Newspaper of Evening Star, May 31, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 31, 1855 Page 3
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43 65 KV ^N!N<; STAR. L o ca I Intelligance. T*? ^OTB L*9t Ykar.?A* a matter of In terulwe publish the state of the rote of la-t S?K< H?*c<<ni... 4*1 41J9 TW i..... 447 397 f0 P"Orih.... i54 ?14 iX ? F.fih SI 7 y*j 7Z ~ J8? MS ,i? - Beventfi... 6M 833 ~ 3,0?)0 8^61 TowTB-majority over Maury, 436 J,?'" mentioned cm ndate for Alderman Uli-.* ZT? narn<Ml fox CoamoD Coud. ch in too following Ii*t were eleoted : FIRST WARD For Alderman-W. T. Dove. 322; 6. E Douglass, 283; B Tucker, 61 Com son Council?J Kelly, 313; 0 8 Paine, 24-1; W. C. H. Newman, 325; W. U Minm*. 206: J W Sheahan. 182; Charles Abort, 131; E. H Fuller, 142. H. N. E^by, 136; F Walters, 17, Charles Calvert, 30; W. Bruce*. 81 AtittajT?T F. Harkntss, 433 ?BC05D WABD. d.flo,.^"S,8?-W F "M*. ?*?-?? Common Council?J. KuMei Bsrr. 463; 2^? "% **'> Jchn M Dona, 42* Ni"bola? callan. 374; James G Berre\ 323 Robert E. Dotle, 306; Geo. W Stewart, 158. ' THIRD WARD *Xt?rfr,?ch s kt"'- ?? e T^?ti'a>nn C "I?-'Jonathan F. Walker, 436; P ?^v' ""oil m A M Duncans .n. 425; w Hu(1?on Taylor, 343; C. P S awa?t lS^h'i \H ? 0cdward- 2y-' ^'h*3 A ttiewart, 15, blank and rcatteriag. 7. U9K0T~J M Downin?.*44; V. Harbaugh, FOURTH WARD. s win^h'Tw "J '' 1'epi"r'6M: ckKl" Common Council?John Ball. 547- Jn? T Hen'haw. 513; A Mc. Da"i, 537 K 11 430 ' ' ^ '* **5d(i,et0D? J L Clubb FIFTH WARD. J. Munc?e2T6 t~j0bn U U?aBt0n' 378; Joha Common Coun:il?Samuel C. Hnsey. 335* J v 3391 J?*?MeCa?i!ey, 318; Yulee19?'? ~72' Ja? ?*nsr 206' Elia As e?8or?Jd'emiih Hepburn, 377: John Johnson, 185; B F Dyer. *; D Callagban, 4 SIXTH ward PoruAld?raan-S. A. 11 Marks, 386; Wil liam Morgan, 282 ' Common Conn-il? Ilmrv Stewart. 370' J* WMlu.TV,f iU*?r|J'R *cS- 3,i' A.rcn Coll 235 Len""' Uaddif, 270; seventh ward. For AMermar, -P M. Pearcoa, 546; Fred erick t\ Kuter 2t?9 .**??? Common Council-J L Smith, 551* W C B.mbeger 547; J K.Gill. 542; John lVt; lyoe, 214; Jcbn H. aemmes. 20W, T Milstoed ^Asaeescr?P. Hepborn. jr. 573; John Sheak, MaLiciors Mischirt -On Tuesday evenirg a b y, ared ab^ut twelve years, came to Dr. A V Miller, (resilirg at the Navy Ymd) "Jing that bis mother wanted to borrow for an hour the jhjsiciun's bor-e and oarrisg with a view i f visiiicg a sick friend a ihCrt distance ftom town TDe doctor at crca re sponded io the request, tbou^b at eon.e re-, ?ocal inoonvenience Subsequently, be l?arn?d that bu carriage was broken, and lying in b lot in the neighborhood; the boy ur^accus oxr-d to d i*!n? having upset it Tha lad acsnow lodged tnat he preenred the borsear.d veh;c'e under false preton-ea, -nd that hie mother knew nothing whatever atoct bia con Jest in the f-rexi."en. Nigbt having Mt in. Dr. Miller was unable to hj\ e biacarr.age taken to th? wheelwright's for repair, and therefore bau'ed it to tne side of a ten je. wtere be va'niy imatririf d that it would remain, unmolested, until ?ho nox* morning But, not so During the right, some ev:l d! p.?ed per-ors no: only destroyed 1,111 le*,b?r >pron, but battered and nlthicd the ecrriage and irjureu i: to the extent of thirty lire or forty dollars, whereas, one-seventh of that amount would bavd re paired the original damaga We do not know that the d c'.or wil! thank us for mentioning this ca^e of m.Iiciouj mis cBief. bu it doed seem to us peculiarly h*rd for bim, wperiaiiy as in lending bis horre and carriage to the boy ho was responding a.s he was led to believe, to a call of humani'y?o cbataeteriitic of that gentleman Northbr* Libbrtibs Enqisb Hour ? The contract for gui ding the new engire ted Khool hou3? tao b?en awarded to 51r K ,bert J 1 gentUman undertaking 'be work at $4.o00, or $3 800 wi'h the material? of the old etruc*ure Tte eJifl-e will be er-ctcd cn the square south of Seaton's Gar.Jen be. l7 JUh ao<*Sixth s-reets, the corporation cr Washington having paid $3.:<75 for tha iot The dimensions cf the bu.lding aro to b* twen-y eight by fif y-four feet and tb^ec ?tones in height. The front of the ?rst itorr. on New lork avenue, is to be brown srone and tbe oib?r pars brick The house i, to be surmounted with a bell-tower?the entire ?tructure re-embiing somewhit, we Lav# ' e.n informed. tLe Pr?;bvte:ian church. ut,der the pas-oral r,f Rev A y Caro:h-?, iu - 7 2 plan wa" dr?wu bv 1' ild wini 4 Penning, and reflects much credit or> their architectural taste. We repeat, tte building is to be cccu^ied for public school as well as 6re eagiue rur^oaes The scholar are to enter on tbe L met side and the me&be.i or tbe company in the oppoal'e direction, on Use i )rk averse tLu? keei ir.g tbe two de partments as tar as possible apart. "*1^??-* ^ ^RAI? ?'bis young gentle man. the Enow Orbing caadidate for AHer m^?n ;n the First Ward baviagdenied, throuub the I.oion, that ho publicly asserted that ? "When we get po?s?fsion of the federal government in 1856. aj a*,-Jr.dIv we wiil thero will not be left ia effi.-e one tisn outside of our order." Mr A G Soutban, the writer of the com muuication in tbat journal calling attention to this declaration ot Mr Craig replies in the Lc:on over his name, this m->rniag. reitera'ins bisI original anonymoH. d?lar?tion. and pub*! liahing a letter from M. Charles Abert sus Uining it, and ehowicg tha' Mr Crai^ is en ? th#"'^ment. in his card f to J it ** ln 1 of *fgtttcect We ?mro?f.?;re" ?" ,he F'C" '= tk. Excursion asd Comcebt -As wil! be seen by referecco to our advertising oolaic-s tb Tte*rt ?iTeB Hcse/ale near Bla densourg. wi'l be repe-ted, some of tbe b-s: ?u ieal talent of our city taking part therein. as he proceed! are for a benevolent purpose "o has been rh "***??? A train of cars desire J to convey tbitber all who to morr w #Fnl' * Wl" ,ea*? th? depot ' j few'iV^umbTr^uTye^h'7 d*7' P*1,1!*"' not ti=>. when adults Us i ?-'.y W *rJJJ pl?* selves fioe'T v.a. ^ jUT*c>les enjoy them not lew thL fmV e.Teni s we not'^?d kMtJJbearll/j? 01 lmr?^' "**<* omri ca the returnrfC,eB# ln:ght cf hutlJ:,n eioas. ?>urn from their rural diver 4 ?*ry 1 arge andTnlhD ^I*KTI:'0 ?There was Enow ?k ?*??buBiaetic meeting of an-i Ai?r ^?ea r v/i i! gentlemen, wAo bad ?vTec^- A. that ,0 ?,d lLo Theee ?^?cue; Mere capitally received H0D" -Taoea In fiad all tbev ca? S.? b,u;|rdlo8 will luhment o:U?, in tbe estab at tbe fi's- K ^r*er, Pennsylvania avenue. Uer rlL are"?f ,b* C^<ol ?