Newspaper of Evening Star, May 22, 1855, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 22, 1855 Page 2
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EVENING STAR. WASHINGTON PITY: TUSSDiY AFfEKIJOOBf ..Kay 22 ACEMN FOB TDK STAB. The loll owing persons arc authorized to contract for the publication of adver tisements in the Star: Philadelphia?V. B. Pal*ib, N. W. corner of Third and Chestnut streets. New York?S. M. Pkttlnoill & Co., Nassau street. ? Boston?V. B. PiLMis, Scollay's Building. [T7* AnvrariSBjfBKTs should be handed in Ly 12 o'clock, M., otherwise they may fiJt appear until the next day. C?I2TT OF TH2 M323I50 PEMg. Tho Union twin the Whigs of Tennessee for supporting Col. Gentry for Governor, the Colonel having repudiated wbiggery with great gcs.o and emphasis in the canvass of 1852. The Union a!;o speculates over the discontin uance of the siege of Cuba by the Spanish au thorities of the island, lhe editor insists that Concha did not resort to hi3 late extreme ir.ec_3urer throcgh fear of an invasion from the United States. TLe Union furthar cxpos.a, with great power and effect, the hollownees of the pre tcnce that G jvernor Gardiner is not up to his ej wi in the ultra abolitionism of his support ers in tho Massachusetts Legislature. The InteUigtnctr contains a letter from Mr Perry, now U S Charge at Madrid, ad dressed to tho President, and bearing date April 27.h, ultimo. It is an answer to Mr. Soule s onslaught upon him through the col umn j ot the Inuliigcncer, and was forwarded a so to that journal to be spread before the ccuntry. Ii discloses more than one fact of interest, v;x , that while there was an appa-^ rent cordiality of intercourse between Msssrs. 6. aid P. enrpiciona and b tter hatred and jea cu y of each ochor filled their breasts, and also that while Ur Soule labored to the end ot miking the acquisition of Caba tha sole purpose of his mission, Mr Perry labored to maka the defeitof thit object the sole pur pose of kit connection with the American'j Legation. Th* chief pcint demon strated in this letter is the existence of a state of feelirg and conduct on the part of these functionaries towards eac'a other, demon strating the feet that their presence in Madrid *+3 wcrso th?n useless to this Goveraisez-t. The letter in question isxtuch tco long fjr eur coiumas So wa annex but sufficient of its oontent3 to gire our renders an idea of what it is. of Mr. Souic's conduct while away from his pest at Oslend, he says": Daring th'.t period Mr Soule not oc'y ne gated Liuueif be instructions of ;he Seore Ury oi S t e when they inteifered with his ofcn ? a-post:, but he also pretended to direc' me to ae-^Me- them. he cot being at the time in the e xorctee cf his functions cf Minister at M?dnd lor re? gr;aad ;n uny capneity k>y the j>p*i?:s?i G ~crsu:ent. lie ihua placed m? appne.v.y iu the alteraauve either of iailirg la my duly to my Government, or of precipe tating a personal rtptcre with himself, whioh at tjat ia> ueni would have besn eunlly de tnmental to iu sar*ise If I ua\e found the mean* to avoid both, recognising an authori ty w^icn he had not, obeyingdirections which be had no right to give, wbiist throwing up^n aim the responsibility of what he migiit di rect. Lcmbly acceptipg, in my official form an'-? intercourse with hiai and with th's Gov eminent, the tote and bearing of asubordi ta c. e i in fac*, I bal then no superior ex cept in \\ .isbington, I trust that you. eir. and 'he country. witl cudersra;d that by so doinc I was better able to carry out the spirit of the instructions of the .Secretary cf State, whiiat I m gnt iriy before him also proofs of the true conation of our tffairs with Spain viul in their importance to our interest* and hoco Thu con. ee gave me the p jwer also to preserve the decorum of this Legation as far a!s possi Die trcm the consequences of his errors.'' Further on he says : " The Wua ^?rre Sonlo thought proper to suppress cn important di-patch frcm theSec 7w ^ate C0BC?n?ng the affair of the Liick arr?>r, ntended for tbe Spmish Gov ?rcment dunn0. the space of five aonths I was -Lie however, to prevent the evil effects cf It procctuing, and I did so. The proof that a fortnight after his departure on the ou.h of Augu-.t I bad procured from VcTerDQient ? proposition of a aatuUctory eDaractcr lur tbe complete settle I ?! hffAlr? aDal *djQ8lI?eiit was impeded at that time only by the neces-ity I ielt under of not addressing an efficial note ?p?n .fc.t fabj?ct to th. Spanish order tha? my conduct should ao: conflict offi cially ?i:h that of Mr. >S)ulc " ? # '?if 1 have reciited him. foiled bis cunning bly and i-*?ly. abusing no confidence, failing to no duty 11a made no disclosures to me cf hia secret operations lie did not ask my aid. btiU it is true that 1 knew mere of him tban . was aware, greater part of his oper ations cam? to my knowledge in his abseace because; from the moment that the respond i jy of devolved upon me, I consid ?red .t my first duty tc be well informed con cernirg mm and his movements Yet at that Te.ry :'ae * Jpdte to him plainly, and eoa. fe.ed him as 1 *hould wh-h to he o^-unse'el in like crcuastancet." * * ? # ' Since the return of the Hon. Pierre Soule irem hit rope error haa gained ground. The caiuoimw *bich he may utter and the arts to wtitj he may have recourse, for the pur ple cf citcrediiing wiat I have felt it my earZiB? LU S*creUrJ ?f State con cerning his policy, have no adequate oorrect lve for me at this distance. I have tbe honor, theretore, to request, if in your better judg ment it should te compatible wiih the mtor eata of America, that you will cause to bo pub lished to the country, as eocn as they can be prepared, copies of every line which I have writ en ?o tbe Government or any of i'a mem. bers, or unoffi -iaily. directly or in directly. concerting affairs f om the day of the iin. ,.1 of Mr Soule at Madrid to the day of the dote of tt is paper." < >n t ie whole, th s letter, together with that which called it out, bhows the eordition of a state of things in cur late Spanish legation, whicb. fur the honor and interest of tho Uni ted Sta'ia, we tiust may never be repeated. 