Newspaper of Evening Star, May 16, 1855, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 16, 1855 Page 4
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EVENING STAR. IABOE A WD BEST. ?Two hand* tipnn the bi*ait, and labor I* put." Russian Pr*9*rh. "Two hand* upoa the breast, Aa<i labor'* done; Two pale f?et crowed in reet? Tbe race is won. Two eyea with cotn-weighta shut, And all tears cea?e ; Two Hps with irief are male. And wrath at peace." So pray we oftentimes, mourning onr lot: God m bis kindu sr answerer: not. "Two band? to work aidref?ed. Ayefor Liis praise: Two feet that never rest, Walking His ways; Two eye* that look above, Sail thro' a ! tears; Two lips that breathe but love. Nevermore fears." So cry we afterward*, low at our Inees? Pardon thoiw erri :g prayer*?Father, hear the**; ! Child's lNFLr*NCB.?An English lady of respectability resided, for a few years after becoming a widow, with her little son, in one of the chief cities in Canada The child had been faithfully instructed in the elements of Chi istian faith. lie was about four years of age, very lovely and promising, and greatly carcssed by the fellow boarders. An elderly gentle man in the family, Mr. B., wax exceedingly fond of him and invited him one day, upon the removal of the cloth, alter dinner, to remain upon his knee The ladies had retired, and free conversa tion ensued. The gentleman alluded to was giving expressions which ever shock a pieu9 mind. "Weil, Tommy," said one at the table, in high gke, ?'what do you think of Mr. B.?v The child hesitated for a moment, and then replied, "I think he did not have a good m >ther: for if he had he would not use such naughty words." The gentleman was a Scotchman; home and a pious mother rose, in all their freshness, to his mind. The effect upon him was overpowering: he rose, from the table without speaking, retired and was never afterwards known to make use of similar expressions. Skkn and not Skbn.?A worthy mil ler wishing for a portrait of himself, ap plied to a painter to have it accomplished. ?:But," said he, "as I am a very indus trious man, I wish to be painted as look jngmt of ihevidotr of my mill: but when any one looks at me, I wish to pop my head in, so as not to be thought lazy, or as spending too much time at the window. "Very well," said the painter, "it shall be done so." He painted the mill, and the mill window. M he miller looked at it, and inquired "Where is myself look ing out?" "Oh," said the painter, ?' whenever any one looks at it, you know, you pop in your head, to preserve crcdit for industry." ''That's right." said tbe miller: "I'm content, that's rigfct, that will do." I'lkxtt of Hohsee?The horse mar kt. is getting over stocked, and a de cline of about fifteen per cent on an av erage has taken place. Fancy trotting horses always sell high, so do draft and large carnage horses: but all others are tailing lower and lower every day. At the market stables we are told there are more horses for sale than ever were known before, and the high price of feed causes much anxiety on the part of owners to 'jell out Many speculators will fail, on their stock. Ketter sell even at a sacri fice than keep horses when oats are 82c a bushel and hay $1,25 a hundred. ? iV. Y. Day Book. "Father," said a boy to his pa ternal protector, a venerable Quaker, 4 I -an lick that chimney-sweep." "That may be all very true, my son; but if thee does, thee will get thy hands blacked in the operation, was the wise coun-el of the peaceful Friend. A coun sel which every sagacious editor sees fre quent occasion to follow. Ty' Punch says, that although ever so many parallels are constructed before Se ba^topol, yet it is a <eigt without a /x?r allcl! MOVEMENTS OF OCEAN STEAMERS. Vc-ne. L<c.< For Days. Baltic Liverpool....New York..Mt?y j I'man Havre Ntw York. .May 9 Africa Bo-ton Liverpool...May U America Liverpool.... Boston . .May 19 Atlantic New York. ..Mverpool ...May If. North Star Havre New Vork...May 1& J^-The California stCKastre leave N< it Yr.rkou tne 5Ui and 20tn of eath wntti. ARRIVALS AT PRINCIPAL HOTELS. National He:*!- t i?. wilmps J J Marklin, NY T K Falconer, NY J F VYiHiaiwon, d<? S M Swen50n, Tex (? F Ham?a, lie' Mr B tut, Md r P L- patty, &2ti A Emanuel, NY W Norri<, lit' M Byrr&on, do Tl Bc.-t.mi, Url J E Goll, .l? ?? Fr-.*man, N Y N I Coukliug. d<j tl ?l Avery, Nl' A Ti.icey * li Giic- . Fa <) llumptirrvit, M4 \ Thornton, N^ J Sampson, .>Y J \V F.ack, Md ?Y II Topping, DC J C Majo, Vh P S Wrtlstronj, Md K Wallace, do W II Dernot, do ? ? Cli- rpeniua. Cat L Well-, tio ?; li f ji.U, XY F B Given*, do B Daw?< 'n, Mo !