Newspaper of Evening Star, May 18, 1855, Page 7

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 18, 1855 Page 7
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plied tor ?rr iels, machlcery, tools aid labor fornishrd In painting c?M boat* 1,?M II To afrthorlre *he Secretary tt tb? Treasury to. cansa to b? eon smeted the following buildings: At Burlington, Vermont, a marine hoo piUi - 16,000 00 At Wilmington. No.-th Carolina, a ma rre? hospital, inc'alTng 4 pest hi use for the S'parete accommodation of pa tieata with contagiosa and infte'lre diessses .. _ 40 000 00 To cover the compnasatlon of archi tect*, auperiniendenta, advertising and other cmt'Bgeut fXfen?es, and to much u may be required t) pur chase suitable site* fbr said build legs. [Indefinite.] Fwf the baildingcf a light hn?e on the - government re ervatkm 4' Mlnceso'i r?iat, near the h*ad of Lake Supe rior, in the Territory of Minnesota... 14 000 00 For the oons'ructio j of two light h 'laee in California?one at Creccaat City, and one at Triaitj Bay?fifteen thousand d.'llara each, should the fx wCary of the Trearary decide that *ald l Bht hou*?a were nece eary ifi?r proper examination and snrw - **ys tooco'Vvi To pey the beianee directed to be paid James F. and Pyne-v-oh ta * mah, or ei?*r of t ham, by the gaaa' a amendment to the treaty with the Miami Indiana, made in August,eigh teea butdred and fifty four TzZ 714 00 To pa* this amount for interest due to the Chkkasaws, at the rate of fife par eent per annum, in purcuacce rf the treaty of eighteen hundred and thir ty two, on the snm of one hundrrd and twelve thousacd for y two dol lar* and ninety nine cents, impro Erly chasgcd to said nation, acc rd g to the decision of the prper ac counting officers of the treasury from the first September, eighteen hundred and thirty seven, until March 9,1860 72 960 96 To enable the Secretary cf the Treasury to cause to be con structed the following buildings: At Bristol, Rhode Is'and, fbrtheasocm modatien of the custom-house and ooft office, a building of br'ck, with fire-proof floors, constructed of hou beams and bri.-k work, iron roo', shutters, at Ik, Ae, twenty-five fret by thirty, and twenty five feet high... 13,?00 00 At Pensacola, Honda, for the ao.*ommo dation of the oistom-bouM, pest of fice, and United States court, a build ing cf like material*, thirty-fire by fifty feet, and orty feet hlgb 84,000 00 At Cterel&cd, Ohio, for the sconunod* tion of the custom-house, post o9oe, and United States court. a building cf stone, eighty Are by sixty >eL and sixty feet high, cf like floor*, rent shatter*, Ac- - M 000 00 At Plattsburg, New York, fbr the go. ocmmolation of the custom-house, e office. and United States court, a ding of brirk, of Ilk* floors, roof. b?aras, shutters 4c., forty five feet by sixty, and fbrty*ight feet high?.. SO,000 00 At Alexandria, "Virginia, to *.ccomw?o date th? custom-rouse, poet nfflca, aad United Stat*s c-urt. a building of brick, of like fl -ora, beams, roef, shutters, Ac., *>rty-five f-et by sixty, a?d for y-eight fret high 80,000 00 At BarnataMe, Massachusetts, for the a^ommodation cf the cuftom-hooae and poet office, a building of briek. of like flrer*, b?ams, roof, shutters, Ac., forty-fire feet by thirty-two, and thirty-two feet in height 90.000 00 To coTer the compensation rf architect*. super ntendents, adverting, and other contingent axpe. see, and so much as may be required to purchase suitable >itee for said buildings. rIn defloite.] To settle the claim of John Bandon, de ceased, a friendly Creek Indian, (of the half blood,) for lots** sustained and property destroyed by the hoe tile Creek Indiana, in the war of eighteen hundred an 1 fourteen, in such manner and upon such ttnqiii may be just and equitable 5.OTB 00 For the ?a!ary of a consul-general ta re side in the British Nerta American provinces 4,000 00 For the reimbursement of the Patent Office fund for meuey * heretofore paid out by appropriations of arts of Con. gresa for seeds and the c Jleetion cf afric ultnrsl statis'ics. 40 078 T8 For filling up and draining the g-ound in the vicinity of the national green house*. known as the Bo'anic Gar den, acd for walling with brick the creek w'r ieh pas-es through the same 12,000 00 To pay the necessary expense* of six companies of volunteer* called into the service cf the United Statas by Brigadier General Smith, in the State of Texas, to be paid under the diree tion r f the Beoretary of War 94,000 00 For the employment of temporary clerks by superintendents of Indian affaire on su;h rcoaslons anl f-r sach peri ods of time as may be d**m:d neces sary to th* public service 6,000 CO Fer taxing up snd relaying and renew ing so much as has waahed away at the sewer slong Fifteenth street west, centigucu* to the publio grounds south of the President's 8,000 00 To settle acd adjust the accounts of John Alair, collrctor of customs at Astoria, Oregon; upon fair and equit able principles [Indefinite.! Te enablothe Seore ary or the Treasury to p?y, iu accordanc!' with the memo rial c f the Mencmine* Indians to tbe Pre ldent an 1 Oongre**, da'ed the fourth o! October, eighteen hundred aid fify four, and executed in gene ral o .uccil of the nation, to Bl'bard W. Thompson, on* half of the asnount stipulated in said memorial, and in an agreement of *aid Indians, with said Thcmp'-cu dated the fifteen h of February, eighteen hundred and fif ty-oi?, |or his serrjoea as attorney for said Indian, in the prosecution of a claim i n their b-half for additional comr?a*afon for la?ds ceded by them to the United Slate* by tha treaty o! eighteen hundred and I* rty eight, and that tbe sum so paid be deducted fro js the annuities, when due and payable that are to be paid to the said Indians under the treaty of the twelfth May, eighteen