Newspaper of Evening Star, May 18, 1855, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 18, 1855 Page 2
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EVENING STAR WASHINGTON PITY: TBI? AY AFrKBHODW *ay 18 ACE^Tf FOB THE ftTAB. The following persons are authorized to contract for the publication of adver tisements in the Star: Philadelphia?V. B. Palwee, N. W. corner of Third and Chestnut streets. New York?S. M. Pwtinoill Jb Co., Nassau street. Boston? V. B. Palmkr, Scollay'a ii jilding. 217* Acy?aTis**Kjrr3 should be handed ir by 12 o'clock, M., otherwise they may t;t spptar until the next day. ?.?n;rr 07 thz noaxisa phzcs. lie Uuto*, dirccssing the Euuiqucstioc, ?ejb with jraat lore?: ?? If tba abolitionist* of M&ssaobusctta Hai crgarlz-d en arintd expedition to move into Kit:?a- for tL? avowed purpose of mikiEg it a I'rio S < i State thoy would not have been guilty of a icro pilpable violation of the truo intsnt and spirit < f the la* than they actually were in tLeir tff>rt, by the u.e of incorporated wealih, to import into the Territory such abo J-'iotis's p* would dedicate Kansas to perpetual Freo Soili<m It was this open attempt to pl-iiit % colony of Massechu-etts rbolitiouist* on 'he western border of Misacurithat aronsed the indignation of the Miss urians, and im J elled thein to adopt the measures for counter. tiC'ingthr ichfmtfl which have given riso to tfcr p crailieft excitement Lut fcr the move mc .; of the nb litionu'^ thm is no good rea ran to believe that the Mifftourians would have interfered with iha legitimate execution of tho K .ns?! taw Thoy were provoked to measures cf r uiit-jrne'ion *>J a c Tesseat which threat ere 1 'be;r interests well aa the orgenir law of the TW/itory. We do iiOt maintain that the inea-urra resorted to by tha Miaaourians Were Irgal or justifiable? we dcp-cc*te them deep 1> ?bj' a- ?bo S3 me time we a*o prepared to Eii'ue mu*h allowance for their excepts it v'.ow cf the deep intcrta" which they bad in tue result Whilst the aboliiiie's s are scei. i<ig t ? r? ire section; ! agitation by iullarnma tory denunciation* of she Miss .urians. it be comes th* trv* national nm of a!l parties, who Jo. s .ho Union and ucsiro its preserva tii-n to te?r in irdsd that the abolitionists tjexselvcs are rejr>>rsib'e for committing the H r cC and th:s f-ict should be consid ered in jud.-iog of tho of ;ha SJi*.:o:; r>eoj, ?h'? sro charged wiib cb^'rcctinj; the tight of 9?jT age in the la.e ?J?-o;k.n " ?ae I/'itt.'i -enter savs r.f; the registration 0? valuable letics1'? '? We cot ifd int-5 oar paper of yoi'erday an ar icle on this cutjeet. in wh;ch it i; stated ihit ih? registration ft>e established for regis to c 1 )?? ;c s is twenty fi,-o cents. We find ih: o h- amUtaks. The regi;triMoa feo ii rr.l ?f.c: et*t* Tae following U 'he sectija cl tbc ?ct of 3i Maroh lajt auih?;isin g regis tration : ??~ej 3 Ai d if n fu:lh*r exactrd, That for tie lie- jeevri'y cf ralufcLle letie s p: cif.r :raarni:-"ei>n io the msils of the Uai'ed Sta ,s ?he Pca'niasUr tisncral be and hs-tby u autr-oria^d to es'ebli?h a uaiiorn pian t r tho r-gyira ion ??t sach letteri ou ap puca'i m of patties p.sting too same, and 10 x-'i ?: c t* p:ep:t_j itct? of the j csU-ga as well Ci .? tj^ r i-a tVe of Cvecintu ocevery saoh 1st ?r <-r p'.:k?r, to t o uccocTjt?d for by inis'-rs rtceiviujf the s me )?> such ccaBner as 1 '? * r<sc>..=e- al ?hail direct: Prj. v.'it /, ho:r*tvr, Xuitt 8.?ch re^is'ration thttll v -i :>d tii' "hory. ar d it shall cot render the P c UCi e IX l ar mfat or it-} icvenucs liable ior *bc 1 t? ?f such letters or packets or the f s thcic f. ' jjeari^' ^uSth to go into fffect cn the l?t of Ju'y. aiid *? earn taat full instTU:tions in rtjr<i.,i ;o ?t wi I shortly b-> sent to c%e*y r o?t ic th?j on-n ry. Frcm the Po.-tmas t r'Je /:?! s rirc\lir before us we percai/i 'h -1 fuo ar? . ij. .o'jnt ii to bo extended to let tc-? 11 a*? J i.-?m ti^-j.a-.y. The ins'ruo:ioas (t.' c^'i*.ln*ct in ihe c?rcu't?r?s lately pub l.iiic 1 :c ui a. v r^-Typap* r?) in re-pect to the f rati^a cf for-.i^u ie:t-r.< ii aj follows: ?Lj ??rs l.'t-Ue:u<any by the Uremen liT2e via ..;iv Y rb. ?icd by iha PiOiiiin c!r.a:d ira.'* \ ;a New York and Boston. wi!l ba regis tered in tee ??>iDa r:a:.cer and on the tauts te n.* those deliverable iatbeUui edSiutc-, L_ il.e ^.ftip'ouD >ue i let'?rg UiOst be pre paid ??? the p'.wca of tbeii d<a inaliun. ??P:cp?sj k;te a fruM D-emcn, and thoce w: ci b/ t;.o Prii a an cl sad in :i!s. (if ao coffip&r iei v i h letter bills similar to tho'e jrt.;?:hwl U.r :be u.?s cf thia Department) wiii L> - duly registered at tba American oEce of dist-i l i'.n <>r ?!o i?ciy a? nhica iney are S' t r.ce:??.], ar d tv il thereafter be treated in I respec's in the sam-i manner as letters ci'i^i^i! y n.iiiediii the tniud States " laaaTBoapz, tuk Pioscer Pbsacukb; by Pau G.Kj- j. aiitbor of ??Father Bright inps ? iiir in ilar/ivLle/'etj. TLia is the titJc uf b neatly printed an! hasdiomoly iowi.J relate. Jjii ca our table by Gray ? L-'?n yce. bcch.eileis, near Oil Fellow's Hj'I hat the a a'hoi's chief am LI i l to p-iut a truthful picture of pio neer I fa -ucli as he hai _o often he.rd des. crioed?kiaiple, natural aid froth, wi'h a quiet oaKhag of Lumji la it. nsw and thea, and the ax ^sphere oi novelty iavestiiig tie whole. tkv Wc ht.c received, f.ou the pulliahers Jchn AIurpLy X Co , Baltimore, a pamphlet, en :;Ld "Pastoral Letter of the Archbishop of Ji-t:i_ '0, c:.d ihe Buhopa and Pxoletea of tLo P <f Baltia.orc ia Provincial coan* e;? ia Jdiy. Hai."