Newspaper of Evening Star, June 1, 1855, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated June 1, 1855 Page 2
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KVENTSG STAR. WASHINGTON PITY: rsiiftV aftehiccos Jan? 1 for tiik itab. He following persons are authorized to contract for the publication of adver tise ents in the Star: I'i.lsdelplria?Y. B. PALMxn, N. TV. corner of TUird and Chestnut streets. N?-w York?S. M. PkTTixaiLL & Co., ftafraa street. Host on ? V. B. Palmb, Scollay's ' Adybrttskmrnts should be handed in by ill o'clock, M., otherwise they niay r Dt appt-ar until the next day. oy iss uounse FEias. ihe contains no editorial essay thu Burning ihe 1 t'Llirtncrr argues elaborately to tli v :ji* th? Spanish (1 overment have not lepvliutc ('.he IrttHigrnerr1*) pcsltionr s t' - r.^Lt' on th: high seis in the vicinity t'. :Tu 3, as the Uu o.i alleged a few days fines. :-i?;*i6TfiS_\S\U AND GO&SIP. Ccnjplitely Head.-!.?It j3 very evident ne toso of our talented, amiable, cour tcoas, entertaining, en'huMastic and knowing r "~hb,r. that the re- jJution adopted by the ; Know Nothings, at Harmony Hall, on 1 u r.;^htla*t, for iheir protection against : : i.-v ads lor tho per; etration of which the Jvr * .liiog majority in the councils laid :adatioa, has con pietely nonplussed the d. acA ubeasn. Oar eaoatuubla neigh lor utj: vnimm thsn fiita, next wolds, and ; a rav5? ( over it, anncuneing clearly to the peremptions of thr-o of eeiamon ur:: that '?** Menda are fairly caught in their < *n nap. Tberderigf l a -cheme by wb^cfc, a? in/ thefrscdolont returns might be -?.i r i herwuItoftheappreachingelcatioBfa foer of :h 3 sercnj warJj of Warhia-t >n. This r v first. to gravest any Aat? Know f ex a::!r j ?sa judge or ccmmio son r f c 'ooi:>n in ihote f.,ar wsrda. appciat "J MM?g the cath-l-ani : tho .-rh-r, whose obligation in uo cd tee Knew xieil -o witness in the Loweil T" 1 u\ 5":ar fc**ely ii?r three Lours, and then -'j- '-'iy hiauelf fcr 60 dcing by declaring - -t :.i= oitL he had taken as a witness c.n? M: -1 Miih. h!a eklig-tion under his o?th as a r f tie sec re? politest order, which he rtjarred a-: mcjt binding ?Poa him. ?Ah' 7 he Councils) fcsriog :hQ? excluded the v^?,hLr^s froia all parti-ipa'icn in - auu?t of the e'ecilor. laid o-j the ta!>le a Fr-T'dir^ that the ballots rjtei . u ,u- i l.? ^'^-re l 'o the corporation 3rcMrss i'id pre.-errcd a? a part of the rc:e;d of t-ie e ihty alio laid on tho table - pru; <i i,a aaking their sesret-order j -?J?S t ? S'. k-rctofors, in the room wnen they count the baiiou, two re.-pectutde : ? both parked... They :hui rca-. i reparations for the oma^'ion of i au'i.*, mth iinpuni.y, in tho conduct ot the ' lecn. n. ? ike rn?y recourse left to tl:e:rop 1 -i-.. ti Bfa:z3t the posjibility of ? - ir^ bail' ts in those warti< vc-i .. r?-t de- roiis of having frandnlent letoms Tr'e wou'd ther-wlvc? have -uarded . ?t-wsj to fewest the*r fr^ads to vo'.e J 13 *-5 of respeotable oiti sec ?h? will icaha s record cf th? nams of C'1 J I *rscu who Fc,'?s la that way in-their pre en o. T' j ?h0 adopted on the f ' *n ?peaiar?iir,?