Newspaper of Evening Star, May 24, 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 24, 1855 Page 1
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VOL. V. WASHINGTON, D. C THURSDAY. MAY 24. 1855. NO. 745. THE evening star POLISHED EVERY AFTFRNOON, (EXCEPT RITNDAY.) At tMs Star Building, eortur Ptansylv<uua zvnue and Elevantk street, By w. D. WALLACH, Will H* vrv?i in subscribers in the citiei of Wash ?^?trm, Georgetown, Alexandria, Baltimor. and So laHr'phia, at SIX AND A QUARTER CENTS payabteweekly to the Agent* To mall snbecriher^ I?L^BCriP<i0npriC,,1,THBEB DOLLARS AND Pirry CENTS a year in advene*, TWO DOL I"gU MONTH3? ??<i 0*E DOLLAR ** T0REE MONTHS. O^Simol. conaa o? 9mWTm nvip ?.?? ? MARINE BAND. 1 """.jf "tpe tfully I',form thr v i, tSfc? l firemen, ( luh^.^nd the pub'ic gene ?r at hut reLlrhir*^ M the Barrack*, rewdehce, on E. between 9th and 10th sta. 2Scm Sjsl'1 * ?***? m.,Sc dSiS: ? ?f . th,e *rT,ces of Marine Bandf or LCTft ?J 11 ,eilher a* a bra^. reed or cotton nZ!?? Wlf! embrace Louis Weber* unrivalled p# 8CALA ip30- 1<rJ?duct0r Leader of Marine Band. M w a card] ~~m O'VUOiiay M ?A? r?/?<rf to w*aitJi."JM ?J?TI\^9*neti0n ia Pric* of Hate 4 C&pa rr "rangea,.^ -*? with a N?w York Hit Cotnpunv to be eon WRESs'hatV JT,Vm th* V^rylbe-t or tiRESS HATS, got up in the lateat style, offers l w. y uaprecedente.1 low price of S3 50 worth from f*or to five dollars; second W ?''r? gl-M *? J ? -ery ^ fl&? ah?e Hat at $2,50 worth from S3 to U 50 ^ *LCo s at r^VtL advance Uim tbey hire been here tof->re sol J in this city First rate beaver Hats $3,5 <. All kinds of ?af\ HAT? and CAPS very low. *v?e nnM ,*bjT* ,ow Pr,ccs cash ?TMena must be adopts); consequently those wh > .n,H ^ihar^J fro ? fi,Teen to 'wenty eve per cent as aa vjffset fbr bad di bts. - , ANTHONY, Uor many years m the employ of Todd i. Co^ ^ 3< Cohmbia place, 7th at., ap 13?tf -3d door north of fVnn. avenue. IMPORTANT TO PERSONS BREAK x^poanJ)6 up HOUSEKEEPING ? jt.KSo:*rt removing front the ciiv, and wi-hing ? to dispose ot their F.jruitar- and Housekeeping Ltensils, hi , without the trouble oi sliding them o%aUot,on' Pan w> calling on u<- at our wore, jit P?-uns>lvaiiia avenue, corner uT Niuth w' hs^P Ue P^P^d to buy all *ucli good.) as may be offered Hoa#ekeepers and others will do wHI by rallinc on us, u we ?ill pay the highest ca-h prices lor ali C*\" WALL. BARNARD 6l CO. ap *o 1? 317 Pennsylvania avenne. PALMER'S PATENT TEO 1 11113 AMERICAN INVENTION . btir.da unr.v*'i>J both in this country andm Europe. Iliswcrnby 1,000persons, and with most a.-'toniiliiit* success. In c< an petition with 30 other ^ubsututea of 'he best trench, English, and German manufacture, it received the award of the ?^eat kid al at the W orld's Exrnai Ttow in London, as the best artificial limb known. In -his country it has beta thirty times exhibited, in competition with all Olivers, at the annual Fair's in the ??n?in;>al elites, and has, in every instance, received the award ot" the hi;hest or tirst P" cmiun. And as a crowning honor, by the unanimous approval of an int'-rna council, the "First Premium"? ^ ^ ?July Su'mt lie&tl given for Lnab-t? was awarjed *h?- inveator, at ttie N<?w Vork CrysUl Palace. Pidfihlets ipvuig foil kfoautioa, ;-.nt cr;iti< lj every applicant- B. FRANK PALMES, 375 U.'itkMiui sireet. Philadelphia. fteh ?? TAIfcSC M OTITIC. NEW SPRING AND SUMMER GPOODS. PW. BROWSING, Merchant Tailor, unier ? the TTn;t?*i States Hotel, has just received a lar^e supply of S^nn^ and Suiaiaar GWs, an i it now prepared to off>-r great bargains to aM in want o; fo-vt and tasinon tble cloihitig. His " Keady m*.le Clothiaf " will be -old at the following | .* prices: Wh le sut*, Coat, Pan'iloons, and Vrtst, of t^in cloth or cas imere, for .^12. Fine Biack Froek ani Dr?-se Coif, Groin .?10 to ?jll Cooa Business Coats f<?r 57. Black aad Fancy Pants, !:oa l}3 to J7. Mu'-iiiUti .iiii S !!i V>:?U, froio jjJ to $5. Hi always on hand a large aa^ortmcr.l <*{ C&ncy articles, such a.- Slurts, Gloves. Cravaiw. Um brellan, fcc. * ' ??Sole Agent fc the sale of Scott's Fa-hious." mar '9?i). look hiTiiTi MORE BOUNTY LAM* to .ill who served in ant war since 1790. whether as Officers Soldiers^ Sulors., C.erk<, Indians, Chap %uh, Wagoa Misters. Tcamsu.s, Landsni n, (or their wttfovr* or minor children) who have not ye? received fail 160 litres, an 3 have been in kervice 14 days, will do well t>. wnie to us i-ottpavl. and thesr Land Warrants will be f.*rwrjrdt>?i to th^m tor tne ?i-ove quantity, aau no charge 11 tbey do not *et ?t. LLOYD a CO., OrMm Agent's 0*5ce, opp>^su?; U. 8. Treasury. ? ashingtr.ri Cny, l?. C mar 6 -3m SOOErHIHO ITRW U JDER THE SUlf. CHARLES WERNER, Ptnnaylv-jmci acenue, opp^tUe broom*'' Hotel. f I AH filled up the comm >diou ? hall over his Rea Q. taurant as a first class UAG .R BEER S \ LOoN, having pro ured a supply of evrry luxury and c <mt<*ts 'ound in first class establubmenu ol the kind in the Northern cities. His RHIME WINES and French White Wines, as well as bis CI?reu, rtetars. Lager Beer, German, Italian, aui Sweitxer CHEESES, and indeed ? f e* ery otiirr appropriate luxury in such an jelao'ish. | meot, is un?urpa.?*ed in this country. lie soiiens a call from his tneuds'and the public, may 12?tf CTKAY tO AWAV om Friday, thr tth oi 0 May, from Georgetown, a small codoreu B ?y, about e4?:v?