Newspaper of Evening Star, May 22, 1855, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 22, 1855 Page 4
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EVENING STAR. "THI ICHOOLEA8TEB ABROAD" fThe follow! .g waa picked up in the road* log r~oo of one of oar principal Hotel?, where It hid been suffered to fbat about "looee" bj the transcriber,?who mast be an admirer cf " ViUihina end hij Dinah!" Wajhisotow Citt D C Maj th 7. tis of A rich m^rchin who in londoa di I dell be bad bat one dnrter an un? mmon nire joanj her i?ne It ws* diner ?reree siztene yarse oil Willi A werj T<-rj large fuuioo la ulrer and gold) coreat as diner Tat wracking the gardin one day her papy r e ram>t to her and thus he di<t say gn d'?*s ? our aHf diner in georeu A ray and take your *elf A husband bolb galant and g?y) con 0 papv O papy i have not made io marry Jmt >et why i dont feal incline io you my lar^e foarton 1 gia tly giv O if you let me live single A year or tow mace) eon f ?? ro boldest dorter the parant ?? p id- if yo-j woni b this young man* brirt i II give your large - fob run to tbc nerreat of kin and the e? nd. RoBienr or $3 000 Worth or Jewklrt on the Stbamkr Baltic ?Yestordej afternoon a joudj man named Datial Branch alias O'Brien, was tries'ed on board the stoam ?hip Bal'ic by Officers Capt. Kytders and Wm Miner, on charge cf stealing a box con* tainiop $3 000 wotth of jewelry, the property of an Eagl'.sh gentleman and hid wife who came passengers by t e steamer. Capt. Rjn dera aud Miner saw O'Brien have the box un der hit arm, and as it bad not been "passed" by the Coatom-Uiu* officers in charge, they suspected he was attempting to smuggle some valuables on shore On interrogating O'Brien he said be did not know what was in the box aaithad boan baoriel to him by a Mr. Ray* mond to convey to bia hotel, which waa found to be untrue Accuscd waa detected in the the iotof secreting a ^j'msny," and shortly after tbe owner appeared a&d claimed the property, it having been stole a fro u tbe por ter to whom he had given it in charge to con vey to the hotel. O'Brien wastbonoommittrd to the Ftf.h Wat<) S'ation llouce to wait ex* amination.?JV. Y. Trtb'me of Saturday. Price op Boakd at the Uotxls.?There are now four ratea of board at tbe largehotels In tbi< metropolis After the pat sage ef the Prohibit ry Lttjujt Law, it waj decided that the le&diog public hon?o* woulu be compelled to raise the price of board Several pr^pne tors aiet in consu:tat*vn, when it was agreed by those of the Acor, St Nicholas, New York end Clarendon, to raiae their prices from $2 50 to $3 per day, the rare now charged. The proprietor* of tbe Union Place ard M-stropoIi tan hotels refused toj jin this combination*aad keep to the old rate of $2 per day. The rate at the Carlton iloase is $2, and $1 50 per day r\ tho CortlacdiB'-rcethottla ?iYctr York F'Per- . The Shoe Business.?The Lynn Daily says the shoe manufacturers there have had a good spring bjtfluess; have sold all out, and could have sold many more shoes for tbe spring trade if they could have completed the orders in season. The manufacturers are full of orders and lull of work to complete them. Wag<s are up and going up ; all who can make decent s:.oes have plenty ol ssrork. There is a line prospict ahead. A Business Maxim.?When you buy or sell, let or hue, make a clear birgain, and never trust to ??We shan t disagree about it." 6 MOVEMENTS OF OCEAN STEAMERS. Name. Leavt For Dayt. Baltic Liverpool... New York...May 5 Union I.'avre Ni w York..May 9 Ainca ton ...?...Liverpool...May 9 America Liv? :???!.... Boston . .Way H Atlantic York...T.iverpool ..May 15 Nortn Star..?..?Havre New Vork..Ma> 19 0&-Tu- California Mcim?n leave New York ou the 5th and Afth ?leach iiiontn. ARRIVALS AT PliiliCIPAL HOTELS National llotel?a p. wauio A L Rive*, Va (? CottS, do F VV Ki.ox, do W B >1 .if 11 ii, do 8 II ll^ruoit do J Wi-kf-ain, do J P, Mil J K McCutlock, Va 11 P EngHoian, Pa E E O'Hara h ly, Mass F I'ane a. lady, do C C vi&g.uilcr and laJy. mj 8 M Jackson, do E 8 Uartl-tt, do 11 Beacher & lady, Mass C Keller, HO G Teuacil. Ala Dr ton**, La W II Liaujjherty, Va Dr Tb<<maa, Mi Dr Turin r, do Dr X J Si-mn ea, DC A Bauieu. Mat.a J J Ma a iir, O J Y Sbepbard, Md A Young. Pa Dr Uinis, Qx C &>uittgaa k. lady, Ky H U Wute, Pa J it Bl-ea k lady, NI J R Apxar, N i Wlllardi' Il^tel?a. a. It t. c. wiLLaas C D Clark', MJ L L?y. NY J G?y, I'M A Young. Tex G O Burner, III F J ante. Md Glim & lady.NY Mm Ua?br- uck, NY Mi'S Cat ron, do 11 L. Frost*, uo J J Inn:*, d ? 8 W D ac .on, Mjm> H Ham-, do Mi?? Harm, do Mr C -lin <n, do W O Ltakine, do J VV Geary, Pa A Prevent a iady, Dal VV H R jthprford, Pa C W L e. USN K- v J W Ntrwton, do V K Eeadin?. Pa J Hr.w ,rd, Md G T Chapman, NY Mr Johtulon, Md Mrs II M Dean, do M:?a Dean, do iVim Dean, do J ?' D utY hdy, do W II G irdner, DC XV A Halouelor. NY J R j[*-ra, ir, Md G Ila, NY H It liar/try, Md J 11 Alexuiiiria, do Browai1 llotel r a v. iiowh, R 8 Welah, Mex W M l.iiU-houae, lad M s* 8 Lutlt'h uac, do Maat T Li tt*-Ss uw, do If A art. N V J L 1 acktrr a lady, Pa A D F*rre-, Vt J Griffia. Pa R II eukiua do R W McCVry, Mi J 8tock al<* k lamily, do A D Patrhtre a ?lai:^i{ Ur, NY R A 8n<>w?lea, Md J R *c .o lurn. do Mr McDaniei k family, Va A R Vfeaube and family. NY R W Kennnn, do C Ilaina, Va A Graham, do J K JeckMinan, Pa C Unwell, do VV i; Boardaaan and lady, do J E Br.nrr, NY J E Hace, Va F VV Kaox, do Klikwond flowaa j W Thateher. Del i G Yom.f. re B H Barn I, a? W B Hiock?, USN J P BU*t La P N Green a toy. Max* F De Campoiou, Frauce 8 Oark, M I L C Lecd?, DC b. a a. xiaxwooo. H Oldmaa, NC VV Mitchell L Joh< ma, Mich C ^t arna. NY 1> 8 Darl n, do J G Eowlu g. do VV 9andrra<n. DC U K Ba;r?l, do rnttcd stales D ErKrrt, N W CbN Vt T It TI>rU'i?n, 8C W T?ylor. l a J WeE''t>e:i, do G VV Ho, ai, >, Md G l- um, \ % G 8 Vaiijing, d?i JCawalou IIoaa?, a. ?w oi, J S Pen .leton and iaJy, Va J Roarb, do 8 Gi Hon , <*0 Col i alialt-iro k ua?{h t--r. do G * Mrrcer, d ? C J Mu?tn, do i Rrpr* Mil J F Cnbrj, do* G II k fi?, do J C Lku^UIi do L We bi>, ro Mr H">? n, do 0 D M re- r, Va F G lluoi^. do N GoJ <>te rot gh, Md I# VV hrr**ini:in, Va M kt F VV it. M ain, do 1 Utawaii, do Holll-il. C. IlCDIT. Lt VV C Dunlap, UiKM ( ' G Jon? a, Va T b L nton, do A B Ji'iM-.?, do Dr A A in r.i.zl. Ill A B Stinpw?n, NY VV C Du lac, Va 8 Gii&a!?li, do alsitadrla, Va ^aorairroa. E \ H<mm> Va H M Se nt, do R E Is. i it, do A J M Kay do J M Carter, do V. C*-ii r, do F. C M ir-iia l. jr, do M"J? VIcNerama, do lt B P. a. y, Md VV || Price, do J P P.