Newspaper of Evening Star, May 14, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 14, 1855 Page 3
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!CV'r-:NlNt3 STAR. Local Inflligono#. cel ebe attoe.?The Jamectown Eooiety cel. brated their second anniversary on S itardsy 1m: They left this ciry in the steamboat George Washington, stopping at Alexandria to reoeive an accee-don to their number. Landing at Mount Vernon, they were ad dreesed by the venerable G. W. P. Curl*, E>q hia ppeecb abounding with revolutionary incident* and others connected with the civil and military career of Washington, and o! the landing ar.d settlement of Jnmwtowa. It waa one of the beat eratqrioal tfiortt of the "old men eloouent." A ftne band cf music accompanied tne excur?ioni??s and mida the Mount Vernon eetato rin ? with its aoul s irring me'.cdiea After atayirg there fjr a be at an hour and examining the premise*. inoiuding the hoiiM and gardens, tho company re-em barked, taking with them John A Washington, the proprietor of the estate, to the White Hon*e, where an elegant dinner had been prepared for them P K Fend*!!. Em , the preaidant of the soclcy, presided In re sponse to a toast given in his honor, he deiiv* ?red an eloquent address, which elicited the spontaneous applause of the eomrany. The Rev. Dr Balob, Mr. Custis Beverly Tucker, Mr. Smith, editor of tbe Alexandria Sentinel, and others, were likewise called up. and spoke wiih marked acceptance Wi% seatim?nt. love for the Old Dominion, and patriotism abounded After leaving the Whl e House, the boat touched at Mount Vercon to land Mr Washington. By invitation of this gen Ueoaan, the party returned to the mansion, and partook of his hospitalities. Several tunes were played by the bar.d, cheers were given, and the company then left the premises on the return, arriving in this city between 9 and 10 o clock at night, all delighted with the day s proceedings Dedication?Yecerday, the dedication of the new Methodist Episcopal churoh. on Capi tol Hill, was dedicated. Rev. J. McKeadree Riley preached in the aorning, the Rev. B. Brooke in the afternoon, and the Rev. Isaac P. Cook at night. On each oooasion a large congregation was in attendance, and evinced much interest in the proceedings. The ecrner stone oi the edifice was laid in 8eptexnber last; the dimensions aro sixty five by forty five feet, two stories in height; the lower comprising the vestibule, lee'ure room (eapable ot seating three hundred persons,) two clasa-rooms, and a library. The order of architecture to the Elitabethan. The exte rior of the building is to be covered with com position to rcemble brownstone. Mr Samuel G. T Morsell is the builder, and the brick work was executed by Mr Zaphaniah Jones. Our friend Col. Joe Shllliogton baa pre sented tbe church with a splendid copy of the Holy Scripture?; Mr Kepler Phillips a hymn book to correspond. Gait k Brother a h.-td some clock, and Messrs Donn and Brother a eet of chairs The result of the collections was thirteen hundred dollars, which is considered a large amount, under the circumstances. MaUTLiSD PlLGRI* celebration.?Two j steamboat? leave this cl?y and Georgetown. <hta , afternoon, with passengers for St. Mary 'a, Ma j rylacd?where, to morrow, tbe anniversary of the landing of tbe Maryland Pilgrims is to be | celebrated We judge, from the arrangements, that the assemblage at the ?lte of tbe aneioot city will be much larger than on any preceding similar occasion. The Hon J. K Chandler will deliver the address He arrived in Balti more <>n Saturday, at noon, accompanied by Mrs Chandler and danghter, and having as ccpted the invitation of Capt. Harper and Mr. i Kavanagh to partake of thebospitalitltfl of be ; ateamer Columbia, proceeded rtlrcc- io tfco boat, where dinner was in waiting for them.' and ef'er {pending the intervcalr.g iitno with a few friends, left at 4 o'clock for Pinev Point, j ou the way to St. Mary's. Westeee Mark?t Market ?The contract ? for building tho new Western Market He are baa been awardrd to Mr Win J William*. of the first Ward. foT $9 125 oomplce There! were twelve bids, ranging from aboat $11,800 ! to the above amount. The house is to be erccted on K street, and will be two bandred feet long and forty feet wide; the roof supported by iron column*, twelve feet in heightb, and tho entire atruc.are j enclosed wi*h >?n iron railing The plan was drawn by Messrs. Baldwin A j Kenning and reflects high credit on their ar-t chi'ectural skill. We learn that the contractor wiIloommer.ce the erection of the marketbcuso without un necessary delay. Alcmei or tue Washihotoe Sxxtwaxr ?A very interesting preliminary meeting of the old atudenta of the Washington Seminary was held at the Seminary on Friday lau, the llth instant, where, after an agreeable interchange of opinion among those present, it was deter mined to call a genera! meeting of all the old pupils of the Semtaary, and of the surviving . teachers, to be held at the tame hour (&# p m) and place, on Tuesday, 5th Jnne next,! when it i* expected there will be a fu.l attend ance, as then a society will be formei, the officers elected, and a day of annual oelebra tion fixed upon. Second Ward Aeti-keow Nothing*.?An adjourned meetieg of the Second Ward Anti Enow Nothing voters was held on Fridty, tbe llth inst , Mr N. Callan in the chair and Robert Wright secre;ary. The nominations of Dr Miller for A derman, Messrs ffm Orme, Ferdinand Jefferson, and Thes. J Fisher for Common Councllmen, and Wn H Clampitt for Assessor, ware ratified, as were also those of the city convention for Collector, Register, and Surveyor The meeting waa numerously attended, and was arretted by several prom inent gentlemen The greatest harmony and food feeling prevailed Jcvevile vao&aets ?There is no duty which the police of this oitv are called on to periorm that is more unpleasant than the ar resting of small boys and conveying tfcem to the work house or county jail Still they are obliged t" do their duty, and if the young vagrant is taught to be a thief in either of those prisons, the offiser should not be blamed. Scarcely adiy paa'c* without lots of yourg vagrants being pointed out for tbe officer to arias'. and tbe magistrate is obliged to com mit them to the work h^use for want ef a bet ter prison, and there they are taught to perpe trate the worst crimes Miirmisr ?On Saturday last, officer Pan ning and watchman Eokltff arrested a young girl namtd named Annette