Newspaper of Evening Star, May 12, 1855, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 12, 1855 Page 2
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EVENING STAR. >,rAsnTNGTON 01TY: aiTUEDAT AFTEBHOO* Hay 18 AGENTS FOB THE f?TAB. The following persons are authorized t > contract for the publication of tdrer Useroents in the Star: , Philadelphia?V. B. Palms*, N. W. ooroer of Third and Chestnut, streets. New York?S. M. PrmsoiLL k Co., Nassau street. * Boston ? V. B. Palmii, Scolls^s oil ding. j~7* ADT?TiasiiwrTf should be handod by 12 o'clock, >*., otherwise they may r ?t appear u'Viil the next day. ^ THE WE* ELY STAB. This paper for the present week contain* its usual variety of miscellaneous reading and the, and most re! iabie newt, not only of what oocure* In Washington, bet In different par e j of the Union and of 'ha world. The rapidly increasing number of subacribera, and the en- ? comnma e>? the pre?a respecting it afford ovl den?e ofita popularity everywhere; and jnsti fy u' in aaying, even at the expense of modea ty, tbat a more acceptable wee Jy paper could not be received inio families far and near It &ff>rds us extremesatiaf otfcm to have onr la bcrs in newspaper enterprise appreciated; and , this will encoirage us to redouble our ener gies to make the Weekly Star atill more valu able icd attaactive. STlPir Of THE ?02*159 PE2S* The Intel tger.cer denies (in argument wlih the that it ha? admitted into its col umie gross fraonal abuse of the President and mcmheri of hia cabinet, or that it ever expressed coincidence with ths Union in that j iurnai's views cf " the right cf search/' and ca other qaeatiora ariaicg bst*e*n the United Sta'es and Spain of late. The U* on xecounta the tics committed by by northern Know-Nothirgiaiu to show that it is abclitionisa.- in disguise, and essays to dia reot the Iio3 Meredith P Gentry, the Know-j Nothing c&njidate for Governor of Tennessee. the Supreme Court of New York, on Thur:day, an application was madafcr an er der to authoriss the eats of the John Street Methodist Church property. After a state ment cf the fa*ts cn behalf of the petitioners, Jndgs Roosavel granted tbe application. It was proposed by a majority of the trustees of the church to rtmove up town. The minority oVjiCed, and hence the resort to court. BP A wbil made counterfeit cf the $20 gold pieces is now in circulation. It Is precisely tho circumference cf the coin, but i; is not a* thirk It U valued at $13 60 The coin may be detected by observing the word ?'?old" in small raised letters on th* bottom of the Explosion- of a Locomotive.?a deapateh; frcm Cine nnati, dated May 11, aayj, "A lo-# comctivs a.tacood to a freight train on the JefTe.-son railway exploded ncarSoymoar, In diana, thi, morc:ag. killing the engineer and four ethers, passenger?, inatau'.ly The loco zsotivo was blown to fragments." ^ Thk Matoraltt or Locisville in Cocrt The Louiivillo Journal states that the suit initiated against John Be; bee, by Jamta L. cpesi, for tho cS:e of Mayor, was decided ;n Tae?]ay in f.vor of the plaintiff The case goe? up to the Court of Appeals. Scicids at Pocqbkscpsie ?Laat week a mar. named Morrit Green, who waa confined in Jail at PongVikeepaie for assault and battery, attempted laloide with a pen knife by cuUing his 'broat, but did net succeed. He was sent to the hospital a: Pocghkeepsie, where be has co- mitud suicide by cutting his throat from ear to ear with a raior, which by some means he had sooreted about his person, on known to the officers. An inquest was held upon the body by Coroner Collins. The jury brought in a verdiot tbat the deceased commit ted suicide in a state of insanity. PEBftONAI.. .... Com. Breeae ia at present in Washing ton. ? ...Hon W. A. Barstow. Governor of Wis ?=""'oH v.? ....Herr Drieibaeh, the oelebrated <4Iion tamer," baa taken a wife, and settled down near Potoai; 111. ....The Know Nothing Convention at Sy. raeua- baa expelled a member named Chub touok cn ra:p:oio> of farniahlng the proceed itg to the p ess It eauied much excitement among the members ? ...1 be Court Journal of London records the tu?morah!e fact, -jitb due emphasis, that A?r Ei-erterg had the great honor of cutting the c ms of the Emperor Napoieon III at Buckingham Palace' .... A a*:: alias Emigrant* are returning hene ?o ErjJscd ....The New York Pjst understands that severity bibles btve already entered the lie's lor pnxes at E^num's Baby Sh-w in June nex-. ...lion E B Morgan, of the Caynga dia tr.c>. Berlamia Pringle, of the Thltieth Ccs greaiicni.1 B ttriet ot New York, and Hob Is UVi, r?r^ ,?"' Jr ,ufth# Fifth Congwaton ai Owtnct ot iilatne, Ooctemp!ate aettin" out ce a European tear cn the 16th inat ? ....MaQj.p?raona sent out by tea Aid So cioty to Kansas, are returning back by every ^a: ou; of ap frita, out of money, and nearly out at the elbowr, baring found Kansas "a hard road ?o travel." ....The Ifcntroai Herald (of the 8:h inat) !e?m^by special telegrtohio di,patch, that u S oa' 'te Britiab Eajb.saacor at ?^,t-B.r.W? ^rri\t.d al on Saturday ti Monday morning for Boston V2Ktr?' ? ??" ? tb. tmd Dc.t tr.MpiMd, but it t'.r 'bV w,H k'? r.fer?oe? to rwraitlng U* to Til it ?8&|p Wore returning to Washington. Csxeca o? KA?sas.~Tbo Herall&f Fr?? a>, 01 ^lll! 'I, ewtaina tho complete cenat-a return, of Kansas Territory Thi popul?t:oa is s:a #d at 6.lfil 0f wh<?5 ar m;le? and 3 373 temalea Th? r?, ^ u,e- (f'f the United 7.171- of fop eignere 4?8; and ol slavkb 1#1! ? ' CP*An^io-Sazcr. students consume the mid ci^bt o?l in -heir lamps, but the Russian sta deu't will not *ive it a chance to burn?they f- Wh?n the a.ties entered Pari the Urat tbing they did was to ahiu np the Hmp pes s and swallow the oil. The French theatre was saved from plunder by allowing tbtm a free range of the lamp room. iy Mr. Hobiason. formerly of Indianapolis. ? w,,|j M' Fonda, carried on business as '?k nanufaeturew, committed sui? tile at Urbma. Ohio, a few days ago The ctuj? was the arrival of hia wi/a and children ??"amlg^ i ,eft * Wife ic - ^ tUs ^aath leaves (wo widows WASHINGTON NEWS AND G(hS7. 