Newspaper of Evening Star, May 28, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 28, 1855 Page 3
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K V K XING ST A Rt tocal In'tlllige nee. "IhSTmiCT Al'WRV?MILITARY1 DtHPLAT^ At the late session of CongTeu, it will be ree ?IHeted. the ram of thirty thousand dollars was appropriated to enable the Secretary of War to oaase to be eons true red on suoh ri'a, r in a central position on the public grounds, in the city of Washington, m may be w'ected bv the President of the Unite4 States. aatiit. able building for the oare iad preservation of the OTdnance, arms, and accoutrements of the United States, required for the use of the vol anteers and militia of the District of Columbia, and for thi care and pre?jrvaiion of the mili tary trophies ef tho revolutionary and other wan. and for the deposite of newly-invented and model arms, for the military service, the "*'.d ordnance and arms, and the building, to be used by the volunteers and militia of the District of Columbia, under such regulations M may be prescribed by the President of the United State*. To day was set apart for the parade and re view of the regiment of the District of Coluin bia, and for the breaking of ground for the proposed new edifice, which for many years has been a> much needed in this Metropolis as is well known not oaly to our own private1 citisens but to public men who have given the subject the lea*t consideration. Ihe weather was delightful, dear, and just auch as would have been selected for the oo j casion, probably, could the participants in the ceremonies have made their own eelecti">n The various military companies, exoept the Washington Light Inf-ntry. under the c? m. mind of Col. Hickey?accompanied by his staff oBrers, Lieut Col. Riley, Major Key worth, Major Bacon, (acting as aljutanb,) Quartermaster MeCulIom. aod Sergeant Mor gan?formed at the City Hall at half past 11 o'clock ; thence formed in line, and marched down Indiana avenue to Third street, and to Pennsylvania avenue, proceeding to the Presi dent's House, where they pas-ed in review before the President of the United States. The arms of the military glittered in the bright sunlizht; the various flags were borne aloft in a group, and the differently colored and ornamental uniforms afforded a striking contract, one to another, rendering the rcene indeed, beautiful. The Marine Band per formed, meanwhile, an air appropriate to the oeeasion, ueder the direction of Professor Scala, and led by the drum-major, Mr. McGreavy. Immense crowds witnessed the review, and many were the praises bestowed by the populace, not only on the imposing ap pearance of the regiment, but their fine and orderly military movements. We felt proud that we had eo effective a militia force in our metropolis, that description of troops on w*? ich we must mainly depend for our protection in times of actual war The review being completed, the legion left the President's grounds, on its way to the site for the proposed District armory, the southern or B street side of that portion of the Mall between Sixth and Seventh streets; and as it passed our offi:e, the Marine Band was play ing a medley in fine style, which we afterward learned waa called the " Evening Star Quick step.'* Qrounl was rubeequently broken for the armory, but the President of the United States wjb not present, owing, it is said, to business engagements which he could n.t neglect. Thb German Brotbers. of this city, a be nevolent association, paraded our streets to day in company with Gcothe Ledge, of Balti more, who arrived by the morning train of cars, bringing with th-m Volandt'a braes band, (of eighteen instruments.) and led by Aug Volandt himself No especial ; raise of the music need be expressed by the writer cf this paragraph, ; s the band '? bit w its owu trumpet" to the delight of all acditors The larger part of the Brothers wore red collars, while others including the officers were attired in regain similar to that of the Patriarchs in Odd Fellowship Sevoral beau tiful banners were displayed in thepro~ea--ioo; and altogether, it waa quite a handsome par ade and creditable to tne fraternity, united for purpoeee of human benefaction. We learn that the Brothers of this city will dine their vLitera. and, generally, extend to th?m suoh a welcome and hospitality aa wi!l ever bo remembered among the incidents of firm and undeviating friendship. Grand Entertainment is Prospect ?We lenrn thai Mr. Henry C Jar.ett, the efficient and enterprising manager of the Baltimore Museum, has engaged the National Theatre, in this city, for next Monday evening, June 4, and intends presenting to the citizens of Wash ington, Alexandria, and Georgetown, the g-and speotacle of ''Aladdin, or the Wonder ful Lamp." To d j this he will necessarily be at a Deary expecse. as he will hive to convey hither at least six y performers. The piece has been flayed sixty two consec utive nights in Baltimore. As the company will remain but one night in Washington, a crowded house may be anticipated, aotwith standing there will then be prevailing no doubt, much municipal election excitement. The piece will be performed in the same atjle as produced in Baltimore, with the grand march of the female warriors?the processions, combats, tableaux and machinery beicg cf the mo?t beautiful description Thb German Tcrnbrs ?Washington was in pleasant excitement to day, and not a few of our citizens devoted the time to holiday, &irtb, and display In addition to the pro cessions of the military and the German Brothers, and thalr subsequent exercises, the Turners, one hundred and twenty strong, ac ccmpanied by about twenty visitors from Bal timore, paraded cur streets, with banners and Fischer's band of music Their uniform is plain but nea:?Thita pantaloons and sicks, with flexible hats. They marched for an hour or more and then proceeded to Carroll's Gar den. near the navy yard, on the road lead ing to the Congree>i >na; Cemetery This af ternoon they are to have a pic nie at that pop ular (with the Germicz. place of summer re tort, and a concert and performances in g; m nasties?Mr Braun being the leader of the last-named exerobes The entire oompany is unler the presidency of Mr Gerheart. They will, no doubt, have a pleasant time, pa they, of all people, know hew to enjoy themselvea socially ? Mat Festival ?On Saturday last, we pub liahed a brief, and. as we auppoaed, compli mentary account of the May festival, at Tem perance Hall, on Priday night, by the pupils of Primary School. No. 1, District No 2. under the charge cf Miss Elisabeth Persona; but, it seems, that our notiee has not been received