Newspaper of Evening Star, May 28, 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 28, 1855 Page 1
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VOL. V. WASHINGTON. D. C.. ?? ?? - f - _ r. ? _ \ - X. !?>?"? MONDAY. M\Y 28. 1855. NO. 748. the evening rtar PUBLISHED EVERY AFTERNOON, (RJCC1PT iUKDAYj At th* Star tfHifd)7iq% ro~~ner P*nn/y/vd?rim *tw.??s a*/l E'?vmtk stntt, By W. O. WAI.LACH, Will be srevd in subscribers m the eitiea of Warti lagton, Georgetown, Alsrofrfa, Raltimore and Ptiilalelphia. at SIX AND A QUARTER CENTS, payable weekly to th?* Agents. To mail subscribers tbe subscription price is THREE DOLLARS AND PIPTY CENTS a fear In advance, TWO DOL LARS for SIX MONTHS, and ONE DOLLAR tor THREE MONTHS. fcy^nMU coPin on a cist. T^.LPkPATENT IMPROVED RYELBT MA Pirs patent?combined on one "Hock s^con 1 patent -self feeding with *yelet bxh -I-*"?improved fam?-ner riveting All parties in want nf a gv?d Eyelet Michin*. ar*1 lr?2tilZf commence ? to ii?e none bat LIPVf AN'S PATENT IM PROVED, whi^h is decidedly the hest ?iver brought before the public, poweuinc numerous ?in materia: s ft is strong. durable and not liable to get out of or der. It pnnc'ie* tbe hoi*- well, and to fit the Eyelet, and in one operation clinches th?* Eyelet on l^th It saves time, an the papers Itc., need nnt be reversed or turned over to clinch the Eylet a *e f-ofi^ine, as is the case with a'! other M chines It is us-tfil to th?? Merchant in filing away papers, M well an to th? attorney or Conveyancer, t?-e *hoe maker, Tail >?. Milliner. and numerons others, and is a v*ry labor saving Machine 8aM by all the principal Stationers and Fancy Good* Dealers throughout the United State*. Afeab* for Washington. TAYLOR * MAITRY, "I ?tf Bookstore, nearlhh fI? U. S MARINE BAND. Trl E tin lersigned would respectfully i"J'orni the Military, Firemen. I'lubs.aml the public gene ral1. thst by apply ins to him at the Marine Barrack.-, or at his residetice, on E. between 9?h and I Oth st*. east, or by note at flilbus & Hi's'* M>i?ic D?*pot. they can obtain the services of th;; Marine Band, or a portion of It eiilier s< a bra*1, reed or cotillon band, which wii embrace Louis Weber's unrivalled F. SO ALA, 'Conductor and Leader of Marine Banil. _ap 30- -lm* m A CARD. m Economy i.t the rya4 fo Grea: Reduction in ;he prioe of Hats & Cap* H E undmvigned, liavm? ma.;e arrangement'' X with a Nsw York Hat Company to b?- con intiy 4>iPpj|.-i wilii the very best Moleskin or KRESS HATS, got up in the latent style, offer ? tiem at the unprecedented low price of $3,50. worth from f -ur to five dollars; srond qu ility, $3. worth from 03.50 to $4; and a very g*>od 'asbi* n able Hat at yi-JS0, w >rth from $3 to $3..)0 Also, Be-be * Co's Hats, at a muih less advance taaa they have been here tot r? sold in this ciiy. First rate beaver Hats $3,5 . All kinds of s?ft HATS and CAPS very low. In order to sell a; the above low prices |he cash system must be adopted ; consequently those who parchaita wJI not be charge! fr >m fifteen ;o tw.'nty uve per cent. ? an offset for bad debts. ANTHONY, (tor aianv years in the employ of Todd &. Co.) No. 3,Cciumbia place, 7th st.. ap 13?tf 3d lo.?r north of Penn. avenue. TAKK XOTICK. NSW SPRING AND SCMMEfi GOUDS. PW. BROWNING, Merchant Tailor, under a the Uauoi Slate.* Hotel, has just received a large supply of Spring and Summer Goods, and is tow prepar- d to <?ff?*r sreat bargains to all ui warn of good and feafcion ilde cloilung. His 44 R:,*ady naJ j Cl<}(Juag ,T w;il be so!d ai the following low pneec : - Wh3l% suiu, Coat, PaAt iloons, and Vest, of thin cloth or.cas-imere, fir 912. Fine Black Frock and Ih^sa Coals, from $10 to $15. Goo-1 Ba-inc* Coats for $7 Black ard Fe.ncy Pants, nini $3 to $7. Marseilles and Silk Vesta, from $2 to $5. He keeps always on hand a large assortment fit fancy articles, such as Shiru, Gloves, Cravuis, Um trelias. kc. "!We Agent for the eale of Scoa's Fashioni.' mar 19?tj. LOOK HERE!!! MORE BOUNTY LAND TO JILL who served iu a.k? w*i since 1790, whether an Officers Soldier*. S Minr..-?, Clerks, Indiarw; Chap Jain-, Wigon Masters, Teamtvra, Land^ai u, (or their widows or minor children) who have not yet received full ISO acres, anrf have bet-n in servicc 14 day*, will ?to well ti. wnte to us. pottpsii. and their Lsnd W irrants will be forwarded to th? m for the ist ove quantity, and no eharge if they do rot r.-t it. LLOYD h CO., .Agent's Office, opposite U. 8. Tr^nanry. IV aahiagtoo City, D. mar 0- ^m S0*?THINQ 1TRW USDKR THE 8011. CHARLES WERNER, Fe**.?-,!canii avenue, opposite Broittu' Hotel. id fiu>id up tbe coinii??diou - hall over his Res taurant as a first cla? i,A'J^K BCEK S V , having pro-ure:2 a supply of every Injury and c.mUorU found in first class uatabliihrnents of the kin I in the Norirern cities. Hia RHINE WINES and French White Wines, as well as his Clirets, Segari. Lager Beer, German, 'Italian, anl Sweiuer CHEESES, and indeed ? f ev ery other appropriate luiory in such tin establish ment, u unsurpa^ted in this country. be solicits a call from his fn?-nds and the puMic. ruay 19 -tf x rw'v IJAdi XX u loon, i CUMMIN'G'S FAMILY PRAYERS, ia 2 vo?s, 75 c^nts each Buchan'a Systsm ol Anthropr>togy, C2 Flurinc Pnn ess of Burgundy, by W B MacCabe, 73 cent9 Gmwtli of Uolihfw, by Fabcr 50c Viailicataoi! of the Cath lie Church, lie The Iminacai^ie Concepaoa, by Hifbop Ullatiiome 37 %c The Heart of Jesus, by J. 2 Dalgai.