hundred and fi'ty four, and the amendments thereto. Tlideflalte] for rebnil<iing and repairs of the build tag for the branch mint at New Or J"" 44,000 00 Fer the e eeUon of a building for a court house, post (Ace, and o'her pablie purposes, at lnd:anapclii, Ia diara W 000 00 To enable the Preewdent of tbe United States to contract with Ulram Fow er? for some w rk of art executed, or to b? execated, by him, and suitable for the ornament of the Capitol 23,000 00 for fulfilling treaty with th-> Chippewa Indians, negot atei February twenty sec'ad, fi#ht? on hundred and flf.y flve 197.946 64 For fulfilling'rextiee with the Wlnne bagoee, per crticlas of tbe twenty feTenth February, eighteen hundred aad flrty fi?3 78,7W> 00 For tulAlling the articles with the Ump qua* and Ca'aprolas of the Umpq^a Vailay, Oregon, of the 29 b Novtm ber. eighteen hundred and fifty-four. 23,960 00 For fulfilling tbe articles negotiated No vember eighteenth, eighteen hun dred and flf y four, with certain bands of Chasta, fcoton, and Ump qua Io^iaus. 85 780 00 Fbr fulfilling treaty with the Rogue Kleer 1 avians, per article* of fif teeath November, eighteen hundred and fifte-four 2,150 00 For fulfilling the ertielee negetiatMl Deoexber twenty aixtb,eighteen hun dred and fifty-foor, with certain band< of Indiana of Pugett's sound, Washington Terri ory 16^600 00 For fti filling tbe article* negotiated January tenth, eighteen hundred and fifty-five, with certain 1 fin federated bend* of Calapooia, Molalc, and Clackamas Indien*, of Oiegon (9,760 00 For the ln<*re4*ed pay of Indian agents and pay of additional sg<nte author Is d by tbe act passed the AM March, eighteen hundred anl fifty Ore 6,375 00 For tbe irrrea.>e of pay to Indian sub ag nts, authorixed by the *ct pa/sed Harch tret, e gbtren hundred acd fifty -five 1,334 UO For pay tf three Indian agents ii Cal itoroia. p*r ac? twenty eighth Sep tember, eighteen Lun<Jr?d and filty, and art pasted Mar -h firit, e ghteen hundred and fifty-flae 12.0C0 00 For expenses cf the recotn.Jiseanw of tke boundary line between the Choe taw and Cbtckesaw Indian' 1 000 00 For fulfill, ng tr?aty with the W>aLdott Indians of thirty fixt January, eigh teen hundred and firtyfiae 1^,644 67 For arrearages due tbe C'koctaw In 41a as under ? ailow Irtatf sllpula ttosa a* per report ra statement of th? proper acaounting officer of tbe **?07, tranamittad bp the fwn. ?*y of the Interior, la answet to a reaolatioa of tbe SeBat# of ths I?Ifc Mareh, eighteen hundred and flftf ttr*. to U Mid ?t? or expanded H>* tne benifit of the Choctaw na tion, as mar be requested b* the Art ?WtojdItM. no. ? ' 90J6S to - ? 18,886.885 90 By the sot making appropriation* for the naval ?wrlce for the ;w ending thirtieth of June, one thonrand eight hund ed and flfU fir. r or pay of commiuion, warrant -and P*t?y officers, and s* men, including the ?*ngtoeer eorps of the na*y V15,lll 00 For the ocmptnsati- n of the ohie* of Btfreauof Oonstru-tlon, Equipment. and Bepatt, and pf Medline and Purgery, the rune aa .tow allowed to the other chief, of bureau* of tL* Nary D'partxent. {Indefinite] For pay cf superintendents, naval con structors, and all he civ 1 establish nenta at the i?wr. 1 rtv/-jard* and ?ta ions.... , l?i,4?0 00 For paying to the clerks and dthrn In the Washington navy-yard the ocm pen?atlon author; ied by tbe afct an Cved April twenty-ceoond, eighty ndred acd fifty four. [Indefi nite.] for provision* for eonunisaicn, war rant, and petty fflrera, and seamen, Inclosing engineers aa J marines at*' tached to vessels for sea service......... 686 200 00 For surgeon's n *e?? area aod appliances for the sick and hart of the navy, in* eluding tbe marine coips 84,306 00 ?*t Increase, repair, armament, and equipment of the naTy, including the wear and tear of vessel* in commis sion, fuel fLr steamers and purchase cf hemp for the n*vy 1,790,600 00 To contiuua the constru.tiin of tbe six steam- rigatee, authorised to be built by an ao cf the flr^t cession of the th rty third Congress 8,000,000 00 For Steven's war steamer- 260 000 00 To enable ths secretary of the Navy to carry into effect the ?'joint r-eolutkn respecting the Arctic exception, com* maaded by tha Pawed Aasisttnt gnr* ' geon S. K. Kane1......, 150,000 00 For ordnance aod ordnance stores and email arms, including inoid*a al ex* 540,000 00 Frr preparing tor publication the Amo rlcan Nautical Almanac* SO 880 00 For tbe purchase of nautical instru ments required for the use of tbe naTy, fe.* repairs of tha came, and also of astronomical instruments, and for the purchase of nautic?l books, maps, and charts, snd for backing and binding the fame S3 000 00 Fcr printicg aad publishing sailing di rections bydrozraphicei turvey, and satrcnomical observat'ons 10,000 00 For models, drawing and copying, poet age, freight and lr-?n>p'ntat:on, ar.d for working lithographic press, in* eluding chemicals; for keepinggrounds <n o.der; for fuel and lights, and for all othrr contingent expenses of tbe hTdrog upbi'al iffice, and United states observatory 7,000 00 For continuing the' publication of the reriea el wind and current charts, and for defraying all tbe ?xpen6es con nected therewith IS,000 00 For the wages of persons employed at the observatory and bydrographical offi e. ?is: One lithographer, one In strument-maker. two watchmen, and one porter 8460 00 To enable the Secretary of the Navy to Ey the paltry of Profb-srr James P. py for the current fiscal year end ing June thirtieth, eightaen hundred and fifty six 2,000 00 For con ingent expen -es that may ac crue for tbe following purposes t1? : Freight and transportation, printin ( and stationery, advertising in newspa pers, books, map*, models, md draw ings ?urchnee and repair of flie en gine* ar.d machiner*, repairs of and attending to steam