Newspaper of Evening Star, May 18, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 18, 1855 Page 3
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EVENING STAR. Local Intelligence. Wills, thk Cojtict ? Decision in th? CabCase.?W# h?ve heretofore pubiah?d the petition of William Walls, to the honor, able Judges of the Circuit Court of tba United StatA for the District of Columbia. setting forth that be was convicted of murder at tba December term of tba Criminal Court for the oouuty of Washington, District of Columbia, (a soa of Mr. Mundall.of the marina corps, being the victim,) and was aenteaced by said court to be hung on the 331 of April, 1852, cn which day the President ot tb? United States granted him a pardon of the rff?noe of which ba was convicted, " upon condition that ha be imprisoned daring bis natural life?that is, the sentanca ot death is hereby c )tnmut*d to Imprisonment for l.fa in tba penitentiary at Washington;" Wells, in tba conolnaion of bis patitioa, said, '? being duly informed by coun sal learned in tha law that the aaid pardon ia absolute, and the erudition invalid, ha prays Che writ of htbsas cvpus may issue to bring him before tha court, mod, if it is fonnd that hi* coninemeot is illegal and contrary to law, he may be discharged froia bis imprisonment." This oase waa argued by Cn Arias Lee Jones, for tbc peii'ioner, and by P. B Key, B;q , for the I'nited States, (tfce points of Whose remarks were given in the hear ) This morning, tba Circuit Court, through Justice Morscll, pronounced i:s decision. After reviewing the arguments which had been pre dated, ai d citing various suhori.ies ho said that tbe Pree dent of the United States Aas tha power to grant a o:ndi?'onal pardon, as in this caae, for a capital cff?noe Next as to iha place of confinement If he had sncseded in abowing that tbe Preai lent p< sseues this power, the penitentiary, of all others, would seem*to be tbe most suitable place It had bean urged that tbe penitentiary wm for per sona convicted of offences puni -hab o with iui Trisonment and labor under tbe laws of ihc 'aited States or of the District ot Columbia Although tba penitentiary ia principally for the purpose of punishment in enumerated eases, as {herein prescribed; yet, as it waa built by tba United States, and is n charge of Lnited States cffce.s paid by tba United States, and, of coarse, is ur-d*r tbe govern scant and control of tha United Statu, be supposed, aa tbe President, on whom tbe par* dacing power is conferred by 'he constitution, has the ri;ht to eoinmue punishment in capi tal cese*, be has tbe light, cs a sequence, to use tbe penitentiary for that purpose There for* the application icu?t be diri barged ; it eoa'd not be sustained; the A<ib'<*s co-pus Mist be terused. Aocordmg to thisdeciiien, Well# will iemain in the penitentiary. i8< OTiliU IIat.bas Cobpcs Cits ?toat cr th? SailjSS?Tne Circuit Court, after dis dispae.a^ of the W ells ease, prooourced its decision in tbat cf tha four United States sailors, who. by virtue cf the sentence cf a court-martial in New York, and ona in Nor folk, wore brought to the penitentiary of this District, where they are cow imprisoned. They contended, through their e?ansel, C. L. Jones, esq , that thai- confinement ia illegal and contrary to law, they no: havicg, is they atata in their several petitions, been oonviatau cf any offence puui-La^la with imprisonment at hard labor under the lawj of theUrited Statea or District of Columbia ; and asking to be discharged. Judge Dunlop pronounced tbe dreijian of tha court this morning. Ha referied to tba petition of liiobard middle, who it appeared, was enlisted in tbe naval service its a ?aitor in October, 18i2 for the pariod cf fbreo yetrs lie waa tried by a cou.t marial at Norfolk for "aiatinous eocdcot and iaeguage" on the 2idof February, lai4; convictcd. and ?eutenced to ten jeara uonment a', labor In the DLtrict penitentiary. The {reed ing?, judgment, aid sentence of the oourt martial were sibmitrei to tbe President of tbe United States, and approved by bita Tha jurisdiction of tbe court martial, the Court aaid, ia not denied, but it is insisted that the court mar'.iil e^caeJed its authority by passing the sentence, lio read the iaw of Congress of IStiO, f?.r the government of tha Navy, which prescribes the punishment lor tba seven! offences k;vjwn to tha naval ear ?iee, to be determined by a eourt martial, tfco fading to be submitted to tbe Previdon: for his approval, it ^as not, therefore, in the power of tho Circuit Court to revise or e rreet ths error of tha ecuct mirtial, if any exis:a Tha appeal must lie to tho President. ooc firmed iha taataus of J>e Coart Tne Circuit Court could not look bejoud the reo&ri; ir had no power to examina tha pru?;eedir.g? uc.djr a writ of error, aa the law h?d pl.oed such j iri? diotion beyond its power; it cans t uiurp pow ?r by a writ ot habeas oorpus. There it c? doubt tbe cocr: xnsrti.U had pewor to panMi Btddle cf the crime ot which he w^s cbargsd. The Court *aa satisfied tbat Bichard Biddle mmt bo remandcJ; and tea ?4uaa principle applies u> the ether three ?-a?ej Altar tbe jiigxar.t hid been pronouncsd, C. L Jcnea, Esq , the council of iho sailors! antared a suit of damiccs sgaics: the United States Marshal for the false ihiprisjnment of his clients, and the case will be carried, on appaal, to the Saprcme Court of the United States Soldixhs op rsa Wa* or 1813 ?A rceetlrg ?f acme ot the soldier- of the late war witii Great Britain was held yertarday afternoon, in the cbambsr of tha B..ard of Aldermen ; J S Williams in the cl.air, anl Richard Bar gass acting as secretary, lhj objea: of the eall waa to carry iato effee: tie crjanizition of an " A;soex.iti->n cf tbe Sarvircrs of the war of 1812 of the Dijiriot of Columbia;" similar io tho&e of others of thij oharaoter which have been establianed ia several of the State j T-ere was evi Jently di agreement oT centi ment amorg thoaj praseat; one aid? InaiatiniT fait the veterans who resided in thi District at the time of the war shculd taka tbe initia tive in the formation of tha sooiety; while the otbar m?in'6:.n*l that tho e who now re side here, without distinotioo, shou'd at once proceed to tha tu iatis before tiiea. and or (ABtS# til# I^O^iation, Several geclemea were dttintu cf p^s - poLitg all furtler considera ioi of the subject Jtaul next ^ovemb?r, when, they Sild.It would ae tuna enouga to eommstce operaticnj with ?: l^,a3iD?