Newspaper of Evening Star, May 15, 1855, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 15, 1855 Page 2
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LVENING STAR. WASHINGTON CITY: TTTEiDAY AFTERNOON May 15 IfiRm FOR THK STAB. Ibe following persons are authorised to contract for the publication of adver tisements in the Star : Philadelphia?V. B. Palitor. N. W. corner of Third and Chestnut streets. New York?S. M. PrrnNQiLL k Co., Nassau street. Boston?V. B. Palmib, Scollays building. IT" ADTBRnsaMaxTS should te handed tt? by 12 o'clock, M., otH^rwjse they may not appear until liie next day. 'SPIRIT OF THE MOSSING The Union considers th< refusal of Gov. Qanliairto remove Judge Loting in obedience to the vote of the Massachusetts Leg::I?ture, a mere trick to affect tbe Virginia elation and in another article shorve '.hat tho Governoi voted for his removal frct^ his position of law professor at Harvar^ and j, M biUax in hit denunciations r;Jjudge L.'? inflexible execu tlon of the fugitive slave law as aoj man in the State, In this connection we may not in appropriately add. that it is well un ler-tood that Governor Gardiner withheld hi* eigne ture from the removal fiat on! y in the hope of securing tbe deleat ef Wise by so doing; not ^iesi ating to give thai reason to bid political friend*, who have conversed with him on the subject, aiding that tbe .-ause of anti-slavery baa at th'j time far more to gain by securing the defeat of Wise and his friends in Virginia, than by ibe removal of Judge Loring The Inteihgeneer praises Governor Gardi ncr for refusing to remove Juc'ge Loriug, in obedience to the overwhelming vo'e of the Legislature of Ma^sachuset-'s. American History. *0 ?r? indebted to Taylor A Maury for ' The History of an Expedition against For? Du Que;ne. ia 1756. under Majet General E lwa'd Braddrck, Generalissimo ol U. B M. forces iu Amerioa, edited from the ?^rigis*] manuscripts, by Winthrop Sargeant, M A Philadelphia: Lippincott, Grambo A Co., for the Historical Society ox Pennaylva nia?1855." TLU work, an elegant quarto with plates, is the result of the labors of the auther ffo: it cannot fairly be called a com pilation; cn certain manuscripts procured in Eur pe for the Pennsylvania Historical Socie ty, prin ipally by the Hon Joseph R Inger. aoll, when Minister to London, and all the data j-hedding Hght on the hUtory of Brad dock s memorable campaign previously in the possession of tbe society aforesaid As a lit erary tffor?, it would be a ciedii to almost any writer < f ibe day, in either bemi f here, ss ita style u simple, elegant, and in good ta-te Its chief value, however, lies in tha fact that it is a eareful collection of all the facta of ie.erest connected wi:h the campaign, a record of which has been preserved in the United States, England, cr Fratce It is, therefoie a very complete and m^st satistactory book, and a addition indeed, to the so meagre stock of American history The circum stances of 'he early times of our rsje on the North Americao continent were by no means favorable for the preservation, on this side cf the Atlantic, of historical data c.lcu'afed to prove sa;isf;ctory to the present wonderfully advanced condition cf our C'>un tT7 Ver7 cf our fathers were, indeed, writiLg men; but rather pioneers, conquering a*!u"? in?h by inch in a contest which gave them little time and few opportunities for making records. Thus we are forced to go abroad for nearly all row in existence con jernlLg our colocial times the archives into wb t ru h inform it ion went being nearly %11 in Europe. Of late years only, bar* cur coun trymen rea ized tie importance of collecting together the scraps of American history ye-: existing at home ; and tbe Historical Society pi Pennsylvania and tke accoaiplisbed'author cf thia book deserve the thacks of all wbo de light. in American historical truth, well to!d, for their contribution, ?0 the common stock, of tais so cleaver interesting work. PHSO.fAL. ....H a II A Scephens, of Georgia, has publi-hed a long letter, declining a re election to Ccngress^ and expressing bis strong optosi tion to the Know Nothing)! ... .J Mad son Wire, of Aceomac. a relative of Henry A Wise, has accep ed the appointment ofProfe^or of Mathematfss in illiam a?i Mary College lie is scarcely twenty-cae years of age ....Oa the 2d inat.. at Memphis, Tenn , a young aM.ii a spirit of levity, said to Mrs Greei, Wormely, a resectable lady, in deli cate health, that her husband bad been serious ly Itjured by a dray running ovrr hicm The annonccement gave her such a tbock flat she immediately fainted, and in a short time was a corpse. .... Dr William M-Hillen and William K. Thrall, left Columbus. Ohio, on the 11th with the intention of visi ing Kussia, and en. tenog the ?erwce of the Emperor as ru geons ....D J UcCerd, E*q , died on Saturday morning at Columbia 6. C , after a brief ill Bc?9 . * *M t?r many years a prominent niacin'hat rttare engaging actively in pub ritiffBP*""' c^te? occupying important po ....Dr G F. Fields has been oon vie ted in Columbus county, Nor h Carolina, of man. elau^b er for killing F M Stephens and sen. tenced to bo branded and imprisoned fix month?. Ho is only nineteen or twenty years ot Kge. ....Capt Ingraham, of the United States <hip St. Louis, declines the public dinner ten dered him by a committee of the citiaens of Phi lade.puia. Circumstances require his im mediate presence in South Carol na ....The Hon Lewis Cass has been