-QS, 50?. E K. LUM1Y. No. 148 P .uge su<^t. Georgetown, b C. m?y 17?tf PC Ril;K 4 WITH U^FSVfiVU vision sre inviicd to fxaiuiue my extensive s! k of all kinds n: .SPECT A CLES and EYE-GLASSES. G!a?^s of a ay kiarf, sich as rSitaract, Parsbola. Peru^ofic, D "ille Cjncave, Double Convex, and Colortid Gla sei, put in at *hort notice, witli great care, a p? rsons iu want of glassva may be sure to get those wh. h benefit tbe eye 49* Circulars "Defective Vision," gratia at II. b^mken h, 8 30 Pa avcau^r, beiw. S?Ui uud lOtii *ts. mar 30 GLOVES, HOSIERY, RIBBONS, Ac. John H oMOOT, ?outli aid" of Bridge t4., near High, Goorftuwc, ha> just received trom New York aa a diUonal supoly of? Tatfata Silk an l Lisle Thread Gloves Snort and tong black twi-.ttxi Silk Mitts Open-worked and ptaiu Couoo Hoaiavy, rvtry va riety Misses' auJ Boy..' white, mixed and tmey t'.::aa Hemery <>eoU % dj do Worked Swiss (Joilini and Ruffl ? Lace and French \vorte<l truaui^d Call.r. Real Maltese and tradition Laces. Wuh many othur aesiranle Goods, to which the attention ut cash or prompt cusUMuer* is invited, uiay U? J. II. SMOOT. 1 m. GREAT BARGAINS N HuIfca'.GBVr.V, MISSES', AND CUIL DRKM?'F<JOTS \SU SHOES. -Tiie tubs-rtber being couipt ll--d to remove Irom the store he now occupies, offers his pri-s ent well-asso.i^d .-lock ol BOOTS AND SHOES a: greatiy reduced prices. Ail persons in waiit of tae article will dud it Ui thea advantage to call before purcliasi.ig elsewhere. A. H. SL?)AN, No J04 x'a. av., near lutft at., north side. may I?tf (UOCK4, W ATCIIKS AND JEWELRY J Opened this day, forty different styles el C o< ks Clicks $1 95. Fine Cold Watcher, $*2 warranted, it walry cheaper ?han ever. Ca3 and see for yourselves a: J ROBINSON'S *>o. 3fttf opposite Brawns' lf-itai. may 1?dim ^UAHLUi Architect. [Pe. av**ue, fcaflOOSK TmlA and \ rtreiti,) wiiansTOii,?. c. WILL connate to furmsh Plans, detail workiu* liiawinj|M and speeAcatioa^ ot buildings a tvery dnKripta> si&o to super1 uumI their?rec t**" f. b 1?uf VJIL.VKR WAHKtI'LATKD WAKhC O AND FINE FA^CV 0<>4>OS.?Surer O" lee an* Tea Seta, Sugar Bowla, Cream Ju^, Coweta, ?'ups, Spoons and F'-.rks Also, a grit variety of magnificent Fancy Silver Ware, suitable for presents. Plat?-d t.V>ff?*e Sets, Castors, Baskets, Spoonx and Forks, on be*? Albata The miclee are warranted as repr?*s??i.ted, and will ie_ aol j tx a ;?ia^!l advance. H. SEMKEN, 330 Pa. aveuue, be? Oth and lOtn .-u? etr. mar " IJ?Ok a\LB? A VERY FiNE SADDLE AND ""My UoRSR The Uorsa la youi^, g-ntie a. <f aoond, anU of floe st'Mk ; Woui>) ?"lr *"M,? '* ??y nitr a-jn?;t i<jr>?, ui a vciy pi.a-^,1 rh2mg ?mrar. .MMjQfur sale an vxowlisrii. work uorse. perh^t? I?fi5nf? l^it-bart' a ^t , Oeorgefi NOTICE. THE WHITE HOULE PAVIL [ion. 6e h<? been rented for th* ?es?.>?i?, a'M is iea<lv ?tor the recrpuon of victor*. I.arje a d -mall parties can he ac<ronlm<?d<ire4 with tic Por particulars a?piy to WILLIAM COKE, on F, between 81*t t nd 2il street*. No Excursion parlies except thos- already ea gag" l, i an tarniah their own caterer ete?pt ei-ra for the us* of the house. By order of tile MANAGES*, may 21?MWItFlm "pleasure trips ro THE WHITE HOUSE PAVILION. ? T^e Steamers OEO WA8H MjKSClXaTON or TUOi- COLLYER can be chart'*reu for public ni se'e t panics to vis:: the White House Pavilion, Mount Vernon, Fort Washington, or other places on ihe rive.-. The White House Pavilion is now open for vM tor*. It u a beautiful ..lace for pleasure trips; it ha a flue Ball and Dining room , also, a new Ten Pin Alley. For particulars app'y to the Pi evident of the Company, or the rapt huh ol the R .nu. .Mr WMI.LIWI COKE i* furnls^i.ig refre-lunents on ihe boat*, and is prepared to furnish parties mi the best t rm*. an90-2m REESE'S EAGLE PLUMBING AND OAS-FITriNO DEPOT. '"I HE subscriber re-pectful'y announces to his J- trieads and the public in general that he luuure eeived the ri si lot of the celebrated DODGE'S DOUBLE ACTlNtt SUCTION AND KORCB PUMP, which received the SILVER MF.DJIL at the late Fair of the Metrorolitan Mechanics' Ir.-ti tute, and is now prepared to fornix all who may favor him with a c*ll. His s?ock of OAS riXTrWE^ are unjur passed in the District. With his corps of competent workmen he prides niui-elf to fill any orders in the PLUMBING AND GAS-PITT IXG line with promptness and despatch. 4^-All work done warraned to give complete jsMufaiiioo JOHN REESE, may 3?tf tor Sixth *t and Pa av nue. FOR THE CURE OP Asthma and Co c sumption. NEW AND VEKY WOND ERFUL HYGEANA Brought home to the door of tha Million. 4 WONDERFUL discovery has recently bren a\ made by Dr. Curtis of this city, in ihe trtar ment of Consumption, Asthma, and h>1 diseases of the Lnngg. We refer t* DR CURTIS'S HYGE ANA. OR INHALING HYGEAX VAPOR AND CHERRY SYRUP." With this nfw method, Dr. C. has restored many afflicted ones to he >ltii, as an evidence of which he baa innumerable certificates Speaking of the treatment, a physician remark?, -'It is evident that !? haling? constantly breathing an agreeable, healing vapor?the 1h> dicinal properties ?cust come in direct coutart wub the whole jeual oavitie of the lungs, and thus escape the mnny an.i varied changes produced upon them when intro duced into the stomach, and subject to the process of digestion " The Hygena is for ?ale at all the Dnigjri-t's throughout the country.? N, York Dutch* man of Jan. 14. The Inha'er ie worn on the breast under the linen without the least inconvenience?the heat of th?