^e?Jeis to give pensions to the old soldiers. OtherKeu:lem?n leuia'ked in at the proposed Dutrict As oeiaticn was for no auch purpv.c, bat rather for mutual relief, to sse that tiio pcorea: ef tha e imoiir them thould have decent buriul In fa;t, wiui a view to benevolent and fra ernal tfjrj, laaea doagieementa prevented anor-^ni ?atioa A moticu to alj-urn an il November 7?^ when tbe meeting adjiurned until the first ThuraJay in Jute, by which ume, we presume tbe ?ursivicg soldiers of tbe war or 1812, re.iJent of this District, will eon **n*? in a spirit of unanimity, and form a m> ?at/ similar to that wbtch axia s. of like pa tnotie material, ia the oity of Baltimore Tne Foaarn W^ao Mxkti50 ?Tha anli Kaow Nothicgs of the Fourth Ward he!d an ??J>urned maating in Paikar's Bu ldini? laat ??g<?S which was wail a:tended. Dr William Joaae was in tbe chair, with Capt. ? A Klop. rar as sacrataiy. Mcs ra John V Coyle, Mohtji, Capt F A Klopfor, Thorn as W Bo'ch, and A. T. Ilirrington. *are ?ppotntad a finance committee. At tea ra the meeting Alaj>r Ga rge MoNetr a<raed to attend to procuring naturalii*tion p?pars. wi aout charge f?r any persons entitled to them, who de*iro!? to vote at the approaeS ?og election. [UisclS:el3 on tha south side of ieonsylvacia avenue, botween i t and Sixth streets, over the furniture store, a few d^ors eaat ot Unthmaa'a wine store ? E-i ] Dr. Nablt i oang. cue of the nominees of tbe ant. Know Nothings of tho W?rd for the Counei. Board, being called out, aiiresie-l the ?eating with happy iff^t. Thty were aleo hU>^7a^v lD ^ aniin*i*J sPe4ch by Colonel Dkow *id ?Oa Tuesday, John O'Day was io having a:clientally ?Aiad from off a boat between the White lacuna and F?>rt Washington. He leaves a le'^eora'^'*10' ^ ^,,a^D4X)a an^ 0L* ?XdTl?o SoutsATioxs.?It l? said Uaithekaww Nothings of tha Fourth Waid jnva aoauaated il ii t^ery a emdKiMe TlSrW?' 41,4 A Ml D I>4Ti'. John Couiieil UuisotJ fcr lL? cl Oommon The Stxrm Woo is rsa Field !?The spir it of the atalwart men of too Old 8ixth ?u fully exhibited last night A numerous and esthusiastlo meeting-the anti-Enow Nothing voters *m held in the Anacostiaengine-boat*. Mr John R. Qaeen presided, nod Mr. Jubn D. Brand! noted as eeoretary. The following nomination* were made to the meeting, and e jnfirm'd by acclamation: For Alderman, Dr. Atron W. Miller; for Conncilmen, Lemuel Gaddis, John D Brandt, and John Coetigen; f-r Assessor, Valentine Cnner. This is a strong and eioeedtc^ly pc pular ticket. Dr. A. W Miller was called out end made a very in. terettlcg and forcible speech, disaec'ieg Know Nothingi-m Dr. Maunder, of the Fi<it Ward, followed him, end made, at ha always does, a very eloquent and powerful appeal, inter spersed with witticism?, which kept the house in roars of laughter. All the candidates sig nified their acoeptance. end Messrs Gaddi-, Brandt, and Conner t&fr Coatigan being ab sent) msde appropria'e acknowledgments for the honor conferred upon them. The meeting adj turned wiih three enthusiastic cheers for Dr. Magrnder, whiob awoke tbo slumbering echoes of the surrou ding hills. [COXXintlCATBD. Soketbieo Uatrct 19 sot Oemakektal ? If any of vour aubsciibers are oontraotors fer itreet-paving, let them know thet the ladies would like the paving-atones, misnamed grave?, taken frem the walks in ?? Jackson-Statue iquare, atd for the benefit of the neighbor hood ss well es the " rest of mankind," the Commissioner of Public Buildings would do some service to his oountry at large in rend ing for the celebrated Yaukeo lock-picker to ewe on and show (he people how the gates at the above square can he opened after they are unlocked; and, Mr. Editor, can you tell u.a what effect the night-eap now being put on the kte??le of the church, between Thir teenth aod Fourteenth on li street, will have on the congregation of the < hurch on Sundays in hot summei? Ssooei. W ashing on, May 17, 13SS. TaiRrcL Acciokxt ?On Wednesday sf'er noou, one of the lads engaged in driving the tfif-s between Sivenih street and Virginia avenue, where workmen are employed in leveling the s.roets, fell under the wheel of his carl, which passed over hi* shoulder*, and was stopped by hie heed and neck. The poor b>y remained in that fix until another came end relieved him by backing the horse. Of fcoe: Stoddard earned him to an apothecary's e?ure. where ail that could be dune w.ts done f )t him. The weight of the loaded ca t forced Olood from his eyes, nose, and mouth. Tho physicians think that he will recover. RnvoLrnosanT Relicr?Q. W. P. Custl*, Rsq , has kindly loaned the sleeping tent of lieu. Washiogtoo, made use of by the Father i?f bis Country during the Revolutionary war, to the ccmifiUtee ot, arrangements ef the Grand Regimental bail, to be given next Mon day night at the National Tbea're. It will be pitched on the stage for general inspection. Mr. Custis permitted the Washington Light Infantry vc display thfo relict of revolutionary times, en the occasion of thoir ball at Caruii's ba eon on the 221 of February, 1812. since which tite* it has been Ptured safely at At1Iq?> ton among other articles of value which bf j longed to Waehiegton. Exeessio* to the Cheat Falls.?By ret to our advsrtisiug oolamns, it will be teen that packet Congress will make au exca'fiionto the, Fa!l< and the Water Works, on Sunday morning ties', leaving htr dotk at 7 o'clook. a. u. , thu, ?Cor<iing an op. p >rtunity of viewing the p:oturcque eoeaery cf the Great Falls and its viclty. A Uiwosome Prize.?Wm. H. Winter, Esq., has ordere I a s] leadid silver goblet to t>e utcufaotured by Mr Samael Law's, which he intends to present to the Highlanders, Capt. Reese, as a target prise. The pre'ent has been accepte I by the company ; and the mem bers hare decided to shoot for it on the anhl veisary cf the battle of Bunker Hill. DECtruTio* ?Mr Eleaser Brown, cleited by tho two Boards of Ci y Councils, on Mot* M ij, one of tho commissioners to eonuuet the elation in the lhird Ward in Juno next, has, wo lsara fr-m a reliable sou ca, declined the oQ:o. Tax Vabiet*.? The Shelden Ballet Tr< upe again perform at tbia popular place of amufe cisnt to uijbt. An attractive bill U pre < sented. C1TV U i ill B L C M. Manx, la ose ef hu k>m<Mt m<*ds of thought, fcives at a nvi J :J?a of tie Leiuti:s of illuutl oiti<? inspire<J by the b icreu Xiae, ta exclaiiiM, ?' I'tuiicut Tr?in the arciivU roiM, by fuhde rcautc, aiiay a starry crescent r'cd on a?plialtus unJ nap Cius, yieidiof ligitt a< frua a ?ky." If any of our r>*a Ier9 hitve had intercourse wutr Oitrrux'i Ety ?ian Tattle, th?