Newspaper of Evening Star, May 19, 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 19, 1855 Page 1
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VOL. V. WASHINGTON, D. C., v SATURDAY, MAY 19. 1S55. THE EVENING STAR PI BUSHED EVERY AFTERNOON, _ (EXCEPT SUNDAYJ AX the Star But/ding, eom*r Penns^/vania V" Eleventh rtrtet, rpT W. I>. WALI,ACH, 23?* ***** * nh9etf^? ?n the cltle. 0r Wmh Georgetown, Alexandria, Baltimore and Philadelphia, at BIX AND A QUARTER CENT8 ****** weekly to the Agent.. To mall robneribar^ th^bwnpunnprtcetoTnREB DOLLARS AND FJ CENTS ? y*ar In advance, TWO DOL LARS ft* SIX MONTHS, and ONE DOLLAR far THREE MONTHS. con.. 05. OCWT. u-8 marine band. J mSSnZLZTI! Ifrform lh? that h/univi t fc ^ the 1>uh'.ic gene or at his hrV v ? 11 lhe Mann* Barrack., rmt or h? ' . E' b*>tw?*n 9?h and IOth at. ^r'cnn oh,.^" I,,,ba< * "'ta's Music Depot. r?nn?, of the Marine Banrt.o? ba id which ?. i?ei k' 43 ? bra**, reed or cotillon W? >4, which win cmbrace Loui. Weber> uncalled " p Ofll A ?p 3a^l'r?*ndUCl0r "?* L'adef Marine'B'and. M - A CARD. m Eronomy w the raad to wealth." ?.?!ltrRed1lctiotl in the prioe of Hat* * cip> 1 wuh'^ r^v' ,,auin' mvi* a< '?U | uh * , e.w ^orl1 Hat r.>mpany to be con SJfWa'n'vTS wlUl "?? b""1 ?'"'"?Kin 01 =s s m-s&s5 ? ? am they have b?-en hf>re tof r? sold jn .h,- eitw First rate t)t?av? r Hat* *3,5? 7 AH kind. of s.ft H ATS and CAPS very low. ? n order to ?e|| at the above low price* the cash ayMem must be adopted ; consequently thf*e who s^ar?T,"r' ?w? ?,?* utre p-r c?au as an offset for bad debts. ANTHONY. (Tor many year, in the employ of Todd __ f Co"J *??? 3, Columbia place,7th ?u, ap 13?tf 9d door north of Penn. avemie. ICE. p KIDWKI.I. zuir,ntf>F?A full snnnly of ?Uttttssss; sats?" - o-* McPherwn, Dr<jggi?, Capitol Hill 14,K- Laorence, corner of Pa. aw-on* and HID StrAPtfl Mr McPher*on, Grocer, 7th rtr. et G. F. Kidwell, Smith's Lumber ?>ffiee, fli .t. J?wePh Moore, Druggist, Pa avenue. Firar Ward Ice can be ha-1 at my office. No 3 First street, ' torgetown, at all um? s. Families will be suppli d f v :he whole year at lair prices. ap 21 - 1 m IMPORTANT TO PERSONS^BREAK ___ JNG UP HOUSEKEEPING TJERSONS removing :rom the city, and wi<hmg A to dispose ol their Furniture and Housekeeping LtenslN, k, , with out the trouble 01 wilding them to public auction, can do so bv calling 011 us at our store, Jl, Pennsylvania aveuue, corner dT Ninth ?reet, ai we are prepared to buy all sueli goodj as nwiv be oferej ? Hou?ekeeper< and others will do well by . ailuie l*n us, a< we mill pay the higii>*st each price, lor at) rich r*>is. WALL, BARNARD St CO. aP lm 317 Pennsylvania avenue. PALMER S PATENT LECL 'PfilS AMERICAN IN VENTION JL .tands unrivalled b??ih in this country a-vlin Europe. Itw worn by l.OOOper^ns, and with most astonishing .access. In c :mpetition with 30 other substitute, of Lie Nest trench, Engl ?H, and German i.;anufactnre,it re ived tiie award of the e. i?t mksal at the Woa:.?". Eihibi tioh 111 Londoii, as th^ best artificial limb known. In 'his coontry it has been thirty tim-s exhibited, in competition with all others, at the annual Fairs in the principal cities, and nas. in every in-tai!C", received the award of the highest or fir-t prem'imi. And a. a crowning honor, by the unanimous approval of an interna. L"oal c.uncii, the u F.rst Premium"? ^ ? mly SiKer Afe.tii given for Lintbs?was &M^<ied ?J>e inventor, at the New York ?;rvstal Palace. PHmphlebi r-vir,g full Information, sent gratis to wry applicant. B. PRANK PALMER, 371 Cnesr.ut rtreet, Philadelphia. reo 'jx?3m TAKK ?OTICk7 NEW SPRING AND SUMMER GOODS. PW. BROWNING, Merchant Tailor, under ? the I nited States Hotel, has jiyt r?ceiv?d a I irge supply of Spring and Summer Goodx, an 1 is now prepar- d to olf-r great bargains to all in want ol gjo-1 and fashionable clothing. Hi. " R*>adv maie Clotiiing ** will be sold at the foftowing mw prio-s: Wh^l - cnibi, Coat, Pantaloons, nn.1 Ve?rt. of tbm cloth or najnimere, for .fil2. Fme B!ack Frock and lln ?s Coau, from Jlh to Good Business Coats for .J7. Black and Fancy Pants, uom to $T. Marseilles ~.nd Sdli Vests, from $2 to $5. He keeps always on hand a large assortment ol Ikncy article., such as Skirts, Glove., Cravau, Um brellas, fce. ??Sole Agent for the sale ol Scou's Fashions.' mar 19?tj. LOOK n ERE!!! MORE BOLNTV LAND TO?JLZ, who Serve-d in amy war since 1790, whether a. Officers Bnldiers, Sailors, Marines, Clerks, Indians, Chap lams. H agon M isters. Teamsurs, Landim^,, (or their widows or uiinor ctindr-n) who have not yet received full 160 acres, and have been in service 14 day- will do well to write to us. pottpaui, and iheu l^and Warrants w:il be forwarded to tiiem for the ai ore quantity, and no charge if they do n<?? get it. _ LLOYD k CO., Claim Age at*. Office, opposite U. 8. Trea??iry \V a.uiiigioo City, D. C mar A50. HEE ARRIVAL OF PARIS MAHTIL. LAS AT NEW YOER THICES CREMONA, LEONORA, LAVINIA, LILY, ST A EL, CAMILLA, DEV\ DROP CUM EVE, A^o, a few very pretiy MOURNING M ^.YTIL Ij * rt. A.I the aV>ve styles ju-t received and Ibis day ar range! for inspection in our il intilla Koom. hea>nd ?'ocy, MAXWELL & BROTHEk, 34 8 Pa. are., b? t Sith anu ltXb ?treeu. may 11?ep3t CARRIAGtS?CARRIAGES. " I HAVE now on band, und conrtan'iy Gniehnig. a vary trge >nineut of PJeaanre an'.l, ?MHP 9 Family CARRIAGES, of th< Ul< .: fas!, ions, wr.ich I w:il as l-<vv aj the same qu.iUiTof Wi>rk can be sol lia auy of the principal mam is of the Lnitel States. The subscriber u now dealing exclusively in Car nage, ot bis own manufacture, and all work >old l.y im will b- warranted, and comparo iavorably with any w<xk in tbut market. As 1 always keep a Jargi sssor meat, I invite purchas ers and others to ex amin*- mv ?l^'k before purchasing elsewhere. ? am age. built to order Old Carnage taken in exchange or repaired at the shortest iK>uce THOMAS YOUNG, *.?{n of tbe Golden Horse, No 490 Pa. avenue and street. mayl?c^m LAW PARTNERSHIP. KOBEUT J. WALtL?H and LOUIS JANJN ..mi a co l?rtner^i|p under tbe linn vvaker a Jan u," tor tb? in inaaement acd ar r?m?(it *>f ca?e<! ui ibe Supreme Court of the Uu ted fUlrn, and bulore Uie Couit ol Claligs at Waaluna "Jii ? ity. ? _Addre?s W.^iuijinn, D. C. may 10-#io3ia ClbVKU W AtalC, PLA'IkUWa itiC H ASD KINK Ka!>C* GOODr" C re. and Tea Seu, Sugar Bowl., Cream Jugs, O^*-, caps, ?^,?s and Forks. Ai*,. a gfeal variety of mafnibceiit Fancy Silver Ware, suiu.ble tor prewnu. -^*2, a__ H. SEMKEN, ma/ * 1 iVtuut> Ut l"ta sUeeU. V ?h.^-V/K A **ir HAY MARES, 7 year. ~-nTl ' **well-bred^oood,?jrliah, wril^Ir.^?P?n*?daad ' apital r"rs. Tt??-y ar. ^^5! Dirnc J ?rtw perfei'dy fr? rma uick9t dhvi is Th SU ? a"'T ^"tleman wno I. fond of bis ilurnoH H r'* 'er ,KWW wuft ihem only because purpr>s. 1, t > retrench his ex>ei,ke- Tliev can iiZVlSTZ"'' Sun., ? i?h ^'tuiiiu i rl aV"Ua" F>" *"??. ?? a" op Star -rT " at the counter of the L" ffir * h"y w,u 6,1 Mr. W. HENRY PALMER, HITHXBTo KSOHS At H UOBEIir IIKLLKR, a- macli pleasure In informing his frieads and puMio in geiM-ral tbat he has de?. nnlned WKK-auaa touu. 11 ia im. city, and is prepared to ,won tbe PIANO ruKTfc. Haa.MO.NV WCOMPoHITION. lie U pemiirt.^ *' ?LU' ****** Ji., and Mr. A. T , ?vmutviti, aud any t?MmOi?ini?.aaon nOuretetd u?' <ua at h.l.iu & Jliu'. musio Penxu? .v^rja ', v?|ii bavftma.?li8!? .tOai'.- n ap L*~<1 e Auction Bales. By JAS. C.McGIMEK, Auctioneer.. TRUSTEE'S SALE OF VALUABLE and eli he w^nafi "nH K L?l ?" *8ry'?n?? ?ve "/v'j i ^ ^ west. Bv virtue bfanXdatPOn lbe5-1' day of Feb K'fi A rhleCTde^n Liber J' A 3 No. 59, ?n THL'Mli*a I WUI bel1' at puUic "J* on 1 mlksDAY, the 31?t dav of Mav lhM ai 11/ o'clock, p m , on the nremisei, all U.SfpieTe or wJhmXndiy'H ?E n-'"? 8'lUate ,n thfl CltV Of y\ ash ngton and kno?a1 and distinguished as Lot tt, in the subdivision o| Lot* No* 7 a fl 10 >nH 11 StoK". ^ ? O'and avenue. bctwo.n 41$ and 6U1 -treeta west and running bark to a 30 feet alley, with tbe build Wll,ch cooaialofi well and substantially buut two story and attic brick dwelling low, with two story frame back building and ne cessary outbuildings. B Pr"l??rty h situated In a healthy and ? .irf IT'* ,OC8llOR? aB'drapidl? enhancing in value. m wnT'n''* ?ro fTpponu,lity lo pnwns disi r?" ':' 0? convenient and comfortable res kience, or invey*nirnt. . Ti?e terms of the snle will be one-half cash and the balance in #, 12, and 18 months, for notes &t*ar Hi* interest from day of sale, secured by a deed of tru?t on the property. If the terms of tale are not complied with in six fhi* ?5" "l* FaJt*' lh* PmPfty will be reso'd at i,S?eUPen9< ** pureh taer upon one All conveyancing at coet of purchaser. 1 Title indisputable. CHAS. 3. WALLACH Trusts. m, . .. JAS. C. McGUlRE. * Auctioneer. By Ji C. IVcOUIRK, Auctioneer. (^iUA>M ERV 8*Lt: OF VALUABLE AND EL j V ifibly situated improved and unimproved Real s,^.of',w< Hcu!ie8 *"d va cant I,o j, and Wharf.?By virtue of a deciee of the t ircuit Court of the District of Columbia for Wash ington county, made in the cause wherein John A tracer is complainant, and John Walker, Ll!en S." f raser, and others, heirs at law of Simon Fraser, deceased, are defendant-. No. 899, in Chancery, the subscribers, trustees appointed by said decree, will ?e|| at public auction all those pieces or parcels of ground lying and being situatd in the city of Wash ington. amil kn ?wn and distiniruished as being Lots EViJ'i V'&7aP'9'10' "? Jfi> ,3> 14>15 18. <, , l?, A), 2i, Jfc., 23, and 24, in the subdivision b> trustees of Square No. 412, fronting respectively and variously from 18 feet 1 inch, to 30 feet 8 inches on 8th and 9th streets west, and E and r streets south, by various depths to an alle*, with improvements and appurt. uances, which c..n v'"4. ?iw rf>,n??d'"u- and well and substantially 3X "'I"-? Brick Dwelling House on Lot 8, and a comfortable and well huiJtSstory Brick Dwelling House en each of Lot* No*. 