Newspaper of Evening Star, 18 Mayıs 1855, Page 5

Newspaper of Evening Star dated 18 Mayıs 1855 Page 5
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Supplement to Evening Star. WASHINGTON, MAY 18, 1855. ap??o?riatio*?-mw omen, *?. PTAIEMXNT8 &HOWIN1? L Ap roprtaltona m?de <* urlng the seecr d m?Ion ol tbe Thirty tidri Coogrees II crea'wl aod the sal aria* thereof ' III. 1 h- cflle?t tbe aalarlee of whleh have been lB*reKed, wih the amount 6t tu'hln r*aee,durirg the mm p-riod. Prepared un4?f the direction of th? Secretary Of the filiate and the Clark or the Hoom of R?pre eentatm*, ia compliance with the rixth secton of the w a -t fr) aathorixs th* appointment of addi ttonl paymaster*, and for other purposes" ap proved July 4,1888 1<?APPBOPRIATION9 MATiR DURING THE SfCOND SISSION OF TUB THIRTT TJihD C0NGRIS8 By the a-t to prtvide for tbe eat'cguintment c] th? title ot tbe Cblppiwa ltd ana to the lands owned and k) tlMB in the Territory of Minn* eota and State ot Wisconsin, and f>r their do meetieation and civ.l sation To enable tbe President to canae nego tiations to be entere-l into vitb tbe Chippewa Indiana for the extinguish men? ef their title to all tbe lands owned and claimed by them in tie Territory of Minnesota and Stat* of \ViaoonMn~.? 10,000 00 By the aot to provide for the contingent ixwmn of tbe Territory of Nebraska To defray tbe contingent expenses for the gove omeut of the Tcrito;yof Vebrvka for the remainder of the Hi um j fiscal yeaf? 10,000 on By the act for tbe liq uidation of the penitentiary indebted ness. To enable tbe Secretary of tbe Interior to liquid*** tbr present indebtedness ef tbe penitentiary in tbe Dietri.t of Owlnmbta...^..^. ....? .. 7,184 02 By tb* act to amend an act entitled 'An act to et tabliah an auxiliary watch for tbe protection of ynbl'e and private property in the city of Wash ington," approved August twenty-three, eighteen If hundred and frty-two. To pay the anxiliary watch an annual compensation of six hundred dollara each, eommeodog with the present fiscal year. [Indefinite ] By the act making appropriations for the obstruc tion of oertadn military roads ia the Territcrice of Nebraeka and Washington For the construction of a mttfeary real ttott the Great Falls of the Missouri rivet, in the Terrttcry ot Nebraska, to intersect the military road now es tablish d leading from Walla-Wall* te Pnget's Sound 30,COO 00 For tbe oenstroetion of a military road from the Dalle* of the Columbia to Columbia City Barracks 26 003 00 For tbe c 'Detraction of a military road frem Columbia City Barracks *o Fort SteUacoomb, on Pogets Sound so.noo 00 84.000 00 By the act changing the appropriation for the eree tk>n of a builJing in the city ef Mi waukie for a custom-ho use, port offlos, and the Cnited States ?ours. _ . _ To enable the S-aretary of tve Treasury to cause to be constructed at the mid etty (f Mil waukie, for the accommo dation ef the cuatom bouse, po t of flee, and Bnlted States courts, a build ing ol stone or brick with fire proof floors, constructed of iron beams and brickwork ircn roof, shutters, and sills eighty-five feet by ?lxty fe*t sixty feet in height from be fjundatior 88,000 00 For cost of superLnt-nSeoee of erection Hid other contingent expenses 8 800 00 96 800 00 By the act to refund to the officers of the customs aod others, of the district of Pasuamaq noddy, certain moneys. To pay to the lata officers of the ens toms of the distric. of Pnwnmaqnrd dy, and informers, their proportion of tbe net proceeds of sale, by virtue of sxistlrg lava, arising from the condemnation of the schooners "L* Btang" aod 44 Josephine," and tbe barque ?- Phenix " for a violation of tbe revenue laws in the district of Maine: tbe same having been wrong* ful'y paid into the trea<nry of the Uni'el S'ates through mis ake. [In definite J " By tha act for tbe construction of a military road in Oregon Territory. For the construction of a military road from Astoria to Sa'em, in the Terri tory of Oregon? 30,000 00 By the act making an appropriadon for a territo rial road in the Territory of Nebraska. Por the purpose cf constructing a ter ritorial road from a point on the Mis souri river, (opposite th" dty ef Coun cil Bluff.,) in the T?rr.tory of Ne braska, to New Fcrt Kearaey,in sail TerrUm.y ?????? ????????&0,i*00 00 By tha act for the erosion of a military post on or near the Pembina rive.-, in tbe Territory of Min nesota, and tor o'her purposes. For the er?etlcn of a mil tary pest in the Territory cf Minneso a, on tbe lice of forty-nice degrees north lati tude, on or near the Pembina river... 6,000 00 For the estatlishaaent of military posts in th* Territories of Kaseas aod Ne braska, at soeh points in i-aid Terri tories as tbe S?seta:y cf War may <l?rgneU?................. ?.... 10,00000 16,000 00 By the act making appropriation for completing tbe public buildings of Oregon Terri*y and Min nesota. For completing tbe penitentiary, re cording v> tbe previsions of tbe act of the 'egislatire assembly relati g to the public buildings ot the Terri tnrv of Oregon 40,000 00 for fmpl?t*i>g the Stat* bouse, or house, for tha m-eMng of the legisla tive aofembiy, according to the prv> visions of said act 27,000 00 To compJeethe territorial capital aad bu M a workshop for the territorial prison in the Territory of M<nneeota, in accordance with tbe estimates made by tbe agent appointed by the Secretary of tbe Treasury 11,500 00 78,6(0 00 By th? act making appropriations for improving certain mil tary roads ia the Tarn ory of Min aesota. For euiting out the timber on tbe ter rit: rial road frcm the faLs of 8L An thony to Fort Rilgely....