Newspaper of Evening Star, May 26, 1855, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 26, 1855 Page 4
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EVENING STAR. An Elephant's Fraternal Feeling an d ArrccriOH.?While a wagon drawn by several elephants wis passing oar of fnM)C K-rKaj' the ?,I0wint>r storJ wai, toi i, which we vouch for as true: ft mcna?erie visited the John*town, Herkimer county When the cavalcade left town it passed over a bridge which the road cC two elephants to bring ^TSe bin'whh^ WCu ,dnVen t0 the bnd&e' i-r r f ?6 known sagacity of the rroob- ^ L? CrOS9' The W4t?r of thc ' flows through a gorge in ? o slate formation, projecting at that point banks of prscipitious character and tiiirty feet in height, was low, and by takwig a course across a corn field, a ford Could be reached. But the proprietor of the corn fie'd refused to allow his proptr 17 to be so used, except on the paymon* of an exorbitant sura, and this the agent of menagerie refused to submit to. Accordingly, the elephants were aeain driven to the bridge, and agnin they re in e l to a tempt the crossing. Thev w aid try the structure with tueir great fcet. feel cautiously along the plank with th?ir protozoal finger., but each time would rt-coil from making the dangerous cxpenmeut ? At la^t. however, goaded by thesharp iron instrument of the keeper, end ac customed to obedience, they rusuwi on Wl;n * ?*?aw.hLifof agony, hall of an gtr. 11 e i esult showe.i tin prudcait pre sc?ence Oi the animals to have been cor net; the bridge broke, and went crash mg to tlie bottom of the gorge, carrying wi n u bjth the monstrous beast. One of them struck upon its tusk and shoul der, breaking the former and badly iniu nug tue latter; the other was, Grange encegh, unhurt. Now was shown the moa singular and remarkable conduct on the part i.f i he brute which had escaped. Its comrad? lay there, an extcmpore'bed btiog provided for its comfort, while no teTrJ)tat'on' ?? force, no stratagem, was sufficient to induce the other to leave and proceed with the main portion ofrhecar av.n, which finally Trent on, leaving the wounded b>ss? ai.d its companion under the charge of rhe keener. I^ay after day the suHcring creaturi: Jay I here, rapidly ianing, and unable to move. At the end of three wetks, the crfecK co-fmenctd rising, r.nd there was f, }l wcj.u overflow and drown the disabled Cifpusnt. The keeper de sired, theref>re, to gLt it up and make it waik as far an a b^rn near by, where :t wo aid be cu' of danger, and would be better car d for. But it would not stir, il-* codX.d, whecd;cU acd scolded, but all to no purpose. Atlas enraged ke seized a pi!ch .orj and was abjut plunging it lato thj poor things flesh, when tire com panion wrenched the fork from his hand, broke ?c io f.agm nts, and llang the pieces from him; then, with eyes glaring and cv?ry evidence of rage in its manner* it siood over its d. ftnoeies, and wound ed inmd as i- da.-ing the keeper u an proac i: which the man was not so green do .ca,a, wiih cru^l purpose. Thus the injured animal lay ihere un til it died. W h-n satis tied that it c uld no ' n^er be of service, the other quietly folio we 1 toe keeper away from the spot, ar j i bowed m desire to return. If this was n.?t reason mingled with an affection Fome men might pattern after, weshould like to know- what to call it Buffalo ? M. ? j paper. ^ ' s.iys one little urchin to ano.her.4 does \our schoulmaster ever give you any rewards of merit?'' 441 s pose he does," was the r. joinder ; 44 he giyts me a lickin' every day, and savs I meats two." p7"4' Tell your mistress I have torn the curtam," said a gentleman to a fe niak' domestic. 44 Very well, sir, mis tress cm out it down as rent." MCATJ'LNTS OFOOKAJS 3T?AM*RS. .*?*? t, I ?..? Far l-a.a. Ui-:w .... t**re N>.w Y? y 3 /. I ?..?.?? *??. w V&.t.. 1 . .May IS Si Rfc IW ilr.vre N?.m* If (??- J':i ? f.t.ifor. Isare Srw Ynraon 11.* till am; 2' iai *t t-dClt BOI.UI. AKK1VALS AT C^AL aOT?L& ? Mlac&l Uolti-I D. WIMilB 8 lltnipti.i, rc D HuUicaju, Uli UOii'l<,tlO T ii J ?!? ?, C i P l^rwy, in rt M l.'ikfn, jr, do T (?ii(NaU>ci(. Vi J L U?.t r, liu 11 l. ' .ui^iax, Vl J 'i' Piatt, e't 7> ltau<l#,'! i J A P.-une tk. dau^itter ? * I ft f r, l'<* Mo. ^uiith 11 '?? .ruu.l*l-, Ei 2 11 !?<: Ca_-ia, V'a s {] G?id i: & 1 tiiy, Va i l<f .??! n, Md llr Pul,?o V\ uU^rtCEii, liY JUS. itliwn-th. Pa J i?S n ieiMui, uu \V A1 Wiiluuiaiifl, ca i li Vtir, AU J ii W'^x i. f, *.d <?<: i D U tw'.iii', do ? < i P A Hiatal' r, Jo S V In A 'I ilairiaun, i'ii II U ii.n.^, ?ft? 31 tiu,li* i W Pi ?Cf, do J a Pory, ild a P Henna, tio It rev r. * fc ll. nova \V Luva 1, KY 8 S Flant, XY T 1 W k'ti,.. J II A f.'i kiu .<JQ, do J Wo rd, NY (' A;i ir?*#i< a. Uu., du Dr G Mr MilclwS aafl uumBj, J H li'V'"- Va Vd R. r l?i Ki irb \JJ II W Sponner. P.? A It hkiur, do 11 A Peirall, Md T L I'nr?? 8t laiiy. W II Griir>e it lady, do 11 A -nti lady, S do I a ? Alla n, M i?? CPader, NJ U F Cilvurt, Mi VI tlltnlrf' (L.Ui- 3. a k j. o. miLxas ? II K>>a!, M-i Jar r.ic'pi aad duujlatar, J White, Pa >Y J l) S.rjt or, PO P Bro?n, do J K tjilai a * la y, hY >l!?- K liitnra, uu ft 11 ? u 1. n J Ki.iwn, d?? C It * . rr>.l(, Md A ?" i). uniaoo &:ul Ift-Jy, 11 I) ? ar.-(4i, do A'a A T L C-ef?c, NY K I! I. ????, *la l>r J il Ua-'r anil lady, Wis J *1 Vj. II. T?'sn NC Mrs \ K m. v- n-ou; da Mi l .-1 T. Patliiw, do it i a'l, Jo Ci l E A Iljfhi-r M j) Cr:ni, ft ? J" W K' l'H, J R ^ at ?*i?s W Smith lady, iLl C i Jl co Ll Lwond IZav**-;. n. k a. r.axw(ms. J la* u.j a .-/Tvaat, Ca W R litlii&jtoo aad 1 xly, VV iknsunB, 1-4 Max H ! a.i u??ii, ny A II M ir-lialJ, NY Ii t? Vi uu,.-a Ky T C J?liii?i( n, ail J 51 11 istiwli, Va Mr ruitlt, ft I nttsd * taut Koial?s. c. ?acnsT, J il Il?tbi. k, Va J ?iu'.i. Va j la Wiilif d? A Tliooitf, do II J Mwd Ky T 1' .<>n?|ir.>n, d.'i H M 14, III J IilMf, Pa Wl'Kt Va T A Mai oin, La J JuMi.-lou, d) J I.aaty, Ky ; ia>ion Uoa*^ Ai*x?