Newspaper of Evening Star, May 30, 1855, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 30, 1855 Page 2
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EVENING STAR WASHINGTON CITY: WlDffSSDAY AFTERHOO* May :<0 SFIBIT OF THE MDSTUHe PBX8S The InisJltfenctr commence# the pnblioa* ti?* of important documents bearing on the reoent V ienna Conference, designing to con tinue them until it presents its reader* with a *11 history of the negotiation which resulted In the present prospeot of one of the longest . est wars which ever occurred in Eu rope. The Un*cn again discusses the illiberality of Britain with reference to international postafe ratee, giving another otaapter of the history of the effort* of the United States Polt Offloe Department to reduce those ohargea to reasonable rates, and shewing that the otyect of Britain has been, in the negotiations that hare taken place on the subject, little more than to effect, if possible, the introduction of British printed books into this oountry duty free The Union farther congratulate# the oonntry on the fact?demonstrated in a re cent speeoh of M. Lusuriaga, the Spanish Minister for Foreign Affairs?that the Spanish gownmenr is too sensible to place it3elf in the matter ef the El Dorado affair, on the un tenable ground as to iu rights originally as turned in this country by the National Intel. ligmctT. The Union farther repudiates Major An drew J. Doselson's present political position, which was hardly necessary. Major D. has been "hostile " ever since his want of com mon sense compelled his nummary ejection from the position of editor of the Democratic 'gin in this city, at the instance of members of Congress representing much more than the moiety of " the party " General Jackson's tuition of, and affeotion for, Donelson, though it made for him, temporarily, a conspicuous peeitien, failed to endow him with the brains nature has denied him. This accounts for his present silline<s is imagining tha: his opinion on public affairs weighs a feather with any of political integrity who is connected with " the party " in Tennessee The Superintendent's Statement. He invite attention to the statement of Mr. Dougherty, the superintendent of the Wa?h ington Monument, to be found on our first page to-day It exhibits in glaring light the true ch^-aeter of Kr-ow Nothirgism and the man ner in whioh it essays to effsct its ends in this oommunity. We seed hardly add that it is in excellent keeping with tho recent acts of the majority of our municipal oouncils, in re using their opponents any representation waatever on four of the seven boards of elec tion commissioners, and subsequently refusing to pais a resolution requesting those boards to canvass the ballots in the presence of one or two of their respectable opponents, and to re ' rn the tickets rote J as pari of tho rcord The Virginia Slecti -n. The Richmond Enquirer of yesterday has reported returns from 122 counties, which foot up as follows : FiifJrno';:;;;;;;;;;;;;; H ise s majority 547 Ihe official returns, says the Enquirer, may oiighUy vary some of the majorities; but any chan,3 will not lessen the aggregate Demo cratic majority. To be heard from 20 coun ties. which gave Pierce a majority of 348. The Enquirer does not include in its table laiewell county, where Wise is reported to have a majority of 1,000, which is agaia cf ?31. This. if correct, would increase Wise s majority to 11 647, leaving 10 counties to be frC1?' *bich gttV? Pierce a majority of The latest returas, according to the Enqui rer indicate the election of Lewis (Dem. ) to Congress in the Eleventh district. If so, the entire Democratic delegation in the last Con ire* 3 is re elected The Legislature, which will be largely Dem ocratic, will hare a United States Senator to elect in place of Mr. Mason; who will proba-1 bly be re elected. 1 la our never-to be forgotten calcalation,, wherein we foretold the election of Mr. Wise by Svico 11,850 majority, we set down Ta?e j we?l county as likely to give something more tfian I 00 majority for him, though it cave bat 36y majority for Pierce If the Washing, ton oelievers in our talented, courteous, en. ertaimng. knowing ingenuous, and truthful neighbor, instead cf ridiculing cur original, statement concerning the probable result of he \ irginia election, bad heeded our ad 7 W0UU ** tbi3 mom?nt between 000 afid >100 pop better off thin they are _^'Th# r*iQlt of the recent election in M kV? ' dlatri0t fW C?DSrM! WM " fel Bcteler Loudon 1308 * "VO Jeflerscc 44 1468 Paulkner. | *8* Warren 234 Frederick 115 I 'ark#., 3i Berkeley........ 47 Hampshire 277 Faulkner's majority 1672 1468 . 204 fna Mstkojuutat?John Murphy A Co., of Baltimore, serds us June_18S5-number of the Metropolitan, the Catholio Magasine of the diocese of Maryland, in which, by-the by, olo never finds that sort of half-erased writing which make the labors cf Orestes Browi*,n more hurUul that profitable to the caase in which he is engaged. We commend the Pastoral Letter which this number con Uses, as embracing a complete refutation of ,UndM l**t the Catholics of America owe allegiance in temporal matters to aught but the constitution, laws rights and interests of e nited btates. and of the States thereof in wnich they xesids * *'AQAZ1** ?Colonel Shillington, j with his usual promptitude, ha, laid on our | Ub.e the J une number of Harper s New Month ly Magaune, whieh contains, among other in., teresting articles ? The History .nd Mystery I cf Tobacco," and "California through Eng. lish eyes,' handsomely illustrated with en gravings The fashions for June are libe lee gi*en in this number iy Monday was a great day with the tier man* in New York, the Turnerrrein Societies having celebrated their anniversary at Wil liamsburg, Uarlem and Hoboken Gymnas tic exercises, dancing, singing, Ac., were the order of the day. The wivee and children of | the members were on the ground, and all a?