^rernment and fit other prop.-***,? a: pr.ved the 26?h of Ancust. 1842 real-d propowli wlil b* reee-vod at thi* office ui til W o'clock, a m.. on Monday, the 21 t of Mny sex;, fo lurnishing he following artitlea of ita'.looMy for the u?e of the fen at?, rack article to b* q/ tM rery txttqmiity, ard 'o be approve! by th8 Secretary, vis: 50 r.'snw hardwire paper. very tou;li, and w'th very smoo*h su-ure. the siae to be "iO by '1 inch's and to weigh not le ? than 45 p' unls to the ream 500 skcstn p e^H-pil psrchwert, 15 by ?2 inc.-<,.?1 square, of'.be very beet qua!i*y, per th?*t 2 re.tmi en: r >*? ing p<.p?r, vpry tmoo'h end tfcic*, 20 by Id inches wten tiimiu d, per mm CO renin j cnrtrid -e paper, very ir u^h an I with very sm >th rUiUtr; the s'ze to he 21 inob<s by i6 iochis, and t? veigh not Ijss thin 25 p> jnds to tbe ream, per reun 5C0 roaiia cartr'tge p&ppr. v^'y tough ard wi'h very : inooth eurrac; 'he ?isi to be IV In <S".es by 24 inch:*, ar.d io wsiph no; itss I bun 31 p-'-undi *o the retm, p'rr.aa 100 reamn white *?f: wraptv.Dg paper, per ream 10 ream* whi e flog'e flt.; c*p paper, sitic ni inb, per re*m 6 r-ams white bgai <~p pa>>r. g^tin flsi di. faint Mned, (f the very bcit quality, p?er ream SO r.>?nw \7h:to cop p?por. Ra'l.o fiabh. fain lined, of t he yr ry beet q-jality. jvr r am 5 re.ia wh to cap ; a wr. satl.i flni-;h, ot the ve:y Ir st quality, p'ain, p^r r?a*n 50 rea *e wM.e vel.uni c;.p paper, Fatin flul/h, rocoai quali.y. faint li .ed 10 r-'ptus wh'tc ycllaia i&p p?per, sa in fin ish. sreond quality, plain SO r ara- whlto laid 4 pjwt papa*, lrghly glazed and ha'd o.l-nJfred. gilt, fa'nt lined, and o weigh not la-s .hin 9 pouudrf tj th re*m JV". r >aais white vellum ito p>i t pf for, bi<:hly K:aa?<i asd i.ard 'alender?.<l,g!':t, faiutiiu d, ef the Vo y be st ?ju ? 1 ty 20 r ains w. ito ins Ito, poii pap< r, Ligtly gl'led aad bard ca ende ed, gilr, and to we i ;h tot k9i tl au 9 5 ound- lo the reuni 10 teams sm- > wbi e ltid 1. tt?*r pi>er, high yg'az-idand h nl csioadir^J, gl:t, of ?be rery b? st ou t Ity 20 ream- w' t-* Te'lnia 4*o. postpa; e", hi^h y g aird t td hirdcai?tUered,;'iit, o' the very b ?t qua lty 20 r-amH wiii'e laid Ba h pre' p*p? r highly glazed a*vi hspd cal^nd ir^d % 1 laint lined, an t to Wri?h not 1 ~a than 7 pounds to tbe ream 20 reams whit* vellum Fatb foit ta;er. b'gh ly glas-.l and hard cvendered, gilt, fa;nt lis?.1, of they-ry beft quality 50 rtaufl white Uia Hath pest"i>a-er, highly glar.j I an 1 harl olen l-rcl, gilt, an.! to we:*h no - lei . than 7 poj*idi if> t^e rer.Tr; 20 reaxs AIhn?nl>ria i'atn pap-r, hi;h'y>r'?z d and 1 ard calendered, faint .inid, of ti.e ver; bert qu ?lity 10 re-m< A!kanb>a DaMipaper, h-gh!v ?liH-d ami liarl calen< cf .be y- ry bist quaii-v 10 ie?tQ8 aa'ar T-th r>p-r, bi-hly g az.-d en I bar I ^a endered; faint 1 ncd, of tho ve~y be. t qual ry 6 ream- unb" Bath papor, li^h'v trlaz-1 and h:;rd cai adered, of the v ry baft quality 20 r^mj while v-ilnm f o<t ptpsr, hl?hly g.ur ?i aai h^rd aieudjrei, (jilt, ci the very be>t qy*.! ty 10 reams blu ? vellum 4lo. p*>?t r??!r, high'y ^lwed nr.d hurdcai. ndered, gllt. ta'ut limd, of ti e very b. -t quulitf 10 roaras la P>ie"? double thick cr^r.m la d iarg- to'.e par.?-r, cf ?Ll vory Ust quality 2J re::m: wbit ? v?ll>?!n 'arg!' p ? j jr, h:/.h ly ?la7- i en l :ur t r??d,, laiut lin- J, of tbe very be3t qu iitr 25 r*? urn white 'au i:i'ge note p>por, bigh'y glazed, hard frdenier-d, gil-, mict iiae--. an* to Bu^h not :??s :h<tn 4 pouad.i to tie r.aai 2ll t'tims * hit?? liid i-r^o note psp?-r, Lighiy ?hztJ, h-irdeaiend. r d, g.|r, a d to KtV,n n t )?>>6 thtn 4 po^rd.? ti tLo r? -m iO t ? sa- wti'e Velio in large Dt te r.hfgcly fc;l?z- d f a*J ca! nier^d, ^?li, ot thj v :y best qua i'.y. 2u reams vhi*e vel'nm3ca'* rcte paper, bi -blv slsz d. b&Jd ciVr.oC, d gilt, faint lined, cf fhe v ry qu.-.iify 20 r ams vwi'um ( cte p?p*r, fcikh y >;1 sej, ha.d taldatfered, gili, 11 th ; very b h qja'.ly S reoias amber ni:? r>?:-er. h'gbly 11 tod nnd hard ca'e^dtr dt la:at line-j, of the very be t qual 'y 5 r?mj am!? r note paper, birhly g?wt-nnd hard cal^nde.ed, cf ha v>ry ?e t q isl-ty 20 rea jig fii y aot i ; apor. of J.IT r ;. t kind.-, 8ati?i iiri.ti M roains Ll.tacg paper, cf tLo very lest q . ality 6 utzen cap pciti'o.k-* -without loci^, prr d.