Newspaper of Evening Star, May 25, 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 25, 1855 Page 1
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VOL. V. WASHINGTON, FRIDAY. MAY 25. 1855. NO. 744 THE EVENING STAR PUBLISHED EVERY AFTERNOON, (EXCEPT 8UNDAY,) At the Star Buifdtng, corner Pennsylvania av*nns and K'tv?ntk itrtnt, Br W. D . HAMACII, Will be nerved to subscriber* in the cities of Wait)* lijton, Georgetown, Alexandria, Baltimore and P idadelphin, at SIX AND A QUARTER CENTS, ptvable w^klv to the Apntt. To mall subscribers the subscription price Is THREE DOLLARS AND FIPTY CENTS a year In advance, TWO DOL LARS for SIX MONTHS, and ONE DOLLAR THREE MONTHS. copiis on OMT. TRKATENT ,MPROVED EYELET M\ First patent?combined on one stock th,00-?' p*t,"nt~*e'f fe?Jinf with eyelet ho:h ldd^lent?Patent "np^ved fastener, riveting All parlies in want of a g ?od Evelet Machine, are t,tr?0^ll?,lecommen4le 1 to Ujc l>ut LIPMAN'S ' ATRffT IMPROVED, which is rtccid^lly the l>est ever brought before the public, possessing numerous advantages, viz: It is stronr, ilurahle and not liable to get out of or der. It punches the hole well, and to fit the Eyelet, and in one operation clinches the Eyelet on both sides. It saves time, as the papers kc., need not re*fne|l or turned over to clinch the Eylet a se cond^time, as is the case with all other Michinea. It is useful to the Merchant in filing away papers, ?s well as to the attorney or Conveyancer, the Shoe maker, Tailor, Milliner, and numerons others, and is a very labor saving Machine. Stajd by all the principal Stationers and Fancy Goods Dealers throughout the United States. Agents for Washington, , TAYLOR k MAURY, - ,nav ~ Bookstore, near lU U. S MARINE^BAND. THE undersigned would respectfully inform the Military, Firemen, Clubs, and the public gene ra:'/ that by applying to him at the Marine Barracks, or at his residehce, on E, between 9th and !0th 3ts. east, or by note at Hi!bus Si Hits'* Mu^ic Depot, Uiey can obtain the services of the Marine Band, or a portion of it either as a bra*s rred or cotillon band, which will embrace Louis Weber's unrivalled P*11!' F. SCALA, Conductor wid Leader of Marine Band. ap 30^1 m* m A~CARD; m Eronomy u th.* mad to wi/M.'m Great Redaction in ths prico of Hats & Caps r*1HE undersigned, havm* made arrangements i with a N?w York flat Company to be con s-fintlv gnp^liol with the very best Moleskin or 11 ICES3 H ATS, got up in the latest style, offers tnem at the unprecedented low pricc of .$3,50, worth from f^ur to five d ?l!ars; st'eond quality, $3, worth from $150 to $1; and a very good faJhii n able Hat at $2.50 wirth from $3 to .$3,50. Also, Be^bc * c?o ?< Hats, at a mu*h less advance Chan they have been here tof>re sold in this city. First fate beaver Hats $3,5 All kuids of soft IIATS and CAPS very low. In order to sell at the above low prices the each ?ystem mast be adopted; consequently those who purchase will not be charged from fiiteen to twenty live per cent, as an offutt for bad debts. A NT II ON Y, (for many years in the employ of Todd ?. Co.) No. 3. Columbia place, 7th ?!., ap 13?tf 2d door north of P? nn. avenue. IMPORTANT TO PERSONS BREAK ING UP HOUSEKEEPING PERSONS removinz from the city, and wishing to dispose of th?-ir Furniture and Housekeeping Uter.-ils, , without the trouble ol sending thuu to public aucuon, can do so by calling on Ur at our store, 317 Pennsylvania avenue, corner rfr Ninth street, as we arc prepared to buy all such goods as may be offered Housekeeper- and others will do well by ralluis on us, as we rvill pay the highest ca~h pnees lor all such goods VVALT^ BARNARD & CO. ap 26?lm 31/ Pennsylvania avenne. PALM ER'3 PATENT LEG. 'pHIS AMERICAN INVENTION L *tar.ds unnvalled N?th in this country and in Europe, lit- worn by 1.000 persons, and with most a-tonislung success. In competition with 30 other substitutes of the be ; trench, English, and German i. anufacture,it received the award of the i. ivtmidal at the World's Exhibi ts* in Losdos. as the best artificial limb known. In this country it has been thirty iimes exhibited, in competition v with all others, at the annual Fairs in the principal cities,and has,in every instance, received the award of the highest or first premium. And as a crowning honor, by Che unanimous approval of an interna. tional council, the ''First Premium" ? i only Sil>-er lledcd given for Lirnbs?wa<-- awarded tbc inventor, at the New York Crystal Palace. Pamphlets r.vui? full inform.r. ion, sent gratia ts every applicant. B. FRANK PALMES, 37 5 Chesnut street, Philadelphia, fr b JB-3m _ TAKE NOTICE. NEW SPRING AND SUMMER GOODS. PW. BROWNING, Merchant Tailor, under . the United States notel, has just received a large supply of Spr -igmd Summer Goods, and is now pr?*par d to off.-r great bargains to all in want of good and fashion ible clothing. His " Reauy ma\t Clothing " wi.l be sold at the following low prices: Whole suits. Coat, Pant tloons. and Vest, of thin cloth or cas-imere, for $12. Fine Black Frock and Dress Coats, from $'0 to $15. Good Business Coats for $7 Black and Fancy Pants, trom .$3 to $7. Marscil'es sud riilk Vests. from $2 to .