Newspaper of Evening Star, May 21, 1855, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 21, 1855 Page 2
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EVENING STAR. WASHINGTON CITY: MOWrAY AJTOllfOOlf ^.May *1 AtJKWTf* FOR TBK "TAB The loll owing persons are authorized to oontrmct for the publication of adver tisement# in the Star: Philadelphia?V. B. Palmw, N. W. corner of Third and Chestnut streets. New York?S. M. Pwttingill & Co., Nassau street. Boston ? V. B. Palms* , Sool lay's Building. OCT* AovnTiSBMPVn should be handed hi by 12 o'clocV, M., otherwise they may b'ft appca- until the next day. s?irit op mx tout mo p&??g. The Union inouIc%tes moderation on both sides in disposing of the Kansas qusalion After deprecating the origin*! a.tempt ef New England to abolitioaisc the new territory, the editor 1171: " It was under this conviction that we de counccd with earnestness the inauguration of the nbclirion scheme of influencing the result in Kau*a- by means of the Massachusetts Aid Company. We saw then that such a more rncnt wonld necessarily produce measnres of o;unteraction on the part of southern men on the borders of Kansas, and that, whatever might bo the result in the Territory, the ques tion of its admission as a State would be em barra??ed with n?w obstaetos. We foresaw that if the Emij.-ant Aid Company suoseeded in their so^eme of colonising the Territory with an*.t-sUvery settlers, *he people of the South would be famished with arguments again*t the admission of Kansas as a free State. On the other hand, we fores ?w with equal clearness that if the measures of counteraction by the border Mijsourians should be success, ful, the Abolitionists would be armed with new pretext for carrying out the purpce of resistance to the admission of Kansas as a ?lave State, whioh already constitute a perm a nent feature in the fusion platform. Oar worst fears have been realised in the results The Abolitionists persisted in their schemes of abolitionising Kansas?the M:s?ourians re sorted ro measures of counteraction n >t sanc tioned by law; and the elections have taken place under such circumstances of outside in terference and influence, that it is impossible to say whether the result aocordi with the real wishes and sentiments 0: the real inhabitants of the Territory *' We are now enabled to see clearly the real point of danger involved in the Kansas ques tion. and tho circumstances whioh have in creased the difficulty of finding for it a satis factory solution. It is manfest that if the South makes the late oc:urrences in Kansas the basis of a southern sentiment and the North joins issue, and makes them the basis of a no them sentiment, we shall have pre einitated upon the country a purely sec'lonal contest, which may hasten a hostile collision between the two sections To avoid such an issue, there never was mire urgent necessity for the prevalence of prudent moderate and forbearing counsels It is the plain duty of national men in both sections to look calmly at all the circumstances, to make all possible 1 allowances for excesses end irregularities growing out of passion and prejudice, and to determine calmly and dispassionately whether the Union ought to be staked on anything that has yet occurred in connection with the Eonsas question.'' The ltuelligenetr discusses an incidental Kansas and Nebraska question with the I iton. "The Initials" We thank Taylor and Maury for placing on ocr book table The Initials, a story of modern life;" Philadelphia: T B. Peterson, No. 102 Chetnut street?a work just published. The authoress is understood tc be a talented and highly educated daughter of Lord Erskine, formerly Lord High Chancellor of England, now the wife of a German nobleman. Iler tale is a simple one, depicting German life and society, with exact fidelity, without essay ing to please by extravagancies of foroed ex amples in conveying her impressions of it. Her book is fall of interest, insomueh as she eonveyi much solid, useful and agreable Infor mation about Qermany and the Germans, un* der the garb of a capitally contrived and well sustained ncvel. WW luc Clerk of the Court of Claims asks the Union 0 say that he is now ready to re ceive cases, Ac., to be filed in his cffi:e. WISPIHGTOS NEWS AND GOiSIP. The Habeas Corpus - This great right of a free people hss never \ een regarded by the courts or by any cane -eijle as a means of defeating the ends of justice; but as a defence of the rights of the citittn, to be reported tc only in extrcmo ca?es. In Engl 2nd where it originated, and in this country, up tc very re cently, the wit of kab'a* corpus has been issued only by courts of ii?e highest eiaes be cause its exercise by comparatively irrespon sible tribunals, and those which, from their ! grade and position, might no* be expected to command the universal confidence of society, might resuit in its use to defeat the ends of justice, rather than to subserve them. In the "personal liberty ' bill of Gov. Gardiner and his troop, however, any man in the State of Massachusetts, who happens for tbe nonce to have been elected a justice of tbe peace or the judge of any nominal court ia the State, even though he has not in his life previously read a page in a law book, is authorised to issue a writ of hah as corpus, and through it to take out ef the custody of the United States Marshal ?to be set free?a fugitive from labcroommit ted to his keeping by a judge of the Supreme Court of the United States, after a full hearing of the plea and testimony on whioh the prison er claims the right to go free The reader will do well to ponder upon this action of a Legislature elected under the pretenee of a neeeesity for guarding the integrity of our institutions, and the purity ani conservatism of our laws, more effectually th<*n they have been guarded for the last half century by the Whig party of Massachusetts, In power in all that time; the danger alleged to be apprehend ed being from the devotion of the foreign-born among us to absolutism on one hand, and ex treme radicalism on the other Is there