18 and 16. in said sub^ division; lot No. 4, in Hquar* No 3o8. fronting 25 on 1- street south, between Oih and 10th sh. west, by 12o feet deep, with the improvements and appur tenance,-, w.ncli consist of a 2% story Frame Dwel ling House ; pa;t of Lot No. 3, in Square No 730, u a 0n Penn9y'vani? avenue, running ack to "A" street south, with a width on ,?aid "A" stn- t of 43feet 7inches ; and part ot Square No. 4/2, Ironting 44 teet on Water street, at the termi nation ot 7th street west, with the valuable Wharf thereto attached and banging, extending to the channel of the. Potomac river, and now occupied bv George Pig,.- un<i U9ed as a steamboa: wharf The sale of the Lots in the subdivision of ^quare No 112, w th the improvements and appur inVrfu'. W'L!Pske place on Thursday, the 24th 185j, at 5 o'clock p m., on the preni Tlie (tale of Lot No. 4, in Square No. with the improvements and appurtenances, will tike place on said Thurs<1av, the 24th day ol May, 1855. at ft o clock p. m , on the premises The sale of part of Lot No 3, in Square No. 730 Ti'J , ?fC PJa?e Fnday? day of May, at 5,*. o rIo :k p. m., on the promises. I ,iart ** Square No 472, with the ..J . VV h*'f thereto attached and belonging, will tak- place on Tuesday, the 29th day of May, 1?55, 81 o clock p. in . on the pr^mi?es. above property 1* ail situated in desirable lo cation<, rapid'y er haceini; in value, and offers to capitalists and others a most favorable opportunity for investment* or procuring a desirable residence. Tlu- terms of sal", as prescribed by said decree, will he one fourth ul purchase money in ca-h and the balance in six, twelve, eighteen, and twen ty four moatlis, to be secured by the purchaser's winds, l.e.ving interest from day ?.f sale, with ?ecu nty, lo be approved by the Trustees. pon the full payment of the purchase money and merest, and the ratification of the sale or sales by tae Court, the Trustees will convev the pr.pery to the respective purchasers in fee. ' Ir the terms of Mle are not complied with in aix da>? after the sale, the property the term* of tb<- sale 0 whi.-h are not so complied with wi.l be resold at weekVnollce the purchasers upon one All conveyancing at the expense of the purchase '? CH ^H. ri. WALLACH, \ - EDW'D SWANN, ' | Trustees. .. JAS. C. McOTTIRB, mave?fcd? Auctioneer. By J. C. JlcCil'lRK, Auctioneer. rpKUSTF.E'S SALE OF VALUABLE ANDelik, ??tuated House and Lot on flth street west, between E and F streeu north ?By virtue o a deed ottriist, b* anng date on the 10th .tay of February }J?i, K.d reco ded in Lrt>er f. A. S.,' No. 51, fol,/s. Wl" s'',, 81 public sale, on MONDAY, the #ih day of May, 186'.. at 5k oW P*?f?n the premises, Lot No. 4, in M,,nare v? I*' Anting *4 feet 9* inches on 6th sUert weL J";Jrth- bj M feet 4 inches P' *" ",e huilJingM and improvements, con^t mi of a tour .tory brick dwellinj hou^-wiUi aback building, built ot the Lest rial and in the be*t manner, and very commodious, with 8:j modern d e'-lr ah I e^hoi^' a",, ' r'"',PfccU ^ the mo?t de irajle houses m WashingUm, and but rtce-it v .1^ !l WHI l'nC,V" a" t,u" Pr,'P^r:y Peter n'ev ier. ? he p,opetfy IM ?uuatH in one ol the health iest and msit desirable pans of the city, and offers to KTi!!? * * or '"vestment an oppor inn 1 ly seldom fK*ourrin^. ^ The vnns of sale will be: One lialf cash, and the Irw^n^*5 ,U. V 1M'' ai,d U4 ra,,l?ths, lor nmoi fcnr im ,Z, IU '!a> nf ?:iIe' Ke<,ured by a deed to "rfr i1 ** proj?-rty. If the terms of sale are not w.M ? l""X dav' alW lhe W*'.?he property will he resold, upon one week's notice, at the risk and eipen#* of rhe purchaser. AU couveyaucin* at the ?jpense of the purchaser. CTi iS. S. VV ALL AC II, Trustee, -non q. JAM. C. McGUlRE, apa#-3tawkdj? Auctioneer. By UKlCiCAi * SCOTT, Auctioneer.. 'I'KUSTEB'S HALL OF VALUABLE REAL 1 L tate.?f!y vir.ue of a decree of the Orphans' ^ourt Ot the District of Columbia, for the county 01 ^, approved by the Circuit Court of /aid 1!\ L:C.'.". ?. V.,lanc7y. Pa,,sed in the matter 01 tL? pi ution of V^ihiam Whitmore, et a! , children and netrs-at law of William W Whitmore, late of aill C?c?d' 1 r"? V THUKBWAV. the Jjst day of May, 1855, at 6U o'clock p. m , in from Ot the premises, proved tosell Lru of ground num btred seventeen (17J and eighteen (la, ,n Square ?umbered five hundred and three (SOS) situate in the city oj Wa^hingt 11, and District aloresaid. 1 he above described property is situated on the northwest corner of flth street west and N street south, and contains in the aggregate abcut fourteen thousand square feet of ajound. Terms |f sale: One third ca.h, and the rescue in two equal payments at six and twelve months, with Interest from day of 8Hle. The deferred payments lo be secured by u,e noies of the purchaser or pur chasers, satisfactorily endorsed. Lpon the lull payment of the purchase 'money and interest and the ratification of the sale 'by the Cour., the irustee will convey said lots of ground to tne purchaser or purchasers thereof, at hu or their C'M?t and expense. If Uie terms of sale are not complied with within fie*days iron* ths day ot sale, the trustee- re.erves the right to resell ,nId lou, or either of them, up<m reaaoiiuble notice, at th? risk and co,t of the first purchaser. RICHARD If. L ASK BY, Trustee. GRKEN A ftCOTT, m*y 15-?