*?dria) Va U 9 fa'Kkw tod, X'd la VV 1 a.Wfld. DC T il L? v.-, Va A *?a~, Va W llti.t'.B ai Udr, do >??*? Hatcher, do II MeVVt.u?in9,M? A Kwntdy. Vd ]ic J It v\ .1 i>m . u J T.?n-tll, USN Mr in* DC J M ForSr?. Va T U f li.^ram. Va I. d ? a: 11 f di. si I d? 11 11 rl?. ur, do G C AO>>?* d d? 11 H>ia:rt?x , do J S* BtiK ar, ]f, ?.o Vr > iiiin-rw, d^ G W Pa C It Il i.lf ?, do 1> lleil r.IC " L?*kk. d > J VV Ma^v . cUd ^ T lon.? Md & ^ vaiif. \ia C li lull, NY FINE WATCHE8. HAVING made a considerable addition to my ?nock of SOLD HrxTino Patent Lava**, ana Lxptss' watchs? ''Hirst quaiity,hiwivy 13 carta CML SILVER WATC0E3 for boy*. I oner litem at greatly reduced prices. The rtov. menu are selected with great care, and every Watch in warranted. Persons in want of a fine timekeeper are Icvlted to examine uiv assortment. H HEM KEN, No. 330 Pa. avenue, betw. 9th and lOifc sia. mar 30 i ^TOTICK. ? I received thio day a new na-wrt : ?1 mmt of SLEEVE BUTTON? and STUDS, of the late.-t style?. Also, a variety of oth?-r new Goods: a* V?>*t Chains,Chatelaine, Bracelets,Pins Earrins-1 Rin?, etc. Great inducements offVred to purciiijers. ? ? "? ?EMKE1f, N<>. 330 Pa Rvcrnie, her. 9th ant 10th rt\ CC7- New P ir.h put to Ooi J pfn3 at nh-.rt nnricc. n<Bmoo.'? remounted, ar.d Jewelry ma> to ordir. mar 29-if I-Io. 867" VmHiXGTU* SUVa JIlNOPiWRT, S. E. corner of Pa. ar. and t.UvwtK rtrtet, So'e Agpucy for CniLSOJf, GOULD ii CO 'S Warming an 1 Ventilating /.pfurates, M POND k CO.'B (Of lio^ton) Union Donhlc-Ovca rooking Kange, J. L. WOTT'fl (of New York) INVINC BLE DOUBLE-OVEN RANGE. on hand, and rceivin; LATROBF STO VES, lor heating tw.t stories; Pjrfor ami Chaw , her G.i\ ?' ES, Ktiauid ed and Japanm d Co-.kinz. Hall. Parlor, Ltiawbcr .;n?l Di'.ing ltooiu S OVE<; Plain, Tinned and Enamelled Iron HOLLOW WAnE; B oe* Tin, Planished and Japanned W AKE in er'at v.irhtv. Ali ol' which w;!l be sold at the lowest possible rates, that will c mpire favorably with any Estab !isl>in>-nt ,-outh of N? w York. An examination of my slock nenrn??<tiv solicited ap IS?am J\K SKIRVI-G DENTISTRY. DR. MUXSOM ,espi*ettuf!y call* public attention io|-t? nrir pui"t,anrt GREATLY <???' IMPROVED inettiod of M-ttin? Art'ficia1 T?*p?h, wi-h Continuous Gum?the v. ry PEltl ?C I ION OF THE ART. This -?fie ot' i e?tl< baa the following advantages over all others. vtx: GREAT STRENGTH, CLEANLINESS, COM FORT.and BEAUTY, vieiug with Nature in these r.:sp? cts, and in some oih- ri exceiiimr. Public in spection O respectfully solicited. PUa?e cad aiid see sp-T'inens. CAl 1'ION.?No other Dentist in the District of' Columbia has a ti^'it to make this style of T??th N. B.?Teeih constitutionally healthy, idurreii an 1 warranted for life. Office md bou*e at Xo. i 3 S F. >treet, near the corner of P?;na>yivania avenue anil 1 l:h street, ap 2*1?tf TO THE LADIES. m iss s j. i ito.*i pson n~w Prepared to show ?.ur Isrei u?jLs* and v.cH -^t.-ctJ-d stick 4" Millinery raft?" winch she ha.-juj-i ?? -encd, ofth;' !a f-trtyti's whi ii we are selling . t >h ? >owe-l pilce?, and v. ;- err.'.:-.'. ?? mivii. t:;e Ia_if s to cad eaiiy asu' IijiV" th. lir.-t selections. v. -i-tiJ afcw r cl'.y csll their attention to -Mr and h in-! aui^ia- ,ck of Fd?. y G.h.,u I'criuai' ry. C "ceieiy, fccr which v.v can sell at u.iusajlly io* piic* . LiUrCillNSON Si MUNRO, N*??. 3Hi l erjn vivania av aue, Fif-t do-jr wi st of Waii'.r Harper a Co.'i. mar 2S-? PAINT AND OIL STORE. 31. T HOUSE, SI&K St OHKAUjaNfAL PAIWTEE IOUISIAN'A avenue, let ween Sixth and S?v j cnth streets, No 60. RemJi nce No. UdO C s;re> t, between Sixth and S venth ha? add-d to h n present hunneM the ?de of PAINTS, OlOS, GLASb tuil Pl'TTY, in enali or larce quantities. The ait n.i 'n uou?e\ee^ers ii panicularlv called to the couveni* n e of tnit arranai as i thev^ can at nil tlines prr.i i:r<; IIEAIO H and other 'VI! ill FAIN I .*>, ?;?! rt?!*?ra, niuJe rtudv lor u?o by ;? f KACT1CAI. PAINTER. ; Oideis proni|,iiy ,t:t need to a:.d rerpectfullv ro 1 cited. i.lii.Al" E'tyl! CAdll. mz\ ?? iiu REV. JOHN L/.NA'I\.v. PAS'IOH OF THE street, m e. chlucii a SfclO.l^. >?? C : ^ be i'CmI LlC .ti litu^wL^ 41. IU thii* '.o ? tr it,-. VVe chat' cr^<: any nther iP'-tJieim: t?? pre^t ;.! s.'i'.'i a > i te itn'oiy from gi iuli ifitn md lalic: of hiy'i frt ieuiiijj of our ov? n w^i:-kn"wn citizen-', who t< .t "y of cures of COUGH, BKCXX UaiTiS, RHEUMATISM. LrYS? LI'SiA. &.C. CALTiiioas, January 2-Jlb, lcoo. J/civyj. Uorhmer !f Mowiruy: 1 talc pje.\ .ure ii, sh ins to you that 1 iiavc used V orII imp'on's 'l*in?_tH-e" with very neat profit, r rom a seriousl.iront ndVxti'W, my g> aeral Health t~d b?'c?'iue very madi iaip.^re-1, when I coia I to iii?; '? H.iiiipt m's Tia lure." I icund it- etf.-ett upo.? .ny n-aer | lieaitn m ?t taJuFwy.? >iy iiervnu .<}.-t^iu md digeative organs ?>on nght ed t:p UT-.ier i;s iu+e. I have .evral rccrtnur nded it to n.y fr:*ndH, arul iu ? .fry cane, a^ lar a.- I hs\o beta in formed, Ihey have use it with success. Yours truly, join* Lahar^m,Pastor Ot Lzzv.i et., \1. E. Chuich, Buluuicre. LLLLLIN ? OF THE LUNGS. RaLaian, N. C., F u.S. 1855. iiesr 3. Utortitner Mowbrjy: I do hen: y e-rtily that al<our twelve mont^is a^t I v-js u.m i: ?ii:i a h of the Lii'i;' ai:d ua.1 'our atia -k-i'.. I v. s advjfed to try I;r. ilaiai touV V' ^et.-Jjle 'ilae'ure i proc* I c::e bottle, and a.'.er taking win .i, I was g itirtfed that I iifieh better; bikj that, talimu tin: r. iirt;? sot'le, 1 wn entio ly W' ll. ui.d ii^.kv I e< jo> at as ever 1 aid in my lifo. l c.*n; and w.-h out the least hi atr.ttf;a, recoi.'nieud the Tiiiclure ta all p?:rBoi. aiOicusd la ny r.-ay. Youm, Gao. W. WaasLav. CLT.Z FITS?LEAD! tian tc t?ii oici tkuH Qj!d.?Irom or. j ol the nuui i?-pccu:l/ie Druitii'u in S mth Carolina. Cuiai-a.T >m. S. C. Sept. 21, lbS,'l. 52c.aj.