Newspaper of Evening Star, May 19, 1855, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 19, 1855 Page 2
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KVF.NING STAR. % WASHINGTON CITY: SATURDAY AFTEBlTOOlf *ay 19 AtaEftT* FOR THK *TAB. The following persons are authorized to contract for the publication of adver tisements in the Star: Philadelphia?V. B. Palmer, N. W. c -rner of Third and Chestnut streets. New York?S. M. Pbttingill k Co., Nassau street. Boston ?V. B. Palmkh, Scollajr's Building. XT* Adykrtisbmbkts sbvuld bo handed i:. by 12 o'clock, M., otherwise tbey ma7 1 it appear until the next day. THE WEIXLY STAB For the week ending to-day, coctaing its usual variety of new3 from all parts of the United State; and the world The subscription is only ne dollar and twenty five cents a year. Single eopits, in wrapper;, can be obtained at tbo ccunter of the Star?three cents each. S tLilT 0? XHf. HZt.r.iflt IZjlZ* The Union replies to arguments in favor of Know Nothingum, published in the New York llfrald and Louisville Journal. The Intelligtnetr moralises over the rapid. I j increasing expenses of the (Government, and calls to mind the manner ia which the ^min istration of Jchn Quincy Adams was as-ailed for spending the enormous pum of twelve mil. 'ions of dollars per annum. X?;$iil?6T0jM|m_11D GOSSIP. The Mass&chusstta Legislature. ? Iu tbo whole history of the public affairs of the States of tho American Union, there never appeared a body of legislators on the stage, who have earned such unenviable fame. as tht?e The present legislature of Pennsylvania are bid enough in all conscience, being notoriously en gaged nearly altogether in buying and felling in the dischage of the trust confided to them, giving out bank charter: to irresponsible in dividuals, snd enacting any and all sorts of special legisla fen at the demand of any and all persons willing to pay for having their in terest. rubeerved at the expense of the people at large. The Boston J'ott gives very amus ing accounts of the entire management cf the Massachusetts Legislature by the outside agents fo prccu e just such lcg; slatim, until the amount of cash ->.nd the dinners and wines requisite to gel a wharf privilege a bridge privilege, or a joint stock charter for this cr that purpose, is new as freely quoted on change in Bo ten, as th<i prices of railroad and established bank stccks A3 bad as all this is the ut:er want of -'hamster presented by the great mass of the members cf both of the M-.ssachusefs Legislature in other par ticulars it, if po'sib'e, w-^rsc. Though their present session has baeu a remarkably long one, they have accomplished literally nothing but the enactment of special legislation; thus bough- through, except the recent passage of a law making it a crime in their St?.to to e.<e cute the Fugitive Slave law. the establishment of the infamous committee on nunneiies, and the subsequent expulsion of the great projec tor of ihat Cvmm.ttee. Mr Joseph Hiss We need net commen* on the history cf the doings 0 that committee; as hiving b*en fully brought io light tbey tell the tale cot only of the infamous purpose of it? origin but of the fidelity with which the men rf bad hearts and grovelling minds, or which it w .s composed, carrie I ru; that purpose to tbo best cf their ability, and to the eternal shame of the State of Massachusetts. In the ca-e of Mr iliss the reports show that it was first intended to screen him Whoa the intensity of public opinion even there and his own recklessness, rendered it impossible to carry out that in tention, tea next move of the majority was to make hiui the scaj egoat of the body. To this Le demurred, boldly proclaiming that if he hEd proved himself a hypocrite, a debauche. and an ingrain scoundrel, he w.? L-y no means the only one of the body who had -o unworthily crept into tbo confidence of the people, and that he stood ready to prove that at least one hundred and eighty of hie fellow members, including m re cr less of the seventy clergy, men, were in each and every respect quite a? unworhy. cf public confidence, and as infa mous iu their personal characters ss himself ? There-poo, to put a gag oa his mouth, he was immediately (zpelled, so as to plice it beyond his power to spread before the world the pr.of of the truth of Lis as ertion They were true to themselves in that acticn only, having be trayed traces of their guilt in the vacillating course or their legislation on Lis ease. It will be reme be red that there are actually seventy c'erg}iiien at present in thit body?seventy clergyman ! lias the presence of so many per son.- nominally dedicated to the cause cf the ever living God?to the cause ol pcaca and good will t^all?to the cause of good morals and equil and exact justice, elevated the char acter of the tody 1 We say that it has not, but that the conduct of thai Legislature tells the tale of ths impropriety cf the interference cf cleTgyn-en in politics, iu terms stronger than ean be otherwise communicated by the most iloquent pen Does tho history of that Legislature bear cut the proai.o of sweeping reform in all thirg* to be acted on by it, on wbioh it was elected *;'u so great unanimity, the people of Massachusetts having suddenly taken it into iheir heads that their former Whig legislators, who had so long controlled their State mat. ter? were incompetent ? If ever a people were taught a practical leseon worth treasur ing in their memories, that lesson Is to be drawn from the history of the action of the b-4y ot hypocrites. Uols scoundrels, bigots aLd incompetents through ignorance, who hav^ irar.aged by a sweeping imposture to ob tain tue temporary control of the affairs of the once proud, respectable, and enlightened com monwealth of Massachusetts. The Court of Claims ? Below we publish the rules of practice adopted by the Court of Claims, promulgated yes<erday alter we went to press The clerk will be ready to permit cases to ba docketed on the 12th of July, at his temporary offise, in the room of the Post Office Committee of the House of Representa tives in the Capitol building. It is hoped that '.Lis court will be able to commence to hear arguments as early as the 1st of October. tiults of t*'actio of the Court of C/uimt, r.doultd ikf'iy 17, 135J 1 Every claim ahall be elated ia a printed petinon addrersed to the court and signed by the claimant or bis counsel 1 1 he petition innst set forth a lull state mv!it<>t the olain, and of the action there el L^0"8!?