Newspaper of Evening Star, May 25, 1855, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 25, 1855 Page 2
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EVENING STAR WASHINGTON U IT Y: FRIDAY AFTERlffOlf May 25 SPIRIT OF fHS MOKNOO PKFS8 The Union exalts over the prospect of the triumphant election of Henry A Wiie, and argues *o show that "abolitionism and Know Nothingism are the parents of disunion." The lnt?llis*rr*r. commenting on a recent proposal of tbe Pennsylvania Historical So ciety that^tho country shall hereafter observe as a national holiday the anniversary of the adoption of the constitution, says: '?Every demonstration that can be give' cJ devotion to the Constitution is a just trib?^'ie to the wisdom and patriotism that fr* mo(i ft and is a proper appreciation of i?* inestimable value to'every bing we hol^ dear and sacred as a nation. To h<>n<yt it with unwavering fidelity as the borii 0f our Vcion is tbe obli gation of life, d every patriot should be an nrmed sentVoel on perpetual duty to protect it The jiame spirit that commands our ob ?erv^ce of the aonivor*ary ?f the Dcciara tioj Qf Independence should be manifested tor the anniversary of ?ho adoption of the Cons'i tution They are tbe two great epochs in our history alike deserving all honor ?-We are piea*e i that this (subject has been con- dcrei hy the Historical ^ ciety of Phila delphia and a felicitous rep rt made on it by t^e Hon J R Ty?on the chairman of the committee It is peculiarly appropriate that Itiiladelphia should lead off in this new tie in nstritior.; for. as is well expressed in tbe report. of the committee ? if any part of our country should precede the rest in this co?e. nvn duty the public might fairly look for ,-och a movemont frcm t'hlndelfha 'lhe contention th at framed the Constitution sar within it.-li-uits there the Federal proee-sioc .Talked in ito hoaor on the 4th of July, 17a8: and th >? city the first capital of the n2lion ?aider the Constitutional Government Nor can i' be doub'ed that thee* nt us foci wis fa ?vorable to the recognition or one rjf the sub ? ime g <?ries of the instrument itself Tbe "ght of en.scifncr, whic*? it cpbolJs and inculcates, was prr laired to mankind a? one ? f the corner itonsj of tbe colonial structure of Pennsylvania above a century before The Virginia Flfction We refrained, yesterday. from oemmentingon this exciting tbemo Though confident rf the election of Mr Wise, we had n*> disposition to aid his friend: in winning the mcaey of his op ponon.s, a- rre are opposed to betting, having "or fifteeu yean past refraiLed frcm betting on an^i^icg to the amount of sixpence. As far is we have received returns, they bear out the -iiculdtiocs whirh we presented to our read ers soi^e days ago. wherein we claimed for Mr. Wise r.n aggrrgate majority of 11 850 in tbe State The returns we hava received are as fol lows : Alexandria city and county. 490 sujori'j f i Flournoy W0 must dedutt from this apparent j majority, 5fi naturalized votee. returned on the ? fcrtok of the poll list? which must be e* entuaily ' codnted in fav. r ol Mr. Wise, under .he law j Hournoj's actutl majority in Alexandria' city am county \z 435 lhe county portion j ga.e Floarnjy, to a -ingle vote, the ?ame mtt j jority it gave :.cott over Pier*o. In the c lou- ; lation to which we refer above. Alexandria town and c?anty w?re set down as to give! F!ournoy 500 m jority, insceai of 435 Petersburg?(abish w-? dowr as even) ? i Wtse, unj,fity .{?> The t<l*graph report i '"?e Democratic gains in adjacent counties Three counties corner in the city of Peter? burg. Lyncv"ur>?Flonrnoy's m ;j>rity 47y Freieric!;sbu-g?Flournoy's maj>rify 104 ' uea.e a. f 4 Patter's, 100, Morri.?, (Board of! Public Work,) 61 Ar.-ording to the data on which we claimed 11.850 aggregate majority for W iae. Fredericksburg was set down as to give F1 urnoy 2oO majority. Richmond ci'y gives Floumov V7S majority. It was it', dtwn in our calculation at 1,000. Fairfax (reported) 5o majority for Flournoy. In our ll,b50 calculation, Fairfax was set down at 100 for Flournoy Another report ! from Fairfax g ves Flournoy but 5 majority! there. j Norfolk cry and Portsmouth, aggregate j Flournoy rrajori'y, 445 In oar 11.850 cal culation they were set down at 500 for Flour noy. Jefferson county, all told, 30 majority for Flcurnoy Scott's majority there was fiO. We allowed Lim 100 majority there ia the 11,850 calculation. 1 armvi;!e 45 majority fry Flournoy. Chesterfield countv 45? for Wise In the! gubern;?ori*l election the Democratic majori ty was 413, at which wo set i; down in ' the 11.850 calculation ''h.oeom-y. embra.-ipg the ?ity <_f W heel ing. ??0 majority for Flotrnoy This is pre cisely the majority, to a vote for which Ohio was -et uown in our 11 m50 majority calculation SnntBies's maj rity in the last Gabernatcrial election (wherein be was Lenten 8,014) was 535 Winchester, in Frederick connty, gives Flcurnoy 166 majority In tbe 11 850 ca!cu latrn it was set d >wn at 300 We have a dispatch from the Enquirer ..ffiee 1 at Richmond, eaying tbat Hanover county gives Wise over 200 Demcc-etic majority. Hanover gave Pierc-i 104. and Johnson over ^unsn.rr. jn 1*52 135 majority In our calcu lation. we set i? down at 1C0 for Wise. Iht? despatch sayg that jartial returns, all highly favorable to Wise, ha?e reached Rich mcrd aLd that it has been ascertained th-t C^skie has been re elected by troai 2U0 to 300 majority. Fljirg reports by telegraph are in Wash-! ingtoa as fol'ows: Fauquier. 