Newspaper of Evening Star, May 26, 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 26, 1855 Page 1
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VOL. V. ^ WASHINGTON, D. C., SATURDAY. MAY 26. 1855. NO. 747. (EXCEPT ?UNDAY.) At tk* 8tar Bxu'ding. emmgr Fmtisyivattia ?w* and 3'nmttk strut, ** "? ?? WALLACE, WW t>e to subscribers in the eitiea of WeA JW", Geormown, Alexandria, Button and at 8IX A*D A WARTEI CENTS, ^yiMewcekl, to the A genu. To mail subscribe? rTJ^JK^^Lpnc* * THRER dollaes AND a ^ ,B "*???- TWO DOL " ?b5L. ioSSSI?-,M 0!,B o01-"* fr THRHB MONTHS. ?H,MLI com. oifi OlfT. TECHILNEBPATENT IMPROVED EYELET MA) s)^7t.f.n.,~Wmb:n,'d an stock Third nJttrTi"1 "^th eyelet both *i,|? pMtw improved fastener, riveting ^lin'sKS,!!? W%n} EyHt Machine, are PVI$&t72w? rJt?!L10 U*IKM bat LIPMAN'S ED' wh,ch '? d*cMe<My the beet ?dvonSJ??,lbe Public' PO'^ng numerous J antl not ,iah,e *? f*t not of nr ??d I.,hPho^ w'"? *"d to m the E,e? rldV ^.rr?00" c,in<**? th?" K^let on both ko^reJlrrT?^ *" thc ?Hl"n kc- not turned over to clinch the Eylet a ^ ^g&ff U |?e rj"* *>? "ther Machines. ?? lH - V L lhe Mrrrham in Bling awivnipfriL Milliner, and nomerons others, and M*n* Waehine ' ? floods'nlT.i!! !l!12rLm,'pa' Sonera and Fancy jSJS^VSST. "" Vmtui "?-? mavai_tf TAYLOR * MAURY, Bookstore, near 9ih rt? C. S M ARINE BAND. ?T1 IB on ler*igned would respectfully inform the A' Si^7j^rmrntL,uba mnd Pjb * ?"ne ? a. %hT al ^ M&rin* Barrack-, ?LV ?n? ? h,?lwe?"' 9th and 10th at*. S?t,r??^,.DOtekM H, bui k Hitx'? VI,19ic *>?PO'. If ^o? 2- > -rvices of the Marine Band, or uet fr M .* bra-J- '""J ** cotillon Bond, which wiH embrace Louis Weber'* unrivalled f' .'j- . . F- s^ala, .? ? ' ^doctor and Leader of Marine Band, ap <#' ? 1 ti* m A CARD.-~ Eevnjmy u the road to wraith." <0R ?^l#StpE?d^Cti0,, 019 pri<* of Hat? ft c^p? 1 ^.w? Cr,zn?' haTin? arrangcm^nu * i V y?rk Hr,t ?'>m^nv to con W,th tfW TT" Woleakin or UUE83 HATS, got up in the latest styl*, offers litem at the uuprfcedentel low price of ?3 50 worth from f^u.* to tlvn d ?llara; secon I quality '03 worth from 9-1.50 to ^4; and a very noo 1 faihii s ' able Hat at #-J;50 w?rth from $3 to $tj 50. Also, Re,-he A C?>'? Hats, at a ina?h less advance than they have b^en h??r?? tofWra sold in this citr. Fir*t rate beaver Hat* 93.5?. All kiibls of Mit I! XT.-* and CAP3 v-ry low. (n order to sell at toe ab ive low prices the cash vysteoi oiUst be adopted ; consequently those who will not be charged fro:n fifteen to twenty live per cent, a* aa off?et for bad debt*. ,r , . ANTHONY, (for many years in the employ of Todd ?uCo.) No. 3. Columbia plate, 7ih at., ap 13?tf 3<1 do.K north of Penn. avenu.*. PALMER^IPATENT LBGL rpHI8 AMERICAN INVENTION JL stands unrivalled i?oth ui this country and in Europe. Itw worn by 1,000 persons. and with most astoniaiiin^ success. In euapeuuou with M other substitutes of the best trench, English, and German manufacture,it received the award of the ?*?AT HOiL at the Worlo's Eznist T*o? i* Loirooa as the best artificial limb known. In this country it has been thirty times exhibited, in competition with all others, at the annual Fairs ia t;;e principal cities, and has, in ?vefyinsi:inre, received the award of the hichest c- first piemium. And as a crowning honor, by the onanimous approval of an interna tional council, the " First Premium"? -- r ooly Silver Sledal (riven for Limbs?was awarded the inventor, at the New York Crystal I'd ace. Pamphlets giving lull Information, sent rratis to every applicant. B. FRANK PALMER, ? k *TS Chasout street, Pliil-delphia. fro *5?JD) takk notick. NEW SPRING AND SUMMER GOODS. PW. BROWNING, Merchant Tr.ilor, un<)er a the United States Hotel, has just received a large supply of Spring and 3n*nmer Goods, and is now pre par d to offer steal bargains to all in want of good and fashionable clothing. His " R?-ady ?oJe Clothing " will be sold at the following' l^w prices: Whole suits, Coat, Pant .lows, and Vest, of thin cloth or caasimere, for 519. Fine Block Frock and Dress Coots, from JiO to $15. Good Busin-r* Coats for $7. Black and Fatscy fanu, irora $-'f to $7. Marseilles nd Silk Vests, from ^2 to 5a. He keeps always on hand t large a.saortn)ent o( Ikncj articles, such as Shirr-. Glove*, Cravat. Urn hrella*, fc.c. "Sole Agent for the sale ut Seoti's Fashions.' mar 19?tj. ? LOOK HEREM! MMORE BOUNTY LAND TO JiLtL r.*tio served in Airr wAa since 1790, whether as Offlrera ers Sail >r*. Manner, Clerk?, Indians. Chap lains, Wagon Ma?tert, T^amsurs, Landsmen, (or their widows or minor children) who have not yet received lull 16'J scrw, and h ive heen in service 14 daf? Wl" "1? well v, write to us, p^ttpaid, and their Laud Warrants wi;l be forwarded to them for the Otove quanuty; and 20 charge it they do not get it. ? . . LLOYD k CO." Oaim Agorit'? Offlcr, opposite U. 8. Treasury, VS ashin rton C'itv. D. C niar tf?3m ftOMJSTHINe NKW U"JDEB TfiE 8UH CHARLES WERNER, acerttu, opp>?iU tiroimi' HoUl. TT AS fitted up the comiuodiou- hall over hta Reo. JLl taurunt as a dr,i ciw l.AGfttt BEER S \ LthiN, havinx pro.ured a supply of every luxury ?J?d c jCitort> Sound in brut c.'ass eaitao.ishments ol the kind in the N.tnlierii ciuks. His KUi.VE WINES aud French VVhits W dci os well as Ins Cl\rets, rfefars. Lager Besr, German, Italian, and Sw-iUer CilEE.