Newspaper of Evening Star, May 9, 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 9, 1855 Page 1
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J ? " 111 * THE EVENING STAR PUBLISHED EVERY AFTERNOON, (EXCEPT BCTTDAY,) At tAs Star limiting, corner P*nnmlrani<% tmunn* m?d Eleventh *treet, By W. D. WALLACKX) *VB1 be ?rtrT*'d to wbwrllxa la the cltie ot Waah tnaton, H-or** town, Alexandria. Baltimore u4 FbfladHphia, at SIX AND A QUARTER CENTS, payable weekly to the Afenta. To mail eabacrtbera the rabecrlption price la THREE DOLLAR8 AND FIFTY CBNT9 a year In oAwnci, TWO DOL LARS for SIX MONTHS, and ONE DOLLAR fbr THREE MONTHS. O^Sikolb oonaa oq eaat. VOL. V. WASHINGTON, D. C., WEDNESDAY. MAY 9. 1855. NO. 732. THE WEEKLY STAB. Faauly n\4 N*w? 1 a ftoamr variety of ml*ieettni i be f mod hi tay o?L*r?u pabUafced on Saturday *-TTt i** . *??? t??t ru ctnu. Tl*%ac&m. X* Twi 4a.. moo unr*ai*a lt ix ^fiVAjiei. Siofle copiee (in wrappem) eat be pwi at |he counter, rmfbfflia'eiy after the twae of 'u? papa; Prtae?raaaa curre. NniutTKM who art ae ayanw wi? be allow*sl a rracmtoeoii of jw? r. m. BPKLNG AND SUMMER GOODS! J0H9 H SHOOT, Sotd\ tide of Bridge 4rwt, nsar Hi^k, H??OiaKTOWW, d. c , Aa we*lr?d and la now offering a tut avortmeat of SPRING AND SUMMER GOODS. la his nock will b? found ? good assortment at Light Spring Silk* Br*t m ikf black do. Beregee. Orenadinee, Tuaue* Blk matc^ and bright col'd Challlee Berege .nd Cbaiiey Delaines, Moaseettaea Real French Ch.nixes an<i Uriliiaata Organdie and Jacnaet Lawns Real imported Lawns, fast colon, at 11%C. Rea] French and Scotch Embroideries, cheap Plaia striped and olaid Bonnet Ribbona Bmb'd and plain Linen Cambric Handkerchiefs a great bargain Jaconet, atwiaa, Nainsook, and Tlaid Muallne Rich figured and dotted do Bajou*B Kid and Alexander's Silk Gloves, all color* Ladie?, Misses, and Genu' Hoelery, all kind* Parasols r? every ahade and price Rich KncUah fast colon Printa at lS)f With a first rate aaaortment of MEN'S AND BOY3' WEAR. Also, Sheetings and Shirtings of the beet wakes In Linens and Cottons Table Clothe, Damasks, Vapkina Towellings, Far niture Chintzes, white Spreads Domestic Ooods generally. Having made large purchases from the Philadel phia and New Yerk auctions, I am prepared to of w* gritat inducements to cash or prompt cuetoirere. ap IS? lm J. H. BMOTT. m A CARD. m Economy w the read to ? Great Redaction in the prioe of H?ti & CM* TH-?hU.<1v,iritrd' i,a?,n? ,nade arrangements with a New York Hat Company to be con Mp Vffi w,ft!, the vfry ^st Mo'oUn or ,V>? . .k * 801 UP in th" 1&te,t "t7,?? offm m. *t tb* unprecedented low price of A3 50 worth from four to five doliara; second quality 93. worth from $3 30 to f4 ; and a very *?oJ faah'u n able Hat at #2,50. worth from $3 to AJ.SO ,h8<Kbe at 3 mutt> advance than they have b^en here tof r% aold )Q thu city Pint rate bearer Hats $3,5 <. All kinds of sen H ATS and CAPS very low. In order to sell at the above low prices the cash ?yetem must be adopted ; consequently those who twrchaje will not be charged from fifteen to twenty flee per cent, as an offset for bad debts. . A NT HON 7, (for many yean In the employ of Todd * .? it Ca) 3.Columbia place,7th st., ap 13-tf door north of Penn. avenue. FISHING TACKLE! ~~ LIMERICK, Virginia, Kirby, Yankee Doodle and Gravitation Fi:h Hooks Grass, Linen, and Cotton Line* Joint-d Rode at all price*, from $1 tj $? each Also, Bamboo and R*ed Rods Artificial flies, grasshoppers and fish Pinken of every description. 4v8,i.* !*orn!L0u,f La,ldio? Nets, and everything in the Fishing Tackle line lor aale at reduced price*. *1 ?.o B K LL'NDY, No. 1*8 Bridge street, Georgetown. D. C. ap so?tr CHARLiCM HASKtlfS, Architect. (Pa. acertw, between Tenth and Eleventh <treet$,) WWaSHIHOTOI*, n. c. ILL continue to furnUh Plana, detail workint Diawings and opecfflcationa oi buiidings oi ^vcry d*iscnpuoo,ioj to auptrmtiod their? rtjc ?** feh ? ? ? ICS. T?. KIDWKLL guarantee ; a foil supply of ? ice to his canomey in Washington or George town, for the whole year, at fair nricea. Orden -an be left at the following place* or fc?ct through the Post Office. H. H. McPherson. Drugeiat, Capitol Hill Kilweil fc Laurence, comer of Pa. av.-nue awd 14lh streets Mr McPherson, Grocer, 7ih <r*et O- f. Kidwell, Smith's Ln'nb?*r ft rft. Joseph M >ore, Drue^irt, P i a?r>ue, First Wa'd Ice can be hai at mv 3 i?rjl htr^.t Otorgetown, at all timea Families rTlli be aupph-d ft>f the whole year at fair price.. ap 31 lm IMPORTANT to persons break ING UP HOUSEKEEPING "pBBSONS removing from the city, and wish ng I to dispose oMbeir Furniture and Hou^.ketiping Uu*n?da, k? , without the trouble ol sending them to public auetion, can do ao by calling on 1^ at our store, 317 Pennsylvania avenue, corner <Jl NinUi atreet, aa we are pr-parcd to buy all such gooU^ ac may be offered " Houtekeepen and othen will do well by raUuia on us, a< we ^ill pay the hi*he? Ca-h price. ior &u ?achaooda Wall Barnard & co. ap 36? lm 317 Pennsylvania avenna. TAKE notick. NEW SPRING AND SUMMER GOODS. PW. BROWNING, Merchant Tailor, under ? the United States Hotel, baa just received a large supply of Spring and Summer Goods, and is now prepared to offer great bargains to ail ui want of good aad fashionable clothing. Hia " Really ms^Clothing ?? wiJI be aoid at the following low Whole suita. Coat, Pantaloons, and Vest, of thin cloth orjca*?nnere, for f 18. Fine Biack Frock a^d Dreia Coats, from ?10 to S15* Hood l?B8fi Coatj for $7. Black and Fancy Pai'j. i,-m $3 to f7. Mar^ei. ea ?ud SL'k V>?ts, from f3 to f3. He keeps aivriya oa hand a large assortment ol w .7 *u-a ^ Shrna, Glovaa. Cravata. Um wei'as, kc. "Sole Atfjct for the aale of Scott'a FaahloLa.' ttar 19?