by some of the friends of that lady and of the school, in a spirit corresponding to that in which it was written namely, tbatof kindneea; for which we are sorry. But the erior is net our own We presume that we have too much gallantry to " attack the teacher," as a correspondent chargea. and know as well as he does the measure of respect that ahould always be aeeorded to the fair, and eapaoiaily to the eatimable lady in question. Femalb Kiotbhs ?Yesterday morning as many persons were going to church, two wo men, Bridget Curt.a an-t Mrs. McMaban got into a fight on 10th E street, and at tracted much attenti n by the man er in which thej u-ed their tonguea, fipgera and nails. Officers Allea and Martin arretted the disorderly p*ir and carried them to the guard ttouse. whence they were sent to the workhouse for 30 days. One of the rarty had a little boy about five yesrs of ag?? with her, and the poor child had to be sent down with them. Coal?The prioe oi Cumberland, bitumi nous coal is no? selling by retail, at from ft S'J to and anthracite from $<> 2a to $7 per ton. The price of ibe latter, during tha Winter, was tr- m $8 to $b SO. Alrvsdy, some of our citiaecs are laying in their next winter supplies, fearing that the price will soon again be raised Jbaltb op WASBta??Ton ?During the month of April, there were seventy two inter ments Ten of these deaths were by conaump tion Cf eea by pneumonia, and two by intem perance. Seven were of persona between the ages of eixtr and'eighty years Tas Concert of the Marine Band, at the i resident's grounds oa Saturday, waa very largely attended, producing muoh heppinees to the promenader* ao* *he lovers of instr* j mental melody -I Assault with Iwtknt to Kill ?A colored m|n,fuDed George Rag I and cpade an attaek upon i ibid dmm4 fTtcpatriok and struck him Ob tke head with a iwingle-iree, inflicting a very severe and dangerous wound, the blow Mieo-btew as In ?{)lit*ti*'w?apon, as well as the bead of Fitapatrick The wounded nan was taken to the guard-house and physi clans sent for. Drs. Middletou and Siiomen two of our surgeons arrived, and sneoeeded in olofiog the wound. After the operation, Flti patriek, who Is a poor laboring man, wss taken to the Inffmarj. Ragland was sent to jail by Captain Blroh to nnswer at the Crimi nal Court ???? . Tib Dabob Gano ?Five lads?Randal Hen s>n Jerr O'Leary, alias Henry Ksenan, Dan iel llajp, Dennis McCaity, and Bill Wolls? were taken to the guard-bouse last night for disorderly conduct, and four sentenced to the work house for thirty days But before they were prepared to ptart, an officer remarked that tney were the boys they were after so long for various robberies perpetrated lie said they were the Dobob party And upon his oath they were sent to jail for a further hearing ? Knocked Down ?This nnrning as the Ger man Yugers were marehing down Fifth street to their post^in the line, a little boy following the band was struck by n frightened horse, at tached to a buggy, and knocked down. The 1 t ie fellow would bave been badly hurt, but for the aoiivi'.y of Captain Schwartimn who raised the bridle and turned the horse upon the pavement. Personsshould not crowd the carriage ways with horses on sueh occasions, and pedestnans.should keep on the sidewalks. Faib in Georgetown ?In the notice of the Fair to be held at Forrest Hall, commencing the 28th instant, (to day.) it was not stated that Forrest Hall was in Georgetown. It was an oversight, but presume every reader of the Star must have known where the Hall is sit. nated Firks ?The alarm of firo Saturday night was caused by the burning of a house on the tow path of the oanal above Georgerown. The alarm last night was caused by the burning of a stable belonging to Mrs Blanch&rd in tbo First Ward. Know Nothing Nominations ? Jas Towles, oar olairvoyant informs us, has been nomi nated as a oandidate for the Board of Common Counoil, for the Third Ward, in place of Jos. W. Davis, who declined the proffered honor Watch Rbtdkmb ?Tobias Simpson and J no. Bell, colored, disorderly in market, fine and oojts; Michael Kane, drunk, do.; Bridget Curtis and Mrs McMahan. drunk and disor derly workhouse thirty days; Chns. McMahar, lire years of age. pent down for protection; Frances Penny, profanity, fine and costs; Randal Uenson, Jerry O'Leary alias Henry Keenan, Chas Green, Daniel Hays, Dennis MoCartf, and Bill Wills, boys of from 12 to 15 years of age, disorderly conduct, workhonse thirty days. GEORGETOWN CORRESPONDENCE. Qborobtgwn, May 28,1855. The damage done to the paoket boat Con gres by the coal seow running into her having been thoroughly repaired, she resnmed her regular tr ps this morning, and left at the usual hour with a large number of passengers for her different landings along the line of the oanal The political excitement in our city conse I quern upon the Virginia election is siill raging. But little, if any abatement it visible The perfect contrast between the long sour face* of the one party, and the bright, cheerful and i mischievous appearance of the other, is a 1 pretty correct indei to the principles of every man you meet while passing along the streets Some of the v ctorious party seem inclined to ! keep the excitement alive by haring a little | fun nt the expense of tbeir opponents by pok ' ing a: them biting jokes, Ac , some of which i are quite ludicrous and laughable. 1 One of Sam's friends from our city went up the river to see the sp^rt Upon reaching | the landing he remarked to the fishermen in a familiar manner, " lioj3. the water is quite ; muddy."Yes. ' replied one of the party, '?them raseally Virginians threw S*m into the ' Shenandoah, and his awful flounderings, as : he came do*n over the big falls, have stirred J the mud up all the way down " At Drovora' Rest last week, the offerings o' I be?f cattle were considerable, but few, how j ever, was purchased by our butohers. Tho sales which were effected showed a decline of about 75c. per hundred. Sheep uni lambs have declined also. Our flour market oontinues firm with an up ward tendency. Sales on Saturday forenoon of 500 bhls a* $10 8TJ afterwards of 700 bbls. at $11, standard brands No grain arriving. Mills all silent. Spectator ft" /-LCNflS-I.tNGS.?We refer our reader* to an adrer tiaemeut in another column, for full particulars con cerning the HY6EANA of Dr. Curtis It Is said to be one of the m<'?t remarkable cure* for all description of disease* of the luiurs ever discovered Ita virtue* have been testifier! to by hundred*, who have obtained tlielr knowledge by the beet of ell tewci.era?experience. CAUTION.?Dr. CURTIS'* liHGK A NA if the original add only genuine article. may 23?lm IT~^A SECRET FOB THE LADIES-HOW TO PRESERVE Beauty ? Don't use Chalk, Lily White, or ujr of the I to-called cosmetics, to conceal a fade.I or tallow complexion. 