250 majority for Flcurnoy This cannot he based on returns, ins-much as all the t!,irteen voting places in the county can not be heaid from at tbe oourt house of F?u qmier. ,Warreaton,) before midnight to-night. Culpepper majority for Flournoy, 271. (All th* precincts of this county cannot be heard from at Culp?pp?r court hoa*e before sun down this evening ) Pendleton 500 tor Flournoy. (lhe whole resai. in 1 end!eton eanoot reach any tele graphic station before some time to morrow ) Marshall 400 for Flournoy (A telegraphic hae runs through Marshall, but some ef its precincts lie *> remote a* to make it impossi ble that the final reoult can be ki.own at its county seat before sun-down to day ) The Know Nothings have a report by tele-! graph, saying that Frederick oounty gives Wue 130 and Faulkner 115. ^ ? have no means of verifying its 00rroot oees Frederick gave Johnson 281 majority, and Pierce 4?? majority. F. S. We received a dispatch just as we wen: to press, saying May 24 ?Wise's majority in Berkeley is five (5) It g%T, Jotinio0 jga Faulkner's majority in lhe same county is 25*. It gave him be!*re lbfl. W1MH3CT0M MEWS GOSSIP. 8helton's Ialand ?Several of the New York papers of yesterday publish a letter from Philo S shelton. Esq ,of Boston, to Mr Marey, Sec retary of State, occupying nearly three col omas of small type, respecting this island. Mr. Shelton claims it as being its first and only possessor, and the first discover of the guano thereon about a year since, lie wad driven off. by a Venciuelan vessel-of-war, by force The Dutch have since taken it from tho Venerueleans. The English claimed it also, bat they have eince given up their claim, j seeking, how&ver, to get a participation in the [ me of it. jfj, Shelton, who is. we le:ru, a resject'.ble merchant of Boston. claim3 indem nity from tho Veneiuelcstn Government to the a ncunt of several hundred thousand dollars for that tortuous dispossession hi December last, of his egents. he having sent several ships and some hundred hands to ob>.in tho guano on the island He also claims tbe island and the guano as his property, but offer? to transfer the island, reserving the guano, to tho United State.; wi.hout charge He demands that Mr. Marcy shall send a vessel-of war to Venezuela to enforce this claim lie then asks for a vessel of-war to convoy his ships and men to repossess himself of the island, now claimed by the Dutch, p^d fiom which he was forcibly ou?teu in Dece^i - ber la?t And 'ue also asks, if these requests cannot be granted, that he be given leave to fit out an armed expedition, on his own hook, t? do the same Mr. S * says, English nnd French merchants, in Northern Atlantic cities, ' assured of the protection of their Govern ments,"*' have off red to buy h'S right; and '>e asks if he shall dispose of it, a? fcc is in clined to do if his requests cannot be granted The guano on She!ton's island is reported to be worth six or seven hundred thoa^aud dol lars. Ilia dispatch cite-: numerous autho i'ies on international law. ani was minifestly pre pared by some shrewd Yankee lawyer to Uy the foundation of a big claim against the Gov ernment of the United State6, and perbajs also wi'h the desire to make a case against the powers that be, if any contingency rnado it plausible. That those in charge of the Gov ernment will do their duty i? not to be doubted, and we presume they arc the proper per^ns tojulgeof tbe time, place, and manner. The management of our foreign relations and diplomacy has not generally b'.en deJegucd to claimants, or their lawyers, or newspaper editors. An jther Depredator upon the Pension Of lice Convicted?A B.Graham of the State vt New \ork, has been convicted of the crime of forgery, in applications for bounty land, before the United States District Court forth? Northern District of the State of New York, at Hs present session in Rochester, in paid S.tate and sentenced to seven years imprisonment in the State prison. This man h is been a sort of itinerant agei;t, and seldom appeased as such in his true name. He practiced prosecuting application!" in the names of soldiers in the war ol 1812 ^ho had deceased, and wculd fre quently forge all the sigmtures necessary? except, tho name of the county clerk, by wh^se certificate the papers were authenticated These replications he wou i send to the Pen si\>n Office under varic-uj names, snd from dif ferent places, and wouid require answers to be sent to the various post offices wheie the application were mailed Tho Pension Office discovered somethicg wrong may months since. but cculd not, for dome time, ascertain the author of the^e transactions At length, sufficient discoveries were had to justiiy tho sending a special messenger into tho State to ferret out these various frauds Accordingly, tha Chief Clerk, S. Cole, E*q , former y a resident in the ccunty from which many of these suspicious claims were ?ent, went to New ; York, and discovered the perpetrator to bo . A. B < 1 r&hiin. whom ho caused to be arrested 1 aQd indieted The prosecutions have been ; continued for come months, and came up for final triai this week, and reeuited as above st.) ted I' would seem that the gang of villains who ha.e beti-ged the Pension Office with thoeu fraudulent claims would soon be dispersed, as we are ic.f ri^cd this is the eighteenth convic tion that has