Newspaper of Evening Star, May 18, 1855, Page 8

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 18, 1855 Page 8
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08AO?r ror of tw?ntr in*t*lm?vt*, as muity, la m ney or otbarwiw, Dfr h?ooBiJ articls treaty elarm'h ? Januare, -ightaen hundred andthir ty-a n*. *>,000 00 Fer ?ip teenth o| twea y icatalments for two uni'h's e^tabibhrnrate, per ??ronl a ioti rr?*?ty eleventh Janu ary hundred and tfcirty Per interest ou Mtty-oiiie thaound c ? hun ir..U tn i tweu'y dollaaa. at fivppT rontons, being the valre of fifty-fin r secti as el lacd s*t apa;t, aeeond J_nu?ry, eighteen hundred and twenty-five, for elur-ati nal pur poses per ?aio resolution, nine teenth .'anuay, tighten hundr'\ and thirty eight. ? T'0*S ANB MIMOCftlAB. to ili? lirrt #f thrw it^.tinKnU, M M* unity. >n motley t>r c'irrsite, per 'o.i h artiafa tr^a^y trft-^nth Matah. ^ *-iKbt"??n hundred an? u/ty four F(>rfintrf instalment* 'or pay of ra< i r, ;wr seventh artcle trea'.y fif M*r.ii. >ight ea hunirtd and fifty ft ur * F-j; f r-t ot Sn instalment* fur black* *r>.ith s.iid arsiauxt. per seventh arti \r treaty fift"*nth Uarrh, eighteen ? hun srei and fifty four For flrs- cf :?n losta manta for f?mar, pe- .?-ve-m arti-'e treaty fiiternth Mar b, 'uhteen hundred and fifj "rtur .... For ti.-> ere lion cf a iriat iad a* w^dI'I, per ?rtj?l? tren y fliteeit'a >j*reb, ethtaeo tun J red and fiTy !?r ... For *V s-.c'V>a it tm thV shrp and i un h?s c tool* tb ref-r, par a?T?nth *rti' :* t'?vy fi ttenih March, eigh fern ? ur.u ai anl fifty-four Fcr pnvrrcr.t of J e?i3 Parnsrd- for 8ar *<ree i?j il?r'd "he tribe, pa* twelfth - *t c ? tr^atT fir'een Y.aich eighteen and flt:y-fc>?4r OTTOWaF. Vor r ?n*ot annni'y, in &oa>ia or fth<-r'-i8.s ?rr fiurth areola tr?atv t ird Au Uftt, hundred and ^in^tj'-tiTe ... For > u^Tit annoi'T ?u money or Oili rwi- , i?r ?.?cmJ article twenty w ?? i b No?embt',#'?lit?nliua ?ir U * (I n<Q ? . For " rra^te * t aincity 'n up ch p r ?u..; rile fr^ty <*?ent?*nth !??? fem:-*". e gfcte^a l}uuJr;d and ?'gb'H^n ... Fort t ai>.tu'tr Jn fp ci.>, per ??"?t'rt.i t"* ty twaaiy-nintli Au."i?f.?, rbueuhn^lered and twen ty- .... OT" ? " A 3 A N I) OH I Pf F.W A3 Tor ?> r ' . a '?f hurdreJ thon^and <1 II - r ?. I* j-^,r 'ea'um; t*> be pi id t r- l'*,. parreTo'ution of Senate f***en ^,th May. ei^hte?*n hunUrad an't] irtj rlx 12,C00 00 For < ti< ul rt '?n'.y years- an i do i i. pktt'ure cf C^Bcie.?g, per ^ ? r*h jc treaty twen y rijh'h ,T . :t. -.r. hundred and thirty . * ?or in fc>r twen y years and du ?ini :h- pleasure of Congrats, per ? <-r h ar icle tfaty twenty eighth ? r h ??ieht.-?-:? hundred anJi thirty nx~ Tcr^?"^ "n iratter, m?-di in??, and pay ?fit? ,-.n . -r> ions *? 'ha Indians r-ci-|:n n tl !r rff^rration?, per f nrth ^'t tre'-tv tTrenty eighth Xateb ?*-ghfe*n hu"dn-d and thirty six V'* fhre. "r ?<i--.irhs acd fef'ftants, ? rt' t-r.!j yeers, enJ <iariDg the ?* * f ( at're-r. p^r jeTenti ar U 'e i s*y twrnty ei?l th Marsh. f itf .%?> h tiB-!r?d ar?d thirty fix Fcr iro- :r i s! ?; for fliop, f. r tweaty r>f drrring the picture of *'? ? per ?wT?nth article treaty 'w-r* M mh. ligfeieen hun Ired *i i ih'r^y s^x Frr tb. n-ith. f r ",w?-nty yetrs, and di.ri .? ic p' ?a3are of Con^reaa, per ?nth ft'ti*.etr>ary twenty eighth ' ? ?,'if-h ?en hendrei and thirty six..? Frr 'rcn atd st?*! tor fhop, k r twenty y T', lal d^rtc* the pleasure cf i.Yi . re-!<. p?r fe-'Th article treaty '?? ty 'hth Mwi'b, w^h'een hun drrd a i.i bit'7iiz For wo eoi ;-5;; ranU, for ten v > : ditini the pleasure of the t'Tr ., ? t, irz at^euth article treaty > aeiMy ei,rtth Ld&rch, et#h*?en hun ireu '.nd thirty six Ftrtw E?-3h!*nie?. for ten year?, and luring :h? yl-s-u^eof the Pmilent, p?r -*? ?-'jth arti-'e treaty twenty i .r:h iiie<-n hundredas4 :rly I : '.MVSrJS. Prr ?_-i .'?nr?l ir-jpN'tceats, during ; ? t? a ar- of th? Pre-il^nt, per urtWe tmty n'&th (.Jetoter, firL riu > ->ir?f ? anl thirty th*ee.. roTTA ?V A1CMIE3. s(? j tri.-?ii?T)t annuity in silver, per ? i-t . !:-tk-le tre?ty third Augu>t, --v?-pti en h^B'irt'd ".nu ninety fire... F. r ? ^ajuity, in *il er. per U.1I I i:t'i*letTt-aty tnirti th Stptra wer. ? M 1 n hvadrd and nine Fr' i: . ?-nt an.uity in si ver, per tfc >?: r tr?aty ^reend CCtobar, i i : -u hredrad &ndei?ht?*n F-.?r | ;jii?r.f?it s-n ticy lc caoo*y, par -t?rl?' tr?-ary iw.ntieth bef? >?:u" r ghteeu hundr?d an l twen Vi -e'-gi't F r li %s n.iity to chief ia (to ds, per m? ,oaJ article treaty twen ieth &<?j~ t n:h r, ^ig'nt?-?*n i.undrau and twen t; eight F : ;ti::?Lint annuity ia specie, per c r,4ii ar ?rV t-aaty twenty ninJi 'I'y. ? r-v. ? e i??. ?.?irtd and twenty > ia* F : ! ? -i.iiity tc chiot-, j?-r third arti \-.j w-? n f-th 0;Pj her, eign teen Lis !f ! tnd thir.y tw >. f . a- uit% to ebiafi*, | er th nl ar? ? i r t^tnty sixth .'e.^tember, v ?. - s?intre<4 and th.rtv-th ea ... F -, i. >?! t. ?u siig th<- if? eure of ?' r,.- ?- , j?-r tijir?l article treaty six t- ? h ?1 t**1) r.tti^ht^n hundred and t?- lit ii? uiii?nt pr.?iji??n fr black r ; h t-nd ar u-tact, p?r third article ?>^y ?ixt?wr.ih ? ctober, ?ig!,t?t-n Lw dr <! ana twenty six 1 .?* 'Hiiu:i. '? 11 jvi^Vn for iron at-d ' I rr Uvp per third ariic e treaty *li u. cctr,eighteen hundred t- . ? .:t*- U tiuu', during the pleaeu'e of ? ' i< ?? ?. v r ?c nd article tr?.aty ? u .-epien b^r. eighteen l.ut -r.-. ^ -d twe. Sy-ewht. on t p oTi oa for the pay : ; .? i.ey. ia L. u of !ota<c>f i cl, p-r ^coii srii I'trea : r-iit?n.6?r, eigh't-en hun ti- i : ty e gbt, *i d Ueth ar i! < ! " . a'ytlth ft; h and t ov t t >. .. ? , i ht en tardr.d acd 1 ! -j-t? ?. Frr i i?i.t ; n ri 'on for b ecksmitu ?j r r.t. p r ec n J art:-'l trea < ' ..-th i - leater, ti^Ut?