- low, N8 G G McMany, Md J rrrrv. no P VV 8Mu;?btfr, Va B VJ CainptM II, Md C Ma aliail, do T 'I ii?buia i. do VV ? VVi., Va Mi?a L C WicUiaii). do W j Lair, Md FINK WATCHES. HAVING made ? considerable addition to my ftock of ?old BrTn*9 PATrrr titiu, and LADIKl' WATCHES Of Urn quality, henry 18 carat c Al*>. SILVER WATCHES for boya. I offer them at grestly reduced price*. The mov> menu are selected with great carc, and every Waich is warranted. Persons in want of a fine timekeeper are invited to examine my assortment. H- SHMKE*. - No. 330 Pa. avenue, betw. tfth and 10th rta. mar 30 . NOTICK.?I received this (lay a new assort ment of *LEEVR BUTTONS and STUDS, rf \ the latest style*. Also, a variety of other new Goods: v Vest Chains, Chitelains, Bracelets, Tina Earring. Rins*, etc. Great inducements offered to purch*?ers. H. SEWKEN, No. 330 Pa. avenue, bet. 9th and 10th st'. A'fif Points put to Gold P*ns at short notice. Diamonds remounted, and Jewelry made to order. mar 29? tf ffiSHIKSTOJl STOYP. HiNDFAfTfRT, S. ? corner of Pa. av. and Eleventh street, Sole Agency for C1IILSON, GOULD fc CO '3 Warming anJ Ventilating Apparalui, M POT?!) h CO.'S (of Boston) Union Double-Oven rooking Range, J. L. MOTT'S (of New York) INVINCIBLE DOUBLE-OVEN RANGE. Constantly on hand, and receiving LATROBE STOVES, for heating tw^> stories; Parlor and Chan her GRA I EH, Enamel ed and Japanned Cooking. Hall, Parlor, Chamber and Dining Roon*-S ? OVES; Plain, Tinned and Enamelled Iron HOLLOW WARE; B:o?-k Tin, Planished and Japanned WAKE in great varietv. All of which will be sold at the lowest possible rates, that will compare favorably with any Estafe Itshtnent south of New York. An examination of my stock is earnestly solicited ftp 13?3m JXS SK1RVLNG DENTISTRY. DR. MUNSON respectfnlly call-* public aitentton to his new patent, and GREATLY IMPROVED method of setting Artificial! Perth, wi h Continuous Gum-the Very PEK FECI ION OF THE ART. This style of Teeth has the following a Ivantage* over all others, viz : GREAT STRENGTH, CLEANLINESS, COM FORT,and BEAUTY, vieing with Nature in these respects, and in some oth? rs excelling. Public in spection ii r-spectfully solicited. Please ca:i atid see specimens. CAUTION.?No ether Dentist in the District of Columbia has a right to make, this style of Teeth. N. B?Teeth constitutionally healthy, plugged and warranted for life. Office and hou?e at No. 308 E street, near the corner of Pennsylvania avenue nnd 14:h street. ap 24?tf TO THE LADIES. MISS S J. THOMPSON jis n*>w prepared to siiow our large! and well sclectr-d stock if Miilineryl which she iia* jus: opened, oi the la test styles which we are selling at the lowest prices, and we cordially invite the ladies to call early ami nave the first selections. We would s?l*o renpectfully call their attention to rmr large and hand b ?!t-l-)oine stcc. of Fancy Good*. Pertuaiery, Gloves, Ho?ciy,kcr which we can sell at unusually low prices. HUPCHIVSON 9l MUNTTO, No. 310 Penn-ylvania avenue, First door west of Waiter llarper 8i CO.'S. mar 28 ? PAINT AND OIL STORE. HOUSE, SI&S &0 R ttfcVf AL PAINTEB, iOUISlA\\ avenue, between Sixth and Sev J enth streets, No CO. Residence No. 3JI0 C street, between Sixth and Seventh lias add d h> hs preheat business the sale of PAINTS, OILS, GLASS and PUTPY, in small or large quantities 'J he au? ntum of housekeepers is particularly called to the convenien-e of t'iM arrang-inent as they ran at all limes procure IIEAHTII and nth; r MIXhD PAINTS, of all colors, made ready for use by a PRACTICAL PAINTER. Orders promptly a>t> tnled to and respectfully 90 l:ciled. CHEAP FOR CASH. may 2? lm REV. JOHN LAN All AN, PASTOR OF THE EXETER STREET, M E. CHURCH?A ?Kong desire to benefit the afflicted indnces him thus to cenfy. We chal enge any other medicine to present sreh a nio-s of trsiimony from gentlemen *nd ladies ot' high st titdnig of our own well-known litixena. who testify .,f cures of COUGH, BKUN LU1TIS, RHEUMATISM. DYSPEPSIA, fcc. Baltimore, January 24th, 1855. ?esrrj. Mortimer If Mowbray: I tak?? pleasure in sating to yon that I have used > jur '-Hampton's Tincture" witli very great profit, t rom a serious l iroat affection, my general health Lad become very much impaired, when I com menced to use *? HamptmV Tincture." I found its effects upon my general health most salutary.? *ly nervooj system and dig?suve organs soon right ed up under its use. 1 have several times recommended it to ntj friend.', and ir. every case, as tar as I have been in formed, they have use it with success. Yours truly, Jon* Lanaiiah, Pastor Of Exeter st., M. E. Church, Baltimore. BLEEDING OF THE LUNGS. RALttcn, N. C., Feb. 8,1856. lieirrs. Morti:ner Sf llowLray: I do here y certify that ahout twelve months ago I was taken with a severe hemorrhage of the Langs -nd had four attacks of it I was advised to try Dr. Hampton's Vegetable Tincture 1 procured one bottle, and after taking which, I was sHU?ficd that I was much better ; and that, after taking the fourth bottle, 1 was entirely well, and now 1 enjoy as good iualth as ever I did iu my life. 1 cjin, and do, with out the least hesitation, recommend the Tincture to allpersuru afflicted in my way. Yours, Geo. W. Wiailxy. CURE PITS?READ! More to the Sic* t*an Gold.?Kroni one ol the most (apoctabk- Druggists in South Carolina. Luaklcstob, S. C. Sept. 21,1853. Mckrtj. MotTiuaa x Mowbray The sale of .our llamptou's Vegenble Tinctitre is increasing ^?'ery day, and every bottle sold recommend* thi. valua ie medicine to the afflicted. Several of our planters have tried it in different cases with aston ishing auccess, and a.e getting it by half dozens. It oas been f<mod to be the gre.atent remedy far rheu aiatic affc:tioas, and a wonderful carc hat been performed on a negro bov, suffering frorn Fits. 1 will furnish you w.Ui a number of certificates if you wisntaem. 