-1 i?r by ftD* of th? departments, if D?^onCor?r been haJ' "pwifjini also what mVor. P?r8on'1"? owners thereof, or inter STLiS^ ' ?nd when *nd ur?n what ?on eareAupe"?P or P?w?? became so ._*??*? " ">? Claim is founded upon any or Congress, or apon any regulation of an axecu ive department, the aotof Congress and ine section thereof upon which the claimant relies must be stated, and the particular reg ulation of the department must be specified. If the claim is founded upon any express con. tract yf\ h the government of the United States, such oontraot mujt be set forth in the petition, acd, if it be in writing, in the words .>? the contract If it be founded upon any implied contract, the circumstances upon which the claimant relies as tending to prove a contract must be specified. There must be annexed to the petition an affidavit of the o aimant that the facts stated in the petition are true to the best of his knowledge and be lief. 3. Each claim thall be ontered on the dooket on filing the petition, or, in oases referred by either house of Congress, on filing a petition ana the papers in the ease referred. " , ^aimant, when he files bis petition, shdil deliver to the clerk ten c< pies thereof for the use of the judges and the rolicitor. 5. If the solicitor shall be of opinion that t&e petition does not slate a proper oase for the a^iion of the court, it shall be hit duty, after the filirg of the petition, to furnish the ole* ton printed copies of hit objections for the judges and the claimant. 6. There shall be no other pleadings than those above stated. 7. If the petition be adjudged to be suffi eient, the court will authorise the takine of testimony in the case. 8. The oourt will appoint permanent com missioners for the taking of testimony, and special commiisionora as ciroumstanoos may require hvery permanent commissioner shall take an oath before he enters upon his duties that be will faithfully disoharge them so long as his commission remains in force; and every special commissioner shall take an oath faith fully to discharge his duties. Tho form of a commission to a permanent commissioner shall be as follows: Cotrt of Claims : ? T? , of , in the county of and State of . ' -3?, Esquire. r \?u? ofe hereby appointed a commissioner for the State of to take the testimony of Such witnesses as may como before you to be u?ed in the investigation of such cl iims as may b? presented 40 this court against the laited States. In the performance cf this duty you will be guided by the rules of this court, and, in making your certificate of the taking of depositions, *pu .-ill follow the form pre?crrt)ed by the Bth rule You will take no deposition, unless by consent of the parties, until it has shown to you. by the re turn upon the original notice, that the adverse party has been djly notified ; and. if he does net appear, you wiil affix the original notice to your certificate, and return it therewith for the information of the court. , Clork. When jpeoial commissions are Issued such variations from tho above form as may be ne cessary * ill be made. 9 The form of a subpoena shall bo as fol lows : Court or Claims : Jo . You are hereby commanded to appear be fore , commissioner appointed* by this court to take depositions, on the day of A. D 1j?5 , at o'clock in the I noon, then and there to testify ia the case of : against the United States, now pending in this court Fail not of appearance, at your peril Da'ed this day of a D 184 ? . Clerk 10 The nyty proposing to tike dipositions ?h-.!l cause fifteen days'notice thereof to be giren to the solicitor or to the claimant or hi counsel, as the case m.iy bo Tho notice must 1 bo in writing and must state tho names of I the and of the witnesses and the claimant, ar.d the day of the month, tho hour. ar?S the place of taking the deposuion, and must be -ubsoribed by tho solicitor or his agent, or by the claimant or his attorney of I record. W hen the claimant procoses to take a deposition, and the witness resides more than fivo hundrel miles from Washington, or wcere the solicitor proposes to take the depo sition, an 1 the witness resides more than five fcunarod m-les from the claimant or his coun sel, one day s further notice shall be driven for evory additional twenty miles. 11 Toe fees of witnesses for travel and at tendance shall be such as are authorized by the laws of the State or Territory where the witness resides, and shall be paid by tho party at whose instance the witnessed appear 12. If the witness, having been duly sum moned at.d his fees tendered bite, shall fail or refuse to appeer and testify before any com missioner, a rule upon him shall be issued, on motion, to show causo why a fine should not be imposed upon him; and if ke fail to w sufficient cause, he shall be fined not exceeding one hundred dollars 13. All witneifes shall be sworn or affirmed before any qiiostions are put to them, to tell the tru'h, the wholo truth, aad nothing but the truth, relative to the c-uae in which they are to teitity, end each witness shall then sta-9 bis name, his occupation, bis age. bis p.ace of residence !c.r the past year; whether ha his any interest, direct or indirect, in the claim nhich is the subject of inquiry; and v_bether and in what degree, he ia related to the Otfeimant. At the conclusion of the depo sition, the witness shall state whether he knows cf any other matter relativo to the claim in question; and if he do, ho shall ttateit. 