- 5,000 GO For cutting oat the timber <>n tbe road from Vert Klpley, via Crow Wiig river, to the p?iut wh?rc ssid road intersec'8 tt^ main rcad !e4(ling to the Bed r.ver cf the nor;h....~ 10,000 00 16,COO 00 By the act makiag appropriations for the payment of inval.d and O'ber penaions of th? United States 'or the year erdirg thirtieth of June one thoaeaad eight hundred and fifty six, and for other purp'see. For invalid pension', under various acts 914 800 00 For pensions to widows and orphans, uader tbe act' of tbe foorth of July, one th^osard eight hundred and thirty six. and twenty first of July, one thmsanl e gbt hundred and for ty-eight 78,160 00 For pensions, ucder special sets of Con* grass. ...? 9,750 00 For jens ens to widows, under the acts of tfce seventeenth of June, cna thousand eight hundred and forty four, serond of Fehrua-y and tweity nintb July, dee thousand e ght hun dred and forty eight ?38,000 00 For pensions and half pay to widows ani cr;bans, onder tbe act of thirl of* thousand eight hun dred and fifty-three 464JJ00 CO 1,800,600 00 By tbe art msking sn appropriation for mliitaiy da feces at Proctor's L.ntling. in I?ulalana. Ftr tee parehaae cf a site, aod tha erection and completion of such mill t?ry defeccws as may be deemed expa di?nt, at Proct"r*a Landing, at the terminus of the M*rxKan gulf rail ??y. in t*a Sute of Louisiana 125,000 00 By the act to provide for the pay* ant cf such credi tors of the la'e republic c f Texas as are compre hended in tbe vx of Coagreas of September nine, ?lghts??n hundred and fifty. To p?? to tha creditors of tbe late re public of Texas, who bold such bonds or other evvlenoei of debt ( r whi3h the revenues of that republic were J.ledged as wararepoit?dto be within the provisions of Ue sa*d set of B p t*mb?r tbe ninth, eighteen hundred and fifty, by tbe report of the late Secretary of the Treasury to tbe Hreei deut cf the United State*, and ap proved by bun on the thirteenth day of Beptrmber, eighteen bundr'd and flltv one, or wblrh cos*- within th? l>ro*li >.>asof sai>t act, a i riing to tit-* c(1n!ou apta tb* Texas wompart at tt* pnseat Attorney Osn?-rai of tbe I itlted Sthte*, adiree.tad L> tfie K>c e '?asy et Ukc iitasoxy, under date of September t**r?tr sixth, eighteen hundreJ aid fifty thro - .. 7,740,000 00 By tte *ct authoring the pjrchase or construction of fear additi >oa'i revenue cutters. To erabls the Peers'ary of th* Tr^sary to cause to be bitlt or purchased. In such mo !e es h? rray d?*m brat tor the public Interest, four vessels of suitable i n and otrairu'tiion, to bo employed aa revenue oattcrs on inch stations U the said Fecntary may do ?%**:e fO 000 00 By tha act to amend MAn fc?t to cirry into effect a triaty h?tween tha tJnltad States anl Great Brit aia,'' pi ct ed en tha fifth J?ne, <l<eteen handled and fifty four, and approved August fifth, eight eon hundred and fifty four To refund to the RT-ral persons enti tled thereunto such sums of money as shall have bsen collected as duties cn "fish cf all kinds, the produe s of A*hi ani of all other creatures living in the water," 'mprrted into tt>e United States from and Alter the elev enth day of 8e ptember, eighteen hun dred anl fifty four, the date of the prcmulgation by the President o: the United >fatesof the reciprocity treaty aforesaid, on pr<ot, satisfactory to the said Secretary, that tte artic'ee aforesaid were the products of some one of the British provinces of New Bruarrwick, Canada, >'ova Scotia. New found land, or rrinoe Edward's inland and Imported therefrom into the Uni ted 8tat?, and duties duly paid there* on, which have not teen refunded on export. findefinite] By ths act to provide for the erection ot public buildings in tl e Territory of Eansaa. For the continuation and erection of poblic bul ding for the use of tUe leg it latur? of the Territory of {Kansas, t r> be expended under the direction of the governor of said Ter.itory ?MMseesft 26,000 00 By the act t" provide for the erection of public buildings in the Territory of Nebraslu. For the construction of public buildings la the Territory of Nebraska, to be expended under the direction of the governor of said T< rritory ?M ???????????? 60,000 00 By the act making appropriations for the rapport of the army for tie year endftOg the thirtieth of June, one thwand fig tit hundred and fifty-tiz, and for other purpose*. For pay of th? army 2,000,606 00 For pay, supplies, aed travailing expen ses c f six companies of Texas volun teers, called into service by the gov ernor of Texa*, and mustered into the fe vice of the Unite 1 States 137 Jtb 38 For commutation ot (file*re* subsist ence .? (29 168 00 Por commutation of forage for officer^ torses ? 104,639 CO For payments in lieu ot clothing for offi cers' servants 36,360 00 Fer expeme * of recruiticg. tran* porta tlon oi recru't?, three months extTa pay to non c mmisei nedofficers, mn sicians acd privates on re enlistment 100,COO 00 For eubsistsnce in kind 1,381,006 76 For clothing for the army, camp, and garrison eqoipage ?? 