1 he English Ministry?The war has damned Lord Palaerston. Never hu a statesman of so previous popularity so soon become a vary stench in the nostrils or the people he governs We loam by private advices re* ceived !n Washington by ths last steamer, that he contemplates resigning, and havo every reason from what we hear, as ooming from other parties in London connected with public aff-tirs, that (her* is truth fn this rumor. The London oorreepohdent of the Boston Post, writing by the came mail, tells of the actual raeigtation cf Lord Panmure, the head of the British War Office, who has become, if poesi ble, even more odious than Palmerston, owing to the flagrant defioionsy of the sorvioe over which he presides, as manifest in the re cults, so far, of the effo ts of the allied armlee to reduce Sebastopol. It strikes us, (fn the whole, that the Eoglish people and press hold Palmerston and Pan mure to responsibility whioh is not theirs legi timately, a* at times thay seem to be regarded be co:ountablo for all the short comings of the CMrpaign. We think this unjust, itsomuoh as it is a signal foot that the six months' fight ing in the Crimea has npt brought to light the existenoe of energy, genius, or attainments, military of oourre we refer to, in the charac ter of any officer in either tho Frenoh or En glish armies. Ono and ail, the general officers, and all other? whose positions there migh' lead (if they were moulded or the right metal) to distinction through signal services, seem to be. organised on the dead level t>f common place mediocrity. Menehikoff and Ooxer Pasha have alcnu shown military genius and resources of mind and character and energy, signalising them as great soldiers of the age.' So far as England is conoerned, this remarkable deficiency is not confined to her military circles, as with the exception of John Bright, she is now without a single public man in oivil life who mr?y fairly lay claim to originality and nerve cf thought; and it is *1111 questionable whether he is not an impracticable statesman, having b;en bred in the Quaker echod in publio affairs, whioh has so far failed to rear ap in England a sin g!e man who has proved himself competent to deal successfully with the business of states matship and to manage tho mass of his fellow :cen to advantage England is Indeed in a bad way, the ten. dency of her affairs being to ereata in the minds of her people a firm determination sooner or later to change her whole govern mental system The establishment of tho tlectrio telegraph fiosa Lcndun to Bilaklava, with the exception cf a gap of a few mile?, is opsr^ting to render the people much more discontented with their Government. Already the Tun*.? is complain icg that the war office, by withholding for a day ?Le news it receives from the aimy, is crowing the impression that mat .cw are grow ing wor*e in the Crimea. At noon, Lord Pan trure is believed to receive an account of what has been dene a few hours previously before Sebastopol, with a request for instruction* what to do the same night. In other word.-1, the establishment of the telegraph throws upon the ministry the entire responsibility for what may happen before the beiisged city, v?lthout the existence of a possibility that if the Allies triumph, they (the ministry) will reap their due share of the glory. L'nler such circum stances. the idea that aDy Government can held the confidence cf British public opinion for months until the war in the Crimea may be er.ded, is fu'ile. Wo are, therefore, evidently destined, for some time to ccme, to hear of fre qusnt changes in tho British ministry. S "York At Lee, T?q?We apprehend that this gentleman's memory is at fault with refer ?nee to a portion of the history of his connec tion with office in \\ aehington. lie says in the eard which a friend of his published, yester day, in the Star as an cdvertiseacnt: "During my official connection with the General Government, I have invariably op posed the indiscriminate removal of competent ard faithful elerks on account of mere parti san opinions " Taking it lor granted that he means by this to say that he has invariably beon opposed to removals on political grounds only, we have to remind him that there is evidence on file here, showing that he applied, over his own signo tura, for offioe on partisan grounds; that his friend, the lion. Lucius Lyon, of Michigan expres-Iy asked in writing that a Whig should be removed to make a place for him; and that a Whig was removed to give him the plaoe in the tffioe of the Register of the Trea'ury to whioh he was first appointed in this eity To imagine that on having his memory thus refreshed he will continue to proclaim his hos tility to the praotlce of giving clerical plaoes in Waehington on politioal ground*, (for which we confess little favor, indeed,) wuuld be to entertain the opinion that he is for it when he may be profiited by it, and against it when it may, by possible chaace, gore him. Mr At Lee, in the card in question, deniaa that he is a member of the Know Nothing order, but makes no denial of the identity of his present sentiments with those ] rcclaimcd by the Know Nothings, a leading one cf which avows the purpose cf proscribing from office every person who differs from ihem politically. Now, while we hava no love for the fashion of removing men simply on account of their political prinoiplaa, it strikes us that the very last man ia Washington who may rightfully complain against it is S York At Lee, Esq Tha Harper's Terry Election ?We hava a letter from a gentleman in Harper's Ferry ooncerning the recent election there, whieh embraces a full explanation of all faets of in* teres: which it elucidates Thus, tha writer says that what is known abroad as "Uirper's Ferry.