1 am, gentlemen yours, W. O. Trott. Cull and gel pamphlets grails, and see cores of Cau^h, Bronchitis, Rheumatism, Neura'^in, Dys lepsia, Nervr.utiuugs and General Weakness. As a female medicine or for dehcato children we thtlievr it une<]ualie?l. Sold by MORTIMER fc MOWBRAY, 140 Balti more street, liaiucaore, and 304 Broadway, N. York Chas. drurr H. Co., J. B. Mooix, I). B. Cixnxe la&ki bL Bowlino, W. Kluot, and H MrPnss son, Washington; also, by R. S. F. Ci akl, Gem go uiwn; and C. C. Uxaar, Alexandria, and by Druf psu everywhere. feb 21?U Ail APPEAL TO COMMON SENSE. LIT Till SICK DIaR tub trutd. Captain ?Wherever kn>iwu his tcati mony will be conclusive. But lest those who do not know the Captain should be sceptical, Dr. Law son & Bro., with others of Uie best known and uio-u highly respectable citizens of E&iton, eudorse hu wonderful cure t.y HAMPTON'S VBflZTABLl TINOTI7M. . Eastoh, Oct. 4,1854. Jfecri Mortimer \ Mowbray t Gentlemeo? I feel it my duty to }5u and the pub lie to certify to the effects of Hampton's Veg? tabl* Tincture. 1 was for more thin five years laborim under a disease of Chronic Rheumatism, and ttn great part of that time 1 was so helpies# that I hae to be helped from my hed and dres: cd in my cU?J.*ie> 1 became reduced to a mere skeleton. All the mcd icuica I took doue me no good, and I continued t> grow worse I heard of Hampum's 1'mcture arc though* I would give it a trial. At this ume I did not ei|?ct to live one day after another. 1 I* oo take it (the Tincture) for the Rheumatism, but it a short time I wr.s w?-ll i.f that dtsea.'te. From th? effects of your I incture and the help of Ij ,d 1 au now getting in good health. I wish ail the afflicted to try Hampton's Vegf-ut.* Tincture, as I have d ?t'e, with the same effect tut! it has on Your obedient servant, Isaac Bg.VJAtft*. We are acquainted with ??aac Benjamin, snlc him some of Hampton's Vegetable Tincture,atiubt deve the above statement coirect. Dawson k Bao. Fmm oar kt.owledgs of Captain Benjamin we att confident thai uie above statement in true and uo exa^erated. J. A. Jobnsmn, CBARIKS H yRINSOK. C.ill and get pamphlets gratis, and see r.trej o Conch, Bronchitis, Rhttimatism, Neuioieia, Dv? pepeiia, Netvousnes* and General Weakness. As ? ?male medicine or for delicate childiea wo believ> it tinequalle I. ?.?ld by M? 'RTIMFR k MOWBRAY, 110 Bam more sJieet, Baltimore; and 304 Broadvv^v, N. Yoi, Uhas. Stott ?. Co., J. B. Moons, D. B. Cuui Clarwb It Bowunu. W. Et.LiOT.and H. McPbbs son, Wa>hnuton; also bv R. S. F. Cissil, Gconre town, and C. C. Baanv, Alexandria, and by Drag ri"t? ev?rk ? he ??. (?,, 8?t r IMS ME IF YOU DARE !?A new Wall*, very \^,u,t,1bie lor be*inner*, composed sod d nicateit r ~Z ? CtiHifcwa, by Prof. W. Uuntar. Publuhtd and fur rale at H1LBUS k HITZ'S Mu?ic Depot, m*J *? Coiucx Pa. av. and llih tU P' M SMALL STORM " AND ? CAMDLKI 1SW-1806. WAVY D1PARTMHWT, ) Bfesac or Paortstovi ajtp Clothiso. > M?y 8, ltu. j seal.od. and v endorsed "Cffsr for _ Pm*ll F torts,'' or ?'Offer tor Gender," cr 'Otfar for Salt-water r onp," u the ea?e may bs, will be re ceivel at t^is bureau untl 3 o'clock p. m., Tbursdav, the7:h d>y of Jan* n?xt. tor furnish ing and deliveries, (on receiving twenty days' no tic*) ?t 'he United Mates nary yar a at Cluarlea. town. Missa^hnsetts; Brooklyn. New York; a ad Oosport, Virginia, such quantities only of the fclj articles (excepting 'h-? ralt-water scap and tbe candles, for each cf which separate prop^nlf and cootra t? will be mv'e) as may be wqnlH Of crd?red from the contractor by th? chief of this reau, or b* the rfp-cttve commanding cfBcr< * the said navy yards, during the Cecal year en ' 1 n^ oO'.h Jane, 19(6, via: Bo e?, Combi. cam Bra-dies, e> avtng Combe, fine "rushes, scrubbing Gra*s for Hats Rruth- i, i>h e Jack-knives Brush- r, clothes Risor?, in 'ingle eves Bvtten*, navy Tea*! R*s ?rstraps, OrJway'J Buttons. navy medium Fciisors Butters, n-Tv cat Spoons Button', dead eye Blocking, boxes of Besewax, in % lb cikos, pure Cotton, Spools cf No*. 12 and 16,900 yards aseh, 8 ?or <e, eqnt-l parts Handkerchiefs cotton, fhst colors, 82 by 80 inehs*. weight not less than 2 os. each, texture 8 by 8 to ^incb Nafdles. sewing, No?. 1, 2, 8, 4 and 6, drill-eyed, let weens [Ubbon. lint bert Fr?nch black. 12 yards to the j-l-'cs; width i inch; U xture, 14 by 21 to itch Soap, bhavlng. in cak?3; each oake not le3S than 2 os. Silk, tewing, blua black; wr?pper tot to exceed 2 oc to the pound rhreal, b'ark aud white. Marshall's best quality Cape, wHte linen, 5 yards in length, i Inch wide; textof, 8 by 8 io inch Tajr:, black, twi.led cot.>n, 0 yards in leog'h, i inch wide Thimble', 8-13 end 9 10 tfismet'r Mustari feed, Amerhan browa *-epper, black, Mil tar lVpt er, red. American Bottles, ic*?eon. foo mus'srl and rapper Coiksfcrb t'lei, bf at quaiitr Muifard teal and j epfjer. in the raw t'r.te, and bot tles and cork*, art to tr cU litertd at Hew York inly. Wnrri falt water soap?reparole bid far lOJ^OO pounds. 'lhe soap must b? mv,uf-.c*.ur?d finm oc-cos-nut oi , and b< nt the bert quali'y d?nom eat -d '? white * th-water soao," ?ni be delivered in r,ood stiong b >xes ofabout *jv-n y Sre pounds each, and, aft?r ?u?recticn, tbeboxM must bs hooped at each end, at the expeos* of ibe contractor. Ibe price to be uniform at all the y*rd <. Candles ?tejarals bid 1 or 40.C0Opcundt. '1 he cand ?h mart b-? Ameri an mnu if^ctcred, of rrifne leaf ia-d rterise, 6 c <ndlra to th.ejoun rs i-10 luchia in lHrncth, tix tried ei, No. 1, to wei^h not iefs than 14 ounnos 87-KO; melting poiot not to be leio th*n 145 decrees Fahrenheit, 'lh* wick mu t bs brtiied. an 1 cnmroeeJ ot 78 co'toe threads of lha beft quati'y of f o. "X. 1 he c indies to le de l<Tf>red in g od b -xes, containiuf about 21 pann'Js racb, ard the b' x to b? market w ta the contract or' e nt me and the weignt < f the candles. All the urtic'ee must be rf gosd qua'ity, and con formable ia all >e'p*cts to the s .mplee depo^i ed at i S4<d navy >arJj nnd in tfci< bu>eau. and eubjrct to scc'i lnsi<ectkjn at tb? navyyari whare dal<T.r.d te the chief of the bureau m?y direct, the inspect. n?t * fTict r to bs appoiKtrd by the Navy l)ep?r> m*nt A 1 the articles to be d'livered free of any inci lenta' exp^nre to the g.>vert m-n',in prop? r resse ? ^r packages atd 'he price of ea-h an e'e n>vst b tbe Kam^ a' the respective p'ases of deilv?