invited to addre<? the New York, State Agricultural Fair, ai Klmira ie October next ... .The jury ia tbe ease of James Q. Bar nard. charged in the United Sta;es Circuit Court Court, with engaging in the slave trade and piracy in rre brig tirey Eagle, havo re turned a verdict of ? not guilty.' ....Gen Anthony Lamb an old and highly eeceemed c.tisen of New York, died ia that city, on Sunday night, aged eighty four yean. ArVOIRTMKHTS III VBB P AY Birr OrricB? Win Cbauney Langdon. of Kentucky, an As sistant Examiner has been promoted to be Chief Examiner of Patents, at $2,500. Thos. H Dodge, of New Hampsnsre; Wm Head, of Delaware ; Isaac D Toll, of Michigan ; and Amos T Jenckes, ^f Rhode Island, to be As sistant Examiner*, at $1^00 ?Intel. Bahkbb s MaeaiiBB ?We have received the May number of tke Banker a Magasiae and Statistical Register. It contains maay <ntcreating articles VVASniSSTOI JIFVi > JSD G9'S!P. The Kinney Ixpeditioi Bubble ?We hare taken occasion to ascertain that tbe Attorney General had no more to do with originating the recent a:re?t and pr eecutien cf Meiirs. Kinney ard Fabens than the man in tbe moon. We ftate these facta if bat for the mischievous purpose of heightening the "poth eration" into which the New York press h?ve worked themselves in tboir efforts to blow up the Kinney expedition bubble, their "soap suds" being altogether baseless storiss. I' will be recollected that all thes^ New York filibustering.expedition newepapwg were not long since abu^lDg ^e A'.torney General for alleged sympathy and diiect complicity with ? Lis humbug, and also wih the Quitman schema against Cuba Their sudden chnnge of :une upon it with as little for its justifica tion as they had for their original and con t-ary position, shows thit their conductors bare little fixed character, which rarely ex ists where there is a want of fixed f u. peso and views on pubiio auairs. Bnt we hRvt jjet now to deal with the fuisc pretences on various points upon which these journals are puffing op the speculation One is, tbat the Nicaraguan government fa ves it, it being alleged that they made the grant, Ac. Now the JSicarnguan minister, who alone is authorized to represent the views of his government in this country, fixes false hood on the front of that allegation, not only through tbe pre?s. but officially to the goru n mint here It was al*o pretendod that this Government favored this speculation, became its commer cial agent at San Juan was in il; and we .nay not fail here to add, that we have every rea Sun to believe that thia queer hallucination was, in a measure, at the bottom of the turn things took in the trial of the case before Judge Ingersol. However, we have taken oc caeicn to explode that roorback. So there is nothing left of it. Another cf these roorbacks is as follows: " He has taken prisoner a young, beautiful and accomplished belle of tbe Fifth avenue, 11 flesh and blood angel, said to be literally worth her weight in g Id, to say nothing ?? diamond-, stocks ana roal es ate. and she hns agreed, "for better or worse," to try tbe name and fortunes of Col. Kinney, expedition and all." \\ e fancy that Col. Kinney must have been nettled beyond expression at this lest tu> per haps net silliest of the Kinney expedition roorbacks. For there happens to be in Texab a lady who some ytars ago took " for better or for worse," ' the name and fortunes of Cul Kinney"?Mfa. Herbert, a widowed daughter of Judge *\ ebb, late of Florida?a lady who previous to her marriage to Ccl K. was "the you: g, beautiful, and accomplished belle" of Galveston, Houston, Acs'in. Ac Who if the Inventor of the McCormick Reaper??The great majority of our country men ha*e little idea of the ins and outs and quirks and turns of tue business of patentees. Hardly an invention which proves 'o be of great importanse is patented, except by and through the mental labors of divers persons. That is, in moft esses the patentee who sue ceeds in introducing his patented article into general use, is much more apt to be the com piler of other men's thoughts 'han the origi nator of a great idea or ccmoinition of me chanicai ideas of his own The fact is forcibly brought to our mind on learning tbat Isaac J. Hite, of White Post, ^ a , has n<>w before the Patent Office an application for a patent for his original "combination of a raker's seat and the reel, in reaping mac hit cs " McCor mick obtained a patent for a reaper in 1834, 'bich has run out. In 1844, we recollec:, our old friend Thos. P. Jones?previously the head of the patent bureau?applied for a patent (as agent) for this combination of Mr Hite, depositing the model in the Patent Office. But objections were made by Commissioner Ellsworth to the g-ant of the patent for Hite's invention, which soon resulted into a peremp tory refusal, notwithstanding Dr. Jones' effort? to bring a'j>ut a different result. In 1847, when new men were in the office, and tbe original model cf Hite had long re ir ~.ined hid hy a rrultitude of specimens of ail sorts of inventions by our countrymen, McCor mick obtained a patent for the combina tion of the roe! and raker s seat, located and arranged as described or the ?quivalent thereof. Tbia, in fact, ie but tbe application tc hi* (McCormick's} old machine of the prin ciple or improvement for which Hite had been previously denieJ a patent, and without whi.