Newspaper of Evening Star, May 14, 1855, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 14, 1855 Page 2
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? v FN'ING STAR WASIUSGTON CITY: ?tWDAT ATTEBW OH Kay 14 AGENTS FOB THB -TAB. Iht following persons are authorised >o contract for tbe publication of adrcr tiacments in the Stcir: Philadelphia?V. B. Palkh, N. W. <?orner of Third and Chestnut streets. New York?S. M. Pkttujqill & Co., Nassau street. Boston?V. B. Palmzk. Scollay's Building. Iy Advbrtimmkkr should be handed in by 12 o'clock, M., otherwise tbey mat appear ^ntil the next day. i?ntrr of tps valuta peek. The I*Uiligt*c<r says: "Aiaid the extravagancies cf opinion. the d< fl ttw of law, ani tbo acta of violence whiob B>4i k thepre-?M time aud nre beeotniRg ?vsrj day more c mmon and ?lde spread^ musing dinreii and alarm totbefnencco? order au' republican government, it i? t coDiolio; evi dence of ibe nlidint e ur,dr.e>s of publie tea tlment ?o witness the general and aj on'ansone ?p, :?a c which fallows any res !ute Indepecd eut | ?ilortu'.iH-e tfdu'y in disr?gajd of mia guided r>0|u ar passion and clamor. Such an e-t the ie*n: refusal of Got. Oat diner, of Massachusetts, to removo a Judge at the *ns'?ueeof ? fana-iial Legislature, ?r.d upos this act the public voice has be-.towed a most signal approval ib?n?wi|.ip*r p c.-e is r. e? r 1; unaoiin .us in i's expression ot approbation , of tfce patriotic deoit-ioc of tbe Gove nor, u> 11 excepncg even roum cf tboae J >urnals in Mas sachusetts which had previMn'y rupparted tbeeoerseef ihu Legislature Of the latter chssws ha Springfield Kepublioan, which thou.h in tavo'cf the removal of Judge Lor. it-g h?2, in it. l>ut nuutitr, an editorial aiti eljeztoilio; the independence of the Gcver acr. a course so honor <bie to tb* ro-.niiae:sard oo>.MTT ?tism of the j >urnal ifeelf w ? think it due i>s a tark of our rcipoe*. to copy iuo'.m ajet, d " Tie Untin sums up the result cf the Hiss but'incs* bctoreth* Mussachuseiu Legislature es lollops: " lhe pit>oeeding? of the Menschusatts Le gislature on tbe sotjeot ct the d*.lioquent tjember who led the fotay upon the C*ifeolic f-maJe seminar v are mere like tco pc!i;o to pers cf c eiij- '.bar. tie record of a i>cdy of men o?ru?t;ing to rep'esett rot only a State famous f;>; Pa iuteHignrce nad pri>speri?y. bur also 9. party that started into being p'eigtd to Reform tbe errurs and the vices ot kind Tbe teatimonv tak&n iu the ca?e U such a? o lessee table newspaper cue lay before la readers, acd *he ccn~lucicns of the tcmmi'ree reached afvr a eifticg of the fac s s a e-;. aie i aip'y exbibitioss of de pratity n d lo:e ?L;j Mr lilsn his b?en ezp^Hed ih? L:g s'store ftr his conduc*; and no?v he prnp^es ke'r.-iyir j; his compaeion*! Be jbjs if be t3 gu.l?y oi th? < ffence; attribu ed to bim, otner* bi^h in office are equ*!ly sc. liis tta ecife-t 1- ac appro] riate *tquel to th^? who'enffilr, ted to th* repvrt oi his w^lleegue?. The laves ;g itioo to "hich he a f artj w?9 got up to shew ?be immorality of 'he Cvholio Bsu. I aries To g.anfv thepurient prejudioe^ of a combin<rt;f>n, and feed tbe Are of re igtco^ into'eraitcc. *>ba whole affiir wa? ma'ie 85 f .rru'd-blo ui possib e. ihdia ?juny we? co. ductal with rqcal violence und reckles*ce?3 ibe result is, that those who started cut :o esnviot otha.-s have tro.ssol?es returoe t home 06nd?mned and despised. 'L't.e saitts fca.e beooice the S'unc.-d. Ibe reform- j era ?.re U^o riare' ihe patierns atd the orie'es pre v'rippei of their bjrruwei rob.s. ar.d held bp btioro thsooutry as itnpo*- > tcrs ana deevi e;s ' \ Frkscb irctiATi 5 ?Mr. Ceastea, so lotg . the egert in m:negirg the F;en:h Sp:i aliin ? Bill before Cvcgreea, ha< wTi.ten a 48 page p.infa'!*, ;e7iewi^g <he Pieside&t's veto messige Mr. C fsvou u iriti an aJvacce ; eopy, waick eaiSrn -ea pei haps tho stooge?* ar guircntatibD ia of Ihe bill *e have ever seen In print. . ?r 1 Tw zttj six hand* employed in a gold j aits in Cciiimbi* county, Georgia, recently prccurrd in tint working days, $1 650 vorih of go!a trom rurffco ere, aisneof vbioh had keea ihro^n a*iJe for (Lteen yenrs ....Col. James H Lane, late eeeaker cf Oorg-e*a from Irdlana, has emigrated to Xar.?4j Territory with hi:^mily ? ....Geo W poster, a printer from flarris burg Pa., was droxred a few days ago near Cleveland hio. D M'Jiis. Erq , the Brooklyn Corpo ration .%?orney, has resigned h:s rffl-e, for tbe reason, he says, taat be cannot corsent to tui n dropp ror b- ta^de to look through key for ibesake if enforcing the Maine Liquor Lair ....Gov Winston of A' itaiea. was recent \j arrei ed at Eataw for distu: blng the o?.art. It seem? h-.t :he Go*e n^r got int.i animated Cfn-e'-ation ?ih toice <f his fi>sds in which his voUe unwittingly M-ee to a pi oh that die. turhed the c .art ....Tno new mayor oi Cincinnati is rival ling Ma;or Wood in the thoronghoess with wbien he is eufjroing law, pirtioulerly with te2pect to in - CrbitrrTurce cf theS&hbuth. ....11 n Oecr^e Fo'.sim, late chu-go at the liegue met ?ith a poor American family in Je u?.>ni. Tthicb *ert Out to j in a oolooy to ?each h? tatiTes of P?Uatino ag'ioulture and tbe macb??r lc ?rls lbs anfe'p:i?<? proved a failure. ao?i be fsm<iy heirg reduced to p jv crt), Kr PoLod gate ihcu* eloO to pay tLcir l*iosg* to Boston ....Ike refusal of G >v. Gardiner to remove Judg? L?-ii?jg riicets w.ih gb;.er?l < ommec.da tloo in si; quar e J tw which *hi a*. *3 has ex tCLw?d Mr. Greeiy was shocked, during his \oysje to Ecr'-pe, to ?