* body bemg sufficient to evaporate the fluid Hun dreds of cases of cures, like the following, might be named. One (Kickags of the Hyg a>?a has cer?d me of the A-tliiniof hix years' standing. J F KgKSBfRBY, P. M. of Duncannon, Pa I am cum! of tb e Asiluua of ten years' standing by Dr. Cu'tis's Hygeana. Makoahitc Easton, Brooilyn, N. Y. Mrs. Pawl, of' No. 6 IJimcioBd street. N Y , was cured of a severe ca#c ol Bronchitis by the Hy geana. My dialer has been cured of a distressing cough of several years' standing, and decided to lie Incura Me b? the physicians. She was cured in one month by tbe Hygeana. J. H. GAi Bnar, P M Richmond, Me. The Rev. Dr. Chievbf, of N. w York, testifies of our medicine in the folliwin* language : Nxw York, Nov. 15, 1854. Dear Sir?I think highly of Dr. Curtis's Hygeann as a remedy in di -eas?e of the throat and Lungs ? Hiving had some opportunity to testily its efficacy, I am convinced that it is a most excellent medi eine, both th Syrup and the inhaling application to the chest. Prof. 8. Ccntcb writes us as follows ? Gentlemen?I have recently had occasion to test your Cherry S> rup and fly gem Vapor, in a case of chronic sore throat, that had refused to yield to oth er forms of trratrrent, and the re-ult has satisfied me that, whatever may be the composition of your preparation, it is no imposition, but an excellent remedy. I wish, for the sake c.f the. afflicted, tfat it m:abl be brought within the reach of all. Dr .'ohss one of the most celebrated Physicians fit New Yurk writes as follows: Dr. Crr.Tis?D>-ar Sir?Having witnessed the ex ceMent effects o* your Hygeana - r in ha I'rig Ilygein Vapor and Cherry Syrup, in case of Chronic Bron chitis, and being much ia favor of counter irritation in affections of tne tnroat, Bronchial tubes and lung* I can therefore cheerfully recommend your Medi c.'Ued Apparatus as b* mg tbe nioet convenient and ??fffcCtuai mode of app ying anything of the i havf ever seen. No doubt, thousands of per<oii>. may be relieved, and many cured, by using your ri;> dicines. I must nere be allowed to confes - that I am op ;*twd to prescribing or usn-g sacret compounds, but this little* neatly contrived article, and its effects i? ihe ca-e above alluded to, Lave induced me to sp?* ik in its favor. Y<*u are at liberty to use this in any way you may ibiak proper. Respectfully, yours, fiic. C. Jouks, M D., No. 009 Hom;ton street, N. Y. Price three dollars a packngv Sold iiv CURTIS A PEKKIN8 aad BOYD k PAUL, No 14tt 'Chambers street, N. Y. Fou- | ackag?-g sent free to any part of the United Slates for ten dollars N ?; ? Dr. Curtis'* Hygt aua is tba ORIGINAL ? nd ONLY GENUINE ARTICLE; ail otbsra are i<ase imita ions, or vil. and injurious counterfeits. Shun tin in as you would POISON. For sale in Washington by CI1ARLE4 STO'PT, Pa. av. nu?. near 7tu street; und J. B MOOKE, in tbe First Ward. may ? E. R BATES. . POLICE MAGISTRATE, FIRST ST, NEAR PENNi. AVENUE, Convejyincitg und Bounty Land Ciaiuie atU-aJed to ?nay iP^lm NEW AND OLD PIANOS. \\i E have bow in store the largeu ass ?rtmetil ot 17 Pi AN 'rt ever offeree iu this city, irom lial tet, Davis k. Co , i'.acoa & Raven, and Knabe, Gael.le at Co.'* celebrated manufactories. These Pianos we guarantee, and sell upon veiy ea?y terus Als-j, a new Pi too u-.ed only a few months, which we offer at the low price of f9D0 cash ; a second hand Piano, by Andre Stien, Ax $75. A v?ry fine second haad Chickeriag Piano for sale cr rvnt at a bargain. Old Pianos taken in exchange for new. Always on band, SukUs, Covers, Vioiaii, Guitars, Flutes, accordeons, Wumc, he. kc. JOHN F. ELLIS, 300 Pennsylvania avenue, may 10 bet. tfth and 10th streets. DENTISTRY. RH. DONALDSON, Dentist, late of the urai ol , Hun: at Donaldson, continues to ?Kintractive and insert those beautltul' p<?rcelaiii teeth, with or without gums,' tor specimens of winch (made and de posited by the late firm) was awarded the Drat premium at tbe Mechanics' Institute Fair, recently held in this city These teeth are carved and shaded to suit eaeh particular ease, and their resemblance to the natu ral organs is so perfect as U> deceive the most prac tised eye. Particular attention aiso paid to filling and pre serving tbe natural teeth. Cliarges moderate and all operations warranted. Othce hOutMVest corner Seventh and D s's.?en trance on D. mar 21?6wi " NEW POLKA. 'IMIL CHEVY CHASE POLKA, conpoaad for * and de.;i< .lied t-* Mirs Sally D. Bradley, by J. Di Lmi., f>t this eity, whose cotipusiuont liave always uiat itn such great public favor. Tbe Bkeriis ot U>e piece are such aa will lot/oduoe it iiiiuny all to vers of Pdci '25 cents. Just (Httd'sOed an J loj tal*' by . i tllLBCS 8i HlfZ. 1 be Pr^ident's HuUiileA0u%ril Uuk'ktHp, ccta |? l?y t' e ae:om;ill,neU Ptanl r >fr. Robert Hal ler. will appear in a lew daya, may 13 Auction ?al9ie By OftlCRN 4 SCOT 1', A *te? toneere. ? RUPEE'S SALE OF VALUABLE REAL 8. Bstate.? l.y vir ue of a decree id" the Oitb ins' Court ol tbe District of Columbia, for the count? of T n fci gton, approved hy tlir Circuit f'rn t o pah! PI-<?rK?l. sitting i?i <!hancery, pawd in tl*e matter o' the petition of William Whitmore. et a'.eh.idrm and tMMM-'t-Iaw of VVillta n W Wlnimofe lsle of ! sail< ouniy. deceased, I wilt, on THURSDAY, the ' 31."t da. of May, 1855, at 6 . ?,VJo*k p Ui , in front :of the premi???, proceed to?? !i I., u ofgiit.a,* nnm l?e?erf seventeen (17) ;in<l eitsh'-eit <18; in Square ! numbered five hundred and