$5. He keeps always on hand a large assortment of fancy articles, each as Shins, Gloves, Cravats, Um brellas, Ac. "Sole Agent for the sale of Scott's Fashions.' mar 19?tj. LOOK HERE!!! MORE BOUNTY LAND TO ALL who served in 4*r war since 17'J0, whether as Officers Soldier*, Siilor-5, Marines, Clerk*, Indians, rhap kuas, Wagon Masters, TeamsUis, Landsm-n, (or their widow* or minor cuiidr*-ii} wIm have not yet received full 160 acres, and hive been in service 14 day?, ."ill do well v. write to us. jand their Ijand W-rrnntc wiil be forwarded to them for the Stove <juanij'.y, uuJ no charge u they do not get it. LLOYD fc CO., Claim Ag'-ntV Otfi.:', oppjsite U. S. Treasury, asiiiii.ton <'ry, [). c marG 3m SOMETHING NEW TTVDER THE 8U i. CHARLES WERNER, Pennrylvanii lisnut, opposite bro\m.%' Hotel. HAS fitted up tne commodious hall over his Res taurant as a first class I.AGiiK BEER SA L'hjN, having procured a supply of every luxury and eonilorts found in tirst class t^tabusluueiits of the km.I n the Northern cities. His RHINE WINES and French White Winei, a-i well as in? CI ,r> is, Se^ms, Lager Beer, German, Italian, ani Swiizer CHEESES, and indeed ? f ev ery ?>?her appropriate luxury in such an Jrtab?ish ment, is unsurpa.-?ed in this country. He solicits a call from his friends aud the puldic. m;iy 12?tf Pit K ? ON * WITH UUKECTlVk vision are invited to examine my HMmh stocked'all kindsot SPECTA \ CLES and EYEGLASSES. Glumes' of any kin J, *uch a< Cataract, Parabola,' Penscojuc, D mble Concave, Double ("onvex, and Colored <;ia-M s, put in at short notice, with great care, and persons in want of glasses may be sure to gel those Wines benefit the rye. Circulars "Defective Vision." gratis at II. SKMKEN'S, 330 Pa avenue, betw. 9th and 10th ets. mar 30 GLOVES, HOSIERY, RIBBONS, JOHN H. SMIHjT, south side of Bridge st., near High, Georc town, has just received from New Vork an a 'diuonal supply of? Taffata Silk and Lieic Thread Gloves Sfcort and <>ug black twisted Silk Mitts <'peu wotked and plain Cotton Hosiery, svery va nety Mtmes' aa<i Boys' white, mixed and raasy OittoD Hont;ry - Gents <!<, d0 Worked r?wiss Collars and Ruffles m") worked truumed C*ll?(s w TV **" *Md * miiation Laces. I att7n ,nn?4.n5[ "^r ^?"ahle Goods, to which the mJw i ? or P""^^ customers is invited. - y u~ J. H. SMOOT. GREAT BARGAINS IN LADIES', GENTa', MISSES', AND C1IIL 1 BOOTS AND SHOES.?The jfc. ?ubs:rib?r a? oie eou.pril.-U lu remove troui mtMa t ie ?tor^ he n.'W itccuixes, off--r?f Ins pres J tmj ent Weil aseitrl' i mck ol BOOTS AND i"ll<)tS .ti urraily reduced piices. All p*'"""5 ,n want of the arucle will find it to their advantage to call before purchasing elsewhere. j A. H. SLOAN, N ? 30ft Pa. av., near loth st., north side. ?nay 1?if C1LVKH W AH K, FLAT ICO WARE O A N U KINK KA.nC* OOOOS.-Nvfr i. !e. al, i Tea S-ts, Sugar Bowls, Cream Jugs, UoNets, Cuw. Spoons and P ?rks Also, a |iwl variety of iba^uificeut Fancy Silver Ware, suitable for prrst nts. _ Plat.-.! Toffee S?ts, Castors, Baskets, Spoons and F'Mk.', on best Albata The article* are warra-ted as represented, lOd w.ii ? --.Id ai a -tn*ii advance. H. SEWKEN, iliU Pa. svenue hot. '.'Ui and lOtli t!i?i *- a n NOTICE. '???fc1(11' ?c . hat been rented for the TS/T'd' IZ?Z,or lhe r"cep,,0D?" with Met I*, ?i? c*n bc rSJSSSTJtt S^.,LLIA* ?** or efc'a to Die ?? ofUl, e,*'I" <"?'t "y order of the imavipp'n jnay_2l_MWfcFIm pleasure trips TOTME WHITE HOUSE PAVILION. Steamers GEO. WASfl *faEBKfcINGTON or THOa. COLLYER > lor0Pub,,,c or ?*?ect partis to Ti,.t Ivl w House Pavilion, Mount Vernon, Port WMhingon, or other t,laces on thr river. J. i , House Pavilion in now open for visi t?? ? w a beautiful place for pleasure trips; it ttn A Hey a"d I)inin* roo,n ' a'r'? a n?w Ten fJ^J OT partJca,"r" aPP'y to the President of the Company, or the Captains ot the Boat?. on^heTr??i'IA1l ?KE ** fa",iihin? refreshments ISL ? b ' d 13 Prf,pared to furnish partis on l>m term?. an 26 -2m I REESE'S EAGLE PLUMBING AND Tiir, gas-fitting depot. HE subscriber respectfully announces to his I ?nri the public in general that he has re l"e lot of the celebrated DODGE'S 8r25LE..-A?JT,NG BUCTION AND FOBCE 1,' '''h'ch received the SILVER MEDJIL at 'he late Fair of the Metropolitan Mechanics' In^tt iut?, and is now prepared to furnish all who mat favor him with a call. 7 His .Hock of GAS FIXTURES are unsur passed in the District. With his corps of competent workmen he prides himself to nil any orders in the PLUMBING AND "AS^FITTING Ime with promptness and despatch. W&*AH work done warranted to rive complete satisfaction JOHN REE^E, may 3 tf cor. Sixth ?t. and Pa avenue. FOE THR CURE OF Asthma and Consumption. NEW AND VERY WOND ERFUL " HYGEANA Brought home to the door of the Million. A WONDERFUL discovery has recently been made l>y Dr. Curtis of this city, in the treat ment ot Consumption, Asthma, and all diseases of the Lungs. We refer t? DR CUUTIS'S I1VGE ANA. OR INHALING HYGEAN VAPOR AND CHERRY SYRUP." With this new metfod, Dr C. has restored many afflicted ones to health, an evidence of which he has innumerable certificates speaking of the treatment, a physician remirks, "It is evident that i' haling?constantly breathing an agreeable, healing vapor?the medicinal properties must come in direct contact with the whole ?rial cavitie of the lungs, a id thus escape the many and varied changes produced upon them when intro duced into the stomach, and subject to the process of d:c?stion " The Hygena is foi *ale at all t ie Druggi-t's throughout tlie country.?A'. York Dutch man oj Jan. 14. The Inha'er is worn on the breast under the linen wit'iout the least inconvenience?the heat of the body being sufficient to evaporate the fluid Hun dreds of cas? s of cures, like the following, might be named. ? One package of the Ilyg ara has cured nie of the A; thma of six years' standing. J