?. i'lasoa ?At the tiau of the great ezbilitioa ia Loadon, ia IbJl, it was estimated that there were LiiuC ia that city soire 450 pianos jer w^tk, or upwardi of 23 COO psr annum? and in all other } aits ot Great Britaia 54.740, xnakitg a to1*! tf 77 74J pianofortes ia ono ye^r, valued at ?2 S14 400 The number made in T'vrce is ea'imated at Gne.tbird that of talent Lrltaic, and all others in Europe at two Ihlitl*?if-aL?Lgin rII155 CS0 pianofortei>made in XT?r?p^ ia o:te year, fuinisMog employment fat 25.0tO wo I'maa. Cheat Ron?Er.v ? liusoii.?The 3t. Loub F.ej utli; >n of Monday Lqj a despatch from C-rr i o , Illinois, whiah statss lL ?t the safe cf lie o crk of that county was on the eight prefloat b owa cpea by inserting powder in th. ley tele ?i.d threo thotutad sad twenty. ??e dullars taken therefrom aa^ Pt.a? n to Li\ x in ?California flour ia fel ti ;in Frantuoo at $6 per bbl ; in i tnl:<it!, .ia iliur sells at $13. Wheat la fc'aa F/ai.cieeo is $125. and in Philadelphia S2 50 fo f- ?0 As Vages, too, are mcch high er in California th .n on this side of tie Uaion, i? csai-o: b? \ery Laid to liva la San Francis CO. Vlf Xucio aecms to be no d^abt that we shall have a gctd pscch ercp. aad fruit gen erally of all kiiJa th:ongbout the eour.try ia rpottn cf ca lively to jkld abundantly l"z .a P part* vf t Jorrey there ia Let one csprv fl;r ab c*. the fruit crop, anl that Is highly f^?cr ?b.'s. ioja?ta have appeared in countless num* tt:* i: Vxing'ODdlalrial, fc'oathCarolina, rnd it i? ?t- d thai b'^s and poultry ere feasting Loanli. u >y utet tucxu WisniSCTO!! HEWS ADD GOSSIP. Tie Coast Survey -^We understand that Professor Bacbc is shortly expected to reaeh Washlcgtcn, having oompleted the measure ment of the base lloes for the survey of Cap# S.iblo and Cape Biscayne on the southern coast of Florida The series cf field opera tiocs which have taken pipe* in that quarter daring the present season, we presume will tnffice to enable Professor B. shortly to pab' lish a oompleted chart of that mo it dangerous portion of onr coast?on the southern part of Florida. We hear it said that the results of this season's triangulations, , ic that qaar cr establish tbe fact that the best oharte? 'hose most confiied in by tbe mariner?locate Cape Florida six miles distant from its true geographical position. As this cape is proba bly one of the most important points on our Atlantic coast, the fact of the establish meat of its correct position will give an idea of the advantage which the commerce cf our country is to derive from the labors of the sjlentifn gentlemen conneoted with this great national work. Profes?or B , we hear, is obtaining charts? tbe results of the labors of hia nnny assist ants and subordinates?ranch faster than they can bo published, owing to the scarcity of suitable engracers in the UnitA States. How ever, as fast as he obtains results which it ij important that the navigation interest should know as soon as possible, he takes measures to rpread them broadcast, giving them the pre leronce in tho hinds of his engraviog oorps. Before he was called to the head of thrs im portant branoh of the puLlio service, the woik is said to have been prosecuted on a single base line, requiring the labor of nearly all en. aged, on tbe coasti of one or two States only for sexo twelve years. Thu3 its progress was slow aed unsatisfactory, ovidcutly, to tho naviga tion interest of tho country. IIo (Professor B ) however, adcpUd the plan of having rainy ba?o lines, connecting and vor.-ifying them as required. In conscqucncs of this caacge he h;u already been able to procuro entirely satis, factory and accurate charts of ne-.rly all of the in-at dangerous pointscn the Atlantic coast of tho United States, which, being now in the hands of thousands of the commanders of American merchant voxels, have already ma teiially lessened tie cau^alitiosou oar coasts and, a* a contequeoco, the cost of insurance. It is insu,:h results, ouly, that our fellow oiti zons, not faoiilitr with the saa, can appreciite the g-eat value and importance of this nation al enterprise. The Virginia Election ?We have takes oc casion to obtain estimates from two gentlemen of Virginia, famed for the accuracy of their judgment upon the probable results of eleo tions in that State. They are a; follows: UUOMT1U EY COXCaESSIO*AL DIS7BICTS. Wise. Flournoy. Bayly's 2o9 Million s. 250 (ioode 6'Jt) Bo:ock s 750 Powrll'e 400's 5co Caakie's 250 Lstcher's 5 OOJ Faulkner's AitO Kulweil 1 250 Lewis' 500 Elimns'cn'a 800 ' McMullen's.. 1 500 12.350 500 500 Aggregate asj for Wise.. 11,850 The other calculation sets down majorities for Wiso as follows: East cf tho mountains 2 oftO In the valley 000 la the northwest 2 500 la the scu:h?e3t a 5J0 14,500 W e have to say cf the paities whese calcu lationi these are, that for many years past ti ey have been regarded as beirg better prat cd in s:ch matters than any other gentlomoa we know cf in the State, and that on this occa sion they have taken even mora than their pains to satisfy themselves as to the ex act condition of things political, ia the State. It is propor for us to add that they both be liovo that the aggregate m'.j >rity for Mr. Wiso will reach 14,50c, though otie of them prefer to m?ke the luwer estimate, so that his assurance to cs nny be doubly suio. i'ogitieroi Loiters.