-h tbe machine would have been practically use lees. Tbe McCormick patent, against the re newal of which eo many petitions were sent to Congress, is the one last above mentioned The discovery of the fact that Hite, not Mc Cot Jiick, sboald have been the o iginal pa tentee, of which there now can be little doubt, it seems to us, goes to show the eorreotness of our declaration, that few, indeed, of the val uable inventions are patented to original in ventors of the trtioles in question, and also to enforce the duty of great care in sifting the claims of parties to be original inventors. 8 York AtLoe, Esq ?This gentleman though profes&ing very great contempt for the Star, takes occasion to notice the article pub li-hed in our Washington News columns on Saturday, explaining farts involved in his connection with office in this city neoecinry to be understood for a thorough appreciation of bis case. He throws any quantity of ?' slush" upon the St jr. but carefully avoids meeting any one of its facts stated in his case No un prejudiced person can read his reply without perceiving that hi clearly admits the allega tion on which it seems to be understood that he was removed from office His second arti cle is, indeei, a complete exposition of the dieingenuousaess of his flrat one?so glaring as to require no further ot mmsnts from us in self-defence from his fierce onslaught. We have always entertain* , kind feeliags for him, and are at this time actuated by them We have no war to make on him, and referred to his card on Saturday, only for the vindication of the truth of history?that's all. The Frogrees of 8cienee?The apparatus of the Smithsonian Institution ie, perhaps, the most complete new in our eoantry, and new articlee are eonstantly being added. A com plete set ot apparatus for exhibiting tbe facts ef the new branch of science called dia mug n?tiim has been Obtained from Paris. A few years ago bu* four metals were known to pos-* se^s magnetic properties, namely : iron,bicke', cobalt, and manganese. ' It i< now known that all bodies exhibit acalagoas phenomena when placed under the induotive influence of po?? erml magnets; but they are not all similarly affected All bodies may, however, be di vided into two olastee?one in wh (h tbe pol arity is developed at the extremities of a bar of the substance, as In iron, and hence oalled Simple magnetic bodies; and the other class, ia which the polarity is transverse t? the I~Dgth of the bar, and the substance is hence caHed din magnetic. The simple repetition of these experiment! in this oountry is import ant. and the apparatus will serve as a model for ingenious American artists. Great Honor.?Tho Court Journal, of Lon don, records the memorable faot. with due ?aphasls, that "Mr. Eiserberg h- thMreat' honor of cutting the c:rb| of tfc# Bm^r 'Napoleon Ux., fti Baekinghanl Palace " It '?3me ^ WR8 the only cut the Emperor received during his sr.jour'); and that can be excused from the extremity of the esse, dif ferirg. as it does, toe to# redo from all tt-e pAit published history of the corn brt4 en tertainments of Buckinghsm palace. The imperial relic doubtless is preserved in the British Museum Pay of Disoharged Soldiers ?A oase was presented in which the retained pay of a sol dier had been withheld because the words' hon estly and faithfully " had been struck out of his cortificato of discharge, given at the expi ration of his enlistment. It was held that where a soldier had ssrvtd out his full term, the Government by con tinuing him in service had designed to ever look the offence he had committed and should pay the full amount of wages he had earned under his contract of enlistment, unless he had been tried and sentenced to forfeit them is whole or in part, aad the sentence had not been remitted. A Sphinx ?A sphinx has been received at the Sta'e Department, sent over to the Gov- j eminent by Mr. De Leon, United States Con-1 ?ul General in Egypt. It is an antiquity, of! course, and has the body of a lion and face of a young woman. It is capi'ally cut in sand stone. and stands about two feet high. It is covered with hieroglyphics, and has carved on it representations of a beetle, a bull, a scor pion, dogs, a crocodile, faces, and other figures. The T'eptilcs of the West ?A large collec rion of living snakes, frogs, liiards, salamrn ders, turtles, Ac , have just arrived at the Smithsonian museum from Chicago, 111., and ??rve to illustrate the character of the reptiles of that region Some of these are to be sent -o t'ae Jardindes Plantes, Paris. A CIBrical Appointment ?Mr. Samuel S. Sticey, of New Hampshire, has been ap- J pointed a first-class clerk ia the Pension Bu-1 reau. fho Ccrrert Operations of the Treasury Ospar'irent.?Or yesterday, the 14th of May, ther? wtre of Tre-seury Warrants entered on t ie bocks of the Department? For paying Treasury debtc $g23 48 For the Customs ? 1,102 28 For covering into the Treasury from customs 82,063 00 j r^r ib- iVar Department... 26 025 2y For the Navy Department 84 096 71 For *he Interior Department 3,888 8-3 tfer repaying for the Interior De .... 