been had for these offences wi'h ia the last two years. The CommissiiLer. however, says the:e are "eeteral of the same sort still left, whose tracks, ?f we mistake not, he has already ditCuvered. Their fate, from tho experien:e of others under like cir cumstances, maj be easily foretold Work, as , ia tho Washington Navy-Yard. ihe large iron buoy3 which have been con st; ucted at the Washington navy yard, during the last win er and spring. for the light house service, are now in the course of distribution along our coasts, to take the places of the smaller bcojs hitherto iu general use Vve learn that the buoyaga of all tbe prin cipal harbors, sounds, Lays. Ac., on our coast, a now being thoroughly systematieed by marking each danger and channel in such a manner ;hat the navigator, with the buoy list in his hand, cannot fail, wish ordinary care, to avoid the one or follow the other In our immediate vicinity we note that the Chesapeake Bay has already be?n well ( marked according to the general plan, and | that the Potomac river, from the head of nav ' igation to its mouth, is now boiDg buoyed properly and thoroughly for the first, time, ihese aids to navigation, when they can be fully relied upon, are a great benefit to the mariner, shipowner, and merchant. An apt illustration of the great value of theie exterior aids, is found in the present well marked channels in the James river, when a short time since, scarcely a week elapsed that some damage to the steamers running fr m New York to Richmond was not reported, whilo now such accidents sellom occur. During the last year, tho channol of this important outlet to the ocean has beenmaiked by four good lights, one day beacon and buoys of the be^t description, and properly dis tributed, have been placed at every important point from Rocketta to Hampton Hoads. An Inspector Appointed?Mr. Thomas C. Wilson, of this city, has been appointed in spector and receiver of building materials for the extention of the General Post Office struc ture Cur Columna ?We are so absorbed in sift ing election returns as to be able to present little other new. to our patrons this afternooc. An Army Officer designed ?Assistant Bur geon Israel Mo*a. u.J^A , has redgned ?he Current ;>erations of the Tre?suiy iepwtment ? On yesterday, the 24th of May, ' th*re wtreof Treasury Warrant* entered on . the books of the Department ? For the redemption of stock 110 655 30 For th* Treasury Department.... For the Interior Department i For the Customs..., I For the War Department...? j On account of the Navy For repaying in the War Depart ? meet For repaying for the Interior De partment.... I For repaying on account of the Navy... From Customs For covering into the Treasury from miscellaneous sourcos.... I'KRHONAI.. ....John Timon, the Catholic Bishop of Buffalo, publishes in the newspapers of that city a notice, dated May 18th saying that Fattier Weniger having requested the with dr-.wal cf the interdict from the Church of St Louis and the e* communication from the trustees thereof, he can refuse him nothing and, therefore, consents to bis request lh?r Bishop declares the interdict removed, and say> that the excommunication of tho trustees will also cease as s>on as the Holy Triduan in St. Loui-i church shall begin. .... Colonel Dorsey, of Cooia county, Ala baraa. i3 a model husband, having declined becoming a candidate for Congress, because his wife wants him at home .... The elitor of the New Orleans Piaa yune. as early as the 15th instant, has been luxuriating in green corn, "full grown, and full grained, and of deliciously sweet flavor,' presented to him by Mr. Henry Lawrerce from bis prolific gardens in the third district of that city. .... A chief of tho Utah Indians on his death bed. recently, requested his brother to kill at hi3 burial one Pi ede woman, to strangle two i'i ede girls, bury alivo one Pi ede boy, and kilt sixty horses and six sheep as a sacrifice I'hat he might paB* in pcice to the happy hunting rounds of tho Indians. .... Com. llenry E. Ballaid, U. S. Navy died at hid residence, near Annapolis, on Wednesday nijht la t. lie was over 70 years o/ age, and had been in a delicate state of health tor gome time past. Recently he re covered frt-iu a severe attack of pneumonia but suffered a relapse, which caused his death ....Capt Sam Whiting, of theWiuona(M T ) Argus, has been tende-ec1. and has accented a position in the expedition to go in search of Dr K?ne and his companions .... Col. Henry L Kinney, the leader of t,he expedition to Nicaragua, left Philadelphia for New Y(rk on Thursday morning. It is hi^ intention to bail from that port on Sunday in one f the fastest vessels afloat so that we snail see;, hoar of his doings in Central Amer ica. ....Letters received by the late steamer from the family of Major Brown state that he tin' raj idly sinkiog under his disease, and his death might be expected at any moment Mnj Brown left St Petersburg last aututfin, with health much impaired, to spend the win ter in Italy, in the hopo of r covering his strength and returning home this summer. The climate of Bosnia was too severe for his I constitution and he sunk under it as did his [ redece-sor, Major Whistler ....A B. Graham has been convicted, in Rochester, N. Y , of perpetrating fraud on the Pension Office, and sentenced to seven j ears imprironment in the Penitentiary. This inakce the eighth prosecution to conviction and putifhment