*?>? i. roMlb" ?io^nH \ ^ fT' Flf?P?trick. who w?H ? gently assaul ed by Q#or(f# Ra<lan. a ne. fi* lMt- who Stored his dwll ?M* *rk,IPg h{m Wi'h * '??, died tM< morning at the irfirmary, in cons*. que nee of the injuries which he received. As we hare heretofore stated lUglan is |n jell, ?waiting trial during the next term of tho Criminal Court. Mr Hobatio Applebt it the nana of the workman who wa* injured yesterday in tho blacksmiths' department of the oapitol exten sion, by a blow from a steam hammer which got out of gear, and to whioh event alicsion was made it the Star. We are graiifiad to lea n that tbe damage is no?*o serious aa was at first supposed Tub Yovbo Mix who were charged with the ataanlt ' ith intent to oornmit a rape on a young woman in the monument lot, have l9en a rea.ed an i held t> bail to appear at court ""rM i'?263 for Mob one, i Jtr?A115 ? ? gb Atwe11 The o^e was tried before Justice Clark. Market?Tbi? morning, Bermuda 3?lf 8e,,iD* at 11 a <^k : green ^ bULt^i1 ,t'*wb?rriw> 12^250. a onkrt; b?a?oh I "oftcrabe, ?? live and kick >Qg. 02io a do*cn. t ? ?AL tRMvTAn al*nn of fir? WM "tartei jnaat a?ght. whioh brought out the oompanies there was no damage done by fire, and the alarm showed that better feeling exists amon* cur firamen than was supposed. Thr SAcaajiK.iT or Cokpibmatiox was ad rl1' mu?r?iDg at 8 ?'ciock- in St. ?la thew s Church, by the Mo?t Rev Arch bisnop of Baltimore# It will be sebw, by reference to our ad vertising oolauiM, that Chubb Brothers aro in the market for land warrants. Watch Rbtdbbs ?The docket at the guard house soowr, a elean sheet this mornin* We are probably indebted for it to tbe good sense of these who are in charge of the peace of the Our Municipal Elections. Mr Editor : An old f. gj asbs a smill space in your journal to say a few words to his fel low citisens in relation to our coming oitv elcjt.ioni As all old fogies invariably do. anil everybody el?e should do, X alwavs wait t.-> see who are the candidates, and then loot into their qualifications for the cflhea which they desire fill- I do not know any time mnie ?ece?sary to follow this precept than the pressed, when the offices to be filled, nre tbo?e of tto mo.t vitsl importance to the interests and prosperity of the oity of Washibgfon ne Rsgister. Collector, and Surveyor, com prise these cfihca I propose to look into the qualifications of each of the candidates and present them fairly Those for Register art. ru "C^0rm'c^ and Mr Douglass, the former I have known for a lone time, and have trans acel ma:h business with him, and have a wa< a found him accommodating to the pub lic, ready and quick, and practically ac quaint.d *ii,h the duties of his offi;e. and a tn >rcugh accountant. I haiard nothing ir a?ving tha'. our city could not bo bet?er served. I Know v^ry little of his opponent. Mr. Doug lis?, bu' have taken great pains to ascertain bia qualifications for ihe office he aspires to n 1 My er uuirie; are invariably met by the, '' Mr. D ,uglaas is a very clever fet 1. whilst Doibmg 'it all s said of his <iuali ftcationa?no one ben g willing to ta> that be :s a c >roplete bookkeeper and accountant >snd fully competent to discharge theduric ot t":e ?Ece. I have no doubt but that Mr D_u-I..aj id a clever fellow but to fill such*an tffioe something el e is required to make a m-in competent. I shall thereforo vote for McCormjok As to Mr Roobe I have known him, in com ) rr?-n with a large number of our felfow oiti z nd, tor a. I<-ng time, snd do not hesitate to ?fiv th~t he hf>.s fulfilled all thedu'iesf.f bis ? 1Ece most faithfully ; ud saacfAciorily. E ?r?y ?>n 1 late he has been found at his poa with ?' ?S-U?anta; Hnd vexatious and untirin? a* fl. ? duties are, by h;a untirjCg industry he has kcd* up the business of the office?a bnsinars wmch has rrown wnLderfu ly, whilst the nutr.^ oi *s>'.srintd haa not bsod increved. ilia q iahficati >n aro unquestionable. huLd-eds of iLou^aods of dollars have passed through h:a nar.da ar J his integrity is unimpeach.tbie Ilia opponent is Mr. McCalla, one who is a.mrw- a stranger amongst ua; and were it not ?or nis political aaioc:aiions a?d hia oft-re peatad -pi lioa'ion for important ciCoea under tbe present administration in this city we sbcnld not have known kim at all Arid a* his applications in that quarter all failed, it is a fair inference that bis want of succe^ wbj> owlajlto a wantof qualification. Inde^r.dent cf thia: however, he know3 no'hing of tbe du tksol the office of Collector, nor of the i;,w* of thia ci'y, an *< &a 1 be ieve that there a;t o her qualifications nece^ary for office, aside from tH so of a political character, I fhall most assuredly vote lor Mr Roche, who "hoj . o<t?/t tried and not fou. // winling " All | good c.tiiens ?hculd do t je same, and th*n | we can all reat easy, satisfied that the corpo ? ration is safe, as well as the country. For Si?rveyo~ we h*vc as candidates. Mr. A er. ar d Dr Hunt, ofcoither of whom I can ?peak of my owo knowledge But as I ?? l?ok beiore I leap.' I have taken seme 'rouble to enquire into the qualification of both, and fiiu that Mr Abert haa not only had the edu e.yi*B: but alar, tha prsctiee necessary to con etltu e a good aurveyor; yeara of Fervioe, and impor'an* s?rviee too, under the general gov ernment in that capacity, entitle him to the surp'rt of ni* fellow citisens As for Dr. i.u?.t, I find him to be a prof6^aionsl gentle man. practicing dentisrry, with a fine business hcu,jt, it is s>:id. that tweive or more years ~sy> ho was a scrveyoron the <3eorgi? railroad -tod pertorm-id his du-ies well. Hia long abac a.,Eiuint of surveying, w?ra there no other reawnirsattifled me that ' A; hand is ?ot ?