2Cev, Mcaic.?" Adelina cn the Prairie," ?' Maaaika des Giicea," "Ki? me if you dare Mali* " '? Aiexjndria Poika Schottiscb," and the 'Chevy Chase P.lka'-all for the piano forte Late been sent to ua by Hilbus i iiiu, who have a fi30 assortment of mueio and musical instruments at their ?eauiifnlly fitted np stoie, in the " btar Baiidings." These i ieces are from their own press-they being esgagrd in the printing and publishing of original as well as other mush?and, ac cordiLg to cur opinion, havipg heard them played they are what the ladies would call "be^uuful ' Cy' U Saturday next, the member* of the New Yeik Poiice Department wilt appear in the Park, at 2 o'clock in the afternoon, in full uniform, when they will be reviewed by Major Wood, who will a!ao address them About cne thousand policemen will take part in th^ parade, und a band ot music has been tngagel for the occasion. ?BLLBL!.. WISBISSTOM K8WS AKP GOSSIP. The Bight to haT? Couneel?There id no other rig lit of English or American citiienshiy of more importance to the futuro of oar liber ties, than that of the right of every man to have counsel when he has ocoasion to go be fore a oourt of law?none other if more sol emnlj guaranteed, nor has any other been more sincerely respected and uniformly ob served up to this time But the continuanoe of that right stands in the way of the triumph of the cunification sohemo of the present Legislature of Massachusetts who strike it down as though it wore a mere reed in their path. One provision of their law "for the protection of liberty" declares, that if any lawyer of their State shall appear as counsel fur any claimant for a fugitive slave, his name shall be stricken from the list of coun sel entitled to appear in any and all the oourta of the State. The outrage upon the profession of the law involves in this fanatical, bigoted, and illiberal enaotment is hardly less than that upon civil liberty itself?on the right of the eitisen t> hare counsel before the courts. We .take it for granted that every judge of every court in the State s.bovo the grede ox that of a cross roads or oorner of a ward, will treatthis enactment ai it deserve^ insomuch as no lawyer, who has ever read the Constitution cf the United States and taat of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, would dare intimate its constitutionality. If it is a proper enaotment. then the principle of equal rights and personal equality before the tribunals of justico in our land are all wrong. The ?aval School.?The experiment of edu cating (fficers for the naval ser?ico of the United States as thoroughly as others are edu cate 1 for tho military service proveB eminently successful. The United States Naval Acade my at Annapolis, Md , has been in operation sufficiently long to have produced results from whioh it is evident that the establishment is to turn out a class of professional gentlemen superior, a? a body, in their scientific and prec ecal naval attainments, to any efficers of any other naval service whatever. For four months of each year, during the term which youth? entering tho servico pass as midshipmen, they are at sea in practice ships, when they are taught practical seamanship by being made to perform all the duties tf the seamen they are afterwards to command. For the balance of the time they are in the institution, per fecting themselves in English, French, Span ish, mathematics, nautical astronomy, Ac. While there they arc subjected to a vory rigid course of discipline, as well as mental train leg, being forced to conduct themselves with as much circumspection as the cadets at West Point and aho to piss the highest order of examinations in the studies they pursue. The Virginia Election.?This event is too cloce at hand for uj to speculate upen it; probabilities Wo may, however, state tha^ letters from the managing men in the Wi?e ranks in ten different counties of the common wealth, situated in as many congressional districts, by toe-by, were received by a gen tleman in Washington yesterday, all cf them embracing assurances from which we draw the inference that the majority for Wi.e will c^me up to the calculation published in the Star tn Friday last The following extracts, the first from the New York Urprtss, of Friday last, and the other lrcm the columns of our talented, amia ble and entertaining neighbor, show that the Know Nothings have forgotten that come time since they were confident, according to their publications, of electing Flournoy by 30.000 msjority: The Virginia Election.?An undue im portance is attached by many to this election; as if anything depended upon it. When we remember that in 1840 this State went against General Harrison in the Revolution of that day. and against General Taylor in 1S48, we see that its politics, and its politicians, are far from being controlling; now in the secondary Mk of States as it is, though it must be con fessed that when tbe " Democracy" cannot carry snch States as Virginia and Newllamp shire, it can carry nothing Thos, then, if Virginia goes Dem cratic. she only gnes her her usual way, as in 1S40 and 1B4S? and it means nothing. '? We indulge in nc 10 000 and 20 000 an. jority anticipations for Flournoy, the K N candidate against Wise, far that is