a man of common sense among as who can refleot on the doing of this Maseachusetts Legislature, without realising the wholeeale imposture through whieh they gained their present places> The Approaching Municipal Election?We understand that an application will be made to the Circuit Court for this District to dis pose immediately of the question raised by J. H Bradley, Esq , corporation attorney, a few days sines, with reference u> the right of eitisesis who have reoeived naturalisation papers since December last, to vote at the ap proaching municipal election Tbe rights of some two or three hundred eitiseas are in volved ia an early disposition of tbe singu larly raised question; as, if a dec is ion upon it be deferred until the last businessday bofore the election (to which time the eourt was ;ad journed ) the confusion resulting from the rash in the oounty cleric's cffloe after the dleision is made will probabl) end in presenting more or less who are entitled to papers from ob taining them. We take it fbr granted that the court are disposed to facilitate the acqui sition of the naturalisation papers of all for eign-born persors among as, who are entitled bj law to the privi leges of oitioensh^p, and therefore anticipate a prompt acquiescence in tbe request which will be made for a speed; disposition of the question referred to above. Meteorological Observations for April?bj the observers of the Smithsonian Institution: Tiiuwireii, Flacks. IMD M**tm i I Minim*. ? 2pm 9pm r.mi 2pm 9pm Id. Perry. Me. I'.'irllnjti.n, Vt. 8pr) nRtield, M*??. Newfcnryport, M New Bedford, N New Vork, N Y. Coli.nobu Co., N. T. Philadelphia. Pa. Ci??tw Co., Pa. G?ty?b.::s> p* . *4. rlatown, Pa Morr1??iiie, p?. 8yk*evll|?, >id Washington, D. C. ? incbeeter, Va. Atesandria, Va. Brunawlck Co., Va. Thornberry, W. C. - 8avannat>, tia {Jc : U, Ua. renaacola. Pa. Clarksville, Teon. - Millerabiirg, Ky. Granville, Ohio, jH<-k?>n, Oblo, Pella, Iowa, - Corewa, Win. B*ule Creek, Mlcb. Hajlewood, Xln. Isle J?m?, Can. E. ? ? In ?ikiW. The above are from only thirty stations There are several hundred regular observers reporting monthly to the Smithsonian Ins'itu tion, and an immense amount of valuable ma terial is thus being accumulated, whioh is being reduced, and a report on the subject is in the oourse of publication. Governor Gardiner and Judge Loring ? It seems to us as though many of our cotempc ra .e-" are wilfully blind to a proper percep tion of the influences under which Gov. Gard inor, of Massachusetts, refused to obey the al most unanimous ediot of his politeal friends (who have entire control of the Legislature of Massachusetts,) with reference to the removal of Judge Loring He has given every proof I that a man possibly could give of his hearty bj mpathy with that aciion. He has again and again proclaimed, over bis own signature, that he regards the fugitive slave law a statute not fit to be obeyed, and, therefore, that it is emi nently the duty of a loyal citizen of Massa chusetts to set It at defiance As one of the board of management of Harvard University, be voted to remove Judge Loring from bis law 1 professorship of that ins itution. as being unfit longer to instruct in the law there, because he executed the fugitive slave law. And he has assured Abolitionist Know Nothings, in any numbers, that his refusal to carry out the fiat of his friends fn the Legislature, in the Loring case, was only because he was satisfied that they had made a political mistake in taking action in ih? matter brfura the 34th of May; tbe oau?e cf anti slavery hariag just at thia time more to gain from the defeat of Wi*e and bis friends in Virginia, than from the dis placement of Judge Loring. Ihe fact that he renders thia reason for refraining, for the time being from standing by his record, is noto rious to hundreds in Boston, and aoconntsj satisfactorily to us, for the oonduct of the great majority of the antislavery press of the State in refraining from condemning him for his veto. It will be recollected that only the oraied Garrison party presses of the State have taken oocaslon fo reprehend his action. It will be remarkable, indeed, if people of ocm. mon sense in Virginia allow any such dust to be successfully thrown in their eyes. nullification ?It is worthy of note that the present legislature of Massachusetts, in the mactment of "the personal liberty bill," which owes its paternity dirocUy to Governor I Gardiner and the clique of his party by which he is persoiia'ly surrounded, have gone a ean aon shot beyond South Carolina in the way of nullification The very worst feature in tk ir nullification i3 the faot that they are without the character and courage to avow their pur pose, which is evident in every provision of the infamous bill. South Carolina, when ehe be lieved that the General Government was guilty of an unconstitutional usurpation threatening the liberties and rights of her citiiens, boldly avc wed her purpose to be, to dissolve the Union ?nlcM what she regarded t* her wrong* were redressed. Mas.ajhusetts, without pretending to dispute the constitutionality of the (to her) obnoxious act of Congress, essays to nullify it without avoying any such purpose. She pro ceeds meanly, sneakingly to work, as though conscious that she is engaged in something which in all its consequances and aims she dares net avow as her purpose. Her affairs have indeed fallen into disreputable hands. Recognised -The Preeident has reoogniaed Hermann Weieenborn, of New York, as Con sul for the United States for the Prince of Reuas (German) of the Junior line, and the same individual as Consul for the Prinee of Reuse of the Senier line, for the port of New I York. A pro tern First Compti oiler of the Treaa *ry-J. E. Ramsey, Esq , chief clerk in the offioe of the First Comptroller of the Treasury, has been appointed to the head of the offico during the temporary abseuee of the Hon. Elitha Whittlesey from this city. Tha Current Operations of Ue Treasnrv Department.?On Saturday, the 19th of Mav thera were or Treasury Warrants entered nn the bocks of the Department? For the Treasury Department.... $J85 oo For the redemption of stock n b?? lu For the Interior Department 89 627 4S For the Customs 119 225 8a For amount of warrants reoeived and entered. 