> j peered to enjoy themselves WtsmHCTO* NEWS HP GOSSIP. Rot 10 Bod ?A friend who vooohM for tho youth who essayed to atdrosi the assemblage opposite Brown's hotel, on Saturday night, from a dry goods box plaoed in mid-street, assures as that the person, whoever he was, who oried out that in awaiting foreigners among us, he was assailing bis own parents, misrepresented the youth's origin; as his pa rents are both native born and of revolution ary stock. And farther, that at heart and in oharaeter, the (ad is really promising; inso much as he respects himself and others in hit walk in life. And still farther, that whatever may have escaped his liprin the heat of the excitement of that excited and exciting even, ing. under other ciroumstaoces no ooe would more rcrupulomsly refrain thaa from wholesale detraction of any clw of his fellow citite ii. We cheerfully give him the benefit of this statement in his behalf, and sinoerelj hope that he may (as experienee tempers his enthusiasm and turns hit genius into good sense, a* it doubtless will) in time oome to ap preciate the faet that good Americanism does not ooneist in hussaing for the stars and stripes, and making a fuss generally, when other people may be improperly and unfairly disturbed oy it. But that a just appreciation of lie rights of all others is tho very founda tion of the righ's of American citiienship We live under laws of equality in their priv lieges, which are expeoted to be cheerfully obeyed by all without the intervention of fjrce to insure their observation. Our coun try has been brought to its present stato of re markable prosperity, and our people and their liberties to their present remarkable condition of development, by and through the labors ef the hands, hearts and minds of people of al most all known white races. Every battle field in which the American flag has been un furled, from the contest at Lexington to that of Cerro Gordo, has been whitened by tho booes of foreigners, who fell in the cause of our country in numbers greatly more than a fair ratio when the preportionate number of foreigners in this country is taken into the es timate. We are indebted to the genius, pa tient labor, and superior attainments of for eigners for much of what is termed Ameri can superiority in branches of the arts science, literature, &o. Under such circum 1 stances, so fine a youn^ fellow as the you.Lful speaker on the occasion referred to has been credibly represented to us to be, cannot live I many years longer without learning to judge of men and things by which he is surrounded by practical commcnsense standards, rather I than from the frothy tepreeenta'ions cf de signing politicians and sinister office seeking I demagogues. The Secretary of the Treasury -The Union, I in a complimentary notioe of Mr Qeorge S. I Houston, published in its issue of yesterday I morning, does great injustice to the Secretary I of the Treasury, we are persuaded wholly I without intention so to do, if but from the faat I of iti conhdential relations to the Administra- I tion, which are wholly incompatible with an I attack on one of its members, than whom there I has been no other person in the Government of I the United States, who has oaroed. in so brief I a period of public service, so high a reputa I tion tor enlarged capacity as an Executive I statesman, and for practical abilties in the I conduct of the Department of the Government I committed to his charge, whiex are univer-1 sally admitted to be working wonders for the I public and general prosperity. While we I cheerfully admit the experience cf the gentle-1 man so praised by the Unton, and the purity I of his intentions, we do not think taat his I course on the tariff question was a happy one I for the public service He aimed, it appeared I to us. to make a Houston tariff; while the Sec- I retary aimed to alter the schedule of duties on I imports to accord with what, in his judgment I upon the great mass of information accumu I latlng in his Department, he honestly conceived I to be for the best interest of the whole country I To differ lrom the head of the Treasury De I partment in his position, so widely as Mr I Houston did. sd vehemently, and to be at I times, so indiscreet as Mr Houston was in I his manifestation of that difference, was a pal-1 pable insurance that no change in the rates of I duties whatever would be made by the last I C -ngress, however much a change might be I needed by the exigencies cf the public ser-1 vice We are not for having a member of I Congress servile to his friends in the Execu-1 braLCh of tho Government. Nor are we I endorsers of the propriety of having the chair I man of the Committee of Ways and Means. I who should be in a measure the exponent of I tae views of the head of the Treasury Depart I ment on the fiscal exigencies of the Govern I ment (when placed in his position by the I friends