*' consists of two wards or precincts: Harper's Ferry (under the bluff) and Bolivar, (on the bluff;) they adjoin each other, and Bol ivar is the residence of mcst of the workmen in and about the Uni ed States armory, the build ings of which, stores, Ac., cover nearly all the ground under the bluff. At the two precincts, the aggregate vote is about 600, and at tha last Congressional election, Faulkner's aggre gate majority at the two precatcts was 197. The Harper Ferry's precinct usually gives a Whig majority, while the Bolivar precinct over comes that msjority so as to make the aggre gate Democratic majority of tha two 197, ssln the oase o! Faulkner's last Congressional elaetion. The election held a day or two since was for a Mayor of the Harper's Ferry preoioot, the m-n.cipai government of whieh is separata from that of Bolivar. Tha result was an anti Know Nothing majority of 82, instead of a ma jority, as nsu?l there, against the Democrats. This ra- ult is oonceived in Harper s Ferry to indicate that the aggregate majority for Wise in the two precincts will ba about 100, instead : of 197, as Tor the Democratic candidate at the I aft Congressional election Invalidity of TOlihwtering Contracts ? Kennett it ?*/., vs. Chambers?Supreme Court, December term, 1852-Story J. The follow I By U an extract from the opinion of Judge Story in the case mentioned above: "The intercourse of this o >untry with foreign nitiens. and its policy in regard to them, are plac :d by the Constitution of tbo United 8ta'e<s in the bin is of the Government, and Its de cisions upon these euMects arc obligatory upon every oitis*n cf the Union, fie Is bound to ba at war with the nation agatnst which the war-making power has deolared war, and; eqa-'lly bound to commit no set of hostility against a nation with whioh the Government i? in amity and friendship This prioeiple is universally acknowledged by the lawf of na tions It lies at the foundation of all govern ment. as there oou!d be no social order or peaceful relations between the oitfeens of dif ferent countries without it. It Is, however, more emphatically true in relation to the citi isps of the United Stater For, as the sove reignty resides in the people, every oitiien is j a portion of it, and is himself personally hoend by the lawf which tbe representatives , of the fovereignty may pass, or the treaties into I whioh they may enter, within the soope of heir delegated authority. And when that au thority hat plighted its faith to another nation 'hat there shrll be peace and friendship be tween the oitisens of the two countries, every citiien of the United States if equally and personally pledged. The oompaot is made by the department of the Qovernment, upon which be himself has agreed to confer the power. It Is his own personal contraot as a portion of the sovereignty in whose behalf it if made. And he can do no act, nor enter into any sgreement to promote or enoonrage revolt or hostilities against the territories of a coun try with whioh oar Qovernment is pledged by treaty to be at peaoe without a breach of his duty as a citiien. and the breach of the faith plodged to the foreign nation. And if he does so, he cannot olaius the aid of a oourt of jus tice to enforoe it. The appellants say, in their contract, that they were induced to advance the money by the desire to promote the oause rf freedom Out our own freedom oannot be pre3erved without obedience to our own laws, nor Fooial order preserved, if the judicial branch of the Government countenanced and ?usrained contracts, made in violation of the duties whioh the law imposes, or in contra, vention of the known and established policy ot the political department, acting within the limits of its oocstitutional power." This extract it pregnant with meaning Chambers was a Texas General and agent, who made contractf for the eepply of various stores, arms, Ac., tent from tho United Statet in aid of the Texas revolution. However muoh our people justly sympathized in tbe cao?e of Texas, there was nothing legal in his (Chambers) contracts. This was the decision of the Supreme Court of the United States yeart after the achievement of Texan inde pendenoe and tbe subsequent annexation of Texas to the United States. Now the applica tion of this fixed fact of law, is that any man ia 57cw York or elsewhere who parts with hit money or property to be used for filibustering purposes, on tfee written promise of any body to repay, literally throws it away He has no claim in law; and ft plea that fillibu-tterlng was in any way connected with the contract immediately or remo'ely, will be as valid against tho claim as a plea and proof of tuury Folkf with money to fool away will take due notice. Detached.?The following ?. fficsrs who re turned to the United States a few days since in the St Luuis, arriving at Philadelphia, have been dctsched from that ship, and have three months leave of abdenoe. Commander?D. N. Ingraham. Lieufs ? Alexander Gibeon, G. Barrott, James H. Strong, John 8. Taylor, William Austin. Sur geon?J. D Miller. Assistant Surgeon?N. F. Carrington Purser?B F Gallagher. Acting Master?Ralph Chandler Passed Mid shipmen?Charles B. Smith, Bancroft Che rardi, D. L Braine. Captains' Clerk?J. T. Stockett. Boetswain?Alfred Hingerty. Gun ner?Moses A. Lane. Carpenter?Asa Poin sett. Second Lieut, of Marines?Israel Green. We publish this lift, insomuoh as the lift appearing in another Washington j:urnal a day or two ago waf incorrect, having been taken evidently from the Naval Register, which present* the list of the St. Louis's of ficers as they were at tho date of that work; not as they were on her recent arrival at Philadelphia. Metearological Record ?Ihe following is a copy of the record kept at tbe Smithsonian observatory: Thermometer. Wet Bolb. Wind. ' ' * K ? \ 7am Spru 9pm 7arn 2pm 9pm 7;tm 2pm 9pm May 1..57 79 6S 56 67 63 o wnw o V..55 6e 62 SS 56.557 mb ne nb 3..57 67 52 56 57 51 o k ne ? 