674,976 69 For the reguter supplies of the quar er maater'a departmsnt, consisting of feel, forage In kind for th- horses, mulea, and oxen of tbe quartermas ter's dep-rtment, at ths several mil i'ary pos s and stations, and with the armies in the field; for the hors*s of the fir*t and s-coni regiments of <trag<x>ns, the companies ot li?ht ar tillery, the regimen' of mounted ri fleman, and such c mpaniea of in ftntry as may be mo nted; acd also for fie author?* -d cumber of office:s* h.-rses, when serving in the fl*ld, acd at- the r utpoefc: of straw for scl* dWs' heddtn -, and of stationery, in cluding coir pmy and other blank books for the army certificates for discharged soldiers, blank forms for the pay and quarterm star's depart ments, and f? r the pointing of divis ion acd department orders, army regulations, acd reptrta 890,000 00 For the incidental expenses of tee quar termaster's department consisting of postage on letters and packets re ceived acd savt by office re of the army on public service, expenses of o>urts martial a d c urts ot inquiry, including the add.tlonal tompsnsa tlon o judg- advocat-s, recorders, member* and wi ceases, while en that service, under the ae. of Mir h sixteenth, -Ighteea hundrrdand two; extra pay to soldiers em(l?\ed, un der the direction cf he quar'eraes tar's department, in 'h^ ere tlon of barracks, quarters. &V rebeu-?i>, and hospitals; he construction of roads acd other constant labor, for periods of not leas than ten days, under tbe act oi March tccocd, eighteen hun dred anl niLfctafcD, aid Au;ust four, eigbtaen hundred and fltty-foor, in e'udlng th ae employed as cltrka at division a?d department headqutr ter : upenfe- of exposes to andfrom the frontier posts and armies in thv fMd; 'f esocrtsto p^ymaat-rs, other disbursirg officers, and trains, when military c*ecrts raci.ot be fare shed; expend* of the interment of ncn commiss'oued < fficers and soldiers; 1 anth-rlsed *<Toe furnture; hire of laborers in the quartermaster's de par'meet, icciudicg hire of inter preter'', spies, acd guides for tbe army; compensation of clerk to of flrv-re of the qoartarmacter's Jepart ment; compensation of forsge and wagenmastars, authrr ae 1 by the act of July, eighteen hundred and thirty tight; ior the apprehension of desert:rs, and tbe expenses incident to their pursuit; the various expend! t .red required for the first and sec:nd regiments o drag on', the coapar nles ot light artillery, the regiment oi m<^on'eu riflwmen, and such oom p-n es of infantry as may be mocnb ed, viz: for ha purchase cf horse equiFme-.ta, as saddles, bridles, sad dle Mar keta, nos? bage, icon oombs, currjc mbs, spurs, and straps; of traveling f-rgeJ, bUckam ths* and shying tool-, hor^e and mul* ehoes, iron an l steel for ahoelcg, hire of veterinary Burgeons, purchase of medicine for hones and mulee, shoe ing bores of mounted corpe, and repairing dragoon and rifle eqqip 875,866 00 For constructing barrack a and other buildinga at poets which it may bs nxessary to ocoupy during tbe year, anl for repairing, tt taring, acd en a'ging buildiuga at tbe eetablished posts, including hire or cemmntation of quarters for officers on military dutt; hire of quarters for troops, of ttoretouft* lor tbe tafs?eepiag of military s crcs, and of grounds for summer cantonments; for encamp ments and temporary frontier sta tion .T. 480,469 09 For mil-age to off c>rs of tbe army, for transportation of themselves and barg- ge wben traveling cn duty with out troops or esoort 100,000 00 For transportation of the army, inclu ding the hagg*ge of the troops, whan moving either hy land or water, of clothing, camp and garr son equipage, ar d horse equipments, fiom the depot at Philadelphia to the eeveral posts and army depots; of subsistence ?rom the 11-ces of purchase, and from tbe places of delivery, under contract, to such plac s as the circa instance! of the serv.oe may require it to be sent; of ordnance, ordnance atores, and small arms, from he foundries and armories to the arsenals, fortifica tions frontier posts, and army depots; li eights, wbarlage, tolls, and ferri age; for the purchase and hire of ho ses, mule1, and oxen, anl the pur chase an repair of wagons, carts, drays, s? ips, and other sen *"ini vsa sel and beats, for tbe transportation ? f supplies, and f.r garrlsoo purposes for drayag- and cartage at the several poets; hire of t*emstar; transportation of funds for th? pay and other dis bcrsicg departments; the expense of selling public trarsoorts on tha va rious rivers, tbe (J ulf of Mexico, and th?* Atlantic and FatlUc; and for pro curing water at such l*wte as Irom th^ir sita-ittcu require thst it be brought fiom a distalce, and for tleai ing roads and removing obftrus tions from roads harbors, and rivers, t>the *xtent wHch may be required f?r tbe actval opera liens of the troops rn ihe F?on ier 1,200,000 00 For tbe purehate of horsei for tbe first and Fccool r*fllmente of dragoon*, tha companies of light artillery, the mounted riflemen, and such infantry, as tbe csmmandlng officers at t^a frontier pouts may find it necessary to mount 900.000 0? For contingencies cf the amy 0,000 00 For tbe medical ana hospital depart ments..... .. 