-e ladies eirt late sup I*fr aid drina wL'sh-y st i-s, brandy and water, beer, cberry bcauee, Ao .... Llan Ldwntd Dates, of MiMouri, is nom !net?f! for tbe text Presidency by the Galena (111 ) Advertiser. The at. Louis InLeiligeccer ^ecoLds tLo choice. ... .?ix isters were recently married in the S3iz.e Light, at their house in ioaa;tet county, Pa. Election hio's in L?ui*ville. The L'uifefille (Kentucky) Democrat of tbe Ytb of May. sa} s : ? Bctotdav morning ear!y a -rowd of Jackals, bye< ae atd bawdy-house bailies to?-k possss aioa ut the polls in the Fi.-st and Second swcariDg bat no tui Kn< w Nothing, fore gcer or no; should be allowed to Vote, or tvsi. sfproaeh '.he pjli?; utd tbey kept their Wuld faithfully " Tbe editor thee proceeds to give a few of the fseideovs ?r :be disrepu able occurrence. Dr. Straoer, teasing down Miin street from tbe )ol!s wa> e ocad by ibeoroi.d and compelled to run. This was alout the beginning An rid UeriraL. apparency about ttrs^tj years ot age, was beaten alaoe to a j?liy. and left eotercd wi b blocd Another old German bo?geJ for his life; but no', his sge. bis giey heir* not his ent/eatics, were I any aeail; tbe m!s reant na acltLg aim st.cca with a slung lb t- tbe blow muted ia aha, sinking tbe wall cf be bouse. At that moment the crowd diverted at'eii'ion to tbe bouse of Kr Merkel, keeper of me brewery, and tbe poor old nan escaped Evan a fnnerai proceeding up Jeffai eon sireat to tbe grave yard, was stoned In ell tbe Di mo^rat says there were not lees than from cne toadied t one hundred and flf y per sens injured doilg tbe day, le the two. Wardj ' wmnGTHt wm nn gs'xip. Mr. Eua ?Tki* IcdiTiduol, cn whose mo tion, !t will te recollected. the no* famous MMiMbnee'.ta committee on nunneries wtfl raised, Liii at length b?tn expelled from the Legiclatura of that Stare, but sot before be took occasion to declare in writing that oibors of his committee, and a larw;e number of ether member* of the Massachusetts Legis lature, could be proved by him to have b-en guilty of eaeh and every ono of the pr?C'is*s far which he wus Tried, including more or lo*s of the seventy oiergy men who abandoned their pulpit* for a time to serve their fell:w-citiiea3 politically. We venture to aay that tha partiea laoat damage! in public opinion by this nunnery committee eff>rt to make political capital are the conductor? and puplli of the female school*, who were originally aonght to be brought into disrepute by the movement The Lsgisii-.nre, aj abnlr. have, through it. filler: under the oontempt tven of their own constituent*, with nil rAnr prejudices, bad pawiccs, and clmo3t invariable habit of com forting themjelve* with the idea that they and theirs can do no wrong, while no other"? can I dj anything righ ly | Th? moral of thia Hits affair will, era long be fuPy appreciated by the country; and ore of i"a first efTaot. will be to discredit any d??- I gyman, of any denomination wh tever, who shall dare to desecrate bis eac.ed calling by the arena of politics, for which no man of that oleth, anziona only to aerve the I cause of his meek and lowly Mcster, can have a aste. Pride, lu*t, worldly ambition, un I goveroable passions and c ?vet usneee are the I moving aprings which induce men who bar: I dedicated themselves tc the cure of soulr, to I turn politician* The history of the world I shows tha' Trherh, as a class, clergymen assume I 'o be politicians, they invariably bring the I Christian relgion into disrepute, hy displaying I elements in their character which to the mind I of every sensible and thoughtful man, give I the lie to their proferaions of hollows in their I life and convarraiioa. Orgauabip - Our cotemporaries eppear to I be at a non.plua? fairly at a non-plat?i? I earning to something like unanimity in the | matter of determining Jut whose org-n thr I St*r is. The New York Frpre?* and Herald I are prone tc call us tl>e organ of the admln:s I tration. Our talented, amiable, entertaining. I and nnsssnming neighbor ictista on it that we I are ?he organ of the Unionist* in the Board of I Aldermon of this city Not long fince, during 1 thesessi n of tbeeocfortnce of one of the col ored raligiou. denominations, we were visited I b,*a deputation of their preachers, modest I respectful, and very tvcrtl j teen, in Td*y I black coau, and very white neckcloths, who I rcque ted u? to fublish a daily report of the I prioeeding- of their body, with an intimation I that the course and \iews of the Star madt I n the favorite paper cf tha colored population I of the Diitriet and eurrour.ding couutry, aud. I therefore, the only Washington Journal ic I which they fait aniens to see their procetdj ?ngs published. We arknowledre th? foroe ofl their compliment, for it was sointended and I receirod Oa Saurday lajt, tha New York limes] writes us down the spe:!al urgan of Mr. Attsr> I cey Oareral Gushing, whuhas more 'han once I been announced as the writer of our leader? I by various journals, who evidently rssnma U I know more about the affairs of our cffl:e than I we do ourself, though no man in the country I uttends more closeiy to the immediate oondnct I of hi* cewipsp-r than the Star's editor does. I in person We imagfne ourself the organ ofl out young friends of the Diet-let who are iden- I tified with military and fire companies ?oc;al I c'ube, Ac , ?* they do us the honor, invariably. I to re?ort to tur column* whenever wishing to I rer.oh the dear public. We are, emphatically. I the organ, teo, of a great many people who de. I eireto baooma famous in various ways, or who I wish the folks by whom they are eurrounded to know them better, and appreciate thtm In I a business point of view more highly. Under I these ci.cua-atanoes. wa are. ourself getting I into a aort of quandary a* to who own* ua; I going to bod o' night* with the mark of cne l msstor pinned -o ua by our newspaper friencr, I and riaingnext day to find that tbeso same | friend.