Newspaper of Evening Star, May 12, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 12, 1855 Page 3
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Local Intelllg?no?. ?S?cVTi J4'1 1? the lecture r* Smithsonian InsUutloo, by the Musical Convention. Afforded, ee we t ???d to ih Bach > l?rgs auditor; ; In f,.i kl ^ WM occupied ; the ledtee In num, I their tCte fa'aSfi**' WhI?h, wel1 uieir teste in affairs musical. The ,TSrl bj mel?h*7 of tb4 ***** Bend in the choruses. heightened the effect of th fall vocal melody, ell the ??????? _v- ? ^?afessssss! pressed by appleoee, which most here been mJSedIDg 40 th# P"fcrm*r> c<>op? ,Jr.h? ?KBW,t w4? of ? charaoter to pleeee ell wn ir n ?D,Jb<il1* 1,0111 "'r*d ftnd ??,mi0 dael of *he singing au P^11 w?? judiciously introduced; occerioning not ? little laughter, end proving that e dash of hnmor is always ecoepteble to a promiscuous arembly It would do us ell goad if we would more frequently exercise torn o***?-' cultivate a cheerful At the oonciueion of the Concert he seid it bed been suggested thet a National Musi cal Convention be held in Washington in February next. Having been engLed to hoid thirteen State Musical Conventions, he seidhe had no doubt he oould procure the *rv * hundred or more delegetee. The Convention passed e unanimous vote of 2r^L 5 Pn,fe?*>r Wocdbury for hia valuable services during the Convention. MaavLavn PtLORius ?The steamboat Oeo Washington will leave the steamboat whari on Monday afternoon, e4 three o'cloch, and the steamer Powhatan will leav* Georgian at one o clock on the same day for St Mary's Maryland, there to celebrate, on Tuesday, the landiog of the pilgrim fathers of Maryland The former bont has been chartered by the loung Cetholio Friendj' Society of this citv and the latter by the similar society in George town The Philodemic Society, Student*, and Faculty of Georgetown College will join in the celebration. One of the parties will form at Georgetown College end march in proces si on to tfcp boat, under the direction of Dr A J Semmw, chief marshal, and Mr Scott 8muh on the part of the Philodemio Society ??<Lth?!ith*r for? the marsh el ship efMr Wm A. Kennedy at the Washington Seminary, thence proceeding to the boa? The number of ickets, we learn, ia limited. Tae parties will lodge at Piney Point. A full band ot music has been engaged, and ample! accommodations have been provided for those joining in the interesting celebration. r F'U given yesterday at Islam! Hall, by t he young ladies of the Island District School, in charge of Miss Margaret Mil bam, was attended almost too well for the oomfort of the children. The large number who obtained pieces daring the "coronation " rendered it necessary to prohibit the admi'l ? on of many who no claimed the right of at tendance However, the girls and boys (of the male school) had ? a good time," and with the aid of Fishor s sprightly band, made the t;me fly "right nmrily " Miss V Tucker was orown?d "Queen of May " with imposing ceremonies, performed by a lone and pretty retinue of maiJa 0f honor with rosy cheeks and cherry hps The graceful speaking and good order of the pupils elicited general appro batioa, Tm Ball or ma Feankljh Fim Coup *r will take place at the National Theatre, on Friday evening, and prombrs to be not only e brill ant affair, bat largely attended Their ball* al ways pass off delightfully; the greatest c?re being taken to render them worthy of the public patronage The proceeds, which we trust will be unprecedentedly large, are to be devoted to the building of their new hall, a rite for whioh has been obtained on D street between iwelfth and Thirteenth streets The ^ trect a thre# ,torJ building, one which shall be ornamental as well as useful Professor P Prcsperi's ootillon band has been engaged for the ball. ? SoMimi<*o roa the Ladies ?Maxwell A Bro. have fltted up a room over their store (second story) wuh oorsiderable tu'e and com fort, exclusively for the sale of spring and Summer Mantillas. We have rarely seen a greater display of elegant goods in this par uoula line, not even in (he Northern cities Their advertisement in our columns, to day, ?numerates some of the rare novelties they are now displaying in that branch of their trade. We would advise the ladies to call immediate ly, and see *hese beautiful garments as thev are selling very rapidly. 7 Taa Pic Nic or th? Anxnicrs Club, which eomea off a: the tV hite House, on Monday, the list inst, promises to be a grand affair, ar.d will, no doubt, be largely attended by the twllee aad beaux of the city, as the Clab are known to be au fa*t in all that pertains to the getting upi of a ball or pie nic. this being evidenced by their well-conducted assemble dorin? the past season The steamer George Washington has been chartered for the occa sion as will be seen by the advertisement in' another eolumn, to which we refer the reader! for the programme ' A* Amis of a very Important character , ! J- "?*Bl?gi? Seventh street, in th# neighborhood of Dorsay's hotel, growing out of family matters. Anoldandmhch respec h'w ?i? th* Northern Liberties instiga ^ J feelings com men to parents, and a Immediately in IJaJn ?l!?i ?f th# form"> we cam! J?kfL handled the latter, having esme to the assistance of their father. night, a woman, well known to our oommunity, the wife of a r?. tht nioUi?r of ebildr,, who ' r#pa.?,|on (or boo i " ' Ukla b* oH;ar All,, ".uid ."d end will a Uisndg of cur eltisens, to witnes* i^i lit 4W ED itEmeDM audiecoe Tvi J? ^ r^preMDtmtion thij ?venine Op,C Bta,.,,,, 0B ^T*y ? 00 dV b*,or? JMtorday, ? resnectA'. f* *!0 occupied by "hv* u,t .hi; ,v ???take The fact is a strav atnn* SsaTSST*"** Ud*wen: thron?h h0UW- Thl' *? eel"Ornhei^i M/T F,iTIVAL of St Vln There mu 1 * m t00k p,*?