*, and i mu-t of course vote for Mr. Abert. aod recum.Tocd all my old and young fellow cttiso'.s to do the same, so that we may not ' *pjt/ a food Dtnhtt by mating a lad Sur~ vtyar " 1 hece offices are inest intimately connected ?itn the great and growing interests r| Wash mgton city, and it behooves every good citisen to tarn out and vote at the coming eleotion for Messrs McCormiek, Roche, and Abert. Re member the old and homely precept,?" Let u enough a/ana," and practiee It. An Old Foot. A Word ia Reply to tho Card of the Judge* of tne fcecond Ward Mr Kpitou: A few words will answer this card The proposition to "request the judges of e eclicn to invite two gentlemen of eaoh of the two parties to be present at the counting of the vote*," was made by Mr Houston, one ot their own party, and Mr Fitspatrick, at tne suggestion of his colleague, wrote out the resolution It was pasaed by a Urge majori ty-Mr. Reed, o.' the Second, Mr Cla-ke, of tho sixth, and Mr. Pearson, of the Seveath Ward*, voting against it. Now. if these gsn tleraer. s hone-ty ia impugned, it is by their own friends; ^at this is all a miserable ex ca?e; and if thev, with the other judges in tbe fir.^t four wards, refuae the presence of one of tbe:r opponents at the counting of the bal lots, then they give good cause for auspicion, ard their opp rents are compelled ?f necea srty to Bsk tneir trienda to vote openly, so that twe tally raay be kept outside aa a check on t:o j:d^e? Ab Aldeemas. "WAsniGH05BA Ojoaptka "?The clipper ?Hp Thcmaa Watson, jast arrived from San i 1 nnciroo, i-oharged yesterday the bark of i the ''Wdshingtouca Gigantea/' the largest tree is the knowa world The tree was 21 fcet:n diameter et the fca>e, (or nearly 100 in circumference) 3fi3 fret in height, and ItfO ftet to the fir t limb The tree is said to be I i.erfectly proportioned, the diameter being the 1 awre e^eh way, and the body as straight as j ??ii arrow. Th? bark baa been taken r-E to the nei^ht < f 118 feet, at whioh point the diameter : -a 15 t?et 6 ir.ahes The bark is 1 foot 6 inches j '--ck i?t the base, and gradually tapers out I t0P t0 2 w Sinobea -JY. T Timet | Oj fYtdiltsdoy. <r? now publifb&l in Cioelncatl W"1*. W~kl' 1? ??>thly I fjutati; with i to literary gentlemen t:t?oLod c fK^BAKER'S PREMIUM BITTKR9.?Messrs Editors:? F>ta? give tlits a f lac* la yonr paper for the ^eneflt of other*.?I have been mfferl'g wit', the mr?t kind of I>y? pej.aia *>r the laat ten or fifteen years Ncthtng ?e?m?<l to remain on my atomach that I ata or drank I had nae-l ev erything that could l>e inm?l but to no ptirixM. Iem|'lov??t two moat able pbyelcUna, but. Iu*t*a.l of giving me relief. I i oi.t nuad to frow wor?e. 8.>nie of mr frlen.ta, see'ng tuv inclining altnatlon. persuaded ma, at the ocly rieort. to try HaKKB'S PREMI1 \| BITTERs, bat without mv faith, i ?e>it aod got a bottie, and uaed It, which gave a e'ight Im pro veraant. I then ?eot and jot focr more, and by the uaa of the five bottlaa I have l>een eutl;ely cured. I c?n enjoy e'l.vtoiug I thluk pro|?r to sat. without an nneaay aeuaat'o'i fri'B It In (a t I laal like a naw m?- to wi st I have t?-en for the la t t?u year* I tbluk Bater'a Bitter* can never be orarrated in caae* ofDyipapili, an>t tn varl"ti* d'.?ca??a, ?* ?. family medicine, It baa uo rival Ynnra, Thcs. J. Yambobocob. Price SC cent* per hottla To be ha I or i'HaRLFS 9TOTT A CO Washtngt i, D. C , CANRY A HATCH, an . SETH S. HAN'CE.Baltli.i - e.a 1 by Praggi*** every wiiera. may 31?eo?t T"/?A PHENOMENA IN MEDICINE.- R'ouchltlt, Cough, jeia Liver f>>rrpUtnts, Scr-fala. Ac. For <1tseas* of the Female System it atanda preeminent A Olerfyman Jaat Infornia na It tiaa-ored b'm o' Br.r.clilti* of ? deepe-ate ch-rarter?rartlo'a-a hereafter. HAMPTON 3 VK'JKTABL? TINCll UK?By IU mild ac tlon on th? stomach, liver and kidney*, wl; care Dy?r??p ?Ik, Oongh, Aathma. Bronchial atid Lai? Affectl.ina P.;!ne In th? Bark, 8ld? and Brea't, Oonaam|>llon. tfomfnU. Bhec matlam, Gout, Nenra'gU, Flstnia, B<<wel Oonspla n a, Plica, Worm*. and Nervosa wltii all dt'ua*<M arising from 'mpure bl ?od, and la ?he ,-'ea!eet f?m?> wi'cine ev er krown. Tt><* tn?alnahle med'c'ne la worttiT>< woadera n;-on theha^ianframe. &eead\?rt!acia?ntt<-da;. uar? rr-}~A OARDTO THE LADImJ?OOO!)-NEWS FOB THE ^ HICK. t?K. DrPOKOO'S OOLDEN MONTH I. Y Hf.LS, the beat atid moat Infallible remedy ever discovered for re lieving and curiae al painful, dlatrraaln^, aud ditflrult meu ?truallon. a- a ieu. vlng ' -erlodical rb*trtic. o; a. and Ir regi taritles arising frcxn whatever c?E?e. Tt.-ss Pills are *. Ormplete TRICMPn TN MEDTCAI. 8?"IENCK. They are prepared by ? proceea wkiei concentrates Ika Ingredient* Into ? email bulk, thua r'rder'n,; It nnr.ece.aar7 .'or delicate female* to take large doaea of n*c*e(iu? druj-e. Dr. nnponeo'a Pllla are the rean.t of over THIRTY VKARS' EtPERlENnE *n t'ie treatment of the di-e?-?? of femalee.? Tboy Leva been adve tied for a ltttle over < ue year, yet 8EVKKAL TH019AND HOXIS ?laro a'ready baen eold, aud tiie lemand for them r%pi<lly In ertssee wbtrev^r they become known. Tuer have be?u j JtororjHly triad In Wafhlnirton, aud foot d to ?ct like a oliarni. Hoid by all PrrgxIaU Id WMiilnKton, Oe >ri(etown and Al UCtlrla, V*. mar I??oJm* f>^5?OOOD MEDICINES ?It la estimate"! tv?t A Y K R ? H CHEKRY PKCTOKAI. ?Bd CATHARTIC PILLS have I tone more to promote the public health than any other onel eauee. There cmn be m qneatlon that tlie Cherry Pectoral haa by IU tbouaand ontltouaeud enree of Ooida, Coughs, Anv ma. Cronp, Inilnenra, Brotichltla. Ac., very much re<tncc<l the proportion of deatlia from con?nniptive die????a In thia I eonntry. Hie Pllla are a* good as the Pectoral, and nil 1 onre oaoracomplainta. Everybody iieMi more or leas purging. Purge the bbwl fr iu Ita iinpurltiea. Purge ilia Bowela, Ltvar, and t'.e whole vlaceral ayatem from obetroctioix. Pnrire out the diae?aea which faateu on the body, to work lt< d? ay. But fit diaeaaex we abonld die only of o'd ag?. 7'ake antldotea I ?.vrly and throat It from the ay?tea>, before it la yet too ?trong torleid. Ayer'a Pilla do thrnat ont di*e*fe. not only while It ia weak, bnt whea it bna taken a atrong hold. Re td tl.e aa toiioVIIng ?t*tcm*nta of tho?e who have t-^en cured b? t'icrii I from dreadful Drrnfola, Dropay. I'lcer*. Skin diio'taea, Rhe-j. mttiam, Neuralgia, Dyapwpala, Internal Paina, 3!lloaa Pom plalnta, Hmxli lie. Heartburn, Goat, and io<tny lea? dmige roui bat atill threatening ailm^nta, anr-h aa pimp'ca on tlic fac?. Worm", Nervoua Irritability, Loaa of ap'.etite, Irregrt larltlea, Dtzzineaa lu the head, G-lda, Fe\era. Dyaentery, an I Indeed every variety of complaint* for which a Purgative Remedy la required. Tlieae are no random (tatementa, bat are anthentlcatrd by ' yonr own neighbor* and yotir own pliyairiane. Try them <nce and you * III never be wltbont them. Price 25 oeuta per box?