^ We learn, on inquiry, that the Now York Tunes and other Northern I aptrs that ara growling at the Postmaster ueceral s recent publication with roforccce to the new iystem of registering valuable lottara in this country, are wrong iu saying that tho British Postal Department insures tho (afe de livery of money letters and postmasters' or ders transmitted through the English mails. Tho point that disturbs the Times is the fact that five cents is to be charged as a fee for the trouble of registering a letter, when the De partment declines to insure the safe delivery of its oontents. The Tim^$ will please to take notico that the British l'cstal Department obarges twelve cents for precisely tho same sarvioa?for doing nothing more. The editor forget* that in crobaod labor, trouble, and responsibility with a letter is the result of registering it. So far as tbe Department's increased expense is con cerned, we hear that tho cost of the new forms and blanks, already ordered for distribution j au!on<< the different postmasters to enable | them to carry cut the now rystem ef registry, amounts to between $30,000 and $40,000 It will be perceived from this explanation that the additional chcrge is amply jastifisd. For the Sonth ?A number of persons ara now ergaged in paoking and sending from the | Patent Offi,e to the South cork o*k acorrs) { Fift&cbio nuts, olive trees, grape vicer, fig | cuttings, Ztnte currant (or Sultana raisin) vices, Piragua tea plants, and Jujube plants The quantities of each of the?o valu able articles beirg thus sent out to have tx j erimcLts made with them is quite larg -, end thry are being directed to well known suoccss fa! agriculturists in almost every quarter of every Southern State, the South being tbe only quarter cf our country where, it is judged, these particular articles will flourish. The bureau makes use of the members of CoD?rcss and Senators, for the most part, as its distributor) It can hardly be that seme got d will fail to come of the buroau's efforts to ascertain what agricultural and horticultural natives cf Europe may be profitably adopted iu this country; as it has not only expended considerable money to that end, bat been aid ed by the advice ar.d personal assistance in the work of many of the meet successful agri culturists and horticulturists in both hem* ispherte ? Caret delet Ccxamorr?This case, a short time since decided b^ the Department of the I interior, ha# been recently again brought to th* attention of the Secretary upon an alle gation thit the lines of Brown'* 4 Ris tor's survey on the west, south, end c&3t were so Tariant at to length and tbe contents of the survey* so different from each other and from the extent of the grant, as to reader it lmpos* rible thai the lines of Brown could bo a re traoemont of those of R stor, as was held to be the faot in the decision originally made' Upon a thorough critical examination of that point, and after full argument by parties claiming adverse to the Commons, we leans the Secretary has approved his former deci sion, and that the attorney of the parties, after an examination of the points made to bear upon this eisg'e question, appeared satis fied that the disposition of the same was a jua; one. The Smithsonian Institution ?The Boston Advertiser, of the 15th, attempts to bold the Regents of the Smithsonian Institution up to ridicule, because of tjie permission lately granted by thoir authority to the Union Choir Association to hold its convention in the Smithsonian lecture room. Surely this can be no just cause of complaint, and so tar aa the action of the Regents or their Seoretary is concerned in regard to granting the usoof tho Smithsonian lecture room o respectable as semblages of curcitixens, we think it is highly liberal and commendable. Tho; have freely allowed the Mechanic's Institute, the Young Man's Cbiislian Association, the Teacher's Association, tho National Medical College, Georgetown College, the Public (School?, Sun day Schools, and other organisations of oar ci'y the u?e cf thoir large and elegant lecture room, and by offering their rooms to the U. S. Agricultural Society, tho American Associa tions for the advmcement of Sciesoe and Ed ucation, and other national societies have con tributed largely to the welfare of Wttfhirg on. Oar cuixens fetl a deep interest in this matter, and we know that tho course which h is been pursued in ibis rcrpeci meets with hearty and general approval. Eccnxiiicg for tho four fTew Regiments ? In tho last two mouths fivohundred men have b>ea enlisted for the new regiments, though but thirty cfficen in all have been recruiting for them This is icdspondent of the recruit ing for the general Eorvics, which continues to l>r-3rcs3 at the rite cf. perhaps, four hundred ??r.d fifty men p.or month. It is anticipated in three months more all the men te qaired for the new regiment; will be obtained. A Slip Cf the Per., yesterday, occasioned m to attribute the new regulations for passan^or ships to the Secretary of the Navy instead of to tho Secretary of tho Treasury, their author. However, w > presume that nice-tecths cf the ?S nr't readers taw ar.d comprehended the mi-; take. An Assistant Iight-Houn KcoparAppoint? td ? Mr Woi, Sawyer has been appointed asristrnt keeper of the lighthouse at North west Passage, Key West, Florida, at a salary of $500 per finnam. Tho Curr6Bt Gper&riou* of tha Treasury Dosart.i.e2t.?On yesterday, the 17th of May, ihera wtiecf Trcstury Warrants entered on the bookiof tbe Department? For'Acrayment of Treasury debts $1,547 00 Ker tho Customs 399 67 for the War Department......... 