^z n 0 d. ??a quart) porifoKcs *i.h lctks, per ?Joaei! 12 d-z-u fcmr blaje pen)u ivt-i, pet r". l*?idlee, tiiver tipp?l, ^r C d ?jn smali tvr -b ade p-aknives, ^>eari huc rfiea, silv r t'j ped. p r drzr-n fl <?< a*r four bliele p^okuive?, buck iacUle* tipped, p*r 4'. ? n 2 dc??n itory handle eraser?, p r ios-in 1 dt**n pairs oSl'je shears C dca n fairs icitaor , per d'? -n C dcz<n pear" lol ler<*, j ?-r di.z-sn 12 drz n ivory tolde.-?,9 in;he?i ion.? aid 1 iach wile, ar.d to w.igh not l?*d th in 9 oun?s to tne d'&>", perdf fcjn 10 dcz'r i rory ha all j aal':r staiupn chciu^rtfi. pfr d. z?r. 0 doz-n (null i>enrl Landle stanir^, -t oiht.r> ot equal quality, f r nocei, |.er\j?*->n 0 d a-u fm ti n^f.t/> ban 11? flainp^, o' c?ili:-rt> of equal qai^ity, .'01 no ?v, per .i h n C dt-sejj i:.rge .-ir - cut giu?; p^per w.*j.Lti, Lent q lality, per d<"?? 11 C u'zeo 8C3?11 fc'j' cat-,;'a? rr o'.btr popor w igb: s, best qualify, per do?~n C (I'Ihj bronze t per (, or othersc'?qaal q ja ity, p. r dc*-n 0 d. fen match bcras with was ma ches, por drum 10 pound - wax tapers, nsr p nnd ? 20,0oo w x mitobtM, in box^s otntaluiag 250or 600 ea*h, per m 3 /rcss bl'ck lea^ pencil", FaberV, N03.1 acd 2, tr r.tliers ot hk?? fpiality, per gross 2 drz+1 boxes pencil lea-Is 1 dr s n fe. enz-* 1 tt^r clips C dr zen it?i d elce, with pcinp inkntand?, (?>r with cut glt^s ink>tuude with hinge tops,) aad ."and and wu'er bjx s, and iien racks, per do? n ca n cuti.las. ink<itands 1% itch rquare, wi h h'n^e tops, fcrdefks, p-r drzt>n C dea n c .t glafrt t and stance incn tquare, metal topfor deeks, por tloz n 2 town !arge eia; catr4laej inkdanJj, per drzen 5 dozed small ?'ze f.ney inkn'ands, per tfoaeti 2 doa-u brotsi tpring-Up inkste.uds, d(>s?u 8 dcaen fand sifters, per doeen 5 doaen arafer bcxes, per doaen 6 di-aen pieces beot quality office taste, per dozen 6 gro s rod tape, No. 23, per grosa 6 gr >fs red tape, No. 1? pergioes 26 rtcrj re?: tape, No. 13, per pros* 0 dozen broa*j t-piral-spring letter balances, per doi.n 2 com memorandnm books, quarto tiae, mo rocco covers, per d a*n 6 dr z^B in ;moiandiuu books, octavo size, mo rocco covers, pv-r dozen 2 d .zen memorandum books, 12no. siz?, mo rocco covers, per -"fez ?n 12 dostn clo b pec wipers, p<rd >;i 6 pounds India rubber. 40 pieces to the p~ULd, per pound 2^0 dozen large barrel steel pen", very elastic, per dozen 100 dozen small barrel sta. l pen', very ul&itic, per dozen 1&0 oa?di Perry's three po'nt sUel pens, cr others cf like make and quality, per card 10J cards Ferry's flee point a'e> 1 pens, c.r oth? r j of llie make and quality, p r oa d tO ctrda Ptancas's buck steel pens, cr others of like make an i quality, per card T5 cardi Peri-y'ssid~-sp'rirgsteel pens, orcthera cf iik-s make and quality,) or 0 rd 51 eaidi Phiceta's imi'a'ion quill pens, or others of ike make ard quality, p r e?rd 160 cards Fhiafas's long-point Lrtcse s'ee: pens,or otbe- 8 of like make and quality, per card 200 tsard'balllon pons, per carl 60 cards Phin-aB's patent doable e'aitie rteel pens, p?r card ^ * 4 gro3tf t lectro gilt locg point pena ? gro?? gut'a peruba peni 6 gro?a alba .a etenoxraphic Ion;-joint pecs 10 gr?83 long po;nt ail>ata p- as, pur groso 50 dczen flu?-point doubie action ?>teei pens, per dca^n 5 groe* othe. steel Tens, p-r groea 2 foea lyrgf: barrel jej hatdlef, rogowocd, per gross 2 grots 1 mall tairel pm bandied, rosewood, per gro/s g?>SB iteel tipped p**n bandies, per gro^a 6 noz n *aoc" p*r han ll. s, p?r d.?en 16 doseo pint b >?.t'?x of black ink, ot the very be?t quality, p <r dozen 8 n ha:f tin: bc-U'ea of black Ick, of the very leiat quality, per doaen 1 doaen b ttle? r?d ink, perd zen 15 jx unjs medluta size re I waft), a,in squore or obleng bc/Xoe, c nktiniog 9 c unaes each, per p lUld 16 poua -f madium-aizH red wa'era, la tin can iste s, < r l pound txiM, p r pound 0 dean boxes 8uall?:ad transparent wafer*, P*. d MJ 12 doi3J boirs 'aoe? ui-.tto w-ift-rs. p r Vi B l!> pounds r.d *m, oi ths rery b-*t quality, 10 Bt o*F t-> th? piand. p?r p and &? r?and^ red *u o/tn* very b?*t quali'y, 20 ?tick ? to the round, In % piard boxe^, p?r poitd <1 dcaoa saiiil box's 'mhct w?i?, p?r dozen 1 doi ojwi lum mu.f!?