65,066 12 'or covering into tho Treasury from miscellaneous souroes.... 25 06 For the Navy Department 1 364 17 For repaying in the Navy Depart! mcnt m'"m 18,44fl 00 Bdbglah i.i a Box ?On Thursday night, a daring fellew, intent on perpetrating a telonv got upon the house of Mr. Charles Meyers, on the Germajitown road, above Seoond street and before he was aware of any man trap, he fell through a gl?s sky light to the timbers of the story below It was to bim a sudden and sore enlarge, but he gathered himeelf up and made his escape before he was discovered leaving evidences that he had been out and wounded in the fall.? Philadelphia Ltdgtr. The Kixukv Expansion ?Weare informed r th# postponement of the hear Phtil?I>1-Kinney's ease to Monday next in not ^ th.* ***** United States will "'"J,!0' *>en Juan till further notioe. We bi Mbt wh#th#r lh* ?*i"ng Will l j*, ** nothing can be done iit* wltbo?t its leader.-TV Y. PBBRONAL. .... We ondaratand that our former so nni veraally popeTkr fellow oititen, Col John B. Dade, reached thia oity a few daya akoe, end again, u in timet paat, is the life and soul of bia old familiar walk) .... The Mr. J. L. Edwarda. reoently pro moted to a permanent clerkship in the General Land Ofllee, is not Col. J. L. EH wards, so long the Commissioner of Ponsiona. .... lloa Win. M. Chnrchwell, of Tennes see, and Gov J. ? Brown and wife, of Florida, are stopping at Wlllard's hotel. .... Monday last, Joseph Westlake, the son of a widow, was struck by a flash of light ning and instantly killed, while planting corn, near Franklin, Ohio. .... Mr. Center, who was shot at Oeala, Florida, on the 36th alt., has never lost his reason, and is now rapidly recovering with a bullet lodged in his train. .. ?. Sir Henry Bishop, professor of music in the University of Oxford, and the only com poser upon whom the dignity of knighthood was ever conferred by the English crown, died in London on the 30th of April, in the 76th year of his age as some papers say, and ac cording to the London Illustrated Newa in his 69th year. .... A gentleman has purchased a tract of land of twenty five aores, in Norfolk county, Va., on which he intends to build a town. .... John B. Pettinger was arres ed in New York, on Friday, on board the ateamer Wor cester. for Boston, on a oharge of enlisting sol diers for the English service in the Crimea. .... Govynor Clark, of New Tork, on a late visit to his home in Canandaigua, was treated to a tin horn charivari. The perform anoc called out a strong counter demonstra tion .... Rev. M G. Hamilton, a minister of the M E Chureh, died in Baltimore on Saturday, in the 46th year of his age He was for sev. years a olerk in one of the Departments of the Government in thia oity, and was highly esteemed by all who personally knew him. .... The Bishop of Gibraltar has left Malta for Balaklava, for the purpose of consecrating the ground in which so many English troops lie interred. He will also consecrate the ground at Constantinople on his return. .... Mr. Soule is counsel in a case at New Orleans in which the sum of $198 000 is in. volved. a*.?D WARD.?The Vigilance Com miitt-e of th?: Second Ward will meet on THIS (Monday) EVENING, at Harmony Hall, at 8 o'i lock. lai,?ortant business requires a full attendance. may 21?It NOTICE .?All persons having hills against the late ball ot the Franklin Fire Company, or tickets to return, or? requested to pre eer.t thi m to the Treasurer, W. H. Fanning, Esq., by the first Wednesday in June. Money due the Company for rent of Ilall, &c., must be paid to the Secretary, be alone being au thorized to receive and reccipt for the same. R. E. DOYLE, President. Geo. R. Caos8riKt.D, Secretary. may 21?3t a^-^^ANNIVERSARY.?The Anniversary of the S. S Union will be hold at the Smith ?(Oman Institution ou MONDAY, the 21sun?tant, at 5o'clock p. in. Addresses will be delivered by the llev. G. A, Cu mains anJ Rev. B Sunderland n.ay 19? O. C WIGHT, Sec. Washington, May 19,1855 TO THE EDITOR OF THE STAR: StaI call d at your office thia morning, as you are aware, an 1 not Having a personal ac quaintance with jou, introduced myself to yo?, and oalied your attention to an editorial article in the "American Organ" of yesterday, the ldth instant, un.'tr the caption of ? OficeAoldert in the FieM," rnd toid you that 1 had no doubt at all that I was " the first named clerk" referred to in that article, as I have been recently on a visit of a few days to Jeff-rson county, Virginia, whither I had accom panied my wife and two little daughters, whom I lett there, and who intend spending the summer I witli my wife's mother and only brother at their residence in that county ; and that, to my certain knowledge, no other "$1,600 clerk of the Pension Office" had been in that region rscently (if sve;) exc ept myself. Upon this representation to you, 1 ask'd you if you would be kind enough to allow me the use of your columns to make a brief statement of the facts and the truth, as a reply to the unpro voked, ungentletnanly, and indecent attack ct the editor of the "Organ" upon m?, to which you re plied m the affirmative.