>r Sj>encer, do F IfawkSj do Broaei' llotal?t p. a m. aaow?. 1 1 ?Hbomne, M?1 J B Baily, NY J Bean, rto J M 'Uboi. Mi J T SaMtcei, do T c Majun, Va J P Berry, do Z Marting, do Or C J"hn?on, do *i* B Scott, Md B I'ai-y, do J La vm in & lady, Va G Hardif j, Fa t]r* G Evman, do f G F ?, do B G F- rns, NY Mr? Buckocr a -rrva-it, G H Livingston, do Va J D Abhott, lady a three Mr- Alt larder fc eerv't, children, Cal CO 'Vlilirdi' Ilctal?a- a k j. c. Kiiua> I! U Ti?ey a faintly, C'al 1) T Chilton k lady, RI L A Mj>b?ry, NY C C Colgate and family, r Thayer, K1 NY W H Hamilton, Pa A GPeck a lady, Ma** W Ptaroe, Md Ml?;? F^'b, d-j l'r i'ai.:.ill, Ya J Fuld & !ndy, do Mi?? Ptuhufh C Moihend, NY Mr Johnston, Mfl ?? B Gnc?, Pa R Ten Br^ck. Ea Col Payer, USA W H Gibbcug, NJ Mrs H P Smith, Pa DJw**, >? V A Busk irk a lady, do M 6 Patrick, do \ J Branhear, Ma?a oo j t; Hatlt-y, do im'J o prolli,L? Mj? L B Sliaitack, do W_R Bat', NY T Edaundc, Va * K Kdannd#, do URltad Rtataa Hotal-n. c. bacubt. V? II A Wiltbergtr, Md ?' t rvan, NY B Brokensiial, En* H L Railif, do El, Smith Pa J Allen, SC Mi** K Smith, do W Howard. NY E flti'uhardt. Ma.u E E L>uod, do E MidrtJetnn, Md J M Bennett, SC Hnasa, Aitiandrla, Va. a h*WTon, faopairroa. W C Buchanan, Md J A Hawet, Va W B Grave*, do A D Brown, Md H B Gnce, Pa Mtsa Armatead, Va H J Love, Va II ( handler, do H W Frc??uuan, do j j Johnaton, do Miaa Jones, do Mum Johnaton. do Mr Jo**s, do J L Powera, NY Mrs C U Powers, cUOd C F Dement, Md ? aarvant, do WW Brown daufrh II Sehoeder, Md ter*. Va L t Uacer, Fa D S Killie, do W F Wlekbam. Va S Craif, do <? Barry, do L Ball, W Mr Nevvtt, do FINE WATCHES. HAVING madr a considerable addition to my nock of hold inrnnfl pat*kt livcrn, and LADIX* ' WITCHES Of first quality, heavy 18 caratf Also, SILVER WATCHES for boys. I offer them at greatly reduced price*. Tlic m?rv menu arc selectr-1 with peat care, and every Walcb la warranted. . , ... Persons in want of a fine timekeeper arc invited id eiamln" mytmvtmmt. ? HEMKKN No. ISO Pa. avenue, betw. 0th and 10th ?tr. mar 30 _______ ! %T(*TICB ?I received this (lay a new pssort ' N ment of SLEEVE BUTTONS and STUDS, of the latest stylu*. Al-o, a variety of othor new Goods : an Ve?t Chains, Chattlnma, Bracelets, Pins Barring. Rinz*, etc. Gren? inducements offered to purchasers. H. SEMKEN, No. 330 Pa. avenue, bet. 9th and 10th sr. (ft7? Sew Pcinti put to Gold Pens at short notice. ' Diamonds remounted, and Jewelry made to order, mar 89??t 18 WASIIXUTilN STOVB M IMPACT-M', S. fi. corner of Pa. ae. and Eleventh ttreei, Sole Agency for CUILSON, GOUI.D k CO '3 \Tarming anJ Ventilating *rParatn*j >1 POND k CO.'S (ol BoMon) Uuion Doahtf-Ovfn cooking Range, J. L. MOTT'S (of New York) INViNC'BLE DOUBLE-OVEN RANGE, Constantly on hand, and receiving LATROBE STOVES, for heating iw i stories; Parlor and Cham b* r GRA1 ES, Enani'J ed and Japanm-d Cooking. Hall, Parlor, Chamber and Dining Room 9 1 OVES; Plain, Tinned and Enarm lied Iron HOLLOW WARE; B:oek Tin, Planished and Ja.-anned WARE in creat variety. All of which will be sold at the lowest possible rates, tliat will compare favora'.-ly with any EstaU lishment south of New York. An examination of my stock n earnestly elicited ap 13?3m J \S SK1RV1AG DENTISTRY. DR. MUNSON respectfully call- public attention to his new patent, and GREATLY IMPROVED method ol seltin2 Artificial! Teeth, wi ll Continuous Guiu - the very [ ERFECriON OF THE ART. Thlsstyle ofTeetli his the following advantages over all others, vir : GREAT STRENGTH. CLEANLINESS. COM FORT, and REAUTY, vieing with Nature in th<*< respects, and in some others excelling. Public in ;p. ction i? respectfully solicited. Plea-c call ami see specimens. CAUTION.?No other Dentist in the District o i Columbia has a right to make this etyle of Teeth. N. B ?Teeth constitutionally healthy, plugjreti I and warranted for life. Office vid house at No. 998 E -treet. near ?l:v comer of Pennsylvania avcuue ar.d J4th street, ap 24?tf TO THE LADIES. MISS S J. THOMPSON lis now pr. jihrcd to show our largel and well (eroded -tock >f Millinery" 'which she has just opened, <>t the la test styles which we are jelling at ihe lowest pricee, 'and we cordially invite the ladies to call early and have the first selections. We would also re?pectfully call their attention t-i nnr large and hand handsome stock of Fancy Goodn Perfumery. tilows, Hosiery, kc,. which we can sell at unusually low prices. HUTCHINSON k MUNRO, No. 310 Pennsylvania avenue, First door w. st of Walter Harper k Co.'s. max ? . PAINT AND OIL STORE. M. T PARKBIL HOUSE, SIGN & Ol-wSAMliaiAL PAINTEB IOUIS1ANA avenue, between Sixth and Sev j cijth streets, No. 60. Residence No. 3510 street, between Sixth ami Seventh has add-d ti his present business the sale of PAINTS, OlLi!, GLASS and PUTTY, in small or iargc quantities The attention of housekeepers is particularly called to the convenience of ibis arrangement ut they can at all times procure HEARTH and othci MIXED PAINTS, of all colors, made ready lor u?^ by a PRACTICAL PAINTER. Orders promptly attended to and respectfully so heited. CHEAP FOR CASH. may8?lni REV. JOHN LANAH \N, PASTOR OF TIIS^ EXETER STREET, M E. CHURCH.?^ sHong desire to benefit t!ie afilictcd indsces in in thus to eerily. We cha.1 enge any other medicine to present such a mass of testimony from gentlemen xnd ladies of high standing of our own w?-il-kn?i-Ar citizens, who testify of cures of COUGH, BR< >N CHITIS, RHEUMATISM DYSPEPSIA, kc Baitimore. January 24th. 1855. Hc?sri. Mortimer \ Moicbray: ! take pleasure in saving to you that I have u?e<i v.ur ''Hampton's Tincture" with very great profit From a serious t iroat affection, illy general health uud become very much impaired, when I com .Oviice-l to use '? Hampton's Tincture." I found iV effects npoi my gener" I health most salutary.? My nervous system and digestive or pans soon right ;d up under its use. I have several times recommended it to rn> trieuds, and in every case, as far as I have been in formed, they have use i: with success. Yours truly, jons l.ASAnah, Pastor Of Exeler st., M. E. Church, Baltimore. BLEEDING oFtHE LUNGS. Hilkisu, N. C., Feb. 8, )b55 H?