2,157 27 Tub Ericsson ? It appears from our report of ihe trial trip of tho Ericsson, (which is now prof oiled by steam, on a new and economical plan devised by Captain Ericsson ) that the owners entertain the intention of converting! her into a transport steamer for the allies at the Crimea She is bound to achieve distinc tion in soino w?.y. P^Judge Sprague, in the United State** District Court, has reoently decided (see tho case *f S'rattoii t;j Bahbage in the Dailv vrlas of May 3) that New Orleans is not a ' port of discharge" under the shipping arti cles. <?s against free colored seamen He i holds'hat the la??s of Louisiana respei'ln/ tree colored seamen are such that they can not, i n any just sense, be 8aid to be discharged and clear from th. vessel, and that they have a right, if they choose, to remain on board and continue the vryage to a free port, or one wfcore similar laws do r:ot prevail. The rea sons of th-s deoi3ion will apply to all tho slave i States which havo laws like those of Louisiana uni South Carolina.?Boston Daily Atlas May 11. ' Cucap Gas ? 'ha Assenibiee Natiouale tfl a la'.e date says . In the <-cientifio circles the f discovery of Mr Eugene Pauton, to light Paris gratia, ia much talked of llis Majesty, the 1 mperor, has provided Mr. Pauton with the I necessary grounds at St. Cloud, and the means to build an establishment for the manufacture ot gas Repeated experiments have sufficient ly pro ved thatgaj produced by Mr Pauton'a plan dees net cust more than two-fifths of a cent per cubic yard, and if 15 hectolitres of coke can he sold at 23 francs, the gas costs not :ing at all. It is stated that proposals have been made to the City Council (f Paris to reduce the actual price ci gas more than cr.e half; so that ios'ead of pacing 42 con.i times, or about 8oents per cubic yard, the con sumer would pay or ly 4 cents, \-hich would ? make an economy of nearly four millions of rancs to the con umers, and about one mil lion and a half for the city of Paris alone, which would obtain the gas gratis, if the plan Mr P"at?n is adopted ?Parti African . interesting case, illustrative of mar ital rights in Prance, has just been decided in one of the tribunals of Pans Madame La. borde, an operatic singer of somo renu e, had made an engagement with the director of tiie i <?pera to smg for five months, at the rate of JoOO per month, and to forfeit $16,000 for vio lation of her contract. But her husband ob jected to her fulfilling her engagement, and absolutely refused to listen to ber entreaties to be emitted to do so. She therefore had re. course to law, brought he- husband before the Court of the Seine, and produced a general authority from him to her to enter into con rrao;s with managers The court deeid-d nj^inst her, on the principle that the husband i ought to be full and sovereign jud^e of his wife s theatrical engagements, and that neither a general nor a special automation can affect his right. Graves G;visa up their Dead.? In Ar tenl,urg, on the river Elbe, in Hanover, a mel ancholy occurrence la'ely took plaee. The breaking of the dyke in that place was a heart-rending ciroumstance. A portion of the liberated wateie rushed through the new grave >ai ""J*1 away lh? earth covering the ooffins and earned *ith them in its p?sage the coffins which were laid bare. About thirty or the ooffins have since been recovered. The liviug saw their dead again as most of the crffins were opened by their relatives seeking their relatives Husbands saw their dead ??!?!?? 7? "* Jbeir deftd huabnnds, and childred saw their parents. A Core for Hard TmE9.-If the people I were to attend less to politics and more to use. ful labor they would have a greater abund anca of food and at cheaper prioes. Nearly all the popular movements of the day have reference to party politics and the elevation of some favo-ed individual to office where he can draw a good salary from the public without work. Were as much teal displayed | m spreading useful information among farm eis, mechanics, and manufacturers, there! vou.d be a much more profitable investment ot labor, much more prosperity, and a greater degree of liberality and enlightenment among the people. If semebody would start a na I tional eonvention for the purpose of setting idlers to aork, instead of creating useless pub* he c flees to withdraw them from labor, there would be a gteater abundaco^Bf food for next ye^r, and laboring people would not be driven! t > the brink of starvation at they now are ? ' Pktla LxLgtr 1 A Tbadiwq Totasi to t*? Awttpodib. Tha schooner Tioklor, Captain Qeorge Hob barJ, cleared at the castom-hoaM, yaetarday, for a Tojaga to th? 2ut Indies and tbe Islands of the f>outh Pacific. She haa on board an aa sorted oargo, suited to the wants of the paople In those regions She will probably tench at the Fejf* Island!, aa 1 If tbeasf't^n ?? * ?rood ytiwe Ytwill not fail Uf Ur trri* with the Tiflk1#r ,, , l^man of the clipper Graft. la 139 .I>as burthen, and looks exceedingly rakish. She monnta two or three gnns. She haa at t acted considerable attention while fitting oat at this port, bj the beaaty of bar model, and the free and easy hearing that pervades throughout?her peoaliar qualities suggesting ! to the beholder the fcsan ideal of that light, | graceful class of TM?ela so oelebrated in zq m.mces of other days It haa even bean ana pec fed that ahe was designed for a slaver or fillibnater. and some credulous person haa ap plied to the proper authorities to hare the matter Investigated, which we are informed has been done to the satisfaction of both par* ties?Boston Journal, 11 fA. The Apaches oh America* Territory ? The Placer (Cal) Times says: " in January, the town of Tubac, in Santa Crus Valley, on Cook's wagon roate, and now in the territory of the United States, was attaoked by a party of 500 Apaches In the defence, fifteen sol* dicrs of the small Mexican garrison stationed in the town till the Amerioans