all talk and bragging. It is very true that a great many Democrats will vote for Flournoy?Demoerats in the Know Nothing lodgss?and Democrats out?but it is not the lees true?that there a-e a good many Wbigs in Virginia, who are wait ing f^r plausible pretenccs to get out of the putty, an<l who will avail themselves of this to resist the K N. nomination. There may be from 3 000 to 5 000 such men, and we should not be surprised if there were Thus?if Wise is defeated?only defeated?we shall consider it the greatest victory '5am' has ever achieved over impudence, not to say eloquence, passion, prejudice, and extreme Southern silly fanati cism We look to no sounding, sonorous bul letins of msj ;rities?but hope simply for vie* tory." " Well-informed persons from Virginia, with whom the writer of this paragraph has con versed, form a very different estimate from that presented by llr. Wise, through the If Fser organ of the Pierce and Forney dynasty. Tbey allow a majority in only tipo Congres sional districts?Lotcher's andGoode's. These may give him 4 000. In the others ho will bo beaten from 5,000 to 7,000. Let the ro.ider 1 siick a pin there,' and see who is right " So the Express claims a triumph for Flour ooy "by the skin of hii teeth," while the Organ's man olaima a probable triumph for him by from to three thousand majority only. So they go. Foetal C invention Between the United Statee and Bremen?Additional articles agreed epon between the Post Office Depart ment of the United States and the Peat Office Department of the Hanssatic republic of Bre men, providing for the registration of valuable letters, to be conveyed by the United States and Bremen line of steamers, direct, between New York and Bremenhaven: Article I. Letter*, alleged to be valuable, ported at any poft iffice in the United Stains, and addressed to any (art of tbe German Aus trian Postal Union, or posted in the German Austrian Postal Union, and addressed to the United States, and deliverable at the respec tive exchange offices of New Yo-k or Bremen, to be thence conveyed by tho United States and Bremen lines of steamer*, shall, from and after the first day of Angust, lt55, be regis tered at the office cf mailing on the applica tion of the perron posting the same: Provi ded, That the full poatago chargeable thereon to destination, together with a registration fee ofJit-f cents on each letter, be prepaid at ruch maiiing offices: And provided, also, Tbar snob registration shall not be oompulsorv, and shall nut render the respective Pust. Office De partments of the United States or Bremen, or tnoir revenues, liable fur the loss of saoh let ters or packets or tbe contents thereof. Articiell. All such letters or packets mailed in the interior of the United States, or of the German Austrian Postal Union, respectively, shall be received, registered, and reeeipted for, a3 directed in the general regulations is sued la eaoh country In regard to the regis tration of valuable letters, and shall be i-ent to the c xohange offices of New York or Bre Buu respectively,, for the purpose of being forwarded thence by the next dlreet eteamer. Article III. The respective exchangeoffices of New i ork and Bremen shall make a tepar at* latter bill for each registered letter, or parcel of registered lettere, originally mailed at said exchange offices, or sent to them to be forwarded, as prescribed by the regulations yeferred to inar'isle II, and shall enter there in the name of the person addre-sed, the post office to which it is to be mailed for delivery, and the rate of postage for each letter- The postmaster t>f said exchange otfhe will then mail each such letter, or parcel of letters, in a separate package from the unregiatered let ters, and seal eaon package after tying it in theusual manner. The letter bills of snch registered letters shall not be enolosed in the packages containing them, bat shall be en closed in a separate wrapper or envelope, sealed, and addressed to the postmaster of tbo corresponding exohange office of Bremen or New'York. - Article IV On the receipt of registered letters for delivery or distribution at either of the respective exchange offics of Bremen or New York, the postmaster of snob receiving office will eompare the letters with the bill, and endorse it " correct" if it ii found so, or will note the error, if there be one, in the manner prescribed with regard to registered letters reoeived from an inland poet office. He will then fill up the oorrrsponding return bill, notingupon it whether oorrect or otherwise, and will see that it id returned by the firet mail thereafter to the office of mailing, (New \ ork or Bremen as the case may be.) Articlo V. Registered letters received at New York from Bremen, or received at Bremen from New York, and destined for an inland post effiao, shall be forwarded in the same manner as other registered letters originally mailed at either effise. Article VI The United States and Bremen post offices shall reciprocally account to each other upon such registered letter* aa sh&ll be exchanged between them in the same manner aa prescribed in the postal convention con ceded on the 4th of August, 1853; bat the regig'ration fee of five cents shall accrue to the Lnited States Pisi Office Depaitment upon all registered letters sect from the United States to Bremen, and to the Bremen Post Of fiae Department upon o'l Togistered letters sent from Bremen to the United Status. In witness whereof we have hereunto set our nutnes and affixed the seals of our respect ive offices this seventeenth day of May, one thousand eight hundred and fifty-five, at the city of Washington. [L- s ] James Campbell, Postmaster Qeneral. [L. 8 ] R. SCBLXIDEIT, Minister