-ry. Fack ?ee? jn wiiiih the ab">Te a t c e> sre d*livtr<fd mtnt b ma: ked with tbe contents acd tcs name c f th ? contractor, and be budc.e^t to iasuie their ttmpo r ry eute ke^p n^. Tub contr ctor must e?'aVfsh ager.des a* ?tch stvions th-r than hi? res dt?nce,ih*t no <*elay may arien i i furu'ebicx ?ha" in y ^ r-quirfd; and ??u n the confrrc or or a^ent fat Is pr mpt v t c m ply with a'?iui iti nth^Ch'.^frf th?;; ureaaof I*r? ? isi >nf anICktLkgsha Ibe>tu'h02izedt3 drect pur? chase-' to ^ maie to eupply tbo CcOcieiicy, under the }^nalty tj ha exires cl in the cnrract; tte r enrd ot a rcqubitiou, r & duplic^'e cr.pv tnereof at the Barvau nl Provis on.s and vlothine, or at either ot the navjyard- af ree&id,eh3'l re "Tid** ce tha? such requis'ticn ba? been m?de nd referred. X*'0 O" more approved sureties >n a fum uqu^l to tbe estima ed am >unt of th< contract ill be re quired, and Ten per o-nttimin ad iition will be with nail fiom ;be ?m <unt of >11 payments on account thereof a? coilat-rnl security, to teonre it? p r ^rro anee; and not in any e er.t to be p.nd unUi it ir, in all rc pec's compi'o-i witb; and ninety p?r o?ntnm of the amount of all d? i*e i? made will he pali by the navy eg?nt within thirty Cays afrer bills, uly authenticated, shall hare b-jen presenteu to him. Iilac.k 'orms of proposals mar Leobttlned on ap p'ieation to the Bauy sg'ots at P'rt mouth. New Hampshire; lioscoa, New York, Phiialelphia, Bal 'icnore, Norfolk, P>nsicola, and at thi- bur-;?u A record, er duplicate ?.f th? latter informing a Vdd r ol tbe acceptance of hi-? proposal, will be .e :me^ a notification thereof, within them aning ?f the act of 1446. aud bin bid will be mad' and ae jepVdinoon ormlty with thisnndersttnding. Kvery offar mt'? must b* acc unpiu'ed (as dl rectei in the aet of Oon/rees making eptsrof ri*tiona for the naval serviae f-r ? 84f>-'47, a p ov?d 10th Au^uet, 18l?) bT a written guaraotte. H.^rn^ byone or taorf re*p->n-ibl? persons, to the >ff ct - hat he or *:?ev uu ler'ake that the bidder or bild rs ha or th*ir b!d bo accept'd. enter into an clt'.irati^u ?ithin ten days, with gooi aud sufficient xur?-tie<> o firfcis^ the a ppliea prooofel. Tin bureau alll Qot be cbli?atf1 to oonaidcr any p <-po a! uulofl) ao ?omp?rie<l bv tha <ua aut-e refjuired by law; th* i!omp?ter,cy of tha guirsntee to bi cert tiel by the na?y ag-nt, district attorney, or the e.hect >r ol the p rt. 77i?j a"en/i >*i of birfdert it e lied to V t mmpl/x and description of artiest rrsjwred as, in the intp'Cum efore recrp'.ion. a jmrt bu' r gid etmpirxaon ?oi'l f*e >n ide b'. to ea the artd't' and the tample* ar.d contrac', rcce vmgnoretha fill belixo th-m; and their a'te?>t\on u aUo pet- i ularly directed t' the. ann*x> d toiiU resolution, in addition to Uu act qf the 10ih oj Aujutt, 1840. Extract from the act of Congress approved August 10, 1846. MSsc. 6 And be it further enacted, Tha* from and afUr th? pa-eagi of this a?t every pro osal for na v*l supplise inviteu b? the Hecr t?ry of tha Navy, li.der the proeiio to th* zeneral opprr pr at on b il or the navy, approved Ma-ch third, eighteen hun 1-ed and r.r'ythrea, shall be a^rmpaared by a written guarantee, ti^ne! by one or mora repponei Ma pers n?. to th ? eff* *t that ha or thay and<*rtak? hat the bid ler cr bidden will, if his or their bid be a^septed, enter <nto an obiissticn in snch time as nsy bi preac lbwj by the Secretary of tbe Navy, ?itb good aud sofflcien' sureties, to furnkb the sup. al vs prop ?-a. No pr>p(?al shall be considered un e<a accompsnle-l by au^h guarantee. If after the axjepttcs) of a proposal and a notifl ation thereof o he biiler or bidders, ha or th*y shall tail to enter into au oblUatkn wichin toe time preeclbed by t>e Secretary ox th? Navy with good and sufficient sure ties, for )Urnl?hlng the FUpplia^, then tr e Secretary ?f th* Navy shall proMM^l to contract with some other person or persms far furnishing tha said sup olU?. aul shall forthwith cai-e the Jiff*r?noe b twaen <h? amount nontalnel In the prrposal to ;u?ranti-*l and ths amount for which he may have wnttao el tor furni hing th.? said supplius tcr the whole leriod of the prop ""al to bi chafed up a:ainat sa d blid-r or bidatrs. and his or their guar in tor or gutr in orn; and thrsims miv bs immadi ately reco/ered by the Unit d jJta'es, f?r the um o! th* Navy Djp rici-nt, ia an motion of debt against either or all of muI persons " f Public, No.7.1 JO'TT IiSSOT UTtoif relative to bids for provisions, e otblng, and small stores for the ueeof tbe navy. Ranuffd by the Senaie and House of Reprrjenta* times of the United Stales of America in Cbnpr-s* at Mitbled, That all bids fur supp'ies of provisions, nothing end small stores for the use of the navy may be rejected, at the option of the department, il made by one who is not known as a manufacturer "f. or regular dealer In, the article proposed to be furnixbed, whicb tact, or the reverse, most be dis tinctly stated in the bid- off-red; that the bids of all per?ons who may have failed to ocxmly with the joxditions of any co a tracts they may have prev* >usly entered into with tbe United btatea shall, at tbe option of the department, be re>wt?d; that 11 sore than one bid be offered for tbe supply of an Article on account of any ono party, either, in his ?wn name, or in the nauii of his partner, clerk, or my other person, the whole of such bids shall be re jrcted at the opti->n of the department; and thatco partners of am fl-m shall not he received as sura ties for each o her; and that, whenever it may be teemed neo. se*ry, for the interae t of the go?i?rn in-nt an-l the health of the crews ot the United States ve*s?:ls, to procure particular bnods of flou* whi"h ar^ known to keep best on distant stations, the Bureau .of Provisions and Clothing, with the aonroba'ioa of tbe Secretary of the Navy, be, *nd hereby la, authorised to procure the sameoo th*- best terva, in ma- ket overt. Appr< vtd 27 March, 18?4. mav 0?law4w LAW PARTNERSHIP. Robert j. wmlkek and louis janin have formed n ro partnership under tbe firm of ?'Walker A Jan n," for the and ar enment <>f cases in the Supreme Court of the Un>ted .States, and b?fore the Oouxt of Claiora at Washing ton ?:ity. At!drees Waahlngtnw, f). C. gay 10- eo3m EFRENCH VISITING CARDS, extra thin, snd 1 - f the finest finiJi,Ju-t imiK?rt?