Newspaper of Evening Star, May 19, 1855, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 19, 1855 Page 4
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NEW AND SECOND-HAND HOUSE PUBLISHING ESTABLISHHENT, - 395 Peun*jr1vn' ta avenue, Bttwn f ?r ami a-half tt*4 fifth it*-, ?. iWi, \*^HERE will be kept constancy on band a large \ I anj excellent a*s<irtn'e t. ( f all li. t?!s of housekeeping good*] such aa ? Parlor and Chamber Furniture, BeriJfaMsJte Ua#en?tvare, Gbmnn, Tinware, Wood and Wil lowware Table OMlery Carrots, Cooking Utensil* Clocks. Looking GI?.??>' a. Lamp-, he. Ml of whi-h will !>?? sold at the lowest possible price* for ca-h or good p*per. may 8-eo9w . J. K. McGRECOR. WaLTSR D. r>?VIOGK. fRRI^TftPHIR I VOLE. 9 DAVIDGE & INGLE HAV IVG furtiH' i a cm p*rtnrr*t>ij> will practice law in tin.* L?fc;nan I tdj^uau States, may 17?eo2w PLFASURE TRIPS TO THE WHITE HOUSE PAVILION. The Steamers GEO. WASII llNQTON or THOS. COLLYER otD tx clta.-ti fcil for public or select parties to vis;i tl:e White House J'avilir.n, Mount Vernon, Fort Washington, or other > laces on the river. Th White |lou?t Pavihon is ww open for vui tors It is a beautiful place for pleasure trips; it ha a tine Ball and Dining room , a's?, a new Ten Pin Mn For particulars app'y to the President of the Company, or the Captains ot the. R >au. Mr WILLIAM CORE is furnishing reftTrhmenPs on 'he boat*, anj is ;irep -nrd to furnish parties on the tjfcit i rms. an 26- '2m REESE'S EAGLE PLUMBING AND GA--FITTING DEPOT. rpHE n>l?cr1lvr rt-*pectfnlly announces t* h>?? friends and toe public ing?n-ral that h<' his re eifti I the ?i >t '?>: of t'c cele'o-tted DODGE'S DOUR! E ACTING SUCTION AND PORCE PU'?F, which rcc ivnl the SILVER MhD.1L at The >:?te Pair of the M?-tro oi;ian Mechanics' ln-tl :ute, an?i is now pr'-pireo to fumt-h all who niaj favor hici with ?tall. ffisetoeV nf OA1! FIXTIJIW5! ore tinuir passed in the D'^trict. With bis rorp.i of competent wor'rniru he prides h:m ?.lf I' ?i'l my orders in the rLUMBING AND OArs-I iTTING line with promptnets and de-patch. .-?^?All ?or* done warranted to give complete 'at!"f.i. r on JOHN RE'-TSE, may 3?tf f??r. Sixth st and Pa av? uue. P'Tlt *-i O N ? WITH OKFEU?lVk ?i-ion ar invited to examine my ? i ?i..-iv' stock of all kinds ui SPEt,*T.\ i LE- and CYC GLASSES. Gla^r*' of asty Skiud, ?uch as 1 itaract. Par-bola, Ptrir"oj.i.*, D. HHe Concave, Double Convex, and Col 'red Glares, put in at short r.otice, with great care, a d persons in want of glasses may be rare to u'H 'lirv?? which benefit the eve. d?- Circulars "Defective Vtson," enitis at II. SrfMKEN'S, 330 Pa. avenue, Letw 9th and 10th sts. mar 3I> ? GREAT BARi?MNS IN L\Di;: . GENT.-*. MISSES', AND CHIL I ncENS-OOOTS AND SHOES. The ?u1m .iber 0' m< compel! d i r- move from H3 ' : ?i. f h. n-.\v ocfu;>irs. < ff r< h>s pr? s ?iu vrftaMMii t" -w oi BOOTS AND' 8QOCS at greatly re lined p ices. All person- in wai.t jf ibe aruclt. will find it to ihcir advautage to call before purcluwiag elsewhere. A. II. SLOAN, No 30 -4 Pa. iv . near lOtb M-, north -ide. ?iay 1? BY RAIf.ROiD DIKKPT TO T H ^ t~ j? wiflMr ? ?*?-: Xim3 between Waahicgtoa and WhC6lin< bat 17i hoars! Ru fining time bt tie: u Washington and Cincinnati 27 hours.'! Through Tickets and Baggage Checks to be had in Washington !!! THE BALTIMORE AND OHIO RAILROAD HAVING ?re^tly improved Its Wr-steni connec tions n ?w olT rs t:?e full. iiiduecments t'? travelers between Wa-hinrt<Ki, Baltimore, and all portions of tUe Wtit, the Nurt:iW< -t and Uie South west The conn ction between the trains frr-m Wash ington a;:i! tLe trains bound west trooi Halumo:e is always p:ouii>tly a?ado a: ti?e Wa.-hi'isrton Junction (lin y called the R. lay ll-u e) 9 miles from Balti oioie. Ttiij i- the only c!iaii e of cars r? quired !??? rtveec W t.-lu-.jEinn and Uie (Jhio rivtr. "a^jrig^ u rht kej ihtou.h to Whee'inj nt the Washington Fta.:on, ao.^ r- checked atid tr..n"feried there, (with the pir?' nr^r.-) without c?:r.r>e, for those holding UuiiOfh ticket* or points bcy??u>t. Th?* conor cting tr^in I iave W.ishiust >n daily at 6 a. m. and 4% p. nt. On Su.iilays at the latter hour only. At "?Th'elinr dire t'ion is made with the trams of the CPNTR A!i OHIO RAILROAD, run ning front Bellairc en the Ohio, near Wh?eliug, throufii '* rDbre'i**. Zanesville and Newark, to COLUMBUS. Th'.-.e train.- connect at Newark * ;th ilie cais of ilie Newark. Mam-field and Sandu? ky R.i!lr >^il for Sa;, Toledo, Detroit, Chicafo ? St. Lcuu, etc. AtOokiMibui tlic C. O. Railroad trains connect with tho tan 'ra^is '>1 the Little Miami Railroad to X^n-a, CINCINNATI, LOUISVILLE, etc. At Xenia (on Little Miami Railroad) conn- ction is fofnn-d wit*? the through Dayton,l>? INDIAN APOLJfl, Ttr'" Haute, Lafayette, Chicago, Rock Island, Si. Lotus, etc. Passencer* b?Vding throujb tlchcts lor Mern^ rshu 1'icJaf vrg. XaUkts, Snc OrImmt etc., which ar?> at>-? aoitt at Wa^biUfton - are uansierred at Ciu cinuati to the Mail bleautriB on Uie Oni-3. Tickets tor Lv.u>.viUe, Cairo, and St Louis nt; sold l>y tiiia 4b9"POR CLEVELAND, and v:a Cleveland to Ti led ', Detroit, Chicago, etc , tickets are fold, when uie (??i!o is faavigabie between Wheeling and Wellsvtlle (forty miies) where a connection with :be Clcve'niid and Pltuburg Railroad i> made. Trav- iien>ar>' r? qoes eJ to boti<^? t!>at wkile this is Uie iNily route afi< rjiug tbiouaii tickets and checks tn Wa-l.tafttm, it u also the s ?ort*^-t, rno-t .-p? t 'y. aitd dir?-c! to nearly ail the loading points in *bc gri ai ?\ TI.e ?4i*ta?ce fr m WasliiMftMi tof'in itssMi i.- bn? fr/3 im?e^, Lei .g ah nil lnO u:;frs short er than bv any oiber rout* I FAKfc ity THKoUGil TICKETFEOM WASH TNOI'ON: T ? \Vhr^lin?, jf) 50: Columbus ^13 fkr>; Davtou, 50 , Cincinnati, ?16 ; l.oi.isvil e, by iir 60, fey -te im- r :. >n lacinnati, ln sier ipoli*. %L? <'l<rrl?.ei, 5I-2 15; Toledo. ?15 %ti, D tr?il..?!o ?)' Cn:cMi!'>, .y2o d5 and .S|i9 .")U; St. Louis, 9^" jo wiu 9^, Memptii*, -jSo, New Or leao-, ?.'1, HC. I OR FREDERi. % .111.1 II ARTER'S TERRY MAKTINSRURG, HbKKELEY SPRINGS, CUM BEilf.A s!?. Hi.iit ORD SPKl \'GS, iT domst, Oak land, a:?-i . air oiint. pa s nj rs may le^ve VVa-h 'i.SX'.a &' 6 a ui or u- Por the n.inor way ?tati.-n- b? tw eeit i altiiuor< and Wiieelmg, take 8 a lU uatntroin W'aUtin^ton. ? r~ P ?: trains to au ? fto>. Ca.lua."irc, Anns|tr?li?, t'.c^ ?se special advertisements. ?? :urt!i r iniOinuiUon, tiir ueh tickets, flic., ?pp'v TH'?S. II. TAR^ >NS; ^g nt, at t? a?hing tc. i'.