-a. M RYi'iia U MnwaaaT:?The *ale ?.f .c?:r .iaaipioa's Vkjci.:Lie l iuemre is increasing LVi .y lay, and every bottle told recummt.;.Uj tln-j * : 1 laedieii.e to thi" iifilictcd. Sevrral cf our olar i. r? have tried it lr different earn# with asior. bh. * fc jcccks. ar. 1 ar? ^c:t...g it by half dozens. It b^e.< iouun to b* the j/c-atf^t rijuj. f;,r r;.., u. tnr-Uc -iTicti.'i:.d, ar.d a wonderful c:ne been potfor.^^d oa a Rf-^r.o Isr, nuiTert'is fro-.j t.-.i. | wiil f:.-:.rf!? ycu with a number ot"certificate. If you Ho .ii I am, stniltKica you.ri, W. G. Call and sot pamnhieta cra?i?; an I t - cu. . t.l L*jtj-h, llio.v':::ti--, llheumaluai. 7\. iir.l^izt Dyt ej/hij, f.'ei aad Fe.:?eral W?aUr<i:*.i. Asa ?aitUi: a.'- or for iIeL:ite children ?ve beiiovc it on* Said >.y h MOWBRAY, 1M ii: re street, Ii ?ItiiSOic. H.t SjI BroadwE.*', Yolk Chae. St^tt L Co., J. L*. Mooes. !?. !?. C.'itaa, .'i.AEa? U Bv>wi.;xa, W. L.ra.iaT. a::a II. SJ:.r?il. ?n.x, Wasiiiusiua; alio, by U. S. P. Ci tia, ilco {?? town ; anJ C. C. oaaav, Ai?i?aaui^a, aiid Ly L.u^ guu everywhere. 21?tr AN APPEAL TO COUPON SEKSH lit tui eics ur au ths Ttttrru. Captaii.* B:?ihui.?Whui-tver known his !cj!1 mony I kt ciaoluslve. But lent ihu.:; who dc not knr.w the Captainbhcnld bs uv ;.tical, U.. Latv> son 9t Bro., wiJi others of the b?s. kiiown at:d laOiS tkighlv re#,>ecui.:.. eu..i.a4 of Eaalo.^ ct-duiie tin wou.lerful cure by ELLitrt Gi. U ViLjrUAIiLS TlHCSOIil. tiis roa, Oot. 4,1 <?L Ms'-.rti. Mortimer tf lloy'rcy: Gent.enien? 1 te^-l ir a.y caly to >aa and 'Jie pub :ic to c? tify to the cfecta of llumptoa's Vei iab;^ Tincuue. I w.w lor more th -n fiv?' under a d..-^?e of Chronic Rheun, . ism, aiid ?re:tt par: of that time 1 waa to bHpliaa tli it ? iiu" l" be helped from my bed and dies-,, t in my c'oitn. I b? ; irse reduced Ui a ia%re naclcinn. Aa i n: i. e: icines I lo k done u:u : ?? u ? d, and 1 .. '?atiaued t. araw worse. I heard W Haaiptou's Tiaciure ana ib->Ujtl.l I wouid <we it a trial. At this time I did n: t ipntkiii ? i'ay al'i-r a:.o!':-r. I i d vo> t".*e it y'.ln" T?..ctnre) *,r ihe Rheuaatidn, U.tir. a ?t?ort tune I v..ui well i f Fiai direase. Foul the elf -ctb-oi yonr i ia'-lure the help of G /d I am ne w getting in p?o,i healtlt. I wish ail the afflicted to uy Hampton's V. Tiuc'.iire, as I fi iv*- d >re, with the same effect Uial it has oa Your obedient sen-ant, Isa?c Eusia.mii*. We are arijijaint-fd with I-aac K>-iijhiui.i , roll him some ot Hampton's Ve?,e*.'b?e Tiuciare,anubt. deve Lae ^bove statement correct Oawurn x f'.xo. From our knowlidre of Ce.ptaia Benjamin we ari confident LUat the :ibov< tUM ient is true and un exonerated. J. A. Jouiisoti, ? HAItK' K BlNSCif. ?'all and get pair-phlita ar~?Us, and s-'d r ?re o: Couah, lironchiiis, K ieamatism, Neuiuirla, Ik^ pepsia. Nervousness and Genenl tVe;-ku'* .-. Asr ???a: -'e medicine or tor Ueiic: te childiea we bdiev*. it ur.f<liia''e1. I'rdd ?.v MfTTTIMFR k MOWBRAY, HO Baiti more stieet, Baltuaure; and IS>4 ltroadw v, N. Y.ifk l*r.AS. Htott it Co., J. B. Moorc, It B. ClaBS* Flak * ? ji Bt.wuxa, W. Eti.ior. and II. MePuKu ?oa, Wa tongton; l.y R. S. F. Ctsrti, Georps, *ii?J C. C haaav, Alexandria, and by Dra^ ii?t? ?-*?rv ? K-. w. inn B?tr KI tS VE IF YOU HARK :?new Waif/, very ?tiitib'e t ?r h*-flnnsrs, eo?n??wd snd dt?.;cat?l t . Mi s , o* Gonrrum, by I'nI W. Uuatar. Published ami frr fate at IllLUl'S fc IIITZ'i Unsie Depot, 1 toay Corner Pa. av. and II Ji si. PROPOSALS FOR STATIONERY. Post 0?fhi DtfARTunrr, Kay 10, ISM. SEAL1T> PROPOSAL^ will b? mjlrrt et lh? Po-A "ftae Department until the 11th dty of Jun? next, at 3 o'clock, p n>? for ttirchhiug ihe ^ta*l'n-r> for thM dep-riTient for faur y?arp 'hs tir-t day < f July, 1855. This* unar<vn>p*-.;ei by !>?: sfa-.tory tijt.rooni?l? of ability to fulfil a on tra t wUl not b* co^nidere I. AM the art cl nin^t t? of th? wry tw<t q a'I'y; aimi'I'-a of which, containing at ietst a rum cf#a<-h kltd ef paper, mu-t fccomra^y the bid*; and the de;artm?nt rH.?rrv<? th-i riabt to retain ml pay for the laac at tbe price atatud in lh?ciffr, or tt return them, at it* option No b;d will be cos8lb*'d whe-?the arilslej acrmoanyirg It are rot of the k ad aud qmllty r?qu ed by the departm-nt, and apuricm* art5**;#* w'l- ?nbjeet the entire bi-i to r?j"0 tion at the pl'j.Bureof tie *?ep*r sant. The en' juned l'*t a? r evr!y ai can now Ve done th-s amo m', quality, end de: n; ti n of ea h of t?,e kinJ* f f art clw hat will b? mantel: 10 rtaaa f.lin post, 8itln rr plain fl-d h, fa:.3t lirss?, ?od riTro-nl, to w?igh notltrr-e t!i>n 17 pourd* p*r r tn 10 do f> hc-p, hard made, fain 31at?l, and trimm d. to weigh i#ot le^s thaa i2 p- uudc per re. m 40 do 1 At' ^c*p. plain,. ch'ne, fi'.nMlnM atd trimmed to wti^h cot less than 12 pour d? p?r re;m" 10 do fOobcip. b u>UM, hnnd-mtde. ftirt lin??. jar Jen pat* rn.ainmar ly knewn a* despatch or <<onsul-tr p?per, to not ieeB tjr.n Id pcuud p r ream 1!0 d) quarto n^t, hsnd-mtda, p'aia, laict iiotd tn ?< sidj?, per resrn 125 do quart- p ct, cochin*, plain, faint lined tLre* p?r r aa 4 do be it hand nudi ?up;r royal paper, pit in, per ream 1 do be t ha .d-mude loyal p ?per, plain, per ream 4 b?s~ hand-made d-cilpap'r, pKin, p>r ream I 4 do b th n! mrdj milium pspor. plain pc r atn 8 di bo t band-in d* drab'ecop pa;er, p'ain p.-r r na 10 do w>teT? er,g"l\ perr -am, larg-s'xs I 6 do. BO'.e pai*ri, ?? ai- ,pt*r T**hi. ar^> r,M 1\> d> Mai - paper, gi:t p-r teau, aa :il *ixa t> J? f 'e p-?,?x.,l.vr, p?r ream filia lalz> luO co e-Te paper, ydl><* or Luff, r.yal, \ e: t* m ?0 dt blctt ng i> p?ir, ?ya\ p^r rjam d kua c.'.d? ?'*rrj'j b-et m.-?allic pecs and holders, ter doaeti cur>h 23 d) c&rdi? f fill ether m&ui/f.uteres in us*, p- r di 2 o rardrf 41 g'OdA mttiliic p ni. p-r gro=? 2 di U:k ? barrui pjn haudlte, reaewjed, p r g:<ra 2 d3 sin 1' hirrei pan luicdl^j, rosewood, per Kress 6 ds a'?^-t pp:d p 'n hirdle', por Sf>*M 100 cpuque qui t-, J*o. 80 ter m 2it dcz-ja C-ut o'.s Ke b:*ek l?td p?nclls; gr vdu atei?, per Joz n i 25 da Mj r >??'?? ?>r vih^r indaufictared, grpd p<ril.2 n !?