Murray, who was charged with tearing up the clothing of Laura Smith, The eharge. if proven, will be rather severe. ?io<*e the the goods destroyed were valued at |50. The case was postponed for a further examination before Justice Clark The former excellent charscter of the defend ant and her misfortunes tended to excite sym pathy among those present. Attempt at SnciOE ?Yesterday the resi dents in the 'V.h Ward were surprised by the report that Christian Boblayer. a young man well known in that vicinity, had attempted suicide by hanging himself to a tree, near the residence of the family We are itfformed that af'er he had made the attempt, he was discovered and cut down by a gentleman in time to save hia life. We have no positive in formation relative to the cause of the act. Valuable P* fertt for Sale ?It will be seen, by reference to our advertising col umns, that Mr McGuire, auctioneer, will sell, to-morrow afternoon at 5 o'clock, that large, substantial, well built, a d commanding prep erty at tbe aouthweet corner of Eighth and Ii ftracts affording an opportunity for a safe investment. . Tee Feakelie's Mageiticxet Ball ?We have been reuses.ed to say to the ladiee who have no: received Invitations, as usual to at tend this grand entertainment, tba? tb* nen was woolly the result of ecoident, which tne manager* orave tha; they wiil overlook and will attend without waiting to be specially Invited AccmsBT ? Yesterday, the coach belonging to the United States Hotel was turnea Into the 1 liver at the steaxboat wharf. Fortunately, I no passengers were la it, or there would have; been some Injuries to reoerd The only harm dune waa to the ooaoh Public Sciools ?At the last meeting of the M*" J*w'r,?ubIh S0*??!* the resignation of ti.1^1 J.5-. .' * Wy eftcleat teaoher Id the third dijtriet, >m received. Miss H N Hen r^O'^ Jo fill the vacanoy tbas ?!!r , Blleo Ashdown, ^P'1 |r ?*? Public ?n Primary School ?kl. dl,tTi*t- It Is worthy of remark tha. this young lady wu formerly a pupil of w^oee success as a teacher is at tested by the fact that three of her pupils are how teacher* la the Public Schools. Bcraaa Hill ?Tho beautiful diorama of the battle of Bunker Hill will be exhibited at Forest Hall. Georgetown, to-morrow evening The peopie of oar sifter city will doubtless be pleased wi h the patriotic and instructive en tertainment. ? Naturalisation ?We noticed a nurnher of persons in the office of the clerk tho Cir cuit Court this morning engaged in rettlna out naturalisation papers. Watch Returrs -McMann, profanity/fine ?T0,tp: ?in Ba"""s d'ank and disorderly. , V?Humphrey. throwing stones, do.; Jcre ?f*h *{"7, stealtcg rlank, workkuse'thir-y HanV. R?n* yt-??k a?tauU' disused; Henry Sullivan, uisordeily. do ; Henry Mc ' d? I Elisabeth Buler, col , drnnk and disorderly, woTkbouse thirty days: El davJ aZ7t drnnk' workhous? thirty days, George Readen, col , vagrant, work* R0eardrnD!!t7dwy,;.^r Sluart> do-. do; John Reardon, drunk ani disorderly, fine and oosts. GEORGETOWN CORRESPONDENCE Gmobm*ow*, May 14,1855. The somewhat disgraceful disturbance at Forrest Hall a few nights sinee, continues to be the theme cf considerable talk among us. crimination and recrimination has become pretty general too among some of the parties 1.1 Y* e,iher d.'r?c,iy ?r indireotly connected with it. W? think, however, that the Shortest way to settle it would be to let the whole mat ter drop, and say no more about it. Certainly we can see no good that can possibly result from any further agitation of it. ?Sewal of the parties who were engaged in the affair mentioned above were arrested on Saturday last by the police and taken before Justice Reaver who held them to bail for their appearanoe at oourt. ihe newly appointed levy oourt assembled on Saturday last in the hall of toe Board of Common Council, and organiied by the elec tioni of L? wis Car berry, President, and the ven erable John Mounts Secretary and Treasurer. Hamilton Loughborough was also elected one ot the oodifiers. We have been requested to say that, In ?on sequence of the carpenters being engaged com pleting the basement of the new ohuroh in west Georgetown, the Sabbath-school exhibi tion wi.l be held ia the Methodist cliorch on Dumbarton street, this evening, at 8 o'clock. We have n<> material ohange te note in the flour or grain market. Both articles continues scaroe, ar.d in demand at our last quotations. Spectator * ALEXANDRIA CORRESPONDENCE ALiXAMbniA, May 14,1855. On 8aturdiy evening, Coroner Nenle held an inquest upon the bedy of Susannah Taf?a paugh. and alterward upon the body r.f a white infant, which was disinterred fcr the purpose ihe jury in the first oaro returned a verdiot cf ?? Death from want of attention." The evidence In both oases is of a ehiraoter that precludes its publication; but the gi?t of the whole is summed up in the following ab stract ot the verdict of the jury in the case of the infant. The jury find that the said infant came to its cea*h by the wilful and oruel neglect of its mother, Sujannah, and its grandmother, ?Mer garet Tatsapaugh, having been wrapped in paper, placed in a barrel, covered wi--h an old flannel shirt, in *n out house from 7 c'clook R m., on Wednesday, the 9th, to 1 o'clock, p' m., on Thursday, the 11th, and then taken by V.e sni Margaret Tatrapaugh, and placed into ihe custody ol a free negro woman, named Uradspaw, in whose keeping it died tit 4 o'clock p m , on Th-rsday, the 10th instant Ihe oa*e excites much attention, and will, it Is said, lead to developments yet more strange. Ami Pit's Apples anp Bahamas.?Three vessels have arrived this weak with fruic from Ha vnn*. Matamas and Baracaa, consigned to Thomas Gilmanio The aeheoner Mary, Cap ?in Chase, which cacue to the city yesterday, brought thirty Fix thousand Matanas pine apples The receipts have amounted to nearly seventy thousand for the week Ban-nas are scarce. Ihe small quantity in market are $1 85 io $2 a boDoh. Havana and Mataasu pineapples are so d to the trade at $9?$12 50 per hundred. We understand that there will be plenty of fruit during the season ?N. Y. Evt Pest. _ [AnVCRTIRRUBKT J To tk* Editor of the Evening Star : ,0S'* : Th? statement in your paper of the 12th in?i, from Bladen Forrest, charging me with obtaining a room of him under /</.?? Vr? teneet, I positively declare to be fals* I rented the room frcm Bladen Forrest without any questions being asked at til; but I a.n con vinced that had I told him that it Was intend ?