& bo?e? for $1. Prepared by DR. J. C. A YRK, Lowell, Mm*., ?And lol 1 by Z. D. OILMAN. Washington. O. M. LINTHIUCM, Oeergetown. JAB. COOK A CO., Frederlckafcurg, ??<> by '1! Dregz1n?* everywhere. may ? ?-o'.m "K"^LCN1S?LTNOS.?We refer *ir renders to an adrer ttaemei.t In another column, for full partlcaiara con cerning the HYGEA NA ?f Dr. Curtia. It i< eaid to bo one of the moat remarkable cures for alt ????acrliition ?.f dia?aae> o'tiie lung* ever diacovered. Its vii tue* have b?c:i tcatitle I to by hundred*, who have obtained their knowledge by thi; be?t of all t-enchera?eij>?. iern-*. CAl'TION.?Dr. CUKTISJ's HHGEANA is theor' and only genuine article. may 23?In VJoi Snuiieroit recelTe* all thecevr HooV* and Kaw? rtpera ?( faet as pnbllahed. He is agont for Harrer'e ard all ie other Mosexlnee, and etir reader* will alwaya 3nd a I >rge ao l i;oo<l aeeortment of Blank Book* aod dtavlcsery al a a Bo< kftore. Odeon ltnlldlng, cor Pa. avenee and 4 ia at. Want a BAKEK WANTF.U-ONE WIIO tma.rsianda Pastry and Corl'tclioni rv App'yat WILLABD'3 HOTEL. ina> ?lw Vij~A n te i^?.v Fak;{ to w. u<k A tiione U'larrv .ind conJrnoi f,?r eal? < t t?i? if to Griveriininnt .atid <'th-r-, Itcins new crc-u3?' iwand for stone. Th s tiuarry t? i ji-utwiivly Apjw? ^ite G?^?.-E?*t wrt. Larg ? kiiartty, Liacksmiih and rvt-r, int|?I<; ii?Pt on th*'. fp? t. i't a quarry tut nishen 11?best nt"? ) truest truck S oho, A cLauce b; now ofl'cred. Csi! ?>r wiil** I.LOVn ft 10, F J'teor.tlt stre? t, ' lis*: Trrrsnry. m ?y 3?if V|T ANTEU?EV i:i: YHO!IV -rrT^"viw'trat VV tf'? y can g t a lot 24 fe? t IrottJ l>y 13 ) i?>?-t deej?, for tiip low pri ot" .*-75?paya^lo r. montit Ait'tout iiiert-t. A|?n!v at ;he UiiiOQ Land ' ;fTtct. 7 b st., abov^ Od I Fellows' !. tp 28 -3:a JOHN FOX, Sf". Hoard and uoons.?two or t t-.-e newiy furni.-itpd mid vry rlp?tranlp rr.r.rith f. r rent. ?vi?h !.< ar.{, at 4 03 K si, I'niou How. to tv 30-41* Ml*. P IKX Uli, No J71,' i |Im National H<? el, ha* n Iirfc" ro ti imw var.'nt, ?a i Lit l-i for a taii'ily or fin lie H'-nilemeii, v. i'!i if ar<l \ f?'W inor? table bt.ardi rs can bs nreorom'ttau-J. Aln, marital loan! mav 35? li * M'Hh A !V t% ?!. SCO'I 'k'. ? pfl'aite ] .nK OB llatl, hi spvv ti* lar^e an i cm i! ro v..rt, ?u;t aide fi r gentlemen, with or without fimilie.-'. CrntL men furuidi^d with meal-. ntd\ 5C#-3i* PERSONS WISHING A HANDSOMELY Fl?R ntt-hed I'ailor and Chamber hi a private faindv cm b" accommodaied by api'ltinj; at 817, MUlh I std<* of the avenue, opposite Wi!iar>! -?* lioitl. mat 23?roiw MUS. 31 C. GIIEKR'S Bnrdii.g IImih;. on |*eoa>y!vinia avenue first Iwu^ w st f site i apitol pate. Pine ro rns al v..r; u |.r'?> .nu. every po-^ible atteuiion ani cotalVri b-ft<??. ^ e:i laities atid ift-iitietne ? en'-- s. may 2G?3 v* \l> T I ( 50.-Ft Mi RI'NT-PARt.OK.S AND ('bainftera. with b^ird. Alan, table at??l trin aient b<jTd, witn a batiii* ? r .>oti? an i n!i<?w. r i>aii.a and e\ ?.iy atteiition to rer.-i^r it m*;*t ?gr-? .'ble to ner N.ardeis Mn. P. G Ml.'RRAV, Corner Pccnsilrania avenue a:id 4\C st. 3rt H'JAKF>, Ac ?Mild. BATES, ott lo? (ntt b west corner of Pa. av.mie and 9tli street u prr pared to accoinrrttijai.: gejitl. men with rohin-, v.'ttb or without board. Ev; ry efl'art will be made to ren der th;>ee comfo/uble who may taver hrr with then pa:ronaj?e. ? ap ft?tf P?0SP?RI*8 CORNXT BAMDT rf^Hi8 Hand i? snteble f.,r an/and all purpnues. [ and warrri':t? d io cive KHisfjertnn to all thr^e who may b?; pleased to engate them, either a? a Bras.:, Reert, or Cotillon Band, Any number of musician* to be had at the shoft est notice by applying tn FREDERIC PROSPER!. Leader, at Taltavult'a Store, opposite tlsr Marine Haria k*. N. B.?OrJ^M left at Hiibua 8t Hiti'n Muaic De pot, will be promptly allended to. may 25?4m | THE POTOMAC RIVER STEa ,li OAT COMPANY'S STEAMKR ALICE O. l'KICE, CAPT. HAMUH. BAKER, _fT""*!* Will commenot her rtgnlar . 5-t H** J r' oa TUESL AY MOKBtlSO, t ie 29ih inrtant, toufhi? g a: tlie ditferant LanJai^? on the nvt r. L'ace Washington -t 6 and Alexandria at 7 o'elk on Tuetdav and Friday inoriting-t Rtitirnini!, wi I leave Cone Rtv? r st 4 o'o|o"k, on Wednesday an;! Sal Urdu y mornings, until further notice. may 26- d ACARD. MA. TYfcO* A felJiTKKS take thia ? method oi iiiLtrmitig their patrons and th>. public that their 3cho< I will be continued as twuai in this city for day scholars ezclusivtly, -<n?i will r^-eppn on the 15'h Septembei next; the $cholaitic year will terminMe on t?e l.t of Jtt'y followine. In connexion with the. abov?, it i? als-> their determi nation to open theifr eatabli-hment in the> for the recepiicn of boarding puj ils on the fir?t til November, the particular* of which will be made known hereafter Applications may be ma'c at their instituticn on F street, between 12th and I3:li. may 28? 6i | t7T0~BAKERS AND CONFECTION 1 ER3" HOPS, Molafses, and i.urrants, 8te. 2 bates 1st sort hop*, fgruvvth of 1854) 2'l bhU strictly piuue New Orleans Mo!a?**i 1,P00 lbs extra nice Currant?, (equal to the new crop) 400 lbs Shelled A'mondu 2,000 lbs Havana Sugar, (fiiie gra n and co!"r) vO lbs clarirird do. AUo, A!mor>?l-, Paim Nut?, Filberts, Walnuu. Pecans. Dates, Prunes, Clicrriea, Plums, &c. Sic. In store and for tale at ex'r. mely low pr.cts. WM M. CRIPW, 01 (.ouisiana av , bet. 8th and 7m atreeta. mav26?6t TO THE LADIES. N'KW MILLlAtCKY ?Mia9 THOMPSO> _ is now opt ring enniher invoice of tho-e i hai.daotn? L^thorr.s, N? apoiitan*, Enfiist.} Split ttrraw*, Lace, Crape. Silk, and otln r| Hats, at our ralestoom No. 310 Penn. averu-. Ladies will alao find at our store a licit lot of Urn - broideries, Mantle?, Lace Hiawtp, kc., which we ai? nelitng at very Mioderaie prices, HUTCHINSON fit MUNRO, may V- 6t P< nui.-.ery and Faney Detb rs [lot. 61 eod.J For Pale and T?nt. 'p<J RENT?FROM 1st JUNE TIM. MIDDLE ? of October, two pleasant Chamhai*. near the Departments Address "Any," W*(;i rgioa. may 31?3t TO RENT?A T?V'J 8TO;tY MODERN BUILT Prick Hous*. In jool repair, with a b.n* uent and attc, on the upp?-r s'.de of north M s?re?t, t'>re? doors from Tenth street- 'I ho idtii* ion i? onr* of the healthiest and fluent In Wellington. From tl e upper wi-dowa there i? an extensive view rf t*e city and river. R?nt $300 p? r anno??. paid month v. Inquire at No fl 19 M street, next door but one to the premises. ftcy 31??,<n ? I?OR RENT-IN ALEXANDRIA, VA., THAT large three story Brick House, well known as the beH stand in the ci?