-awfcds Auctioneers. A CARD.?LOOK H?RE ! 4 ''L y lovers of Hie good things of Uaie lift- nnd we will tell you wheie you may obtain at least ?ouie of them. Thanklul for past favors, I wouid respectfully ask a continuance of tbe same dur ng this Spring and Sui.rnM-r. I am prepared to furnish all who will give me a call with u??- sweet and eool iutf Beverages id my line at short notice. Such as Ice Creams, Water Icee, of all flavor*, Seharlotte Reuse, Blancmange, fcc Cakes of all kwd&. Also loreig-i and iloine*u; Fruau and t'onlectionery, gen erally ktipt tu Mreli regulated esiablishmeuU ol the kind. Particular au?mUpn will be pat.1 to furnuhlr.s Weuaitg Uf Brfds e L nkvt. Aimit, fat Ues. Bail j. ? ble urnif'' Nu"*? kc ? ^ ute4? fur*,' 1J^?!' iV1" /'.d ?tand, Massachusetts avenus, be .??? 01,4 #u,:,:4!/ NwUieiu Llhertic . * JOHN W. RIGHTS 1'INE. *?? ,*? it ? ??J M*?s |? M ssJlM^i ? (I / Amusement!. GRAND MOONLIGHT EXCURSION AND PIC NIC OF TH* AMEBICUS CLUB TO TH? I WHITE HOUSE PAV1LIOA, On MONDAY, May 21?t, 1865. THE AMERICUS CLUB lake groat pleasure In announcing to t.ieir friends and m, i Hie public in general that they havi fljflggggL chartered the Steamer Gumma VVapui^otok, anil will give a gran* EXCURSION AMI PIC NIC a above, on MONDAY, the 21st instant. The Club pledge tiienwelvea tliat no pains or expense ahali be spared on their part to gi7? general satisfaction tn tho?e wh> may honor them with their company. The LAZELLA INSTRUMENTAL CLUB hare kindly volunteered their services, ami will i nlimn the company with some choice instrumental and vocal muaic. The very beat Cotillon Muvic has been engaged for the occasion. The Refreshments and Supper wiil be furnished by an experienced catcrer at city prices. Omnibuses will leave the corner of Seventh and L streets at 1 o'clock, anl be at the wharf on the arrival of the boat at night. Fare cents oacb wny. Tickets ONE DOLL AR?aimi ting a Gentle man and Ladies?;o be had of any if the Manager* and at the wharf on day of excursion. The Boat will leave Georgetown at 1 o'clock ; Washington at 2; and Alexandria at 3. 1^ lis consequence of the unloading of a number of vesaels at the Navy Yard, the Navy Department could not give the Club the privilege or landing there. They will, therefore, receive their Navy Yard< friends at the Washington wharf. Committee of Arrangement*. Charles Matlock, John G Komnson, Jr, W. E. Morgan, F. A. Rearden, Samuel E. Culvcrwell. Manager* on the part of the CUih. I 8. P. Robertaon, J. W. Houck, E. B. Barrett, ]E G. Even-, P- P Darden, Jno. T. Essex, Robt. Johnson, W. II. Johnson, Win. I'homas, W. H. T. Dice, E. F. Queen, Gen. E?*ylin, | Thoa. Johnson, M. Birkhead, Nicholas B. Ray. may 7.9,18,14,16,19 6t GRAND REGIMENTAL BALL. THE EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE on behalf of the First Regiment, Third Brigade o! the Militia of the I'istrictof Columbia, take great pleasuie in informing the citizens generally, that their FIRST GRAND BAI.L will hi* held "t the NATIONAL THEATRE, on MONDAY EVENING, May 2l?t, 1855. The Committee would respectfully beg leave to | cordially invite the ladies generally, and sincerely hope that they will greet us with lh? ir appearance, and regret exceedingly that the shortness of time f r making arraigeuients compelled them to dispense with Special Invitation. Pr-'f. Munder has kinoly volunteered his services as Floor Manager on Uiat occasion. Tickets ?1, andean be procured at Flint's Hotel; Win. F. Bayly's Stall nery Store; M. H. Stevens &. [ Co., Browns' Hotel; Wiilson k Hayw&id's, Union Hall; and of any of the Executive Committee. OOMMITTEE OF RECEi TION. Capt J A Tait, Capt P B Key, Capt Jos Peek, Capt Srhwarzinann, Capt Devprs, Lieut Coin'g Mulloy, Capt Shekel], Capt Jamieson, Capt Reese, Col W H llickey, Lt Col Riley, j M ij Keyworth, Adjutant Bacon, Surgeon Morgan, fir Master MeCollum, Ur Master Sergt Kit.g, ( apt Davi?, Capt Towers, Capt Bright, MANAGERS ON PART OF THE MILITARY. H'aihing'on Light Infantry. Sergt Jamas E. rower?, Hf.nry YVarner, Charles E. Nelsoti. Sational Grey*. Serg't E tgsn, Jno Bradley, Corp"l Maguire. Boone Rifle*. Pioneer Robinson, HenryGreen, Serg't Bucki gham. Sational Guard. Ensign Lloyd, Private Johnson, Serg't Bishop. Montgomery Guardf. Serg't McEniry, Private O'Laary, Secretary O'Sdllivan I'retident:? Mounted Guard. Serg't Hsyward, John T. Erans, Samuel Owens. German Yager*. Sergt Ruppeli, Conrad Finkmann, Julius Viedt. American Riflemen. Sergt Gibson, John Y. Corp'l Champion. Vr'axhington Highlander? Sgt Campbell, Andrew James Harrover. Soft *?gt Keyworh Charles Masi. Union Qr Mr Donelly, Mr O'Callahan Mario? Riflea. Pgt Foxwell, Henry Keefer. MANMjERS ON PART OF THE CITIZENS. Dr>nn, Bain. Gu ards. George McKeen, Guards. Sgt Harrison, Sgt Gait, Hon J T Tu??r? Waiter Lriios W W Sea ton T?t-r K..r~? i Siiaa H HIM - W W Corcoran R B French O P?i k^r J il K?b'i> W H Vfiuiw A C H Wlu'lar J F Coy la K WallurU Chaa Maury S K?'lf?rn H hmlth W 1 LtoTa Jn<> F.nnla J P W D Willa<-h Wni T wer? | h C Burner ii - Ui-lariQ O Cuiuer'Hj | C 8 WalMcA H Swaanay K S Pao'llatan Kranrn Taylnr K'lw Owar Chas Kliiinan Oaoige Washington P.rk Ci.itla Kraii' \1 )hun I D?yle Win I) .ughf-rty A N Cleru^nbn ?? Ktniin C Uiu bluglcu Jno I, Wirt R J J L .T W Koruay T CsrUrry Jn? <i Ua. rai C illii C fttlfclH Ur M?yi.