4..50 65 55 50 49 45 w kmc me . 5 . 51 Ut ID 45 55 54 kw nmw kw 6.-58 73 62 61.5 55 56 w w 6 7...53 77 59 50 59 5 53 rw eke b i 8..50 53 5 47 5 46 43 41.5 whw vnv w| 9.^3 53 5 49 40 47 43 w www he 10..43 5 61 53 40 5 47 485 w iw o Note?Rain on May 3J and 4lli, nearly half r.n inch. Froi-t on Wednesday aud 'i hursday nishu. May 9th and 10ih. 7 * ' The Baltic Fleet in Danish Porta ?Private Information has been received here, saying that the Britifh Minister at Copenhagen haf | demanded, in the name of his Government, permission for the ships of the English fleet in the Baltio to enter and remain as long as may be neoessary in Danith ports, free cf any and all port charges and ship dues whatever, and that the dfmani was at onoe acceded to. We presume because Denmark could not help herself. Ihe Bevenue Cutter Joseph Lane.?This vessel sailed from Norfolk yesterday for the Paoifla coast. The following is a list of her officers, vis: Captain Henry B. Nones; Lieutenants, Henry C. Hunter, Henry Key, ard John Ma son, jr.; Watch Officer, John W. White; Louis De B. Kuhn, Acting Surgeon; John Murphy, Boatswain; Peter Peterson, Gunner; Wm Aspril, Carpenter. A Transfer ?First Lieut M. L. Smith, of Topographical Engineers, has been assigned to duty as assistant in the Topographical Bu reau in this city, in place of Oapt T. J. Lee, resigned. ? A Hew Consul.?The President has reoog nised M. Johan Ludiwig Hsrrman Thiemann, as Consul of Bremen, at Charleston, S. C. Ths Current Operations of the Treasury Dtpaitocent ?On yesterday, the 11th of May, thersweieof Treasury Warrants entered on the books of the Department? For paying Treasury debts * $844 44 For the Customs 17,869 57 For eovering into the Treasury from customs 1,610 67 For the War Department 01,468 18 For repaying in the War Depart ment . 18.460 24 For the Navy Department 37,600 00 Lamb Show Dairrs ?From a gentleman who came from ??under the Herderberg" on We lnevday, we learn that near Clarksville, thoie are snow drifts eight feet deep. This is singular for the month ef May ? Albany (N. Y.) Argut OT&iward Flanagan waa eon vie ted on Friday, in the Police Court, at Bangor, Maine of thraa offences against the Llqaor Law selling three glasses?and was seatanead to twenty dollars fine and costs on each, with thirty days imprison meat fof the A rat offence, sixty days fot the seoend, and ninety days for the third, making one honored and eighty days, and in oase of non-payment of (he fines and costs, the imprisonment to be doubled, making three hnndred and sixty days, or a little short of a year, in the Qon<e of Correo tion. He was oommittod fjyi'he Cleveland Plaindoaler states that some men engage! in whitewashing a house in that elty recently, discovered counterfeit money amounting to $100,000. all on Canada banks! UNITARIAN CHURCH?A aeriea ol _ 'Sermons may be cxpected to commence t'vm.irrow, on "The Soul?her condition*, neceasi tie? , and the ans vera given them by the Churches." may 19?it* FRANKLIN FIRR CO.-There will be a meeting of the above Company at the hall on MONDAY EVENING, May 14th, when all per >ons having ball tickets for rale are requested to make returns to the Treasurer. R. E. DOYLE, President. O. R. CaossrutP, Bee. may 18?at fc-^-^THERE WILL BE A GRAND EXH1 P?^Sr^bition given for the bnefitnftbe F fteenth itfei Presbyterian Church, on TI1UR8DAY EVE NING next, the 17th instant, in said Church. I'rof. JOHN THOMAS SIMMS has very kindly consented to perform several pieces on the guitar. Also, Mr. Hi?km*k, the former Chorister of the Chnir of Asbury Chapel, will perform two or more chants. Doors open at 7 o'clock, exercises to commence nt 7^, to which we invite our friends. Admission 18}$ cents. A. HAYS, Director may 12?11* ^DEDICATION.?The basement story c' _ the Capitol Hill M E Church, corner of A street north and 3d street east, will he dedicated 11 the worship of Almighty God on next Sabbath, 1 lie 13;h i<i*tant. The Rev. James McKendree Ri ley, of Baltimore, will preach at 11 o'clock a. m, Rev Benjamin F. Brooke of Georgetown, at 3 o'clk, and Rev. I?aac P. Cook, of Baltimore, at 8 o'clock p. in. The public are meet respectfully invited to atteud. may 11- 2t 1-^52, OFFICERS OF THE FIRST REGl ment and Third Brigade, Attention.?The commissioned officers of the flrat regiment and third Brigade, now in command, will attend a meeting to he held at FLINT'S Hotel, on MONDAY MGHT next, to tnkc into consideration the interest of the Regiment. Punctual attendance is required of every com missioned officer in command. AN OFFICER. may 10?4t* NOTICK.?Whereas, my wife,CHARLOTTE having left my b*d and board without a iust cause or publica'ioa, this is to give notice that 1 will pfyno deb;* of her contracting on and after this date. WILLIAM JACKSON, may 18?3i* LOST?Strayed from the premises ol the subscri ber, on the ni jht of the 9 h inst., a dark l ay MARK, with a star in her forehead and r. white spot on hind It g Said mart had recently lost her calf, and