14. All evidence must be in writing, and all depositions must be taken by q leetions, each of which is to be written down by the com missioner in the body of the deposition, < nd toea proposed by the comzni??loner to the wit ness, and the answers thereto are to be written . down by tr? commissioner in the presence of the witness But interrogatories and crossJ interrogatories may be administered, under the eurperTuion of the court, whenever in their opinion justice and expediency require and eacu deposition must be signed by thede ponent ia the presence of the commissioner . 16. The commissioner's return shall be as I0II0W3 : State of , coulty of . sa : On this day of , A. D. , per sonally came , the witness within named, and a*:er havi*g been first sworn to tell the truth, tho whole truth, and nothing but the truth, tho question? contained In the within deposition vere written down by the oommis sioner, acd then proposed by him to the wit ness, and the answers thereto were written down by the commissioner in the presonoe of the witness, who then subscribed the depo anion id the presence of the commissioner The deposition of , taken at the request of , to be used in the investigation of a claim against the United States now pending in the court of claims, in the name of . Th? ad verse party was notified, did attend and did object. . , Commissioner. tees of witness, Tra el, . Attendance, . Commissioner's fees, . 16. The commissioner shall enclose the oom miction, depositions, end exhibits, if any, in a packet under his seal, and direct the same to the clerk at Washington, and deposite the packet in the post effioe 17. The commissioner shall not be obliged to certify and forward the deposition takenfor ei her party until his fees for tho taking of the same and the postage shall have been paid or tendered to hi j; by the party at whose instanoe the commission issued; which fees shall be five dollars a day, and twenty cents for every hun dred words contained in tho deposi-ion. 18 Ko objection to a deposition will beoon side red as waived because such objection was not taken before the commissioner. 19 No counsel will be permitted to practise in the oourt unless he is a man of good moral character, and has been admitted or licensed to practise in the Supreme Court of the United <?": or the kfgheet oourt of the District i Colombia, ?r in the highest oourt of somo t;r Tt?r ierJ:torJ< ofwhioaadmission thecer -n. \ ?lerk of ,och ooort or ?ach li cence will be the only evidence; and before admUsion such coun?el shall be sworn to sup port the constitution ot the Lnited SUtes. and that jis condust m counsel shall be upright and aooortiag to law hut an, claimant may appear in person and manage his own 20. When the claimant's cose is prepared, 1 he shall notify the solieitor thereof, fujoieh top him at the same time with a printed oopy ?f his brief The solicitor, within & reason ) able time thereafter, shall farnish the oppo site eoansel with a printed oopy of his brief, and file eapies of both briefs with the clerk When the briefs are thus filed, tne clerk shall enter the case on the trial docket. At least three days before any case will be called for armament such printed briefs shall be fur nished to each of the judges, and contain all the positions and authorities relied on. No viva voce arguments on behalf of either party will be permitted to cohtinue more than two hours, nor will connsel be permitted to take other grounds or to refer to other authorities than those stated in the briefr The cases will be oalled for argument or submission in the order in whioh they shall be thus pre pared. 21 In the computation of time mentioned in these rules, all Sundays, and also the day of tho service of any notice, and the day on which a party is required to appear, or on whioh any aot is required to be done, shall be excluded. 22. No paper filed in a cause shall be taken from tho clerk's office, except by one of the judges, without permission of the oourt, and by leaving a certified oopy with the clerk. 23 If tho olaimant die, pending the suit, his proper representative may, on motion, be admitted to prosecute the claim A true copy from record: Samuel H Huntington, Chief Clerk. Mr. Buchanan ?Letters was received, this morning, from Mr. Buchanan, in whioh he says he shall leave his mission about the last of September, and travel in Europe for some time before returning to the United States. It will be perceived that this determinatien is in accordance with our announcement made a year ago. in contradiction of the pertinacious declaration of the New York Herald that he wns coming home as early as this spring, if not cnrlier. Leath of a Distinguished Man.?We have a telegraphic message this morning from St. Louis, announcing the death of our distin guished fellow citixen Gen Charles Qratiot, formerly the head of United States Engineer orps, whioh occurred yesterday, in that city, from cholera. This sad news will overwhelm a wide circle of the relatives and friends of the deceased in Washington and elsewhere. The New Steam Frigates.?Engineer in Chief Martin. U. S. N., has just returned to Washington from a tour of inspection pf the steam machine work iu progress for all these steamers lie reports everything going on as weil and as rapidly as can be wished. The Merrimac, being built at Boston, will be ready tor s*a as early as the last of September. The Minnesota being built in the Washington navy yard, will bo the next one finished. Change of a