(. jxrdo^a 1 doaen sxu&il bott!f-s gum m:c?lim*, IXr doaeri " 6 doa?i f mbofs*! pa??r boxas, 13 lush* by 8 inches sq uare and 2 inches de-p, p^rdos-n 1 d:rm emb:*s*i piper b^x??, 8 inches by 5 In-h?* cquare anl 1 I Kb deep, p^r d ?on 6 d( ??n morooro covered b x is, *5 inches by 9]4 Icci t* sqnsre and 4^ Isohea d?ep, with locks,to bo in all re?r*>aa l.k? the sampb at thia office, par vi 1 diasa mabrga->y rulrr?, 16 ioc^M in length, round or Hat, per deaen COO pounds best bl .ck Ban:, in 1 pound r?P*s, pr pouid 5,(00 extra Itrgu f** whi e adb<v|re 'fiv^l^*.". v ?r? sirooth and thick, 1)^ inch us by 4?< inches eq'tars per M 10,000 lenjwtlc* a.h^s've enTelopfS, for iaitoir, very saooth atd thirk, in-Les by 3% incze square. pjrM 6,000 loiu cloth Sir.-d adhtsirn etTeVpo.i, *% inch jf. by % i* ene.s square. p -r M 10,000 lon^ whit* adhere etiv-i-p. s, fjr litters, H lKch^ti hy3!^ inches iqunre, per IT 5,000 1? n^ buff adiie-ve e-aTe.oy'e', lor Liters, Yer* smooth ar.d th'-ck, per M 5,000 ]otl% white adhesive en*?l pr* for Path p-.p-r. &)? )L(h? ly 3 &-S iuohee pquare, per >1 6,0U0 white k-Ibp'1 v < 1-ttpr pnTei^pw, rery ? nvo'h and thJ k, 6 1-5 ic.efcee hy 3^ Inches cqu^re. p r M 30,000 whit1* sdhepire letter env* k p*s, T?ry pwooth an 1 thick, inelirs fcy3 I 5 ieeLe? square. j-?r M 5 0-0 o'otl* lined ad^c?ire Ut er ecvolopes, per M 5,000 buff a-lheslve ls'ter env?k>j>es, T*ry (Huooth aud thick, reine h ii, per M 6,000 De Lrt Hut's thick wnite ne'e <nrelopo?, a.lho Its. ?o eait'be dtnbia thick not-s pa? per, er M 5,(00 arr.b?'r-"olor'-d rdkertva enrckpe*, to suit tii.' Hn'h paper. p?r M 5,(00 cnifMrooi red u!h*i va eLT.l ye*, to i?uit th*< xa>> papt-r, por >1 (0,000 la-ge white ai^-etiiTc no'e ot,r?lnp?>c, to en!t the larce cot? p^per. p?-r M C0,0o0 buihII wh t?- a^laesiTe note eurV.op?3, to suit tfco H aa'l not? pap-r, p^?r M 10,0u0 env Icpjg, to tut the fancy no'.e pzprr, p< r M f>,003 v hito emty.fFfJ r*>r-J * nT^lor^f, p-r M 5,'K'J pla>u white a-lh^iv^ o-irl ecTe!oj.c?, per if lo,0.?0 medium ?:? ? white pdh'SiT* kr dfcii-netfe veiy thiok,naroth, ai:d tough, p^r M 5,<VJ0 medium size cloth lined adheiire t nvelopef, p r M 50,000 ci>*iur-f'.xo bell jxlhc.-ive enitlopes. fnr docume^L", \ay ti Ic'i, em cfe, nnl 6;agh. p? r M 500,000 mediua hafT env?!.'p s, *>r uomment?, ?rry thick ^m-cih <>ni tough, n;t tp^esiv^. per M Tlie r.4i'ir?ive er vrlirw rnu-t be thickly t?' xame', a fourh an in li ronni tht^ lippvls !???? th-* "cc - p>> ct d June 17. 1^44, t*"e M? rr?rtar> ?f tl.c .re* a?" "dirfct-d to rcr.fine L'? puicha?o t-\flufi\. ly to *r ic'i-s r>: h ? 3f"cw :-i an 1 :u? of :b< United gtut^. p ovi j?*l the s?m-*^ai he procured of mchtfr vrth n <t i-ui'UJki" arenf.?citable qnahty and at r?-J>on?bU? pric^ , n - roo-i t> qui'iry and pri.^ bj c.n be (btain^d o! f rniirii ^ror/iii r.ud ui .nufAT?u.*M" A prefer. nr? wi . the core b_- ffiv-n to th? pr xluctio^s t.f Ai^er 1' an indn -try; aad a'l pcaons niakiag prcpc?abi to *nr piy aav ar'icl* wi I s:at" wne h- r ?h? Fame \* of the growth and menula^ture rf tLeL'tite- H m<?m The a'Ti^!ea mupt lw d-Uv^rai ct the oflice of th-> Fecref-ry ti lh^ Squat's at Washington fro? of any charge i-?r i?-iriagt', on or l-j^re lht?10.h cf S.ptem l>?r n( xt, tmy article inut'l-c of tM i^ry test tml- u an r*\frrit/r arhtir it calls*!f<rr. Th lirht is "spreedy rescrred. in e ? !t fl;x!l b* .itc ?-rar", to rrd'T. ujK)a giving rea^r.sbl? nctiv "By additional quantity oiatiy or all of raid a-tieVr that aity b* required rrr the uh- oi the Senate du ine the thirt -"ourtb C-jn^r'?a. A ' u?Qci?tJt pfcimea of; arid" prupo ed k>r (of ]i?per ha!f a qu re, an 1 of env?l' p?j ,6) is re a ?company th" pioposa!, Mil *o b? mark-4!} w tii ?he nam; of ti ? prrpver. and tV price o: the article The whole ?>{ i nch arthlo 5p-?-:il?-l :n tLe for.-ir ina; lit wi'l l.'L-dkeui Jac'aj ; a?J the pev:?r.n olT^rtng to furbish any mch * 1 .s- at the !o?<y pri-e 'qualify ooafi lere:) w.U rfci?? * cottivci f >r ?h h -.jz ?, r-i, i is rt b i d. ?i h tw) or m ire eur^taj >a i* fac^ory to tho S<vrfctar7 <>" the?v-;i e, for the per f>>rm.cre li ere* f, nnder * f ir-Uure of tsths? the con'raot p.-:c *!n vt W.^re, whicb U ai is t< h?* file, i.i t! -r.2too.-t th??rt'd HVv*re'?>y wl hiut*-ii day- alti-r tr.e prcp-ofl^ls h- ve a'-w;">d. if any nrtHi-cnir: o ed for not tie deliT ere>t ?lth:n th ? ?lm? rft'p .1-ted, or ffcoiili -c in"? rior ?n any r-rp cl to tue mmpl^, the b nd of tt contrac .ir v 11 !