* JMterday ?ervices ealeaU^'tll'cufi M<i oth#r sembly 5Svi!f t01^*liflht the Juvenile as ?"f nothin# r f ^Ta Pr**at know WMovar wAM celebration until after it ulars ' anableto report the partic I7,'kJU WlT." "ilbo.t ?n a No. 1 .a '?p i'.10# y> ^ 'crackeraft, and j?4t th? ti' ?W# oommodioos, know hoW^ fr??eor two perwns who ea the w??? !iPLre5,a5* lhe ,UXBrJ of sailing * faring the spproechipg season Ba"d wil,? according to ar this evecini* tS"1 mt th?k l>r#,iJ*nt s grounds hly pleasanf * J weather being remarka W"|J Bo.l?t,r c the produj'. *?IB,T 7#Tjr Dio* "pe^agus the first war j cultivated garden in y^rS:iy i^^woMetloBetr. lagt-CQ 6tJk a, ill of Corporation of Wash stock at 104, U4 $300 worth at 10*f niiill"0"! -TUj morning. ror Meant Vernon, oonvejicg *itr^ eompany buhW| Uj celebrate the anniversary orthS - The Murine band engaged fer the occasion After the de livery tofBn address by &. W. PCustis, the slonfsionists will preyed to thi White House peril?on to partake of dinner. k*? DiSTnxcT ?We received this morning the business liat of Offleer Wlee of thie dis trict. It li a report oF ton sases : two of as ?auits; one of laroenj; one of riot, foar per. ?one engaged; and three corporation oases Falsb Alarm.?The alarm of flreleet night wee ceased by a bonfire in the Seventh Werd. We noticed that the fire department turned oat a mnoh etronger foroe than otual. Cbwtrb Mabkbt?Well (applied in all its branchee. Provisions plenty, and prieee about as we before quo tod ? ? .. (COMSCOMCATBt), Th?rt.^? I""LLl,,;TIM,-'Vr- Editor : The qestioni, often ashed as to the origin of tha name ?? Northern Libertiee " ae annlied tJ#.^. g DI"?tor^ for 1853, may serve nbjJlt manj who w 4*rkneu on the ??w-K0rtb#ni somewhere, perhaps anywhere, north of F or G or H strratsnorthl ! !5*iern or w#stern ezpanae not oompre ?? ?? *J?n witkin th* probabilities of a ear m ?.. J compiler adds: ??Thie appella tion militates so much against appropriateness and oonseqaentJy, good teste and, indeed' 9l" th4t oan h* based on an idea or definite meaning, that it seems only worthy or arooord upon the tablets of slang; but, like all things that are not oontrelled by laws of precision, identity or location, it is seem, tngly understood by every one, beoaose it is easier to rest satisfied under doubts tlttfchave no immediate effect, than undergo tKabor or investigation to arrive at facts. The only perceptible adaptation of this name to its locality, 1* that It is north of somewhere: henee, ? north," and unbounded in its extent: henoe, "liberties;" or, it may be, the mimic representative of a portion of the oiiy or oounty of Philadelphia; if this be so. i: is difficult to tell what oould be the medium of association by which it established its synonyms in Washington." But ? What's in a name?" ' "Nqbtbbbw Liberties.*' GEORGETOWN CORRESPONDENCE. Gbobobtowr, May 12, 1855. Our City Councils were in session last night, and had under consideration the following business: 6 A communication was received from the Clerk of the Corporation, covering the returns ot the Assessors, and the estimated reoeipts and expendituree of the Corporation for the preeent year; referred to committee ef wavs and means. J A message was icceived from the Mayo*, in forming the Councils that he had entered into contract with Mr. Thomas Bluadon, for re pairing tbe public pumps; referred to oommit tee on pumps. Also one in relation to certain sheds, Ao.. s.tuated on the nlley in the rear of West street; referred to the Recorder. Mr BiUinger presented the quarterly ac counts of the clerk; referred to Board of Al dermen cJt PIokr*n Presented the aooount of Lewis ^mith, amounting to $200. for services .n re paJTnrtp pamps; referred. Mr. Of born, from the special committee to whom was referred the message of the Mayor in relation to a revised charter, rep>rted as heretofore anticipated by us, theoharter which was prepared by Recorder Ould last year, a #vMl,ll?WBtl vis: The striking ?ut ?f ?*? Idth section, which provides for the election by the people of everything in the shape of an cffioer, except captain of the night watch and saavenger This report will be ac.ed upon by thecouncilg in joint convention. k?r..nano? PM>ed both Boards, provlJIrg for the thorongfc repair of the foot ways on both sides of Potomac street. Also one for the improvement of a part of Fourth street Also one appointing Joseph Hbbeyone of the com missioners to fix the grsdes of streets. The Board of Aldermen had under consid eration and parsed a bill appropriating $2,500 for sufp^rt of the public schools for thepresent Je": ""jred to committee on publio schools. The Sabbath eabool attached to the George Methodist church will give an ex hibition, on next Monday evening In tbe basement of their new church. The ezeroises will be under the direction ef Mr. Hugh G. Livine and J) S Gordon, and will, we doubt D0i:. b* ?J*r7 Interesting entertainment. W-L.v?1 ?f b#ef ??tt,e Drovers' Kest, this week, has been folly equal to the demand; sales on the hoof $7. equal to $14 net; a few very choice ones sold at$7 50 sros*, equal to $15 net. Old sheep and lambs, $3s$4 per head. Calves. 5c. per lb. gross. Butter is coming in rather mere freely by wagons, and j rices have slightly declined, selling at $28 per 100 lbs. for roll wnammm* The flour and grain markets remain firm at our last report. Both articles are In demand, and but little of the former and cone of the latter Spbc ratob ALEXANDRIA CORRESPONDENCE. Ai.BXAin>miA, May 12, 1855. The Board of Aldermen met last night, oo cnpying the entire cession in the discussion of the various items of taxation which constitute the revenue bill. ?or:&,D* ? f* 7 cargoes of fish arrived at the wharf, bat the fishing season is nearlv closed, ?*ny of the lower landings having al ready rut out. 8 On Thursday evening the old Theatre build SSsi! f^hermgs of both of the political P"11?*- The Dfmojrats ho'ding their meet ing at Liberty Hall in the third story, and the Amerioans theirs at American Hall in the second. The Democratic meeting, which was ! 