* In ?he early part of this month, I ommunicated the tact to the Han. L. P. Waldo, the Commissioner of Pensions, in whosf office I am a clerk, that 1 de ft re J to accompany my family ?o Virginia, who were g-'ing there to spend tha summer, and asked leave of ;.bsence for a few days to enable Be to go with the-n, at rnch time as I could make my arrange uieiits to leave Washington. Having fixed my ar rangements to leave on Saturday morning, the 12th instact, I communicated the fact to Mr. Waldo, and told liirn, if no unforsren accident occurred to prevent me, that I would return home on Tuesday or Wednesday, the 16t!i instant, at the farthest, as it w -mid be necessary for me to he with my family for iw'i or three days, and to make some necessary arr: ngements for them incptpflt to so long an ab sence from Washington. On my journey to Vir gin' ?, onv of my children was taken very sick in the car- and remained quite prostrate after we reached h e, a-id was confined to her bed till Wednesday r.nning, and was just sufficiently recovered on Thursday morning, the 17th instant, for me to leave her >afely and satisfactorily, and return to Wash ingt in to attend to ny business. I did return on that day, and reported m>-wif to the Hon. Commis mis: ioner of Pensions on Friday morning?never for a m sncnt dreaming that the eye of the cowardly spy iad Levn rating upon ttie absence from the seat of (.overnmeni of ??? humbie an individual as my self, or that a Man who had been once honored by a ten. rous Virginia people with a seat in the Senate of tiieir State?who had presided rs a Judge in a Court of Justice?and who nad teen again honored by a Virginia President of the United States with a foreign mi-eio-'?would have let himself down so lo-.v .is to bri'ome the retailer of such miserable trash a-? his article contains, and the publisher ofawil ful, deliberate, and malicious lie,aa I unequivocally and emphatically pronounce the charge contained in that article to be, to wit:?that f was in the cou ity of Jefferson, Vi'ginia, " huty in instructing tin yeomanry and mechanic? of that rtgion how to cait their vote* " It so happens that I have a very limited personal acquaintance with "the yeomanry and mechanics" of .lefft rson county, Virginia. I can with entire saftty say that I could not this day go there and take one hundred of them by the hand, and call theni by their names, and claim a personal acquaint anc with them. During th? four days that I was in t':c county I did not converse with ten men on the .ubjeel of the Virginia election?and the one half of them were myfamily connexions, who know how to cast their own votes, and whom, I regret to siy, will cast them in a very different direction from whiit I would cast mine were I there on the day of the election. I was not absent from my family more than a few hours during my stay in Jefferson, and than I went in company with a highly respectable and elderly gentleman?a near relative of my wife ?and who is a member of the "Know Nothin" party, to Charlestown, the ceunty seat of Jefferson where we both went upon private business, and re mained a short time, and again accompanied each oth? r to th': county, and, differing as we do, politi cally. I fee! quite euro he would spurn the dLreput aMe aspersions cast upon me and my conduct as cordially as I do myself. Had I gone to Virginia on a political mission, should not have stopped in Jefferson county, where I know very few persons, but would have gone my native county of Berkeley, to Morgan, fcc., (where 1 know almost everybody) whose humble representative I have been in the Councils of my native State. But I never had the vanity to aspire to be an instructor to the people how to vote. V ginia politicians "to the manor born," are not quite so presumptuous as that?perhaps those imported from Vermont leel quite in their natural element in work The editor of the "Organ" says that " we (be) learns from Jefferson, Virginia, that one of the $1,600 clerks of the Pension Office is busy in in structing the yeomanry and mechanics of that re gion how to cast tbsir votes;" and adds, "this is fit service for such a man, whose candidates Wi.e aud Faulkner, have been on both sides of every question," h.c. fcc. Now I care not who he gained his information from, (but I firmly be lieve that his information was not obtained from Jefferson aounty, but from a certain cowardly stuker of responsibility in this city) the name of the editor, as ret forth ia the paper, is Vet paiian Ellis, and he has chosen to make an uapro voked assault?editorially?upon nif, and has as serted of me what I pronounce a t'elibera e lie, and he must make the mo*! or it. If he has been im posed upon from " Jefferson, Virginia," or in this city, that is a matter for settlement between him and liis informants, and no affair of mine. He has chosen to malign and asperse ire without cause or provocation, and be the responsibility uroa his own head. If he feels himself aggrieved at anything I have said he will find me ready to give him any Biti-faction that he may desire. As to my former political relations - that is my own bu ineas. If 1 was once a Whig and chose to leave mv party associations and make others, I had a right In this free country to do so. My public acts * Meaning our advertising columns, as in this case The Star's advertising columns only are open tothn i*rtenal matters of individuals, and are as ii?is <o members of one party as to those of ihe other.?Kb. are legitimate subjects of fair and gentlemanly comment, and 1 make no objection to web com m<9ts. I am alwaya ready " to give the reason? for the faith that Is in me,'' and my consistency and my democracy, I am rare, will at all time* compare favorably with that of Mr. Ellis, and be founded on quite as high and patriotic motives. I feci proud of having been ihe humble supporter of Gen. Pierce fnr the Presidency, and regret siaccrely that I havenot b?