three (503) spuate iu the city ?f Wa*hiuxt n, and District *tore-ni!. The above described propeity is situated on the northwest corner i.l 6'h titrcet west and N street ? nth, nnd contains in ih>- agaregnte about f une u thousand square f^ct of gr and. Term* f fille: One third cash,find the residue in two equal p yn.eiita at six and twelve month?', witb in' from day ot sale. The deferred payments t-? be seenred ! y the note of ihe purchaser or pur eliasers satisfai tori'y endorsed. Upon the full payment ol the purchase money and interest and the ratification of the sale by the Cour, the fruste" will convey --aid lots of ground to lue purchaser or purcha^ta-s there-.f, at bis r.r their cost and exptuc If the terms of sals are not co-u plied with within five day* from the <tay oi sale, the trus'ee reserves 'he right to resell said lots. o< either of them, upon reasonable notice, at tn?* risk and uurt nj ths fiat purchaser. RICH Mil) U. LASKI.Y, T nsfea'. OHEKN A S"OTT, may 1z\> u, AMImtccn. BT J. C AcQlT <-K, Auctioneer. ri BUSTEE'3 8AI.E OF VALUABLE BUILD L 'n^ L't near Railroad D po; By virtue of a dee J of trust he-irmg date on the 4th day of An If, 1634, and recorded in Lib r J A S., No. 38. folios 181, tic^tlw sub-cribtr will s?ll, at pub! o rale. e:i FKI I) \Y, the i5th day of June, 1855, at 5* o'clock p. m., on the premise*, all that piee.- or p reel ?t ground lyine and being Mtuate in the ? itv * t Wa-b ington, and b tug part of square No. 6JO. b* ginnin; at a point on New Jetsey avenue U70 n et u< in the corner ot .'aid sq iare and running thence eastwardly at rieht angles to New Iws y avenue 134 feet 1 \ inches, tilttnee due sout.i 23 !'?? t. more or Ies8. to a parallel line 32 fe?H Loin tlie first do scribed line of this piece o! ground, and running par allel with said lin* we-twardly to New Jersey ave nue 118feet lWjjncbes, thi neenorthwardlyon N? vv Jersey avenue 22 fee? to the poi t ofbeguiamc The above property is elrriWy situated near ilie Railroad Depot and adjoining Fey'a Hotel, rapidly < nhancing in value, and offers n mo t favorably op portunity for investment. Terats of Nile : Ii alf cash, and ba'ancc in 6, 12, and 18 months, fur noted bearing interest troin thw Jay of sale, secured by a dtc-ti in trust upon the property. If the tertrs of sale are not cociHied with in six days after the sale, the property will le refold at the risk and expense of the purchaser. CHAS S. WALLACH, Trustee. JAsj C McOUIKE, may 15?eoSiJs Auctioneer. fF W. BO.tFLUB, Awetloi\e?r* | RUSTBE'8 SALE OF TIV* smail FRAME JL Houses on the Island. -On MONDAY, the 93th of Slay, instant, by virtue of a deed of tru-t bearing date the 17 h of Nov. nite r, 1854, arid record cd in Liber -'J A d," Nu. 87, folio 31t?, 32u, one of ihe land records of VVash;nsion county, Dis trict of Columbia, the subscriber will sell, nt public aujlion, in fr?^t of the preniists, Part ol Lot 13, in Square No. 585, ??n which are erected two small frame bou^s, iroitiiiig or. South I F street. Torm of sa'e: One fourii in hand, ar.d l!ie re mainder jn2,4 and G months, wr.h iRterestj secured by a deed of trust. All conveyancing at <;<Mt of pu/cliaacr. Kilher or botboi tin I! >u*e can be bad st privat* mIb by applicUton to U. |j. Smith, ?.s^ , ?t the Citv Hall. JA? C. MAUPIN, Trustee. C. W. BOTKLER. I?co Aucd-nett. By ?IAS? C, Ac'J(jfli.iO, A uct louvt". T^ERY DESIRABLE BUILDING LOT at Auc Y uon.?Un TUESDAY afternoon, June 13lh, "t 6 o'clocx. <?n fhe premise", the subscriber will htll, by virtoeof a dee I uf tm-t from Basil Lnncast* r, dated September 22) 1848, nnd duly recorded in Li b-r J. A S., No I, folios S-iO. kc. one of the land records (or Wnshingt n county, all that piece or parcel of grounn and premises designated sjj>oii the ground plan <?f said city es Lot .No. 28, in Square 137, having a front of 4? feet nine inch - > n loih st went, between north L ?Tiid streets, running back 197 feet to a 30 feet alley, with a 15 feet aliey run ning th? full depth ><f the lot ok the side. This lot is situated in * rapidly improving part o the Fir>*t Ward and u Very desirably located Terms: .$450 iu cash, the r-si-iue in 6 and 12 months, witti interest secured by a deed of trust on the pr. misee All conv.-yaucinf at co. t of purchaser JA-*. H. COLLINS, Tiustro. J AS. C. McLUI Kfc. may 11? JtawVds ^ Auctioneer. By J C. NeOUIRK, Aucttoaeer. \7"ALUABLE IMPEf>VEIl PROPERTY AT Ptibiic Sale?Oh PKIt)AY atterno- u, June 1. at 5^4 o'clock, on the premises, i sba11 sell, by o der of the Orphans' Court, that valuable pi? c^ ot property situated at the corner oflOih and L ?tre. t, and generally known as tiie Medical Co'lege. The lot fronts 61 feet 1 inch on ii sueet by 58 leet on 10th ftreet. eontMiiiiig sipiare leet. ''"he building consists of a substantial and well built three s.ory brick Buil ling, which is adiu.rably adapted for a warehouse, for manufacturing or school purposes Porttoa* of this building ar? now uuder v-'ty sat.sfaetory rent. Title perfect Terms: One tiiird cash; the residue in 6, 13, 18, ".nd 24 month--, with interest, sccured by a deed of trust on t ht premises. H. 11 NO 'RSE, Administratrix, By VVM. NOUKeSB, Attorney, JAaLC. McCUiRE, may 8?eofcds Auctioneer. By J C. UcGUlRE, Auetlontcrii TRUSTEE'S SALE < ?F VALUABLE and eli gibly situated Hous ? and Lot on Maryland ave .iue. between and 6'h streets weft.? By virtu, of a deed of trus- bearing date on the 5 h day or Feb ruary, 1853, and recorded in Liber J. A. S . No 52, folios 83. fcc.. tlio sufwiber will -jell, at publie sale on THURSDAY, the 3Ut day of May, 1855. at b\4. o'clock, p m , on the premises, all that piece or par cel of ground lying and beiu" situate in the city of Washington, aud known and distinguished a. Loi Q, in the subdivision of Lots Nos. 7, 8, 9, 10, and 11 in squaie Nn. 492, fronting JJ fret 5 m. hes on M:i ,rvland avenue, betwenn 4'j and 6th rtreatq w-pst, ,".i I running back to a 20 feet allfly, with tb? build uitfs and improvements, which consist of a well and sub?tantially bui!t two story and attic brick dwelling hou.