-n Tears of age. Had on when he left, v pair ol snuff colored pants and a straw hat. An swers to the nam*- *>f Jake Any one giving infor mation 1 j MONTEZUMA DAGGS, 43 .-everitfc ?t , Georgetown, wiii receive :h<.* thanks of the fam ly and a reward if desired may IS?lw* GLOVES, HOSIERY, RIBBONS, Ac. JOHN H. rtMfHjT, -outh side of Bridge et., n?ar Ili^h, Georgetown, has just received Irom New York an a ditioual supply of? Tatfata Silk and Lisle Thread Gloves Hhort and long black twi-teo Silk Mitta ?ipen- woi ked aad j,l.*un Couoa Hosiery, every va nety Misaea'and Boys' white, mixed an^fancy Cotton H<wiery Gents ^ do do Work^a Swiss Collars and Ruffle'' '??re and French worced trimmed Caliars Real Maltese aud Imitation Laces. With many oib- r rfe,.ir..bie G -odf, to which the attention ol ca*h or frouipt customers is invited uiiy 12? J. H. SM? )OT. D ?? R t O 1 WITH DKFICUTlVE * vision are invired to examine my -ive stock otail kinds ol SPEl,TA ' CXES end BYMLANS). OmJ of aay kind, -ucli as ?'atara< t, Parabola, . - Pen* .pic, I> .'ifcle Concave, Double Convex, and l"?<ored Gla-st-s, put in st si?ort notice, witli great eare,p^r*,n^ ,n wan, of Ulj4y ^ sim. <0 gei 'In* which benefit the eye. Ci/cula/a "Defective Vu-ion," grritis at n. SKMKFN'S, , 330 Pa. avenue, hetw. 9tii and 10t^ st-^. mar 30 GREAT BARGAINS TN LADIE^V'.EVIV", MlrtSErt*, AND ClIfL 1 I)RF>J' Ri)(il'rf AND SHOES.? Th-* sub*nber oem? compelled Ij remove froiamMV Lie ?t<H,e h- n>w occupies, offers his pr?s f Ml eia wrli assort, d stock of BtJOPrt AND ^HOEd at greatly rfjn -?d p-ice?. AH peraouj in 7*'1'''5 '** article will rind it to their advantage to ail before purchasing elsewhere. .. "A. II. SLOAN, 30* p4. tT > near loth it., north side. ***"/ A" "J S PL.\TKI> W A ItIC sI^t *A.aC% ODUUl-tiiiver O-^ets ^uI^h^T'' Bowls, Cream Jugs, vanetv?H o*,ul F"rka- Also, a great lor jreseni *"* cy dijVc' Ware, suiublc Sorts,' ua win* SdMaVlah'i^." r"preMrn,i>d' aod aao n, " rtKMKEN, mar S-u "enue, bet ?th and lOUi -treet*. F?;? f %,'K ?A Psir ol K.\y".M ARE>, 7 >ea/. rAm'"" bred^ouud, stylish, ?"i ll aad ? ap.u; go- r?. They are i.nJS2u an1,ptrf" "'v Uvi tncks, SVtth driv rc ThtU" "ny who ii lood .d The owner t?ar-- witft triem oulv because ?? !*? P's* uti rcireii. ii his eip??n*es. Tliev caa |'trrrrn?itti{Ul* U>rcu''> ?n Utl. 2S--S1 !* *v"uu ? "rms. ,i an op rtia- -r, 11 ? *"***"<? at tlie eouater of the ap ' W'U ^ -Jid ? ba run #Al*RR l CHRiaTOI DAVID^E & INGLE lip.ace#s NOTICE. mT-fr [-THE WHTTg HOUtE P4VIL ftc h?? been rented for th? ?VLTtSS,or Jtt*T?VVc pmH'"? * pt-wS1? *J'S!vy. to willlam COKE oh V ''S ft ?*M| 2*1 street*. nJS, except ,ho,e I' en nS'4lk?Sl"b?rZ^,"er"W'l may V^-HWkPlm MANAGERS. ~?~n. TO DYSPtPTICS. National?VP?MC th^J^2fCe"enl4nic,e of Black Tea. without JliL T?y 4*vor*? commoh with Black Tea* gone ^tnrk ?Tl!l ,ltJvn,!l? 1 ?* lhe trmde ?? invited to our stock ?f teas of ail description*. may 83?eo3t HALL A HElfNING. pleasure trips TO THE WHITE HOUSE PAVILION. p.WC^h Th* 8t?amer? GEO. WASH raKglfafclNqiON or THOS. COLLYER ft?" wKhart? e 1 ** PuNic or ?'ect parties to visit w. K ,e Hou*e Pavilion, Mount Vernon, Fort >?? if??"' *? other places on the river. The While House Pavilion is now open for visi tors It is a Wautifat place for pleasure trips; it Phi Alley *" 8 rooni? al,?> * ???w Ten rSEEJH? Patjfnjani app'y to the President of the Company, or the Captains o? the Boats. on^h. JL.LrA'*[ 9OKE u furnishing refreshments Z " P"l>a'"1 *? REESE'S EAGLE PLUMBING AND T GAH-FITTING DEPOT. IIE subscriber respectfully announces to his friends and the public in general that he has re ceivert the first lot of tve celebrated DODGE'S DOUBLE ACTING SUCTION /Sd TORCE V* ?P' winch/waived the SILVER HF.DJlL at the late t air of the Metropolitan Median lea' Insti lute, ana i? now prepjred to furnish all who mat favor him with a call. ' His s.ock of OAS FIXTURE* are unsur passed m the District. With his corps of competent workmen he prides r^ r.l^ Un1V ln ,he ^UMBINU AND Vrr 1 IM<* lme Wlth prompintes and despatch. ?4TAI1 work done warran'ed to give complete satisfaction JOHN REESE, may a?tf cor. Sixth st. and Pa av nne. POR TnC CURB OP Asthma and Consumption. i\EW AND VERY WONl) UtiFUL"' I HY6EANA Brought homo to the door of the Million. A WONDERFUL discovery has recently been made by Dr. Curtis of this city, in ihe treat ment of Consumption, A?thma, and aU diseases of the Lunrs. We refer t? DR CURTIS'S IIYGE ANA. OB INHALING HYGEA* VAPOR AND 1 CHERRY SYRUP" With this n-w metfod, Dr L. has restored many afflicted ones to health, as an evidence c^Which he has innumerable certificates Speaking nfilic tr itment. a physician rem irks, "It is evident that !? haling?constantly breathing an **ree*b!e. healing vapor?the medicinal propertie ma-i come in direct contact with the whole svial cavitie of the lungs, and thus escape tne many an.l varied changes produced upon them when intro. du^ed inti the ttomach, and subject to the proceed of dizestion " The llygena is foi ?ale at all the Druggist's throughout Uic country.? >*. York D,dch ?>.