take possession, were killed. Two women were earried off, asd all the cattle belonging to the plaoe were stolen Tnbao would be a very agreeable place of residence if there were only a HtMe better secniity for life and property. About the time of the attack on Tubac, five Apachea, dressed as Mexicana, went to the MisaioeTam acaceri. which ia about five milea further up the valley, and in posaession of three Oer* bids, The Indians were received and treated with friendliness, which they repaid by driv ing off all the stock." TWA new American manufacture, that of | plate g'nas, has been oommenced in Williams burg, New York, where plates of glass ten feet wide and tweBty feet long will be made. A pla'e ten feet square can be made so strong ? hat it will held a ton weight, and ao olear that we could read the print of a newspaper through a piece four inchea thick. It ia a ain* gular fact that the beat Engliah plate glass ia made from American sand.?Philadelphia Ledger. J N T. Tucker at thb Utica Astlum ? The foreman of the printing offioe at the Utica insane Aaylum writes thus of Tucker, who was recently convioted of the murder of his child, pardoned on the ground of insanity, and committed to that institution : 1 He haa greatly improved aince he came here. He haa considerable talent a? a writer, and ia a very useful contributor to the Opal, a monthly pe riodioal we print here, edited and written by the patienta in the Aaylum " Sal* ofNeorobs.?The following pricea were obtained in Paria, Mo. the other day, for the slavea belonging to the estate of Ste phen Sebee, deceased: A negro man, aged SO years, brought $750 ; a boy aged 14 years. $805 ; a boy age 1 5, $575; a boy aged 3. $277; a boy aged 2, $200; a girl, (crippled,) aged 4, $155. ?THE BIBI.K SOiIETY OPTHI8 CITY ha-, employed, 'or a short time, a* agent of the Societv, Mr. Davtd M Wilsoh, the well known and efficient agent of the American Tract ] Socieiy. Mr. Wilson will ta I on ilie annual sub scribers and usual contributors to the fund? of the f*nriety, who have not paid for the current year, and is authoriztt'i lo receive and hand to the Trea surer, Col. M. Nourse, contributions with names from other friends of the cause. In view of the necessity for large and frequent additions to the stork of our own Depositary, and of the urgent calls by the American Bible Society for aid in supplying d?s'ltute plac?*, we bespeak tor our agem a cordial reception and liberal contri butions. JOHN P. INGLE. President. M. II Miller, Secretary rnav 15?St* kNOTICE?AN ADJOURNED MEET ing ?if the An;i Know Notliing voters ot the Sizth W*rd will be iield on Thiir.-day evening next, the 17;h inst , at Anacostia Hall for the pur pose of making noruinarons for Aldermen, Coun cilmcn, and Assessor. All persons favorable to he cau*e are requested to aitend AAK^N MILLER, President John C. Bra.kpt, Secretary. may 15?4^i# ^KNIGHTS TE M P L A RS.?WAHH I NO ton Eneampment No 1 will assemble on THIS (Tuesday) EVENING, at the usual time and place. ^ may 15?It GRAND REGIMENTAL BAIL. THE EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE on behalf of | the First Regiment. Third Brigade of the Militia of the I'istrictof Columbia, take great pleasure in info;mirg the cititen;. generally, that their PIR8T GRAND BALL will be held ?t the NATIONAL THEATRE, on MONDAY EVENING, May 2lst, 1855. The Committee would aUn state that owing to tbe shortness of time in nuking arrangements, that they are compelled to dispense with Ladies' Invitations Prof. Mumler has kin. ly volunteered his services as Floor Manager on that occasion. Tickets can be procuied at Flint's Hotel; Win. F. Bayly's Stationery Store; M A. Stevens' Fancy St'jte; VYillson fc Hay wait's, Union Hall; and of j any of the Executive Committee. ___ 0 OOMMITTEE OF RECEPTION. * Col Mickey, Col Riley, MaJ Key worth, Adjutant Bacon, burgeon Morgan, Or Master McCol'uiu, Ur Ma.-ler Sergt Kit.?, ( apt Davis , Capt Towers, Capt Tait, Capt Key, Capt Peck, Capt Schwarzmann, Capt Ilevers, Lieut Com'g Mulloy. Capt Shekel!, Capt Jamieson, ('apt Reese, Capt Bright, MANAGERS ON PART OF THE MILITARY. Wa'Mng'un Light Infantry. Serg't .tames E. Powers, Henry Warner, Charles E. Nelson. National Grey*. Sergt Eagan, Jno Bradley, Corp'l Mayuire. Boom Rifle*. Pi neer Robinson, Henry Green , Serg't Burkirgham. National Guard. Ensign Lloyd, Private Johnson, Serg't Bishop. Montgomery Guard Serg't McEniry. Private 0*Leary, Secretsrv O'Sdilivan Serg't Hay ward, Samuel Owens. Mounted Guard. Joliu T. Evans, Genuan Yagert. Serg't Ruppell, Conrad Finkmann, Julius Vicdt. American Riflemen. Serg't Gibson, John Y. Donn, Corp'l Champion. Ii'aikington Highlander* SgtCampbell, Andrew Baio, James Harrover. Scott Guard*. George McKeau, Guards. Sgt Harrison, Sgt Key worth Charles Masi. Union Qr Mr Donelly, MrO'Callahan. Marion Rifle*. Sgt foxwell, Sgt Gait, Henry Keefer. MANAGERS ON PART OP THE CITIZENS, Hon J T Towers Waller Lenox W W 8eato? Peter Korce bile* H Hill W W Corcoran H B French (? Parker J ? Ei too W U Winter A Prov.nt J F Coyle K W?Hach CliM Maury 8 Be.irern R SmitU W T Dot? Jnn Ennls J F Pepper 8 C Barney 6 * Otdeon G Oameron C H Wallarli II Sm-een?y E 8 Pendleton ^ Franck Taylor Edw Owen Chaa Kloman Ge- ije Wa*hlUKt<-ii Park CniUs Francis Motion K Doyle Win Dougherty A N Clemeuls 6 gnats C Dunningtou Jno I. Wilt K J Ko<-lie J L Hembaw J W F,.ruey T Csrberry Jas G Berret C Bill C Whetler Dr Maynard T H Don<>?has B F Middletoo K F Bell B J Semmes C