Newspaper of Evening Star, May 25, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 25, 1855 Page 3
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''?v"rNTlNG ST A R. Local Intelligence. B**r ?It appears by the rfport of the CEt m?r^et. on Wednesday, that ? c?ntI P?r hundred, as *i<?5 w?k tt>e raHDg PriC0S ?f the pr? ?r^.eKr? "** be? or cattle, a ml thi8 p bably is, in psrt. the cause of enhansed tionV0 eU'huXfent as artificial aa tion now enhances them 8n^ni.?l'? ', ?>nly think, the best cuts of beef selling in ?'iTXSSL* t,T6Bty ce^tg apnanl' 10 i '?2- ?f Washington fhe aJL^Sfll!' rouId fo" * rh? exampl. of ^ * butchers, not to buy cattle cJrHnm UBtw tb? P'10?* ^ball be reduced i iie might goon have occasion to ro ll Uorsk ra a Fix -Yesterday evening, at! bout liz o clock. a bey carelessly drove his horse into the openin. for a .ewer, near the ? F aad streets Ihe cart to ' 2?iiLUSatt10^ '^?d on tha ?id?9 of Lin L I. K Wi2,# th? aR!m,l,> f0r ?om?l minutes, hung by the gearing, which b eaking it was precipitated to the bottom cf the pit-a fevet^fVh lTeIVf ?TJonrt??n from the' levelof th? street. The cart wm at once re moved but the horse, it was palpable to the plainest capacity could not elimb up the <ide of his prison! and tha lookers on had noMhe m!l?n.9 a* hant^to extricate it th? ?ornin?. however, several laborers Jug the earth, so as to form an inclined plane, with numerous stepping places, and np this the ^7sLT?\-Vxtra eff,rt' '^>i> ?. locomotion by rundry ropes tied travel' 0r ' ai>d kiDdly in'ita^0D? *> h" limbs 5 'lb?rty, he stretched ^.r Parker, the owner of the wwald forgtah * w?rk??n five dollars as a "T*?,for th?ir work of extrication, which amount was thankfully received. Cb*trb Market ?Whatever useful pur poee the traps' on market space mav serve certain,y 001 oraamental. " There th?? #r*^KSpr^,dling 8tandi and benches t0gether in confusion, but on market th?<,.?*?4raL aDd pPread witl? " green ?. *?8*'able line. Beside, tbe spectator cannot fatl to notice sundry roughly boxed-up homes, which, oa alternate d?.js of the week, are wheeled mfc, the line cf tha ?2W*& " ?J??ed f?r ?be sale of horse Teed The city fathers of the Common Coun cil, some weeks ago made a movement towa*d cl wring the ground of .-uch structures, but no Si"/? "Ct,on waa taken- being asserted thlt t r* WM aJready law ?Qough to answer that purpose ; bu' if so, the statute Las not been enforced. Of late the erection of shan ties en the market space has been on the in crease, and we shall not be surprised to see a locality*01 2g? 6Con c*(*blished in that Philharmonic Society -The election for officers of thn society took place las' evening, at their hill, -esulting in the selection of the following gentlemen: t Pf??jd?nt- J L ? lubb; 1st Viee President u P?*rt-ch; 2d Vice Pre-ident, F. Glenroy Rec rding Secretary, W. Parkhurst; Corres ponding Secretary, J. F. I McClery; Treas urer. II Pugh; Librarian, ?. Jones. Board of Directors-J. A. Stewart, H O J B. Dawson. O L Shenff, and ? McQuadi. T"he reports of the officer show that the r}?*71* 10 a Fro8r?rcus condition A vote of thaEks was tendered to Mr J L Clubb. for tha efficient and acceptable manner in i which he h*s presided over the alTairs of the 5 Society during the past year. A similir com p lment was also tendered to Prof J C Foertsch, the pianist of the Society. B"s~Jhof? bive m;de bets on th* result of the \ irgir.ia election are nervously j excited today, concerning that important! subject. H e heard one gentleman sav that ? h-s in his hands, as stakeholder, thrtc thou? and dollars, deposited with him by vario us ? Pa'tias; and that cf this money, the Know ! Nothings had wagered two dollars to one that i F.ournoy woild carry the State At a rough ' guesj. ct le^t sevei.ty-fivo thousand dollars ' will chacge hands in and about Waanington ! Come men were desperate, staking all :hev posna^ed on the issue. BriLnniG ?Although we no tice in every direction the erection of houses seme of them of the liffcer clas^, the number | now in the course of construction is much ! smaller than that durieg the corresponding i feaaon of last year. This is owing to various cause*: among them, the demand for houses is not so pressing as heretofore; money is not so plentiful, and the continued advanced prices of labor and ma'erials. We regret to learn, farther, that many me chanics, connected with house-building, are idle; a state of things especially to be la mented because of the exorbantly high prices of all articles which enter into the domestic consumption. i Cor*T*BFEiT -The Baltimore Sun of this ! morning say?: i We yesterday saw a finely-executed coun terfeit bank bill, of the denomination of ten dollars, upon the Farmers' B*nk of Virginia (branch at Winchester,) J II She?!!;, letter B, the vignette consisting of two figures drawn by sea-hones, which are unliae the genuine. It w*s received b7 a storekeeper on Baltimore street, in the hour* Chang*'11*-"' tin" g0ld doi,ari gtv*n in We republish the above paragraph, in order that oar cititens may be on their guard, as such coun'-rfeits may be offered in Washinr ton and taken by the unsuspecting. StrmtNcisasces.?We havereceivod nu merous oommunications requesting us to call attention to various nuisances in the streets It would, however, be the better plan to lodg Uie several complaints with the Mayor, as he has given notice, in a proclamation heretofore issued, that the laws in relation to nu sances ?hall be strictly enforced, al:hough some of the commissioners have so much other we?k to do. probably, that thej have overlooked IM subject. .kFD** Alarm ?Near 10 o'ekek last night, the PerseveraLce bell sounded an alarm, some body from the First Ward having stated that a fire was raging in the First W ard The ery was at once raised, and many hoarse voice joined in the chorus The "machines ' were drawn out, and not a few people ran to the corners and m dile cf the otreets with a view o ssoertain the locale of the confljgra'ion! tLVtitk m7M instigated; a fact ma. our brave freemen soon ascertained ?, J" Clvb -7hlt ol?b of joung men (which waa f.-rmerly known a^ the Night agale Qaadrilie Club) at their regul r meet jng recently elected the following officers: Prei'rfiS' u /r"ldent: J A. Butler, Vice liordon T Bow?u- Secretary; and 11 B. ? : irwar*r The Club, we learn, is in Lt condition, and doing mac i to gaua^ * parposes for which it was or fisars of th? r^J10"'~~At * "noting of the of held in the A^meBt ?f i>i,trict *oliuJteers. Hall l*jt niJhr ' chamber in the City unanim. u.t. A a repo'otion was adopted "" ?? betwe#n*m?.k Armory on the mall ed aad ? e fi.M V ?