Resident of the Republio of Bremen. laad Surveys in Kansas and Febraska Information has reached tho Department of the Interior from the Surveyor General of Kansas and Nebraska, under Ue date of 1st instant, of the progress of snrveja being made in his district, from which it appears that he has en tered into contracts with Deputy Surveyors to run and establish a guide meridian, both north and south of the base line dividing Kansas and Nebraska at the distance of aixty miles west of the initial point on the Missouri river; a!so> to survey four correction parallels from tho meridian south of the base at thirty miles apart< aad running east to the intersection of the Missouri river and tho western boundary of tho State of Missouri; also, to survey seven correction parallels from the guide meridian north of the ba-.e line at twenty-four miles apart, and running cast to the Missouri liver. Tnese preliminary lines being requisite for the opening of several distriefs of country be t7reenthe parallels above mentioned to be run into townships or exterior lines, and for cub. dividing them into sections. This is to be car ried on with tliligcnoe and dispatch, in order io reach tho several cession lania by Iowas, Del aware*, the united tribes of Peorias and Kas kaskias, and Pi&nkeahaws and Weas, which are to be sectioned in advance of other lands in Kansas and Nebraska, and thrown into market at as early a period as practicable, and the proceods of ealei of these lands, ac cording to the iespectiie treaties with the In dians, are to go to their benefit. There is every probability that vigorous efforts on the part of the Sarveyor General will pnah on the surveys of public lands in Kmsas and Ne* braska so as to prepare them for market, also' during the next fall. Jfiiag Eunkley cast in the Shads.- It seems that another "escaped nun" has turned up in tae interior of New Yoik. The following gives some acoount of her: "The Lost Sheep that was Found "?Un der this head the American annoanoca edito rially a lecturo this evening, at Minerva Hall, by Miss SaLiaa Carlton, ' who has been con ".ned in nunneries in Michigan and Indiana, from which she fortunately made her ?scape," Ac , 4c. Only yesterday she wanted us to an nounce a lecture infavir of nunneries, to en gage a band of music, eecuro the Corinthian Hall fur her, and so on She gave a sort of referecco to a respecta ble family, in this city, where she had just been at service; and aaid that if we wouldn't comply with btr rkquest she would go to an other offioe?for lecture aha woald ! We aee her threat is fulfilled. We hope the American has the band ready ; and that it will give ue a full repoit of the ex pected digcloaure.?llocheater Union. W e recollect having had the great original '*ercaped nun" pointed oat to us on a visit to the penitentiary hospital on Blackwell's Ia lind, New York?Maria Monk?then almost gasping in the last agonies of an ill-spent life ?a mass of rutrefaotion, the result of a career of orime and dissipation, which rendered her scarcely less notorious to the police ef New \ork, than to the community, through her pre* tended convent revelations. George W. Jones, of Tennesaee?It affords us more pleasure than we can express to learn that George W. Jones of Tennessee, has ac cepted a nomination for re-eleotion to Con gress. We look upon him as tbo most useful man to his country now in American legisla tive public life, and therefore r<j>ice at the profpeot of his return to Washington, which must give pleasure to all honest and really patriotic publio men, who know the ins and outs of Congressional legislation. In Acting Commissioner of the General Land Cffice ?Joseph 8. Wilson, Esq , Chier Cleik of that office, hss been appointed Acting Commiaiioner of the General Land Offioe, Mr. C mmitsioner John Wilson having started this morning for the Stookbridge Indian res ervation ob Green bay, Wisconsin, to aid in arranging tbe land questions of the Stock bridge tribe arising under treaties with the United States. An Important Pensioa Question Settled.? It is said that the Attorney General has de cided a question that has beei some time pending, as to the meaning of the condition of the pension laws, requiring that disease or casualty should be contracted or occur in the line of duty, and is of Opinion that the disease or casualty aforesaid must htte relation to duty in the service. Tho Return of Luties paid on the Beci procity Treaty.?The Treasury Department is now engaged in adjudicating applications for the retnrn of dutiee paid whieh are returnable under the provisions of the reoiproeity treaty, the preliminary instigations having been concluded some time last week. The cases are disposed of altogether here. Ihe Engineer Board?There ?u yesterdiy at the oloi of tha Engineer Baffin of the Nety, is this eitj, a board consisting of Engl Boer-in-Chlef Martin and Chiof Engineers G?y and Isherwood, who are examining c?n di dates for admission into tht engineer oorp* of the Nary. They are expected to be in ses sion for soma two weeks. An Acting Soorefary ef the Interior ?O. 0. Whiting, Esq , Chief Clark of the Interior Department, wa learn, has baan sppointed Secretary cf the Interior, pro tern., to sarte in that capacity daring the absence of Sccn. retary McClelland, who left Washington this morning on a risit to his home in Michigan. Gov Gardner1* Last Veto?of the infamous personal liberty bill?was evidently occasioned by the fact that it passed the legislature a few days too soon. This is, before, instead of after the Virginia election. That's all. A light House Keeper Appointed ? Chas Barron, has been appointed keeper of the light hoase on Cape Florida, Fla., at $000 per ar. nam, vice