*y may be able to form some con ception of what Mi.'ton d'enmod of. Gau i<;r'? nec tarMius waters aad b-vrra^j. the nott and mellow rarUace wiii-h pervades ev-ry a^artm^nt of hM su perbly t-ijib?*liuaed aaloon, the ornamental and fretted g?>'d work, profuse;y and irregularly present ed to the vitiou, form a combination of attracu >na which put past all controversy that, a j a nocturnal rtfcurt for the beauty, the eiite, and the literati of VVaJiin^toi), the eetahisbmrni adverted to holds an * u destined to hold a pra eminent portion. In tbi* connexion, It m^y net be arum to etat* tJ at Cautier's sparkling cu^ar is kVinninj f..r iueit'i luiperikhablc laurels an a beverage. Iu medical pruderies,its dt-liciousns**, its sutccplibdity of im. n:<aiaie {.taparation. a< d u?e, hav, la addition to the reputation oi ita originator, procure d for it an aln^t gentrsl use. The bei.lgn influence It so readily exerta ovur a heated state of the blood, and iU instantaneous vivifying effect in cases of fatigue and opprea4oo, ?UI render it, especially in the (oni ing auuimer months, an invaluable acqqia tiou to every domcsiic cirele. It is put up in neat, porta bit- bottle*, variou*iy flavored, and can be ubtainrd at Uiutier's, the Napolitoti of Coiifeelu>neitf. It is ofte-ntimti pleasant to steal from the din and jar of active life to ptrtake of a momentary recrea tion and refreshment. Allf o that ere heavy laden should bear lu mind that Wallace Emot, corner ofTnvlfth and P etteets, ts prepared, through tie means uf bis ibimitabie ieda w^tar biid eirup?, to make your burden light, lie has fltteJ up his ttore tastefully fo the reception ef hi* fiicnds nnJ cun supply them ?i:h almo.t any thiog in the fancy line, lie continues, us u-ual, to compound p.e acriptiont, and disprnsv the choicest and mo*t cf)s cacio^s drugs, meJieiucs, Ac. Six jck w'already dilf <sii:g h?-r pleasing and glo rious iiiflue?:cca. Hvr fragrant Uaatii is on the gnl''. The cpproii naiirij maturity of sweet dowers, the blithe and ioypus carul oftliu feathered psalmut, a* he dods elf his uld and aasun*cs a new and more beauteous uuire, proclaims the eaily advent of gen tle, bnliny, srnginly Simmer. To pursue the ex ajiplesso str.kingl) allorded by cootetnplaMng the matchle-a opt^atiooB ot? anure, we aboutd be prs pare-d to greet the deleetahte season, a > shortly to tud vigorous In".*, w.ili praper regard for its re quiremeets Theiefore, it become* the bouuden du'y of every tieht minded man who has not as yet paid his coinpli:nci.t to Messrs. WiEst.?rtLr< Ac Co. t > repair forthwith to their pa'ace Store, and secure a suit ot their cheap and ixstelul summer apparel. Messrs. W. Ik Co. are otxiging ar.d centlemanlv in their depoibnent, and are enabled, through their ex tended and eaten4i>ig faei ities, to gratify the nio^t fastidi<u? at extremely low ratea. It seems like surplusage to add, in this connection, that they can be found at the Odeon Hall, corner street ar.d Pa. avenue. Goto U a god, at wno*e shiiaa there wotiblpa not one hypocrite, and, In order to increase tin al ready large number of its V0taii-?a, .Mr. T. O. Ucne, at the Sign of J?c Eagle, No. 419 Penoa. avenue, la presenting for aate thi < precioua fact I, in the most b.-wlichlng style* and varieties. 11# keeps con stantly Waiet:ce of all grades and pnees^ Brace let Ot moet erqnirhe ennstructioa i Piagcr Clogs of th<; chastest designs and patterns, and his col lection of Watch Chains m osie that eannot be ^ur jKisieJ, if tijuiiled, by any oiiiet in ib? city,' rv-^oooDMBntcnras.-rtu estimated that atii'S 0-/ CHBKRY PKCTORAL tad CtTRARTIC MIX* h*?e 4 of ??<>!?? to promote the public health than any other onet cmi?. There wo be bo qneetuta thai the Cherry Pectoral has \tj tt* thoaeand on thousand earee of Old*, Ooachs, *eth ?i?. Creep. Iitiean, Bronchitis, be., vary much redoeed the proportion of deeth* fross oonmmptt** dleaara* la thl* eoaolry. Th? Pills era aa food a? uia recurs!, and wtl ?ore mora complaints. B vary body Deeds mora or lee* panting. Part* the blood fram lie Impurities. Pnr*a the Bowels, Ll*ar, aad ?'?* | whole rieceral system from obetrnctlona. Pars* out the dlae*?aa whleh Uiten on the body, to work Ita decay, l ot for diaaaaaa we ahonld die only of o'd tp. Take ent'dotee aarly and throat It from the irttesa, before It la yet too strong to ylaid. Aymr't Pllle do throat oat dlMwe, not only wh'.l* tt li wt.k, bat when It li*> taken a st-ong hold. Read t)>a a* founding et?um?nt? of thoae who have been cnrel br fiem trim dr?*.1fnl Scrofula, Dropay. fleer*. Skin dlaatw*. Rliou matlam, Neuralgia, Dyapepaia, Internal Paine, Rlllon* Com plaint*. Headache, Heartburn, O-ut, and mau'y lona flange- . rocs bat still tl-reeteulnc ailment*, anch aa pioip'e* on the] face, Worma. Nerroua Irritability, Loaa of apnet't*. Irregu larltlea, DUzineaa In th* liee.l, Onlda, Fever*. Dja*ntery, and ltideel every variety of complaint* for which a Purg-Ue* Ben-.mly la rsqntred. Tlieee are no random etatamenta, bat *r* authenticated by your own uetghbore and your own |>liy*lr1ana. Try them on<*e and you will never be without them. Price tt rente per t-ux?4 box** for ft. Prepared by DR. J. C. AY UK, Low ail. Maaa., ?And Mid by X. D. OTLXAX, Waablngtoa. O. M. LINTHICT7K, Oeergetown. JAB. COOK * CO., Frederlckaburg. aad br all Druggists a vary where. may I?evini rr-7?A CARD TO THB LADIK8.?GOOD HEWS FOR THB ] US BICR. 1 DR. DVPOIfOO'B OOLDKN MOUTHLT PILLS, tlte baet and moat Infallible r*ru?)y ever discovered for re lieving and curing all pttioful, d;atre?alng, and dMBealt men atruatlon, aad removing all periodical (.be:ruction*, acd ir regularities arlelng frexn whatever cauaa. Theee Pill* are a | OOBipMi TRIUMPH IN MKDICAL HCTBNCR. They are prepared bv * proceaa winch concentrate* the IngredletiUlnto a email bulk, thua r?rderlng It tin ??*<"???* ry I lor delicate Seinalea ta Wke large doaca of D ?oae?ue ^rug*. Dr. I>H| eaea'a Pilla are the reeu.t of over THIRTY V KARd' KX Pk KIRN OK In the treatiueat of the dl'aaaaa of ? | They have been adve. ti*?l for a little over one year, yet KEYKU.VL TliOrSAND VOXKS have already Veen *ol<J, and the demand for th.