1 If yon would have the roses brought bark tu your clieek, a clear, healthy and transparent akin, and life and rigor In fnsed through the rystem, get a bottle of Oorter's Spanish XI n tare, aad take it arcurJlng to ?ilrertiona. It d?ee not taata quite as well aa sweetmeat* ; bnt. If aster a few doses you do not And your health and beauty reviving, your step elastic aad rigorous, and the whole system refreshed and invigorated tike a Spring morning, then your case 1* hope leas. and all the Valuable cerfitlcates we possess, go for naught. It la the greatest pnrilier of the blood known, la perfectly harmless, and at Uie uaie Ume powerfully effica cious. . *,'8ee advertisement. fr"y?NOAH WaLEKB a CO.. Marble Hall Clothing Kra|? ' r'.uiu, under Browns' Hotel, respectfully sucouncs that tbelr dlaplay of Spring and Summer Clothing is uow ready for Inspection, comprising an assortment of Coats, Vsels aci Pantaloons of the newest and rlchaat 'lesigus in material, trimming aii<J workmanship. To gentlemen who study excellence with economy in fashionable article* of dree* aa opportunity for selecting Is offered from one of Mi* largeet and most attractive stock of goods ever ofiered In this city at a very reduced scale of prtee*. ep IT f>T? P&2M1CMS AT THE FAIRS?WHITKHURSrS sUll tn the ascendance.?The Juries of each of the Ute fairs at Baltlm re. Richmond, and Naw York awarded their blghaat preailbms u> J. H. W. for their anperiorlty of Pho tographs, Btereo^c >pes and Daguerreotypes exhibited. Mr. W also recel?ed two Vedais at the World's Fair, Lon don, and a premium at Crystal Palace, New York. Alas. the drs: awards of the Maryland Institute for three years past. Wkitehnrst'a Oallrry In thla city is on Pa. aracna, betw. aad 6u> streets. fek 17 rr~J?A PHENOMENA IN MEDICINB.-Rronchltl*, Cough, -e-' Dyspepsia. Liver <V>m plaints, Scrofula, kt.?Tor all diseases of the Female System It ? lands pre-eminent. A Uiergyman Just informs us It has cured him of Bronchitis of a <le*per?te character?partlcilars hereafter. HAMPTON'S VEGETABLE TINCTURE?By Us mild ac tion on the stomach, liver and kidneys, will cure Dyspep sia, Oough, Asthma, Bronchial and Long Affections Pains in tLs Back, Side and Breast, Consumption, Scrofula, matiaat, tsout. Neuralgia, Fistula, Bowel Complaints, Piles, Worms, and Nervous Debilities?with all diseases arising from Impure blood, aud 1s the greateet f.-iaale medicine ev er known. Th-s Invaluable medicine Is working wonders upon the hctnan frame. See advertisement to-day. inar 7 rr?p^A ciedTurn ladies.??ood news for thb SICK. OB. DUPONCtFS OOLDEN MONTHLY PILLS, the beet and a>uet infallible remedy ever discovered for re lieving aad curing ail painful, distressing, and difficult men ?truaUon, and removing all per1o41eal obetructions, acd Ir rugularlties arising frcui whatever cause. These Pills are a complete TBICMPH IN MEDICAL SCIENCE. They are prepared by a process which concentrate* the lagredieutsluto a small bulk, thus rendering It unnecessary Idr delicate female* to take large d-?es of nauseous drugs. Dr. Duponco's Pills are the result of over THIRTY YEARS' HXPEBIENUK In the tieatment of the diseases of female*.? They bsre been advertised for a little over one year, yet SEVERAL THOUSAND BOXES have already been sold, and the demand for them rapidly In creases wherever they become known. They have been thoroughly tried la Washington, and foand to act like a charm. Hold by all Druggist* In Washington, Georgetown and Al i> ? V *. mar 1?eosm* r>mimT?!l THE STOMACH desider '-e?' atuin of promoting health at this season of the year is to relieve the stomach of all Impurlttee, to lu\igorate, to arouse the liver from U rpldlty, and to eXpci from the bowels als atl uuiinelthy sccreli'u*. This should be done by some gentle me<i|clue that. In Its action, will not <lebilitate the syst< in, impair the nerve* or becloud the natural spirits, for wbi'-h pur)?>s* *'* know of no remedy ever yet invented that can to approach in . fth-aey the r?iebrale<i PKEH M M BiJTEU4, manufactured ir ru torely vegetable subetances, t? Elijah Baker, of Kichiuoud rity, and so'd throaghout tlie cwautry be ap^he> arle* generally. These Bitters are pecu liar t>> the summer and fall dlsrane* of s southern climate, and. vsfccu taken according to dirwetiona, are ? sure cure for D>*peps. *, Dmrrh ra, Dysentery, Cramp Cbolli', Clioleia Morbus, Ague and Fever, 8<>ar Stomach, Nervous Beadache, and aln.' at every other sfie. tlon arising from Imnurity of tlie bh'jed or disordered stomach. To those who have not yet i-ste-i the superiority of Bsker's Premium Bitters, as s fain lly ni?Dcinc, otet all oUiers known to th* civilize! world, we say lose no time In doing so, as they will aflord almost instant relief- Try them by all means. Krfre it ents per b*ttie To be bad of CH ARLBM STOTT k OO., Washington, D. C , CA-fcB Y A HATCH, and SETH S. HANCE, Baltimore, aud by Druggls:* averywhers. uiay 21?*o?t Tr*1"* HOOFLAND'S CELEBRATED Uf.BUAN BIT 1TE*rt There ere few tMag* vrhleh afford as greater plsasars than sitting d-wn to write a notice of Lhe c?l*brated Hocf land Ueruiai. UttUrs I ecause wear* folly coaeclous we sre Conferring a public Unilit. and oar heart tells us that by OSir notices many Ua\ e been iadured to taks the^ BIU# ( sud been leecued from death by dyspepsia, lifer complaint. .1 . eITT* 2? wb?ch It la certata It Is prepared and sold ?a!y by Dr. 0 M JACKSON, at the German Medicine Btore, N< l ie Arch street, Pblladalphla "?e* alve: Usement * m ir 1 !? -K-~wioon nrrnnns.-ji t* **Mmat?d tt?*t A r n * 8 i->CHEBBY PECTOBAI. ard CATHARTIC FILLS h^ve V.n&mora??prot?rt**tb*prtMl h**JO? than a?y other oaat eanee. There can be bo qneatioii tb*t the Ottmr-TJ Pectoral llW by it* thousand on thoaaand cure* of Cold*, Congh*. *ath ma. rronp,lnflnea*a, Bronchitis, *c? rery marh reduced the proportion bf death* frofc crfneunrf'tlTe dl*?**es lu tW* ortonfrj Hj? Pill* lire u r~>d m the Pecwr?l, and *il core ?orecompl?lnta. . Krerybody nMdi rnor.- or 1*** por^iur. Pure* the lilnoa from tta Imparitiee. Purge the B^wele, Liver, and the whole vlaceral *y*tem from obstruction*. Pnrje out the di*enaee which fluten ot) the body, to work It* decay. But t?r (ll?**sa?50/H uld die only of o!d a?e. Take autldotea It from U?e ?j ?t?m, before H ia yet too .As do tfirnut ont disease, not only while It la when ft bin tftktn ? *tr<>nic IHd. ffl^BPrir nUtemanta of tho?