H Calvert H A Wlllsrtl W F Bayly M Brown Dr W a Mag ruder S P Fraiikiln VmhcIh ETllla B O.yle W H Tltomaa H Taylor J D Hoover Arck'd Campbell Jaa Adaiua Ttios Paraous E C Morgan J A Ltntou Jus Galea Andrew Mancoek H 8 Polkinhorn A Dickens J H Kirk wood A T Kk-khoffer AJH Whits 8 Lewis G A Jtllsrd J J Joyce P A Ho* E Wheeler J C McGnlrs W J MrCormlck It 8tnart Jsa Clarke J C Fltipatrlck J H MoBUlr W K SpaWng Alex Lee 'Ih< nas Berry. EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE. Lt Clarke, Infantry, Lt Shekell, N Greys, Lt Stndi raon, R Rifi. s, Lt Bird, N Guards, Lt Riley, M Guard*, Lt Debllle, G Yagers, Capt Reese, Highlander* Lt Bimms, A Rifles, Lt Waiiingsford, SG Lt Flint, P M Guard, Lt Wroe, M Rifles, Lt Briggs, U Guards Capt. J. Y. Dm'i?, of ihe Light Lnfaatry, Treasurer may 15- (Intel) VARIETIES. 'TlHiS r?wiUr establish-rent will be omH f-w a 1. fhort SriMm on TilUUSDAT, May SHSLDOlf *8 UffHITALLKD BALLET , u L TLOUPI wi'i have the honor of maM--" befa-?* a W?'' ?-?ur-ir ftr?( epp ersncr andi nrc ? *'!?f r n< >veltn s ar? In prt<.?, of ?|,j. ?toiiCf wi'l 1:* gi%<?n VVANTE?TFX YOUNG LAMES for t:,e Corp* .<?? Hal et. Apply at the R.^i ..ffici may 13?9t NEW GOODS FOR GENTL*MFN. PJ. STEER, Merchant Tailor No. 488 Sev ? enthstrret.ha* just r+c* ved rr mNtw ?? York, a v ry elegmt nnd Urge a.Mliion to^H hissosk of Sprirt an t !*uinnv r GOODS, con<;Ptinf of Ca?sim*r< Pock*, Drills, kr JM. for Pan's, ;in<1 S:lk And MarsHII a VE8TINQS, hotr plain a d c^'ofed, of the richest and pretties: atvlr* ever seen in this market, all of which he is prepared to mike up in the best style at very low pneea. Gentle-nen would do well to call earty if they wi-h to see very cheap s<yle?. may 15?eothv ICE !-IOE! THE rNDERSIOVED ha vim on hand a large quantity ot ?r?t quality ICE, offers it for ?al< unLiinlly low. in fsr^e or email quantities Thove who hnve not pureha-ed or eutared their summer supply wmld do we-"l to call '?n the untwcn ber tefo e doingso GEO. T. ELLIS. No. 5?con?er9d and Fayette streets, may 15?5t S500 ^re?va rix FIVE HUNOKED DOLLAK8 will be given for the apprehension and <onv:ction nf the ?ersnn or pereons who murdered William Osborne of Wa-h inqten county, District ot Columbia, on or about the 8tli day of February last, on hi- way from the Co lumbia Mills, to hi? hooae, near the old Km -a Ground Course. JONAH D. HOOVER, Marshal of the District ol Columbia, may 10?1 w* A CARD ?The attention of capitalists and oth ers is called io the s?Ie of pan of Lot No. 8 in square No. 45", with Oie Warehouse thereon, or the corner of 7th atrcct west ant I) street north, op oolite the National Intelligencer o!fir??, io ake p>a*e ibis afternoon, at 5>? o'clock, on the prerairt-s which is one of the most valuab e and desirable pieces of property in Washington. JAS C. McGUIRE, may 15? It Auctioneer. FRENCH VISITING CA*na, eitra thin, an* of the finest fint*h, ju-t imporrd from P^ris dl rect, by FRANCK TAYLOR, may 15 SPENCER'S SERMONS?SERMONS OF THE Rev Ichahod 8. Spencer, D.O.. author of ''A Pastor's Sketches," tf law 12m vn>t> Preces Pauliatr; or tfce Devotions of the Apostle Paul Emilv Vernon, or filial piety exemplified My Brother'a Keeper, by Miss Warner, author o ( ?'Dollars and Cents," etc. GRAY k. BXLLANTYNE, may 15 -3f 498 Seventh atreet. : i!K ITNUERtlONED are now working * the Stone Quarry-formerly occupied by Major Wm B. Scott, and are prepared to furnish STO*E at the usual market rates HUMPHREYS fc WILLIAMS. Georgetown, May 15?1m* UNITED STATES MAIL. Post Officb Dep\*twfst, May 12, 185S. PROPOSAL* for carrying the mails of the United Pttfes from the 1st day of July, 1855, to tb* 30'h d*y of Jun?, 1869, tnousve, in" the States cl VIRQINU, NORTH CAR LINA, FLORIDA, and ALABAMA, will bf received at theCor>tr*ct rtffl e of the pest Office Department In the eity of Wtsh lngt"n, i ntil 3 p.m.. of the 11th of Jans, 1855. e0 he dedd"'J by the lath Jure, 1665, on the route and In tko tlracs herein specified. VIRGINIA. 4958 Frim Petersbutx, by Temple'on, flaw kins villa, UttletoD, Farmer* Grove, and A?aa mo.nick, to Jerusal?ta, 4S milee and back, twios a week. Leave Petersburg every Wednesday and Satur day at 6 a m A rrive at Jerusalem same days by 9 p in Leave Jerasalsm ev?ry Tuesday and Friday at 6am Arrive at Petersburg fame d^ys bv 9 p m Prop >a s to l?av?- Jerusalem Monday and Thurrdiy *111 b? considered oJIG Fr.m Petersburg, by Union Grave, Newville, Black Water Green Level, B?l eysbur , B*r I n, Vick^viliif, tnd Bower's, to Frai kliu Depot, 50 mile* a~.d barlr. twics a ww-k. Lss?e P*-tersbcrf every Wo-Jntfluj and Satur da? at 6 a m Arrive st Fianklin Depot text lays by 12 m Leave Franklin D?pot every Monday and Thurs day at 1 p n Arrive at Petersburg r.ext days by 7 p m Prop sals to embrace Fa'sonviH- are invit-d Also propof Is to end route at Bower's or rusv.Um or rr?k-any ot^er chance tlu.t the p stmsstera on the route may rseommetid as bring advsctsgeoui "??217 From Wvrentoa, by Warrenton Springs a-d Jeffersont/>n,toOak thide. 14 milesecd beck, I twice a wetk. Leave Warrenton erery Monday and Frlfav at | 10 am Arrive at Oak Fhada sama days by 1^ p m L a?f Oak Shade every Monlsy and Friday at 2pm Arrive at Warreuton fame la f by 5*4 p tq Tr poaals for f ur adaitional weekly trips to Warrenton Springs aLd bsck, during the wa tericg Ft i.