> Mr a l:o<?l and restaurant, on Cameron street. opp-?ite tii~ Market and now occupied bv Mr. M Umegal. !-os?u?iision civ en on the first of July. Address LLOYI) ft. C??, Claim Agant, liji st, opp. the Treasury, Wa bi"f ti'ti, D. C. ni1 v ,V?tf tj^OR SALE OR RENT?The nwi.erof a h i'el, n w engaged in another b >sines.?, w-uiln like to sell his entire stsck an I Futures, ami if demand ed, the house situated on P? nti'vlvau a avenue with a goo I run of custom, on liberal term*. Particular, at CHARLES WALTER'S 'fn. y and Liiell a? nee Office, 558 S;rv*:iith st., opp. Centre Market may 30- lw* I?OR SALE OR HEN T-A FIR^T CLA?S II .use in the I'irst Ward, aev. ral H.i:'* j ii other portions of the ci?y, and a large tumLer cl choice Building Lou For rent, a* veral Inrg. Lots, stiitahlc for oal an<? wool yar 's Houses ia ail the Ward*. Several fine Farui> in the victoity of the city for t-nie. JOS. C. G. KENNEDY, Com< r of Penn. avenue utul 10th itietii. may 30- 3i F^OR SALE OR RENT?A NEW TWO SToKY an i attic B;ick H<>u?e, with a t wo h:o y bick huil.lh ciinuinj! a larje Hal and trn j,o >.i r*?. m> To a car<-ful tena*t M.e rent will t e ver? m ier; t ?. For furitur particulars of Mr. P5KL.IP MACKEY, corner Fourth ami I streets. may 30 ? I w* I^URVISIJED HOUSE To LET.-A well :\,r j. nished House, centrally located. will bo ,c; s< ? upon moderate t.->rm* until (tin l-l o< M y next, or a shorter period if desired. Address "B A - I'.ox 61G, City P"st Otfi e. may iW 3t* \RARE CHAN< e FcR ONE0F THE REST Grocery Sun.!? in Wa?hingto.i rity.?Ti^e u* dersiene J will m II at private t )- !>i-i rrwcry r?'-, -itiiited on the corner ol Ii and l.'tti ni'?: . ami within a short distance of ihn bridce c'?j-i ^ iti- Canal. The building in . iz? is V8 fset Ironi t>v 5-'dei p. and wns erected about ix<: s<?; ;i ? I indation i* of ftone, tiir :i? fr< t deep, avex-cisi:' "0 inches thick to the top of et"und ; the wall . t fi:-t - o:y i.s 14 ioche-c thi -h ; the "eci-nd 9 incn?--', ati >?' hard brick; the fl >or i>- grouted w; h gr.vtl a:d brick, learimr no >3ace .or r ?t-? to Ini-.-o-.v ; t!i<- ... ! is of tin, ntnl s:|| tin materials throughout are n 'h.* verv h;>t quality Hid executed hvtr.e b-?? uor. niesi The recent closing of the Grocery hii iIt( s w?.s in coiwqufnee of not being ahle toot tain t-a|Uta! i > keep up with the gre?t incrra<e of tra le, w!i>rh lia-l nenrly doubled every year k nee it fir-1 went i?:?? ep ration. Any person h vjng >ncacs to entf r ii.?-< tlK wholesale, with the retail, al o to i'> a' in ?*'?r?r himI coal, and particularly horse feed, fl .nr *i>d b iccn. ran d<? a very extensive at.d protiiable \ u i t;e^-, iiavtng when c'oged a lire citv, f?.ut:'f\ a-.d baat CUKtom. For lurther parti'-ularn :<|'CU to C. P. SENGSTACK. D street, between 12th atid 13th. B.-A lot of ground r.n the r-aMt e.:d ??f me hii Minj. iiy ?j feet, will be sold with or with' u: t e lion e. m v y9 ? 1?OR RENT or sale on reason a ble Turns?A three ?tory Fiamr . with I ase ?? r t on New York avenue, between Fourth a;U Fif?ii Ftre? t< west Ai?o. a three ?tory Frame, with back l-uilding. on I ?trce! north, betw een Fourth and Fif'h sts we-: Anoi> t'> Jmm \v Barker, n Mtvc ? w II auvct north, between 12th ami 13sh ?tre?-!H went. DICKSON k KING, ap o?Th'f Ge?r?e!Oivr. JWR RENT-the THREE STORY t tt;.* elliiij. No. bO Bridge Mre-1,i;rq t?-wn, so J.-v ?? occupied a> Finnic rt'd C'ii.:>eii<: ? r>. Apply to AUNY, next doer i>- ?> -J5?''oii \7'ALUABI.r. LOTS F<?R SALE.? LOT N . J. -Qij:;re iiiH. corner of north I ;tnu Hiti street-, atid fr.'i.if a!*o en Fr inX in Square. Lot Njj-1"', Siime Sijuare, fror.ts i:? rth on K street. l>ciwe< n 14 h and luili ?ir> ei(i. Lot No 3, rquire 2.">0. fronu. on nor >? H un i !!?? vui lie space between I3h ; n i 1-ltli ftrie!-. There i> a jiawj sli y 30 l et wide m the < f ih'-s 1 it. an! a -nTr immediately adji iiiin?. It j j.riu : oaeofilMaMiMnlli Ictthibi Second Want i now on ^i:|e. i Inquire at No .'i7g I! rtr-ret north, b? !>? ? 13 |s ' and Mill. r? a" '!?4? "1 "ALUABLE TRACTS OF LAN.. \i:\K u: ? ity, at Private sr.ile.?For sale 'ir v. ry de sirable and . iiuiidy -iMin'e.i trnct-! of l.and. en :.;ia iiis atiout titty aerew each. v in Mont^"i: ? ry coiinly, lint principally in Wnnhm^nn county, ?!?.'. oppji-it- it.e farm of Jos. j?h II Bradley, Krq.. aliout 4 '?% uiii- s Irotn Wa-h'iigton, c< mmunicating w ith it b;-a new .Mici eoinm<>dious roa.t i ow uinier ron *ructi?>n Thp soil h excellent, and w?!l adapted ru con ar. l wheat The situation i- prominent an . healthy, and the land well watered. Ther- a e tNr-?- ten; ment* on the premise*". Thi* pr?'pe:ty is p?culia'ly suited to gentlemen having Vasinesniu the city fur b-autiful c.M iyr s idences. A pint of the property can be seen ui iht office of th# suiitcnher. John Parker, Esq., living a.ljoiiiinv', will fh'jrc th<! property to any who may wi-h to see it. EDW. SWANN. No. ia? Loulrdnna avenur*, near City Ha'l. ap 9<) co2m * T?OR SALC?A LOP OF GROUND IN TIIF. Js mirit t-. ivin-T pari of the citv. improved i > iia t an.i is umier rent ut two huudte i <!< 1! ?.rs a ve ir It is situated or Ninth n? ar N street, and has h fr- nt of 70lee: on Ninth street, t.y 73 fn.t 6 inehrs deep. The ab'.ve property will be soi l at a bargain f..r cash or on tim ?, as tile j iir i> (v? r n.^y ??? - r-, L-j p~.yiri/ oue-fourth e*-?j.h. For particulars ef-nuire ?.f JAMES O. WHITNEY,on C, betw. 12 h h.h i3 Ii street n?.i. 2 ?2w Rents reduced to suit the time $150 u year will be received for the r?; t ol iiio?e n?-w and convenient cotraces at Kendel' Gr";:n. witii two acred of ground, sta^!-', vo.i.1 rh< d ami other conveniences attached. Pnmi>? ot w.ter ar- near the disir, sn?l comnunicat on i?- l;a^ ?*itn <;eorL>etow:i by w??y of II and Seventh .tre* 's and Pern. Avenue, morning and aft'moon, at the far?-, for the accommodation of c!er^3 u: tlie departments. To secure the advamaee of this trreat reduction ol rent iminedial* application niu^t be made to tin under.-igned, either by I' tter, or nt his l.ouse at K?i.?la!I Green, after office hours, where iiie k ys may be had and the house, jnspc' t? d at ariy t.oie. Several of these residences will b^ sold on liberel tenns. WM STICK KEY, No 4, Kendall Green. N. B ?Rents paid quarterly ?n aJvunct. apr 9, 1^55 ? 