> i tjr a negro ball, he would have been too happy to pocket the money to refuse. Respectfully, CunttabU Truksel (Not an enemy of the Hall.) QtoaoRTowx, Way 14. 1835?It [ADVERTISEMENT ] ALKXARDRiA.May 11, 1855. At a meeting of the Democracy, held in the Market bquare, on i-riefcy evening, the 4th instant, some extempore remarks we e made by the individual whose name appears below which it seem3 created a kind of furor anions the email fry correspondent* of certain Know Nothing jour nils. The stick was thrust into the nest, and immediately the wasps began to bus ! but! but! 4 The gmtlemun/jf correspondent of the Bal timore Clipper says that ?'llr S. 8 Gover commenced the exercises by pouncing upon know Nothinaism. and his little bill went fick,pick 1 I thank him for the compliment, am a canary, perchance, singing mellifluous tones to the Democracy; but which, It seems, grate harshly upon Sam'a ears; for? ''Mi-think* I hear a litlle bird that elngs The p? ople, by and by, will be stronger! When faction*, clique*, and all *uch paltry things Bnall desecrate cur bat red soil no longer." Has not the correspondent seen at eventide a little songbter leave the perch where he was warbling, and, pouceing upon an ant hill, commence to pick, pick ? and has he not seen the little ants, with great show of courage. dart out their heads, look vengeanoe, and draw them back again ? Thus, on Friday night, the little bird began to pick, pick, upon the ant-hill of Know Noth ingirm, and lo! with the first pick oomes out ant No. 1 in the form of the "Outsider" cor respondent of the Gatstte, and, with swagger icg mein and pompous words, commences the attack by giving us three inohes of bad gram mar. wor-e logio, and no sense at all. With the second pick out comes ant No 2, in the form of the Clipper correspondent, who rears upon bis diminutive legs, and, with ating out stretched, attempts to wound the little bird in the back Ihus, the little bird went pick. pick, and the Know Nothing ants, in their ?ub terranean dwellirg were thrown into great confusion, and i.ent two of their valient ones forth to crush the foe Now, on! o-! in the oha?e, ye ears from the kennels of midnight darkness?u Tray Blance, and Sweetheart?"Sam" has whistled ye on to the soent. end ye mutt go to the ful filment of tba mission, in trying to hound down an open oppoeer, who dared to refuse to obey the mandatee of your King But I forbear ! I fear to go further! Fear lest I fhould meet with the tale of the soldier who, in soooting through the woods, saw a something moving under tha bushes, which he imak.ned to be an enemy. He raised hie rifle fired, an l rushing to the spot fcund the foe of hi* steel was a tkuiik. I therefore decline firlig again into the baches, which conceal tl is znrstlc Knight of Quit I; for I feel con fident tha futura will prova him to be the tkwk of Know >othiogism I hope this political "jwas^" will discover that throughout this communication I havo taken his advice I have kept so near tha shore as to follow a miserable tadpole of party into its own native muddy shallows **7 li?It. Btxtmtik S Govaa. cr rinirm at thk ruu-whitkhcksts ?MI) to lbs uc?ti'1i3n ?The jfitiw of Meh of the 1st* at Baltlm-re, Bid: man.I, and M?t York awartlad ll.e!r pram! loot to t. B. W. tor tfcelr snpcrtorltjr of Pc> h4 Depes-reoSrwse ?xhlbtee'l. ilr.'W. else reoelrH two M Vials M rite WerM'a Fair, Lob ?o?, sod ? prmalu* at Ci jsUl rslaoe, Ksw Tort. AIM, IM flrrt iviMi of Mm Maryland InstltaU thr three '"wiklCbersfs Oellery U :tU city Is oa F?. inuu, betw. aa* ?h MrMto. fcb It rj-^DB^HOOFLAWD'a CU.XBBA.T0 6KBMAN BIT There are few thine* which afford n? (iMttr please re tkM altttac down to writ* a aoUca cf ibe celeb r at ?>! Hoof land Oermaa Bitters. because we are rally oooae'.oaa wa ere oc lifer r lug ? public benefit, and ear heart talla aa that by oar Botloaa maoy have been <ndc??d to take theee Bitters, aad ban raaeaad fron daatb by drcTwpeta, li??r oomolalnt, he., fur the vara of which It la eartatn It la prepared an-1 ?old only by Dr. 0. M. JACKSON, at U>? Gorman Medietas Store, Ifo. 1M Arch street, Philadelphia. So? elrertls?E-ut. mar 1?Sta 8RCRBT FOB THB LADIES?HOW TO FRKbEKTE 1*~' Beauty.?Doa't nee Chalk, Uly White, or any of the So-called coemetics, to conroal a faded or sallow rcmplexlon. If ypo would hare the roses brought bark t-< cheek. ? clear, healthy and trar.spaient skin, and life und *lic<ir lu fnaod through the system, get a botile of Orter's Spanish Mixture, auU take It according to directions. It does not taata quite ae well a* sweetmeats ; but. If aster a few doaa* yon do not And your hea'th aud beauty reviving, yeur str; elastic and vigorous. and the whole system refreslicsl and Inrtgoratod Mke e 8prlu? moniiim, t*>en your case la liope lese. aud all the valuable certificates we |*.saea*. ?<> for naught. It la the greatset purifier of the bU>od known, in perfectly harmless, and at tha tame Uiaa powerfully eflka ctoat. ad vert i aero ant. !>T?OOOD MKIHCISES.? It U ?f mated that ATKH'S "~y CHERRY PECTORAL aad 0*TIIABT1C PILLS have 4 ne more to promote the pnldlc health than aoy other oSel Mn. There can be no question that tha Cherry Pectoral has by Its thonaand on thone ind careeof Golds, Ooughe, Asth ma. Croup. Influenza, Bronchitis, Ac., rery much reduced the proportion of leatlis from ooii'nmptive disease* in tliif eoontry. The Pills are aa (food a* tha Pectoral, aad wll cure more complaiiits. Everybody nee>!? more or lea* purging. Purge the 1>1<vh| from iia impnrltiea. Purge the Bowtda, l.lra', and tl.a whola vitreral lyatem front olxKrortloni. Purge ont the dlaaaaes which fatten on the body, to work Its decay. But for diaoaaoa wa ahould die only of o d a*e. Take ant'dotae early and thruat It from tbe oyatam, l>?fore It la yet too ?trong to yield. mu Ayer'a Pilla do thrtuit out dlsaaaa, not only smile It la waak, bnt when It haa taken a strong hold. Rend the as founding statem*nta of thoae who has-e been cored by them from dreadful Scrofula, Dropay. I'lrara, Skin dlaeasoa, Bheu matlam. Neuralgia, DyspepaU, Internal Pains, Bilioae Com plaints, Headache, Heartburn, Oout, and many lees dance roos but still threatening allmenta, such as plmplee on tha fac?. Wornss, HarYons Irrltsb'.llty, Lose of ap>*tlta, Irracu laritiaa, Ulasinees In tha head, Colds, Fevera. Dysontery, and Indeed every Tarlely of complalat* for whicha Purgative Barr?dy la required. These are no random statement*, but