is probably son.en here wittun the city limits or suhu'bi Any one re turning her to the residence of tin subscriber, on C street south, between Sd and 3d streets, wi l be suitably rewarded, or any information can be left at PATTEN'S, at Kirkwood House, which will be gratrfully received. LEiVlS PATTEN, any 12 -3t BEDFORD BLUE LICK, A ND other SPRING VV ATEKS just received di /TL rect from the Springs, and lor sale in any quan tity at J B MOORE'S West End Drug Store, No. 110 Fa evenue, opp 7 Buildings, may 12?3t FISHING TACKLE. AN additional supply just received, including Pearl Minnows, Minnot Nets, &c , by E. TUCKER fc CO , 353 Pa avenue, opp. Browns' Hotel, may 12?2i STRAW MATTING. JUST received 4, 5. and 6 4 Whi?e and colored Mattings, which I am selling at the lowest pri ces for cash or to pr impt customers. J. H. SMOOT, 8. side Bridge st., near High, Georgetown, may 18? FLOUR! FLOUR! BBLS. EXTRA SUPER FLOUR, for baker's use,approved bands 40 bb'.s. extra do do, selected ft r family ue* 80 quarter sacks Family and Superfine, warranted 42 lb?, to the sack The attention of takers and consumers is invited to the above, receiving to day on consignment, which will be Mild at sausfi ctory prices, and war ranted to plea*e. WM. C. HARPER, Dealer in Flour, Winfi, Teas and Groceries, Pa. avenue, between 4% and 6th streets, may 12?eo3t NEW JEWELRY WATCHES, SI VER WARE fcc.- M. W.GALT fc RRO.,are receiving daily large additions to their stock of new and elegant Jewelry, Watches, Silver Ware, fcc. Purchasers have the advantage of a selection from a complete assortment of latest styles, of the best quality, ai>d at the lowest rates. M. W. GALT fc BPO., 394 Pa. av., between 2th and 10th sis. may 12-6t THHETaMERICAN DEBATER, being a plain ex position of the principle and practice of public debate, fcc, by James N. McElligott. LL D. History of a Zoological Temperance Convention held in Central Afri :u, in 1617, by Edward Hitchcock, LL D. The Captives of Abb's Valley, a legend of fnntter lile, by a son of Maxy Moore GRAY fc B^LLANTYNE, may 12?3t 498 Seventh street GLOVES, HOSIERY, RIBBONS, 4c. JOHN H. SMOOT, south side of Bridge st., nenr Hi jk, Georgetown, has just received from New York an a 'ditional supply of? Taffata Silk and Lisle Thread Gloves Short and long black twisted Silk Mitta Open-woiked and plain Cotton Hoaiery, every va riety Misses' and Boys' white, mixed and fancy Cotton Hosiery Gents # do do Worked Swiss Collars and Ruffle' Lace and French worked trimmed Cellars Real Maltese and Imitation Lacea. With many other desirable Goods, to which the attention of cash or prompt customers is invited. may 12? J. H. 8MOOT. GRAND MILITARY AND CIVIC MOONLIGHT EXCTJRBIOS or THE BOONE RIFLE CORPS. ri HE BOONE RIFLE CORPS most respectfully 1 announce tc live ciiizensof Washington,George town and Alexandria, that they have chartered the swift and splendid steamer GEORGE WASHING TON for an excursion on WEDNESD \Y afternoon the 25th May, to the WHITE HOUSE PAVIL ION. The boat will leave Washington at 2 o'clk, Navy Yard at 2^, and Alexandria at 3%. Returning, she will leiv# the White House at a seasonable hour, and touch at all of the above placea. The Committee have made the most extensive arrangements to render this excursion one of the most pleasant of the season. The Refreshment department will be conducted by a competent and accommodating caterer. A Brass and String Band ara engaged for the oc casion. Should the day prove unfavorable the excursion will be postponed until further notice. Ticket* $1? admitting ?. gentleman and two ladies Tickets to be bud of any of the Committee, or at the boat on the day or the excursion. C^mmUte* of Jlrrantement*. Cant Jno E Bright, W B O'Donnel, Lt H N Ober, W J Woods, Lt C M Sanderson, W G Smoot, Ensign W B Dobbins, J W Nokes, Sgt T H Robinson, John Russrl, Bgt B B Suit, ' James Mahonev. Sgt J A Simmons, may 11,16,21,22?4t GRAND PIC NIC or TBB Him mum? ti ti. The northern liberties' fire com PANY respectfully make anown to their friends and the public generally that they will give their first pic NIC, on THURSDAY, Juno 7th, 1855, to the WHITE HOUSE The Company will eparc no pains or expenae to insure satisfaction The Ref.eshments will be aerved by an expe rienced caterer, Mr A. Columbus Visiting Companies will appear in uniform The boat will leave Georgetown at 1 o'clock; Washington at 2; Navy Yard at 2* ; and Alexan dria at 3 p. m Tickets ON 3 DOLLAR?admitting a gentleman and ladles?to be hal of any of the Committee of Arrangements Cfeettnttee. E Q Evana, H Kui*bt, 8 CalverweM, S P R tbertson, H Keenan, R Warren, J T Halteck, C Matlock, A Columbus, J H G'uMardJr T Dawson, J Slatford, Mid B:rkh*id, L Newmyer, J King 8 Tajrl-jr. may 12?eotd LIf C., Remaining in PoM O^n, PFiasMnglea, P. May 19, 1855. [Ordered to *e advrrtited in ?A?"EvsKi*e Ht**."' (Aim^ t* the following section e/ the Po* OffUr Lav?it Mh; IA? newspaper karine tkt large* circu lation cf anv ioU* paver publUKedtn WaihUftam 8xr. 5. Ani be it further ensrfei, That the lift of letu th remaining uncalled for in any po*t office in any city, tmvn, or villus, Where newspapers ehall be printed, shall, hereafter, bv published o?,ea only in the aew*pap?