Eobt. R. Fletcher, removal. PERMONAT.. ? ???HisExcellency Baron Ton Gerolt, Prus sian ambassador at Washington, and family* Joseph LiDden, of New York, bearer of des patches to France and England, and R C Burl age, of New York, bearer cf despatches to the Netherlands, are among the passengers in the Hermann, for Southampton and Bre men. .... The English and French allies, failing to recruit soldiers in this country for the Crimea, to furnish food for gunpowder and disease. have contracted with certain partial :n Indiana to supply them with slacgiitered hogs, to serve as food for their soldiers ....It appears from our foreign ad vices thit " Father Gava**i? attended, on April thir tieth. at Newgate, London, and administered spiritual consolation to Lnigi Buranelli, the Italian who wm executed for murder. .... Green Walker and Charlton D Shean, two of the jurors on the trial of M. F. Ward for the muider of Butler, have each brought a libel suit against the preprieor of the Louif II $10 OM00^ forUbe1' fixiD* th? damages .... Mrs. BJacque, daughter of Dr Mottof an<? interpreter to the Turkish Legation in Paris, rejently died sud denly, in coasequenceof the reception of a let J?? KT ?,b85nt hu?baB<*> >n which he stated that he Lad married another wife, (a Greek lady,) as it was his olear right to do ac oordiag to his religion and the customs of his conntrv. He added that he had no desire ever to see her again. ....Two young man named Napier and Wood/, living in Richmond, Va , having got into and an angry discussion on Sunday afser noon about a yourg iady, finally engaged itf a fight which resulted in 'he former shooting Woodvin the thigh, inflating a dangerous E^je ' aplCr M 10 0UatQij awaitinS toe is ....Mr. Patterson, the editor of the Park vine Luminary, has passed through Buffalo, on hu way to New York, to purchase materials by'the mob ? repla?* th? ?M de8troJed ....Admiral Corry, of the Biltish Navy, died in Paris on the 1st in?t. Last rear be i^tVe^BaHo COmmand t0 Slrct?rlesNapier, ....Among the errivaJs from Earrpe by the Eilti: wis that of J. Hosford Smith, Esq., lately Umted States Consul for Syria a?d wi.*!Sn*' a?,B?jrou^ "ho has returned home wi.h his family after an absence of five years. ALEXANDRIA CORRESPONDENCE. Alexandria, May 21, 1855. The coming olection absorbs all attention and each p*|ty is already in array for the great battle of the 24th. Both parties seem confident of success, and few bets are offered without finding takers. The selection of a delegate to represent Alexandria county in (he next House of Dele gates ocoupiss a full share of attention. Mi Lewis McKenzie has withdrawn from the field (and rumor says from the Know Nothing or ganisation, too ) leaving Mr. James H Reid, the Know Nothing nominee, a clear field with that party. On the other side, Mr. W. W Her bert, whose affinities are with the Whiff partv , is annour.cod as a candidate, and will it is said, rective the almost undivided supp'.rt of tho outcide Whigs and the whole of the Dem ocratic vote. Mr. Herbert, though born amon* us and fully identified with Alexandria inter^ e>,ts is comparatively a stranger to publio life* jo. long association with our people ha* given him the entire confidence of the community Mr. Reid came to the county seme four years rXnnYr the Orange and Alexandria Railroad C< mpany, in whioh oapaclty he still resides among as ' The steamer Powhatan is still aground on be cottan^ff 8?1?aIa' " i? "id she will not be gotten off without serious damage. Io morrow, our Dew river boat. Alin* p Price, makes her trial trip. r Doat? ^MEHCHAN.'S EXCHANGE?THEKE __ will tie a uircline of the Merchants' Ex change Til 1:3 (Tuesday) EVEKING at 8 o'clock. AM numbers are rrquet-ted to a:t? nJ as business of much importance wi.l be l u.i betore them. may i3? It THUS. C. M AGttUHEU, Clerk. A STATED MEETING OF THE Ik'?> UN ION (Anti Know Nothing) ASSOCI ATION of Wa hingtOR wjll be held THIS EVEN ING, at 8 o'clock, at Harmony Hull. All who are friendly to the good cause are invited to att< ud. WM COOt'ER, may ?2?It Sec, pro, tcir. ^A CARD.?I detin it proper to s'ate that I _ f-ttaJI not be a candidate i?.r nomination or re election to the City Council, at ihe eu: umg elec tion. Nominated twelve months ?ince by the kindness of private friendship, and prior to nnv popular agi tation, I entered the Council Midi a lix-d de eruii nation, in all my etficial acu to be governed only by the provisions of the charier and the interests and prosperity of the whole city. In order t?iat my no- , fition should not be misunderstood, on the u.oraing of the election I published in the Na'ioncl Intelli gencer Ihe following card: "Understanding that misapprehension exists in regard to my views, 1 desire to say to the voters oi t ie Third Ward, thit my names was put in nom ua tien solely with a view to the true and lawful inter ests ol the city, and with no purpose of an infringe ment of either the political or religious tights ot my fellow citizens." } Guided by the sentiment* of this publication, I iiave not, during the period of mv servi* c, voted for the removal of any man office, nor counselled one change that may have been made, or known in advance the political or religious opinions ol those elected to municipal office*. 1 The Common Council has very little to do with such matters. 