<m ot Jan. M. Tne Inha'er i? worn on the breast under thr linen wit'iout the least inconvenience?the heat of th* b-jd/ being sufficient to evaporate the fluid. Hun ar^ds of p.w? oi cures, like the following, might I* named. One package of the Hyg ana has cursd tne of the Asthma ot si* year*' landing. J F KtkHRKKRT, P? M. of Dunjannon, Pn I am cured of th t Asthma of ten years' Handing by Dr. Cu.'tis's Hygeana. MaMaBET EaSToy, Brooklyn, N. Y. Mrs. Paul,*/No. 5 Hammond atreet, N Y , was eured of a severe ca?e of Bronchitis by the Hy geana. .My si*tr?r has been cured of a distres-ing rough of several years' standing, and decided to he Incura Me b, tl* phyicians. fche was cured in one mouth by the Hygeana. j. h. GAraeaT, P. M Richmond, Me. The Rev. Dr. Chcever, of New York, testifies of I our medicine ta the fblhxvins language : . N?w Yokk, Nov. 13, 1854. Dear fei'?I think highly of Dr. Curtis's lljfeana as a remedy in di<ea.?es of th throat and Lungs ? Having had some opportunity to testify its efficacy, I am convinced that it is a most excellent medi erne, both th ? c?yrup and the inhaling application to the chest. Prof. 8. Czittkk writes ux a follows: Gentlemen?I have recently had occasion to test | your Cherry Syrup and Hyg^n Vapor, in a case of chronic *ore throat, that had reftisfd to yield to oth er forms of treatment, and the re.tjlt has satisfied me that,whatever nny be the com p * it ion of your preparation, it is no iinpo*ition, but an excellent remedy. I wish, forihe sake of the afflicted, tbat it m.ght be brought within ihe reach of all. Dr Joaaa. one of the most celebrated Physician* j in New Vork writes as follows: Dr. Crans?Dear Sir?Having witnessed the ex cellent effects of your Hygeana ur inhaling Hygean > apor and Cherry Syiup, in case of Chronic Brou rQiiiif, and being much iu favor of counter irritation in affections of the tiiroat, Bronchial tubes and lunge I can iherero/e cheerfully recommend your Medi c;Ued Apparatus as b-ing the most convenient and ttfoctual mode of appying anything of the kind I have ever seen. No doubt, thousands of persons may be relieved, and many cured, by using your I raw here b* allowed to confesa that I am op posed to prescribing or using secret compouads, but this little neatly contrived article, and its .fleets in the ca-e nbyve alluded to, have induced me to speak hi its favor. Y?>u are at liberty to use this in any way you may think | roper. Respectfully, your*, he. C. Johxi, M. D.. No. 609 Houston street, N. Y. Price three dollars a package. Sold by CURTIS * PERKINS and BOYD A PAUL. No 149 Chambers atreet, N. Y. Fuur packages ser.t free to any part of the United States fur ten dollars N H ?Mr. Curti*'a Hygeana is the ORIGINAL and OJBI.Y GENUINE ARTICLE; all others art ba-ie imila ions, or vile and injurious counterfeits, fcbun them as you would POISON. Ft.r sale in YVa&hmgton by CHARLES STOTT Pa. av uue, near 7th street; and J. B MOORE, in th?- Kiirt W ard. may '22 E. H BATES. POLICE MAGISTRATE, FIRST ST, NUAR PKSNA. AVENUE, Convejuinciag and Bounty Land CJaima attended to miT?i-lui NEW AND OLD PIANOS. WE have now m sf'te the largest assortment of PI AN S ev: r effere . in this city, from Hal I ^et, Davis & Co, Bacon k Raven, and Knftb-, Gaehle ? Co.'s celebrated manufactories. These Pianos we guarantee, and sell upon veiy easy ter ns Also, a ne* Pi no u?ed only a few month", which we offer at the low price of cash ; a ^cond hand Piano, by Andre Stien, for $75. A v?*ry fine second hand Chickering Piano for ?ale or rent at a b.again. Old Pianos takeu m exchange for new. Alway* on hand, Si??ols, Covers. Violijn, Gtiitars, Flutes, Accordeons, Music, kc Ac. JOHN r*. ELLIS, 306 Pennsylvania avenue, "??y 10 _ bet. Ihh and 10th streets. DENTISTRY. KB. DONALDSON, Denting late of the finu oi . Hun: &. Donaldson, continues to luauufacture and m?ert tho^e beauuful: porcelain te^tn, with or without gums/^-^j^ti tor ?p>*cimens of which (made and de isititrj by the late firm) was awarded the first P^mium at the Mevliantca' Institute Pair, recently held lit this city These teeth are carved and shaded to suit each particular case, and their resemblance to the natu ral organs u so perfect as to deceive the most prac Ufc' .l eye. Particular attention alao paid to filling and pre serving tit. natural teeth. 4 ?B'"derate and all operations warranted. Utllca aoathwest corner Seventh aud D a:a.? en "* ?wi D. mar 91-?wi CAMPBELLDICTIONARY of Ml?itary So* cnce; < "vairy. Its Hist'-ry and Tactic* by Cap SECTtstkss"^H" " ? riuais* T.AYbOa Auction Sales. By J. C. HcOCIRG. Aaotlonttr. TRUSTEE'S BALE OF VALUABLE ANDHitJ bly situated House and Lot on 6tli itrett weal, between E and F streets north ?By virtue o- a deed of truft, bearing da?r on the 10th day of February, I8o3, a lit reco ded in Libr I. A. B., No. 51, folioa 361, (he, the subscriber will *ell at public sale, on MONDAY, the 28th dqfcof May, 185 , at 5* o'clk p. ni on the prennses^lot No 4, in Square No. 488, (routing 44 feet UX iuehes on 6t*i street wear, between E and F streets north, by 93 feet 4 inches deop, with the buildings ami improvements, consirt ing of a lour *tory brick dwelling house, with aback building, built of the best material and in the best manner, and very commodious. with all the modern improvements, and in all respccts one of th? mo?t de-arable house-* in Washington, and but recent y built, and well known