> do b? t re i l ii iwnciln, pjr doun -0 ?o f Id r?, iro y,??inch ao 4thJ ?1j r-?drtieut*je, a crtfd do 10 do bi!K t i t? colors and t althi;, in hanks, per d; ren 1 d-> pounce toaen. ceo*, ^er d"t?n 10 do paper wei 'ht?, avsocttd cJo 1 do br?t co!! pc^s do 12 do eai.d bcx-e cf row,*, par d'?'n 11 do wafrr araad^ orlo ei, ro-oa. p^r drs.a G do- or. .?eri. ?Ho :^ers - ron's ivo.-> haadlus, jjrr i ;iine, per dozea 8 do p?nTni-c, ttod-;er.? X. goc'a. 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T - t im< ar-l tied i ??nrf tb? iitnitlf ?! f >rstiti er? to b lu^o.-rnrstei in tb-c n trie*. for ktat>onery; a-.d 'lelicd of t.c depart ment will, in-1( j dj- v.h??th'jr tti-? a-iicies d-re) by th? m a ? ot \ho quadty ro quirrd by ?ho 00 tract iho on tract wll b' a-?arle-i t-> tlo l">w?t and be?t bi,Id*-r. ani bj^ij a d st?,uiity will be required Tor It* ta rh ul pcrfo;maL?) 1 bti p a't- u ry im to te furnifhed a* it irny bi r.t <'?> ai uy iVv d^pu't ocn', to at .he c'juirac: pri- ? c a, ???bet! ~r tt>e quaati i-:a excs.'d or fall ai.ot? tDOie eit'uiata). iia'h prt.po al m- ot bo c",x-?d by tho -n Jiii-l-ia l r i.rni making it, uad EiU'? apet;i> ^ p irB ?|j >ru. o7i?p ic-. f.r ?ia> h n:.d every article r.aui d. :n he a.-t-edula. Stu-uld n-y artlolo* .0 r?q.-ii ed w-ich a e not 1 luti rateJ, they a' ? :ob-1 lui >.iaJ ?? ; 1 the I'.'iB-tD r<: ici.i, if ti e da. artm at ?' .all ?e (it tc?> .'U;r t!uj iicim tl:aooitr*ot .?L-v.a" l.j c.ntiu t for R'mU.r 1 rtic.' o; nntif the ?o;.;r .r ;? ra t?aa ;be dep-'i ia-ik d.> n^t u/r e. iha.i tii" d ? p iru t m^y La'to ih" uvli.! - lam :;h d by ay tm. e-hon c. p^rs 1 - v:.f? v^5,i f.rnl h it a p~. c* I w*r I 'aij 1 ha d lamdfcdb. trecr? :ra-t r. U.uK ;o u:a :or j nl' v/ili b* 1 jrr.iiul ?t'.hu dep u'.uaeutt. ? p-r-? iH apply ug \r ico n; aud. ai v; h u.' uni or y u u.u t;; ? d-parij:; *i. woo d fia. It difil c it t iaa dtai?i a, i.oce will bs ttkea I itofj?. :d ratim an'^as f?ib?ta-tx!ly agrw i g t h '1L* d par m a re* -rve^ t:> i:?eif *!: r go; o: f r tie.f .? a gceuter cr a i?a q .autit. ote^ru atdewry ? -ti a coatraattd for aa t^e ; uLi c em vim may ro qUru. Toe htad cf tLc d pattme'it w 11 in rll o^e.i da cidi wbct usr tbe ?ena?cf :L-? c?j.tra*t have Vena Ma p ied ??;t, and re-o vj the j>cwjr to aanul the a -ac upon any t'ai-ura to ccmply iu artftioua Li ? tim^. Uonda with 1 a>carlty are to he given y th-? p^ifon or perFoi-n c?Btrrc i. g; aai lu ca-e or tailor to arp ly th.".riic'e', tte cootrasfcor i.nd hid autetin aLhll oe ilaLlj f. r iha f ite>tur a^cifljd ia ?~th L.>iid d3 i'q:ud tei iUiui?ei. Thecoatr&c wt 1 Cs award-J to th* l>re t and b -t bk'd?r, tho b?-st t-U to b.> clet?.-miue I afu-r a ?ae fii umx i n tut h-? ; ai p t e offrosytai. leg -? h c 1 ' i l wil!, in i s pr.ctkal r.s Jts, to ticsi ad va tag oaa to the d p r.'iae^t ^ hr d-p r rc-^t rirv .* to It^rlf the rl ht to r* j-t *??y L d - ho a it Is apparent a pa to i tin 1? ? aio hid f. r al %rry Jc-? a. d a p*rt at v.:y Lhh an, Willi u" prop * regml to tla co to? -a'.h. f>. i" e purpeso 1, , JtUi g las eggre a e ? f t' e I !d> uuter ;ho oj-iiuit-; ?y>uta ei iu !??? adver tiniUiei.'. B3 CAMPULU may 11?liwiw Ueaeral. t lt>t;Cl?S, WATUtlKS AND JEWF.LRY V OpfWu Hoe ?Jiiv, for:y diir-ri n: t>;yle^ oi C o-'ka ?ior?d Clocks 51 ^5 Fine Cold Watchwe, tfQ2 warranted. Jewelry ( he -per ban ever. Call and aee tor yourselves at j itonivsova. No. 310 opposite Browna' II >tel. may 1?dim CflARLKS UASKlNSi Arc hit tel. (Pa. avcr.ii*. lct*s.en TentK and EHwerlK drtets,) waeHiNeTon, n. c. CX* I!.I. continue io furtii-li Plans, detail workinf lMawin|s, and s[?rc^':at!ous oi tuiidin^a ot nay descriyumi.and alio lo ?uperinifcn<i iheir ? re<* ?nn Mi 1? ?.|f LAW P-VRTNEtlSUrP. T^OH^RT i. VVALKGK a td LOUIS ^ liavc formed a c<? parinersliip under the tun oi "Walker k Jaa f>," for tliu manageuie t and a, of rases iu Uie Supreme Court o!*tbe Ua ted dtafs, aud beloic the Couit oi Ciairva at YVaabirg io?? City. AddtMfe Washington, T). C. any 10 -eo3m FOR HALF?A YURY FINE riAIlDLK AND M?*gy UoRSK. Ttia I torso ia y?uiif, ?y j ntle and sound, and of fine stock ; wrouid make eeui r a very tine carriage hone, or a - wery pleasant riding norse. Also, fi r ante an ezoelt'?nt work horse, perfect'y ?ound. Apply to No, 49 Dumbarton at, Cvorgct'u., mar 1?lawif r TO THE LADIES. B (a prepared to r? to lv in all kinls of embroider^ Al" V '? Mantillas,Col or aw. Habrwiarod promptly lo a tarn pinf and D?7<n* dOT,? }n neat style. ... A 8 P* ZOLLICOFBR, Maryland a* , bet. 6 >1 Ind 7th at.. Inland. - [*o 6"7.J ~ rtiM nr\V R'm^al ?f <*? Ltnd OffU* Mil\ouH t0 ar'a ?> iu ike Sla*e of UNDK? antharlt* of the act of Congr*** antltled An a*t authorising ehaniru H the n* Land ( fflce-,?.PPr-red mS^iS?\ttok?? declared and mad. known th.ttbeT?JJ*?*? th* P?bJ^ Unls #t ^jstos. Maaonri, . I rea-T?< t-> Waes-w, Bentm c >uuty, la the e: .d Stete, on the first lay of July neat ,vVJii;a * mT ftt 1he dtf oi Washington, 1 . u'n,th dy nf Mav' Ann? Domini oca thous and eight bond ed and fi tyflte. Pjr ordsr of the Preaident: John wrwoif. Comcibrfoiier cf Central Land Offlof. Lcnfli* * m?.v IT?Iswfisr WIL LARD'S HOTEL, Old Point Comfort, V*. T NOWOPEM010 8EA8U0RE H0LTSE 18 Board per day _ 00 Hn?r!t hyA!,C V pf>r dBy 1 50 Hoard b> the mon-h, per day 1 os Bath* free Tor the guests nnylO-Im r C. WTLLARi) A BRO . ^ TN'o. 5*58.] Notre* of nn egtab'k*hm*nt of an ctdd>tion<U IL*nr Office in tks Territory of Orrson. N pursuance '.f the net of Ccngr-sr, approved Feb luxry li, 18,?>, ent!t!el "An sc? to e?tab'l'h nn n<b.l oral lanl dift icti. tha Territory of Orearon," ti b- cil ed th? Umpq sa li^r ct. e-nbracicir al the :arci lvinreouth of tli*? :o irth sfsndard parallel, it ,*JIpr? - declare! ai d male ksown that the land o ,.c>; for sal i dis'r ct h%< If en heated bv the l*re-i dentoftb- In t d ?