62 6.0 00 For contingent expenses of the Adjutant General's deparfm?rt, at division and department headquarters 400 00 For armament of fortiflcatkns 126,000 00 Fcr ordnance, ordnance stores, and supplies 100,000 00 For the curr? nt cip?nftR ol the ord nan ? service 100,0)0 00 For the manfaetnre cf arms at tbe na tional armories 260,000 00 For repairs and improvements and new math! eery at Harper's Ferry 82 673 00 For repairs and improvements and now tra hinery at Sp ingfleld armofv 64,000 CO For new machinery at Harper's Ferry armory 20,000 00 For repairs, prerervation. and contin gencies of arsenal* 60,000 00 For eon* inning the cons'motion of the arsenal at B^nicia, California 40,000 00 For the annual compensation of the otvil superintendents ot the satiO'-al armories, without perquisiks, allow ances, or additiens of any kind, quar ters excepted 6,000 00 For continuing tbe survey of the north ern and northwestern lakes, including Lake Superior 50,0C0 00 For surreys for military defences of the sea and inland frontier 15,000 00 For printing a new system of light In fantry end lifle tactics to be stereo tjped, with engraved plates, and for procuring for distiibution to the m'li tia ot the United States boo- s of tao tical instruction. Including the sys tem of regulations now in course of preparation 20,000 00 For compensation of tbe clerk and mes senger in tbe office of tbe command ing general 2,000 00 For contingent expenses of the office of the comman'liDg general 300 00 For arrearages prior to July fir?t, one thousand eight hnnder d and fifteen, payable through the cfflc? of tbe tt ird Auditor, under sn act approved May the flTst one thousand c'ght hundred and add:t'o? to the balance undrawn in the treasury 2,000 00 For the Capitol extensi -n 826.000 00 To complete the road from Point Doug las, on tbe'Miscissippi river, to the mouta of the He. Louis river of Laks Superi r, in Wisconsin 34,213 60 To complete the road from Point Doug- * las to Fort Qalaes, now Fort Ripley... 13,494 09 To complete tbe ro d Swan rirer to tbe Winnebago agency 2,535 39 To complete the road Wabasbaw to Mendota 13,871 78 T? complete the road from Mendrta to the Big Sioux river 27,475 e? For tb* improvement of tbe oad from Fort Union to San'a Fe 16,000 00 For the Improvement cf the road from S?cxlote to Albuquerque, via Cancn lilan-x) and Canon Carnue 10.'KK) 00 For tbe improvement of tbe roaJ from Canada to Abiquea 0,000 00 For tke purchas- and importa'ion of cam?ls and dromedaries, to be em ploye! for military purposes 30,000 00 To enable the Pwsident of the United ? States to int^ effect the provi sion of so much cf this act as relates to tfc? employment of an additional military force 2,600 000 00 12,733,146 14 By the a-'t to appropria'e money to remove the ob structions ia the favaroah river, below the city of Savauaah in tEe Stale cf Georgia. To remove the obs roct^ ns in the Sa van.ah liver, be!ow the city of Sa vaa. ah. in tbe St?te of Georgia, plved there during the revolutionary war for the couixou defence 161.000 00 By tbe act makirg approp-iations for fortifications and other works of drf-nce, and for repa rs of barracks and quarters. Tor the year ending th? thirtieth of Juno, one housand eight hundred and'flftv-six. For Foit Montgomery, at outlet of Lake Cbamplain, New York 15,000 00 Fer Fort Kn?x, at narrows of Penolwot river, Ma ne 60,000 00 For preservation of th- si'e of Fort Warren, at the ram** of Boston harb t, Mamacbos-'t's 10,000 CO For Fori Schu;l-r, entrance to Long Island Sound. New York 25,0^ 00 For Fort Richmond, at tbe narrows, New Yoik ba*bor 75,000 00 For Fort Delaware Delaware river, Del aware ~ 150,000 00 For Frrt Carrcll, Baltimore harbor, Mirylami 100,000 00 For Fort Monroe, entrance to Ilsmp ton roais, Virginia- {-6,000 00 Fur Fort Calhoun, ent-ance to Hamp ton roads, Virginra 20,000 CO Fcr Fort Suml-?r, Charleston harbor, S nth Carcli7a 80,000 00 For Fort Clinch, entrane; to Cumber land Pound, Florida ?5,000 00 For Fort Bancras, Petsaroia harbor, Florida 30,000 00 For Fort M'Kee, and preservation of its *ite, Floiida 26,000 00 For Fort Gainea, Daupbin island, Ala bama 60,000 00 For Tort Taylor, K-v We;t, Florida.... IrO 000 0J For Fort Jeffers n, Tortngas. Florida.. 150,00$ 00 For torls on the western fronti-r of Texa? 50,COO CO For fwtifications at Fort Pi int, en trance to San Frani irco bay, Califor nia .\. *S|0,000 00 For fcr:ificat'oaa at Alcatraz islacd, Kan Franc!wo bay, California 20 ,000 CO Fur repairs cf Fort Niagara, New Ycrk 6 000 00 For construction and rr pairs of quarters and barracks at Fort Columbas. New York harbor 26,60 ) 00 For construction of an additional maga zine for batteries Hads n and Mor ton, Staten island, New York 5,COO 00 For repairs of Fort Madijon, Annapolis harbor. Maryland 10,600 00 For repairs of Port Moultrie, Charier ten har or, fouth Carolina 6 000 00 For repairs of Fori Jackscn, Savannah river, Georgia JO,COO 00 For repair* of Fort Maccmb, Chef Men teur Pa**. Louisiana 9,610 03 For the extensior ot battery at Fort Jackson, Ml sbsiprl river 10,000 00 For repairs of Frrt St. Philip, Miflsis - sipp^ river, Louisiana 36 0C0 00 For contingent expenses of the f >rtifl cations net herein mentioned, the t re servation of rites, the protection of titles, and repairs of sudden damages to fortB > 20,000 00 1,TIT,600 00 By tbe act for the construction of certain military roads in the Territory cf Kanaaa For the construction cf a road ftnm Fort Riley to such point on the Xr kanF&s river a? ma' In tbe opii ion of the 8 cietary of War, be most ex pedient for milltrr) purposes 60,0C0 CO For construction of a road frcm Fort Riley to Bridgets Part, In tbe Rocky Mountains 60,000 00 100.000 CO By the art making appropriations for the civil and diplomatic exposes of government for