*??n able to render my earnest though humble ex er.ions to the elevation of Haury A. Wise to the Governorship of the Bute of Virginia?a gentleman under whose gallant leadership I was prond to fight in the recent Reform Convention of Virginia in favor of popular rights. Bat he will be triumphan'ly elected, a* I sincerely believe; and Mr. Ellis will find that "the independent voters (of Virginia) will spurn the instrm.t.o*tsfrom Washington," which he has been for months pant to arrogantly issuing to them," and that Thursday next will seal the doom" of tkt i'nmacuUiU Sam and the tr-ret inquisition, which Senator Hunter so ^iphically describes in bis speech at Petersburg, when he says??' Doet it not sit upon your character and mine, try us when we cannol be heard, condemn tu when we had not been arraigned, and execute its sentence without serving u/ton the victim a notice of it* existence!" I have been credibly informed by a gentleman cf this city, that one of the" Sams" boas ed in the public streets the day before the appearance ofMr. Ellis' assault upon me in " the Organ,'?tbat it was " to come out next dav," and I suppose the Inquisition has shouted halUlujah ! Has it come to this, that a gentleman cannot leave home for a i*ay with his wife and chil dren, unless he belong? to the Inquisition, without being tracked by a gang of cowardly rpies, and maligned in a newspaper by an editor who seems n< t to care to enquire after the truth, if the victim aimed at is only n po'itical opponent? I have no taste for such a controversy a? this,and regret most sincerely lhat it has been so wantonly thrust upon me. Your obt servant, JAME8 E. STEWART, May 21?It of Virginia. HAIR BRUSH MIS, Combs, Porte Monnaies, Tooth Brushes, superior Scissors, Tida Cot ton. Pocket Knives, Toilet Soap, Barry's Tricopher om and Lvon's Kathairon for sale at may 31-3t LAMMOVD'S, 71h st. DRAWING BOOKS from Paris and London, im ported direct by the undersigned, of various kinds and description, Landscape Drawing, Flow ers, Animal Life, the Human Figure, Perspective, Architectural Drawing, &c. may 81 FRANCK TAYLOR. FORREST HALL, GEORGETOWN. THE RENOWNED DRAMATIC (NOT a painting) OF THE BATTLE OP BUNKER HILL, AND DESTRUCTION OF CHARLESTOH'N, Will remain at the above Hall two days.jnore, viz : MONDAY and TUESDAY EVENINGS, May 21st ani *^2d. positively no longer. Admission 25 cents. may *21?2t TURTLE?TURTLE?TURTLE! BERTBR & DUB ABIT BEG leave to inform their friends and the nublic that they have just re ceived fmm Nawau direct ajchoice lot< of real GREEN TURTLE, which will be served up in Soup, 8teaks, fcc ,eve day at 11 o'clock. BENTER k DUBANT. may 81- 3t GARDENING. GARDENING performed by a good practical Gar dener, who understands a'l the branches apper taining to the business. They will undertake to lay out gardens in the most approved style by the Job, dap, week, or if necessary by the year, and keep the same in order. W HARDIN A CO., Ne. 470 13th street, ? may 21?lw* two doors south Pa. avenue. NOTICE. .THE WHITE HOULE PAVIL lion, ke , has been rented for the | season, and is icady lor the reception of visitors. Large ar.d small parties enn he nccoinmodated with Meals, he. For particulars apply to WILLIAM COKE, on F, between 21st and 23d streets. No Excursion parlies except those already en gaged, can furnish their own caterer except paying extra for the use of the house. By order of the MANAGERS, may 21-MWAFlm MILLINERY AND FANCY GOODS. SELECTED WITH GREAT CARE.?Every ar ticle in the above line may be obtained) ten per cent cheaper than in any store in| the city. Milliners will find it to their ad vantage to call. Straw Bonnets, Hats and Flats Lace, Crape, Blonde, Silk and Lawn Bonnets al ways on hand Frames, Seamless Crowns, Rice do. Blonde Lace Edginps Footing, he. WILLIAM P. 8HEDD, Fancy Goods and Millinery, 509 11th st. may 91?Iw NEW BOOKS RELIEVED AT SHILLINGTON'S. The Two Guardians, by the author of Heartsease and the Heir of Redclyff Ladies' National Magazine, for June Ballou's Magazine, for June New York Journal, for June Yankee Notions, for June. 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No. 10, opposite Centre Market. may 21?lw RFBLE PATENT IMPROVED EYELET MA" CHINE. Firs' patent?combined on one stock Second patent?self-feeding with eyelet Third patent?patent improved fastener, riveting both sides All parlies in want of a good Eyelet Machine, are strongly recommended to use none but LIPMAN'S PATENT IMPROVED, which is decidedly the best ever brought before the public, possessing numerous advantages, viz: It is strong, durable and notliable to get out of or der. It punches yiehole well, and te fit the Eyelet, and in one operation clinches the Eyelet on both sides. It saves time, ns the papers fcc., need not be reversed or turned over to clinch the Eylet a se cond'time, as is the case with all other Machines. It is useful to the Merchant in filing away papers, as well as to the attorney or Conveyancer, the Shoe maker, Tailor, Milliner, and numerons others, and is a very labor saving Machine Sold by all the principal Stationers and Fancy Goods Deulers throughout the United States. Agents for Washington, TAYLOR k MAURY, may 21?tf Bookstore, near 9th st Wood logrftTing and Lithographing. OrriCK SCPIRIHTENDtNT PlJBUC Pkintino, Washington, May 19. 1855. PROPOSALS will be received at this ofnee until the 30th day of May instant, at 12 o'clock, m tor drawing and engraving upon wood, In the high est style et the art, twenty four or more quarto pages (six by nine inches) of scenery, to illustrate Reports of Surveys of Route for Railroad to Pacific Ocean. Also, for drawing and engraving, in the same style, sixty-five or more small geological illustra tions and views to accompany same work. Also, for drawing and engraving in the same man ner, two or more views to accompany Report of Lieit Gil!i:-s. All those engrsv-n? ? will be reqaired to be drawn upon the blocks in the very best style, and the draw ing submitted to this nflice fcr correction or ap proval ; and when such drawings are approved, the engravings to be executed in the neateet manner. Proposes will also be received until the same dat? for drawing in crayon, in the highest style of the art, upon stone, and printing in one, two, and three tints, twenty-three thousand or more copies of twenty-four or more quarto plates (six by nine inches) of illustrations to accompany Reports of Surveys of Roate tor Kailtoad to Pacific Ocean. Proposals will also be received for drawing and printing a portion of the work last above named, and printing in colojs. The illustrations will be open at this office for the inspection of those persons desirous of bidding for the same until the closing of the bids, and any in formation desired will also be furnished. The paper required for printing the lithographs will be furnished by this office. Contracts will be entered into with, and bonds with security will be required from, the successful bidders, for the faitbfii' execution of ibeir contracts. The bids will state, separately, the price, and but one price, for each oiass of work bid for, and the time required for the execution of the work, or por tions ot the psme, and must be addressed to "A. G. Seaman. Superintendent of Public Printing, Wash ington, I> C ," and be plainly endorsed "Proposals for \\ ood Cngraving,>? ..r "Lithographing." ol , A. G. SEAMAN, mayglwlw Superintendent. ?