^. LOOK HERE!!! ORE BOUNTY LAND TO ALL who aerved in a a* wa cinoH 1790, wnetier as Officers p^nSuIon, Marines, cU., Indiana, Chap MaaU:f!,? Tea mat* n, Landam. a, (or r Tmino' childr, tt) have not yet mni h'lv's bm,a ^rvca 14 ,/*i ^ln WeJ11" writ* to us. pottpad, aad their Laiid Wary?oa will be forwarded to them for the e quruuity, and so charge if th*-y do not get it. nu.-. a w LLOYD *. co., oppr*u? U. 8. Treasury, Waahiogtja City,_D. mar 6-0^i S'tii? Si^i> ?K? pl*T1Dw7rb 0 &HOPI9K VA.\CY UOOOK ?Silver 0^Jeeta%^uT"aH8*U' 8,8af BowU? CrM? Juga, Jr?M?,and Pork- A1*0'11 ?rMl foTp^tT^ 8U'" Ware? ,ul^blc U,""u' ??.n D "? mar jO-tf >Tenoe' bet ^ 10Ui streeu. ^ULARD'8 II 0 T E Lt miiP p?'d PoJat Comfort, \m. 1 ?h^ Pf0'>rli^tfr, uke pleasure in Informing iji ? fnend* and the public gwerally that .fn in^*' "Dl tfurani,?r Motel i* now being fitted eomiM oandern aod cumforuble atyle for the ft, . f , ,e f",u,e Wl|l be opened oa the Dromoiv!hl' wfch ??**??'*ft unprovided that may ?ha r?m^ comfort and bappin.raa of ita guaata. mai ihr^w'ii'iL41*0 Uk* much PJe?*are in >aying datt fr ?D<1 happy to accoramo wim a ?aj y 1,iy wbo miy fBvor ??*fd per day....^....^ 03 qq By Uw week, per day 1 i0 5*per day 1 S5 ao^.r 101 P C. C. WILLARD Jk BBQ9. Pau of BAY MARES, 7 yean sentU ' t'7,n*?we,,-l>r?'<1^0UBd.8tyliah, <V 5SlCKlei.#^Lcap,u,?ow- Th/y are LMxuc^iu perfccUy ,ree fm'n tncka, waWi d^^ar(y ,uit aay g^ntienian who La tond ol hu 0Wn" Par's witii them only because STa22^ra,9rrclr',nrb hM eiP">M|. They can stuHTVith0"^011" (Ule B,rcb'?) Stable, on 14th P^rtuni^uftj^ ,h* *T'nu'- For lrrm,< on op Star office V, ^ c"un,w ib* ap 3-rf 7 W,U ^ "'J,d ? g*ui. Mr. W. IIENRY PALMER, hithuto iiaowa a? Sr.u, ?OiKE* HRLLKR, A3 much pibaaurs in iaf<irmiag hia fttanda and L U* Put,.c In general that be has det rmtaed iKWfrDT " thla city, and la prepared to UARMuifti "?lh# PIANOFOITI, ?n rS to v. o MPr^,T1?N- Me is peruuiUs] REESE'S EAGLE PLUMBING AND GA^-PITTING depot. THP. pub?cribtr re pectfuliy announces to bis Crieed* and tfie public in funeral that he ha* re ceived the ri'*t ot or lve celebrated DODGE'S DOUBLE ACTING SUCTION AND FORCE PUMP, which received the SILVER MEDAL at the lata Fair of the Metropolitan Mechanics' lastl tute, and is now prepared to furnish all who mcj favor him with a call. Hit stock of OAS FIXTURES arc unsur passed in the District. , With his corps of competent work men he prides himself t" fill any orders in the PLUMBING AND GAS-PITTING line with promptness and despatch. WA1I work done warranted to give complete satisfaction. JOHN RECSE, may 3?tf cor. Plzth st and Pa av? nue. PK H. S O N H WITH DKPECTlVK vision are Invited to examine my( extensive stock of all kladeof SPECTA-" CLES and EYE-GLASSES. Glaraeo1 of any kind, such as Cataract, Parabola, lWiecopic, Double Concave, Doabls Convex, and Colored Glasses, put in at short notice, with great care, and p-rFons in want of glasses may bo sore U> got those which benefit the eya. Jkrf- Circulars "Defective Vlnon," gratis at H. P KM KEN'S, 380 Pm. avenue, betw. 8th and 10th sta. mar 30 i uniu M GREAT BARGAINS IN LADIES', GEN'T^', MIOSES', AND CHIL DRBNS' BOOTS AND SHOES,?The subscriber being compelled to remove from , the store he now occupies, rffers his pres I ent well-assorted stock of BOOTS AND SHOES at greatly reduced prices. All persons Ln want of the aruclc will find it to their advantage to call before purchasing elsewhere. A. H. SLOAN, No 304 Pa. av., near 10th St., north side, may 1?tf "NOTICE OF COPARTNERSHIP. Henry barron h. solomon stover Lav.? this day formed a Copartnership for the purpose of earning on the Wood and Coal business in all its branches. Our yards are situated on the corner of 21st and I streets, Washington, and on the nioal, near Seaimes's planing mill, Georgetown At either ol the above places persons in want of Wood and Coal of the very best quality, and on the mo t reasonable terms, will at all times find an assortment equal, it not superior, te that ln sny yard in the District. AH orders filled with caie, promptne.s, and die patch. BARRON fc STOVER. Georgetown, D. C., April 10th, 1855. apr 13?dim SUPERIOR SODA WATER. The bubscriber would most respectfully inform his former patron*, and the lovers of superior Soda VVater generally, that hi* feur.ta arc a^n n in operation, and in oner to ke?p up bis well earned reputation of keeping the best SODA WATER and most delicious SIRUPS in the cit<, is determined (If possible) to have it still better than heretofore. O. BOSWELL, D'uggist, Corner Mary land av., and 7th st., Island, apSO-lm Washington. Tkbascrt Dkfaitmcht. March 5, 1855. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN to the holdersol stock of the United States described In the fol lowing notice of 3d January last, that for the pur poee of completing the purchase of the amount therein named, this dpartnent will continue to purchase, upon the terms of said notice, to the ex tent of the residue of the sum proposed not yet ob uir.ed?say $1,156,585 05, if eaid stocks are offered and received here prior to the first day of June next: TftKAScax DarsaTMtNT, January 3, 1455. Notice Is hereby given to the holders of the fol lowing described stocks of the United States, thai ?his department is prepared to purchase, at any time between the date hereof and the 1st dfty of Mareli next, portions ot those stocks, amounting in the ag gr-gatc to ?1.900,000, in the manner and on The te. hereinaAer mentioned, to wit: in case of nny cnatir.g-mt competition, within the itmcu-it sti^ed. preteience will b<- g ven in the order o: time in which raid stocks may be offered. The certificates, duly as* <ncd to the United States by the p-.ruts v ho ..rfe to receive the amount tnereof, must b^ transn sited to this deparun-c.; upon tlie rec? .p? whereoi, a price '.vill be paid compounded of the following panic liars: i. Tue par valu ,or ai-iouut specified in cach cer tificate. 2 A premium or. the stock ot' the loan authoriz d ?>y tlie act of July, 1846, redeemable November 12. i-v-V ot 2X per cent.; on the stock of the Man au uiorized l?y the act of 19te, rrdeemtble 31st Decern ber, I **2, of 10 per cent.; on the stock of the ioan? authorized by the act" ?f lM-;7 and 1843, a id redeem able, the former on ih 31st f'ecemt>er, 1887, and the latter on the 20th June, 1868, of 16 per cent; and on the stock of the loan authorized by the act oi 1U50, und redeemable on the 31-tof December, 1864, (couunoalr called the Teian indemnity,) 6 p?* c-nt. 3. Interest .in the par of each certificate trom the 1st of Janu iry, 1855, to the date of receipt and set tlement at ihe Treasury, with tlie allowance (for the money to roach the owner) of on? day's interest in addition. Paymtnt for said stocks will be made In drafts of the Treasurer of the United States, on tlie assistant rcasurer at Boston, New York,Philadelphia, as the parties iray direct. But to certificate will be entitled to the benefit of this notice which shall not be actually received at ihe Treasury on or before the said 1st day "f March next. JAMES GUTHRIB. mar 6?dtJur.el Secretary of the Treasury. CANAL PACKET LIWE T^P01FTT BOCKS 'pilK Cana! Packet CONGRESS having been J thoroughly repaiied, and put in first rai? Jfl* order, will commence runniagon MONDAY.^Jj|flt the 30th instant, for the transportation of pasw-ngtrr and light freight between Ge-'rgetown and the above named point, <>? the most pleasing terms. The Boat will leave the wha'fr.f W. H. Rltter for the Point of R"cks on every MONDAY, WEDNES DAY, and FRIDAY mornings,at 7 o'clock, and the Point of R'>cks for Georgetown on TUESDAY, THURSDAY,and SATURDAYS, at the same hour, stopping at the different landings along the line for the reception and landing of passengers and freight, going and returning Passage through either way $2, shorter distances at the same raee. That is to tay,from Georgetown to Great Palls 50 cents; Seneca 75 cents ; Edwards Feiry 2fl ; Manocrcy fl.50. Meais served regularly on board the Boat st mod erate run. JOHN CEOMBAUGH, Proprietor, CHARLES MKERELL, ap 23? lm Captain. "PREMIUM MINERAL WATER. II7E resp-ctiully call the attention of all persons vv who wish to be served with superior MINE RAL WATER', :ust such a* that we were reward ed a Silver Medal by the Metrophtan Mechanics' Institute to oar exteu?ive manufactory. In addition to the above we also bottle Ale, Por ter, Champagne CiUer, Root Beer and Mead, all ot which will need but one trial to decide in its being mu;i1, if not superior, to anything of the kind in the United Suites. A fresh supply of the above always on band. Orders by ma:l or given to our drivers will be thankfully received and promptly attended to. ARNY fc SH1NN, Union Bottling Depot, No. ST Green street, Georgetown, D. C. ap 26?d2w PALMER S PATENT LEG. THIS AMERICAN INVENTION stAnds unrivalled beih in this country andtn Europe. It is worn by 1,000 persons, and with most astonishing success. In competition with JO other substitutes of Uie best trench, English, and German manufacture, It received the award of the ?iutmidil at the Woat.o's Exhibi tion in London, as the best artificial limb known. In ' his country it has t?een thirty times exhibited, In competition with all others, at the annual Fairs in the principal ciMe,and has,in every instance, received the award ol' the highest or first premium. And as a crowning honor, by Ute unanimous approval of an Interna tional council, the " First Premium"- l _ only Stiver Medal given for Limbs?was awarded the inventor, at the New York Crystal Palace. Pamphlets giving full inrormauo. sent ?tis ? every applicant. B. TRANK PALMER, #7 9 Cheenut street, Philadelphia. feb 28?3d _______________ NEW SONG. WHY DID I LOVE FALSE FLORA, w*>rde and mum by W. B , of this city, and d?H eated to Inez Allison, the Mt OuiUrt*. This song has a moet eharmiag malo<?y. Jus?J?i!V Oahed and tor sale by ULLBL'i k H1SU Jii! ? E. B. BATES. POLICE MAGISTRATE, FIB.8T ST., NEJIk PENNA. JVTfMe. C?n> eyaneiM sn4 Boun*T Land ClllJiie to ?a* %-lm Auction Bales. n n a it a n a u n ?T OHKE1 dfc SCOTT Auctioneer!. rpTUSTEE