since Commissioner Waldo assumed the duties <.f that ifiice. I 0;t"E W?VK LMEE FE0M_EUR:-P?. Arrival of Steamship America. We announced in our paper of ye?terd?y af t irroon that tho America had arrived at Hali fax in tho morning, but we failed, unaccount ably, to receive any news by her ever the wires jn time forour publication. Although the ad vice? sre one week later than the preceding, by the B*liic, the state of affairs concerning the ?v tr have undergone but little if any, change, SKBA9ropoL still stands, which fact of itself embraces the whole story. The dates by the America are to the 12th instant, and the intcliigecoo may thus be summed up. The news from Sebastopol is brief The public have finally concluded that the war must be a protracted one, and without hope of Siistance from Austria lhe Aliios have gained partial successes be fore Sevastopol, bat nothing decisive has transpired Several extensive failures were spoken of {rivately at Liverpool the day the stfamer aiiod. but the nnmes had not tran pired. The English pre<s admits th*t all hopes of 1 i ec.ce have fled, and that no assistance can be | expected fr ,m Au'tria and but little from the! j rts: of Europe?consequently France andl1 England inu^t he j re pa red to Ji.*ht it out, j The London 'limes publishes an article ex pressing the-e views. The same paper also has an editorial in behalf of the government, I -tatir.-g that it is impossirle to peruke the of-|| ficial of the Vienna conference|i without se^in* that Russia never was in ear nes" in Ler pretended desire t>r peace. Earl Grey. in the House of Lords gave no- I tics of a motion that an address be sent to the I 0'ieen deploring the failure of the peace ne-1 gotiati: ns at Vienna, and setting, as the opin ion of Parliament, the belief that the propo I sals of ilusoia were never such as to afford a| fair prospect of concluding a peace I Correspondence from the allied camp up to] the 27th of April explains the difficulties of tho Eeige, and Btate? confidently that the allies | are advancing their acquisition of the ground I bit by Lit, and, while t ;eir works so advance, I there can be no doubt of ultimate success, pro-1 vided the Russians in the field should be una-1 bio to force the allies to raise tho siege Marshal ? Canrobert had announced, that when reinforcements arrived he would enlarge the circle of operations 1 The latest official advices from Sebastopol, dated May 10, state that on that morning the I Russians made a sortie, with a large body of] troops, on the allien' right. The French drove I them back immediately, and a second end] similar attempt shared the same fate. The Ku-.sians met with serious loss General Manora had arrived at the Crimea I with 4 000 Sardinian troops. j The English portion of the Baltic fleet was I working up towards the Island of Gothland I as far as the ice would permit. ; It is tiald that France has asked permission I to establish a French camp on the Swedish! territory, ard if this is refused the allies will I then take possession of Bomarsundand fortify! it. Ihree ships left England on thelGthtol blockade the White Sea. j The following is from the London Standard: I " A very extraordinary circumstance is re I ported from a quarter which precludes any I doubt as to the truth of the statement It I reaches us by letter from St Petersburg It I appears that a fine Amerioan frigate-built I ship recently arrived at a port in the Baltic, I where it was stated that the vessel had on I board eight bales of cotton, but theoorre-l spondent of our informant visited the ship, and found that in addition to this cargo, she had on board 50,000 rifle and five thousand revolvers? The Messrs. D , merchants of Bos j ton were passengers on board the vessel!" j The Standard aeks, " What are our oonsulB in the United States abouf, to have permitted I such a cargo to leave without apprising the government hereof the facts?" j Symptoms increase that the Austrian and Russian cabinets are attempting to effect a I general accord amoug the German States. I The editors of the semi-offioial journals have [ united to favor the movement. 1 ENGLAND i All the documents in regard to the Vienna conference bare been laid before Parliament. These documents, extending over ninety I | pages, have been partially republished in tbel English newspapers and exoited much in? I j te-est. '? Lord P-ltnerstn evaded answering the j question whether the conference was not I busily broken off, but it is said that as the! 4 ? 4 171 65 ft,463 12 12.814 68 2 587 82 82 434 00 1.577 82 1,93ft 64 10.494 44 95 26 538 77 accredited represen'atives of all the powers, Kusia included, continue to arrive at Vienna, the elements of the conference permmmtly exist, should Prussia or Austria on behalf of l.uttia, make at any time proposal! offering a pr->upeot of afettlement , The emigrant ship John, from Plymouth for Quebec, haa been wrecked, and a number of lives lost. FRANCE. Drujn de L buy?, the French Minister of Foreign Affairs, has resigned from an unwil lingness to protract the war. Count Walemski. the French Ambassador at London, has been appointed his succ?sertr. Piaoori, who attempted to assassinate the Emperor, h's been condemned to death. The project of a new loan of seven million francs is under consideration by the Council of State. Tho police report that they hare discovered a vast plot, with ramifications throughout Eu rope, to promote