0Be? WM addressed by J Ran dolph Tucker of Winchester, who hi an ad dress of four hours presented one of the most eloquent, entertaining, and conclusive efforts in favor of tbe principles of Virginia Demoo racy which has been presented this campaign Below, the Amertoan meeting was addreesed by Messrs. H O Clanghton, Gibson, and C. E. Stuart, all of whose speeohes were well re ceived and are highly spoken of. The nomination of the Enow Nothing organ, liation for the House of Delegates Is far from being favorably received by the outside Whigs, and the Democratic organ here sees fun ahead. Mr. McKensie declines running unless Mr. Reid will waive the nomination and meet hini before the people, whose interests the Delegate represents tyin the old Cathedral eharoh, Bremen, is vault, the atmosphere of whioh possesses the Pf?5?M^r Pr?P?rt7 of preserving from decay all bodiee that are pieced therein. Visitors are shown eight human bodies beside a number of eats, dogs, monkeys, birds, Ac., all of whioh by mere exposure to this atmosphere, have be. oome dried and free from all offensive effluvia; resembling in appearance, coarse parohment Fabaticis*.?The Hartford (Ot) Times says that" W P Eaton, a highly respeotabli hvsician of Norwich, Ct, has been fined $20 and costs, for selling a man a medical preorip tion of rum and laudanum to wash a broken limb." [ADVBBTlSaMBBT ) Gbobobtow*. May 10,11 r. u , 1855. An outrage bas been committed in our town this evening, which, as an order lovinr eiti sen, I cannot allow to pass unnotioed. It ap nears that some of our slave population, with the consent of their masters, and lioensed by the civil authorities, were about to amuse theouelvee with a dance and supper in some of the smaller rooms of Forrest Hall. When the company had assembled, and were about to commence their entertainment, a large num ber of white persons thrust themselves into the rooms, insured the women, beat the men, and carried off the eatabiee and devoured them more like wild beasts than civilised beings ivome of the women, to avoid insult, locked themselves ap in a room, but the assailants awaited without f;r two hours urtil they made their appearance, when was renewed the work or assault. The screams of these poor cree J?1 'odeed terrible, and roased many from their peaceful slumbers Darinu the fret part of this oeourrenoe (and nearlv throughout) I observed a watchman, with his mi??, lUodtng quietly looking on, apparently ft)J->jing the fan u much m the ditturben of Tbla bull could not btve been gotten up without ? lieeuee, end if ulioeuee WMfrantad. they wet* entitled io protection, und Way were they not prOieeted f Why were not theee die tutbere or the neuoe Immediately erreeted? Why were our ottiiefis a if o he from their ?lum ber! at midnight by the terrible ?6featM of females? Simply, beoauee our local author* ities were defleient in their duty, not prompt ee they ihould have been It if hoped that Mayor Additon will ee^eire into thia matter, make ezamplea of the offenders and tube inch action at to nreyent its recurrence. Your correspondent is an extreme southern rights pro slavery man, raised in a slave State, and a citisen of a slave commonwealth, but be must say such ooeurrenoes, as above noted, aside from their annoyanoe to the neighbor hood, and the disgraoe they atiaeh to the town, are ealoulatea to give weight to the ar guments of the Northern fanatics Faouuu BoiruM. 1 learn that the ball was for the benefit of a poor widow (colored) woman. It _ " ~ ~~? [ADtunTlSiMBHT ] Wasbikotok Citt, 1). C , May 11th. [ To ih$ Editor of the Evening Star : \ Sir : The statement in your paper of thia evening about the disturbance at Forrest Hall last night has given me no little oonoern The faot is, the wnole arrangement for a negro bull to be held in one of the rooms of the Hall (not the ooneert room) was gotten up by the enemies of the Hall in a spirit of revenge is too apparent to be misunderstood. It cer talnly appears strange that, within three days after the acceptance by me of the resignation of my late agent and previous to the appoint, ment of another, that Constable Trunnel, the frisnd of Mr. J. J. Hiely. should have rented a room of me, understood by me of eourse for his own use to gite a white party, that he then intended it, us the sequel shows, for an other purpose, was otrtaroly obtaining the room under " false pretences " No sum of money would have engaged a room from me for u negro ball. I regret to see in your paper of this date i a preamble and resolutions, hastily and pre maturely drawn up by the Vigilant Fire Com pany, of Georgetown, accusing me "of renting a room in the Hall to a number of negroes for a ball, Ac., Ac, and withdrawing forever their aid and patronage from the Hall." 1 was entirely ignorant of the whole affair until I was to informed by the Eagle Club, at about 8 o'clook p m. I would then have accom panied thode gentlemen to Georgetown had it not been for a severe blow I had received in my eye, which gave me ezcruoiating pain. I however wrote by the Committee to Truonef, Dsitively forbidding him to allow a negro all in the room ho bad rented of me that morning for other purposes I request that all the editors who have pub liahed the resolutions of the Vigilant Fire Company, and other remarks on the subject of this unfortunate affair, will insert the above in justioe to me. B. Forrest It* T""r? PBSMICMS AT THK FAIRS.?WRlTKnUIUIT'S still in the ascendance.?The Juries or each of the Ul? n at Baltimore, Richmond, ami New York awarded their highest prsmlcma to J. H. W. for their superiority of I*lio tographa, Stereoicopea and Oagnerreotypee exhibited. Mr. W. aUo received two Medals at the World'a Fair, Lon don. and a premium at Crystal Palace, New York. Alio, the flrit award! of the Maryland Institute for three years past. Wliitehursfs Gallery In this elty la on Pa. event's, t<etw. and Sth streets. _____ r>?7?!