-rp* b*lag represent * 4 l-# field and officers all present. taken wTL" P?ra- wer? arrested and !bi?r tr^,fvr.V^SUC6rClark f0r a riot' ba3 - .u ' afternoon and were dis stfscm w215r?lAMl Bd,i0* The cause ef white* >nH kT Amenoan question. Bath "ottn"r b"ek' "W Id >b. B.rc. tn !!' MO* ~'B th* of lie ting We 0 a da?' wilb broadswords p?< 10 ,b# "? Wo'wi 'u' ??1'1 ?,oa ci^eeaiDgiv w_i. ? h.ort continuance was ?Hred the h,Le f0r a%auIKh,ef,':3hlB4f' BQd iD r 1 a further aqueous supply .J? TAPPI!,? or T? b*ll, at the Franklin ?ogine house, yesterday afternoon at about flte o oloek. to brine the members together to tj their new and handsome suction wa? the cause of the Blight alarm of fire. . Returns ?There were only a few lodgers in the guard-house last night. who w?r6 dismissed this morning. GEORGETOWN CORRESPONDENCE ? Gioroetowh, May 25, 1855. Yesterday afternoon, as one of the Union Line omnibuses was eoming down the hill leading to the Bridge street bridge, an acci dent occurred, which resulted in Mrs Bibb, wife of Judge Bibb, being seriously injnrei. It appears that some portion of the running gear of the ooach gave way, when one of Uie wheels ome off, and thi whol e weight of the front part of the vehiole coming upon the horses, caused them to descend the bill at qui.e a rap.d gait. Mrs. Bibb beo ame fright ened and imprudently attempted to ju mp out of the coach In doing so, she was thrown violently upon the pavement, and received a severe cut upon her chin, one over the left eve, one of her cheeks badly bruited, and one arm dislocated. Mrs. B. wu immediately taken into the house of Mr Sciivener, and medical assistance sent for. Drs. Bchrer aud Meccall, jr., were soon in attendance, and dressed her wounds; after which she was taken home in a hack ller injurior, though severe, are not considered dangerous. An accident befell the packet boat Con gress, while on her downward trip yesterday evening, which will detain her from making her regular trips for several days. While passing through one of the canal locks she was carelessly ran into by a scow, whioh so seriously damaged her bows as to cause her to si k. She was soon raised again, however, and taken (this morning) to the ship yard of Mr. hasby to be lepaired. She will to ready to resume her regular trips again on Monday next It is suppo ed that the accident was pu*ely the result of carelessness or design upon tbo part of those in charge rf the scow There was a largo number of passengers on board the packet at the time. Th* Sabbath school excursion, returned last evening about 7 o'olock. Not the slightest accident of any kind happened duriDg the day, and all returned highly pleased with the day's exercises, and anxious to make another excursion on boarl the good steamer George Page, Capt Ryther. Jhefl.ur market this morning is firm wiih an improved tendency?he:d a' $10 75a$ll,a? in quility Wheat?red $2 45a$2 50, white $2 50 ?2 60 ; note arriving except in small quantities by wagons. Corn, $1 06a$1.08 Spectator. Excha.voixg Wives?Remark ibi.e Trans action at THE Socth ?A late number of the Extern Clarion, published at Paulding. Miss., gives an account of a ?wap negotiated in that vicinity by two of its subscribers, and vouches tor the truth of the story. The chattels which changed owners wore nothing less than the wives of the parties, who were on the eve of emigrating, as tho eventually did, the one tc Al ibama and tho other to Texas The Cla rion refrains from giving the real names of the faithless Benedicts, and calls them '? Oba diah'' and ''Dick," but records the circum stances of the transaction?how they went into the weeds, sat down on a log, and entered upon the business; how they came near spoil ing the trade beciu3eObe's wife was a'young er critter by a dozen year?;'' and how. after much chaffering, the difference was finally equalised by the generous proposal of Dick tj give, in the way of boot, "a eow and calf, two goats, an old gun. and an ox-bell " The respective children of the two mothers re j mained with their respective fathers, and wih their strangely-acquired stepmothers, followed them to the States of their adoption. R >p.birg a Robber?A short time since a stranger in tho ^ity ?as approached by a man cf gtu'.tel appearance who soon made his ac quaintance, and after showing him around the city, introduced him to a company where the bah game was p)aye*1 In a little while the stranger found himself minus about three hundred dollars. Being left without funds he made complaint before a magistrate, and the parties engaged in the game were brought up The desoyer was summoned as a witness, but nothing could be obtained from him to in culpate tho parties While giving his testi mony < ne of his f riends adroitly robbed him of one hundred dollars, bis share of the plun der from tho etranger, notwith&t inding his testimony exculpated them from all guilt It is now said he charges the robbery upon one of his l'riends. and threatens to expose the whole party if bis loss is not made good. It is to be hoped the whole gang will be exposed, so that the proper mear s may be used in bringing them to justice, and break up the disgraceful proceedings ?Bait. Amtriean Massachusetts?Looe at IIer !?The Leg isl&ture which has outraged and dishonored the Old Bay State, once t?s patriotic as any other in the Uni^n, by cettingher in open op position to 'he National Cocs i'ution, is thus spoken of by the Boston Courier : "We basard this opinion, that history will show the Legislature which has just adjourned to have been the most extravagant, the mcst drunken, the most impious, and the most lecherous?arid yet oneof its champions claims for it a ?egiee of purity never before claimed for a Massachusetts Leg s ature, which, until now, has besn above the suspicion of itnpuri cy, under extravagance, and small spreeing at 'he public expense." Is there asv Forgettiho '?Dr. Ruth tells us that when he was called upon to attend on a^ed Swedes on their death-bedg, who for forty, fitly or sixty years hud lost the use of their native tongue, the long-suspended fae u!ty would be recalled in approaching death, and they would ta'k. pray, and sing in Swed ish Dr Johnson, aUo, when it