^ES, and indeed I ev ery other appropriais luxury m such an csta^iuh Beat, is unsurpassed in this country. lie solicits a call Irutu iiis irieads and the nubile. may 19-tf CUMMING'S FAMILY FRAVEKS, ui u vols, 75 cents each ' Buchan's Sy*isui of Anthr. polr.gv, fi FionnePria isnuf Burgu.idy, by W B MacCabe, 10 Cents ' Growth of Uoiiueas, by F ibcr 50c Vindisauoa of the Catfi lie Church, 75c The Immaculate Conception, by Bishop Uliothorna 37^ c The Heart uTJesty, by J. B Pal-airus, iOe. ? E K LL'NDT, No. IBS BrUge auoet, G?i.r^.ju.wn, I). C. may 17?tf PK K 8 o M ? WITH UkFktllVk. vision are Invited to examtne my exteoaive stock of ail kinds of e?PE?T\ ' CLE* and EyL-GLAMSEd. Glares of aay kind, such os Cataract, Panbota, Feriscopic, Douuie Coocave, Double Uunvt 1, and Cuiored GiaotLi, put in at short notice, with great care, a-id penm^ in want of glasses may t>o sure to gei those wines benefit the eye 4^ Circulars "Delacuve Vision," gratis at H. SKMILEN'S, 330 Pa asecuc, betw. UUi and 10th su, mar 30 GLOVES, HOSIERY, RIBBONS, Ac. JOB* H. riMOOT, south side of Bridge st., near llt^s, Ci'or^i t wu, h is ;u>t received iroui New York as a diiMJual supply of? Tatfaia Stlk cad Liaie Thread Cloves ?o??rt and long black twiste.i Sdk HilU pen worked and |*iain Ccuoo Ubtiuj, tun va nety ?Uses' and Boy*' wbue mixed and fcacy ChlM Howrry La^^s J'*' *"d Cu?^ Rea. Maltes'etli l tr.muied Colhrs W,,K I "illation Laces OttMUon ?jf caiii w *c?rable t^oods, to wiich the miv i-j or prompt customer* is invited i. H. SM' ?QT TV I tni,GREAr BARGAINS I nic^^ *1 AND chil iob-r,^rl ,BOOnj AND SHOES. -The.. Am en 1 *ww.*ccopsea, ? IT-rs m. pr^s FL1 8HOE^ ,!t^ ;k <* BtJOTS AND wa?t of rH,,n".Pd All perwns in eail tff * ^ an(l14 t' th?u a<! var.tai*'- to Purchasing elsewhrte. \r% 9AA n 8LOAM, ?M uj 1V ' nw 10til st > nCrUl S'tlDtrMv .f* Pl-A'rito WAUK ^li ,!1t ? FAaCK UOOf??.?Silver o8,J%ar B,mu? Cuam Ja?'? vLr-2^rf -P*' 2pc"n4 ai,d F"r,C9- A!?o, a gl^at for jk, "l raacy lWw Ware, suitable r^Zi3?!l?S?'*m* B"keu'Bp,tonB aBU aao p. u- sbmkkv, Mi S^-if "***?. ** 9U? and 10th .tree*. NOTICE. .THE WHITE HOULE PAVIL ?ion, &c., hu bora rentsd for the ?enson, and to leady lor the reception of viators. I,v*e ted small parties can be accommodated with flic. For particulars app'y to WILLIAM COKE, on F, between 91st and ?ld streets. No Ex-erston parties except thosn already en gngerf, can fnmisb tbeir own catorer except paying e j;ra tar tbe us* of tbe bouse. By order of tbe MANAGERS. may 91?MWfltFlw PLEASURE TRIPS TO THE WHITE HOUSE PAVILION. _ The Steamer* GEO. WASH ^fiOfcBfilNGTON or THOS. COLLYER can be chartered for public or wlect parties to visit the White House Pavilion, Mount Vernon, Fort Washington, or other places on tbe river. The White Hou?e Pavilion is now open for visi tort. It in a beautiful place for pleasure trips; it ha < a fine Ball and Dining room , als >, a new Ten Pin Alley. OCT- For particulars apply to the President of the Company, or the Captains ot the Boats. Mr. WILLIAM COKE i< furnishing refreshments on'he boats, and is prepared to furnish parties on the best terms. an 96?9m REESE'S EAGLE PLU3TbTnG~AND GAS-FITTING DEPOT. ^l^HE subscriber respectfully announces to his I triends ami the public in funeral that he has re criv?-d the fi'st lot of t*e celebrated DODOE'8 DOUBLE ACTING SUCTION AND FORCE PUMP, which received the SILVElt MEDAL at th*- late Fair of the Metro,;<olitan Mechanics' Instl tute, and is now prepared to furni-li all who may favor him with a call. His stock of OAS FIXTURES are unrur pas?ed in the District. With liis corpj of competent workmen he prides himself to III] any orders in the PLUMBING AND GAS-FITTING line with promptness and despatch. All work done warranted to Rive complete satisfaction JOHN KBUhE, may 3?tf ror. Sixth st and Pa avt nne. FOR TIIE CURB OF Asthma and Consumption. NEW AND VERY WOND KKFUL!!! HYGEANA Brought home to the door of tho million. A WONDERFUL di-covery has recently been made by Dr. Curtis of this city, in ihe treat ment of Consumption, A*thma a id a'l diseases of the Lungs. We refer t* Dlt CURTIS'8 HYGE ANA OR INHALING HYGEAN VAPOR AND CHERRY rtYRUP." Willi this n?w method, l)r C. has restored many afflicted ones to health, as ni evidence of which he has innumerable certificates S,ie<ikini( of tiie c atini-nt, a physician remarks, "It is evident that i Inline?constantly breathing an agreeable, ht-ali g vapor?the in- dicinal prop* rties must come in uirect contact wi'h the whole erial cavitie of the iungs, and thus escape t ;e many and varied changes pmluced upm mem when intro duced into the sion-.a-^h, and subj ?t to the process ?f ?digestion " The Hygena 's foi ?ale at all the Druggi-t's throughout the" country.?A". York Dutch man of Jan. 14. The Inha'er i< worn on the brcct under the linen without the least inconvenience?the h?-at of the le*Iy being sufficient to evaporate the fluid Hun dreds of casfs of cures, like Uie full jwing, might be named. One pack.