} PROPOSAL* POK NATAL SUPPLIES NAVY DEPARTMENT. Bvuac or CoMTMcno!*, iQWirowrr Ac May 16 1866. SEALED PROPOSALS to furnish Naval Pupp i fif the fi*tl jfit ending 30th Jane lWfl, wi! bi rw'Tfd > this bar?au unll 3 oVl<wk p n?? < 1 th? 26th day of Juo*n**t The-e rropofa'swu?; be endorsed ?* Pr posals for Naval F up pi re. Bureau or Construetl-m. A;," that tiry may bo di fin Kulfh dfpm - bar I usUeas letters. Tte m ter'.als and article* ? mbra-* d in the clsaser named are particul rly described In print*?? *cb?du'ee, any of wtkb will be ftiral?hed to such as d*slre to offer, on application to th- commandant of the* n?ry yard#, or to tha navy ar*tit nearest there**. and these cf all the yard* cpen ap p icatton t) this bnr an. Tha oommandant and nary agenttf each itatlcnwlil have ? copy o the schedules of th* oth?*r yard* for exsmioatt-m only, from which it may beja g*d whether it ilJ be de sirable to make applica ion for them. , OfTara must be m;de for tha whola o* each a Mi at any yarJ upon ona of the print*! sbeCuW, or in itrict eonfrmit) the'ewith, or they will net be considered. All articles must be of the very best qnll'y c~n formeble t> (ample, site, Ac , to be delivered in gocd erder atd in suitable vessels, and parkages, aa th ca-e may be, at the exteupeaad ri.?V ot the cont-ac tor, and In aU wpec's subject to the in-pertien, mea'ureosent, count, weight, ko , of the yard where rec-ivel, and to tfce entire s?ti faction of the cm zsnda.t thereof Fi !d*rs are referred to the ysris for samples, and | a parti.-u'ar description of thearticlea; and, all o'her 'birgn being fqual, preference will be given to ar iclfs of A me lc?n manufkC ore. Every offer, aa mquind by tb* law of lOtb August, 1846, meat be accompanied by a writ ten gjaran'ee, the forms of which are herewith I given. ' Those only whose offer* may be accepted will be notfflel, and the contract will be forward*! a* | soon thereafter as practical'*, wbieh they will b* required to execute within tea days after its r^eipt at the post office or navy rgency earned bj | them. curettes in th* fall amount will be required ti* I sign th?contract and their responsibility certified ] to by a United 1?tatea district judie, United States iis'tict attorney, collfctrr, or navy agent As tdiv ti nal Fecurlty, twenty per eentum will te withheld fr m tha am unt of the Vi'laun'il h? a n raot shall have been oompl*t*d, and eighty per contum of eaeb bil< rpproved in triplicate by the commandant ?>f the re?p?ct ve yards will ba paid ty the navy * *?rit within thirty days after its pretentatlon to | him. it is sttp la ted in the contract that. If default be male by -he parties of the fl st part in delivt ring all | or any of the trtie'ei mentioned, of the quality and ? t >he time and place* provided, thee, and in that I eas?, tkecfntrscteraano sureties will forfeit and pay to the United Stat s as liquidated damage a sum of | mon*y equsl t-> twiee the amount oi the contract prices therein agreed upon as the price to he i aid <n ess* of the actual d^iverv thereof, wb eh liqul dited damages may iwre ov-red or retained fnm I time to time as they accrue 'rrm the said parties of | the first par: or e'.tber of tlx m. ClfseesNo. 1,14, 6, 6, 7, to be delivered one fourth pert on or before the 16th May. OM-fourth part by the'20 b July, one fourth ty the 20tli Ser 'ciaber, and the remainder by tha lit December. I 18*6. Cla s No. 3?th* whole by the I6th M-y, ISM Class No. 8 ?the whole by the 90th July 1856 Iberexaining classes to be deliv red?<na 'oarth part on or before the 1st September next, ene f urth pirton or before the 1st December next, on* fourth part on or before tfce 1st April, 186*, and the remainder on or before tbe tO'h Jon*, 1866, com prising at each delivery a due proportion o each ar tele. Clasi No. 9 and all following additional quantities of all articles name 1 the-e(n murt be delivered on like terma and c~editions during the flscsl yoar, upon reoe'.ving a nttiee cf flr teen days from the bureau ir commandant of the y?rd. As the law requires the prepayment of postage( pei sot ? desiring tli* c mmar.dant ot the yard or the uavy ag'nt to tend them by mtil schedules cf such elates as thoy desire, should mcl'te in their apcli cation poitagc ttawipt to iniur* their traatmissi. n, but applications to the bureau for such schedules will not require prspajment. FORM OF OFFER. I, ? ? ?> of , Ftate of , hereby ngr-e to furnish and del ver at the respective navy yards all :he articles named in theclaaees hereunto arn-X'd, agreeably to the provi-dens of tbe schedule* ihere or. and in confo:mitv with the advertisement oi the Eureau of Cornuction. Ac., of 16th Mav. 1865. Fhould my offer be accepted, I requ*st to be ad drwsed at , and the contractfcrworJed to the navy agent at , or to fir sifrnature and certificate. D te (Pi^nature ) (Tht tc+tdvltt %chich the bidder evelotrt must bt patted to hit offer, and each of them tigntd by htm Opposite tack article in the tchtdtde the price mutt be ft. the amount carr ed out, the aggreyatf fooled up for each o'att, and the amenta likewise written t* words.) 1 FORM OF GUARANTEE. The un !errl?ned, , of . in the State of , and , of ,in the State of . hereby guaranty that, in case the forego ing bid of , for any ot the elates therein nria- d be accepted, that he cr they will, within ten day? aft r the receipt oi the contract at the prat offic named or navjr agent designated, execute th oontrrct for the same with good and sufficient sure tie*: ?