-.lion. JOHN H. DONE, M :tsier 0:>ji Batumors and t?bio Railroad. Balsoiore. ihiy 3?ti" SODA WATKrT '% H? >m? ingned having purchased owan's I'at ? en: Ap>~ralus 1 r tlie preparation of SODA WATER, Iroui ^uper-Carboua e of S<<da, respect fui.y iim >(1111 Lie tiWaiic ilial the fountain is now in full an 1 rucevWiil iipcfaUon. Tins luetiiod ot pre p-?rui4 -<>v.4 VVuter is w*rn*ly rec muiended by Uie Hedical I ucillUti in the North'rn and Wester# en? ??, not ' 11 y as producing a [Ueasant, inuocent, in., v 1 .?? for^h p?rM'iis, but one highly '??ij. ai ui a I iti^'s oft:;e-(? luaeh. Snip-of a'; Savor. , in?:i*j ling tiufce of Ura>>'iv, Wine, and ? I.a:. i' plii.-bly oianufoetund, of the very best .mt.j!*l-,ou the pfoiises, always jn hand C. GXUTIER, ap 30? co3jv No 252 Pa. avenue. new"AND OLD PIANOS. "\\T E hare now in store ifte largest ass iruneat of V\ PI AS' Sever* ffere in tins city irom Hal le^ Itavis fc. Co-, Bacou a Raven, and K .abe, GaelUe * Co.'s celebrated mai.utactori s. These Pia.T? we guarantee, and sell urw?n vciy easy terns AJ?> a nets Pi no used only a few montli;, which we o(j-r al ih* jow pri. e (4 iJrJOu cash ; a second hand Ptauo, ay Andre Stiea, for ^75. A wr> One second haad Chickering Piano for sale or rent at a bargain. Utcr Plat*.* taken in exchaitgs for new. Always ot* ban?l, bioois, Covers, Violins, Guitars, Plot s, Accordeons, Music. &c kc. JOHN P. ELLIS, 30 A Pennsylvania avenue, roa>-1? l>et. !#ih and lOih streets. IHF. MUTUAL FIB IN8U&&HC* C0MFA *Y OF THS IISIBICT OF COLUMBIA, C-H ARTERED by Ccn^n'ss, offers to the property r owners of the Oistrict -afrr and cheaper means ?/Insurance than any other i'>tfupaiiy. ULYS.-ES WARD, President CHAS. WILSON, S?cr< tao'. MATHEW G. EdERY.Ti^uumr. lAliSItl. rivsses Ward John Van Rlswiek Thomas 8 agden P- VV. Browning P. Howard, Mathew G. Emery. . .4. C. M'-keUen, OfBce. Columbia Place, corner Louisiana avjnu* and 7th street Office (Ksin^om 3 to i o'clock p.m. IWb'M?eotf KRhNCli VltHTINU CARDS, eiu? tbto, and of th* finest finish, juat imported from Paris dl ,??, ay FRA^CK TAVLOB. mar lh H FINE WATCHES. AV1NG made a considerable addition to my stock of HOLD HCTnrtO Pa TEXT LEVIRs, and HDI's' WATCHES Of fiist quality, heavy 18 carat) ease*. Alro. SILVER WATCHES for l*>r?. I offer tliem at srrrotJy reduced prices. The too* menu are ?elected with great care, and every Watch is tcxiy anted. Prions in want of a fin.* timekeeper are faulted to ciaodnc a?y e?*orunent. ' H- PEMKEN. No. *30 Pa. avenue, betw. 9th and Hrtb sts. uiar 30 NOTICK I received this day a new assort ment of rfLEEVF. BUTTONS and STUDS,of | the latest style*. Also, a va iety of othsr new Goods: as Vest Chains, Chatclains, Bracelets, Pins Earrings., etc. Great inducements offered to pnrchasers. H. SEWKKN, No. 330 Pa. avenue, bet 9th and 10th at:. Off- Xexr Prints put to Gold Pens at ?hort notice. Diamonds remounted, and Jewelry made, to order. war i9?tf ?30 WASHINGTON STOVE H4MUPACTQKY, S. EL comer of Pa. ac. and FJevenih street, Role Agency for CHILSON, GOULD & CO.'S Warmio* anJ Yentilatiug Apparatus, M fOND & CO.'S (of Borton) luion Double-Oven ' coking Rang?, J. L. MOTT'S (of New York) INVINCIBLE OOUBLE-OVfN RANGE, Constantly on Jrtand, and roceivinj LATROBE STOVES, lor h*Wlng tw<> stories; parlor and Cham ber GRATES, Enamel ed and Japanned Cooking, Hall, P..rlor, Chamber and Dinies Ronm S ' OVES; Plain, Tinned and Emtio* lied Iron HOLLOW WARE; Bloek Tin, Planished and Japanned WARE in great variety. All of which will be sold at the lowest possible rates, that will cemparc favorably with any Estafe lislnnent south of New York. An examination of uiy stock i<? "arnestly solicited 3m J AS SKIRVLNG DENTISTRY. DR. MUNSON respectfully calls public attention to his new. patent, and GREATLY, IMPROVED method of setiin? Artificial^ Tw th, wi'h Continuous Gum the very PEUFECriON OF THE ART. Thi.< style of Teeth has the fallowing advantages over all others, via: GREAT STRENGTH, CLEANLINESS, COM-1 PORT,and BEAUTY, vicing with Nature in these respects, and ui some others excelling. Public in spection i? respectfully solicited. Please call and see sp?-linens. CAUTION.?No other Dentist in the District of] Columbia ha? a right to make this style of Teeth. N. B.?Teeth constitutionally healthy, plugged an I warranted for life. Office and hou*e at No. 398 E street, near the comer r>f Pennsylvania avenue and 14th street, ap 94?tf TO THE.LADIES. MISS S J. THOMPSON is n*>w prepared to show our larsel and well selected stock if Millinery! which sh?- has ju-t opened, of the la test styles which we are selling at the lowest prices, and we cordially invite the ladies to call early and have the fir<t selections. We would also respectfully call their attention to <>ur large and hand h tndsome stock of Fancy Goods Perfumery. Gloves. Hosiery, &c,. which we can sell at unusually low prices. HUTCHINSON & MUNRO, No. 310 Ppnn.-ylvania avenue, First door wui .if Wall r Harpor k Co.'s. mar 28 ? PAINT AND OIL STORE. M. T PA((KK?, HOUSE, SI3:1 & ORNaME.f TAL FAINTER. I*3UIS1ANA avenue, between ^ixth and Sev J enth streets, No. 60. IJesidencc No. 330 C street, between Sixth and Seventh has added to li s present business the sale of PAINTS, OILS, GLASS and PUTTY, in small or large quantities. The attentn.ii of housekeepers is particulaily C'llled to the convenience of this arrangement as ti'ey can at all times procure HEARTH and other MIXED PAINTS, oi" all colors, made ready for use by a PRACTICAL PAINTER. . I Orders promptly an- tided to and respectfully so licited. CHEAP FOR CASH. may2? lm REV. JOHN LANAHA.V, PASTOR OF THE EXETER STREET, M. E. CHURCH?A 6"n?>iig desire to benefit the afflicted induces him thus to certify. We chal enge any other medicine t? present such a ma?s of testimony fr^m gentlemen and ladies of high standing of our own well-known citizens, who testify of cure9 of COUGH, BRON CHITIS, RHEUMATISM. DYSPEPSIA, fiic. Baltimore, Jauuary 24th, 1355. iitixrt. Mortimer \ Mowbray : I take pleasure in sa>ing to you that 1 have used > ur ''Hampton's Tincture" with very great profit, from a serious t.iroat affection, my general health u;,d become very much impaired, when I com menced to use '? HamptonV Tincture." I found it.