*g? of the Hyg ana has cared me of the Asthma of six years' Glancing. i F Kbesbkrrt, P. M. of Dun cannon, Pa I am cured of ih e Astlima of ten years' standing by Dr. Cuitis's Hy^eai.a Ma Kb arft Ea-:toh, Brooklyn, N. Y. Mrs. Paul, of No. 5 Hammond street, N Y, was eured of a severe case of Bronchitis by the Ily geana. My sister his been cured of a dis-rei-Jng con?h of spveral years' standing, arid rieci led to be incura ble b? tlie pbysn ians. trhe was run d in one month by the Hygnna. J. II Gai bbrt, P M Richmond, Me. The Rev. Dr. Cnxevsp.. of N?w York, testifies of our medicine in the folio ?in? language : New Yokt, Nov. 15, 185-1. Dear Sir?I think highly of Dr. Curt!s's Hygeana as a remedy m di^easep of th> throat and Lungs ? Having had some opportunity to teetily its ?ffkacy, I am convinced Dial it is a most excellent medi eine, both ih j Syrup and the inhaling application to the ch?st. Prof. 8. Cintik writes ns as follows: Gentlemen?I have recently had occasion to test your Cherry Syrup a: d Hygean Vapor, in a case of chronic sore toroat, thst had refased to yield to oth er foras of treatment, and the result his satisfied m" that, whitever may be the enmp >sition of your preparation, it is no imposition, but an excellent remedy. I wish, for the sake of the afflicted, tlat it might be brought within the reach of all. Dr Johns, one of the mon celebrated Physician? iu New York writes as follows: Dr. Crarts?Dear Sir?Having witnessed the ex cellent effects of your Hy^eana or inhaling Ilrgeau Vapor an l Cherry Syrup, in case of Chronic Bron chitis. and being much in favor of counter irritation in affections of the ttiroat, Bronchial tubes and lung I can therefore cheerfully recommend your Medi eated Apparatus as being the most convenient and effectual ni<sle of app.ying anything of the kind I have ever No doubt, thousands of p*'r on may be teliev J, and many cured, by using your medicines. I must here be allowed to canfess that I am op posed to prescribing or using secret compounds, but this little neatly contrived article, and its (fleets in the care above alluded to, Lave induced me to speak in its favor. Y?u are at liberty to use this in any way you may think proper. Kcspectiuily, your-, fee. C. . on us, M D . No. 600 Houston struat, N. Y. Pnca thrae dollars a packigs Poid by CURi'M k PEKKINH end BOYD k PAUL, No 149 Chambers street, N. Y. Fuur package sent tree to any part cf the United States for ten dol'ars N B?fir. Curtis's Hygeana is tbe ORIGINAL and ONLY GENUINE ARTICLE; ail oiImus ure base iinita'.ions, or vii^ and injuri> us counterfs:ts. Sbtin them ae you would POJSoN. F< r sale in Washington by CUaRLL-4 STOTT, Pa. as nue, near 7th street; and J. 6. MOOKE, in the First Ward. uiav ? E. H BATES POLICE MAGISTRATE, IIRST ST., NX-1R PKWNA. JiVENUE ConveAinricg aud Bounty Lan J Claims attended to uiay NEW AND OLD PIANOS. WE liave now ui store the largesi >rtincr.t of PI A NOB ever off?:re id this city Hal let, Davis ih Co, Macon & Uavsu, and Knabe, Gaehle k Co celebrated manufjctori' S. Th* se Pianos we cunm.tae, nnd s<rIt ujion vei y i asy ter us Alaj, a new Pi n>j u ed only a few moiiihs, which we offer at the low pme of ;|y00 ca^L ; a t>econd buiid Piano, by Andre Sticu, f?r ?7a A v< ry hne second hand Chickeriog Piano for ?a!? or rent at a barg tin. Old Pianos taken in exchangs for new. Always on htnd, Sti?i?, Covers, Violins, Guitars, Flutes, Accordeous, Mumo. ac lie. John f. ei.lis, 300 Pen ns> I van i a avenue, may 10 bet. Jhh an<1 KHh stret ls. dentistryT^ 1> B. DONALDSON, D?'ntist; late of the firm ol t, llun. Si Donaldson, contt-iues to manufacture and insert those beautiful porcelain teeth, with or without goms,1 for specimens ot which (made ai>d de posited by the late firm) was a war J* d the firtt prt uiiuin at the Mechanics' Institute Fair, recently held in this cit> Tnese teeth are carved and sti-.dc.l to suit each reticular case, and ihcir resemMhiice to thi: naiu ihI organs is so perfect as to deceive the most prac tise . eye. ( articular attention also paid to filling and pre serving the natural teeth. Charges moderate and all operations warranted, oflice soutowust corner Hevanth and D *? a- en trance on D. mar 91?Aai anYw POLKA. I^HE CHEVY CII AriE POLK A, eouip sed fot and doai'-ated ti Miss sftlly D. Bradley, by J. D. -sunders, tsq., of this city, whose couipciUoi s have always met with such great pubUe favor I be merits ot tbe piec- are uweb as will iutroduce it among nil luven ot music. P Ice Vt cents. J ust publish. a and for sale by rw HILBU8 fc HIT*. ? 1 w ^ Mounted (Juaal Uuiekstep, com ledby the aecowptLiied Hani*, Mr. fiobert Hd , wtH appear IB a (bw daja. naj IS Auction 8al?a Bjr J. C. BtcGUIlLK, Auctioneer. Chancery sale of valuable and el igibly fituated improved and unimproved Real E tale, consisting of Bwrlling Houses and LHs. va cant Lots, and Wharf.?By virtue of a deciee of the Circuit Court of tin: District of Columbia for Wash ington county, made in the cause wherein John A. Fra#er is com pi * nam, and John Walker, H!en S. Fraser, and others, heirs at law of Simon Fraser, deceased, are defendant**. No. 889, in Chancery, the subscriber*, trumps appointed by said decree, wiii sell at public auction all those pieces or parcels of ground lying an<1 being situat d in ihecity of Wash ington. and kn iwn and distinguished as bein? Lets No*. 1.2, 3. 4,5,6,7,8,8, 10, 11, 12, ?3, 14, 15 16, 17,18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23. and 24, in the subdivision made l?y said trustees of Square No. 412, trenne respectively and variously from 18 feet 1 inch, to 30 ?et 8 inches on 8ih and 9<b streets we-t. and E and F streets south, by various depths t > an allev, with the improvements and appurt* nances, which con is! of a commodious and well an t ?? ul?