- hi?e suddenly transferred all right I title, and interost in ua to tome body ?!*? the I Lord knew* who. It Is well that we ara philosophic under this I diurnal change of masters, made wi'hout a* I ouch a# "by yorr leave, ?Ir/' to us Tha meanirg cf all this, however, is timply that I we furnLh the Star's readers with early and oorr^ct sews about everything and everybody I in wbi:h ?nJ whom tbo public, or ony portion I cf it, happens for the nonce to ba particularly I interested?being, through our activity and I ptseverance, so early and so thorough in the I information we publish, i*a to give rise to the I beslef, cn the p.Tt of slower and laaier news- I paper wights, that wo po-sess fcoilities for I learning facts atd opinions worth knowing, I other than those wh oh ere tho legitimate of I g eat newspaper experience hero, and peUi- I nzoions industry in availing ounelf of It. I ^ e hare un idea of oaliing a convention to ( ?ett'e, beyond pvradventure, the quastion of | right and title to the Star ca an organ?all I important questions being eettlad in conven tion in these time*. , TL? ''Fast' Judge ?' We quote an insolont I article from the Washington Nfar in relation j to Judge Ingersoll, whieh bears the unmls-I t?k?ble evidence of having originated in the rffice of the Attorney General of the Unite! State* lhi* i* a cowardly way of assailing the reputation of a Judge, and we presume will be properly resented Ntto York Evh tng Pott, May 12th. The article 11 which the g*nilema/iiy editor of the I'ost refer* was the folio* ing item of news: "A 'Fast' Jena* ?Our astonishment at the recent decision ot tfce Judge In the Kiu uey and F^tens oase haa vanished already ; insomuch a* we hear to day. that he ha* hen* in bi'.'s to the sccouniing effljerot tho Govern rnent fir his ytr.xonal rxpf-srs ia ho'.diog the U S. District Court in Naw York, 'hi# two ai*triet heing Connecticut,) allowing himself at the rate of *?m* $18 per diem lie is evi dently ? very' faat' liver, at the expense of UnHe Sam, and probably sympathies with "f^t men" rather than with the well being A society Judge UalPabill for holding court in New York oity, though traveling much further to reaeh there amounted to lee* than one.fourth per diem of tha amount charged by tbia ap arent pro filibustering Judge Now, we have to *ay that tha above para graph did not originate "in the office of the Attorney Genoral of tha United State*," and th t neither that functionary nor any ona un der him had ??; mora knowledge of it ara it appeared in tho Star, than tha editor of (ha Earning P;t himeelf. The Judge in question will be the vary lait man to dispute the aoeuraey of tha fact that' U hM Pp*^d ? bill to the United State* for personal expense*, while holding a eourt is New York, which amounts to an aggregate cf about $18 per diem! The editor of the Post, when he eomes to hi# senses, will hardly venture to argue that such h ram should be so paid out of the Treasury of the United State*. The law authorises the payment of the personal expenses of Ucfted J3tates Judges when engaged in holding court our of their respective oircuirs; bat it never contemplated that under any such pretence, a precedent thould be set for squandering Ihe publ to coiiey like water. The cffince of pre * ntivg such an acccuat is more fl igrant in a Judge than It would be in any other oflher of the Government, because the puHic have a r ght to look to fapetionarles In ruoh positions for models of propriety, moderation, and recti tude in all they d a as offioeraof the Government. That the account in question (at $18 per diem) is outragloui and indefensible, ij so evident, that we venture te assort that the Evening { oit will not print a line in its defence. Nor will the Post venture the opinion that a district judge of the United States can be in the habit of living at the rate of $18 per d em, (*? an extra out of the United States treasury,) without being a ? fast" liver at the public ex pense. With all due deference to the Even i?? Post, we take the liberty of repeating the opinion, that the extraordinary rulings of the jidge in question, in the cases of the United itates vs. Kinney and Fabens, wherein prece dent and common sense seem to us and to uiacy others here to have been Eet at noegfct, are in fair keeping, indeed, with that "little ac count" at the rate of $18 per diem for a h tel till and it ttteras. We repeat, the pre^enta* tion of suoh an account dispels our surprise at tUe extraordinary rulings is the trials men tioned above. A Meteorite ?The visiter to the Smithsonian Institution will notice in tho large hall which is designed for the niuseuta, a piooe of iron, something in the sbt*p* of an anvil. This is a remarkable specimen of meteoric 'iroi-, and is the largest miss in this country, with ne exception. It wa gh3 252, pounds is high ly crystalline, quite maiie .ble, and not diffi jalt to cat with a saw. It was brought to this conn Ty by Lieut. Couch, U. S. A , from Satiilo, Mexico. Various theories have been devised to acaonnt for tho origin of meteorites. One is that 'hey are small planetary bodies revolv ing around the tun. and that at timea they become entangled in our atmosphere, lore their orbital velocity by the resistance of tho at mosphere, and are finally attracted to the e&rth. They are also supposed to have been i-jicted from the volcanoes in the moon; and a third supposition is that they are formed from panicles fixating in the atmoaphero. Dr. J L;?vrrt-^e dumb vhohas made the subject a 'pecial study and has analysed this meteorite | and many cihars in the possossion of the Smith Ionian Institution, conoludea that the moom is the only large body in space, of which we | have any knowledge possessing the requisite :ondf!ion? demanded by tho pbysloal and chem 13-1 properties of meteorite?; and that they have been thrown eff from that body by vol :anic action. Dr. Sa.ith oonduoted his analytical investi gation in the Scnlth.