insurrection, and hence Pia nori'g execution will be postponed in order to traco his connection therewith. On the day tie attempt was made it was freely stated in various cities of Italy, Spain and Qermany, that Napoleon was dead, and that Paris was in a etate of insurrection. TURKEY. Redschid Pacha has been superceded as Allien, by Mahomet Pacha. SPAIN. In the Cortes, on the 2J, Senor Avecilla de clared, in the name of the Democratic party, that it never entered into any nogotiatioRs with Mr Soule for tho salo of Cuba to the united Spates ITALY. Mount Vesuvius is in an active state of era r tion 1 It was reported that tho King of Naples had beea fired at by an as?a?ein, at a review, but upon inquiry it was found that the affair was nothing more than an accidental discharge from the gun of a soldier AUSTRIA. An agricultural district on the bank of the river -eisee. covering 1,200 square milei, has been irunda:ed in consequence of a rise in tha^ river. The crops are most probably do stroked RUSSIA. Ku.-sian accounts confirm the report of an insurrection in UkrsiDe, and ? late that Poland is in a very restless sta'o Petersburg advicee to thela'inst, mention the expected arnvrl at Cronstadt of several Amenoan eh ps with cargoes of hemp and iron. 1 THE LATEST. the French mail had not arrived. The Vienna correspondent of the London limes remarks: 'As long as no revolutionary elements are brought inio action Austria will leave P.ussiatoget out of her diffi:u!ties as best she can; but, if England and France w?u d resolve to form a corps of refugees and employ them on or near her frontiers?a holy alli?ice would assuredly agiin bo formed \ i??NSA, May 11?The tumor that Court Buol had given in his resignation is not con firmed It is said that Austria is on the point of de. claring complete neutrality, as well as that ol tne whole of Germany. ENGLAND. It wad stated that in Parliament Dundon ald s plan to blow up the Ruesian forts had been submitted to a a scientific committee: and the bill for abolishing newspaper stamps had passed. Roebuck's committee is still in ses sion. Ihe London Times in an editorial savs that the circumstances that America does not svm ing W allies is shocking and revolt An incendiary fire kindled by a discharge ,*"rk,m*n' destroyed totally one of the fl ,at Thataes JUSt re8'Jy t0 1#Qnch for lbo MARKETS. 11 -Cotton-Brown A Ripley quote: Iho last advices from the I nitod States had a favorable effect on the market, and prices have considerably ?djaM.J_,.j. , Uurir.g lbe |. , d { the market has beenouieter, but closesstead'y Mobile fair bf, middling 5 V-16a5g; ordinary 5*a6*; interior 4a4j. Stock in port 686 500 ba es, including 374,000 bales of American Cotton. Breadstuffs?Brown A Shipley quotes bread ^afls generally as unchanged, with the ex ??pP'!>?n of ??Jn- wbicuh.haa a danced Is, closing i!te 12sa118 9d; red 9da.ls9d Hour?Weetern Canal 40<a4Is 6d n 418 fida42s 6d for old; Ohio 44s SK?'fatST""" 4S"S2'- mi"d ??? W heat and flour have been steady at un changed prices. Corn closes with an active demand al an advance of Is Philadelphia and Baltimore flou- 44sa44s 6d. Provisions ? Richardson, Spence A Co quote tho marker for provisions generally un changed. Beef is steadv and unchanged, and closes firmi with an active speculative demand. Pork Holders demand an advance. Bacon is derate &U2 Urd-Mo niart""" "?*? ??<? ? UNION PAIJTY OF THE SEC onri Ward will meet THiS (Friday) EVE "? ? 0,0(;k? ?t llarinniiy Hall, on D near ' may25-lt *' ?fUl* par,y are lnv"f'd Hall F*anki.ik Fi*i Compan*. THE HOUNTIFUL AND VERY ' ptab'e.SUp',,y of hot roff,,f! nn(l ??^r refreshments, providej Ior tj,e members of r|,e KmS; "I n*w?-rc COrn"r ?f ,lth ai,d B its., n> Messrs. Jas O. Whitney nn.l R. H. Laekev the t ompany respectfully be2 IcaVe to return their ilia ever be inf,md'* ,Kheirpenerous hospitality win ever De in fond remembrance held r R r?? J1 C- "OVLE, President. G. R. ' Roasrin.n. Secretary. may 25?It EK~*We lhe un<J**rs'Cr,e?l Dry Goods Merchants, of Seventh street, for Hnr,ni,h *,v,n* ?ur cle,ks Ume fo< ?creation ?"t ?n 8Ummer mon,h,,? will commence on June r vL tr 0,Lr respect,ve places of business at ?C'm > Saturday nijjhn excepted. Our busi . V r-V heavy at this season durinc the dav .ind we bope our friends will see the nece-siiv o'f oiiradopiinj tj?> above rule, and r^memoer thai we 'a,!imit n,> on,i !i,,er that hour under any circum ,anctE- R. BRFCE HALL, R G. HYATT, i W RARNECLO, maL_>_3i M MAGRUDEh! ATTENTION, H1GHL \NDER3 ?You are FV*vrvA61 5? meet at your Armory THIS 7* 0'C,0C,''f"' d'?? By order of the Captain : "" "? Fog8YI"?t? N NATIONAL GUABI), ATTENTION ! A ? ,;u are herebv notified to me. t at your Ar ,VZ7.r?^N,DAY MORNI*G next, May Jl 28(li, at o'clock precisely, in full uniform tor regimental parade and m.-pection. ' By order of capt. Tail: may 25?3t? U R. BISHOP, Q. s. MONTGOMERY GUARD, ATTENTION . ou are hereby requited to meet at your Arl mory on MONDAY MORNING, tie 28tl. . instant, lor parade. i iV?.U ?rC als? re'liested to attend a iueetinK at Lieut l eenej.s, on Saturday nigbt, to determine requested 1,1 W bC W<>rn- Pa,l,cuiar ?lUn'i >n is Hy or-ier of tlie Captain : may as-3t VVM. O'SULLIVAN, Sec. A PRESIDENT'S MOUNTED GUARD, in ?u ar<; her,"by noufied to Srb orT,ry tOD MONI)AY, May ^th, ia>5, at ? o'clock a m., in full ami. form, with arms, accoutrements, and horse tian D"pec?ion.IDP'6?rder' for R<"S"?ental Parade and By orjcr of Capt. J. Peck : may M 3t? W- ? HAY WARD, may ~4- 31 First Sergt. DO YOU WANT FIRST RATE ICE G CREAM? O at once to ARN Y, Bridge street r.o, . he was awarded a MboSL by^th2^ ICE money, Corporation notc?. twenty dollars in aai, $2 "^lf fr?