as the properly ot Peter Hev ner. The property w situated in one ol the health iest and moat desirable part* of the city, and offers to person* seeking a ie?l<lence or investment an oppor tunity seldom occurring. The terms of sale, will be : One-half cash, and the balance in 6,12, 18, anl 24 months, for notea bear ing interest from nay of sale, secured by a deed in truat udon the property. If the terma of s.ile a*e not complied with iu fix days after th?: aule,the ptoperty will be resold, upon one week's notice, at the risk and expenae of the purchaser. All conveyancing at the ?xpanae of the purchaser. CH i8. S. WALLACH, Truatee. JAS. C. McGUIRE, ap 90?3taw8tda Auctioneer. By J. C. MeOl'IRK, Auctioneer. CHANCERY SALE OF VALUABLE ANI) PL igibly situated improved and unimproved Real E tate, consisting of l>w- Hm* Houses and Lots, va cant Lo s, and Wharf.?By virtu? of a diciee of :he Circuit Court of the District of Columbia for Wash ington county, made in the cause wherein John A. Fra?er is complainant, and John Walker, fcllen S. Fraser, and others, heirs at law of Simon Fiaser, deceased, are defendant*. No. 899,in Chancery, the subscriber*, trustees appointed by taid decree, will sell at public auction all those pieces or parcels of ground lying and being situated in h-; city of Wash ington. and kn-?wn and distinguished as being Lots Nos. 1,2, 3, 4.5,6,7,8,9, 10, II, .2, '3,14,15 16, 17,18, 19, 20. 3',22 23, and 24, in the subJiviMou made by said trustees of Square No. 412, ironing respf cttvely and variously I'roni 18 feat 1 inch to 30 'eel 8 inches on 8th and streets west, and E and F streets south, by various depths to an alle?, with the improvements and appurtenances, which con *isv of a commodious and will aui r-ubstantially built 3K atorv Brick Dwelling House on Lot 8, and a comfortable and well built 2 story Brirk Dwelling House on e?eh of Lots No?. 1H and 16. in naid rtb division; lot No. 4, in Square No 3*3. fronting 25 on F street south, between 9;h and 10th sts. west, by 125 feet deep, with the improvements and appur tenances, which consist of a 2--4 story Frame Dwel ling House; pa:t of Lol N'o. 3, in Hquare No 730, fronting 10 feet on Pennsylvania avenue, running ack to "A" street south, with a width on said '*A" street of 43 feet 7 inches; and part of Square No. 472, fronting 44 feel on Water street, at the nation of7lh street west, with the valuable Wharf thereto attached and belonging, extending to the channel of the Potomac river, and n >w occupied by George Page and used as a steamboat wharf The sale of the several Lots in the subdivision of Square No 41*, w th the improvements and appur tenances, will take place on Thursday, the 24th day of .May, 1855, at 5 o'clock p r.i., on the prem The sale of Lot No. 4. in Fquare No. ?88, with the improvements an.t appurtenances, will take place on said Tnumlav, tiie 24tli day ot May, 185o, at 6 o'clock p. m , on the premises The sale of part of Lot No 3, in Square No. ?30. will :ike place on Friday, the S5iti day of Mny, at by. o'clo k P m., on t ie promises. And the ?ale of part of Square No 4i2, with the valuable Wharf thereto attached and belonging, will take [dace on Tue_-dav, the ?9th d iy of May, Ifc?>5, at 5Vi o'clock p. m , oil the premise*. Th" above property i? all sititatid in desirable lo cations, rapid'y enhancing iu value, and offers to capitalist* and others a cio-t favorably opportunity for investments or prwnring s de-irable residence. The terms of sale, a.- prescribed by said decree, will be one fourth of tne purchase money in cash, and the balance in six, twelve, eighteen, and tw-iij ty four months, to he si" ured by the purchaser s bonds, hta ing interest from day ?>f sal'1, with f-c^u ritv, to be approved by the Trustees. Upon the full pay in ?'Tit of the pmchase money and interest, and the ratification of the sale or ^les by the Court, the Trustees will conve;. the property to the respective purchasers in fee. If the terms of Mite are not complied with In six davs after the sale, the property th.; terms of the e^le o: Which are not so complied w:th wi'l be resold al the risk and expense of the purchasers upen one week's notice. Al! conveyancing at the expense of the purchas era. ClI S. WALLACO, i T'netees. ED WD 8IV ANN, I IUPl* JAS. C. McOUIRE, ma- 2-eekds _ Auctioneer^ By JAS. C. McOUIUK* AnctloiiMrn I'BUSTEE'S SALE OF VALUABLE and eli gibly situated Hous- and Lot on Maiylambave nue, between 4* and ttih steels w?:?t.-By virtue of a deed oUrus*. bearing date on the 5 h day of Feb ruary, 1853, and recorded in Liber J. A. S . No 52, f.,uos 83. kc. the subscriber will sell, at public sale on THURSDAY, th* 31st day of May, 1855. at b]4 o'clock, p m , on the premises, all that piece or par cel of ground lying and being situate in the. city of Washington and known fed distinguished as Lot U, in the subdivision ol Lot* Nos. 7, 8, 9, 10, and 11 in square No. 492, froutina 23 fret 5 inches ou Ma ryland avenue, between ?th ttreets west, and running back to a 2ft feet alley, with the bu:ld lugs and improvements, which consist of a well and substantially built two story and atiic brick dwelling bouse, with two story frame back building and ne cessary outbuildings. The above property ii situated in a healthy and