Newspaper of Evening Star, May 10, 1855, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 10, 1855 Page 2
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KVENING STAR. WASIII^GTON 01TY: THURSDAY APTKBUCOlP ..7.... If ay 10. AVBKTM FOR THK OTAB The following persons are authorized to contract for the publication of adrer tiseinents in the Stmr: Philadelphia?V. B. Palm be, N. W. corner of Third and Chestnut streets. New York?& M. ParnHQiii, & Co., Nassau street. Boston?V. B. Palmkr, Scollay's Building. H7* Advirttaaitwrrs should be handed Ul by 12 o'clock, M., otherwise they maj "Ot appe?v until the next day. 5?LRIT 0* IHK K-JiirUNO PiLSS The Union perceives the signs of the early dissolution of the Know Nothing organization in the want of harmony in their councils. The editor points out tbe features? in their organi aation. upon which ho says there is serious uiiference among them, and argues to show that disgust on the part of the men of charac ter and good prineiples, who hive unwittingly joined them, will soon cause the order to be broken up The Union alto recount: the his tory of the recent prosecution against Meesr? Kinney and Fabens for alleged intention to ?violate the neutrality laws of the United State?. That is to say. as the editor compre herds it. The InteliigdPcer republishes an articic from the Evening Pott, deprecating tfco re moval of Judge Loring by the Legislature of Massachusetts, complimenting that journal warmly on the corrcctne=s of its view upon the subject, in saying^ We say frankly that we have nover ap proved of the removal ?f Judge Loring by the Legislature of Massachusetts lie was cU li*p laced for misconduct or incompetency iu his office as a judge. Neither his integrity, nor his learning, nor his capacity have been in question, ilia rffci.ce was that he acied a* a Icitrd Sia'es C^mmUcioner under the fa j^itiTC-ilivs lnw of 18o0. Klu remanded an ?soaped slave to hi* master He shares the vie ? s whi h Webster atd Professor Steuart. of Aodovcr, inculcated, and which, about the time of the passage of that law, if was the lashi^c in Massachusetts to preach irom the pulpits. Acp rding to those views it wa? a patriotic dusy to co operate in enforcing the law and restoring 'he runaways to those who claimed them, buo'a otions are now old fashioned in Mru^chusetis; but Judge Loring ?e*.n:s no* t> have rencuncod them with the same facility that o'hers have done when it became certain that they were no longer pop ular W e should certainly have thought better of Judge Loring if ho had refused td hav?? h id a^y thiag to do with the cxecutiou of tnat in fam us law. It did n'?t. however, fceloag to the Legislature to purish him for the par; ho took. All legislation of a vindictive nature is wror.g It is not the province of the Legisla tarts to puaiah its duty i3 to enact luws. and leave the puni-hmor.t to the civil magistrates. If Judge Loring bad commi'ted an act which the c >mmuni:y disapproved but which to law had deflced as a cii-as or attached to it any penalty it was the easiest thing in the world to res'rain him frcm repeating the tff-n:e The Judges uf the Stare Courts might have beju prohit-ited frcm acting under the f gitite slave law, aid there the matter won d have ended ? The removal cf a judge because he hip pe~s not to agree wita a mjjurity of the Legis lature in his interpretation of tbe Constitu tion er his views official duty is a most danger ous precedent. A Whig Legislature may find a Dem >cra* on the bench, an 1 insist upon dis placing him; a Democratic Ligislature may discover that a judge is unsound in reg.-.rd to the doctrine of internal improvements, or ?ome other dogmaot their creed and vote for taking away his office. A Kso* Nothing Legislature may remove a judge because ue is against re pealing the naturalization laws Ihere will be no limit to the caprice cf Legislatures; there wiil be co possible security for the inde penco cf the judges The Legislature will erect rseif into a general avenger of all polit ical heresies." A Valuable B.ok. We thank Taylor A Maury for gracing our book table wi*.h a copy of the " Manual of Sacred History; A Guide to the Understand ing of tbe Divine Plan of Sal vat on according to its historical developement, by John lienry Kurti, D. D., Professor of Ch'irch History in the University of Dsrpat (Ku-sia) Ac. Translated ficm the sixth Germnn edition; by Charles F Schaeffar, D D : Philadelphia. Lindsay A Biak'ston ." The author of this work is one et th$ most distinguished Protee tant churcnmen in Eur -p.* whose eminenco a* a sacrrd historian and bj universally respected character as a Christian tea her, secure him the consideratien of the Russian Government to such an extent as to induce his employment (though there a heretic) in his present distin guished position in the Russian ? spire. His book.of which this is a translation ranks as the best prr*oucal munualof sacred history extant. We Lave opened co hook of late, the plan and execution of which pleaded us more It is a precise key to the comprehension of much of the Sciiptqros which at times strikes the understanding of the mac who takes little time to investigate scriptural facts and infer eoce . a" improbable It is, indeed, a ready key to the study of the bible as tho old est historical work within the reach of the the great mass cf American reade-s. While shedding a flood cf light on biblical facts, the author, without any apparent effort so to do, imprests the min-l of his readers with proper appreciation of the divine philosophy cf the history he is studying It remains for the stodent after *ardi to profit by the enlighten ment and elevation of sentiment, which must influence his mind while perusing this useful and really interestiog work. tlTGreat preparations were making in Paris at the date of the last advices for the million of visiters, who, it is cxpected, will visit that city to see the Industrial Exhibition. Houses were building and undergoing repairs, and it was officially stated that fifteen thousand new wheeled carr-ages of various sorts had been prepared for the occasion. lhe opening of the Lxhib.tion has been postponed un'.il the middle of May. ZjT The first green peas of the season were reoeived in Baltimore yesterday, from Norfolk, Va. They were held at %i per bushel Ham -Wi have a file of the Prince papers to April 2lst A fire occurred in that sapitai at 2 A M . Ma;ch 26th, which con iitned three beuses?ih.