tbe year ending tbe thirtieth of June one thousand eigLt hundred and flfy-?ix, and lor other purposes. LEGISLATIVE. For compensation and mileage of sen ators 1(6,710 CO For compensation ot that (Boers, clerk.?, messengers, and o'hers receiving an annual salary, in the service ot the Senate, via: Secretary of the Senate 3,600 00 < fleer charged with tbe dUburaemen's of the Seaate 480 00 i Principal clerk and principal executive cl rk in the office of the Secretary of tbe Benat?, at two thousand oce hun dred and sixty dollars each 4.320 00 Eight clerks in t*e < fflce of the Hecrc tarv cf the Eeutt, at one thonfand fight husdfcd and fifty dollars each 14,603 Ou Keeper of stationery L76J 00 Two uesimgers 1 .MO CO Ore page frOC oo S. rgoant-at-trm* acd doorkeeper 2.000 00 AMatlnt doorkeeper 1,700 CO i'oetma-ter to the Senate 1,760 00 Asti: tant postmaster and mail curler.. 1,460 CO Two mail boys, at nine hundred dollar* each .. .. ^00 CO Superintendent of the document room 1,600 00 Two Mjlfff.iita in the document room, at one thousand two hundred dollar* each 2,400 00 Superintendent cf the folding room...... 1,600 CO Two (passengers, a tin* a assistant doorkeepers, at rae thousand five hundred dollar* each 3,000 CO Fifteen messengers, at one thooaand two hundred dollrrs ea?h 18 000 00 Buperlnt* dent in charge of Senate fu> naoes 1,080 00 Araistant in charge of furnace* 600 00 Laborer In private pvnft 600 00 Twolahorers at four hundred and fill; dollars each 960 Oc Clerk or seoretary to the President of the Eer at* 1,762 00 Draughtsman 1160 00 Cbapl' in to the Oeoate..... 760 00 For the uonticgent expenses of the henate, vix: Fer binding.... r* ?2 For lithograoUng and *ii?TfiTing 45,000 CO For hooks ... <0 For stationerj IV,o ? Vor newspaper* 3 000 00 Fcr Concretei-iocai'Globj. acd bitd'ng the ;am*~ - 3 009 00 For repo ting proceeding? 13,OCO 00 For clerks to committees pagn.*, police, htr es an"? tairyal? 4* 0C0 00 For miscellaneoss items 20,0C0 00 For compensation and m'leaga of m*m b rs ' t the Hoase of Representative*, and de'*-ga'.es frcm Territories ?91,976 00 For con p naation of the offlc rs, clerks, messengers. and others receiving an annual talary,in the aervioe cf the House of R? pr'senta'ives vis: Clerk o the House o Repres?n(a ivea... ?,600 00 Two clerkr. a| two tlrueand me hun drei and fiity dol ars earh 4 320 0"0 Seven ele'ks. at one thousand eight hundred dollar* ? ach 12,6Co 03 Sergeant at-anne 2,1(0 0" Doorkeeper ; 2.1 CO 00 Poetmaeter... Sjleo 00 O-e messenger If. 1,766 80 Librarian 1,800 CO Reeling clerk .T 1,800 00 Clerk to Coaimiu*e of Claims 1 800 00 C;<>rk to Sergeant at arms 1,EOO CO Five mestMigers a', one tbrusand four hundr d snd forty dollar* ?aeh 7,300 CO 'baplain 7(0 00 For the contingent expetsts of th* Ileus* cf Representative, viz: F?r Mnding do<um-iits 70.000 00 IVr furniture had repair." %. 3 000 00 F r stationery fcr membaro 12.010 00 For twenty one messengers, including superintended of folding acd docu ment rooms 28.413 20 For he n and eani'gea 4,500 CO For fuel, < il at d candles 2,600 00 For newsy* I'-th for members 12,500 00 For engraving and lithographing 5C,0 0 00 ForC pit"l peiioe 6,490 00 For miscellaneous items 30 O-jO CO For meweng r iu charge of hall 1.740 00 For lw< messengers in Cieik's offioe.. 3.6(0 00 For saddle hoists....? 650 00 For lai-orers -2,500 00 Fvt page 6,930 00 For to'.ding documents, Including par of f?l.?ra, folding piper, twi..e, and paste. .. 20,COO 00 For cnmpoo.aiton of daughtcmeu ai d clerk', per resolu ion <f ih- fourth of May. one thouiaad eight hundred and forty e g t 9,000 00 For competent in to F. \V Lan er, civil engineer, fcr furni liirg re ort of Lie reconnois?aooe f r a railroad , route from Washington and Ortg n Territory, by way of Fort Ha 11, to Salt Lake 6.000 00 LIBkARY OF OUMUli ? For compensation of librarian three as sistant librar ans, and messengers... 9,000 00 For contingent expenses of said library 1,000 (0 For purchaie cf books for said library 5,000 00 For purcis^e of law b-.oks fcr said li h ary 2,000 00 For paper required for tb? printing ( ( the first session r f the Thirty fourth Congr?as..., 166,408 00 For printing -e?juirtd far the first ses sion cf th-? Tbirtv fourth Congress... j If,000 00 EXECUTIVE. For ecmp*nsaticn cf the President cf tbe United States 25,000 0. For ccrapeneation of secretary to > ign patents for lands 1,500 00 DEPARTMENT OF STATE. ForcompeD'ation cf the Pecratiry cf State qnd Assistant Fceretary of State, clerks, me*aenfer, aast-tant ni#aaeng< r, and laborers in bia cfflce. 52,692 00 FOR TUB INCIDENTAL AND CON TINOENT EXPENSES OF SAID DEPAK.1MENT. For publishing the laws in pamphlet for:r, and in the newspapers of the State3 and Territ.>ries, an<J in the city of IVa'hKgton 18,725 00 For proof-readinjr, packing, addiHons 1 compensation to p-cker. and distribn ticg I?wj and dr>cum<<nts. isx-ludia,' ca^es, labor and transp- r:ati n la.200 00 For etatioeery, b ank books, binding, labor, and atenrtance, farniture fix tures, repairs, pa'nting and glazing. 6.5C0 CO For fopperplate printing, kocks snd map.4 I,1 00 00 For newspap-ie 400 Oo For extra cle k hire and copying 9,000 CO For ju'soellaneiu* item" 1,000 00 For compiling and supervising *be pub? lica'.ton of iha Biennial Register ">00 CO For bind'"g books and music in the eoi yright bureau, and prccorirg port folk* for the prints and engraving* 500 00 To enab'e tbe Secretary of 8tate to pur chase cf Mts*r*. L'ttle, Btown, A Company fiv* hundred copies of their new edition of Wheaton's Elements cf International Law, to be di-tri buted to tbe foreign minister* and consuls and to the departments at Lome 2 500 00 To enable the Secretary cf .