>R. HOOPLAND'9 cblsbratkd gkbman bit ^ TIBS. There are few things which afford ns grea'er pleasure than iltllng down to write a notice of the celebrate! Hoof land German Bitter*, because we ar*r fnlly conscious we are conferring a public benefit, and oar heart telli us that by our notices many have been ltd need to lake theee Blttera, and been rescued from *??th by dys|>*pata, liver com}.lalnt^ *c.. for the enre of vhlch It it certain It la prepared and ?old only by Dr. C. M. JAClCSON, at the German Msdlctus Store, No. 1M Arch street, Philadelphia. See advertisement. sesr rr-J?A 8*C*Rkr FOR THK LADIK.S?HOW TO PR?0ER^ L>?' Beauty.?Don't oae Ciialk, L"v Wlilte, "r any of tne socalled coametlce, to conceal a fad?*?l or sallcw coiflpietloO. If you would have the ro*e* brought bach to your cheek, * clear, healthy and tian.ip?r?iit skin. an I Ue and v|gi.r in fused through the system, get a N.ttle of Carter'* Spanish Mixture, and take !t eoorllng to direction*. It does u<jt taste quit# as well as swe*tmea'.s ; but, If aster a few doses yon do not And your health and bwanty reviving, yonr stop clastic and vigorous, and the whole systrm iefreelied ar.d Invigorated Mke a Spring rnornini, then your case is hope less, and all the valuable cert if* ate* we possess, jo for nsught. It Is the greatest purifier of the blood known, la perfectly harmless, and at the same time powerfully efflca I clous. ?#*8es sdverttsemeut. rr~p?N0AH WALKER A CO., Marble Hall Clothing Empo 'J?/ rlum, under Browne' Hotel, respectfully announce | that their display of Spring and Hummer Clothing Is now ready lor Inspection, comprising an assortment of Coata, V*eta and Pantaloona of the newest atod richest deelgna lu I material, trluunlrig and workmanship. To gentlemen who stndy excellence with economy in fashionable articles of dreaa an opportunity for ee'ectlng is offered from one of the largest and most attractive stock of goods ever offered In this city at a very reduced scale of prices. ep IT . flKiLLiMaro* receives all the Cew Books and Kews papers as fast as published. Be Is agsnt for Ha-r>?r's rid all the other Uagaxluea, and enr readers will always Bod a large and good assortment of Blank Books and Stationery at I k'-S Rooketoro. Odeon Building, oor Pa. avenue and at. OIUD Suddenly, on the llth inst , SUSANNAH, eldest I daughter of Henry and Margaret Tatsapaugh. Her funeral will take place tomorrow (Sunday) morning, at 9 o'clock, fn m her father's residence, | on Water street, between Duke and Prince street*, Alexandria. Want?, Wanted immediately?at c. d. stew ait's Daguerrean Gallery. over Galt'p Store, a i smart aen?e white boy, ab?u' 14 years of age. None but an American need apply. may 12-H* WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG married couple, in one bcuse together. Th? I woman would take charge of children and do plain sewing; the man W"ul<J drive a carriage and attend to horses, or work in a garden. They are both ?frictly temperate. Enqairw personally at No. 3? Bridge rtreet, Georgetown, or by letter addreu "H McK," Georgetown, D. C., stating where an inter | vi?*w can be had. may 11??t* A YOUNG GENTLEMAN WISHES TO OB tain a well turnisbed room and board in a pri i vate family, located between 6tb an<l 13ih streets, I and H street and Pa avenue, whose dining hour is between 1 and 3 o'olock. Reference given and re quired. Address "B Y," City Post Office. may 11?3t* WANTtD?TWO HANDS, white or black, and a man and bis wife, by the year, to work on a (arm near the District. Also, would hire or purchase a second-hand Canal Boat.' Cell between 9 and 3 o'clock, daily, at tb? | office ol LLOYD k CO , opposite the Treasury, may 8?tf 15th tirtet. WANTED?A PARTNER TO WORK A Stone Quarry and contract for sale ot 8ton< I to Government and others, there being now great de mand for stone. This Qnarry is immediately oppo ?ite Georget own. Large shanty, blacksmith shop and every implement on the sp?t. T1 is ruarry fur nishea the best and largest truck Stone, fee. / chance is now offered. Call or write to LLOYD k CO, Pifteenth atreet, oppo. the Treasury, may 3?tf WANTED?EVERYBODY TO KNOW THAT they can get a lot ?4 feet front by 130 fee deep, for the low price of #75?payable^ a montl I without interest. App'o at the Union Land Office I 7ih at., abova Odd Pellowa' Hall. ap 3&?3m JOHN pox, 8ec. Boarding. Boarding.?mrs. m c. grcer respect fully announces that fche has taken the largt I and eommodious new brick house, No. 560 Penn avenue, near 2d street, wittaing one minute's wall of the Capitol, a short diatance Irom the railroad de pot, and she is now prepared to receive boarders b; the day or week upon the most reasonable terms. Also, has a number of fine Rooms tarnished o unfurnished, with or without board. Application ? 1 above. may 11-1 w BOARDVHG.?One fine large front room, witl an adjoining chamber, handsoincly furnished I suitable for a family or aevsral young men. Al*o Chambers larger than are generally appropriated t single gi'ntleuien. with boarJ, on reasonable terine The situation is high and heaitiiy, and in tba linnt diate ntirhborlwod of the Patent Office, Post Office and Indian Bur au. Transient and table boarder can be also accommodated by application to No. Union Row, P street, between 6th and 7ih t>u. may 7?1 w* ______ vOTIC POR RENT?PARLORS AN] t L^l Chim^era, witb board. Alao, table and trail stent board, with a bathing n>om and shower batli and every attention to render It moat agreeable t her boardr-is Mrs.,"jP MURRAY , Corner PenEsylvaan avenue and st. ap9??3m BOA.RO, dfc?.?MRS. BATES, ou Uie soutl west corner of Pa. avenae and 9tii aueet ia prt pared to aecxnmodaie gentiemen with room-*, wit or without board. Ev?7 efTbrt will be to rei der those e .mforttble who nr>%y fbrer her with the pstronafe. *P ?~"tf Fog Bala and Kent FOE 8 ALE OR RENT-t-A NEW FRAME Uoos*, allotted on Washington street, George iowtj Tke httie is comfortably arranged, crntalna j1*!11 bTd c''smbers and an excel* lent kitchen, and ia situated in one of ibe mo* i7own^j?Jai,?rt?t0v^?50"fel0WB- Eon"1? 