engines in navy yards, purcha e and maintenance of horses and oxen. at.d driving teams, carts,timber wheels, and the pur chase and repairs cf workmen's tools. poatage of ptxblie btters, fuel, oil, and candles for navy-yards and rhore sta tions, pay of watchmen, and inciden tal labor, not chargeable to any other appropriation, labor attending the delivery cf rores on civil stations. wharfage, dockage, and rent, travel ing expense* ot officer* and others un der orders, funeral expenses, store and cflloe ran^, stationery, fuel, com misffions and pay of clerks to navy agents and storekeepers, flags, awn ings, and packing-baxefl, rremiums and other expanses of resulting, ap prehend ng deserters, per dkm pay to persons attending courts martial and courts of inquiry, and other ?er ?ice authorised by law, pay to judge* advocate, pilotage and towage cf vea seis and assistance to Vearels in dia tress, bills of h*alth and quarantine expenses of the United States navy in foreign ports 843,048 00 For repair cf buildings for the neoee sary additions and repairs to tha works f>r beaming the bai dings, and ruppoit of tbe Naval Academy at An napol s. Maryland 2i/)U tt For oontlouing the sea wall slong the northern water- front of the aead'my grouads. grading draining, and fill ing in low ground* in order 88/100 00 For repairing, caulking, and for other repairs of th- floating balance dry* dock, ba-ia and railway, at the navy yard, Pensarola? 10/100 00 For construct Von. extension, and comple'.iou of the following ob Jacts, and for contingent expen ses a*, tbe seversl navy yard*, via: PORTSMOUTH, NEW HAMPSHIRE. For oompletlcg coopers' sboep and watchmen's quarters; dredging front of basin; dock basin; sewer aad drain age; removing ledge back of timber shad; pavicg; flua boiler at rmitheiyi repairs of floating dock; for a new shell hcusa f>r sate keepirgofshrels, and repairs of all kinds 68,261 00 BOSTON. For rem'ving'and -a'.taring eoal house at smlthery ; stone wall Berth elds of timb?r dock, and filling area avoand machine eh-p ani ami:herv; packing he use and oor p?rasre; rebuilding dock engine boiler- ou/e; paving area around dry deck; paving between abe-is numbers thirty one and thirty three ; <-xtension of o.ty sewer ta ae? wait: flushing coil bouse at r>p? wrlk: m-chintry for machine shop aad eraithf ry; eteam engine and pump for rope walk ; completing tha "*?? Lucd'-y. b;i ?r, and machine shepu and cece s^ry tool) for the same ; and repairs of all kinds 264,823 00 NEW YORK. For extension yt smithery; maeb'nery for smithery; carpenter's shop; rakum shop; quay wall; paving and flag ging; dreiging channels; timber and knee sl:p; dry dock pavement;] filling in lew plaoee ana grading; oakum t'.ck*r; and completing tbe foundry, .rfler, acd machine shep, abd ne cssary tools for theiame &4?,846 00 To p^y amount, due for iron work for engine honae 0,600 00 For npai s of all k nds 28,000 00 PHILADELPHIA. For aldir g rixtv feet to ship-boua* F; rtof of rMp*bous? F; roof to ship house Q, wharf number four; dredg ing channels; repairs of dry deck; and repairs of all kinds e ??? ? o e e ? e ? ??? 66,700 CO WASHINGTON. For ordnanoa building, completing cra dle to mariM ralhra ; extension of boil, r shop; cm version of criraaea to machine sbcp: forge sbrp for new steam hammer; shoring wajs In ?hip home T; lining walla of slip; pivements, drains and gutters; grad ing and fllllog low plaoea; raising roof of brat-s foundry; fire engine-honre; dredging chaune s; reeervuir 'or water; gas-p'pes aad fixtures : and repair* of ail kinds 192,886 00 NORFOLK For continuing quay wall; reservoirs for rain water; dredging cbaanels; foundry; engine of dry drek; carpen ter's workshop; rail tracks and car* at tit Helena; fcows, landirg-cranea, and derricks; steam-boxes and biilera; pl'ch-hcnfr-; completing tha foundry, biiler, and m?cbine shops, andreceo> sary tools for the same; and repair* of all kind 831,817 00 P1VBAOOLA For p'Vmacent wharf, deep basin, and dr> aging; o>pi?g for tasir; flUirg in anl pavicg, and removing soak caia cooperage, (to ^ ^ cisterns nam* beri'fourteen, twenty-five, and M?tj< son ; paint* stop and coo per s (5 < complete*,) repairs of dsterns nam* rtx; titu pip*s t* permanent wharf, Sard hr us* at west gatcr shell soaur, jhtnir g ; oondiwt re; railway to a;ar >?Hi| steam hoc fire engine house; Ud repair* of all kinda. hr repairs af oflaan' bouM, aanbn Mia te thirteen, rebuilding stables, repairs af wnrrftnt ofteere* houaac guard-house, aid b eliding three kit ahem L.... ... .. 8ACKBTT'8 fJiHRCfl For repairs of ftU W?ds SAN FHANClSCO. Tor completing strrehouse; completing blacksmitnr shop*. completing car [tenters' shop; ?har$ grading and evell ng jardj houses for quarter*; and repa'rs of all kinds For continuation of basin sad railway^. FOR HOSPITALS. AT BOSTON, MAS 'ACHCSETTS. For repaira of all kind; AT RE# YORJS, NEW YORK. Forene'ofting wall; ro?a*rt ol baUdlngl and fences; prading and Of meter/; machinery; labor and repaira of all klndt...... ?????.m*im.m................... AT PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVA NIA. For repairing lc wer floor of main build ing, improving wbatf property; re pel to furnaces, grates, and rang* era; gas, houae cieahing, and while washing; water rent; furniture, afcd repafra to same, and repairs of all kinds AT NORFrtI K, VIRGINIA. For repairs cf hotpital and dej enden d? AT PENSACOLA, FLORIDA. Forwater-stoaet*, lightning condne'cra, draining pocdn, wa'l around burial ground, and repaira of a'l kit.da FOK MAGAZINES AT P0RT8W0UTH, N1W HAMP SHIRE, For repairs of all k'nds AT BOSTON, MAS?ACaCcETTS. For fire-proof bnildlcg for loaded shells, honae for unloaded rh?ils and work shops plati'crm* for etowlag shot, ad dition to stor?bouee for gac Carri ages, ard for repaira cf