- effects upon my general health most salutary.? My nervous system and digestive organs soon right ed up under its use. I have several time$ recommended it to my ftvnds, and in every case, as far as I have been in formed, they have use it with succees. Yours truly, ?John Laxabah,Pastor Of Exeter st., M. E. Church, Baltimore. BLEEDING oT"THE LUNGS. Raleioh, N. C., Feb 8, 1S55. Met*r$. Marti tmer tr Momlrray: I do here y certify tiiat about twelve mouths ago I was taken with a severe hemorrhage of the Lungs and had four attacks of it I was advised to try Dr. Hampton's Vegetable Tincture 1 procured one soitle, and after taking winch, I was satisfied that I was much better; and that, after taking Hie fourth bottle, I was entirely well, and now I enjoy as good ho.'th as ever I did in my life. I can, and do. with out the least hesitation, recommend the Tincture to allperson* afflicted in my way. mn, G?o. W. WkaKLIy. CURE FITS? PEAD! jIoti to the Sick than Qotd -Prom one ol the most .-cspectable Druggists in 8-ruth Carolina. Chaimito*, 3. C. fept. 21,1853. V.*s r?. Mom*** & Mowbrat The sale ef year Hampton's Vegetable Tincture is increasing ?'ery day, and rv^rj' bottle sold recommends this ??Jua le loetiicme t > the uSictcd. Several of yur juanter? have tried it in different cases with aston tsning success, and are setting it by half dozens. It has been i'?n:?i to be the greatest remedy for rheu :uj!ic ilfections, and a wonderful curfi iia< been performed oti a negro fcov, suffemg from Fits. I will furnish you with a number of certificates if you wish th'.m. I am, g??iitle:ner yours, W. G. Trott. ' all wild pet pamphlets gratis, and see cures of Cough, Bronctntis, RheuniiUsm, Neuralgia, Dys Nervousness an 1 General Weakness. As a : :ualc medicine or tor dclicate children we believe ii ?iiM-(ji:a!lf*i. Said by .MORTIMER \ MOVVBI'.AY, 140 Ba!?i more f.rfet, Balfnore, and ?)4 Brondwsy, N. York Ccas. Stott & Co., J. B. Moor*, D. B. Clarks, LIESE & Bowliio, W. EtMOT, and H. McPnrR son, Washington ; e.lso, by R. S. F. Ci srl, George town ; and C. C. PiBRf, Alexandria, and by Drug gists everywhere. feb 21?tr AN APPEAL TO COMMON SENSE. LIT TBI SiCK USAa TUB TRCTH. Uaptaij? Bbkjamin.?Wherever known his tcstl mony wiil be conclusive. But lest thos? who do not know the Captain should lie sceptical, Dr. Daw son & Bro., with others of the best known and sriost biguly respectable ciliauu of Eas^rn, endorse his wonderful cure by HAMPTON'S VRGBTABIJI TlNOTURl. ? Kastob, Oct. 4,1854. Me%tr$. Mortimtr \ Mowbruy: GentJem^n?i feel it my duty to yau and the pub lie to certify to the effects of Hampton's Vegetable 1 me Lure. 1 was Gor more thau five years laboring under a disease of Chronic Rheumatism, aud the great part of that time 1 wju so helpless that I had to be hclpedlrum my bed and dressod in my clothes I became reduced to a m?re skeleton. All the rued icines I took done ine no good, and 1 continued to fTow worec. I heard of Ilaiaiaon's Tincture and thuiight I wtiuld give it a trial. At this time I did uot eipwct to live one day after another. I lid not take it (the Tincture) to' the Rheumatism, U;t ia a short time I was well of that disease. From tiit effects of your '1 incture and the help of God 1 mn uow getting in good health. I wuh all the atflicted to try Hamptoa's Vegetal e Tincture, as I have djue, with the same effect tea it has on Your obedient servant, Isaac BskiaJhr. We are acquainted with Isaac Benjamin; sold hun someot Hampton's Vegetable Tincture, ami be oeve the above statement correct. Dawson fc Bao. From our knowledge of Captain Benjamin we are confident that the above statement is true aud un exagerated. J. A. Johns?n, Charles K biksob. Call and get pamtdilets paus, and see eiwes oi Cough, Bronchius, Rheumatuai, Near.u?ia, Dvs pepiua, Nervousness and General Weakness. As a H inale medicine or for delicate chiidien we believe it unequalled. Sold by MORTIMER & MOWBRAY, 140 Baiti more street, Baltimore; and 304 Broadway, N. York Cuas. Stott k Co., J. B. Moork, D. B. Curii Clarkb &, Bowling. W. Elliot, and II. McPuaa son, Wr. !urigtr.u; also, by R. S. F. Cissrl, George town, ar. l c. C. Bbrrt, Alexandria, and by Drug lti?ts evofVHt^fe. JRn8?rr ITIri8 MB IP YOU DARii !?A new Waltz, very * "u,uW* l?r be^uuiers, composed and de?licat?d -I Georgetown, by ProL W. Hunter, niitl lot. jilt at HILBUi k. Hi-ns'8 Music Depot, J~ '^wnefPa. av. and UUi u, Proposals for "tatlo.sry. Omci or tax Sbcoxtaat or to* Sbhatb, Aprti 24,18*6 I N" pur u**?w of th? "art lega'Uln<t m l making apprJpiiafoni fc-r such n-o^aary ahjecte m have h-en uauil'y Included In the general appr pristion UK* withcut authority of law, and to tlx and pro rid a Ibr certain Incidental eipen?e* of the depart in enfc* and olcw of the government and for othar purpose*," acpr Ted the 26th of A~gu?t,1842, sealed ?rf.po??li will b? received at thi* offloe urtil 12 ?'flock, a. m., on Mlcday, the Ait of May next, for lurnfobing the following articles of ttatfonery fcr the use of the genat-*, each artic-e to be of th* very best quality, and to be approved t-y the Secretary. tji: 50 rearns hardwire paper, t*tj tough, and w^th very smooth fu -hc?; the eize to be 26 by ?2 inches ardto weigh notions than 46pounds to the ream 500 sheets prepared parchment, 18 by 22 inches rqn*re, of the very best qua:i'y, per sheet 2 ream) aneroid-tag pt>p*r, very amooth and thick, 26 by 10 Indies when trimmed, per ream 50 ream) cartridge paper, very tough an l with very smooth surface; the size to be 21 Inches by 25 ioch< e, and to weigh not less then 26 pounds to the ream, per ream 600 reams cartridge paper, very tough and with very smooth suriae-; the size to be 10 inches by 24 inches, and io we'nh not leas than 23 pjund' to the ream, per ream 100 reams white soft wrapping paper, per ream 10 reams wbi'e tingle flat cap paper, satin fin ish, per ream 6 r> rtins white legal cip paper, s^tin finish, faint lined, cf the very best quality, per roan 60 r?ams white cap p?per, saMn finish, fain lined, o'the very beat quality, per r*ao 6 ream wh'te cap paper, ratio finish, ot the veiy best qual ty, plain. per ream 50 rea**s white vellum cap paper, satin finirh, fecond qualify, faint lined 10 reams white vellum cao p-.per, saMn fin ish. second quality, plain 60 r*ams whiti laid i'.o. post paper, highly (flax id and hard calendered,gilt, faint lined, and *o wt-igh not less ihan 0 pounds to the ream 50 rcami white vellum 4to port paper, highly teased and hard calendered, gilt, fcintlin'.d, ef the ve.y Nat qu&l.ty 20 reams white lall 4to, post paper, highly glezed and liard ea'endered, gilt, and to we igh not less than 9 founds to the ream 10 reams smill siie whi'e laid letter paper, hlgMy glazed and h?rd calendered, gilt, of the very best quality 20 nam* wLt*? ve'lum 4to. post paper, high y g