-ra rap'dly fn c. caeca wherever they become knuwn. They have been thoroughly tried la Washington, and found to act Ilka a ch ? rm. I H.ild by all Draggiita la Washington, 9*org<stnwn and Al- j BAudrla, Va. mar 1?eoJm* fl?P?A SKCRKT for THB ladiks-how to PRRSRUTB Renuty.?Dun't uae Chalk, Lily Whits, or any of the totalled roan Htca. to conceal a faded or an!low o iji|>!exiou. If you would have the roeea brought back to your cheek, a clear, healthy and ;rauaparent akin, and life and vigx r 1h fnaed through the cyaiem. get a bot'le of Corter'* Hpaniah Mixture, and take tt acuorllng to dtrw tiona. II doe* not Uate qnlte aa well aa awektoiaaM ; hat, If aeter a few doaea yoe do not Cml your hsa'th and bnauty rr\|vlng. your etrp | elaatlc and vtgoruua, and U.e whole ayau-m refreshed and Invtgoratad Mke a Spring mornli.g. fien your ca>e la hope Inaa, and all t'te valuahle cerlifl^tee we poaecaa, go f.>r ] nan<(ht. It I* the great ??t purifier of th? blood kno: n la perfectly karmlea*, and at Uie eaiue time powerfully tfilce eioc*. ?.?See edvfti?mat,*. rr-7?V0AM WALrCEK k CO., Marble Hail Clothing Kmpo J tiem, under brotrna' Hotel, re?pectfully *i.nouii'-e | that tiieir display of Spring and Summer Clothing la now rsady for iuapectlon, i-omprlatng an aaeortment of Oat*. Vert* and Pantaloon* of tha newaat and rlcheat daal^ua In material, trimming and workaianalilp. To gevtlemeo who ?tudy excellence with eoonomv In fiahlonable arttcierf of dra** an opportuully for aa'M-tiug l? offare.l from on* of Mie largert and moat attractive etock of good* ever ciT-ie l in file city at ? very reduce J ar?la of price*. ap 17 r)-~7?A PIIKNOMKNA IN *KDICINK.?Rronchftla, Con?:i, ' DypeeeU Liver Con, pl?inta, Srrofala. kn.? For ail d!8*?*3* of tha Female Syateru 11 ataiida pre em'nent. A Glerjyman Juatlufortra m ll haa cured h'm of Bronchltle of*daa(>? at* ch'racter?"art'cn'a'a h-realter. HAMPTON 8 TKOKTABLR TINCTTRR?By irlld ?e tlon on the atomacii, llvar and kldi>?y*. wll> care Oyapen ? la, Ooag'-, Aathma, Bronchial an<l Long Affe> tlora Pala* In th) Back, Side and Urea't, Conauioptlon. Scrotals, Ri>au oiatiam, Oout. .*.'jura ci?, Flatnla, Bowel C.imnlatti'*. Ptlee, Worma, aad Nar?oc* Debilit'ea?with all dieeaiei a'laiug from Icpure ulood, and la the g-oa'cst female mwi.clue ev arkvtva. Tn'a Invaluable med'rlne 1e working wouderi apon the hum*n fratu*. S?ead\e> ti?emant to-day, mar 7 ff~V- PREMIUMS AT TilK FAIRS.?WHITKHirilST'S I J*-* ami In ths ascrndance ?Tlie Juries of each of the lat? I hire at balttm .ie, Richmond, anJ Raw VoVk awardol |l.elr 1 bl&h?*t premlun. < to J. H. W. for their anperlorlty of Pbo i tographa. Stereoi.-ojte* and pag-ierreotvpea exhibited. Mr. W. *Uo received two Medale at the World'* Fair, Lon don. and a premium at Crystal Palace. New York. ? Ai*o, the flrat award! of the Marylaad InatUut* fol?i'are* yiar* ^aot. WhltehurtPa Gallery In thl* city 1* on Pa. avenna betw. and 6th rtreeta. feb 17 hooflani>'? cklkbratkd of.uman b:t "n.ero are few C:!r-a wvl"h af?-,rd na grea*er pl *?.nore than alttln* down to write * of the celebrated Hoof land Uermta Bltt^ra, hecaoa* we art fully ceoacMU 7* are col.farrI:.V a public benefit, and r.ur tell* us by our nollcea many have liecn Irdnceii to take tliwe Bluer.i, and t-een reacued from death by dysrepala, Uvar complaint, Ac., for tha cnrej>f whl'-h It 1? certain It I* prepared and ?c'fl only by Dr. 0. M. JACRf'iN, at the German UnllclM fci.ire. Mo. Arci Phila^.elpMa. See ^dverttecment. _ c.*r ry~J*Z B. 8ILMAN, has remjved to K-veutii ^?' aireet, oppo'Ite t<> tli? Patriotic ISaiife, *ni 1* new or* pared toC'l al! Older* for Medid-ee, Paints, Oila, and G!a?l on acoinmodaticg terra i. tit.-lct attentfon *11' be cat: to phynlclaa'a preecrl-tlona at ??! honra of th* day and ntfbt. The nltht hell 1* on th* right of the iter* door. ap 14?lm _ ?FJos ?hh.ujsoto* r*<-*:?? *. all the new Boc'c* and N*e l e??er? ?* fa*t *s T-.n?>!l?hed. He le e^ent for Un-oer'a op '. .'J tie oth?r Bajjia't>?*, aod ear reaaera will a.wuya *i o ? lar?? and good a**oi tit set of Blank BooUa and JUtlouii i at felt Bonkatore, Odann B4t':d1ng, d>r Pa. ar^oDa and III ft ??AILHIICU. On'he'.St inatr.?i!f hy IN" Rpv Mr Alk?n. Mr. HEVRY TKt'X.VELL lo MASGABET I! JOHNS, both of Georgetown * Bail- riun piein* co^i7. O i l!i? 17th ir??tane. bv iter A G M.t'lsf!, JAS. B Baltimore,to M as ANXIE VJR<ilNfA VF.VABLE, ofihi#ciiy. ? B It. Sun nl*1*** '?ony On 17th inst?! t. bv Rpv <.'eorte \V pAMj-'-n. F stTiT, Jr. to M.-s ARA ELLA SCOTT, both 11 Prl'ice G'-orge'a county, *4 I. * At 8 oVlf>c't. on (he evening of th? 17 h ln?Unt, I i ih? Mn!;oiist ProtJ^t.-?r.t Par?onaBK. tfth Ptreet, bv the R. v. P. * WIImh. M'. BO'tERT IiANTZ >I AN to Mi*n MARY V K1DVVKLL, both ot Al?x an "n*. Yd. Pv thi- a? tii? Fame tim?> antt plec*. Mr. BEVEDIHT WUEATLEY to Mug MARTHA A KiltVYtLL, bi h oi Alexar.lui. Vi On the ev-nirc of tbe Itf h tn tiuit. ni ?9tn?? i>Jacof by lhe Mr. SAMUEL P.N. MiODLEI'O.V to MiM VIRGINIA CARROLL tciili oi tins city. UttU. Or. the tnornirti; of ;Le 13ih in-Unt, IDA ELIZA BETH, oiil? ?Siilj of i??o. end Mary HtaffUn, aged 3 ?<$r* pn-1 )o a ay.1. Tin-fiiendg of the family are respectfully invited to attend ihs funeral on Sundty aMtinoou, at three oVoek. * Wants. VV J ANTED.? EM PLOY M ENT FOR A COL f ored man, who hn? b?e<i accnsf-?.t>ei< tod.-ive a rnrt. Apply ?,t thia may 17??K)Ut NLK8E WANTED-A MIDDLE AGED COL op il woman, wiio cau come wi ll recommend ed a* a ^ood child'* nur^*, will hud a i?:o<1 eilua f m by Hppiyiit<{ nt Ne 151 I'Ktreet truth, near ?iOih. A gl*y; preferred. may 17 3t* A SITUATION WASTED BY A FIJI LY COM poreut Gardener, one who aiuluftukli all the l>tancheiiTrp|?erin.ining to the bu^iiiei^, uud can pr<? dace umju eii tnabio reft-rt nee. AJ^r* ** "Garfe ner,"thrcu?h ihe office of the ftiar, stating wiiere an interview can Le had, wi!l meet wifh prompt at eitlio.'i. may 17 endt* WANTED Tti HIKE, TO GO TO THE country, a few mile* fiora Washington, cue 8ii Cook, the oilier a* ch^mbcrmaiJ, hotli to under sland waahit'K :.nd ironing. Iliehcvt wage* given. Apply to Mr* BRYANT, on G, between I3i!? a al 14th *trecm. may 17?3t* \\f ANTEI).?A BUILDING LOT, ABOUT *23 W by It 0 <e?t, in the neighborhood of Vermont a vi nue or 14:b. fouUi ot M tireetn. AdJres?, stx-tii g price, fcc , bo* 13J City Poat Office. may 16 ?4t WAN l'ED.--A PGR IKK in our ctore. II eft r cucc requLed. Apply to HOWELL & MORSELL. N'^. 3-J3 C street. li uv/een 6ih and 7th. B'oMieg, L.iu*eed Oil, White l.