\nd in case s\id ??? bhsllfcil to ?nter inte contTart as aft rssaid, we guarantee to make gocd the differe. <v between the offer of he said ? and that which may be rc~ept?l. Signature of two guarantors | (Date ) Witness. I hereby certify that the above named ???? are known to me as men of properly and able to | make guod their guarantee. (Signature.) (Date.) Ib be tinned by tht United Aofes district judge. United Slates district attorney, collector, or navy agent, and no others ) The following are the classes required at tht re-1 spective yardr: KITTERY, MAINE. No. 1, white oak plant stock log*. No. S, white oak promiscuous timber. No. 6, } ellow pine plank stock loss. No. 7, jell>w pins mest timb r. No 9, white pine. No. 10, ash and c'.press. No U.b'ack walnut and cherry. No. 12, locust and ce?ar. No 13, ^hUe .-ish oar a?!d blckery bars. No. 14, white oak staves and heading. No. 16, ligLUm'i'SB No. 17, composition and copper nails. No. 18, bar iron and steol. No. IP. iron spikes and nails, bo. 20, lend pipe, sine, tin. No. -1, hardware. No. 23 paints, oil. No. 24, flax canvas. No. 25, cotton can vas. No 98, flax and ootton twine. No 27, gla s No. 28, lea;her. No. 29, hose. No. 30, brushes. No. 31, bunting, dry gooes. No. 32, p'toh, rosin tar. No. 33, oil, soap, tilljw. No. 31, ship chandlery. No. 36, stationery. No. 26, flrsweci. No S7, oakum. CHARLESTON, MASSACHUSETTS. No. 1, white oak planet stock logs. No 3, white oak promlrcu^us timber. No. 4, white oak ke-1 pieces. So 6, ye'low P'ne plank strck logs. No. C, {ellow pine beams, no. 7, yellow pice mast timber. fo. 9, white pine. No 10, white oak boards and butts, atb, cypress. No. 11, black walnut and cfcer ry. No. 19, locust. No. 18, white ash cars, hickory bars. No 16, black spruce. No. 16, lignum vitas No. 17, composition and copper nails. No. 18, bar iron, steel No 19, Iron spikes, nails No 90, lead pipe sine, tin. No. 91, hardware. No. S3, paints, oils No. 24, flax canvas. No. 25, cotton canvas. No 26, flax and cotton twine No. 27, glass. No ft, leather. No. 20, bote No. 30, brushes. No 81, buuting, dry goods, bo. 32, pl-ch, rosin, tar. No 33. oil eosp, tallow. No. 34, ship chandlery No. 85, itatlonery. No. 36, firewood. Ne. 37, oakum. BROOKLYN, NEW YORK. No. 1, white oak plank st"ck logs. No. 2, white oak plank No. 3, white oek promiscuous timber. No. 4, whit* oak keel pieces. No- 6, yellow pine 6lank stock logs. No. 7, yellow pine mast timber o 9, white pine. No. 10, ash, cypreas, white oak boaidsand butts. No 11, black walaut, cherry, manogany. No. 12, lccost. No 18, white ash oars, hickory bars. No. 14, vhite oak staves and heading No 1ft, black spruce. No. 16, lignumvltK. No 17, composition and oopper nails. Ne. 18, bar Iron, rteel. No. 19, iren sp.kee and nails. No. 20, lead, sine, tin. No. 21, hardware No. 23, paints, oils. No. 24, flax canvas. No. 2ft, ootton canvas. No. 96, flax and ootton twine No. 27, glass No. 28, leather. No. 29, hese No. 30, brushes No. 31, bunting, dry goods. No. 32 pitch, rosin, tar. No 33, oil, K>ap, tallow. No 31, thip cbanllery. No. 85, stationery. Nc. 36, flrtwovd. PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA. No. 1, white oa>i plank stock logs. No. ft, yellow pine plank stoek logs. No. 9, white pine. No 10, ash and wh*te oak plank end boards. No. 13, white ash oars and hickory l*rs. No. 1ft, b'ack spruce. No. 17. composition and oopper nails No. 18, bar iron and steeL Ne. 19, iron spikes and nails, bo 20. lead pipe, line, tin. No 91, hardwar e No 23 paints, oils. No. 24, flax canvas. No. 2% cotton canvas. No. 96, flax and ootton twine. No. 27, glass. No 28, leather. No. 29, hose. No. 80, brushes No. 81, busting, dry goods. No. 33, pitch, rosin, tar. No. 33, tallow, oil, eoap. No 34, ship chandlery. No. 36, stationery. No. 87, oakum. , WASHINGTON, D. C. Class No. 4, white oak keel pieoes. No. ft. yellow pine pl&nk stock logs No 9. white pine No. 10, ask, cypress, whit* oak boards and bu;ts No. U, black wa'nut, cherry, mahogany. No. IT, oomrod tlon and oopper nalla. No. 18, bar ircn, steel. No 19, Iron spikes, nails. No. ?, lead pipe, sine, ti* No 21, hardware No 99, pig iron. No 98 paints oils, Ac No. 24, flax tan vas. No. 9ft, eettoncan vas. No. 26 flax aid tottcn twin*. No 27. t l?* 2? l^Uur. No. 29, how. No. ?. hAlah? No 31, bunt ng, dry gocds No. 32, pitch, ro in ' w n ?- 'a, '??*P? UJ,OW? ic? No 34, ship firswocd ? o. 37, Mkm, Mo. W> UBk * ad galley, or boom it*. No 99, chain iron. No. 40, lagot 00?Pf BT, VIRGINIA. Ifo. 1, *h U?ak pUnk st*k '*? No 1, o_k plank. No 3, whit* oak prim futw* that* r. So. 4, wtl'9 ^k >e*l pWw* Ne. 5,^r?U*wplt* p'ank itrk timber. Ko ft. yellow No 7, yellow pine ar *t tmb. r. No. 9, white mi ?. x<\ 10, uli cypr-w, fin. No. 11, black wafrt, ?harry. m*h??arr Na. 12, k*o*t Na. IS wl it* ?'ho rs, bickor* > ar* No ?5. bl#ck spruce Fo. <6, lignumvitie No 18, bar lion snd *V?I No 1?, iroa *t Ike* and nail? No f. la. d Hp*, sine,' n. No. 21, hard ear- Na- 22, pig Iron. No. 9S, pair'a, ola, #e. No 54 fl.xcar.vav No 25, eott a o avaa. No. 2ft, flax an] cottTn No. 47, g^aaa b* 2S, 1 at be-. No 29, bra- No M b>u?h*s No 31, banting, fry {rood* No Si, pitch, re Ma. tar. No. 33. oil. tallow, *oep. No. 34, ih!p uhuadtoii. No. Si, stationery. Nr. 8ft, firewood. ba. 87, oakna. PBNPACOLA, FLORIDA. Claw No. I, whit* oak plank atrck k*a Na. f, wh'ta oak plank. Na. 13, wh't* a*b oara, blekefy bar*. No. 17, e"*po*itlon and eopp?t nfc'b Mo. 18, bar Iron, atari. No. 19, iron rplkea and aaila No. 91, harlwtr*. No. 23, paint*, oil a. 4c. Ma. 96, stationery. nay 21?lav4v FOB. IlLk An English Carriage A Double Wagon 9 tali Carnage Horse* 2 Buggy and saddle Horaea Inquire trom the Coa?hman of the French Miru* ler at Achwartx's Livery Stable. on I, between 16th and 17th streets. may 19-la* SILVER ^TIMEKEEPERS. INDEPENDENT of onr unusually large atork of elegant Gold Watcbe*, we hare jaat ineaived an invoice of superior Silver Timekeepers, Warraatad, which we effer low. M. W. GA'-T k BRO., 114 Pa. are., betw. 9th and lfeh ata. mar 19 ? 