>tanti *ll v built 3X story Brick Dwellin* House on Lot 8. and a comtortabl# and well built 2 story Brick DwvJiinn H use on each nf Lots Nos. 18 and 16 in said sub division ; lot No. 4, in Square No 3cf8, fronting 25 on F street soutl', between 9'h and 10th s?s. west, )>y 125 feet deep, with the improvements ar:d appur tenances, wni.h consi.-t of a 2U story Fieme Dwel ling House; pa t of Lot No. 3. in Square No 730, fronting 40 feet on Pennsylvania avenue, running *ack to "A" street south, with a width on said ''A'' -tr??ft of 41 feet 7inches ; and part of Square No. 472, fronting 41 feet on Water street, at the termi nation o'7th street west, with the valuable Whaif thereto attached and belonging, extending to the "tiaini-l of the Potomac river, and n>w occupied by George Page and used as a steanib >a*. wharf The sale of the several Lots in the subdivision of Square No 41 J, w th the improvements and appur tenances, will take place on Thursday, the 24th day of May, 1855, at 5 o'clock p m.,ou th? prem The sale of Lot No. 4, in Square No. 388, with ' the improvements an I appurtenance", will t?ke :#lace on *nid Thursday, the *4th day ui May, 1P55, at 6 o'clock p. m , on the premises The sale of part of Lot No 3, in Square No. 730 will ake place on Friday, the 25:h day of May, at 5J/o'clock p. m , on t ie premises. And the ale of pi<rt of Square No 472. with the valuable Wharf thereto attached and belonging, will take place on Tuesday, the 29ih d->y of Muy, le55, it 5V? o'clock p. in . on th?* premises. The above property is all situated in desirable lo cation , rapid y enliar.cins in vulue, and offers t?> ?apita'ists and others a most favorable opportunity Tor investments or procuring a deiirable residence. The term? of sale, as pre-crib* d by said decree, <vill be one fourth of the purchase money i'i cash, and the btlance in six, tweive, eighteen, and tw? n ty f<mr months, to b* secured bv the ?purchas-r's | bonds, b?a ing interest from day ?>f sale, with secu rity, to be appr ved by ill* Trustees. Upon the fnlI piym? nt"fthe puictwe money and interest, and th" ratification of the sale or sales b\ the Couit, the Trusti cs will conve;- the property t< the rrspe? ive purchasers in fee. If the terms of sale are not complied with in six days after the sale, the property th.* terms of the s-de oi which are not so complied with will be resold st the risk and expense of the pu.chasers upon one week's notice. All conveyancing at the expense of the purchas ers. CH AS. S. W '? LLACII, 1 T. EDW'D SWANN, ? i???wes. JAS. C. M"GUIRE, war 9?eefcda Auctioneer. {^?Th? >?!? of tlie ifvtral lots In | 9*jtmre 4*2 and lot 4 in square S88, wih improve ' uietits, is fc:tponed, in consequence of the rais, until TUtSHAY.J ins 5it-, s.-ni2 hour*. The *alr- of part of lot Ko. 3, in t quam "3\ will take place tin. (KillLiAY; afternoon, at i>% o'clo:!, on the premi-es. CHAS. S. <YAT.LACH, \ m . ED A 'D SWANN. ( 1 ruttecs. JAS. C McGUfHE, mi j 25?cikds Auctioneer. By J. C. ~(GriRK, Anetloneer. PEREMPTORY SALE OF THE STEAMER UNIoV.?On FRIDAY afternoon, June 1st, at I 5 o'clock, at Pace's Whar', at the toot of S?vu,th street, I sh-ll se!l, without reserve, the nearly new -learner called th': ''Union," at present running as a ferry boat "etw^en this city arid Al xnndria. This steamer was built in Washington citv in the year 18?2; is 162 feet in length, breadth of beam 24 feet G mces She niea?ures 411.4*) ?5 t'.ns custom house m asuremunt, a* per enroilm. r.t. Her en g'ne is a flrst cl i^s (?< ve'ity five horse p wer engine built b\ Smith and Pe.-kins, Alexandii i, Va. She runs either end, and is ve.-y convenient for loading and uuloadinu freignt. Terno : One h.Jt cash, the re>idne in fl months, 1 with interest, batiufactonly secured. JAS. C. McGUFRE, may 3?eokds Anctionect. hy .F f, *t?OI'lh e., Auetloneer. V.iL(J.tliLK IM P h O VEI >" P R( i PERT Y AT Public; Sale?On"FRIDAY afternor.n, June 1, at 5J.^ o'clo<-k, on the premise-, I i*(iail sell, by or der of the Orphan*' Court, that valuable piece ot property si'tiatej a? the corner of and E s,tre< t. tad general y hn?wn as tlie Medical Co lege. The lot fronts 61 f et 1 incfi on i2 street by 58 lcet on It'tii t? et, contain ug 3,543 sq iare leet. The building consists of a and well | built threw -lory brick Builuing, which is admirably idapt d for a warehouse, for manufacturing ot ch'Mil purpo es PiMtions of this building arv now jndrr very satisfactory rent. Title perfect Terms: One-third cash; the lesidue in 6, 12,18, ? nd 24 months, with interest, secuicd by a deed (t trust ou the pr> niise?. 8. H NO' USE, Admin istratrix, By WM. NUUUSG, Atuimsy, JA?. C. McUUlKE, may ft?eofcds Auctioneer. Bjr JA?. C. KcOCtUUi Auctioneer#. ItKUSTEE'S 8ALB OP VALUABLE mti eli gibly situated House and Lot on Maryland ave nue, htiween 4X and 6 h *treet* w<v t.- By viituf nf a deed ?f trus'. b- ann^ date on the 5 h day of Feb ruary, IdaJ, and recorded in Liber J. A 8 . No 52. ; folios 83. ac.. tl.a subscriber will sell, at public sile ?it THURSDAY, the 31?t day oi May, 1855. at 5]. o'clock, p in , on the nrcmisas all that piece or par cel of ground lying and buug situate m the citv of Wa?iun:!t<?u and known ai.3 distingui-hed as i.o' U. in thu subdivision of Lot* No-i.7, f, U, 10, emt II in square kio. 48), !roatiu<! 