art) authenticated by yonr own neighbor* and your own plivalcian*. Try them once and yon will never I hi without than. Prloa M cent* per box?6 bo*e* for |l. Prepared by OR. J. C. AYBB, Lowell, Hear, ?Acd told 1>7 *. D. OILMAN. Washington. ?. M. LINTHICCM, Oeargetown. JAB. COOK A CO., Frederlckabarg, aad by all Dragglata ??arywbara. stay S?eo2m rr*5?A CARD TO THK LAOIKS?GOOD NSW8 FOB THK BICK. DB. DI'PONPO'S OOLDEN MONTHLT PILLS, ttia boat and moat Infallible remedy avar discovered p>r re lieving and cnrlng all palnHil, dlttreaalng, and difficult m*a etraatloi), and removing all periodical ? batructlor.s. acd tr regnUrlt'ea arising frcm whatever cause. Tbeee Pill* are a oomplete TBirMPH IN M XDICAL SCIKNCB. They are prepared by a prore<te whlrb concentrates tha Ingredient* Into a small bnlk, thi:* ordering It nunecaeiary fjr delicate frmales to take large doeca of qanseous drugs. Dr. Du|>onco's Pill* are the reeuit of over fHUvl V Yf.AES' KXPKlilKNGK In the treatmeut of the disease* of female* ? They here been advertised for a little over one year, yet SEVERAL THOl'SAND BOXES have already been sold, aud the demaud for them rapidly In crease* wherever tii*y beoom* known. They have been thoroughly tried lu WaaLlostou, and found to act Uke a charm. Bold by all DraggiRta In Washington, Georgetown and AI SAodrla, Va. mar 1?aoSm* ff-y?A FHBNOMBNA IN JuEOICINE ? Bruochltla, Coagb. ?*?' Dy*pei>ela Liver (!oi<p'.alnts, ivcrofala, Ac. ?For all dlnases jfthe Fema'e Bystctc il stands preeminent. A Glergymtn Jast Inform* cs it h?n c*irs1 h' n of Bronchltl* of ? deep*'Ate ch-rarte*?nartlcnlar* hereafter. HAMPTON 8 VKGETABLB TINCTVBK? By Its mild ao tlon on the stomach, Urer aud kidneys, will care Dyspep sla. Cough, Asthma, Bronchial and Lang Affections Pains lu the Back, Side and Breast, Consumption. Scofola, Khan matlam, Oout. Neuralgia, Fistala. Bowel Complaints, Tiles, Wcroa. aud Nervous Detdiltiee?with all disease* arising from Impure bl od, and I* the greaia&t tenale mMlclne ev er known. Tn'a in?*liiah!e ui*l clco 1* working wouder* apoa the hnman frame ad vei tisemen*. to-day. nvl D. OILMAN, Druggist, haa removed to ilf Seventh street, opyoelte to the Patriotic Bank, and la now pre pared to All all orders for Madid' es. Palnta, Ol'r, and Glass on accommodating l?rai. Strict attention will be pal I to physicHn'e preecrl^lons at all hoo1-* of the day aut night. Tha night bell la oa the rigut of the stcre door. ap 14?lm f?T?BPAH WALKER A CO.. Marble Hall Clothing Empo ' rlnm, nnder Browns' Hotel, re-pectfally announce that tbMr display of Spring and Summer Clothing Is now ready for luepactlon, comprising aa assortment of Coats, Veele and Pautaioon* of the newest aad rlcheel designs In material, trimming and w?rkTraii*hlp. To gentlemen who study excellence with economy I' faihlonaMe article* rf dre** an opportanlty for ae'ectlng I* cir?re<! from on* of M<e largest and most attractive atock of a"od* ever offered la this city at a very reduced scale of prices. ap IT IFJu SliumtTO!) rbcclvse all the new Book* w?i New* Ciers as fast a* nrbllehed. He '? agent for Harper's aad ail other ? ?g ?>2lnea, And ocr readier* w 1.1 al^rays Ilnd a large aad good aesortuant of lilaul Books and Sutl'.r.arj at Ble Sx>ka:ore, Odeon BnlMioc snr Fa even-.* and *1* at. Ft AKHiibU. On the 10th instant, by ih^ Rov \V. C. SteH, Mr. THCH. C. MOCXAUEEto Muis MARY E. JO.VEy, both or tliig city. On th?* 8th ini??.*iat. hv the Rev. Mr. Hodges, Mr. IOH!W Y I.ACY t?. Miss J AXE K. LYNCH, of Clwles pormtv, MavylanJ. I UIKU. * This morning, the Hth irntant, at 4 o'cif?ck, niter a fchort but piinl'u! illnecit, BCNJAMFN El.LIN. u nativo of Snt'&ih, Yorkshire, England, r.nd for the la t fifteen yt-ar? a rcsid- nt of this ciiy. Hi? friends and the fri nd-> ot'the family are re ? pectfn-ly InvitPd to aiteoti liin tunrral io-:norrotv, ?t 3 o'clock p tn., rtv?ni his lite r?>ide?co, corner Q and 18th strn'i* writ. * On thw 13th in?t >nt. T!IO*-t.\a, infant son of Jno. P. and Eliea J. Falierty. a?ed 7 niont'.is. Want* W'ANTEr)_\ YOUNG MAX, OR LAD, TO drive a milk wa-o i. One that can ria 1 and write, well acquainted with ihe city, undrrstands th- c?r? and management of a horte and wason, -o bt*r, honeft, careful, and lndUHtrioii", and V-.m he weil recommended may apply at Locust Hill Kami, 7th strnet road, near the flrat toll-gate. may 14?3t* WANTS A SITUATION ?AN ENGLISH wo man, who c?<i giv?? the bet-t reference* and testimonial* ae h'-useke? per, nurse or trbva!linc ae a'siance for children. Addref?, ,4C fl," nt l!ii? of fice, or at Mrs. Ea^by'd near the Navy Yard, may 14?3i* A YOUNG GENTLEMAN WISHES TO OB tain a w*ll lurni^tied room and board in a pri vate family, l<?caied between 6ih and 13th utreets, and II Ftreei and Ha avenue, wlioae dining hour is Beiacen 1 and 9 o'clock. Reference fivtu ar.d re ij'iireJ. Artdresfe ??B Y," City I'ost Office. inay 11? 3t? WANTfcD?TWO HANDS, white or Mack, and a man and his wife, by the year, to work on a (arm near the District. Alto, would hire or purchase a?ec <ud hand Canal Boat. Call between 9 and U o'clock, daily, at the office ol LLOYD k CO, opposite the Trca?ury, may 8?tf 16th ftrtet. WANTED?A PARTNER TO WORK A Btone Quarry and contract for sale of Stone to Government and oth-rs, there being now great de mand for stents Th:? Quarry it immediately oppo Bite Georgel' Wn. Large shanty, blacksmith rhop, and every implement on tha tpot. Tl is quarry fur niehca the beet and largest truck Stone, flic. A chance u now offered. Call or write to LLOVD k CO, P.fteenth street, oppo. the Treasury may 3?tf WANTED?EVERYBODY TO KNOW THAT they can get a lot *24 feet front by 130 feet deep, for the low price of $75?payable $3 a month without interen. Apply at the Union Land Office. 7(h at., above Odd Pellows' Hail. ap 28?3m JOHN POX, Sec. Boarding. BOARDING.?One fine large front room, with an adjoining chamber, handsomely furniehed, suitable tor a family or several young men. Also, Chambers larger than are generally appropriated to single g'-ntl-men, with boarJ, on reasonable terms. Thu situation i? high and healthy, and in the imme diate neirhborhood of the l'afnt Office, Post Office, and Indian Bur au. Transient and table boarders can be also accommodated by application to No. 3 Union Row, P street, between 6Hi and 7tb si*, may 14 -1 w* Boarding.?mrs. m c. greer respect fully announces that she has taken the large and eommodioua new brick house. No. ftOO Penn. avenue, near 2J street, w ithing one minute's walk of the Capitol, a short distance trom the railroad de pf't, and ?he I* now prepared to receive tKmdera by the day or week upon the moei reasonable terms. Also, haa a number of fine Rooms furnished or unfurnished, with or without beard. Application as abova. may II?Hv IVOTICI.