F Kkksberbt, . , , P-M. of Duncannon, Ta I am curd of the Asthma of ten years' standing by Dr. Curtis'e llygeana. Margaret Easton, Brooklyn, N. Y. Mrs. Paul, of No. 5 Hammond street, N V , was eured of a severe case of Bronchitis l>y the Hv geana. My sister has been cured of a distres-ing cough of several years', and decided to he incura Me b tl.e physicians, She was cured in one month by the llygeana. j. H. Gaibert, P M Richmond, Me. The Rev. Dr. Chiever, of N-w York, testifies of our medicine in the following language ; New York, Nov. 15, 18>4. Dear Sir?I think highly of Dr. Curtis's Hygeana as a remedy in di-eases of the throat and Lung* ? Having had some opportunity to testify its efficacv, I am convinced that it is a most excellent med'i eine, both the Syrup and the inhaling application to the chest. Prof. 8. Cutter writes us a? follows ? Gentlemen?I have recently had occasion to test your Cherry Syrup and Hygean Vapor, in a ca?e of chronic sort' throat, that had refused to yield to oth er forms of treatment, and th result has satisfied me that, whatever may be the romp >sitir.n of your preparation, it is no imposition, but an excellent remedy. 1 wish, for ihe sake of the afflicted, that it might be brought within the reach of nil. Dr Johns, one of the most celebrated Physicians in N*?w York writes as follows: Dr. C'rRTis?Dear Sir? Having witnessed the ex cellent rflVct* of your Hygcana or inhaling Hygein Vapor and Cherry Syrup, in case of Chronic Bron chitis, and being inii'-h in favor of counter irritation in affections of the throat, Bronchial tubes and lungs I can therefore cheerfully recommend your Medi cated Apparatus as being tiie most convenient and | effectual mode of applying anything of the kj..U I 1 have ever seen. No doubt, thousands of per-on* iniy be relieved, and many cured, by using your medicines. I mast here be allowed to confess that I am op posed to prescribing or using secret compound?, but this li'fle neatly contrived article, and its effects in the ca-e above alluded to, have induced me to speak initstavor. I You are at liberty to use this insny way you tuny think proper. Respectfully, yours, &.<?. C. Johns, M D., No. 609 Houston street, N. Y. Pri.~r thre<> dollars a package ?*7 CURTIS * PERKINS and BOVD k PA' L No 149 Chambers street, N. Y. Fuu' packages sent tree to any part of the United States foe ten dollars N. it ?Dr. Curti?'s llygeana i* the ORIGINAL and ONLY GENUINE ARTICLE; all others are base imitation*, or vile and injurious counterfeits. Shun them a? you would POI80N. For sale in Washington by CHARLES FTOTT, Pa av- nue, near 7th stre-t; and J. B MOORE, in the Fust Ward. may 22? E. H BATEs7~~ POLICE MAGISTRATE, FIRST ST, XMfi PEW4. AVENUE, Conveyancing and Bounty Land Claims attended to mav^lm w NEW AND OLD PIANOS. [TE have now in store the larger ass irtment of . f PI AN' 'S ever offeree in this city, from Hal let, Davis k. Co., Bacon & Raven, and Knabe, Gaehle & C<?.'s celebrated manufactories. These Pianos we guarantee, and sell upon vetyeajy ter ns Also, a new Pi no u^ed only a few month*, which we offer at the low price of .$200 cash ; a second hand Piano, by Andre Stien, for $75. A very fine sccond hand Chickering Piano for tale or rent at a bargain. Old Pianos taken in exchange for new. Always on hand, Stools, Covers, Violins, Guitars, Flutes, accordeons, Music. 4c. Ac. John f. ellis, 30? Pennsylvania avenue, roajHO bet.Jhh and 10th streets. DENTISTRY." RB. DONALDSON, Dentist, late of the firm ol ? Hunt & Donaldson, continues to manufacture and insert those beautiful/ porcelain teeth, with or without gums/ for specimens of which (made and de ported by the late Arm) was awarded the first premium at the Mechanics' Institute Fair, recenUy held in this city These teeth are carved and shaded to suit each particular case, and their resemblance to the natu ral organs is so perfect as to deceive the most prac tised eye. Particular attention also paid to filling and pre serving the natural teeth. Charges moderate and all operations warranted. ' 'dice southwest corner Seventh and D sis en trance on D. mar 21?6m T NEW POLKA. MIE CHEVY CHASE POLKA, composed for L and dedicated U Miss Sally I). Bradley, by J. D. Saunders, Esq., of this city, whose compositions alw*>'!' niet with such great public favor. The merits ot the piece are such as will introduce it among all lovers of music. Pi ice 25 cents. Ju? published and for sale by r. D . . . IIILBUS k HITZ resident * Mounted Guard Quickstep, eom iw'i.H* Pianist, Mr. K0I..11 llel It/, will appear in a lew days. may 12 Auction Sales. fly J. C. HcGUlRV, Aactlonttr. Chancery sale of valuable and el igibly situated improved anil unimproved Real E ta?>*, consisting of Ikv llmg Houses and L?>ts, va rant Los, and Wharf.?By virtue ol a deciee of the * 'ircuit Court of th* Di-trict of C~>luinbia tor Wash ington county, mad.- in the cause w herein John A. Frarer is coiupla nant, ar,d John Walker, Hien S. Fraser, and others, heir-? at law of Pinion Fraaer, deceased, are defendant-*, No. 89D,m Chancery, the subscribers,trustee* appointed by :aid decree, will sell at public auction all those pieces or parcels of ground lying and bringsituated >ri he ciiy of Wash ington. and known and disiinnn.-iicJ as being Lots Nos. 1.2, 3, 4. 