of those in power,) the most active and I avowed opponent of the policy of the Secre I tary of the Treasury. | A Cock and Ball Story ?Our talented, I courteous, truthful, entertaining, and ingen. I uous neighbor yesterday published a !anny ao- I oount of an imaginary order from the President I to nil the Government employees here to vote I the anti-Know Nothing tiaket. We need hard. I ly say that this order was coined in the prolific I mint of our neighbor itself. We, however, I take this opportunity to remind our talented, I courteous, amiable, truthful, entertaining and I ingenuous neighbor that it has been long I avowing that one of the main purposes of its I party is to prosoribc every man, high or low I in position, who takes the liberty of enter-1 taining anti-Know Nothing political senti-1 ments Under these ciroumstances. if our I neighbor is blessed with an ounce of brains in I addition to the many admirable qualities for I which we give it credit above, it will perceive | that the principle of self-defence must neoes-1 sarily make the administration chary of con- I tinning the privilege of enjoying its favors to I those, who, in their political action, aid the I avowed purpose of effecting the removal of I every anti Know Nothing mechanic, clerk, I messenger, or laborer from the service of the I Government. This is the game for which our I neighbor has avowedly played ever since it I was born. Those in the public service who I may choose to play at it, will be too manly to I complain if they loose, we take it for granted I A Vow Commander of tho Home Squad-1 ron ?The secretary of the Navy has given I Commodore Hiram Paulding, the present pop I ular, accomplished, and gallant commandant I of the Washington navj-yard, preparatory or* I ders lor the command of the home squadron, I Commodore McCauley's connection with it I boing temporary. It is presumed in naval circles here that I the San Jacinto Is on her way to the United I Ktatee 3hoy Bit them?tree?it teems that the! aocount of the way in whioh the joint stock | par tsars and employ ees in the office of oar taltnted, amiable, courteous, entertaining, knowing and Ingenuous neighbor recently got bit in batting on Pago, whioh we published on Saturday last, was incorrect in some unim portant particulars The gentleman frott Paga, who oama down with lots of money in his pocket, was a ? Wise ' W hig who had never b?*n & member of a Know Nothing lodge there or elsewhere, though he felt satisfied that the report made to their State Council that the Page County Lodge consisted of more than four hundred members wis untrue, there mver having been more than fifty persons in ft, in his belief. He bet therefore *n his judg ment of the want of trntfe in the offioial Know Nothing report, in whioh the Know Nothings cf Washington, Alexandria and Baltimore, placed implioit confidence; betting on it, and, of course, burning their ingots. It was upon suoh official statements as that from Pfcge, that the impressioh arose in the know Nothing ranks, that they had 72,000 members in Vir ginia; which impression so pertinaciously and enthufiastioally sworn to by our ingenuous neighbors, cost its friends the $66,000 they won in this region (over the left) from the friends of Wise. Beware ?We call the attention of our anti Know Nothing fellow-citisens to theneoessary means determined on last night by the anti Know Nothing citiiens of Washington, to pro tect their rights from possible frauds under tho lower board of the Washington Councils' refusal to request that one anti-Know Nothing be permitted $o witness the canvass of the votes in each ward, at the neit election, tho boards of commissioners in four of the wards being, eaoh man of them, also a member of | an oath bound political association. List of Patents issued from the United States Patent Office, for the week ending May 29,1855 ; eaoh bearing that date : Thomas Arnold, of Mobile, Ala.?For im provement in invalid bedsteads. John Avery, of Lowell, Mass ?For im provement in the shuttle motion of looms. Charles F Brown, of Warren, K. I ?For improvement in cartridg -s Samuel W. Brown, of Lowell, Mass.?For improvement in gas regulators. E. Daniels, of New York, N. Y.?For im provement in invalid bedsteads. E W Qoodale, of Clinton, Mass.?For im proved machine for making paper bags John Henderson, of Horseheads, N Y.? Tor improvement in hub and axle fastening. Wm W Hubbard and David Matthew, of Philadelphia. Pa.?For improvement in vapor engines Homer Holland, of Westfield, Mass ?For improvement in processes for treating aurife rous and argentiferous sulphurets Dean S Howard, of Lyonsdale N. Y.?For water wheel. Joseph Hollely. of Brooklyn, N. Y.?For fluid faucet Edward G. Hyde, of Camptown, N. J.?For improvement in the construction of ear trum pets. John N. King, of Murray, N. Y.?For im provement in swing bridges. T. J Kindleberger, of Springfield, Ohio.? For improvement in cider mills. Gabriel Leverich, of Wellsburgh, N. Y.? For apparatus for paging books. William Lansdell, of Memphis, Tenn ?For improvement in buoyant propellers. George W. La Baw, of Jersey City, N. J.? For mitre machine. William Maurer, of New York, N. Y.?For improvement in door locks. Thos. S. Minnids. of Meadville, Penn.?For improvement in seed planters. Henry Mellish, of Walpole, N. H ?For im proved shoe for grain mills. Erasmus A Pond, of Rutland, Vt.?For im provement in pill-making