S 8ALE OF VALUABLE REAL 1. Estate. ?By virtue of a decree of the Orphans' Court of the District of Columbia for the county of Washington, approved by the Circuit Court oi said District, silling in Chancery, |*ssed in the, matter of the petition of Ann M- CroH, guardian of the infant children and heir? at law of waihlngton Cross, de ceased. I will, on THURSDAY, the 10;h day of May, 1855, at 5J< o'clock pre , in fron' of the prem ises, proceed to sell Lots numbered 27,28, 29,30, 31 and S?, in square numbered 1043, situate in tlie city of Washington and District aforesaid. The above d^scr bod property is situated at the corner of 14th street ta-l and E street south Terms of sale: One-third cash, tlie residue In two equal payments at six and twelve months, with In terest on deferred payments- The de'erred pay ments to be secu>ed by the notes of the purchaser or purchasers, taiisfaclorily endorsed. Upon the full payment of the purchase motioy and Interest, and the ratification of the sale by the Court, the trustee will convey to purchaser or purchasers, at his or their cost and expense, ali the right, tit!e, interest and estate in and to said lots ot ground, ot Which the paid Washington Cross died stiaed ANN M. CROSS, Trustea. _ . 4 SCOTT, ap 2???TfcM4,&gjpQdf; Auetlanaera. | By C. W? BUT?LKH| Ancilonccr. Extensive sale of city property at Auction.?On FRIDAY, May llth, enmmene ing at 12 o'clock m , I shall sell at my Storo, the following named city property, vix: Sq. 1072, Lots Nos 1, 2, 3, 13; H, 15, 16, 17 and 18 14 6<*4, " No. 3, containing 6,885 sq. ft. " 117, 44 Nos. 28 anil 29, each contain 7,042 ft. ? 38^ u 41, 42 and 43, each do 1 823 44 " 514, " No. 9, do 5,068*" " 535, 44 Noll, do 2.0C0 ? " 544, ** No 2, do 3.786" " ."44, 44 Nos 3 and 4, each do 6.4^" " 544, " No 5. do fi,42l" " 544 ? Nos 27 an J 2?, oach do 4 704" " 616, ? No 14. do 9.000" " 652, " Nos 8, T, and 8, each do 9,.*90" 44 654, ? No 4, do 7.37844 " 656, ? No 2, do 9.590" " 656, ?? No 5, do 13 250" " 958, " No 4, do 7 3/8" " 543, " No 18, Improved by two two-story frame houses 11 543, " No 19, Improved by four two story trail e houses " 543, part of Lot No 25, improved by two two story frame hou-es " 543, Lou Noe 17.20, 21, 22 23 and 24 " 154, " No 10, containing 12 861 sq. ft. " 154, " Noll, do 10 850 do ?? 238, " Noll, do 4,?55 do " 725, 44 No 18, do 9,675 do " 1112, " Nos 7, 8 and 9 " 629, " No 1 do 4,812 do " 174, the whole square 44 140, Lots Nos 29 ;nd 30 " n. of 650, Lot No 1 535, part of Lot No 7 755, subdivision of lots 1 and 2, 6 lota, contain ing from 2,000 to 3.700 T55, part oflot No. 1, c ntaimng 3,000 feet 755, do do 1, 3 lots, containing from 1, 800 to 2 800 It 752, do do 4, containing 6,'00 ft 752, do do 8, do 8,200 do '' 752, do do 7, adjoining do , 32 ft. front on 8eccnd street " 754, half-quare. embracing Lou Noc. 1,2. 3, 13,14, 15, 16,17 and 18, containing 57, 000 feet " 684, part of Lot 7, containing 6.000 ft " 723, Lots 6, 7 and 8, do 21,120 do " 685, part of Lot 8, do 2,7' 0 do 44 630, do 5, do 2.KW do 630, do 3, do 2,500 do 630, do 3, do 2,284 do 574, valuable corner facing Railroad Depot con taining 4.300 ft 44 117, Lot No. 8, containing 7,044 ft " 492, Lots No- 8 an-i 10 each containing 3.415 ft 44 64i, the whole square do 58,750 ft " 323, part ot Lot No 5 and the whole of Lot 6, containing 7,613 ft " 100, Lot27 improving wit!i two two-s'orytnmc K>us' a ? ?? - - * " 544, Lot 9 improving with ?ne tw^-rtory frame h Ulse " 544, west part of Lo*. 9, rontainiag 1.4B3 ft ?' 61ft, I 'it No 11 (jo 9 00i' do " 1i09, Lot, Nos 19 and 3) 44 980, the whole square do 83,652 do " 1093, Lot No 13 do 4.350 do 44 1093, do 14 rti 4 901 do *'? 1010, Lots Nos 1. 9, 16. 17 and 18, containing fr m 9,427 to 11.400 fe?t " N. of 1026, Lot N.j 1, containing 12.231 ft u 721 do 19 do 8,142 do " 1032 do 2. do 22 000 do 44 1110, Lots 5. 6, 7, 8 6,10, 11,12 13 and 14 con taining 4 f<50 to 6.415 It 14 1033, Lot 3, 4, 5, 6. 7,8, 9. 10. and 11, contain ini from 4000 to 4,316 ft " 154, Lots 3, 4, and 2 44 779, Lot N'l 11, containing 5 000 ft 44 956. tlie whole square do 61,211 do " 1005, Lot No 12. do 7.800 do 44 1007, Lot No 14, do 6 756 do 44 4 37, pan <>f Lot 11, Improving by four two-slot j frame houses Terms liberal and made known at sale. Catalogues descriptive of locality, front and depth of each lot, fcc , will be ready for distribution on the 6th day of May. C. W. BOTELER, may 1?eo6t Auctioneer. I ?? - - - - By J. C. JlcOlilRF, Auctioneer. Chancery sale op valuable and el igibly situated improved and unimproved Real E late consisting of L?w King (louses and Lou, va [ cant Lots, and Wharf.? l!y virtue of a decree of the Circuit Court of to- District of Colombo for Wash ington county, road* in the cause * herein John A. Frarer is complaisant, and John Walker, ll.'en S. Fraser, and others, heirs at l*w of Simon Fiastr, deceased, are defendants. No. 899, in Chancrry, the subscribers, trustees appointed by i-aid d<crce, will sell at public auction all ihost: pieces or p~rcel< of ground lying and being situated in i he city of Wash ington. and kn >wn and distinguished as being Lots No#. 