52,530 82 For repaying in tbe War Depart ment 343 17 P'-r the Navy Department 27' 147 00 For theIntetior Department...... 22,136 04 m PKUMOAlAL. ....lion. Mr. Wright, of New Jersey, acd bis daughter, are stopping at Willard'a he'el. ....Capt J. N. Palmer, of tbe U. S Army, and Miss K Jones, daughtor of Capt Jones, a!s-> ot the army, were married in D. liirrore, icjt jrday afrernaen The bride s father te iDg absent, she wa* formally "given avxay': by Secretary Marcy, who. it is said, viaited Bal timore fur that purpeso. .... iiuTparoy Marshall, lato ccxmlssioner to Chlua, h is been n >m'.nat*d by the Knew Njtbinga of the Louisritie (Ky.) district, as a candidate for Congress. ....''Crazy Kite," moved by the 4'-Spirit*,-*a kicked up a shindy in K-v Dr llod^e's church. New York. ?cd on tne Rev Dr dejcsridin^t to quel! bar "logion ofdrvil*," the pushed Li at over a bench and biuke ono of bij legs. K it wa-" thereupon "knocked down and dragged cut." ....Mrs. Lydia Torry committed suicide on Sunday morning, at the Mast Yard Station, Coi.oord, N. II , by hanging herself with t skein of yam. ....AnIndian at Grand Rapids, Michigan, recently ran a distance of three thousand feet, nearly three quarters of a uiile, in three min utos?nd ton seconds. ....The dispute between the two mayors at Louisville has been decided by tho court in lavor of tbe Mr. Speed, the old incumbent. Tub Ladif.s' Borrbtb.? In regard to the muoh-m<K>ted question as to'whether a bonnet should be worn on tbe head or eft' it, it may not be amiss to state cf her Imperial Majesty, who is said to havo introduced this popular feiniuiue eccentricity, that, although the boo uet of the Empress Eugenie displays fully ber face ar.d hair, it does not convey to tbe behold er tbe idea of its boiog likely to fall from tho head bohisd, hu? rather teems to eling to and bupport tbe hair in that position. This glrss a lightness and grace of carriage to the hsau totally distinct from the boldness ard barefacedness which have cbniac'erixei the E^gliti adoption of the French imperial fast. ion. {3rTbo origin of broom corn as a cultivated plant in this country is attributed to Dr. Fr:tuklin. It is a native of India. Franklin auw an Imported whisk of corn in the pos sessioB of a lady, in Philadelphia, and w bile examinirg it as a curfoaity, found a seed which he planted, ard from this small be ginring ams* this valuable product of indus try in the United State;. In the same man usr, Eogland and America are indebted for the weepir-g willow to tbe poet Pope, who, Soding a green stick in a baskot of figs rent to him as a present from Turkey, stuck it in his garden at TwlcLanbam, and thence propa gated this beautiful tree. . FrBB COLOUBD POPITLATIOB OP LotTIRIASA In 1S20, the free colored people of this State numbered 10.960; in 1820, they had increased to 16 710; in 1340 to 25 512; but in 1850 (hey bad again decreased to 17 462, only about 7i9 moie than in 1830. Tbe last census shows the number of families of free colored people tj hare been 3 426, and the number of dwel lirge occupicd by thorn was 3,031. Of every thousand dwellings in this eity. there are about twenty-four occupied by free colored people.?Pi. O. Courier. MiiSAcau.-BTTa Ncluikicatios ?The per sonal liberty bill, intended to nullify the fu girive s'ave iaw, was txken up in the House cn the 17th inst., and an amendment to it adopted forbidding any State officer holding the rffica cf United States Commissioner. A motion was made to strike ont the seetion which iccspacltato* any at torney who aots for a slave elaimabt fr ta practicing in the State courts, but it was rtjeottd by a large majority. The bill was then passed~?yeas 221), nays 43. Tbe bill previously pasted (he Senate. Laobb Beta Shops ur Mochhirg ?In the Bowery, A'bany, New York, on Sunday, seve r?l lager beer shop* bad their front doors closed, end a huge piece of ?rape attached to the handle.' GEORGETOWN CORRESPONDENCE Gbobqbtow*, May 18,1355. The body of Mr. Isaac D. Read, .who wu drowned from off the steamer Salem, on Wed nesday night, wu reoovered yesterday after noon abont 0 o'clock, taken on board the Selen, brought to oar wharves. and the boat anchored oit in the stream nntil after the holding of tha inquest by Corocer Woodward. The faets, as elicited before tho inquest, were substan tially as given by ns yesterday, and a verdiot of accidental drowning rendored by the j?ry. The body of Mr. Read was taken in obarge of tbo brothei hood of the masonic fraternity, of which he was a highly respeotable member A ooffia was prepared as soon as possible and taken on board the boat, wbere the body wss prepared for bnrial. Ha was then conveyed to the home of his afflicted parents, near the east end of Gay street, from whenoe he will be borne by his sympathising brother Mamns and friends to his last resting-plaee in Oak Hill Cemotery this afternoon at 5 o'clock As an evidence of the bigh regard enter tained towards Mr. K. by our citisens gener ally, tv? would remark, that from the liiae it wis first indicated by the ttirtinp tf the steamer trom the point wbere he was drowned that the bo ly had beon found, larga crowds of our citizens, and many fron yonr oi y, com menced thronging the wharves, all apparently arxf'i's to oatcb a glimpse of his lifeless o.rk?8c. The father of Mr R. Rcbart Read, E q , is Pretidcut of the Farmers' ond