1 am not a member of or respon ib.'e to any secret organization whatever, and have nev er bi*en controlled by such, In or out of Council. Religious t-nt or qualification for < ffice has never met mjr approbation, but on the contrary, my basest disapproval. In naiir-nal politics my coursc has | been ?leidUrt and consistent, and i know of no po litical si s to be forgiven, or shortcomings to lament. For thirty years I have 6teadily, in defeat as in suc cess, sufta ned and supported democratic prineip'es and JeffiT*onian lamtmarks, jielding to no exc.t? [ menu, pwsions or prejudices which, in th? ir devt-l epaient, could conflict wiih Uie advancement of ita one or the niaintainance el the c.ther. To the great Republican p irtv I havetaithlul'y given not only the fenror of youtli, bui th* energy of manhood, and ha' e neve? for a single hour entertained a thought of de seriiag it. J. A. M. DUNCANSON mav Si?11 , NOTICE ?All per* >ns having bills .? , - against the late ball ot the Franklin Fire Cooitiany, or tickets to return, ore requesred to pre tent \hem to the Treasurer, W. U. Fanning, Esq, by the first Wednesday in June. Money due the Company for rent of Hall, fee., must be pud to the Secretary, he alone being au thorised to receive and receipt for the same. R E DOYLE, rresi.teat. Geo. R. Caossriei.n, Secretary. may 91?3t STRA?KD from the ?ub?cribtr on Sunday evftning, May 90th, two HORSES. One rv was a dark horn*, with a long main, and the other was a dark rone Mare. A suitable re ward will be given if returued to the owner, mar Bla den's WharC JOHN BR1CKLEY. , ma} ?-*? OFFICIAL. | FtmtMin Pierce, President of Ike Unded States 9/ Jimrrica, to all whom it may concern : Satisfactory evidence having been exhibited |o dh> thai Hermann Wkisersorn hu been appointed Consul of (be Prince of Br?? of the senior lino for I the p?>rt of Sew York, and alao Consul of the Prince | of Reus* for the junior line for the United Plate*. | do hereby recognisc him as anch, and declare him free to exerciae and enjoy auch functions, power* and privileges as are allowed to the Consuls of the moat favored nations in the United 8tates. In testimony whereof, I hare cauaed these letter* 1 to be made patent, and the seal of the United Stau ? to be hereunto affixed. Given under my hand, at the city of Washington, the 19th day of May, A. D. 1855, and ol |[l. ??] the independence of the Unitod of America the seventy-ninth. FRANKLIN PIERCE. By the President: W. L. Mabct, Secretary of Bute. Aobrcy or Fbkrch Spoliation Cuiit, ) Washincton, May 22d, 1855 $ IN answer to many inquiries by rlaiaani* agaln?t the United State*, on account of apoiiationa by the French prior to 1800, aa to the com rue of pro ceeding proper to now i ur*ue toward* obtaining re dress, I deem it moat expedient thus public')- to in form all thoae concerned. tba\ after consulting competent advisers, it ha* been concluded aa m<?i advisab'e?not to voluntarily submit their claims to the Claims Court, aa they would be mixed up wits thousands of other c'aims and not decided for many years (to specify no other objection >? but to tubmu Uiem to Congress in tha um il manner at the open ing of the ensuing session ; in the expectation that direct relief may be provided for them and through [ a special Court or Board ; or, if the Claims Court be resolved oo aa the only tiibunal Congress will cram, that reference to it may Le made by a direct | legislative act. It is very certain that these claims would fully and constantly occupy a Board of the highest clssr fur three years, and justice emphatically polnta to such a Hoard as right and proper in the case may ?3-4: vA%lE8 H CAU8TEN. SILK AND LACE MANTILlAS. CLAGETT, NEWTON, MAY &. CO, respect ful y announce to the Ladies that they have I just received? 24 Black Silk Mantillas, latest styles 27 Black Lace do 24 do Points 10 do Shawls all of which will be aold at a very small advance on 1 the cost. We have on hand a large lot of colored 8ILK MANTILLAS, and, a? the kssod is advancing, we [ will offer thein at exactly what tliey cost l* ?4 very richly embroidered Miulin Mantiltas, to be wild very cheap. I We are selling the rrf-aiest kin.] of barrains in Summer Silks, Lawns, B. re?s, and Ben ge Robe* Ladies ?hopping for Dregs Gocd* should not fail to cull ami look through our large nock, a* we feel confident that we can suit thetii in style* and prices. 1 ??yaa-3t C. N. M CO. Southern quarterly review for April 185V Contents? r Benton's Thiny Years in the Saute Louis ih? Fourteenth Chief Justice* of the U. 8. Rut-kin's Architectural Works Rnsaj-Turkish Campaigns Principles of Art Ruth Hdll Ame'ican Education On the History of Virginia Applications of Ch: mistry Critic*! Notices. ? Subscription price $3 per annum. FRANrK TAYLOR. FOB TIIE CURE OF Asthma and Consumption. NEW AND VERY TVONH HREUL HYGEANA Brought heme to the door of the Million. A WONDERFUL discovery has "recently beer made by Dr. Curtis of this city, in ihe tr< ar-1 I nient of Consumption, Astlima, and ail diseases of | the Lung*. We refer to DK CURTIS'S HYu'F ANA. OR INHALING HYGEAN VAPOR AND CHERRY SYRUP" With this new method, Dr C. has restored many afflicted ones to health, as an evidence cl which he has innumerable certificates i Spcakinx of the treatment, a physician reui irks "It I is evident that i haling?constantly breathing' ai. agreeable, healing vapor?the m*dicinal properties! must come in direct contact with the whole erial cavitie of the lungs, and thus escape the many an J ymed changes produced upon them wh?n intr< cured into the !t<>ma?h, and subject to the process of digestion " The Hygena is for rale at ill U.e Druggist's throughout the country.? X, York Dutc/*? i men of Jan. 14. The Inha'er is worn on i,he br. ast under the liuen without the least inconvenience_the heat of the h'Hjy being sufficient to evaporate the fluid. Hun dreds of cases of cures, like the follawing, mi?ht be naiced. ? One package of tiie Hyg ata has cured me of the Asthma of six years' standing. J F IkKEsraaav, P. M. of Duncannon, Pa. I am cured of ih e Asthma of ten