# who Imtc been cnrM by tnem from dreadful Scrotal*, Urupey. jUlcera, Hkin dlNMM, Kl>*ti mati>m, Neuralgia, Dyapepaia, Iuterual Puiua, Biliona Com plalnta, Headache, Heartbnrn, (lout, and many leas dance rone but *ttll threatening ailment*, such as pimple* on tlie fac?. Worm*, Kerron* IrriUbility, Lo?? of apretlte, Irrczn larltiea, DiaaK.cae In tUe bead, Cold*, Fe**rs, Dyeetitery, and Indeed every variety of conydaint# for which* Purgative Remedy I* ffcqUlrfed. The?B are no random atatement*. but are eathenticaua by your own Dtlfhbori and voor own pbyaiclaiia. Try tfiem once and you will never be wltiiost them. Price J6 cenU per bo*?6 boxes for $1. Prepared hy DH. J. C. A YKB, Lowell. Maas., -And told fcy Z. D. OILMAN, Waahlnfton. O. M. LISTHICI'M, Oeericetown. JAB. COOK k CO., FredfrlcksCnrit, and by all Drnxgleta ?very where. 7 ' "*? VJnlmuifroi re^e've* all thenew Book* and News raper* a* fe*t a* ptibllahed. Hoi* *K?nt for Harper'* and all the other Magazine*, and oar readers will always And a lsrge and good asaortKent of Blank Book* and Stationery at !?'- Bookntor*. Odorn HniidUg. cor P% aveuna and 4*f at f>?j?Z D. OILMAN, Drutlat, ha* removed to 658 Seventh J?' street, opposite to tlie Patriotic Bank, and is now pre pared to Oil all order* for Medicines, Paints, Oils, and Ola** on accommodating terms. Strict attention will be paid to phyaldan'a prescription* at all honrs of the day and ulghl. The night bell la on the right of the store door. ap 14?In Wants. WANTED ?A situation by a young man who hat been out of employment for some months I would like to get in some wholesale or retail gro '?ery, having been in the grocery business for the last eight years. The very t> st of reference given as . o character. Addrew a note to M. Y., at Star office, will receive attention. may 2f?3.* r ANTED immediately, five brick-makers and . . four off-bearers, to go iri the country to main 400,000 bricks. Enquire of Thomas C. Kirkley, No. 61, north A, between First and Second street*. Capiiol Hill. may ???3t? w WANTED?BY A WHITE BOY, THIRTEEN years old, a situation where he can make feiMMlf generally nieful He can read and write, and is an active boy. may 25?3t* I'O CLAIM AGENTS, &c? An Attorney and Counsellor at Law, who has had t*enty-one years professional expciience, much of that tim<? in full practice, wishes to form ii connexion with or be engaged by a Claim Agent or Lawyer. References satisfactory. Address "'Lex" at this office. may 23?5: A N T E I) ?A PARTNER TO WORK A Stone Quarry and contract for sale of Stone to Government and other?, thero being n<rw great de mand for stone. This Uuarry is immediately oppo site Georget wn. Large shanty, blacksmith shop, and every implement on the spot. T1 is quarry lur ntshes the l>cst and largest uuck Stone, 8tc. A chance is now offered. Call or write to LLOYD fc CO , Fifteenth street, oppo. the Treasury. may 3?tf ANTED?EVERYBODY TO KNOW THAT they can get a lot 24 feet front by l.'jO feet deep, for Hie low price of $75?pavable %3 a month without interest. Apply at tiie Union Land Office, 7ih St., ahov? Odd Fellows' Hall. ap??3m- JOHN FOX, Pec. Boarding. BOARDING.?Bo,>rdiri? may be had at No. 473, Six li street, between D and E; one very large airy apartment, with gas; also, several other rooms. may 2ft 3t M~RS. 81. (J. CitiKJCK'4 Boarding lt<.u>^, on Pennsylvania avenue, first house west cl ttie Capitol eat<\ Fine rooms at vitri iu- price*, and every possible attention and comfort bestowed r-n ladies and gentlemen guests. may 26 ? 3w' UAltD iIlIl) fx U O M 8.?Tw<? or tlne^ f newly furtiisheJl and very desirable rooms fot rent, with board, at 403 F ft-, Union Row. mil' 22 lw* _ BU.VHlit.lU.?Tnree well- uriiished Rooms, with bfla-dinu, can be obtained at No. 4JI1 Eleventh street, west side, between G i-nd II. may 21?if Not ic K.-roi; k:l\r?PAKLuH?. ami Chambers, wij!. i?o'?rd. Al-o, table aiitl trdii sient board, with a bathing room and shower l>ritlis and every attention to render it tn*??: agree.ih?e to her boardei4. Mrs. P. G MURRAY, Corner Pennsylvania avenue and 4^ ^t. ap 23?ilni BC>AKl>, dtcT^ V1R.-!. ItATES, o;? the s<>utiT weat corner of Pa. avenue and Uth street is pre pared to hccouunodnte gentiemen with rooms, with or without hoard. Every effort will be mnd-i to ren der those comforti !.!e who may favor htr with ?h"it pa'.ronage. ap 6?!f r* HU UNI>KilfclO?SKI) are now working " the Stone Quarry formerly occupied by ?lajoi Wm B. Scott, and ar.: prepare J to fu nuh STOJii at the u?ual market rates HUMPHREYS ft WILLIAMS. Georgetown. May 15? ltn* Wood Kngravlng aiid Lithographing OrriCB ScPi.RiniKSDi.Nr Ti nuc pRinriNe, Washington, May 111, 1855. I jROFOSALS will lie received nt this office un.d the 30ih day of May instant, at 12 o'clock, tn , for drawing and engraving upon vvuod, in the high est style ot the art, twenty four or more quarto Eiges (six by nine inches) of scenery, to illustrate eports of Surveys of Route for Riiltoad to Pacific Ocean. Also, for drawing and engraving, in il>* ?at>it style, sixty-five or more small geological illustra tions and views to accompany sa:ue work. Also, for drawing and e ngraving in the same man ner, two or more views to accompany Report ol Lieut Gilliss. All these engravings wi'i be require.] tc !>e drawn upon the blocks in the very best style,and the draw ing submitted to this office f r correction or ap proval ; und when ;u<h drawings are approved, the engraving"' to be executed in the neate>t manner. Proposals will also be received untif the fame data fi-r drawing in crayon, in tlie highest style of the art, upon stone, ami priming in one, two, an>l three tints, twei.ty-three th'>iiN*nd or more copies ot twenty four or more ijuarto plates (six by nine incues) of illustration* to accompanv Reports of Surveys of Route for Kaihoad to Pacific Ocean. Proposals will also be received for drawing and printing a portion of the work last ubove named, and printiog in colojs. Ti?e illus'ratious w ill be open at litis office for the inspection of those persons desirous o{ bidding for the saute until the closing of the bids, and any in formation desired will also be furnished. The papt r required for printing the lithographs will be furnished by this office. Contracts will he entered into with, and bonds with security will be required from, the successful bidders, for the faithful execution of iheir contrncls. The biJs will stite, separately, tlie price, and but itnt price, for hacIi class of w<irfc bid tor, cud tLc lime required for tlie execution of the work,nr par tions ol ike same, and must be addressed to "A. G. Seaman. Superintendent of Public Printing, Wash ington, D C ," and be plainly endorsed "Proposals I for Wood Engraving," er "Lithographing." A. G. SEAMAN, | may 21?IV Superintendent. WASHINGTON