1.2,3.4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11, ill, 13, 14,15 16, 17,18, 19, 20, 2', 22, 23, and 24, in the subdivision made by said trustees of Square No. 412, fronting respectively and variously from 18 feet 1 inch to 30 feet 8 inches on 8th and 9th streets west, ami E and F streets south, by various depth* to an allov, with the improvements and uppurtenances, wiiich Con sist ot a 'ommodiou- rnd weli and substantially built 3% atory Bnck Dwelling House oi Lot 8, and a rnmforlabie and well built 2 story itrick Dwelling House on each of Lots Nos. 18 and 16, in said sai division; lot No 4, in Square No 388, fronting 25 on F atreet south, between 9th and 10th sis. wesr, by 125 feet deep, with the improvements and appur tenances, which consist of a 21* siory Frame Dwel ling House; pa.t of Lot No. 3, in Square No 730, fronting 40 feet on Pennsylvania avenue, running ^ack to "A" street south, witli a width on said "A" street of 43 feet 7 inches ; and part oi Square No. 472, fronting 44 feet on Water street, at the termi nation of 7th street west, with the valuable Wharf thereto attached and belonging, extending to tlie channel of the Potomac river, and n<?w occupicd by George Page and used us a steamboat wharf The sale of the several Lots in the subdivision of Square No 412, w th the improvements and appur tenances, will tak? place on Thursday, the 24tb day of May, 1855, at 5 o'clock p m., on thu prem 1 iies. The sale of Lot No. 4, in Square No. 388, with the improvements him appurtenances, will take place on said Thursday, the 24th day oi May, 1855, at 6 ?'clock p. in , on the premises The sale of part of Lot No 3, in Square No. 730 will take place ou Friday, the 25th day of May, at 5)4 o'clock p. m , on toe premises. And the sale of part of Square No 472, with the valuable Wharf thereto attached and belonging, will | take place on Tuesdav, the 29th d iy of May, 1855, at 514 o'clock p. m . on the premises. The above property is all situated m desirable lo cation?, rapidly enhancing in value, and offers to capitalists and others a most favorable opportunity for investments or procuring a desirable residence. The terms of sale, as prescribed by said decree, will be one fourth of the purchase money in cash, and the balance in six, twelve, eighteen, and twen ty four months, to be secured by the purchaser's bonds, bea'ing interest from day of sale, with secu rity, to be approved by the Trustees. Upon the full payment of the purchase money and interest, and the ratification of the sale or sales by the Court, the Trustees will convey the property to the respective purchasers in fee. If the terms of sale are not complied with in six days after the sale, the property the terms of ihe sale ot which are not so complied with will be resold ai the risk and expense of the purchasers upon out week's nonce. All eonveyanclng at the expense of the purchas r?. CHAH. S. WaLLACH, i MDW'D SWANN, i Tiu?t*#?. J AS. C. MsGUIRE, ??av ?- -eefcJs Ai.cucneer. KIM ME IF TOO DARK S-A new Walt*, very ?altable tor beginners, compoved and duticattu: to Miss-. ... , of Georgetown, by Prof. W. Huifhr, Published aad for sale at HrLBUi k HITZ'8 Music Detf.t, May 8? Corner Pa. av, aad Uth tw Amusements. ODD FELLOWS' HALL. " Second ud lest we<_k of the unparalleled wonder, THE DRAMATIC ' OP THE BATTLE OF BUNKER HILL, AND DESTRUCTION OF CHARLESTON S. The above Diorama will b* exhibited everv eve* inn 'hi* week. Also, on WEDNESDAY *ud SATURDAY afte r ?oonn, at 3^ o'clock. Positively closing nn Saturday night, Mav It. Doors open a*. 7?to Commence at 8 o'clock. Ailuii?#ioii 25 cents?Children accompanied by their parents* half price. may 7_iw GRAND EXHIBITION AND MAY BALL AT THE NATIONAL TUKATliS, TO Bki UEFE ATKD. PROF. B. W MUNDER most resp^ctlullv an nouncea that, by earnest Soiicifaiion, and in consequent* of hundreds being deprived ot witat ing i^ia Grind Exhibition BaJl.!>y tne inclemency nt t weather, he has consented to repeat, In cvt-rv ftujS?j?'WsREfWJ i&*1 <* I Henr^k-il b* hd Ladies' invitationa distributed* up n thid occasion- All those who received invita tions for thfj f rst are pirttcularly invited with their friend*. 1 he great satisfaction expressed by nearlv 3,0C0 persons upon the first representation, is a sufficient guaianteo & pg beil,g |argely au?ndcd u?oa tf second. A much larger Band has been engagi-d, and will enliven th* company with soaie of their choicest pieces. ..?C.kftV^, bT?ad1at lh0 Principal Hotels, and yr. J. F. Ellis' MuHr Stnr?* .?.TfI^.r'Up,to *rc re,!Pc<*-?u'ly requested to meet at tne Theatre tvery aherno >a for rehtarsul, ?t the u"ual hour- itnv 7- 4t GRAND MOONLIGHT EXCURSION AND PIC KIC or T.*JE AMEBICUS CLCB, 4 TO Till K BOUSK PAVILIQ5, On MONDAY, Hay 21tt, 1855 'P^E AMERK US CLUB take great pleasure in JL announcing to t.ieir friends aart _ ?fP** k. the public in general ihat they hav i,", j Til chartered tt.? Steamer G,oro? \\s. will give a gran i EXCURSION AND PiC NIC above, on .MONDAY, the 21st instant. The t 'Inb pledge themselves that no pains or eipen-e ^hah b~ ?pared on their (Art to give general saiisfuction to those wh> may honor them with their company. 