machines Silas 8. Putnam, of Boston, Mass.?For im provements in forging machines Francis Peabody, of Salem, Mass.?For im proved grass harvester. E Truman Prentiss, of Philadelphia, Pa.? For improvement in lubricating compounds Henry A. Rosenthal, of New York, N. Y ? Far improvement in uterine supporters David Stoddard, of Cincinnati, Ohio?For improvement in out off valves Jacob C. Sehlcugh, of Easton, Pa.?For im provement in grate bars for furnaces Webster Shibles of Thomaston, Me., as signor to himself and Edward O'Brieo, of same place, for improvement in reefing topsails. Isaac M Singer, of New York, N. Y.?For improvement in sewing machines. Daniel W. Snell, of Woonsocket, R. I.?For improvement in looms. Alfred B Seymour, of Claverack, N. Y ? F.r improvement in machines for helically creasing sheet metal pipes Richard A. Stratton, of Philadelphia, Pa ? For improvement in chairs, for dentists'1 use Chapin Street, of Barre Centre, N. Y ?Fcf improvement ingrain drills. Francis Fitzpatrick, of Cincinnati, O ?lev improvement iu straw cutters J. B. ferry, of Hartford, Conn ?For im* provement in pin stisking machines. Harvoy Webster, and AIodso Webster, of Montpelier, Vt.?For improvement in whif ti: trees. William D Wilson, of Richmond, Va.? For improved oorn grinder and crusher. Miltox D. Whipple, of Charleston, Mass.? For improvement in preparing wood for paper pulp E D. Williams, of Wilmington. Del.?For improvement in vehicles. Courtland Wilson and Wm. Moore, Jr., of Yardleyville, Pa.?For improvement in mow ing machines. Joseph Welsh, of Philadelphia, Pa.?For improvement in looms. Franois Walle, of Bethlehem, Pa.?For mi* ch ne for making paper bags Sigismund Beer, of New York, N. Y , as signor to Lewis Feushtwanger and Sigismund Heer, of New York, aforesaid.?For improve ment in de-vulcanising india rubber. Addison Capron, of Attleboro', Mass , as signor to himself Jos S Dennis, of Somer ville, Mass., and Heryey M. Richards, of At tleboro', Mass.?For improvement in sewing machines. Alfred Swingle, of Boston, Mass., assignor to Elmer Townsend, of Boston, aforesaid.?For improvements in hand pegging maehines Lucien E Hicks, of Boston, Mass., assignor to hiouelt and Hiram L Hall, of Beverly, Mas-)?For improvement in pads for hernial trusses. Abraham Gesner, of Williamsburg, N. Y , assignor to ' the North Amerioan Kerosene Gas Light Company "?For improvement in burning fluid ooinpoumls Leanier R. Strecter, of Lowell, Mass , as signer to himself and Ira Leonard, of same place?For improvement in amalgamating the precious metals. Designs ?Samuel D Voie, of Albany, N. Y ?For design for cooking stoves. Ante-dated April 9, 1855. John North, of Middletewn, Conn.?For design for sewing birds. Abner J. Blanohard, of South Reading, Mass , assignor to Blanohard, Tarbell A Co., of same place ?For design for parlor stoves Abner J. Blancbard, of South Reading, Mass., assignor to Blanohard, Whittemore A Co , of same plate.?For design for cooking stoves. The Current Operations of the Treasury t-,parment?On yesterday, the 29th of May, ther? were of Treasury Warrants entered on the books of the Department? For the redemption of stock $15 673 15 For the Treasury Department.... 14,058 24 For the Interior Department 7,442 IS For the Customs......*... 6,871 00 War warrants received and en tered 3,214 10 War repay warrants received and entered 604 12 Interior repay warrants received and entered 2,488 60 On account ef the Navy 4,998 66 For covering into the Treasury from Lands 28,020 01 PERN?** I,. .... Hon C. J. Faulkner, of Vt., is stop ping at Brown's hotel. ....Hon. Robert McClelland. Sbo'??Ury of' 8to Inter*?r, and ex-Governor Seymour, of few Yerk, were at Detroit, on the 26th inst.; and Governor Morehead, of North Carolina, is in New York. .... The Right Honorable Sir Robert Harrj Inglis. for many years the tepresfentative in Parliament of .the University of Oxford, died in London on the 5th inst. *? ? i ....The liquor dealers of New York have appointed a epecili committer to make ar rangements for the celebration of the Foarth of July, of suoh a obaraoter as will mark their reprobation of the Maine law. A mock decla ration of independence is to be read, at a meeting in the Park, and a prooession of sym pathisers will parade in the streets. .... The sate of Miss Mary Hedrick agains Henry Protiman to recover damages tor breaoh bi promise to marry was recently tried in Cin cinnati, and resulted in a verdict of $7,000 in favor of the plaintiff, who is represented as being a virtuous, industrious and modtst girl ? ?.. Mrs. E. M Chambers has sold her in terest in the St Louis Republican. Mr. George Knapp, who entered the offioe in 1827 as an apprentice, is now sole proprietor of this wealthy newspaper establishment. ?... It is said that some three hundred per sons are kept constantly engaged in deco rating the famous Greenwood Cemetery, New York Where already repo;fe the remains of fifty thousand dead. .... The London Lancet says: " Two ladies of elegant and quiet deportment are attending the surgical operations id London, preptra 8?ing *? the Crimea to assist Mies Nightingale, who has been attacked with fever The wife of one of the surgeons of the Smyrna staff is to have $1,500 per annum as a matron of the hospital. .... I he town of Dorchester (Mass.) will oelebrate the two hundred and twenty-fifth return of the date of its settlement, on the 4 h day of July, when