STORE. LADIES, you must not foreet that we are still offeiint; great bargains m Dry Goods. We name in part? Mouselins and Cashmeres at 12j{ cents, cost 20 Fine fast colored Lawns al 8 cents, cost 11 \{A Yard wide bleached Cottons, only 6j| cents While and colored Crane Shawls at half price (Jotlou Sheetings, all widths, leas than they can be bought elsewhere Plain ChaJley s, only 18X per yard Fine French Ginghams, only 23 cents Ladies' black Hose al 8 cents Linen Table Damask verv cheap I A tew pieces left, beautiful styles, Brilliant'', only 22 cents [ Bcrege de Lata'*, for 12)4 cents, worth 25 I Plain, dotted and Embroidered Swisa Muslins, very cheap I Our customers will please remember that all of the above Goods must be sold by the 1st of July. We have also a f?w pieces Silks, different styles, which will be sold without regard to cost. No. 1ft, opposite Centre Market. may 21?lw NOTICE. ~ THE Undersign*d can accommodate parties with COACHES tor pleasure tri|*. I Also, to make trips to boais arriving t aftei mjiht lroni tlie White House/ For terms apply to Mr. JOHN IIOLBROOK, at the Stare Stand at the Capiiol, or orders left at G. tk. T. Parker Ik Co.-s Store. WM. WHALEY. may 16?1m* ? | IIAIR WORK. ORNAMENTS of Hair, such as Bracelets, Ckul elatna, Chains, Breastpins, Earrings, I in?? r Kmes, made to order, of any desired design. A'l orders faithfully attended to. Specimens ntey be seen at my store. II. SEMKEN, No. 330 Pa. av., between 'Hh and iOih sis. Mar M TttAYftD AWAY on Friday, the 4i h 7* May, lioni Georgeiuwu, a small coluied Boy, attout eiev-ju years ol nae,i- itail on wiien he left, v 401/ ol suulT-s'tdored pauts and a straw hat. An svk'er?tn the name of Jake Any one giving inlor matiou to MONTEZUMA IiAGGS, 43 Seventh St., Georgetown, will receive the thanks of the Jam ly and a reward ii desired. - may Id? Sw* For Sale and Pent -TT*r C*? BUILDIEG LOT3 AND DWELLINGS.?F??r ?ale, Lot? on Third t, near the City Hull; 2" F, betw?en Third and Fo?rth;oii Ej between Fmt and Second; on Seventh, between L an*I ' Y'l ne*r Tenth; on Third, near L; on Sev?nh. between L and Mi oh K, between Fo:'rMiand Fifth: ?lso, opp wite to Franklin Square; Ma-racliu*?-t; avenue, between Fir-r and ft. Capital; First Ward, / ne*?T.7entjr Vir*uj?a avenue, near Tweh'j first; N. Hampshire avenue, batween II and I; also, two frame dwellings on Fourth between F and G. wjli bt sold low for cash. (stand property Two email f ame tenement? on I. between Four-and a half and Sixth; also, lota on Virginia svenu", an-l a variety In other parts of ti c Mind and City, all cf which wll be sold on terms accommodating ;o suit pnrchuers Enquire ar \o 337, Pennsylvania av , opi>osit3 to Browne' Hotel. may 98_lmeo DAVID MVERLE. Ij'HR SALE.? Soda Points, Cooler, and nher Draw Pipe, all complete and in excellent orJ. , o*i returnable term?. F.oquiie at this r.ffier. may 28?3: HOUSE TO LET?On 9ih street, between I) and E streets. C>uid stand for a shoemaktr or tinner. For terms apply to JOHN WATERS K street, between 10th and 11th, General Agent and Collector. may 16?2t* For rent?a rvtmsBsp boobs on *e Capitol Square. Apply at No. 12 Nort!. A st. Capitol Square. may 96?3.* FOR SALE?A STORE. FIXTURES, AND good will of a Confectioner in the First War#, Good reasons given for wiling out. It may be bought cheap by applying at this office. may 25- 3t* For sale or rent?a new two-stoky and attic Briek Houa?\ with a two atory back building, containing a large Hall and ten good rooms To a careful tenant the rent will be very mo;irrat?* For further particulars enquire of Mr. PHILIP MACKEY, corner Fourth and i streets, may 22? lw* FOR SALE?A LOT of GROUND IN TliE most thriving part of the city, improved in pa t and is under rent at two hundred dollars a year It is nutated on Ninth near N > trret, and hns a fr ni of 76 feet on Ninth street, by 73 feet 6 inch 's deep. The above property will b* sold at a bargain f?r cash or on timn, an the purchaser may d??*ire, by paying one-fourth cash. For particulars enquire of JAMES O. WHITNEY, on C, betw. 12th and 13th ?treats. may 2'?3w F??It RENT?THE TWO NEW HOUSES ON Pierre street. between L and M street con taining si* rooms each, with basement and a larsc yard attached. To punctual ten nuts the low rant of ei?ht dollirn will be charged monthly. Enquire of the owner, opposite the premises. may 15?2w* CHAS. TH()M Rents reduced to suit the times. $150 a year will be received for the rent of those new and convenient cottages at Kendall Green, with two acres of ground, stable, wood shed and other conveniences attached. Pumps of pure water are near the door, and coinmumcat on is h?d with Georgetown by way of H and Seventh streets and Penn. Avenue, morning and afternoon, at the usual fare, for the accommodation of clcrk ? in the departments. To gccure the advantage of this great r? ductiou of rent immeditdc apjilication must be made to the undersigned, either by letter, or at his bouse at Kendall Green, after office hours, where the keys may be had and the houses inspected at any time. Several of these residences will be sold on liberal terms. WSJ. STICKNEY, No.4, Kendall Green. N. B?Rents paid quarterly in adrance. apr 9, 1655?ti ITtOR RENT?A NEW THREE-STORY FRAME HOUSE, containing eight rooms, very pleas antly;!. on New York avenu?, n<-nr the inter section oi New Jersey avenue and Third street. Ii has a side I n for a garden, and a good cellar un li t the kitchen. To a punctual tenant the rent wiil br $15 per month. Possession given on the l<t June, Enqmrr ?f WILLIAM POWELL, one door above No 16% may 16?6teo VILLA FOR SALE.?THE SUBSCRIBER of fers at private sale the villa ;n which she ai present resides, with eigh' acres of land, situated ai Eilaville, on the Washington and Baituu re Turn pike Road. The Iruse is new, with all the modern improvements, and the situation has many advant arts for perso- s engaged in business in Washington *-? it is within live minutes' walk of the Bladi-n?t?urr Depot on the Railroad, and there is also an omnibu* running twice a day between Washington and Ella ville. Application t*> be mad** to the subscriber, living nn the premires. MARY S. VASS. mar 27?2awtt I^OR SALE?A TWO 6TORY Hrick HOUSE or- ?h'- corner of Prospect -,nd ered?-r;ck sfrre.s Georgetown, no-v occupied l?y Mr John W. Bro uauah. . For ir.forn.-itioii apply to Mr. J AMES MIL LER, t si , betw. 4;h and 5th, Georgetown, ap 25?law5w* TftKIOK YARD, BRICKS riUUAKE ol Ground 1> Horses, Carts. Farms, &c , at Private Sale.? 'I lie subscriber will sell at private sale, on very rea sonaM*: terms, Square No. 660, which eont.'