came to bis turn to die. spoke not in the march of his own msjwtic rhetoric?passed by even the cadence of those Latin hymns ia which he once had so much loved to dwell?but was heard, with bn sinking voice, murmuring a child's prayer which he had learned on his mother's knee Strange, indeed, is the providence, and yet so wisely illustrative of the absence of time ss an clement in the divine economy, which thus brings together in mystical association the two extreme points of human history?birth and death ! Episcopal Bishop ?It is said that the first eff rt to procure the consecration of an Epis copal Bishop for New England was made in 1638, cut the scheme was thwarted by the out break of troubles in Scotland. In the revo lution which soon followed the matter was ap parently forgotten. Soon aft-r the restora tion, however, in 1660, the subjact of an Amer ican Bishop was revived, and a patent was ac tualy made out, constituting Dr Alexander Murphy Bishop of Virginia, with a general chargs over the provinces and colonies. This project was defeated by the accession to pow er of the Cabot ministry. WAt Paris, a singular marriage was cele brated in the chapel of the Hotel des Inva lides?that of a Z juave, who lost both feet and hands in the siege of Sebaftopol, with a young woman of some property. The couple were engaged to be married before the Zouave left for Sebastopol; and when be came baok u gloriously mutilated the betrothed declared she wouli keep her word. The marriage was at tended by the governor of the hotel and his suff, and by all the invalids After the cere mony the cross of the legion of honor was presented to the hero, in the name of the em peror, and a valuable present to the bride in the name of the empress. The Zouave has, besides, been admitted to the Hotel des Inva lides, and promoted to the rank of sub lieu tenant. taTThe Bakers of Paris, since flour has be come so dear, mix one part of rice to five parts of flour, and the eeonomy effected reaches the very considerable figure of cne sou in a two pound loaf The government hat had the brea i examined by eompetent persons, and has authorised the sale of it, at a les* rate than fixed by the police In this part of the world this is oothing new. We have seen and eaten bread mad* ia the same way, and a Tery palatable article it is ? PKU*. Ltdgtr. n*"7?LrK<???rTNGS -W* refcr onr readers to ?n ad*sr tlsament In another column, for full parti" ulars con oruliU th? BYUEANA of Ilr Curtis. It U ?a'.d to be on* of die most remarkable rare* for nil dsswrlptlon of dtses'-i" of the Inngeerer discovered. In r1rturt?havs been testified to by hundred*, who ha?e obtained their knuwlwlge by the l>est of all teacher*?experience. CATTION.?Dr. CUBTI9'8 HHGK&KA U the original and only genuine article. may M?1m SFCRKT FOR THR LADIES?HOW TO PRESERVE -K-/ Beaoty.?Don't nee Chalk, Lily White, or any of the ?o-ealled coamettca, to conceal a faded or aalloW completion. If yon would ha?e the meee brought back to yonr cheek, a clear, healthy and transparent sktn. and life and vigor la fused throogh the system, get a Ixttle of Corter's Spanish Mixture, and take It according to direction*. It doee not Uate quite aa veil aa sweetmeats , but. If aster a few doses yon do not find yonr health an<j beauty reviving, your step elastic and vigorous, and the whole system refreshed and Invigorated like a Spring morning, then yonr case la libe lees, and all the valuable certificates we possess, gn for nanght. It la the greatest purifier of the blood kuown. Is perfectly harmless. and at the same time powerful); effica cious. ?.?See advertisement. iT"T-IIOAH WALKER k CO., Markls Hall Clothing Kmpo r1um, under Browns' Hotel, respectfully announce their display of Spring and Summer Clothing I* now reedy for Inspection, comprising an assortment of Coate, Vesta and Pai talnons of the newest and richest designs In L.atertal, trimming and workmaushlp. To gentlemen who study escellence with economy In fashionable article* of dress an opportunity for selecting la offered from one of t4ie 'srgest end most attractive stock of goods ever offered In this city at a very reduced Scale of price*. ap 17 VTJ* PREMIUMS AT THE FAIRS.?WHITE HURST'S "?' still In the ascendance.?The Juries of each of the late Un at Baltlmoie, Richmond, and New York awarded their hlfhMt preTOlnm* to J. H. W. for their superiority of Pho tographs, Stereo?copes and Daguerreotypes exhibited. Mr. W. also received two Medals at the World's Fair, Lon don. and a premlnm at Crystal Palace, New York. Also, the first award* of the Maryland Institute for three years past. Whltehurst'* Ga'lcry In thl* city Is on Pa. avenue, hetw. i H and 6th street*. feb 17 rTyA PHENOMENA IN MKDICINK ? Rronchltls. Congh, ' Dy?peiN<u Liver CoTplaints, Scrofula, Ac.? For all diseases of the Female System It stauds preeminent. A Clergyman just inform* n* it has cured him of Bronchitis of a desperate character?nartlcnlars hereafter. HAMPTON'S VEGETABLE TINCTURE?By Its mild ao tlon on the stomach, liver and kidneys, will cnre Dyspep sia, Cough, Asthma. Bronchial and Lung Affections Pain* In tne Back, Side and llreast, Consumption. Scrofnla, Rh?*u 1 -natlsm, Gont, Nenral^ia, Fistula, Bowel Complaints, Piles, Worms, and Nerroaa Debilities?wllh ell diseases arising from Impure blood, and 'a the ere*test female medicine ev er known. This Invaluable medicine Is working wonder* upon the Unman frame. Sieadiertlsainent to-day. mar 7 IT-7?GOOD MKDICINES.?It is estimated that A Y F. R ' 9 ^ CHERRY PECTORAL and CATHARTIC PILLS have done more to promote the pnidic health than any other onel cause. There can be no question that the Cherry Pectoral has by Its thousand on thousand cures of Colds, Coughs, Asth ma. Croup. Inlluenza, Bronchitis, Ac., very much reduced the proportion of deaths from consumptive d!?e:nes in this country. The Pills are as good as the Pectoral, and wil cure more complaints. Everybody needs more or less pursing. Purge the blood from its Impurities. Purse the Bowels, Liver, and the whole visceral system from obstructions. Purge ont the diseases which fasten on the body, to work Its decay. But for diseases we should die only of o'd age. Take ant'dotes early and thrust It from the system, before It Is yet too strong to yield. Ayer's Pills do thrust out disease, not only while It Is weak, but when It has taken a stronghold. Rend the as tounding statements of those who have been cured by them from dreadful Scrofula, Uropsv, Ulcers, Skin diseases. Rhen matism, Neuralgia, Dyspepsia, Internal Pains, Bilious Com plaints, Headache, Heartburn, Gont, and many less dange rous but still threatening ailments, such as pimp'es on the tar-. Worms, Nervous Irritability, Los* of appetite, Irregu larities, Dizziness in the head. Colds, Fevers. Dysentery, and indeed every variety of complaints for which a Purg?tive Remedy i? required. The?e are no random statements, bnt are anthentlcalM by yonr own neighbors and your own physicians. Try them once and yon will never be without them. Price 25 cents per box?