azed f nd hard calendered, ^llt, of the very btst quality 20 rmmnw'uiie Jaid Bvh post paper, highly glazod nnd hard calander.'d. ? r, taint lined, an 1 to wrijjh not 1??8 than 7 pounds to the ream 20 ream* white vellnm Bath po?t paper, high ly glaze J and hard oa'endered, gilt, faint liowl, of the very bent quality 20 r?anjs white Uii Bath peat paper, highly glazed and hard calendared, gilt, and to weigh not lea-i than 7 pouod. to the ream 20 reams Alhambria Eath paper, highly glaz d and hard calendered, faint tined,of the very be it quality 10 re?m? Alhanbra Bath raper, highly glaz*d and hard calendered, cf ?he verv best quality 10 ream** ?mb?r Bath psp?T, highly g'azed and har 1 ra'endered, faint lined, of the verv beet qual-ty 6 reame amber Bath paper, highly glaz*d and hard calendered, of the very bset qiaiity 20 reams white vellum rath poet paper, highly glazed and h*rd>alendc-re3,giit,of the verv beit qual ty 10 reams blue vellum 4to. post paper, highly glnzel nnd hardcalendered, gilt, faint liued, of the very bast quality 10 reams D* la Rne'j donble thick oream laid larg? not* paper, ef tbe very best quality ?0 ream-* white vellum large note peper, hi^h iy rlazed and hard ralend?red, gilt, faint lined, of the very best quality 26 r^?ms white lait large note paper, highly glazed, hard calendered, tilt, taint liue^, an * to weigh not less th*n 4 pounds to the ream 20 r?ms white laid inrge note paper, highly ?liz^J, hsrd calendered, gil?-, and to wei^h n t Ues than 4 pounds to the ream 20 r^oms white vellum lar^a nctepMper,highly xluz d, hard calendered, gilt, of th? vjry best quality. 20 reamt) * hi^e vel'um smaH note paper, highly glaz d, hard caleodertd, gilt, f.iint lined, of the very best quality , 20 reams white v?)lum rmall note paper, highly gliaej, hard calendered, gilt, of tho veryb's- quality 5 reams amber note paper, h'ghly gl<?ed and hard calendered, faint lined, cf the very be*t quality 5 ream* amb?r note paper, highly glazed and hard calendered, cf tha very te3t q.ishty 20 reams fin y note paper of diff^re<:t kinds, aatia Cniah 3 reams blotting paper, of the very lest quality G uoaen cap portfoiioa without locks, per doa-n 8 dca.<n querto portfoMos with locks, per dozen 12 d z n four blade penknives, pearl handles, filvor tipped, perdcien 0 d z-tn ?mill twe-b'ade penknives, pearl han dles, silver t;pp?i, per dozen 5 dczoa four bl:vde penknivea, buck handles, tipped, per dc??n 2 dcz?n ivory handle erasers, per doaen 1 dcaen pairs ofi?ce shears 0 dca n j airs scissors, pr doaen fi doz <n pearl foMer?, per dozen 12 doz?n ivory lclder-,9 in:h?s long and 1 inch wHe, and to w^igh not l^as than 9 onnaes to the d< zen, per dozen 10 dozsn irory handle waf-?r atamDS, chequered, per d"* *n 6 dozen mifJl pearl handle stamps, or others of equal qnalftv, f'r note", perdoien 6 dozen final! agsts ban 11? stamps, or other* of equal quality, for no.?s, per dca n 6 draen large size cut glajspa(>er weights, best quality, per dcz-n 8 Cozen small size cut-glass cr other paper w^igh' b. beit quality, per dozen 6 d' zen brouze t* |?er scande, or others of equal qua lty, p*r doaen 8 dczen ma'ch boxes with wax maichefl. per drzea 10 pounds wax tapers, p? p und 20flw w x matche?, in boxesc.ntuining250.;r 600 ea:h, per m 3 gross bl?ck lead pencils, Faber's, Noa. 1 and 2, < r others ot Iik9 quality, per (roaa 2 dozad boxes pencil ieads 1 dczn b'onae 1 tt?r clips 6 dozen ?t*nd'skes, with pump inkstands, (ar with cutgla^H iikstaLds with hingr tope,) and with sand and wafer box* s, and pen racks, pe' doa-n 6 des-.-n r-ut-slas^ inkstands 1% lrch square, wi:h hinge tops, lOrdetka, p-r di-ien 6 doa -n cut giaw i aid Btanua inch fcquare, metal top -, for desk-, per dca n 2 dozen largo hImj cut-^laM ink?tandJ, par dozen 5 dozen small size f;ncy inks and*, per doaen 2 d a^n bronas eprlng tcp inkstacdi?, per doaen 3 d< aen sand sifters, per doaen 3 dczen wafer Wxee, per doaen 6 doaen pieces best quality offlce taste, per dozen 6 gro b red tape, No. 93, per gross 6 gr <fs red tape, No. 19. pergross 26 gros^ re.! tape, No. 13, per gross 6 dozen bronx* siural-5pnng letter balanees. per doaen 2 "oz'-c memorandum books, quarto lis*, mo rocco covers, per d a n 8 d< a?a memorandum bocks, octavo aize, mo rocco covers, per doaen 2 doaen memorandum books, 12mo. eise, no roooo covers, per doasn 12 dozen clj'h pea wipers, per d:sen 5 pounds India rubber, 40 pieove to the pound, per pound 200 doaen large barrel eteal pens, very elastic, Srdcaen zen email-barrel steel pens, very elastic, per doaen 160 oaid3 lorry's three point steel pens, or others of like make and quality, per card 100 cards Ferry's Hue-point steel pens, or other* of like make and quality, p r eatd 60 cards Phineaa's bank steal pens, or others of like make anl quality, per card 76 cards Perry's side-sprtcgaieul pens, orothers of;ike make and quality, per c?rd 50 carda Pbinets's imitation quill pens, or others of'ike make and quality, p r card 160 cards Phineas'e long-point bronze ateei pens, or others of like make and quality, per card 000 card* bullion pens, per card 60 oards Fhiu-as's patent doable el as tie steel penmpereerd 4 gross electro gilt long point pens ^ 8 gross gutta percha pens 6 gross albata stenographic lon$-point pens 10 grtss long-point aibata pens, per gross 50 doaen fine-point double artion steel pens, per dczen 6 gross other kteel pens, per gross 2 gross larg* barrel pen haidles, rosewood, per gross 2 gross !-mall barrel pen handles, rosewood, per grots ' 6 gross steel tipped pen handlee, per gross 0 dozen fancy pen handles, per down 16 dosen pint bottlee of black iDk, of the wry best quality, per dozen 8 doaen half pin t bottles of black Ink, of the very best quality, per doaen i dozen bittles red ink, per dssen pounds medinm-siae red wafsts.lnsquaM or oblaag bvM, containing S ouaaes each, per pL und 16 pouocs taodiu^n-aiae wafer#, la tin can isteis, ? r 1 pound bo^ea, p r pound ? zmallaiae transparent wafers, per down ii. # . aM 1 aaa . L x 12 doa?n box*s 'aney mott^ wafers, per d?s?n wax. of the **tj b?i< quality, tO st cia to the pcunj, psr pound - ? SO pounds red wax of the vsry stick' to the pound, La if pound boxes, ft I ootid cub am all boxes fane*?"" at, per dotea \ des n jar* gum muaUanr*, p*rdto*t? 1 dozen small bottles gmn BaecMag?, pw dOMU ....... 