*^" n?f?>bor jay night, the I9th Ltaut, ?|(( ^artf9 old. butt, i. ,^Sdin MccVffrkv.^/! * rt,Ward W,U bt' pa.d a I H. sueeu'fsland ' Hl?re? CM?'^ JJ-J?> PROSPERI'S CORNET BAND. THIS Band is suitable for an.- and all po'po^*, m> >1 is warrant rd to give satisfaction to all Ihte who m'y be pleased to eng*.e them, tith?r a* a Bras*, Reed, or Cot'llon Band. Anv number of musicians to be had at the est notice by applyin* to FREDERIC PROCTER!. Li a l? r, at Taltavul.'e Store, cpp-miie the Marine Bar n k?. N R Ordrrs left at Hilbue Mill's Music 1>? pot, wil' be promptly attended to. may 25-~4m jj^y ; HAY !! NOTICE TO PERSON'S IN WANT OF HAY NOW landing a? Pag*'* Wharf, Seventh free', Washington, 200 bundles best b*led HAY, which will be eoid at th?* Whatf, at $1 50 per 103 lbs , if taken from the Wharf MATT1NOLY & BROTHER, jnay 25-lw (Intel) COPARTNERSHIP. WE have thi? day formed a copartnership under tne firm of Nkal & Htvixsii, for the sal of Winra. Liquors, Cigars, &e., at wholes-.le an I retail, at No. 56SI Seventh a ., opp. Centre Market. J T NFAI may 25?eolrn C W. HAVENNF.R. Jl'GAR, MOL\S8KN.*e. 5 50 hhds New Orleans and P<>rto Rico Sugar 130 bb!s New Orleans Molasses "ALSO? 300 boxes Oranges on consignment For sal*- by MURRAY k SEMMES. may 25?eo3t T MOUNT VERNON HOTEL, Cape Bl?y, Slew Jersey. HE abov? House has been completely fini-he?l and furnished, Jiu will comfortably accommo date 1,5.0 guests. The house is situated within th> city, standing by itself on probably the best beach for bathing in the world The house is upward i f ?00 feet in length, the ?s 4r.O fret. At together, the MOUNT VERNON HOTEL affoul the coolest and most delightful retreat In the world Families of six preens and up*arde can be ac commodated with private tables, having Ibeir meals turmshed at any hour agreeable to ihem. An ordi nary wdl also be set at regnlar hours for tho?e who are not in parties, and w, o may prefer a Tab . d'Hote. A large number <,f private Hiring Room* have thi season been added, for parties desiring to he stric !' private. An Artesian Well has been bored nearly 100 feci in d- pth, and furnishes pure soft water throughout the house. Large and commodious stabling have been added i he Hotel has every modern improvement, in deed, every thing has been ordered to give comfort an<l pleasure to the guests. A full Tland of Music will be in attendance during the whole season. Letter* addressed to the proprietors, directed to Ca;?e Island, Cape May, N. J., will be protrp'ly aniWtnd. SAMUEL B. WOOLMAN & CO., ?my 25 ?2w* Proprietors STATIONERY AND BINDING. Naty Dk p ? rtksxT> May 21,1S53 OKP A RATE SEA IAD PROPO A I.? v ill b> re . ' ??c* *he E?or?tarv of the Nev\ ot ta three oV'.ork p m , of Friday, th? 29 h day ?',l Jim* next, for fjrm*hin& a!! the *t*tiontry may be required by the Navy Departme-it and I s several bureaus for the year commencing tbe 1st av of July, 18f6, snd ending en the 30th day of J liD^j 1oj6. All the articles furnished must b* of tbe le t qua ity, delivered without delay *hea ordered, and to the s.tisfacthn of the head of the office fcr wticb they are requ>r;d If it be rrqu'red, eAch bidder for stationery must furnish with hi/- propval a sample of e*ih arfe'e bid for To insure uniformity in tie proposals, blar k 'o-m? S!1 *? those dispc aed to bid ; end nr, Did w.ll be c nfiiered which does not fully conform t > the alYertipement, and la whicH *acb an1 every article is cot bii for, and in wh ch mere than one price is nam* t for ar.y one a*ti le Bord? in sufficient "amount, with two or more ep proved sure'iep, foe the faithiul execution tf tte con rect, w ll be required of the person r r p?nr>os contraetjug The authorized names of the sureties t. at ? il. 'egiren, a* elm sati, f .ctcrv testimonials to fulfil tbe octract, must ac-rmraay the bd othirwise, it will not be considered. The department reserves ti itself the right cf or deripg a great, r cr Use qaaLtlfy of re h and everv article coutract'd for, as the public strviue may r' J Should any ar?i<~l- bi required not enuircra edin the contract, it i- to b- furnished at the lowest mar ktt p i e, according to iM (juaii'.y. sr*Ti0>ERV. Writing jxiper, of linen tlock. 3 reams fcllo po?t blue or whit*, s'.tin finish, faint li ?i and frimmed,*e gticg 17 poC ?g p*rr?-am p-r r?am 5 re. ms heivy 1 lu? laiJ, d'spaf^h c-.p hard ma^e, rt^p-ruled, wefghirg 15 poucds p.r ream, per ream 15 re a s laid hand a a ie fjcls-.ap, ru'ed, b!u* or whita, weigh'ng 13 pounds per ream per r- Hie ' 10 reams Owe . A Huriburt's foclscf p, blue or white, ruled, weighir>r 12 pcun~s per re m, or of any otlitr aanufecture of e;ual quality, per ream 10 res mi first-.lass, hand made quarto post wove or laid, blue or wh te, weighing 8\ pou-,<f per ream, per ream 40 resiiis Platrer A Smith's extra tnperfice, bice or white, laid or wove, Congress 4to poet, raled, weighing 8J^ pounds per ream, per resxn 20 reama Crane t Co.'g extra superfine, thick, while letter paper, ruled, weighing 8k ^ pounds per ream, par ream ?0 reams be-t yellow or buff enre'ope p*per, n>val, flat, weighing 24 pcunds per ream, per ream f re*ciH beat at)p. roy. writ-ng paper, per ream 5 reams best Fr--nch 4to po?t ruled, ptrream 