01 the owner, JOHN J. FLY?, viext door. may 19?Sawtf Fob rent-a comfortable two bto ry House on ?tb street, Ietween M and N r.issesaion given immediately. Apply to the ?Ub tcribers, ?t their Lumber Yard, corner cf 26ih and D street*. U. N. k J. W. EASBY. may 10? .? Brick dwellino por salc:?with ample grounds attached, (Lots No. 81,42 and 23, in Square 3S?, 10.000 feet of ground,) containing six rooms, kitchen, dry cellar, pump of excellent water in the yard, stables, he , situated oa F and 10th streets south, (Island.) There being sufficient grounds, all of which are improved by One fruit and sha e trees, the Dwelling will be sold separately or With the adjoing lots. Por further particulars 'in quire of CHA8. 8. WALLACH, Attorney at Law. Louisiana avenue. _may 0 lintel] "pOR BALE?A FLOURISHING DRUO STORE | JC with a complete assorted stock of b<*st drug*, ?c., in one of the best locations in Washington, D. C. The present owner being on the p*intof leav ing will ae:I at a very reasonable price Any one j who has a thorough knowledge of the buMne>s and the nececsary qualifications of the husfcCm will find it a rare chande. Address "H 8," Box 100. Wash ington city J??y g-lw* FOR RENT?THE SMALL FRAME two-story House, No. *7 9 Thirteenth street, west side, two doors south of Pa. avenue. It is neat wid com fortable. Possession giTen immediately. AntJv at | the Star Office. may 8 - tf FOR 8 ALE-SEVERAL ELIGIBLY LOCA ted and conveniently constructed frame Hou?es can be bought cheap and on p'easing terms,, on ap plying by letter or in person, to WM R WOODWARD, ma-v 7?lw* No. aiO Sixth street we<t. FOR RENT.?Two handsomely furnished Houses, I containing 15 rooms in one, and 9 in the other, ia a desirable location fronting <yi public square, one square from Lafayette Square, on H, corner of H and Eighteenth streets, with bath room*, kc., will be tented o? reasonable terms to good tenants. ap 13?lm* FOR RENT?SEVERAL HANDSOME PAR lors and Chambers, with board. Also, Table and transient bo*rd. Inquire at Mrs. SMITH'S, 233 F street aP9 VALUABLE TRACTS OP LAND NEAR the ' ity, at Private Sale?For sale, four very de sirable and eligibly situated tracts of Land, contain ing about fifty acres each, partly in Montgomery county, but principally in Washington county, D.C. opposite the farm of Jo?eph H Bradley, Esq., about i)i mil' s from Washington, communicating with it by a new and commodious road now under con struction The soil is excellent, and well adapted to corn ami wheat The situation id prominent an i healthy* and The land well watered. There are three tenements cn the premises. This property is peculiarly suhed to gentlemen having businew" in the city for bernrufal country res \ idences. A plat of the property can be seen at the office of | the subfccriber. John Parker, E.?q., living adjoiuinr, will show the property to any who may wish to see it. EDW. 8WANN. No. 1#^ Louisiana avenue, near City Hall, ap 20 - eo2tfl Building lots for sale.?a variety of Building Lots in the vicinity of the Ciiy Hall. Also, in aii ot*er parts of the city, on accomiuoiat- i ing terms. Enquire at Mrn. ADAMS' Boarding ] House, oppoMte to Browns' Hotel, lo be *;en from 8 to 0 a m. or 3 to 4 p in. Also, an addr?** throusb the Post Office will reteive attention. mar 5?Po2in DAVID MVERLE. f?OH KENT?THREE NEWLY FINISH ED Brick Houses, containing nine rooms, kitch* ? and cellar each. They are handsomely finished with centre picccs, marble mantel?, and contains j ntimeroOa elo.-ets and other convenit ncis. Rent $21 per month. For further particulars enquire ol MRS MORRISON, corner cf K and 14th sts. may 5?eolw* For rent.?four new and conveni ent Unck Houses, brown tnastick front-*, con-J tainlng parlor* with marble mantels, dining room, kitchen, servant's room, and five chambers cacti, and situate,! on Thirteenth street, Inland, mar the public grounds, convenient to Ta. avenue and the Departments. Rent very moderate. Apply at R. 11. C'LAflKE'8 office, corner of But;, sireet aid Eouisiana avenue, or at D. E. CLARKE'S Drug Spire, Eleventh street, Inland. mar 8?eotl HOMES FOR ALL.?Beautifully and healthily located Building Lots, 24 feet front by 130 feet deen, on graded streets, can, until enruifr, be bongnt at uie exceeding low urice ol $75, payable $3 per month. Title indisputable. Union l and Office, 7th at., above Odd Fellows' Hall. Jan 9?6m JOHN POX. Secretary. ENTS REDUCED TO SUIT THE TIMES., ?130 a year will be received for the rent of those new and convenient cottages at Kendall Green, with two acres of ground, stable, wood shed and other conveniences attached. Pumps of pure water are near the door, and commuuicat on is had with Georgetown by way of H and Seventh streets and Penn. Avenue, morning and afternoon, at the usual fare, for the accommodation of clerks iu the departments. To secure the advantage of this great reduction of rent immediate application mn?t be made to the undersigned, either by letter, or at his house at , Kendall Green, after office hours, where the keys | may be had and the houses inspe ted at any time. Several of these residences will be Hold on liberal terms. WM. STICKNEY, No 4, Kendall Green. N. B.? Rents paid quarterly in advance. apr 9, 1855?tt Ji NEW AND SECOND-HAND HOUSE FURNISHING ESTABLISHMENT, 305 IVnnsylv-u.ia avenue, Betxcecn Four and-a-half ar.d Sixth tit., i. side, WHERE will be kept constantly on haud a large { and excellent assortine it. of all kinds of housekeeping goods' such as? , Parlor and Chamber Furniture, Bedding, he. Queensware, Glassware, Tinware, Wood and Wil lowware Table Cutlery. Carpets, Cooking Utensils Clocks, Looking Glasses. Lamps, tic. All of which will be sold at the lowest possible prices fur ca?h or fcood paper. may 8?eo2w J. R. McGREGOR. LAW PARTNERSHIP. KOBECT j. WALKER and LOUIB JANIN have formed a co partnership under the firm of "Walker A Janin." for