-se of Budet, father ar.d son. and that of Syila Bouai A d iUghter oI the older Boiet, named Euchtris, 22 years old, perished in the flame Tbe late papers eoutaio aocounts of tbe religious ceremonies on latter Sunday, and of a grand procession to receive from the Empress aod convey to the Church a present of two images?cf the Vir gin and St. Peter ?Jour of Com. QTThe Chinese hava a saying, that an un lucky word dropped from the tongue cannot -fee brought bask again with a coach and six horse*. WASI1I!IGT?N NEWS AM GSiSIP. The Kinney and Fabens Prosecution ? The action of Jsdge Ingeraoll upon the in dictment against Messrs. Kinney and Fabens ?a understood to have been received with bo little surprise i unofficial circles here, as though it is judged that aider lome ftrango delusion, he is using hiirjadicial functions to a'd and abet filibustering. Hia ruling is, that tho United States must ga to trial cn the testi mony on which the indictment against K. and F. was found ; though it is well known to all conversant with the law, that a proaecu ting attorney rarely sends before a grand jury more of the testimony in a case than is sufficient to secure a presentment In this case the judge not only announced this sirange reading of the law, but also ignored the affidavit of the law officer of the United State*, that his request for a short de lay was occasioned by the absence of material witnesses. The reader will, from these facts, perceive why it is that the action of Judge J. j has been received with se grave surprise here. We have again to say that notwithitanding this judicial fanx pa*, it is hardly possible that the government will permit the expedi tion to sail. The Neutral Star."?Our talented, amiable and unaasuming Evening Cetemporary seems disposed to make a neutral of ns, terming us one in his issue of yesterday aftornoon. The idei la his, not ours Not long since he styled us an "administration organ." The Star is independent?not neutral?expressing the views of its conductor with emphasis on all public question?, without thought of subserving the interests or pleasing the taste of any par licular party or clique Neutrality implies being undecided No one who has read the Star ragularly, can really fancy that it is in our nature to fail to have an emphatie opinion upon every subject worth forming an opinion about. i he Retiring Li?t Hoax on the Baltimore Sun ?A correspondent writes us concerning this infam us outrage perpetrated on the several re?pcctable navy officer and the con ductors of the Baltimore Sun. u follows : The bogus list of officers purporting to have been appointed as tho Retiring Board, which was published in the Baltimore Sn/i of vester day morning, has excited much indignation in n?va! tirclcs from the fact that officers are included in it who acknowledge themselves physically incompetent to the performance of ?' all their duties ashore and afloat," but who have, nevertheless, by their gallant service m action, contributed largely to build our navy up, and establish it in public estimation. The gallant gentleman who beads the li-t of Captains in this " bogus list," commanded the 1 iconderoga, one of the principal vessels of McDonoutrh's fquadron ou Lake Cham, plain, and there are many officers, among them the distinguished one who now com m*nds our Navy Yard, who bear testimony ? his heroic gallantry in that severe action r or this service he reeeived the thanks of Congress and a gold meial For years his eyesight has been failing and he is now un derstood to be nearly blind. Again, the last of "this list of captains par ticipated as c midshipman of the Constitution 10 the capture <?f tne Cyaae and Levant His hearing w-i? sheeted by the cannonade of that action, and from that day to his ha- gradually become worse, until. a3 no is understood to aa is;; himself, ne is physically incompetent to pe-loiiu iia service Both the officers above referred to are .im-jng the most unexceptionable men in our nary, and yet they are niado tho subjacts of this heartless "joke." Other officers in this list could be referred to, whose constitutions i;ave been broken down in tho oourse of their professional career, but whoso characters are without spot or blemish. Jfr. Fabens There seems to be a strange misapprehension existing in New York con ceming the relation* of Mr. Fabena to the Government, as he continues to be styled "I nitod States Commercial Agent at Sr.n Juan Seme time 6inoe, we remarked on what appeared to us to be satisfactory proof that he had been formally asked to resign, owing to his complicity in the second Kinney expedition We were in error in supposing that he had promptly complied with tbat re quest. \\ t are not, however, in error in say iog, as we do now, that he has subsequently been removed