-POR RENT-PARLORS AND t* Chambers, with board. Also, table and tran sient board, with a bathing room and ehower baths and every attention to render It most agreeable to h?r boarders- Mrs. P. G MURRAY, Corner Pennsylvania avenue and 4U st. apaa-3m Board, ac.-mr;. bates, on the south west corner of Pa. avemie and 9th street U pre pared to aoeommodate gentlemen with room*, with or without Loerd. Every effort will be made to rer dar thosa oomfortr ble whi may ftivor her with their pp;mna?e. ap 6?tf J B THOMPSON, MERCHANT TAILOR , Has removed to his old stand, M&ffit'e Building, 4# street, one door north of Shdlington's Bookstore, where be would be pie??eJ to serve his ftiends and tke pabiie. ??8w For Sale and Bant A LARGE AflfD FLSA?*W T EOOM ON THE fcccond floor, for a gentleman aud A'to, vacancies f?>r ringie t?ntletnen may be *b talned by applying at No *13 Sixth at . between D and E. may l4-*n** m I T7URVI3: ID ROOMS.?SEVE1AL hand*>m* Par!o:a and Chambers recently occupied by the !Mi<slan Minister, and they wlli be r.-nted to af m Oy or several single ger.'iwitiu With or withoin b iard. Inquire at J P CRL'TWlBT'S, No. 477, corn-r 6'h and D street*. nay 14?en3i* (Intel) A PRIVATE BOARDING HOU9L, NEWLY and handsomely furnished, for rrnt, from M June to NoTfmb?*r, and longer if desired. It in cen- J fa), and being near the departments always com mands any number of boarder* Eight or ten are i?ow in It who wt I be permanent if de-i ed. The ladv wifhing to go in the ronntrv will rent on the moat reasonable terms. Address "A X," City Po t Ofice. __may 14?It* FOR RENT?A COMFORTABLETW O STO ry House on 9th street, t etween M an I N sts. H..*ae.H*ion piven ypmr iael?\ Apply to the Mih scriber*, at their Lumber Yard, corner ot 2Pih and O streets. H. N. fc J. W. EASIlT. may 10? V'OR SALE?\,FLOURI*HrNG DRUG STORE with a complete a?<o.tcd stock of h -s? drugs, k j., in one of tho b?*t locations in Wa^h npton, 1). C. The present otvuer being on the psintof leav ing will se 1 at i VtSry reasonable price Any one who has a thorough knowledge of the hu-ine-s and the necessary qualifications of the business will find it a rare chance. Address "H S," B.x 1C<5 Wash ington city may 9-lw* FOR RENT?THE SMALL FRAME lwo*tnry H.mse, No. 4T9 Thirteenth street, west aide, two doors south of Pa. av?-nue. It Is nent and coin fo?table. Pn*?*a#don given immediately. Apply at the Star Offi e. may 8-tf FOP. SALE-SEVERAL ELIGIBLY I.OCA ted and conveniently constructed frame Hou-^a can be bought cheap and on p'easing terms, on ap plying, by letter or in person, to WM R WOODWARD, may 7?lw* No. DIO yiith street wen. FOR RENT?several HANDSOME PAR lors and Chambers, with board. Also, Table Hmt transient board. Ii.quire at SMITH'S, 233 F street apO YALUABLE REAL ESTATE FOR SALE ? The block of buildings known a- the "Union Buildings." and now occup ed by the Union news paper establishment. They are situated on E street | between 13ih and 14th streets, and front n? directly on 1'ennsylvahia avenue. The lot is 70 fe?t fr-nt by 159 feet deep. The property is susceptible of divis ion and re arrangement, and its positi n such as | must rank it among the best busincsa stands on the avenue, and is yearly increasing in ?al;ie. Th? time of the preset, t less?-e expiries on the 1-t Si-pterfl ber next, on which day possession may be had. Also, that large litres story Brick House on 17th street west, (opposite th'.' War Office and three doors south of G stre t.) , Also, that three-slot* Hou*e on 17th street wt-t, next door to the Government Building, at th* cor;.er of F and I7lh streets. Should the ab ve property not be aolJ at private sale prior to the 15th of May, it will be scid on that day a: public auction. Terms will be made favorable t?> tha piirchiser. App y to CI!. II WINDER, Cortier of Seventeenth and G streets, mar 19?fiawtVJnylA I BURNISHED ROOMS -MRS. G AMiEilSON lias several furnished Rooms which ?h" 'vifbe? to rent: situated over the Mu^ic ard Stali? nery Store, second i!wr from the Kirkwood IJon^e. Pa. avenue. up 11?eolin ForsALE-A TWO STORY" Brirk HOUSE on the cotner of Prospect and Frederick sfr.-ets Georgetown, now occupied by Mr. John VV. Bro nnngli. For information apply to Mr. J ^ *?E3 MIL LER, Mrttfc t ?t , betw. 4 b and 5th, Georgetown. r.p25-law5w* OR'SALE-A TWO-STORY FRAME Dwell ing House on M issachusetts avenue, 4th and 5th etree'a. The house haa tour ?-xc?-!lerit | rooms and a kitchen, and portico in Iriut, with an excellent > ard attached to the premise, ai d run nina thr nigli the entire square, nod ii Otuated in ns healthy re p?ctable vicinity as tber" can l>" found in this et y, and Is only two squarca cast r f N rth rti j Market House. Possession given imrne<'i ?tr!y. N. CALI.AN, may 11?eo3t * " ? S r ?'t. \T1LLA FOR SALE?THE SLB^cK! LK uf I fere at private sale the vi:!a in which fhe at I Etv.scnt tesldes, wi'h sigh' acres of iaud, M'.uate<l at \ illaville, on the Wasiiiiigton and llaltim re 1 urn i pike R iad. J be h u?e ia netv, with all the moe.erc J improvements, and the siiuatior. l as inav.y advant ages for prrso s engaged in bu-tnes ;n V. a>hiiigton as it is within live minutes'1 walk of the L'laden^-lrtrg Dept.'. on the fail road, am! "here is also an oinnibu: running twice a day between Washingt'-n and Ella- . v:lle. App'icauon to be made to she subscriber,' living on the premises. MARY S. VABS. J mar 27?2awtf Tr"ALUABLE AND ELIGIBLY SITUATED \ Building Lot at Private Sale.?The 'uh.crlwr j will cell, at piivete sale. Lot No. 3 in .->qu^.:e No. 414,1 routing 99 feet 4 inch on H street ?<mth, by 91 feet 6 inch on Eighth street west. The Lo: will b<? soM in whole or in parts, to suit purehfc" rs. Terms accommfMiating. CH AS. S. W ALL AC H, Attorney, ap 30?to4-.v* opposite west wnt^CU* Hall. _ HOMES for ALL.?Beautifu'.'y and healthily | located Building Lots, 24 tett front by 130 fe-? deep, on graded streets, can, until spring, be V-uglit at the exceeding low price o:$75, payable ?3 p?r nr.onlh. Title indisputable. Union I and Office, 7th stM above Odd Fellows' Hall, jan 9?6m JOHN F?>X. 3e.?