desirable location, andrapidlr enhancing in value, and offers a favorable opportunity to p rsons d' si rons of obtaining a convenient and coiuforUble res idence, or making an inve>inieiit. The tern.sof the sale will be one-half ca-h, and the balance in 6, 12, and 18 months, for notes bear ing interest from diy of sale, secured by a deed of trust on the property. If the terms of s*le are not complied with In six days aft-r the sale, the property will be resold at the risk and eipense of the purchiaer upon one week's notice. Al' conveyancing at cost of purchaser. Titla indisputable. CHAS. S. WALLACH Trustee. JAS. C McGUlUE, may 9?eoids Auctioneer. V By J. C. NcGUlKlC, Auctioneer. "ALUABLE IMPHOVED PROPERTY AT Public Sale?Ou FRIDAY afternoon, June 1, at 5^ o*cl'ick, on the premi?es, J sell, by o der of the Orphans' Court, that valuable piec* of property situated at the corner of 10th and E street, and geherahv known as the Medical College. The lotfronu tfl feet 1 inch on E street by 51) feet on 10th street, containing 3,543 square feet. The building consists of a substantial and well built three story brick Buihung. which is admirably adapted for a warehouse, fur manufacturing or school purpo es Portion* of this building am now under very satisfactory rent. Title perfect j Terms : One third cash; the residue in 6, 12, 18. and 24 months, with interest, secured by a deed if trust on the premises. S. II NO>"RSE, Administratrix, By WM. NOURSE, Attorney, JAS. C. McGLWRR, may 8?eokdn Auctioneer. By J. C. Auctioneer. Peremptory sale ??f the steamer UNION'.?On FRIDAY afternoon, June 1st, at 5 o'clock, at Pace's Wharf, at the toot ?f Seventh street, I sh ill sell, without reserve, the nearly new strainer called the "Union," at present running as a ferry boat ^atween this city and Alexandria. This steamer was built in Washington city In the year 1852; is 102 feet in length, breadth of beam 24 feet 6 mc :es She measures 411.40 85 t'.ns cusiom house measurement, as per enrollm -nt. H?r en gine is a first claw seventy five horse p^wer engine tyult bv Smith and Peiktns, Alexandrii, Va. She runs cither end forr most, and u very couvenient for loading and unloading freignt. Terms: One half easily th** residue in 6 momhs, with interest, saiusfactorily secured. JAS. C. aicCUlRE, may 3?aoflids Auctioned. THE MUTUAL FIRS IH8USANCX COMPA HY OF THK LlSrSlCT OF COLUMBIA, /QUARTERED by Ccugiess, offers lo the property Vy owners of the District safer and cheaper means or Insurance than any other Company. ULYSSES WARD. PiesidenU ? HAS. WILSON, Secretarv. MATIIEW G. EVERY, Treasurer. NiltfltM. Cly?se- Ward John Van Riswlck Tnotnas Blttgdsii P. W. Br< t. Howard, Math?w fl. Kui ry J. C. McKeiden Ctflcc, Caiuinbia Pia^, corner Lr.wfasi gn 1 7th ?>revt i >Ac? hours ftoui 9 u? b o??lock p.m. Amniementa. GRAND PIO NIC or TRK rpHK NORTHERN LlHCRTIES' PIRE COM JL PAN V" r??pecUuUy make anown to their friends and the public generally that they will give their i first PIC NIC. on THURSDAY, June 7th, 1855, to I the WHITE 1IOU8C 1 The Company will spare no pai-s or expense to insure satisfaction | The R?.f cabim-nt* will be served by an expe rienced ra-erer, Mr A Columbus Vir.ting Companies will appear in uniform The boat will leave Georgetown at 1 o'clock; I Wa-Lin?ton at3; Navy Yard at Sjf ; and Alexan dria at 3 p. ni Tickets ON3 DOLLAR?admitting a gentleman sod la'li.v?to be had of any of the Committee of Arrangements. * Comimrtss. E O Evans, H Knicht, 8 Culverwell, 8 P Robertson, II Keenan, R Wan-en, J T Hal leek, C Matlock, A Cwlumbns, J H G >d<lard,jr T Dawson, J Slatford, Mid Birkheid, L Newmyer, J King. 8 Taylor, may 19?eotl H FISCHER'S BA&D FULLY ORGAN 1ZED. [AVINO now completed all my : rrargeinmt* nflret r*,e B,<"A8S ?"?! COTILLON B AND, i inn again at the service of the public to attend Etcureion Partie-, Esh-bit ons, rarade-, Pic Nics, Balls, and serenades. All tho.^e in favor of a citizen s band are respectfully invited to encoow our en erprise, here in Wa?hingt .n City. n a ? n .. P "SCHEfe, Leader. ? "??T"t? Band, under my direction, is regularly uniformed, and Irom a practice over twenty years I can $ve satisfaction to every one. Residence, Pa. avenue, north side, bet. 9ib and 10ih streets first do< r west of Iron Hall. Order* left with Messrs Hilbus & II tz punctually attended to. may 14?-lm* IF YOU READ ADVERTISEMENTS PLEASE notice that I have, fresh from lie es tablishment in New York, Meeker's b'eli Rais tng F;our. Hecker'g Grits, Meeker's Maecar- m and Yermacelli, Decker'* Farina, one paper of which at 14 cents, ?il! make a superior dish sufficient for fifteen or twenty persons. Also, Oswego Corn Starch and Corncna, a gr?*at variety of M <il lard's preparations of Chrico'ate for eating md drinking Baker's superior Cr.coa p^te from wnicb, in a few inmates, by p?>T:r*n,r water on it a very superior cup of Chocolate enn he 1 marie. When dollars and cents are mad* a -tudv anJ ai | the same time superior article for health and econ omy is required, you would do well to call at K INGS Grocery and Variety Store corner Vermont hvc nne and I ftree.u, a few Heps northeast ? f Jackson Slatuc- may 11-wtf CHMMING'S FAMILY PRAYERS, in 3 v<Tn, 75 cents each Ruchan's System of Anthropology, $3 Flonne Prin ess of Kurgundy, by IV H MacCnbe, 7a cents Growth of Holiness, by P;ib"r 50.' Vindication of the Catholic Church, 75,-. The immaculatc Conception, by Bishop Ullntbome ! 