from that position by the Secre tary of State. The fact is well known in foreign diplcmatio circles here. So Mr F. has no longer any official connection what* ever with the Government of the United States. Know Nothing Nomination in Aloxan andna ?The Know Nothings of Alexandrin have nominated a Mr. James D. Reid as their candida e for the Lower llous? of the Legis lature, throwing overboard Lewis McKeniie, who represented tlia county >n the lest House of Dilegates. Mr McKemie is a gentleman of high character and great experience, and most was proverbially one of the best informed and useful members of the last legislature, of the nominee, the editor of the Star knows nothing. Though a property holder and resi dent and voter in Alexandria county, where he was born, the editor of the Star never saw or even heard of Mi J as H Reid before. Mr. McKenzie's frieEds will support him, we understand The Codification of the District Laws.?We have not been able to learn what progress is being made by .he Board of Ccdifiers of the laws of the .District of Columbia, appointed by the President under the law of the last Session to that end. Great anxiety oertainly exists our fellow oitii-ns to know *hat they are doing. That is, to ascertain the general points by which this board propose to govern their action. We have to say to the public of Washington and Georgetown that it will afford us pleasure to spread in our columns any sug gestions with reference to the modification of any District law sent to our office by corres. pondents, which strike us as being likely di rectly or indirectly to aid the Board in making the best possible code. 8*ttl?rs Contesting State Claims to Swamp Lands ?As there seems to be misunderstand ing as to {he proper method to be pursued by parties in contesting the olaim of the State to swamp lards, the following rules have been adopted: The party wishing to con test the State claim must file in the Gen eral Land Office hie affidavit, or the affidavits of creditable persons, setting forth the true character of the land. On receipt of suoh af fidavit, the land officers are instructed toissuo notices to the proper State authorities, and the contestant, notifying them of the time and plaoe of investigation, and requiring them to a'teiid witn their witnesses cn the appointed Jay- The testimony adduced by both parties is to be reduced to writing, and transmitted with the joint opinion of .the Register and Re ceiver thereon endorsed, to the Surveyor Gen eral for examination and decision. The affidavit requirod to bo filed in the General Land Offioe ia/*"ded as an cpphA ration to enter the land**,* the pajfy filing' such affidavit first will have the preference right to e?try, provided it be aaoertained that the tr&et, at the time of it? selection as swamp land, waa properly in market as other public land* liable to entry, and that no rights h%d attached thereto prior to the filing of such af. idavit. Commutations of Fuel and Quarters ?By a decision of September 4, 1835, upon the meaning of " temporary absenee," aa used in Army Regulation 1,041, (paragraph 082, edition of 1841,) it was held that these words meant an absence not exceeding thirty days, so far aa the title of offioers to quarters at per manent stations waa oonoerned. Bat mem bers of oourts martial aro expressly excepted from the role by a decision made in 1840, and when away from their permanent posts on that dnty, are entitled to reoeive commuta tion for quartera and fuel at anch posts, though their absenoe may exoeed thirty daya. Sailing of the Dolphin ?The United Statea brig-of war Dolphin Bailed frjm the Norfolk navy-yard, yeaterday, for the coaat of Africa. The following ia a lint of her officers: Lieut. Commanding Edward R. Thomson, Lieuts. J M Wainwright and Qeo. M. Ransom, Passed Assistant Surgeon Edward Shippen, Purser Qeo. R Qriswold, Acting Maater N. H. Van xandt, Paaaed Midshipmen 0. F. Johnston and Austin Pendergrast. An Army Officer Resigoed?Capt. James Monroe, of 6th Infantry, U. S. A., baa reaigned to take effect from the 9th inst. The Current Operations of the Treasury Department.?On yesterday, the 9th of May, thers Hereof Treaaury Warrants entered on the books of the Department? For the redemption of stock SI,121 55 For paying Treasury debts 4,747 80 For tho Customs...... 27,005 99 For the War Deportment, .. 119,650 13 For repaying in the War Depart ment 33,470 13 For the Interior Department 35,949 80 l'EB.?ONAL. .... David H. llanlon died in Baltimore,on Tueaday night, of pneumonia, after a bricL illness, lie was well and favorably known in this city, especially among the typographical fraternity, of which he was a member, lie was engaged, at different periods, both aa s newspaper publisher and a reporter for the pross .... Rev. Byron Sunderland, of this city, , silo am^ng the speakers at the celebration of tho anniversary of the Sunday School Union, in New York, on Tuesday evening. .... J. E. Pierce, Esq., an old and respeoted citizon of Columbus, Ohio, died suddenly, a few days ago, while at an Odd Fellows' meet ing .... Eugene Casserly claims from the city of San Francisco $15,000 as a fee for profes sional services. This may be considered rea sonable if ? ho gentleman has purged that oity of some of its moral diseases. .... A man named Batchelor, a resident of Illinois, has lately recovered $24,000 from a railroad company in Canada, as compensation for having hi* legs broken by a collision of two trains. .... The investigating Nunnery Committee of the Massaohu^etts Legislature report that llirs " best performed th? duties imposed upon him;" yet, in