5,6,7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 2, '3, 14, 15 16, 17,18, 19, 20, 2', 22, 23. and 24, in the subdivision made by raid trustees of Square No. 412, (renting respectively and variously from 18 feet 1 inch to 30 feet 8 inches on 8th and 9th streets west, and E and F streets south, by various depth- t. an aili^ , with tjie improvements and appurtenances, which con sist ol a commodious nnd well an 1 substantially built 3^ story Brick Dwellinr House on Lot 8, and a comfortable and well built 2 stery Brick Dwelling House on each of Lots N >s. 18 and 16, in said sub division ; lot No. 4. in Square No 338, fronting 25 on F street south, between 9:h and 10th sts. we t, by 125 feet deep, with the ini|*v.vem.?nts ar.d appur tenances, which consist of a 2 -4 storv Frame Dwel ling House; part of Lot No. 3. in Square No 730, fronting 40 fret on Pennsylvania avenue, runniug back to "A" street south, with a width on said *'A" street of 43 fe<>t 7 inches ; and part of Square No. 472, ftontin:: 44 feet on Water street, ft the termi nation of"7th street west, with the valuable Wharf thereto attached and belonging, extending to tiie channel of th? Potomac riv- r, and n*?w occupied by George Page and used as a sieaiulx-at. wharf The sale of t!i? several Lots in the subdivision of ! Square No 411, w th the improvements ard nppnr tenances, will take place on Thursday, the 24th day of May, 185o, at 5 o'clock p qi., on (lie-prem ises. The sale of Lot No. 4. in Square No. 388, with the improvements anil appurienances, will t ike place on said Thursday, the 24th day of .May, 1855, at 6 o'clock p. ni , or. the premises The !?ale of part of Lot No 3, in Square No. 730. will ake place on Friday, the 25th day of May, at 5U o'clock p. m., on t;ie premise*. And the sale of part of Square No 472, with the valuable Wharf thereto attached and belonging, will take place on Tuesday, the *Jih day of May, 1855, at 5V? o'clock p. m , on the premises. Th? above property is all oauated m desirable lo cation., rapid y enhar.cing in value, and offers to capitalists and others a most favorable opportunity ff\r invt'fitmontj L ' Ktt viuiriC Ulllll) for investments or procuring a desirable residence. The terms of sale, as prescribed by said decree, will he one fourth of the purcha*e money i:i cash, and the balance in six, twr'vc, eighteen, and twen ty four months, to be se. ufed bv the purchaser's bonds, beaing interest from day i f sale, with secu nty, to be approved by the Tru.-ices. Upon the full payment of the putchase money and interest, and the ratification of the sale or sales by the Court, the Trustees will conve. the property to the respective purchasers in fee. If the terms of sale are not complied with in six days after the sale, the property th- terms of the sale oi which are not so complied with will be resold at the risk and expense of the purchasers upon one week's notice. All conveyancing at the expanse of the purchas ers. CH AS. WALLACH,. TlII,t(fM EDW'D 8WANN, f1 JAS. C. McQUIRE, mav 2?eoStds Auctioneer. (?/- The u'? of the several lots lit S juare 4'2 and lot 4 in square Cb8, wt'h improve ments, is i*vptponeri, in const quence of the rais, until TUESDAY, June 5lh, same hours. The sale of part of |o| .\.i 3, in square 733, will tike piace thi- FR'PAY) afternoon, at 5,^ o'clock, i n the premises. ClIAS. S. .VALI.ACH,) - ? EDW'D SWAXN, [Tru tees. J AS. C. MrGUIRE, may 2.">?cofcds Auctioneer. I5Y J. C McGl'lllE, Auctioneer* I'RUSTEF.'S SALE OF VALUABLE BUILD nig L t near Railroad Depot --By virtue of a deed of trust bearing date on the 4th day of April, 18~>4, and recorded in fab r J. A S., No. 38, folios lftl. &c., the subscriber will svll, at public sale, on FRIDAY, the day of Mine, 1855, at 5!^ o'clock p. in., on the premises, all that piece or parcel ? f ground lying and being sjfnare in the city of Wash ington, and b* lug part of squire No. 63*), b- ginnieg at a point on New Jersey avenue ^70 ti et (rem the northwest corner of said square, and running thence eastwardly at right argles to New Jers-y avenue 124 feet 1 inches, thence due south 23 feet, more or le-s, to a paralli I line 22 feet from the first de -cribed line of tins piece of ground, and runningpar allel with taul Ime westwardly to New Jersey ave nue 118 feet 1J.{ inches, thence northwardly on New Jer<i y avenue 22 feet to the point of beginning. The above pr >p rty is eligibly situated near the Railroad Depot and adjoining Foy's Hotel, rapidly enhancing in value, and offers a most favorable op port'inity for investment. Terms of sale : Half cash, and balance in fi, 12, and 18 months, for notes bearing interest from the day of sale, secured by a deed in trust upon the property. If the terir.n of sale are not complied with in six days after the sale, the property will Le reso'dat the risk and expense of the purchaser. C11AS S. WALLACH. Trustee. J AS. C. McGUIRE, may 15?cofcds Auctioneer. By GRfebKN A NCOTT. Auctioneers. '1 tRUSTEE'S SALE OF VALUABLE RE4L i 1 Estate.?By virue of a decree of the Orphans' Court ol the District of Columbia, f??r the county oi Washington, approved by the Circuit Court of said j lli>trit!l, sitting io chancery passed in ll'e matter o' the petition of WUiii*m V\ hit more, ?-t u'- , children and heirs ut Ihw of William W Whiiinore, late ol -aid county, deceased, I will, on THUItSDAY, the Jl^t day or May, 1855, at 6w o'clock p. m , in front ol tli? premises, proe. e?i to sell Lots of ground rmm bered seventeen (17) and eighteen (18) m Square numbered five hundred and three (503) situate in the city of Wa-tungt n, and District aloresai.l. The above described property is situated on the northwest corner of 6th ?ireet west and N street | south, and contau:> ?ii the aggregate about fourte. n thousand square feet of gr uod. Tenus of ^ale : One third ca?h,und the residue in two equal pjyn.enu at six and twelve months, with interest from day ot sale. The deterred payuientF | to be secured |.y tue noi?