-onian labor rtory, where ic also made, in behalf of the Treasury De partment, an extended exau ination relative t) the d ffarent kinds of molatsss imported in to |^is country. Ihe Sardinian Purchases ?Through private let'ers receivtd by the latt European steamer, we learn that Oabcur's bargain with England I to furnish the latter with flf.een thousand Sardinian troops to be wasted and destroyed la the Crimea proves so unpopular in the Sar dinian army as already to have broken down his iCabour's) ministry. Many of the troops to have been tent eff refused to go, officers and men shooting themselves to avoid this dis. graceful and self-immolating service. Sar dinia would have received $532 per head of | officers ard men, for his majesty's 8iaTea tkus s,,'d to disease and death. The bargain has! but a ringle parallel in the history of modern nations; tbe sale by the Elector of Hesse of| his subjects to George III to fight the battles of England in our Revolutionary War. As in that case, these Sardinian* have not the ?!ight:it interest in the war, as neither their Bounty's honor, rights nor interests a e in volve in it. ihe t fficial Distance.?Military officers ani others in the service of the Unl ed States, in California, who may of right oharge mileage I ?gainst the United S:at6s for going out or :omicg from ihe Pacific sido, will please take notice that, acoordicg to the books of the Post Uffice Department, tke post distance between New York and Ban Francisco is but 5 560 miles, not 6 000 as heretofore allowed for. llereafter all such accounts will be settled on to is basis. The Sloop-of-war Decatur was heard from at the War Department by the last mail from Ca'ifornia. She arrived at Honolulo, on the B'h of March, after a passage of forty dajs from ^ alparaiso. Officers and orew were all well. TheU 8. Basse Independence, according to latest advicss received at the Navy Depart. meiit, waaat Valparaiso on the 23d of Maroh last, and was to sail on that day for Talcuhana in Chili, and from thence to Panama, and re turn to Valparaiso, touching at all inter mediate ports going and returning. All well on board this ship. The Current Operations of the Treaaury DeparUnent.?On Saturday, the 12th of May, ther^- 7ft:e of Tretsury Warrants entered on tho books cf the Department? '? or the redemption of stook $16 312 29 For paying Treasury debts *4,000 00 Tor the Customs 22,017 29 For oovering into the Treasury from customs 68,710 211 "or oovering into tbe Treasury from miscellaneous sources.... 6,090 821 !*c.r the War Department 57,891 2V Fur repaying in the War Depart ment.. 6,163 93 for tho Navy Department 27,000 00 Por the Interior Department 150 00 Dou't u too Positivi.?A few days since, while* gentleman was walking up Bighth street, be was run against by a man apparent-, ly Intoxicated. A few moments afterwards, the gentleman missed his gold fob ohain, his watch having been left with a watchmaker Ho followed the supposed thief and bad him nrrested and taken before Alderman Hibbard. The gentleman swore positively that tbe ao cosed took bis ehain. The alderman, think ing that there might be some mistake, held the ease over till the next day. Again tbe loser of tbe obaiu swore positively that the ac cused had stolen his ebsin. Toe alderman still thinking that there might be some mis take, again postponed the ease. Yesterday morning, the lost chain waa found where the gentleman had lost it a few momenta before meeting with the accused.?PkU? L*4g?r. From California The steamer Illinoia urind at New York on Sanday morning fom Asplnwall bringing about 700 patMDgera and $1,116,000 in trea* or* Har advioee ara to tha 17th alt. The dl?aatar to the ataatcar Golden Age if reported by Pa ter Hall aa follows: On tha 29th of April, at 2 o'olook. a. m., tha iteamer ?track on a ?^r>kan rock rff tie ?.utnwaat end of tha Island of Ricaroo, apdo<>mmenoed leak ing badly It waa then deened advisable to rau the ship ashora, which was accordingly dona A smooth sandy beach was saleetedfor tha parposa, and there was a strong probabili ty that aba ooald be got off. After a detention of two daya. the passen e-s. malts, and treaa> urea were transferred to the a easier John L. Stephens and landed at Panama on tha 2d In* atant; everything safe, and all the passengers in *ood health Tha ateamer Sierra Nevada, from San Jnan, arrived np Ht San Francircj on the 9th of April, and the steamer Gulden Gate, from Panama, on the 12th, Bnsineae in California was Tory dnll. Money was tight, and several mercantile houses had failed. Surenteen eciela from Atlantic porta had arrived at San Francisco in two daya. The mines were doieg well, bat owing to a aoaroity of ooin, bat very little duet had reach ed market. The mint had not resumed opera tions * Rain had fallen iteadily in tha valleys for a week, and on the mountains snow had fallen to a great depth. The an satisfactory state of oommereial pur suits was driving large numbers of elerka and merchants to the mines. The news from Kern liver wai as contradictory as ever. The dig gings were represented aa being by no means so rich as at firat reported. Tho Know Nothinga had been auecessfal in the municipal election) all over the 8tate, ex cept at San Jose, whero they were defeated by a fusion of tba two old parties. Branches of "Freedom's Phalanx,'' a aecret sooiety, have been organised in different saotiona of the Slate. 