*c l-c.. i i t reaiy-?igr,t pre i dcu ftr i cn and k* ' r ! . pe*?<c L-d?rti let-eaty ^ v> y ? mV. r rig'.-teen hun w ?> ? II? _ tit ? ? ??? ?????? ???? ?? pr v: i n tor t lact n ' t i V'.n*, p.-rrrc'BiJ articls tj o'h July, e gfc'e?n : u i :r.) 1 tw nty uina rr .t )ro\iaii*J fcr Ir a and r> , p r >*^oond arti< le tr?a t-. .! > niJuly, uightaen hun d.t - . ?l tw b!j-- in* : rp: t prolis b for fifty har .1 ?: , . r k c. '.d article treaty . 7 ? ? u .th J .ly ei*"itar>n huairrl d tw nty ni:.?r V{ t ,?-atioi., Uuring U.r pleaiura rf ?' r ?>. p-f loort.i truc!e treaty t?iH:r n. Vki.h (tctal-er, tightsaa hen n*l am t ir!y-t?o t .r- i ob fix Londrei and forty ? *. usujd doiiara, at fi?e per ce.! .. per - -??? th article of the ? . > f tli - fiiih and Hrveat?iBlh . ..uud:.-i and forty-fix I k- i A**" ATOM'ES OF IlUHiN. ? ii -i" ,riauit\,iB mmey or .fit -? co~<i article tr aty v i. - ;? h ' V:mb?r, ?ifh'.*-rn hun ? Ui i 1 a d St v n 400 yjj > .uc. iru. the plcasuie oi ?b- i -dent, p^r third arti?;? reaty thir -:th May, eitchtem hundra} .i i t - rtv-ih 1,0oo od . r b j? <?mi h and mei^Unt, anop a..?l uring the ^i-asura of the P %rt. per third artic!- treaty ?cth Ma). >-l|iht?'n hundred > _ ui ty-th.aa tio iiti r tr? c a. d eteel toi shot, during the l r^l th*> fteslda t, p? r thirl article treaty thirteenth May, righ ? ~-a uunlred and thirty three %M) 0V for farm*?, during the pleasure of hs the pfT third erfcds treaty till teen'h Mey, eighteen tundrrd and thlr'y thTie.... 00Q 00 ucona RIVERS. For s cond ot sixteen 'n-sta'raent? i? bleuketr, rl? h'ng, ftirn ipg utsnsil*. aui stock, per third art He tretty t'nth September, eighteen hundred an 1 flity three..... 2,(00 60 84C3 AND FOXfa OP MISSIP8IPPI. For perm-tnent snnui'y la *cods, or cth?rwi?e, per third article treat r thlri Norember, eigh'een hundred and four 1.000 00 For twenty-fourth of thirty Ids alments, ?> nutility In (peris, jer third article treaty twenty flrs: S?p'f>m>er, eigh teen hundred and thirty two 20,W0 00 For twty fourth rf thirty instalment for pun^m ih, psr fourth srtioie treaty tw nly fir=tS*p?emker,eighteen hun dred and thirty two 6C0 CO For tw-nt> -fourth ef thirty inrtal min'fl ;or iri?? *nd ?t*el lor sh^p, per foarth article tre.ty twenty firit f?n.teaibfr, ?'ghteen hunored and thirty two 228 CO For tvwety fourth of thirty insta'ments for bla k. mkb and tsiistant, fhc'j* end to Is, per f'urth netfcle treaty twenty first Septom be;, eighteen hun dred and thirty two 840 09 Fo- twenty f arth of thirty in-t'lments f r imn asd rt*l for thop, per fcurth article treaty twenty first September, eiehteer, buodTrd and thirty two ..... i20 00 Fcr twenty furthof thirty instalments for f rty barrels of salt and forty kegs of toba-sv., per ourth article treaty twenty flrrt eiptemb-r. eighteen hun dred and thirty two 1,000 00 F-. r >nt?rtsf on two hsndred thousand ?'llare, tt ?ve per c ntum, per sec ond Article treaty twenty first Oeto l> r, eighteen hundred and th rty seven 10,000 00 Fcr interee'. oneigh' hundred thousand do'.lire, at Are per centum, per eeoond article tr??ty eevemh October, tigh t-en hundred and forty two 40,000 CO SACS AND FOXES OF MISSOURI. For the s-oocd instalment upon foity eight thousand dollar?, per secrnd article treaty eighteenth May. eijh t< en hundred and fifty fcur. 16,000 00 For interest en one hundred and fifty *eT-n 'housand four hundred dollars, at tire per centum, per second article treaty twenty rirrt October, eighteen hundred and thirty seven 7,8?o 00 FENACAS. For permanent annuity in spe ie. per fourth article treaty twenty ninth September, eighteen hundrtd and seventeen iiOy 00 For permanent annuity in specie. per fourth si ticV treaty ferenteenth Sep tember, eighteen hundred *nd eigh teen fcOO 00 For blacksmith and niwistsnt. shop and tools, during the p'easure of the Pre-fd :nt, pt-r fbarth article treaty twenty-elprhth February, eighteen hundred aui thirty one S4o 00 Frt iron acd steal for rhop, during the p'essure o' the Pre. i lenf, per iVurth artirl-. tr aty twenty-eighth Febru ary, eit;hte*>n tu cored and thirty ?ne 220 00 For miller, during tfce pl-aaure of the Freeideat, per fourth erticie treaty twenty eight February,eighteen hun dred and thirty-one 600 UU 8KNECAB OF NEW YORK. For permanent annuity. i-? lieu ft in terest on stock, per act of nineteenth February, eifch een hundred and thirty-w <1,000 00 F< r interest, In lieu r f JnTe tment, on fsventy five thoUM>ni dolUrs a', five p-r e:ntu?, per act of twmty-sev <nth Jure eighteen hundred and forty-six 3,7 W 00 SENLC AS AND SHAWNII3 Frr p-rmanent *nni.ity In specie, per fourth article treaty Feventeecth Pep teinber, eighteen hundred and eigh t-*n - 1,000 00 For blar fcsmitb and assistant, shop and t o!s, during the pi a-ure of the Pr?s ld?-nt, per fourth artHe treaty twen tieth July, eighrtea hundred and thi tyon< ?40 fy Fo.- iror. and steel lor rhop, p r fourth article treaty twentieth .Tuiy, ei^h *.een tucirel acd thirty one 240 00 SHAWJiKKS. For petintxen' annr.lty for educati< ual, per fi.ur>.h article tteaty third August, revent en bur dred and r.inety-five, and third article treaty t nfh May, eighteen hanJred and flf ty-foni 1,000 00 For tecond ins'alment of ictirect, at five per on f.rty thousand dcllati. for educat'on, per third arti cle treaty teath ilay, eighteen hur ^ died endfiity fcur 2,000 00 For s ?. ond of uight annual icitalmeut* c? mcney, in payment fcr l&cds, per th:rd arri -'e treaty tnnth Way, aigh tei-o bundrel and ttlj...... 100,000 00 Fcr pe maoent annuity f<.r eduction tl p arp ae?, per tjurtL article treaty twenty ci? Ee^tembe-, eighteen hun0re<l and feTenteen, sind third ? fcrticje treaty, tenth May, eighUeu hundrtd and fifty fou- 2,000 00 tlX NATIONS OF NEW YORK. For permanent annuity, in clothing and oth*r useiul articles, per sixth article treaty eleventh November, sev enteen hundred and ninety four 4/ 0U 00 BIOLX OF MIS.