& b"Xe* for |1. Prepared hy DR. J. C. AYEK, Lowell, Mass.,?And iold by Z. D. OILMAN, Washington. G. M. LINTHICUM, Georgetown. JAB COOIC A CO., Fredericksburg, and by all Druggists everywhere. may 3?eolm rp7?A CARD TO THE LADIES.?GOOD NEWS FOR THE SICK. DB. DUPONCO'S GOLDEN MONTHLY PILLS, the best and most Infallible remedy ever discovered for re lieving and cnrlng all painful, distressing, and difficult men struation, and removing all periodical obstructions, at: 1 ir regularities arising frcin whatever canse. These Pills are a complete TRIUMPH IN MEDICAL SCIENCK. They are prepared by a process which concentrate* the lugredlentslnto a small bulk, thus rendering it unnecessary for delicate females to take large doses of nauseous drugs. Dr. Duponco's Pills are the result of over THIRTY YEARS' EXPERIENCE In the treatment of the diseases of females.? They heve been adve'tlsed for a little over one year, yet SEVERAL THOUSAND BOXES have already Veen sold, aud the demand for them rapidly In creases wherever they become known. They have been thoroughly tried In Washington, aud found to act like a charm. Sold by all Druggists !a Washington, Georgetown and Al xaudrla, Va. mar 1?eolin* j>-~T?STRKNGTHEN THE STOM A?'I^-Tl,e grand dexidcr V*-* atum of promoting health at thiAe isoii of the year Is to relieve the stomach of all Imparities, to Invigorate, to arouse the liver fi m torpidity, and toerpel from the bowels els all unhealthy secretions. This sli<>nld be done by some g'-nlle medicine that, in its *ct|, ;i, will not debilitate the *y?tem, impair the uerves or he.-loiid the natural spirits, for ?liich purpose ?e know of in remedy ever yet In \ en ted that C;in h*'S;n to.approach in effi^a^y the celebrated PREM II M BITTKHS, maiiuf?ctured from rnrelv veretr.bie substances, by EKjah Bake.' , of Richmond city, ami sold throughout tho Country by apothecaries generally. These Bitters are pecu liar to tte summer ainl fall di?e?"?*? of a southern climate, and, when tak< u according to directions, aie a sure cure for Dyspepsia, Diarrh<e.i, Dyseotsry, Cramp Chdic, Cholera Morbus, Ague and F*\er, Xoiir Stomach, Nervous Headache, ami almost eiery oihe- affe>-ti jn arlalng froic impnrity of the blosd or disordered stomach. T" those who have not yet t'?te l the superiority of Baker's Premium Bitters, as a fam ily m-dlctne, over all others known to the civilized w orld, k>n) lose no time in doing so, a* they will afford almost Instan: relief. Try theiri by all means. Price 5C cents p?r bottle To hs had of CHARLES STOTT A CO.. Washington, D. C., CANBY A HATCH, and SETH S. HANCE, Baltimore, and by Druggists everywhere. may J.v-?<>3t D. GILMAN, Druggist, has removed to 62S Seventh I'?' street, opposite to the Patriotic Bank, and Is now pre pared to flu all orders for Medicines, Paints, Oils. and (jlass on accommodating t?rms. Strict attention will be paid to physician's prescriptions at all hours of the day aud eight. The night bell la on tha right of the store door. ap 14?lm ?1 AHltlS^O. On the 24'h instant at Union Chapel, by Hie Rev. Mr. Isr ?h|, Mr. JOHN K. HIL FOV, of Georgetown, to Miss MAK I HA A RANDOM, of this rily. On the 2?d instant, hv the Kev. P. t?. Gurley, P. D , Mr. THOMAS J CATHCART to Miss A\ NIG R , daughter of John 1). Darelav, E^q , of this city. On the 22d instant, at Wesley Chapel, bv !Vv K. L Dashiell, JOSEPH H DANIEL, E<q lo Ml-s MARY L. WHEELER, both of this city. On the 221 instant, by R? v. E. P. Phelps, WFL LIAM BRVTOM,of I^oudon county, Va , to Mis? CATHERINE W. COCKE, rt Fauquier county, Vi'gtnia. On the 23tl instant, by the same, Mr STE WARD D. DOWNS and Miss MARY E-, dauchter of Jos. Ilugtjins-, Esq , of thid city. Want*. Vrr ANTED?RV A WHITE BOY, THIRTEEN * years old, a eiu.ation wh> re he can make himself ?enerallv u*eful He can read and write, and is an active boy. may 'Jo? 3t* tlTANTED?BY A MARRIED WOMAN, A ff situation to nurse a small child, la take it to her house, on E street, between Graaon's a;.d the Th< aire. Beat of reference giv? n. tna> 25?It* MitS. SKILLTN'G. WANTED?A SITUATION AS COOK, BY A respectable white woman. The bc*t refer ences given- Apj-ly to 266 O ttreei. may 24?2l* \WTANTED.?TWO ROOMS, IN A RRSPKJ W table private family, where there are no loflg ers, by a gentleman anr! his wife References in^> and requ red Address "Lodgins" at this office, niny '?&?3t T'O CLAIM AGENTS, kc ? An Attorney and 1 Counsellor at Lnw, who has had tiventy-one years professional expeiieuce, much of that tiin>: in full practice, wishes to form a connexion with or be engaged by a Claim Agent or Lawyer. References satisfactory. Address '-Lex" at this office, may 23?5t WANTED-ON THE WASHINGTON AQUE duct, neiu- the Great Falls, bilf a dozen stone masons?steady and skilful men. Apply to the man ager at the Falls, Mr. John Lnmbie. Steady work aud the usual wage- will be given to good men. M. C MEIGS, Captain Engineers, In charge Ex. U. S C., Wash. Aqueduct, may 23? 3t WANTED?A PARTNER TO WORK A Stone Uuarry and contract for sale of Stone to Government and others, there being now great de mand for stone. Th.a Uuarry is immediately oppo site Georget wn. Large bhanty, blacksmith shop, and every implement on the spot. Tt is quarry fur mshes the best and largest truck Stone, Ate. A chance is now offered. Call or write to LLOYD & CO, Fifteenth street, oppo. the Treasury. may 3?tf WANTED?EVERYBODY TO KNOW THAT they can get a lot 24 feet front by 130 feet deep, for the low price of $75?payable $3 a month without interest. Apply at the Union Land Officc, 7th st., abovs Odd Fellows' Hall. ap 28?3m JOHN FOX, Sec. Boarding. BOARD AND ROD H 8.?Two or three newly furnished and very desirable rooms for rent, with board, at 403 F it., Union Row. may 22 lw* BOAKDINO.?'Puree well-furnished Rooms, wuh boarding, can be obtained at No. 431 Eleventh street, west side, between G and H. may 21?tf |\0 TIC E.?FOR RENT-PARLORS AND 1^ Chambers, with botrd. Also, table and tran sient board, with a bulling room and shower baths aud every attention Ui render it most agreeable to her boarder*. Mrs. P. G MURRAY, Corner Pennsylvania avenue and 4% st. ap23?3m BOARD, Ac.?MRS. BATES, on the south west corner of Pa. avenue nnd ?th street is pre pared to accommodate gentlemen with rooms, with or without board. Every rffort will be mnde to ren der ttio&e oHiilortrble who m?y fnvor her with their ptUouafc. ap 0? tf For Bale and Veot 4 NEATLY FURNISHED HOUSE. No. 394 Massachusetts &vonue. 