\m. Moitiiner Mswlrray : I do here y certify that abont twelve months ag-T I was taken with a severe hemorrhage of the Lung? j;id had four attacks of it I wa< advised to try Dr, Hampton's Vegetable Tincture I procured on' bottle, and after taking which, I was satisfied ih il I was mu-h better; and that, lakTng the fom'h bottle, I wenurely well, and now I enjoy as go? d htaith ever I did in my life. I can, and do. with out the lertst hesitation, recommend the Tir.cwe to all perami afflicted in my way. Toon G*o. W. Wkaklit. CLUE FITS-HEAD! Mt.reiothe Sick ttum OolA.?"rorn one nl the most f?jp.-ct.*.!?le Druggists in South Carolina. CH iaLK3T<iN, S. C. Sept. 21,18i3. M < Mjrtim^r i- Mowbrav :?The sale r.l jrour Hampton's Vi-get^ble TincMre is inrrea^n^ every flay, and evory h-ittlc sold recommends this valuable medicine to the afflictcd. Several of our planien* have tried it in diffident ca^es wllii astou tinir:g sacces?. ami are getnn? it by haif dozens. It has bono found to be the greatest remedy for rheu malic Uluclions, and a wonderful cure ha- been peiformejl on a negro bov, suffering <rom Fits. I will fu'uisii you with a number of certificates if you wish them I am, gentlemen youi-. W. G. Taorr. Uali an<1 set |ampliletx tratis, and see cures of Cjugii, Bronchiiis, Rheumatism, Neuralgia, Dyg aepsia, Nervoosncsu end General Weakness. As a finale medicinc or for delicate children we btlievr ?: <<nequalle?l. Soid by MORTiMER X MOWBSIAY, 110 Balli n.??re ctieet, Balumore, and 3Q1 Broadway. N. York Csas. Stott k Co., J. 11. Mookk, D. B. Clap.kb, Claekk & Bowli*?, W. Elliot, aud II. McPhm flox, Washington ; also, by R. S. F. Ci-e*L, George town ; a::d C. C. Bxkry, Alexandria, and by Drug gists everywhere. feft 21?tr AN APPEAL TOOOMMON SENSE. LIT THB Sit K BIAR TUS TILTH. Captain B*njamin.?Wherever known his teatl mooy will be conclusr/t. But lest tliose who do not know the Cnptaui should be acepucal, Dr. Uaw Min At Bro., witli others of the best known and mo* highly rrspecuble ciuztns of Eastoa, endorse hie wonderful cure by HAMPTON'S VBG1TABLH T1N0TUM. E??to?, Oct. 4,1864. Afr??rj. Mortimer 4 Motobray: Geutleuien? 1 feel it my duty to you and the pub lie to cerutv to the effects of Hampton's Vegetable Tincture. I was tor more than five years laboriuc under a disease cf Chronic Rheumatism, arid the great pari of that ume 1 was so helpless that I had to be helped ft am my bed and dressed in my clothes I becam'- reduced to a m? ie skeleton. All the ined icinet> I took done me no good, and 1 continued to grow worie. i heard of Hampton's Tincture and -.hnught I would give it a trial. At this time 1 did not expect to live one day alter another, i lid uo. lake it (the Tincture) for the Rheumatism, but in a short time I was well of that disease. From tin. effects of your '1 incture and the help of G >d 1 an> now gctuug in good health. I wish all the afflicted to try Hampton's Vegetal* Tincture, as I have dare, with the same effect tmd it has on Year obedient servant, Isaac BbhjaMui. We are acquainted with Isaac Benjamin, sola him some ol Hampton's Vegetable Tincture,andbt drvt the above statement correct. Dawson k Bao. Prom "ur knowk-dgv ol Captain Benjamin we are confident that the above statement is true and un exagerated. J. A. Johnson, CHABLZS R illNsCM. Call and get pamphlets ipaUs, and see cares o? Cough, Bronchitis, Rheumatism, Neuiahria, Dvs pepsia, Nervousn? ? and General WtakaOes. Asa female medicine or for delicate childien we bdievc it unequalled. Sold by MORTIMER k MOWBRAY, 140 BalU more street, Baltimore; and 304 Broadway, N. Yurk Ciai. Stott k Co., J. B. Mooaa, D. B. ClaBKB Ct Aan It Bowunb, W. Elliot, and H. McPhbb ?on, Washington ; also, by R. 8. F. Cissil, George town, and C. V. Bnu, Alexandria, an? by Dnig sua i'v?rvw iw e. jan H? u KlrfS ME IF YOU DARE I?A new Waltz, very suitable lor beginners, composed and dedicated to Miss , o' Georgetown, by Prof. W. Hunter. Published and for sal* at ?ay* HILBUS k HITZ'8 Music Depot, ConiefPa. av. aad*lfth ?t. PROPOSALS. NAVY DVP4RTMCNT, ) Bnreaa ofYardsand Docks, May 1, ISM./ SKALRD rEOPOSALS for tuh clui Npar^tdy, endorsed Proposal* for Class No. (nams tba class) for tba navy yard at (name thpyard) will bs receired at this offloe until noon oa tbe eighth day of Jooa next for furnishing and delivering, at the several nary-yarda named, tba materials and arti cle# emtrao d in tha following classes, and which *'* parti. ularly descrlb. d in printed schedules, ?hi- h will be turelsbed upon application, and sent by niai', If so reque tad, to persons de?iriag to rffac to oont act for any (r all tha clsases named therein, by t*e commandant* of tba eevt ral nary-yards, for tbe classes for the yards ander their command, t by the nary agent nearest thereto, or by the bu reau, for any or all tha yard#. In ca^e bid 'era d- ire the commandan'a or nary t .rente to send tram schedules by mail, it will be Deo?ssary, InotiJerto tnscre their t?ansmi*slon,*bat (bey rhcu'd enclose in tbeir arplica i^n poatge s amp*, aa the law raquirea all postage to bs pre paid. BMd'rs are hereby cautioned and particular!? no tified that their offers must be in the f <rm herein after prescribed. ard bs mwiled in time to tea h tbeir destination before tha time expires for receiving tbec; no bid will b* considered which shill b ? re tire t af er the period ststwi, and no alluwanoe will b- made for fa'lures of tbe mail. To guard aga'nst offers being opened bef re tbe tlmi app.-iDte<?, b;<Id?