5 reams note paper, gilt eigel, per ream 20 reUDB copying or tissue paper, 4to post, per ream 10 reama eopyirg or tlfsue paper, fookctp. per ream 10 sheet- best tracing paper, 40 by 27 inches, per sheet '00 yards tra:ing cloth, per ; qnar* yard h. 0 sheets best j r. pared parrhmest, 14 bv 16 in., per sheet ' 3 resms blotting paper, royal, par resm 63 quires patent b.o.ting paper, m*ciam, ner quire 1 160 <?,r*win? PaP*r' "Whatman'a Tmkay >! JI(>, irom Di?dium to antiquarian, per th*et fcOfJO cream laid envelopes, letter riie, per 10^0 ?AA i? d,? not? ri'e, per 10(>0 . do card site, per 00<J 1000 psjent^clofh lin d envelopea, by 4 inches, 3C0 patent cloth I nei envelope*, 5^ by 3$ inches per ^60 250 P1 penrtSoth 'iDed fDTel0p"' ^ b3" 11 10/)00 beat buff:Bv?loie?, giverniteat pattern, offi c'Rl tide, p?r 1000 6000 be't buff eiiV-ljps, govern meet pattern, l?t t r s?.e, per 1000 ' 0000 best he?vy white enve'.- paa, hand made, offi cial size, p. r 1C00 20 gioa* steel pens, on c -rds or In b xee, (the de partment to have tbe liberty of selecting i-0D?i*v ! <llffe?*nt hinda manofactureo, ion D ?f Ampr,ean' P'r 100 tarda Perry a pens, assorted per card 6 cards engineer*' pen* per card 5 cards lithograph!" pen?, par card -4 gold pens, largo else, with f-ilver holders, bwt manufacture, p?r pen 10 q0b-ou5'y" * W51cox,, writing fluil, in 10 qUtlJ? Mljnard * black Ink, In bat 30 qUTerry'irt LoDdon co^ic* Arnold's or 2 dosen ounes bottles P. rrlne, Gnyott A Co's superfine carmine, per bottle 200 swan qull s, best qaalltv, per 100 iKO quills, No. 80, cpa.que or clarified,per 100 100 ' row or brandt qu;lls, per U0 ? a1 Z*n Lit No 16 to P?' dfwa 8 desen silk las!e, per doien 4 fH*rl handles, large site. 4 blades, per dosen ?i'>' iV0I7 handle., in eases, Rodgers s best, per drsen 2 dozen pairs of shears and ads ora ner dozen 2 dozen 9 inrh ivory folders, per dozen 2 down P*raI1<'1 rute". P" dozen I 6000,1 w<x>d, per dcz.n 5 dozen wafer stands, cccoa wood, per dosen 1 dosen pounce boxes, ooroa wcx<i. p*r drsen 1 dozen pouroe boxes, ivory, per dosen 2 dozen wa'? stamps. Ivory handles, per dosen 4 dozen best America a drawing pencils, araort ?d, per dczen ^ ' 1 dosen Cshen's r*d lead peneila, per dosen 2 dosen sabU brushes, a aorted, per desen 2 drzen oame.'a hair brushes, asserted, per dosen 2 doz-n wtite French pump inkstands, large lize, per dosen 2 dozen Draper's patent airtight inkstands, per dosen 2 dcz n sticks best India ink, per stick 30 pounds extra superfine sear let sealing wax, per pound 20 pounds s>cond qual ty scaling wax, per pound 16 pounds be t quality wafers, per pound 10 pounds be t white gam arable, per pound tt pounds best jxmnoe, per pound 10 peunds best bevp twine, per pound 10 pounds best linen twine, per pound 1,000 largi Qg? wafer a for department teal, p,r U P*K* We!gftU br#M' COmPC,iti0n Uid, 50 quaru beet blaek sand, per quart * ^ P^red TndU rubber, per potmi may lewJw"144'^ InJi* Iub,H;r' P<>??-d ELECTION NOTIONS. I'll I It r? WilRP?rvjox TICKET. 1 For Collector ROTtFRT J. ROCHE For Register? WILLIAM J McCORMICK. For Burtcyor?8 T- A BERT. For Alderman?Dr. A V P (JARVHI'I . F<?r Common C uncil?TH<~>S. R F.XTW'I LB, ERASTUS >1 ClIAPiN, RICHARD H. LASKEY. m*v 23?te* Fifth wakd noticb.-ar^^mi witl be held on M'>nd*y, the 4th day *?f Jane next, a' the boil hrg kno^i ax the Old i^apitol, for Register, i 'o'lcctor, and SuTfynr <'f the City; alas for our ni'inher of the Hoard of Aldermen. and three members of the Heard of Ccamon Council to represent raid Ward. WH. P. FERGUSON, F. BARRY. JAB A. BROWN, Commissioners of Election fur Fifth Vard. may 23?i"te SKVKRTH WARD ?UNION TICKET. _ For Alderman?DFAKRORV R. JOHNSON. F. rCrnmon Council?qAMUEL PUMPHREY. SAMUEL S. TAYLOR, IIENRY A. CLARKE. may 4??e ODD FELIAJIVS' HA LL, NA VY YARD. THE REXOIVNEI) DRAMA"! IC (HOT A PAIWTINO) OF THE BATTLE OF BUNKER HILL, AND DESTRUCTION OF CHjIRLESTOK N, Will be exhibited at Odd Fellows' Hall, Navy Yard, for two miiitri oult, v a: thursday and FRI DAY, May 24 and 25. Also, on FRIDAY AFTER NOON, at 3 o'clock. may 23?3t MY C HI it A V A H I will be for sale Saturday morring.fcv the boys, as a soothing d ">ss after the election. It will be gnn-atic. m Boys wanted to s? II a?f>ricr 3 cent*. ALFRED HUNTER, may 24?2.* neit to Adams' Express. STOLKN.-A cow, with a white bead and _ crumpled horns, the white extending I under her and belly. Hind legs from J the ho^k down, white, side? ai.d back of aj bright red, tail red, *it!i w hite end. She ha* a slit in eacli car, upper bide ; also on the lower side of the right e?.r a round piece cut out. $90 will be giv en foi the recovery of H e Cow and conviction ?l the thief, or #5f. r infoiinsiion on which the cow it re covered. Apply at residence on s-quire south square No 173, corner C and Seventeenth sts. may 24 - 3t* ICE CREAM. AT the old stand, corner of F and 9:h street, ran be had 'he best qunlitv of l< E CREAM.1 WATER ICE8 and CONFECTION ERY of" ill kinds. All orders promptly attend- d to. I have opene<l mv Sal<?cn for the ica*oii?, wbrre nothing but the best qualify shall be kept. All wi*h ine a food article would >1? well to call. may 24-12t THOS ECKAFDT. ""mansion farm ice cream. THE subscriber wishes to notify the citizens that he i? in convent r?<c? ipt rf the ah ve eel T ubrnted ICE CREAM from Baltimore daily It' is ma.'