-d ;r>>m Paris di rect, by FRANOK TAYLOE. oiay U UNITED STATES MAIL. Pott Omci Difunmt, Ms y IS, ISSft. PROPOSALS fbr carrying tha mails ef tbe Ualted ftat?s <r m tbe let day of Jaly, IMA, to the 30'h day of J an*. IBM. Inalusive. la the States of VIRGINIA, NORTH CAR > LIN A, FLORIDA, and ALABAMA, will ba reoeivel at tbeOoatrset OS a of tha Pwt Office Department In the elty of Wuh legtro, nntll 3 p. m.. of th? 11th of Jan*, 1MI, 'o I be decided by tba 12th Jane, 1855, on tha routej and la tha times herein specified. VIRGINIA. 4958 from Pfterebur^. by Temp'ston, Hawkins ?ilia, Littleton, Parmer1* Grove, and Aesa moonlck, to Jenmlaa, 45 mile* and back, t*io? a weak. Leave Pe4*rsbarg every Wednesday and Satur day at 6 a m Arrive at Jerusalem same daye by 0 p m Leave Jerusalem every Tne day and Friday at I 6am Arrive at Petersburg same d*ys by 9 p m Prop^ra a t > leave J era sal < m Monday and Thirfday viU be considered 63M From Ptteribarj, by Uaion Grove. Newvll'*, Black Water Green Level, Bal eysbur>, B?r I n, Vicksville, and Bower's. t> Frar.klin Depot. 60 milei and beck twioe a we?k. L**tc Prtersturg every Wedntsiay and Satur da* at 6 a m Arrive at F anklin Depot nest 4sys by 12 m Leave Franklin Depot erery Monday and Than-1 day at 1 p m Arrive at Petersburg next days by 7 p m Prop's lis to embrace Paieon villi are inTlt^d Also proposals to end route at Bower** or Je rusalem. or make any other change that the tr>stm*sters on the route may reoommead as beiag advantageous 6217 Froiu Wv-rantoi, by Wsrrenton 8 p~ings a"d Jfffersontm.toOsk Shade, 14 miles and back, twioe a we*k. Leave Warrenton evcy Monday and Fiiiay at >0 a m Arrive at Oik Shade sams dsys by 1V< p m L*a*e Oak Shade every Mosdty acd Friday at 2pm Atrivs at Warrentoa fame da-s by p m Pr-eoea!* fcr f>ur aluitional weekly tripe to j Warrenton Hp ring* acd b?ck, during the ?? teritg season??sy lit Ju'y to 1st October each y*?r?arc in*ited Prop~wals for a third weekly trip oa tbe whole route, the yeer round, wi 1 alio be cotuld- red NORTH CAROLINA. 5711 Prom Hi:'?br>ro\ by <Jhap-?l Hill and Moring* viile, to M rriesville, SO mll?* and back, tlx times a we-k L^ave IIil:*bOto' dally, ex -ept Sunday, at 5 a n Arrive at Caap-1 Hi 1 -ama da; by 8 a m LeaveChanel H ilda lv, except t and ay, at 1 am Arrive at Morri bvLl rame day bv 6 a m Leave Uor.lssvilLe dally, exoept Sunday, at 7 a m Arrive st Ciap-1 Hill sune d?v by 11 am L ave Chapel Hi 1 daily, except ?oa<*sy. at 4 am J Arrive at Mcrri>*vi'le ?ame day by 6 am Thee* bourn of d?p*tture4 atd arri.ais to be changed as may i e ne*ee.cary to sec-reclt s< eonnex odb <t all tim* with tht railroad FCheiule at Morri sail e and Ui lfbor-'. 5412 From Hillebcro', or the frminus of the rsil mad, by Green Sp*i*g, M-ona Ha 1 Or^Lem. ] Boon'* 8 at Ion, end Aiiemance, to Greensto ro', 42 m lee end back, daily Leave Hil ?bjro\ or railroad, daily on arrival cf the rare, s?y at 8 a m Arrive at Gr-enaboro* ssme d*y by 6 p m L*ave Gre*nrboro' on arrival oi mail Ir^m Lex iogt->n, say at 7 p m Arrive at Hiilsboro' or railroad, next day by 4 am FIOHDA. 6853 From Pensaoola, by Florida'own, to MUton, CO J m l?s and back, rx t-m-s a week. Ieaee Pea**c It celJy, except Sunday, at 5 a m Arrive at M.t n ?am* day by 12 m Leave Milton daiy, ex ept r urday, at 1 p m Arrive at Pensacel* same day by 8 p m ALABAMA 71S9 From Offedtka, by Chambers C H, Militown. L niua. Wesd wee. Kockal* and Oikfunky. to JseaeoLVille, ICO mile* aud back, tLiree timr* a week, in two-horce e^?ches Ltav* c p?-lika Monday, Wednesday acd Friday at 1 pm Arive at Jick?onville n?xt days by I? m Leave J?ck* uvilie Tua diy,Thursday and 8it uruy stlpm Arrive at ??pel ka next day* by 12 m Pn poja's for fjor-horse ooach servic) will ba oonsiJexed. INSTRtCriONS. Form of a pmpcsal tckere no chnfig* from aJvcrtii? ncnt u contemplated by the bidder. I, ? ?>f . oounty of . Stat* of | . pripf>'? to ?>nvey ha mcil? from Jmy 1 1865. to Juuf 30,18"9, rn route No . tr m io , frgreea>ly to th* ad?er'i**ment of th? Poetmanter ????a?rel, c*ated May li, 1S65, and by tht foliowicg m de of oonv yauoe, via: ft>r| th* annual sum of dollars This prcp-sil is mad* with ffcll knowledge of the diitsn :e o, <h* rou-"e, the weight of the mail to b> car. ted. and alt other particulars in reference to tbe route and Service, and a;to kfter fi.ll exairinad: n of the iDft^uitions and r^oiremerts atcaohed to tbe advert.iBtm.-nt. Dated [Signed.] Form of a Qvartnite. Tie undersigned, re.-i lic^ nt , State of ?, ut dert.ike that, if th fjres<iln* t>'d for carrying th mail-i oa muu No. bea o?p ei by the r?*tm s ter Gea^ral, the bidd?r sh? 1, prior to tbe 1st day?1 July. 1SM, or a* ?o?n tber? as may b*, entei into tfce requir-d oblUat < n to perform ihe servic* prop eed. wi<h g od and tufficle^t fareties. T&is w* do with a ful knowledc* cf the obllga tioan and li^bilicief- assumed by guarantors und ?? th? 27th section of ths act of Ootgrees of July 2 183d Dated [Signed by two guarantors.] Form of Certificate. The und'tnlmed, po-tmaa ?*r of ???, Ftat* of , certifies und r his tnth o^ odce, that h* ir arqu -in'td With the guarantors, end know? th^m to be men of property, and able to mike rood tb<**r sruaran y. Dated [Gigned.] For fuller Instructions, with ooDdition" to be em braced in (he rontra'-tF,e?e the general advertnem- nt for mail propyls in tha Southern 8 a tee, dated January 12, U65. JAMES CAMPPELL, m*T 16?law4w Postmaster General Taxascar Dkpabtmsitt, March 5, 1855. N OTICE lrt HEREBY GIVEN to the holdersol stock of the United State* described in the fol (owing notice of 3d January last, that for the pur pose ol' completing the purchase of tbe amount therein named, una d^part-nent will continue to purchase, upon the term* of naid notice, to the ex tent of the residue ol the sum proposed not yet ob lained? aay $1,158,565 05, if said atocks are offered and received here prior to the first day of June next: Taxasnav Dcraamxirr, January 3, 1855. Notice ia hereby given to the holdera of the fol lowing described stock* of the United State*, that this department is prepared to purchase, at any time between the date hereof and the 1st day of Marrh next, portions of thoae stocks, amounting in the ag ^regate to $ldK)0,000,in the manner and on the jet nis hereinafter mentioned, to wit t In case of any contingent competition, within the amount stated, preference will be g ven in the order of Utne in which auid stneka may be offered. The certificates, duly assigned u< the United States by the parties who are to receive the amount tnereof,, iniisi be transit tiled in this department; upon the | receipt whereof, a price will be paid compounded of the following particulars: 1. The par value, or ai<>ount specified in each cer tificate. 