>ra are requested to endorse on the envelops above tbe address, ard draw a line under the endorsement, thus: Propositi fu? Cats No. (rair- the tlase)/?*' the Navy Vardat (name the yard") To tbe Chbfcf the Bureaa of Yards and Docks, Waahlng'on, D. G A-l b ds wbi~h may be opened bifora tbe proper time, In consequence of their not being endorsed ai ab >re. will bs returned to the bidders. FORM OF OFFRR. (Here date tha offer.) I, (here insert tbe name,) of (nam? tbe town.) in tbe State ol (nam* the Stat',) hereby offjr to fur n sb. und-r your aivertlsrmeat dated (date of ad vertisement) at d subject to all th* requirements of suns, ELd of the printed schedule to which it r.>f<rs oil the articles embraced in Clasa No. (name ?be clrss,) for tr.e nary yar at (name the yard ) ac ending to faid *;hedu!e, vis: (here paste on the printed cla:sfrom tbe schedule, and opposite each pr*.iclo set tb*? pric?\ and carry out the amount in tbe columns for dollars a-d cents, and foot up the aw-'g^te amount of the bid for the o'as.) amount i-i-; to, (here write the amcunt in word" ) 1 propxe a* u>y agent, (here nine the agent, if me is require! by tbe schedule,) for the supply un der the cUs^es riii#:*lIenK>ua. b7 a non-re- id?nt ol thepla~>of dalirery: ard, *houll my offer be ac ceptcd, I requst the contract mar ba prepared ard sent to the navy aarentai (name the agency) for ?I~ taturts abd cert fl ?te. (Here the bidder to sign bis name.) FORM OF OITARASTER. The undersigned. (n*me of guarantor,) of (name the towu,) and Stan ef(n*me the g!at ?.) and (name of fecund guarantors, be ) hereby undertake ih*t th<* abira naT.ed (uasie tbe bidder or bidd-rs) will, 11 his (or tliMr) offcr as above be accepted, enter into contract with the United htaten within fifteen daji a ter the date of notice, lh?-ouah the post office, ol the a-ccptance of h'.s (or their) offers before mtn tioned. Witness: (Signature of guarantors.) I cvrtify thaf the above named (here rame tu< are knovn to me to be gocd aud re a.-ODP bh gu^rant'ri in this care. (Signature.] To be signed by the district judj% district a'tor n?y, collecior, navy agent, o* some person knewa to the bureau to ba responsible. FUR PORTSMOUTH, N. H. Class No. 1 Pricks 2 ft ne " YellcV-piue timber 6 ^ru?e, hemlo k, or p5n? 7 li:mo H C<ment o Grave! and sand 10 Flat* It 1 ron 12 Hteel It ?ilea 15 taints, oils, and gtaM 16 frbip rhand!?ry i IS ita'inner.T J 1 fl ft ood ?20 Hay "1 Pr?jv*nd<? 22 Cbare^sl 24 Ir<.?t> casti g? 24 1-emoving ledg? 2i Constiuctlng eewer i FOR BOSTON ' Cloth No. 1 Bricks 2 K ns o Yellow-pine timber 4 " " lumber A Oak ?td hari w?-d timber aiH I'.'m1?ei 6 White plus, pprucs, j -nlf<?r. and cy yreea timber and lumber 7 i aud hair 8 Cement 9 Gravel and sand 10 Plate 11 Iron, iron spikes, and nails 12 i-Uel 14 fib* 15 Paints oils, and gla?? 10 Ship chandlery 17 Hardware ItJ Stationery -0 Hay and straw 21 Provender 22 Oharooul 23 Parking 25 Iron ranting* 2t3 Pimping engine and p?nips f0? drj d'ek 27 Ste.m engine for ropswalk NEW YORK. Cltii No. 1 Brinks 2 Mone 3 Yellow-pine timber 4 " 44 lumber 6 Oak and hard-wo"xl timber and lumbei 8 White pine, ppruce. Juniper, and ey press timber and lumb?r 7 Lime and hair 8 Cum- nt 9 Gravel and sand 10 f-lxte 11 Ir u, iroa spikes, and nails 12 Steel 14 Files 15 Paluts. His, and glass 1 ti Ship rh?ndle?y 17 Kardware 13 Stationery SO H?y an4 straw 21 Prcrend'-r '?1 Cb.irtytl 25 Belting packing, and hoee 24 Copper and compooitioa nails ^5 Iron work and i"on eaetlngs 20 Mschinery and tools *2T Fir? engine and appurtenances 28 Iron roofing, Ao . 29 Gunner's house, Fills bland, eomp'ete M Gun carriage she J, of iron ?)1 Oakum chop of iron FOR PHILADELPHIA NAVY YARD. Clats No. 4 Yellow pine lumber 6 Oak ana hard wood timber and lumber 6 W bite pine, spruce, juniper, and cy press timber and lumber 7 Lime and hair 11 Iron, iron fplkes and nails 12 Steel 14 Files* 16 Paints, o^s and glass 1G Ship chandlery 17 Hardware 18 Btati-mery 19 Fire wotd 20 Hay and Straw 21 Provender 22 Charocal 23 Bel ir g packing and hve 24 Copi er and composition nails 26 liachinerr and Tools FOR FORT MIFFLIN. CUu No. I Brick 2 Stone 4 Yell j w pine lumber 5 Oak and hard wood timber and lumber ti Wbl'e pine, spruce, juniper, and cr press timber and lumber 7 Lime and hair 9 Gravel and rand 10 Slate 11 IroT, iron spike; and nails 16 Ship chandlery FOR ASYLUM. Class No. 1 Clothing 2 Hats, Loots, shoes, Ac. 3 Provisions 4 Groceries ft Dry goods 6 Bread, Ao. 7 Tobacco 8 Chandlery 9 Hardware 10 Iron and nails 11 Paints, oils and glass 12 Fllea 13 Lumbar 13 V rovender 16 Fire wood 16 Chtrcoal 17 Stationery * FOR WASHINGTON. . Clots No. 1 Bricks * 2 8trne 3 Yellow pine Timber 6 Oak and hard wood timber 0 White pine timber and lumber 7 Lime and hair 9 Gravel and sand 11 Iroa, iron spikes and nails 19 Steel 14 Pig Iron 14 Files 16 Paints, oils and glass 16 Ship chandlery 17 Hardware 18 Stationary 19 Fire wood 90 Hsy *1111 Htraw 91 Provsndar 99 Charcoal 93 Belting, tacking ??4 boM NAYY YARD, NORFOLK. CIwst JV9.1 Bricks 2 Stone 3 Y?11jw f ine t'robT 4 Yellow pin*lumbar 5 Oak and harl wood timber 6 \Vnits pine aod Janlpw timber tad lomb.-r T Un? 8 Cement 9 Fa d 10 Slate 11 Iron, trie sp ke? and nails 19 Ft*el 13 Fal'dtng of cisgailre keeper's hoaae 14 Pile* It Paints oils and g'ais 16 Eblp chan lvry 17 Hardware 18 Ft*tioa*ry .0 Hay and straw 21 Provsndsr 22 Charcoal 28 Belt>ng a?d packing 21 Cjpp-r and composition naU? 26 Ir.