their own language, they eay he is 44 unworthy longer to occupy a seat on the floor of the Uouse " If the man who " beat performed his duties" in that discreditable affair ia " unworthy of a seat," what should be done with those who worst performed their duties? What uust bo the composition of cu:h a House? .... Hon. Walter T. Colquitt, formerly a Senator of the United Statea, died at Macon, Ga , on Monday last. .... Baron Prevoat, formerly secretary to Louis XVIII., and Charles X., of Franoe, died on April 1st, at the Chateau de Boistnar, aged 73 years .... Among the recent arrivals at New Ycrk, is Major General Jesup. A Consumptive's Suicide Coroner Lowry was, last evening, called upon to hold an inquest on the body of a German, named Frederick Schuchman, in South Pittsburg, who had died from the effect >f injuries inflicted by his own handa. The circumstances attending the porpetra tion of the deed, aro apparently as follows : Shucbman occupied a house on Coal Hill, and was in indigent circumstances He was a butcher by profession, and formerly pos sessed considerable wealth, which he squan dered ior drink, the immediate use of whioh soon undermined hi* constitution, shattered hi6 physical frame, and left it open to con sumption, which, by gradual progress, was making him its victim. For eomo two or three months Spaat he was oo&lined to his bed, and on Saturday told his wife that his pain was so great that he could arand it but little longer. On Saturday night she remained up and prayed in his behalf, by hia bed side, until 3 o'clock on Sunday morn ing. whon, being fatigued, she retired to her couch to i est, and being asleep probably half an hour, when she heard a noias, and on rising found her husband lying on the floor, hia head clothing covered with blood Her first im pulse was, that not knowing what he did, her companion had got cut of bed, and by exertion ruptured a blood-vessel. On making a more close examination, the real state ol the case presented itself to her gate. The truth, the awful truth, flashed across her mind. He had committed self murder. A large butcher-knife was lying by his side, covcrod with bluod, with which he had out his throat, almost from ear to ear, severing both the jugular veins. The alarm was soon Bpread to the persons residing in the neighborhood, and Dr. McCook sent for, who soon arrived, and bandaged up the injured man's wounds He gradually began to revive, a&d was soon enabled to speak, when he stated that he re collected arising froax the bed, but knew not what he was doing when committing the deed. In a short time he again began to fail and continued to do so until about three o'clock, when he expired. He leaves a wife and five children, in indigent circumstances, to mourn his untimely fate. The jury returned a ver dict in accordance with the facts.?Pittsburg Chronicle, May 7. Raft Excursion by Ladirs.?The Phila delphia Inquirer, of the 8th inat, says, three ladies, from Oswego, N. Y., came through to Columbia on a raft, laat week, tarrying there over laat Sunday; then proceeded on their journey to tide-water. Thia excursion was undertaken for pleasure, the ladies having a handseme cabin and comforts and delicacies to match. The exoursVon was enjoyed by them much. Singular Escape ?A few days since, while Mrs. Danforth, of Warren, Pa., waa engaged in her usual duties, a heavy thunder storm came up, and in the midst of ita fury a light ning stroke deacendeA upon her, burning the hair fr.m the crowaxf the head to the back of the neck, melting ner hair pins, and pro ceeding down her bodf?leaving its ma? u it went?until it passed through the floor. Strange to say, the fidy lived and is rapidly recovering. , Wixnebagoks on TOR Movr ?The St Paul Minnesotian ef the -?$d ait., says: General Fletcher came down from Long Prairie on Fri day laat, ana hassinee departed for the Blue Earth River, to select the new country grant* ed by treaty for theYuture home of the Win nebagoea. The agegt-is accompanied by three chien and three bfavea of the tribe, who, along with Mr Aaa^White, a trader at the Big Bend, o onstitute the delegation on the, part of the tribe to gaiat in making the seleo tion. They can select their country anywhere on the Blue Earth, act nearer than three miles to the Minnesota River They will probably go uj> sijpgh aa theWattowan branch. Visit or Patsiorar Piirci ?The Presi dent of the United Sutetarrtvadin Baltimore yesterday morning, at 10> e'olook, in a train from Washington, aeeompaaiad by J. G. Ber rett, postmaster at Waahlngton During the morning he visited the oastoauhowe, post offloe, and the proposed site for the building contemplated to be ereeted for the poet-offlce and United States eo*yt Oelonel Jaeeb O Davies and Philip P. Thomas, fesd., collector of the pors accompanied him. The Preeldent is stopping at Barnnm's Uotel, where elegant apartment* were provided for him. His visit was as private as possible; notwithstanding a number of oar prominent citiscns called upon him and exohanged congratulations lie looks remarkably well, and will retnrn to Washington to-day.?Bait. Sun. >THE FREE VOTER8 OP THE THIRD Ward opposed to secret political societies are reminded lhat, pursuant to adjournment, they we to meet to night, at 8 o'clock, at Franklin Hail, corner of 9lli and D street*. JOS. BRYAN, Chairman. R loYi.K, Secretary. - 10 the voters of the fourth W srd who are opposed to secret political Associations are invited to attend (be adjourned meeting at the Hall, in Parker's Buildinr>, on Pa. avenue, THIS < Thursday) 8 o'clock may 10?lt? OFFICERS OF THE FIRST RE6I ment and Third Brigade, Attention.