^IBSIPFI. For inferest on three hundred thcus ? ad d liars, at five per centum, per fcond artidi treaty twenty ninth September, ei%-)<ieen hundred and thirty-eevec 15^000 00 For ni'.-etcenth oi twenty instalments in go ds, p*r second article treaty t**uty- intb. Sept?teher, eighteen hundred un4 thfri -s vsn 10.000 00 ror Lineteenth ct twenty instalment f r tr.a purchase of med<ciaes,agricul ?ur?l in:piements, aid ttxk,end for the su|port of pfcysiciaus, tanners, and black-u\ithe, and for other bene fiji 1 otjects, per second article treaty tw.-ntj-nicth ??pemter, eighteen hundred and th!r:y feven 8 250 Oo For nicete-'nth of twenty instalments for prcvUlone, per s-cond article troaty t?e!ity-uiut'n yep^esnbsr, tigh t^en hundred and thirty-even 5.J00 00 For fifth cf fifty in ialm^nta of interest, at five per ceoturo, on ore million tnree hundred and sixty thousard drlltrs, per f urth article treaty twenty tbir July, elght'en hundred an i Gfcy-one. 68 000 CO For tifth of fifty i'stalments ef inter, st, at ti*e p*r centum on one hucdrel and twelve thoufHiid dollars, b^ng vhe amount In lieu of th* reserva tions set ap?rt in tbe third article per's amendment to treaty twen ty third Ju'y, eight en hundred and fi^y-one t, qqq qq Frr fit" h of fifty instalment*of mte-. st, at five per centum, o* one mil'ion one hun?re<l and iixf.r thousand dol, per fourth .t'flcle troaty fifh August, eighteen hundred an.fif;y _ oc* S8 0C0 00 For lirth cf fifty instalments of Interest, at fi y^j.-r centuin ou sixty nine thous and dtl a s, being ibe emnunt al lovai ie lieu of the reservation of land- sui apart by the third article 1 *r Hmate's amsndment to tre ty fifth August, *ighft-n hundred and tifty-one 3.4&0 00 For -xpei.-en or transportation or an nu:tv, roods, and p.-- vision*, to the H<iUX rf M"s-:a*ippl duiing thetieeal y-ars ending the thirtieth of June, ei.hti?n hundred iDd fifty-fire, and thirtieth rf Jure, cigkteeu hundred and fifty-six 32#00<i Ou fcTOCK BRIDGES. Ftr lu'erss? on sixteen tlicu?aud fire bundrel dollars at tive per oenttim, p?r nin'.b article of treaty of twenty fou-th Novimber, eighteen bundled and forty-eight M? ^ " KFATY OF FORT LA RAMI K. For the fifth of t n instalments, in pr-'* vision- ardmerchandise,for payment of nana t'es erd tran?portatim of th* name t-> certain tribes of Indians, per .-evutb artloU of treaty of seven te?Etb September, eighteen hundred and fifty jene, and Senate's amend Illent thereto.^ I* yyy oy IMl-yCAS, (COW CREEK BAND) For eeoend of twenty instalments in blankets, rloth'ng, provisions, and ?txk, per third article or truaty tenth September, e>ght?en hundred and flfty 6(0 0u UTAII9 For fulfilling t.eaty stipulatioos with the Utah#, pursuant to the reqaire tneuta of eighth article cf treaty thlr tteth December, eighteen hundred ettd forty nl2# i.ouo uu WIMNIBAOOSS. , ,ru,y "?*eatb of thirty tnstal meaUase tulty tn specie, per sec ond aiUole of treaty first August, e ghtee? hundred and twantj nine... 19,000 <X Tor twenty focrth of twenty seven In ft*1ment.i"a; snnulty in spesia, p*r third nrflc e ot treaty fifteenth ?ep wlghtp-n hundr d and thirty two v?; 10 goo (X For twenty seveith of tlir'v instal ments, for fifty barrels of salt per retyped article of trea y Brut August, - eighteen hundred and twenty nine... 2*0 0< For wenty seventh of thirty instal ments, f >r thrrs thousand pcucds of tob??c?,ter second trticle o! treaty fir>t Auguet, eighteen hundred and twonly-rine * <00 C< For twenty fourth of twenty seventh infta'meets, for one thcu acd fire Lurd.ei pounds of tobacco, per fifth arti-'ie cf treaty fllte? nth September, eighteen hundred and thirty two 2'0 Oi For twenty seventh of thirty Instal ments fr three blacksmiths and as sistants, per tbitd article of treaty firs August, eighteen hundred and twenty nine 2,160 0< For twenty e? veruh of thirty instal ments, fcr iron and s eel tor shop, per tbi:d art cle of treaty first Au pu t, eighteen hundred and twenty 660 0* For twenty ceventh of thirty instal ment:, for laborer and oxen, per thi'd article of treaty first August, e ghteen hucdrt-d and twenty nin*... 965 0 Fcr twenty fourth of twenty-tr.ven in s'almenr*. for education, prr fourth artic e of tn aty flfeenth September, eigh'een hundred and thirty two 3,000 C1 For twenty fourth of twenty seven In p'a'mouts for si j agriculturalists, pur char-e of oxen, ploughs, and other im - elements, p r fifth axticleot trea'y fifteenth Bepttmber, eighteen hun dred and thirty two 2,500 0 For twenty fourth cf twenty-seven in e'a'ments; for the pay cf two physi cians, per fifth article of treaty fif tc-uU September, eighteen hundred and thitty two 400 0 Fcr interert on r ne millon one hun dr d thousand do lars, at five per centum, per fourth article of treaty first November, eighteen tsundrtd and thirty eeren 66,000 0 For ninth of thirty instalments of In ter et on eighty-five thousand dollars, at fUe p r centum, per fourth article of treaty thirteenth of October, eigh 1 teen hundred and ft rty-six 4,250 C" WY AN DOTS Fcr perscareut acnuitv in epecis, per third article ot treaty seventeenth Mtrcb, eighteen hundred and forty two IT,600 0 For ( ermanent provl-Jon for b'.scktmith and assistant, shop and tco'.s, per eighth article ot treaty Seventeenth M^rcb. eighteen: hundred and forty two... 840 01 For permanent provi-ion fcr iron and steo! for step, par eighth article of treaty of swventeenth March, eighteen hundred and forty-two 270 C< Fcr permanent prevision for education, pt-r fourth artioie of treaty of seven teenth March, eighteen