7 he very Cotillon Mui.c ka> breu tngaffrd for tne occasion. ? ? The Refreshments and Supper will be famished by an experienced caterer at city prices. Omnibuses will leave the corn".' of Seventh and L street*i at 1 o'clock, and be at the wharf on th? arrivii of the boat at night. Fare 12* cents each OG^TicJcet" ONE DOLLAR?aim: ting a Gentle man and Ladies?to be had of any i f she Managers and at tha wharf on day of excursion. ,Joat w,i' leave George own at 1 o'clock; ashing: oa at 2; Navy Yard at 2>$, and Alexandria Bl ?!? Committee of rrangementt. C^arlas Matlock, John kohmson, Jr. W. h. Morgan, F. A. Redden, Samuel E CulverwHl. Managers on tie pert of the CUiS. S. P. Rob- l8?u, J. W. ttimck, E. B. Barrett, p P' p Harden, Jni. T E-sex, John**?n, W. II Johnson, Win I homas, W.iLi. D ee, E. F Queen, Geo. Essylin. 1 hf?a. ohn-on. M. B irk head. No bote:* Ray. may 7,?,:8j4)!6J8 ?t 7 GHANO PiC NfJ "FTIIS JNicrtbarn liberties' Fire Co. rpHE N..H1HEKN i^lftCKIIES' FIRE C<;M a. PAN* ctfuily make anown to tlietr I lends and the [.uMic g nerallv that thev will g:v their fir.UVN.c fcttho WHITE HOUSE on the 7th of June, 1853. Particulars in fu.ure a 'venisc i.cut. iaay 4?LitHi plfasurk Trips TO THE WHITE HOUSE P.\YtLI"N. Steamers GEO. WASM fcSsaAlNOTON or THOri i OLLYKK can he cliartereij for public or select parti a to visit the White H-.u^e P.-.viiion, Mount V? rnon, Fort U ashmj?ionf ??r other ? laces nn Uie liver. T he \\ lute House Pavilion is now open for vit: tors It is a beautiful {dace for pleasure tnjis; it ha* a fine Ball and Dining room , ale*), a new Ten Pm Alley 0&- For particular* app'y to the President of the Company, or the Captains of the Boats. Mr WILLIAM COKE is furnishing refreshments on the boat*, and is prepared io furnish parties on tbejim t. rms. ap 'i6- 3m A CARD.?LOOK HERE ! A I-I' j e lovers of the good thing* ol thi? lite, and we will telj you whe'e vou may obtain atleaM some of them. Thanklul for past "favors, I w. u d respectmily a continuance of the same dur nc this Spring and Summer, i am pr-ipar.-d to furnish all who will give rnc a call wiih tne sweet a*id cool ing Beverages in my line at uiori notice, auct; a Icu Creams, Water Ices, of ail flavor-, Frharlotte Reuse, Biaiicxange, ate Cakea of a'! kuuU. Ai-o foreign a:i-J ri'>mesti ? Fruits and Confection?ry ?en crally is'jpt in weU r. gulaied establishments of the kind. Particular ?ttention will be paid to furnishing Welding or Bnde's Cakes. Also, Parties. Balls. Excursions, Pic Nlcw, ?tc., 8ic., and upen r'-ason able terms. Call at the old stand, Massachusetts avrnue, be tween P'h and 10th streets, Northern Liberties may 7?co3m JOHN VV hlGIITSTINE. dentistry. RB. DONALDSON, Dentist, late of the him ul ? Nunc & Donaldson, continues to ^ manufacture und insert thoM; beaut.ful ;fvL>*fKg^ Eircelain tenb, with or without gums, r specimens of which (made and de posited by the late firm) was awarded the first premium at the Mechanics' Institute Fair, recently held in this city These teeth are carved and shaded to suit each particular case, and their resemblance to the natu ral organs is so pcrfect as to deceive the most proc tisMd eve. Particular attentic^Palso paid to filling and pre serving the natural teeth. Charges moderate and all operations warranted. Office southwest corner Serenth and D s s. -en trance on D. mar 21?6m FINE WATCHES. HAVING made a oonsidcrablc addition to my stock of _ UOI,D HUNTING PATENT LEVIES, and ladies' watcrks Of first quality, heavy 18 carat( cases. Also, SILVER WATCHES for boys. 1 offer them at greutly reduocd prices. The movrments are selected with great care, and every Watch is warranted. Persons in want of a fine timekeeper are invited to examine my assortment. II- REMKEN. No. S30 Pa. avenue, betw. Stiiand 10th sts. mar 30 PAINT and oil STORE] M. T I'AhKHit, HOUSE, SIGN ft ORNAMENTAL PAIJfTEB, IOUIS1ANA avenue, between Sixth and Pev J enth streets, No. ?0. Residence No. 390 C street, between Sixth and Seventh has ndd d to his present business the sale of PAINTS, OILS, GLASS and PUTTY, in small or large quantities. The attenuon of housekeepers is particularly called to the convenience of this arrangement as they can at all times procure HEARTH a:id other MIXED PAINTS, of all colors, made ready for use by a PRACTICAL PAINTER. Orders promptly ait-nded to and respectfully so licited. CHEAP FOR CASH. may2? 1m POTATOES?POTATOES ON board Marrietta Burr, now nsarly dun, 300 busha!a White Mcrcsr, of superior quality and aia?, which will b? told to arrive. ALBO? 200 bashela whiU) Maine Mereer 300 De Mas Marcer, or Peeeh Wow, nn large* All of which will be sold hi lea te suit the lat* chaser, oa reasonable terms. Call and asa them, at S. B. UaITLEY'S, . . Ill Water stteat, ' waj I?lw Oeorfeto^rt, EVENING STAK, THK HU5DKK 1W THE KOOM [From th? .Vote Book r,f an ^minoro Plihatoiafcfft Lawy r, l&trJjr dfcfa?d ] The narrative which I present i 'ftre as I find it in my note book. It ma taken in almost the rery words ef tke murderer, though not committed to wri ting until the next day, for the narrative made a very powerful impression on my mind. The disappearance of the mur dered man had excited much conjecture as to his fate ; but the general impres sion was that he had absconded to avoid his creditors, and his friends often won dered whether he would ever return : ma mubdebkk's stout. There were five of ?i*together??con stant companions women, wine laud the die in com pany, got drniflrftiiJWKr;^,^ Irom the same pur-?e. A very slender