>nn'tin^s 26 Machinery ard tsols Steam engine for diy dock Pi")R PhNSACOLA. Clan Xo. 1 T ricks 9 fl'.one 3 Yellow pine timbjr 4 Yeilow-nine lumber 6 Oak atd hard wood timber and lumber 6 White pi as, ipruca, juniper, and cy pres? lumber and tlmbtr ?7 Lima 8 Oement 9 Cockle fchalls 10 Slate 11 Iron, iron spikrs and aa:!> 12 >1*1 13 Pallroallron 14 Pi es 16 Taiat<s, oils, glssi lrt 8h'pcVnd>ry 17 Hardware 18 Ftatkn-'ry 19 Fire wowl 20 H*y 21 Prayer der 92 C bar coal -a B-ltlng packir g, live, Ac 24 Copper ar.d comp>iitlcn nails 25 Iron o ?(?tinge 29 Machinery. Ac. Tb^ achaiu'.a will tut* t&e tunes withii tfhkh aitiel.ft and mat?ria?a will be required to be d'liv ered; and where the printed rurhwiola I? not UoeJ the f ericds at' ted In it fbr del! v?r:es must be copied in the b d". All the articles which may be con reel ed for must be els ittrd at such p:tc? or places, in cluding dray*?- ?ud c*rtl to th-? plare where us*i, within th? nary yards, re- pwctivt ly, for whirh tho off'T Is ma ?. as may be d;r*otjd by the com mandlng officer thereof; a< d p11 ether things bel?.g ?q jal, prefers: ce will be given to American m?.nu fact u res, Nc article will be received afVr the espi ration of the pcHod fpeoified ?n Ihe schedules f>r the completion of dtl vcrio*, nalese ppodally author tz^d by tbe d^pcrtm^nt. It is to be provided ii he ??ontra'-t end to be dis tlrjctly uo lerstocd by t'"s bidders that the amount and numb?r ot art > ie* er,r.nwat-d in cla?re fcea eJ "oil ctlaneocs' are specified as the pr(A>ab'e quantity which may fco required As well as to fl data for determining the lowe t bid; but the con tractor 1* to luritlsh more r 1h? of the sa!<f 'nume rated arli-.vas, and in such quantises, and at t*tch tim-s as the Itureau cr cjvunindar.t may require. ru b increase, howev-- r, n't to exoeed one third of the quratities etated. (a^d requisltio irot through the post office shall b* deemed sufficient notice) du ring the fi cal year ending SOth June, 18 C; ?nd whether the qu&ntitie. required te more or led than those pperifcd, the price- eia'l remain the same All theartie'es under the contract most b? of !h? best quality, delivered *a gocd crd?r free of all ard ??ery extra charge or expens*, a :d f-utyt-rt to the in spection, count. weight, or meaiurein-nt of the said ra?v yard, and be m r 11 resp*cts F.^tisfact ryto th commandnnt thorec.f. Piddera are rH-rr-d to the yard fcr pUn?, ?pec;flciti*nor srmple*. and a fur ther description of th? artlc;sp. Coatractors frr c'as??s headel " ffil e?11sn?ous,n who dr not i*? de near thd plic: where ttw arfoles ars to be delir ered, will be n?quire1 to name in tbelr proposals an ag?bt at the city or princl: *l plie? near the yard of de i*ery who may be called upon tnaeliyer artie'ee vntfioiU delay when they sLail be required. ApjroTtd sur- !es in the full tmountof the con trtct will be requirel, and twenty per oeatrm as ald ti nal se*urity d-duct^l from eac? payment un til the coetrsct shell hare be-n completed or can celled, un ess otherwise authorined by the depig ment . Oq ( |M*e? hea led 4 micctllaneouB'' to b- de livarei as required, duriig the fiscal year, the tw?< - ty pir centuu retalnel may, at the diecre jonol he o >mmandant be paid quarterly, on the find of Jan uary, April. July, aco Oci:;-*r wh^n the dvliyrrlet hare bfc?u -atlsfactory.ibe balsn *(el?h'y per cen') wi:lb-pallby the re?pectlre ea?y agents within thirty ^ays affer the pre-en ation of billif, in tripli cate, duly vouched and approved. No part of the jyr centuui reserved Is to L p id until ell rejected articles offrrel under tbe coiitr-cr shall have b-en rimcvtd frmi the yerJ, unless sre dally au horiied bTthe department It will be stipulat d in Ihe -ontract that i< default shall b* mad*: by the parties of the first part in de livtrirgail or any of the article* mentionM, ot the quality and at th-* times and places above provide^, then aid in that ease the said parties will forfeit and pay t the L hitfd States, as liquidated d~.ins.fe', a sunt of money equgl to twice tie amount of t*e contract price herein sgr'ed upon as the price to 1* paid for the articles in case ot the actual delivery thereof, which liq>ildH*ed dtmsgee mav be rex>ver?d from tine to lime ax they accrue Th?i aur?ti*a must si n ths contract, ptd their re ?rcusibility certifl^l to by a na?y agett, col editor district attorney, or joms o'.htr p? e?n saliffiicMrlly known to the bereau. It ia to I* provide 1 in the cont'ait that '.he bureau shall hav? the p^-wer <?{ anuulling the cou traov, with ut loss or d m*ge to <he gor^rnment in ca*<e Congress shall u- t have made kaffliient app-o priatiorid for the artiolet nairad, or fur the ooibpl - tien of the wor*s estimated U r, and on which ibii advertisimeut ia b^rd, and shall al?o bav? the p iwer to lncre=<?e or diminbh the ?juaf titles n-jm*d in tie c asse? not htadei ?'MiBcellaneous" in the echedule, 26 per cent. Persona whose offers shall be accepted will be no tified by 1-tter through the poe( Offlse, %hich noti e ihail be cnKiderxl sufficient; and if they di no? enter into contract f r th? ruttplles spetdfied with n fifteen days from the dat* of notion from the bcr<-au ?fthe acceptanca of t-er bid, a o ntract wi;ll* be mads #i?.h some otner person cr pertoup, and the guarantors of such defnuUins bidder will be fcekl ro spon.iible for all de.'inquencie-*. All offen not made iu ttrtct conformity with thrs adyertisement will, at the option of ths bni tau, be r^erted. Those only whose f ilers m?y be aoe*pted wiil be notified and contracts will be ready for execution as (oon fbeieafter as may be f ractio ble. miyi?