Chesapeake Bay Light?No* tice has been given that the present fixed light at Cove Point, north of Patuxent river, Chesapeake bay. will bs changed, on or about the 15t~i of Jane next, to a fixed light, varied by flashes. The light will be produced by a catadicptric apparatus; will be of the natu ral color, fixed, with a bright flash at inter vals cf one and a half minute. Clerical Changes in the General Land Of fice.?The following clerioal changes, Ac., have boon made in thi j office : A. G ilajden from temporary clerkship to a first claes, permanent. J. E Parker, from temporary clerkship to a first-class permanent. J. L Edwards, from temporary clerkship to a first-claw permanent, in place of Lemuel 0. Bridewell, resigned. The first Comptroller of the Treasury, the Hon Elisha Whittlesey, left Washington last evening for his homestead in Ohio, being called thither, we regret to write, by the sudden and severe illness of his venerable and so univer sally beloved wife The Fecretary of the Navy ?The health of that gentleman haa greatly improved. He m*y be expected to reach Washington from his home in North Carolina about Tuesday next. Watchmcn Appointed ? Samuel MoPher* son and Chas. J. Wright have been appointed watchmen on the extension of the Post Office building. An Army Officer Resigned ?Second Lieut. Au?tin N. Coloord, of tho Second Infantry, U. S. A , has resigned, to take effect on the 3Ut inst. The New Arctic Expedition will take its departure as early as the 1st of June from New York, a* everything will be ready by that time. l'he Current Operations of ths Troasury Dajtrfmeat.?On yesterday, the 18th of May, thcri wete of Treasury Warrants entered on the bocks of the Department? For the redemption of stock $6,(515 19 For the Treasury Department.... 30 00 For the Interior Department 7,065 44 For the Customs... 509 00 For amount of warrants received and entered 20,865 83 Received from Customs 1,298,356 89 For the Navy Department 157,721 00 PCRM02VAL. .... Professor Agassis Is now engaged upon a work to be entitled, " Contributions to the Natural History of the United States." It is to be published in ten quarto volumes, and ths first part is soon to appear. .... Gen. Cnss has consented to lecture be fore the Young Men's Association of Hillsdale, Michigan, en the 24th inst. ....George Skerritt, formerly connected with the Albany Museum, and well known as a comic actor, died at Albany on Wednesday. While a resident of England ho was known as Sir George Skerritt. He was an associate of Douglas Jerrold. ? ....Gen. Richard Collins, one of the ablest lawyers in Ohio, died in Clermont connty, in that State, on the 12th instant. .... Loring Pierce, of Buffalo, who has been in that city sinee 1815, when there were but 1,700 inhabitants there, has superintended the burial of twenty-it* thousand persons. .... Santa Anna has received from the King of Prussia the decoration of the Red Eagle Cross. .... Eight thousand four hundred and eev enty-four immigrants arrived at New York during the past week, which, added to the 28,626 previously arrived since the Utof Jan uary, makes a total of 37,100 thus far this year, against 67,479 during the same time last year. Massachusetts Phi lanthbopt.? Mary Williams and her infant daughter, the latter born in Massachusetts, was sent to Europe, on Monday, from the town of Monson, Mass., for the crime of being too poor to live in that commonwealth The woman had eome away from Ireland because she was too poor te live there. Aooording to these two facts, the poor oreature cannot live at all. Massachusetts, about a year ago, was in a terrible ferment, becauce the law sent Burns back to Virginia The Boston Advertiser says:?The treasury of the United States bore the expense of the ren dition of Anshony Bums The treasury of Moffl^cbuseits paid for the rendition of Mary Williams But then he was a negro, " a man and a brother ;" while she was only a white woman?a woman and a mother isUgtr. OWE Win LATER FROM EUROPE Arrival of the Steamer Baltic. IMFOliTANT FROM SEHASTOPOL. Attempt to Aaaaaiaate Nspaleon, ftc The Steamer Baltic arrived at New York yesterday evening, between five and six o'clook with Live pool dates to May 5th?one week later than previous dates. FROM THE CRIMEA Tho latest dates from Sebastopol are to the 4th inss., one day preceding the sailing of the steamer, received per telegraph. The allies were gaining ground, all the Rassian ont works having been taken Sanguinary en oo inters were frequent, and the loss on both sides was immense. There was nothing, however, in the seige jet to warrant an assault, and the bombard* mon* had maoh slackened, not having pro duced tho result anticipated. Indeed, the po sition of the allies was regarded as critical, notwithstanding the advantage! they had gained. Lord Raglan admits that th* bombardment of Sebastopol had net produced the result looked for. The list of casualties to the allies wa3 not heavy. The general impression ia England is that the siege will be abandoned for the present, and the whole of Ramiescb and Balaklava left to the defence of a few corps, while the main position of the allies try to penetrate the in terior and cut off the supplies of Sebaatopel and then oompletely invest the town. Numerous reinforcements were constantly reaching the allies, and the French reserve of SO,000 men, near Constantinople, were expect ed to be sent to Balaklava. Russian official accounts to the24th alt. rep resent the damages sustained aa bat of little account, and all were actively repaired, while the skirmishes were generally successful. The loss sustained by the garrison from the 11th to the 13th alt was 7 subalterns, and 436 men killed; 6 superior, 34 subaltern officers, and 1,809 men wounded. The English captured the first Russian rifle pit on the night of the 