.ins an inexhaustible quantity of good briek clay, with a b ick yard now in actual < p?ration thereon, ami shout 400,001 burnt and unburn' ready nia c bricks It has on it aa inexhaustible cistern well of wat'r, and :t floir room and sheds sufficiently large ic>i eight or ten gangs. Also, four Horses, two of which are fine brood mares, with young colts, four C ms and Harness. Also, one Farm, lying in Montgomery county. Mar) land, about eight or ten mile-? from Washing ton, on the Adelphi Mill road, immediately ia th vieii,ity of Pisgali Meeting-house, and about t'trer miles from the railroad, containing 180 si-res of fin. land, a part of which is heavily ti-nbered; and n peach and apple orchard of 1.500 trees, in futl War ng, with a variety of other fruit tr<es. T.'e farm is w< II watered, nn-r the land in ?. hish . 'are of cul tivation. Also, a Farm containing 80 or 90 acres. lying be tween two and three miles from the Capitol, witi good improvement*. Inquire of the subscriber, on C, b'tween Steomi and Third strrety, Washi' r?ton may 16?cnSw SAMUEL C. WROE "TTALUABLE AND ELIGIBLY SITUATEC V Building Le.t at Private Sale.?The ?ub>rriht-i will gel!, at private sale, Lot No. 3 in Sqtnre No 414,(routing 5>y feet 1 inch on H street x.u !>, ->y 3! IV? i G inch on Eighth street west. The L.'>t will lie sold in whole or 111 part--, tn suit purchasers. T-rins accomaiouating. CI1AS. S. WALLACH, Attorney, ap 30?eo4w* opposite west wing City II.til. Ff R RENT-TWO NEW BRICK HOUSES^ N, between 12th and 13th s're?-ts. They con tain two parlors, five chambers, servant's roe in doling room, kitchen and double Cellars, with con venient yards and outhouses. The buildings are lo cated in a healthy and rapidly improving part of tin city. Rent $21 per month. For lurtber particular) enquire on thh premises. may 23-?o3t* 1>EAL ESTATE AT PRIVATE SALE.- ONI V Frame Dwelling Mouse and Lot on O ft., be tween 6th and 7th streets west, containing six gooc rooms, nearly new. Oue two and one three-story frame Dwell-ii! Hnu^e on Massachusetts r venue, betwern 4ih an< 5th streets. Two two-stury Frame Houses en Washington st Also, a very comfortable L welling Housu on Beal street, Georgetown. All the above property is nearly new, and will hi sold on accommodating 'ems. Enquire of FRAN CIS WHEATLEY, Lumber Dealer, No. 37 Watei street, Georgetown. may 93? cod 1 ill IJOR RBNT?SEVERAL HANDSOME PAR lors and Chambers, with bo'ird. AI?.o, Tuble and transient bo.*ird. Inquire at Mrs SMITH'S. F street apt) HOMES FOR ALL.? Beautifully and health;!) located Building Lots, 24 feet front by 130 fee: deep, on graded streets, can, until spring, be boughi at tli" exceeding low price of $75, payable vj pe; mouth. Title indisputable. Union Land Office, 7th "st., above Odd Fellow' 11a!!. Jan 9?6m JOHN FOX, Secretary. MILLINERY AND FANCY GOODS. SELECTED WITH GREAT CARE.?Every ar tide in the above line may be obtauted^^^^ m ten per cent, cheaper than in any store in j the city. Milliners will find it to their ad vantage to call. Straw Bonnets, Hats arid Flats Lace, Crape, B'ondi:, Silk and Lawn Bonnet? al ways on hand Frames, Seamless Crowns, Rice d<?. Blonde Lace Edgings Footing, tie. WILLIAM P. SHEDD, Fancy Gocds and Milhnsry, 5054 11th st. may 21?1 w STEAMBOATS CONNECTING V With each train of Cars arriv ?irg in Washington or Alexin. dria.?J lie Srcamers THOMAS COLL YERsi GEORGE WASHINGTON wili make the aUwe connections, leaving Washington at 6 u. n< for ti> Orange and Alexandria can, and conncct with' .s same train on their mrival. Meals furnibhed on the lieats. The Boats connect with all tiie trains Irom Bal limore. SAM'L GEDNEY, Capt. may 17?d STRAW MATTING. JUST received 4. 5, and 6-4 White and coloret Mattings, which I ain silling at the lowest pri ces lor cash or lo prompt customers. J. II. SMOOT, S. side Bi<dg" Bt., near High, Georgeioww. n.ay l'J? ? I .A OOI.Se A P WRITING PAPERS ol lb- hnt t aiul also ol the cluwfrt Kit ds A large tsUpply just rect ived tluect from tin man ?<(faeturers, fot aali; at unu?u;.lly low priceb. iuay lb FRANCK TAYLOR Auction BalM. By GREEN A tCOTT, Anctlpne*v? HAWDWOM COTTAGE RUfLDINQ LOTS at Auction.?On THURSDAY, ihe 31* ins. we shall c* II, on the prt>(u<**?, a? 6 o'clock p. _ , ?ever*! handsome budding lot*, having nn entire front >n M?l**i'l?ni?fit? **i-iiuf of 74 11 inches, an-1 a front on 31 ?-irce; ? .t*t of 1S5 feet, forming the Cf.rnrr of Jfawachiwett* svenue and :?d -treet ??nt. on an elevated find healthy position on Capim; HUI,^ oe ir the Capitol, ami h pump of ei?*llent wa-er at the correr. . . AIsa two l"t? E stte*'' north. ?n i??i' square, it bemg sqnare No.79% Tbe Una will be t< Id in sr*es t?> suit purchasers Title perfect. . . . ta Tertua: One b.uih cash; bi'anc* in 0 1-, and 18 months, for noies hearing intern! from the oay or th? talv. A deed given a:*.i adeed of uu?t taken. GREEN 3i S*'OTT, ir.av gC?d A-iruottTr. ByJA4. C lncOUfE K. Ai?c?'oii??r. 1WVO DESIIi MjLE DWELLING HOUSES at Public Aueu??n.?On WEDNESDAY alt?r noon, May 30ih, at 6 o>>cJock, on Ibe pinri?? I shall sell part ot L?H Nn. 8 in square north c.f s poire 515, with the imprrr'wnh. Cor<tM ing of two excellent WKMlofv and attic frame dw?-l line hou-ie, with buck bafi nieiii-; each Louse con tain'ng 8 rooms These how ? ar nearly new, having Itfs fin ished a-t 1*!', atid *? ry substantially buTt, wi li ?r.e beet materials. Ea h bouse t)4< r. tide ~nd buck alley T?*riiis: One ihir.l :?a?4i I the residue in 6, V2 It*, an 1 "i months, i'??r " ?es befcrng interest, secured hy p. of it at u. ilie premise JA9. l". MeGUIRB, may 26 ?d Auctioneer. By J. C. .tfcQUIRki. Auctioneer. Vli.UABLE BUILDING L<iT ON FOURTH street, between E and P, front me on -'Ju^wia rv t-qtiaro," at Auction ?I shall ??ff?*r for sai**. in traiit of tli- pn nifM, on WEDNESDAY, the 30:h in*t ii't, M 9 u'eteck p ni., the north haif of lot N" ft, i . Squ tre 5b i, i>.;u? 25 feet front by 93 'eel fos:r inches det p. Tins lot is eligibly located, b< .nn only 3 fqeares f, oni tin; Patent and Post Office*, tnd in a rapidl; improving section of the city. Terras: One-fifth cash: the balance in 6. 12, 1H. and 24 moi."bs, the d ferred payments to b? ar i::ter est. and to be secured bv a ?iCed of uu?t upon tl:f nrope-ty J AS. C. JrtcGUIKE, ma> 23 - d Auctioneer. 3y QHKE.1 * SCOTT. Aaotion*#?# T ARGE AND COMMODiO*?* BRICX HOUjI I j ai?d l^ot on t.'apitol Hill .it Auction.? On IRI day, the 1st day of June, we shall sell, a? 6 o clo- ?. p m., on the premises, the laipe and wlltol three-stcry brica House, lately occupied l<y th< Hon. Judffe branch, *itu?ud on Dt-laware avenue, next to the cori>er oi north 13 street, near the nortii Capitol pate. Tb- house contains thirteen conve r.iently arranged rooma, and wide j-a-^afc hn'i?;!i tlie bouse, and bui't with thick trails, aid niel'.a under the whole fv.iildinjr, and the lot bei-g ha!f of Lot No. 6, ill square Mo. 6W, having a front o thirty fee: six inches, running 19j feet seven inch' s to a thirty leet alley The above-descn! ed prop erty is certainly on? of the han?