*rd T H IluQn^liBa II K Mi.l<llt,t<? t. r R?ll b J W H W!;i<J?-r R X U yla H'1 w T<jw?rs r H Oalvcrl K A Wl,lar.| W f Bayly M Brown I'r W B Mnjrvler ii P Priukitu V??rarlan Kilts S Coy I a W ii Tbumit Ii Taylor J It Hoorar Arcli'd C?mi>k?all Jaa A 1411)4 Tli^s Para<.na k C M'.-r^an J A I.tbV.u Jut Ga!?a Aadraw Har-o^k H 8 Polhlttboru A Dli'iiM .s J H Ktrliwoo?l A T Xi"kl?.Cer A J H Wliiia B t.awt* U A Jillard J J J?yis P A H .? I. WliMlur Pranri* Millar Jajiiea TowarJ J C Mc(iotre W J MrO rrairk K Stuart J?k Claike J C FiUpatrtri J H Mrllalr W K A lei !.?? TbotDat BerrT. EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE. Lt Clarke, Infantry, Ll Shekell, N Greys, Lt Sinderson, B Rifl. g, Lt Bird, N Guards, Lt RHey, M Guards, Lt Debiile, G Yagers, Capt Reese, Highlander* Lt Hiiiiins, A Rifleg Lt Wallingsford, S Guard Lt Plint, P M G'uard, Lt Wroe, M Rifles, Lt Itriggs, U Guards, Capt. J. Y. Davu, of the Li^hi ixuitntry, Trea?urei may 15? (Intel) GRAND PIC OF THI NIC their 1855,io rpHE NORriTEKN LIBERTIES' FIRE COM A PANY respectfully make known t? their f^lendi and the public generally that they will give tirst J'lC NIC, "ii THURSDAY, June 7Ui, It Hie WHITE HOUSE. The Company will spare no pales or expense to insure satisfaction. The Refieslunents will be served by an eipe fienced caterer, Mr A Columbus Visiting Companies will appear in uniform. The boat will leave Georgetown at 1 o'clock; Wa hington at2; Navy Yard at 2j{ ; and Alexan dria at J p. in. Tickets ONE DOLLAR?admitting a gentleman and ladii-e?to be hai of any ol the Committee of Arrangement*. Commill?. H Knight, II Kecuan, C Matlock, T Dawson, L Newmyer, E G Evan?, S p Rol.erimui, J T Halleck, J II Goddara,}r Mid Birkhead, S Taylor. H Culverwell, R Wairen, A Columbus, J Platford, J King, may 12?eotd PROPOSALS FOR FUEL. UraKTLMfawter s Opficf MaRttc Corps, t Washington, loth May, 1955. j[ SLAl.ED PK()POSALS will be mceived ut this office uijt:l Friday, the 25th of May test-, at 10 o'clock a. id , for ?upp >in^ io the Marines stationed in Wmhrtigtoii city tr??m 1st July, 1855, io 30th of Jutrt\ 186?, *ucb quautiues of Wood and Coal as may t>? reviuired upon Wo UuhrteTlv retjulsiiton* of onuiwliag (JttlceN > TUe wiahi to be t?-%l i as Mtplliig, u lid liir coal Uai anthracite, tree Uokm uod aoreenuJ, both to b? delivered at t>u< i point* within ili? bar tack walls, as inay b? dcaignutesi, free a? expenae to lb? United Stairs, may 11?3tawt25th EVENING STAR.' F - - - ?g?? VILLAGE COURTSHIP Tapping at the window. reaping o'er tlie blina : Tie really suipruing, He never learns to mind! Twas only ye*ter evening, Aa in the dark we sat, My mother asked sharply, "Pra/, Mary, who la that?" Who's that, indeed?you're certain How much she mnile me "tart; Men ?oem to hwe their wisdom Whene'er they lose their htnrt. Yes?there he it>?I see him ; The lamp hit sh.-uiow thrown Armas the curtam'd window, Fit's stepping on Int. toes ; Ilrtl never think of tapping, Or iruMnz any din : A kooek Ui'iUgit e'eii ihe k is worse tbun looking in! Tap! tap! w u'd any think i?X lie never learns to mind ; 'Tip surely moat surp.ising He thinks my mother bliud ! Tis plain 1 must go to h in ; It's no n?e now to cough, I'd ope the door just softly, If but to send him off! Tis well if from the door step H* be not shortly hurled? Oh man ! there ne'er was trouble Till hp came In the woildl Tapping at the window, And peeping o'er the bl nd; Oh man, but you are a troub e, And llirti we maidens find. THE HUNTEB8 ? POOE TOM'8 FATE At the foot of the Ozark Mountains, where the rocky slopes extended far into the cultivated settlements, and at no great distance from the bank of the Mul berry, which foamed and reared against the sharp ridges of ice with which the extraordinary severe winter threatened to imprisoned it, two white hunters walked wrapped in their blankets, along the stream, and seemed to be looking for a place where they could cross to the other side. They were two powerful looking fel lows, as they walked on with their ritles on their shoulders, and the elegant fringed leggins, the closely-fitting and carefully soled moccasins showed that they had assumed the habits of the woods and not of those 44 land hunters'' who, especially at that day, had begun , traversing the western part of the State | in order to find out the