2d door east of Tenth street, is for i>P.t uulil the fail The rent w!!! be very moderate to a gOcu tenant. Enquire on the premise*. Pa>' H* For rent-the ttiree story btobe and Dwelling, No 8tt Bridge mre< t, George town, so lunc occupied as Eramert's Confectionery. Apply to ARNY, nelt door ma* 25?entf For sale-A store, fixtures, and good will of a Confections? J" the First War.!. Good reasons given selling out. It may be boug'H cheap by applying at this office, may 25 - 3t* FOR SALE OR RENT?Tbe owner of a hotel, now engaged in another business, would like to sell his enure stock and fixiures, and if den and ed, tin* house situ ted on Pennsylvania avenue with a good run of custom, on liberal terms. Particulars at CHARLES WALTER'S Agency and Intelligence Office, 57 8 Seventh st cpp. Ci iitr?; Market, may 24-3t* 1 4 PRIVATE HOARDING HOUSE FOR RENT l\ on the most accommodoting teini3, to a re sponsible ten,int. The occupant being desirns of leaving the tiiy from the 1st June to November 1st. It can be had longer it'desired. It is well an 1 hand somely furnished, auu ia now fi'led with profitable and respectab e boarders, and being near the Patent ami Post Officcs, will alwavs command any number. Address "L M," City Post OAce, for panic o'ars. may ?3 3t* For sale or rent?a new two-story j;nd attic Brick House, with a two gtorv back building, containing a large Hall and ten good room* To a careful tenant the rent will be very mode rate For further particulars enquire of Mr. PHILIP MACKEY, corner Fourth and I streets. may 2~2? I <* * For sale?a lot of ground in the most thriving pari of the city, improved in pa t and is under rent at two hundred dollars a year It is situated on Ninth near N ftrect, and has a front of 76 feet on Ninth street, by 73 feet 6 inchrs deep. The above property will be sold at a barga'n for cash or on time, as the purchaser may desire, liv paying one-fourth cash. For particulars enquire r.f JAMES O. WHITNEY, on (f, betw. 12th and 13 h street*. may 2'?2w Ij^OR RENT?THE TWO NEW HOUSES ON Pierce street, between L and M streets, con taining six rooms each, with basement and a larue yard attached. To punctual tenants the low rent of et ?Af <lcliars will be charged monthly. Enquire of the owner, opposite the premises. may 15?2w? CHA8. THOMA. A magnificent RESIDENCE FOR SALE or Rent.?I will either sell >uy Farm on the Georgetown and R->ckviile Turnpike, 2 miles above Georgetown, adjoining Tcnnallytown, or I will rent to a good tenant, the house and garden, (including furniture, if desired) cows, &c., for the summer ? Call on the subscriber, at Mrs LYLES'S, ad-oin ing. TIIOS. MARSHALL, may 15- lOt VILLA FOR SALE.?THE SUBSCRIBER of fers at private sale the villa in which she at present resides, with eight acres of land, situated at Ellaville, on the Washington ar.d Rallim' re Turn pike Road. The heart is r.ew, with all tiir modem improvements, and the situation has many advant age for persons engaged in business in Washington as it is within five minutes'walk of the Hladenshurg Depot on the Railroad, and there is also an omnibus running twice a day between Washington and E'la ville. "Application to be made to the subscriber, living on the premises. MARY S. VASS. mar 27?2awt> 'O LET?A FiTaME HOUSE ON TWELFTH _ street west, No. 404, between I and K streets north. The house is in good order, and a pump of good wafer in the yard. The House has nine r<".on;s and possession given on the first of june, or soo;,rr by applying to A BORLAND, may 21?eo3t* RRICK YARD, BRICKS. SQUARE of Ground, Horses, Carts, Farms, &c , at Private Sale.? The subscriber will sell at private sale, on very rea sonable term", Pquare No 660, which cot.tains an inexhaustible quantity of good brick i-liy, with a hiiek yard inw in actual < pe ration thereon, and about 400,00t burnt and unburnt ready ma e bricks It has on it an inexhaustible cistern well ot water, and a f! or ro im and sheds sufficiently la'g- for ei^ht or ten gang->. Also, four Horses, two of which are fine tro**! marc, with young colts, four Carts and Harness. Also, one Farm, lying in Montgomery county, Maryland, alioiit eight or ten mi!e? from Washing ton, en the Adelphi Mill road, immediately in t!?-? vicinity of Pisgah Meeting-house, -;?id about three miles from the railr'-ad, containing 1H0 acres of tir.e land, a part of which is heavily timbered; and a peach and apple orchard of l..r?00 trees, in full hear ni?, with a variety of other fruit trees. The fann is w II watered, an.1 the iand in a high state of cul tivation. Also, a Farm containing SO or fK) acres, lying be tween tivo and three miles from the Capital, with good improvements. Inquire of the subscriber, on C, between Second and Third stieets, VVasliirgton may 16-eo2w SAMUEL C. WROE 1/OR RENT?A NEW THREE--STORV PR \ME A HOUSE, containing eight rooms, very pleas antly situated, on New York avenue, near the inter section of New Jersey averue and Third street. It has a side lot for a garden, and a Rood cellar nnd" r the kit' hcn. To a punctual tenant the rent will be ?15 per n o. th. Possession given or. the 1st June. Enqmre-of WILLIAM POWELL, one deor ebove, No 18a may If.?ttteo YTALUABLE AND ELIGIBLY SITUATED f Building Lot at Private Sale?The siib>crib? r will sell, at private sale, Lot No. 3 in Square No. 414,fronting 99 feet 4 inch on II street south, by 91 feet 6 inch on Eighth street west. The Lot will be sold in whole or in parts, to suit purchasers. Terms accommodating. CHAS. S. VVALLACH, Attorney, ap 30?