23 feet a ii bes on M 4 ryland avenue, between an>l 6th streets west and ruonini! back to a 20 faet allry, with the build ings and improvements, which consist ofh iveil am' subkismially built two iu*iy and at i<* bnek dwelling hou?e, with two story frams baca buildiug and ne ce-sary outbuildings. The above property i < situateil in n keallhy and de?irablu location, nud rapuilv oiihancing in value, and offers a favorable op;sir;uuity to p rsotM d si rous of o'tiaining a convenient and comtoruble res idence, or making an invt^msnl The terms of the tale will he one-hnlf cash, and the balanca in 6,12, and 18 mouths, for no:es bear lug interest from d ty of sale, tecured by u deed o( trust on the property If the t' rms of sale are not compMad with in six Jays alt -r the cale, the property will be rcso'd at the risk and expeuse of the purchaser upon out; week's noli *e. All convey aicirg at co&t of purcha?t.r. Title indisputable. CilAS. 8. WALLAOH Tru.ue. JAS. C. McGUIRE, may 9?foStds Auctionacr Ey J. C. CuCUIliE. ?. ucMouttr. TRUSTEE'S BALE OF VALUABLE ANDeliti b!y eitustcd House and Lot on Cth street witst U-twe?;ii E and F streets noitli ?By virtue o' a deed ot trust, bearing da:e on the day of February, 1853, a id reco ded in Liber J. A. S., No. 51, folios X), Sr , tlie subscriber will sell at public sale, on M? ?N'Da Y, the 28ih day of May, 185", at 5^ o'clk p. m . on tlie premises Lot No 4, in Square No 488, fronting 24 fret V\ inches on 6tii street weat. betwi en E and K streets north, by 93 feet 4 inches deop with t ie buibungs and improvements, consist ing of a lour story brick dwelling house, with a bars buildinp, built of the be>t material and in tii? bt> ma-iner, and very with all the modern improvements, and in all respccts one of the most desirable houses in Washington, and but recent y I uilt, and well knovrn as the pntyerty ot Peter llev ner. The property in situated in one oi the health iest and m pt desirable paru of the city, and f?ffers to |?erson: seeking n ie-udence or investment an oppor tunity seldom occurring. Tlie terms of *ale will be : One-half ca-li, and the balance in 6,12, 18, an 1 24 months, for notts bear ing interest fr >in nay of sale, secure.l by a deed in trust udon the property. If the tenns of? leare not complied with in six days nft<-r the sal., the properly will be resold, upon one week's notice, at the risk and expense of the pure baser. All conveyancing at tlie txpeuse of the purchaser. CUAS. S. WALLACiL Trustee. JAS. U. McGUIRK, ap*26?3tawSids Aucti necr. WlLTEa D n*VID8t CltRISroPUEK INOLE DAV1DGE & INGLE HAVI\G formed a co pmueiihip will practice Amusements. QKAKD PIC NIC or the rPHE NOR PflERNLI.1ERTlES' PIRK C<>M . . md * J m. I VV/W PAN Y respectfully make known t ? their friend* ilie public generally that they will give their fi^icjviCj on Thursday, Jano 7lh? 18^?to The Company will spare no paics or expense to insure satisfaction lh? Ref eshan nts wi'I be served by an expe rienced rncre ?, .Mr A Columbus. VisHitig Companies will appear in uniform The boat will Ic^ve Georgetown at 1 o'clock; Washington a*. 2; Na?y Yard at ajtf ; and Alexan dra at 3 p. m TickeU 0N3 DOLLAR?admitting a gentleman and ladles?to be haJ of any of the Committee of Arrangement*. Committee. TI Kuisht, II Keenau, C Mntlock, T Dawson, L Newmyer, n G Eva*t?, *< P Robertson, J T Halleck, J II G'nl>lard,jr Mi l 15 rtlie d, d Tayl .r. S Culverwell, R VVa'rrn, A C-iluHibus, J Slatford, J Kujjj. may 13?eotd TO ALL THAT VALUE THEIR SIGHT. RRA?TiC A trOPTl CJAKf \JkJ ISiiEh io call ihe attention to all that sutler f f with defective sight, caused by :igc, pir kness *nd particularly fnm elinjudicious^ selected, to his superior SPECTACLES and GLASSES care tully ground hy himself to a t'tie spherical accnracy. and brilliant tran-par *ney, sui ed rrecwfy and ben c:iei l!y to the wearer accvutna to tiie cor.cavi y o' convex ty of the eye. Very nitmcnu^ th? ill ?f fects caused to the precicus oigtn of sight from ti?e c >mruene? ni>-nt ol Uair-g g!;u?es in not Ik-iiir pr,: eisely suited, l?y the use cf an Optometer; r.r.<5 the practice of many years, enahl s hi:n to mea-urc the focal ?!istaucc of the cy.-a, and su h ?las*e? r.r absolutely required will be furnish* u with precirior. and sali-fa.'tiou *. T acknowledges the very iibeial meet already obtained, ^i?U furt'ivr anlicits the p? tronag:- of those that have n>tyt t availed themselves of his aid. Persons that cannot conveniently call, by genuine t .e glasses in use, and statin? hew mf.nv inches fie enn read this piint wiib toeir spectacles, c?.;i be supplied with surh thnt will improve their sisiit Innumerable testimonial* to be sern; and ref,i enee* given to tn~ny wr,ii have derived the greatest ease and com ort fioiu l-i1* #la-&e*. Circulars to b<? had gratis, at his rff-e. N i B13 Sevnth street, throe doors frum Odd Fellows' Hall, upstairs. Norfolk, Pe temter7, 1854. Sir?The Spectacles you made for me suit very well, and seem to h ve improved my sight i.iore thau any other I have lately tried. Lrrr. W. Tazewxll. I have tried a pair of Srj Maples ibtained from Mr Tobt is, and find them of t,re:tt assistance to my sight, anl corresponding witn hi-s description of the focus. I recommend him as a ekilltul optfciia IIl.iry A Wise. Mr. J. Tobias : Sir?The p;;ir of Spectacle* you farn shed me yc-terday are tarticul&rly sa>i factory to m** They nr.