the m&nagemei.t and ar Sanient of cases in tne Supreme Court of the United tates, and before the Court of Clainru at Washing ton City. Address Washington, D. C. may 10? eo3tn SPLENDID PAPER HANGINGS^ IT is with pleasure that JOHN DAVIS announcea to his old friends and the publie that be has re sumed his old and familiar occupation of PAPEU HANGING, having opened a new more in the'?8tar Buildings, neartbe corner of Eleventh street and Pa. avenue, where be will be found all the time himself and keep on hand a w; tl selected assortment of PAPER HANGINGS, WINDOW SHADES, BLINDS, &c. All work entrusted to him in his line of busine** v ill be promptly and faithfully exe uted to the en tire satisfaction ot those for whom the work may be done. He respectfully invites all his former friends and customers, and the public generally logive him a call at bis new store and see if he has not some thing in his line to suit their tastes and wants. may 1?d3w - JOHN DAV18. ALL. 8TRAROVR8 visiting the City abould see Hunter's Cata logue of the Curiosities of the Patent Office. Also, bis Description of Powell's Great Picture, feb 23-3m* DENTISTRY. RB. DONALDSON, Dentist^ late of the Ann ol , Hunt fc Donaldson, continues to . manufacture and insert those beautiful/ porcelain teeth, with or without gums,' for specimens of which (made and do posited by the late firm) was awardtd the first Eremium at the Mechanics' Institute Fair, recently eld in this city. Tlieae teeth are carved and shaded to suit each particular case, and their resemblance to the natu ral organs is so perfect as to dsceivc the most prac - tieed eye. < Particular attention also paid to filling and pre serving the natural teeth. Charge* moderate and all operations warranted. Office southwest corner Seventh and D s s.?eu trancc on D. mar ?1?6sn ?I B THOKPrOIT, ~ MERCHANT TAYLOR, Has removed to his old stand, MoffitV Building, 4.? street, one door north of Shili in gum's Bookstore, where he would be pleased to serve his fiiends and the public. may 3?2w FRENCH MILLINERY. M MRS. M. L. DAVISON, No. 803, Ira avenue, between 9ib and 10th at | respectfully announces to her cu*-\ 'tomeis and the ladies of Washington and vicinity, that she has Ju?t received a case c Fancy Preuch HATS and wdl open them to th< p jblic on Thorsday,tbe lOih instsnt, which ?he r? sptcilu'ly invites the attention of the ladies, may Ht' M? L? Auction 8aleo. By O&BBI * BCUTT, A*etlo*e.ra. Handsome household and kitchen Furniture at Auction.?On WEDNESDAY, tne 10th instant, we shall tell, nt the re?i ience of Mr 8. C Wroe, on C, between ?1 and M tueet* near the Trinity Church, at 10 o'clock a. m., an ea? celient assortment of roaewood. mahogany sod wal not fhrniture, via: " 1 line enrred rosewood Centre Table*, with 8tui ani marble tops Fine Oothic velvet covered Castor and Fancy Chain Mahogany French airing seat parlor Chain Do Tete a-Tctea snd other 6of)u Do Bookcase and Secretary Do marble top Sid* hoard Two seta Walnut Furniture, conaiatlnf of? Fire Dreading Bureaus, French Brd?ieed? with sp tnn Mariile-tnp Washstands. Centre Table* ml Chain fair Mattrecse* and Bedding G;rar. doles, Solar and otherLamp" Iron llatrack, walnut extei.awn Table Fine hrocaici Window Curtaina and Ornament* Three-ply an.i other Carpets Stove* and Andirons Gilt frame Mirror Chit a, class and CrockerywarA With a Rood a??or;mrnt of Kitchen Requisites With many other articles which we deem uanr cessary to enumerate. The above mentioned Furniture ia in One order and of good quality. Per?otu wishing to farrLh ?i 1 do well to attand the aale. Terns : All sum; of and under $2o cash; overt 25 a credit of 9 and 4 month* /or notes aajsfict. niy eadorsed, b?v.:ing interest. GREEN k SCOTT, may 12?d Auctioneers. By GUKEV A (JCOTT. Auctioneers. Building lot at auction ?on thurs DAY. the 17tli instant, we shal s? II, in front ot tfn premises, at 6 o'clock p. m., lot $, in t-'quar? No 3r9, having a front of84 feet 6 inches on iouih G, bi tweeti 9ib snd H th streets west, rauning back 124 feet 6 inches to a 25 feet alley Terms: One third cash ; the balance in 6 and 12 month*, fur Botes bearing interest from the day of the sale. Ti le indisputable. A deed given and a deed of trust taken. GREEN A SCOTT, . Inay 1*?aofcd* Auctioneers. By J. C. .IcGl'IRK, Auctioneer ADMINISTRATOR'S SALS OP HANDSOME and Valuable Stallion.-? By virtue of anord.r of the Orphans' Court. the subscriber will m-|| at public rale, on THURSDAY, ihe 17th day of May, lfc05, nt o'clock p. m., in front or the auction tt're of James C. McGuire, on the corner of Penn sylvania avenue and T? n;h street west, the valua ble stallion horse "Moscow," beioaeing to th* e?:ate of the late Charlea W. Stewm. Moscow is of the Morgan stock, very fast in ham.** or under the sidrfle, of fine gait and carriage, and desirable for a road horse or for a'andinc. Term*: One half cash, and the ba!ance in 30 and 61 days, foi not?r satisfactorily endorsed, bearing interest CHAS 8. WALLACH, Administrator. JAML8 C. McGUI BE, m \y 12?dta Auctioneer. By J. C. KeODIRK, Auctioneer. DESIRABLE BRICK DWELLING HOCSE ai d Lot near the Capitol at Auction.- On FRIDAV afternoon. May 18 h at 5 o'clock, on the Pf?mi*es. I shall seii part }f Lot No. 20, in Square No '.28, fronting 13 feel on north A street, between 1st f.nd 21 ftreetfl e??t, and turning ban >27 feet to a thirty fe?t alley, with a nearly n> w and subatar tial'y built f ur-story brick dwellin2 hou-*, contain ing tight rooms. The house is built on an 18 inch stone wall, and is finished :n the very be. t manner tb-oaghont. Title indisputable. Terns: .?fl0u0earh; residue in >2 months, wi'h i&tutst, sec Bred by a deed of tru*tAn the premises JAS C. M.GI'IRK, i"iv ]?_? Auctioneer. By Oi(u.kH A sCO i T? Auctlnecra SIX VALU^PLE BUILDING LOTS AT AUC tion? On THURSDAY, the 17th instant, we shall se!!, ? t 6 o'clock p. m, on the premises, six valuable buil'iing Lots', situated at the comer of C and 9:!i ^-.