17th, after a desperate encounter. Col. Graham Egerton, the field officer, in command, was killed. On the 20th, an attack was made on the sooond Russian rifle pit, which was almost im mediately abandoned. ENGLAND. Dispatches for the Crimea we*e reaching the British Government in a lew hours by tele graph, tut their purport was not generally communicated to the public, although nightly questions were asked in Parliament for infor mation. The ministers declared that thev should exeroise due discretion in the public*, tion of the news Lord John Russell had reappeared in his seat in Parliament, and stated the substance of the negotiations at Vienna, intimating that protocols wonld he submitted to parliament The new loan bill of ?16,000,000 sterling, passed on the 1st in the House of Commons, and on the same night was ordered to be com mitted in the House of Lords. . Metals in the English markets have expe rienced a great decline, owing to tho dimin ished demand for iron from the United States. Sir John Burgoyne, as a witness before the Roebuck committee, gave important evidence in relation to the eonduct of the war on the Crimea. The budget ha? virtually parsed both houses with but little opposition or modification. Throughout the country a strong feeling against the ministry has been manifested by indignation meetings regarding the condoct of the war, held at various places. A meet ing of the Inhabitants of London was to be held, at whioh an administrative reform asso ciation was proposed to bo organised. Similar meetings were promoted by tho principal men of all political partie , and would be held at Liverpool and other towns. FRANCE. The Emperor of the French had a narrow escape from assassination on the evening of the 2$th ult., while on bis way to join the Em press in her usual ride in the Champs Elysees. ihe Emperer was accompanied by two officers or )bis household, and when near Barriene de 1 ttoile he was approached by a well dressed man with the action intimating a desire to rroscnt a petition. He advanced within fivs or six paces of tho Emperor, who did not ob. serve him, when he was discovered by a po liceman. r As the policeman was proceeding towards the man. a cab was driven rapidly between them; and in the interval, the individual drew a double barreled pistol, and aiming it point-blank at the Emperor, discharged both barrels without effect. Immediately he was seiied by the police, but not until he had drawn another pis ol and made a second tt tempt to shoot. It is said that one of the balls graxed the Emperor s hat. The would-be-assassin is an Italian named Pianosi. He was a volunteer in Girabaldi's army ; and he was in London while the Emperor waj? making his visit. He would have made the attempt on the life of the Emperor if he had not been prevented by the concourse of people. The Emperor proceeded with his ride, and visited the opera in the evening, where he wag greeted with immense outbursts of loyalty and enthusiasm. The Emperor decided not to receive the for mal addresses of congratulation on his esoape, though an exception was made in regard to the British residents in Paris The corporation of Londcn has also prepared an address of congratulation. Pianoii was in close confinement and would be tried about the middle of May. , Th?Fusionist and Orleanist papers publish the official accouns from theMoniteur without a word of comment. The oause of the attempt is understood to be personal revenge, and nothing of a political nature. r THE LATEST. Dispatohes per telegraph, from the Crimea, report a sharp engagement on the night of the lit or May, in a rrout and left attack, which ended in the whole of the Russian riflepiti be ing taken, together with eight light mortars and two hundred prisoners. The whole af fair was a brilliant one for the allies Sbbastoi-ol, May 4th?On Wednesday *nght (2d io3w.,) the Frenoh troops under Gen Pelissler attacked the advanced works of the quarantine bastion and carried them at the point of the bayonet, taking twelve mortan ana establishing themselves in the positions. On the following night the Russians made a sortie to regain the positions, but after a san guinary encounter were driven back. An insurrection in Ukraine, Russia-Poland, had broken out and extended to three other governments. Twenty landed proprietors with their wives and families have been des troyed. The following is gathered from the latest papers in addition to the above: Theeondition of the allies is deeidedly more oritioal than that of the enemy. Fifty thousand Russian reinforoements had arrived at Sebastopol. The allies thus far bad not destroyed a single Rusiian battery. Six thousand Tnrks had been sent to join Omer Pasha, at Balaklava. "RUSSIA. Appearances at St. Petersburg denoted great activity, and an energetic continuance of war The Ciar dsvotes his whole time to militarv preparations ' The peasantry ot the Russian province of Ukraine hau risen in insurrection. TURKEY AND RUSSIA. It was rumorod that a separate treaty would be signed between Turkey and Russia, formin* part of a European treaty of peace. The first division of the Austrian army had received marching orders. FRANCE. France had ordered another levy of 20 OfM troops for the Crimea. The Emperor Napoleon made the following speech in the Senate in reply to the congratu lations upon his escape from assassination ? l?anr s?n4t? for sentimenta ex pressed I fear nothing from attempt* at as sassination. There are existences {hick a?e decrees of Providenoe As long u t ahaii not bav. fulfilled my mUsion Aun no SS a v. ? AUSTRIA A \ lenna dispatch says that an imperial de uiwpi1 ' 16 ???""* ??