11 FOR RENT?SEVERAL handsome iAii lors and Chambers, with board Also, Tuble and transient board. Inqune at Mrs. SMITH'S. ?33 F street _ ap9 HOMES fur ALL.? Beautifully and healthily Sue."ted P'lilding Lo's, 14 fef t front by ?'J0 feet deep, cn graded streets, ca;i, until spring, be bought at the exceeding low price of $75, payable y3 [xr motith. Title indisputable. f'r.ion I.and Office, 7th st., above Odd Fellows' Hall, jan 9?f?.:i JOHN FOX, Secretary. Map of washlngihn city. Fin*, ly engraved on copper, and brought up to the present tune. Size 13 by 17 inches. All the streets, avenues, put Ii-- builtiingr. church es, burial grounds, markets, bank', halls,hotels, fiie companies, public schools, etc., are distiuctly drb Muat'd. Pi ice 20 cents. GRAY h. BALLANTYNE, may 26?3t Bookselb rs, 408 . ? ? . st. FOK THE ORANGE^b ALEXANDRIA AND MANASSAS GAP KAILliOADS. THE Subscriber's Coaches w II call lor l'assemtvr? wuhing to connect w itli tlie above ^ Railroads. My Coaches connect witl the Steamers Tuos Collycr or Gborok oimuNu toy, wmch leave Washington at 6 n in. Meals furni?hed on tlie bo;.ts. Persons wishing the Coaches to call fot them can leave their name and residence with Mr. John T Tdlman, near th* Capitol gate; Mr. Butt's drug store, corner Ounsylvania avenue and 12th street; or at Geo. U Tbos. Parker fe Co.'s store. Coaches can be bad for Pleasure Trios may 28?2m WILLI AM WHALEY. TO TI1E LADIES OF WASHINGTON AND VICINITY. ,-r-f\ AMELIA PRIBRAM it SISTER,( ,^feljNo. '477 Pennsylvania n venue, he-J ^lp?rtweeii 10th and 11.h sirei ts. leturn .. tli< ir regards for the kind patron-ige heretofore be stowed upon th? ir efforts, and tak" 'he liberty of ni iVrui'ng their many Iriends that they intemt open iiic iheir Spring, Hummer and Fancy BONNETS, w hich consist ot 250 pieces, besides a rich us.-ort MM "I STRAW HO.\NETS, he. Thsy are able to serve all sixes who are in want of a iashiouabie and cheap Bonnet. Can ano examine purchasing elKV7twr?. may 18?lm* ^THAYKD AWAY eu Friday, tbe 4?h as O Way, from Georgetown, a small cob red B"y, iiboui e.i veu years of age Had on when he)e:t, v p&ifOl siiutT colored pants and a straw hat. Ac swerstothe nnmecfJuke Any one givinx infor mation n MONTEZUMA DAGGS, *3 ? cvei.Ui ?t , (ieor^eiown, will receive the ihunk* <>f tlie fum ly and a reward if de?lred. may Id? 2w* Auction Falea. 9&~For Jlm-Mon Sulss ?'? Jln& pagt ~?9 "y UKRKN ft *Ol) TT, Aactlon??r(. YAT.UNBLE nUILDINO LOT* at Anction,? On WEDNESDAY, the 13th dry ?if Jan*. we *h*ll sell, on tbe premises at tf o'clock p. in.. Lota N'os, 3, 4, and S, in Sq tare N'o. 5C9. fro i n? 80 e*t each en north K S'ire', between 1-t aid 31 sureta w?,t mnDinf back 1W feet to a 90 feet al'ey. Tie nb iV3 IB' ntlor rd property Is hatd-omely |o cstrJ ~ littie northwest o: thp rsilroa lepot. Terms : Un< tUui cash ; La'snre a cre.'it of six and twelve months, tor no es bearing lot '??! -f m Jie d*y nf aale. "? de* (I g?ven K'<d a of tJTisT takca ti secure dffo red t-ayniCL'.a. GREEN fc SCOTT, may 31?wftds Amno. e?r*. By fi i> HICFI ft SCUT Yf Aur.l?oM#f?? I^HUSTEl.'S SALE O" A VALUABLE Bl ILD :n? Lot, s? ua*" ! ???? ILh ?t'ee? n^ar "a rviantl avem-, i! Auction?On WEl'NB^DAl, 13th iaue, f sell, in fr.Tt of the i r^iiH?'? a*. 6 o'e-lcck p in, by virtue of a ietd nt" tr i-t bear in. d.te 25h . ay of Aucust. 1851. n"d rt.ily ret- r< ed in m* ?ft';e land rrenrd* tor a iiio-ton coi-i 'y in t' e Distnel of Columbia, part "i Lot Vo flv>', 5.i hi sru we No three bjn aid rt ty-ihrce, ( bi) ?la'fi'iu H fri t!' of ? !c*i (fit 1 Ith street west. bi tW 'mult and E ?l?rct.?. and turning ba**?< 99 ieet 1??X ncbe*. with thelu.prvv. mesit, wbuhma name fiieiuent, end cnn?d? red on ? of the most ? liable buitd:ii; lo's or the I lan-t. T rrcif.: Oiie-ti)ir i ca h ; tli*- ba'ance In 6 and 12 iuo:<th-| the pti chiser t?> give note* for she detemil piyinen s, b ari ijt u.urmt f?ni*i ? av of ?ale A ?!'????) given and a deed i<fUti*t a*ei:. AH convey-tiKi g "tc si o; purchaser. LAMHEKT fBE1V Trustee. GHEEN ft BCOTT, my SI?eoft.'s Auctioneers. OHKUS ft "iCOTT, Auctioneer! 1 j AN'DSO.M C .TT^^.E Hl lLlliX,} LOT.-< ;.t l t Aucti-'ii.? On nil'KsiUAV, ihf ol?i jnstaiit ws'.'nll li, on U?e pre:i> ?? a, at 6 o'clock p.m.. - v. ral lii?ii4(eo:ue b'J idin; Iota, having en rntir' T'> .1 ?n Mas a< iilisctia avenue n< 72 feet 11 incli- f, .i:;J a liout ?>n J ! unei ? a t nl Ij5 I ??*i. f?>r il? corner ??j" >5 wachUf-etts utrtnuc 31 wreet rw on an ? evaivd ai d ft-al.hy pori inn on Capitol Dili, fie-r the ol, u:id u pumj? o excellent wa'er ?: ih" <?< W r. Als >, ikoI rn P. ->tt?:i t notih, in s inr n,i?^re. it being ' qua- No.755. '1 he lots will L-e ?*JJ i.* h^s t?. a.nt pnrcbaacrs. Tllle p?-tlect. Ti :ms: Ot.e fcuth cr#h; htilance in 6 11, ai d Ife fur : i-a bearing interest the day nt ill-: ial?. A dt-ed given and adeed of tnrt tak n. GP.ELN a. St orr, iiia^ 26?<1 A leiioneer. lly J. McGl'lKE, Ancttoncar. xrALt' LLE l!WPr.OVEH PHnpCRTY AT \' PnWi<*. Sale?On rHIIMV aiicrmHui, June 1, ai 5JJ "Ti l K, on i!i< |>rcmi*iI hT o .n r "f (he O.' CPiirt, xl nt valuable pi?Crfol <;p rtv ri ii '.ted a? the ctiri-er nf 10th and L stre.-t, ??Mil ,'?>i? r-!l y k!i'.i?T. as ti;r Me.iicai C<i l?'ce I'm loiir.ii.i- CA f. ft 1 inch on ii nir?;et 1.^ & ictt on l??'li st: *? t, co;'?^i!rns M,.M3 -q-iiie t-nt. i ii* (winding C"H"i.-u ol a intial and wl! I.mlt iluei <;nry hrn'K Hui! ::?f. which i? atfniiraMv a<ia[iHd i?.r a war h'v.w, tnr (nanutae:uri>;? ot .<ch?wil pi;rp'i-es Pmti'.tis ??ftlii<- buildi.i; ur- nov. ut -ler vi i > sauafactory reut. T:tle perti?Ct T< rfii>: One thirl ca^h- the re?ii!ue in P, IS. if anil 24 iron uith mlefeft, *< cured by a d*ci .: lru.<ti?n Hie pr'-tnise*. fc. 11 NO- K.-ip.. Aimi^irtrairit, ll? WM. NoUKSIS, Attorney. J As. C. MicCUll. B, rrav 8^-eo.kdn Auctiviw. By J. C. WtliT'lHS* AiKllon?rr. I^KJIKMPPORY SALE ?>F THE STEAMEI I N'lOX 0>? FUIDAY iiftornoon, June. Int, a' I 5 o'c:<icU, at P^t "h t arat the f?> t i?f Sevcnib ! plwi-t, I ih .il sell, ariilMiir ?? erve, the rn*c.rly ni-w ' H- aiin f !? i'leu tbi'! "Lilian,*' ;it pr? sent runiiii:^ tit :> iV rry bi. it ?: tw n ihjts i itv ard AI nuiri:. Thi <tennicr v/?~ l.ailt :u * ^-hiii?tnn citv in ih* year It' *; i ? 1G2 ei m. b ..rth. ! r?-adth m' i?ea;'. ai l (J es f-lii niearur* j 411 40 ?5 t iip rus:otn ! I- .