-cad, Z'nc White, W'hitii Vaiuiih, tic., for aale aa above, in anv quan lity. may Lr??6 ? WA N T ? T) ? A "irA RTNBK TO 1WORK~A Stotic Quarry and contract f <r aalc oi SUuie to Govrrnmeut and otlteri*, there Iming now ereat de mand for alone. Th * Quarry i? itnmedia'cly oppo site Geor^et wu. Large ahaoty, blackemiiii ?hop, and every implement <>u the ?p:>t. Tl ii quarry H?r nUhe* the best and l^rgeet truck S:oue, ic. A chance ia now offered. Call or write to LLOYD fc TO, F fttcntli street, oppo. the Treasury. may 3?tf A MTEl>? EVERY BOD Y ~TO ANOWT lUT Viey cau get a lot 24 feet from by 1 JO feet deep, for the low prtoe of $75?payable .$3 a nctntb without interest. Apply at the Union L^nd Ottice, 7;b St., abov<r Odd Pellowd' Ilall. ap23-3m JOHN POX, Sec. 2RVfc.STH W illD.?UNION TICKET. For Alderman?DEARBORV R. JOHNSON. S For CouimCouncil?SAMUEL PUMPHHEY, VMUEL S. TAYLOR, HENRY A. CLARKE* SAM U El mav 4?te C1Cl>rOH ALSS, LONDON BRO. STOUT,! O 4C Tl# subscriber offers f<n sale ? 1000 ask* Scotch Ale. Mina*, Ternants, Falkirk's and Yu lifer's 500 do% London Brown Stout. Barclay, Perkins Jt Go's, Hibtia's and Byass' I I0u0 boxes Champagne Cldw ALSO? Now Ex Schooner Jose a^d M tria, from f'p.)rio, Queen's Pun aau LopvioH Por barrels pure jetc-. Dry and old fashioned Port Wines Imported In cas!is of 10 gulloi.s under bond to b i sold from the custom hen ? stores For rf'e by WM. E. ALLEN, , 84 Burling Slip, New York, N. T. ?ay?->lRw4e (Ofan) CAMPBELL'S D1CTIONAKV *4 Mliita-y Bel euce; Cavulnr, it* Huury and Tactics by Cap ktin Ni Uiyn lbs Trailing of Cavalry Horses, Reg utiU"B* for Ytorocnrr Cavalry. * FRANCK TAYLOft. For Sale and Pent. 1JOR RENT.?A THREE-STORY Brick House, . on the comer of N atrret north and Vermont avenue R nt $200 ner annum. Apply at tbe G<*> eery Store of A. JACKSON, corner ot IStfi and H rtietta msyl3-?ea*t pOR RENT?A TWO-STORY AND ATTIC r Brick Hcusa. r>n tbe wp?(iid<> of the Market, near Bridge Mreet. Georgetown, it contain* ?evea rnoma. inquire of the owner, neit d?er. miy 17?3t* I^OR RENT?A TWO STORY BRICK DWBL linf, with attic. In p!en?*nt nei|hborho<M, an.I not far from the City Po*t Offlc. The bnute con t'-.Ilia teven rooms The adverti??r is on the eve of relinquishing boutekeep'nx and wants to 9+II V e Furn.inrc. Would also, if agreertblr to all parties, b?>. w. 1 ng to board witii th* petty reming. Hp Iki no chil !ren. Address, ihrorgh the P??st Office. "A X," Wathington n??i\ p?a ? FOR SAI.E A QUANTITY OP BRICK YARD Toola, u^ed but a ahnrt i?me. Aleo. one of Smith's machine*, 'or brick making, (for steam or borse pow? i,) h ia only been used a f> w Jays on ac-r connt of the clay Apply to Stephen Caatar, corner of L direct ?miih and New Jersey avenue, or to lh? subscriber at hia office. Smidisorian Ground*. may 17- 1?? QILnERT A. CAMERON. RRICK YARD, BRICKS SQUARE of Ground, Horses, Carts, Karma, he , at Private fM?le.?? The subscriber will sell at private ?sle, on very rea sonable term*, Pquve No 650, whictp^ontain* an in"xhau*ii!de quantity of good I rick cl?v, with a hick y?rd lew in acuial ? per>;ion thereon, hn.I anout 400 <Kk) b unt nn.1 u burnt r?ady ma e bri ts It has rn it an inexhaustible cioern well of w.U?r, and a fl>?r rom and sheda sufficiently la'go foi eight or ten gan?s. ANo, four lt?rsea, two ?f which are fine Lro'w! mares, with young colts, four Crts and Harness. Also, one Farm, Ijing in Montgomery HiiHtT, Maryland, about eight nr ten mile* fr>m Wa?l.irg ton, on the Adelphi Mill road, immediately in th? vicioitv of Pisgah Met tine-hoase, and about three mites from :h?* rallroid, a ntninins liJO aerea of fic? land, a part of which is heavilv timbered; and a pencil a?d apple orclnrd of 1.5<W tree*, in full bpar ng. with a variety of oifier fruit tr?"e*. The farm is w.JI watered, auli the land in a high elate of cul ?ivn>i< n Also, a Farm i 8"> or 90 acres. lying be twem two nnd tlree miles from the Capitol, wiih jjond iinprcv* m-nti. Inquire of the subwrlber. on C, between Second f.nd Thir l stiiets, W?t?bi'r'on may 16-c.-2w SAMUEL C. IVROE FOR SALE-a TWO-STORY FRAME Dwell ing House 01 Mass&chuscti* avennc, betw?en 4;h and 5th streets. The house has toyr excclletU rooma and n ki'chen, and portico in (rout, with an excellent jard attiched to tue pre mis'1*, and run ning through the entire rquare, a<id ih situated in *f healthy re pectab'.e vicinity an iherj can be found -io thin ci y, and is only two aquarta eau of \ uthcrn Market Hcuw. Possesion fivn ininiediatelv. N. CALLAN, Buy II?eo3f Nr?. XI3 F ?t. \TALUA8LE AND ELIGIBLY SITITATKD Huitdiii* Lot at Private i'aie.?The will sell, at private anle, Lot No. 3 in Square No. 4 M, I routine Wl) feet 4 Inch on II rtrect south, by 91 fe? t 0 inch on Eighth street west. The Lo; wili be sold in 1?h?>le or in parM, to suii purchasers. Terms afcomni'Vlaliii*. CII AS. 9. WALLACH, Altnrnry, ap 30?<_o4?v* i*pi?o.-lte we t wing City li^ll. LARGE"AND PiTEAS^Nr ROOM tIN TlfE fccond fcr a q?-:itlfinitn and wife. .\'so. vacancies f.?r ing'c eentletn'n may he ob tained liv applying at No 47 3 Si^.h t>l , between | l? and E. may 14- eu3i* I^?OIl SALE OK RENT ?A NEW FRAME _ Ilcil?ef situated on IVashingtMU street, George town The eouse ia comfortably aranaed, ccnlain.s two fina parlor*, eight bed chan>b rs and an excel lent kitchen, and i? Mtunird in one of the most healthy and quiet pars of G: o*c< town. Enquire 01 tbe owner, JOIIN J. FREY, next door, miv 12?tntf 17OR RENT?A NEVA' THREE-STORY FR \ME ^ HOUSE, cintainifg ei^ht rooms, very pleas antly situated; on New Yfik avenu ?, n?-ar tiie ;n?cr ?ecti->n of New j'eney nveeu" and Third eiftet. it has n aide Jot for a 5ar?ifn, and a nod cellar trqd. r the kitchen. Tu a punctual tenant the rent wnl be ?S'S j>er nso lh. Pos~e-Mon eiv-n on tiie l?t June. I'nqnir" of VViLLIAM POIVELL, or.e door : bove. No 1C5I ni^v lfi? Oteo For eent?the two new houses on Pifi'e (Ifet. b-tween L nn ! M ?tr?-eti!, emi taininc #ix tootu-? ea? n, wit'*? ba^etoent and & >a?d "'tflehed. T-> pq:t?tukl tenants the low rent of etclt <iolian will he charged nionth y. Enquire of th<? owner, opposite the preuii.--?. tray 15?2** <M(A*. TTtOM \. A MAGNIFICENT RESIDENCE F?iR SALE or Rent.?I wiil?iiher ?e!l my Fa-ni cn it r Georgetown nnd R'lckvi !e Turnptk", 2 milec abov, adliirii.r Tee.'; rr 1 wiU r< m to ii gonis o-nat.'s, tbeiK,i>*t: t??d garden, (i:;tludiiig i'urn iure, if deairedi cow?, lie., f r the samit'r ? Tail on tiie .-ub-eiiuer, at Mf? LYI.E3 adioir me. THOS. MARSHALL. may 15- 10: 1 * EVTS REDUCED TO SUIT TUP. TIMES. $L?U a year will he received for the rent o? l?*?t-e t:?w and co.iven'ent cottage* at Kendall (jr?*ec. With two acres t.f sr >u;.d, tita^ie, wor-d eh* d and ctl>er convenience^ attached. Pun.