Edward Everett, a na tive of the plaOe, will deliver an addreei. ALEXANDRIA CORRESPONDENCE. ALKXAifDRiA. May 30, 1855. The Cirooit Court yesterday concluded the trial of William Arrington, charged with the murder of Michael Riggins The jury, after a few minutes retirement, returned a verdict of not guilty. At the first trial last Novem ber the jury were unable to agree, and were discharged. This morning the Commonwealth r*. G. W. Crump, charged with the murder of James Bloxem, commences The court will probably adjourn the latter part of the week. Last night a select company of ladies and gentlemen, including representatives frea the fire companies, assembled at the hall of the Sun Fire Company, to witness the presenta tion of a testimonial to the lady President of the recent Sun fair. Hugh Latham, E?q., president, rose and after a detailed statement of the means by which the company hrd been enabled to pur chase the magnificent new engine, thanked the ladies for their generous co operation, and in the name of the company presented Mrs. W. C. Reynolds, the representative of the la dies, with am*gnificent gold medallion. Mrs Reynolds received the token with ease and grace, and in a simple, yet earnest address, thanked the donors lor the honor conferred, and assured them, aa at all times, her efforts were at the disposal or the Sun Fire Company. After some pleasant hours spent in social en joyment the company dispersed. The medallion is of the finest gold, about two inches in diameter, and bearing on one sida a fac simile of the new engine, and tpon the other the inscription " Presented to Mrs W. C. Reynolds as a token of the esteem and regard of the Sun Fire Company;" within are exoellent minaturcs of the lady and her husband. The Powhatan, having been got off of the Port Tobacso Shoals, is now at Hunter's ship yard, in this plaoe, for repairs. Ami. Arctic Expbditioh ?The Release and the Arctic which are to tail in seareh ofDr K<ine, being ready for sea, have been hauled out from the dock, and are now anehored eff the Navy \ ard, New York. The officers and men are all cn board, and to morrow the expedition will sail on its mission of mercy. At the re quest of Lady Franklin, Mr Grinnell, of New York, has prepared a tablet to be erected to the memory of Sir John Franklin and his com panions of the Erebua and Terror. lyThe hotel keepers of Philadelphia ha-e raised their charges to transient boarders. The hotels are divided into three classes; those of the first class charging from $2 to $2 50 per day for board and lodging; those of the second class $1 75, and those of the third class $1 50. Other charges are in proportion The same advance in prioes has been made by the proprietors of the New Yerk hotels. fifc-^5?UNlON ASSOCIATION OF SEVENTH ^S/VVARD?will meet THIS EVENING, at 8 o'clock, at Potomac Hall Puactual attendance is requested, aa business of importance will be s?-b mitled- \VM COOPER, may 30?It Secretary. fc^j^BE(?IMENTAL BALL.?The Executive Committee of the Regimentnl Ball will meet at Flint's Hotel on FRIDAtf EVENING, the lit June, at 8 o'clock. ' The Committees from the different Companies holding tickets are requested to make their return? to Uiy Treasurer on or before that time. _ _ VVM. H. CLARK, may 30-3t Ex. Com. ^-^^THERE WILL BE A PUBLIC DEBATE eiven by the Irving Lyceum on the even ing of THURSDAY, the 81st instant, at 7# o'clock, at Union Academy Hall, corner ef New York avenue and 14th streets. Question?Are tne influences which tend to per petuate stror iter than those whicb tend to dissoUe the Union of the States. Affirmative.-Ed. T Mathews, Jno. M. Wilson. Negative.?B. R. Riordan, B. A. Jamison. By ?'d*r k GEO TIIOS. COX, Secretory. may 30?2t Jr^THE RAFFLE AT TAYLOR & MAU RY 'S ?The list being nearly complete for the drawing of the Water Color Pictures, the .-ub "criil^S,1r^,n,.ornJl.ed ,hat the Raffle w'? take place EVENING next, at eight o'clock. Those who wish to secure chances will haw to do so immediately. TAYLOR A MAURY'S m#y Bookstore, near 9th st _ Gsoa iitowji, D. C , May 22, 1855, We, th? undersigned, dry goods mer chants, of Georgetown, D. C., do hereby mutually agree to close our stores on and after the first of Jnne next, until the 1st of September, 18"i5" at 1% o'clock precisely, (excepting Saturday night) for the purpose of allowing those in our employ time fcr recreation. r ' WM. McK. OSBORNE, MAYFIELD A BROWN, JOHN H. SMOOT, R. W. SMOOT, J. E CARTER, W. R. HURDLE, may 2#?3t H E. BERRY. NOTICE.?The subscriber respectfully begs leave to inform his kind and respect able customers that nis bar room will not be open d?na, U,c day and t.enio, of mnggjgg may 28?3t (IntfcUn ion) F OH. I1IH.K?An excellent male COOK, col ?may?^dreW "L Bo* +?& SPBCIAL CARD*?Attention is catted to the Trustee's Sale of a very desirable Brick Dwelling House and Lot on Maryland avenue, be tween 4*>4 and 6th streets west, to take place on this (Thursday) afternoon, at 5W o'clk.on the premises JAfi. C. McGUlRE, may 30?It Auertoneer. - 5BALK8 MOSS Just received and for sale by EL VANS A THOMPSON, . 336 Pa ave , betw. 9th and 10th sts. may 30?3t (Organ) SUPKKIOR. TABLE AID POCKBT Cutlery, Raaors, Scissors, Ac ? A large assort ment, lower than at aay other place la the city. For good article* and low prices always call at the Housekeeper's Furnishing Store, 4#0 Seventh st ^ 30 O. FRANCIS. WATER COOLERS, somethrne ??ew. an excellent article. DOUBLE ICE PITCH EM, different st? Jes tad ??