2. A premium on tbe stock or the loan authorix d hy the act of July, 1846, redeemable November 12, { 1856. of2K percent.; <>n the stcclt of the loan au thoriaed by th* act of 1842, redeemable 3lat Decem ber, 1862, of 10 per cent.; on the ^tock of the loans authorised by the acts of 18V7 and 1848, a id redeem able, the former on th< 31st December, 1867, und the latter ou the 20th June, 1868, of 16 per cent; and on the stock of the loan authorised by the act | of 1850, and redeemable on the 31st of December, 1864, (commonly called the Texan indemnity,) 6 per c?-nt. 3. Interest on the par of each certificate from tbe 1st of January, l?.r<5, to the date of rcceipt and set- j tlnment at the Treasury, with the allowance (for | the money to reach the owner) of one day's interest in addition. j Payment for said stocks will be made id drafts of | the Treasurer of the United States, on the assistant reasurer at Boston, New York, Philadelphia, as the ponies M<ay direct. > But to certificate will be entitled to the benefit of I this notice which shall not he actually received at the Treasury on or before the said 1st day of Marcb next. JAMES GUTHRIK, mar 6?dlJunel Secretary of the Treasury, PROPOSALS FOR FUEL. QuaRTfRMasTca s Orricr Marine Corps,) Washington, 10th May, 1855. } SEALED PROPOSALS will b* received at this office until Friday, the 25th of May inat., at 10 o'clock a. tn , lor ?upp >ing to the Marines "rationed in Washington city from 1st Julv, 1855, to 30;h of June, 1856, such quantities of Wood and C al ns inay be required upon tbe Quarterly requisitions of Co mandii.g Officers Tbe wood to be best rak sapling, und tb* coal best anthracite, free from dust, broken and screened, both to be delivered at sue 1 points within the bar rack walls, ?s may be designated, free ot expense to the United State*. may 11?3tawt25th CHAKLB8 HANK1HI, Architect. (Pa. avemM, between Tent A and QersnlA ttre**,) W AaHINQTO*, D. C. WILL continue to furuiah Plana, detail worklnt lit awing* and specifications ol buildings 0i evary deaoripuoii.and alao to superintend their <r? t10"- l^.n '? HE RAG BAG, by N. P. Willis | Feurbach's Ejmm a of Christianity CummtngHi Family Prayers, 2 vols FRAJfCK TAYLOR, ?etman Bitten. OB. C. X. JACKSOV, Phllad'*, Pl, will cvbb % UYEi COSPLADIT, DYSPEPSIA, iAUXDICR, Ckroni* or /forworn Dob&itw, Diseases of ti? Kidney, and mil diseases muu\a from m dio intend Liotr ?r Slwrni duch u Constipation, Lnward Piles, Fullness. or Blood to the Head, Acidity of the Stomach, Nau ?ea, Heart barn, Disgust for food, FuIIwm or weight m the Stomach, Soar Eructation*, Sink ing or Fluttering at the Pit of the Stomach, Swum ming of the Head, Hon ed and difficult Brealhi ng, PI uttering at the Heart, Choking or Suffocating Ben?atiocs w hen in a lying Posture, Dim net* ol Vision, Dot* of Web? bef<rre the Sight, Fever and Pull Pain in the Hea?l, D. flciency of Perspiration, Yellownea> of ihe Skin and Eyea, Pain in tlie Side, Back, Chest, Limb*, lie., Sudden Flu-bee of Heat Burning ia the Pieah, Constant Imagin ing* of Evil, and great depression of Spirits. pHE proprietor, in calling Uie attention of the X public to this preparation,does so with a feel ing of the almost confidence in its virtues aad adap tation to the diseases tor which it is recommended. no new and untried article, but one that Im stoed the test of a ten years' trial before the Amcri cm poopie,and its reputation and sale is unrivalled by any similar preparations extant. The testimony in its favor given by the most prominent and well auown Physician* and individual*, in all parts ot (he country is immense. The following from North Carolina is reepectftilly sub ? itt 4, referring anv who may still doubt, to in? "Memorabilia,"or Prac tical Receipt Book for Farmers and Families, to be had gratis, of a'l the Agents tor the German Bitters. Principal Office and Mai.uiactory, 190 Arch sc, Philadelphia, Pa. TESTIMONY FROM NORTH CAROLINA. Vmrtificat* of Dr. W. SmilA, of Pint H%U, R*A fund County, N. C. Piaa hill, March 4th, 1R54. Da. C. M. Jackson, Philadelphia?Dear 8>r: I have been a subject of Dyspepnia, in its worst f rm, for the la?t five years. Such was my eoi.citioa fo? .welve months that the physicians and all who saw me said I must die. While iu this condition, 1 wa* carried to the watering p!ac< s in Virgmia, Tennes see and North Carolina, but wa* not benefited by any water to which 1 wa* taken. VVbiie on my way home, I stopped a week at Rutherforlton, a ffliat I village in North Carolina, to try the effect o( *>me Chalybeate water in that place. About the last of the weeK, 1 went in;o a drug store tn gei ?ome medicine for my child and myself. There were several of the village |ihyeiciana in the store, and one of them seemed to take ?otne interest in my case, and, after asking me some questions, said he had been a dyspeptic, and had been preatiy bene fitted by the u*eof"Dr. Hooflmd's Genua Bt? ters," prepared by yu, and he insisted tiui 1 would uy the Bitt.n He al*o called the next cl-ty ot my room, and insi-ted so much that I would try them that 1 asked him to get me one bottle. He di-1 it, and I commenced taking it as directed, and I do say I was more benefitted t>y it than all the wat*-r and modicine I had ever taken. After reaching home one of my neighbors came to me for n prescription and medicine, (be r dy spep tic,) and i save him neirtv all the Bitters 1 bad left, which effected much rood in bi? case. He ha* often ailed on me for morejof ihe same k n-J of medi cine, saying he was mire benefitted by it than ary other lie had taken, but I have not been able to get my more for him or myself fiLZ-. 