>-? put in rait. fioprp: 1* tuO i.'d ym endor-?d " Vromsa'f fi ?tati v. -ry f< r rh" av." ai:d b" dir eei t<> the Se*r ' ary of the S: n :t-' at \V.i"h'.n^ ? n. Pr?;o Ujgrd ffKcimeu. muti Lo deiiror.d at tL? fr^e of ch?r#j. Apr i 2i? l*?4w JSTo, LitiV. 9UI1SCT0X ST8VB MlNlP.KTm, S. E. comcr of Pa. no. and h.l?v-ut\ street, Sole Ajercv fur CIIILRON, GOULD Ss. GO 'S Warmins un.l Vcutilating Apparatus, M POND & CO.'d (oi Boston) Union Doable-Oven looking Racge, J L. MOTT'rf (of New York) INViNC BLE DOUBLE-OVEN RANGE. r.Mistantly on hand, and receiving LATR(?BE I5TOV1W, for heating t\v i storie-; Parlor and Cliam h?r ORA I K8, F'nanii'l ed and Japanned Cookinc. llall, I';irlor, ('haiiib'-r and Dining lloom S > Plain, 'I'liiiied and Eniinillcd (rtni IIOLI,(>\V VV \UE; Ihoek Tm, riauiiheiand Ja,.ariRtd WAKE in ureal varieiv. aI1??i" whi-'h w ll be sold at the low.'^t p'-?pibl? rates, 'hat will comparc favora'tdy witii any Eaiafc Ii8hm<-nt south of New Yoik. An exaiiiinaiion ofinyatuck iaeani? stly (solicited ftp 13?Sill J \;V SkKIUVI %(J. DENTISTRY. RH. IKlNALDSUN, Uenti^t, late of ilie firm of . Hunt N. Uonaldaon, continues to i yir.. maiiuiacture an.I ineert Uiose In aut.ful , porcelain te? th, with or without KMuis,''!Ty :or f|M:ciincnA of which (made a?d de |Kwiled by the Ut?- linn) wax awaril'd the firtt premiuui at Uie Mechaiuca' Institute Fair, receiill) h? 1.1 in thi>: city 'l'hea^ teeth ar?- carved and fhaded lo riiit each particular ca*e, and their resemblance to the natu ral orean.4 u no p? rfect ha lo deceive the niot>t prac Used eye. Particular attention aLo paid to filling and pre serving the n itural teeth. Charges mod- rate and ail operations warranted. Ofhee miuthwesi corner Hevciith and I) <?'*.? en trance on I). mar 21?Gui DENTISTRY. DR. MUN30N renpecUui'j' call" public attention to his new p iieiit, and" (JREATLY l>iPU(?VEI> meiiiod ot actiing ArtilicialflurfSBSSL Tefth, with ContinuouH (>uiu-Lhe veryf 1117 PERFECTION OF TUE ART. Thisatyle ofPeeih has the fullowing advaniag.-s over all othera, viz: GRKAT STRENGTH. CLEANLINESS. COM FORT,and BEAUTY, vicing with Nature in these respects, and in some oth"M excelling. Public in spection is respectfully solicited. Please call and see specimens. CAUTION. ?No other Dentist in the District of Columbia has a right to make this style of Teeth. N. B.?Teeth constitutionally healthy, plugged and warranted for life. Office and hc:u-?e at No. 30 8 E idreet, near the oruer of Pennsylvania avenue and 14th street, ap 24?tf TO TIIE LADIES. "MISS 8 J. THOMPSON Sjcjn's niw prepared to show our Iar^> H^snil well selected stock >f MillincrylHB^ which she has just opened, ot the la- i lest styles which we are selling at ilie lowest prices, and wc cordially invite the ladies to call eaily and | have the first selections. We would also retqieetfully call their attention to our large and hand handsome stock of Fancy Good* Perfumery, Gloves, Hosiery, ate,, which we can sell at unusually low prices. HUTCHINSON & MUNKO, No. 310 Pennsylvania avenue, First door weal of VValt-r Harper h. Co.'a. mar 24 ? FINE WATCHES. HAVING mnde a considerable addition to my stock of eoLn nuNTmo fatknt levels, and i,aDies' witchks Of first quality, heavy lb carat cases. Also, SILVER WATCHES for boys. I offer them at grehtly reduced prices. The movt mctits are selected with great care, and every Watch is warranted. Persons m want of a fine tiniflkeeper are invited to examine my aseoruneut. ,r H- StIMKBN, No. ?30 Pa. avenue, betw. 0th and 10ih Kb. mar 30 BA5EI56 H0U8K OF FAIEO & K0UR8E Opp<*iie Untied State* Trtarary. B?and sold tOCkS 3nd ?"l?* perchased Interest at the rate cf fix per ceai mm ann im ?>) ^wed c." di>?sit8 when left tur ZB CkyFot toiler. 'I "E bv p. wiihs ' ~ J Feurbach ? E e: n. e of Uhrisiianity Cumniing'* Family Prayers, 3 vol. "P -? fRANCK TAYLOR. DOCTOR HOOFLAND3 CKLUBKATCD ?errncm Bitters, mXP4EXD IT DR. C. M. JACKSON, Philad'*., Pa., WILL IfKECTCALLT CCn? LITER COIPlADiT, DYSPEPSIA, JAUNDICE, Chronic or Xtrvoua Debility, Duetuet of tic Kidney, and all discacet arising from a dU yrderod Liter or Stomach. Such ar Constipation, Inward Piles, Fullness, or Blooil to the Ilea I, Acidity of tbe ^wmach, Nau^ at-a, Heartburn, DUgust for, Ful w?