< M.000 I I LIST OF LETTERS Rffiisifini; m the Pott Oflce, Washington, D. t., Jfoy 19, 1855. rOrdwHfo *? udvertuedin the" Ergnma STa*," mgrom<? the following NctiM o/ Po* 0,"W La*>?it being the newo?apor baring the target circu lation of any daily paper pubUthed in H'attungUn: 8ac."5. And be it further enacted, That the Itst of letter* remaining uncalled for many pn*t office in any citv, town, or village, where newspapers shall beprinted, shall, hereafter, be published once only in the ^ewspnper which, belne i*wed werkly, or oftener,*A?U*are the large* circulation withm the range of the delivery of said office, to be decidcd by the postmaster at such office.] VFertoni applying for lot** t? the foUowl.fHst, wMl please it; Um7 are adtsstisbd. 9 Lames' LIST. Harris, Ml* Hsrriet Anderson, MIm Virginia Armatroug, M r? Hnuuith BuroM, MreSnaati K Ball, Mn Henry W Brown, Mia* 4nn E Bnrch, MIm ?>ar?h Jane Ball, V ?' ! >'?? Brown, MIm Elltt b w?>t?..* Mlu Lncy Ana Barnes. Mn Mary Ann Baker. HrlHD P Bmii, HIM Mary J Blackwell, Jall.i A Carr, Mrs Catharine A Conway, MIm Clayton, Nrt Virginia B Collins, MIm Martha Colbert, MIm Mxrfarets Casslday, Mm J Carpen, Miss Praaces K Conway, Mra (widow) Dent, MIm Jennls Diwm, Mra C M Uavis, Mra Worthliutou Draanr, Mit* Helen Drlaklll, Mr* Leah H Davis, Mr* Pauline Wright Deasy. Mlae Johanna Dorcsy, Mia* Anna Davanl, MIm Kllsabsth R Trench, Mn French, MIm Catherine Fletcher, Mra Brolly Fraiisaua, Mr* Ana Gregory, Ellis Wanton, MIm Garrla.n, Mrt Jnlla A Hill. MIm Louiaa Hart, MIm Kmma Hall, M re Virginia B Hingerty, Mra Kmely Harrle, MIm Sylra Hu<l*on, Miss E Hanrahan. Mre Mkry J. dm, MIm Arabela Jackson, Mre Anna King. MIm Ellen A Rnlght. Mra M A ICeneday, Oathsrlns Lss, Mr?fni Lnyd, Mice Wancy Lyon, Mlae Alike C I*wis, Mlae Virginia Maale, Mrt Jean Moore, Mre Harah Ma>>r, MIm Sarah Mat"'!, Mls> Emma T Madtran, Johanna Margarett Morgan, MIm Georgian Be VrCauliffr, MIm Mary McOrd, Mrf Marl ah Null. M1*a E WrlrfH Mf?.-y, Misa Catharine Newton, Mr* Clara H Obrem, Mlae Rate Pag*, MIm Joeephlae Pooi, Ml** Rachel Pool. Mre Harah M Peter* Mice B R llluce. Mlae Loalsa J Rtnd"l|>li. Mre Hanuau R ner. Mice Molty Xml'.li, Mr* Margarete 8 Smith, Mra H Swai.i. Mre Harah PI me., Mrs Wm Steel,Mre Maria Mmnen. Mra Sarah ALU Sarrell, M1m Mary Hulleraii, Mary Steward, MIm Mary H??eiirj. Sarah Walker. Betsy W. Ificn eiD. Mr* Harrington, Mies Carroline A Walker, Mre Susan Hattoii, Mrs Sarah C Yale, Mrs Bias GENTLEMEN'S' LIST. Austin, Win V Uanfsrnluber, X Armetroug, Thos Goald, Jno A Andrews, Col T P Or ???, Henry Aiuias, Rev Jos H 1 Gross, Geo Atkiasou, fc G Anderson, E E A bell, D H Alien, A Arnold, Jatnea 0 Bauer, T W Butler, T P Brooke, B B Beall, W Edwards Bachelor, Wm liarthell, Lt W A t Blgler, Wm Bent, ellaa Boyce, Sidney 9 1 Grindall, Geo R Grelg, Eocene F Griffin, Dennla Grayson, Dr Cook MfAf, Buehrod Gardner, Austin Grander, Oapt B J Hnlu, H H Hanly, Tim Heurlch Sr, Jayne Mutton, W G Horagan, Wm Houaen, Wm !!? aum ntASliei wlnUltohcock. Lt R B Bun lie, Dr 8 Q A Hunt, Richard Bandlnelli, BafTaels Harper, Peter Berkley, ttobt Bailey, Jacob B Bradley, James Barnett, J T Brown, J H lirannan, John Barron, James Barrett, Jaines A Barry, Geo K Blackford, Geo D Butler, Geo Baur, Geo Buyene, Geo BartlHt, J H Jr lturko, K Barthelon, E M Beeker, A Brooks, D A Burns, I>ar1d I Bragg, Col Briegleb, Chas Burr, Alfred B S Barcroft, Ambrose Ba .i-n, Aaeon Brockway, L K Barclay, Rev Creeeyck, Z Clary, Wm S C'?iiran, Wm Crntteuden, T R Corbctt, Thos Cr'>s?la, Lt Tho* Conly, Thou L'"' P?r,R T Crawford, R C Creamer, Blchard Cr.tvlu, Kodi:->r C"ulan, Patrick Cleary, Mr Co<>k A I^itham LVletnan, James L'1-.yton, Jiio C Chew, Jno O Clarvoe, J no A W L'olmon, Henry Croasou, H J Cutter, Geo W Cook, E P L'avert, Mwtril t'liaxnbem, E-lward Cum ml. i, Charles Crawford, Cnaa A Cole, Alexander I leaker, W H l?..ty, Walter [K>wn?y, Thos Uttiilap, S E [>aley, R W l><>n<*nt R [?.,wltng, Patrick t>"dsoa, Jac b Dale, John R >u:ni, Jaines >aue, James [?owr s, Jno K I'lijamel, J Hearing, Geo I'Uit, Geo W !?idclot, Geo ??avis, Fred A Dean,E S vlmonaton, Thos J tvaus, Jno (Hit, Jim for-l A Brother rrukaa w u 'lemon, Peter "orbes, 8 S p'roat, Jno Hynn, Jno M rlynn, Jiio fla.iuiigist, Henry ^onde, C H id-taway, R Haflee, M A Haues, Juo Hi yan, Jinlge Hat'eld, Jno Hitchcock. Joslah Harrle, Jnhu B H<dmue, laaac E Hamphrey*, Jo* H'.fTman. K P Howard, D S Hommil, U S Harrison, Chas Hugh*, B Hamilton, A B Howe, Hammond JeMnp, W H Jtrone, Richard J?ys, T James, L W J"haston, D M Johnson, A S 4 Kelly, Timothy Kellj , Bobert Klniien, P Kelsey, Nathl Kn.vk. J do H Keudall, H L Ktiv-ht, D C Knight, D S Lyon, Wm B Lougd >n, Ge > Lawrence, Z Lench, Wm Love, Wm T Lefever, Capt Wm Lee, K H Lloyd, Jno M Lin'leay, Capt Jos Lewis, Jno L I-? Camp, Jno D Ladd>-n, Juo Owings, Jno Owlue, Jno A O'Donald, Jno O' Reagan, Jno Pearsall, Thos Pfhanth, Loals Pltlard, Jabes Peters, James Pingot, Capt Chaa Porter, t> W Pol ton. Chas A Preecott, A 0 Phillip, Anlrew J Don Ryan, Rev W D K?yuord, R Kcille, LI K B Rawllngs, 1a wis F Rutledge, Lt J R>.lea, Jacob U n lb e rfo rd, Lt J esse Kuppert, T KadclifT, Jno Kider, Geo F Richardson, G Rlngold, Fred Reynolds, <*?pt A W KIngot, Capt Chaa Ryuex, Juo Seib, Jno Kkllman, Capt Stewart, A Smith, Truman Smith, Thomas Banter, B Smith, P Skein Smith, Dr Peter Shields, M eaars.ACo Skeeeer. Juo A Smith, Jno B S< wars, J B Schoolcraft, Jno J Hchafer, Jos Ste?ar<(, Henry Swee:iey, H M Schmidt, Geo Hen rich t Scbott, Arthur Shoemaker, A C P Shu Its, Anguatas Thomson. Joseph Tracy, Ohaa C Thayer. Rev W W 2 Tarr, W S Tilley, Washington Talbcrt, R Thompson, Philip Tin inpsoii, K belt Thonta, Martin Tanslll, L R Troiup, J W Tayl..r, Col Jos P S Thorliifton, Jamas Loughborough, J I Taylor, ET L<>y<l, Jno Llppitt, C K Lee, Lewton, Dr B K I-awrence, C A Littlefjel.l. A S Thomas, E P Throop, U T Town abend, A W Tromant, Andrew Vog?i, Jacob White, Patrlcg Markey. Maj W R J Weaver. W V W M rgan. Lt V , W. l b, W W Mount, Saml