'S.V. . .j, there ?ore, please ship me a dozen or more as soon aa pos chle. Respectfully yours, \V. 8VilTH. U. R. HOOKER, Iloger's Store, Wake Co., N. C., 'ictober 24.1653, says:?11 Marine experienced v?ry ?reat benefit from ihe u?e of " Hoofinnd's G?rm;.n Bitters,in Chronic Dysentery and functional <Ic rangement of the Liver, and its concomitant evils, ( am desirous of obtaining a quantity of it for the benefit of my community. You will, therefore, t?iea*e send a lot. &c. tic. CERTIFICATE OF WM. J. ATWOOD. Hcktsvillx, V aoci5 Co , N. C . Nov. 1st, 1853. Dt. C. M. Jackson?Dear Sir: Allow me to ex oress to you ray sincere thanks for your dwcoveiv of a medicine which, to say the leakt of it, has ef '"ecte-l a cure that all other medicines, tl??t I hive aken. have entirely failed to ?jo. "Hooflani's Ger man Bitters" have sureil me of tha most stubborn and agcravate.! case of the piles the-, perhaps, ever fell t? the lot of man My case is not a i tranger in btis community, aa I am well known in this a'id the unwinding counties, and can truly uv that my re covery has astounded ail iny friend* and relation", as I h;id tried everything recommended, and nothing did me any good until I was prevailed upon to try the Bitters. You are -it liberty to r-ake any o*e ol this communication, for the benefit ot the afflicted, vou may think proper. Truly yours, WM. J. ATWOOD. These bittrrs are entirely vegetable, they invigorate and strengthen the sy.-iem, tiever pr.^trate it, and can be u>ed for infant* as wt|! as ad alia. For r'le by respectable deilers everywhere, and by Z. D. GILM AN', Wa-hington; J. L. K1DWELL, Georgetown; and J. R. PIBRPONT. Alexandria, mar 1?lv OARTEK'3 SPANISH MIXTURE. rha Great Pvrtfler ot tha Blood I Hot a F&rticla of Mercery In It In IbiaLLIELI Exmsdt for Scrofula, Kir)g*a Kvii, PLvumatisa, Obstlaata Cuttc?oua knptiou, Pfmalea or Pustules on tbs far*, BlotoLaa, Boil.-. Chronic Sore f.ym, King Wora cr Tattar, Scald Roil, Enlargement and Pain of tha Boneo and Joints. Htnbbom Ulcers, Syphilitic DUordera, Spins'. Compla'nts, and all tha dtac^-a arislcg from an injudicious ns? of '.lereury, la. prud nfie in Mfe, cr Impurity of the B'ood. rl?I3 valnabls M*dicina, ? hish h&t become eel* brated for tha number tf ?ztrarrdlnary cures, effected through its agency, baa induced tfcs propri ito'a. at the urg nt requ-^at of their friends, to off jt .t to the public, which they do with the utmost oon idenc-i in its virtu?a and wondarful curative prop :rtl * The folic wiag certific&tea, ?elected irom t ai^e number, are, fc<rwever, rtron^er testimon? ?ban tha mere word cf tbe proprietor;; and a? all :ron gentlemen weM kno*n in th-lr localities, ?rj >f tbe highest, respectability, oany of them reeldinj <a the city of Richmond. Va. F. BOYDKN, ?eq.. of the Kxohange Hotel, Rich nocd, kuown everywhere asjsh* huteeu *ha Med. due called Caarxa's 8?ajt".h M urcai, administer^ ?n over a bun ired cases, in nearly all the aiaeaeee for wLichit Is reeommeu-!ed, uith the most aston shingly good results. Ha aaya it is tha moet ax traerdinary medicine he haa ?ver aeen. AG UK AND FSYIR-GRIC4T CURB.-I hereby wrtify that for three years I had Ague and Fever >f tha moet violent description. I bad several Phv ddans, took Urge quantities of Quinine, Mercury and I believe all tha Teniae advaitWd, but ail with rut permanent relief. At Last I triad Carter1* ipenish Mixture, two bottles of which affoctuallv lured me, and I am happy to say I hare had naith?i thilLa or fevera aince. I consider it the best Tcnic u this world, and the only madi?iae that ever reached mv ease. JOHN LGNQDRN. Bairxa Dma, near Richmond. Va. 0. B. LUCK, Esq., now in tha city of Rlchtsond and for many yean in ths Post Office, has euch xnfidsnce In the astot^hicc efficacy of Carter*!! ipaniBh Mixture, that ha has bought upwards of Li 'settles, which be has givtu a* ay to the alQ<ctad.? dr. Lock aays be has novsr known it to fkil when Aken according to directions. Dr. MIKQI, a prustlsina Phyefidan, and formerly rf the Oity Hotel, La ths city of Richmond, it* he has witnaesed in a cumber of icitancse tL? effects ot Oar'er's Bpasiab Mixture, which were most truly mrprislng. Ha says in a case cf Oonsumption, de pendent on the Liver, tho rood affects wars won iarfbl Indeed. 8AUUKL U. DRINKIH, of the firm of Drinker A Morris, Richmond, was cured cured of Liver Com plaint of three i ears etanding. by ths u*e of twt bottles of Garter's Bpani-h Mixture. aRUATOURR 01 ho'ROFU LA ? The Editors of the Richmond Republican h*d a servant employed In their press room, oared of violent gsrofula. com bined with Rheumatism, which entirely disabled hip from work. Two bottles of Carter's fnaclst Mixture made a pet foot cure of him, and the kdi ccro in a public notioe, say they '?cheerfully reaom mend it to all who are affiliated with any Q< the blood ** STILL AN0TIII3 CTJR2 Of SCROFULA^-I had a v^rv valuabla boy cared of Bcrofula by Carters 3panuh Mixture I consider it truly a valuable medicine. JAMR8 M. TAY1/>R, Coniuotor on the ?L 9. and P. R. R. Oo. Richmrnd. V. ? iALT RHJEUM 0# TWRNTY YKARa BTANDDIfl ai^5' JOiIN THOMPSON, reMding In the eityol ta mS^Srarkali# ?' Q^u&on^ and hit RicIl?or<l had a eervani ^ worst form, by Ckcter'f H*?"*yS b# eh"erfQll7 r?coD mends it, and oouldars it a very invaluable meii aaf.D?^^!LB^?TPwN' eom?lR,}?0er of the revenue , M*n ^ood 'ffecra of Carter's rpcnisl Mixture tn a number of rtyphilitic easea. and savs it Richmond. cured cf old Cloers, wh eh disabled him fram w?lking ?i!T ^ottl?' of Carter's Speaiah Mixture, and was enchled to walk without a crutch, in a ehor i omepermanenly cured. ?a1?.^1*^1 5J WARD> VOU A Co? Ba M Hal den Lane, New York. n ^BJN^TT a BKBRS, No. lis Mala street, Rich Ana for sale by GHARLS8 8T0TT Vui.1.^ P"L' boaOe, or stx bottles for M ~ FHAKgn, TAVLvML TRAVELERS' OTOOTORT. WASHINGTON BRANCH RAILROAD. OH INGE QP POPES. kN H after Monday, ** iastsnt. rvKi^iAvM?*r.?? ? U will Leave Washington ill al8^k&,?a4lui 4* PR \ On Sum?ay at 4^ p m Lmti Baltimore at 4* and Ut I a, ud jal Sir P? On Sunday at 4JK a m. apSS-tf T. D. PARSOIfS, dS Mott Bedell's Line. ^ HEW YORK,ALEXAKDRIA. WASmSGTOM CITY, AttD DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA PACKETS. This line or packets pails weekly from pier 14 East River, New York, and oftfwr if neceMuy, and are compoMsd of the following first elan vwwela: Mew achr. A. T. ftetUU, BedWI, dmCt, New arhr. Motl B-tUU. A. V. TVedwatt. Schr. Ann D., Wa Oliver, natter. 8ch'. frJamt, L. A. Smith, n*it?. Schr. Cowumandrr-in-Cktrf, Wagtjm, i ScLr. GrMMPoy, VViImis, matter. Theae vessels are all fast sailers, and the mrn of experience to the trade, and the Ml/ 'ar Hue of Washington City packet*. MOTT BBUEL*, 1% ail street, V. T. 8. 