-uht in the Stomach, Sour Eructations, rink ii s "r Fluttering at the Pi: of the Stomach, Swim ming of the Head, Htirr.e^ ;?nd difficult Breaking, Pluurrin* at the Heart, Choking or Suff-nraunfi Sfn*auont? when in a Ivinn ToKture, Diinneas o| Vision, iv.ts of VVi b* before the Sight, Fev? r am. Dull Pain in the Head, P-ficiency of Perspiration. Ydiownrif of the Skin and Eyes, Psin ,n 'be fcide, Hiclt, Cheat, Limbs, frc., Sud<i? ri Plu?h?a of Hear Burning in t he Flesh, Constant iir.agin iny? of Evil, and great depression of Sjunla. THE proprietor, in calling Uie atteiitioii of the public to this preiiintioa,does so * ith a fc??l :?i? of the utmost confidence in iu virtues and adap tation to the diseases for which it is recommended. It is no ri"W and untried article, but one that lias K Md the test of a ten years' trial before the Ameri c: n people, and its irputation and sale is unnvulh^ by any similar preparations extant. Tlic te>i'ni'Mij in its i'avor given by the mual teomincnt ami well kiowii Physicians and individual?, in all parts ol 'he country is immense. The following from Nortfc Car. Iina is respec tfully suhiitt -d, ret- rnng anj*. who may siil! doubtflo my *4M< morabilia,"or Prac tical Receipt Book for Farmers and Families, to be had sratis, uf a I the Agents tor the German Bitters. Principal Office and Mai.ulhtory, 130 Arch sL, Philadelphia, I'a. TESTIMONY FROM N'OKTU CAROLINA. Certificate of Dr. W- Smith, of Fine Hill, Rich mond County, N. C. Pike I'ill, March 4lh 1854. D*. C. M. Jacxsok, Philadelphia? Dear S:r: I have been a subject of Dyspepsia, in its worst f rin, lor the la^t five yi ars. Such was my co* eitioii lb .welvr months that the physicians and all who saw .ne raid 1 muft die. Wnile in ttiis condition, I was cirri'd to the watering places in Virginia, Tennes see and North Caroiiaa, but wrt* not benefited by any water to which I w:is taVen. While on my w av home, i slopped a w<" k at Rutherforiton, :i -p.ud I village in North Caio!;na, to try the rCect of some Chalybeate water in that place. About the last of the week, I went ino a drug store io get some medicine for my child and luyscif. Then were several of the village physicians In the store, and of them seemed to take Mime interest in my case and, after asking me some questions, said he had been a dyspeptic, and had been greatly bt-n: fitted by the u-eofuI)r. HoolLnd's German liu ters," prepared by yru, and be in-iated that I would try the Bittvr* He r.l-o called ilie next d^y at iry room, and in-L-ted so much that I would try them tliat I asked him io pet me or. bottle. He did it, and I commenced taking it as directed, and I do sav 1 was more benefitted by it than all the water and medicine I had ever taken. After rrachinz h >me one of mv neirhbor3 r.vrie to me for a prescription anil m. litine, (he a dyrpet: tic,) ami i g ive him nearly a!l t!;e Bitter" I had Ictt, w:iich effected niU'.h poo:l in his ea*e. lie has often called on me for more of the prime k lid of modi line, saying lie was nv.r<: b< nefi;t-d by it than any ?aer had taken, but I have not been able Jo <? t .;y more for him or uiysHt , V. '1 , there - nh-p, pi-'a^e ?h?p :n.i a doz.-n or more as soon a? srble. Reupcctfnlly yours, *V. SMITH. i). R. HOOKER.' Roger's Sl<?rc: Wake Co., K C., iMoto r 2-1. !-oX says:??' Having ? \;?erieiioed very jrent benefit from th- use of '? li<t.?;invi'?> German Bitters/'in t'hronic I)y*ent?ry and functional dc rar.g.'.'iieiit of the Liver, aud its C"!ie.'mitant tvilr, I viii itesiro'H of obtainin*; a quai.iitv of it for the beat fit of my community. Von will, tlifr? for>-, u!tW send H lot. Sic. &e. CERTIFICATE OF \VM. J. ATVVOOD. tU'Krsvtr.i.t, Vaokih Co , N C ,^<.v. lat, 1?53. Ih C. M. Jackson?Dear Sir: Allow me to ex nres< to you my sincere thanks for j-mr discove?y >fa medicine which, to say t:.? l? a t of it, ha ef fected a rure that all other med.cinee, t!,m I I: ivu a?en. hive ??ntir-ly failed to do. '?Hoofland*= Ger man BiUer.i:' have meoft*i. n?o-' stutbo>i? an.I aggravated cas?.' of the pii.ks tiKit, jH-riiais, e .-er fell tf> the lot of man. My esse i* not a 'trrji^. r ir. L.i.s comtiiunily, as I ani w.ii known :.i this ami the iirrounding couaties, anJ can truly s;tv liia' my r:> coverv has astoundu' ail my friends pwI r?