purse it was, too -but that's not to the point. There was Harry Picrceand hisbrother Fred, little Tom Nccdham, J tck Fry and myself. Harry was impetuous, hasty, u, but in the main good hear led ; his brother was cooler, more calculating! and, if anything, a little avaricious. I'om was a true ioper, who enjoyed hi> ijlass to the extreme, and was never hap py except when half drunk; an 1 Jack was a kind of hanger-on and toady o tha whole of us. For myself,there were ?nly two peculiarities worth mentioning, fiom their apparent inconsistency. A> (juick as a the lea^t angry word would arouse me to a tempest of ungov ernahle passion, which, when sub-id-d. wsuld h ave me as cold as ice, and with a mind freo to plot and contrive any thing. On one evening we had lost a good deal of money, iroro than we could wel 'ilford, at poktr, and had left the gaming room in no very good spirits. Fret. Fierce had uot been with us, or, pe baps, we should not have played ^so long, foi i* red, unlike the majority of gamblers who play most desperately when fortune is most unkind, :nvanably?t< pped when# certain maximum of loss was arrive 1 at In the morning Fied called to see me ha\in* heard sojneth ng about tho loss aud was astomslud and angry when h? lea ned the aaiouut. lie remonstratec with me, and when I lausbvd at his words, grew irritated. One word, as th? saving goes, brought on another; we became angry ; and at length he told me thai he thought it unjustifiable or our parts to his share of the mone\ during his absence. I called him a loo! and he etor.ed that I was a scoundrel, lu a towering rage, I prized the terns which stood ori thv side of the heauh. aud, before I gn'e :i thought to tl~ ccn >equenc*, struck him ou the ht-a^ w i:, all t^e sit!er:-?h of which 1 was master lift feli ir:s?autiy. J ha next moment re s.ored mc to consciousness, and I raised him up. lht blew had lra? -ured his skull, although no blood hud tLwu?h?* tnicK cap, which h** hpd not remove. duung 'heconversation iseadening some what the blow ; he evidently dead. A moment's reflection convinced me that one or two things must be done? either to conceal the body or to discover the fact and \ rociaim that I had done the deed in belf-def, nee. The fear :hat I could not well make it appear so to the public, deterred me from tho latter course. I had stated the day before to my landlady that I intended to tend a box full of books aud papers to my mother s residence in the country; and the large packing-box procured for the purpose then stood in my room. I de termined to put the body in this, but 1 heard a ringing at tho door bell. Thrust ing asioe tne window-curtain, I put my head thiongh the windi w, whieb was, iuckily, ha'f hoisted, and saw that mv companion* of the night before had come to pay mc a visit. I knew that they would at once come to my room, and tfke no denial for entrance. In an in stant my course was determined on. I hastily dragged the body to the closet, placed it upright, and lakiDg my duel ling case from the place of its usual be itowment, closed the closet door. I then threw on my great coat, put on my hat, and tossed the chairs in confusion round my room. I had scarcely doue this when 1 heard the steps of the party on the stairs, and as they enteied the*room, I gave a tremendous cath, with every oth er evidence of counterfeited passion. "iiallo!" exclaimed Harry Pierce, "what is the matter with you ? Goin?r out ?" "I have this moment come in," said I, ??to get my pistols. I thought I'd prac tice this morning?and some vagabond has been in my room and turned every thing upside down. It's too bad. by Jove; there s a whole pile of shirts, just from the wash, tossed on the floor." My friends bur t into a laugh and Tom Nteuham exclaimed: ' Served you right. What business have you to own so many shirts.1 1 have only one. In fact that was what kept me from you yesteiday so long. 1 had to lie in bed while it was being washed and ironed?aud the woman kept it two hours beyond time, because I owed her a little kill." "Well," 6aid I, "I wish you'd stop your nonsense and fix up matters; and we'll go out and take a crack or two this morning " ?'Not with me," answered Tom. "It's too cold for the fingers. I ll teli you what we'll do. We'll have a game of whist. There's just a snug purty. I wonder where Fred is ?" "I don't know," said I, "he promised yesterday to come and see me.'' "I'll beta sous," cried Jack Fry, "thai h? was the Robin Goodfellow wno up^s your wardrobe." "Just like him," I replied, "but atver theless, 1 am bant on shooting thii morning." "So you shall shoot, old fellow," criec Tom Ne*dham, "so fou shall: and yot r-7 ~ rrted'nt oool your fingers either. Yo? lew# this old rat-trap to-morrow, don't wr Wl _ I 44 Very good. Then well giv* your | landlady s proof of solid regard. Here 1 and he took a piece of coal from the hearth fts he spoke?41 I'll chalk out the I old'lady on the closet door. Loftd your pistols?its about twelve paces from the 1 other Fide of the room ?and we'll put I more balls into the old feminine than I she puis pepper corns into her mock I turtle soup." A general yell of approval greeted hifl I novel proposition, amid which Tom I gravely pro<~eeded to sketch what he Joalled a rematkably correct portrait of 1 the mistress of the house; and Harry I Picrce set to work to load the pistols. 