*?at ? at the town o WiaJieBt?r in sa-d Terr tory, until o.ber*ire o de>^. ?.rt o rte B, h.nd, a: tV city of VVMhington tb;i 17 .h day of Aiay, A. L?. li<55 B JonN wiLsoy. Coramla ioner of Jeneral Land Offlsa. rsay IS? luwl w FOR POOR AND LABORING MEN. O jlALL LL'lLblNQ WK of lo test mr niort-, j, p various ?*rt* of tha City, irai! Geo-retrnrn, a? wit priaw, and tenna to suit. LLOYD A &J B il I li D I li O STOKE, For ?a!e, dellrerable at the Canal, cr Wnarre.i J*. oaBuisgtCD, frjoigcto-wn, or AIexani*ia. , _. _ L I/O YD A CO. . M . acraet, ?*pp. Trftafuvv Oapartmaat tT W?T r mm Privato Medical Troatios on rr.g F?SY!*I0I/>3ICAL VIEW 07 MARBIA01, U. a. LA CROIX, 31. D ALP A ITT, NT. wO Parrs and 133 'in Plain and Colorod L!tho e*apL; pin4!*. PrSe* o?ty ('tati t9"S?at ftw? ct postage to ?li parts of the Union"^? CUEAP!!?T BOOS KV*I PUl'LIijH 3T?, rnj (sontainin# . _ _ _ ?-???>'d ab!o the q?!ftntity o reallrg is ttat of "th' Fli'T? Cfc-MSOU C--hLAI Z*: i *t PUilLlOATlOKfi. It trevt^oa thi F3T8iOLO MARHIAQ S. acd th* 53 3*cr*t Uflrcltjcraci Uwrder i _T"ntSjPsffl ?' >cath tcd maturity, re 'Tiiting tt.-in eiceeo?a, whicl df?troytheph}?;cAl ard men tal t?owert. with c.b*rratica? ta niirriaffe, its auo?t< aud awcjuaiificMlcDa. anc the;r rem?diee; vrkh ll'Ji-Jgraph?, iliuatratiBg th? aactoioy and pbysirlojy, aul diraascsof tha reprt> a*--v'Teoriaaflo?" both .?xw, tbelx etruotu'"*, uw "onftlocs. A popular at ! coappeh.BriTe tr?a Jst on t*? -ml csuniKi^-x . f siagts and iaar r. 'd life?and trcitial sl'lau^, mod? cf ae si ring tliexa?infellailrsj ufc:llfa ons??thei obvi^uon ?i*d xer cfal?im.vfLu^t hi&fa to th^v a.ff>'emi.Iating EjaViCtCi/y, *i!l over.v.xe ot ieotk,va ^c. it; i,on.. aor^er. should take tiiisbj portsr.'.t a -r- v?! Lret ccnrultiag it;! p&?ee 3f 2 i * \'.n: -3 o T..e ji?ei?ie.- an 1 medical txeatiaan j oi fea-?i*9 iicTu to ? Iu a^e, eac^. cn ? prppb : tally ' r ^atu*. ,'ui lithr^rsnhis r iates j r. srro<adob! 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[ O^oe rvtn ^ia'.iy f.oia b ? a? to 0 p cs, and oi Si'n-ley jt.-ra ? ^utii 5 * m. ?*??* G ?ce itai.?c?a ttJ from No. 68 Dt>aTerft. it*i AlT?siij, N. Y. r?fc ^ i"ii*A jr;iv IUi-a <rx?:kt. "rlaroii 5, IhjJ. *?. 't'TWil I- lltUUHV lii .fctock of tie United r^tatea described in the fo! i.?? i:i> n<5Uoc ?>f Od January iaot, ;i:ut for the pur ut cuiinilettii^ the purcliaie of the amccm ilifireia named, thii u^?K.rt_eat will' continue to <mreh3??, up .' < tile terms of aaid notice, to the ex tout oi tnt residitc; of tho aim ptcpowd not )?;tob t?ui;ed??ij>' $l,l58,5d> (li, it" naid utockf are olfVrt-i aaa receiv* d here xinor ;o tho flret day rw' June next: Tar-*?nav l>tPa>tiuirr, J inuary 3,1A55. Noti.r? is h "reby Biven to the holders of the f<?l i' dfbcri :?e?| stocka of the United States, that th?s dt-p vtmettl is prepared to purot;a?', at any tim ? betWt ea ti.e date hetccf tad tiie 1st day of Mar ;h noxt. pur.^ous of th"*.; stocks, amounting in the ng rjr?.0\H?? t > in tin manner and on the ie: i..b hen inniiffr meul<oiic.1, u> wit: In case ? < auy eontingont cotipeution, within tne tuaotir.t sttt ?<?, preference will b<; a ven <a the order cf tauo hi v.**?icb said stacks inay Lc oCer^d. TL caitificatt s, <i ?? / a^v:f.)f d to tl.e United elate* bv the pr.rtie* who* are to rectivit th;: aatouat ttiercof. uiutt be traa??ii'Jtied to th. j depai Cia?.ut; upon the receipt whercif, a p.--ee will bo j.aid coiapoundcrt of the following p vtieulara: 1. The pa? vzlucfAt ai^ioant cpccifieuin each cer ti float o. 2. A pjeaiiuin on "tc sioek of tiie loan authoria d by (lie net of July, J rede^ainble November 19 ifc36 of -J Ja p: r; the ?tr.el; of the loan au tiniru.Atl by t;.e act of 16-13, olat lJecem Jjcr. iK-VJ, of 10 per ccut. j ?u the Ptock of tiie loan? jautfiorised by tl.e acti of lot7aad 1318, a <d 'edoeia >2ble. the former on th Slfct Deoeaibcr, 1667, and the iatlorou ts.:5A)oi June, 1668, of 18 p?r cunt; ?^>d rut ilio stock of tiie loan authorized by the act tY 1R50, and rede> ri>ab!e the 3?st ct Deceinb'ir, ?& (cvaamonly called the Texu: hideioaiiy,) 6 p?a c rnt. IX ? Intei\e?: on the par of <sach c^rtifloctc frnui the lar - f January, 1655, to the date cf receipt aud sct iltfi* ent at the Treasury, with tiie allowance (for the .money t.? ruach the owner) of one day's inteieat la na:iitiuu. Ps^ment for ^aid rtocbf w:M u-* mnde in drafts o( the rreasoxet oftho Uni'e.-i States, on the assist uit reain rer at He ttou, New Yora, Philadelphia, as the partiu* may dire a't But to certiOc %ie wiil be entitled to the bem fit ol tltis notic) which * thall uot be actually received at l!u.' 'fitiuury on t * before the said 1st day of March next. JAMES CjUTHlUE. ?u*rC?dtfunel Se?*reiarv of tiie Treawirv, lTnUd sta **'?* JPateat < / \ VsuHtMaios, May 19. V6S. V ON the petition of . Vlk'UT C 1 vx&m \it, almi i^tra t itrf tlio o-tata"' t'i."w!n i'ullm ?n, dec U5ed, I ?t? or ilbion, it'rw Yor.V v raying f..r the extension '?* a patent i^raotej to lh? Lew a I'uVtuan cn tbe2i.tcf Aa^a t. 18; 1, P% r aa iicproy^ment Id ' mao: li-s ,'or em^vlng h;. !d riTs," i--r ?vvea year* from the ?xpirati3n of aabt parent, which take: place on the ^lst day of Aargasi^ eicuiteen hundred hi-J fitly S< e : It Uordered, that the W petition be heard at tb? latent OHlee on Mouday, the fllh day of Aukoi'I next, at 12 o'clock, m.,and all persons are notified tc appear and show cause, if i uiy Ui?y have, why said petlt'on ought not to begra *ted. I'v-'raon*opposing the tec ?on ore re^uireti toflh in the Patent OfiEcetheirooject 1oua; rp^ciall t eet fortl iu writing, nt least tweo.'y c b?fore the dsv o! h^arinii; all testimony filad by. 'ither par ty tube useti at the Fai l hearing must b< tak. m and tiantmitM in arcoidan'-e with the rules ot tl i-Ofiice, w hicb wiij be furni*hed cn applitiation. n tMttmony in the ea?- arill be closed tfa Ux 8 i .h ?. Jul v; depositions, an J rthor napera rei^d on *4 testimony, mast fca fib d in Abe olice on or Wore the moraing of that dsy; the arguanaata, if aoy, within ten daja thereafter. Ord-red, *iw>, that thia ne^ica be publli^ied in ttia n n n^u^' *VHldn^ fctar. 