*r which, being issued weekly, or oftener, shall hate the largeet circulation within the range of the delivery of Mid office, t? be decided by the postmaster at sich office.] eWParaoaa applying for I*Mm ta th? followtaf Hit, will ptMM MJ tb?r IT* iBTUTUID. LADIW UST. AnJr?w?, Mr* T T Anieraon. MIm Anderson Adams, Mlaa Alllca II Allan, an Sarah A l?mi, MIm Marfarata Br! Jr?w?ter, Clu Bradjewatar, MIm Call*? Ball, Mr* Paaay Brock, MIm Jim ? Caach. Jaoa 0 Brook*, Mr* Immi Brown. MIm Bom Barrett, M'.m Almlra Bartllog, Mr* Sarah Bryant, MIm Panlina Bacon, Mr* Bllaabeth S Bacon, Mias Bmlly Clarka, Mra Martba P Donley, M'.aa Oatharisa Cochran, MIm Llial* J Calhoun, Mr* Olariaa Clalbocne, Mr* Lottio Calhonn, MIm Mary S Doll, Mr* Jan* 8 Dwyar, Mary Drxlaon, Mra Saaan Dodaoo, Mra Jaaa Duncan, MIm Jaua Darla, MIm Mary Etcblaon, MIm Moral Farrall, Mlaa Prlacllla Flanroy, Bllan, Uoahon, Mr* Aaaariah Glbanu, Mr* Martha A Gardner, Mr* Analia Hick*, Mr* John Howard, Mr* Maria Hofmaiatar, Mr* Maiia Jon**, MIm Arabella Jobnaon, MIm LouIm Ireland, MIm Anna > INITIALS.?MIm B A I Adam*, Tho* AncblncloM,. B O A vary, Lt L B I Alexander, J no B Abrao. J T Arnold, J no Allen, H P Qathrie. Jno B A uderaon, Oen Ale* Gardner, BC Banfman, MIm I Lea. Mr* Wm Leinan, Martha B Lowmyar, MIm Mary Lewie, Mr* S B Moore, MiM Adallae C Ma!tin, MIM Rafearca Moalaa, MIm Mary Mefrefar, Mr* Maria Horiia, MIm Licit* Oharra, MIm Mary PlnSle, Mr* Mary An Pleaaanta, MIm Ana Marlah Parson, MIm Maranda Plowman, Mr* Blliabelh Rtddle. MIm Mary A Robertaon. MIm P M Blnff. Id, Mr* Buaaa Banal, Mjm Mary Ann Bldfley, MIm Ada Blmma, Mrs Ilia Stejnae'.er. Mr* Pradrtcke Bewail, Carrollne T Stewart, Mrs JUn* a Sinclair*. MIm Llaale SteTeneon, MIm Sarah Bhalicroaa, Mr* Lonlaa Tbompaon, Mr* M L Turner, Mr* Jame* 0 Wallace, MIm 8 Wbrtlng, Mr* Jan* Woodyard, MIm Julia A Walling, MIm Eat* Woodlan, MIm Prancta Wllaon, MIm Sophia Witter*. Ml** Julia Wander, Mim Mary Whltlnc, Mr* Jan* Wilson, Mr* Sarah Walker, MIm Emily WlliI*ma, Mra Sarah ?Im BUen; Mary. OBRTLBMEirS* LIST. Fee star, Obadlah McOrann. > Ooonnan, Michael McElr**, B L Ooodaar, W H Naly, W H Olbeon, Or Jno W Nicbolaon. Joe ? Gibson, Jno 8 t Maimer. T P M Goldsmith, JamesT Owen*, Capt Wm Alexander, A H A bell, A P Barstow, Wm A Buab, Wm Buaey, Wm Ere* ke, Wm P Bond, Wm Barbour, Wm H Barrett. Tlioe H Baner, 1 W Brown, Thoe 0 Brown, Tl?oe B Butler, Col T P Boyce, 8 8 Browu, I. w Brookes, Richard Jr Hathaway, M D I Barnard, B W Bro?'chn*, P E Bradley, M Oppanlielmar, Mo riti Ottlnper, Oul Jo* ouid, o o a Ovarbaugh, K Page, Wm Paet, W H Parti o. Tho* 0 P.ndell, B Pickina, Bubert Phillip*, Oliver Prudliomma, Octave Paredm, Juato Phlllpe, J as W Pete re, H P Burrtl, Lewi* Brumagln, Jno W Bnrer, Ool Jno T Bradley, Jo* B Brawlay, J Porter Brewer. Joel Benjamin, Jo* Blnghatu, Jno A Beer, John Bryan, John V Bryn. Jno J Burcli, Jno C Bang*, Jno T Barker, H 8 Bnrguyn, HE* Baldwin, Geo W Baronl, Gloeephe Bfckford, D Belcher. Capt D P Brooke, D A Brown, David P Beckel, Chaa W Barnard, Capt B uce. Admiral llrown, Kev A Brown. A J Buckley, Anthony Byreua, A T Calwell, Wm M Coniiiilns, Warren Corl.itt. Tho* Clark. Thos Clark, R G Collin, Peyton Chaney, Wm Cltz. Lt Claas, L D Cobalt, L Cartnall, Oapt Jer Cattail, Jonas D Cavode, Jno C C>llln*, Jno RitlrtU, Jere C .chran, JimW tVwman, Henry Clute, Henry D Coffln. II M Crat.ilal, Win Clark, Hiram P Clivrpenlng, Geo t C?K>per. George C'Mik, Geo F T Concklln, Bdrar Cooney, Edward Coatln, Chaa D Carroll, A J * D*ni, Wm K Dant. W in Dlllaa, Thos D yl*. Kobert C D urlaa, R .be:t Dyson, Owen H D .nn, J T 3 Hall, B Horenplth. Wm Harding, Wm L Hunter. Wm W 8 ?aya, Wm Htnton, Wm D Hantt, Wm R Hawkins, Wm Hornketb, Wm Hudson, Thoe P Hollhan, Simon Hitchcock, Lt K B Harts borne, K H . . ?.. _ Hamilton. Robt W I Pack, E 8 Horan, Philip PattersoR, C 8 Hathaway, MDI Peck, Dr Chaa A t Hall, Dr J A Frantic*,CSarenc* J Hegamon, Jo* Prlndl*. A J Harnandec, Gen Jo* Quynn, Denial HMter, MM J W Hawley, J W Hilton. Jo* H Hall, Henry Hul'-hlnaon, Geo Howard, G W Hall, Fred Bo.lgee, IF! Heyman, B4v.ard Howard, D S Heller, C Haralson, C L Hill. B F Guttman, Gen RoblnaonA Worster Ridley. Wm Boblr<ion. Wm Robertaon, 8 P Ro*a, Bob*rt Ray. K B Roche, J as 0 Ruse, J A Riley, J W Rntledge, Jno Ring, JamM Rider, Geo P Holltater, Anthony Rowan, E N Douclaea, J H_ Dyer, lorn*? at' HardcMtle, A B HMth, A M Harrington, J C Johnaon, Wm J P Jenifer, W H Joliusou. Riduey J Jerris, J B Jarvie, Henry Jewett, Geo P Joaliu, Dr E M Jonee, BenJ P S Eennedy, W T Eorhers, Wm Kinney, Capt W L KecneJy, Thu* Eemp, Tho* Ke:eey, Reuben Ketvfceor, Pliillp Klnuey, Patrick Eearney, Com L Erurnbhaur, L Elng. Jno Knight, Jas M Kant, J P Kelly. H Kinney, Cul E'.ng, Dr H Kindrirk, Geo R Krammer, G W Kl.ig, Geo Kent. D L Knlgl t, D C Kl ly. Char lea Kiddle, Andrew Lowery, W K Lord. Rev W H Lambert, Tho* Llppincott, J E Larken, Tho* I.ncas, Jno P Linton, H Liaberger, H Llttell, D Lynch, Daniel Mitchell, W H Murphy, W H Martin, Thoe P W Myers, Daniel Megraw, Thos E Miller, Thoe Miller, Philip Dean, Georirt>'f* Mathawaun, P ~ ~ Mile-. P Marshall, M Mann, Jno Diilin, Rev B 9 Doherty, Edward D 'ud, Daniel Davl*. B H Divine, Aaron S Reiiikea. D Rigby,C B Rymlngton k On Buaeell, C W Read, Caleb - . ? , Wm | Scott, Wm 8*grMy. Kami 6tona, Philip Smith, Peter 8k*ln Stow, Or*on W Schafer, Martin Hwayna, JamM 8miII1*, JamM Bahaudi, Jno Bnlllvan, Jno Kommer*. H W Stewart, Geo Scbanck, Geo | 8tev*n*. F G Miman, B A Sunderland, David Salllvan, Dan I B Stansbary, C P Stocdale, Robert Semple, Amil Seward, Alex Trubaer k Co Taliaferro. J M Tracy, C C I Tllley Washington Turner, T Thorn peon. ThornM Tucker, 8 W Tbomaon, Jnn Thompaon, JamM Tucker, C D T ime, C D ?an Brnnt, CHI Tattler, Dr Jno L t Vandervler, Jacob Verder, Murdock Wade, Willi* G Woo*i*r, W B Welsh. W H Wilson, Ool Wn> R Waehburn, Walter Ward. J I Ward, Tlio* Q Wheeler, T B Water*ton, Rev R C Wllliama, R H W*y*J. R Wlllcox, Lt 0 B Wright, Mr Middleton, Dr J V D Wooderd, Mr Martin, Jno M H -rand, Maj Th B Merrick, Jno Klmore, Richard Kddy. Dr Henry I Baton. A Klei*' hman, C L Kerguaon, Wm French, Mr Flnnall, M L Fooks.Mr Fi?lds, Mr Falro, K Fleming L J Pox, J