Moohauics' Dank, as stated by un yesterday, and not cashier, as erroneously stated by the corres pondent of the Baltimore Sun. Tbo body of Mr John Henderson, from near Ueltaville, Prince George's county, Maryland, whose sudden disappearacco was noticed by us yesterday, was f> utd in the eanal this niorniog, where it is supposed he fell and was drowned. An irquest wa* held by coroner Woodward, aud the following verdict rendered by the jury: That the deceased came in a in company with his eon, from near Belttville, Prince Geoorge s county, where ho lived, on Tuesday, the 15th ir stent, for tha purpose of buying a lo id of C?h ; he put his wagvn and liorse.i at the tavorn of RU:on Stephena on li gU atrcat, about 10 o'clock a m , and waa nt ihat time sooer, that he went down to the Gsh whirf, *?h?rj he drank freely, and he. cimo iotoxieated. and in the evening abent 8 o'clock ha s'ated that he bod been robbed of ail hia money, and left ho wharf, as he stated, to go to Stephens's tavern, and wts not seen afterwards uatil this morning, about 5 o'clock, when he was found in the canal; aod the jury cannot s.iy whether ha waa thrown in, or accidentally fell in and waa drowned. The last news from the steamor Towha'au is, thai si>e waa still aground on Cedar Point bar The passengers wero taken off by the Maryland yesterday, and reachad their home a this looming. The Board of Apraala coiaincnced the:r sit tiogayesterday. \\e learn that the complaints of excessive valuation put upon property by tLe late assessment are mn-h more numerous than waa expected. FraCTATr.n. The Last op Ma Hiss ?Monday aftercoos, | Mr. Joseph His?, the expelled member of tie Masca*huactt6 Legiature: reappeared, as ob stinate as Banquo's ghost, among h;s oil frier.da at the Boston State iiou:e A vote being taken on aoino question. Mr n stx?d up to be coun'ed, but h>9 name wos notcalicd He then demanded that his protest against bis expulsion be recorded ou the journnl of tho Houaa, but no notice wa3 takan of him. After repeatedly insisting that be should ba recognized he was checked by the adoption of a resolution on the part of tbe Hou*e for the tcmoval of ' eje Joseph Hiss," followed by a tap on the fhouldar Ly the ssrgoant-at aims, who conducted him to the lobby. Tbe exorcism waa nor, sufficient Oa the re fomption of deb it?, Joseph returned to hia desk, avd one of his friends, with a view of giving him a ch iu :e of bringing his oe*e be fore the courla. and thus keeping cCicial breath in bis body a little longer, moved to commit " Mr. J seph Hiss for contempt " This waa deemed beneath the dignity of thellonse. and, on motion of Mr. John Quincy Aiams Griffin, tha sergeant was instructed " not to admit raid Jo?oph Hi&j to the fl tor of ihi3 Hou&e during the present se?Eion." This af pears to have operated . s an extinguisher to tbe perti nacity cf the ejjeted member, and yesterday momicig, like tt:e forlorn hero of Gray'a Eie gy. he waa miasmg " in tbe accustomed Ee?t." Orders have also been i*?uedlor the election of his succassor, aod Mr Hi?s, row free from tho cares of political life, baa an opportunity ol'once moro achieving disiinction by his pro fe.aiaiiof taiiorirg A gjo.-e formerly saved Rome, and n go jso may yet retrieve the dam aged reputation of Mr. Joseph Hisi.?-iV. Y. fctx. Poit. tjf*it has been proposed to build a railroad ?unnel under the EDgliih channel between Dover and Calais, ro a? to es'abli-<b a perma nent communication between Frai.ce and Eo^Un 1. Several plana are talked of, am?ng them ef Pr Pajorce, who < ffsra to per form tb1* work, if supplied with 140 sub a arise boats, 1 500 sailers and workmen, 4 *40,000 cubic yards cf material, and 24i>,0<>0 000 fr.ircs. By means cf such a tuone),the chan nel might be crossed in thirty-three minutes. Bat Guano.?It is said that there his been recently discovered in the Island of Sardinia some cave-ci filled with guar.o, tha p.odac tion of b its, u^gre^Hted a nee the creation of the world Chemical analysis have proved that this guaio is as rich as that of Peru in ammoniac matters and la aulphate of lime Several land prop.ietora are a'.id to bare al ready purchased quantities of thia new ma nure for their lands Plating wim Wild Animals.?On Satur day afternoon a man, having a little child with him, visited the menagerie in Howard atree*., aud whilo looking at tbe lion, the man took tbe child in bia arms and wa9 in tbe ac^ of pliclrg its hand on the animal's heed, when it suddenly ttiuck the child with ira p*w, tare clT one of its e*rs an i badly bruised tho aide of ita faoa.?Boston Transcript. German girl ycaterday complained to Justice Connelly, that three we?.ka ago ahe waa bitten by a bulldog, and fearod that un less the animal waa killed the would be at tacked with hydropbohia. She identified tbe dog on ita bein ; brought into court, and the magistrate, to quiot her feara, ordered ita head chopped cff.?New York Tim?s. Soicidk in tub cars.?On the 7th inat., the oars of the Mnhigcn Southern Road bad juat stepped at the depot in Toledo, Ohio, when a Gorman, name nnknawn, a passenger, fircda piatol through his head blowing it to atoms. He waa lately from California, of very respeo table appsaratoa, and had eight hundred dollara and two gold watches on hia person. A Birr.GLA* Shot.?On the nighi of the Tth ica'.ant, the bou;? of H. Smith, poa'maater at the Ten Mi'e hcuss Osonkee, Wisconsin, waa entered by >cvoral ruf&ar.a di.