4Vashhi< PhTi l3rka Md; Penn I ^ v u plu*? ; beientib Arner wtSifalW,w ; aai D?to?- M-ar.,on?*a Zk 4 weeks, preriaua to tha 9th day of Aa^ ma^ihe day of I wrir.g. wl?P.LK8 Mi SON, Si3^^^?-ifoSr/25^ DOCTOR HOOFLAND* CELEBRATED German Bitters* mpuu? it DS. C. X. JACKSOH, PkilnA'n., PA, WILL BrrBCTUALLT CTO* LITER COIPUBT, DYSPEPSIA. aCHDlCE, Chronic or JVerwowe Mobility, Diooaom of lii Sidney, and M diseases arioing from m dU nderod Liotr or 9*mmth, 8ucti as. Constipation, Inward Filea, FuBuass. or ?too? ?V rf?). AtUi., <* OW?m2? rf.? ?e*. Rnnkoni, DU" *? J""' "T" weight in the Stomach, 8owr Eructations, Sink ing or Fluttering at ihe Pit of tha Stomach. Swim nuns of t*e Head, Hurred and difficult Breathing, Pi a termg it the Heart, Chokinf or 8uffocatini 8en?aii<>!.a in m lyinc Pottore, DteMBOt Virion, Dotanf Weba befrre the Sight, Fewer and Dull Pain in tL? Heal. Dtllciencyof P. rspiration, Yellownes. of the Skin and Eyes, Painjn the Side, Hack, Cheat, Limbs, Ac., Sudden Flushes of Heat Hunting in t he Flesh, Constant imagin inn of EnJ, and great depression of Spirtla. 11HE proprietor, in calling Lie .-mention of the publi ? to this preparation, does so with a feel of the utmost confidence in its virtues and adap tation to the diseases for which it is recommended. It is no new and untried article, but one that has stood the test of a ten years' trial before the Ameri crn pwple, and iu reputation and sale is annvalleil by any similar preparations extant. The tesum?nv in its favor riven by the most p-omineut and well iiown Physicians and individual*, in ail parts of ] (he country is immense. The following from North Caiolina is respe< tfully sub ? ittd, referring any who may still, to uiy '-Memorabilia," or Prac tical Receipt Book tor Parmer* and Families, to be nad fi '.tis, of a'l the Agents tor the German Bitters. Principal Office and Manufactory, 1)10 Arch si, Philadelphia, Pa. TESTIMONY FROM NORTH CAROLINA. Certificate of Dr. W. Smith, of Pine Witt, R*Ji mond County, N. C Pimi Iiiul, March 4th. I8M. Da. C. M. Jaexso*. Philadelphia?iVrr Sir: I hive been a subject of IlyFpepMa, in iu worst f rin. for the Inst live years, Such was my cou'iuou f.K twelve months that the physician? and all who saw ne said I mu?t die. While in this condition, I was rarrinl to the waterinu placs in Virguna, Tennes see and North Carolina, hnt wa-> not benefited Jay jny Wuter to which I wa* taken. While on my way home, I stopped a week at Rutherfor'tor, a -niJl I village in North Caro'ina, to try the f fleet ol -ouie Chalybeate water in that place. About the ;ast of the week, I went into a drug store to pet some medicine for my child and tnysoif. There were several of the vilfase physicians in the si. re. and one of them seemed to take some interest in my aud, al>er asking me some questions, said he had been a dyspeptic, and had been greatly bene fitted by tlie u?eof"Dr. Hocfland's German Bit ters," prepared by y?u, and he insisted that I woul<! try the Hitt-r* He also called the next day at my room, and insisted so much that I would try them that I a.-ked him to get me owe bottle. He did it, and I commenced taking it ns directed, and I do say I was more benefitted by it than all the water end medicine I had ever tnkcn. After reaching home one of my neighbors ca?ne to me for a prescription and n?"dirine, (be a dyspep tic,) and i gave him ne.-j^y j?H the Bitter"* I had l?-rt, w.iich effected much good in his case. He lias often ?a J led on me for more of the same knd of medi cine, saying he was mor ? benefitted by it than any inner he bad taken, but I have not been able to get iuv more for liiin or myself slUC . 7 . ?., tber? ::>re. please ship mc a dozen or in>rre as toon pos sible. Respectfully yours, W. HMITB. 1). K. HOOKER, Roger's Store, Wake Co., N. C. 0;tober94.1653, says:?4 flaring ey*-rieneed very neat benefit from the use of " HooffaniTe German Bitters,-"' in Chronic Dysentery and fu-ietii'nal de rangement of the Liver, and its conconnuuit evils, I am desirous of obtaining a auantity of it for the ben^t ot my community. You will, therefore, please send a lot. tee. &c. CERTIFICATE OF WM. J. ATWOOD. H'-NTfiviLMt, Vadkin Co , N. C ,Nov. 1st, 1863. In. C. M. Jackson? Dear Sir: Allow me to rx ?jrt.fw to you my sincere thanks for jour discovery ?fa medicine which, to say the lea.-tof it, ha? c< pcted a cure that all other medicines, ih?.t I have aken. have entirely tailed to do. "Hoofland's Ger man Bitfrs" have eured me of thj most stubborn And .vrrravated ease of the pil-s that, perhaps, ever fell t? the lot of man- My case is not a stranger in tnis community, as I am well known in thh and the ~uirounding counties, and t an truly sav that my re covery has astounded all my friends and relations, as I hsd tried everything re?nniinen?!ed, and nothing did me any go >ri until I was prevailed upon to try he Bitters. You ar3 liberty to fake any uee ot this communication, for the kencflt of the aAicted, ou tn.iy think proper. -Truly yours, ? WM. J. ATWOOD. Th??^ bfit^rs ar~ eitiirr'y cczetaMf, they lnvigornt ? and strengthed tlie cyst em, never prostrate it, und can be used tor infants as w. II as adults. For ssle iiy respectable doaJf-rs everywhere, and by Z. D. GILMAN, VYa-hin*ton; J. L. KIDWELL. Qeorcetown; and J. ii. PidilPONT, Alexandria, mar 1?lv CARTER'S SPANISH MIXTURE. fhs Q'?at Pcrlfl:r or ih? Blood I Rot a Particle of Ksrcary la It in I?-lueu Rkmxoy fcr Scrofula, Kiti^'a Eril, a, Onstiuaic- Cutaaeons Iroptfooa, P ro>iss or rustukss on tb? fac.- Biotohes, Boils, Okcottio Sore Kyos, Ring Wonu or Tetter, Bcald Ural, Kniargdt<j*<ct ai.d Pain of tha Be ars and Joints. Btubborn Ulcrrs, gyphi;.itie Diarrders, Lnaibago Spinal C<-mpla;nU>. an '. ell the diseases arrfrsg lroci an iijju^Hons um cf ^I^reary, 1m prod uee in : iff, or Impurity or the C.ood. Ilillfc vslasrle M<dieine. * ha* becn m* oel?? brhted ft t th- nunlwr < f .xtrM r?iinary curse. k(7aete-i through ita -gency, was induo*'! u.e propr< 'tos, at the erg at r qu.