- The commissioned officers of the first regiment and third Brigade, now in command, will attend a meeting to be held at FLINT'S Hotel, on MONDAY NIG"HT next, to take into consideration the interest of the Reziment. Punctual attendance is required of every com missioned officer in command. AN OFFICER, may 10?4t* ^-^^MILITARY EXCURSION.?THE NA tional Guard re?pectfully make known to the Military and the public generally that they will %invn^cur,ica,t? ?,Jvllite House Pavilion on MONDAY, June 11,185#. Particulars iu ftiture advertisement. may 9 -3t* af-^^SECONr) ANNIVERSARY OF THE Jamestown Societyc.f Washington ?The ' Jamestown Society of Washington*? will cole oC ?rc.?rd at Mount Vernon, on SATURDAY next, the 12th instant. Having chartered the steamer George Washington tOr the occasion, she will leave her whart in this city at 9U o clock, a. m., stopping at Alexandria, and proceed to Mount Vernon, where the anniversary address will be delivered by Gkoroe VVAsniaamx Park Ccstis, E?q. After allowing the companv sufficient time to examine everything of interest "conncted with the residence of the Father of his Country, the boat will proceed to the Wh te House, Pavilion, where the society will partake of a dinner prepared for fheni The Marine Band has been engaged for the occa sion. Tickets for the excurejpn and dinner $3, which may be had at the stores of George and Thus Par ker, VV. M Morrison, Jo. Shillington. and of the of ficers of the Society. may 9-3t |l IJ ATTENTION, GERMAN YEAUERS.-You ? ? her? by ordered to me et at your armory in ?fil !jl full uniform, for inspection, at 614 o'clock cn II ill THURSDAY EVENING, May lOJi. By order of the Captain: 8 - 3t M. RUPPEL, O. S. fc-^S^ALUMNI OF WASHINGTON SEMI iKJa n try.?A meeting of all the Old Pupils of the Washington Seminary will be held at the Semi nary, F street, between 0th and 10th, on PRIDAY next, 11th instant, nt 5% o'clock p. m. Punctual and general attendance is particularly requited. (city papers) may 7?d LAW PARTNERSHIP. Robert j. walker ana louis janin have formed a co partnership under the firm ot " W alker k Jan-n," for tlw management and ar gument of cases in the Supreme Court of the United Slates, and before the Court of Clainrs at Washing ton City. 8 Address Washington, D. C. may 10-eo3m SUMMER MILLINERY. ~ ?*WMISd E. E. McDONALI), (hucces >?l^-or to Mrs. Ann H. Clark,) will TPi'herSUMMER MILLINERY on Sat urday next, the 12th instant, a: her well known es tablishment, *o 71 Bridge street, three doors cast of the Post t ?ffice, Georgetown, D. C. may 10-3t NOTICE. -jeJT^i^Oentlemen having Ticket* of Invitation to the Plank Shad Dinner at ttie White House Pavilion on FRIDAY, May 11, will take their invitations with them. The Boat leaves Washington at 9jtf a. m. *3T Coaches leave Browns' Hotel lor the boat at a m, and will be at the boat on her return WM. T. DOVE, SAM'L BACON, MARSHALL BROWN may 10?It Committee. WILLARD'S HOTEL, O.'d Point Comfort, Vt< 1MIIS SPLENDID SEA SHORE HOUSE IS . NOW OPEN. Board per day $3 00 Board by the week, per day 1 50 Board by the month, per day 1 25 Bath* lor the guesu m?y 10 ?lm c. C. WILLARD &? BRO. GfiAND VOCAL AHD INSTRUMENTAL BY THE MUSICAL CONVENTION Now in Session at Smithsonian Institution, On FRIDAY KYKN1KG, May 11, In the Lstcture Room of thi Smithsonian. ?'I I1E Committee appointed by the Convention X would submit th? following Programme as one of lhe most attractive lhat has ever been placed btlore the public of Washington. The Orchestra will be filled bv members of the Convention and the MARINE BAND, producing an effect which has never before been attempted in this city. The whole will bs under the direction of Trof. I. B. WOODBURY, of New York. l'rol. SC.'EEL will preside at the Pianoforte. Tickets TWENTY-FIVE CENTS-to be h id at all our Musie and Stationery Stores. > PROGRAM ME-i-art t. 1. Chorus?We wait for thy loving kindness 2 Quartette?The Old Church Road 3. Baliad?Take me Inme to die 4. Anthem?I'il wash my hands in iacocency (iuarteiie?She rapt him in a little shroud 6. Quartette and Chorum?How beautiful upon the _ _ mountain 7. Quartette?The Three Marys 8. Duett and Charus? Frcm the Oratorio of Ish ? ? . mael y. Tno?Oh, that I had wings 10. Grand Chorus?Wake the theme of praise. PART II?saCCLAR. 1 Chorus?Hail, Fairy Queen 2 Ballad?Gambler's Wife 2 Serenade?Sleep, Lady, Sleep 4 Glee?The .Maiden and Black Bird ?> Duct?Master and Pupil 6 Song?The, Old Sexton 7 Glee?The Warrior's Welcome 8 Song?Take mu back to Switzerland J Battle Chorum?On to the field of glory 10 Madrigal?Flora gave nic fairest flower 11 Chorus?Away, Away, Away, the morning freshly breaking * \rt ftfK*' factoten -Opera of the Barber of Seville 13 Chorus?Away, no longer stay. nicy 10-2t (Im&Unionlt) FIREnsi'B GRAND EXCURSION TO THE WHITE HOUSE. THE FIRST OF THE SEASON! MEMBERS OF THE HY yanfcfDEAPLIOlf FIBE COMPARY ,n'nf?rn??8 u,? citttens and firemen ot Alexandria, Washington and vicinity, that thev w^mvpTOi!rhVP'endid Steamer GEORGE WASHINGTON for an excursion to the above 1855 P ' 0n THUK?dAY, MAY IT. SO^em?"16"18 8erVCd U? at Ci,y price"- dinner, ?Pro!Peri'? celebrated Military and Co til Ion Band has been engaged for the occasion. .kTTI Per?m' wishing to spend an agreeable day should not let this opportunity pass, as the Commit tee pledge themselves that no pains or expeille shall be spared to make this THE EXCURSION of the season. The Boat will leave Alexandria at 6U o'clock return aud leave Washington at 9% and Alexandria fh* Wh , .i Return'n?