- of the purchas* r or pur chasers, satisfactorily endorsed. IJ jhiii the full payment ol ihv purchase money and interest and the ratification of the sale by Hie Court, the trustee wiil convey said lots of gioumt to the purchSnT or purchasers thereof, at Ins or their cost and expeu-e. If the terms oi sale are not complied with within five days Irom the day ol sal-i, the trustee reserv^ the right to resell said lots, o- either of them, upon reasonable notice, at the n?k a-td cost of the hn?t purchaser. RICHARD 11. LASKEY, Trustee. GREEN A SCOTT, j may 15??-o2wfcds Auctioneers. By C. YV. UOTKLKit Auctioneer. r| 'RUSTEE'S SALE OF TWO email FRAME 1 Houses on the Island.^On MONDAY, the 28th of May, instant, by virtue of a deed of trust I beanng date the 17.h o? November, 1*54, and record ed in Liber "J A S," No. t?7, folios 319, 320, 6tc., one of ihe land of Washington county, Dis-1 met of Columbia, the subscriber will sell, at public auction, in fr?nt ol the premises, I Part of Lot 12, in Square No. 585, on which are erected two small frame houses, fronting on South F street. Terms of sale: One-fourth in hand, and the re mainder in 2, 4 and 6 months, with interest, secured by a deed of trust. All conveyancing at cost of purchaser. Either or both ol the Houses can be had at private sale by application to B. P. Smith, Esq , at the City Hall. JAS C. MAUPIN, Trustee, i C. W. BOTELER, may 1?eo ? Auctioneer. By JAS. C. ?cGl'IRK, Auctioneer. VERY DESIRABLE BUILDING LOT at Auc tion.?On TUESDAY afternoon, June 12th, at I 6 o'clock, on the premises, the subscriber will sell, I by virtue of a deed of trust from Basil Lancaster, i dated September 2-21, 1848, and duly recorded in Li tar J. A. S., No I, folios 3K0, Ike. one of the land records for Washiugt- n county, all that piece or parcel of groun i and premises designated upon the ground pirn of said city as Lot No. 28, in Square | 197, having a front of 49 feel nine inches on 151b st west, between north L and M streets, ruouiug back 197 feet to a 30 feet alley, with a 15 feet alley run ning the full depth of the lot on tile side. Tins lot is situated in a rapidly improving part ol the First Ward and is very desirably located Terms: $150 iu cask, the residue in 6 and 12 months with interest, secured by a deed of trust on the premises. All conveyancing at cost of purchaser. JAS. II COLLINS.Trustee. JAS. C. Mi GUI RE, may 11? 2awfcds Auctioneer. I7IKKNCII VISITING CARDS, extra thin, and ' ol the finest finish, ju-t untried lr..m Paris di rect, by FRANtK TAYLOR, may lb Amusements. GRAND PIC NIC OF Til K rpHE NORTHERN LIBERTIES' FIRE COM 1. PANY respectfully make unown to their friends and the public generally thai thev will give their fii* PIC NIC. on THURSDAY, June 7th, 1855, :o the WHITE IIOI73E The Company will spare no pains or expense to injure satisfaction The Refreshments wiil he served by an expe rienced catere.-, Mr A Columbus Visiting Companies will appear in uniform The boat will Irave Georgetown at 1 o'clock; Washington at 2; Navy Yard at ; and Alexan dria at 3 p. m Tickets ONE DOLLAR?admitting a g ntlemin and ladies?to be hai of any of the Committee of Arrangements Committee. II Knight, H Keenau, C Matlock, T Dawson, L Newmyer, E G Evans, S F Robertson, J T Halleck, J II Goddard,]r Mid Birkhead, S Taylor, 8 Culverwel!, R Warren, A Columbus, J Slaiford, J King, may 12?eotd TO ALL THAT VALUE THEIR SIGHT. P.ACTICAL.OPTICIA.S V[7 ISHES to call the attention to all that suffer S' with defective sight, caused by age, aickneiis and particularly f oui gl t^es injudiciously select-d, to his superior SPECTACLES and GLASSES rare fully ground by himself to a true spherical accura-y, and brilliant transparency, sui'.ed rrecisely and b. n efici illy to the wearer according to the concavity or convexity of the eye. Very numerous are the ill ef fects caused to the precious organ of sight from the commencement of usirg glasses in not being pre cisely suited, !>y the use of an Optometer; and the practice of many years, enabbs mm tr> mea.-tire the focal distance of the eyes, and surh glasses that are absolutely required will be furnished with precision and sati;faction J. T acknowledges the very liberal encourage ment already obtained, *nd further solicits tl"e pa tronage of tho?e that have not yet availed themselves of his aid. Persons that cannot conveniently call, by sending tl e glasses in use, and statins bow many inches thev can rend this piint with their spectacles, eau be supplied with such that will improve their sicht. Innumerable testimonials to be teen; and refer ences given lu many who have derived the greatest ease and comfort from hia glasses. Circular* to be had gratis, at his office, No 518 Seventh street, three doors from Odd Fellows' Hall, upstairs. Norfolk. Septembr r 7, 1854. Sir?The Spectacles you made for me suit very well, and seem to hive improved my sight more tnan any ether I have lately tried. Litt. W. Tazewell. I have tried a pair of Spectacles obtained from Mr Tobias, and find them of great ar.-istance to inv sight. an1 corresponding with his description of the focus. 