37J?c The Heart of Jesus, by J. B Dalpiirns. 50c. v- - b k- lundt, No. 148 Bridge stree;, Georgetown. D. C. may 17?tf SILVER TIMEKEEPERS. INDEPENDENT of our unusually larje htock of elegant Gold Watches, we havejuat received an invoice ofsuperior Bi(v?rr Timckeeperr, warranted, which we effer low. M. W. GAI.T & BRO., 3*1 Pa. ave., b-tw. Shh and lf>h t\;. msr IB?fit , NEW POLKA THE CHEVY CHASE POLKA, composed for an<i dojt.-ated t Mh-s Sally !?. Biadiey, by J. I>. maunders, E?>g., of this city, whose compositions have, alwav me* w ith such great public fcvor The mi nts o: the piece arc each as will introduce it among all lovers of music. Price 35 cents. Jnst peMi?hed and far sale by ,_w ? ? hilbus & Hrns. J he President's Vounted Guard Quickstep, cm posed by f e aceompli-hed Pianist. Mr. Roh#rt Del ler, will appear in a tew davs. may 12 STEAMBOATS CONNECTING ? ' * k ^ ?*c^ train of Car? arriv i*Tni i ivjbfcl-g In Washiogt^n or AJez^D. dna? J lie y-renmera THOMAS COLL Y E 11 *r GEORGE WASHINGTON wili make tbe above connections, leaving Washington at fi a. in for the Orange and Alexandria cars, und connect with the t-awie train on their a.rival. Meals furmsbrd on the be ats. Tbn Boats connect with all the trains from Bal timore- SAM'L GEDNEY, Capt. may 1*? d r ARLINGTON DOUSE. TIIE undersigned would re.-pe ttulty inform his friends t!i?_t he has akeu the e.-tablishrio nt for merly known as tne '? Arlington llou-e," who h he iatend-o|.?ning on Saturday nex', May 19th. a? a t Refetauraat of the first order, and feels a-emed that he will have LIQUORS and CIGARS M thechoice^t brands, OYSTEKS, GAME and FISH, in reason, and every other article in his line to suit all who should favor him with a call. F. A. COOK, amy 18? I- J. NIDDLKTOX, DEALER IN ICE, Office nnA Jteprt toutk tide F, to comer lOtA rf. ICE KEPT CONSTANTLY <?N HAND AT THE OFFICE, which can be had in large or small 1 quantities. 0&~ Office open from 5 a m. to 9 p. m. m 1 ?eo3m STRAW MATTING. JUST rec? ived 4, 5, and 6-4 White and colered Mattings, which I am selling at the lowest pri ces for cash or to prompt customers. J. H. SMOOT, 8. side Bridge 6t., near High, G<j)rg?iown. may 13? PROPOSALS FOR FUEL. Qr'AaTxaMASTGR h OrriCE Marink Corps,) Wa?hington. 10th Mav, ltv>5. / SEALED PROPOSALS will be received at this office until Friday, the 25th of May, at 10 o'clock a. rn , for supp ying to the Marines stationed I in Washington city from 1st July, 1855, fo .TOih of! June, 1858, such quantities of Wood and C *al as j may be required upon the Quarterly rcquisiuons of Co manding Officers The wood to be best oak sapling, i.nd the coal best anthracite, free from dust, broken and screened, bo;h to be delivered at sue i points within the bar rack walls, as may be designated, free ot expense to the Uniisd States. may 11?3iawn>5ih NEW GOODS FOR GENTLEMEN. J. STEEK, Merchant Tailor, No. 4S8 Scv ? enth street, has just rece vedfr:m New ajt York, a very elegant and large addition to^M his stock of Spring and Suinm- r GOODS, Rji connoting of Cassimers, Ducks, Drills, &e.. .JUL for Pau:s,and Silk and Marseill- a VES 1'INGS, both plain a d colored, of the riche?t and prettiest t-tyles ever seen in this market, all of which he is prepared to make up in th? best style at very low prices. Gentlemen would do well to call early if they wish to see very cheap styles. may 15?eo2w ' FRESH SOFT CRABS Are now daily received and served up at G A U TIER'S SALOON, 959 Pa. Avenue, may 19?eo3t HAIR WORK. ORNAMENTS of Hair, such as Bracelut*, Chat elains, Chains, Breastpins, Earrings, Finger Rings, made to order, of any desired design. All orders faithfully attended to. Specimens may be seen at my store. H. 8EMKEN, No. 330 Pa. av., between 0th and 10th sta. Mar 30 CLOCKS, VATCUK8 AND JEWELRY OpeneJ this day. forty different styles ol C oeks Good Clocks $1 35. Fine Cold Watches, ?33 warranted- Jewelry cheaper than sver. Call and see lor yourselves at J. ROBINSON'S. Na. 340 ophite Browns' Hotel. may 1?dim ? UARLSS HASKISi, Architect. (P?. crcsaas, trniw;** TmUk and EleitrUh rtrrttt,) t'ASUHOTOIt, C. c. " ILL continue ro fnmi-h Plans, detail working ?f lMewii.'^s. and spcelflcstinns of boildlnge (? every dvsc/jpfwfljRnd ??io k;cup?riat?nd their. ine """ ?eb u-i<u ; EVENING STAR. PAEI3 PASHIOHS FOR WAY. Among the numerous fresh and ele gant spring novelties the most conspicu ous arc the beautiful foulards for robes; it is impossible to imagine anything more charming. The material is light, and has the recommendatory property of not being easily creased. Oasaques of velvet or silk are usually worn with these skirts. The foulard is equally in request lor indoors neglige or morning walking dress. It is an elegant material for children's dresses, and fre quently employed for that purpose. Our attention has been especially at tracted by two mantelets: one styled the Faidora, 13 quite novel: to farm an idea of which you must imagioe a man telet-echarpe loosely thrown over the shoulders, and quite open on the chest. This style is doubtless very becoming with a summer dress; but when the weather is cool, and a closed mantle