^o4w* - opposite west wing City Hall. 70R RENT-TWO NEW BRICK HOUSES on _ N, between 12th and 13th s reets. They con tain two parlors, five chambers, servant's room, dining room. kitchen and double Cellars, with con venient yards and outhouses. The buildups are lo eated hi a healthy and rapidly improving part of the city. Rent ?21 per month. For further particulars enquire on tli>? premises. m ty 23 - t oot* Real estate at private sale -one Frame Dwelling House and Lot on O st., be tween 6vh and 7th streets west, containing six good rooms, nearly new. One two ;<n'J one three-story frame DweMins House on Massachusetts uvenue, between 4th and 5th streets. Two two--tory Frame Houses on Washington st. Also, a very comfortable dwelling House on Brail street, Georgetown. All the above property i? nearlv new, and will be ?old on accommodatiag terms. Enquire of FRAN CIS WHEVTLEY, Lumber Dealer, No. 37 Water street, Georgetown. may 23? eodlm 1 Rents reduced to suit the times. $150 a year will be received for the rent of those new and convenient cottages at Kendall Green, with two acres of ground, stalde, wood shed and other conveniences attached. Pumps oi pure water are near the door, and communicat on is had with Georgetown by way of H and Seventh streets and Pcim. Avenue, morning and afternoon, at the. usual fare, for the accommodation of clerko in the departments. To secure the advantage of this great reduction of rent immediate application inu t be made to the undersigned, either by letter, or at his house at Kendall Green, after office hours, where the keys may be had and the houses inspected at any time. Several of these residences will be sold on liberal terms. WM STICKNEY, No 4, Kendall Green. N. B.?Rents paid quarterly in advance. apr 9, 1855?tf For rent?a comfortable two sto ry House on 9th street, between M and N sts. Possession given immediately. Apply to the sub ambers, at their Lumber Yard, corner of 2fith and D streets. H. N. H. J. W. EASBY. may 10? FOR RENT?SEVERAL handsome PAK lors and Chambers, with board. Also, Table and transient board. Inquire at Mrs. SMITH'S. 333 F street ap9 EOMES FOR ALL.?Beautifully and healthily located Buildiug Lots, 24 feet front by 130 feet deep, on graded streets, can, until spring, be bought at the exceeding low price of $75, payable $3 per month. Title indisputable. Union Laud Office, 7th st., above Odd Fellows' Hall. Jan 9?6m JOHN FOX, Secretary. STRAY1CD AWAY on Friday, the 4th of May, from Georgetown, a small colored Hny, about eleven years of age. Had on when he left, a pair of snuff-colored pants and a straw hat. An swers to the name of Jake Any one giving infor mation t} MONTEZUMA DAGGS, 43 Seventh st., Georgetown, will receive the thanks of the fim ly and a reward if desired may 18?2w* STEAMBOATS CONNECTING With each train of Car* arriv lirgin Washington or Alexan dria.?rue f reamers THOMAS COLLYEBm GEORGE WASHINGTON wili make the above connections, leaving Washington at 6 a. m for the Orange and Alexandria cars, and connect with the same train df their a>rivaJ. Meals furnished on the beats. The Boats conncct with all the trains from Bal timore. HAM'L GEDNEY, Capt. may 17?d ill K UNUKR.-1GSKU are now working the Stone Quarry formerly occupied by Major Win B. Scott, and are prepared to fu nish iTO.'HE at the n*ual market rate* HUMPHREYS fit WILLIAMS. Georgetown, May ii?liu* Auction Sales. n By J- C. QeOUIUK, Anttloa??r. \rALlTABLE RE4L Estate at public Sale.?The subscriber will sell m pnblie sale MONDAY, the 1?? . day or June. 1x5.? at 5 p ra , on the premie*, lot No ai in square *7, fronting 36 feet on 10:h street wtm, between N and 0 strrets north, and improvements, which consin of two small frame I ruses. Term< o! sal-; On* third cash. and balance in 6, 19 and 16 month not* s. beating interest from day of sale, secured by a deed ot trust upon the property If the terms arc not complied with in tf rce daya aft.'r the ?2le, the rroperty will he resold at the ri^k mnd expense of t?f purchaser All conveyancing at luC ?*P"nse of nurc!:aser ClIAS B W.\LL Attorney. JASI^ 5;. Mc^r,RK? _m ty 23?eofcds Auejoneer. C. He(>UlftKt Auctlotttar* ~I^\I-UABLE BUILMNG LOT ON* FOUR7# ? fc'ree?, between E and K. fmntine on "Judi?:!? rv Square,at Auction ?I ,.ha:i offer for sale, in front Of tn pj m ses, on WEDNESDAY, the ZJOih instiiit, at 6 o'clock p m., the north half oflot No 5, 1.. Square 33!, i.b ,ut 23 feet by 93 feet four inches de p This lot h eligibly located, heing only 3 sq ..ares from the Patent and Post Offices, md la ar?ptdD improving section of th- eitv. Terms: One fifth i-a. 1:; the baHnce in 12, 1!>. and 24 months, the d^fVrrtd payments to b? ar int?-r est. and to be secured by a deed of tru?t upon the prope-t7 JAS. C. McGUIRE, iy '1 Auctioneer. I'y J. C. SeOriRl;, Acei'onttr. 1TERY VALI7 \BLE BUILDING I OT IN THE J Fir?t Ward at Au-jfijii _of, TUESDAY at terno-.j,, June .',th, at 6 o'clock, ? n the premises, I shall sell L"t No 20. in S.jnar 10!, having a fr< nt ol 351. et on north I, between 20th and 2i*t streets, h ick ? 49 feet 3 inche?, to a 20 feet alley ; there i< also a ten fe? al ey rur ning the full der th of the lot on ih'? e.vt ?ide This lot is handsonn ly situated, fronting an im proved public reservation on Pennsylvania aven:e, ar.d is a very dttirabie location lor a priva'e rtsi d? nee. Title perfect Terms: One-fr.urtli cash; the residue in six. twelve and eighteen months, safi.?rac orily secured, tearing intere-;. JAS C. M GJJIRE, may 25 .t kds Auctioneer. ily GRKKA & SCOTT. A?tl?M?ft. IARGE AND COMMODIOUS BRICK flOUrfc j and Lot on t'apitol Hill at Auction.?On KRl day, tin 1st day of June, we shall sell, a: 6 oVb* k p. 111., on the pr? inises, the larg" and well-bwi t three stoiy t.nci ?!oti,e, lately occupied by the Hon. Judge Cranch, situated on l)? lav. are avenue, next to the corner of north B street, ntar the no, th L.tpit)l cafe. The house contains thirteen ecin ?* niently arranged rooms, and wide fa-sage through the house, and built with thick walls, and a reiiar under the whole building, and the M b?irr hull of Lot No. 6, in square No. fin*. having a font o' t irty feet six inches, runnir.g 195 feet seven inch s t*> f. thirty leej alley. The abov*-de?rrit>ed po>o erty is certain!; < ne of the handsomest locaiio > Ri)d i::u>t btau.iful bitrs i t W^-Jhin^nn, the most r<?mmsnd!iic view. There is aLo a pur* ol excel!; i:t wafer near the d >or. Terms: One louth; b.