-<ets east, being Lois .*.'?? I, 2 3.20. 21, | ?nd 22, ;n .^rjture No 1^23, havini a front of 234 ft. j 5 inches ou 9ili eirret, and 148 feet 2 inches va C streeU The above de*rrihrd property is handsomely lo ca'.ed, but a few minute*' walk from the Narv Yarv. Terms; ^ne-half cash; balance in one and tw? years the (.uri-hater to Rjve notes for tbe deiened payo>e?.t?, hearing irterert from tbe day of stle. A de<d u'ren and a de;-d of tru^t taken. GREEK 9l SCOTT, '""fr 1'*- -J Auctioneers. ny J A8. C. IQcGl'l itE, Auction ?r. G10LD WATCHES, CHAINS AND JEWF.L r ry at Auciion.?I fhall si II. on SATURDAY evening, at 8 o'clock, at the Auction Store, a f w fine Go'd Letrr Watches and Chains, to nay A I vanbes, among which ar- two see.>nd-hand English, 8 carats pure Watches and Chain', good time keepers. AI?o, a sirall lot of Jewelry. Terms rash. JAS. C. McGUIKE, may 11? Auctioneer. BY J C McOriUK, Auctioneer. YALUABLE BUILDING LOT on Fourteenth street a? Public Auction.?On MONDAY after noon, May 14ih, at 5 o'clock, on the prciri.-es,I shall sel' part ot Lol *fo ft, in square No 2. 7, hav ing a front of reveiitfen teet fln Fourteen h s'reet west, between north C and D sirefts, running back seventy five feet, wiih an outlet of threfc feet in the rear to D street. Title perfect. The lot is situated in a rapidly improving part of the city, within a sLort di<tince of tne avenue, and is very desirable as a building lot. Terms : One-third cash; renidue in six and twelve months, for coles secured by deed of iru?t and btar ingintereat JAME8 C. McGUIRE, may 10?d Auctioneer Br OREKIf <SL SCOTT, Auctioneers VALUABLE BUILDING LOT ON CAPITOL Hill at Auction.?On TUESDAY, the 15th in stant, we shall sell, in front of the premise, at S o'clock p m , we't h*lf of Lot No. 25, in Square No 7-28, having a front on north A street 23 feet 11K , inches, run. ing back to a thirty feet alley 127 feet 8J4jinches, bptwe?-? First and Second streets eait. The above described property is handsomely lo cated near the Capitol. Terms : One-third cash ; the balance in 6 and 19 months, for notes bearing interest from the day of the sale. A deed given and a deed of trust taken GREEN k SCOTT, may 9?d Auc.ioncen Bjr J* C. KoQVIREi Aattloaaar* VALUABLE IMPROVED PROPERTY AT Public Sale -Or. TUESDAY, May 15th, at b o'clock p. m., I shall tel', in fmnt of the premises, the >argc, substantial, well-built and eomn-.anding property, at the southwest corner of 8th and E sta For refectory and hotel purposes, and for which it was originally designed and is now occupied, it ha* no superior in point of position in the city. Its situation in ihe immediate vicinity of the Poet Office Department, Patent Office, and Department of the Inter or, mU9t always secure to it grvat per mat ent value. The building is three-atoriea, with a fine base ment, vaults under the sidewalk, granite founda tion, and the whole edifice of the most solid mason ry. It is now in complete repair, and held uuder a short leaae by the present occupant Terms of sale ? One fourth cash; balance in 6,19 18, and 94 montba, lor notea bearing interest from the day of sale, secured by a deed of truat on the property. Conveyancing at coat of purchaser. JAS. C. McGUIRE, may 7?d Auctioneer. By J. C. HeGCIRS, Awctloncer. TmUSTEE'8 SALE OF HOUSE AND LOT ne-ir the Navy Yard?On FRIDAY afternoon, May 4lh, at 5 o'clock, on the premises, the subscri ber* wlTI sell, by virtue of a deed of trust, >iated the 96th March, 1862. and duly recorded in Liber J A. 8., No. 40, folios 319, fcc., one of the land record* fi>r Washington county, Lot No. 1. in Square 926, aituated at the corner of G street south and 9tb st. east, under a ground rent of A20 per annum for ihe period of ninety-nine years, from September 18th, 1851, with the improvements, consisting of a two atory frame Dwelling with back building. Terms at aale. JNO. W. McKlVT, ?_^ RICO H. CLARKE. lTrurteM' JAMES C. McGUIRE, mar 94?lawfcda Auctioneer. The above aale la poatpomad en til FRIDAY afternoon. May 18. same hour. JA8. C. McGUIRE, may 4?d Auctioneer. By GRIBN A SCOTT, Anetloaesri. TTALUABLE BUILDING LOT AT CORNER V of Thirteenth street and north L at Auction ? On WEDNESDAY, the 16th inatan', we thall sell, in front of the preiniiws, at 5o'c'ock p m , part m! Lot No. 1, in square No 247, having a front on the wen: s de of 13th street west, next to the co ner of north L street, runuing back 100 feet It will be di vided in tour building lots, which will be sold one With the privilege The above described property I* handsomely lo cated. ,i*ving an east from perfectly graded and C?ed. Person* wishing to purchase a hand*ome tiding lot will do well to attend the rale. Ihii pr< i- ny ia ia the neighborhood of Prankhn Row Terms: One-quarter cash; balance in 6, 19, ani 18 months, for notea bearing intaraet from the day o sale. A deed given and a dee?l of trust taken GREEN k SCOTT, may 9?WFSMTitW Aacqomewr. 1)U<?VVN'3 FORESTER, 1 vol, Edinburg, beini t lijreeth na Tor the planting aid managermnt c fore*t Ueea. FRANCK TAYLOR. TELEGRAPHIC. aaromn fob m DAILY hlVkiauaa STAR Uter from California?AociAant "tlilllw Aft Wnw*s, M?j 11?The tafln City hae juet arrived from Uitu? The DMmAs pat into that port with the California maila and paeeengera. Tba Golden Age, which tennosted with the IlliooU, left Ban Franeiee) on the lTifc with 750 passengers aod $1,300,000 in treaeai*. On Ike ilght of thi 29th, when ef tt? lalaei cf Quito, aboot fire milea from Peaama, aad under a fall bead of ateam, tha Ooldea A|? itrnok npon a annken rook. The water gained apon the pomps with great rapidity. The beet dieoipline waa praeerved, both among the patsen^erj anl crew. Ccsamaaieation wee ?ide with Panama, end (the steamship John L 6tevena went immediately to the reeeaeaxd inoeeeded in safely landing all on heard. Tha steamship Panama waa dlepatehed ea the Id k> the aiaietaeos cf the Golden Age, aad ?troag hopea were entertained of her being saved, althoagh the tide ebbed aad lowed into her. The Golderc Gate will take ap the paeaen gera and maila which left New York on the Hh. cauronvu vswg. The rain had continued and the mines wen yielding well, and oommeroiai oonfldenee vat g adnally returning The legialatare adjoarned on the 10th An 0 her effort will be made on the 23d to eleet a Ueited States Senator. Later from Mexico New OniKAxe, May 10 ? ihe Orlaaha hae fuk. arritel, with Mexeaa dates of the &th initant. Santa Anna hae again gone eonth with tm army. It i> repor'ed that a large nasaber cf tha coldiers in Sonora hare revolted, and toned a pronanoiamento. Marine Disaster? Lots ef Life. PfiiLADilphu, May 13th.?The Keyitoae State, from Savannah, which arrived hsre this corning, reporta that last night, at 10 o'eloeh, she wa?