-latio,is, as I h?td tii d < verytliinr reccfmrn -nded,and notiiiog did m-j any gr.. d until 1 w.ts jffi'vuled :!t>?n to tr> tlie Hitters. Voe a?o nt liberty to make any n-<?* ol tii!1- :;?>:iunu!iicatioi', for the benefit ot" tl?e hilLcled, vcu may think proper. Truly yours, W'M. j. ATVVOOD. These bit! .-T rrr> entirely rrzetaUc. they inv^^ora.s sn<i str.' tlic sys* in, in w?-r ;ir.:ntiate it, and can b * used for infant* as wrll as aria'.!-:. P-'-r . !? by lef^v'cu'.b!'' d?:a!* rs -vervwhere, an*l 'iy Z. D. OILM AN, U a-hrijrton; J. L. KIDVVELL. v?eor^etowu; and J. U. P12UPONT, Alexandria, mar 1?lv i] < ut pp v SPANISII MIXTURE. Tht O-tit Purirttt of ilia Blood 1 JTst a rartic'a o' K<rcury In It ie Ik c ? LiiET % Tiiiim ...r he 'u'x. n: r. V'v.l. Rheuuirtii; O >"iupfkrs PI tivlec rr Pu-'tulee cn f?BioVhsc, icilv C'^roni; tore fcyes, Hit^; Worm or letter, S k- j Heal, cb>ilar:rm<*ut kn i P*lnr>f tba Bcass n.4 Join is, ?tubtom Ulcers, gypkilitlc Disorders, LuiaUa^o. Oorspla utf, m l ell tlic dise**.?s from an !E;a.ilc;our. us? ' f Her- ur?, l^a pi j J n-r> in t If*, rr IcipaHty oft* ? l>'r<*l. IMiDS v*li!?bl* K.-dicin?, which h- 3#,u? tr*u>4 lOi ths naalti cf .xtra ?v.c*ry cures through its *Ker?cy, btJ> ieduo?i the j ruprv -tor* st tli? urg nt r^u?st cf Thair frknds, to effsr ?t to tlie pviol's, v?hich ih?> d^ <rlth v^s> u.uic^t cet ^uesrs in iU vii*.u*s ncd *o?:d<rful tui?tire prop Tti-e T'.:s following c?rtlctat?-s, -d ;rcni a *r?e uou^-er, towevr,^jei t'?tiiion;< 'Ui tae m*?* wor.a ofth.s proprietor*; tno *r?* al .ok grn.lexaen Wt i in lb - ir Ic.-HliUes, *u; fi f b- i.?Khe?'. raspn-utVUtj, xaauy of th-a r?s u tii* ity of liichrio. d. \t. P. LOYDp'N, i Sx;btagi t'.o.el, P.lch aond, known everywhere si>.y?Theha8pe?athe M il icinec*Jl?i C-htfs's SrxNisn'MisrCAS,adminlfiter? ? in ove* a humiiwd ca-'^e, in n?ai!y ?u the dlseafc or whishit ir recotrmcn'led, with the ten asten chlrjly cod results. Lie says it ia the nioni ?x lit?raitiai? medicine be his ? cr6e?u. AflUX AND FUVKA?GREAT CUP.K.?I hereb; ?rr;ify tlusi for threa years ! had *gue asid i'evn ?f iaort vi'de\itdeserlptioa. I hsd several Pb? -icians, took l*rgo quanlitiea of Qaiciue, Meicury kA I b?l eve all the Tonict au?etti"ed. but sll xritn out permanent relief. At last I tried Cart?r> >1p?u:ish fixture, two boules of whinh effectually 3ur?i lae, and I am nappy to say I have had ceithe* :hills or fevors since, i consider it the best Ton', in ttils world, and the only tuedVine that ?ver re?obed my caae. JOHN LONGDXN. Baavaa Ditv.'&, ne?r Richmcnd. Va. 0. B. hUCK, tjq., now in the city cf Eirhmocd ?nd for many yaarc iu the Post Office, has such v>u?.1*nc* in the astonishing efficacy of Carter'' ipuntbh Mixtarx that he ha* bought upwards of It bottles, whioh be has given awsy tc the alfl cted.? V5r. Lock says he has never known it to ?ail whan raken ao>v>rding to directions. lrr. M1NGK, a practising I'hyirf Jan, and formerly A Uie City Hotel, in the city of Richmond, says be iiaa witnessed la a number of instances the effects o> Jar'er's Spanish Mixture, which were most truly mrprldng- He siys la a caae of Ooasampuoa, de indent cn the Liver, the good effects were won derful Ind-ed. SAMIIKL M. ItHXKRCR, of the Cm of Drinker A Morris, Richmond, was curOl cured of Liver Com plaint of three \ ears standing, by the use of oC'ttles of Garter's BpanLh Mixture. GRKATCCau OP 8CR0PULA.?The Editors ot the Richmond Republican h >d a servant employed in their press room; ourcd of rioknt Scrofula, com bined with Rheumatism, which entirely disabled dim from work. Two bottles of Carter's Spanish Mixtuie made a perfect cure of him, and the Edi tors in a public notice, say they "cheerfully ream mend it to all who are afflicted with any disease ol the blcod STILL A:*OT:i ER CURS 01 SCROFULA.?I had ft verr valuable boy cured of ecrofula by Carter'? Spanish Mixture I consider it truly a valuable tnedlciue. JAMfcrf li. TaYL^F, Conductor on thr S. V. and P. R. IL Co.. Richmond. Va JALT RUJCUM or TWkNTY YRAR8 STAifDLKO Ct'LL Mr. JOHN THOMPSON, rtudlu In the city of ?Richmond. Whs curvd by three bottles of Carter'. Spanish Mixture, of Salt Kheum. whlrh he h^l foi ua^ly t^wty and which all the physicians Ot ti/fc e: Did not exxrf. Mr. Thoapwcn 10 a w^l. kAown tnutbant in the city of Richmondf and hi. la Bin table. WM. A.MATTHEW?, of Richtcord had a servan' turej tf ^Tphiiis, In tha worst form, by Ca'tePi ?Bpan'jh Mixture. lis says he ch**erfoi:y recom mends it, and considers it a very invaluable meat cine. KL)WIN BURTON, commissioner r.