-,lance m one. two. Ih'ee, and lour yea^, tn. purchaser t > ?;v nrre. for the deferred paymenis ln.aring interest from day of sale. A dec i given and a deed of trust taken. Title indisputable. All conveyance at the co?t of the purchaser GREEN . SCOT*t\ may 2.1? d Auetiot.eerg. By GKKKX Jt ?COTT, Aurtlaattri 'j'VVO FRAME HOUSES AND LOTS AT AUr_ 1 Una -? n THURSDAY, the 24ih instant, at C ? c ock p in , V e -liall sell m front <1 the pn cu6. * part of Lot No 2, in Square 437, with -l'ic Mimrove ment-i, which are two traine Houses, one contain mg three an 1 the otlitr nine rooms; each fcou?e fronting twelve feet on south C, between 7th and f?th sreet? west, with a five fe. t allev between the two, makine the whole front 29 feet, runnin? back pC feet 7 inches. Term?: One fourth cash ; balance in six, twelve, < ighteen, and twenty four months, on note- be-irii 2 interest. 6 A lie. d givvn and a deed of trust uken. Title iiidir-puttMe. GREEN It SC ITT. may Id d Auctioneers. (pj- Th ? nbove sale it poirpontd In eonscqn nceofihe rain until MONDAY, the 2it h instant, at the ,n c h :ur. GREEN Jk Sf'OTT, nnv *?* d Aucttor.eers Uy tiUKI?S A, SCOTT, Auttlont?u, "\^".\LUABLE BUILDING LOT ?>N NORTH I f bervieei, Htfi and 9th ?tre. u wm, :,t Auction! On EDNE^DAY, th- 3<li|i in-tai:t. w?; : lu|i seli, in front ol the premises, at 6 o?c'oek p. m , the tilnl l.u.ldioi lot situated on the south of i:o-:h I. Ii' fwi tu Mli and 9ih streeu w? ?t, bun" wi si half <?? L"t No 7,in square l'Ji, havn.g a Iront ot M by B51< et deep. Teims: One fourth rash; balance in fi, 12, and 18 menuts, for nKes satisfactorily endnr.^-d, beanrc in terai>t from (t>*y <tf sale. ' A deed given and a deed of 1 nut taken. GREEN Si St OTT, Dl1' *' Auctioneerr. By .IAS. C. MrGUiHJE, Auetlcn??T ^>>1 \LL TRAME HOU.-E AND LOT AT PUB 1 lie >ale.?On FRIDAY afternoon, May 25'i?, at ooYlock, 011 the premises, I shall s'll part of L< t No. 21, in squirt No. 159, fronting 25 feet on Mm sat hitsc'.is avenue, h?tween 17th and 16rh sts. w. .f, rumrng baek 164 l rt, together with the improve- 1 n>enis, consisting of a mall frame dw. lling !:ou-c, containing firee rooms. Sal' peremptory 1 ernis : On '-half cash; the res'due in 6 months, with interest, satisfactorily secured. J JAS. C. M:GUIRE, may 2.1 d Auctioneer. By GH.XKN A SCOTT. AuctloneVri. T^"ALUABLE BUILDING LOTS FRONTING j on north K, between Ifth and ?7.h fts vvt?t at Auction ?On MONDAY, the 28th in?tan', we shall sell. f>t6 o'clock p m , in front of the premi ses, Lots N09. 4 aiul 5, 111 Square 184, fronting on Hie north side of nr>r!h K, hetweni 16'h and 17th stieets, 53 feet three inches, and 45 feet te:i iuch?*?, running hack an average depth of 14tJ tect to a thir' ty-feet alley. The above derciibed piopcrty is handsomely |o cated, being the sec nd square north of Lafayette >quare P isjns wishing to make a good invest uient will do well to attend the sale. Title indis^ut ble. Terms: One-third ca.h ; the residue in 6, 12, and le month-, for notes bearing interest from tLc day tf the sal?s. * A deed given and a deed of trust taken. GREEN h SCOTT, may 22 -d Auctioneers. By CRBKS A SCOTT, Auctioneers. VALUABLE LOTS AT AUCTION-Part o' square 192, on R ami 15tli streets, near Mr fierce's gardens ?(in TUESDAY, the 29d of May instant, we uill sell, to the highest bidder, on the premises, at 7 o'clock p. m , lots I, 2, 4. 5, 7. ft, and 20,1:1 Square 192, fronting on R, Fifteenth and Six teenth streets. The terms of sale are: One third cash within three days from the day ot sale, and the rv-idue in o, 12, and month**, in notes o! equal amounts, sccured by a deed of trust on the property. It the terms of sale arts not complied with, the right10 reserved to resell the lots, or any of them, on giving one week's public notice, at the risk an t co^t of the d* linquent purchaser. All conveyances at purchaser's cost. GREEN hSCOTT, _, _ Auciionecrs. Tlie above sal? Is postponed un ttl TUESDAY evenlnc, 29th in?tant, at 7 o'clock when the above described property will he sold to the highest bidder. It is within ihe enclosure of Pierce's garden, in a high state of cultivation and an elevated position. . , GREEN & SCOTT, Auctioneers. FOR SALE.?A Pair of BAY MARKS, 7 year* o.d next spring, well-bred,sound, stylish, _ gentle, spirited and capital goers. They are J&Q v el! broken and perfectly free frooi tricks, and w ill particularly suit any gentleman who is fond of driving. The owner parts with them only because his purpose is to retrench his expenses. They can bj seen at Southron's (Ute Birch's) Stable, on 14th street, south of Pa. avenue. For terms, or an op portunity to try them, enquire at the counter of the star office. They will be sold a bagain. _ap 3?tf MILLINERY AND FANCY GOODsT SELECTED WITH GREAT CARE -Evei v ar ticle in the above line may be obtained ten per cent, cheaper than in any store in^^BS the city. Milliners will find it to their ad^^HP vantage to call. r<Jl Straw Bonnetf, Hats and Flats Lace, (.rape, Blonde, Silk and Lawn Bonnets al ways on hand Frames, Seamless Crowns, Rice do. B!onde Lacc Edging Footing, he WILLIAM P. SHEDD, r ancy Go jJs and Millinery, 5Oil llih et. may 81?lw NOTICE. MIE Undersigned cau accommodate oart'es with COACHES for pleasure trips. Also, to make trips to boats arriving. after nigh; from the White House.* - For terms apply to Mr. JOUN HOLBROOK at fiTe?. ^,an^ the Capitol, or orders left at G it ma la-*!C?'1* Bl0fe* WM W,, ALEY I ^!;APr^R,I,N? PAPERS ^ the f,net anl also of the chca^er kinds ^ ' *'ge >upp|y ju*t reet ited direct fr? m the man lilsciureis, Iwwlt Al unusually low pricv.. ,ua>'16 KKANt'K TAYLOR. T b TELEGRAPHIC. BBPOSTED TOR TM1 DAILY evsimro STAB. Kuiu IieltMMt ia iMkNUr Kocrcrteb, May 25 ? A meeting relative o the late Ktuu outrages ?u bald last even ing here, and was largely attended. Her. Wm Starr, who waa fcreed lo leave by the pro slavery met, addressed the neetlng, aad complimented Got. Reeder, u tha baat maa for the post; t?? a com pet a tit fores would to required to sustain his authority. Trial for Muter Cambbi n*?B, Ma's , May li ?Tha trial ef John T Cha; mm for the murler of Fatki CvtH^S acd hi* wi a, eighteen nostbi sine*, commenced ?esterdaj. Ha was tried one* before, but the jury in case failed to agree upon a verdict. Few Orleans Maket, ke New Orleans, May 23 ?The southern liM of telegraph is down s ath of Colombia. The national line !? workirg through. Cotton-Arrival of Z 000 baleeto day. 8a!as af. present ra'es Fli ur is ? trifle lewer; sal* at $9 37..I9 62 per barrel. I he Liqu?r Law ia Boatoa Eostob, May 25.?Warrants Lave been (*? suid against the landlords of the price! pel hotels for violations of the new liquor law. Baltimore Markets. Baltimore, May 2b ?Floor is stiffer; salee at $10 87 $10 V4. Wheat is dull; smell ae>?? at $2 45a$2 65 fv<r red. and $2 50e$2 62 for white. Corn?white and yellow $1.06a$l 08. Hew Tork Markets New Tore. May 25 ?Cotton is firm, with an upward tendency. Flour has declined 6e ; good Ohio. $10 37a$l0.62; Southern :s easier; rales at $LI 37a$l 1 75. Wheat is unchanged. <'orc has declined a trifle; Western mixed $1 10a$l 12 Pork is dull and downward. Beef is unchanged Lard is unchanged Ohio whisky is dull at 36ia. Hew York Stock Market New Yobe May 25 ?Stocks are firm, and m nty is ea?y. Sales this morniag of Eria Railroad shares at 19; Cleveland and Toledo Ka Iroad HO J; Cumberland Coal 2Heeding, 88; Virginia 0's 971; Missouri 6's 91 i ; Indi ana 5 s 84j. Wood Fngraving and Lithographing. <?rriCE 9c??Ri'rra,l?