^tate to pur chase fifty copiee each cf volumes six teen an 1 seventeen of Howard's ports of tbe Decis:ons of the 8upr*me Court of tt e t'nited States 50U 00 To ?nable the Secretary of State to pur chase of Mee-rs. Little, Brown A Com pany two tbouxand cipies of the tenth volume cf the United States Statuses at Large for distribution, agreeabiy to acts of Congress firect ing the distribution cf the other vol umes 7,000 00 NORTHEAST kXECUTIVE BUI* DING. For c mpenration of the superb tec dent four watchmen, and two 'sbor ersof tha northeast executive build Ing 3,802 00 F?r con'ioRent expenses of said building, vie For/ue!, light, labor, and repilrs 3,300 00 TREASURY DEPARTMENT. For compensation cf tb* He.rotary of the Treasury ?nd Assistant Secre tary of the Treasury, a'erks, meesen ger, assistant messenger, and labor ers in h!a office 55,672 CO Fcr compuu&ation of tbe First Comp troller. and the clerks, messenger, and laborers in his ofil ? 99,492 00 For comp snsati'' n of the Second Oomp trol'.er. and t^? clerks, mear*ng?r, a5d laborer in bis ofllr? 29 216 00 For compensation of the First Auditor, ai d the dexks, m?Bteoger, assistant massenger, ?.nd laborer in his cfflce... 41,910 CO For cempausation of ih* second Audi tor, aad tie clerks, me'sentrer, as ei-tsnt c<e^*enger, and laborer in his cfiice 35,416 00 For compensation of tha Thixd Auditor, and the clerks, messengers and aa msta -t messengers in h's offioe.. 107,632 00 For compsnaation of the fourth Audi tor, and the clerks, messenger, and as.i*t-jnt mrasenger in his ? fflce 30,200 CO For compensatiOB of the Fifth Auditor, and the clerka, tu?sseng?r, acd Wb/r er ia hie office 15,(>18 Oi For compenaauen of the Auditor ?' the Post ftffloe Department, and the (larks, OT'Sienger, aaslrtantm>San ger. and laborers li his offita 166.624 0 ' Fore m|?nsation of the Tiea?urar of the Utited Stater, and the clerks, messenger, arsl?ta^t meaitegfr, and 3at>< rem in his oO?e.;; v5,4S2 00 For ooTp*mi?aikrti of tha F?*f?ter tf tba Treasury, and the clerks 'ne*o?n g?r avlst?nt mfmgfrf, and lab-r ? rs ie bia offics 47,068 00 Far eoarp?Rration ofth- 8o'ici*ertf tbe Treasnry, *r d the clerks nnd m-srrn gar in his office , 12.900 00 Fore mpenzatien of the Ocmnl lion r of ?ugton:*, *nd tL? *Vrk?, cernn ger laborer ir> bis ??? e. 90,41* 00 For c: mpensa'lon ofthe e>rk??rd m?a seng r ofthe Li^ht H^oss Borni 9,979 CO CONTINGENT rxPFNfrJCS CP THE TKEAPFRY DEPAETMFNT. In tbe cfttc* of tbe Acretary of the Twasor*: I'or labcr, blank book*, ftat'oncry, binding. sealing ?hip?' r?glst*rs trans lating f.>r~ign Jar gutges, advertising, and ex'ra cierk blr?tor pivperiegaed oo'lectln* information to be ltid be fore Congress, and for mlso< llaoeoci iUmi.tHMMtmm,( ?.y. ? 13,C00 00 In fhe cflc* of (he Firft Coinplrol le?: For furnitnir, Mank bo k?, Holing, station-ry, public document*, Slate (? L(1 tarri-or<al statu'es and m'scclla neous Items 1,800 03 In the of the Second C-.m: trol'er: For b'aik books, binding, stationery, tX?V for tbe Ni>focai Intclli.encer and Un'CT an(1 preserr*d tor the um of to? f^ce, office furniture, and mi-cellan ous it?nu?.' 1,SCO 00 In thi effl ? cf the Pint Auditor? Fcr blank b> cks, binding, sratioaery, offlc* frrn'ttre, and eases for lecords and offb-ial papers 1603 CO For aiincel aceoua items, including sob serlpMm for the Enfon and the v? tioual InteJIlg. fioer, to be filed for tbe use of The office ?00 00 In the office of the S?conS Audit r: rer blank 1 ooks binding, FtatioB<-ry, cfr.ce furniture, ao<1 miscullantoutf item-, including two of the daily city newrpspors, to be fil.d boind and preserved f.r tbs Ufreof tbe offi<* 1.800 00 In the office of the Third Auditor : For blank books. b nding, stationery, o?L je furn:tur-, carpeting. tiro news papeie, the Union and Intelligencer, prvaeiviDg file- and papers, expens-i c' bounty Und at rvlce mie -eilaneoos item', *ud arrearsgaa. 3 M0 03 In the offire of the Fourth Ai dfcer: For sta'iove y, bo?ks. and bindirg too 05 Fcr labor 100 00 For misc>iliBenu ? It* mi SOfl (.0 In the office of tli* Fittb Auditor: Fcr blank books, binding. and statijn ery , J?0 <ku F?.r ml- < llaneoas i'enis 360 00 Intheofli-eo the And tor of the P..-1 <jfllc; l epa? tment: F r eta iont-ry. blaak bosks, Mr ding, aidrclitg 10,050 00 For mi- elianeoue it< m?, file boards, rr ptirs, ca and des^s f^r att keepiDj of pap r-, lnrni u e, lifht",hashing to^ftf it", > or?? f r treasesg^r, tele graohi? Oi-ipa ches, acd st*>v?? 2,100 'Hi In th- cfllce of th- Ticasarer: Forblask iooki. bicdin|, Ltati-nery, and zr;fce!lii:eous it-m- 1,200 00 In ho office ot the K'gifter: For ruling and lull binding twenty tit'bt books tor reccrdijg the coil-o q.1 art-dy abstracts ot the com TLfTCr ak<i n&vigation, and blank ab atiact.i :or their use 1,000 00 For Mank b o-g, b n?in?:, stationery, ca es ;or <flici>i pai?r- i?nd records, and m:<ceilin.o?a items 4,000 CO For arr njrv.g anl b Ldicg caiicetled m-irine ]?ipj;e 1,000 00 In the cffic* of the So:ici or: F^r b'gLk bcckr binding, tatinnery, In Lor, and mi -ellrn*oue items 1.V00 00 Fcr st.icute- uaa rep.rta 1/300 CO In the offle* of th9 t^mmissionar of Cu Mcm0 : For hi an - b?k?. rtatiorery, and ml^ eelhne^us :t?jms 2,000 0i> LIGHT-1I0U8E BOA^D. Fur b'&ck bookB, biniing und station - 25000 ror misc.dianeous txpens s and poet *?