'l'he Press Clnb of San Franoisoo have taken steps for the erection of a monument to the memory of Ed*ard Gilbert, one of tha pio neers of the presa in San Franciaco, and tba first representative in Congress from Califor nia. The ateamer Surprise and one of the rteam* ers of the California Steam Navigation Com pany ware to have a race shortly for $5 000. Both branches of the California Legieliture had fixed the 30th u!t for a final adjournment. The revival cf the -en;.torial question was considered very doubtful. An anti gambling law cf a vary stringent charaoter had be&n pasaed by both houaea. It ia calculated to close all gambling houses. ^ Dates from Portland, Oregon, to April 7th. mention that the Know Nothings had tri umphed In thi munieipal election there. Sandwich Island da'es to April 21 had boea received. The United States sloop-of-war Da oatur arrived there on the 8th cf M ;roh, and the Britiah sloop-of war Dido on the 9ih. A party of fiv: gentlemen sailing in a small boat at Panama were drowned lately Among the number was purser Carter, of the Mail Steamship line Amonz-t the failures at San Frunciaco are Meisro Beck A E!am, and Tilden A Little Iq the San Franoi'co market every artiole is dnil or rale, and many things have consid erably declined. Gallego and liaxall flour, $14. Crushed fugar. 9J cts. Lackawana coal, $20 Clear p<rk, $19a$19; moss, 15; Han?, 20|. Spirits turpentine, 65a63 eta. HT Snow fell to the d pth of aix inches, at Fredonia, N. 7., a week ago, breaking aoma of the fruit trees ^-^^FRANKLIN FIRE CO.?There will be a ireeti g of the .ihove Oinpr.ny a; ihe halt on MONDAY EVENING. May 14th, when all pcr emu having halt tickets f-?r sale are requested to make returns to the Trea^ur^r. R E. DOYLE, President. G. It. CaossrisLO. Sec. may 12?9t OFFICERS OF THE FIRST REGi mcnt and Third Brigade, Attention.?The c-(D)i:.i9?lon> d officer* of the first regiment and third t;rignde, nnw tn cnnnand, will attend a meeting to be held at FLINT'S Hotel,on M ?Nf?AY MGHT next, to take into con->Jcration the interest of the Regiment Punctual attendance ia required of every com missioned officer in command. AN OFFICER. may 10?4t* REGIM EN TALORDKK Eioimeftal llBAOQr"artkrs VoLTtrrsaas D. C., Washington, May 10, 18.*>5. THE regiment wrill assemble on the usual ground at the City Halt, precisily at 10 o'clock a. m , on MONDAY, the 28:h instant, for the regular an nual bulalion parade for exer ise and Inspection. The officers commanding companies will therefore five the necessary orders to their respective com m nds. This occaaion is availed of to afford the re giment the satisfaction of taking part in the cem mony of breaking ground in the commencemer.t o? Hit' A'mory, which the (iovernment has generous ly provided partly for its us*, and which has been looked forward to fir benefitting the volunteer ser vice by reducing ili? expense* of companies and gieally improving the organization and discipline of til" r. glrnent. The Pre?Ji?ent of the United State* and the Secre tary of War have signified their pleasure that, after reviewing the regiment, they will proceed under its escort, to the site seleeted by the Piesidtnt. accord ing to law, fur the building, and witn< a- the break ing cf ground fj.-the coinciecv-ement of its founda tion Dj order of Col. IIiritY : PETER F. BACON, Adjutant. 49-The fl 'ld, fci-ff and offirrra commanding companiet- are request- d by the Colonel to mret at the Aldermen'-- Room, City Hall for instructions, Ht 7 o'clock, on Monday evening , the 91st instant, may 14?It PRRvoifS HAVING CLAIMS acainst a balance due from the Navy Department tn the estate of William Dhu, deceased, late a seaman on board the United State* ship Plymouth, are here by not tied to present them at the office of Fourlh Auditor of the Treasury, within two months from thi< date may 11?3t Morocco celts for saw at LAMMOND'8, 7ih at. ap 14- 3t PORTK mOlfKAlEH, Pu^i Combs and Hair Hrushcs at LAMMOND'8, 7tb st. may 14?3t HOTELS AND RESTAURANTS. NO good emahii-tooent should be without. G.HITTER'S SPMKLING SUGAR. It is f<r better than Miirral Water in bottles, cheat nr. and mcrr convenient. may 14?3t TO THE LADIES. Tije under-igned is prepared to give lessons to la dies wild children in all kind* of embroideriag hair and fine needle work. Also, in Mantillas, Col lam, a^d Sleeves will be embroidered promptly to order. Stamping and Drawing done in neat style MRS P. ZOLLICOFEB, 597 Maryland &v , bet. 6th and 7th St., Island, may 14?8t* CAME TO THE SUBSCRIBER on the 5;h of May, a dark sorr<i Mare, with spats on S[\? her body. She H ab-mt ten years old. The^^^v owuer is requested to come forward, pay rbargea, and take her av*y. J. W. MARRIOTT, Aiexandiia co , near Little Falls Bridge, may 14?3t* SODA WATER?SARSAPARILLA MEAD. rrHF. ruSscriber would announce to his numerous I customers, th t his Soda Apparatus has been thoroughly overhauled and repaired, and he is now ready to serve everv one with a beverage superior to ?ny ever b<*fore off*-red. Me would mention that he has not varied in the slightest from bis wanner of preparation, which is the proper way. He wouci also call the attention of all who like a delicious) drink to the MEAD, which is one of the most refreshing* nd wholesome drinks made. W. B. BUTT, Druggist, nny 14?eo3t Corner 13th st.,aud Pa av. FIRST PREMIUM PIANOS. JU8T received, several Pianos from the celebrated factory of St inway b. Sons, New York; ore ^a Louis XVIII style Th> se P ano? are tn es? ry rr ep*.