hundred and forty two, 60) 0* For the general Incidental expenses of the Indian service in Washington - Territory 30,00u IX For the expenses of adjusting difficul ties an ) preventing ou breaks among thv Indies in W shiegton Territo ry, pricr to and during the fiscal year ending thi'tie h June, one thousand ehrht hundied and fifty six lU/JOO Oi For tie geceral incidental explores of the lndinu service iu California, ern t racing tipewH of travel of the su I crint^iident anuHgent3 i&,8?0 0< For the pay of physicians, smiths, car pscters, and agricultural and me chanicxl laborers, on the reservations iu California -'>4,300 W For defraying the expenses of tha re moval and subsidence of Indians in California to three military reseiva tiocs, in accordance with the plan ? ubrn tt*d by the ruperiutendent of Indian nfMrs ot that . tate, and ap proved by the I resident ^.. 12>,000 0< For the general incidental exp-nseeT>f the Indiin service iu Oregon Teri tory ]0 000 W Tor adjusting the difflculMts, and pre v,- cting outbreak* among t Le Indians in Oregon Territory 10,000 0( For expensesof insurance and transport ation of annuities, payable to Indian tr'bes in t ie Territory of Oregon 3,000 0< Fcr payment of the liabilities incurred f i the Indian service in Oregon, uuder the supervision of the late su perintendent 10,000 OC For the general incidental expanses of the Indian s-i vise in the Territory of New Mexico 25,000 00 For the general incidental expenses of t*e Imiian fervice in the Territory of >'tah SO 0<>0 00 For compensation if three special agents and four int-rpret-rs for the Indian tribes of Texas, i>nl for purchase of praf?'jtJ 15,000 00 For actual nec-ssary expenses incurred, and that may h-retf er b5 incurred by officers of the Indian department in the rescue of prisorers from Indian tribes, and returning them t~> their homes and for expenses incident to th- arrest and contioexent within the territory of the Unit?d States, by ord*r of these efflcer*. of persons charged with crimes a.-ainat Indians. 6,000 00 To mert the neo ?eary expenses of col onieirg fuppcrtiug. and furnishing cgricu.turel implements for the In dians in Tesa' 80,430 #0 F.t the purpose of enabling th? proper department to adopt such measures a* m?y be necessary for op-ning com muuisations with the Texai Com?n chen and Apaches,who have not here tofore >>een parties to any treaties vl'li the United States 10 000 00 F. r reimbursing to John W Whitfield, late a^rnt for the Indians on the Up per 1' alt-, th? am->uot extended by I' m for ransom fr?.m the Cbeyennes, atd ck thing, and transportation to the States, rf one white and ten Mex !ean prisoners 170 00 Ft r pay of an additional fhrk of the Indian under the appropriation I'T act oi August five, eighteen hun dred and tifty four, lor one year 1,400 00 F )r payirg the exi-enses of one ooxr n'J sioner and two clerks exc ployed by the Attorney General, in tho in vestigation directed by the resolution cf the Henate of fourth August, eigh teen hundre . and fifty four 2,000 00 F(r collecting, removing, and subsist ing th? Ind ans of Calif; rnia (as pro v del by law on two additional mili Ury reservations, to be selected an heretofore, and not to contain ex ceeding twenty iive thousand acres each, in or near the State of Califor 160,000 00 tor the purpose of enabling the Presi dent to treat with and arrange the difficulties ex is Ling among the 8tock bridge and Munrus Indians of Lake Winnebago, in the ftate of Wlscon sin, arising out of the acts of Con gress of tn rd ft!arch, eighteen hun dred and forty three, and August six'h, eighteen hundred and forty six, and the treaty of twe-ty fourth of November, eighteen hundred and foity eight, ia such manner as may be just to the Indian*, and with their afsent, and noc inconsistent with the legal rights of white persons who may reside on the 8to?kfridge reserve, of the claim of the United States under the treaty of eighteen hundred and forty eight ] 500 00 For the completion of the collection of the sixth %nd last volume of the sta ? istice and other informatien of In dian tribes, authorized by the act of third March,eighteen hundred ana t rty seven, and suhsrtjuent a:ts 17 200 00 To pay to the North Carolina Chero kees ??mhract-d iu the roll of John C. Mullay, or the legal representatives oftuchof them as have died sinc> their enrolment, the sum of fifty thre? dollars and thirty three cents, i cspec'.ively, for the exp neesof their removal and subsistence, now he!d in trust ly the United Htate?, ac cording to the terms of the fourth sec tion of the act of twenty ninth July Anuo Pomiui eighteen hundred and torty eight 42_2tiu 80 Tc enable the fi-esident of the Unite! States to carry out io ?ood faith the rweot treaties with the Oitces and Misscu'ias, Omahas, Delawares t was Hacsand f?x- s of Missouri,' ^'ckap- os, and the united tribes ef Ka-<kaskia9snd P^rias, Piankeshaws and Wen ?, Shdwne b and Miamise... 20 000 00 Toenab'ethe Mecretarf ot War to exe < ute the c >ntract entered into by Joel K. Poinsett, la'.e Serrstary of War on the twelfth day of March. trfco liundred ar.4 thiity-uiiiH, Ji*n H. Faribault anu P?iagie, bis Wtfe, purfcuaut to a Joint resolution <T Congress, approved the thirteenth February, sightssn hundred and ? "i urn i b thirty-nice , 11,000 00 . . W?4I *7 By the act is- king appropriations t. r tkt supnert ?f tlip Mi itirj iMlnsj ferth* year ending tlirtletta of Juoe, eighteen hundred and fifty ?ix. Tor pay of ofloers, ini-truct^r#, cadet*, and mua dans 90,106 00 Vcr commutation of subti*t?n't 8.044 00 For forage for officers' honui 864 00 For general rtmbi and improvement* of academic bui dings, larraeks, nrta rooms, offlrfrg' quartern, eta'tea, roads fpnwe, parade and drill groutd*, miscellaneous and incidtn tal expenses. fuel, frrage, and depart ment* of instruction St,070 00 For gradual incrca c and expanse of li brary 1,000 00 Fcr expenses of the board of viaitrrs... 