-on?mr lit July to 1st October | each year? are invite! Proposals for a 'hird weekly trip on the ?h<-U route, th? yesr round, wi:l al?o be ooiuid?red NORTH CAROUNA. i?711 From IIiil?bcro', by Cbapei Hil< and Morlagc ville, to Mv rrisavil.e, 30 mil** and back, tix times a week L*ave Ililisboro* daily, ex-ept Sunday, at 5 a 1 Arrive at Cbap*l Hill fame day by 8 a m Leave Chanel Hill da<ly, except tunday, at 1 am Arrive at Morri svill- rame day by ft a m Leave Morrlsevil e dai'y, except Sunday, at 7 a m Arrive at Cbap 1 Hill same dav by 11 am L ave Chat el Hiil dail*. except Sunday, at 4 am Arrive at Morr: svi'fe same day by 6 a m Thee* hours of <1 nurture; and arrivals to te changed as may ce ne*esrary to secsreclcse coonex ons ?-t all timxs with tha raiircad scbelule at Morri sri: e end Hi'lrbor.'. M12 From Hill-bt ro', or the termious of the rsil roai, by Green Spring, Mason Ha 1, Graham. Boon's S atioa, and Allemanee to Gree?iEto ro', 42 m les acd ba k. d-l?y Leave Ilil'iU>ro', or rarlrosd, daily on arrival if the 'ars, a?y at 8 a m Arrive at Greensboro* earns day by 5 n m L*ave Qre^nsbcro' on arrival oi mail Irom Lex ia^ton, say at 7 p m Arrive at Hi'lsbore' or railroftl, Bf xt dav by 4 a a FLORIDA. 6853 From Pensaeola, by Florida'own, to Milton, 80 m les and back, s.x t!m?s * wa-k. leave Psbsmc >h daily, except Sunday, at 5 a m Arrive at Mit -n : ame uay by 12 m Leave Miltcn dai' v, ex'ept: unday, at 1 p m Arrive at Pentacela same d?y by 8 p m ALABAMA 7169 Fi-om Opnliks, by Chcmbrrs C II, Mil', town. Lc uiua, Wead wee. Rockale and O^kfuaky, to Jtelwnville, 1C0 nules ai.d back, three times ? week, in two-hoise ec*ches Leave C'pelika Mondsy, W.dn*?day atd Friday at 1 p m Arrive at Jscksonville at xt days by 13 m Leave Jacksonville Tue day,Tuesday aad Sat orisy at 1 p m Arrive at Opelika next days bv 12 m Proposals for fjur-horso coaca service will be oonsidered. INSTRLCriONS. Fbrm of a proposal tchart no chang? from adv.rtise mmt u contemplaud by the bidder. L ? of . eounty of , 8tatn of , propose to convey 'he mails from Juiy 1, 1855, to June30,1859, enroute No , tr'm? ??o . sgreeatly to the advertisement of tht* Postmaster ttenertl, <. ated May 13,1856, and by the following m:de of oonv yai.oe, via: for the annual sum of dollars This proposal is made with full knowledge of the distance c. th- rou e, the weight of the mail to b^ car - led, and all other particulars in reference to the rou:e and service, and alto efter full eumina'.if n of the instroctionfl and requirements attached to the advertisem -nt. DatoJ [Signed] fbrm of a Guarantee. The undersigned, residing at , State of , ur- dertake that, if th- foregoing bid for carrying th* mails oa route No. be a ovp'ed by the Pc*tm?s ter General, the bidder shall, prior to the 1st day r f Joly, 1865, or aa roon thereafter as may be, enter into the required obligation to perform the eervicr proposed, with g od and euflcieot sureties. This we do with a ful knowledge of the obliga tions and liabilities assumed by guarantors undir the 27th section of the act of Ooegre* of July 2 1836 ^ -i Dated | Signed by two guarantors.] Form of CkrttfMU. The und'niraed, po-tmas.rr cf ? ?, Htats of , certifies ufid- r his nth of craw, tait hi i* acquainted with the ab ve guarantors, and knows th .m to be men of pr. perty.enU able to mske gcod th*ir guaranty. Dated [Signed.] For fuller instructions, with condition* to ba em braced tn the xmtrart^eee the genersl tdvetiisem nt for mal! proposals In tha Southern 8 ate*, dated ?tannery 12 1865 JAMES CAMFPELL may 16?law4w K>#tmaster General roRREST hill, gborgeto^" THE REVOWXCD toHAMA (*OT 4 f AlMT'lo) <?r T?B !?tle or ot'NKRu an. DKtTRUCTIJS OF ciMRLKSTor* Will Ikop?-r e<? for ? rhiHtion at ths above k.? TUESDXY EVENING, May iStt. n4 ev*ry evening tia-ing ibs week. Also, on TRl RdDAt and SATVlDATgu aoon*. at JoVIn k. ^ Doors op- n a? 7?to oo?im?r ~r at 8 o'clock. Almifion ?3 emu?Children accompst,,,^ i their parent* lialf p ic. may )y * FISCHER jTbAND FULLY ORQajT izt:o. HAVING now completed all my > ^a-rr^,. f >r a fl*st rate B?-AS9 and COTILl.Oa It AND. I am sgain at the Kmcr of the pahl* H attend H*? action Tame*. Exhibit 'oh, Par?de* ^ Mc?, R?ik, and ?er?nade*. All those in favor'*, citiaett'. b-.nd a/r r? -p?-oruMv invited to encosml our rn crpri?e, here iu Wa.hingt n City. ^ r FMCHtk Leaio. ^*"d,ttn<Vr my direction, torsfs^f, u.ufi itnH, and Irom a practice over twenty yean i can fire sati?Mction u> t rery one. Re.idenc. pt. avenue, n*>ri|| side, bet. fch m 10 h streets first r west of iron Hall Or.lers left Willi Mt*srs lltllNU k Hilt purtyi'i. at"? nded t*>. nay H 1 q HOTELS AND RFSTAURANTS^ N'O r"K>J e??*bli>hm< nt liquid h- witho'i G.1CTIHRS SPJRk'UXO SCGJ, I It la fir better than Mi rral Water in boui* cheaper, and more convent' nt. may l4~Jt TO THE LADIES. THE nader?ij;ried is preparej to give lessons u> u die? and rhi'dr?n in all kiarisol embroider hair and fine needle work. Also, in Mantillas, (V ars, acd Weevea will be embrotd.^ri-g prompt a trdef* Stamping and Drawing done in neat style MRS P ZOLIJCOFEl, 597 Maryland av , bet. 6ili and ah *l, Is and may 14?8t? CI A ME TO THE SUBSCRIRER on the 5th ? j May, a dark ro?r I Mare, with -pots on ~ er body. She is about ten year* oU. The^ owner m requested to come forward, pay c_ md take her a?ay. i W.MARRIOTT, Alexandria co , near Little Falls E.idae may 14?3t* w~ 1)H.RS>\S HAVING rtAlilT?^ ( a balance due from tbe Nary Department ta the estate of William Dbu, decerned, late a teaaai on board the United States ship Flywmh, ar* htn by not fied to present them at the office of Poor* Auditor of tiie Treasury, within two inoatha froa :hn date may 14?9| MOUOCCO BKLT8 for sale at LAMMOND'9, 7;h ?L ap 11?3t POKTR MOHMAIK*. Purw? Conb* ia< Hair Rruehea at i.AMMON'D'fl, "ih a. may 14?3t MORE REFRIGERATORS. JUST Kceir.d ar?