^ ot pure wuter are near tbe door, wnd c-aimnutcat oa N had witii fieor*etowu by way 01' H and Sev: n?h wtrcet? and r. 1 ?i Aeei-ue, morning ard aft? ruoon, at 11.t usual f.:r", for the accomi'tc-dutton ot rierki in the depart ine'aus. To eeeuts ibe advaniAg" of th!s er>?at p duction of rent hnvtediute application mu-tt be m.iJe to thr undersijjM-d, either by letter, or at bin hou.e at Ki-tniai Green, after office hours, whete the kry6 may be had and the l:out-e. iuspe te,1 at any time. Severa! of Utese resiliences will b;- is?.ld on liberal terms. WM SHCKWEY, No 4, Keii.tall (>ieen. N. B.?Rents said quarteviy in ue. npr 9, lKia?tf I^OR RENT?A COM PORTABLE TWO STO . rv House on 9th street, between M nnrt N sts P is<sc. sion fiven inmie<*ia?ely. Anply to the r??b scribers, at Uleir Lumber Yard, corner of LTUh and D-treet?. II. N. 61 J. W. EASUY. may 10? OOR SALE?A FLOURISHING DRUG STORK P wiUi a c?implcte awo.te.i stock of b s! Jru2j, l*c , in one of the bn loe-atinas in vVa*Si ngtnn, i>. C. The present owner beiug on the"p-dntof leav ing will ne I at a very reatonabl* |;rice Aay one who ha<! a thorough kiiO\v!< d?e of the l u-ine s and the ncc-^sary qualifications ?>f tbe bu-iius- will rind it a rare chance. Address "H S," Box 116. Wa-b ington city may 9? Ik ? FOR RENT?SEVERAL HANDSOME PAR lors and Uhambers, with l.otird. Also, Table aad transient board. Inqui.e at Mrs. SMITH'S, 833 P street ap9 HOMES FOR ALL.?Beautifully r.nd healthily located Building Lois, 25 front Ly 130 feet deep, on graded st/octs, Cun, until pprin-j, be l^ U^it at die exeiitiuine low price of $7j, payable $3 per mouth. 'I itle iadi emiablc. Union Laiirtl Office, 7th St., above Odd Feilowb' Hall. Jan U?6ci JOHN FOX, Sccietaiy. Boarding. 1)0 All NG.?f >ne line la'^e firoi t rn..u:, >>h 3 an a-ijoinii!^ chamber, handsomely f :r;.i he ruitahle for a family or several jotinz men. Al-o, trhan.bera larger thrn are gfiterHlIy appn>pri&p?l to i-i .^le g> ?tlcin',n. with b?arJ, on roHeoaablH terms The situation i?> bi^h ami hea thy, and i?s the imt^e diHte neirhiiorhotal of the Patent Office, pi??t OiI"'ce, and Indian Bur au. TianMent ami table larder can be m'.so accoairoodAted by appltcation to No. 3 Union Row. F street, between C Ji a id 7ib 6ts. may 14 lw" BiJAltDlNG VIRS. M C. GREUR rei^eet fully announces the has t .ke?i the large an l commodious new brirk homo, N ? 561) Penn. avenue, near 2 I street, withing one minuted xvalk of 1 be Capitol, a short distaucc from the r&iltoad de p<?t, and she now prepered to raceive b<Hr<lr.ra by tiie day or week upon the ir-opi reasonable tenn^. Abp, has a number of ilue Rooms furt,i^ied or utifuruiabed, wnh m w.;u?u( board. Anpiica^on as above. may 11?lw \ 0 TIC B.-FOR RENT-PARLORS AND 1' Cbun'crs, with bo ird- Also, tabic and tr-in sient board, with a bauiiug n:on? an 1 shower bnths and every attenuou to renJer it most ntrceable to her boarde'r Mrs. P. G MURRAY, Corner Pennsylvania avenue and 4>$ at, ap23? 3iu BOARI>? 4&e ?MRS. BATES, on the eooth weet corner of Pa. avenue and 9th street is pre pared to acco?nn?odate gentlemen with rooms, with or without board. Every effort will be made to ren der those comfort; bie who may Ihvor her with their pa.ronage. ap 6?if NEW JEWELRY WATCHES,SIVEKWARB 8ie M. IV.QA^T k BRO.,arc reoeivms daily lasg% ad.iuion} to their atoca of ne.if ?^d eiegaBi Jwwelry, Wtlcben, 8ilf?c Ware, fee. Perchaaen* hate the ?.'vantage of a B'ieeti<'B fro.n a complete assortment of latest styles, of tb? betet quality, and at the lr.we*t rates. M W. <4ALT k nro., >94 P?- av., botwewi 9tb and 10;h eta. aay 11 - it For sale?a very fine saddle and Baggy HORSE. Th? liorae is ^ou?g, ?y g-ntle and sound, aad of fine atoek; would ma>* ?iih-r a vctf fine carriage h?w>e, or ? T"-"" very pleasant rbliug iior?e. A loo, ft>r seje nn excellent work horse, perfret'y sound. Apply to N?. 43 Duubartou at, Grorget'n. ga&r 4?(awvf | - A action Sales, By OKfeifift * iCOTT, A.ntlo*^ S SATJiF*a"y^i50i5,hE|9 AT AUCTI )N ~?n JWSttSi- * ? B??? *-*>? ??a.. 8 fine yourf Ri.lirtf and Buyry Corses 1 Lsdv's pony. Tery swift, rtfcUn and hardsoma On? 6 * t ha:?d, suttabla for u physician Tbe above stock i> moId :or no fault, th# o?d? havinc do further use for them. A fine chance for a* y person wishing to purchase eojU burse* Terms cash. C REEN fc SCOTT, ma> 13?-d Auo kiomi By OflBCM 4t PCOTT, Aaetlo??ert. 'I Wo F2AMR HOUSES AND LOTS AT At?* I liou?'_.n TtlUR'JHV, t!if 24"h instant, a: 6 0 c'ock p m , we fhail s. II in front cf the pn m ??* r?Tt f.r Lor Mo 9, in Sqnare 437, wuh the improee n.en's, which are two Iriuif H>>u?es. one con'aii inn three an * the other niiit rnorrs; each bow*1 fronting twelve fest on south G. between 7m and W* west, with a Ave feet alley between tbe two, making tbe who|? tront 23 feet, running back 80 feet 7 iwhef. B f|,Term?: On* founh ca*h ; balance In sit. twelve, Kig.neen, and twenty four utouUis, oa notes bearing iftueretii. m A ?1e d u;ven an,! a de d of tm.t taken. Tims inci puuble. ,n.. la a CREKJi at SCOTT, ? * Auctioneer*. "APJVrVf? St, *c"TT. twlUMm' 1 RI.STEK'dI 8?LE OP VALI'A!;l.R |,RA|. f la-tn.c ?B> virtue <?t a decree of the Orphan^9 Cnnrt ?f i,.^ PMrcl of Columbia, u r tbe c..untv or ''njroa.n.iprjved by he Cirou i Coart of*aM 1 .fuict. Mitn.( in Chancery, |ia>-*ed in the matter t"?n !>l rT' ?" "V M" rro,"'? guardian of the in Un, ^nd h Ira it 1..w ?f kVnshiwon rrose MavT?5 aT<i\OH.TL,UKM)AY-l, r 10"' ?'?V o. ay, I8c5. at ^jo c ock p. m , in fr?nr of the pten, "'??? err*? "e'1 ' u,"l^'"?27,i?8, 39, >\ ;ti ii i a?US h4M,UJre n2"h*^ M". *'??* ? Ihe ?TK lnod District aforesaid ' he , 2?e *<eecrib? d property j? ntua'ed at th? corti rcf Famutiitb sirt?t eaat and E st sonili. Ter,nn ot snle: One--hir.l eaa!i; the reiditt in two rqnil payments at 6 and 13 n.ontlM. with inierrM o i d. erred payments. Th* deferred payni, Bl< lo b^ vcured by the uote* of the purchaser ?;r pur cra-ors, satisi.irtorily ? n nr?#d. inrVrilU' j"" of the purchase money ar.d interest, and U.? ratifi utirn of the i-ale hy the Cojrt, the trustae will convey to purrha^er or pitr c ifl?era, at bis rr their cost and pst?en^e, a'l the nitrrea and rMate in , nd to Mid li ts of wi ff'SssstfaH "?a 2-?Mle,9iH.''"KEN k Au,'IXW?. - ?*l^?nV*r4!' "t 31'"n<l *nvin* be?n nold, ihe TUCI S JAY li"*1 30 Pt^'poned until . * W'b in tant, on 'h# i remi?ei< m r, d'c,? ?>wi" * ?" >" ??? "7? L/: d? r, on Uie above ihah CROSS, Tru.:ae. ?ny lt-J CaEEN 4 a' "Tr, * Ancucmrenu ay K. s. WKIGIIT, AnciloB.erT GE(?RGETOWN. oneep? M(T\nAVC? ;t?i;AR, AT APCTIOV-On fc * h nnr ; -'lJt at li o'clock Fli r 3 wharf. th? c4r?o fcf ih* hfi, ?! ** 1,1 R*iV,tC',r*. coLsivt-na of 318 tbd? ch -tee and prune >"uf^-. * M ir t. ^ S- W'tlttllT, may 10??lts a.. .? ?