-e, witli two siory frame back building and ue ce^sary outbuUdiogs. The above property ij situated m a Wealthy and desirable location, and rupidlr enhancing in value, aud uffers a favorable opportunity to p rsons d?-si rous of oSiaining a convenient aud comfortable res idence, or making an inve#ment. The terms of the rnle will he one-half cash, and the balance in 6, 12, and 18 months, for notes bear m: interest from d*y of sals, secured by a deed of trust on the property If the terms of sale are not complied with in sii days after the sale, the property will be resold at the risk and expense of the purchaser upon one week's noti e. All conveyancing at rost of purchaser. Title indisputable. CH \S. H. WALLACH Trustee. J AS. C. McGUIRE, may 9? eoStdt Auctioneer, By J. G. Il?tiUIRK, Auctioneer. ^RUSTLE'S SALE OF VALUABLE ANDeli^i X bly situated House and Lot on 6th street west between E and F street* north ? By virtue o- a deed ot trust, beating da e on the loth day of February, 1853, a id reco d^d in Liber I. A. 8., No. 51, folios 364, flic, the subscriber will sell at public sale, on MONDAY, tlie 26th day of May, 1851, at 5Jf o'clk p. m , on the premises. Lot No 4, in Square No 488, tioiiurig 24 feet inelies on 6th street wesr. between E and F streets north, by 93 feet 4 inches deop, with the buitJinfs and improvements, consibt ing of a four story britAt dwelling house, with abnek builuinp, built of the best material and in the best inatmer, and very commodious, with all the modern improvements, aud in all respects one of the most deMrable houses in Washington, and but teceiit'y built, r.nd well kuowo as tlie property ot I'eter l ev nrr. The property is situated in one ol the health iest and most desirable part* of the city, and offers to persous seeking a ic?4<ieiice or investment an oppor tunny seldom occurring. The terms of?al?s will be : One-half cash, and tlie haiance in 6, 13, 18, an J 24 rnonUis, for notes Uar ing mterest from day of side, secured by a deed i? trust udou me pro;*..ty. If ihu terms of sale are not comjiliad with tn six days atb-r the sol.1, the property wdl be resold, Upon one week's notice, at the risk and cxpetiM of the purchaser. AU conv^yanciav at tlie ? ipetijs uf the puivbaser. CH \B. C WAl.LA?|H, Truatea. J AS. C. .-UcCUlKE, sp 38-rfuwk.n AueUoatar. Amusements. GRAND PIC NIC IIITill lliilES' Fill CI. The northern liberties' fire COM PANY tespectiiilly niak'- anown t>> their friends and ;he public gener ?ll? that they will give thair fir*t PIC NFC. on THURSDAY, June 7th, 1855, to ?hf WHITE HOUSE The C >mpany will spare no paics or ? xpens;: to insure satiafac tiou Thf Ref eshmnnt* wi:l be served by an expe rienced ca-ere.-, Mr A. Co 'umhus Vi? ling Companies will appear in uniform The boat will leave Gergctown at 1 ?'clock ; Wa*<ton at2; Navy Vardat 23<; and Alexui dria at 3 p. m Tickets ON 2 DOLLAR??trimming a a i.tlcman and ladle,.?to be: hai of any of the Committee ?i Arrangements Comtuitiee. E O Evans, H Km;lit, R Culvemdl, S r R herieon, II K-enau, R VVairen, J T Hilleck, C Mul'vk, A (V luinbus, j li God 1ard,jr T Dawson, J SUtford, Mid Birkhe d, L Ntwiayer, J King d Tayl ?r, may 19?eold TO ALL THAT VALUE TIIEJRSHGIlT. P/VCILCAL OPTIJCIA -i. ' ISHES to r;<ll Uih attention to .?!! tlau mllt| V? with defective fight, caused by nge,|sic ki ,?j-? .'tnd particularly f on el isses injuiii ?:<?u-!v p> l> ct"fP Hi his superior SPECTAt LES andGLASSES care fully ground ??}? h.niselt to h mi? .phencal ;?ccurn-y, and brilliant transparency, sui ed rrecisely fend I ??< e.ici .lly to the wearer accordiuglo Uj<: concavity or ennveZ'ly nftb?; < v?. Very numerous are (!) ill ef '? eta cawed to the precious organ of "igiit frotr. the c iinmeneeiu-nt of usii.g g.a**es in not bemg pr ciM ly Milled, by lue use of an Oj'tomeUrj and ihe practice of nt:?ny year*, enabl s liin to int a ure the focal distance oi tlie eyes, auu *;u< h glas^e^ that ar* absolutely required will be t'uinislud with precision and satisfaction J. T acknowledges the very liberal encourj o ment already obtained, ?rd further srii?il* tf e pa tronaa?* of those that have not yet availed thfcinscl v< ?* of his aid. Persons that cannot conveniently call by sendin? I' e glasses in use, anil stating how many ir.ebe Ihev can read this print with their spectacle, cm be supplied with ruoh thai will improve their airbt Innumerable te- timnnials to b- >wp: and r< f r ence* given ??? many who have derived th-- gr>ate.-: ease and comfort from hi? glamt. Circulars to be had gratis, ai his r ffi ;e. No 512 Seventh street, three doors from Odd /ellows' Hall, up stairs NourcLK, September 7, 1 -<>4. Sir?The Bp- ciacle* you made for me suit very well, and sS^m to have improved my sight uior than any other I have lately tried Litt. W. Taz(wci.i.. I hare tried a pair of Spectacle ohtni6"d from Mr Tobi is, and find them of great a; to my sight, art i corresponding with his description? f the focus. 