-ct the best now made in the United States; they i ectived at the late Metropolitan Mechanics' Fsir tne first premivn (a Mlver medal) for each of their Pianos exh oited. Every person admired the voluire of Ulre, i<i> well as the workmanship of their instru ra ms. Them, in addition to my other stock of P.anos(f?rms the beet and largest collection south ot Mason's and Dixon's lire. Trie p iblie are respectfully invited to call and ex> amine before they purchase elsewhere, thry will god moderate prices and reasonable terms PIANOS to rent always on band, and aeaond* nand Pianos taken in part payment for new on?-s,ai my Piano Warworn, No. Eleventh st, above P?.avenae. f%. c. BEICHFNBAOH. may 14?aola* rORBBST HALL, GEORGETOWN. THE RUfOWXED DRAMA (O DlOHAMA (hot A PatWTlllO) OP THE BATTLE OK BUNKO HILL, ASl DESTRUCTION OF CHARLKSTOH'V, \flll be np^ed fir?r "ihlhtlion i' ih* i'k'W hail, en Tt'EfimY 1VENI 1*0. M.^y 15:h, and con mu> evcrv e-venlng cuing th- ttvefc. AlV?, on THl'RsDA V r.r..1 HATUilDAY afer noon-t. m 3 o'clock. Dooh op?-n at 7?:o loam'-nce at 8 o*clock. A Imission 25 c*nts?Children accompanied b> their parents half p ice. may 13?If FISCHER'S BAND FULLY ORGAN IZED. HAVING now romHeud all mv Tr??ffBient? for a fl.'it rate B *A3fl and COTILLON B.iN'lJ, I am again nt the servicc of the public t?. attend Excursion ParUe.-. Exhibit one, Parade*, Pic Nice, Ralls. and Serenades. Ali tfiose in favor of a citixen's br.nd arr respectfully icviu-d to encourng* our ?b erpri^e, here in Wssbingt-n City. P FI3CHKR, Leader. P S?This Band, under my direction, is regular y uniformed, and irom a practice over twenty yeara I can give ^atisucuon to every one Retideuce, Pa. avenue, north aide, bet. 9th and 10 h streets first door west of Iron Hall Orders left with Messrs Hiibus fc H i* punctually atli-nded to. may 14?la* MORE REFRIGERATORS. JU3T wired another lot of Vii term ail's Patent Ventilated REFRIGERATORS, ml all tin- ear; ons fixes and kinds. Horixcnt >1 and Upright for | durab lity, economy and convenience the best ar ticle ever manufat tor.'d. Also, another lot of Children** GIGS, from Birh nell h Tsrtl, of Philadelphia. We respec fully invite a call from those in want of such articlea, feeling assured we can make It to | their intereet to buy of up. J0HN80N. GUY fc-CO, Ps. avenue, between 10th and Uth sts. may 14?lw READY MADE CLOTHING OP SUPERIOR Quality?Gentlemen wishing to supply thent seives with rcaly-made garments of One quality tor spring and summer wear, are ibvifd to visit our #?* tensive salesroom*, where they wiil find every va ri* ty 02 fashionable goods adapted to their wants. Also, youths', boys', and children's clothing. ec n -.idling of every variety of guod*. manufactured in t:ie moat substantial and durable manner. WALL & STEPHENS, Pa. avenue between 9ib and 10ib sta. Also 30ft Pa. avenue, 2 doors east of National Hotel. may 14?1ft PROPOSALS FOR STATIONERY. Tzxascxt Dipa^tmmt, May 12, U55. SKPARATli PROPOSALS for TU'nishing the ata ticnery required by thl? d-partmea- during th ecal year ending June 80, wi'l be ?oiived until 12 o'elo-k m., on the 3oth day of June next ? lbo*e unarromp?ni<d by s? ?s'a.tory t*stim:n a1* ?f ability ta fulull tha contrast will not be contid Atl the artie'sT m'ist be of the vary b*-t qualify- - fourteen ssmples of each article ? cat sci-w p*ny the bid The sample-of the prrty to whom the c mua-t it ay be awarded will be paid for by th? <le p itmmt; th? others will be returned to the re so*c"V> parties. No bid will bs ooTuidrred wheu tha a tides ?ccrmpanyirg It are not cf the b??t, qaa'ity. aud suite-i to tt? wait* of the department; ?,Dd inferior, spurious, or imitation arilrhM will subject the bid to r-JecMon at thd pleasure of t-.e department Ka-h proposal must be signed ty 'he firm or In d'vidual naklrg it, and must srecify a price, ar>;. bu' one price, for esch and t-rory article contains) in t escbedu'e; and,a* without uai.ormi y tfceie lu the cepartirent would it difficult to make a d? cisiOQ, none will b? tazen into oon^dera^ioa unlev sawtsntWy azreicg therewi h. All the articles to bo fu fished must be of the bast qvallry, tnd delivered without d???!y when cr d??rvd, to the ??t sfseti->n cf the he?i oi vue ofBoe for which they are required. The deperUneut reserves tn lta?ir the right of or-. d'-r eg a gr ate- or ]e?s quantity cf escb and ev*ry ? rtcle conti acted for, a* ths public Be trine may re quire. I *upplyi?* an interior article at sny time wRl be deemed scfioient cause forthaith to ^nnul the o n tract Bond*, ?ith approved a ei.rity, to be glvsn ky the pjrscn cr p<-rsons couti-a.tlng; and In cm* of a 'all ure to arpidy the articles rtqulred, the cantrart r and his sureties <h>ll b? .Ub?? fit 'he Ibrreitu.e specified in euch bord as l!qt-|latel dami^s. 'Ihe rubj j'.ned il't epfciflt-s as nearly a* nrw een be doa?, the amount, qua itv, aud de?o.ii tioa tl ?arh of the klads of artlc e^req .ir?d: C8 reams folio post, satin or v'ain finish, faint-, lined, and 'rim %ed, te weigh not le?? than 17 lbs rer ream 14J d-> foolscap, baud made. f?!?Mia-d, ard trimmel, to we gh not leas thtn y2 lbf | p r ream 2u do fn^l?*ap, mach'ne, f?kt llred. aid tiire-, n ed, to weigh not leas than 12 Iks fee | ream 11 Co foolscap, l>l?in, hand-made, faint lined , and trimtrel, to weigh net leas than 19 1 lbs per r. am A t*o foclroap, plus, mscb'ne, faint-Uned, and Clramtd. to weigh not less than 13 lbs per r^am 85 do fboLcap, blue laid, hand mid*, f !?