years' standint by Dr. Ctutis's Ilygeana. Maksaeet Easton, Brooklyn, N. Y. Mrs. Paul, of No. 6 Hammond street. y W3g | geana ?f * *evere ca*e ot Bronchit>8 by the Hy My sister has been cured of a distres^ng coujh of I several years' standing, and decided to he incura ble by the physicians. fche was cured in one month by the Hygeana. j. H. Gaubert, P. M Richmond, Me. The Rev. Dr. Cueever, of New York, testifies of our medicine in the following language : Kiw York, Nov. 15, 1854 I'ear 8ir? I think highly of Dr. Curtis's Hygeana as a remedy in diseases of the throat and Lungs ? I Waving had some opportunity to testify its efficacy, I am convinced that it is a most excellent meu'i ! eine, both th< Syrup and theiahaling application to the chest. Prof. 8. Center writes us as follows ? Gentlemen?I have recently had occasion to test your Cherry Syrup and Hygean Vapor, iu a case of I chtonic sore throat, that had refused to yield to fcth er forms of treatment, and the result bw satisfied, me that, whatever may be the composition of your preparation, it is no imposition, but an excellent remedy. 1 wish, for the sake of the afflicted, that it mitht be brought within the reach of all. I Dr Johns, one of the most celebrated Physician* in New York writes as follows: Dr. Curtis?Dear Sir?Having witnessed the ex ct.lent effects of your Hygeana or inhaling Hysean Vapor and Cherry Byrup, in case of Chronic Bron chitis, aud being much in favor of counter irritaiion in affections of the throat, Bronchial tubes and lune* lesntherefoe cheerfully recommend your Medi cated Apparatus as being the most convergent and tfl?ctu?l mode of app:ying any tiling of the kind I have ever seen. No doubt, thousands of per ons may be relieved, and many cured, by using your medicine*. ?' I must here be allowed to confess that I am op posed to piescribing or usincrecrct cotupounds, but thu little neatly contrived article, and its effects In the case above alluded to, have induced me to speak ,in its favor. h You arc at liberty to use this in any Way you may think j roper. Respectfully, your*, kc. I C. Johns, M D., - d . ? No 609 Houston street, N. Y. Price three dollars a package Sold by CURTIS A PERKINS and BOYD * PAUL, No 149 Chambers street, N. Y silS'iTttlEn'S;'w "flbe N. B?Dr. Curtis'j Hygeana is the ORICINAI Jind ONLY GENUINE ARTICLE ; all bajse lmita'ions, or vile and injurious counterfeits 8hun them a* you would POISON. For sale in Washington by CHARLES STOTT Se FlTt wi"r * ,tfeet; Md J- ? MOOJ^ta Cttlsd States Patent Ofllea, > 0W*V WaaHHratOH, May 19. U65. N the petition of JKhiitC riniH?,atmi Mra ? ? L*wls Pollmso, deceased uts of Albion, New York, praying for the extension JfS?RSt/*""r1 ,*? ',h* r ? '?nnohi.. ^ lMlf for an improTfmeot in ?Eucbines .or .emoving buildicgs," tor s^ven ye?r? SMW- r.*" patent, which take* j ft; t\ Ut day ? eighteen hundred | th ?th! P*UUon heard at the j t6e 6th da7 of A u CO Ft ^.? v ' m 'aaii 411 P?t*ons are notifiedtc apjwar and show cause, if any they have, why said petition ought not to be granted. i-?Kr8Sn.80p^*iug the are required to file ^PsUntOfflce their objections, speciall v set forth in writing, at least twonty days before the day of f^n*\!?vte*i,nony ,rither to be tued I at the said hearing must be taken and transmitted in Mco^anoe with the ru lee of thleOffioe, which wS be furnished on appileatlon. ' The testimony in the case will be eloeed on tw* 21th ef Jnly; depositions, and other papers relied o? as testimony, most be filed in the ottoeon or uTih^ ton, D. Daily Rerubioan' S^S^MT week for three ^'ODO* ? CH4KLR8 MASON,' F. 3 T?nuata,k>nfr of Pateou L'J rOBRBT BALL. GEORGETOWN. THE RENOWNED DRAMATIC (?rrr a r&?Ti*s) OP THE BATTLE OP Rl'NKF.U HILL, \V|? DESTRUCTION OF CH.1Rf.KSTOU'A, Wi remain at ?l?' Halt two ?<?*?? i??????? ,'?? MONDAY and TUESDAY EVENING*, Ma; | 4 an 1 '-Aid. positive ly no longer. A^nianon 95 rents. may 81?ft B TURTLE?TURTLE?TURTLE! DKITRR* PUBAIT EG leave to inform tkfii friends and U>r_naUic > genera lv ibat they have jutt re , jfed from direct a choice Irti of real GREEN TURTLE, which will be served up in Roup, Steak*, he ,ere day at 11 o'clock BENTER k DUB ANT. m*y 81- 3t HAIR BR U811 lbff, Combs, Porte Moanm Tooth Itm-bes, superior Scissors, T ula Cm ton, Pocket Knive*, Toilet .Soap, Barry'a Ti icopher our and Lynn's Kathairon for rale nt may 81?3t LAMMOXD'S, 7lk at. T^RAVVING BOOKS from Pari, and London in" U ported direct by the undersigned, of ran on 1 kindaand description. Landscape Dran n-g. pow ers, Animal L'fr, the Unman Figure, Perspective Architectural Drawing, he. aaay 81 FRANCE TAYLOR. f GARDFNING. GARDENING performed by a rood practical G dener. who understand* a I the branche* ap . taming to the busines*. They will undertake t^U mtt gardens in the moat approved atyle by the job, dtp, week, or if neceasarv by the year, nnd keep the rame in order. vV HARDIN it CO., Nn. 4T9 13th street, may 21?I w* two doors south Pn. avenue. MILLINERY AND FANCY GOODS. SELECTED WITH GREAT CARE.?Ev?-ry ?, ticle in the above line may be obtained ten per cent cheaper than in any store in^^B the city. Milliners will find It to tbeir nj vantage to call. ?ZL Straw Bonnet#, Hau and Flata Lace, Crape, Blonde, Silk and Lawn Bonnets al ways on hand Frames, Seamless Crowns, Rice do. Blonde Lace Edfines Footing, kc. WILLIAM P. PHEOn, Fancy Goods and MUIin?ry, 504 liih ft may 81?Iw VTEW BOOKS RECIEVED AT 11 SHILLINGTON'g. the Two Guardians, by the author of Heartsease and the Heir of Redely (T Lndis.-' National Mararine. for June Ha'l'iu'* Magazine. for June New York J< urnal, for June Yankee Notion*, fcr June. All the New Book* and every thing in ibe Sta tionery line, for anie at SHILLINGTON'8 Bookstore, Odoi n Building, cor. Aft nnd Pa. ?