ali kinds AT NEW YORK, NEW YOFK. For gunner's bouse, at Ellis's irland, machinery, and fitting xoom for itfl use, gua carriage shop, building for stowing gui-csrnages, firep-ocf building for loaded shall a, building for unloaded shells, shot platform*, stowage, and tran?p:rtatu.n cf guns, and fcr repairs cf a I kinds AT PHILADELPHIA, PENN" YLVA* MA. For a fireproof baildirg for lc&ied shells, purchase rf land, nagazine, and koep?r's house and fitting room for ordnance store; AT WASHINGTON, DISTRICT OF COLVMBTAi Fcr a op machine. (Wright's patent ) rebuilding ex. erimerial batt ry,and fuel for ordeame foundry AT NORFOLK, VIRGINIA. Fcr fitting up storehouse for filling, ?hot platforms, and ;un skids AT PENSACOLA.FLORIDA. For a fireproof houae for losdeJ shell.", fitting room for ordnanee store*, gun skids, (hot platffrzaa, in* repairs of magarinee MARINE CORPS. For the pay of the officer?, non-com missioned officers, muaic ana, and privates clerks, mesnsngars, stew ards and seivants; for raions and clothing for servants, subsistence and additional ratcna lor Ave years' Ber ries of officers; for undrawn clothing and rations, fccuot>s for re enlist cents, and pay f r unexpired terms of previous eerrlie For provisions for marines perrlng on shore .... For clothing ... For luel .... For military ster f>, repairs of arms, pay of armorer; for acout r <ment s, ordinance stores, flag*, drums, fifas, an J musical instrument* For tracefortasion cf officers and troops, and expense# of recruiting For repairs of ba?racks, aad rent of temporary barracks and rfficee For ooiit'ngtzc'ee, vie: Freight, ferriage, cartage, and wharf age; ompematlon to Judg*s advo cate ; per dieta for attending ooarts martial and courts of Uquiry; for oonatant abor, bouse rent in lien of quarters, burial cf d erased marines, printing, adv*rtisng, stationery, forage, postage, pursuit of d'serters, candles, cil. straw, furniture, bed sacks. spad*s, shore's, axes, picks, and oarpanters' tools, expenae of a horse for me-senger, pay of matron, washerwoman, an l porter for tha hos pital at headquarters For two c'ozks, or assistants, employed lrom the commencemei t of the pre*, ent flfcal y?ar, in the United States naval astronomical expedition,.to be pell as the first or lowest oi&es of olerks ? F?r their compensation for the next fiscal year ... For the erection of a marine hospital at Galena, Illinois ? ? ? For the purpose of oontinuing experi ments tn testing Lieutenant Hodman's p an of ca>ting cannon hollow, so as to effect the cooling of the mass from the interior instead of the exterior ? For transportation of the mails from New York to Liverpool, and back For transportation of the mal Is from New York to Neir Orleans, Charles ton, Savannah, Havana, and Chagres, and back For transportation of the mails from Panama to California und Oregon, and ba k ... Per carrying out the contract entered into by the Post Office Department, under the provi lrns cf the act ap proved thirtieth August, one thou aand eight hundred and fiity-two, es tablishing a tri-monthly mail by steam-ves^e si between New Orleans anl Vera Cruz, via Tampico For transportation of the mails, in two steamships, from New York, by South ampton, to Bremen, and hack, atone hundred thousand dollars for each ship; and in two st amships, from New Yerk, by Cowes, to S&vre, and back, at sevt*nty-five thousand dol lars Cor each ship, undnr the contract with the Ocean Pteam Navigation Company of New York For transportation of the mails between Charleston and Havana ? a For transportation of the mails across the Isthmus of Psnama 110,060 00 12,000 00 s,000 00 246,000 00 400,000 00 0,000 00 19,270 00 7,100 00 1,200 00 19,828 00 (00 00 29,000 00 HO,COO 00 20,000 00 0,600 00 10,000 00 8,000 CO ? 823,280 91 40,934 76 66,264 00 20,180 62 0,COO 00 12,000 00 8 000 0J 81,600 00 2,409 00 2,400 00 16,000 00 6,000 00 810,600 00 261,000 00 828.8C0 00 60,760 00 3(0,000 00 60.000 CO 110,000 CO To supply deficiencies in the appro priations for the service cf tht final year, ending the thirtieth of June, one thousand eight hun dred and fifty five: For transportation of tbe mails from New York to Liverpool, and back - 559,238 66 For transportation of the mails trom New York to New Orleans, Charles ton, Savannah, Havana, and Chagres, and bank .... For transportation of the maila from Panama to California and Oregon, and back ... 202,878 21 249,812 02 For the service of the .Post Office Department, for the yaar ending the thirtieth of June, aoe thou sand eight hundred and fifty flve: For tran poitation of the mails, in two steamships, from New York, by Br'Utbampt n. to Bremen, and back, at one hundred thousand dollars for each sh'<p; and in two steamships from New York, by Oowes, tD Havre, anl back, at leventy-five thousand dollars for each ship, under the con tract with the Ocean Stram Naviga tion Company of New York Por transporting ef tbe mails between Charleston and Havana, under tbe contract with M. t\ Mordesai For tbe transportation of the mail) across the Isthmus of Panaint . 860,000 0C 50 000 0( ISO,000 0< 18,686.6*7 41 By the act leaking appropriations for the service o the Post Office Department during the fiscsl ycai ending the thirtieth of June, ons thousand eigh hund ed ard fifty-six. For transportation of the mails ? 6,931,933 0< For transport at'on of tbe United States mail over the Michigan Ontral Bail road, (five hucdrtd and elghtevn mllas,) from the ninth June, e'ghteen hundred and forty nine, t'the twenty* eighth November of the same year - For sompensaticn to postmasters ? 2,1?'0 000 Gi For ship, steamboat, anl way letters ? ?0 000 O For wrapp'ng caper * - ? 4^,000 O For office furniture in the peet offices ? 6,6<:0 0i For advertising ? ? 100,000 O Foe Ball bags 64,000 0 for bUnits ?