West, W W Moreto, Pa-iro P L Whlttieaey, W A de Mawloney, Patt Mil. bell, K P, L D Martin, Jno A May, J M Mister, Isaac Mortimer, Henry Miller, <i?o H Miller, Chaa Mallory, BenJ Montgomery, A Warden, Wm Wangh, W T WalUce, Tboa 3 Waters, R W Walls, Mr We*vsr, Jno 3 Wallace, Jas B Whistler, Jonathan Windsor, Jno a Worden, Lt J L Woodland, Jaa Whitaker, Jno T McCiellan, Captain Wilson, Jno H Geo B M' yulnn, Jno McLean, J H M Carty, Michael McGaineas, Mlch'l McGawley, P Wils<m Henry W Williams. H C Walters, George Wright, Geo Wright, Geo W Wilson, Geo' McMlllen. DrWgl Wise, Geo D K.tah, W U Nj strom, Y A Newman, W Nnw, Valentine Norria, S C Nash, Kobert Nourse, J P Neugle, jamea J Nonrae, A W O'Brien, Michael O'Connor, Jno Williams, Ell B Wright, ? S Wright, Cha* M Wilkeson, Christ". pher Watson, Chaa A B Warner, BenJ Weetcott, A Young, W P Yonug, Chaa Zenker, Francl* its INITIALS. Minister from New Grenada; Bonthern Maonfactarers' Sank, S; Bank of North America; Th? Seer ; X. Y. X. May 19 JAMES G. BKRRKT, P. M. ANNIVERSARY.?The Anniveraaty of _ the 3. 8. Union will he held at the Hnnih loniao Inaiilution on MONDAY, the 21bt iiwtant, at io'clock p. m. Addresses will be delivered by the Rev. G. A, oumiuins an J Rev. B Sunderland. way 19? O. C WIGHT, Sec. A CARD.?THE MEMBER? OF THE _ Columbia Fire Compar.y, No. 1, take this mettiod of returning thbir sincere UianlcR to Mr. M Fenwick, of the American, for the bountiful supply jf refreshments furnished them at Lie fire of Capi t '1 blatikunith shops, on the nighi of the lttth inst. JAMES A. TAIT, Pwideat. JaMeg McDirmott, Secretary. may 19?It* ATTENTION, NATIONAL GRAYS.? ou are h?reby notified to attend a meeting of the Company, at your Armory, on TO MORROW EVENING, May 19th. Punctual attendance is requested. By order: JAMES STONE, may 1&?3t Secretary. For SAL.K? An English Carriage A Double Wagon 2 tall Carriage Horses 2 Buggy and saddle (lorsea Inquire lrom the Cour-brnan of the French Mint* U r at Schwartz's Livery Stable, on I, between 16th and 17th streets. may 19?lw* FRESH SOFT CRABS Are now daily received and served up at QAUTIER'S SALOON Pas Avinnt. may 19??o3t SILVER TIMEKEEPERS. INDEPENDENT of our unu-ually large stock of elegant Gold Watches, we havejust received an invoice of superior Silver Timekeepers, warranted, which we offer low. M. W. GALT BRO., 194 Pa. ave., betw. 9th and 10th sts. mar 19?Ct SURGICAL REPORTS and Miscellaneous papers on Medical Subjects, by George Hayward, M D, President of the Massacbusetu Medical So ciety The Education demanded by the People of the Uni ted Slates, by Francis Wayland, D. D., L. L. D. The Hiding Place, by Dr. Macfarlane Ironthorpe, ilio Pioneer Preacher, a tale of Western Life, by Paul Creyton. Footsteps of St. Paul, a new supply. GRAY fc BALLANTYNE, may 19?3t 498 Seventh st S. P. HOOVER'S IEOH HILL BOOT, SHO*, AHD TKUHK ESTABLIBMEaiT. JUST received a large assortment of Roots, Shoes and Trunks, perhaps the largest stock in this city, from whieh to make selection. Ladies Slippers, 50 to 75 cents Do Gaiters, 75 to $1 25 Genu French P. Leather and Calf Pumps _ D?, do do Walking Shoes Boys , Misses' and Children's Shoes in ersry va riety and style,which I will sell at the lowest priees. S. P. HOOVER, Iron Uall Boot, Shoe and Trunk E*tabm't, Pa. avenue, betw. 9tb and 10th street*. may 19? SfcW6t NEW POLKA. THE CHEVY CHASE POLKA, composed for and dedicated ts Miss Sally D. Bradley, by J. D. Saunders, E?q., of this city, whose compositions have always met with such great public favor. The merits ol the piece are such as will introduce it among all lovers ui music. Price 25 cents. Just psblishfd and for sale by ? a .. a. . . I1ILBU8 at HITZ. The President's Mounted Guard Quickstep own \y ?'?? accomplished Puom, Mr. Botart IIel Isr, wUi appear in a t?w days. w r*o. MS.] Natie* of an ittsUukm'nt of am rnddttUmml Lane Offiro ?? ike Territory ?/ (Jrtfor. IN rucsuaQoe of the act of (Vt gr- m spprovsd VIA rusry IT, Ito , ?atltl?d 44 Ai. w* to ertahlVh m additional land district in Um Territory of Or* mJ* t j b? Ml ed the Umpqce district, eab'ee<ng a ) ttt t*xi lyia/s >uth of th* onrth ???l?rd rarml'^lk la breby declared si d mad# kaown hat tb? Mai otce for *a'?i distr'c: hasNen I cated fcv tbe I ral d -r t of LKr Cn t d *?ar s at the town or Wloel Mil' In gi'd Trrrtov until other*l*e ordered. < !?(?? ?ne'er rav hand, at the city of Weahii ft i this 17 b dar of Ma*. A. D l*N> joh>* wiLaor; Comr Matff of i.eneral Land (.dice. II ? lawlitw Excursion to tbe Great Falls AND WATER WORKS. ?f-IIE CANAL PACKET BOAT CONGRESS, I ('apt CHAH. MERRILL, ?cill _ni.,liU make an Excursion on SUNDAY, ?BBZaHHS lite 90th instant, to aiford persona an opportunity of' visiting tbe Great Fall* of tbe Potomac and examin ing the Washington Aqueduct. By tbe solicitation of many onsen* (be proprte tor* have been induced to make the above excur sion, and will put the round trip at 50 cent*; a Gen tleman and Lady for the round trip 75 cents. Refreshment* can be had on board. The boat will leave the wharf of W. H. h H. G. Bitter, near tbe Market Hoc**, Georgetown, at 7 ?'clock a. m. may 17 FORREST HALL, GEORGETOWN. THE RENOWNED DRAMATIC (hot a raiKTiso) OP THE BATTLE OP BUNKER HILL, AND DESTRUCTION OF CHARLESTOWN, Will he opened for eihibition at the above ball, c? TUESDAY EVENING, Way 15th, and continue every evenire duiing the week. Also, on THURSDAY and SATURDAY after noons, at 3 o'cloc k. Doors open at 7?to commence at 8 o'clock. Admission 95 cents?Children accompanied hy their parent* half price. may 15? tf STEAMBOATS CONNECTING ?.fT? ^.With each train of Car* arriY i>-r in Washington or AJozaa. dria.?The Sreamers THdMAS C O L L Y E R or GEORGE WASHINGTON wili make tbe above connections, leaving Wp.?hington at 6 a. m for tbe Orange and Alexandria cars, and connect with tbe same train on their arrival. Mfab furnished on the boats. Th-.