<sonn st locatioi^ and most beautiful rites io \Vashin?'on, pre?T.tiiis the most commandite vi-w Ther? is a'?o a pump of eieeller.t '.vater n? ar ihe d"*v. Terms: One fourth c;ish ; l?alar.f? in one, t?ro. thu-e, and tr.u* years, lite purchaser to giv; n?;< - for the deferred [.aymeau, bearing interest ffr>m da\ of sale A deed given and a deed of trust taken. Title indisputable. All coii'.t j ance at the co*t of the purchaw*. GREEN & SCOTT, may 25? d Auctioneers. d>- J - C. MtCUi?)T<i A uctloiinr. ! "f TERY VALUABLE BUILDING LOT IN TIIF. ! \ First Ward at ^U' tion?On TUESDAY af i tenn>'?n, Jane 5'h, at 6 o'clock, - n the prenusts, I 1 shall m U Lot No -JO, in dquarir 101, havms a front ot 35 f? e? on nonh I, between 90th and 21 *t stre?'-, running hack 149 feet 3 inches, to a 20 leet alley . there i< al o * ten f? ?t al.ey ruttiung t!n- full depth ot tiie lot ?-n ihe ea t .-ide Tliis lot is hands?)m-ly situated, fronting aii im proved pahlie re?. rviitiun on Pennsylvania uvenue, and H a very desirable location for a private resi denee. Titl?* perfect Tcrni?: One-fo?irth ; the residue in fix. twelvi ? d tijhfvn months, fatisrac.oril> secure], bephfij in'.erert. JAS C. M GUI RE. rnay2T)?Aucaone?;r. My J. C. Ht?l'iaK, Aucthmnr. "I"*"ALU \BI.E RE?L ESTATE AT PL'MI If' \ S.\le.?Tlie subscriber will sell al pub ic s:d? on M(?Ni?AY, th? 18: i d?y of'Jtine. atS a'elk p m on ih? premises, lot No 2J, i:i s'|iiarc "<j7. fronting 26 f?et m iO:h s?trr we.t, between N aii? O streets- nori?'>> "n.l improveuieo, which cor.-u*. of two small fnm" botis?-s. Tcrni" of side; On# third ca.h. and ba1 in 0 12 ;ind 16 month not# s, bearirtg rnterest from oay ? l etile, secured by n deed of tms? n;e-n ?h^ pr-' perty Iftbe terms are not complied with in ti:ree days after th:: ^ale, thi; property will b*' r? sold st the ri-k i and expense ol the purchaser All conveyancing ?it Ihe expense of pur hast r CIIAS S WALLACH Aitorncy. JAMES C. McGUlRE, may 2v-tolids Auctioneer. By G'tfcEN & SC3TT, Aucttonora. \rALUABLE LOTS AT AULTlON ? Part o' squire l!U, oil b 15th Hfetii, ntir Mr Pierre's enrdens ?On TUESDAY, the 2!d of Si ay j iiiftar.t, we wi'l sell, to the highest bi<ld? r. mi the i ;ir?*: si-es, at 7 o'clock p. m . h-t- 1,2, 4, 5,7. ;.n<' i 20, in 1V2, freutingen R, Fitt?.-en*.h ccd fix , tcrnth str?? ti". I Hi* terms ot sale are: One-third cash witbin : three days from the day ol sr,l?. and lire r?uicue it. { 6, 12, and 18 months, in not-s oi rqua' amortnls, I secured by a deed of trust on the i>rp|?erty. If the terms of sale are not complied wish, the ririit is reserved to resell tiie i'-is, or any of th^ni. on g-.ving one week's public notice, at the risk ? o! Ihe d linquent purchaser. Ail coiivrya-ices at Lurehaser's eost. GREEN St SCOTT. Auc.ioneers. Th? ibov sale ta poiip'.ned un til TUE.-DAV evening. 29lh m-tant, al 7 o'cf' ck, when tbe above dfiicribud pioperty will l?c sold to the hiuhot bidder It i? wnh;n ibeenclosure t-f Pierce's gsrdeii, in r. Iiigii state of cultivation an I an elevaied 'n?it:on. GREEN & SCOTT, may 23?eokdi Auctioneers. By OK.fa.KN & SCOTT, Auct!orrer?? ?pWO FRAME HOUSES AND LOTS AT AUC | tion.?Oa THURSDAY, th" 24th inmnt, atti o'clock p. m , no shah sell in front of tiie promises part of S.ot No. 2, in Square 437. with the improve, incuts, which are two frame Houses, one contain ing three an 1 the oth *r nine roou.s; each house fronting twelve feet on south G, between 7th and Srh sr*< is wot, with a five leet alley between th* two, making th^ whole front 29 fe? t, running back aC fe? t " inched. Terms : One fourth cash ; balance in fix, twelve eighteen, and twenty four mouths, on note - bearinj snteri ft. A de< d given a deed of trust taken. Title indisputable. GREEN & SCOTT, may 18?d Auctioneers. {1(7-Th? above sale Is poit|ion?il In conscqncnce of the rain until MONDAY, tpc 28tli instant, al the u .me hour. GREEN 8i SCOTT, may 25?.! Auction?ers: By GKHKSI dk bCOTT, Auctloncsri. ^trALUABLP BUILDING LOT ON NORTIl I V kist'en bib and Sih suetu *M, at Auction On WEDNESDAY, the 30th instant, we shall s*ll in tior.t of the premises, ai 6 o'clock p. rn . the beau tifnl building lot situated on the south side of rortl I, between Hth atid 9ih streets west, being west hall of Lot No 7, in square 404, having a front of 30 b) 8f? i'eet deep. Tunis: One fourth cash; balance in 6,12, and IS months, for notes saiirfactonly endorsed, bearing in teresi from day of sa!<;. A deed given and a deed of trust taken. GREEN * SCOTT, may 24?d Auctioneers. By GRKKI A 8COTT. AatUoatsri VALUABLE BUILDING LOTS FRONTING on north K, between lPtb and i7:h sts. west at Auction?On MONDAY, the 28th instant, w? shall sell, at 6 o'clock p. ni . in front of the premi ses, Lots Nss. 4 and 5, in Square 184, fronting _os the north side of north K, between 16?h and 17?l streets, 53 feet three inches, and 45 feet ten inch?*s running I. >ck an average depth of 146 teet to a thir iv feet alley. " Tiie above described property is handsomely Jo caied, being the sec-nd square north of Lafayrtt* Equate P rsors wishing to make a good invest merit will do well to attend the sale. Title indisputable. Terms: One-third ca*h ; the residue in G, 12, and 18 month., for notes Lcaring interest fromlieday ri the Sd=e A deed given and a deed of trust taken. GREEN &. SCOTT, may 22?d Auctioneers. E^OK SALE.?A Pair of BAY MARES, 7 yean ; old iKxt-pring, well bred;sound,stylish, gentle, ?pinte<l and capital goers. They aie well broken and perfectly fre^ Iroai tricks, ana will particularly suit any gtuiieiuau who is tond ot diiviug. The owner puns with them only because hts purpose is to retreneh his expenses. They cat Is: seen at Southron's (late Birch's) Stable, on 14U -Cieet, Houih of I'a. av? nue. Fu. terms, ho imrtunity to try them, enquire at the counter ot* th< diai ofli -e. They will Ik* sold a ba gaiti. ap .'I?tl waltbr o. BtriMt mumriM imic DAV1DGE k INGLE HAVING loruiyJ aco p#itnir?ld,? will piaetier lawjn tbis Disuict and adjoffnn* Stale may 17?eo2w TEirKWRAJ'HlU uromn fob m DAILY EVEMIW O bTAB. A'rival of the Empire City. TJew Tom, May 26 ?Tke Empir* City ar rived her* this mornirg with IIitui dates of tb? J*d, which have airway bean f*ceiv*d at New Orleans The Sao Jactoto t? o Iobv* Biraoi ob the 34th. Teo at??Bi?r Fulton, and the aio^p-of war Cyan#, were at ?hat port. General Concha has returned from hu jour n-y into the interior The rrieonera wto have bns confined ob the Hulk, with t^n* few exaeptione, have re e?ivod p^esports to proeacd to Spaio. The ytlloir feve- and rmll pox are prevail - i of to a ooDsiderahle ox tent The actirg U S. Consul haa Issued a etrcu lar of warning to American saiiors. Segars are firm. The iner*aa*d duties of Great Britain hare rot materially affaeted the prices The preeent ?L ok ia, at Havana. aKoot 200 OCC boxaf ; at M?tana*a 40,000 Molass** i? in Irisk demand at fall rate* ; holdera are ?letr.anding higher price#. 