8. MASTERS A SONS, Alexandria, Va. THOMAS RILEY, feb 1?8m Washington and D (X 03AEGE AED ALEXAESKIA BAUECAJX On and after Tuesday ,Nov. 7, 1854, rl Cars leave Alexandria dally tor Gordon* Tills and Intermediate rtations at 7 y o'clock, a. m-, on the atriTa! of the boat from Waihlaitee, firing ample time for breakfast ca board Co? ate ting at Manasus JunctUn with a train for 8trn? ?mi*, at Warrenton Ja ction with a train for War r-ntou. and at Gordon?vii> wPb the trains on the Virginia Central Railroad for Richmond, CiiarloUa* viile, ami btaonton. Tha ears leave QordonsrCle daDy lor Alexandz ia and tc termed lata statioca, at WbeJcre IS, a. m., ca tin arriTil of tha trains ot the Virginia OentraJ rail wad from Richmond. Charlottesville. and btaanton. TnRCUOH TICKETS Alexandria to ^ trrmtrt 00 ? ** Oor?1ons>tl?e.. 8 id ? ** Charlctteaiille 4 'A ? M Stacncm ? I M ? ** Ctraebcrg 8 M M ? Lynchburg ? *t ? ? WiaAmtm 8 m - - Luray ... 4 2A ? ? New Market t 60 - * MkMieburf ? 15 lor Lynahburti <^mneetirg with tha stages al Charlottesville, on Alondaya, Wednesdays, and Frfc lays Y t Lcr&y and I?ew Market, ornneetint with tha # ages at Colpeper, oq Tuaedava,Thursdays, and BaV orday. Per Winchester daily, connecting with tha i at Pied son t For Miadlebtuf dally, connecting with tha i at tha Plains. Par orVr: W. B. BROGUTT, nor 7?dtf FOR MOUNT VERNON. Oa TUESDAYS and FRIDAYS* jFare round trip (1; from Al^x andria 76 o^nta-The THOMAS COLLI KB Uaves Wsshhtgtcn at 9 an 1 Alexandria at 0% o'clock. l oach** leave tba Oa^itol for tk e boat at %% c'clh. Coech fore ]0 cents. Persotif Wishing the Coaches will leave thalr resfo dence with Geo. A Tbcr. i'arker. Refrer>Lic*ati on the boat. Oct Us?dtf 8ANTL 0 ELIOT. Cspt. ?KK SEW YOHK 4 LlVllBroOli UNITED STATES "MAIL 8TEAMERs7 11HR fcHirS COMPiOBUoQ THIS LX2T1 . xnr? ATLAVTTO, ?apt. Wert. PACIFIC. CapL Nvo, BALTIC, Ce'pt. C?rstock, AIi.-JaTIC, Cipc OaftoSk Theee s!ilpj have been built bj contract, exproee ly for Government service; every care has been tahwn tn their ooc?tractlon, as in the Enrtnee to tns&ra etren^th and ep^od, and their tttvmmodv tk>na for j aesengars are one^oaUad for e.eganoa and eomfort. Pn-^e of passage from New York to Liverpool, tn fiiltCabi&.MMM.M......M..M ... C JO Second Cabin.. 70 Rxcl?rive Uf* 0/extra siae state r^eaaa 800 Prom Liverpool to New York ?30 An experienced surgeon attached to each thlm No berth can 1-e secured until paid for. Por freight ar paeca^e to RDWABD K. OOLLTNS k CO., U Wall street, Nea Yc*M BROWN, SHIP LEY k CO, E. 0. RODERTH k 00, Ur*rr??L IS Kirg*a ?ncn Yard, JOT.N UONRC I A OO. M Ru<* Notre IHme -in Ti toiras, G CO. H. L EAP'.R, Havre. Tha owner* of theM rbi]^ ailt sot b* accountable for gold, sliver, bullion, *p?c*e, iewelry, (.redone stone* or metalr, ur.:?s? bills ef lading are signed therefor, and the value thereof therein ext ?f? I ft-?i 1 w E. H BATES. POLICE MAGISTRATE, FIRST ST., yE.tR PENS A. AFESCTS, OoriVef anntg and Bounty Land Claims attended to way3?>i>i Private Medical Treaties 6 If THS PHYSIOLOGICAL YIBW OP MARRLAQ^ M. 9. It A CROIX, a. Drt ALBANY, jfF. MO Pages and 130 Viae Rain and Ooiored Utb> graphs and Plataa. AT Prtee only SB Centa. 1BA O-Sant free of postage to all parts of the Pnlon^B CHEAPR^T BOOK KYBB PUBLISHED, end containing nearly d uble the quantity of reeling matter in that of the Firry gk>ts or dollar PUBLICATION*. 1) trewt- cn the PHYSIOLO GY OP MARKIAQB and tha secret i?lirmltlee and disordar of yocth and maturity, re raiting from exoeeeee, which destroy tba physical and men tal powara. with obearvatfone On marriage, its datiee anJ disquali&caticns. and their remedise; with lithograph', illustrating Ik* anatomy end phvaioUgy, and diaeaiea of the nfmx lactive crgats of both eexe?, then stractura, aaaa and fuootiona. A popular and compraheniSve trea tise cn the duties and casuaJ*^et f single and mar dad His?happy ai d tnutiu) &)l!a*.>se. mode cf se curing tham- icfel' jitous tofo.tale ones?their obviauon and renjovai?'apurtMit hints to tboe? 3onte.nplating nutnc.r ny, th^t will overoome ob jeotiCDfi to it; toaj. bower?x. should take this iak> portaLt a'cp wf'hcnt tret consulting its pegee xmmsntaries on the aieaaaasacd medical treatment it fomeles from idtney to old ase, each ease graph ically iliujtratri by beautiful lithographic ptates ?? aervoas debility, its eauaes and cure, by a preceen at cnoe do simple, ?afe and effectual, that teilure fo lupcatdb'.e?rules for daily uauageaant?an easej >n gpannatorrhma with practical observations on a safer, ami more successful xaods of tr**tn:ant?pre nutionary hinu ot the e'.ilfl resulting iau smptrW ml pricllia?cn assay cn all dirtases ariaug Mm Mh?IBa, with plain and simple roles by which all persona tan sure iheiaseivss without xuarcury? remedies for those self inflicted miseries and luep pointed henes to unfortunately p.?valant in ihs fcncg. It ts a truthful adviser to the married and tboee contemplating marriaga. Its perusal la pex? ocularly raocmme?ided to persens entertaining se> sret doubts of their okysio^i condition, and who are xmscious of having basardad the health, happiness and privilege! to nhlch every human being is ao> titled to. Price U tetits psr copy, cr fire copies for one dot lar. Mailed free of pottage to any part of the Uni ted States. N. B.?Those who prefer may mnra'.t Pr La Onetz upon any ofthedkeaMS c;ci which k>t bock treats stthfcr euonaJly or by mail. Mec'.-ins sent to any part of the Union aooeidtcg to directiona, eafcly packed a no carcfnlly secured t?m all cbtervadon. Address Dr. M. B #.% CKOIX,No II kU.den ? Pest 09cs Pox 6T0, A .deny. M. Y. ? *T TD ^1ttom ???to?pm,and?? iurdcy from u cnttl 6 pm. ?r- Office Kamoved frem No U Beavsr ft, ? * 1 Maiden Lane, Albany, N. Y. Aeo 7 FOR POOR AND LABORING MEN. SMALL BUILDLMQ LOTH of 10 feet er more, tn various parts 0! the City, and uecrrwtoem, si w Prtcss, and tanas to suit. LLOY^ A 00. BDUDllO ITORG, P* "ale, deUvarable at tha Oanal, or Wharrsi fei Washington, Geocgctowe, or Alexandria.,^ LU>YDAOa 15th street, cpp. Treasury Lfymrtmmi. It n-Jt BAKXINO HOUSE 07 FAIEO * ROUBJE. ClnMtttt Umitsd Stetee IYmw* BOSDb, Bh>c1? and other eeeexuaas pwchas 4 and ettld. In'ereM at bV rale of six per cent per mauin A fow^d on drpoMts wh?a left lor 20 Arm m ^esa-va,

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