*?5 BHtfannia Pi'ehers open and covered ; all kinds of Drittinma and P< I ished Tinware. For sale low, at the Houscke. pe:*s Furnishing Store, 490 Seventh ?. may ? G FR AN< 13 ThN DOLLARS REWARD. STRAYED or slolfi fr ?m he rt?nm"n? of K a- - melon on the l(t-h ineMnt, a whr e ami fMgr' dark cr! red Cow, with how*, t>Uck rw>-<K^f and a collar on, marked I. Hill. The abo\I'lMU reward wiJI be piid on the deliver,r ofVU: Cow at the wood yard of IS A Alii IL L, near t'ae Centre Market, Washington may 30?eo3t* ___ WIIAT THE SOUTH THINK OF IT. EVERY town and city from T? xas to the borders of the Ohio are periling in their order* for e&VTIKK'S 8PAbfcLI*G 8UOAB It is found to hi indispen*obie in hot climates. PREPARE FOR THE BUMMER by laying in a rupply of this delicious beverage, wliicb is equal t"? the best Soda Water cheaper, and more convenient. maj^30?.tt WE WOULD NOT GIVE~A DOLLAR FOR ALL THE TINCTURE HAMPTON EV ER M ADE-?Thus spoke a wise and good roan, but mark the chanre ! Let ihe afflicted near him and then dccide whether to suffer on or be made whole. Ye professional in n, with ruined heal h, hear! Rev. J a Mrs W. Bnmifrt, the talented and inde pendent editor of that h'ghly popular and extensive I v read paper, th - Christian Banner, pnb'ished at Fredericksburg, Va., in hi* editorial ol the 18th o> I May, 1855. thus speaks of HAMPTON'S VEGE TABLE TINCTURE: "Home time ago we merely al tid^d to Hampton's Vegetable Tincture. with a promise of r.oticin? more particularly tne ;r?-at r.lief we have oursoir derived from its use During our collegiate COWse, | ow ing to sedenti-ry habits, we became quite dyspep tic, and wen* very much troubled with v? rtig?? Foi more than twelve years alter leaving college, we ' were laboring unler these two afflictions In the I spring of 1853, our general health hi csme so delicate I that ii was with great difficulty we coul.l attend to the ordinary duues of our prof>s.-ion Evtrjthinjjj we ate imimdiately turned acid, our digestive or cans became wholly deranged ; lo?ing as It seemed to ns, all their activity and vitality; we were con-] stanMy depressed in spirit, our energy almo.?t for- i Kook us, and nothing but necessity urged us on to | action. We had taken strong medicines, observed greni particularity in our diet, and all to no purpose We had despaired ol ever recovering our health, when a female fri?nd of ours importuned us to *et * bottle of Hampton's Vegetable Tincture, assuring us thu we would find great relief from its use. We briefly | repli'-d, "toe >rouU not give a dollar Jor all the Tinc ture Hampton ever made, so far as oar own individ ual healih was concerned." \\ e had no faith in it | nor anv other medicine in effecting a cure on us In the kindness of her heart, how ever, without con suiting us about it, she sent and got one bottle and urced us to accept of it, and for her sake, as it could I not possibly injure us, to use it according to direc tion. For the high regard we had for ber aud her act of kindness, we promised to do so. And with | out exaggeration we can truly say that before re had used the contents of one bottle we felt like a | new man We u>ed, consecutively, from ten to fifteen bot tles. We were afraid to (tve it up, fearing our old diseases might return. Since then, our digantive organs have been uniformly correct, our head cl?*ar, | and so far as our labors, toils, liabilities, responn bilities, and worldly cares will alio*, our spirits I have been buoyant, and we eut w hat we pleare, ar.d as much as we please, and w hen we please? and all is well. For the sake of the pffiicted we I make this statement, hoping that others tnav find the same relief from its use that we have. I: should br. hepi in every family. No familv should ever In* wi'hout II AMPTON'S VEGETABLE TINC- | TURE." Lawi.erf, Doctor?, BaKkere, Ministers, in all the Departments of State, Ladies and Gentleman in the highest walks cf life, as well as those moving in the most humble spheres, speak of the cures on them-1 selves and friends by this wonderful article. Call and get pamphlets gratis, and see c.ires o; Cough, Bronchitis, Rheumatism, Neunuria, Dvs pe.psia, Nervousness and General Weakness. As a ??emale medicine or for delicate childiea we bcliev. it unequallel. Sold by MORTIMER * MOWBRAY, liO Ba!U more street, Baltimore; and 304 Broadw?v. N. York Cbas. Stott k Co., J. B. Moom, D. B. Cumi Ci arks & Bowuwo, W., and H. McPher son, Washington ; also, by R. P. F. Ctssrt., G?*>rfe town, and C. C. Bbrrt, Alexandria, and by Drug rists ev?r?whe-e. may 30?rr LOST?On Saturday night, the i.Gih in stant, near the President's Square, a la die^' gold WATCH and CHAIN. The find er will be paid a suitable rewaid at GALT 8t BRO'S, Pa avenue, between 9tli and Mih sts. may 29-3t* Collector's Ofllcti City Hall, May 2P, 1855. IN order to avoil as much as poss ble the burn incident to the payment of tai<*a on the day of I the election, the undersigned will remain in the of r fice from 8 o'clock a. m. until 6 p. m, for the resi due of the week. R- J. ROCHE, Collector, may 29?td STRAYED OR STOLEN from the sub scriber on Saturday nifht, May 26th, a d[\?