<ft mail lock*, keys, and ft am pa Ffcr malt depredation and ipwUt(fBt( For clark* in tbe cffioM of postmaate-s For pottage i t?*?ps nil stamped anrei op*i . for ialm*UaneoiM items . ? For eomrosMUon to William M. V~ M? praw, for earning th* malt oa rout* number right thousand nin? hundred and *!even, from Independanef, Mia sonrt, to Great Mt Lake Oltv.UTah Territory, monthly, ??ch way, ae cording to th* contract undsr ? hieh rai 1 service la now betng commencing with the eighteenth d?y of Adgu*tf hundred and f fcy-fbur. and continuing oae year . For oott|leii?*tion to J?eob Bail, for carrying the mall on rente nuabei* eight thousand nine hundred and i? elve. from Ind peude n<-e, Misiouxi, to Satta Fe, Territory of New Mexico, monthly, each way. according to the contract under which aaid servloe to now being performed, for cne jeer from the eighteenth day ff Augu-t, eighteen hmd'ed and Any four For compensation to Georg* II. Gli dings, for carrying the triail cn fenta numbe' twelve thousand nfne hnn dred, from Santa Fe, New Mexico, to Ban An'onio, Texas, monthly, each way, according t6 oon tract under which sa?d service Is aov Mflng per formed, commencing ai h the elgc* teenth d?y of August, eighteen hun dred aid ?l*y four, and centianlrg one year, and in lien of the compensa tion therein stipulated * ? To oontinue the fourth section of the act of Corgr ss approved 11 th August, eighte'n hundred and fifty four, eatl tied " An act making appropriations for the <crviee of the Pest Office De partment, during 1 he fiscal year end ing th9 thirtieth of Jure, ore thou sand e:ght hundred and fiftyflve,* for one y-?ar from August fifth, eighteen hundred end fi'tyfire, and that th-) allowance granted by sai-i section to the deputy no?*.mafter at Washing ton city. District of Columbia, of one mill per ptund upon the aggf^ate weight of t utile a<KUTDents printed by or'cr cf Conjre ?s, aud deposited In the office of the"3*1.1 postmas'er to be mailed, shall be so c nttruei ?s to 09H>ra?me cn the fif.b of August, ei.-buen hundred and fifty-three [In definite ] To eftabL-sb afid put In operation a jemlmotth'y mail, fcvsea, fro'n Kan Fr.m(i;co. in the fcUta of California, V> Oxyopia, in 'to Territory of Wa Il lusion, touching at Uumboldt ray. Tr.nidad. and Cr?n*T?t city, in tee ' gt-ite of Cal fort la; Per*. Ortord, Gar diner city or Umpqur, and Astoria In tb* Territory of Oregon; fchoal Wa ter bay , Tort Towmead, In the Ter ritory ? f Wasii'ngtoQ, and nt such Cthe' points M m:al b^ designate-,! by the P<*tma t^r General To enable th? First Comptroller rf the Treasury to examine the claim of Wil li?iu H. Glover ard The*. W Mother, and tbtir a-eocitta*. 0l& ascertain and allow i u-h amnsp?s as they ate entitled to, in jn*ti*eaDd equity. In consf'tum-e cf the refusal of the Post master Genera) to car.y into effect the contract ent-rel Into between Wlllism R. Glover and Thomai VV. Mather and tha Postmaster General in oighteeu hcndrei and fifty three, for the transportation of the nulls oa the Mississippi and Ohio riv*rs - To pay to Ciiah P. Monro*, bis repre renUtires or aligns, as pay in full for extra miil St-mee on the mail rente from Parremen'oto Shasta. in the gta'.ecf Ca ifirnia, commencing Cctober the flrtt, A. D. eighteen nun d*ed ant fi ty-one, and ending July the fifteenth, eighteen hundred and fifiy-two ...... To enable tbe proper i-c^iptroHer of the treasury, under inftructiocs of tha Attorney General, to inquire whether ttecootract ma'e hy the Postmaster General with William L. Blacchsrd for carrying,be United FtiUs mail on rc>ut? numbered fiTethoasa'd r.nd sixty-e x, in th? y-ar e< htecn hun dred and fifty-three, was violate J by tbe i o?tma?tec General vithoutlecal and hd?<iu .te cau?e given by raid Mbischard: and if it was s> Tiolated, then to ???^rtaia and t'l?w flach damages as he is entitled to In equity and J jstice by reason of 6uch viola tion. and that such dnmarts be paid to sail BlascharJ. [Indeflni'.e ] 80,000 00 1* 000 00 MU00 00 076,000 CO 70.000 CO 100,000 00 S0.00O 00 83,000 00 88,600 00 12Q.OQO 00 200,000 00 6,641 f0 0 810,967 26 15,889 79 32,TOO 00 1,200 00 2,600 00 6 U00 W) ll,feC0 00 By tbe act to provide accommodations for the Unl t?i State* courts n th* city oi Jsckscn, Mifrtsnppi To enable t??e Secretary o:"th* Interior to contract with the tublic auth ri tie< tf thn c?t> of JacksoD, Mississip pi, for 'hepe'maceat use of roerrs Lr the courts of the Uoited States, in th? new city ha!l now ia process of ronstructioQ la th%t city . . J0/KX) (0 By the act making approprla'iana for tbe current contingent 'SpeDSeaof the Indian Departmsnt. and for fulfiUing treaty stipuUtiors with various lnaian tribes, for the year ending Jans thirtieth, one thousand eight hundred and fifcy-^x, and for other purposes Fer the currant and oontagent expen ses of the Itdian Depai tn^-nt, viz: For the pay of suptrintflndea's cf In dian affairs, p?r aits cf fifth June, eighteen huidred aud fif.y, twenty seventh Februaiy, eight^n hundred and fifty-one, and third March, eigh teen hu=dr<*d and fifty two - - 12 500 00 For the pay of the several Indian agents, parac'sof fifth June, eighteen hundred and fifty, twenty-seventh Fekruery, eighteen hundred and fifty one, and thirty-first July, eigh teen hundred and fifty-four - ? 43,760 00 For the pay of tbe several Indian str^nts, per act of tbirty-fir.'t July, ??ghteen hundred and fifty-tour, and for arrearages of pay to one in th* Ptate of New Y* rk, one at Green B*y, Wisconsin, one for the Seminol.s west of Arkansas, and one for the Indian t-.1b!*s In Utah For tbe pa of interpreter?, per acts of thirtieth June,eigh'een hundred and thirty-four, twenty tuventh Fcbruarv eight?en hundred and fitty one, and thirty-firtt July, eight?>en hundrtd and fifty four For ih<* pay of clerk to superintendent at Bt. L'. uis. Mi ssouri. p?