> th? A"" boat will leave o'clock House at 0 o'clock, and the last at 9 maykff4otd?r * 86nUeman and two ladi<*' W NEW AND OLD PIANOS. PIAWmm ?IU "?re ^ aaaortment of rlANi iS ever offerej in this city, Irom H*l jr^.' *v'8 k Co., Bacon k Raven, and Knabe, Gaehle & Co. ? celebrated manufactories. Th<-s? Pianos we guarantee, and sell upon very easy termT Also, a ne* Pi no used only a few months which we offer at the low price of $800 c?h ja^ond hand Piano, by Andre Stien, f6r #75. Ct,ci"i*? '""of" Old Pianos taken in exebanga for new. Always on hand, Stools, Coven, Violins Goiiar* Flutes. Accotdeont, Music, htt kc nJOHN *"? ELLIS, OFFICIAL* Franklin Pierce, President of the United State* nf America, to all whom U may concern : Satisfactory evidence hiring been exhibited to me that Caxl Lobbpx baa been appointed consul of Hamburg for the port of Philadelphia, I do here by recognise him an audi, and dacRtrc him fre?: to exercise and enjoy rurh functions. power* and privileges a* are allowed to the Consul* of the most fkvorcd nation* tn the United States. In testimony whereof, I have caused these letter* to be made patent, and the aeaJ of the United States to be hereunto affixed. Given under my hand, at the eity of Washington, the 8th day of May. A. D. 1855, and of [l>. a.] the independence of the lTnitod States of America the seventy ninth. FRANKLIN PIERCE. By the President: W. L. Mmct, Secretary of State. omoiAi. DarAaTMKWT op Etiti, 1 Washington, May 8, 180ft. / The following tranaiation of a decree of the impe [ rial government of Brasil, in relation to the resi dence of foreigners in that empire, is published for | general information: Decree So 1531 of January 10,1855. Exempts foreigners from permit* >f residence, ai.< permits them to travel in the interior of the empire with suck passport* as they may have brought with I fliem, and, for the want of such, with the passport of their respective ministers, consuls, or vice cou ! suls, the same bearing the ri?a of the Brazilian au tho ities. I l ave seen good, with a view of carrying out the law No 261 of November 3,1841, and in virtue of article 101, section K, of the constitution to decree the following: Article 1. Permits of residence ire abolished [ and foreigners coining to the empire axe exempt** from the same. Art. 2. At every police office a book shall be kept for the registration (f foreigners entering or leaving the empire. Art. 3 On the occasion of the police visit foreign | en shall state their names, condition, the place of iheir na ivity, profession, the object for coining hers when they arrived, and whe:e they intend to reside. In those places where no police visit is made, the aforesaid declaration shall be made before the chief | of police, delagate or sub-delegate within twenty four hour* after landing, under penalty of from $10 to #50 fine imposed by the competent authority. Art. 4 The declaiation alluded to in the forego ing article does not exonerate captains and masters of iiiercliar.t vessels from the obligation imposed on them by the 25ih article of regulation No. 120 of January 31, 1843, to declare, in a statement signed by them, the number, name, employment, occupa tion, and place of nativity of the passengers they bring with them, with or without passport i. Art 5. The declaration of the foreigner and of the master or captain of the vessel shall be immedi ctely transmitted to the bureau of police by the vis iiing officer or the authority who receives them. Art 6. The visitiDg officer, the chief of polic:, or the delegate or sub delegate to whom the foreign er presents himself, shall examine his passport, and :he same being found in due form, it shall be returned to him, visaed, dated and signed. Art 7. If there should be any doubt as to the le gality of the passport, or the foreigner come without ope, the chief of police, the delegate or sub-delegate sh til permit him to land if there isno reason for sus pecting him tc be a criminal; but if he bhould be suspicious, and have no certificate to present in hi* favor from his minister, or, in the abscnee thereof, from his respective consul or vice cAnsul, the chief of police, the delegate or sub delegate, shall compel the vessel which brought him to take him ba&, re porting the circumstance to the government at th? capital, and to the President in the provinces. Art. 8 To enable a foreigner to travel from one province to another, or in the interior of the nme, the passport with which he arrived in the empire will be sufficient, provide.! it bear* the visa of the competent authority, with this clause: "For the province of The visa must be dated, signed paid for. and renewed every time the foreigner leaves [ one province for another. Art 0. But if me foreigner should Inppen to have come without a passport, or have lost the One he broucht with him to the empire, the passport of t ie minister, or, in the absence thereof, that of hi* respective consul or vice consul, with the visa c?C the Brazilian authorities as set forth ia the prcced irg article, shall answer the same putpoee. Art. 10. A foreigner who has resided in the em pire for two years, being in possession of an estab lishment, and conducted himself well, or being mar ried to a Brazilian, shall b? at liberty to travel free ly like a Brazilian after having obtained from th? chief o| police, a certificate of eiiher of ssid con ditions ; this certificate is revokable in case of a chang? of circumstances Art. 11. In case ot their being no diplomatic or consular agent, or the foreigner be a refugee or em igrant, or nwt come under ilie provisions of the pie ceding article, the passport shall be iwued by the chief of police, the delegate or sub delegate; the