1 recommend bin; as a ekilllu! op'ici in ITnsty Wisl. Mr J. Tobias : ??^ir?The pair of Spectacles you furnished m yesterday are particularly satisfactory t<? me Tiiej are very decidedly the be-t I pf'S-ej^. ai.d I am th own; r ef ei?ht or iii>i?- [.aire, i aiei.iliy -ch ct?d i;i different places and trr^n outieians recosiuw nded t-i me nr. account o{ their pr'?f- ' Hion^.l standi; e ii Hi.p land. F'aace. and the United SVUts I have bei r. aiwo pi? a-ed with your remarks and dirt ctions on the treatment of tr.e eyes, tor the puipi;#^ o! pre serving and improving tier si?bt Re#;M;ctful'y \curr, <'ha? ei , Profejfior of M. C., Loui-ville, Ky. Ltkchbdro, Nov. 10 lb&4 Mr. John Tobias having furnished me with < ?? ses. by w! ich I have bc?n greatty aid?-d, (my vision bavins rufiered greatly from reading at nif lit in my earlier life) it affor.'u me 'he highest ph as.ire to ~ay that I consider him a fkilltul pr^dtira! optician, and well prepare.l to aid those who '< aw need hi < iirole? si.-ns! services. Wh. It. Rof.-iK, Klder of Methodist Con'er^wce. WiLmROToa, C., Jaa. 27, It54. Mr. J Tobias : Dear Sir?I am happy to say that the SpecJ^e'r. which I < htained from you last w< ek are enthelj s ati lact'iry. From an Inequality In th visual r^ne'* of mv eyes, I have here: >f re fnuml ?reat diffit uliy in setting glasses of the pr"!?er focal dis'aace^. It affi rile me pleasure to awe. thai by ilie aid <>f your ??j.tom? ter tin# difficulty Iih- been lnppiiy ?ibv;i?* d so that the G'smm;" yoti f'urni?h> d me art- deci.teiiiy the best adopted to bit eyes of .;ny I have ever J't ?teed. Very respectfully yours, R. R rtRABK, Rector of St. Jam-'s' Department of InterM-r May 7. 18R5 t'rni.i iia ural defrctr and ihe uu? qu:il raase ? f m . ev? ?, I L>:?ve been cr>Bl;ielled to use gla s? f< r ?e" r.t! ye-rs. I have tried different s^pti' iai'.s .viteoui obtiinitig glaasej perfectly fitted to my eye Koer month- ^ince Mr. Tobias made two pnlrs e-peciall> tor me, 'vr-ich I have tound to -erve p? ifectlv ?y the ii?>- oi hid opt uuet r oe in enabled ti a *ap Oimises iiiMiute*y to the eye I mod eh. ertu'ly ?. ?* ommend Mr. Tobias to all having <>c?a-:on to um g'a^ses, and bear my testimony a? to his skill as an optician. Hknrt E Baldwin, Assistant Soct'y to Land Warrants, may Ift?tf FISCHER'S BAND FULLY ORGAN IZ?D. HAVING now completed all my ? rrang.aienl-' fir a first rate It'-: ArtS and COT IL I. ON BAND, I am again si the service of the public to attend Excursiou Parties, Exhibit ons, I'amiies, l ie Vies, Balls, and u'ertnadc*. All those in favor id'a Citizen's band are respec Jully invited to oncouragc our en erpriie, here in VVa?biugt<>n City. f nsCHEB, Leader. P S.?This Baud, under my direction, is regularly uniformed, and from a practice over twtcty years I can give satisiaction to every one. Residence, Pa. avenue, nortii aidr, bet. i^rti and 10 h ftreet" first door west ol iron Mall Orders left with Mcssib llii&u- U Hitz punctually at ended to. may l4-?lm* IF YOU READ APVfiRTISEMENTS |)LEASE notice that i have, (Veaii Hutu he fes L tablishmei.l in New York, llecket'a Stdf Uais his Flour. Ilecker'^ Griu, Decker's Mact ar n> VermacePi, Decker's Farina, one pajier of which, nt 14 cents, will make a superior dkh sufficient for ilrteen or t*'enty persons Also, Oswego Corn Starch and Comma, a ui>a: variety of M illiard's preparations oi Chi>< o'ate for eating Mid drinking Baker's superior Cocoa ptiate fioin which, in a few minutes, by pouring boilie.g w .tur on it a very superior cup of Chocolate can be When dollars and cents are made a study and at tlie same tune superior article for health and econ omy is required, you would do well to call at KING'S Grocery and Variety Store, corner Vermont ave line and I streets, a few steps norihi del t f Jacfcson Statue. may 11? wif TO TIJE LADIES OF WASHINGTON AND VICINITY. **-T AMBI.IA PRIBRAM in SISTER,-*^ jifi*. No. %71 Pennsylvania ;.\enue, be-J^Sl; t ^pPtween 10th and lldi streets, leturiiflW their regards tor the kind patron'ge heretofore be slowed upon tlnir efforts, and iak - the liberty of in finning their many frieuds thai they intend open ine thsir Spring, Summer and Fancy BONNETS, whi< h consist of 5150 pieces, besirtes a ricti a??ort ment of 8TRAW HOVNETsI, &c. Tbey are abie ? to serve all sizes who are ia r. ant of a Ushionr.ble and cheap Bonnet. Cail and examine before purchasing elsewhere, may 13?lm* "sTpThoovers IBON HALL BOOT. SHOP, AND TBUFK BLI3MEi?T JUST received a large assortment of Roois, Shoes and Trunks, perhaps the largest stock in this city, frcm which to make selection. Ladies Slippers. 50 to 75 cents D'i Gaiters, 75 to $1 So G -nts Fr.'iich P. Leather and Cail i'uuips Do do do Walking Shoea Boys', Misses' and Children's Shoe* ii: every va riety aud klvle,which I will sell at the lowi st priees. S. P HOtiVEB, Iron Hall P?aot, Shoe an l Trunk F.