-r act of twenty s?T?ntn June,eighteen hundred an t lorly six ... For tbe pay of clerk to superintendent in California, p*r act cf third March, eighteen hundred acd fitty two F*r present- tolndiani For provisions for Indians For buildings at agencies, and repairs thirecf - . 10,000 00 For conting?ncieso'the Indian Depa i t meat .... 38,600 00 CAMANCOB8, KTOWAP, AND 1PA CHK8, OF ABKANSAd HIVER. For scond of ten instalments fcr tb* purchase <f goodr, provisions, and agricultural implements, per sixth article treaty twenty seventh July, eighteen hundred and fifty three - 18,000 00 For the expenses of traosportation of the f ecDnd of t'n instalments cf gwds prtvisions and" agricultural imple ments, per 6ixth article treaty of twenty seventh July, eighteen hun dred and fifty thro . - 5,000 00 CnBKOKEES. For the payment of this turn due the Cherckeea. on account of interest, be tween lho flrct of May, e gfcteen hun dred and forty five, ana first May, eighteen h uncir< d and forty six, on stocks of the Hale of Michigan. Leld in trust by the Secretary ?f the In terior, uader the tieaty of eighteen hundied and thirty five, and tkesup plement of March, eighteen hundred and thirty six ? . * - 20 97 CHIPPKWAS Of MISSISSIPPI AND LiKE SUPERIOR For nineteenth of twenty instalments in money, per second trlicle treaty taer ty ninth July, eighteen hut dred and thirty seven - - 9,6o0 0C For ninetoentn of twenty instalments lngocd', per tecond article tteaty tweuty ninth July, e'ghteen hundrel at d thirty teven . . 19,000 0C For nineteenth <f twenty ins'alment* for tbe purchase of provittinna, per second arti;la treaty twenty ninth Ju yi eightetn hundred and thlrtv seven - ... 2,000 0< For nineteenth of twenty instalments for the purefcas' cf tobecoo, per second article treaty twenty ninth Jaly, e'ghteen hundred and thirty sev n - - {00 (X for fourtewsth of tw*x?iy fire Instal ments in money, per Iburth aitklj treaty fourth October, eighteen hun dred utd toi ty two - - 12,600 0( For fourtewth of twenty-fiv^ insU! ment? In goods, per fourth artkl* oi treaty fourth October, eighteen bu dm) u4 forty two 16,860 60 For fourteenth of tutiK n?ata lb' the rapport - f ecbools, par fourth article tmty fourth October, eighteen huadred and forty-two t,6QB For tcusteenth of twenty-Bra instal ments for the purahaae of pr. rmiona , ? and tobacco, pet fourth artiole treaty fourth October, eighteen hundred aad forty-two ? ? 8,900 8u for fulfilling ti eetiee with the ChJp pe*l? if La?e MupeAcr. to Hie conform to th? treaty ecaalvkhd on thirtieth S? ptemLer, eljbiet# hundred aad fifty-four: for alpsBMi (la part)of ae leodsg rrrtr* rations, and surveying and markirg the b?u**ar1ea thereof, per aeooad, third, and tweifh articles cf the trea ty of 8'piember thir;i?ib, eighteen hundred and filly-four ? . 8 000 00 For the payment of the first tweaty in* stalnen.s in ooln. gocd , etc .egrieul- * tnral implements, etc, and (-duration, etc., per fourth artic'e cf the treaty of r feptto.brr thirtieth, eighteen bun dr.d and fifty-four - - 19,0(0 0? For tb? purchase ot c'othiag and other article*, to be ?iTrn to the /ourg men at iL9 rext annuity payment, i: per fourth ar lcls of the tt??tyof eejtrin bt-r thirtieth, eighteen hundred and fifty four - - ? 4,800 UO For the purchase of agricultural imple ments, av.d other artie'ee. aa prrsen's for the mixed bloods, per fourth arti cle Of the tr a y tf tepieuiber thir tieth, eighteen hundred and fllty-fcur 6,000 00 F"r t e paya.*nt af sn h detta aa u%y be directed by the chiets in open ooun ch, and f und to be just aud c. rreet by tfce fcsr rotary of the Inter.or per f>ar:b a:t cie *?? treity cf Mnt?m br tbirtetb, tighifu hundred an J fifty-four - - ? 00,(00 00 For the payment of each debts of the Bois Fo.te tanas a* may be directed by their chief*, and f und t" be just and coirect by the tSarrearyof the Interior, p*r twelfth cf the t?t <f S-ptemtar thirties h, eigh teen tundreu and vf.j t u- ? 10,0(0 00 For th?* pay sent cf tie fir-t of fire iii Btalmtnia in bla^ke a, - lo b, ? :hc Bo p Forte band. p?r twelfth arti cle cf th-? ?r atv of Feptas.ber th r t.eth, ei'?bte*fl uid fifty four 2 000 00 For tha first cf twenty instalments for the j>a* of six ,-m t r and ?Mi'tanfs, p- r fi h an J second article?- of the treaty cf peniembe* tui-ti th, eigh teen hundred and fif.y four ? 5.010 00 For tbe *rft of twen y .ns elmmts for the sappcot of aix smith-t-hop*, per fifth er.d second artie'es of th- tre ty of S?p>t mb r th rteth, eight en hur. irel and fifty-fcur ? - 1,310 00 For defrr.yinsr expenses incurred in n? goMating treaty concluded on tbe thirtieth September, eighteen hun dred and fifty four, with the Ohippe was, 01'lake Saperior - . 15,744 71 CBIPPKWAS OF HAGINAW. For ptniik~-u^ annuity in good* or other ii'ftul ariK."*** fourth arti cle treaty third of August. seventeen hundred and ninety five - ' 1,000 00 For permanent annuity in money or othcrr'ae per second article treaty seventeenth Nov*1* 'i?r eighteen hun dred and ?*?ven ? - fcOO 00 For permanent annuity in silrer, p^f fourth article treaty twenty fourth ?e; t*-mkr, eighteen Luudr?d and niL^-leen ? ? 1,000 00 For perniancat proridon for gupjort cf b!acb*rj:th, ao-l for f-ruilng ute: s 1? and catt.u, und the employment of per'on-to ait tbe:a in atricalture, por i-i^hth ar icle treaty of tw. nty lonith tern Or, eK-hu-?n hundred and n'n'te?n, and aeTen'h article of treaty louiUentU January, eighteen hundref? ao-.l thirty s-ven - - 2,000 W For fdacation durii.g the pleasure cf CouKress, per ?lxth art'.cl" tr. aty fifth Augi-ft, ej^hte^n ht'ndrol &nd twen ty <ix - - 1,000 00 CHICKASAW^. For permaconl f.nnuity in good*, p?r HCtef twenty fifth fwhrua-y, aeven hundred and ninety nine S,000 00 CHIPP8WA3, MKNOMOMFS. WIS h'l-B A'iUbS, AN J NEW YO^K IN DIANS. For ed cation during the pleaiure of Ocn-ru -8, per fifth article treaty ?lev en.h Auzugc. eighteen hundred and tacntyscTen - 1,800 06 <:hoctaw3 For permanent an^^lty, J161, eecond ar ti le treaty kx crnt; November, eighteen hundred and fire * ? 