61 URGICAL REPORTS and Miacell? SURGICAL REPORTS and Miscellaneow paten on Medfcal Subjaets, by George Hsyward, M D, President of the Mawacfcufctt* Medical So ciety Tlte Education drman.lrd by the People of the Uni ted Plate*, by FrtncU Wayland, D. D., L. L. D. The Hiding Place, by Dr Macfartane Ironthorpe, ihe Pioneer Preacbcr,a tale of W eat em Life, by Paul Crryton. Footstep? of St. Paul, a new supply. GRAY k BALLANTYNE, may 19?3t ^ 4fg SeventhM NEW POLKA. T!IE CHEVY CHASE POL KM, composed fc* and dedicated t; Mir* Sally D. Bradley, by J. D. launder*. ?iq., of ihM city, whoae cowpoHbaca have always met wiih Mich great public favor The merits oi the piece are auch as will introdace it among all lover* of music. P ice 95 cents Just publish'J and for sale by HILBU8 b. II (TZ The President's Mounted Guard Quickstep, com posed by the accomplished Pianist, Mr. Robert Hel leg, will appear in a lew dara may 19 &TEAMBOATS CONNlCTIKO With each train of Can arrir ?i-g iM Waahiofton or Alozao dri*.?The Sreamers THoNAH COLLYEReg GEORGE WASHINGTON wili make the connection*, leaving Washington at 0 a. m for the Orange and Alexandria cars, and connect with the same train on their airival. Meals furnished on the brat*. The Boats connect with all the trains from Bal timore. SAM'L GEDNEY, Capt. mnv 17?d RAPFL A pair of beantifhlly matched bright bay blooded MARES, 5 yeara gV~_ old, and last Handsome aa a Picture and sound as a dollar Per?ons wiahing to secare chance* please call at FLINT'S Hotel, may 18?-3t* TKAYKD AWAY ?n Friday, the 4th of _ May, from Georgetown, a small colored Boy, about eleven year* of age. Had on when he left, u pair oi snuff-colored pants and a straw hat. An *w< rs to the name of Jake Any one Wing infor mation to MONTEZUMA DAGGS, 43 Seventh at , Georgetown, will receive the Ibanka of the f*m: ly and a reward if desired may 18?lw* $50 REWARD. I WILL pay the above sum for Uip apprehension and safe committal to the Washington Jail, of my servant girl, M?ry. who left home on the thir teenth instant, and has not returned. She is eight een years of age, of a medium height, and oi a che*. nut color, has a round, full face, and i* somewhat inclined to oorpulency, though of slender waist, may 18?LEAH WILSON. C PUBLIC NOTICE. [AUTION.?Public notice ia hereby given warn ^ ing and forewarning all peraon* whomsoever not in any way to tresspass upon my land in Mont gomery county, Md., and more particularly aay agent of the United States acting as the superintend ent of the Washington Aqueduct, or persona em ployed under hiui, or any contractor or contractor* who may have or will eMer into contract* for build ing culvert* or grading the line of way for said aqae duct, as the title to said land is solely in me, and the United State* own* no part of It. roayjg?3t W. C. REDD ALL. COLUMBIA RACE COURS*. A MATCH RACE will come off over the Coluithi* Race Course on TUES DAY AFTERNOON, the J24 instant, for $-XX) aside. The following are the entries for the race:?J M. P Newby enters s.h PArqrira,by Andrews, dam Autocrat. King b. Co. enter b. f. MoraTAiN Maid, by Boston. Junior, dam Zigone. The race will positively come off between 3 and 4 o'clock A fast race i* anticipated. may 18?3f CYBUS MARTIN, PropT MORE BICH MANTILLAS. E open this morning a splendid stock of rich StlK and black Laee MANTILLAS and Lace SCARFS, all of the latert st\le?, and appropriate for the preaent season. The ladies and purchasers generally are cordially Invited to call and examine for themselves, a* we feel ciafident we can offer them great inducement* in etylari and prices. COLLEY fc SEARS, No. 593 7th St., 3 doors north Pa. aveaue. may 18-31 ~ UMMING'S FAMILY PRAYERS, in S vols, 75 cent* each Buchan'* Sys'am of Anthropology, 02 Flortnc Prin es* of Burgundy, by W B MacCabe, 75 centa Growth of Holiness, by Fabcr 50c Vindication of the Catholic Church, 75? The Immaculate Conception, by Bishop Uliathorne 37*c The Heart of Jesnx, by J. B Dalgairn*. 50c. E K LUNDY. No. 198 Bridge atiaet, Georgetown, L>. C. may 17?if W c NOTICt THE Undersigned can accommodate parties with COACHES for pleasure trip*. Also, to make Uip* to boats arriving after night from the White Hou?e.? For terms apply to Mr. JOHN HOLBRoOK. at the Stace Stand at the Capitol,m orders left at G. fc T. Parker kCo.'?Store. WM. WHALEY. may 16?lm* SOMETHING VIW UNDXK TBS BUM. CHARLES WERNER, Perntflvania avenue, oppotiU Brrum*' Hotel HAS fitted up the commodious ball over hi* Re* taarant a* a first claas LAGER BEER SA LOON, having prorured a supply of every luxury and ccinforu (bund in (irat class establishments of the kind in the Northern cities. Hi* RHINE WINES and French White Wine*, a* well a* bis Cl%reu, Segar*. Lager Beer, German, Italian, and Switzer CHEE8ES, and indeed <-f ev ery other appropriate luxury in auch an jetabhsb* ment, i* unsurpassed in thia country. He solicit* a call from hia friend* and the public. may 19?tf GLOVES, HOSIERY, RIBBONS, Ac. JOHN H. SMOOT, south aide of Bndge ?u, near Higb, Georgetown, ha* just received from New York an a'ditional supply of? Taffata Silk and Linle Thread Glove* Short and long Mack twisted Silk Mitt* Open-worked and plain Cotton Hosiery, every va riety Musc?' and Boys' white, mixed and fhncy Cottaa Hosiery Genu % do do Worked Swisa Collar* and Ruffle* Laee and French worked trimmed Call an Real Maltese and Imitation Lace*. With many other desirable Good*, to which the attention of caah or prompt cuatomeis i* invited. may 19- J. H. SMOOT. WILLARD'S HOTEL, Old Point Comfort. To* This splendid sea-shore house is NOW OPEN. Board per day ng 00 Board by the week, per day ... 1 50 Board by the month, per day 1 25 Baths free for the guest* may 10-lm c. C. W1LLARI* fc BRO. HAIR WORK. ORNAMENTS of Hair, auch as Bracelet*, Chat elaine, Chains, Breastpin*, Earrings, Finger Kings, made to order, of aay desired dt sign. All order* faithfully attended to. Specimens may be seen at my atore. _ H. 8EMKEN, No. 330 Pa. av., between 9th and 10th s?. Mar SO CLOCKS, WATCHES AND JEWELRY Opened tin* day, forty different styles of Clochi Good Clock* fl 95. Fine Gold Watchea, warranted. Jewelry cheaper iban ever. Call and see for yourselves at i. ROBINSON'S. W? Jff opposite Brow??' HoW ???y 1?dlMl

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