-iabm't, Pa. avsnua, b^:tw. 9th and 10th i-treetf. may 10?SfcUflt J QUENCH VISITING CARDS, extra thin, and of the tines' 6nuh. iujI uap irt-d Iroin Part* di rect, by FMNCK TAYIOR. may 16 KVEXING STAR. JQHX R?HDOLPH. OF BOAKOXZ. Sitting one day opposite a gentleman at a hotel dinner-tfible in Richmond, he observed that he was eating one of those luxurious soft crab* of that region, and that, as was the custom of the hotel, : a glass of milk had been placed near hit ; plate; looking up from big own he said in a thin, piping voice: ihat n m siugu'ar dish of yours, sir, very singular ; crabs and milk! Juba, bring me a bawl of milk, and crumble some crabs in it!" A; the same hotel he said to a waiter, in 'he temporary abseuce of Juba, hand ing to him at the same time his cup and saucer r " Take them away?change it." 4 What do von want, Mr. R? ndolph *' asked the waiter respectfully, ?? Do you waut coffee or te-* ?" . ??If thai s'uff is !eaf"*said he, "give ine coffee: if it is coffee, bring me tea : ' want a change." Most readers have heard, perhaps oi I hs? reply to a wet known and highly j tesoectable gentleman of the South wh'"> I introduces himself to him while siandirg I and con/ersing with some frieuds, with? "I shou'j be pleased to make the ac quaintance of so distinguished a public Iservant us Mi. Kandoljh. 1 am from I tha ci'y of Baltimore?mv nim* i.> Blunt ?" J 44 Blunt, eh ? replied Mr Randolph j " I should think so, -irand he deigntd J him no further notice. | Equally familiar to many, it mar b;* I will be foU oi his reply to a gentUniai; I who rather f reed him?e!f upon Mr Ran dolph's notice, while engaged n conver I sation wi:h others, in a hotel in Virginia.' "I bave had the pleasure, Mr. R?r I dolph, recently of passin" your house." | " i am glad of it," said Mr Randolph: 114 I hope you will always do it, sir." I On mie occasion, at Washington, P I brother member of Congress was enlight ening Mr. Randolph as to the manner c< I" si opping1' r.t the capi:d. I 44 The merchants, ' Baid he, 44 have two I prices?an 4askisg price,' and a 'taking I price.' T u^' d to send my wife to niakj I the purchases f;?r the family, by which I wc made a paving of fifieen or twenty per Icent." 441 had rather my wife," said i a:i Idolph, bitterly, "should make a living I in any othtr way but one, than that! ! iJfcirg a confirmed old bachelor, the I renmrk was no less comical than sev< re | bc.irct iy anything more characterise o of I Mr. Ran1o!ph is recorded of him in ars l';l his biographies than in the fcllawhij.. j incident, which occurred qm the morna-; I he was to leave for ?ngl&rd, on Li.> ,z I visit to that country. The steamer is I waiting to convey passengers when his I frien-i calls upon him : I " Mr. Randolph," he says, 44 in the |ntime of Heaven, what is the matter! [Do you know that it is nearly tei. Io'clock, and that the s:eamb>nt wait I for nobody? Why, you are not even I dressed!" "I can't help it, sir," he replied; "I'm lall confus on this morning; everything I goes wrong; even my memory has gene I a wool-gathering. I am just writing a I lareweil address to my constituents, an?I I I've forgotten the exact words of a quo I latiou from the Bible, which 1 want to lose, and, es I quote correctly, carmc I close my Ittter until I find the passage : Jbat, stiange to say, I forgot both the j chapter and the ver.-e. 1 ne-ver was in I fault befere, sir. What shall I do ?" I 44 Do you remember any part of the I quotation ?" a^ked ins friend ; ?? perhaps jl can assist you with the rest." I 44 It begins," said he, - with 4 how I have I loved thee, oh'?, but for the life jof me, can't recollcct the next words I Oh, my bead ! There, do you take the I Bible and run over that page wlnle I am writing the remainder of my address." I 44 Aly dear sir," was the" reply, " you I have no time to do this now ; let us take Itlie letter, Bible, and all on board thu I steamer, where you will have enough I time to tind the pa sage you want, before j we reach the packet." j Alter a great deal of hesitation and I reluctance, and after much expostulation, I the proposition waa agreed to. I A rather cruel test of the afl'ection of I hits servant John was tried on the ccca Ision referred to. Joun had in some way Iolilnded his master that morning, and, I as he was preparing the trunks, Mr. Kan I dolph said to him : j " Finish that trunk at once, John, and I take it down to the steamboat, and on your return take passage in the Phila delphia ; call on Mr , in Arch stieet, and tell him that i have sailed ; then go lo Baltimore, call on Air. , in Mon ument Place, and say that I shall write I to him from Loudon ; thence proceed to Washington, pack up the trunks at m\ lodging, take tuem with you to Roan oke, and report yourself to my over seer." j After a pause, he added, in a sarcastic tone: "But you need not obey them, unless you choose to do so. You can, if you prefer it, when you arrive in Philadel phia, call ou the Manumission Society, and they will make you free: and I shall uever look after you. Do you hear, sir ?'' This unjust aspersion of John's love, was too much for the faithful fellow; his [cheek swelled, bis lips quivered, his I eyes filled, and he replied ib great agi tation ; / 44Massa John, this is too hard ! I don't deserve it. You know I love you better than auy body else, and you kr.ow you will find me at Roanoke when you come back!" 441 felt my blood rising," said Mr Randolph's friend, and I could not avoid saying ; "Weil, Mr. Randolph, I could not have beiieved this, ii 1 hati not seen it. 1 thought you had moie compassion f.?r your slaves. Surely, you are unjust in ' TCTE WEEKLY STAR. Thto eiM*m ftaliy a4 J??ni*i-m! taintog a greater raririf of lm?ro??ag readme Kim tm be found to aay other?m pubfefced oa Saturday B*m?? copy, per ? fl * *o CLCM* fl8piB?>nw HlHHt*!!******"***** ?! i 11 H ? ? . . , | ?!?????? ? W ? ?' * ? 