-luw4w DENTISTRY. RB. DON'ALDSOW; Dentist. late ol" the firm ot ? Hunt & Donaldson, continues to manufacture and insert those beautiful porcelain tet tb, with or without gums, lor specimens of which (made and de posited by the late firm) was awarded the firti premium at the Mechanics' luslitute Fair, recently held in tliis city These teeth are carved and shaded to suit cacli particular case, and their resemblance to the natu ral organs is so perlcct as to deceive the inost prac tised eye. Particular attention also paid to Oiling and pre serving the natural teeth. Charges moderate and all operations warranted. Office southwest corner Seventh and D s;s.-en Uance on D. mar 91-*6m CANAL PACKET LIVE TO POINT ROCK3 rpilB Canal Packet CONGRESS having been JL thoroughly repaired, and put in first rate order, will commence running oa MONDAY, the 36th instant, for the transportation of passi ng* r* and light freight between Georgetown and the above uamed point, on the most pleasine terms. The Boat will leave the wha.f of VV. II. Ritter for the Point of Rocks on every MONDAY, WEDNES DAY, and FRIDAY inoruings,at 7 o'clock, and the Point of Rocks lor Georgetown on TUESDAY, THURSDAY,and SATURDAYS, at the same hour, stopping at the different landings along the hue for the reception and landing of passengers and freight, going and returning Passage through either way $9, shorter distances at the same rates. That is to nay,from Georgetowu to Great Falls 50 cents; Seneca 75 ccnts ; Edwards Ferry f 1.25; Manocrcy fl.50. Meals served regularly on board the Boat at mud crate rates. JOHN CROMBAUCII, Proprietor, CHARLES MERRELL, ap Mi?lm Captain. NEW AND SECOND-HAND HOUSE FURNISHING ESTABLISHMENT, 305 Pennsylvania avenue, between Four and a half at.d .MiiMs/s., ?. ?irfc, WHERE will b? kept constantly on hand a targe aud excellent atsortme it^aaiM of all kinds of housekeeping goods such as? Parlor and Chamber Furniture, Bedding, kc. Uueensware, Glassware, Tinware, Wood and Wil lowware Table Cutlery, Carpets, Cooking Utensils Clocks, Looking Classes. Lamp-, flic. All of which will be sold at the lowest poesiule prices for cash or good paper. may 8-eid>w J. R. McGREGOR. TJROWN'B FORESTER, I vol. Edinburg, being D directions for the planum sod management ot forest trees. HLANCK TAYLOR. DOCTOf* HOOFLAND'8 C KI.EBKATBD ?ctman Bitfers, ruruo it DR. C. M. JACXBOV, Philad'a., will *rr*ctvallt ctm? UYEE COIPLALNT, DYSPEPSIA, JiUHBlCS, Chronic or Norvoni Debility, Ditto** of tho tidney, and aU di~a?~ mrieing from ? (ft*. wderod Liter or &om*tk. Sued as Constipation, InwJ Pile*, Fullufs, or BIkkI to ih? Ut?d. Acidity of the aea, Reantourn, Disfui! for food, FnUn?i?oc weight ia the tMOinacn, floor l* 'jcuoow-, ?tn* ing or Fluttering at 'he Pit of th* t:tomaCJ?>8WI^J ming rf the Head, Horr ed <nd difficult :5re*uUi??, PI utter ng at th.- H>art, Choking or Suffocating Sencati<>ra * b~n in a lying Poriirre, Ihmutaa of Viiion, D< ts of Web* before 'he ?ight, Ferer and fhill Pain :e the Head, Dt lloir^c) of Perepiraaon. Yel!owne?? et the Skin and By***, Pain in the t3id?r, Back, Clievt, Linii?, fcc.. Sudden Plu^iea of Heat Burning in i be Fleeii, Constant (magin ing* of Evil, and great depression of tfpinu. THE proprietor, in calling tiie attention of the public to this preparat on, does ao with a feel "?7 of the utrnoai <*nn6denc: in it* value* and adap tation to the dir-nsee for which it is recommended. It i* no new a?<d untried article, hut our that l.aa stDad the test of a ten year*' trial briore the Amen crn people, and it* reputation and rale is tmn veiled by any similar preparation* extant. The te*ua?>ny in it* tavor giyeu by the most p:om:iient and well known Physician* mid individual*, in all part- of liie country ta immense. Ttie following from North Cai> lina in respe-.tftally sub?ittd, refrmng any ivbo may mill do:;b?, touiy "Mi niorabilia,Mor Prar doal Receipt Book for Farmers and Families, to be had gratia, of ail the Agent? tor the German Bittern. Principal Office and Mat>ufaclory, 190 Arch st., Philadelphia, Pa. TESTIMONY PROM NORTH CAROLINA. (certificate of Dr. W. Smith, of Pfee Hill, Rich motJ Covnty, N. C. Finn Hilu March 4th. 1854. Da. C. M. Ja< tin, Philadelphia?Dear Sir: I have been a subject of Dyspepsia, in its worm I raa, for the lam five year*. Such vi ai my coiHtitiou for iwelve months that the physician* ami all who hw me raid I mum die. While in this condition. I was carried to the watering pit. eg in Virginia, Tennes see and North Carolina, but wi< not benefited bv any water to which I was talon/ While on my ?cy home, I rt^pped a week at Riuherfordton, a sin* I village in Xorth Carolmr.. to try the effect of ^oaic Chalybeate water in that place. About the la^t of the wcels I went into a drug store to get aoinc medicine fir my child and myeeif. Th?re were eoveral of the village pii)>ie!an? in the store, and <Mie of them ?*meil to take aome interest in my ca.* and, after asking X!* ?one queftions, said he had been a dyspcptic, and hart bc;?i ereatly bene fitted by the use of "Dr. Ilooflaiid'* liwtein Bit lexs," prepared by yru, and he in imed Ulat J wotu'J tiy the Bitturs He also called ihe next da f ai mv room, and Ina-ted so much that I would trr therii tint I a?ked him to gst me oi?