^ black Horse, with a short bushy tail, gray^j^-* forward and blind in his richt eye. A reward of $5 will be given if found within the city Umiu, or $10 if found elsewhere, and returned to the owner, on F, between A% and 6th sts , Island. may 29-St* TRAVES EVANS. WASHINGTON CORPORATION 4 per cent. Stock for sale by may 29?2w RIGGS k CO. I WILL PAY A FAIR PRICE FOR BACK NUM-] b* rs of Mechanical Patent Office Reports. The next number of the Cuba Taken will be is sued next Saturday, when the ducoveries in the m on will be further developed. Books bought and sold as usual. ALFRED HUNTER, may 29?3t* 45ft 9th street. LAND WARRANTS WANTED. THE unde'signed will pay the highest price for | Land Warrants. Slocks bought and sold on Commission. HAMILTON O. PANT. No. 439 Pa. avenue, Washington. may 29? lm (Intfr Union) JMiR LAST GREAT AMERICAN NOVEL -The I Missing Bride; or, Miriam, the Avenger, by Mrs Emma D. E. N. Southworth, author of the Lost Heiress, the VV ife's Victory. Cuire of Clifton, | the Discarded Daughter, Retribution, Am. Complete in one volume of 635 pages, bound in cloth, lor one dollar and twenty five cents; or iu two volumes, paper cover, for one dollar. Just received and for sale by J AS H. BURNS,! at his Cheap Bookstore, No. ISO Bridge street, I Georgetown. Also, Agent for all the weekly newspapers, which | will be served at the dwellings of the subscribers. Send in your nanns may 29? lw THE MISSING BRIDE, by Mrs. Southwerth Dickens's New Stories, 1 vol Pickwick Papers, 50 cents Kate Aylesford, a novel, by C. 8. Peterson Afraja, by Theodore Mugge The Initials; new adition Stanhope Burleigh, by Helen Dbu Ingenne, by Alex. Dumas Price of a Crown, by Eugene Sue. may 29? FRANCK TAYLOR MORE BARGAINS. JOHN H. SHOOT, Bridge street, south ride, near High, Qeorgetaun, HAS just received a further supply of seasonable | Ootids, amongst which will be found 50 pieces good styles fast colored Lawns at 1S)( 10 do plain black and white and black do. 30 do rich plaid Ginghams and Gingham Lawns ?0 do dotted and rich emb'd Mutims - 50 do plain Swiss and Nainsook do 10 do Jaconet and Cambric do W do plaid and striped do 25 Grass Cloth Skirt* JO corded and daaiask do White end colored Watered Moreens 50 pieces light pretty styles Calicos L0 do Barege de Laines at 12Ue 2 do Buff shade Linen With an assortment of seasonable styles of Gloves, I Hosiery, and many oiber very desirable Gcods, to which the attention cf ca?.h or prompt customers is nvitcd, as we are constantly rsceiving new goods, >nd are selling them at prices to suit the times. may 29-tf J. H. frMOOT. LIME. OF the best quality of purely wood burnt, can be had in any quantity, at alt times, and at mode "ate price, at SEELY'S Patent Kiln, corner of Vir ;inia avenue and Canal street, lrland. may 8S-4f STRAY MARK.?Was caught on Saturday | morning, about ten miles from Washington, en he 7th street road, a sorrel MARF, with blasyed ace. The owner, upon proving property and pey ng charges, can g-H the mare upon appli anon at I he store J. T. BOWLES, en 7th, near corner of | 3 street. may 28 - St* TO THE LADIES OF WASHINGTON AND VICINITY. *?% AMELIA PRIBRAM k SISTER.I ?7T 1'' niisyiv&ma cvenu-, be d wtwren 10th and ll.h streets, return^^P their regards for the kind patronage heretofore be itowed upon their efforts, and take the liberty of in Torming their many friends that they intend opes ng their Spring, Summer end Fane, BONNETS, which consist of 2*) pieces, besides a neb assort-1 nent of STRAW BONNETS, lie. Tbey are able , to serve all sUes who are in want of a fashionable ind cheap Bonnet. Cail and examine before purchasing elsewhere, nay l?-lm* ELECTION NOTICES First ward union ticket ForColIre or-RORT J ROCHE. For Rrgistrr-WM J MefMRMICK. For 8urveyor?8 T. ABFRT For Alderman-WM B MAGRl'DER For Cwnmim ''nuRfil RfWARD H FULLER, CHARLES ABERT, JNO B TURTON. iriyX-dlf SECOND WARD -UNION TICJKjBT. For Aldr jin.i?Dr. Tito* M!LLE* For Coin mo ?? Council - WILLIAM ORME.FER OINAND JEFFERSON, THOS J FISHER For A?ki ur-WM II CLAMriTT. ?ty 30?te [IntelAUiiiopJ 1'IilKD WAH.n.-UKip* TICKET. For Collector ROBERT '. ROCHE For Ecgi -ter?WILLMM J McC<>RMICK. For Surveyor?8 T- A PERT. For Alderman?I)r. A. V. P. GARNETT. For Comeon C uncil?THOB. R ENTWISLE, F.RASTUS M.CHAPIN, RICHARD II. LA8KEY. may 93?te* WAMi> SSVBT^inESB w ill b^ held on Mondiy, ths 4th day of June neit, at the building known ?? the Old Capitol, f. r Kegv-ter, Collector, ami Surveyor of the City; aim lor one member of the Board of Aldermen, and three member* of the Board of Coamon Council ta represent .-aid Ward. WM. P. FERGUSON, E. BARRY, JAB. A. BROWN, Commissioners of Election for Fifth Ward, may 93?die SIC Vfe HTH WARD ?TjtflON HCK E(T For Alderman?DEARBORN R. JOLNBON. For Common Council?SAMUEL Fl MPIIREY, SAMUEL 8. TAYLOR, HENRY A. CLARKE. mav 4?te ???? - I ICE-ICE-ICE! (1HARLK8 WKRNKH, on Pa avenue, J opposite- Browns' Holt I, will keep throughout t ie *ens<>n an ample supplv of Petnhone** hi at ICE, ?hicb ho will sell, on call, in any quantities, at the fewest |x?*sihle raws. may 99?dtSep30 N uai-nuH uc. TO THE LADIES. ^*W IHILLI.1KKY ?Mim THOMSON 1 i- now opening another invoice of tboeej handsome Lefborne, Neapolitans, English -'plit Straw*, Lace, Crape, Silk, and othei Hat*, at nur saleroom No. 310 Penn avenue. Ladies will also find at our More a rich lot of Em broideries, Mantles, Lace Shawis, lie., which ?? are telling at ven moderate pneea. HUTCHINSON k MUNEO, may 28?Ct Pertumery and Fancy Laaiers. [Int. 6t eod.J Map of wash in(?t<?n city. Finely engraved on copper, and brought up to the present time. Size 13 by 17 inchcs. All the streets, avenues, public buildings, church es. burial grounds, market*, hank-*, ball*,bot?la,fir* cmipaniws, public schools, etc., arc distinctly des ijnated. Puce 30 cents. GRAY *. BALLANTYNE, may S9 ? 