6 dot mi embossed paper boxes, 13 lash*' by 8 iactej sq'iars and 21n~hes 4e?p? per dor? 1 desan embossed paper boxea, 8 inohas bj 6 In- h?e cqaa'e and 1 inch deep, tor docen 6 dram morocco ooVered b xas, 23 Inches by ?U Inches square and *V? lnebesde?p, wfthJ locks, to be in all re*pe >ts liks the txMXple at tbia office, par dcaea 1 doaen mah^gaay ruler?, 16 lnchea In length, round or flat, per doaen 200 pound) beat bli?k Ban I, In 1 pound papers, per pound 6,000 extra large nfc' whl'e adhesive fnvelops*. very srrooth and thlek, inches by inches square pw M 10,000. long white albeelve envelopea, Ibr letters. * very smooth **?d thick, inches by IncLet aquare, p)rM 6,000 lon< cloth-lined adhesive envelope*, 8}? inchee by lechrs square, per M 10,000 long whit* atfhssire envelopes, for letters, 8 isehfs by leches squire, per M 6,000 lrng huff adhesive envelopes, lor letters, rerj smooth and thick, per M 6,000 long white adhesive envfl pea tor Bath paper, 6% inch9s by 3 SJJ inches square, per M white adheflva 1-ttcr envelopes, very em "oth and tbi. k, 61-6 laches by 3% Inchee square, p*r M white adhesive letter envf lopes, very saocth and thick, 6Vi inchee by 81-6 inchessquaru, par M o'.otL-lned adhesive latter envelopes, per M buff adhesive letter envelopes, very emr>th nnd thick, same efes, per M De La Rut's thick white nete envelope*, adhere. to suit 'he Uoubie thick note pe p*r, per M 6,COO amber-col;red adtesiss envtlopes, to suit the 11a* h pnper. per M 5,000 amber ool'ired adhesive eivclrpe?, to suit th* note paper, per M (0,000 large white adtemv* rote envelopes, to suit the large note paper, per M ?X0,000 small wh.te adhesive note envelopes, to suit the small note paper, per M 10.00) env lopes, to fut lbs fkney note papsr, por M 6,000 > hite embossed card envelopes, per M 6,?v0 plain white adhesive card envelopes, p*r M 10.01)0 medium siss white adhesive envelopes, f r dfcumects very thisk, smooth, and tough, per M 6,000 medium site cloth ILn-e-d a-lbeMve fnrelojea, p?r M 30,000 m-'JIun-sise buff adhesive ?n.elopes, for documents, very tilt'k. em?th, and tough, per M 600,000 medium buff envelopes, fbr documents, v?ry thick smooth, an J tough, not a passive, per M The adh*Blre envelopes muat be thickly gunu&ed, a fourth of an tn rh wile, round the lappels. Bv the act spp-oved June 17, 1814, the Secretary of the t'esate is "directed to confine his purchase* exclu?lv?-ly to ar ic!e* of the growth and manuf.w ture of th? United Stales, p-ovidel th? simernn be procured of surhgr wth andmauu'bc ureofpuitable quality and at n>?sonaVe price.*, upon a-) good terms ?s 13 quality aad pric as o?n Jie obtained of f?roi?n growth and m nufacture" A prefarenoe will therefore b? uiv^n to the pr-vluctions of American indu try; and all persons making proposals to sup ply acy article will state whe har the same is of the growth and manufacture r.f the Unite* States. The article? must be delivered at the offlce of tti? Pecretsry of the Senate at Washington, free of any charge ?<*>r c?rriag?, on or before the 10th of Septum ber next, Every article mutt be oft\? rery best fjuaJUy,unleu an \r\fcrior article it coiled for. Ths ri^ht isexpreajly reuerTed, Inc se It shall b? neewsary, to order, npon giring reasonable notice, any addi'tkual quan'lty o.'any or all of eaid articles that may be required for the use of the Senate during the thirty-fourth Congress. A ruff dent fpecimea of each artlcl* propo?ed for (of paper half a quire, anl of envjlopea*5) is to acoempany the ploposal, and to be uarkH.1 w th the tuun-t of the proposer and the prioe of the article. The whole of each article specified in the fbregoing list will be deem-da clas>; aM the person offering to furnish any suchtlas? at the lowest price (quality considered) will receivs a contract for the same, on executing a bor.d, wi h two or more sureties rati* factory to the Secretary of the Hecate, for the per formance thereof, ender a forfeiture of twice the contract price in case of failure, which ben 1 is to be fllod in the office of the said secretary within ten days after the proposals have been accepted. If any article contracted for should not be deliv erwl within the time stipulit^d, or should be int*> rior in any r^rpect to the eample, the bond of the contractor will be put in suit. Propcsal* tbo-ild be endorsed " Proposals f r stationery fcr the Ser.ate," and be dir oted to the Seer tarj of the Senate at Washing on. Proposals and specimen, must be delivered at the 0?ee fr?e of charge. April ?law4w DENTISTRY. RB. DONALDSON, Dciitist, late of the firm of s Hunt & Donaldson, continues to manufacture and insert those beautiful porcelain teeth, with or without guma, for specimens of which (made and de posited by the late firm) wa^ awarded the first premium at the Mechanics' Institute Fair, recently held in tbi* city. These teeth arc carved and shaded to suit each particular case, and their resemblance tcr the natu ral organs in so perfect as to deceive the mout prac tised eye. Particular attention al -o paid to filling and pre serving the natural teeth. Charges moderate and all operations warranted. Office aouthweet corner Seventh and D s;a.?en trance on I). mar 21?6nt 6,000 80,000 5,000 5,000 6,000 CANAL PACKET LINE TO POINT BOCKS TMJK Canal Packet CONGRESS having been thoroughly repaired, and put in first rate order, will commence running oa MONDAY,SmUt, the JOth instant, for the transportation of passeiigvr* and light freight between Georgetown and the above nam^d point, on the most pleaHiic terms. The Boat wiil l?*ave the wha fof \V. H. Ritter for the Point of Rocks on every MONDAY, WEUNES DA Y, and PR1 HAY mornings, at 7 o'clock, and the Point of Rocks for Georgetown on TUESDAY, THURSDAY,and SATURDAYS, at the same hour, stopping at the different landings along the line for the reception and landing of passengers and fr. iglit, going and returning Passage through cither way $9, shorter distances at the same rates. That is to say,from Georgetown to Great Falls 50 cents; Seneca 75 ceuts ; Edwards Furry ftl.25; Manoczcy $1..V). Meals served regularly on board the Boat at mod crate rates. JOHN CROMBAUGI1, Proprietor, CHABLES MERRELL, Rp 23?Im Captain. Thbasuxt 1>epaitmsbt, .March 5, 1455. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN to the holders of stock of the United States described in the fol lowing notice of 'M January last, that for the pur pose of completing the purchase of the amount therein named, tills department will continue to purchase, uposi the terms of said notice, to the ex tent of the residue of the sum proposed not yet ob tained? aay f 1,158,5&.