- very deciderly it-e best I [.o-fv. a.v.d I am th owner of eight or nine pairs, carefully selected i. different places and from opticians rec<>*i!ii?'n<i?-ti t,, me on n"cnir.t of their prof^M-onal *rnn<li?tg in F.?ia land, Frae.ce. an>l the United State" I h;iv< to n hIho plea-e?1 rtith your remarks and dip-ctions on the treatment of the eyes for the putpvue of fre serving and improving the sight. Renpectftiliy \o\ir*, Chai rAI.DWr.tL, Professor of M. C., Lou;sville, Kv. LviicnBuxu, N'ov. !t). 1854 Mr. John Tobias having furr i-h* '! me w tli Olas se<. by which I have be*n greaily aided, (my V!?:on hivine suflered greatly fmm ?ead;nc at r.ulit ta my earlier life) it affords me the highest pleasure to say that ! crn^ider him a sr.illtnl practical optician, and well tirej.ared to aid those who it ay need Ins profes sional services. Wh. P.. Rorzit, Elder of Methodist Conler?-nce. VVii.hihotoR, N, C., Jan. 27, Mr. J. Tor.iAs: Dear Sir ?I am happy to say that the Spectacles winch I obtained from you week are entirely satisfactory. From an inefjuali'y in tli-* vimnl range of mv eyes, I bare heretofore found rreat difficulty In <;ettiii("s of the proper focal dw'auces. I t ail rdsnu: pleasure to state, thai by th' nid of yonr optometer tiii. difficulty ha-< been happily obviated <o that the Glasses you furnished m^ are dccidedly the beat adapted to my eyes of any I have ever jet used. Very respectfully j onrs, r R. 15. Drank, Rector of St. James' P&"icb. Department of Interior. May 7, J655. Prom natural defect* and the unequal range of m* eyes, I bave been compiled to use gla-ee> t >r aeve rnl years. I h^vc tried differ"iit opticians without obt-ining glasc-ei perfectly fitted to my eyes Four months since Mr. Tobias made two pairs especially lor me, wnich i toun 1 to serve in" perfectly Py the u?e of hi.* opt >met r he is er.ab'ed t?i a<!ap G as es minutely to the eye I most cheerfully rec oimncnd Mr. Tobias to all Invini oc?a-ion to ti:H ?? s, and bear my tesTtmr.ny as to his skill us an optician. Hknky E Baldwin, Assistant Sect'y to sign Land Warraata. may 18?tf FISCHERS BASD FULLY ORG AN IZliD. AVINC now completed all mv errangements for u first rate 1? ^ASri and COTILLON HAN tl, I am Kgain at the service of the public to itft ud Fxcursioii Pattie?, Exhibit ons, Parades, Pic Nice, IlidU. and sen iiad?*?. All those in favor of a citizau'k b'iiid are rerpecifully iavilt d lo encoui&gt <ur ku brpriiv, bare in VVa.liintt n City. P Fl.-CIICR, Leader. P S.?This ler uiy ilirection, L? regularly uniformed, and trout a practice over twenty years i can give mtist K tion to eve.y one. Ri:?idenci, Pa. avenue, n< rih aide, bet. B.h u* d 10 h itruets lir;t doer weat of lion H ill. Orders left wiili litsaii liilbu^ U li tz punctually att?dad M may 14?ltn* IF YOU READ ADVERTIhEilENTS PLEASE notice that I have, fre?h from he es tablish iient in New York, Iii*ek?!f's Self Rai* ins F our llecker's Grits. Hc cker's Maccur m and Verma?elll, llecker'a Farina, one paper of which, at 14 ceuts, *dl make a superior uL>h .uiLciuiit tbr fiftubii or t venly persons. Abo, Oswegr. Corn Siaieh and Cornena, n gri at variety of il illaru's preparations of Choco'ate for eating >-n1 drinking Dakcr's auperinr Cocoa p.;aU: from which, in a few minutes, i?v pouring boili ig water on il u very supeiior cup of Chocolate can be iua.<e. Whsn dollar*) and cent* er: made e s'u-lv an<! at 'Jie same time superior article for healtli and econ omy is required, you wo1 Id no well to call at KING S Croecry and Vaiiely Sioie, corner Vermont ave nue and I bUtets, u few ctnps norih: ast r.f Jackson Status. may 11 ?wtf ii TO THE LADIKS OF WASHINGTON AND VlGlNITT. AMKI.IA PKIIIRAM fc. SISTER,. 'No. JIT7 Per.nsvtvania '.venu-', be-J tween 10th an<l ll.h streets, reiurn th< ir regards for the kind patron ge heretofore" be nowe.l u|?on th' ir efTorts, and tak ? 'he liberty of in forirrng their many friends that they intend open ing their .spriti?, Sumio 'r and Taney RON'NETS, .vhieh cor.-l t of ?50 pieces, besides a rich assort ment of STRAW tON'N'ETS, he. They are able to serve all who are in want of a la=hionaMe and cheap Bonnet. Cail and examine before purcha ing elsewhere, may 12?lm* S. P. HOOVER'S IRON HILL BOOT. SEOV, AND T&U5K ESTABLISH fc^T. JUST received a large assortment of Boots, Shoes and Trunks, perhaps th* lariat stock in this city, from which to make selection. Ladies Siippe:s, 50 to 75 cents Do Gaiters, 73 to 31 56 Gcrit-i French P. Leather and Calf Pumps Do do do Walking Shoes B .ys*, Misses' and Children's Shoes in every va riety mid tlyle,which I will sell at the lowest puees. 8. P. HOOVER, Iron Hall Boot, 8hoe and Trunk Estabm't, Pi avenue, betw. 9lh and 10th streets. may 10?SfcW8t FRENCH VISITING GA?DS, exua thin, and of th? ha est finish, ju.n imoofted frui. Ptrs di rect, by PuaNCK TAkLUB. **/u I EVENING STAR. THE COWMJMBM'IOW. BY HART ANNS COLL'.BK "They shall we his faee, and hi* name nhall be in in their forehea !a."?Rer 22, 21. Yr?. they rlnil sen his fice Who fr? elv bor? on earth tfeir load of sin, Anl t<> the promised mansions of hid grace Their teet shall i nter in. To Jesus they draw near, His own benignant welrome found them mtt; Hu glanee, cmre *een, n s?en forev?j?more; Their griefs, tueir fears are past! Redeemed and pwi.led. The so til is fed with a diviner lore ; It dwells in l:?ht, the Infinite beside, Nor shall it e'er remove. There rests n radiance fair IJpf>n the spotleas brows ?