1 recommend him as a skillful optician. Henry A. Wise. Mr. J. Tobias : Sir?The pair of Spectacles you furnished me yesterday are particularly satisfactory to They are very decidedly the best I possess, and 1 am the owner of eight or nine [?airg, carefully selected in different place? and from opticians recommended to me on account of their professional standing in Eng land, France, and the United States I have bee.n also plea-ed with your remarks and directions on the treatment of tiie eyes, for the purpose of pre serving and improving the sight. Respectfully jours, Chas Caldwell, Professor of M. C., Louisville, Ky LYMCHBrito, Nov. 10. 1*54 Mr. John Tobias having furnished me with Glas rcs, by which I have been greatly aid"d, (my vision having suffered greatly from reading at night in my earlier life) i; afford* tue the highest pleasure to fiy ihat I consider him a skillful praetirpj optician, and well prepared to aid those who i ay need his profes sional services. Wm. It. Roczie, Elder of Methodist Conf*erei>ee. Wilmington, N. C., Jan. '37, 1854. Mr. J Tobias: Dear Sir?I am happy to say that the Spectacles which I obtained from you hist week are entirely satisfactory. From an inequality in thi: visual range of mv eyes, I have heretofore found great difficulty in getting glasses of the proper focal distance*. It affords me pleasure to state, that by the aid of yiicr optometer this difficulty ha? been happily obviated, so that the Glasses you furnished me are decirtediv the best adapted to my ryes of any I have ever ret used. Very respectfully yours, K. II. Drank, Rector of St. James' Parish. Department of Interior. May 7. JR-V5. From ea'ural defects and ihe un< r,nal rang*- r-f my eves, I have heen compelled to use gla ?"*s for ^ev?: mi years. I have tried different opticians without obtuning glasses perfectly fitted to my eyes Four months since Mr. Tobias made two pairs especially tor me, wnich I have found to serve me perfectly. By the use of his optometer he is enabled to at'ap* Glasses minutely to the eye I cheerfully rec ommend Mr. Tobias to all having oceaiion to ?t<e glasses, and b*ar my testimony as to his skill as an optician. Henry E Baldwin, Awistant Sect'y to sign Land Warrants, may 16?if FISCHER^BAND FULLY 0RGAN~ IZED. HAVING now completed all mv ' rrangemeuls for a first rate BkASS and COTILLON HAND, I am again at the service of the public to attend Excursion Parties, Exhibit ons, Parades, Pic Nich, Balls, and Serenades. All those in favor of a citizen's band are respectfully invited to encourage our en erprise, here in Wa>hingt-n City. P FISCHER, Leader. I' S.?This Band, under my direction, is regularly uniformed, ami lroui a practice over twenty years I can give satisfaction to every one. Re?idence, Pa. avenue, north side, bet. U.h and 10'h streets first door west of Iron Hall. Orders left with Meaers Ililbus Ss. punctually at'ended to. may 14?1m* IF YOU READ ADVERTISEMENTS FA:.\SE notice ihat I have, fresh from'he es tablishment in New York, Decker's Self Pais ing F.our, Decker's Grits, Decker's Maccaronuand Verinacelli, Decker's Farina, one paper of which, at 14 cents, will make a superior dish sufficient for fifteen or twenty persons. Also, Oswego Corn Starch and Cornena, n great variety of Milliard's pieparations of Chocolate for eating !*nd drinking Baker's superior Cocoa paste from which, in a few minutes, by poi rm^ boiling water on it a very superior cup of Chocolate can be made. When dollars and cents are made a study and at the same time superior article for health and econ omy is required, you would do well to call at KING'S Grocery and Variety Store, corner Vermont ave nue and I streets, a few *teps northeast of Jacl.-^on Statue. may 11?wtf CUM.MING'S FAMILY PRAYERS, in 2 vols, 75 cents each Buchan's Systwm of Anthropology, $9 Florine Prin ess of Burgundy, by VV B MacCabe, 75 cents Growth of Holiness, by Fabcr 50c Vindication of the Catholic Church, 75c The Immaculate Conception, by Bishop Ullatliorne 37*c The Heart of Jesus, by J. B. Dalgairns, 50c. E K. LUNDY, No. 198 Bridge street, Georgetown, I). C. may 17?tf _ __ TO THE LADIES OF WASHINGTON AND VICINITY. AMELIA PRIBRAM & SISTER, JMre 11 No. 5J7 7 Pennsylvania rrenue, be-jAl II*tween 10th and ll<h streets, return fl w their regards tor the kind patroirge heretofore be stowed upon th) ir efforts, and tak" ?he liberty of in forming their many friends that they intend open ing their Spring, Summer and Fancy BONNETS, which consbt of 250 picces, besides a rich asiort ment of STRAW BONNETS, S.c. They are able to serve all sues who are in want of a lashionable and cheap Bonnet. Cail and examine before purchasing elsewhere, may 12?lm* SILVER TIMEKEEPERS. NDEPENDENT of our unusually large stock of _ elegant Gold Watches, we havejust received an invoice vf superior Silver Timekeepers, warranted, which we offer low. M. W. GALT & BRO., 1*1 Pa. uve., betw. 9th and 10th fits max 1>?01 I EVENING STAR. ASSAY OFFICE. M the Assay Office, the other day, we were shown the interesting process by j which the gold, brought to this city in , its original impure and mixed state, is refined and made ready for coinage. This j work is performed in a large, commo | dious, and fire-proof building at the rear | of the Assay Office. Among the other interesting sights is the handsome and pflwerful steam engine, which moves the I machinery for crushing the waste stuff, the object of which is to prepare it for reworking, in order to extract the j arti cles of gold wh:ch happen to get mixed with it. The engine is connected with the hydraulic press, which presses out the silver that has been compounded with the gold in the