- Auctione r. Mv'j. c. MeRIMIttf. 1 T\MK\BLB BRICK 0WKI hi\C IIOCSF FPiOiv.f'"1 th^ Capitol at Auctiea.- 0; FTIDAV afternrv.,,. May jH j, al 5 oVu.rk, on tl.? I'" ,,art f ''"l So hi S^u ir let ?nd 31 Mreet- ea?. ?, d ,ur.ninZ ba<-. .'27 -Tt to h.517 rV *"ey' w,t" " "?r v i,w ar.d1.ub/tv Ital y built f ur-ft-ry b:i<?k dweiimj hcu P, c?.ni;vin ing 1jglit room*. The Iirow in Nn't on a i lrt m< li s it*n rtr,>hcd !u u,e be * Title in^ispntitjrt, i <*rms: 51 0041 cai-i, j re-Htj^ In 41 rrjor thu wi h tiiUre*i, secu'vd by a deed of trust ? ?i th.- isr? JASC. MOr iKF, ? AiciHinor. UOT#?:?.kh, Cncil.iierrT ^ \I.E OF FOUR Et'il.HIM; I/iTS a? Aac ? ? n " ' UESn.w aftervooN, .Vay tiJ sit C ? ? clock, I sh til Mil, or Uie pr-m sta y3r > of iJt- <v" Mud 00, to PQux-. Ml r?Btii-^c? 6J ., ct r 00 Pb i?.v. U ^H-ond a..d II..rd ?'re,-.<. , ? Kudil, in fjqaare fron-irc 1 ^ p ^7 f. "?ru *' iniyrt:t'a Srw }<?*?! avertue and 31 T'-rrns: f ne f?arih oa,.h ; Si*are;"|,i 3, ]?? -?n l la ?utmilis, wuh i-ter^t, secured by rti rl o.< pruMtriy" . C. W. D'JTFLKP.. 9 may l.> h> Aartinr.eer. BV J C MtO1 1 ; K| A uo:fencer ^rwcsTcr- ?a a: or valcaclb s? Tld L uie L"t near lliiircad I? iM>t Rv v .tue of a ,2": l,rc*1 ? dav. i; tho 4Ui day < < A.^n 7ai * reecr.ji-d in l.ib r J. A S., No. il.lio' !r.';r ?^b-if.brr ?.!i ?^ l 'I public ?a>. tat t nlii.iY, itc :,.b day ?.f -line, 1.1^5 at 5 a ??VI.k k P ??. .'?n ihcpia.i^, all rh~. . |. r#> cr n-rr,, aroui.. ly<n?? mid li.-i: e -iitiiv n the ? it.v of Wn-h ws'oa.and b iiirj artof g< No CJj, b. einmna at n |n sul on ... w Jers y a.tmje *70 feet fr? in ilie nnr. iv.vct cor..* r ot K-tid wrj.|BI? n...j w^ rV i.f'i i * I * " * l" N, w frr- y avenue 1 , "' ' t I \ "iCbes, thence ?put 1 feet, mute ? "* J'-"'*8"'1' fen front the li.-*t <*? ?cribcd ifl.f ol tbr- piece of^ ou .d, and iu in 1 pi nr a.'U w.lh u:iid Itae e.e-twa.dty to N w Jer.-V .ve iiU'- 1.Sleet 1,4 inches,theocennnhwardlv?.i N'tw Jerhj nv- nu- 23 feet to the poi t of be-,M,inc. ? nV,: pr"t* Jf>; eii^iVy siiusit d a> ar the Uai ru.ui De|Kttaud avijotr.>ng Fey a Hotel, rapidly ei..ia;;i ui? ia va.ut:. otfer. n t:o*t fivotab e ou poit-jBity fny tLwatmetit. Tcrn.^ of siie j Il^lf ca?h, and ba'aneeiad, J3, and 18 month", I r M tcs bearing iat:ie^i tr.uu th* pSiiity 6cVUrcU b> a '?* l"?< Mfw-u tbe If It.ff ti'img oftdle sr.' aoi ccniiJi d rlth in tii cayaa.ter Ue hale, ih? |If. tw-My will It rcso Mai ilie riiik auu eipeuse . filit; in:re! a-? r. C11A3 6. WALL ACII. Tru -tee. JA3. C MtCCSr K, may l.i-coi.'a Au H^oeer. T Kit Arsecl#?n?ar. f^LN SMALL Mounts \T AUC" I \'-(;N MOflOA? ilemsn, May 3i?t, tt 6 sViir*. 1 Mm?! fjril. nn Il>i? rr? in 513, Lots la, J?J, anil 25, U^r ih r wi ;. :hc ur.^^y iiueMt tfertoti crnrUir ? t.f t.-n t oiivrni. aU.- arrarre.i and nvarly new 1 nm? lli.u<te, each cobtainiiic 4 rooms. % Thin pr>prrty f, located on aoulh K. Utweo.i 3.' and 4>j >tre? ts. Termf: F? r ?aeh Rons.- $53 rash; ml ?u ? $->i p^r mou'ii till, with interest, w cur^d Ly a dtJd of trust on the p'f perty. C. W. BOTRLER, ?y tt-eola Auruourer. Vy VRC?? A ?tu ? T, Aaeltwiaassi IMPi.'OVKIl A \ 11 C MMPROVHO fR'TERTV J at Auc:ii n ? On FRIDAY , U.e 18 h Ir--m, ^?la!l sell, in front of ill- pr.-'iiit>w?. at b o'c'ock i. m. a gu .d two BtMy itmne ll 'Cte a-d L"t, siiu^ted rn ihe west ot loth street, b. ;sv?, w Vork aw ?ui'es i K 1 ??n3 r"rt of No 7, in j,< ihro M3, hasieg a lr?ut of 33 feet, running back io an ^ ly', t"'! h' '?*? cofculn-- six pto-i ?....uj?. And isimediitl* ly the *fe or tbe ahor,. We s fi.ill sell, m fn.iit of the ptemi-es. pari of Lot No. 8 in fi|uar? No. 437. l> a front on the ruWie fp'tce of 31 fei-t. betw?eu 7it? rnd .^tii si< imtnedi a ely siiutiirt the Notth&iD Liberties' Market, with a I'eptb oflOO ieet. Title indisputable Term- : One third carii: kaUnre |n n.v< at<d Wu yeaiM, :or note* Usunnj interest fio:u tbe day of tue Mil ?? A deed given aaJ a tier.I .-ftruirf .. . CLIKEN U SCt)TT, _ ^ 15?<1 A?tft>.e ee.-. Bjr WALL, U A Li !* A >* II A, Ml . *.777 Maiiooaw, walnut, vlnechinu.^c , at Auf'un. ? Ou FRIDAY :?it-*aoon,the 16ib ? 2 "'dock, we .1,^1 >eil, in fmuiot lr Auction Rooiuy - ' ne^ra"** ^ ?f ,u;a> 'fcany. ^al. ut a.<J uua;4e VV M^ogsnv tnd wahut Woc..^, d an curled f he attention of ciblnetmakers h inwiu d ,a;M' unjt.r ctiiih; tbil cuti! a credit ol 90 Jftid fO t!?ys, for no??i aai?raetnhly eu dorsad, bearinj inform. WALL, BARNARD & CO , . may 15?dt^ Aurtjonem. *Vppi^ v McGUItnc, aneiloasei \^ERV \ALUA'ILE BCILDIVQ LOT in tbe 1 first Ward at I'uhlieSale.?f>i? MONDAV *? ter.T?.ri, May 3iit, ct oVkjck.on ibe trenh. ?, ,ot No 4i ,w Entire 10i, fi ,hiiiiC 51 leet 1* nebta c?i north C, betwe. n 20Ji and 21 t sts rn'oo'^L Ck 1Si fw,? wili 113 0ul,ct t,aci *he tear Thisj W is dehghtfii'ly tl nstM in one of ihe it-.* f ah., nakls part- of the F.rst Wr.rd, numerous line tfe vk.S'.110 P,rBrei! ?- '? t:e tu.;acji Tnle pt ifecf. 1 eintM Qif'iilrd ca?h ; fbe re?i ^ue in 6,12, ah-' 1 Wr<nths, wnii int?r?st secured by a d<eu c -ra \ on the prunisea, - ?', l ma* i? j ' JAa* Mccnine, - - J * '* ? Auctioneer. VBv .IAS. O. MeGUIIiE, Auetlan'sr. F.RY VALUABLE OUIL- INO LOT ON F ^D^v^o3"1 BBd M;h !T" at Auction.?Ou ? v?8I>AY ait?r>.?<:n, Mav 231, at 5U o'clock on JSua^Nr^f ^eu vbe wK,'?,fnf^?* s U No. 2ol, ha?!?g 6 tr nt of 3) ft. ?rrb tfKsjr ??14'" ; r*9K,*r *?? mm) 19 (hJ pre.r^ ' ^7 ? deed . f uu.t t-a uiav li^d ,Ja- C MXJl tKE, uw* 0 * Aucuuaetr. TELEGRAPH K>. aaroann rt>? DAILY EVEWIIfa STAR Deatractira Fira-Lew tt Life [incut DIIFATCI ] renaa?mo, Va., May IS.?A large fl/e o xru--ed here, laat nl(bt, ia lh? eentre of tfca city, by which twelve ttoret were entirely ?on ? KutccJ. u follows On Bcliogbrooka Uml - V?icosor, Plumncr & Co. hardware flora; Ox>. W. Stall, ih >? atora; N Uartaaaa 4 Co , e'othing atcro ; Mair A btereaa, ehlaa itcre Oa Sy-annre a.reet?W. O Fori, aegar a ore ; Si?t.el JUll, hat itore; R 8. Thompeoa, tia ?t ?ra; We'ton L Alatoa, eoaaiaioa n?tr ehar*; Watkior, Son d Co , do , do Ob Old street?Hecht, Broa A Co. and Ilataler Bros , c cthing atoraa; E Roberta, reetearaat. Tfca oas it estimated at $1*9.000, part of whlah to inaared. M toy of tha walla fall thu corning bary iog aaveral liule boja; aiooe which two hare Ken extrioatcd from tha rein?, ona of whoa j dead, acd tha other ia aappcaed to ha dying at tbe time of oloaiog this dirpatoh Muirti