40 w??00 tktariablt m #7" Single copte* (to: wrapper*) cm be pitiuiH at the counter, fmmediatejj after fee imv af 'j? naper. Price?Taaxa c*wt?. Porr?4rr*a? who art an Meats wfll be allowed ? C 'TOnfrr^T *.-f twrnrr t>ct cm. this cacej T^n have pnnished him severe ly enough by leaving him behind you, without" h'/rting his feeling* ?You have made (he poor fclloar cry, Mr. Ran dolph." '?What!" said bo with true emotion, ?'does he shed tears ?" "lie dors," I replied, "and ycu sot thrra yourself. ' '?Then," said Mr. Randolph. *'he shall go with me. John, take down your f*aga:*ge. and let us forget what has passed." | "1 was irritated, sir," he added, turn ing to me, "and I thank you for the re buke." Thus ended '.he singular scene between Randolph and his servant. John instant* ly brghtened up?soin forgot hi.J mas er s anger ?and, in a very few moments w?s on his *vay to the boat, perfectly happy. A Cool Oustomib ?4* ?>ne morning, during the rabid stage "f the late pres s-ire, writes ? rare Humorist, "there came into a d:y gi>od.s' store where I was making some smaH purchase, a m'ddlv a^ed ppeciro?** of f w?o fiom crown tu he*?' *x>re the nutka .f a " decayed gentlemen." He loo.?ed as it he had been spending the night in a stable, ai.d taking his breakfast at a pump. ' St," said he, bowing condescend ingly to the shop-keeper, and speaking a itb studied prov:s?on of diction, " you behold before y6V an unf.rtuna'e indi vifltiffT; one who, as tuf poet remarks, is greatly ?* In wr nt of thine, Like m i >> h i .? it? u:= tfmt you A?iJ ???nv. perhwif, that I kn -w " iVrmit ir.e, thercfo-e, to ask you, my ''?-?ar sir, could yon oblige me with the iuan of six-pence ?" " No. sir, I could not,' replied the -hupkeeptr sarcastically. 44 Ah, responded the solicitor, 441 had '*0 idea Uiai the tunes were so hard ?.< re. I thought they were hard enough where f cam:; from. Nothing like't, sir; nothing like it! I feel for you." he said 44 laying his hand, with a philan thropic air on his breast,44 I leel for you all r lie mused a moment, then extending l is arm and flourishing the remnant of a pocket handkerchief, he con*inued : :4 What is this great and glorious coun try coming to, I should like to krnw, j under its present rulers, with their bank I laws, their currency-laws, and so f ?rth ? To ruin, sir, to utter rum ! 4 Man," as he Eng'ish grammar v.iy comedy ob serves. sir, 44 Alan is a verb " Our Gov ernment. the body corporate, is a verb to be!?to no! And we. ilis people, sir, of thia same great and ge'.-;onous c."tnfry are the crserable passive verb, to suffer V* 4- Miadc of Cicero !" thought we. such ?lo<jucnce would shame the cratory of a Webster or a Clay. " Sir," said the shop-keeper.4 I have no time to attend to you: you wi'l oblige me by leaving the store " "Oh. certainly?ceitainly; sir, if you desire it!" And departed accordingly.'?Hariri* Magazine. A Drunkard's Thick. ?Swnrtz wa a drunkard. He was once enp-'gi-d to or nament the ceiling of a public building, and was to bt paid so much per day for his work; hut he was so fond of tippling hat his employers were obliged to hire ? other man to watch the tipsy painter. Finding that lie could not go 'o the tav ern as often as he wished, he resolved upon practising a piece cf deception. He slutted a pair 01 s'ockings an.i shoes sim ilar to those he wat m the habit of wear ing, and hung them down from his staging whenever he left his work. The watchman called in two or thr^-e timed every day, but seeing a pair of log* hang* ing d- wn, suspected nothing, and i sport ed to his employer- that Swar'z had re formed! Thp roix'nsh painter thus co: ? trived to ab-ent himself for whole d\ys. Orkambstal Judges?Q was elected "side Judge ' in one of the county courts in Vermont. He was not very weli versed "in legal lore,' so he called on a friend of his ? ho had served as side judge to make soin? injuries concerning the duties of the offioe. To his interrog atories his answer was: 4 Sir, 1 h*ve filled this important an* hono-aMe of!v;e several yeais, but have never beon cjn sulted with regard to but one question. Oq the last day of the spring term, 1K4-, the judge, after listening to three or lour windy pleas of an hour s length each, turned to me and whispered, *C ain't this seat made out of rather hard wood V and I told him I rather thought it was.' " [C^An old man, well knowu in Chi ca go, having it in I is Lead to marry a \oung wife, bestowed upon her several hi Ired dollars' wor?.h of gifts. CLaDg ing his mind, after taking out ihe licence, he wanted them back, but the damsel held on tw them. Nothing daunted, he had her arrested for 44 obtaining goods under false pretences." Not being ..bis to make that hold, he replevied the arti cks. The fair one, with considerable spirit, was preparing to regain posse, sion. The matter creates some gossip. 517"'Ma," said a sprightly boy, who wanted more liberty than his careful mother thought it quite safe to allow him, 44 why don't you let me go up street with out hlways asking leave? George don't ask leave of his mother when he wants to go. He goes just where he Las amind to. Why don't she lbrbid him as well as you me?" "Because," paid a little sunny-faced brother of six, leaning up- n his mother's lap, 44because they don't attend family prayer down to his house." XT* "Mother, I heaod 6iooy owear!" "What did sbe swear?" "Why, she said sue wasn't going u> wear her darned stoAingsto ehurch "

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