>f the redeemed ; The image of hi? fiery linrer< there, VV hose on thetn ha h beanie'. 80 hfily and go pure [? tbeso.l htfat that on their forehe .ds glow?, The. argel f>lar?ce that see*. h?nciforth w suit J hat he the signet knows. Th* mystery of that rame, J Not to the ol<.e-t ?eraph is mode known ; Yet wi'.h his h.-.rp of lov? and miu! of flitua, lie wakes his sweetest tone. Moved by the li<e that spring* From the deep fount oftfe eternal love, And long lo*-t wjinder* rs iirrnn to gljry brings, To share the bli<5S above I THE EEOTHEES. In 1840, the principal 44 banking insti tutions of the chance kind" in vS?n Fran c'8(o were the Bell* Union, Verandah, Mine de Oro i,l Dorado, and Parker House, all situated about the Plaza, and e*ch employed a band of music lo lessen the tedious hours of that rainy winter, ^rd to drown tho noise of jinkling gold and silver, and the cursing ejaculations of the gamesters. Many a sad scene has taken place within* those saloons tnat chilled the blood of tho beholder, and is remembered with horror. I was once carelessly sauntering through one of these. My attention was attracted towards a person who had large piles of gold before him ; the aUrting evebalis, the swollen v: ins upon bib forehead, the cold sweat 011 his face and clenched hands, told of heavy losses; mingled ex clamations of horror and contempt would escape him, and he seemed unconscious of all else going on around him; his gi&-> bent upon the cards as if his life's blood was the stake of 'he issue; and in this chip his last dollar was put within the dealer's bank when, with the frenzy of a maniac, he drew a long d rk kmfe and plunged it up to the hilt m his own body, and sank a corpse upon the table. A few rude jeers followed the act; th3 body was removed, and the game went on as though no;Li;ig had happ ened -as though another victim had not been added to the page of the gambler s dauiniug rc ;rd. or another soul had not goae to its final account! I learned this much of hi-? history : he started with a large s'ock of goods, gnei him by his father to sell on commission, and the father's fortune depended upor> a pure icturn of the money invested; but, as usual with voung men, he in th? full liberty of unbridled license, and while the ship stopped atone of the South American ports, he engendered the first seeds of 44 play but lor a while after his arrival the excitement of trade and the energy necessary to accomplish a suces-ful issue kept his mind busy. One da}, by appointment, lie was to meet a mercantile friend at this house, and while waiting for his friend, he staked a few dollars upon the turning cu ds, when the latent disease sp;unginto life, and it car ried him headlong over tho precipice, and ended in the tragic manner related. The Mine de Oro was a gambling sa loon, situated on Yrashington street, op posite the El Dorado, and in li>49 it wa the principal resort of disbanded soldiers of the California regiments, and also of the soldiers who had been engaged in the war with Mexico. Behind one oi the largest raontc banks in the room sat a man who had won for himself honora ble mention, and an officer's commis sion was gtven him for h:s bravery at the storming of Monterey ; but, prt fer rir.g the climate of California and its gclden prospects to a more northern home, ha embarked for that country at the closet ol the war with Mexico, and upon his arrival he openid a bank for gambling. The emigrants cane iu by thousands, and a few nights after his arrival a young man entered this Kaloon, seated In in self at the bank, and staked various'sums upou the cards, until he had nearly lost all tho money he pos messed, 1 xciled with the play, and muudencd by his losses, he accused the dealer of cheating; the dealer replied sharply to the accusation ; the lie passed, when the young man struck the dealer a ;evere blow upon his face; as quick as thought the sharp report of a pistol fol lowed, and the gambler's clotuing was covered with tha young mau's blood he had shot him thiough the right breast. The room was soon cleared of the spec tators present, the doers closed, and medical attendance called in aid of the wounded man. The gawbUr sat moodily over his bank, passing the small monte cards through his lingers, and perhaps th nking of the deed just perpetrated, when the wounded man gavd a moan of agony, as the doctor's probe reached the bottom of his wound. The djctor in quired what State he was from, and the wounded man teplied: " Vermont.'' The gambler raised his head, for it had been a long time since he had seen a per son from the home of his childhood, and Vermont btn.g his native State, the mere mention of his name interested him. The doctor next inquired the name of the place where his parents resided, if he had any. The wounded man replied? 