4,100 00 For forage for artilery and cavalry Icses 8,040 CO For replacirg d?ed and worn-out caral ry and artillery ho ses .. 1,000 00 For forniehing hospital for cadet a ... 090 00 For deflc ency fbr expanse* of the board of vi-iters for the year erding the thirtieth of Judo, eighteen hundred and fifty-five 088 02 Fi r additional pay allowed t? en'i tad mm emp'oyed on extra duty as me chanics and laborer*, per ac* of fourth of August, eighteen hurdred and tftv-four, for the year end n< the thirtieth of June, eight **n hundred and fifty fire 8,848 40 146,040 02 By the act for carrying into effect the convention upon the subject of claims between the United States and her Britannia Majesty of be eighth <t February, on) thousand eight hundred and fifty three. To pay the amount awarded by the commission to Hritish subj c's,claim an's under the convention, which eum shall le paid 'o th? duly au'hor ized ag*nt of her Britannic Majesty's government, deducting therefrom, pursuant to the eixth article of the said convention, 03 account of the expenses of raid convention, such ratable proportion, not exceeding five per cent of the whole amount a* arded to b?th citiiens of the Uni ted States and British subjects as may be sofltri nt to defray the eaid expense 877,102 88 By the act for the relief of Ja?b McLallan. F< r part of tbe penalty iTpoeed upon the eaid ship George Turner, and pail by the said SfcLellan, in December, eight en hnndrel and fitty-on?, frr an alleged violation rf the lavs of the United States restricting the number of passengers in ixerchant vessels 460 00 Bv the act lor the relief of Jam?B 8. Grahim and Waiter H Flnnall. F.t tie loss rustainrd by said Graham and Finnall, by reason of the aban dons ut by the Poetmaster General of two contracts mvle by that officer with them for the tran. portation of the mail from Washington to Freder icksburg, and from Frcdericktburg to Richmond, which contracts bear dato third dny of December, anno Domini, eighteen hundred and forty seven 8,000 00 Pv the act for the relief 01 Br'gtdler General John K. Wool. Fo~ double rations, from the twenty first cf Ju'y, eighteen hundred and twenty-one, to th? ihird of March, eighteen bundled and thirty three, being the same as have been al owed by tho War Der artment to other offi cers of the staff (Indefinite ] By the act for the relief of Purser Franc's B Stock ton Fcr the amount cf loss pu stain- d by bim by reason of nakisg his depo eitee of public money in the Fhnesix BaLk, CharlestowD, M<fsachu?ettf... 67 57 By tbe acl for the relie' of Thomas B. PaTrODs Fir disability received while in the na val service ef the United 8ta'e?, In 'he succeieful effort to save the lives of seven persons, the sum of three dollars per mo th from the first day of September, eighten hundred and eight, to the first dny rf June, eigh teen hundred and thirty live the seme being tbe difference between the rate of pecs;on of a seaman and that of a coxswain, which grade be filled at th? time r t tbe luxury 003 00 By tbe act for the relief of Thomaa Butler. For extra work performed and materials furnished in the construction cf a lighthouse on Execation Rocks, in Long Island sousd, by order ol the ergineerin charge, and not within th* te-trs of a con'rac" executed by sail Thomas Butler for the construc tion cf said light house, on the fourth day of August, eighteen hundred acd forty seven 2,993 00 By tbe act f^r the benefit of Charle* J. Porchcr. acting 1 urper of tn* sloop>o'-war Falmouth. For his services as acting purser of th* United States eloop-of-war Falmouth, whilst on service in the Pacific ocean, from the date of the death of Pureer William B. Hartwell until the ap pointcrnt of John Y. Ma^on, junior, in his strad, to wit. from the twelfth da* of July, eighteen hundred anl f rty nine, to the fourteenth day of March, eighteen hundred and fifty, deducting therefrom the ameunt paid to the aaid Porcher for the same period as commander's clerk. [Inde finite ] By the act for th* relief of William Duer. For necessary expenses incurred by William Duer while consul of the Unitrd States at the port of Valpa. rai o, in Chili, during the year eigh teen hundred and fifty two, in the support and defence of Wiliiim N. S-.uart, an American citisen, arretted and arriig-ed before th* court* cf C Hi upon a charge of murder, and for tbe transportation ef said to art to the U_i??d Stat'* after his release, together with an equitable advance upon the amount thus ascertained, for the use of tbe money during the interval. [Indefinite.] By the act for the rel'ef of 8u*an OooJy and others For property destroyed near Fort Gib ron, by United Rates soldiers, on the twelfth of March, eighteen hundred and forty five. In the proportion and sums respectively due them according to the report of the Committee on In dian Afairs of the fenate, of date June twenty four, eighteen hundred and fifty 1,009 62 By the act for the relief of the legal repreeenta* tives of Jama* Krwin, of Arkansas, and others. For the actual loss he sustained in eon sequence cf a contract hi made with tbe United statesJn September,eigh teen hundred and thirty four, to sup ply provisions and transj: 01 tat ion lor the use of the Creek Indians expeot d to-migrate from the eastern to th* western eide cf the Mississippi river, but who did net emigrate. [Indefi nite.! For the actual losses sustained in con sequence rf a contract mad* by *ald Erw n anl Caniel OreathouFe, in his lift-time, tind