-st c-f 'li^ir fri-nds, U> cftcr ? to th:i public, which th?-y do with the utiaoet co*f jfientt. in its *"irtu?i and watd?rtul curative prop j.g The following crrtiSrjtiej, ?elected trf-m a LUEibcr, ara, hnwaver. rttong?r t*?tiiaccv n,i ;h? n>#'? word of wbe proprietors; and *r? ail -oa genUemen we l ktc*i? in th -lr localities, st?d ?f the higfeeat respeeUbfilty. inany of them raddle* ia the > ity of St'chmo&d. V?. P. UOYDltN, K^q,, of the Sxchauge Ilotsl, Riah nosd, known everywhere f-sys lie hasf^*u 'he Vied iclne rs le i CaaTKt'd a vii^*rai.aluiinUtered a 07cr u hundred ca?*a, in nearly ell the dieaeaef or wbichlt I? re-3omir.ecdsd, witn the mci*. p.^ton shin/ly good remits He says it in the moat ex ie*roiaarv tredimne he b*?s '-ver seer. AOUa. a::o J-'lfeVltii^aiUixr CUhE.?I h?r?by ?rtUy that for '.arao yewra 1 had *gue acid tfsvar f the Slot violent dsfcript'ox I b ?d saj oral I hv -i'iaiis, took I*rj? qcsnltles of CuiHne, Mercary 3d T b*lteve all the T-.akv advr:tie?C, bat all with ut {.cnaaka^n: Miief. At last I triad Carter't pn-utifc ilizttt**, r*o bottle of uhloh er?taa:ly .ursd as, and I am ha;>py tc cay i hsve Ijui neltl ei itills or Csv?rs sis^. i uctiidsr It the bsat T^uic a tt.s world, aui thi oai.' calu ms that 7er ,^c*2iad lij rars. JOHN LjjiQD^-1*. B iavar. Unoa, t,tar Si-l.xon.'.. Ya. C. I?. lA'OK, hbq., now 1a the e.ty cf Elthasoad ?ii ft..- :;ii7 yours la Uie Pes; 0?tie, rua eucc ??>'.rtacne la u.e aiiunkUiag ticus-y of U-iter's ip.tniili jlixtura. Uiiii iic hat fc-a^Lt dpcarJs r.f u whiob iio hio given a say to th* c!2 etui.? Hr. Lu:a cars u* ii;.? never ktU'sc it to UL whan ra>ra. a?i<K<r ;itg to dirtstlcca. Lr.-. a prictiiiiig ahl fcrjieriy ..{tLe Oity tlcial, iu ths city of iUchaicnd, Lays ha ; u vltabssed it a uambsr of latitaoesths ettecte ol Jai'cr's Spanish Mixture, which were mo^t truly -orp:!slag. lis nays la a cue cf Cca^tuapUca, be . ?uCcut on 'lis Liter, ths good c&ots vers won isdeed. 8AMUBL U. DQ1NKSB. of ths first of Drinker k sloins, iiicnracid, waj cured curt>d of Uver Com* j?iaict of threa yeari staading, by the use of twi Dottles oi CarUr's Upani li idlxtaie. QaBATCOUK OP CC^OIULA?The Editor* ot ;he Liohmoal Bepublican h d ? er runt employsd in tuoir press rocia, eared of vioisnt Hciofuia. nou bioed with Lhecs.atiaai, which ?atircly CiaaLlsd nim txoia wori. Two bcttlec of Carter's rpsjiish alixture in via a porieot curs of him, and the lUi tors ia a public notice, sav thsy Mchserfally rs?-in j>en J it to ail who are afrl intau with any dua^ss oi Uis blood." BT1LL ASOTHUa CDP.3 Of eO^OFULA ?I had a?er~ valuable boy cured of tarciula by Carter's dpanlsa fixture. I coaeiier it traly a Vkliuibls jiedicins. JAVIE.'j U. TAYl/^ii, ConCuoioi ca tL? 3 V. t>nd P. k. H. Co.. Bichmond. v? &ALT liiLMUM Of TY. gNTY YMAU8 bXINDIMS , u .ii' Mr. JOHN THGtfl'iiON, reaidjig In the city ol , aioUs-.r nd, was oureJ by three bottles of OasUr's , Sf s.ci4i Xixtare, of Bolt hbeum, vhleh he had for near ly twenty ve*m; and which all the physicians of w? dtf tJ uld not care. Mr. Th-rapeon is a wall known rctthant in the dty of Biehmondf and hit ii mf?l M?aikable. \ WC. A. 1?ATT?11Wof Rirbncd had a servant , at Syphilis, in ths worst for?a, by Carter's I Bpwnisk Mixtare. tie says he cb erfullv rvoom m uds it, and ouiudders It ? very invalnable medi cine. EDWIN BUETON, romxiuionsr ol the revenne. says he Lu seen the good e^scts of Cartels ? panish Uixtme in a Lumber ot 4ypbi-itis easts, and says it is a perfect eare ft-r that horrible disease. WM. ?. HAIiWO'lD, of Ri?'i'u;on.l, eared of old ioresand IJlesrs, dirsblsdhiu ftwm w.lkicn Took ai?w bottle of Carter's Spanish Mixtare, &ni was (tabled to walk without ? clutch, in a ehcrt Cms permanently cured. Principal t>epou at *i. WARD, CLOSE A Oo^, No. 88 Maidsn Lena, Kesr York T. V,. DYOTT A SON J, No. 182 North SecCad stM Pb'lwdelpbia BENTTCTT * BEEEE, No. 126 Ualu street, Rich FY-^r Ya. Apu for sale by OHABLE8 STOTTf, Washington, D. C; HENRY PEEL, Alexandria, and by Draggiett eVpK ?1 per bottle, or six bottlee lor tk W lllL tXllJNTiite.- OK tM.i ?infltoa, by^Lg. Madden, M. 1L L A., t F&AJNCk TAYLOB. TRAVELERS' DIRECTORY. BY BltLBAAD MBICV THB WEST. Tims bntW4*n WashlnftOB ia4 Whaaiimf bat 17* bow! Kunming h?w bftwtm Washington mmd Cineitmatt IT kvurt *i Through Tickets and Baggage Chacks to be had in Washington !!! THE BALTIMORE AlfD OHIO RAILROAD HAVING greatly improved Its W tions bow offera the full** inducements m travelers between Wnahinrton, Baltimore, and all portions of (be West, the N'oniiweat tad the Sonth The connection between the trains frwn Wub ' n(ton anil the trains bound *e*t from BalUn.ore m idwajra promptly made at Uie Washington Junction (lately c!l?-d the E? lay Hou-e) 9 mica fr<?i Dalti ioore. This l? the only chance of cars required be weec Wa*hiBgton and the Ohio rir?r. Ramf u checked through to Wheeling at the Washington -ta-ion, and if checked and transferred there, (with che paFsenrera) w.tbout ch.trge, for ihnsr bold 104 through tickets 'or point* beyou.1. The coain eiing u.tin - Uave Washington daily at 6 a. m. and A% p. m On Sundays at the lattci hour only. At Vt hyaline dur4jt con.nte:i*n ia made with the trains of the CENTRAL OHIO RAILROAD, ran auifC from Beliaire on the Ohio, near Wb< eUn?, hrouch Cambridge, Zaneavdle and Newark, to OOLl'MBUS The?e train a connect at Newark with ihe car* of the Newark, Man*fie|d and Sandua *y K*llroad for Sandusky, Toledo, Detrmt, Chicago St. Loais, etc. At Coluiubua the C. O. Railrwid train* connect vith the fa?t trams of the Little Miami JiaUromd to Xen.a, CINCINNATI, LOUISVILLE. etc. At Xerua (on Little Miami Railroad) connection ia .??rated with the trtiaa throucb Dayton,to INDIAN APOLIS, Terre Haute, Lafayette, Chicago, Koek Island, St. Louis, etc. ?4- Pai?en. era biding tbroi'fh