same being always free of charge for the emigrant or the poor. Art. 12. The ministers of Sta'e, or the chief clerks of the several departments at the seat of gov ernment, the Presidents or their secretaries in the -apitais of the provinces, the chiefs of police, the the delegate or sub-delagate, at the place oflandin* or of departure, shall l>e empowered to grant the passport or the visa referred to in the preceding ar [tides. The powers conferred by this decree upon the chief of polce, the delegate and sub-delegate are not concurrent, but shall be exercised by the dele gate in places where no chief of police resides, or by the sub-delegate where no chief of police or dele gate exists. Art. 13 In consideration of the foregoing articles the respective portion* of the articles in regulation No. 120 of January 31, which refer to permits ot res idence, and to passports for foreigners travelling in the intenorof the empire, are hereby abolished. The provisions of the 87th article of the aforesaid regulation extend to foreigners. Jose Thomas Nabuco de Arango, of my council, Minister and Secretary of State for ths Department | of Justice, will take charge of this, and cause it to bs carried into effect. Palace of Rio Janeiro, January 10, 1855, in the thirty-fourth yew of independence and of the em pire [With the rubric of his Majesty the Emperor.! JOSE THOMAS NABUCO DE ARANGO. Fianklin Fire Company's GRAND FIREMEN'S MILITARY, CLUB AND CI VIC hAXjXj s IN announcing this Ball the Managers would mutl respectfully state that the proceeds will be ap* I propriated towards the erection of a new Engine House for the use of the Company, and that the ball wiii be conducted in a style unsurpassed by an* ! heretofore given, and worthy ot the good ohject for | which it is intended It is hoped that this effort will reccive the libera! support of the whole com munitj. The Ball will take place at the National Theatre, I oa TUltSDAY, the 15th instant. Managers on part of the eUizcn?. Jno T Towers, Silas H Hill, A McD Davis. On part of the firemen. Mr Grant, VV W Grant, J A Tait, W Biggies, ' S E Douglas, J T t?uter, E G Evans, Ed Wright. rfleaaruiria Companies. Hugh Latham, W Barton, S ?hinn, N Thomas. On part of the Military Col Wm Hickey, Lieut Col Riley, Maj Key worth, Capt Jos Peck, J Y Davis, L Towers, P B Key, J A Tait, J J Mulloy, Capt Laaselle, Adjt P Bacon, Or Mr McCuCqp, Sgt Morgan, Capt Jamison, Capt Schwarzman, Capt Bright, Capt Dover*. Capt Sheckells, J E Reese, J L Smith. On the pmrt of the Club*. E C Eckloff, Mr Harrington, R H Graham, M Marshall, OP Robinson, M F Flanigan, R McCormick 1 Maurice, W Caho, T howling, T.rfjnon' - A Howard, W Reardon, Mr Sanford. On the part of the Company. R E Doyle, T L Martin, Jos Williamson, G ? Croasfieid H S Ward, <?roeia. Floor Managers. Win Jones, Jno T Evans. T J Larcomb, Refreshments will be furnished at reasonable pri ces. r *l~t0 fce had Rl lhe Principal hotels and at the door. A sufficient police force will be in attendance to preserve strict order. tay 10?ThSMT (Organ.Int&Uoion) . TO THE LADIES. JUST reaeived fron New York a superior lot of rich Dress Silks, Cashmere and Lace Shawls, I Mantillas, Embroideries, Laces, Collars, fee. Ladies can also be snppUed with French Coraets, Jackets, Supporters, fee. We hive just received the fourth invoice of those fine Leghorn Bonnets which sold so rapidly and gave such satisfaction. We cordially invite the Ladies to give us a call, as great inducements will be offered to purchasers ? HUTCHINSON fe MUNRO, Dealers in Fascy Goods and Millinerv No. 119 Fa. avenue, 1st door west of Messrs Hanwr fe Ca. m y 10?3t ^ BROWN'S FORESTER, 1 vol, Ediobutg, belna directions fo, the pliauua a,d m.aa^cm c! llorest trees. FTLANck tvvi .>u Doe LOW - Lfltt, <m Swndey, Ike IU M., ? while *nd Waek *ttar DOG, with?J biftck lies 1 and cam, Ibe nameof on the eollftr- Any one that wl'l deliver , him lo BAYNR, BUCKNER k CO., Alexamlha? will be suitably rewarded. way ??3i* HORIKI FOR IA I-??Two pur match Horse., (being a fir of blaeksiand ? flV-_ pftir of preys) ?boat liyttn hftnds high, ?nd >^y t?r < (inclc harfM Hor*s are offered for s le. They are in good condition ftnd ?wo ? the* finf mover*- Th*y c?B be *en M ^ StaM*, 8Ji *1, near D. E- BAL.L.. may W?2l? ' BOYS' CLOTHING. WE bave this day received ft large addkio? lo our former Mock, making oar present ***** ment of Boya' Sunmrr Clothmj forecbool ftnd drew wear superior lo any ev?r offered In Ihw city WALL k STEPHENS. Ifii) Pa. avenue, next to Iron Hfttl. ma?9?3t SfcVKNTU WARD.j-UNION T!CKET. For AWerman?DEARBORN R. J OWN SOW. For Common Council?ifAMUBL Pl'MfHRET, SAMUEL S. TAYLOR, HENRY A CLARK*. may 4?le ? HAY?HAT! NOTICE?Just receiv. d per Schr. J Holmea.snd now landing at Pa?e'* \Tbart, foot of Seirentb street, a prime article of Timothy BAT.wwo will be rold low for e*sh if tftken from tbeJA barf Applv to MATTINGLY BROTHERS. may5?5* (Intel) ' JAMES H. BURNS* Cheap Book, Stationery, Periodical Varutjt Start and ilRdLAflAO LHR4RY, No. 150 Bridge atrect, opposite tbe Mayor*! 0?ce, oBoaerrowH, n c. Subscriber* lo all Uic Weekly Periodicals aad Mftgaamea *rved ftt their dwellings _ Agent tor the "Evening Star," where advertise ments will be promptly attended to, ftnd sabscrip tions rpccivfd. 