the United States, in December, eighteen hundrel and thirty live, to supply pr< vision and transportation f r tbe use of the Seminole Indians expected to emi grate from the eastern to tbe western eiila of the Mi*ri slppi river, but wh? failed to emigTa'e. [Indefinite.] By the act for the relief of the representatives of 1 homas D. Anderson, deceased, late consul at the United States at Tripoli. For contingent expenditures of eaid consulate from th* thirty firrt Decem ber, in the year eighteen hundr<rdand twenty one, up to the perkd when he ceased a ting aa such consul; and In full f( r all claims for such expendi tures and other demands arising out ot said oonsulste after said thirty first Deivmbar, eighteen hundred and twenty-one, to allow them at the rat* of acven hundred and fifty dollar* per annum during the *?id period. I Indefinite.J By the act fcr the relief of the administrator of Thomi!* ^inhart. For five year*' fall p y of a lieutenant of infantry in th* continental line of tbe aimy rf the United States in the war *f the revolution. [In definite J By the aot for indemnifying Moms D. IWan for cattle destroyed by the India?* in eighteen hua dred and forty-two. For cattle taken or destroyed in the year one thousand eight hundred and forty-two by a baud of Indian* suppose! to be a pjrtiooof the Sioux', whi * the said Hogan was conveying said oattle te a poet of the United States, at or near Fort Snelllng, iu pnnsuacoe of a ooctr?ct entered iu o by Amo* J. Bruce, su^a,.?nt on the part of the OniteJ States tor the fcioux Indians ^ yy By the as U t the relief ef of Col. lohn H For tbs h alf pay of a colonel la the ron ticeDUl Un? r f the n?T of the Uni ted 8ut*i; th# i id btl'm to e*>m m?nc* on the fl,Bt tfayrf A?gac', MTi-n'fsn hntdr-rl ?r,d nrr^ty sib*. niid to teim tia*? 01 the t th day or Cctober, ?igi.tcea hu-dx*d aad four, thk day if his d ftb ; L< Fan* . ther due ted unpaid to the Mi J ( ol. on~l Jrkn il. 8ton-,)n virta?<f tbe rMrloToa of the twenty afrth of Au gust, at-Vf-rt^fn hurdrcd and seventy six. [Indefi.-.ite.] By ths act for the jalfaf of tbe children and hair* of Major General Baron Del alb. For cl dor fcr setv:c< a at d sacrifice* in tta war of ha revolution ?????????????????? Cf,a? 76 By th* act fcr the relief of Sylv-rtfr Humphrey and the heirs of A exarder Humphrey, deceased. F< r rebuilding tba wharf at Staten inland after tt had beep d-stroked by the storm of the third of September, eigheeu hoodred and tweuty-ens... 9 MO 00 By the act for the relief c.f Wm Hen kins. Fcr all claim against the United Sta'es gr wing o-.t ol a oontract made oa the fifteenth of august, ore thousand eight hundred an i thirty-Ave, fbr the del very of ifood at Pert John- on, lb the State of North Carolina 944 80 By the a-t for the relief of the almlaistratorf of ^ Oliver Lee, deceased For the aAunt of a judgment rtoov ered by the said Oliver Lee agaiast Pierra A. Baker, formerly oolleotor of the port c.f Buffalo Creek, in the dr calt ocnrt ot the United State* fer the corti era dbtrict of New \ ork, in the second circuit, aad whl-h was dock eted on the thirtieth August. ci&h te n hundred and fcrty-four............ fifty 32 By the act fbr the relief of Samuel A. Beiden aad Company. For the duties paid by S.mcel A. Tel* den and Ccmpant to the officers of th* United SUtra charged with their eollectio , in the city of Ma'amoroe, in the republc of Mexico, whilst that city waa in the military possession of the United States, upon merchandise, except tobacco, Imported by tfiem in to Matamoros during that parted, which, af'er the restoration of paaee between the two countries they were deprived of, either in the form ia which Imported, cr in the prccerds of sales, by illegal seizure, conflsca lion, sequestration, or thtir forced abardo?ment of the sameby the judi cial authorities of the Mexican gov ernment. [ Indefinite ] By the > ct for tl e relief of K. J. McLane. Fo- his services axd expenses as inspec tor ot the custo as in the collection district of Braaos de 8t Jago, in the State of Texas, while dexing and de taining horses and mult* smuggled into the United States from Mexiao... 1,099 U By tie act for the relief of Polly Carver, widow and executrix of Nathan Carver, deceased. For th* payment and fell satisfaction cftbe cilia e against tho government of the said Polly Carver, as widow and executrix of the said Nathan Carver, daotasad - Ui 79 By the act fbr the relief of I Incola Bates. For the damages sustained by him as a ni;ht wa'chman in tba public stor e ?t New York, in July, one 'thousand eight hundred and forty nine, in sup. pressing a Are therein, b>ing the amount of bis aecoun', as now on file In the Treasury I) partsent 5} 00 By the act for the relief of Eleanor Hoopla, of the province rf Canada For care, strvioes, and attention ren dtred by liereelt and husbacd, in eighteen hundred and fourteen, to Jar id Holden, an Amcricaa so'.dier... 300 00 By the act for the r*4ef of the legal t? preventatives of John Putram. For his servlc?s and money paid for the United States at the jort of Genesee, New York ., 7M T* By the act for the relief of Gilbert C, Rtvsell. For full satisfaction ef all balanoe of claims aou demands of every deecrip tion in his favor against the govern ment of the United S'ntes, growing cut of, or in any meaner connected wi h, th? construction of the fort at Mobile Point, in the State of Ala bum a ttytCO 00 By the act for the relief of the heirs of Larkin Smith tor five years' full par of a captain of cavalry, the same being due the said Lerklu Smith for servioes as acapnia of cavalry In the army of the United States in the war of the revolution. [In de Anita J By the act for thereli*fof the widow and