|-? tary. ENTS REDUCED TO SUIT THU I IMtS. ?150 a year will be received lor th- rent of | those new and convenient cottages at Kendall Green, with two acre* ot ground, stable, wood sh d and other conveniences attached. Piunps ot pu'e water are near the door, *nd couimuincat on is had ^ with Georgetown by way of Ii and Seventh ?treets | and Pei>n. Avenue, morning and fift' moon, at the u.ittal fare, tor tlie acconim?daii<?a of clerks in the dei??tiie?'tits. To secure the advantage of thi^ great reduction of rent application must D" ina?W to tile und^rrign^d, either by letter, or ?t his l ow .e at | Kendaii Green, alter office hours, where the k ya may be had and tl^ houses inepc ted at any tim<. Several of llitee residences will be sold ??;i lil;eral t, nna. WM STICKXliY, No 4, Kendall Green. N. B ?Rent" paid quarterly in advance, apr 9, 1865?tf "splendid paper hangings. IT IB with pleasure that JOHN HAVI8 anr.ouncea to his (dd friends and the publie that he baa re sumed his old and familiar occupatien of PAPER HANGING, having opened a uew store ir. the"Star Buildings, near the corner of Eleventh street and Pa. avenue, where he will be found all the time bims.-lf and keen on hand a well selected a*.-OMinent of PAPER H A N G I N O S, WINDOW SHADES, BLINDS, fcc. All work entrusted to him lu his line of businers v iil be promptly and faithfully exc uted to the en tire satisfaction ol those tor whom the work may be done He respectfully invitea ail his former friends and customers, and the public generally to give him a call at his new store and see if he has not some thing In his line to suit their tastes and wants. may 1?d3w JOHN I)WIS. ALL STKANOrRS viai'ins the City should s?e Hunter's Cata logue of the Curiosities of the Patent Office. Alao, his Description of Powell's Great Pltture. f?b 33 - am* DENTISTRY. RB. DONALDSON, Dentist, late of the firm ol . Hunt fit Donaldson, continues in Atrfia. manufacture and insert those beautiful porcelain teetb, with or without gums, - for specimens of which (made and de noaited by the late Arm) was aw&rdtd the firbt premium at the Mechanica' Institute Fair, recently held in this city . . Thrae teeth are carved and shaded to s?nt each paiticular case, and their resemblance to the natu ral organs ia so perfect as to deceive the most prac tised eye. Particular attention also paid to filling and pre serving the natural teeth. Charges moderate and all operations warranted. Office southwest corner Seventh and D ?en trance on D. mar QI -6m HAIR WORK. ORNAMENTS of Hair, auch as Hraeeleta, Ckat clains, Chaina, Breastpins, Earrin?(?, Finger Ring>>, made to order, of any desired design. All orders faithfully attended to. Specimens may be seen at my No. 830 Pa. av., between 9ih end 10th its. Mar 30 HOSIERY, GLOVES, 4c. "IT f E have just received a very large awortmi nt W ot Ladies' white, brown, slate, black, brown embroidered and open worked hose. Gent's white, brown and mixed Hose and half Misses and boys'white, brown, alste, black, fan cy striped and ooera worked Hosa ar.d hal! Ho#? Lndiea' kid, ?dk and Cotton Gloves and black sllfc mitts Misses and Br.ys' white and ooiored silk, kid, and thread Gloves and black silk Mitts Oent's kid, silk and thread Gloves We would invite spocial attention lo our >arue and w*ll assorted stock of Lalies' and Children^ Hosiery and GIavm, beir^ ih? lirgeat as-ortaient in this city, and wiii be sold at very low W. EGAN fc SON, No. S9S shady side Pa. avenue, bttw. ? ip jQ.fiw fth and 7th rwtts, Auction ftmlM. Br 1. S? WRIGHT| d?orRittWl' ORPHAN'S COURT SALE?On THURSDAY Morning next, the 17-h mran', at f o'clock, I ?hail mI'a by order of the Orphan's O-urt, in front of \ the aurnm rooms, a variety of well kept Farni t ire, via: Mahr^ny Chairr, 8rf*s. Seeretary And llook-cwa Poir 01 Curd Table*, >i;,rble t>p rier TaMe i pair D fjng Tables. M*hr>gan? Barnaul Ilitb ai.d French P-f fist-ad*, Htovee, Time place Antral and Solar Lsirip. Crockery 1 &ui Waro M n:ie G!*is, vVar.'ronr. P. ?drr end Aiuliror.t f?>*r danmi? Dressing Bureau, B!'nds Ben qu .my Hair Mattress s, Ic , fcc. Term*4 cash. mav l4-9t EDW. 3. WfWBT, Auot*r. By QHLKR * 8COTT, Aaa!oa??ri. Handsome household and kitchen Furniture at Aunra.?On WEDNESDAY, tut- 16th infant, we cball Bell, aft h* e.f Mr S C Wroe, on C, between 31 and 3J streets, m ar (lie Trinity Church, at 10 o'clock a. ni., an en client a-e??rtm?nt o( io?*.wood, i.,i&fi>gan> and aral itut furniture, viz: 1 fiuc carved ios?wo.-d Ccn'r" Talles, *i;li Siam ?iM inaihir t p< Fine Gothic t?.lvei covered Cartor and Fancy Cinirs Mahojauy French anting .-<eat p"rlor Oi*b? Do Tete a-Tetes other Sofas Do Itonhca e and Secreiary Do marble topmJ? le-ard Two VValtiut Furniture, consisting of? Fii'ti Dressing Bureau-, Fr? UedMeaJ* with it?g* Marblr-top Washstands, Centre Tables mi Cha^s Hair MaUrei^e* a.i.i Bedding G randoles, ??ol:ir and oth? r Lamps Iron liatrack, walnut extei aion Table Fmfc l-rocaiel Window Curtain* cud Ornament* Thide piy iM "ther C*T*ts 8tove* and Aflfti"r"ts Gilt fratrc Minor rhii a. glias and Croekery**are W'ih a good a?"' rim en t of Kitchen Requisites With many olhAr article* which we deem unne cessary to enumerate. The above mentioned Furniture is ??i fine order atH oi good quality. Persons wishing to fbr*?*h wi f do well to attend the aale. Tt rro? : Ali j'uins nt and under Jfittcash; over$25 a credit of 2 and 4 months for note* satistact riiy endorsed, bear:ne interest. CREEN k SCOTT, U'. ay 13?4 Auctioneers. By J. C. McGUIKtC, Auctioneer Administrators hale of handsome and Valuable Stallion.?By virtue of ah order of the Or| ban*' Court, the mhr-criber will sell at | public sale, on THL RSDA Y, the 17ih day of May, ! 18^5, at 514J o'clock p. m , in front ?>f the auction ttore of James C. McGnire, on tiie corner of Penri sylvaioa avetsce and T?n*n street we at, the vaiw? ble ?ia)liofi lo>r-.e "Moscow," belonging to the rsute ? ?f the late Charles W. Stewart. Mo cow i* of the Morgan ?to<-k, very fast in harne?? or ui'dt r th* siddle, of fliir gait and earrings, and desirable for a road horse or f??r aiandiiiL*. Term* : <-.*ne )ial! ca-ti, and she bounce in 30 ar.d 6n dii>>, foi notc? satisfactorily er.d rsed, Vanng interest. CilAS S WALL AC:!, Administrator. JAMES U. McGClRL, nny 12?s-'fe Audioneer. By J. C. McaUHl^, Auctioneer. Desirable brick dwelling iiocse ar d Lot ne<tr the Capiiol at Auction.?On FR1DAV aiternoors. May 18 h. at 5 o'eloek, on the prcmi-es, I shall ;-eh part f Lot No. 30, in Square No 133, ironi'i.g 13 feet on nnrth A ftreei, b< tween l?t r.nd 21 etreetd east, ar.d (unions bac* '37 fe?