< the revenue says he has seen the good effects of Carter's "-panisi Mixture 'n a number of Syphilitic esses, and says it to a rerfect eure ft r that horrible di^aae. WM. Q. HABWOOD, af Richraoml, cured cf eld Sores au4 Ulcers, wh;ch dis^ble.1 hi a frsm walking Took slew bottles of Carter's rpaoish Mixture, and waa enabled to walk without a crutch, in a thi-rt time permanently cured. PiiccinsJ Depots wt M. WARD, CLG?? A CoM No. il Maiden Lsne. New York. T. W DYOIT k BONfc, No. I8i North Sccond at. Philadelphia ' BRNKjcrr k BSRRS, No. 126 Main street, Klch Bond, Va. And for sale by COABLES 8T0TT, Washinrtcn D. C; HKNRY PJtML, Alexandria, and by DrawSs ?faiy where. Price $1 par bottle, or six bottle* fcr tie ,ytfVm1v TL? EM01R8 uF TiiK OOUNTESS O# BLBr^ I M d^pon, by;R. h. Madden, d R I. A.Vtwo ^ r*AhlUK TAYLdR. travel* i inn joky. WASHINGTON BRANCH RAILROAD. CHANGE OF HOUR*. and after Monday, the S3.! uistaut, the train* II will Leave Washingt-m at 6 and a m., and 3 and *k l? ?n < >n Sunday at 6 a m ar,<" A ^ p m Lenve Baltimore ai 4 ? and Vjf a m, and 3 and 5 if p m On Sunday a: 4 if and 5jf p m. ap23- if T. H. PARgONa, Aral Mott Bedell's Line. XKW YORK. ALKXASDRU, WJISHTS'GTOM CITY, Jl\D DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA PACKETS. IiHIH LINE OF PACKETS SAILS WEEKLY from pier 14 Hast River, New Yotk.anri oft pi.ex ?f necessary, and ate cooipcsed of U.e following fir?t ;la*n wwd>: >rw s<hr. -t. V. Bclell, fleCiM, ira*ter. New schr. Mott Bedell, \. V. TredwtlL .tun D., IVm. Oliver, m.iuter. Schr. l'<-lani. L. A. Smith, master. Schr. Coy.tmundfr in-CKiff, WoctJm, master. Schr. CrffHffoy, Wil*>n, master. These vet?eeli? are all fast Nailers, end the mist era nen of experience in ilie trade, siij the only rega or line of Washinrvm City packets. MOTT EE.iELL, Wall street, ft. T. 8. S. WASTERS h SONS, Alexandria, Vn. THOMAS RILF.Y, ft b 1?6m Wasuington and D. C. 0IAS02 AND ALEXAHT&IA BAILS-OAD. On and after Tuesday, Nov. 7, 1854, TUB Can l<*sve Alexandria daHy for Qordcc* rill* and lntnrai^diite ? tationR at T % o'cio-k? ?. in., or tha arrival of the fma Washing t< r# jivln j acioJe t;me for breakfast on hoard. On j?ctiag at Maaas .'nnct>u with a train for Ptraa in:?, tt WarrenUm J a rt-cn with a train for War* ?-iitoa, an I at Gcrdon^vllt? wWi tii? tixlna on 'ha Vir^cia Central Kailioad for hLLmund, Charlot'.ea ?*ille, and htaunton. Tbp rem ieate G?"rdnarr!l!e d*P.v for A>x*r<*.rfa iud ict?rmrliat? statics, at Jib* for# IS, a. n., on the arrival cf the train? or the Vltrials Cento-al rail fros Uichraoal, Cr.<-rlctv*Y?l!?, and btauntcn. TMROUGH TICLLTr. frors Alexandria to Warreaton $2 (0 M " Qordontrille 8 fO u " Ghat lottmi lilt 4 fi 44 14 Ftacnton 6 M> 44 44 BtrMbonf...-....M??- 8 CO 44 44 I.vLcbburg 474 41 U W*.nrhuUr...>,..m?. ? W 44 44 Lmay...................... 4 tt " 44 New M?.rk*t I 04 ? u Mid ilefcurg S ti ?~r r^a-bbrnr. vmeeting with tba stage* at Uiar!ottes?U>, oa Ali-ndaye, Wednwdaj^, and VrW lar*. Lue*^ aa.l *<f*rket, vnra>-tJng with tba i a: (v vt Cnlrepcz, on TaeeuayStTbaradaya, and ?a :r*iay. t - "X'.t. b^eter driif, ocanacting w'.tb the atagaa at Pi<-i?f.rnt F'T Mi.idljbuis diil-, oors^ctinj with the fttgaa \t t*>e Tiiln^. I'er rr.ler: W. B. FH0CK2TT, Agent. i?OV 7?eti &.</ FOxi MOUNT VERSION. 0li TUESDAYS and FRIDAY?, rcand trip $1; from Alax Mlrii '.6 orcU-lbe 1K0MA8 COI.LYKR leavaa V^khhingtei; ?: 0 ?nd A!;str Jrla at 9% o'clock. Cc-ccImm l?t?e the Capitcl for tLe bo*t at o'clk. ;Tov:b f' ? '0 c-'nta. ^ercoas winuis^ the Co?e>:?s will leave thair reat ieaca with Geo. A Tl^a. ihirxer. Refr-!cbraect^ oa tlii bo*^ c-tiS? itf_ _ >*A>TL CEDNTT. Cr^t /UK S vlW YOIIML we. LIVSCHI'OOL. UNITED STATES MAIL. STEAMERS? T'Vy. Miil'S ooMruisixu tm& limi aei IUK? All ANT ?. Oapt. 'W-rt FAClflC, C?rt. Nye, DALTiC, C*? t CwTr---t^ck, Al>RIATIt , Capt. Grafton. TL'-rp shins have tefs I-ullt b? vntra.^, expreae v for 'icTrrc?i-it ?rvi~*; erery car? Lu l*??n uik'.u ia their eon use-ion. aa sn the Rncires to ni'rir^ fti-'uftj aud fjrf i, and their aoxomoda* tious kr j.kv*;ugfr?