-i '? >n a-iire!:ien!, a., per ????rollni at. Il-T en ' n* a fn?t <! ? ??-ve? ty live lior^e p *.v?r engnn j bi M:ii'ih ar. i PH.kiu^, Alezandm, V'a. Hi j i ns tr en 1 f r? most, and is very convenient f??; : l**a linjm.l ml ta^in; freig Te i One h'.lfca?h, the re i?i?e in 6 mor.'.h*, 1 wiili inter satirfactoriiy ?* curt J. J As?. MeGUIFP., j nay3?eoSids Anctemeet. ? fly t-IiKte,! ft *C(ITT. A3Ctton?ri. 1" ak-:b axd covMomou^ brick hoivl 4 ai.*! l.dt <m * a;einl Hi?l at Auctem.?On fr'RI I IIA>. til.' 1st d'ty of Jlllie, we f'lHll sell, a'. 6 oVbe ^ i p ir , on the'-e?, the larfe ar.d well l?n^i { tiir *?--si?*ty bri'a Hnn?e, lr.:.*ly iweupiej l,y tl:? j I! si iu l?e t raneh, situal.d oi. f?ela??a?^ ?vi j ???*x: l' tli-corner oi niirth B street, n?-sr Ihe norih : ('ip ; i i_a ?*. T:iw bouse t n< tlareen o.nve I nienfiy nrra'ced nioni-1- ami wite ta <ac': .br'mrb j 'lie ln-u-e, ana bui't * itli tliieK walla, iui-1 a tella ! u?! ! r tin* ?r-:le btnlil.iic, aiH the b?i b :? s hall" ?if Lot N.i. 6, in pijnaie .\u. 6?", havir.j a trwnt o tliiiiy Ieet six incln -, running 1 ItS feet ai Vr-u inf*he> t? a thirty tei t alley. The'i; d pr>p ?rty :?< c-rtainlv ? n? of the handsomest locaiiom* and in .-t be&uiitul sites in Washington, ^ire^niiis: tt??* mo>i couiinaiidins view. Tiiere is ai>u a pump of ?*xeellc:it \^a?*-r near liie d ior. Tuui>: One t.iurth ctia'i; balance in ??.*, two. ibtiM, and I-ur yi an, Ui? i>arciiin*r to giv.; n**trs f .r t;.e deft ireJ payincnta. be.jii.ig mier1'ioni <la> of ^a!e A deed giv.*n end a d.ed of irust taken. 'i'lili: inn -putabb*. All cooveyaucc at the co-t of the puHuM r. CHEEN ft 8C01T, Di:iy3i-d Aurt:oneer?. **.y .1. f.. WeM'ir.K, Ane!lon??i . \7-LRY VALUABLE BUILIUN'G I.OT !\ THE Kir*t Wind nt <ur*tion?On TCE^DAY af t?*f .?o- il. irti?* "i ll, ai 5 t.'elf efc, n th?- nrcmicea. I shall sell L t X > '20 in S !??ar 101, havire a fr?-ni r,t 3j I. el on nor'h I, ? etwe* n ?')tli and 91?t *lr*"-! , itinnieg h.ick 149 fert 3 in-bi-1, to a -0 f?*?? fil!e-.- : tt.i re iv attn" ?*t al :*v ru::ii!ng it- full dep'.b oi t lie lot on t?i?* ca t -i-le Th.a let n hanil>:ini-ly Htuited. <"rontirir an im f:rr*ved pnb'ie se-. rvs'i'ir. on t*eri.?vlvRioa ? %*-ni;e, arid m a very dv-irable bxation tor a privar.t t?fi detiee. Title perfe.-t Terni-: One-fourth cash; the r??idne in six j twelve nd eijtit-eu Hi 'iiibs, #atia ac only cccurcd, ? U ^n::a i&:er?-ti. JAB C. M GI'IRE, j nny2.*??a>ft'!a Au.'tionerr. tfy *5. itctiUIRKi Auctioneer. TVALUABLE RE\L ESTATE AT PUBLIC \ Hale.?Ti*e subscriber will sell at pubiic gall on MONiiAV. tli* 18; i d-y ol J in?'. ai5 <>ViJ p fii , on Hit: preuii-ea, lot Nti 2i, in squan-867 IroR'ing feet on lO n ?tie?l west, betwei-n N atn (l itreru iiwth, ^nd i.npiovtmetits, v>bich consia of iwo awall fihine hcu'?*s. T> rail- oi nln; One tli:rd ca-h. ar.d balance in 6 19 .uid 18 month notes, bearint imerest froin < ay o a.ile, secured by a de? d ol tru<? iip -n the property li'ilu tenns are not compiled with in li ree dr.'i after thp ?aie. Ih*; (roperty will bd resold at the n^l and eiyt ol the purchaser ..^ AH couveyancing at the expense of purchaser CHAS S. 'VALLACH. Aitorney. JAMES U. MctiUIBE, j may 9>? Auctioneer. | By CBKEK ft SCOTT. Auctlonirri i 'k Rl'STEE'S SALE OF FKAME HuUSK AM 5 Lot at Aueiion?On FRIDAY, (lie Irt day o Jur e, 1 shall sell, at 6'^ o'clock p ni.. in front u t>e uremiseii, by virtue of a deed of true, duly re coriie.i iu oi.e ot the land records nr VV a?hinst.>i C"U .ty, in tli** Distiict of Ci'lumbin, Lot No 40. ii Cab It's subdivision i( Squtre No. G77. The !.i has a tront on lorih H stieet of 25 feet, betweci ill ? ap.tolnud 1?: streets ea t, runnins back &' Ij:i t 9 inches, with the improvements, whicn is ; good and nearly new frame bouse. This proptrt] is lira, tne iron hrii^'e. Terms: One-half ca?h; the residue in 6 and II iii'inllH, for DoteB Lcariuj; interest'tout the dry t Uie sale. All conveyancing at cost of purchaser. A deed given and it deed nt trust taken. J. V. N TMROOP. Trustee. GBEEN ft. SCOTT, may 29?d . Auctioneers. T MOUNT VERNON IIOTEL Cepe Sl?y, Stw Jcrlcy. HE abovi House hJi been completely finisbe: and furni.-hed,' nJ will comfortably date l.5(>0 guests. The house is situated within tl. city, t>iatidii>? ??y itself on probably the best bead f.M bailing hi the world The house is upward ? 800 feet in lenath, the dining r?<mi i- 4i0 Ieet. AI together, the MOUNT VEBNON HOTEL affon! the cool st and ni*?t delightful retreat in the woiid Families of pix p r^ons and upwards can be ac comuiodated with private tables, having their uieal lumi-'lied nt any hour agreeable i t tb*-m. An ordl rary will also bo set at regular hours for thrse wh< are not m parlies, and wLo may prefer a Tabi d'lJoio. A large miuibertf private Dining Room* have thi season be* n adjed. for parties desiring tc b- tiricil; private. An Ariesi&n Well has been bored near!? 100 fee in depth aui! luiiathes pure soft water tbrouEbcu the house. l.argc -nu cr.ranrodioue subling have beet; aid*? i'be Uriel has every mcwli rn :mprov ment, in Jeed, every thine has U*n ordared to giva comfoi ani pleasure ?3 the gu-sts. A lull B&ai of >!uiio will be tn utsci^an^c dar.r, the wiule ceasfti. Letters a?.dr?>sea to the proprietors, di:ecu;d t Ca;*; Island, Cape May. N. J., will U; {^oiupH, ?n>weii d. SAMUEL P. WOULMAN ft CO., tuay W?'Jw* Proprietors. TELEGRAPHIC. urotTE) roe tm D*rt,T evewiwo star. zrr: Termination of a long pending Libel 8?JL Niw Tors, May SI ?The rait of Matthhws 78 Utsoh (of the dan newspaper.) to reeover damages for an alleged libel, published in the polio# repo-ta five jnn ago, terminated la the Superior Court thia morning A vvdlo* was rendered In favor of the deTeadant. Deatt active k Ire N?w Yona, May 81?A fire ooenrrad ia Ann rtroe*. last nigbr, which b a read tiro build ings Snow's City Direfltcry. wbioh vu tesrly r -a'.y for pntlieaton, we? partially deiuoytd. The l-'s* is es imated at |69 WO. K-gro Suffrage BUI Defeated Hunruhn, May 31.?In the Houee of Rep resentatives tLi?* morning the hiil extending the right cf suffrage to negreea wai defeated ?jj a m ? j irity of 20 votes. Ar.ivil <f tlie African fquadron'i Mail Nsrf VjRs May 31 ?The barqae Catharine Phillips arii'ei at Sil-m thU morning from the oo*st of Africa She brings the mail of he African tqaadron Baltimore iJ ark eta. JULTUfona. May 31 ?Flour is firm ai yea er?l?