> 05, if said Blocks are offered and received here prior to the first day of-June next: TaxASORY Dkpaktmcnt, January 3, 1855. Notice is hereby given to the holders of the fbl lowing described stocks of the United States, that this department is prepared to purchase, at any time between the date hereof and the 1st day of March next, portions of tlioae stocks, amounting in the ag gregate to $1,900,000, in the manner and on the lei ins hereinafter mcntioued, to wit: In ease of any contingent competition, within the amount stated, preference will be g.vcn in the order of time in which said ntocks may be offered. The certiicates, duly assigned to the United 8tates by the parties who are to recei ve the amount tnereof, must be transmitted to this department; upon the reccipt whereof, a price will bo paid catnpounded of the following particulars: 1. The par value, or aaiount specified in each cer tificate. 2. A premium on the stock of the loan authoria d by the act of July, 1846, redeemable November 12, 1SS6, of per cent.; nn the stock of the loan au thorixfld by the act of 1842, redeemable 31st Dectm ber. 1882, of TO per cent.; on the stock of the loana authorized by the acts of 1847 and 1848, a id redeem able, the former on the 3igt December, 1867, and the Inttrr on ih':20th June, 1868, of 16 per cent; and on the rtnek of the loan authorixed by the act of tfc60, atul rrde. Riabie on the illsfof Deeember, 1b64,icoxmuniy callsd the Texan indemnity,) 6 per c?xt. 3. Interest on the par of each certificate from the 1st of January, 1855, to the date of receipt and set tlement at the Treasury, with the allowance (for the money to reach the owner) of one day's interest in addition. Payment for said stocks will be made in drafts of the Treasurer of the United States, on the assistant reasurer at Boston, New York, Philadelphia, as the parties may direct. But to certificate will be entitled to the benefit of this notice which shall not be actually received at the Treasury on or before the said 1st day of March neit. JAMES GUTHRJE, mar 6?dtiunel Secretary of the Treasury. Li. J? BIDDLBTOS, DEALER IN lOB? OjPes and Depot towtk tldt F, next to coraw ISM ?i. ICE KEPT CONSTANTLY ON HAND AT THE OFFICE, which can be had In large or man quantities. . " (J(^ Offic e open form 6 a m. to A p in. m 1?Itttai ' THROWN >8 FORESTER, 1 vpl. ^Duirecuotis'or the j J anting an?l management o? Ediaburg, txona management r . .DOCTOR HOOFLAND'8 CELKBRATED German Bitters, l ? " ratriixn At UE. C. X. JACZBOV, Pkllai'a., P*., wat zrnprrsAtLt cvu LITER COMPLAINT* DYSPBPUA, JAOTOKX, Chronic or N*+ou* DtbUHf, Di?aam of A* Kidney, and all ditemort anting from ? dU wdored Linor er Stommtk. ^10to as Oowtipatioa, Inward Fultaens. or Blood to th<> lliad.Acidrt) of a#**_ Hearthara. DUcust fOr food, Fullness or weight in the Stomach, Hour Efuctstioas, in* or Fluttering at the Pitof the >,liwm ming oft h- Head, Hurr ?J ^diflcalt PI inert n* at the Heart, Choking orStiffocannx Sen-atim* *h-*n in a lym* Posture, Dimness trf Vision, IV,u of Webs before the Fever and Duli Pain .a the Head, D. ficieacy of Pewpirauoa, Yeilownes* ot the Skin .ugi Eyes, Pawt in the Side, Hack, Chest, Limbs, Ic., Suddin Flushes nfHoat Rurning in t he Fleab, Constant Inm?in in** of Evil, and great depression of Splnl*. - THE proprietor, in calling tue attention ot the public to this preparAUou, does so with a .eel rig or the uunost confidence in it* virtues and adap tation to the dij?eaees for which it is recommended. It ts no new and untried artielfr, bttt one that has strnkl the test of a ten years' trial before the Amen crn people, and iu reputation and sale is unrivalled by any similar preparations extant. The testimony in its favor given l>y the most prominent and well Known Physician* and individuals, in all parts of lhe country is immense. The following from North Caielina Is respectfully sub i.itt d, referring any who may stilt doobr, to my "Memorabiha?" or Prac tical Receipt Book for Farmers and Faautte*., to be had gratia, of ail the Agent* lor tbeGe-rnian Bitters. Principal Office and Manufactory, 18Q Arch St., Philadelphia, Pa. TESTIMONY PROM NORTH f'AROLfNA. Certificate of Dr. W. Smith, of Pint Hill, Rich mond County, N. C. Pink Hill, March 4th 1864. D?. C. M. hriaoN, Philadelphia?Dear Sir: have been a subject of Dyspe[*>ui, in its worst f rin, for the la.?f five years. Such was my condition for :welve mouths thst the physicians and all who ww me said I rnu-t die. While iu this condition^ I was carried t<? the watering places in Virginia, Tennes see and North Carolina, but wa; not benefited by ,iny water to which I was taken. While on my way home, I stopped a week at Rutherford ton, a smid I village in North Carohna? to try the effect of some Chalybeate water in that place. About the la?t of the week, I went inio a drug store to get ?ome medicine for my child and my"eif. There were several of the* physicians in the store and one of them seemed to take some interest in rov case aud, after asking me some questions, Mid be had been a dyspeptic, and had been greatly bene fitted by the use of "Dr. Hoofiand's German Bit ters," prepared by y~u, and he insisted that I would try the Bittwrs He also called the next day at my room, and insisted bo much that I would try them that I asked him to get me one bottle. He did it, end I commenced taking it as directed, and I do say I was more benefitted by it than all the water and inedicme I had ever taken. After reaching home one of my neighbors came to me for a prescription and medicine, (he a dyspep tic,) and i nve him nearly ail the Bitters I had left, which effected much good in his case. He has often ..