3t Booksellers, 408 Seventh st. FOR THEORANGE jTaLEXANDRIA AND MANASSAS GAP KAILEOADS THE .*ub?criber'i> Coaches w II call for Pas?engers wisliu g t.? c?.iin?*ct * uii the abov< _ fc. Railroad*. My Coaches connect w itJ the Steamers Tho? Coil.Yin orGar-Rot kWsiimo Tin, which leave Washington at 6 a m. fty- Meals furnished on the boat/. Persons wishing the Coaebe* u> call for them can leave their name and residence with Mr. John T. T.llman, near th? Opi:o| gate; Mr. Butt's drug fore, corner Pennsylvania tvaaac and 12th street; or at Geo. A Tho*. Parker k Co V store. Coaches can be bad for Pleasure Trips n ay 98?2m WILLIAM WHALEY. THE POTOMAC RIVER STEA..110Ar COMPANY'S STEAMER ALICE G. PRICE, CAPT. SAMUEL PAKER, g.jtlT*? s Will comnwe* her regular V *~T~ on TUESDAY MORNING. Me 29th instant, touching at the different Landings on the river. Le*ce Washington at <J and Alexandria at 7 o'elk on Tuesday and Frid ty mornings Returning, wi I I- T* Cone River at 4 o'clock, on Wednesday and Saturday mornings, until further notice. may 96?d A CARD~ Ma. TYSON dk ?ISTKR? take this ? method of informing their patrons and the public that tlieir school will be continued as usual in this city fur day ach< lars exclusively, and will re-rpen on the 15th si pteiubr-r next; the scholastic y< ar w ill terminal:- on the fit of J0iv following In connexion with the above, it is also their determi nation to open their establishment in the country for the reception of boarding pu(ils on the first of November, the particulars of which will be mads known hereafter. Applications may be ma le at their insututicn on F street, between 12th and 13th. may 98?6t 44 TO BAKERS AND C0XFECTI0N ERS '? HOPS, Moiaases. aad Currants, Itr. 2 bales 1st sort hops, (growth of 1854) , bbls *uicUF P?1"'1 New Orleans Mousses 1,000 lbs extra nice Currants, (equal to the new crop) 400 lb? Shelled Almond* 2.000 lbs Havana Sugar, (flue gra n and color) 'M lb* clarified do. Altat, Almond-, Talm Nuts, Filberts. Walrots, Pccpaa, Dates, Prunes, Cherries, Plums, fcc. *c. nl store and for sale at ex Trendy low prices. . WM. M. CR1PPS, nny ?G1_g^U'wana av ' tet. ?**> 'Ito suectfc MOUNT VERNON HOTEL, T.._ Caps May, Blew Jsrtty. HL above House has been completely finished . ? nj will comfortably :.cccmmo date 1,500 guests. The bouse is situated withm the city, standing by itself on probably the best beach for bathing in the world The house it upward of WO feet in length, the dininc room is 450 fret. Al ?.-tether, Ihe MOUNT VERNON HOTEL affords the coolest and moat delightful retreat in the world. raniihefiof six persons and upwards ean be ac commodated with private table*, having ibeir meals tumis.ied at any hour agreeable to theiu- An ordi nary will also be set at regular hours for tboi?' who d'Ho"r1 m pmrUc*' *nd wbo m?y prelcr a Table A large number cf private Dining Rooms have thi< PvT" d'tW d??>'"ng to be strictly An Artesian Well has been bored nearly 100 feet < in depth, and lurnishea pure soft water throughout * u v n vti ? Large and commodious stabling have been add- d Hie Hotel has every modern improv ment, i*J de??d, every thing has been ordered to give comfort and pleasure to the guesta. .K A fUK" .HaD,i of Mut,c wi" **in ?uea**ce daring the whole season. Le*tew addressed to the proprntors, directed to Cap.? Island, Cape May, N. J., will be promptly answered. r SAMUEL B. WOOLMAN k CO., may 25-2W Propnrton PROSPERI'S CORNET BAND. THIS Band is suitable for any and all purposes, and is warrant! d to give satisfaction to all those who may be pleased to engage th?n, titlMr as a ttraa>, Reed, or Cotillon Band. Any number of musicians to be had ax the short cat notice by applying to FREDERIC PROSPER!, L< ader, at Taltavuli*s Store, oppoaiie the v D ? . , . .. Marine Barrack*. "? Orders left at Hilbua A lliu's Music Dc pot, will be promptly attended to. may 25?4m HAY!?HAY!! KffiR?""0" ,N WANr ?r HAY' N?VV landu^atPage'a Wharf, Seventh sireet, xihirh 900 buBd,M test baled HAV, is^ir. ? te ?old at the Wliaif, at $1 50 per luu lbs , if taken from the Wharf ^ i MATTINGLY k BROTHER. may 95?1 w (Intel) ICE CREAM. A T the: old stand, corner of F and 9th street, ran .-{^.tehad the best quality of ICE CREAM %*. W ATER ICES and CONFECTIONERY olW all k?nds. y All orders promptly attended to. A I have opened my Saloon for the teasoaa. w liTTe nothing but the best quality shall be kept. All wish ing a good article would do well iTcall may 84-12t THQ8. ECKARDT. ?HA1?st0M ICE CBEAM. T he*!^^ LWmhe" 10 Bot,r> ciuaena that gap ss&sriiasxs quantity sold w id wile and Dels the wb ch can be procured at House, rear the Engina t'ouse. bouse, at which placa orders caa be ^^r.LC*.Cream ??e wdering must either " tbe ,!B,e or Upon iu deliverv. as it m a cash mWiw ? LfcvvI9 rAGK ICE CREAM AMD SODA WATER. _ /lREAMS of all flavors, Mich aa Vanilla, Cboeo V/ 1*U, Lemon, Strawbeny, Pine Apple and, Of ange. Also, German Creams, Water Ices, Blanes ?aw, UiarioMs,Mbaa, Ac Tha sod- Is ol ib* i 'H on the old princtBis of manufactsrs 4 tares * Pruil Syrups without the usual drug ' CAKES?ndC*VNPECTIONERY of all kindfsrtt to aag pair of tb? city. supplied. J. Q. WEAVER ?ay ??-!??"? ,4f ***

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