>t to .1 thirty t'e< t alley, with a reaiiy n>w and sub-ta". tialiy bit It f ur-st- ry brick dtytlling iiou-?, coraain iog ? ighl room*. Tlie hou>c is boiHoiiaaldiai-b stone wall, anl is liniahed m the very Lr.t mtarer til OUClii'Ut. Title it- .if putt Lit? Terms: ?1 OfKJ ea>h ; re!?i:!ue in "3 ciOuth<, *i h interei-t, secured by a deed of tni>ton the pndiiMi. J^S C. M G'.IKE, niiyli? Auctioneer. It?* n? ? KR A <^r--ir T. Aurtlnefi SIX VALL'ABLE BUILD1 ^ G LoTa AT AUC- 1 lion?On THURSDAY, the 17ih in>-tant. we | I Khali cei:. nt 6 o'clock, p in , on the pr? o?iM*?i, hx } S valuable bml nng Lou. situate J a the comer of C, ami 9 is -tr-etr ? a^t, beinj L :a > cs I. 2 3.20 2', ? s r.l 22, in Souaru No 923, having a front of 234 ft. i 5 inches on 9th street, an J MS feet 3 iisches <u C ? suee*. ? be ul?r>ve i!c?c.*:^d t-rr.r^rtv I- handaomel; !o J cued, l"ii a ff.v ^mates' waik from the iVa-y | Yarv. Teno-?: One-half cafh; b?!a;ce la one an-1 two years the i urcha?er to cive n-ite- for the d?*feri<il 1^:3 mcr.ts, 'oearing lnter ??.t fr^m lh" dny of sale. A rte d given a*;?* ^ d?- ?l of tru?i taki n GRI E.\ K SCtJTT, mat 12?il Auctioiieer*. Ht J C McGrit?K, Aestinnter. \)rALITABLE BUILDING L<Ji' ..11 T or e. r'h strcei at Public Auc ion.?< in MONDAV af:? f* n*?:n. May 14.h, at 5 o'elo. k, on the pre* l-es, I pi-.-iil ttf.l p^rt of Lot No 5, in square No 2 7, hav ing a front of '?evenuen let: en Fourtecr. h s re-t ?e%t. between north C and D street?, running fcacR eeviiiy five fe?-t, with .in owlet oi three fett In the rear to !> street. Title perfect. The lot h situated in a rapirfly improving pir? of the city, wi;hin a s!.ort di-:anc*i of tiie avenue, and if very desirr bl" as n buildi'ij lot. Terms: One third cash; re-idue In six and twelve month*, for notes pecuren bv deed ??f <r?i?t and bear ing iiuercsl JAMES C McGL'IRE, xaav 10?d iHw?t Bv QRKKN A. KdTT, AnttUoism. A7*ALfTABLP. BUILDING LOT ON CAPITOL Hi!! fit Auction.?On TUESDAY, the !5m In stant, wc shall sell. ;n front of the {?.-<? at 5 o'c'ock p to , wrt h>:lf of Lot No. L'5. if: 8?|<iare No 728, having a iro:;t on north A street '^3 fe-1 11' - inches, run ins back ;o a tli'rtv feet ^.1 ev *27 its-t ?I'i inches,betwee ? First ami Sec?:nd Mr ?t- ? a t Th-j ahovn described ptoperty is banctotafl/ lo cated near ?hr Caj ?*??!. Term'-: Onc :h:rd ca^li; tl;e balance in 6 and 12 months, for notes bearing interest from the <?ayof| the *;Im. A deed given and a deed of trust tiken GREEN k SCOTT, miy ^?d Auc.ionee.gB. of J.r. neGUIHK. Auctioneer. "TTALUAdLE IMPROVED PROPERTY AT V Puh ir Sale -tin TUESDAY, May 15th. at 5 o'clork p. in., I s!?sll *el , in ff.^nt o: i;>e prenii w, | th?; Urpe, Mihstantial, ws-il-buiit and cf>t!in>aodiiig property, at the ?>-out!iwest corner of 8th and E sti. | For refect tv and hotel pnrjK?se?>, and for which it was originally ilesienct and is now occupied, it hai no superior in point of position in th^ city. Its ai'uation in ?be iinmediste vicinity of the Post | Office Department, I'atent Office, and Dej^artar.ent of the Inter.or, n:ust &lway< secure to it gr-at jer manent v?lue. Th<i building is threc-etorles, with a fine base ment, vaults under the ridewalk, granite founda tion, and the whole edifice of the mo>t solid mason ry. It is now in complete repair, and held under a short lease by the present occupant. T? rms of sale ? One fourth cash; balance in S, 12 18, and 21 months, '.or notes bearing interest from the day of sale, secured by a deed of trust on the proper ty. Conveyancing at cost of purchaser. JAS. C. McGUIRE, may 7?d Auctioneer. Br J. . SloUUIKE. A uet lone-r. 1 TRUSTEE'S SALE OF DWELLING HOIJPE and Lot on Alassachu-etts avenue?Ry virtuo of a deed in trust the subscriber will sell. a< public noctioc, on the premises, on MONDAV afternoon, j May2Ist, at 6 o'clock, part of Lot numbered nine, (91 in Square numbered four hundred and fifty-two (452,) fronting twenty (30) feet on Ma>*achu?ctts avenue, hetwren 6th and 7th nr. ets west, running back one hundred and twenty-uine (139) feet, with ti?e improvements, consisting of an excellent frame dwelling hcu?e. Terms cash. NICHOLAS CALLAN,Trustee. JAS. C. McGUIRE. ap&0-9awkds Auctioneer. By J. C, MrOPlBR, A nettonscr. TTRUSTEE'S SALE OF HOUSE AND LOT near the Navy Yard.?On FRIDAY afteruoon, May 4th, at 5 o'clock, on the premises, the subecri bers wiM sell, t.y vir .ue of a deed of trust, uated tlie 5i6th March, 1853. and duly recorded in Lib? r J A. S., No. 40, folios 319, he., one of the land record? f >r Washington county, Lot No. I in Square 9i?, situated at the corner of G street south and 9ih st. east, under a ground rent of ?20 per annum for the period of ninety-nine years, from September 18th, 1851, with the improvements, consisting ot a two story frame Dwelling with back buiidiug. Terms at sale. RICH "h. CLARH^E. j Trustees. JAMES C. McGUIRE, mar 24?lawkds Auctioneer. *3* The above sale la poatpomad so li] FRIDAY afternoon, May 18. same hour. J NO W. McKIM, l-w,.., U1CH. H. CLARKE,/Trustet,J JAS. C. McGUIP.E, may 4?t Auctioneer. By QRKKn Sl >COTT, Auetloassrf. TTALUABLE BUILDING LOT AT CORNER V of Thirteenih street and north L at Auction ? On WEDNESDAY, the 16th insun', we ?hail sell, in front of the premises, at 5 Vj o'c ock p iu , f?art jf | Lot No. 1, in sqtiare No 247, having a front on tlie wes'. s de cf 13th street we-t, next to the co-ner of \ north L itrfet. rannir? bsck 10C feel It will be di vided in fanr build;>:g lots, whicl will be sold one the privlitg" The abov? descrilied property is bar.d.onely lo cb'.ed, jBVlr.g an east front perfectly gnded and pa^ed. Pirsons wishing t.) parchas*> a handsoma building lot will d? well 10 attend th? ?ale. 1 hi? -rty Is In the neighborhood of Frankim Row Terms: One-quarw ca?h; balance in 6. 13, and 18 months, fur uotcs bc^rlnj inurust from lite day of sale. A deed given and a dsed of trn*t taks ?. GREEN fc SCOTT, may 8?WFSMTuW Auctioaewv. Pf P Tei telegraphic. WW roi TIB DAILY BVEIfmq- btap. Another ?xploeioa at Otmefat'a Powder *0ittfact0ry WiwiSflTO*, Maj 14 ?At 11 ?*?!<**. thle trornlLj, Garereke'f drying ud fricxJlig hvccw at hU powder astebiishment blew up, bet fortunately no pmcu were killed or In jured Pe?ul! of ? Trial for Tinej Philadilmia, May 14 ?1* the U 8 Court <b*Jury, In tuecaee cf Jibm Bsraud charged with piraoy for iw eroding ia the brig Oroy I -flo, returned a verdict of ?? not gul ty " KtW Tort lirkoti New Yu3k M*y 14 ??'""