Willard Fallen, Edward Fr.?yser, C 0 Fenwick. B 0 May IS Moore, JamM B Mitchell, Jao K Murry, James Malone, Jno Maf raw, H 8 Meeker, Ga<> W Metxler, Frederick Maxwell, Chaa F 1 McLaod, James S McGavll, Ja* C McLoud, Jno M McConggly, Jno McKenery, John McOonagly, Jno Wallshmitt, Lewi* Williams, Israel Wlmmv Jno White, Dr Jw P Wynne, Dr J a Webeter. Jno W Wise, Jno H Williams. J S Wattereon. Har'y M Win.urn. Hen*vn Wowl, Geo C Whttlxk, Emmet Wheeler, David White, C W Weatcott, A Wilson, Archibald McClo*k*yAPickin* Web*tar. Austin C J A MEM O. BBRRET, P. M FOR RALK?The raft and comfortable Sloop PIONEER, now King at the Steamboai-^fc Wharf. Apply to T. Martin or Geo. T. How snl. nt&r that Wharf may It?Ik* TO TO m THE LADIES OF WASHINGTON AND VICINITY. AMEt.lA PRIBRAM fc SISTER, Nn. 9TT Pennsylvania avenue, be tween 10th and llth street*, return their regards for the kind patronage heretofore" be ? towed upon their efforts, and tak?* the liberty of in forming their many friend* that they intend open ina their Spring, Summer and Fancy BONNETS, which consist of 350 pieces, beaidea a rich a?ort mentof STRAW BONNETS, kc. They are able to -erve all lixea who are in wsnt of * laabionaltie and cheap Bonnet. Cail and examine before purchRting elsewhere, may 152?lm* SOHETHIFO FEW UffDKS TBS SUV. CHARLES WERNER, Pennsylvania avenue, opposite Browne' Hotel. HAS fitted up the commodious hall over his Res taurant as ? first elaaa L.AQBR BEER SA LOON, having procured a supply of every luxury and comforts round in first class establishments of the kind in the Northern cities. Hia RHINE WINES and French White Wines, as well as bis Clarets, Segars. Lager Beer, German, Italian, and Swedish CHEESES, and indeed tf ev ery other appropriate luxury in such an establish ment, is unsurpassed in this cooatry. He solicits a call from bis friends and the public, may 18-tf NEW POLKA. THE CHEVY CHASE POLKA, composed for and dedicated t* Mm Sally D. Bradley, by J. D. Saunders, Esq., of this city, whose compositions have always met with such great public favor. The merits ot the piece are such as will introduce it among all lovers of music. Price 25 cents. . Just published and for sale by HILBU8 k HITZ. The President's Mounted Guard Quickstep, com posed by the accomplished Pianist, Mr. Robert Hel ler, will appear in a tew days may 12 Daltsd States Patsat Ofllei, I Washikqtok, May 10,18M. f ON the petition of 8amuil ?locum, of Pmitfcflrld R Island, praying for the extension of a pat ent granted to hia on the 80th of tfeptember 1841. tor an improvement in " nuohines for sticking pins into paper," for seven years frcnt the expi ration of said patent, which takes plaoe on the 30th day of 8eptemb< r, 1W6: It bordered, that the said petition be heard at the Patent Offloe en Monday, the 10th of September next, at 12 o'clock, m^ and all persons are notified to appear and show cause, if any they have, why said petition ought not to be granted. Persons opposing the extension are required to file la the Patent Office their objections, specially set forth in writing, at least twenty days before the day of hearing; all testimony filed by either party to be need at the said hearing must be taken and tran? mitted in acoordaaoe with the rales of this OSe^ which will be famished on application. The testimony in the ease will be closed on the 80th of Aug.; depositions and other papers railed up on as testimony must be filed in the olte on or he fore the morning of that day; the arguments, U any within tea days thereafter. Ordered, also, that this notiee be published in the fnion, Intelligencer and Evening Star, Waahinctem. J.C., Daily Repub lean, Baltimore; Scientific in* rioan, New York: and Post, Boston, M? onoe a week for three raooessive weeks previous 'to ths SOtth of September next, the day of haarinc CHARLIB MABON, P R _x^iw.?e?K ?* P?tonte. V o.?Sanorsorthe above papers will r'tirt mm and send thair bills to the Pa&tO*?; VuT^E My 18?law8w PIRKNEI'I GRAND EX0UR8I0N TO THE WHITE HOUSE. THE F1BST OF THB IEIS0I! TEX MTMBEBI 07 TH1 HT ]DBAULI0f Fill OOXPAVT Uk? plcuun is l?fonain| (be ftliifw tmi Oaa? of AlrnwMa, H'whio|(?n and riciaiir. ihti lht? have chartered the spli nJid Steamer GEOIOE WASHINGTON for an excursion te the iWrt nainrd place, on THCttiDAT, HAT IT* 1855. Refreshments served u? at city prices. Diner, 5*1 cent*. Professor Proeperi*s rrkbritH Military and On tillon Ban4 haa b?? n ' rfiftd for ih? occur ion. 0^ Person* ?t*hiu| to ipead u atrmblc day should not let this opportunity p?n, at th? Coanmtt tee pledge ll fimlrri that no pains or tritaii a' ~ be rpand to make thia THE EXCUBSIOll of aaason. The Boat will leave Alexandria at 6U o'clock? return and leava Washington at 9^ and Aleiapdna at 10 o'clock. Returning, the first boat will leava the White Houae at 6 o'clock, and the last at 9 o'clock p. m. Tirkrta f I. for a gentleman an ^ two majr 10?eotd 0DP FELL0WS' HALL. Second and last week of the unparalleled THE DRAMATIC OF THE BATTLE OP BUNKER HILL, AND DESTRUCTION OF CHJRLXSTOrM. The above Diorama will be exhibited every ? inx thia week. . _ Also, on WEDNESDAY and SATURDAY noons, at 3!