-guiscd &? nfe groe?, wh > beat Mr. and Mrs Smith severely; and atole $570 in specie from a desk. Mrs Smith secured a pistol and handed it to her husband, who flred at oao of the ruffians, bringing him to the gronnd, but hia eompan ions picked up the wounded man and dt camped. CF" We learn from the Baton Rosge (Louis ana) Gasette of Thursday week, that prepa rations are in progress for the erection of a Temple or rotunds in tha State Bouse grounds in whioh to place Powers' statue of Washing ton. It is to occupy a position on the north side of the Capitol, end will be Tislble (rem the river. Sen* Back.?The ship Daniel Webster took on board yeeterd&y several Irish paupers, who have been ordered by the ooutta of this Stste to be sent back to the land of their ai? 4T?tivttn* Journal, iii ATTENTION, NATIONAL GHATr? I You arc hereby notifl-d to attend * ??????>? of the Company. r.x yanr Armory, on TO [MORROW EVENING, M?y 19|1- PwsHO-' Is riqieetrd. . stove . Br order: JAHE3 8TONB, Bij |3 -2l Secretary MARION RIFLED, ATTENTION 1-Yoe , are hereby ordered to a aemMe at your Ar I m< rv THI8 (Friday) 7U e\.lk. J I" fa" MKorai, (Willi po?pno?,) far ihs pur ptw of diiHhtf. B'^?rrf^CTErtBL.fOXWB.L. may 18-lt? F.m Serg t a A ATTENTION, BEN FRANKLIN TARGE! JL I Company No. l.-An election of all f* Pof thi. Company will take place at ?h? H*!'^ iV A the Franklin EngineHouse on FRIDAY EVE NING, t ie 19ih innanL It is expected every mem ber will be present. .^,, _ tray 17-9 IV. II. BE XRD3LEY. Sec. RAPFL SC.?a pair of beaotiftiliy matched bright bay blood rd MAKES, 5 yemra old, and f*st Handsome aa ? Picture and /fli sound as a dollar Petrous wishing to s*c?re chance* pl<>aa? ca!l at FLINT'S Hotel. roar 16?St* S~TRAY*CD AWAV cn Friday, tbe 4th & May, from Georgetown, a saiall colored Boy about eieven vcara of age. Had oa wlwn he left, * pair of anuff colored pants and a straw hat. An swers to the name of Jake Any oae firine Infor mation t> MONTEZUMA DAGCS. 43 seventh at, Georgetown, will receive the Uianks of the fam ly and a reward if deaired may 18? lw* $50~REWARD. I WILL pty the ahove sum lor the a-prehension and safe con mittal to the Wa^hingron Jail, o? my servant gir", M*ry. who ieft home ou the thir teenth instant, and has not returned. She la right- j een years of a<e, of a m^rtluni height. and ol a cbea nut color, has a roun 1, full foe, and ia somewhat inclined to oorpulency. though of slender wai-u may 18-3t* LEAH WILSON. PUBLIC NOTICE. CAUTION.?Public notice ia hereby gwn warn ing ai d forewarning all person* whomsoever not in any wav to trisrpass upon my land in Mont aoint-ry county, M<l , and more particularly art ?isjent of'he United State* acting a* the totprr ntend ent of the \Vi shinc'on Aqueduct, or persona ?-m ployed under him. or any contractor or contractor who may have or will e- ter into contract* for build ii 2 culvert* or gracing the line of way for ??iil nquc duet, a* the title to sa'd land is solely iu nie, and the United States own* no part of Jt. may 18?3t W. C. REPP ALL. VARIETIES. Price* of Adini?*lonr?Orchr*tra. 50 cent-; Par onctte, 37V^; Regular Ticket*. 25; Colored G llery. ?25; Private Rite*, ?3 and J3 Seats may be s? ?ur*d without t-xtra charge; tox office open daily from 10 to 3 o'clock. Third Nitht of the Eurag?rnerit of SIIF.LDOX'S Cf.LEBR.iT1U) P15T0MIMI0 A If IT BALL FT IttOUPZ! TlliS EVENING. BUDGET OF BLUNDERS. The B K BY DANCERS will appear Singing otid Car.cme bv th* env^aty. To conclude with DECIIALAME \U. may IS-It COLUMBIA RACE COURSE. A MATCH RAlE will coMse ?'ff over; 'the Coinrl?H Rare Omk jo 1UE8-I kI)\Y AFTERNOON, the ?!d in*tar.t f?.r a?tde. The foilowing are the en:rieaf?r t*wraco:?J M. I* Netsby rntar* s.h FiryritR, by Andrews, dam Autocrat. King 5t Ca. enter b. I" Jdor-iTAts Maid by B'Ji-ten, Junio-. cam Zieone. The tac<". wi'I poritive'ycome eff between 3 and 4 ' o'i lock A fart race i? ?iiiticip*.ted. m y l>?3f CVRIK MARTIN, Prop'r MORS FICH MANTILLAS. WE opca this mornii>K a sr'en id ^tock of rich Silk Mid Unek Laee MANTILLAS <tn?i Lae< SCARFS, all ol" the l*te*t *t; lea, and appn jriiaie fo* the p'esert teaica. The ladir* and pu.-chawrs B-=n*rally arc cordially I !?>\?i^?l 10 call and examine tor iliem*elve?, n* n> ' f< el c "fcfi.l^iit we can f.ff. i them great ii.uur ment in styles nnd pricca. COLLEY k FF.AES, No 5 4 3 Tih St., 3 doois north Pa. avtnue. mayl8-3{ "ARLINGTON HOUSE. "? HE nndt rtifned wuu'd re-pr- ilu'.ly iarorm but j I fri'-r.ds thst h<> Ins aken the e^tabli-l.>m> nt lor-1 meily known as the " Arlington H< u-e," which he 1 ittend* <ipeniiic on Saturday r.ex*. May I9;h, as a Restaarant of th? fir?r orde*. and tVHs aasuied that hewillbave LlUUORS andCICAIH U ? choicest | hmnd?, OYSt E!'S^ GAIaE an* Fleli, iu F**i-on and every other atUcle in his line to suit ?U ?*h>| should favor hiin nith a call. F. A COOK, may 18?eolm* /"lUMMING'S FAMILY PRAYERS, in 3 vo!*, " ) 75 e< uts each Btichan'* System of Anthropo!oi?y, SO Fionoe Prin ?-s? of Bur^uiuiy, by W B MacCabe, | 75 cents Growth of Holiness, by Fabcr 50; Vindication ofth.^ Catholic Church, 75? Th ? Iinmacuiate Conct-ptiou, bv Bishop UHaihornc ! n%c Th : Iletrt of Jesus, by J. B Dal^airn*, 50c. E K. LUNDT, No. 198 BriJge rtraet, Georgetown, D. C. may 17?if ^ IriOK K?A I andaumel^ht CAKKIAGE, I * lor four persons, litils used, a:id ia 1 good ord**r. A!?o, a l?b tail blick HORSE, very Mylbl), nnl will ?<> w?-|| in ein^'e and double harnrcs. Will bs ?dd verv 'ow A. O. NEWTON, Mansion House, Alexandria, Vtrguiia. miy 17?3t* DO PEOPLE READ~ADVrERTISE MENTS? MBS W. A RICHARDSON rays they do, or I thf'y ?voal4 not come to *35 M etr?