most favorably situated districts, and purchase, or at least lay claim to them. 44 Bill," one of them at last said, as he stopped, 44 our searching is of no u?e? you see I was right; the stream here is too wide for us to find a tree layin - across it, and if I really went to work with my little tomahawk, and felled one of the nearest plane trees, it would not be long enough. Besides a heavy storm is gathering behind us, and I think we should not do wrong were we to make arrangements for passing the night bet ter than the last; it will be bitter cold." 44 It's very annoying, though, Bill," answered his brother crossly, " that we should not reach the ravine over there to-night, for in the first, place we should find famous quarters in one of the num erous caves, and then, besides, I should have liked to look for bears; there are sure to be some there. The water's too cold for us to swim across, and the storm will not be a trifling one ; so then, to work; here are old trees enough ljing about, and a bark roof can be easily made." 44 There are almost too many trees ly ing about," Tom replied, look all around him, 44 and thoso still standing seem rot ten and ready to fall. 1 do not much like the thought of coming here, for you know the story father told once about such a place." "Nonsense! Bill said laughingly. 44 Can we tind a better camping place? The little stream runs along at our feet, therms plenty of wood clese at hand, the young trees will fumish famous poles, and the bark there is first rate for a roof." Tom raado no further objection; the spot locked too inviting, and they were booth soon engaged raising a rough shel ter that night at least, which could alford them refuge against the collecting storm. Under such good hands the work was easily accomplished, and the next half hour found both under their quickly erected roof, watching the pieces of meat broiling in the tire. "It s strange how cold it has suddenly turned,'* Tom at length broke the silence, "only look, the water in the tin pan is frozen quite hard, and the wind has chopped round to the north east; it blows confoundedly sharp, too." '?Let it blow,'' Bill yawned, as ho wrapped himself closely in the folds of his blanket; 44I am tired and want to sleep, Tom, lay a couple of boughs on the fire before you turn in, and the one first awake to-morrow must arouse the other." Midnight was past, and the firo had nearly expired, but the two brothers slept firmly, and the icy north wind that howled over the snow-clad hills into the valley, could not disturb their slumber. Heavy masses of clouds had, however, collected together from various quarters; darkly threatening they brooded over the rustling forest, and the stately trees shook and bowed their leafless branches as if in timid forebodings of the ap proaching storm. A bright Hash of lightning suddenly burst from the black heavens, ancLa terrific peal of thunder al most. instantaneously followed the mes senger of destruction. One cf the terrible winter storms was impending, and the unchained hurricane howled and tore through the narrow mountain ravines. 44Bill!" cried Tom, springing up in horror, 44Bill, get up; wj dare not lie down; see how the old trees quiver; and you hear, there's one of them crack ing !" ?'Hallo!" Bill replied, as lie qaickly threw off his blanket, *4has it caught us ? Hi! Tom, lay hold of the roof; I'm bless ed if the confounded no.thw?$Ler won't take it along with it." His fear was not entirely unfounded, for at the same instant roCh a furious blast burst from the opposite valley that it half uncovered their resting place in a second, and burning ashes and sparks were carried far away in the gloom of night. A lightning flash again burst forth from the clouds, and the thunder deadened the sound of the howling storm. Then it suddenly seemed as if the whole earth was torn from its foundations; far, far away on it came, like the crash of a thousand cannons; then nearer and near er it roared, spreading wild and terrible overthrow and harrowing desolation around. Almighty God, a hurricane !" Tom cried, starting up in terror, for at the f?ame moment the storm reached them. Tuc giant trunks, which had withstood centuries, bowed like thin twigs, and with one blow that struck terror to the hearts oi the listeners, the whole forest was niuwcd level with the earth by the hand of ihe Almighty. The hurricane ragrd further and fur ther with frightful velocity: /or miles around it overthrew the tali oaks, and hurled them like reeds to ti>e ground: for miles around it marked its pa h with desolation and destruction; but filencc. grave-like silence, followed in its track, and rested over the widely-scattered trees; not a breath was stirring, and the calmness of death, after this horriivin" outbreak of the elements, affected the l?oor heart of a mortal with more ago nizing shudder than it Jiad felt even in the most terrible fury of the storm. Bill had miraculously escaped, without