~ run into by the schooner A Irian, bancs for "Fall River The Adrian waa heavily 1 idea with coal, and annk in 15 miaatea. Th-ee of her crtw were raved. Failure Jn Few Orleans Naw Orleans. May 10 ?Jamee A. Aeh* bri lge, a etilp broker, has failed for $170,000. New York Markets N*w Iosk. May 11 ?Cotton ia firm with an upward lendeocy Flour haa deoliaed 121 oti ; good Ohio. $10 50?$I0 67; Southern Roar i? easier; nilea of 1.100 barrela at $10 The Jll.25 Wheat is unchanged with a limited demand at previous rates Corn is Arm aad upward; Western mixed 117 Port ia firm, wiffc an npward tendency; old mesa, $10 fi2*a $16.75. Beef is unchanged. Lard is d".ll ml dini cg Whisky ia e aaier?eales of Ohio at 39 cents Baltimore Markets. Batvixjre. May 11 ?Floor ia firm, aad lioHe'8 are asking $10 87i a $11; bat no tale* b re been made. Wheat la better; >ales ,f rod at $2 66 a $2 70; whie $1 75 a $2 60; of fprLigp 6 (Jim bushels C<rn ia ten-ling upwe-d, "n'i y*How it higher; white at 10fial08; yellow 108 a 112. ^ New York Stock Market New York. May 12 ?Slocks are active aad be-ter. Money coitiene* easy St lee this morning of Erie Railroad ah area at 49*: Cleve land a<id Tolcd-> Rai road 8|; Mie?oeh fi'a 91) Virginia 6'? 97 ; Cleveland. Columbas aid Giro Dna'i Railroad, 104; Cumberland Coat Company, 271; Reeding Railroad 86i; Penn iraTSlja C?Al Con,p*DJ 105*: New Tork c*?* 14 LANDING OF THE PILGRIMS OF Maryland " TUE COMMITTEE OF AM IHANGEMENTS of the " Yeang CatholicV Knend Society" of Gecrj-town, D. C.. h???rg chaite~**d the eerie and roinm'lt'us wed known t'earner "Powhatan," Capt Mitchell ai* r.ounce to the pu! lie that the stf>*m#r will leave Georgetown on MONDAY, the 14 h in*tat. at 1 o'clock p in., precieely, and Alexandria 1 U?' e Pun touching at the different landings oa tbe fcr pat**-rgeragoini; aad returning. The Steamer will procced to Piney PoinL arriv ing at 8 o'clock p. m., and remain daring the night, e (fording the piwn|eri an opportunity of enjoying the pleasures of this delightful watering place, ana ?arty DfXt morning will proceed up Die 8t Mary** river to unite in the ce'ebration of the Landing of the Pilgri?.b of Maryland, (und*r tb?* auspices of Um Pkiiodrml* Bo fitly, of Oeorgt'own Coll* ft,) re'ara mg to Pinty Point after the celebration to ape id tke evening, an l leave tor home early on Wedneaday Dior nil j, 16th instant Thw accommodation# for Ladies are at the mo?t comfortable character, as the Boat is srell pro vided with atate rooms and bertha lor throe hundred pa.?eengers. 4^* Tickets for the round trip, lnciadiag every thing, FIVE DOLLARg. Application to be made to the Committee of Ar rangements at Georgetown; Geo. Maturely, laq., at the titenmboat Wh^n", Wa?hingtou; and John A. Roach, Em)., Union street, Alexandria Va. It ia hop?<i that persona wuhtng to attend the eel? ebration will have their tiekeu procured oe or be fore the ISib instant. B J. 8EMXE8. JOHN L. KIDWELL, JOHN J BOGUE, FRANCIS HAITFR. AMDIKW OODDARD, Cor?irlim> of Arranieaaaae. may d.lO.lB-St (Intel may 10*18) HOSIERY, GLOVES, 4c. \l7" E ju?t received a very large V T ol Ladies' white, brown, slate, blacfc, I embro.dered and open worked hoee. Gent's white, brown and mixed Hoae aad half Hose Misses and >K)yv' white, brown, alate, black, (ha. cy striped and opera worked Ho*e and half Hoae Ladies' hid, silk and Cotkon Gloves aad Mack eiik mitw Misses and Boy*' white and colored eilk, kid, aad thread Glove* and black ailk Mitts Gent's kid, silk aad thread Gloves We would invite special attention to our large and well assorted stock of Ladies' aad Children's Hosiery and Glaves, being the largest aaaonmeet ia this city, and will be sold at very low pneee. W. EGAN a SON, No. sas shady ride Pa avenue, betw. ap 30 2w 6th and 7tk atre?ts CI.OIH8, WATCHK8 AND JEWELRY. Opened this dav, forty different styles ot C oeke Ccod Clocks $1 25 Pine Gold Watehee, gf% warranted- Jewelry cheaper than aver. Call and see for yourselves at J ROBINSON'S, No. S49 opposite Browns' Hotel. miy 1?dim BONNETS, FLATS AND RIBBONS 11' E have now on hand a very I arte aad general TV assortment of Ladies' and Mtaees'j BONNETS, Children's FLATS, Boya' aad Men's HATS. I Also, a hauisome assortment of Bonnet and Cap Ribbons, Plowera, Wrvaths, Tactions, Ma^ celline Plorances, Rushes, kc., to be aoid at oer equally low prices. W. EGAN A SON, 393 p. side Pa. avenne, near 7tb sen ap30? 2w SUPERIOR SODA WATER THE 8ub?cnber would most re?pecifuiiy in Ins former patrons, and tk* lovers of superior Soda Water generailyi t^at bu founts are age a ia operation, and in oe.-er to keep up bis well eamee reputation of keeping the best SODA W ATER aad dio.1 (ii-Ucioii* SIRUPS in the rtt?, ie detenalaed (If posciblc) to have it stiS better thaa hereto* O. BOSWELL, Dtn^gwt, Corner Mary lend av., aad ?th (t., ap 90 lm Washington T\OG LOST.- Lort.on Sunday, the tth laet. I / a white and Mech setter DOG, with < Mack head and eara, tbe name of own en on the collar. Anyone ihat will deliver" him to BAYNE, BCCKNER A CO.. AlecaaArH wul be suitably rewarded may ft?It*

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