-y s ratej. 8 ties if 200 bbla. Cite Milla $10 75; Howard street, s*!es ot 350 bbls at f I' W neat it iin?htn<e.1; eelee of red at $2 40 ~(2 ?5; whiti ai ht &).$j (S. Corn?The re ? ? ? were large th.a morning. amounting to <M,u00 busheli. Sains ? f white at Si Otfe$l 10; jillow wt $1 03-fl 09. Hew York Markets Saw Tobk M-?y il ?Cotton ia firm, with aa ?jpwa>d tendency Floor ia atiffer, bat not ?oublj- higher; Southern 1? steady; sales of auO hh!a Wheat ia upward and firm; wblta .Michigan $2 60 Corn has advatc?d a trifle ; ai!es <>f 55 003 bushels Western mixed at $1.07 ?$' 10 Park is irregular; old mew $16 75a $16 82? .ew me*8$l7 50; prime$14 62a$14 73. Heef io unchanged Lard ia unchanged WhUky ia lower? Ohio 37o. Hew Tork Sto:k Market Nsw York, May 31 ?Stocks are lower. M'neyis uncharged Indiana 5's. 85|; Vir e'nia 6 b. Can'on Co . 26]; Cumberland Ooal Company. 2Si ; New Tork Central Rail* .-oad, &3i; Er:e 4Sj; Heading Ka.I road, 83}; Cleveland,Colotnherland ?nd Gin *innati Kail rtl, 107; Cleveland :ni Toledo F-ailroad, 81. . ran I ? haY!! XOTII'C Tn PERSON* IN WANT OF HAY! V OW landing a; Page's Wharf, Seventh sreet, * Washington, 200 bundles best baled HAY, which will be Hold at tlf Whaif, at $1 50 per 100 b? , :f taken trom the Wharf MAITLVGLY * BROTHER, may 25?l?r (Intel) ICE CRE"am7~ AT the old stand, corner of F a?id 9:h street, ran t>e had tl??- t>f-t quality of ICE CREAM,T WATER ICES and CONFECTIONERY oT ail kinds. Ail orders promptly attended to. I ItHVe opened imv Saloon for the feasors, where ?loitiiiifc but the Ih*i qualify i-hstil be kept. All wish ing a e<> Mi article would do wHl to rail. ii.ay 94 - 1 >t THOS ECKARDT. MILITARY IIALL. I" HE 'in T r-icned would re?pe in form hie < friends th t U" hi* aken the establishnient for mally n a* the M Arlington Howe," wbitb be tend-<.weiui!jf on Saturday rex , May 19ih, as e Kfr-laarait of th- firs' f^rde-, and feels assured that tie w.lltj ?ve LKiUOKr*mimICIGARS.?( thech<j?ce?t iTaadx, UY61 ?>>$,GAME anJ FISH, m iuJ e?ery other article in his line to aim all who -h ul<: favor liiin with a call. F. A. COOK, uisv Id-folm' MORE NKW MANTILLAS. <'pf-n this m?'ninf? *, 20 a ore cf th ve b<*autiful B ac\ Silk and Lice M inutiae ?if? B'ack L< e chtwls ^ea'fs and Points at rrduet-d price AU<i, ;t arge s'Oc* of n<-h figured and plain Bsregss Fr. t:ch Lawns, O.candy Mu>lina ?I tli Ha*i*e?? hoh'*< very rh?**p Iifti'ti ii.d plain 9wi?s Mucins All ?>: whuli will b? aolJ at much leas than tom er price-; I'litchaKTs are cordially invited to call and ' 10 in?* our a?-joriiiient for tht-mselv^s nn> 2 ?r Cf t 11LLEY k 8E\R8. THE ONLY PLACE" H' HF.RE the s^niiine B'ack IVas u-~ed In Ed Vf r?w can b?: : ia^d i at the TEA STORE, So 5 1 O Sf-vath ttr ft, opp? ?-lte the Nati^n\l In tHlit?'nc?*r u<Sc?*, whfre can be had at ell tnn?*ef Kit': i-!i and L >n< <-n BreakfastT?aa, Confo, Orange I'i cco. I'ekite Flowers kc. A 1 o*b>'r kind* of T* a< ^lw yj on hand, at very low price*, w hol?*?ole an I retail. HALL k IIS.V.NiNU. may 2'J < ? 3t (Union) ICE CREAM AND SODA WATER. { \REVMS of a I flivi-rs such fa Van lie. Cbooo < i 1 .te. l.^n.on, Stiawberry, Pin" Apple and, Or ai!^t-. Al-o Ct*rman Creem<, Water Icea, Blance Maiigp, CI a lotui. Jellies, ac Tha Soi . is of the b??RT in th city, on th - <>l I jinnc^p.e of mil ufacture w tU Pure Fruit Syrups with ut the usual dru^ iuix turM CAKES nndCONFE JTIONERY ofaU kind* eent to ativ pa t of the city. Creams $2 p? r ration?centa per qt. N It.? Li'rti-s Saloon up ?taira Parties f| nik'd J G H'EtVBR. Pa av , No. 147 upp. Browns' HouJ may 24 -2w* DO iTOU WANT FIRST RATE ICE CRF.AM? CI O at once to ARNY, B-ntge -treet, O^orgetowrn, f lie was awarrit-o a MEIIAL bv the Metrrptl^. 'Hii Mechanics' Institute, for ICECRE^M8, WA I' ICES, and CAKES. ma* A3 ?eott STEAMBOATS CONNECTING V- ith each train of Can arrie g in Washingtou or Alezan di.. 1 ... re an er* T HUM AS COLLY E R Of CEuRGE WAiHIX?TON w l> make the above cnanectioiis, leaving WB5hington at 6 a. m tor t> Orange and Alex <ndria < ars, and connect with* a rami; train on their arrival. Mt-alii furnished on the boats. The B >ats connect with all the tnuna from Bal timore. SAM'L GEDNEY, Capt. may 17?il 1.'AN'S. 1EUFLMERY, TOILET ARTICLES, P ac.. kc.-tt'e hav now in st >re a large vari ety of fine and common Fan-, Harri en's and Lu bin'K celebrated Perfumery, Brushes, Combs, 1'ooih Powders, playing and viMtniR Cards, fine Portmon i ait a. Cigar Case*. Card Cases, Ba?k?ts, Canes, fcc , Jac., all of which we are selling out at low prices to suit the times at the Piano. Muaic. Sta tionery, Perfumery, and Fancv Go??d? Store or JOHN F. ELMS, 300 Pa avenue, bet. ikb and l"th sta. may 23?tf ~ HOUSEKEEPING HARDWARE. I HE subscriber begs leave to inform the publie ! that he has opened a store at 490 Seventh at. between D and E street?, where be has a ceneral a??ortinen: of llouss-ket^ping Hardware, Cutlery, Sitver Plated Brittannta, Japa med and plain Tiu Ware, Woo<icn, Willow and Cedar Ware, Clocka, Bird Ca? s, leather Du-ters, Brushes, Bruoma, Baskets Mat-. Also, fine Pocket Cutlery, Raaore, Scssors, Combs, kc. ilis g*x>iU are entirely n< w, and were selected from the lai-st and most approved ttyles. They were bought for c^u-h, and w nl be rold at the loweac pn.-sil.!e prices. Persons wishinc to purcha?e are invited to ex amine his stock and prfee. as he is confident h? can offer them greater inducement* than they will meet with elsewhere in the city. mantiS - tf GEO FRANCIS. l/RiiNCII VISITING OAK US, eitra linn, and Jj of the finest finuh, Just imupr'ed trom Mars dV rect. by KRANCK T \V*)R. may 15 NOTICE. rI'HF Un.lerfizmd caa accommodate part'ea writh I COACHES for pleasure uips Also, 'o n<ahe trip* to boats ailving< after Lich from the ?Vh:te House.* F't term* apply to Mr. JOHN HOLBROOK, at the ata e S and at the Capitol,or orders left at G. k T. Parker fc Co.'a Store. WM. WHALEY. may 16?lm' ICE?ICE?ICE! CHARLES W a. UN EH, on Pa. avenee, opposite Brnems' lloui, will keep through rjt t?ie s?a?on en ample supply of Pettibone'a b at ICfc | * hkh he wili sell, on call, in any quanrties, at the ' lewest possible ra:ea. may 29?dtSepJb DR. THEOD. HANSMAN Keeps oin ?'ffi"e hours ftom eight to ten o'clock a tu. No. 503 SeceiUA 4., off. Odd PrllOKn Uoli may iJ?lm*

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