* bottle. He did it. and ! e"mmenced taking it ei directed, aad I do nv I wan m?,Te ? enefltted kj it than a!I the wat-jr and mcdicine I had crtr iakin. After reaching home one of my ntI^!:bor? came to nie ior a prescription and medicinc, (he a dysr*,?> tic,) and i gave hiin nearly all the Ruler* I had left, wmch effected much good in his case He has often CHJisd on me fbr more of the same k nd of medi cine, *iyina he waa more ben? fittrd *rj * than anv ?:ner he had taken, but I have not been able to gel i:.y more for him or m>* lf . u.1. # theV .ore, please ship me a dozen or more a* soon as pos sible. Respectfully yours, W. 8MFTH. 1). R. HOOKRR, Hofet's gtore. Wake Co., N. C., October 24.1853, says:?" Hnvtn? exnerienced *er> ereat benefit from the uae of " Hoolfand's Oermau Bitters,in Chronic Dyaentrry ami de rangement of ihe Liver, aud lis concomitant evils, I am*?s of obtaining a quantity of it for the banefit of my common!??. You will, tliere^ore, p!ease send a let, &c. &c. CERTIFICATE OF WM. J. ATWOOft. HrNTsvii L*, Yadeir Co , N. C , Nov. 1st, 1853. Dt. C. M. Jackaon?Dear Sir: Allow me to el presa to yon my sincere thanks for your discover of a medicine which, to say the learn of it. bae el" fected a cure tbit all iMlirr mwheines, that I have Aken, have entirely failed to uo. "flooflaiid'e Ger man Bitters" have eured me of the most mubbo?n and aggravated case of the fins that, perhaps, ever fell t* the lot of man. My case is not a stranger in tin? community, as I am well known in this and the unrounding counues, and can truly oav tiiat my re covery hag astounded ail my friends and relation., aal had Uie.1 everytfung rcoomiiicnded, aiiu no:hi:;? uid me any good until 1 was prevailed upon to 11; the Ritters. You are U liberty to r?ake any ??c t;f t!i:? communication, 6>r the bmefit of the afflict^ you may think proper. Truly vonrg, WM. J. ATWOOD. The^c bitters ure entirely te^ef-Me, they lnvigoraf and strengthen the *y?f m, never piwtmtc it, and can be used for infants as wtll as adults. . Fir eile by regp< ctable dealers even-where, and by Z. D. GILMAN, Wa-hinfton: J. L. klDW^LI., Georgetown; and J. R. PIERi'OMT, Alexandria. mar 1 ? 1 v H A DTFPHJ SPANISH MIXTURE. Tt\m Oraat Purifier of tht Bloo4 I Kot a Particle of Marcnry In It An l?a*LUBL? iixjixBT fcr Scrofula, Sics's St]i, ? Lcuri^ilfsi, Ob-tijata Outineous Emp'ioa1?, P[?yl?9 or on tha fee?, Blotches, Bell <, Oroci-J Rcra By<?a, Rjr>? Worm or Tat'fr, riead, Belartreioent aa-l l aluef the Bone* at. j Jointe. Stubborn Uljera, Syphilitic DUoriisrj, Luoibapo. Spinal Comp2a;ntr, an ' all the iwa,--; anaog from an iiyuiJlaous use of \Iarcurj, la pru-l .n-e ;0 | ?fa, or Imj uriiy of the Blood | n.3 Tvluav.!.-> "T'dlcine, vthlch ha? beeoiasolx L trated fcr the Lumbar ef extra- Mirary cure . through its s?er.ey, haa Indccel tbw protrl ?'?r3'th6 "r8*Bt r^uueat rf their friecda. to eft-. I. to the public, which th*y do with iL* utmost ^ naenoa iii ite virtn?s i'd wonderful carat'?e proir arli a The foRo^iag certlflcat^a, talsc^d :rca a large nnabe:, ara, how?v?r, atrcnger t^rlmcE^ ?o*n wcr<* cfthe proprietor*; tad ttor. ren'.lemen we l kneirn In their localises, er! ?' I. refprctibiliry, mary ot th-m ras dia r In the citr of Richmond, Va. *? BOYBtN, cf tha Exchange HuteJ, Ria.1, mood, known everywhere saya he haa aeen ?he Mt-V oiae callad Ca&izm a Spasm lUxttBt.adm-nalare-] la over a huadrad ca?es, ia nearly aU the diaeaatr v.wLlch!t 18 f^ramenied, with the coat aaten trhlnmy gooJ results Ha says it la thaaotte-. Jaarainary muilcine he haa svaraaas. A^D FaVflR?QRBAT CURB.?I hereby ?rtify that tor thr?? years I had Agno Fer-r -f toe moet'vio.ent d^ I h?u a^reral Thv rietenc, took larg^ quantities cf Quinine, Vercury a?ii S bel ova all theTrcl-s tdT?,;tl?ed, butailwitn' out parmanmic relief. At la?t I tried Car er?' tfpanuih Misui.a. t?o botiiaa of which affect-.aily a?,rt?d n"; and 1 ?m ^PPy to aay I have had Beithar JiUJa or fevers sln;e. I coneiler it the bac: Xcaic in this weld, and the only madi.-ine that aTcr JOHN LONGD?>*. bka/i? Ditch, naar Richmond, Ya. 0. B. LttOR, Xci, ct>w in the citv cf Richsr a I ma?y ia th? p??t Oft-, has such ?nfldeane in tha astonlahin* afUcac of Oar**r'i =prtnish Mixture, t'uat ha has ocught u^frai.*- of 6c botdea, which he h?s glren away to the afflicted.? Or. Luch saya he haj nerer kaow? it to fall wLsa taken aeoording to directions. MfMi a practicing Physidan, and fonnerl? ?ty of Richmond, aaya he baa witawaad in a number of iaatesces the efleets ci U^ wLIch wer* traly "ttpriring. He Aaya la a saM of Consumption, <ll SrtSliB* * i00d 8ff#c;4"" MWUB, of the firm cf Drinker A alorrla, R^hmoad, was cured cared of Uvei Ccm ?laint of three rears stardirjc, by the use of two boiUea of Oartar'a Bptnit h Mixture. ?i.GlBwTCTIRE or *?OIULA.?The Cdllora oi tie Esmond Repcb. an h.t a ctarf i ct e-TcfulZ cia i^nma^sm, whteh entirely diaabU] Tr bcttle8 of Carter's Mixture made a p?rfVa cure of him, and tha E-i SlVrtSff1^ 11x97 ^^^Hy raeoax STbiiL - *?lct*d with -rdi?Mot a vs^alt^'lif11 nJR1 01 .-I ha j ^ cored of fccrofui- by Carter',; Syanlch Mlxturo I conaiJer it trolv - SALT RHi.trII Qt XWRNTY YMA&9 STAKDINa ? OL tJSD ?i^5* ^ i'HOMPbON, rati dine In the eltv of sgs&nst-TirK of Richmrud had a aarvact SSaf H^LF0Kt ^na' h? C*rtK'1 m#in4iu .na 'chwrfUij rwrn ^ !tf Md ^ it a rery invaluabl# ??ys\T hMBJS,Tt?>,N' ?^mlmionu ?* the TOTmur, MlVt-Ln? Kt>od ?lfoet? of Cartert .