* lin*d. garlen pattern, comm^nlv known as ?iespatrb < r consular paper, to vei: h not lees ban 16 lb* per ream 391 do quarto po>t, band-nude, plain, 'a nt lined thr?e side*, per ream 83 do quarto p at, machlce, plain, falnt-lintd thr-e aid s. per ream 12 do quart" p-o't, band-made, plain, faint line! lour aides, p?r ream 5 do quarto poet, machine, faint lined four sid**s, b|r r( am 17 do qutito feet, t rench, faint lined, thrss | aides, per team 17 do to e paper, gilt, per ream 18 do di puin do 2 do medium pfper, for becks, per ream Qi do copying paper do do 4* do enrelops paper, y* llow or bufl, royal, prr ream 7 do do do flat eap, whit? or blae, per ream 3 do largf trown envelop#, per ream do blotting paper, roy?-l do , 877 dcxan cards Peiry'a b?et metal'ij pens, per ioc n "nds 01 do do of all ether manufacture in use, | per dcc*n cards 76 #ros* m'tallk p-ns, bsai quality, per gr<*? 12 M quills. No *0, per M 1 M qnills, No. 70 de fidosrn ev<?rp?Snt*d silver pencils, with geld pees, p*r J'xan 10 do gr'd pens, Brown's or equal, pe* d' r n 6 do silver e .ae- for the eame, per draen 8 gross ot leads fer ever pointed pencils, assorted i i*?s, por gr s? ^817 dea n beat black-leal rencils, per dosea " 10 do red-lead pencils, p?r Icten 15 do foM*ra irory, 9 inch, per dos*n 820 do red linen tap?, ssio'tad. per d'tea 75 do ki k tMte, assorted colors and width*, In hacks, pe? drcsn 4 do pom oe Lcxe*, of ivciy, per dos*n 1 do do do coco* do 8 do rand boxes do do 1 do do tin 4) 9 do wafe:-Itands, or boxas, ere^a. per df x?n 17 do erasers, Rodgers A Mon'e, ivory handles, genuine, rer drs n 39 do penknives, IUdgers k Sen's, or equsl, 4 blades, bockhorn or p?arl handles, gen uine, per doten 11 do wa'er itamps, ivory handlss. per doz*n 1 do do do liguum-vltae bandies, per p-r bvttls 148 do Ink b'st copying, In % pint bot'les, per doi 4 do offic> ?h?ars, 11 inches, par d: sen 4 do offle- scisscr*, per drxen I 11 do Inkstands, cut glass, recently invented fountain, movable tops, nerdoxen 4 do fokstands, c*st iron, p r dosen 5 do Prrnoh pump China inkstands, per dosen 10 gallons b?*?t ink, black, tfcedepartmont to have ch ice of the market, per gallon 529 bottles ink, black, the department to have choloe of the market, p r quart 6 quarts ink, red, th* department t> have choice of th? msrket. per quart 40 bottles ink. blue, the department to have choice of the market, per quart bottle 92T do Ink, red the department to have cho'oe of the market, In }?plnt bottl?s,per bottle 909 do osrmine ink, small site, French, or ?qa?l, p r iKt4' ik best bottle 1COO wafers, la'ge r, d, for d?p*rtment sea1, per M 1C9 pounds wafers, common slse, red. per pound 117 do seallrgwax, best extra superfine, scarlet, per pound 1 to do blask, per p?und 84 do India rubbrr, prepared, per pound 1 do do unprepared per pound 178 quarts black sand, per quart 28 ounces pounoe. per oucm - ? 1 dosen earner's hair pencils, a*s*rted, per desen ] 170 paunds twine, linen, per poutd 104 do do oottoo, per pound i 141M pocket envelopes, cf whf e or yellow paper, of tte following s'aes,Vis: 8K by inches, p>r hundred 11 doe?n rulers, mahogany, rotxnl ot fiat, per dosen 44 do el-gtis pen-boldara, Alden's, per doaaa. may 14?lawTw KYKHTII WARD?ONION TICKET. For Alderman?DEARBORN R. JOHNSON. ""For Common Council?SAMUEL FUMFHREY, SAMUEL 8. TAYLOE, HENRY A. CLARKE. may 4" ta FOR ? AlelC?The fast and comfortable BJoop PIONEER, now lying at the Bteaaiboai?^h Wharf. Apply to T. Ma:tin or Oeo. T- How-^S^ ?' " * map 19? aid, near that Wharf. N mWh?reM> mf w'*.CHARLOTT? ?nd boird or P?kU?K?r( iiu, to pvt Mioe b>Tri wtt! 1*3v so debts of h?r ?-<-nrrncrwf rm and after tblstV*. WILLIAM JACKSON. tbls may 19-J.# LOST?Strayed from the preni>*ea<>( tb? sabscrl* ber. ah tbe night of the 9 h inst., a dnrii * hay MARE, with ? star la brr forekrad and ?THs| a white spot on hind leg d .id war* bat) AM recently !o?t Iirr eolt, and is j.robaWy eon ewbere within Iks cl:y iuniu or sub?b? Any one re turning her to ?he residence of tf? - subs- nhrr, o? q strert aoath, between 91 an* 3.1 etrsets, wr| I he ?nttaMv rewards. or an) Information eaa be left at PATTEN*8. at Eukwood House. which will be rat^ru If f ciiftd' LE ?VI8 PAT 1 EN. m >y 19- 3t BEDFORD BLUE LICK, A ND other * THING WATERS Jurt received dl /V rect from the Hpringt. and for ml* In any quan tity at J B MOORE'S Waal End Dm* Store, No. 110 Ta avenue, opp. 7 Buildings, may 19?3t FISHING TACKLE. AN additional supply Ju?t rcceirtd, including Pearl Minnows, Minnot Neta. fcc , by E. TUCKER k CO , 38 S Pa avenue, opp. Browns' Hotel. may 19-9t TO THE LADIiS OF WASHINGTON AND VICINITY. ^fr-T AVr.l.lA PRIBRAM * SISTER. jJlijNo. 877 Pennsylvania rvenue, be JfcAl) TpPtween lUth and 11.h streeta, raiara f( w their regard* for the kind petmnrge heretofore ba? <u>wed upon their efftxu. and tak- 'he liberty of ia forming their many trienda that they intend open int their Spring, Sarnmer and Fancy BONNETS, - which conrtot of 950 pieces, besides a nch aaton raentol 8TBAW KO>NETS, kc. They are able to icrre all sizes who are in want of a lashtoaaMe and cheap Bonnet. Cail and examine before purcbaeiag alarwbare. may 19?la* SOMETHING HtW TJ.VDER TBS EUH. CHARLES WERNER, Penntflvcnia avenue, oppotiU Brotcnt' Hotel. HA 8 fitted ap the commodious ball orer hu Res tauram aa a brat clasa l.AGtK BEER SK~ LOON, havmf prn-ured a supply of every luxury and e*>iulorts found In brat elan establishments of the kin:l in the Northern citiea. His KM INF. WINES and Frcncb White Winea, as well aa hia CI irets. rt?fars. Lager Beer, Oermaa, Italian, and Swedish CHEESES, and indeed > f ev ery other appropriate luxury m such an jatab'isb* incut, la or surpassed In thia own try. He solicit* a call Irom bis friend* and the public. may 09 ?tf NEW POLKA. THE CHEVY CHASE POLKA, compoeed for and dedicated t ? Mies Pally D. Brad'ey, t.y J. D. Saunders, E?q.. of this city, wh?