- Boat* connect with all the trains from Bal timore. SAM'L GEDNEY, Cspt. may 17-d R A F F L> K.?A pair of beautifully mstched bright bay blooded MARES, 5 years o' t, and t .st Hand?ome as a Picture and ro' as a dollar Perrons wi?*wng to securc chances please ca'l at FLINT'd He tel. may 18?3t* S"i'HAYED A WAV on Friday, the 4th of May, from Georgetown, a small colored Boy, about eintn years of age. Had on when he left, ? pa.r ol snuff-colored pants and a straw bat. An swtTs to the name of Jake Any one living infor mition to MONTEZUMA DAGGS. 43 Seventh ?t , Georgetown, will receive tbe thanks of tbe faia j ly and a reward if desired may 18?lw* $50 RLVVARD. I WILL pay the above stun for the apprehension and safe committal to the VYa-hingron Jail, of my servant fir', Mnry. who left home on the thir teenth instant, and has not returned. She is eight een years of age, of a medium height, and ot a ch*u nur color, ha* a round, full face, and is somewhat inclined to oorpnlency, though of slender want may l*-3t* LEAH WILSON. PUBLIC NOTICE. CAUTION?Public notice ig hereby given warn ing and forewarning all persons whomsoever not in any way to tresspass upou my land in Mont gomery county, M.I , and more particularly any agent of ihe United Stages acting a* the superintend ent of the Washington Aqueduct, or persons em ployed under him, or any contractor or contractors who may have or will e-?ter into contracts for build ing culvert* or grading the line of way for said aque duer. at the title to said land is solely in me, and the United States owns no part of It. may l?--3i W. C. REDDALL. COLUMBIA RACE COURSE. A MATCH RACE will come off over the Columbia Race Course on TUES DAY AFTERNOON, the 22d instant, tor .<rJ00 aside. The following are the entries for the race:?J M. P Xewby enters s.b FarqcitR,by Andrew*, dam Autocrat. King & Co. enter b. f. MorvrAiJi Maid, by Boston, junior, dan. Zigone. The race will positively come off between 3 and 4 o'clock A fast race is anticipated. mny !?>?3f CYRUS MABTIN, Prop'r MORE RICH MANTILLAS. \AJ E open this morning a splendid stock of rich Silk and black Lace MANTILLAS and Lacc SCARFS, all of the latest el}lea, and appropriate fo- (he present season. The ladies and purchasers generally are cordially Invited to cail and examine ;or themselves, as we feel confident we can offer them great inducements in style* and prices. COLI.EY & PEARS, No 533 7th ?t., 3 doers north Pa. avenue, may 16?Jt 1 CM MING'S FAMILY PRAYERS, in 2 vols, J 75 cents each Ruchan'* System of Anthropology, #2 Fiorine I'rin.ess of Burgundy, by W B MacCabe, 75 cents Growth of Holiness, by Pabcr 50c Vindi :auon of the Catholic Church, 75c The Immaculate Conception, by Bishop Ullatborne 37* c The Heart of Jesu*, by J. B Dalgaims 50e. E. K. LUNDY, No. 1S8 Bridge street. Georgetown, D. C. may 17?tf Ij*0 K. 8ALK-A hand some ligTuT'ARRIAUC, for four persons, liula used, and in P" good order. Also, a bob tail black HORSE, very stylish, and will go well in single and double harness. Will be sold very low A. G. NEWTON, Mansion House Alexandria, Virginia, may 17?3t* NOTICE. THE Undersigned can accommodate parties with COACHES for pleasure tripe. Als??, to ?iaketrip* to l>oats arriving. after night from the White llouee./ For terms apply to Mr. JOHN HOLBROOK. at the State Stand a! the Capitol, or orders left at G. k T. Parker fc Co.'s Store. WM. WH ALEY. majr lft? lm* SOMETHING FEW UNDER THE 8UH. CHARLES WERNER, Pioujflrania. mrenue, opjiotUe Broutu' Holt I HAS fitted up the commodiou-i hall over his Res taurant as ? first class LAGER BEER SA LOON, having prorured a supply of every luxury and comforts found in first class' establishments of the kind in the Northern cities. His RHINE WINES and French White Wines, as well as his Clarets, Segars, Lager Beer, German, Itniian, and Sveitzer CHEESES, and indeed < f ev ery other appropriate luxury in such an ^stabluh. inert, is unsurpassed in this country. He solicits a call from his friends and the public, may 12?tf GLOVES, HOSIERY, RIBBONS, Ac. JOHN H. SMOOT, wuih side of Bridge nt., near High, Georgetown, has just received from New York an a'ditional supply of? Taffata Silk and Lisle Thread Gloves Short and long black twisted Silk Mitts Open-woiked and plain Cotton Hosiery, every va riety Misses'and Bova' white, mixed and fancy Cotton Hosiery Genu % d? do Worked Swiss Collars and Ruffle* Lace and French worked trimmed Collars Real Maltese and Imitation Laces. With many other desirable Goods, to which the attention of cash or prompt customers is invited. may 12? J. H. SMOOT. WILLARD'S HOTEL, Old Potnt Comfort, Vm+ This splendid sea shore house is now open. Board per day .$2 00 Hoard by the week, per day 1 50 Board by the month, per day 125 Baths free for the guests. may 10?lm C. C. WILLARD It BRO. C 1 ftftlAUL, igfTr ^LL STRAROIRI o visiting the City should see Hunter's Cata logue of the Curioaties >f tbe Patent Office. Also, his Description of Powell's Great Picture, feb 23?3m* HAIR WORK. RNAMENTS of Hair, such as Bracelets, Chat _ elains, Chains, Breastpins, Earrings, Finger Rings, made to order, of any desired design. All orders faithfully attended to. Specimens may be seen at my store. 11. SEMKEN, No. 330 Pa. av., between 9th and 10(fi su. Mar 30 SUPERIOR SODA WATER. T HE subscriber would most respectfully iafona his former patrons, and the lovers ol superior Soda Water generally, that his founts are agam in operation, and in oroer to keep up his well earned reputation of keeituif the best SODA WATER and mobt delicious SIRUPS in the dlf,is determined (if possible) to have it suit better than ber?tolon*. O. BOB WELL, Dtuxgtst, Cornet Maryland av,, and 70. st.,Tsiaad, apto)-ii& Wufcmcu*.

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