3,OUO 00 For permavent antuity lor support ol light-horsemen, per tMrteji th arti cle t-eaty eighteenth October, eight een hundied and twenty - - 600 00 For p^roian?at preri ion for eduction, per pecond article t?;atv twentieth of January, eighteen h'dadred end twen ty five ... 00 For permanent pr'via'on fir blaoksmith par six'h a?ticle tr^a y eijjhteen'b of October, eighte 'n hundr d and twen ty, and ninth artic'etie.ty twentieth c ant arv, eighteen hundred and twen t- Arc - - - 600 00 For permanent prori-lon for iron and steel, per sixth article treaty eight - eenth October, el^h??en hundr'd and twentv, and n nth article treaty of twentieth January, elgLteea hundred and tw;nty-fiv8 - 820 00 CHRISTIAN TND'ANS For permanant :<nunity in m?r:ey, p*r ac s twenty-s-ix h M*y,%vhtean hun dred an i twenty f ur, and twentieth May, eighteen hundrsd and twentr Bix - r 400 00 CREEKg. For permanent annuity in money, per fourth article treaty K?rcnth August, fceTsutetn hundiei aad ninety - 1,?0<) 00 For pcrc auaiit annuity in money, per second article treaty eix'.eenth Jane, eighteen huodted *ud tiro - 8 000 00 For p rmacent ann?i;y5n menry, per lourih article treaty twenty-.our.h Januarytci?h enh^ jdre<l and twen ty-eix 20,000 00 For permanent provifion for bl-cksmi'h and as iatant and lor ah op and too!?, per e'ghth article twenty fourth Jan us ry, eigh ?-en hundtod enl twenty Six - ? 840 00 For penran?Et provi-ions for iron and steel tor sLof, per eighth ar i le treuty tweuty-iourth J;nua:y, e'gh t?en hundred and t?-nty six - 270 00 For ninet en of twenty instalments for two b ic^nutbs and assistants, and sho, s and per thirteenth arUc'.e tr atv twenty fourth March,eighteen hundred and tli rty two - ? 1,680 00 For nine'.eenth cf twenty in^ta'm nU for iron acl st*el for ilupi, p?r ttir teerith articla treaty twenty-fourth M rch, eighteen hundred and thirty two - 540 00 For permanent pivTiaion for tie p?y of a wfeelwiight, per e ghth artscl; treaty t#enty tourtn January, eigh teen iiunare i aad twenty-ix - 600 00 F< r twent .-!fth ot thitty three instal ments f r education, per thirteenth artic.e treaty t?en'y-tourth Mar^h, eighteen hundred and thitty twa, aud fourth article treaty four b Jan uiry, eighteen hundred and forty-live 3,000 00 For blacksmith and .-.?-istan>, and shop, end tools, during the pleasure i f th* Pteeid'nt, per fif h article treaty four.een'h February, eighteen fcuu urel and thirty-three - - 840 00 For i d aud ?t< e for sh< p, during tha plaasuro ol the ('.naident per fifth artije treety :ourteenth February, eight-:eu hunlred and thirty-thr-e - 570 (10 For wagon maker during tbe pleasure cl the Pi evident, per fifth aitic:e treaty fourteenth February,eighteen hundred and thirty-three - - COO 00 For aasi4tanct? in agricultural opera tions during tbe p easureof the Presi dent, per eighth article tr ;?ty iwen.y fourtn January, eighteen hundrel aai tweaty-six - - (M) For elucation during the pleasure of the I'res dent, per fifth article treaty fourteenth Feb ua?y, eighteen hua dred and thirty-three - - 1,000 00 DELAWARE^. For life annai<y to ciief, ptr private atticle to supplemental treaty twen ty fourth September, eighteen hun dred and twouty-nine, to treaty of third Oc.iber, eijjiteen hundred and eighteen - 1C0 CC Fcr ile annuities to chiefs, p^ r eu; j-le mer.ta! >,rtic'e to ueaty twenty-sixth (tc otjer, eightteu hundred and thir ty two - - - loo Ot For nterest on forty-e'x thousand aal eighty d liars, at five per crntua, b-mg the mlu? of thirty sis >eo iocs of hm -et apa*t by treaty of eigh te;tj h n'r d anl tTen'ry-nine, for tduoa*io"?j per ret lition ot Senate, uiceU uth Janasry, eighteen tun drel and thirty eight . i (n for beo<>nd of eight txjual in?talmen'.f for pagaeat of ??? eb.'efc, fcr sixtk * fr<*ty * *U? May, (%Mk? hetdrwl and fifty four - \Jt0 &"? for pioodJ ef two taetalaaofis '? *'? of r?t&at?M nnNA p*c ?a?rth arttele <n*tf lU k Bay, rtgfclM hundred and fif^ hu ? - W FM*1*A TNDTA50.O& f UTI50LM For twelfth of CfWd lasta'rnealB Ik foods,) ?r rliih ai tic'e trrtKy frvtk Jaau?ry,?l_ hVen hundred and Icity ?" - iMW rf>r twe'fth of fifteen Instalments la mcney, per sixth art! It treaty fourth January. eigh ?sn hunired ani fort* flr#, r.nd fouith artlcW treaty nlo'h ?May, eighteen hundred and thirty. t*? . ?,COt Ot I0W18. For arrearj interest is Den of Invest mer t on one hundred and Ofty-esrea thousand fivt hu?^**f dollar*; Meg for four tacntbs, fWua the tret Much to tie thirtieth Jon', elg.**** hna dred and fifty-four. aid on fii?*1*0*" und olla-F of 'he um?, to the cMr tleth September, eighteen hundred aid fifty four, rw eeeocd article tr.aty n n-?e?nfh October, eighteen hundrel and thfr y eight - ?,? If For interest la Ikv cf :l t on en* hundred and ?\rz tLmmml fir* hundred Joliara. to tba f re* October. eighth n hundred am Ofty lf? and <fT* S''y rotrn tV umi4 l?? bcn4red dol m"\ tor tt? be 1 are* ?f the fiscal yerr tao(> ? :h:r ieth Jua*. ?igbt?*n June. eL-bte d laart.ed and O'tydx, at At* par c?ntnm. W ecua-l ariie.e treaty rireUenth c'ctdV*. eiglWen buLdrel tnd tv.irty-figb?, 'tO ai^th article treaty seventeenth May, eigh teen bundral and fif y fur - woo For psyireut of eternl '.na'alment ?f fifty u.outa?d dollars to >? applied, urd-r th? direct'on ? f th? Fee d?rit, t > agricultural purpose*, par ninta srt'cl* tr?a'y seventeenth May, ei^h t' tu hundred and fifty f ur ? If QUO 00 KA!IPAS. For iatrrc^ *u li^u of lavatment on two hundred ihou?