^toa Is enchanted f hm iT1*"1 n* <*? : **'here 0' |IU 111 ..7f ^ beet? sale* of Michigan at $l 70. Corn ?a earior, but n^t a notably lower ba es of Western mixed at $1 17 Pork la firm with upward tendency; nl?t of old nm at SIT 26. Boof ia Arm. wi h aa impov d '*n> doocy Lard in barrels $10.$10 5* Wbiaky is a trifle lower; Ohio SS eon to. Baltimore Market* Baltimore, May 14 ?There hare been no tranfao'iona io flour thio m rninc; thi views *>f buyers and aeltero being widely ap*rt Wheat ia ia actlre demand, and price* are atiffer but not quotably higher than on Sa'ur* day afreraoon ; prime red S2 65ef I 70. white f2 75*$2 80. Corn?white $1 VOafl 08, yailow $1.0Sai.09 Hew Tork Stock Market Naw York. May 14 ? Stochs firm but dull. Money eary Erie Kaitroad shares at 49i ; Cleveland end Toledo Railroad. 81; Cumber land Coal Company, 27|; Reading Railroad. 87; New York Central ?2i ; Miaaouri ?'s 9li; Virginia 6'? 97. Jcvekilb Bkgoar* ?Mayor Conrad, of Phihdelpbio, hu exiled the attention of the police to the juvenile beggort, and boo inued the following order: " It ia reoewary oqco more to call the at tention of the officars of tie department to the t*uty of takiig charge of the children who rolieit chanty along oor streets. ao't especially to thoae who, after night fall, under the pre text of selling tooth picks and ?her trifla haunt the portals and bar rooms of betels. All these wretched children meat he tnhen into charge and properly disposed of Many recent cisea of lar?e*y, by pilfering at.d pick ing pockets, have been trued to theae you^g unfortunates, generally the instrument* cf oldar -nd wort*. At tbe-e are aa(? and pl'a esat home p-ovided, by public beneeolence. fr r vagrant children, where all the adeanta^ao of funrort and cduoation and parental earo are affectionately mppl cd, there is no excueo fit permitting the? to appear apon our street.*. Hereafter, li will be considered tuflbient ground for the <!?charge of an 'flher if he fc' s wn or known ru:h ? ease, acd has failed to pet form his du*r. Obseevakcb cr the Fagbatb re Nbw Or. leans ?The resident eitiaena of New Orleans are more and m^re disgusted with the pro ration of the .Sabbath by noD-rendent ao'rrs, Ehowmen, ooueait fingers, and the whole tnoe ot trjT< K;cg artietf, who, on entering cur city, convert ibe day of rest into a Hay of die i a tion and gain They bring discredit woa tie by opening those temptations to the thou sands of .tr*neers who, like the-ute'ves, have little regard fcr the SabWath. exotpt whore ia^ forbids their eoDve^iag jc* hours to "be p-rposfs 0*thf'ir profession. Be it kno*n to all these, that while we of New Orleans are willirg to see and adatiw their varieu tal?nts and aaquiremeaio on tbe Drdieary no-king daya of the week, tfcit we !?-e determined to sbut cp all pla-e? of j ub.ic iniu??rcent on the Sabbath, and le? them pov f-n thetn?*>ite? ecoordir.gly Our exebi-^ee will do tho residen*; f New Orleans g->ed s?r rice by giripg publicity :n this da'e'talaa*.? n mt-ch mu'ake the charseier of <be prcaeu* uounci! if rach a movement bene* s?en Se .ro ha iries cf Januor7 next?JV O Creri* yf iy 5. The Bcston Transcript says that vror* sen in the Cherlestowa Nary Tard are jtw ?aricg the new steamer Morrtmac for rei by ;he 1st of June IdT Coal from the British prorinoeo can low be hou^h' in Booton for S0 per 1 AUCTION BARGAINS \* LRY OOOfiP.?1?tripcd and p!aid Cnhmf, ^ co^t^Oc-nt lor \'2 ? Mnp-d nn: plaid lie Lain-#, co*i 20 c?miu, f r '9% V'urt \v;de Luwn^,cr;?t "or R Da tiu!{haiq?, 11 fk> P VVl.'ite aufl io'?fd ^pool Cotton orly 1 c< n? rtieachM r'hf^tin*, thr?^ yar?l- wW? ,35 cenu Heaut till ! mp' f 'e L*ii?n cost 81 cent*, frr 14 F.u? Freuch ClKslley o:.l> 80 cenfp l>o do 11 cenu*, for 8 Wbitr and colored RriiKnota^inly ?2 ccnt? Fr. nch Chinra 20 c-Ota 4 4 f uh Linens 31 crnja B-4 Pillow do ;<7 >s c? nti Beautiful Ben^e tt.*>b??>, very clieap t'aiin r aid* and C* enadinb* Alao, h l;-tje ;-ss'?rtmetit of Dome^tica Come enrl an i secure tbe guateit be'giina er? oCer d in ib:? city. The mu>t positively be closed out tbovi tb i flr^t day of JuJy. THE WASHINGTON RTORR, (Late Mdcmder fc Calr^rt,) No. 16 opp. Centre Marku, bet. 8tb and 9.b at. nisT 8?lw SUMMER M LLINERY. Hi .. MRS. J. LANE. fVw BisHVo. 07 Br dff strert, t^tweon Con wTtrfw and H'gb, GrorKe;(,w r.. t ea juctflMF0 received a well iwl^ned and t>eauti ful aarartUKW of Frence HATS and bummer MIL LINERY of ibn latent atyles Aim, tftrsw Bonnet Flat* for children. Ribbons, Flowers, kc , wbicb she will open on Saturday. May litb. MRS. J. L. may 11?3t* PROPOSALS FOR FUEL. Quartermaster s Orrica Marjns Coaea, > Waabinftou, 10tb May, IU55. I QEAJiJ^D PROPOSALS wi<l be received at ibis O ort\ce until Friday, the 25th ot .V!?y 1 ,?t.. at 10 o'clock a. 111 , for aupp yin? to tlie Mannea at tinned in Washington cny from 1st July, 1855, to 30th of June, 1858, such quantitiea of W.iod and C al as may be require u;?on tbe Uuerurlr rrquisiaotis of Co manainit OfBcere Tbe wood to be best tak sapling, i.nd the coal Ih*si anthracite, free from dust, broken and acreened, both to be del.vered at sue 1 points within tlie bar rack walls, *s may designated, fret; ot to the United may 11? 3;a?t25 h ORGANS FOR SALE. A8UPERIOK toned CHAPEL ORGAN; and a line Rosewood PARLOR ORGAN, both now on exhibition at the Metropolitan Mechanus' Fair. 1-hey are from Ute uu nufaetory of HENRY LRU EN Of New York. For terms, fce., apply to Prof. RCHEEL, on 14Ui aueet, uorih of P HENRY EMBEN. leh 86? rrnf AlfOt HER ARRIVAL OP PABIS *A.IIIL^ LAS AT B?W tobk pricks CHEMOVA, LEONORA, LAVIN1A. LILY. DE STAEL. CAMILLA, DEW DROP CLIMENB. Also, a few very pretty MOURNING MANTIL LAS. Ail the ahove styles just received and this Hav ar ranged for inspecuan n our Mantilla Room, se end nOTJ- ,?c^AXWELL * BEOTHEk, 3?8 Pa. ave., bet 9tb and iftb atre.ts. ma? ^1?^o3t C^**ocKS, W ATC'HRR AND JEWELRY. 1 thi? dav, forty different style* ot C ocks t?ood Clocks 91 as Fine Gold Witches, ?8* warranted. Jewelry cheaper than ?ve/. Call atd see for yonivelvea at J ROBINSON'S. No. 8*0 opposite Browns' HoteL wtey 1?dim BONNETS, FLATS ANu RIBBONd WE have now on band a very lartc and general a?>or:inent of LadieK1 and Mi? BONNETS, CbUureu'a FLATS, Boy*' M-r.'s HATS. Ai?o, a hsnJrome a.aortir??nt of Bornet and Cap Ribbona, Flowers, Wreaths, Tar!tooMa> ceil I ne Flonuicea, JLushas, h.?., 10 be sold ?<.? IIy low prices. W. EG AN *. BON. ?. ade Pa. avrirae, ae??

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