*?-t, between ' 13 h and'4th. tofc.*t ?tt?SO.MS, COLLARS,] WRISTBANDS Pitched, and SHIRTS made eota-1 plcte with machine Orders may be left at the Kitk.wo*?d Hc.u^e, wi:h W. A. Richardson, th - card writer, and a* ?vn k? 1 executed wi I be delivered to ary <iart of Hie city. N. B.?Don't wadi the goods'. MRS. WM. A. RICH *ROSON, 4 3 .'? M street, between 13th and 14ili sta. may 17?2.* I7*OR SALK-A large prey Horse, pcrf< ctly ] gentle, work* well, and goea very pleasant nnder th-- aaddie. Sold for uol !aa!t, as the owner has no further u^e foij him Price $160 Can be fe*n at VVolaer & Kim-1 met'a Stab!es Enquire ot WM LATCHFORD, at | Haalcp k. Weeden's Cumags Factory. may 16?3t* B E WARD.?A small "red" CO W, with whit?: spo; on the forehead, long high j horn*, nn l each of the ears cut twice, ha*J left the owmr, and Ave dollars wdl b?- paid] to criy person bringing the game ha -k to JOHN RI-.KTEit, Butcher, Noith Capitol, between L &ud M ttreets. n?-.y 16? ;2^ NOTICS. ri^HE Ui?der???ned caa a< commodate part>s with i_ COACHES for pleasure trips. Also, lo make trip- to boau arriving , after nijhr from th^ White Hoii?e.# For term* apply to Mr. JOiiN HOI.BROOK, at I the Stn:e Stand at the Capiiol, or ordrrs left nt G. fc T. Parker & Co.'s Store. WM. WHALEY may 16?lm* FANS-FANS. ANEW and large aasortin?rit of FANS, of evrry deacripti'jn, bave ju-4 l>e? u received by F. F. MVtR, Agent, No. 13 Pa. avenue, bit. 8 h and U.h streets, mavlR?eo3t oppo ite Centre Market. SOMETHING FLW UNDER THE SQf. CHARLES WERNER, Pe<mn\ li nnUi et CKue, op^otite Bro'cn*' Hotel HAS fitted up the commodious hall over his Cea tanrani as a first cla?# A'JXR HEEil SA l.tniN, having procured a cupply of every luxury and c< mforts found in first clan t>nb!i?hments of the kind in the Nnri>"?'rn eitie*. His RHINE WINES and Frcnch White Winas, as wi ll as Lis Clarets. Segara. Lnger Beer, German, Italian, ani Swiuer CHEESES, and Indeed f ev ery outer appropriate luxury in such an ->tab:uh mpnt, ia itnmrpa?*ed in this'country. He solicits a call from his friends and tha public, may 13 -tf GLOVES, UOSIERY, RIBBONS, 4c. JOHN H. 6MOOT, south side of Bridge st_, near Ili. b, Georgetown, ha? just received frotu New Vork an a ditioiial aapply of? Taffala Sdk and Lisle Tii ead Glores Short ai;d long hl.ick txuifu SUk Mitu C?fer.-worked and plain Couon Horiery, every va ri?ty Mi'set.' and Boys' white, mixed and fancy Couoo Hoeiery Gents ^ d d do Worked Swiss Collars and Ruffle* Lace and Frcuch worked trimmed Coliara Real Maltese and Imitation Laces. With many oth?-r desirable Goods, to which the attention of ca<4i or ponipt customers ia iavited. may 18? J. H- SM<K)T WILLARD'S HOTEL, , . Old Point Comfort, Ya. This splendid bea-shore boube is IkOWOPEN; Board nerday.... f9 08 Bo^ \j the wiek, per Hay 7l 50 Board by the monU), per day I as Balbs freezer the nuu ?uy 10?Iu c. g, W^XAED It Blio. Excursion to the Great Falls and water wokks. The cunal p?cKFr boat ro\Gpr? , Capt CHA8 MERRILL, WW make an BxcurMoa o? SUNDAY. the 9)th 11.?mot. tf? afford per-ont a?. , |.,*.riu.iif vialttcg tbe Great Pall* or th? Potomac and examia ?ag the Waaninglon Aau^ucL Uy tbc enlicitation or many citizen* the proprte tor* hire brn induced to make th? tkort eicur kioa, and win put tlie round trip at 50 cents; a Gen tleman and La?y fen the roun 1 trip 75 emu. Rrfmhnfit* eta b- had on bn?M. Tbe boat will leave tbe wharf of W H I II O. SJtter, near tbe Market House, Georgetown. at 7 o'clock a. m. may 17 FORREST HALL, GEORGETOWN. THE RENOWNED DRAMATIC (nor a rtmrtno) OP THE BATTLE OP BUNKER HILL, AND DESTRUCTION OF CHjIRLRSTOH S, Will be opened for exhibition at the ibon hall, e? TUESDAY EVENING, May 15ih, and coeiiaue ?very evening during <be week. AIm, on THURSDAY and SATURDAY after noons, at 3 o'clock. Doun open at 7?to commence at 8 o'clock. Admission S3 ccntc?Children accompanied by their parent* half price. may IS? u STEAMBOATS CONNECTING" With each Train of Can arrir !irg in Waihifigtoa or Altxm. dns?'I Im >r?-an>ers THCM At) C O h I, V L K ?r GEORGE WASHINGTON will make the abute connections, leaving Washington at 6 a. m (ot tlio Oianeeand Alemndria care, and canoed with th? >aai<! train on their a.rival. Meals furnished on the beats. The Boata connect with nil ibe train* from Dal* tim?-re. SAM L QEDNBY, Capt. may 17?41 All, btrabobrs v?si*tag tbe City ib?aM nan Banter's Oat? "vur of tbe Cvrliwtm of tt>e Patent < iflte. Aiao, bi* Dr?cription ?.f Powell'a Grant Picture. fnbaa?Rw* HAIR WORK. tRNAMENTS of Hair. ncfe aa Bracelets, Okai Hams, Chains, Breastpins, Earr.rfa, Fui^ar Rimr*, ma le to order, of any desired design. All orders faithfully attendel lo. ii.>ecimens may be aecn at my store. H. PKMKF.N, No. 330 Pa. at., b?(v??a Rib and lOih ?a. SUPERIOR SODA WATER. }* IIE i>iih?cnber would most respectfully inform hip t-irmer pairmr, and the lovers ot superior ?o In Water generally, that ht* founts ar? a.a n ;n operation, and in or. ? r to keep np In* we'i **rnr4 r> potation of keeping the beet SODA WATtR ami ?c?et d*lKiotu SIRUPS in tbe ett?, la determined vif possible) to have it suit better than heretofore. O. LOS V\ ELL, LHuggut, Comer Man laud av., a*d 7th rt, Island, ap#U lm Wash i oft cm. NEW POLKA. r|MI* CHEVY CHASE POLKA, comrveed for R and d?iii< a'.cd l? Mim Sally D. Bradley, by J. D. Saunders, Esq.. ot thia city, who-e coirp miuooe nave al way* mei with such great public favor. The aunts ot the piece are auch aa w*K in trod oca i: nisunj all lover* u music. P. ice 25 centa. Jus: published and for aale by liiLBUs k nrrz. ()' '1 be President's Mounted Guard Uuicfcstep. c p>>eed by t^e accomplished I lanisl, Mr. Ko?