refining operation, which is as follows: The separation of the alloy from the gold, which alloy is almost entirely coniposcd of silver, is ef fected by the action of acids, which dis solve the silver and leave the gold pure and solid: as this action cannot take place without a proportion of two parts of silver to one of gold, on account of the protecting influence of the latter? I after first ascertaining by the process of I separation on a small scile, the propor tion of silver originally mixed wiih the more precious metal, the requisite quan tities added: the two metals are then I placed in vessels partly tilled with nitric acid, and this is boiled for some time, by immersing the vessels in hot water, which is kept at a very high temperature by passing through pipes exposed to I great heat in one of the furnaces. Aflei this operation is finished and the gold is I refined, there still remains the silver held in solution by the acid. By precip itating this into salt and water, it is con verted into chloride of silver, a substance I resembling powdered lime. This, attci I undergoing two or three operations. 1 such as melting arid mixing with sul lphur and zinc, is again turned into the I solid metal. i Before going into the#working rooms, rwe weot into the weighing room, where I the principal oVjects of curiosity are the |E:alcs, which are very large, and yet so I finely made and regulated that the I weight of one hundredth part of an ounce I will turn them. In this room, the most Idel cate process is performed?that ol I finding out and regulating the quality of J the precious metals, so that when assay led, they may be of a certain and fixed lvalue. A large number of men are un I ployed in tLis work, and everything is [done in a quiet and orderly manner. I which shows good management and su pervision.?N. F. Jour, of Com. A Tropity from tiik Battle of Inker MANN.?We saw at Young's bookstore, 3'esterday, a musket which was used by a Russian soldier at the battle of Inker mann. The piece is Russian all over. The stamp of the double eagle, near the breech, settles its nationality. The ma ple siock bears marks of long and hard service. The barrel was originally fur nished with an ordinary Hint side-lock : but this has been changed to the percus sion-cap 44 nipper" on the top of the barrel, and the percussion 44 hammer*' to correspond. The 44 cap hammer" is a model, remarkable ratht r for the certain ty it makes of a sure fire, if the cap is good for anything, than for its beauty. It woigDS at least half a pound, and jumps under the motion of the trigger with a spitefiJness calculated to make a war-dog laugn. The musket is the property of D. G. Sarkis, now of this city, who has just returned from Europe. lie obtained it of his brother, who is an interpreter in the Allied army, and who received it from a wounded Russian soldier the dav after the battle of lnkermann.?'lro^ WhiS. M0sQriT0E3.?An informant of the N.Y Evening Post, who has given much at tention to the subject, has satisfied him self that mosquitoes are bred in the cis terns or tanks which are suspended abov< the water closets in all our dwellings These tanks are without any covering and in the summer they bicoine warmed to the tempeiature of the surrounding atmosphere, which is often eighty de grees or more. At that high tempera ture mucquitoes are generated in all rain or cistern water not in motion. Cisterns produce them in great quantities, and in September they become a domestic plague. The way to abate the nuisance is to keep all tanks, cisterns, and rain-water bar rels closely covered ; and to see that nc water is suffered to become stagnant in the yards, &c. Our fellow-citizens must look out in time. Bisnop Doank on Woman's Rights.? The iiight Rev. Bishop of New Jersey has no fancy for strong-minded women and women in bifurcations. In the coursc of his address the other day, to the fe male graduating class, at St. Mary's LU11, Burlington, after alluding to the value of intellectual accomplishments, in women, the Bishop, nevertheless, ob served : 44 The highest human graces that a woman ever won, have but ensnared her soul in vanity and sin ; and wrought de struction, through their attractions, for the souls of others. And intellectual powers and intellectual gifts, cot subor dinated to the providential orderings of God, not chastened and controlled by llis renewing grace, are, at this time uu sexing women : and thrusting on the as tonished world a race of monsters, iu that Amazonian crew, who clamor now for 44 Woman's Rights" such as no my thology has ever dreamed of.'' flZT A teacher at a national schocl ask ed a boy which is the highest dignitary of the church ? After looking up and down, north, eaal, south, and west, the boy replied, innocently, 44the weather pock." THE WEEKLY STAB. TUt d? Family Inn fni?I m? tafcuoc ? inur variety at utumaUaj Mm Blifle copy, per aaann f ti *o 0LTM. rive oojn?