is required, it i3 here that the FceJora proves not only elegant but useful, as in a moment it can be converted into the lat ter. Thia is accomplished by adding a piece fitting the curve at top, and fast ened to it by a row of buttons, which are concealed under the trimming of stamped velvet with bayaderes stripes, edged with a nariow black lace. Be tween the spices of trimming a flat lac is p'accd. A chatelaine flounce, rounded at the end, finishes this beautiful telet, which will be in as great demand in the summer season as at the present time. The second shape is the mantelet echarpe, upon the foundation of which is an embroidered wreath, with appli quecs flowers of cut velvet, encircled bv a ruche of drawn gauze ribbon. The third style, much in vogue and in good taste, with bouffantes skirls, is the mantelet a rotonde, trimmed with a deep lace. With the mantelets we have described Was an assortment of robes made of the new flowered talletas, as well as bonnets caps, and coiffures for dinner and even ing dress. The mode for bonnets is now filed. Those made of silk are richly trimmed with blondes, lace, feathers or flowers. The new material in vogue is the taffetas mille rnccs or mille carreaux, of a very light brown color. The curtains are still square, aid are rather pointed in the middle. Rice straw and Leghorn are equally elegant. They are styled the Pnmelas The front is composed of a lame of from two to three inches in width, thrown back at the ears, and continuing without interruption, so as to form the curtain. The trimming inside reached round the chiu by means of the strings. Trie or nament outside consists of a feather thrown back over the head, or a wreath of fingers, the branches of which descend in a careless manner ever the shoulders.. Although ihe barques reiain their vogue, many bodies are made fitting close to the waist and plain. These are enrich.d with au infinite variety of or. naroents, consisting of silk buttons or ribbons. Floating ribbons upon the skirt, either behind or in front from the waist, or fail ing over the body, aie the mode at the present season. Skirts are ma^.c very full, and boutfantes. M*ny are fastened in the band in large round or flat plaits 1 he fronts are less full and shorter than the back breadths, * hich form a rounded train. Silk dresses are much in favor; the moire antique for full dress: the foulards for neglige. Nothing is moie recherche than a robe of moire antique with two skirts, with a single hem at the bottom of each. Body with basques, closed in front with buttons of p ssemeaterie. The sleeves, as well as the basques, are trim med with narrow braids. Alpacas arc much used for neglige dresses. Plaid popiini are also greatly in vogue. A Rion Incident.?The Buffalo Re public relates the following amusing and somewhat amusing story: 4* Meanness occasionally meets with a shock that is a lesson to all concerned, especially to the victim On the Cleveland cars, a few days since, coming to Buffalo, was a stalwart man going to New York to buy goods. Lie was not what might be called a stingy or close man, but he was one who, when there was a cent due him that swindling might deprive him of, would sacrifice a fifty dollar bill to save the copptr. Our frierd had started from Cleveland without any breakfast, and when Erie 44 hove" in sight, he gathered himself up for a general skirmish for any and all kinds of provisions. lie had a carpet-bag with him, and going into the dining-room at Erie, deposited his carpet-bag on one chair, while he took another by its side, lie was lost for about ten minutes?perfectly oblivious to any thing, save that he hail a blessed consciousness cf something rapidly fill ing wp his inwards." About this time, the landlord came round, and stopping by our friend's chair, ejaculated 44 Dol lar. sir." 44 A dol ar,' responded the eating man?44 a doMar?thought you only charged fifty cents a meal for one? eh f" 44 That'8 true," said meanness, 44 but I count your carpet-tag one, since it occupies a seat." (The table was far from being crowded.) Our friend expos tulated, but the landlord insisted, and the dollar wis reluctantly brought forth. The landlord passed on. Our friend de liberately arose, and opening his carpet bag full to its wide mouth, discoursed unto it, 6aying?44 Carpet-bag?it seems you're an individual?a human individ ual, siuce you eat?at least I've paid for you, and now you must eat"?upon which he seized everything eatable with in his reach?nnts, raisina, applet, cakes and pies?and amid the roari of tha by standers, the delight of his brother pas sengers, and the discomfiture of vb* land THE WEEKLY STAR Tin do. Twemty So. Cask, i^ttuHT ? mi ???