1 V** hen Harry had finished, be claimed 1 the first shot for his pains, which Tom I eHlmed fer the ?me reason intuting I that he had set up the wind mitt ho I ought to tilt at it. A mock altercation I followed, which was finally settled by a toes up. which Iisrry won He grasped I the pistol accordingly, and fl:ed. A noiRe of something followed. The I concussion had disturbed the body, which I in failing had struck a side shelf, ard I ?verturned some books We all started. I Ncidham, however, did not notice it, I and presented his pistol, fired agair, bul I entire y too low, exclaiming when he I saw the result?44 There's a ball in her I ladv^hips calf, by Jupi?er." I Harry turn d to me as white as a^hes, I and 44I'id you hear anything ?" I 441 did," I replied, 44 the ball from I your pistol, and be hanged to y< u, I has upset some of my books, I suppose." 44 Un, my tJ?>d !" exclaimed liarry, *'I I have a terrible presentment. Suj j*>se I niv brother hhould have hid himself in I the closet. And he sank down on the I rhair as ha sp >ke. We gathered round 1 h m ; and Tom Necdham burst into a I fit of laughter. ! 44 Upon my soul." said he. 44 you are I w^rse than the baker's daughter, ' Here J .e cried in a squeaking tone. 4 If I were I o by marrud. and weie to have a little I Oitby, and it were to come here and get I mto the oven and then be burned to I loath?boo?boo! Then resuming hia I natural tone he ex laiined, 44 You are the I moat ridiculous fools, the who'e of you. I I over saw Hive you any brandy in your I ten ? 1 mast have a little to revive me I liter this sc?_ne. You'd better give Harry I -otrc. Lord knows h* n'?d-t it " I My heart tbrr?b'.?d with strange de 1 light. TLe web of my d ffi;i?lMt> was I btim; rapi lly uaraveiled? my escapewas I uiuost certain ; but what if ibey :honld I 'liscovir the fracture ? I v.alk?*a ooldly I forward to the cn>-et and placing hi/ I hand on the- catch rob, saiJ?44 In order I to dissipate your doubt. I U oj-en the I my.tery." A.:~. L spoke I threw thedoof I ip?de open. Mine was ar affected shout, but not so I that of t!iw- res?. I shall not forget the I -:ilu g"r?r es cf despair which It-fc the bo I scn> *'f Harry Fierce as he knell forward I waid a; <1 tailed '-he body of li s brother, I nor the terrible tones of that hoarse I whimper, in which he said, 44 I ua a vain; I God forgive my f:liy ! ' and then sank I into the arm* of Tom Needham My companions examined the body. I The ball of Harry had evidently gone I through his heart. The absence of I blood was at once accounted for by the I inward bleeding : and as we were ex?m I ining the body, we heard the shrill vooe I cf our hostess lady outside scolding be I couse we were firing pistols and sh'iek* I mg in our room. A debate now ensued in regard to the I disposal of the dead body. 1 knew that I the blow on the head would be discov I ercd, it the thing vras suggested that we J bad better bury the body tecretly. I I told them that it could be packed in the I long box which lay there; and that one I of us could meet the conveyance out of Jtown, uko it to some oui-of the way I spot, wheirt I could assist to bury the I body. In the meanwhile, Needham I could purchase a coffin, and other neces I sarv materials as though to send~it off I to the country, and at night we could I bury it. Harry Pierce made no opposition, be was incapable of anything, the plan was carried out, a^ I suggested, and each parted. 1 he rest was convinced and are s>tili, that a brother hau been the unwil licg murderer of a brother. Harry Pierce died last year in a mad-house, aud I am bore, twenty years after, with grey hairs on my head, and an unclouded reputs I tion, to tell the tale. Pill Takers.?There are people in the world who physio themsi Ives to death. We have known men to flee to pills for relief for every kind of ill. They had what may bo called a pill mania. Some of these pill devourere would present* startling sum total, could they give in lound numbers the am >un. taken during % life-time. We recollect hearing of one man, in the western part of New York State, the total of whose pill-taking was recorded as follows: In twentv-one ycais he took 226,934. which is at the rate of 10,806 p ryear, or 29 per day. He be* gan, would seem, with a mod el ate appetite, which increased as he grew older; for during the eight years preceding his death?of course he died? i he swallowed pills at the rate of seventy i eight per day! In one year, just before ho shtfUrd off his pill coil, he took not less than 51,000! The most surprising part of the story is yet to be told: in ad dition to all the pills above recorded, this victim swallowed, at various t;mes, some 50,000 bottles of mixtures. These facts L were obtained, we would aid, from a respectable apothecary, near where our ? medicine-maniac lived from boyhood to - death; and who Jurnished him with all he wanted in his line. There is a quts - tion in our mind, whether the respsctsbls I apothecary, as aforesaid, was not an se ' cessory to the murder of his profitable 1 customer; for, that he was murdered, i1 would wo lo be ? fixed fact.

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