* m CO. ..??? ?????? nrttti.Mmmww 'oty 4o ,j| W fc^*C*?B, iittakiablt ia a*vaikb. flinfle oopln? (ia wrapper*) ?aa fee piiwl at u?e coaster, immediately after ite lame of paper. Pnce?tbui cum. FoiTiAiTit.1 who ict y t|cnu will be aHovW & corxin ^K* nf twenty per ceai. i EKOLISH LORDS OH a 8PBXZ A few days since two persons arrived here and put up at Congress llall, where they registered their names as Philip 8. Dobbins and George S. Rollaon. They represented theirm* Ivce as being connect j ed with families of co'oihcy in England, j Their conduct at least shows that tbey arc fond of sporting and riding. They pationized Mr. Slauson, where they ob tained horses and can iages at a mom tut a notice. On riding out the other day, lor the purpose of seeing the country, tbev pissed througlT Lancaster street, when I they observed quite a pretty young ladjr fitting at the window of a private resi dence. They saluted her, when she re turned the compliment. Cne of the gen tlemen subsequently sent her a note, soliciting her company to a place of amusement, which she declined, tut in her note she insinuated that he would be a welcomc visitor to her house. The note was pondered over, but no decided action was agreed upon until last evea lng i Ihey started off yesterday for a ride, I "ik Vtcr Sett'ng * short distance Irom the city their wag:>n broke down. They however, managed to get it home, but in Id mg this thty were obliged to stop at a.! the public h;uses on the way, the re sult of which was tuey got somewhat in tbria'ed. After they had returned the horse and wagon, they resolved to make I a call upon the lady in question in Lan I caster street. This occurred rather late I m the evening, and upon rapping at the door they were met by tie young lady's I r[ r' denied them admittance. Ihey lritered around the house for some | timv, and af'.er another unscccssful at I lempt to see the lady they be ame vexed, I when one of the gentlemen in anger I i,,rew a P*ving 8?.one against the door. I ? his created some alarm among the in I '.nates, when the brother of the young lady was dispatched to the fourth district I station house to obtain the services of a j policeman. After the throwing the stone ?iey ?oitered about the hou&e for some I some time, and were finally arrested and I ~ s'*tion house by the police. They were obliged to take up their abode I last night at that place, and this morn I ing they were brought kefore Justice I Cole, who, after a hearing of the case, I cumm tted them to jail. With their pre ? tensions to nobility, they could only show I about >28 this morning, and upon being I asked wnere they resided refused to give I an}r satisfactory answer. Who are they, I and where do ihey belong.' are questions I that will doubtless be asked by many of I our readers. As soon as we are informed I we will divulge that which is now a se I cret hid in their own breasts.?Albany I Journal, Monday. I Po,IXTEn Extract.?In one of Rev. E. IH. Chapin's sermons is the following I pointed extrect: " Many a iuan there is clothed in re spectability, and proud of his honor, I v\ hose central idea of life is interest and I ease, the conception that other men are I mere tools to be used as will best serve I him, that God has endowed him with j *>incw and brain merely to scramble and I get; and so in this grand universe, which ilis a perfect circulation of benefits, he lives like a sponge on a rock, to absorb, land bloat and die. Thousands in this I g'eat city arc living so, who never look I ort of the narrow circle of their self-in I tercst; whose decalogue is arithmetic, I whose Bible is a ledger ; who have so I contracted, and hardened: S"d stamped I their nature, that in any spiritual esti I mate, they would pc,ss for only so many j bogus dollars. 1 emporal Sovereignty of the Pope (I Denied.?Archbishop Keurick, in his I pastoral letter, published in Baltimore, j makes the following allusion to the tem f poral power of the Pope: i 1 o the General and State Govern ment you owe allegiance in all tbat re . gards the civil order; the authorities of . of the Church challenge your obedience . j in the things of salvation. We have no . need of pressing this distinction, which J you fullv understand and constantly ob . I serve. i ou knew that we have unifonn , taught you, both publicly and private I ly, to perforin all the duties of good citi , I zens, and that we have nevtr exacted of . you, as we ourselves have never made, . even to thy highest ecclesiastical author ity, any engagements inconsistent with j the duties we owe to the country and its laws. On every opportune occasion, we have avowed these principles, and even i in our communications to the Pontiff, we rejected as a calumny the imputation tiiat , we were, in civil matters, subject to his II authority." Miss-Directed.?A few days since a letter was received at the post office in I this city, for one of our Wall street r I magnates, but directed so blindly that the postman delivered it at the boarding , house of an actress in one of our theatres bearing a similar name. She opened it and out dropped a draft for the moderate I sum of $24,000! She soon discovered that the letter was not hers, and a little inquiry put her on the track of the pro per owner, and she hastened to his place of business with the letter; soon she ar ; rived there, but in such a flustration that as the gentleman who received her said Ishe must have chartered at least two omnibuses for the trip. Mr. B. soon re lieved her of her charge, and assured her ? of his thanks for her care in rectifying the mistake.?N. Y. Tribune. Revere House Fenced in.?Rumor put her thousand tongues in motion, Saturday, on seeing the Revere House barricaded?a slight fence having been put up around it. Most people supposed it was a liquor law demonstration. It turned out, however, that it was to pre serve the title to the land, a prooeas gone through with once in twenty years. ?Bot> } ton Bee. 3T7" In a woman, an ounce of heart is worth a pound of brains.

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