>f o'clock. Pi?si lively closing on Saturday nighu May 1*. Doora op? n at 7?to commence at 8 o'clock. Admiaaion 25 cents?Children accompanied by their parents half p. ice. ""I ' SUMMER M LLINKRY. MRS. J. LANE. Vo. 0 7 Brdge street, between Cow-1 gress and High, Georgetown, haa Juata received a well aelecied and beauti ful aaworlmrnt of Freace HATS and Boumi MIL LINERY of the lateat at flea Alao. Straw Bonnet Plata for children. Ribbon*, Flower*, kc , which aha will open on1 Saturday, May 12th MBS. J. L. may 11?it* Tf YOU READ ADY ERTISEMENT8 PLEASE notice that I have, ftesb from 'he ot uib iahm'-nt in New York, Heckw'a Self Raia in; Flour. Heckrr's Grila, Hecker's Maccemni nnd VeimaceHi, Hacker's Farina, ohe paper of ?hieb, at 14 cent*, will make a superior diab sufficient fbr fifteen or twenty persona. AleO, Oswego Corn Starch and Comena, a great variety of Miiilifd'i prepartiioni of CfciKOiiite for eatinf and drinking Baker's an peri or Cocoa paste from which, in a few minntea, by pouring bnilang water on it a vtry superior cup of Choeolata can be made. _. When dollsra and eenta are made a stndv and at the rame time superior article for health aad eeoa^ ouiv it required, yon woi Id do well to call at KING*? CJrocerv and VaAetv Store corner Vermont a Ve nue and I ttreets, a few step* northeast cf Jacksen statue. aaa1 ?|*HE IRRIGATION OP PIEDMONT and Lob 1 bardy, by Capt R B Smith, Bengal Encmeera, 2 vol* end Alias of Platea, London, 1652 Donald on Land Drainage and Irrigation, 1 volute, London. 1854 Agricu tural Drainage, paarpMet, London aiunn'a Practical Treatise on Draining Land, 1 vol, New York, 1855 Manual of Practical Draining, by Henry Stephens, 1 vol, Ediiibnrg t'trachan'a Titles on Draining I vol, Edinburg Slracban*s Agricultural Tables, 1 vol, Edinburr may 11 ? FRANCE TAYLOR. SUMMER MILLINERY. ^CJ^MISc E. E. McDONALD, (anccen kftlUr to Mr*. Ann H. Clark.) will openjBl) TPPber SUMMER MILLINERY on Sat-TT^ urrfay next, th~ 12 h inst?nt, at her well known as. taMishment, Wo. T1 Bridge street, three doora eaat of the Post Office, Georj,. town, D. C. may 10?St wTllaRD'S hotel, Old Paint Comfort, ta. This splendid sea-shore iiousfe is NOW OPEN. Boar.1 per day - -..?9 Board by the week, per day....?.... 1 50 Board by tfce month, pvr day.......... 123 Hath* free for tli" gnesu may 10-1m ?J. C. WILLAR" k BRO NEW AND OLD PIANOS. WE hare now in store the largest assortment of PIAN'>8 ever offere- ia this city, iroan Bal let, Davis It Co , l>acou k Raven, and Rnnhe, Gaehle k Co.'a celebrated manufactories. These Pianos we guarantee, and acll upon veiy easy tarns. Also, a ne? Pi no used only a few month*, which we offer at the low pri-e of ,?200 cash ; a second hand Piano, by Andre fcHien, for $75. A very flne second band Chickering Piano fbr sale or rent at a bargain. Old Pianos taken in exchang* for new. Always on hand, Stools, Covers, V inline, Gtaliars, Flutes, dccordeons, Music, he. kc. JOHN t. ELLIS, 300 Pennsylvania avenue, may 10 bet. 9th and IQih tweta. TO THE LADIES. JUST received from New York n superior lot of rie?> Drees Silks, Cashmere and Lace Shawla, Mantillas, Embroideries, Laces,Collars, kc. Ladies can al-o be snppiied with French Corsets, Jaekela, Supporters, kc. We h'lTe just received the fourth invoice of thoaa flne Leghorn Bonnets which sold so rapidly and gave such satiafa- lion. Wc cordially invite the Ladies to give u a call, as great inducementa will be offered to purchaser*. HUTCHINSON ft MUNRO, Dealers in Fancy Goods and Millinery, No. 910 Pa. avenue, 1st door watt of Messrs. Harper k Co. VP SEVENTH WAHDi?UNION TICRET. For Alderman?DEARBORN R. JOHNSON. For Cciumon Council?SAMUEL PUMPHREY, SAMUEL S. TAYLOR, HENRY A. CLARKE. may 4?te ^AUCTION BARGAINS IN DRESS GOODS. WE have junt received fmn an extensive auc tion sale, in New Yoak, the following dnMllr ble GOODS: 1 cawe handsome figured Bereges, at 85 ct? per y*rd 9 c*?es beautiful style Berege de Laine and Chnlley dc Laine, at 95c 1 caw* neat figured Berege de Laiaes, at 12c 2 cases good style aud quality oi G .nghams, at 19c 1 case 4-4 English Chintzes, at 90 and 95c 1 case beautiful style Brilliants, at 95c 2 cases Merrimack and Allen Punts, at 19e " 50 pieces very excellent quality of French Lawna and Jaconets, warranted good colors, at 99 and 25c 25 pieces neat figured Mouaselains, suitable for children 2 cases best Portsmouth Lawns, warranted fast col era, 19c 75 Dress Patterns rich figured Bereges, at 10 and 62c per yard 100 Dress Patterns rich figured Bereges, at 31 aad 37c per yard 50 pieos plain Bereges, ail colors, at 31 and 37c per yard 10 pieces plain French Jaconets, in pink, bine, green, purple, tan, bufl, brown, and other sbade?, at 37c 95 pieces best quality French Ginghaaa, at 95c. Ladiea are respectfully invited te call and ex amine the above goods, as they will be found Ranch cheaper than any we had earlier in the eenaon. OUR STOCK in all other depautmeats ia for <b* season unu?unlly large and well assorted, and, wishing to reduce it as soon as possible, we will irom tbis date offer any and all of our bert Goods at a very aaall ndvarce en the coat CLAGrrr, newton, may k oa may 8?fit AUCTION BARGAINS IN DRY GOODS?Striped and plaid Cnahaaere, cost 20 cents, for 12V4 Striped and plaid De Lainea. coat 90 eenta, fbr 19# Yard wide Lawns, coat 11)^ eenta, for S Do Ginghams, 11 do 8 White and colored Spool Cotton only 1 cent Bleached Sheeting, three yards wide, 35 eenta Beautiful Berege be Laines. coat 91 cents, for 14 Fine French Chalky only 90 eenta Do do 11 cents, for 8 White and colored Brillianu^only 99 eenta Prench Chintz 20 ct-nla 4 4 Irish Lineaa 31# cents 8-4 Pillow do 37# cents Beautiful Berege Robes, very cheap Satin Plaids and Grenadine* Alao, a large assortment ol Domestics Come early and secure the greatest bargains aver offered in this city. . . The goods must positively be ctoaed out abont the first day of July. THE WASHINGTON STORE, (Late Magruder k Calvert,) No. 10 opp. Centre Market, bet. 8th and 9th it may t? lw HAIR WORK. ORNAMENTS of Hair, auch as Brmcnieta, elains, Chains, Breastpins, Rincs, made to order, of any All orders faithfully attended in. No. 3S0 Pa. av.. between 9th and 10th rtft [ Mat 30

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