1 w AUCTION^ BARGAINS IN DRESS GOODS. WE hare juat received from aft Ttendve aae uon Bale, in New York, tbe following desira ble GOODS: 1 caae handsome figured Bereges, at 25 cm por y?ra 2 caae* beautiful style Berege de Lftine and Cballey de Laine, at 25c 1 cas? neat figured Berege de Lai 1es, at 18e 2 ca** r>od atyle and quality of Qingbama. at I* I ca* 4-4 English Chinttet, at 20 and 2ftc 1 ca* beautiful atyle Brilliant*, at 25c 2 caws M?rrimack and Allen Printa, ftt lSc jO pl-ccs eery excellent quality of Fre?ch Lawna and JftconeU, warranted good oolora, si it and 25c 25 pieces neat figured Mcua*lain*, suiubie for childrrn 2 cases beat Portsmouth Lawna, warranted Cut col en, 12c 75 Dre?s Patterns rich figored Bcref ea, at IQ and 62c per yard 100 Dress Patterns rich figured Beregus, at 31 and 37c per yard 50 picces plain Bereges, til colore, at 31 ud 37c pa* yard 10 piccea plain French Jaconet*, In pink. Mm, grren, purple, tan, bufi, brown, ftnd othar shade*, at 37c 25 pieces b*??t quality French Gingham*, ni S6e. Ladies are re*pectfully invited te call aad ex amine the above good*, a> they will be found mftch cheaper than any we liad earlier in tbe wasoa. OUR STOCK in all o:her depaitmenu is for ihe season unusually large and well assorted. aad, wishing to reduce itfta s?in n<> piNiMc, we will from Ikis dftte offer any and all of our best Goods at a very small ftdvarce o# the C3at CLAGETr, NEWTON, MAY k OO. m?y 6?6t HO ! FOR SPORT ! A RARE chanee for the lowers of field sports to am cure a r< nuine Pointer Pup. Gentlemen can rely upon retting a thorough bred Pup without tbe rick, a" is too often the case, ot being imposed upon by dishonest dog sellers. Thorn in went may rest satisfied ot those Pup* not being bred ia and ia, which is so o'ten the case,great care has been taken to pne?? the eery best blood in the country. En quire at the Wood Yard of T. DiURY. Pft avenue, between 17th and 18th streets, First Ward, may 8?3t* AUCTION BARGAINS IN DRY GOODS.?Striped and plaid Cashmere, cost SO cents, for 12 Striped and plaid De Lainee, coat 20 cents, for IS# Yard wide Lawns, cost 11^ cents, for 8 Do Ginghams, 11 do 8 White and colored Spool Totton only 1 cent Rleaehed Sheeting, three yards wide, 35 cents Beautiful fleifge Tie Lainea. cost 21 cents, for 14 Fin* French Chalky only 20 cents Do do 11 cents, for 8 White and colored Brillianu?only 22 rent* French Chintz 20 cents 4 4 lush Linen* 31 If ceuta fi-4 Pillow do 57If cent* Beautiful Berege Robes, very cheap Satin Plaids and Grenadines Also, a large assortment of Domestics Come early and secure the greatest bargains ewer offered in ibis city. The good* mu.-t positively be cloned out about the firfet day of July. THE WASHINGTON STORE, (Late Mi?rud?r k Calvert,) No. 10 opp. Centre Market, bet. 8th and 9tb st. may 8?lw FRENCH HATS ftf^MRS. M. PEARCL has just received js^h WKlj't well selected and bi-auiiful a**ort-J[MR} TP^ment of French II ATS and SL'MMERTPP MILLINERY of the latest *tyle* Al*o, STRAW BONNETS, Flat.* for Ctuldrea, Ribbons and Flow [ ers, which she will open on Thursday, ihe 10tb in stant, on 11th fl, be w. E and Pa. av., No. may 8?3t* FRENCH MILLINERY. MRS M. L DAVISON, No. 303/ jPa avenue, between 9th and 10th *t i respectfully announces to her cus-l turner* and the ladies of Washi-igum and vicinity, that she has just received a case cf Fancy French HATS and will open them to tbe public on Thursday, the 10th instsnt, which she re spectfully invites uie attention of the ladies, may 8?5t* M. L- D. QA DOZEN KID GLOVES THIS DAY RE -wU ceivcd, which we are ftrtline for 50c a pair. WALL k STEPHENS, 899 I'a. avenut, next to Iron Hall. may 8?3t HAY?HAY! JUST receivml 150 hales of prime Tixotby HAY, which will be sold low at the warehouse, cor ncr 11th and B ets . neir Canal. may 6?3t* H. W. SOMMERS k CO. NOTICE. .TEE SPLENDID 8TXAMXB a?I PAGE is I tin running between Waslnngton and Alexandna PARK FIVE CEMTI. This is the only boat connecud with the Orange and Alezandrift Railroad ? This boat c*n be had on tbe n-ost reasonable terms for Excuratons, kc. Apply to E. A. RYTHER, Capt. May 8?3t* MORE AUCTION BARGAINS. JUST reoceived at HALL'S Great Cheap Oftfth Store, th-r following auction bargains, which can be sold at about one half the cost af importa tion: _ Ladies' fine Ho*, emb'd with sUk, 18 ctt, worth 37 cents Ladies and C^nilfnwo1! pilk CiOfllcu.,worh 37cenu _ Ladies', Gentlemen's and Misses' cotton G1 owes, on1 > 4 cents Cotton Hose and Half Ho* 6c Swiss Inserting 4e Fne Irish Linen 25 c Handkerchief* 1c 20 yds. Calico for fl Fine De Bages, lie worth 25 6,000 yds finu Calico, warranted fast colors, at 6?, worth 12c per yard Yard wide Cotton 5c Yard wide Lawns only 6c, worth lie Fine French L?wns, wftrrftntod fast colors, lac, worth 25c 12 dozen more of those fine Linen Shirt Bosoiti at 25c worth 50c Fine linen Shirt Collars 10c Undershirts only 25c, worth 60c L'nen Towels 6c Bleached Sheeting only 10c, worth lS#c . Spool Cotton 12c per doz Ladies' French Corset* 1 37 A complete sssortmcnt of Ftouncings, Swiss and Cambric Edgings and Collars, extra cheap Very good ChemiMtta 18c Undtrsleeres only 6c Ladies fine Gra** Skirts very cheap Bonnets, Hate, Flats and Paraaols at extremely low prices Boots and Shoea?In this line I have great bar gains to off n Ladies' Half Gaiters only 75 ctft Very fine black Gaiters only fl, worth #1 00 Ladies' Slippers 37c ( hildren's Shoes 25c Misses' Gaiters 62c Cents' Slipper*, 50c Genu' Congrara Gnitera $1 87, worth $3 Genu and Boys' Lasting Shoes, Oiford Ties and Faney Shoes ia great variety. I wnu d invite tbe whole purchasing community to call and uke a look through my stock before Making their purchases, as I feel confident they will be suited both m goods aad prices, and save ftt least ten per cent. R. B. HALL, t No 37 8 North Seventh street, fourth house above I si. . All goads advertised will be found in store. uiay 5-*?o0t

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