^e cnoipoaiLoia have always met with auoh er?*at pnbli^/avnr. The menu ot the piece are aucb aa will introduce it amonr all lover* ot mnsie. Mbe 95 cents. Ju<=t published and for aa'e by IIILBU8 k HITZ. The Prartdent*! Mountei Guard Quicknep, ron? p>*ed ?y the *ccompH-?hed l ianiat. Mr. Bob? rt Hel* ier, will appear in a tew daya may 18 THK AMERICAN DKBATEB, being a plain ex position of the principle and practice af public il< hate, he, bv .'ernes N. McElligott. LL D. Ilistory of a Zoological Temperance Convention held in Central Alri*a, in 1647, by Edward Hitchcock, LL D. The Cit*ivea of Abb's Va'Iey, a legend of ft nticr liie, by a eon i f Maxy Moure ORAV k B^LLANTYNE, may 12?3i 488 eeven'b a.reet GLOVES, UOSIERY, RIBBONS, Ac. JOHN II. SM'KJT, s"iith aide of Bndge Mt.. near lli^h, Georgetown, liaa jaat received from Ntw ' York an a ditional supply of? Taffata Silk anJ LMe Thread Giovea Short and long black twisted Sl.'k Mitt* Open-woikcd and ^lain Cotton Hoeiery, every va riety I Mlaaet-' and Boys' white, mixed and fbney Cotton Hosiery Genu % da do Woiked Swiss Collar? and Ruffle* I.aee and French worked trimmed Cnltari Real Maltese ana Imitation Laces. With many otb< r desirable Goods, to which tbc attention of c%?h or j rompt customers la invited. may 19? J. H. SMOOT. STRAW MATTING. JUST rectived 4. 5, and 6 4 White and colored Mattings, which I am wllinc at the lowest pri ces for cash or to prompt castomers J. H. SMOOT, 8. aide Bridge st., near High. Georgetown. may 19? NEW JEWELRY T?TATCHES, 81VERWAKE *c.- M. W.GALT If H. BRO ,are receiving daily large addition* to their stock of new and elegant Jewelry, Watches, Silver Ware, be. Purchasers have the advantage of 9 aelectina from a complete aaaortment of latest styles, of ths best viuality, and at the lowest rates. M. W. GALT k B^O., 334 Pa. av., between 9th and 10th ats. may 19- 6t IF YOU READ ADVERTISEMENTS PLEASE notice that I have, fresh from >he es tablishment in New York, Heck^r'a Self Rais ing F<our. Heckct'a Grits, llecfcer's Maccarmt ar.d Vermacelli, Hecker's Farina, one palter of which, at 14 cents, will make a superior dish rufficient fut fifteen or twenty persons. Also, Oswego Corn Starch and Comena, a great variety of M stilard'a pteparations of Chocolate for eating snd drinking Baker's superior Coco* pasta from which, in a few minutes, bv poennf bnikng water on it a vtry ruperior cup of Clricolatc can be made. When dollars and cents are made a studv nnd at the *ame time wuperior article for health and econ oiny i* required, you wn::M do well to call at KING'S Grorary and Variety Store, corner Ve mont ave nue and I streetc, a few ?tep? norh-ast ?f Jackaon statue. may 11?tf rpHE IRRIGATION OF PIEDMONT and Lom 1 bardy, by Capt R B t^muh, Bengal Eormeers, 9 vol' and Atlas r.f Plates London, 18M Donald on Land Drainage and Irrigation, 1 volumr, London. 1854 Agiicu tural Drainage, pamphlet. London Mnnn's I'racucal Treatise on Draining Lard, 1 New Yoik, 1655 Manual of Prsctlral Draining, by Hsnry Stephens, 1 vol, Edibburg Strachan's TaHes on Draining 1 vol, EJinhurg Stracban's Agricultural Tables, 1 vol, Edinburr. m ,y 11 FRANCK TAYLOR WILLARD'S HOTEL, Old Point Comfort, Vau This splendid sea shore house is NOW OPEN. Board per day .$9 00 Board by the week, per day?..._.... 1 50 Board by the month, per day.......... 195 Baths free for the guests. may 10 -lm C. C. WILLAR" b PRO NEW AND OLD PIANOS. WE have now in store the largest assort meat of PIAN' 'S ever offeree in this city fr< m Hal let, Davis & Co., Bacon k Raven, fnd Knabe, Gaehle h. Co.'s celebratnl manufactories. Tb?s? Pianos we guarantee, and sell upon vei y easy tern# Also, a new Pi no u*ed only a few months, wbirb we offer at the low prioe of ?200 cash ; a second hand Piano, by Andre Stien, for $75 A very fine second band Cbickeruig Piano for ?ale or reut at a bargain. Old Pianoa taken in exehanfs for new. Always on band, Stools, Covers, Violina, Guitars, Flutes, Accordeons. Kuhc. be. ke. JOHN tf. ELLIS, 306 Pennsylvania avenue, may 10 bet. 9tb and 10th stre. t*-_ 1 9 I \ % AUCTION BARGAINS IN DRESS GOODS. WE have luat received from an extensiv sne uon sale, in New York, the following desift bl? GOODS : 1 case handsome tigured Bereges. at 95 cts per ys* 9 cases beautiful style Berege de Laine and CbalM* de Laine, at 95s 1 cas? neat figured Berege de Lai net, at I9c 9 casea good style aud quality of Gingham?, at Ik 1 case 4-4 English Chtntaea, at 90 and 95c 1 ease beautiful style Bri'liants, at 95c 2 caeca Merruuaclt and Allen Prints, at 19c 50 piece* very excellent quality of Ftench Lsw? and Jaconets, warranted good colors, ai *> a* 95c 95 pieces neat figured Mouaaelalna, suitable to children 9 ca*es be? Portsmouth Lawns, wt. .anted fast esl era, I9e 75 Dress Patterns rich figured Ccregt s, at .'0 ?fc per yard 100 Dress Patterns rich figured Bereges, at 31 37c per yard 50 ptaos plain Beregea, all colors, at 31 and 3Te P" yard 10 places plain Frencb Jaconets, in pink. **? green, purple, tan, bufi, brown, anil shades, at 37c 95 pieces beat quality French Ginchaas, at ? Ladies are respectfully invited t? call aad * amine ths above gooda, a* they will ba found cheaper than any we bad earlier in the staaoa OUR STOCK u ia all of bar departmecu la for ;be seaaoa Urge aad wall assorted, and, wishing to redsrs k?? ?000 at ptMlble, wa will Iron this date odfcf w and all of oar best Goads at a very small advar " Aa cost dJL, _ CLAGETT, NEWTON, MAY * ^ r -i 1

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