oven the slightest injury: clinging tight ly to an immense tree that had previous ly fallen; another oak that had fell across it only served to saye him, as it guarded him fiom the other continually falling branches and smaller trees; but now, at. soon as the first most pressing danger passed, he jumped up and cried, filled with terror, to his brother: "lom brother Tom?do answer. Tom. Great God! has such a terrible end fallen to your fchare? '' No! it would ha\e been better for him if that had been his lot; he still lived, and his weak voice at co great distance, struck the hunter's attentive ear. 44 All-merciful Heavens !" the latter ciied^ when he had (juickly leaped over a couple of trees lying in his way, and with a bio zing pine torch in his'hand. stood before him he sought. " All-merciful lJcavens !'J he repeated in almost maddening agony, and covered his lace with his hands, for close to hiia. as pale as a corpse, with both his thighs buried beneath an immense oak, which was shattered from top to bottorn, lay his lom. his brother, the playmate of his youth, tho darling of his heart. It - very cold, the unhappy man whispered, and looked up imploringlv to the hunter, who apparently incapable of any farther movement, stood uear him as if hewn out of stone?"it's very cold. Bill ; can't you bring me a little fire? ? The words broke the charm which seemed to possess his half unconscious brother. ??Tom, Tom."' he cried, as he threw himself with groans on the mutilated body of his dearest companion, 44 You hurt me, Bill, the latter en treated ; my arms pain me, and it is so cold.7' "Wait, you shall have fire in a few seconds." Bill now cried, as he sprung hastily up, "lie there a minute longer" and 111 fetch you some ashes, and then help you up?only a moment's paticnce:" and in haste he flew back to the still burning camp-fire. Ah ! he did not no tice the features of the unhappy man, a-. he begged him to have patience. lie hurriedly collected all the ashes and burning wood his anus could hold?the llames scorching his hunting *hirt and hands?he did not notice it, and flew back to his brother's side, plenty of drift wood lay around, and in a few mo moments a bright, cheering tire flared by the side of tho tree, under whose giant weight the }*>or fellow lay buried aliye. Bill now regarded with shudder the terrible scene, and madly threw himself on the tree, which a hundred men could not have raised, and tried his utmost strength on an impossibility. " Bill!" Tom gently begged him, " come here; come, give me your hand ; that's right. And now, Bill, do you really love me ?"' A convulsive grasp of his brother's hand answered the question ; speak ho could not, for the tears he had sup pressed with difiiculty suffocated tvery sound. ? " Will you do me a service ?" Tom implored, drawing the unresisting man closer to him. "A service!" Bill whispered?"a service! What can you ask that I would not do for you if it was in my power?" " You promise to do its ?" 44 What is it ?" the hunter asked, in terror. " Take your rifle," Tom begged,44 and put an end to my sufferings." 44 Tom!' the brother cried, as he sprung up in horror. 44 Put an end to my sufferings," the unhappy man entreated. "Bill! brother ! if you ever loved me, prove it now. Do not let me perish here, slowly and hor ribly." 44 I will sive you if it costs me my life, ' Bill cried. 441 will return with assistance this very night." " That is not possible," the poor fel low replied, sorrowfully shaking his head. 44 The next settlement is by the nearest road, at least fifteen miles from here; but the road you would have to take to go round the rooks and ravines, is twenty ; and if you come back, if you brought fifty men with you, what help can they give me?" Bioth my thighs are. shattered, and the nearest doctor lives at Little Rock, hundieds of miles from here, and whither we 6carce know the direction. Bill will you let me lie here for days, and afterwards see me l*rUh mihcrably 44 Ask my own life, and you shall have it with pleasure; but don i reuuire such ? ? ?> !'? i <- " ... .. 0 THE WEEKLY STAR Thw PxeeAot family ui Newi ilnini i greater variety of tkuradi mb be found in any tuber?4e published aa Itn?le copy, per ro CLTM. Rw COpiM, WW?M?HHI ami MUM miMHIWWI ^ ea rweaty do ^ HmUaBLY 0 iNilH OCA" Bingie copies (tr wrappers) eaa to piu? at the counter, immediately after taau sf paper. Pnce?run ?um. Post*&*tsas who act w a c-unmiwifiii of twenty per cent. ? m a terrible thing from you ; it mut possible to save you?I have my hawk?I can cut this tree through?I can " Can you cure wounds like the#? V Torn interrupted him, and pointed with his hand to his thigh. It was a terrible sight, and the brother fell upon his knee?, with a groan. " I cannot murder you," be geratly said. " And do you call that murder ? Oh. Bill!" be continued, " could you only fancv the pain I am now Buffering, you would take compassion?would not 1st me beg in vain " 4* I will give you a rifle: don't make me my brother's murderer." Bill groaned. " My right arm is also broken ; I can not even if I would." 