* ?- 503 CO FO* TIIE GliNfcHAL PURf08r.8 OF TUt fcOCTILL-JiT FXtUUTIVK II! II.I'l G. F'>r !be c*j.tinuat:on of 'he Treasury building, uadvr the di;ec:ion t! toe l\o?iUt.rit of tae ULit-d >tates, a: cn the flan prep 6?d by Ihos t Whit-r, architect, tied approved Of by the ccminit;e?s of th^ en ate aud Hoa-e ot' Rep.-e3<.-iilatiTes cn bu ind g?,an ;o, at the list seaiia oft'oajre?3 300,000 00 For conije iMtioa c-i c:/ht vatchmen of (outbfast eiecatire :>uil'.ing 4,SOU (?0 Forco:rf< nssticn of nine laborers if th-j s ulheist exe a ire building 5,184 00 For coatia<ent exftensse of etid b-iildii g viz: Fuel, lights, repairs and mi oeilaneous 8.500 00 To e abl" th?* dej artm.nt to provlle a s'?i'a' !e , retention from the weather fcr the tuei consumed in ssid build- % iaga, and ?o cleane**, repair, and fur n'-lh twenty six rwrn^ in the third ft ? y whea t'iey s ivli Ije va ated by th?Ge_eril La* d Office 7,000 00 Fo - rent cf bu ldingcccupieu in p?rt by the Artoirt-y General, and p?rt by the Firit Auditor of the Treasury... S^OO 00 Fwr tuel HDd mlscelJaueiua hems f .r the same 2.500 00 For&-m^ensatl<>n of feur watebmea or bitid buil ing 2,-<09 GO For coxp-nssUon ? f four lab rera for siu building 8,30: 00 For ren> of tL? building oecupitd fcy thi Third Awditcr of th- Tre?eury COO 00 Fi r iu::l and other miscellau-aua items for i ha fame 2,200 00 For comp^ns^-ion of two wat hmen for said building 1,200 00 For r?ut ot bal ding oocufied by th* Fifth Auditor of th* Treasury 800 00 IV' fuel and other miicellt>Qcous iftm3 lor the same 2,200 00 For compensat'oa or two wstchm*n for t-aid building 1,200 00 DEPARTMENT OF 111K 1NTKKIOP. Fi-r e^&jp'nsatloB of the 8ec. et?ry cf the Inter or, aud the clerks, mencen g 'r?, and assi-'jint metsei ger in his ? ffice 80,080 00 For comp^u.-stivn of the Commissioner cf tliM General I acd Office and the re: rdei*, draught'man, tbe assistact draught-man, olerks, messengers, packer,;, ^nd laborers in his office... 108,186 00 For ccmp-nsatioa of the Commissiocer of Indian Affairs, and the clerks, m'-s*cger. and asei-'ant me???ngfr in hid i ffl e 20,840 00 For compensation of the Commisioter or P*nn ns, and tl>e clarts. me??en grr, and avi tact messenger iu his ? 107,840 CO Por the repairs of th? i'ctoB.-ac, na?y ;ard, and upper biid^es 7,000 03 To teiun ' to the commissioner cf Pub lie VuiMlngg the amount advai oed to him by tba corporation of Washing ton. ia eighteen hundred and fl.ty thre*, acd cxpecd d on tbe Pot mac kridg" 3,003 00 CONTINGENT RXPKN8E8 OF THE DaP-?RT 1ENT OF T1IK INCE RIOR Office cf The Secretary of the late rior: For bo ka. fatioacry, faruiture, and other contingencies 3,T0u 00 ?or library, boi'ks and maps 1,000 00 General land Office: For cash system atd military patents, under lairs prior 'o twenty-eighth ot Sep ember, ce th' usand tight hun ilrtd and fifty ; pateut- and ctber rep ort's; tract books and blank bo ks for this a d the district lind sffioes; Mndin? p1a:< and field notes; sta tionary. fcrnit'ire, and repairs of ^nme, and mitCFllaBeous i'?m?, in cluding iwo ct lbs naily city newepa rerj* to be filed, bound, aed preserved for the use of he office 33,625 00 For contingent expei<s*s in addition, OTider swamp itnd act of twenty eighth September eighteen bardrel aud fifty; military bounty acta of twenty e^hth 8~ptamber, eighteen hundred and fifty, and twenty- ecotd Maicb, eighteen bundled and fifty two, ard art of thirty firat A?fWt, eight#*!. hundred aid 1; y two, tor '?hf H'.'ifktdrt Cf Vtriio'a aul rant* MM uO Icr ttoo: *1.(3 o h?r booka U u? laid ofe i ?re?Ud tiering Ui? fir,t ?? i k>a of the Tb rtj bLd Uvegwe, ia f uunij bn k for tie afn.r ........... 6,WVJ 00 To *aabl< tb* n-(rt*'?r ard rwaiear of th?lwdiff?4l hdi?Hp?lK Iidi ?co to lofit room* far Jho prr?t. t..:1cb cf tbe r errdi ana pt I'Moftf# treral Tan-1 oflttt 1b said t?*? wf irh bm b?? Afr<?riov?il. ard tb* bocks a d pipe-a (botoof tratafrr rd fr tL# m ta land cAee at mid e*ty ?1 I dial ap-lla |00 00 To #*::&<# tb- ^e-r-tary if the Taurkr to #*a:a'.a tbe prorl.?V na of the ? to graduate and r.du<% tb# pHee ? f t\o puMic ITt? *tnal latu'ata and col Iratnr* ' J1*0r foirti A? one tbott ud iJjW hundred and fiftj f*ur.f U,QW 00 Ofii ? of India* Affair*: P? r rar t ci bailing on reranth firr.t or cftv * ...*wi....hw .* * ???.?? ?? ?? ?? Furco?p-#s?*i.?? el fc>rr waleh?ea....~ 0 ?00 00 For coc j #: aalir ? of U borar F?r fat 1 *r?d l'pb'r ?0v> For flank bocks, t tnd:rg, ?nd stattoa mrf ...... ?r W M For tUc lian?ruf b#m?, itrladit-g two of tb? daily ?ty i*, to b* filed, louai. acd pica*r?ed tor tb* uw of ! b?" <?(&<?? ? ????? ?????a?aaa*?(?aaa*M aaaaa* WO M Penflou f-lw: Frr etirraTing aad printing loaWy land certifcrae# - - 6 0*?00 For statiene: r . ... 3 00- 00 For bndug Ucb ... 3 too ?? For torn'tui #..... 6**' 00 F.r ?f?Tpcr#?tton ofl*.fr#r? 1 WO 00 For irl6e->H.?r.*caa 1 ?m ? Ittiaf.iu * o' the il? 1> city Drvtpjptr, to ba fit d, bncnS and p? wrr>d for the ofo of tb# iffic ? (,(>00 00 For tie gen? ral purpoae* r f ;*e Fa prr m ct of th?- For cf ?<ur t<gbt watch m#'* ?"d os* day wat*>'ir* r *?" th? eastern *i~g of tb# ia'.ent 0-rnf.:^ by ***? ^ivtary cf tie Jo f #ri" r.......... ??.?????.......................... k'Oy 00 F? r < KfKDf't-f b/ Pt. 3ohi? KTans, *n g?. l gira- ajjl. ra'kta ia Orag-n, ?ahix.