- wre uue^ualiad ftr e't-gance \wl cnu?xt. rn:e of frraj New Trrk to Lif-r^ocl, in first cabin amj Ca.'u.ti ]4"t 70 KX'M .o-ive tii*o.'??tra si*r etate rmau 300 I ron Liv^rpot.1 u N?w Ye:k jt-JO and ?20. An erper:eo?l par-^.va atu*hed f>eacb thin. No hertb c^a te 9.^-urM until id for. For freight or aptly to hOW .ABO K. COLLINS A 00., Wall etrw-t, Nee Ycrfc BROWN, ftHlFthY A 00., Z. G. RC.EKRT8 A CO., Lir*rp?o1, 13 Kick's .'rif Yord, LondsL*. JOV.N SJUNKOIt k CO, SO Norre Daa>? Tt tolres. Parte. CLO ?. I>P.AJ>*'R, Tlavr*. The owners cf th*-? rblp^ w'll aot be aoeocaUbla 'or ecLl, eilv-r, bullion, ep.'-i-, jewelry, rrerkua '-tdu** or ?3euls. anlcw bilU nt i^dtag are ngnad ber?tjr, anl ih- vxi&e th?rr .rf Lb?rem e.^prarj**!. 4 1 A? ?* ??? Private Modical Troatioi ?>< tax FIIY^IOLOGICAL V- SW 0* &TARRIAGS, ST I<l. U. LA CUOIX, fa. D? ALBANY, y V. it0 Pag^ and 130 ^ir-e Piain and Oolowi Llthfr grapha >.ncJ : !atM>. 4V* Prlaa oaly It Canta fro;: cf pcata^e to nt: p*r*a of the Unlon^HB Cni.VPKKT BOOR kTKK FUFLl^UED, and containing nearly vi uble the quantity of tea ling matter la t !ut cf tha Firrr cents or pollau PUBLICATIONS. It treate oa the PHYSIOLO GY OF M AKKIAGK. ana tha secret l? Sruutieeaad aiAorder y?util *uJ maenrtty, ra > H ,r'm exceeana, which d??troj the physical ana Din* t_! :>ower*, with ohaervatic nj ot aamagc, its dutiee xad di??juaiiSettleoa, wad their remedies; vrith ILkutnapliis iiiastrating tha anatomy aad phyaiology, and aiMuu.f of the re^ro iactive organs of both aezea, their atrncture, uaea aad lanotionj. A popular and oomprehenaive trea tise on the duties and caeuaJ'W f idngle uar> ried life?bappy aad truiUO al', mode cf k? curing them - infel'oitoce 'nfr.tile ones?th<ir :bviation and rea.oval?'lanorUat h!tts to iho?e ?out?mplatiag mstjicrdy, th*t will cverecme ob ieotioae to it; none, b?wev?r. ehonld lake this in* portaat sap v* hout first ooruulcia^ its pagaa sommentaries 02 the oieeasee aad madisal treatmant 3t females from infancy to old are, each case graph ically illastrate<i by btiiutifai lithographic plate#? nervoae debihty, its causes end cure, hy a proeeaa at once so simple, <af? and effectual, that tail ore la ispoa^bla?rnles for dally management?an away -a SporzaaU<rihaea ?lth practical observatk>aj oa a aafer, and more tuooeaafu! mode cf treatment pre cautionary hint* on the evils resulting from empiri cal rractica?an easav cs all dis^see arising ftom '.Ddlscretion, with plain and simple rnlea by wbiah all peraons caa cure themselves without tiarcurv remedies for those self inflictad miacrias and disap* pointed hopea so nafri-tcnstely prevalent in tLa ronng. It b a truthfai alvisar to tLe naafai and Ihufie contemplating marria^<*. Its perneal Is par ticularly reocajmend?-d to peraoas enter tain ia- str iret donbta ct their rhyaiccl craditiin, and wtio arm conscious of hating baxarded the health, '?nrr'atni aad privileges to which every human b?4*s is an., titled to. , Pri?5:"*?"iP?<?Py. &r fiveeopj* ted Btatea ^ F0*,U** 10 *aj 1LS 0i' ^ UnV N. B.?Those w^o prefer rtay eonsalt Or La Cans up >n any of tLedlnam upon wh?h hi* bock trv.ts ailht-r r-er eon lily or by mill. ii?^icine sent to any part of tha Cairn aooordicg to directions, safely packed auu car^fally ?e;orea frcm ail obrarraticn. Address Dr. M. B. La CK01X, No tl u.., ? P?*t Ci<tce liox ?79, Albany N. Y. 49r OfSce open daily from 6 a m to 8 p n, and m Scnduy trt-m S nr.til 6 pm. *ff-0mce tianaowad trcm Vo. K BeamiL to J1 K aide a Lana, Albany. N. Y. 4ae 7 FOR POOR AND LABORING MEN. ? MALL WILWNO l.Qi* M ^ m 0 vanons pari * cJ U e Cuj, Md Uecrgetown, aa law prioea, and terts tc aoM- LLOYD k 00. CClLJIHa STOSK, w2hi^L^i2!2hle %t Cv34l?01 Whtmw is washing^*, Oaorgctown, or Alexandria. LLOrD k CO. jT ^8?*v opp.Traa?nv I*eparun?Bt. . ?ROANS FOR SALE. A SUPERIOR toned CHAPEL ORGAN; and a nne UosewiHKi PARLOR OROAN. U th now ou exhiliuon at the Metropolitan Mechani* e' Fair. 1 ney are trom the tu. uutactory of HENRY EliUEN of New York. For terms, he . apftly to Prof. SCHEEL, on 14dl ^\,'"ort,,ofF- HENRY ERBEN. teb 9ft-?-otf (CAMPBELL'S LICTIONARV of Military 8ci J *"cei Cuvalrv, it<? Hut< ry and Taertce by Cap tain Nolan on the Training of Cavalry Hors*-*, Keg a ^oafar Yeomtnry Cavalry. ?P* FRANCK TAYLOR,

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