>eKT Prsuo Panmnn. Washington. Mny 19, Ht?5. TROPOSALS will &e received at this office until I the Jyth day of May instant, at 13 o'clock, m , for drawing a?.d engraving o???b wood, tn the high est style ot the art, twenty four or more quarto pages (six hy nu<e mem*) of *c?nery, to il usiraie Reports el Surveys of I! ?ute for Riilrond to Pacific Oct an. Also, for drawing and engraving, in the aame srtyl-, fixtyfive or more -mail geological illustm tiop.s and view* to accompany saiue work. AU i.for drawing and engraving in ibeaame man ner, two or more views to accompany Report of Li?-"t GtHi-s. All these < ngrnv;n*s will l?e required to be drawn upon the Works in the very best style and the draw, ia* submitted to this office f. r correction or ap proval ; and wh*n sikIi di awing* are approved, the eneravinp* to be executed in the neatest manner. Proposal* wiil also be received until thermae date fir drawing in crayon, in the highest style of the art, upon >torie, nnd priming in one, two, and three tint*, twc.niy-ihree thousand or more copies of twenty-four or more quarto plates (ail by nine incites) of i!lu?trHtions to accompany Reports of Purveys ot poute for Railroad to Pacific Ocean. Pio|iosiils wiil a'so be received for drawing aad prinlmu a portion cf the work la^t above named, an-1 pr nting ia co!ojs The illustrations will be open at office for the inspection of those p. r-on> desirous ot bid.ling for th?.* fun:- until the closing of the bide, and any in l Vtnation desired will also b?- furnished. The pa;* r required 'or pnnung the li liograpba will be furnished by ifcis < rticc. Coutrscl* will he r n ereJ into with, a^ honda with security will h? required from, Uie >uccm<ul bidden,, for the fiithlu* execution of their conWaets. The In Is will -slate, eepirau-ly, the price, and but i ne price, f<j< each clars of work buJ Icr, uid the time rcq-iircd for the execution of the w<?rk,or por tiou* nt (Ke sail.*', and t?.ust be addressed to "A. O. Se.tman So(?erinter?deBt of Public Printing. Waah i'tgton, l> C and be plainly endued ?'Propoaeia for Wood Lcgraving," or "Lithograplnne." A. G. P CAM AH, may 21 ? lw .-u,i nniendcnt. FRE^a ARRIVAL OF TEAS, CONSISTING of fouchoiig, Oolong, Eng Break - iast. Gunpowder, Impe rial, Hysm and Young fivson, hi j| lb. meta'hc pack-, iialt and quarter cheit" aad boxes, at exceedingly low price*, wbolo su'e and retail. Ail other ktud? of Tea* always oa h wid, Mich as Souchonr, Nina Vor.g, Orange, and FJowiry l ? cco, Hyson Skin, he. <'n?l and see HALL & IIESNING, may 23?er 3t 510 Sevt ctii at. HAIR WORkT" ORNAMENTS of Hair, such as Bracelets, Cfcat elains, Chains, Breastpin*, Earrings, Finger Ruiz*, made to order, of any desired design. All orders faithfully attende I to. Specimens may l-e seen at mv store. H. HEMKEN, No. 330 Pa. av., betweeu 9Ui aud 10th sis. ?er :*? STRAW MATTING. J l'ST r?c? ived 4. 5. and 6-4 Whpe and colored M illing*, which I am t? Hint at the lowest pri ces for cash or lo pr ::npt customers J. II. SMOOT, 8. side Bridge at., near High, Georgetown, may 12 ? "gardTning. CI \RHENING peiformed hy a eood practical Gar T dener. who understands a*I the branches apj ?r laiuing to the business They will undeitake to lay out gardens in the inns: approved style by the job, d ip. week, or if necesaary by the year, end keep ihe same iu order. VV HARDIN a CO., No. 47 9 13th street, may 21?lw* two doars south Pa. avenue. washington STORK. rAHIES, you must not forret that we are atlll j offering ^reat bargains in Hry Goods. We name in part? Moiueiin* and t'aslimeres at 12^ cents, cost 20 Pine fast colored Lawns at 8 cents, coat 11 Yard wide bleached Cottons, only 6% cents Whi(e and colored Crap?' Shawls at half pnee Cittoti Sheetings, all widlhs, less than they ceo be bought elsewhere * Plain t'halley*, only 18\ per yard Pine French Gingham?, only 23 ceata Ladies' black Hose at 8 cents Linen Table Damask very cheap A few niece* left, beautiful styles, Brilliants, only 22 cents Bereee de Lames for 12y< ccnls, worth 25 Plain, doited and Btnbroiderrd Swiss Musi in*, very cheap Our cuMom-rs will please remember that all of tile above Goods must he sold by the 1st of July. We have aho a f?w pieces Silks, different styles, which will be sold with ut regard to cost. No. 10, opposite Centre Market. may 21?lw DRAWING BOOKS from Paris and London, im ported direct by the undersigned, of varioiM kinds and description, Landscape Drawing, Flow er*, Animal Life, the Human Figure, Perspective, Architectural Drawing, &c. may 21 FRANCK TAYLOR. 'PHE HEALING OF THE NATION^. BY 1 CH AS. LINTON. With an Introduction aad Appendix by N. P. Tallmailge. Published by th? Society for the diffusion ot Spiritual Knowledge, New York. 1 large octavo volume, pr ce *1.50 For ?ale at TAYLOR k MAURY'S Bookstore, near 0th stre?t. ny 9 THE MUTUAL FIRS IMUftABCX COMPA HY OF THB 1ISTEICT OF COLUMBIA, CHARTERED by Congress, offers to the property owners of the District safer and cheaper means of insurance than anv other Company. ULY8SE8 WARD, President. CHAS. WILSON, Secretary. MATHEW G. EMERY, Treanurer. , HAllAfliaS. Hysars Ward John Van Riswiek Thomas Blagden P. W. Browning P. Howard, Mathew G. Emery. J.C. McKelden. . ^ Office, Columbia Place, oomer Louisiana evenue an I 7th street. Office hours from 3 to 6 o'clock p. m. feb 26?eotf L. J. HIODLKTOVi DEALER IN 101, Offrct and Depct south ? id* F, neart to isrwsr HBk ICE KEPT CONSTANTLY OW HAKD AT THE OFFICE, which ran be had in larfe or anatl qnaatities. oftee oj??*n l>om .1 4. ni. to ? p. m, tn 1?eo2m

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