*. may SI? * WASHINGTON STORE. IADIES, you muit not forret that we are still J offeiing great bargain* in Dry Good*. We name in part? Mouselina and Ca'limeres at 12 % cents, cost 80 Fine fast colored Lawnn at 8 cert*, rw't 11U Yard wide bleaclied Cotton*, only eents ^ hue and colored Crat?e Shawl* at half price Ootton Sheetings, all widths, less than they caa be bought elsewhere Plain Challeys, only 18\ per vard / Fine French Gingham*, only $3 cenu Ladies' black Hose at 8 cents I .men Table Damask very cheap A ^ beaut"ul Brilliants, on.'/ Berege de Laiaes for 123^ cents, worth 36 Plain, dotted and Embroidered Swui Muslins, very CDCftp ' 9 .. customers will please remember that all of the above Goods ninet be told by the let of Julv mtStl ^ *,lk+ *ff' r*nl ?>K which * ill be sold withut regard to coat. m? 21-:. TrcHINEPATfcXT IMPKOVED EYELET M.\ Firsr patent?combined on one stock 8econ.l fttew??elf feeding with eyelet both>^(P*tect~pMcBtiaaprerad fancntr, rtTe-jnj 1 All parlies in want ofa good Eyelet faetun . are patp&t U?r ,,fcnt' but LIPMAWd PATENT IMPROVED, which is decidedly the best S?533??<T*Ule pub,,c' nu-"rou It is strong, durable and not liable to get out of or . ,l Punches the bole well, and to fit the Ejelet, and in ?ne operation clinches the Eyelet 00 both h- T. 5*? u 11,0 P*P?" fcc-. need n?t be reversed or turned over to clinch the E>let a sr cond^ume 1as is the case with ail other Machines ?a ilii . 1 a Merchant in filing away papm, 4 as wrll a? to thv aaorney or Conveyancer, the rh<-? maker, Tailor, Milliner, and numtrona other-, and is a very laitor saving .Machine Principal Stationers and Fane Goods Dealer* throughout the I n.ted Sutu. 1 Agents for Washington, L V O. .r TAYLOR M MAURY, T may 21?tf Book*tore, near ?th ft Wood *ngraving and Lithograph mg _ Orrict 8cmh*tend*jit Prutic Paiimsa, Wa?hinrtoii, May 19 itvVI PROPOSALS will he received at this office unt J ! the 30th day of May inetant, at 12 o'clock, m for drawing aid engraving upon wood, In Uie h rh est style 01 the art, tweiity four or more nuaf pages (gjx by nine inches) of scenery, to il ust^ Reports of Surveys of Route for RtUioad to Facm Ocean. Also, for drawing and engraving, in the ram* style, sixty-five or more small geological ill 1,sir* uon* and vi?-ws to accompany rawc work. Also, for drawing and engraving in the Mm*-niar^^ n? r, two or more views to accompany Rciwit of Lie<it. Gilli-s. All these engrav.ngs will be required to be drawa Uf?n llie blot** in the verv ben style, and the driw nig submitted to this cffice ftr correction or ip proval j and when such drawing* are approve, tbe engraving? to be executed tn the neatest mam.rr. Proposals will also be received until tbe same dan for drawing in crayon, in the higher style ot the art, upon Mone, and prinmr in one, two, an J three lints, tw?nty-lhree thousand or more copics of twenty four or more quarto plates (ax l>y nine , inches) of illustrations to accompany R? ports of I Surveys of Route lor Railroad 10 Pacific Oc-an. Proposals will alao be rect ivtd for drawn.r an.', printing a portion of the work last above tamed and printing in coloju. The illustration* will be open at this office for ih?* inspection of those person* desiroos of bidduis Im I the same until the cloeing of tlie bids, and any ia fjrmauon desired will also be fnrniahed. . * w nh?* Fap''r r^5,^'re<, ,or Pnntiog the hibograpks will be furnished by this cffice. Contracts will be entered into with, and bomls with security will be required from, th- ^cce^ul u,flf*Ithfn' execution of 1 heir contrccts. The bils will state, separately, the price, and but price, for each class of wotk bid for. uid ibe Ume nqaired for the execution of the w?*k,or i*.r nong ot the same, and must be addre^fd to ?v G. Seaman, fcupertntendent of Public Printing, Wasli iigtou, D C and be plainly endor ed "Pronosais for U ood Engraving,'' vt "Lithofrsalnne." mavQl 1. A. G. SEAMAN, * t?U|Knnienilent. OR S A1<IC ? An Knglish Carriage * sk." A Double Wagon r 2 tall Carnage Horses 2 Buggy aud raddle Horses ter^Xie?T P?*~hin:'B of Preiich M nlc . H T * very Suble> ?? I, between lfitl and 17th streets n.ay 19-1? SILATIR TIMEKEEPERS. 4 T NDEPENDENT of cur unusually large 1 elegant Gold Watches, we have ju-t received an S wlX'iow'!"'" Ti?" k'^" M VV GALT h BRO , nar ',9 6' ***'' b?lW' ^ and ll*b rts. SURGICAL REPORl S nnd Miscellaneous papers ou Medical Subjecu, by George Hav<vard, M President ot the Massachusetts Medical So Clctjr The Education demanded by the People of tbe t? led Metes, by Prancu Way land, D. D., The Hiding Place,by Dr MaefaHane Ironthorpe, 'he Pioneer Preacher,a uleof V. ttimb Laiie, ?r Paul Creytnn. Footsteps of St. Paul, a new snpiJv. mav ia_l? GRAY k BALLANTYNE. Il>*) I9~3t 49 n acvemh at T"* CJEVv'rilASK^uuor. f? II ?-*nd.<>*Ji^ted *" M?" 8*?y D. Bradley, by J. hav ",4<'fcr*' Esq.. of ikis city, wbora com positions have alwavt met wuh such great public fav?r. it ?, LP'er!,u1 oi ^ I**" tre *uch as wili introduce It among aU lovers of music P ice 85 cenu. Just published and for sale by ?p. ^ .. ^ M iliLBrs Si niTZ. i ne President s Mounted Guard Quickstep, co? F? i!t7 """ ^cco^pifhed Pianist, Mr. Rob. rt Hel ler, will appear in a tew days. may 12 STEAMBOATS (X)NNECfLN'G~3^ ?Mich train of Caxa ?HEraSB^fiirg in Washington or AlouB' THOMASOOLLYE GEORGE WASHINGTON wfli make the abij^fc connecuons, leavin. W ashington at ? a. m forH^V Orange and Alexandria car*, and connect with t^^^ snnie tram on then at rival. MesU turm?hed on the boats. The Boats coojieoi ?ith all the trains from Bal Ufeicre ^ i i t F ?3j i7-a ^ connect with an the trains fn SAM'L CtDNEY, C?pt.

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