-pantrl Juxtina in a number of Syphilitic ciw, and mtb ; t ?? ?Pw*** eura for that h^ribU Soreaa^ Di,AilWtk'Iw6f PJchmood, cared of old RoklSL disabled him ft?m walking. ofOartai'i Spaniah Mixture, and waa enabled to walk without a crutch, in a ah or t time permanently cured. Principal Depots at M. WARD, CLOSE 4 Co? Nc. 88 M*t/Ww Lane. New York. T. W. DYOTT 4 SONS, No. 18S North Second ft^ Philadelphia BKy^TPTT 4 BSXRS, No. 1* Main street, Moh "ft for aala by OD4RLV8 STOTT, Waah'agto?, D. 0; HBNRY PUL, Alexandria, and by Diagguu ?vervwb*ra. Fnea |1 per boj^e, or ait bottles fbr $k n? 2W>lv TRAVELERS' I 1RLCTOKY. WASHINGTON BRANCH RAILROAD. CHANCE OF HOURS /\N and after Monday, Ihe 83<1 insiaut, Uir mum W will Leaw Wtnh:n^? it 6 and 8^ a. m., and 3 ad P ?? On 8undey at ? a m and P m L<iave at 4JK aud 9lf ? m. and 3 and 5* P *n On Sunday a' 4i| and 5jtf p ra sp 93-tf T. H. PARSONS, Agent. jUfc Mott Bedell's Lis*. ^ SEW YORK. ALEXANDRIA, WASHING TOM CITY, AND DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA | p JICJCETS. Ta:f> W^E OP PACKETS 'sails WEEKLY front pitT U Eaat River, New York, and ofte?er if ?cce?>ary, and ?."* C^'P?*d of the following fir* cla* vrsaeii: New schr. A. F. B*UU, ??mawr. New whr. Mott fieMJ. A. V. j ,-dwel!. Schr. A+i D., Wm. Oliver, marter. S< Ik. I'd ant, L. A. Smith, master. 8<l?r. Commcndcr '.Vnglum, BMr. Hrhr. Or ten way, IV it-* .n, rn**ter. These rrs??:l8 arc ail sellers, and the n men of experience in the trad*, and the owly lar line of WaHiinrton Cky packet*. Mt>TT BEOBLL, Wall ami M. J. 9. 8. MASTERS k SONS, Alexandria, Ya. THOM\S RILRY, feb 1?6m F ??hington and I). C. 0RAVGS AJID ALEXAHDRIA RAILROAD. On and af'm l uesday, Nov. 7, 1 rlTR Can ieaTe A>a?ndrta dally for riile and inle? a?di?te Uatioua at 7 if o'clock, i el, on the arrival of tb? frrm Washington, r??ings&.pt? time tor l>reakfa*t ca board Um looting at Manassas Junct'-o with a trmiB far I i"rr, at W*?rentQn Jo rtion with a train tm' ft Ion, and at. flard^nfvlBe with the train* on ibt Virginia Centra! IUJlr*al frr HI hmoud,Obni istl? Tir.e, and Stauntrn. The ratr \?ara Ocdc-nerille daily for Alexandria e?al intermediate station*, at V? befora 12, a. v., on tfan?erira] of the trains ot the virgitia Central rall ied froa Ri Ltaoi!, Cherlcttoerllia, nad Staunton. TMitoccn TicurrE 7r<rc A!eiacdrla to WarrentoD.... ...... |2 00 44 Gordonsri 8 M CbarlottaarBia ? 4 ?> fitannten~...._ 0 90 btraehnrg. 3 M I-;.nchfcur/............... ? Tt wWbastsr 3 19 mm 4 4^ - r New Market .... 6 V) ? MIJ"'1 let urjr 3 U For I.ynehbui*, *rR?*-~t?ng ?tt>i the staeee M CharlotterrlU*, on He >l\r?. neuneedays, and FiV luraf and New Mat'.K, o> ncf-tini with the 9 mco at Cu.p^per,o?n Ta-?u?y^,rfcar?a?v, nod Eat ?ri*7 F r Vir.clbfter ^ally, ^rr^-'Jn^ rlth the tt P>' T^Xl ftt Mt-'d'abtjrjr dallr. x>T.nrrtJn? with the atacei zt tUe kldna. P?>r orders V7. B. BKC?0E?TT, AgazA ce-r T?4ti U u M M 44 fl M oi II #? M fOR MOUNT VERNON. Oa TUESDAYS aihl FRIDAYS, r .sni trip fl; frc? Alax 75 rentsTTIOMAH OOl LTKR Imtm ffathlnJJM at <1 tnd Alaxtr>drla "t tU o'clock. C-aeh*? l?ee the Car-ttcl lor t'~e boa! at 9J( o'cik. Cwb ??r? *0 ceiiU. ei'tise tha Ccr.r^.ef wUl le*>a tli'-L raat a?th Geo. * Tbca. Purk?r. Re*'? :hReat? Ob tLe boat. or* -ii~.dtf SATL GRD\"?T. '"apt TI1B KKW VUltS * LlVkKPUOL. UNITED STATES MAIJi STEAMERS? ri?R usiirs oo^.:aiBi>o rrn lini ari TIIK? ATI.ANTIC, Cant. We*t FAdFlO. Cept Nye, ii .LTIC, Oapt. Cacstcok, . -*?WATIC, OapL OrnAoa. TVee ?hrpf fcaee hesa bo?lt by contrngt. eTpivw ly for OorrrcTent every cara ha* baen taken Sr. th*ir eor, trootlon, m In th* Fn,'iraa to ins?r? Kmsh a.- * er?J. and ?K-?r erxLJiiioda tiocB for jaaBcr^fra >re caMwiia! fr>r and cnailbrt. IVve of from Yori to Ue^ip^l, ia ftr*t9abio........ ?i?m? Ceoond Cabin ......,ya Sxelu.nTe om of eatra xlte *tste rort * *,'.*** SCO Ircin Ll.vrpo-! u i'ork &J" au-j &JX An axpariruo?i eury?c n btinrhed to a?c? ?hl?. >.o uerth c^a * e a.-ccred nnti; j^id to-. Toe fralgbt ox p>?- airly to EDWAUT) K. COLLI NP A CO. W w*n ?traet. Ka?- Tcrk. ER0^T. EL:?i ST A CO, f. 0. ROBERTS A 00 , ***1' 13 ILiuij'e Am Tird. I.' ndcn. JOHN A CO, W P'J? Notre Darrd??; Tirto'r*", far?* GLO. R URAP - R, I!avr?. The ownora of-.hare thlpe wtil ?<>t be iwuntnble fcr gold, aslTer, bullien. epeeie. jewelry, prarione ?tonen or metal?, uaJ**n< billf tf !'i>c^ *??? dgna4 Iharator, an1 ihe ralne tfcareaf therein ey praaaafi. nr? 1 a?rt 1 ? E. H BATES POLICE MAGISTRATE, FIRST ST., A?.f/i PtLWj. AFEXUL, CoiiV(%ancics Hid Bounty Lan J CJaiuis atfe-aded ie muy i mi Private Medical '.Treaties C? THX raYSIOLOGICAL ?IB\r OF MAflSlA.QJ, XT w. a. 1a\ croix, a. d? ALF A ST. if F &0 PajcB an J 120 Flna P?aln ted C'lored IAtho grapL* ar.d Plat-^. Prle? only M c*xti. ~%M tarEei.! rree cf postage to all par'* of tha UoioCCft nOHRAFF?T BOOR RYE* PUISLIellfil), and ooi<tnlning d-ubie the Qnactitr of rKv*'nff natter ?n tow? of the FIFT. CrXTS OR &0LLAR FCBJTCATI0N3. Tt treat* cn the l UYa.OLO OY OF M ARB J AOS, and the beorei 1?hrmiU^e fcnd disordrr of youth tnd maturity, re salting from exceeae*, which destroy t be physical and men. tal powers, with obe-rratione aa taarriege, its duties and die^naliftcatloaa, and thalr raoediee; with litkn^aphr, lllutrauag the anatomy and phyt.oinfy, and to-eaaa* cf tha rep re luctira crgan* of both sexes, thtiix etr act are aaae and fuoctkcns. 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