44 Tom' the powerful inan sobbed, at he threw himself by his brother's side, 141 what is it you want of me ? ' "What did you lately do to Nestor when the boar had torn him so terribly! ' ?' I shot him." " He was your favorite dog." Bill only answered with sobs. 44 And you loved him more than met" Tom now asked. almost reproachfully. 44 Oh! why did I not heed your warn lug wheu we la*t night reached this un happy spot? Why did I not avoid the decayed trc es that threatened us on all s.des ? Why 44 Bill' the unhappy man interrupted him, " do you mean to free me from my tortures ?" 441 will!" the poor fellow sobbed on his brother's neck. They held one aa otlier in a cold embrace for a lon^ while, but when Tom tried to unloose his hold, his brother only held him the tighter. Day at length broke in the east, and the sun shone on the chaos of wildly-soat* tored trees around. 44 Let us part," Tom whispered; " be a man," 44 W ell, then, be it so. I see you are right. It is impossible to save you. I know, too, tha I should have asked the same of you in a similar case ; and you would not have refused me. Pray to G?>d for the last time, and pray too for me, that he may forgive me the the mur der of my brother!" Bill tottered away to fetch his rifle, hut he returned in a few moments with a firm and certain step. With his run in his hand, he swung himself with nis right hand over the shattered trunks, and soonst<.?od again by the 6ide of his brother who looked afiectionately in his face. ??I am ready." said the latter, with a smile, 44do not tremble, and God reward vou for your kindness?good bye !** lie i tiered him his hand as he turned away his face. "Brother!" the tortured brother cried, in agony, and threw himself again on his breast. Once again they held each other iu a elosc embrace, till Tom entreated gently, 44Do not delay any longer." With a hasty bound the hunter stood on his feet, raised his rifle to his cheek, and lay the next moment unconscious by the side of the brother he had shot. What more have I to tell? Shall T describe how he awoke, and piled branch upon branch on his brother's corps, so that the wolf and panther might not fasten their greedy teeth in the beloved remains ?how he tottered away and wrestled with death for many months in the wild dreams of fever, carefully nursed by kind friends? No! enough of this sorrowful tale. Ilis brother's blood-osv ertd face did not long trouble him in his nightly dreams, or cause him to spring in terror from his bed, and try to fly. On an expedition against some plundering Creeks. a compassionate bullet put an end to his life, and kind friends buried him where he fell. But his memory is still retained in that neighborhood, and when a hunter camps at night, and turns an enquinng glance towards the giant trunks which menacingly surround him, then a gentle prayer of even the roughest and wildest of the band arises and whis pers, 44(.iod preserve me from poor Tom's fate." ARRIVALS AT PRINCIFAL U0TEL8. National Hotel--a. r. mutm L A N>wn<n. Va Co! J 8 Giddmge, Md IV A Mivis, do J (I Tiiomjf. M V G R K <b Rs?>n, d? M T Suttim^rs, V* II Keller, P? Andrew#, NY K llam^on A ladv, VY W W Herbert, Ya J P Clark, Va J A Wa?bingt o, d? Mrs Maritsnn, Md Mrs AleranUer k ehil A B l)?i*,dn dren, do E H Hilton, do T J HonJ-n a lady. Mui li R Moor*, do Mies C Ruden, do| D Pri?e a Udy, NJ J McGajrea B i 9 w mi' Hot*'?t p a ?. aaowa. A Shimmul, NY L J Mess# rvy, 8C H VV VVashinsion. Ya A M J< ice a lady, Maps VV KoliinMin, Cal I P l.un.pkia, fi? i A Hn^fiand, Ind II Maniv, dn C Lacy, Va H 8 Middleto*. do T Lovegrove, NJ V A Tf.oiiip?on, do H A Lovtprove, do I>r Pepper, NY A Marun, Va M P Howe, Maw Mrn M Mrvenson, chtid B C Jonfs, Md & new, do ?V M Hunt R Emwh, Md H H Stewart, Pa G P Hi hard, NY F Valdanar, Md I) Lewis, do W H Ho??dwjn, Va T 8 8iucla?e, do G Pettit, NY Mr Levy, do Wlllarda* Hotel? a. h i. e. anuu. II Wells. FU r Wiewall a lady, NY 8 Pratt, 8G VV D Wertbird and lady, W IK: Groot. NY Mw C >1 Maker. Mass W W Clark, Ga G R Rickeiu. NY 8 Van Vhet E N l*?ckerson. do W Mark. Mass P M Kyerson, NJ OD Phiffei^-do T l!o<?k, Cal H Wheatland, do II P Nichts, Va*a J L Mercer, USN J E Johnson and Ueugh- G Rogers, la*'v and chfd, ter, do Mass T J Borden a lady, do Miss C Borden, do United States Hotel??? e. Ukcwnr. A, Pa W W Richards, Va M li CUyroweth, Ma P P?ice li lady, NJ C Leavenworth, NJ W E Kirclitwer a lady, L J Fowler, O Md Eaailoa Hoait, Alexandria, Va. a KKWToa, raopurroa. * B B Crow well, Mo OF Brisec, Va B J Rittrr, Pa R Thompaon, do Mr Townsend, Man C F Osb .urn, NY Mrs Towusend, do C A Wasbingt'jn, Va 8 Gibbonf, Va D Long, do F M Youug a lady, Fa R A Gray, do J H Carter, Va b Anmwiirt, do G F FitKbugb, do L W Prc?Mu.a*, Ou C K H?d;<ai, do -) C.t?)U^. tH. W C \Vttli<rrall, Md

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