-ailed on uie tor more of the same k nd of medi cine, saying he was more benefited by it Sinn any other he had taken, but I have not been able to get sty more for him or myself f:-_-, U." ??., thert* um-p, please ship me a dozen or more a? soon as po? s:ble. Respectfully vr-urs, W. SMITH. I). R. HOOKER, Roger's Store, Wake Co., N. C-, i Kober 24.1853. says:??' Ha vim experienced very ereat benefit from the use of " Hooliand's German Uitlers,"' in Chronic Dysentery and functional de rangement of the Liver, and its concomitant evils, ( am desirous of obtaining a quantity of it for the benefit of my community. You will, therefore, please send a lot. Sic. &c. CERTIFICATE OF WM. J. ATWOOD. Htntsville, Yadkih Co , N. C , Nov. 1st, 1853. Dr. C. M. Jackson?Dear Sir: Allow me to ex press to you my sincere thanks for your discover}' of a medicine which, to say the least of it, has ef fected a cure that all other medicines, thut I have taken, have entirely failed to do. "Hwfland's Ger man Bitters" have ?ured me of tha most ttubbotn and aggravated case of the files U>at, perhaps, ever fell te the lot of man. My case is not a stranger in tins community, as I am well known in this and the -urrounding counties, and can truly sav that my re covery has astound**! all my friends and relations, as I had tried everything recommended, and nothing did me any good until F was prevailed upon to try the Bitters. You arc at liberty to nake any ase ot this communication, for the benefit of the afflicted, you may think proper. Truly yours. WM. j. ATWOOD. These bitters are entirely vegetable, they invigorate and strengthen the system, never prostrate it, and can be used for infants as well as adults. For sale by respectable dealers everywhere, and by Z. D. OILMAN, Washington; J. L. KIDWELL, Georgetown; and J. rt. P1EKP0NT, Alexandria, mar 1?lv CARTER'S SPANISH MIXTURE. Th? Great Parifitr of tli? Blood I Hot a Particle of Xorcory In It <Ln 15i4llislx Kemkdt lor Scrofula, King's EvV, Rheum:-tiam, Obftin&te Cutaneous Eruptions, Pirn vies er Pustules on the f*e?, Blotches, Boil*, Chronic Sore fcyec, Bit* Worm or Tetter, Scald Heal, Enlargement az>l Pain of the Bones and Joints, Stubborn Clears, Syphilitic Disorders, Lucbago. Spinal Compla'nts, sad all the diseases arising from an Injudicious use of Mercury, Im pmd >nce in T if?, or Impurity of the Blood. I^EIS valuable Medicine, which had beoome eel* brated for the number of ?xtrarrdinary cure*, ?ffected through its sgenzy, has induoed the propri etors, at the urg-nt request cf their friends, to eff-r it to thejpiblic, which th?y do with the utmort coo ftdencs lflits virtues and wonderful curative prop erti s The ftllowiag certificates, teiected trota a arge number, are, however, stronger testimony than th? mere word of the proprietor?; M-i are ail rrom gentlemen we! 1 known in their localities, and at" the highest respectability, many of them raiding in the city of P.'cbmond, Va. P. BOY DEN, Esq,, of the Kxchangs HoUl, Rich mond, known everywhere Fays he has seen 'he Med. klne called C&stix's SriKTSH Mixttm, administered iu over a hundred eases, in nearly *11 the diseases for which it Is recommended, with the most aston ishingly good results. lie says it is the most ex traordinary medietas he has ever seen. AGUE AND PEYER?GREAT CURS.?I hereby sertify that for three years I had Agns and fever t?f the mot violent description. I had several PhT tkian*. took Urge quantities of Quinine, Morcury, and I believe all the T -cics advei tieed, but all with out permanert reiiff. At last I tried Cartar*! rpani-h Mixt?*e, t\?o bott'^s of which effectaslly ??ured me, aud I aia o>ppy to bay I hare had neith er chills or fevers &inu. 1 consider it the best Tcnlc tu this world, and the ouly medi^ne that ?ver reached my case. JCEi^ LONUDEN. Baifxa riroa, near Richmond. Va. C. B. LUCK, Esq., now In the city of Richmond and for many years in the Post Otoe*, has such confidence in thi a*tonkhing efioacy of Cartel's Spanish Mixture thct h* has bought upwards of ES bottles, which Le bu givAn away to the affi ctoi.? Mr. Luck says he br.< uever known it to fail whsn taken according to directions. Dr. MINQE, a y rartialc^ Pnyfc'.oian, and formerly of the City Hotel, In the city of Richmond, says he has witnessed In a number of Instances the effects ot Carter's Epanixb Mixture, which were most truly surprising. He says la a case of Consumption, da ;-endeet on the Liver, tha good effects were won lerfu? indeed. BAMUfcL M. DRINKER, cfths firm of Drinker * Morris, Richmond, was cured cured of Liver Ccm Slaint of tbree years ctanliog, by the use of twr ottles of Carter's Span*, "h Mixture. CHEAT CURE Of 80R0FJLA ? The Editors of the Richmond Republican h>-d a 6e*rant employed la their press room, cured of violent Scrofula, com b'nsd with Rheumatism, which entirely disabled him from work. Two bottles of Carters Spanish Mixture made a per&ct cure of him, and the Edi tors in a public notiss, say they "cheerfully recom mend it to all who are afflicted with any disease of the blood." STILL ANOTHER CURB Of SCROFULA.?I had a very valuable boy cared of Scrofula by Carter's Spanish Mixture. I consider it truly a valuable medicine. JAMES M. TAYLOR, Conductor on the R. f. and P. R. R. Co.. Richmond. Ye. SALT RHEUM Of TWENTY YEARS STANDI*Q CURED Mr. JOHN TK0MP8<JN, residtag tn the city of Richmond, was cared by three bottles of Garter's Spanish Mixture, cf Salt Rheum, which he had for nearly treaty years, and which all the physicians of thwd^y crold nofewe. Mr. Thompson is a weU kaowte i&erBhant in the dty of Richmond/ and his ll me*4 r-wrarkabie. WM. A. MATTHEWS, of Richaoed had a so cured ?f Fvphiiis, in the worst form, by Carter's Spanish Mixture. He says he cheerfully reec-m mends it, and oonxiders it a very iavaluable meli EDWIN BURTON, commissioner of the revenue, says he has seen the good effects of Carter's Ppaeieb Mix tare in a number of Syphilitic eases, and says it Is a perfect eure fcr that horrible disease. WM. 4. HARWOOD, ef Riohmood, eared of old Sores aod Uleera, which disabled hiss frem walking. Took a fcw bottles of Carter's Spanish Mixture, and M eaoMed to walk without a crutch, in a short me permanently cured. Maetpai Depots at M. WARD, CLOSE A Co? Ma 84 Maiden Lane, New York. . T. W. DYOTT A JONS, No. 182 North Seoond ?t~ Fhiladelphia.. ^ BEN WOT k BEERS, No. 12ft Main street, Rich anad. Ta Ana for sate by OBARLBS STPOTT, Waahinrton D. C; HENRY PBEL, Alexandria, and ly Dra?i#te wiisfcae. Pnoe $1 per bottle, cc Mx bottles for |i( , sa?QIV~l.T . ^ , ..|0 . , ^ r t , ME121Sf ^flJUE COUNTESS OF BLEtW hf.fc *. Maude^ M k 1. a., two v*. ?, 4 i 't.'ii TRAVELERS' DIRECTORY. WASHINGTON BRANCH RAILROAD. CHANGE OP HOUR*. /^vN and after Monday, tbe 93d ineUDt, the yj wni Lrawe Washington tt t ind ^ i. oi > md ?ttp Bl On Sunday ?? P ? l^(TrBaJiiiii re*i4K and 91f a m, aad 3 and ft)f p m On Panday a: 4 am. \p93-tf T. H. PABBQN8, Ageul. it. Mott Bedell'e Una ^ VORK.JILF.XASDRlJl.WASmifOTOM CITY, JIXD DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA P JICK ETS. Till* LINE OP PACKETS BAILS WEEKLY from pier 14 Eart Rivrr,N? w York, and oftene* If neom-ary. and are composed of the following Aral class Twig; f?ew schr. Jl. r. FrHeli, B?*deH, master. Mew ?riir. Mott A. V. T red well. Schr. j9?n D., Wn. Oliver, Blaster. Bctv. I'olunl, L. A., master. fVhr. Commander in- CK\ef. Wuglum, MMr. Schr. CrrPHiroy, Wilson, majti-r. Theee rnwM-ls are all fart eJiilere. and the master* men of experience in the trade, and the only regu lar line at Washington City pack eta. MOTT DEL-ELL, VVnil street, If. T. 8. 