.1 of pure Cr< am, and will be sold ai $2 a -allon, delivered at any hour during the day, in , ar>y part of the city., 'i he smallest quantity soldi be Half a gallon. H?: con-tantly receives Pennsylvania and Dela ware PRINT BITTER, wh ch can be procured at the Centre Market House, n ar the Engine House, dating market house, at which pl*re orders can be lelt for Ice Cream Any one ordering must either pay at the lime or upon its delivery, as it is a caah article LEWIS PAGE, may 24?Iw* ICE CREAM AND SODA WATER. CREAMS of a I flavors, such aa Vanilla, Choco late. Lemon. Strawberry, Pine Apple and, Or* ange. Also, German Creams, Water Ice*, BUnce Mange, Charlotte, Jellies, fcc lb* Pod* is of the best in the city, on tb<- (Id principle of manufacture with Pure Fruit Syrups without the u?uai drug mix tures. CAKES and CONFECTIONERY of all kini- sent to any pait of ibe city. Creams $2 per gallon?65 cents per qt. N B.?Ladies Sa'oon up stairs Parties supplied J. G. WEAVER, Pa hv , No. 347 opp Bionns' Hotel, may 24?2w* 'I'RUNKS, VALISES, CARPET BAGS, HAT L Boxes, fcc.?We have just received a large va riety of every description of Travelling and Packing Trunks, ladies' dress Tuinks, Hat Boxes, Valises, Carpet Bags, Satchels, fcc., which we will dispose of at the lowest pr.ces, and deliver in any part of the city free ofc? st. WALL 8t STEPHENS, 329 Pa. avenue, ntxtto Iron Hall, may 24?3; A BAROAIWs-At private sale, a PI * NO, of i\ Very fine tone and touch, mad* by Cbickering fli Mack ay. Apply to POLLARD WEBB. Office on Pa. avenue, 7 do3r? east of National Hotel. ntay 23?3t* DR. THEOdT IIANSMAN Keeps ois otfi *e hours f-oin eight to ten o'clock a.m. No SOS Seventh ft.,ojip 0>M hello vet Hall may 23?lui* T'HE PATENT HAT: designed to promote ibe JL growth of certain bump>f?r the use of mankind in general, and warranted to fit all wbo nse it according to directions. Our Countrymen: or brief memoirs of rmirmt Americans By Benson J. Lousing; with 103 portraits. Woodworth's American Miscellany of entertaining knowledge. GRAY hi BALLANTYNE, ni*jr 23?3t Booksellers, 498 Seventh st. Fans perfumery, toilet articles, &c., kc.? We hav; now in t-ti>re a large vari ety of fine and common Fans, Harrison's t-nd Lu binVceh brated Perfumery, Brushes, (V mt.s, lootb Powdtr?, playing and visiung Cards, fine F'ortmoa i-aies, Cigar Ca-e?, Card Cases, Ba?kcU, Canes, &e , flic., all of which we are stli-ng nut at low prices to suit the times at the Piano. Music, Sta tionery, Perfumery, and Farcy Good* Store of JOHN F. ELLIS, 300 Ta avenue, bet. SMi and IGtb sts. may 23?tf HOUSE-KEEPING 11ARDWAREL T'HE subsetiber begs leave to infonn the public that he has opened a More at 490 Seventh st. between I) and E meets, where he has a general assortment of House-keeping Hardware. Cutlery, Silver P.'ated Brittannia, Japa .ned and plain Tin Ware, Wooden, Willow and Cedar Ware, Clocks, B:rd Cag-s, Feather Dusters, Brushes, Brooms, Baskets, Mets. ?lso, fine Pocket Cutlery, Razors, Sc sfors. Combs, kc. His goods are entirely n?w, and were selected frcni the latest and most approved styles. They wer- bought for cr^h, and wnl be told ai the lowest possible ptices. Persons wishing to pun base are invited to ex amine .lis stock and price*, as he is confident he can offer them greater inducements than they will meet wiih elsewhere in the city map 23 ?tf GEO. FRANCIS. SOUTHERN QUARTERLY REVIEW for Apnl 1855. Contents? Benton> Thirty Years in the Senate Louis the Fourteenth t 'hief J uslices of the U.S. Ruskin's Architectural Works Russn-Turkish Campaigns Principles of Art Ruth Hall American Education On the History of Virginia Applications ofChtmistry Criiic?J Notices. Subscription price $5 per annum. "?*> 22 FRANCE TAYLOR. Aokmct or Frknch Spoliatioh Claims, > I Washington, May *J2d, 1855 ] N answer to many inquiries by claimants against the United States, on account of spoliations by the Fr?nch prior to ihoo. as to the course of pro ceeding proper to now pursue toward* obtaining r? dress, I deem it most expedient thu? publicly to in form all those concerned, that, after consulting competent advisers, it has been concluded as most advisab'e?not to voluntarily submit their claims to the Claims Court, as they would be mixed up with thousands of other claims and not decided for many years (to specify no other objection}?but to submit them to Congress in the usual manner at the open ing of the ensuing sesiion ; in the expectation that direct relief may be piovided for them and through a special Court or Board ; or, if the Claims Court be resolved on as the only tribunal Congress will grant, that reference to it may Le made by a direct legislative act. It is very certain that the** claims would fully and constantly occupy a Board of the highest claas for three years, and justice emphatically points to such a Board as right and proper in the eaae ""> 82-41 JAMES H. CAl'STEN. IfOR BALK? An Kcglish Carriage A Double Wagon 2 tall Carnage Horses 2 Buggy and saddle Horses Inquue from the Coachman of the French Minis ter at Scbwaru's Livery Stable, on I, between Iftfc and 17th streets. may 19 Iw* \TEW BOOK8 RECIEVED AT _ SHILUNGTOWS. The Two Guardians, by the author of Heartaeaae and the Heir of Redely ff Ladies' National Magazine, for June Ballou's Magaxine, for June New York Journal, for June Yankee Notions, for June. All the New Books and every thing in the Sta t.o iery line, for sale at SHILLINGTON'S Bookstore, mat *il,decn Bu,U1,tt?' c#r* 4X * > *"d "?

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