>? rt H?1 ler, will appear in a tew days may 19 'pDE HEALING OF THE NATIONS. BY I Cn \S. LINTON. Willi an In r idiictioa and Appendix by N. P. Tallmai'ge. Published by the kSoc>ety lor the d-ffu>ion < f Spiritual Know'eUga, N'ew York. 1 la r?- <?ct*vo volume, pr ce ?1 50. For rale at TAYLOR *. MAUKY'S Bookstore, n*-ar 9th ?tre? u N?y 9 STRAW MATTING. JUf*T Tec* ived 4 5, and 6 4 Wliite snd colared M >tungs, wliu-h I am s< iliti^ at tbc lowtal pri ce* S'or caeii or to prompt CUU'wert. J. II. SMOOT, S.cide Bridge at, near Higii, Georgetown. tray 13 MAD. FAY1ER RESPECTFULLY iutorma the public cf Wash ington that Uie ha* taken a h use on Prnn*vl v4jua avenue, south siue, next the corner r.f 1 .*Hh s'r.-et, which nhe bis fitted u;? far the sccomnKx'a ti<'U of a few bnardeis, or those desiring furn>l?ed apartmt ttts- without board. Mad. F. hnpei that her friends will continue to her the pa:r. n?g: so liberally aeju.wid on htr lata liti'tmnd. Il.ivine ? few leisure hour* alie woul.lgive lesaorj in Krench Lan'uagr. The French Lnncuage beirg ex^luMTely spokm ii her house, sbe aflortt? a rare oj.jto. tn'Mty to those wishing a constant practice, may 16?er.1t* ICE!?ICE! rjPHE UNDEES'GNED having on hand a lore* 1_ quintity f*t fin-t quatitv ICE, offers it for taie uirwithlly low. in large or am ill quantities. 'l*;w*e wrtn have nrw pn'chased or eugared their * supply w< u!d co well to eall <-nihe snhscn bi r befo e doing so. GEO. T. ELLIS. ICo. DtcoraerSu and Fayette suiela. may 15?5t $500 hE^VARD. FIVE HUNDRED DOLLARS will he given (or the appieh* nv|<.t> and roaviction of ihr ?erxtn or rersona who inur.u rt d William Oxbotut- <?! VVa-*! inst^n county, Li.<trici of C< lombia, ci? or about ihe o:li day of F? bruary last, on hi* wsy from the t'o lumb.a WJU, to bu li. rue. near the r!d Rare Groui.J Course. JONAH l>. HOOVER. MnrtJial of the District cf Columbia, may 15?Iw * F'OOLSiTAP WRITING PAPERS of tbe fiueat, an I al;H> of the cheaper klrtda ^ large supply jiut received direct from the man uficturer*, for aale at uiiusun'lv low price?, may 16 PRANCK TAYLOP. ??'UK TNIHCU'IO^KD are now working the Stone U'wrry formerly occupied by Vr.icr Wm U. Scott, und are prepared to ftrabb ?Tu>B at the usual raark< t rsfea HUMPHREYS k WILLIAM& Georgetown, Mav 15?lm* FISCnfiRS BAND FULLY ORGAN IZED. HAVING now completed a.l m? rrra-'gem'BH for a fiist rate KkASS and COTlbl.dN BAND. I au: npam at tbe eervice of the public m auend Excursion Parlies, Exhibit ore, Pamde*, Pk Nics, Balls, and ^ervnade*. All those hi tavor of a cititen's baud rre re^pei tfiiily invited to encourafe our eu erprise, hero iu \Ya?hngt n City. P FISCHER, Leadei. P S.?This Band,un?lcr my direction, i- regularly Uniformed, and Irnm a practice over twin.) >ear? I can give >atist it-linn to every oi:e. Re?idcnce, Pa. avenue, north side, b -t. U>b *>*d 10 h streets firot door w< si ot" Iron llall. Orders left with Me^sr* Hiibus k II tx punctu*'1)1 aCruiied K may 14?In-' MORE REFRIGERATORS. JUST waived another lot of A'atenuaii"* Fi:^M Ventiiau d REFRIGERA1t>RS, of sll t!ie vsn ou* size* and kin.n. Horizontil and Uprtght fr' dumh lity, i*con?iny and convenience ibe best ?i tide ever uianufav tur? d. Aleo, another lot cf Chilurcns' GIGS, from Bu*li n?II k Toll, cf Philadelphia. We Teepee-fully invue a cell from tlioae in want of ?uch articles, hi litig r^?ured we can make it hi their interest to buy of us. JOHNSON, GUY k CO, Pn. avei.ue, between lOUi aud 11th at*, may 14?1 w TO THE LADIFS OF WASHINGTON AND VICINITY. fXTt. AMELIA PRIBRAM k SISTER, JJm I1 No. A77 Pcnn?3ivai:m ; venue, be-AoL^ Tfwt*?n 10th an*l 11 h airerts, return /lv their rR^ardii for the kind patronage ber< tofore be stowed upon llieir efiotis. eid uk- the lib* rty of k f< fining their many Irwnd* tint they intend nj** im thetr spring, Suniirx r and Pancy Rf iNNET^ which con?I-4 ot s:ii) pieces, Lcodea a rich a^frt m.-ntol STRAW HON'NETS, kc. Tbey are at?? lo eerve all sites who are iu want of a U'Liauaab and cheap Bonnet. Cail ano examine before purchasing eUewhers. may ill?lm* FIRST PREMIUM PIANOS. JUST rccei?? d. s? vernl P ?n>-e fr.-w the c? lehrsH fkctory of Si. luwwy k. Sous, New York; or a ? Louis XlVstyta P anos are m e?< rj f spf*t the best now taa<ie iu tbe United State*. iec?4vr.l at the late Metropolitan Mecb-mic-' f** t^e Aral prcmiu-n (a silver medal) for eecli ot" ib?' I'iauoj exh LitrtL Every peraon ad i.iret: the miur* of tone, ns wtfl aa lb* workmanship ot th? u iaf?,( mi-nu. These, in addition to my aiber sto< k 1 Pianos, fsrms ihe best and large< t collection ao?" of Nc-oti'i nnd Dixon's lire. The p ibl.c are respectfully invited to ei!l nn^ fI" amine before they purchase elsewhere, tb?7 ?* find mo?ierate prices and reasonable urin" PIANOS to rent always on hand, and sec w uaad Puaos taken in part payeMtii for new "a^* my Piano Warcrooaa. No. 408 Flever.'h st. a^*', Pa. avenue. PR. O, REICHENBACH may 14?or.lm* ____ pLOCKS, WATCHRi ANDIEWELSj Opened this dav, forty different ?ryle* of C *5 Good Clicka 91 95 Fiue Gold Watcbe^ warranted 'ewclry rbeapgr than ever. Cail ainl see tor yourselves at J ROBINSON'S, No. 349 opposite Browaa' H** luaj 1?Ul? 1

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