6. MASTERS k SONS, Alexandria, Va. THOMAS RrLET, fab 1?6m Washington and D. C. OBAIOE AJfD ALEXANDRIA BAHJIOAO. On and after Tuesday, *r*KE Cars Wrt A>?an4rte d*Hy tor Gordon* X Til la and intermediate rtatlcna at T if o'clock, ? m., on tr? i-rriral of tbe beat from Washington, ,iring a tuple tine t~r breakfist on board Co?. LMttng at Mtaivu Jaoetfen with a trwtn for Stia* uurg, at Warr.-nton Ju -tlon with a train tor War r rton.anl at Gordoti5Tilie with tha train* ca the Virginia Central RaAiroaJ fur Kihmend,0 faerie ttae ? Hie, ?nd ftauntoa. The can ieaee GordrTJjri^e daily for Alexandria and Intenr ^iiate Mta^^ue, at Wbefcre IS, a. ?*, on tbe arrival of the tma? o: the Vi rein teOeotral rail road from Kiehnoa'f, Charlottesville. aad Mavatot. T^UOUGH TICK 1TB from Alexandria to Warren ton ..fl 00 ? ? Gordonerflle a M m u Chariot4 ear ilia 4 3ft ? M Staont.n ft 00 ** M Strascurg. 3 ftO " " I.7ti.-hbcrg..^ 6 ?ft ? " Winchester...... I M a a Lnrav A IB ? " New Market.. ft 00 - ?? MMdlsbnrg 3 3ft fr.t Lynchburg. c,TUt?cting_wlth tha rtNree at r;i_arlottarriile, on Mondays, M^dneedaya, and Fri day For Lcray *nd New Market, connecting with tha a ares n- Cu'p-par.ou T^-^ay*, Thursdays, and Sat urday. P--r Winchester dvlly, oonne-tlng with tha stage* at Pled wont Per Mi ;d>?tcTf ?a!ly, occneetiag vtth tha ataaaa rt tha Pl&ina. Tet order: W. B. FEOCKKTT, kgrtA. no? ??dtf FOR MOUNT VERNON. ? a-'CV Oe TUESDAYS and FRIDAYS; . 'AMiiBdaFo round trip $1; from Alez a--: *rik :& eent? -Tte 7HOMA8 COLLYKR taaraa W-^Lingion at 9 and Alexandria at ?% o'clock. < -oarbt" leave the Oapitol :or tke boat at ? Jf o'clk. CoAch far a >0 rants. I erfonr i?:nhicr tha Oarbra will Vaare their reaft dtaee eiOt Gac. k Tha. Parker. ]>frrshm?nt; en the bc?*. Oct 38?dif EAMTL 0ETNP7, Capt TI!L NKW YORK * LIVJCEPOOL UNITED STATES MAIL STEAMERS. rriH* OOMPBiaiya THIS mri 1 ia*? ATLANTIC. Capt. Wert. 1'AUi.VI'J, Capt. Nye, ULLIiZ, Capt. Oacstoek, ADRIATIC, Capt Qraftrm. Tbena ship* hare been built by oontract, expreae ly ft)r Qovercaient aerr!*; er?ry ear? baa bae? taken in their eonetrvorion, an in (h? Enfinaa to in?ara strength and sp^J. and their aooomtnoAa tinns for paaeengers ara oneqoalled fbr elefanoe and com tort. Price of passage ft ? New York to Ur?rp??l, In flrrt cat ... .?....? Beooad Cabin 70 Ex^laeire nsa of extra ^r<? state rocme............ 300 Troa Lfverpocl to New For* ?30 aod i.20. An experienced fiiwd attached tn aacb ehtpi No berth oaa be aecurad until j- id for. For freight or passage apply to &DWAED k. COLLIN8 k 00., ft6 Wall street. New York. BROWN, f HITLEY k 00, UnmL E. O. EOBERTB k CO., 13 Kier*# Arms YartL Loaiflk JOHN MUtfUGE k OOf 22 Ro# Notre T*ame Y?-tolree, Parte. GEO U. rRAI'tR, iiavne. Tha owners of "he<?e Fhlp? will act be a-crantable for roH. eileer, bullion, rpe^ie, jewelry, predoee stones or matals, unless bills af lading are i " therefor, an-i the ealue thereof therein expt aaf.ll 41? E H. BATES. POLICE MAGISTRATE, FIRST ST, NEJtR PELSNA. AYETC*, Oonvefcyicicg and Bouuty Land Claunp aitendt'd to maygpUm - Private Medical Treaties OW TRl FHYEIOLOGICAL VIEW OV WARRIACM, a. b. la titou, a. d* ALBANY 17. T. 260 Paget and 180 Pine Plain and Cclored litho graphs and Plates. IV Prt?? only SB Cants. "CS it free of portage to ail parts of the Union^i CHEAPEST BOOS EYO PUBLISHED, and containing nearly d nbla the quantity o? re? Kng Matter in that of the PIPTY C&NT8 OR IK)LLAR TUiSLICATlONii. It treaU on the I HYSIOL/V QY OP MARRIAGE, and U? secret ihflriEltie* a-.d iiaorder (f vouth ard maturity, re raiting from exceea*, whVSh destroy tbe physical and men tal powers, with obeerratioM ?? marriage. 1U duties and disqualifications, and their remedies: with lithographs, illustrating the anatomy and pbvaiolrgy, aid dlcea?es of the repro Juctlreorgaxae? both sexes, their atrtactnrs, and fuwetiona. A popular and oemprebtnare I Use on the duties and oaeoal^tea >. X single and I ri?d hfe?bafpy ani truitu' al'.a-'wa, mole cf a* curing them ln?al'.cj to us infoitiie oc-r?their ?briation and renjoval?'Cfitant blots tc thoea ' on tempi atigg mstziurny, that win ower?y>me oV lections to It; ndce, hewer er. t boo Id take this im portant step w^'hout first eonsuttang its paga?? srmmentaries on the oisaaaasand medical treatment ot femalos from infancy to old a?r, each cats graph ically Hlarftreteu by beautiful lithographic plates - nerroas debility, its cace?s and cure, by a preoess at once eo siaajl", fate and effectual, that failure is lapoaalbla?rulet for dafiy management?an aaeay on Hpermatorrhaaa wi*h practteat ..oeerraOons ca ? safor, and mere soeceeafnl mode of uwatm*nt?pae. aantloaary hints ot the arUaxesiuting from eit^tr* eal practiee?an essar on all dlseaaee araing from i^dtscreiioa, with pl:Jn and eimpls ralas by wbtefc all persons car core tL?ona?lTes without uercOry? remcdlei for thoae self Inflicted raiseriee and disap pointed hopes ao unfortunately prevalent In tha rcung.. it V- ? b-uthfW adeteer to the married and those contemplating marttege. Its perusal is par> ticutetiy tseooK-cuiied tp peraou entertaining f?> aret doubts cf tLeir nkysieal condition, and who are -ounacioua of Uarlng naaarded the health, ha^pinaa anA prlrilegee to whitfh erery human being is tc titled to. Price StaenC pec eopy, or fire oeples ?H one dol lar. Mailed free pottage to any part of tha Uok ted Etntso. N. B.?Those who pre'er may consult Dr. La Osca opc>n acy of thedlseaees up?n which his book treats either personally or by mail. Medicine sent te any part cf tbe Union according to directions, safely packed ana oarefnlly seeured from all fibeenatkni Adireaa Dr. M. B. LA CKOLX^No.Al Jjum c*r Pott Office Box ftT9, Albany. N. Y. &9~ Office open dally from V a ut to ft p m, and on Sunday from 8 until ft p in. AT 0?? Rsmov ed fren No. ftl B to ?1 Maiden Lane, Albany, U. Y. ? FOR POOR AND LABORING MEN. SMALL BUILDING LOTA of 10 feet er more, tn ?arioua parts ol tb# CHj, asl Georgetown, M tew pricea, and torus to suit LLOYD A 00. ? DILDllO STORE, for tale, deUwetubte at the Oaaai, er Wharras in Wachington, Georgetown, er Alexandria. LLOYD A Oa lftih ctrceV opp. TiearJtj Department, It ?-ir ? ? unit HOUSE or *AIBO * ROOStt. laten et at Uie mte of tlx pet cent pnr aauuoi at lowed oa depeate when Ml ter 8ft dnM et ten^ Jan ?A?flui

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