children of Kara Chapman, deceased. For seven years' half pay of EtraChap man, th" father of the aforesaid Ezra Chapman, deceased, who was an en sign in the anny of the revolution, and died in the service of the Unit<d States, on the Aret day cf September, seventeen hundred and seventy eight, and whioh sum of m ney was due to the said > zra chapman, deoetfed, on mvount of tba services of his said father, by the provisions of the i<*wlu of Congress posted the twenty fourth ?lay of August, seventeen hundred and eighty 840 03 By the act for the relief of Med ford Caffey, of the 8tate of Tennessee. For full compensa tion frr his horse and equipage lost in the Seminole cam* paign of eighteen hundred and eigh teen 100 00 By the act for the relief of Will-am Hagerty. For full payment of his claim for rra dlng the stmt around the Capitol an* closure..... 064 80 By toe act for th? relief of Bon B.Juan Tomerc^. a Spani b subject. For a quantity of tobacco belonging to him. and taken and nsed f<r purpo ses of defence, by order of Colonel ChilJs, at the siege of I'uebla. in Mexico, in the ytare!gb'een hundred and forty seven, and to allow and pay said fcomercq for so much of said to bacco, not exceeding in quantity seven hundrel and twenty oaa balea, and at a price not exceeding twenty four dollars the bale, as shall ba proved, to the satisfaction of said Secretary, to have been destroyed or lost in consequence of said tobacco having been taken and used as afore sa d 17,304 00 For the Injury done to eight hundred and twenty three bales ot tobacco to turned to him after being used in bar ricading the streets, Ac., of iruebla... 628 00 18,137 00 By the act fbr the relief of Zachariah Lawrence, of Okio. For his portion of the prixf money for capturing and taking into the port of Passaiiiaquoddy,in eighteen hundred and thirteen, the British sloop "Yen tare*' 9,643 40 To each of the other persons composing the boat's crew, severally, or to their legal representatives, the sum cf thir teen hundred and twenty two dollar* and seventy cents, as the share ef each in the capture of said sloop "Venture," on satisfnetory proof be ing made to the Pocretary ot the Treasury cf there lwin>; socb parsons or their legal representatives. [In definite.] By the act forth' relief of Mrs Helen Maekay, ad minist.atrii of L'euterant Colonel iKaaas Mae kay, late a deputy quartermaster in tba United Fta'es army. For tto amount of the receipt of Cap tain William D. M;Ki*sack dated the firjt day of May, eighteen hundred and forty seven, ts well as tba r?> j oaipt of the sakl C'jptain William D. McKiw&ck for a similar amount, dated the fourteenth day cf August, tighten hundred aid forty feven. . 60000 uo I By the act for the relief cf John R. Bowea, agent in cha-ge of ths proj?erty of the U? ited States at Michigan Cltv, In the State of Indiana, and of Isaac S. Smith, ol the city of Buffalo, Mew Yvrk. For all claims of said Bot^es against the United States for services as aaid a^ent in charge of tlia property of the United etatas at Michigan lity... 470 For care and charge of the public prop erty at the city ol Buffalo up to the tbirtie h day of April, eighteen ben? drel and Afty-three, by the said Isaac 8. Smith, under the direction of the Topographical Bureau 432 81 By the act for the rel'ef of the heirs and legal rep resentatives ot Joseph Savag*, deceased. For five years' full piy of a surgeon's mate in the continental line of the army of the revolution, being the full amount of the sum dae to the aaid Joseph Savage, deceased, for commu tation cf half pay a* surgeon's mat* tu the Virginia <*utletntal line of the rnoloti. nary aiiny. [Indefi nite..! By tba art for tbe f? lief of Daniel fwrWtnln* p ny,fr extra wrrr? r> ndered tbe Part Oftea Dcpartmfn of tbe lnrt*d Bin ?. F r txtru aTvioM r?i?2?'id unit the or ??* ?; ih* Prut OOc* Df|irin at during centra t aav1?> in *igb t*?n bun rtd ib! thirty fit *, for car ry ioj the B-kil < n rou'ci nucbrrt ni.a hundred aal tfty kl?. iIm bud JrM and astenty nlae and eleven hundrcl md ff y aeven. 'kb Jersey llty tf Oe*egc. in ?be Slata of fere York, and to all' w him a pro rata compensation frr mid ft ra terr or. [Indefinite J By tic art for tbe lelie'of Charhs W. Carrol 1. Fcr compec*att< n and damage a tor In juries auytained by hm bv resacn of bia wrongful arrrat and imprison ment aa a deserter fr to the army <f tba Cnied States l,KKl 00 By tba act fcr th? raii-f ?? f Henry 8. f antord For tbe amount of lit difference be tween the aalary reoeiv.d by bin aa aecretaryoi I-cation at barta, from tba fourteenth day of May. elgbten bund re ai.d filty thtee. u> tbe tvw ty- a ond day of Jenua-y, eighteen hundred ai.d flf y focr, and a aalary of a rhar?e delta raa for tbe aaaae pe> rlod. together with tba utual cn fit of a charge d'aSalraa f |g For necessary elerk hire paid by fetal while secretary of legation at Parle, tbe fur her turn of. 1,170 at u By the act for tba relk-f of tha children and paat child rt n of Tboma* Morris. For tba fnli amount rf h>Jf pay for seven years, *ue tbe raid M rrla aa ? captain of artillery in tba Georgia line on tbe continental establlrhmenl in tba revnary war, and wba died In The service of tbe United f tates during faid war. [Indefltlte ] By the act tf r tha benefit of the Ulrs of Philip B. BJoe, deceased. For tbe lofs of a *easrl in the rerviea of tbe Cni'ed States daring tba war of t>a revolution ........ S.4M m By tba aft for the reli-f of Wil.iam 0. Howieoa For alitor* ices aa a member of tba Auxiliary Guard in the city of Waab injton 1ST 00 By tbe act for ttie reli.f of William G. Preston. To reimburse Mm for subaeHlng bia crmmanl.and f raging the horaea o! liia com pent t from Osark to Wash ing*on, in Bee patead county, In tba State of Aikanaaa, daring tba war with Mexioo Wl to By tbe act for 'he relief of farah Yor la, only hair of Rob-rt Mitchell, deceased. Fur services ax ote of tba ceptore of tbe Algerloe ve?ae!s taken by tbe Ameri can tquadron under tba command of Commodore Dfcttur , ItS Tt By tbe act for the relief of George W. Torrance. Fcr hlf gallant mil tary services at tha National Bridge. Mexico,cn the nioth cf September, e<ghte*o hundred and 'crty-sereu, and fo'eati acrlinaryea l-?nies incsrrei by him In eonae quenc?* of wcunda reoelvel by htm In tbe United fetaiea atrvioa 1,IU 00 By tbe act for th? relief of Andrew H. Pattaraea For mail bar* manufactured by him under a contract w tb tbe Poet Off** Department entered into on the twen ty -tbiid of May, eighteen hundred and forty 0,801 00 By the a:t for tbe reli<4 Stephen Lutz. of Hew York For the amount {aid for thirty-one ra.*es, containing machinery and ap paratca for the light, or lantern of a light bouae. imported into the pert of New York, In the Un'.ted fftatea, and which were, through mi take or in adve'teore, ao'd by public aale. made by tbe direc Ion of the 'h*n collector ?-f the pert of New York, aa being property liab'e to tb* payment of dutiea, and wbicb had remained in public et<>ra for more than nina icontha without being claimed by any pwon, and on whicn no duties or cxjrf-naea ol atjraga h .d been pall. , li.d? finite ] By tlu? act for the r-'irf f ibe he Ira of Lit u tenant Anirt w Flnly For one year's est ra pay aa ? lieutenant in tbe Penn.ylrania line in the con tinental e?Uit lii>bm*kt of the war of the revolution, a? j.r mi ed in ibe re eolvea of C ngreae. ilnd? finite.] By tbe act tor tbe relief of Ferdinand CUrk. For the duties . x ; : by ibe act of Jane thirtieth,^n hundred and thirty four, efct:tied M An set concern leg t innage upr-n 8|<at ish vesael*,', on tbe anhh brig Occda de Yillan ueva, C?ptaln Carles d? Agao, and paid to tbe collector of tha po't of Charleston, in South Carolina, prevl rua to tbe clearance of said veeeel from that port for Caba. on (he elev enth of September, eighteen hun dred acd i hii ty five, withaoargo of rioe and lard, ahe having been wrack ed ou tbe ooaat of Florida, on the reventeenth of the same month, and lost with tbe greater pa. lion of bar cargo. (In^cfinlte.j By the a*t for tbe relief of Thomas S. 0i tbe Territory of New Mexico. For thirty two wa^ona, the property of the sail Ihcmaag. Jchnaon,taken by the offl -ere of the United Stateaaray, ani appropriated to necetaary public C* MM.. 4?t00 00 By the act for the relief of Titian K. Peala. For the loseea which ha fustained of bis pr. v ate property a hen wrecked In the United fftatea ehip i'eaoock, at tba mouth of the Columbia river 1,T81 SC By the act for the relief of the hdrj of Tkenai Parke, d*asnmA. For the value of certain sail- and rif> . ging sold by tbe said Thomas Parka to Captain Harding, aa agent of tbe United States, durirg tbe revolution ary 000 03 By tha act tar tbe relief of Prantlin Cham. For a ehare of the pro eeds of tbe sale of the crbooner Oregon and enrgo, seised and confiscated in the month of April, eighteen hui dred and forty eigh , ULdcr the President's regula tions of the 3r*t of Mar-h, eighteen hundred and forty seven, at the port of Tampieo. during the war with Mexko. [Indefinite.] By tbe act tor the relief of Madalena Van Ne^ widow ot Cernelies P. Van Neas, daceaaad For remcea rendered by tbe a>ld Cor nelioe V. Nan Ntaa, in tbe aeisure of grois imported Into th* di? rkt ot Vermont, in violation ol the laws of tbe United ?tate?, during tbe years eighteen hundred and thirteen and eighteen hundred and fourteen, while he was oollector of the customs fcr Esid district, and tor which Berviee be (lid not r? oeive tbe award provided by law in au?b cases 9,000 10 By the act for tha relief of the widow of W. Irvirg, eeoeaeed. For the eer rices of caid Irving as acting aapeuatende~it ot the Oenaua Depart m*nt, in addition to tbe amount which he ha* already rec-ived as clerk ot tha raid department, fcr and during the same penol that be difcharged tbe duties cf superintendent of said department 400 ? By tbe act for tbe relief of L. R Lyon and Dean 8. Howard, of the State of New York. For the balance due them, lor construct ing a drtdging marhine at White ball, New Yorx, u.der contract en lcred into on the second day of No vember, eighteen hundred and thir tv-aix; and a dredging machine to be delivered at Mozroe, in the State of Micb*gaa, by contract entered iuto on tha fifteenth of October, eighteen hundred and rhir'y sis ? aaaae a ee eeeeaeeaae 0,017 01 Py the act for tbe relief or Frederic Yinoent, adr minis'rator of Jamea la Case, aurvivor of L? Oaaa k wallet For adva-res male to the government . of the United StaVs in the year sev ebteen hundred and eighty tore? ? By the joint resolution f>r tbe settlement af tha cla'm of lk>u J uan Jeaua Vigil, of New Mexion. For a flock cf aheep aeixed irom him by a detachment of troopa in ths serrke of the United Ptate*, in the asonth ? of January, eighteen hundred and forty-e?veo; aul to make ooapeam ll,n to him for o many of said abeep aa may fcave been uaod by sail troopa, or were lost to tbe owner in conae of tald seixure 0,000 00 By tbe joint resolution tor the relief of Oaatga W. McOrren. For ancb bread, be ana, aLd pork, or bi con, in bar re U, ae were taken out of the p: Measion of the aaM McCerren, In eightean hundred and forty arveu, by order of ibe ftHnaMmjing oAo*r of the I' ultrd States army in command at Brasos et. J arc, ani ue?d In the ooneUuctiM. of Ft it Marncy. i In da finu] I'er Wi<lit(i|i|vf| mc <lutig Mf.j

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