^tf c. ic.. *?d Sor tLa ccr i'1'ticu rfth'ta (iplorit f** lo W fb'n? f.a Terr?rcry and on C"**# bay 28 W-' 00 FOR OONTISOBNT EXPKN8SS OF tqk e.*ptirn wixuofthe fa tint offt^k bu lo. no. For futl, ii+h e ard iicid a'al ?:? {?eDFOr 3 jtO 00 For com per fsti-'H of thite laborer 1,718 OH For' t>* prrs(?rTat on of ?h# acllcr t;one of lb* LxploriBK Fxp^ti* tk>n : For cos>i' nsatioa o* k~ra, v&trb men and lab rett ?20*0 00 For ron'irg^nt cxp nue 5^*0 00 SI R VEYOKS G EN IB AL AND TBZIR CUSJLKt For < >mi-?naattoa of tb? survrjor fran pral ? ntbme: t o' tl? < hk>, and tba rlrrks if hi# cfflca ? 8,:*?0 Oil lo comp?-^6?t^n of th?< aurreyor Jta ? tsTSi Illinoia and fciae urt, acd tbe fkf |o lit# c 00 For enDp-nna'.'o? < f t^e sarvryor po e a)'t Loaiaiiu, *?d the e!?rka la his o(Ec !...??... ................ V'O H for ccmp*B!??tM!>a cf the ?nra "^or cmx 1-ral oi n >n la, and tb' c'erka in ()ffl(* .... ........ mi ???.... For roBspvn^atioo of the 'Crreyor g#o #ral of V ?cf csin ana loaa, and the < lcris in ire o?r ? t^oo m For comp#t>"*'ion of th*#nrT?yo pan ft I of Arkaci>af and the clerk* ta hi> cffi ** 8^00 00 Prr r-oBfiOta'iPn of tba raivvyor (ran #'-l or Ore{r^< *cd lijf cl#rka in hia ...?..#?.*?................. * ,600 00 Frr .?ip-p?ati? n c f tb# t^r*i>ycr g*n ?ral of C? IfcTnia, and Urt" c.erka In hi??fn^ 8MOOOQ F.'r cniri'Knia'icn of b# aurreyor fJO ?ral o: V n.Mi.fon 1#rritory. and thecle.k in h'f cfllo#....... 7.500 00 For ctm en a Ion cf be ?o v#y? ^an #r*l rf New MrKiot., and tLe viarka in hi** ^* I i'm^. > ..h ?,000 00 For re T*?cf4ti<-n < f tl?# acrvayor pan e*a! of Kansas ai d N?> rttka, and lie rl#rks in h t ot i* ? 00 For roxnpcn?*'ion ?? o eik- in theolCoe# of a.rveyor# g neral, to l>e ?pp r tioncl t ibcn; sccorfiif to the taW K-ncea "ftbe p' llic f#rv ce, and to be employe^ itl iran*.crib?r g ffeld nrt? of siirv ya f -r tbC jur? ?# of pr anrv ing tb ta at tbe t**' <%f gt *emn.#nt... 61/00 00 For t-a'ary of the r#r3rder Cf Hi #? in Muauuri ? ? ?00 CO For com^tnaaftou to the Ccmmira'0nrr of 1'ubl f B ji'd.ncs and the ? #rk in hip ofice - **0 00 For ? c.a.p?-uaat iou of the tuperinteo* dent c! the Feb Ic Fri?-t n^ and the clerk? a*~d njvf!<eng?r in biaofllce...^.. U^l> 00 T: entit * iha eup li tendent a-.d the e;?ike and ?i.e-#-rper io Hi# office, ;ind Uie librarian, ai d a#e ? tante ard imrf 'cg?r in th* of CO: grtrs, to the b ?eflta cfth? Jol?-t rcmlutior, approv#-! Ju y lw?i>t^h, ? ght?.n bur.dr d acd fifty-four, fxlrg tbe ecmper.^atka of tt?- 'tg'flat've en pi - j ewoftbe irovcminent io tb* ?a?j.? mcatiT end to tb" 'smt extent a# otRo#r< of tfce trnmm era-ie in tk# le g??la*ive 'iff rtmont (Indefinite.] Frr continent expeaar', of l?i;(f* fi e, \ii: Fo blank bv-ka, stationery, foe'a^r, advert Fire f r propo?al(? for jwj^r, aod usiM-eiliciioaB ittms 1 000 00 For rent f war^r^oiB 3S0 W) For cutage and labor io etoring and transpot lation cf pap r 50^ 00 WAR L'Kr AKTMKNT Fir (emp^n-ifctioa of the tacretary of War and tb? clerks, mt tf ngrr, a# eietaut tnwrgcr, end iabor?r in hie office 82,349 OO Fur coapeaaxti'-n cf the cl^rkt and sso wr^r in tb# rfflj* rf tbe A jo tebt-eMral 13,400 00 For co.7.p-n^aU. n of tee cl-: k? and fncMergcr* ntbetffle cf tbe Quarter m--'jer Ui-ne a] KM 00 F. r coop^i.iiatini of c e-k* acd tne. R?r - gi*rin tbe office cf thaJ,avtna"t?i Ger.. rral 12,440 00 For compensation tf thecler c, nte.t>*a ger, and lab i>r in tbe offio* f the Cr.mmisAary General of bubeutencj 9,776 00 For comp' nsat on of tbe clcrkKan-1 a- ng*r in the office of tia Cbi*i H.d& na#r 4^ Tor ccinp ncaticn of tbe clerks and mee ffDjcr in tbe effic# rf tbe burgeon General ? (,0C0 00 Fcr oompemationof the c'#r?a, mHtecn C-r utid laborer in th? effio# of tb# Colonel rf Top< graphical iSsg.tears G,973 0>) Fcr c< n:p-,*;i?-Rtion o! tb# rlt-rksacd me* Muge> i:i the offic# cf tbe Ccldbel rf Ordnance.. 1?,U0Q 00 CCNII GK.NT *XP"NHK? OF lUB WAR DKl'AR'i MFNT Offloe of tha 8eer#t ry of War : F >r.blaak b -ok-, htationery, and iator. l,4tu 00 Frr mtfce'laueons iter# MO 00 For too.-:# maps aui plans 1,000 00 For exTra cl?rk hire 1,600 00 Office o. t?e Adjutant General: For lauk bookr, binding and ata*ion ?ry 000 00 For m ?c? lanav-un iteirs, it.eluding effioe faruuarc OUO 00 Cffi # of the (JuarberBMstrr Gens ral: For blank bo-Va, bird Eg, aod atation ery tOO CO Fo. labor 600 00 Fcr ak liaueoas lt-m- 800 00 ? fiice cf tbe Ccnun:naary General; For blank boots, bi d> g. staQonery, adver sing, and m ac-llaneot-a iUon ? 3,600 00 Office of .ha Chie* Engineer: Forbl?nk boot.*, bin'itg, an J stAtioa ery ZT. 4C0 O* F.r mi*- :lan-ous it m?, inolada;g teo daily Waeh.ngioa pap> r.- 600 00 l fiW of tbe Surgeon General: For bla.k books b.noing, aud atatioa ery fcOO ??0 For mis>U .neous lb ou .00 00 Office of tb# Colonel of Ordnance: For blauk bjoks, Lxading, and atatioa ecjr ??????????????????????????????e e e a aaeasaaaa ??? 000 00 Per miFo^lan#oa? items ............ 100 00 Office of "he Colonal of Tcpifrtapb ecai Kngin .i rs: For bla&k tr oka, tmairg, and statl.n ery 700 00 Foi ni Toellaneoos items - 600 00 POR THE GENERAL PURP SW GP THE NOR HWbST jXECL'ilV* BUILDING. K Ft r ,omf ? nsa'ion of fuur watar m? n of than rthwe^ex catiTe building ...... 3.400 00 F?.r ood pmaa Job of two labor ? of tba execatf^aba.lding.......^ 8*>4 00 For ftitl and light 3,400 00 For atl?eaUanevu? iteias 1,000 W

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