Octets tor Msaa ?hit V\Jukui?, Sait\e?, New OrU>m? etc., which Are al*o sold <u Washington are transferred at Cin cinnati to the Mail Steamers on the Ohio. rickets or EvansviUe, Cairo, and St Louis ara aolj by tbia roue. A#-FOR CLEVELAND, and ria Cleveland to Tolnd<?. Hmroit, Chicaco, etc , tickets are sold, when the Ohio ia navigabte between WbeHing and Wellsviile (forty mil* e) where a connection with the Cicve'and aud flttiburg Railroad ia made. Travellers are nques el to notice tha* v.kile thla ia the only route afi"r*ing through ticketa and checks In Washington, it ia aleo the shortest, moatapee y, and direet to nearly all the leading points in 'bn great *Vfft The distance fr m Waahitfo* toCia cimxati ia but 653 miles, being about 100 mil?s short er than by any other route I FARE BY THROUGH TICKET FROM WASH INGTON: T<> Wheeling, $9 50; Columbu* $13 6i, Dayton, S'5 50 ; Cincinnati, $16 ; Louis* 1 a by railroad fltTo. by *teaio<-rfroin 1 mcinnati. f 1?; In Hunajxtli* $17 .V); Cleveland, $12 IS; Toted". #15 80; II tmit. $15 90; Chira*o. 65 an?i $ 19 50; St. Louu>, frfr 50 and Memphis, New Or leans, $.!l, etc. ?- r OR FRCnCRK'K and H ARPER'S TERRY MAKTINSBUEG. BERKELEY SPRIMO?, CU*I BERLAND, IIEDFOKD SPRINGS, Piedmont, Oak land, and PHirmount, paa*en(?ra may leave Waab ir.cton ?* 6 1 m or 4^p. m. Por th*' n inor war station* between t aitunore and Wheehnf, Uke C a m train from Waalitngion. AT For trains to an.1 from Baltimore, Annapolis, etc., see spcrial advertioem' ct*. A^-For further information, thr ugh tickets, a appiv to THOS. II. PARS- *NH; \g nt. at M ashin ton Sution. JOHN H. IM)NE, Master ol Transportation Baltimore' and Ohio Railroad, Baltimore. ?>y 3?tf WASHINGTON BRANCH RAILROAD. CH \NGE OF HOCKS. QN and after Monday, the 33d instant, the trains will eave Washington at C and a. m , ?nd 3 and 4# pm On Sunday at 4V{ p m Leave Baltimore at 4% and 9% a m, and 3 and 5* p m On Sunday a: am. ap 23? tf T. H. PARSONS, Agent. ' ?? ???? <gg Mott Bedell s Line. ^ TORh' JlLFX-1\nRlJI TTJlSHINGTOlt CITY, JiSD DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA PjiCKF.TS. Tlllf LINE OP PACKETS SAII 8 WEEKLY from pitr 14 Ka^t Kiver, New York, and oft:-nef if neceraary, and are composed of the following first claw vcs-'isela: Mew schr. Jl. F. F,. >lcll, Bedell, master. New achr. Mott BileU, A. V. TredweU. Schr. An. D.t Wai. Oliver, maxter. Sch-. J'oLmt, L. A. Smith, m?mt??r. Schr. Ccm-nandrr in-Lkief, VVr>gl jd, master. Schr. G'ree 1 u-ay, Wilson, master. Tlitrse \ess-ris are all fast aailera, and the muteri men of exj?erirnce in the trade, and the only regu '.ar line of Wa?hin*ton Citv packetm MOTT b'EOELL. Wall steel, *. T. 8. S. MASTERS a SONS, Alexandria, Va. THOMAS RTLEY, feb 1?4m Wastungton and D. C. 0RAJ6E AFP ALEXANDRIA RAILROAD. Chi and after Tuesday, Nov. t7l854, T'UK Cars Isavs Alsxandria daily for Gordon* villa and lnten>*<Ilet? <>tatkns at 7 H o'ei^ek, a. a., or ths arrival ot tbs boat 'rum Waahln^ton, jiving atari* time lur Lrr.kf-jl on board Con f acting at laanksaas J one a >n * lth a trais for Btras> berg, at WaiTs&ton J a <?icn w<tb a train for War rratob, and at O^rdoiuville with Um tralas on ths % irglnia Cent/ai Railroad fcr Richmond, Chariotus ville, a?.d Suantoa. Thr aars leave Goiiouvl2;e daily fcr Alexandria und InleruadLit# stations, at >>4 bstore-lt, a. &>.. on las arrival of tbs trains o? tt; Virginia Oe-.tral rail read from fcichacid, Charlotw-:vilU. and Stanntc a. THROUGH TTCKrTB Trnm Aicxan lria io V*trreL.too $1 00 M M Gordoc?rti??..^?...... 8 to M * Gbartottasvills 4 S5 BUulU i t U) a u Strwbarg i bO u ? V inchf^ter....t 60 " y l.ym>btt?...M. C7? ?\>f * ?* ? 41 a I-"?T ? 1 4 34 ? ?* liw Uaik*t....~. 4 00 ? - Midd'sburs *i i4 ?Mwwii a :*? Fot LytteLbcrg, :c*.necUrg aith th* s^aga* a| Cvaafi^tUc.'Ule, on ikndsja, uadnesdaya, and fri* da) 9 re: Lurtj a&a Me* Uark? snsctizg with th? a Bfeu? at Caliper, cs russdays,Tcai?Uys, and ftafc crday. for WU.tcsiar d*ily, ccuiacting aith ths at HeJcisct Fur MUdi.barg IkUj, fco-.asnl'ng with lbs at tha Plains. Per ordsr: W. IL BLOCK.ITT, Agact. ncv T?dtf FOB MOUNT VSRNON. 0ft TUESDAYS aad FRIDAYS, jUSSaS^CFarn roand trip tl; from Ales andrLi 76 -Tha TII0UA? COLLI EE Imtsc WaaUogtcn at 6 and Alexandria st OU o'clock. C?Bih?s lstvw ths Capitol (or tbs boat at SJf c'dk. Coach tirs 10 casta. Parwui aUhics the Coa:l ec will lsavs thair rss4 deuoe with Goo. A Thos. Parksr. tUn <>ah2Utt&t? on ths beat. Oct i3?dvf iAMTi G ED NaT. Cap: 1UX SEW dk LlVKUPpnii * UNITED STATES ___ MAIL STKAMERST The 8Ulid COMt *Ilii:?Q Tiiifl LINE ARB Till? ATLAirriO, Cipt. VMt PACUIC, t^spt Nya, BALI10, Ospt. Osnitook, A D:J A110, Capt. QraVn, Tz.(^e ship- ba>a been built by eentrao, axp^ea> ly for aorerruciut wrfba; evsry ears has bam taken In their aa in ths Pngfcs* is iuaarb strength ard "p-ed. and their a< ?'D,-^d? ttens for russc^?as are onequaUsd lot a.sganas and eesbrt Pries of passage from New York to Lttarpv L tn flnt &nbi u.m wi. ..^.1 ??...! in ... ^ IE iJw?nd Cabin ???????? ??????< ? ??? a a ? a ? a ??????? ? 70 EzcluslTe nae of ex in* (xe ronms tot From Liverpool to Nev York ?30 and iM. An expsrieneed aorgson attar bed to saab ship. No berth can ^s esanrsd as til p<Ud lac. for fiaight er T?assure apply to jfcDWAiLD K. COLLINS A 00., 68 Wall street, Hs* York. BROWN, SHIPLBY A CO , Uverpoel BL 0. L0BEETB A 00? IS Kind's Arms Yard, London. JOHN MUMKOE A 00. S8 Bne Notre Dams dea Yi Mras, Eaili. GEO II. DRAPKK, Uavrs. Tha owner* of ths-e cbtpc will not be awrnr table for gold, silver, bnll>on, "ped#, iearalry, pr>eion| 1 ?lords or metals, unless Mils sf lading as* ignsw thsrefor, an? ths value thereof therein aapra ssd. ? 14?<<lv B4REIF0 HOUSE OF PAIRO ft JVOVRJE, OyjiOtHe United ONUS, Stocks and < _ other aacarnass uaecbssed and sc.'d. lun-reu nt the rcte of six pes r*ni mr unani si. loA.d on depoktu wiien lad u 14 IsMti ias^ei.

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