Kismy Trial Fcatp.acd. Puiladbi.i*sia. May 13.?Tho bearing of 130 habeas oorpu* Kinney caaa hai bean poa' poocd at tha request of the defetdint aaoonoei until Monday, ia ordar to give lima to obtain s me do-omenta from Waabtogton. Mond iy n?xt ij tha firat day of tha term. M ai Baakley'a Appliaatioa Rafaaod New Y03.K May 18 ?lha etee of MiaaBaok ey. tho eecap?d Kinx.i??burg nan, egainat DaWitt 4 Davenport, pabliahera, waa ooaaid ?red this moraicg The Judge refueed to mike the ioj taction perpetual, but continaaa it temporaiily. - Suit f?r Damage* Agtinat a Railroad. Eca-ros, May 18?Yeaterday, before tha Suprocne Court aitting at Ipawleb,. la thia State, the ci e of Lr Charlea 11 Browa ve the New ilaven Railroad Company, waa taken cp The plaintiff claims dimagea ta tha ?tmonnt of $20 01-0 for icjuriea roc aired at tho Norwi!k eataj'.ropba De?th of a Lutioguiahfd P. r*oa. ALUsr, May 18 ?The Hon. JohnC. Spen cer. lormrr'i/ Attorney General atd Secreta ry of ibe Treaaary. ani oae of the moat emi nent Jawyera in loo country, died laat ovaaiag in thia city. ?? Baltimore M:rk-ta. Baltimorc. Ma? 18 ?Hoar ia qo'et and ; aa'?a cf 1 00 bhia H tward at , at $10 87. / ra?s?le* of $20 OC'O buah-le "bite II Ota H 06, ncd y?l!nw *? Sl.05igl.06. Wheat? >* of 5 000 ; red at $3 SCagi 6S, -a * hi o at $2.60??2 Hew York ILitkata New YofcK, May 18 ?Cjtton is nncbanfed Fii or has declined 25a t^ood Ohio $9 7J >10; to itbern ia firm. Wheat? i^outiiero rad $2 50 torn ia stiff-r. but not quotibl* hlgber. W^attrn mi**i S1 1 .taSl 14 P.rk i* a trifle 1-I??r; old ir.V a ilft 07 a 116 75 Beaf and Urd un ranged. Wtiaky bettor;OtL 38iaS8J. New York Etcok lfarket. New Ycka, May IS.?Stocks are Toaar and dull, f.'- ncy ia ahvn >an?. At tbe fi.-at botrd ?a e- of E'ie'a i t 47i; Cleveland an i Tdaio it.iiroai, 'ili; Comberlatd Co^l Co-wpaty, Rsaidin^r Ka?!'on(f, 87; New York Caatrcl '.?i; Vireiria 6'a 9"i; Ml * ?ari 6'a, 91 j 10 ALL THAT VALUETLIFI^SfGHT. T to rsll t|. aUf .U<?o io all ????* ?uifer ? * with ?l?-f^criTe ???!it, ctweJ l?t Ri ii'.m pattn u'arlv t o<p ti --<?* injj Jic t?u-!y s. ircted, ?i iiitwrniof fPtiTACLLS fare illy p.ittM ??> h-iii^eti io a ?nj<* -t?l?-?jra? accuracy, a?t<l Uiiuant iraa?pi[|?Cf, ?ui ?-?! ??r^Ci^iy ai.d ben cfici Hy to the ?>. ?*r?rr tccf?>?l>?* i<? W?e ? '"nearl y or couvt-K lytftUi^ ?>??. Wry aaa <mi< art' tv ill ef cVcU cau^d to tt?? pr??ci< ua uik??\ eight u?? c irmr?s"? ?'u?-ni ol liiir ( (a?.r< in n<4 Wrij pft c -ely tunt^, t-t th? Uj?* of an Ojt?B??r;'nd the ptactice-of iraay v.-ar?, vualrl a i to uiea^ure tho t'.inl di-taucc or u.w ry?, nn.i ri b elates thdi ai? al(.'>iul-1> r^qtiired %* ill U; tu.t.i-utd with prwcut'iu aifl fK.i<fao:iou J. T ackiai?wl*dj|?a lite v*ry liberal rccouraa^ ment already oi?iaft??~l, li fatthcr iwL:ii!iUrpa of it km iksi Uavt a-tyct araileU tUem?*.Jv** 1* lit> aid. IVr? ni> tlict ?-anuox roiiv^wirntlr call. t?y a**t>din( I"?? 1:1 uo*, r.;i<l (ti>tias l??>w io^bv iu. be* ."?* can r^ad pniit wi'L t.i'ir rpartadw, c?m it- fiii ?iui mcb tftat u HI i :<;?rove their ^istot. I*?tii!iK^raWi to?t'n.onial* t?? l* ?<???"; and tvfet riIfft giv^tl iO til liV Wll" |iHV? d?-riVA(l lite g:. ?!?** i e-?- ai?i cem'ort t'.oin ^i? fla ar? ?'ircCla'* (? U-* {???! cra-JJ, u? hi* ?fii No 5 1 ia }*- vrsi'b >tr? jt, itaer i).mr> m.iu UaJ i'til^wa' UaJ, uj? eia ra. VurioiK 5??r t-? al'cr 7, lnM F;r?The Pp^ctarK-.* yi?u nnde f?r imp mil *?jr and to have* in?p<( red uiy ai^Ut inoa? l.t&u auy o.Ltf I have Ui*-iy t???-<2 Lrr?. W. Tazkwcll. 1 harp trie J n p'ir nf Ep*ctad?*e cb'alned fr-.m Mi T?bi ia, t ltd 6?<l 'iicsn offi?-at u>?iitance to a.? 1 t?i.le-pouu.i.jj uitii Mj fi?cii(.'Hia oTthe Itf jus. i recr.oiuead hiui :ia a tki>l:ul op'ict'n tifc>;:y A. WuC Mr J.ToBt'.a: fir?"t ii?? p-iir ol' FpA?*t?clre you fuTu^tbed m? tf4rnl^y oi?? tartfn(;,rtr m'i^ar'oty jo u>- TUey -r<? \cry dri id**- lr ihr I^-m I po ai:y I :uu lb?? ?iwnir oftiifct or** |<airrj rair!'attf M*l*^*tvd in uitTrmii ptun.-t fr 'tii at mo on a vf il>' ir pr f <i mia! h'andirf ia Kn^. I:u.d, France, aiid tbe I'mtrrf .Staf**# I buv* be*n uIk) pl< a-cJ witLi your n-tuarhe *uJ dir? ctimi* uu Hie tieumintof Hi* rfu, for U??- pui p.?c of rr? ; e. viug hikI ini^rotiu^ -Se kr?pect:<il y >onra, ?'H?a PALOU'LIt., Profeaaor of M. t'., Louwnllc, Ky, Lmnivu, Nov. 10, Mr. Joiih Tobin* hnviig t^riii-bed tn,- w th i.ta* t>?< l?v wl ioh | have bwit $ early ituy n> u i iwvinj I'lill'rrrtI grrttijr >i->m leaduif attiifht hi my (l'!i< r liter) it aU<wru? ui*- "li- Si2ii>-,t pleasure to my I ccnaid?rr him a si i;?iul p. actiral nixician, and 'A'cll t rt'parrd tu uJ tli<>?e V liu <? ay itik pro(ra ei.ual tarkta. Wm H Roma, LlJtv w Ut't!>wlut Coo rrmcr. WtoiiKorox, >.C,iaa 27, Ih5% Mr. I. Toau*: Dear i^ir-1 aui happy to aay .hn.; tbe 8p0*t?elm O'l-ich I obtaiiit-d lr? in you M?w>h ar?* entirely fatirtact n. Fk'si: an inf^italiCf in u? vi?ual r<at? ol utv cjea, I i>vr here; ?f.ue found ?rea! uit> in eetti.-; *ia-s< ? o' ii?i? pj .tior fin d dia'aaeaa. u b8' rit? lur (IrMtri Isbw ^. lb?ily ihr aid of you( trr tin* diffi< u'ty iiR* w-. n hsppi'j oLviatea. wi that the Oiaaee.? you furi:i?h?id me t?re decidedly tae btrkt adapted te my ?*y??a of any I have ever j uatd. \rry r.tpectluJy your*, R. B r^Ana, RW. r of St. JrjQ -k > DcpariBi''iii nflcK-.irr T, Ihii. Prom nt>. u al ilrtaua d tli?> ranre of ar e\e?, | lure t !'? n com- e!U d ti u?t gla<M*? f.?r e+vt> o! )e?H. I tiivc Ui-'il rent withAui ob: ini&z fjtia*? pc(fa> ily 6 t?-d tr? av n Fwir muntli- -i?<*v ?:tr. 'J'uMai rat two p.ii-* *>.p.'ri.Vi/ i t?w tie, wi i.*h I liavti r>>s?,i to icrvr w iirffit lr. Py tbe u ?? of hu o,-t \,nei- r lie i* ri ak'? d t ? a af* 0 u ? nm ure'y 'o thr I mo it cIm-i fully rrr ori?rncn*1 Mr. TtYhJa# to afl h ivlr,t "coaJW'vi i? u?? Cla?e< s, aiid near tt,y tesiimony n? to Uie ?>>?! aa an optician - llaaav K AfUa &at Sect'y lu ?;ku Laud VVaimnta. I cay IS? tf CH\RLKji ?r?k?i?e?. {**+. grawut, fcehe m T*n^ ?n-< HavmtA ikiAJ w *aHii??Toa, n. o. ITT ILTi contlnire ?o f-nii-h detail wovkian Y\ Ihaw.p-e m-ifi.tctfltaimK0! b?ilditi(id evwy 4*xuti*}-rn iu d al-ea* ?upermieotl 'heir ? ran twxi ^ !<????? 1 -I B TK0MF50F, . * MEBCnANT TAILOR. U.ik re-aered to bid n'd ilun^, M'4htV RniM?aa, 4^ ?t.eet? oi>ed??rDO(Ui of "?hilUaz'-'H.V Hoohaee". wueie he ?<iul1 bt pteaaed to **rve bit fflrede aad the [ Ub!ic. way >?*? I HE BA'i HA-;, by M. i?. iiba Feu'bvh'a II a? a ??? of t> ri?:i*?rty family Pia>???. 8 ????? FilANC* TAYLQi,

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