*nd dollar*, at flee per centum, p -T P*eond art'd* tre*ty foureea h JatuarT? tigh'f?a kna Oni aud frrty six - - 10^00 00 KAEKASKli . PF.OFIAS. WElg, ASi? MAT* KhSll A\VS. For psymfit sccccd of thxe* In rtslait'nts i?3 a?cc?-y oftMrteec thou f-aiid dollar* ?>*ch for*>urcha?? cf forerr ;?rnisteut *anuiil??a aud r* )lr qu:shm-nt of clalnj* *nd damages p?-r f'xth trticl' tr?*ty tfc/ ti'th tar, ?igjit'ru huudredatd fifty K or, 13,000 00 for tbr p*c?n>d cf fire inpUlmenJ.* fcr frppo'tct a bls?-b n.i b acd smL*i nnt, per Filth art'.cle trf-a'y thirtieth May, cighttvn bundled end fifty four, - - - 780 00 For the re-ondo'fiTa in*t?lm?ut? for th" purcha?e of iron ?i.d ft?e', par auth artl-le frea'y th'rtietb May, ei^hteca hundred and flfty-frur, C10 00 KICKAPCOS. For ttrond ir.pta'm'nt of interest, gt fi-e i?'r c-rtuai, on tne hundred ihcu And dollarp, V. r tduca'ion. p?r fecDn J article treaty ^Igbt-ecth M*y e ghteen buudrrd and flity-four, fi,000 00 *^r the p*j meat ot th** rum, aa recond luBlk>niect np^n twj bundre thm t and d.l.Vr?i yr ^'"d artirla treaty e ghteeatb Juki", ?ghteen huudred acd fifty-faur - - ?M,0U0 M MEN0M NIKS. For the U#* twenty in?talmant? ?? ac nuity, in izowj. per < nat-'a amend ment to recond rnJcie treaty third SepWmbrr, eighteen hundred and thirtj -tiT, - - - 80,000 CO For tfce U?t of twenty Jc^a'nacC* for tvn fcU'.k mittn acd aae'.etantM, per heTiatr*e am'ndm nt t? feo->nd ai*ti e> treaty third peptemtar, eighteen hurdr?l? nd thi:ty-eLx, 1,440 00 Fcr tl.e last t f tweiity inrtalaeBtr for lrvn rnl Kt< el for i hyp*, pt Oeaste'a amen<lc-ent to ptoend ar icla treaty third rap'embir, e-ghteea bundrvd asd tbirty-fi*, ... 440 00 For the 'e t ot twenty iaitalmeate fcr the puichrBi of prOTiHcne, per tet. nta's aui-ndmeut to ??wona artl?le treaty th:rd Sep'.etmher,* eigbteeB^V1? hunlr. d and tbiity eii, - 0,900 00 For th*. laet twenty in* alaenta fnr two tbourar.d pounds tOaeca, per Fea bt<>'? amendment to eecoud urt cte treaty thirl .-^ep!-nWr. eighteen hurdrrd and thirty-eix, - 400 00 For tne !a"t twenty ic?ta'mest> for farmini; ltenuis at.d cattle, per Aen at*':) amendment to Bec ul artkle tr.aty 'hiru Se;t?m;er, eighteen f.nndrej and tiirty-ei*, - - 100 00 For the ia*t twenty initalm -nta fi>r thirty bar-'ele of lalt, per hen^te'a au,*odiBent to tecobd artel* treaty third SkT't-inher, eigi^t-en hundred and thirty-, * *_ M? ? For fourth of firte^D lnatalmen'B for p?j o* miller, per tij'pti1>artiel* 'r?a* ty evht-eDth Oetotar.ii^^D dred anl forty<i?,ht# MIAMI1S. For permanent provision f r black* smith and aae'rant. per fifth article treaiy sixth Cctob<r, eighteen hun dred and eighteen. a:i J V arth ante)* treaty tif. h Junr, elwhteea hnndraS andfifty-fjur ? ? ** C? For pjrmaceut prori?<on f.r m'lUT, te lie t f gnnsmi-h, per fif.h article treaty eix'h October, ?-igbteen hundred aud c'fth:e? n, fifth article treaty twenty thti'J October, ?ifihteen hundred and tiiirf-Tt-Pr, and fcurth artieie treity fi th Jul*' eighteen hundred and ^ fifty fjur ** For fif tenth cf tw^n<y inhUlmenU in raoccT, per second ar'K'le treaty twen ty-el/htU O^ober, *irb'?fn hundred and f rty. aud f'Utth sr*,<c'* treaty fif.ii J one, eighteen hund*"^ an<^ fifty focr - IV0 m For arrears of nine thousand seven hundred anl forty-six dollar* awd four eeu cents, for payment in full to Jm# T. and bar hu?l?nd. John Gri^gf and Sssb o-qua*b, {.or delate'3 am.'odment tn tourth article trea'v fifth Jure, eighteen hundred and riff? f ur - - ? ? For int-rtsl cii !a*^*tmcntcf two hun dred ?ni tw^n'y <pe tht uitand two hxndrei and fifty s^"'3 dollars and e;ghty six ewut??, at Cec v'?T ?-utwin, for N'iemi ladiaus of lna.'*a*' per genaie's tmct iment to fourth ?tide treaty fifth June, ?i5h'.e?a hani.**d aud hfi.y-foar - H*0? w For intereit on fifty thousand dollars. at fiTe per centum, fur educational purp.s^s, jer third ?.rtirJe treaiy fifth June, eighuen hundred and fltty four 2.?? & For strand o' six equal annusl instal ment* to M amies i?r. i Jing oa ceded lsnds, for purcha*? o? former perpetu al and other annuities and relin qui liment of ?:a>mfc, per fourth arti. c:e treaty fi'th Jun?, vghteen han ? dre J and fifty four - - 81,710)1 MlAMlE?EIL RIYiE. For p?rmanvnt annuity in goods or < th^rwise, per fourth articl- treety third August, Berenteeu hunJr d aad ninety fire - - 600 00 For permanent annuity in goois or t th*? wise, per third article treaty of twenty fir t August, eighteen hun lre. ani firs ... UO lor permanent annuity in goods or otherwise, per third acd separate ar ticle to treaty thirtieth hontember, eighteen hundred aid nine - )M 00 VAVAJOU. Vcr fulfilling treaty stipulatkAB w.tb th* I?*vajoe*. pursuant to the r* (|Uir<im*>nUol tt e teath article tieaty ninth September, eighteen hundrel and forty nine . ijm Of OMAHAS. For first cf tbre** instalments in money or o h-srwlse, for forty thousand dol lars each per annum, per fourth arti cle treaty sixteenth March, eighteen hun lred anl fifty-lour - - 40,008 Of For fir*t of tea instalments for ruppcrt of & miller. p?r eighth article treaty sixteenth March, eighteen hunarcd a.a fifty toar onQ oe For first of tea instalments for support of blaoksmith and aseiBCant, per eighth ar icle treaty a zte?oth March eighteen hundred and flfty-fcur - TSft 00 For firs: of t n instalments for support of farxerer eighth aiticl* tr<atf sixteenth March, eightet-n hunir-I and fifty four, ... fiOO 00 Fcr the erection of a gr!*t sea n* Dill S*t ?lghth article trssty eix^enth lirch, eight cn hundred and 8ft v fcar. ... 4,000 09 For theeree ien of a smi h's shep. ard pure has j of tools there rr, per eighth art: le of treaty siiteentU March. eighteen hcnd*ed and fiftT-?our? - W For payment cf Lewis Bcunsoswe, half treed,) In fall for awrrifM, p?r eULth article treaty sixteenth March, eighteen hutdrtd and fifty INir, I.ihw v) 400 00

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