#? <*+** (to wnpfmn) ? at the counter, iauD*dla?aiy attar I paper. Fric??i-vm cnrra. PorriiiTtii who act m afrata a comiradoa of twcaty per crwu lord, phlegmaticallv went and took hi* neat in the cars, lie said be-had pro visions enough to last him to New York, after a bountiful supply had been sarvad out in the car?. There was at least eight dVlsrs' worth in the upon which the landlord realised nothing in the way of profit. Eo mnch for meanness." THS KDUC1TI01T Of TtUkLEM IV nun The Paris correspondent of the Naw Tork Courier, in a late letter, makaa sug gest :> as which are worth attention. He says: *? In France, the ladies are educated in a manner to make them in' st agreeable in society, and while all are taught to keep the accounts of household expanses* tuany of a poorer class are taught book keeping so thoroughly as to enable them (o follow it as a profession. In almost every Paris shon. consequently, the books are kept either by the wife of the shepkeeper or by some other female em ployed for the purpose. Thus, the French system is to tesch females the useful or agreeable; acoording to their worldly condition. Our American sys tem is to teach them s little of every thing ; in fsct, we take more pains with them than with our boys, though it would eeem from the results thst hith erto our efforts have been none too well directed. W hile we have female semi naries and colleges in which degrees are conferred, and which produce shallow and discontented philosophers who im modestly take the rostium at public meetings, aud have endeavored to invade the pulpit, we have very few who can lake charge of a husband's conn ting ? room while he is engaged in the direc tion of other departments of the business. Tn Psris you buy a carpet of your up holsterer, who shows the goods, makes all the necessary explanations, and sends it home. But wheu you pay, you walk to the neat mahogany desk where madam sits enthroned behind her large folio ledger, and it is with her you regulate your account. The French tradesman's wife takes an active, useful, and appro priate part in the management of affairs: she knows to what extent the business is prosperous, and is therefore never in danger, like many American W'ves. of demanding a new carriage or other ex travagance when her husband is on the point of failing. These remarks are sug gested by an account of a meeting in t ondc.n of the friends and promoters of the 4 Hyde I'ark College for Young I a dies ' it would have been much better to have commenced, as the Kiplanders did. with common schools for girls. ' Thb Tips or Travki..?We cannot see as there is the Hast symptom of sub sidence in the immense tide of trsvel set ting westward. The trains grow longer and fuller and more of them, and the ho tels are constantly 6warroing. A queer thing this is to think of; a mild spring day in the bosom of the coun try; the grain silently growing, and no thing but the songs of birds to break the stfence ; just there, on the skirt of the woods, s cabin, with twoor three tenants; the fat er plowing on the prairie; the mother working in the garden: the baby swinging in a basket at the door. All at once a roar, like the coming of a whirl, wiud; then a slow, rumbling jar, like the mutter of thunder: then a rattle of wheels like the rushing of chariets; then a volume of cloud, like the van of the storm; and the engine plunges round the edge of the wood, with its train of car alter car, and its hundreds of people. It jars the little cabin, till the tongs grow restless in the corner. They begin to count one. two. three, and the whole is gone, the roar is murmur, the murmur subsides, and they think, ths father as he cries "Gee up ' to the halting team, and the mother as she gives the basket another swing, a village has gone by, like a cloud or a bird, and left no trace behind. * A Careful Scicide.?A farmer of Western New York, married for a second wife, a lady whose personal charms and domestic virtues, were in quite an une qual proportion. Among other freaks she had, whenever crossed io snv of her little conceits, s decided peucl>aut for suicide; st least, she ofien hinted at this, as a long contemplated remedy for ths oft-recurring ills of married life. Taking offence, on a time, at some supposed do mestic indignity, she donned her very rig, and (-eekitig a convenient place for the experiment, slipped her neck iuto a noose arranged conveniently for the purpose, and thus suspended awaited fur taer developements As expected her husband soon made his appearance near the terrible scene, and was neither long nor ceremonius in relieving his beloved from her great peril. She was not so Car gone, however, as to be speechless, and exclaimed, rather spitefully, "Stephen, Stcphin, don't muss my ruffles so, for there trill be a great many in to see me to* morrow!"?Rochester Union. jy~The editress of the Ladies' Reposi tory says, " Kisses, like faces of phi losophers, vsry. Some are as hot as coal fire, some swiet as honey, some mild as milk, some tastelecs as long-drawn soda. Stolen kisses are said to have more nutmeg and cream than other sorts. As to proposed kisses they are not liked at all. A stolen kiss is the most agreea b e. We have been kissed a few times, and as we are not very old we hope to receive many more." An exchange im pertinently inquires : 44 At what hour may the lady be found in her office." JUT" The six degrees of crime are thus defined : lie who steals s million is only a financier. Who steals half a million is only a defaulter. Who steals a quarter of a million is a swindler. Who steals a hundred thousand is a rogue. Who steals fifty thousand ia a knave. Btft be ! who 8teals a pair of boots or a loaf of bread, is a scoundrel of the deepest dya, , and deserves to be lynched.

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