4* Montpelier." The gambler sprang to his feet, his limbs trembled and his iace was as pale as death, for Montpelier was the home of uis youth, and uarhaps the wounded man might have been his playmate in child hood?perhaps a schoolmate?knew his parents, his brothers and sister. He dung convulsively to the table, with the THE WEEKLY 8TAR Ptmitmu who an m i|bi t cotunuMioB of twenty per ctu contrading einotioM of r*pid thoofht, and the weight of the injury he had in flicted, he could scarcely keep on his feet. A stimulant ru given to the wounded man, and was momentarily re lieved from that weakness the bodv is subject to after a severe wound?when the doctor inquired if there was any friend in the city he wished 6ent for. 44 Yes," he replied, 44 My wife?she is at the City Hotel, corner of Clay and Kearney streets. Tell her to hasten, for I am badly hurt." A man was sent to bring his wife. "Doctor," said the gambler, "says that man's life, and there is my bank* and $10,000 in Burgoynes?yon shall have it all " The doctor felt the pulse of the man and probed the wound anew. The gam bier watched him with the greatest anx iety until his inspection was finished, when the doctor shook his head in token of impossibility. The gambler aat down by the side of the wounded man and bathed his head with water, and stopped the flow of the blood from the wound until the arrival of his wife; she came, accompanied by a few friends, and as heroic women bear their misfortunes, ?he bore hers. Not a word of n proaclk escaped her?words of cheerfulness only came from her lips as the tears coursed down her checks. To her inquiry as to the chances cf hr?r husband's recovery, the uftctor assured her that there was no hops; that the wound was mortal, and that in a few hours he would die. She sank down upon her knees and invoked the ineicy of a forgiving God for her dy ing husband and his murderer. The gambler asked the forgiveness ef the wounded man for the wrong he had com mitted, and also that of the wife, which was readily granted. "This," said he. "is for not obeying the sacred irjunction of my aged father and iso&cr tot to gamble. I have faced icath a thousand times, and still I have escaped: the balls of an enemy have T hiatled past my ear* as thick as tail stones and the bursting bomb have ex Dlodcd at my feet; still I have lived?O <od ! a d for this ! High above the red tide of the battle I have earned my coun try's ensign?and that won for me a name among men?when not oae com rade was left to tell o: the deeds in the battle, I escaj>ed unscathed. Why was 1 not killed like the rest. All that was ;>roud and pleasing to men I have had; and if I could recall this last act by liv ing upon carrion, sleeping in a pauper's ^rave, and renouncing every proud act of my life, 1 would do it. ( was born in the same village with that man; we have been classmates together at the same school; received instructions of the same aged man: we were beneath the sama roof, and O God ! lie must not die?he is my bro;i:er!" And the gambler sank down in a sweon upon the floor. The wcunded man raised hims-If upon his elbow; his glassy eyes wandered about the room as if in search of some very particular person. "Mary," said he, "is brother William here ? I?" and the word choaked in his throat, the gurgling blood stopped his utterance, and he sank back a corpse on his pillow. The wife knelt again, but it was beside a dead body, and in voked the mercy oi God upon his soul, and forgiveness for the munierer. The gambler awoke from his swoon, and staggered up Com the wife and said? "Mary, would it were otherwise, for I have nothing to live for now; the dead and dying do not want anything in this world, take ibis certificate of deposit to our aged father, and tell our parents we are b >th dead?but 0 ! do not tell how we died !" Before the woman cou'd reply or any oae interfere, the report of that pistol mounded again, and the frstracide had ceased to live. Ou the hill near R ncom Point were two graves, a few years ago, enelostd with a white fence, and one tombstoue ! stood at their head with the simple in i>cription?"Brothers."?Uoldtn Era, Ur When Dr. Rush was a young man, he was invited to dir.e in company with Robert Morris, a man celebrated for the part be took in the American Revolution. It so happened that the company had waited some time for Mr. Morris, who, on his appearance, apologised for detain ing them, by saying he had been engaged in reading a seimon of a clergyman who had just gone to England to receive orders. "Well, Mr. Morris," said the Doctor, 'how did you like the sermon ? I have heard it h.ghly extolled." 44Why, L'octor," said he, "I did not like it at all. It's too smooth and tame for me." "Mr. Morris," replied the Doctor, "what sort of a sermon do you like ?" "I like, sir," replied Mr. Morris, "that kind of preaching which drives a man into the corner of his pew, and makes him think the devil's after him.'' Beauufcl Passage.?The following is 'rein the pen of Walter Savage Uuidor: The damps of autumn sink into the leaves and prepare them lor the neces-ity cf the fall; and thus insensibly sre we, as years close aroucd us, defachod from our tci.acity to life by the genii* pres sure of recorded sorrows." Its Chief Use.?44 VN hat is the chief u^e of bread ?" ssked an examiner at a school examination. 44 The chief use of bread," answered the urchin, apparently astonished at tLe simplicity of the in quiry, 44 the chief use of bread is to spread butter and molasses oa." 0.7* Young gentlemen of poetic tem per a m cut should r^bember taat polkas, waltzes, and similar institutions, were not invented to give opportuity to bug the ladies, but as a means to display grace, agility, power of enduranoe, ks*

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