>tlier lot of A'aterman*a Paint Vcntilited REFR1REKATOR8, ?t all the rwn ?u* rift and kiiKta. Ilorixonttl and Upright f? dtirah lity, r-conomy and convenience tbe beat ar tide evr manufa< turtd. AIho, another lot rf Children*' GIGS, from Btuk n-li & TuH, of Philadelphia. We re*pec fully invite a call from thoae in waai of ?urh articlea, feelinc a^ured we can make u to tiitii interest to buy of ?a. JOH^SOW, GUY ?t CO, Pa. avenue, between 10th and ll:b ?u. may 14?1 w Re\dy made clothing or superior Quality ?Gentlemen wiehing to ?uppty tticm selves with read)-mad* garment* of fine quality tor spring and summer near, are invited to vi*it oar ei tensive palef-rotmis, wliere th?y will find every v? ri ty ot favhionuble foods adapted to their wanu. Also, youths*, bov*', and children's clothing, eoa sirting ot every variety of gu?d->, manufactured n the most substantial and durable manner. WALL * STEPHENS, Pa. avenue between 9<b and 10th su. Alfi 394 Pa. avi.iiue, 3 doors east of Nation*, Hotel. ^ may 14?3t NOTICB.?WIi. rea- my wife.CHARLf'TTi having lefi my b*d and boird without a jast causc or publie?iioi4, this is to give notice Uiatl will p&y no deb? of her contracting on an<l after (hi* date. WILLIAM JACKBON. may Hi?3i* LOST?Strayed fiom the premises of the <tfe*cn ber, on the nijht of the 9th mst., a dark bay MARE, with a stir in her forehead and Try a white spot on hind leg S.ud mar*- had recently io-t her c< It, and is j robably son ewhert within the city limits or suhu'b* Any one rt turning her to ?he residence of th" subsenber, on C street south, between 3<1 and 3J streets, wil be -u tahlv r<-war?3?-d or any intormation can be left at IVATTEN'S. at Kirkwood House, which will k* gratefully rec?ived. LEWI* PATTEN, m^y 13?3t BEDFORD BLUE LICK, A ND othtr SPRING W *TERS just received di A. rect from Uie Springa. and lor rale in any quan tity at J B MOORE'S West End Drug J'trre, No. 119 Pa avenue, opp. 7 Buildings, may 19?3t TO THE LADIES OF WASHINGTON AND VICINITY. 0^\ AMEI.1A PRiHKAM It SIFTER, ^flLljNo. 97 7 Penusylvai.ia vei.ue, t^e-jJLl jfp^twaen 10th and 11.h atreets, return jfw :li- ir tegards for tbe kind pstron*ge he retofore ka r.tow*'d upon th< ir efforts, and tak' *h- hbeny of la fcrm'be their many tii?nds that they intenii ottea nix their spring, Summer and Fancy B?tNNETB. which consist oi SoV pieces, besides a rich a**eit ment of STRAW hO\N|VI|ic> They are akia to serve all sues who are in want of a lashionaki* and cheap Bonact. Cail and examine before purchasing tUt where, may 12?la* 80METHIMQ FfcW U'DKB TDE 8UV. CHARLES WERNER, Pentuylrcnta avenue, oypotite Hi own*' Hotel. HAS fitted up tbe commodious hall over ho Eas taurant as a first class u.*G?M BEER 84' LOON, bavins pro ured a supply of every mxary and comforts found in firvt clas? '-stabushmenM of the kind in the Northern citie*. His RHINE WINES and French White Wines, 'is well as hia Cl'.rets, Sejars. Lajer beer,Germ?n, Italian, and Sw itxer CHEESES, and in.'.eed ? f ev ery other appropriate luxury in such an estafcW ment, ia unsurpassed in this country He solicits a call from hid friends and the puMie may 19? tf NEW POLKA. THE CHF.VY CHASE POLKA, compn*d for and d?.;i?'ated t*. Mi-s Sally D. Bradley, by J. D. Saunders. Esq.. of this city, whose composition have always met with such great public favor Tbe merits oi the piece are such as will iniroduc# i* among all lovera of music. P.ICC 25 cents. Just published and for sale by hilbus k nrrz. The President's Mounted Guard Quickstep, coil posed t>y the accomplished Pianist, Mr. Robert H? ler, will appear in a tew days. may u 'IMIE AMERICAN DEBATER, bsing a p!?m ei R position of tire principle and practicc of pufc'lC debate, Rc, by James N. McElligntt. LL C History of a Zoological Temperance Conventioa held in Central Afri-a, In 1M7, by Edw? Hitchcock, LL D The C ipuves of Abb's Valley, a legend of fraW lile, by a son < ( Maxy Moore GRAV R B4LLANTYNE, may 1C?3t #98 ncveath street. GLOVES, HOSIERY, RIBBONS, Ac. JOHN H. BMOOT, south side of Bridge sc, near HifcU, Gcorgenwn, has just received froai York an a ditionai aupntv of? Taffata Silk and Lisle Thread Gloves Short and long black twister Silk Mitts Open-worked and plain Cotton Hoaiery, every v* rietv (1 ,,, Misses' and Boys' white, mtied and fancy uonoa Hoaiery Genta % do do Worked Swi*a Collars and Ruffl^ Lace and French worked trimmed CaNars Real Maltese and Imitation Lsre^ With many otl^r desirable Gooda^ to whn^h t!>. attention -fc?h or prompt ?-??? U may 12? STRAW MATTiNG. JUST rec? ived 4. 5, and 6 4 White aud colored Mxuing*, which I am aeiims at the lowa? pn? cos tor cash or to pr impt customers. J. H. FMOOT, 8. side Bridge at., near Ihgli, G< orgetown. may 19? NEW JEWELRY WATCHES, SIVEKWARE.R.C M. W.GALT R BRO.,are receiving daily I art" addiuow 10 their stock of new and elegant Jewrlry, Watcb??t Sileer Ware, Re. Purchase ra bare the advantage of a selectiM from a complete assortment of latest styles, of ?? best quality, and at the lowest rates. M W. GALT k BFO., 394 Pa. av., between 9th &nd ItWi ???. car T8 - Bt ^ nfYtHTH WARD.-UN ION TlOOj O For AJdermao?DEARBORN R. Jf>HWSOV For Common ?ooncll?8AMUEL PUMPBJf* SAMUEL S. TAYLOR, HENRY A CT.AIK& IttAV 4?1|

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