8alee at 3 a Si reals per keg Exchange ia qaiet The Virgiuia Eleetioa Daltsmorv. May 28?The official and re ported majorities received from 107 eounti*a foot t?p aa follow;: Wise's majjriti*s 19,012 Floarnoy'a majorities 11.256 Wise's majority over Flounoy 7,67ft There are 3ft counties yet to ho heard from which gnve Pierc* 1 1 j0 majorities. Cargo cf Floor Ashore Cai * Vihcebt, (N. Y.) May 28.?The pro peller J. N Brooke, loaded with flour from Ogtensbarg. want ashore above Long Point Ust night It it thought the will be gotoff without much damage to her cargo. A Political Hoax Eavgor, May 28 ?The announcement that .Samuel C. Qege had been nominated for Gov ernor of Maine, by tho Know Nothings in a State convention, ia a hoax. No oonvention ia? yet been held Baltimore Markets. Baltikorb. May 23 ? Floor is eteady. thif morning ; soles cf 600 bbla. Howard etraet at lift S7i Wheat is doll; sales of rod at $2 40 12 50, and white $2.50a$2 60 Corn?Sales ?t white at fil 08afl 09. and yellow tl 00* $1 07 Oats are dull a: 63a65c. for Maryland .mi Feunijlvania. Few Tor* Markets New York May 2? ? Cotton ie unchanged Flour has declined 12c; good Ohio $10 25a $10.50; Southern ia eteady at previous rates. Wheat is Improved and firm. Corn ia a trifle lower; mixed lOGallOc Pork is a trifle lower. Beef is unchanged Lard ia easier but not quo tably lo**er; ia barrels lOfalOj. Whisky is firm; Ohio 59i. New York Stock Market N*w York May 2*? ?Stocks are firmer this morning V cey continues very easy Sale* of Erie at 48j: Cleveland and Toledo Rail road 81; Reading Railroad 88i; New York Central 92i; Virginian's 99; Missouri ft's 94. By J. C. JBeOUlltVt Auctioneer. T7XTCN8IVE A8SORIMEV*! OK NEW AND 57* ^eci'nd-hand Fu our . without reeerve.?Oo f IICRSDA Y lr.orninr. M-y 3t?C, at 10 o'clock, a? No 395, south of P-nnsylvania avenue, tx ;????* ; 4% and 6tli -treeta, I shall se I the entire ?T?'k in trade of J R MpG^iv, (who w a.out to change hi? bBrtnes*<>????;.ruin^? Suite ??f p'ush-ro*?rtd - * !?>? Furniture II v?ew<>od ana Walnut WjfJwte* ard Plain Hiirrim?, Wash?t\nd.? -r neb, CuUage acd Piatn Bedsieada Hair and hu^k M-.ttresaes, Can*- and wool-scat Chairs, Rockers {.'?"king Glasses. Clocks,V??ea Cribe, '"radles. Trundle Bedstead* Children's Cab, Waaon, Chaira Tin, wood, wiilou aiiri iron Ware t. rn ahd fil are, ToiietSeu Cutlery, Scales and W i^hta. Ca^tnrs Si ti t plated and Rriiannia Tea and Table Spnone SUow r Ba-h, Water Cooler* l>ufir Mats, Ti ?? 8ai?*s Cmtkiri^ Hnd t'hsaibvr ?t<?v?*a, Cookinf U'enailf ?*f?ri -B Wur h. with t ?p, Wheelharrews .?^ii' lvitu, Si.ore Futiiht, ac : r g-th r with nta ijr ? v -ty article ur-ual'y ' 'und in *i i <>us<'-f'irni<liinz store. 'ierw.<: AH sua? oi and under !J25 cash; over !? c""dl: of 60 sud nine y day#, tor satisfactorily eod,,'?,.*d nr tc*, bearin; nueresf. J At?. C. McGIJIRC, inuv 28?d Auctioneer. By JAH. C. NcOl'lHK, Auctioneer. | >AIR IPLENltlli RAY ? ARRI lGF. HOR8EH, two superior an<l Saddle II r?m, One E gtiah CJlarenee. os?d?*W?t?eate4 Bufvy Wapu, Harness, Covers, 6tc.?On THURSOAV a^ercxm. May ft!at, at 5*4 o'clock, at the Auction R'?nds, I sell the f"|!owin?r property of t is Excellency d?e Fr- rich Mua?t*r, who u about to leave for Eu rupe, vir: I'air of sBp'-rior Northern bred b?;H tail Day Carriajc Horses Two ctcc lent RngQ' and saddle Horses On . fine English t'larence >ne donWc -en'ed Bujsy W?gon Harness, ? overs, sSad'ti*, 4ic. Tt.c aUwe mny h<- men at 8chwarta's Stable*, in ?V- Fir?t W^rd. a:sy time pr^viouato ih?nl?. Terms : if 100 and cu ier cash ; over iha* sum a creditor tw<>and four mouihs, fur notes satiaf-ctoti ! ly cndorj?d, boaiii e iutercs*. J AS. C. McGUIRE, way 96?d Auctioneer. Sjr GREEM * SCOTT Anetluneeva. Books, tpivts, colored engravings, and fin- rhae;on or Gip. nearly new, at Auc tion.?On TITESPAV, ttie 5H?th instant, we thall sell, at 0 o'clock a. m . >n front of our store, a large lot of second hand h.ioss: 500 Print* and colored Engraving? And at 10 o'clock precisely, we shall sell a fine fine Phaeton or G g Carnage, made to order in the very bei-t htyle and first fini h. Teim* eash. GREEN fii. 8COTT, rf j 28 It Auctioneers. By QR2CKK A VCOTT, Auctioneers. CV\M?V J AKS,CANDIES SCALEd & Weight#, t Glass Cum-, Counters, Oyster Boi, Ice Cream Fre?-aers, Ac., at Auction.- On WEDNESDAY, the 30i!i instant, we shall sell, at the More lately occupied by Frederick Rupp, on Pa avenue, betw. s>:coad d<-o: west of Third atreet^ at 10 o'clock, a. in .? A large lot of Candy Jars ai.d Candies Two wits Oiumcr Scales and Weights One Glam Case Two Soda Counters and Marble Slab Two Urge Counters, perfectly new and finely fin. ished All tlie Side Cases and Shelving With many other articles which we deem unne ceesarv to e-iuin<-ratc. Term-cash. GREEN A SCOTT, may 28?d Auctioneer. ily E. S. WRIGHT, Auctioneer, georgetown. DRY GOODS AT AUCTION ?OnTHl*R8DAY moraine next, lb* 31?-t instant, at 9 o'clock a. m, at Store No. 1.-0 Bridge street, Georgetown, I shiill close out, without reserve, my remaining stock of Dry Gooti?, consoling of? Dotted Swisx Muslins, Prints Swiss and Cambiic Edgings M- ufseliiie DeL^ines, Kid Gloves Lisle Thread and Cotton do French Booibaziue and Alpacas Linen Drills, Pam^loen and < 'oat Stall Vestings, Hosiery, Bareges, Shatvls Waddingi. Gi' gnams, Frin;.*es, Buttons Rla -kets, Carpeting, Ac. H; Ie positive Will bi added - A large addition of Bmwn and Bleached Cottnaa. Terina liberal and at the sale. M. L. WILLIAMS. E. 8. WRIGHT, _may88?dts Auctioneer. By DAVID W a TB H 9, A uti i on*er. SALE OF A WELL BffILT TWO STORY Frame Dwelling at Auction.?On TUE8DA V, . May ?9,16S5, at six o'clock p m , I sh Jl seil, on 1 the premis*;., pan of Lot No. 7 ia Square 533, with ihe improvements, coptis'ipg of a new two-story Frame Dwelling. ' The property is located in a rapi-lly improving ?part of ti?r <iiy, ^itnated on New Jem y awnue. be t? ten M mid N Mreets north, lrontlag 10 feet on N. Jersey aveniie, w iUi a depth of 02 4eel 7 inches f .lie gr-jd and Kidisputatde. i Tcrius ca?h. A eood deed given. DAVID WATERS, I ioa< ?&_2t* Auctioneer

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