((,fei??of(he moa determined and active Wh?ga in Washington, it hiTi g been written cut in the meeting u-.der hu eye ard at hi? request. We thus tut., uaorigiaef tzo resolution to ehow the f J Te 0 fu ;li;y 01 the elT>rt of oor taien ed, ^ - :c j9 eatnus;??tie,knowing, eatei^aining, aiu ;.a.:dUe neitfhb;r to connect the AJmlnis trauca h it. It waj unanimously a iopted J 12 unerasing, as that did. qn,;? - any . .iigj6 ; i?eti.ccra*s. It if obliga\>ry uptu no m^n Vet a>i Who are at hearc o?p> i ct :..3 treascrable asms of the Kso* ? o :.4 g tccret jclitic?! crgxnixatijn will - y 990ft itf iagfiMTaa(as embracing un er Ub? ea*xaq mUcb lft|fOcadl v xaaety ^linst tha cf ii-uls in the reii^ioa of the retarn?. ' ^ i-roe uienud. nd truthful naighhjrs ' *--o; pers r in this oonoeetion. It fcayi taat ye ?r a large mjj.iity of the C<mu.u. v 1 * *Cr? ar';* Anitrican- i. e anti Know a^. io tn(j 7/o hu.e :o say that, cn that <:: -n the ls of election eomaLaicneri *crj 1 ms i9 ** boiorc in tb;acity, to Cwr. ?s! c*-h of Whi-* and one Dsmocr-t tco y jibing party having ro Visible ei" "-?whan they were creitec! Ic not be ; _ aaor n, at that tims, that thoro existed - c, .dcaLIo Nothing ?art; aiuorg cr. tac ovAidfi were xaaie cn the old d!.i i0uCf |?-r..ei-, iy. ITIw??<? TT icua ^iHujnCy inaiueated ir.^v*, j; tur.c' c-. hat ?n a? Ward ail mm of the ccmmis Rjy~ r#w-T-> nU-Ivnow Nothings, ia anr ilar .^roe wer? Jvnow Nothings, in all Ihe the emmie-m^r, wero di.idcu, ia ?omt t*30LU lUicwNotbings 3 oneixn. t iiothiag, i*n o.beratw. Knew Nothings to cne anti ? >thirg. Our uienied and truiLfal neighbor aljoiays that iu tho laiid Ward at the lait elcciion the fctli-it.} ox - was ta ran to the piiva j re^i <.:aee o* ore of the CttwniMianerf, whuo ^ wire counted." it forgets to add th^i 'V agh eo liker.i: was n>i for an ir.?tant -n cut cf the sigh: cf more than one active ? * e-ri.c3t K ow Ac thing, and that the vues V'"rfa *ew in *c:e enly countcd under the u?h perfcr ?. Cur Ulented and truth i-i v< ghbor '"arihtr forgets to say thet from *~C- ?i-j" V,t!?B " th? ci,yf:> ,h? nesent " *? 8 'a 0Ter7 ward thereof have ri C?-:i ia *e p?-ca,e cf ancf i .persona of both lJtftie. to the contest < f t-c ?ay. .h.b is the Era occasion ?noc lac ?vitiu-ea: oX ^.aMIngtun) wUiQ it h &r ivr^td to count thex in aGi that, too c_;c P?ty hai Ui5a for the Cra 'time , urpcaei / arprivei of a represecuUTe on the l xius cf election ooiimusioaers. Asftrcur t. 11. ? i a u .ru;h:ul neighbor^ high-falutin ? er th j i it. '. upon tLo integri'y of tut in ? t . Kuoiv 2?otuiag ejection boards, wo l ~i ' pay tbnt it ha? been made by the Cv t . , i rmri'Jlrg t?e m^an? of committing . ..Ld bj theiaselves (the .i tceeptiag p'a^es on these boardi, ?tder o*r?ian-:.w;i's involvio^ an enUre atd h-'.-.o- violation cf the rights of their fHJow-ci: 2-jiut who*are* politically opposed to I saj. is it oir tellew-citixens a-a fuspicious <>X ivul play, atd *vvjt to guard I ?gainst it by every means left Ihem. it is only because the Know Nothing Council have voted 'o ftr.p them as far a* possible of all means rf protecting their right? in the conduct of the election, and because they (the Know Nothing election boards) have come forward as willing instruments to aid in the work of stripping. | 'heir fellow-aiiizcns of the means of protecting their rights heretcforo invariably granted under similar eiroumalances, to any and every pcrty in Washington city. Our confidence in the iieneety and purity of American citizens in the exercise of the elec tive franchise, weal J, on ordinary occasion?, induce us t:> deprecate any exhibition of dis trust; but when it is known that the Know Nothings have *ecret oaths and f ledges at war with the freedom of the elcctirefranohise, and that the jturpoted arrangement excluding all inspectors not Know Nothing*, was deliberate ly made, we must be excused for saying that we prefer an opportunity to detect fraud if attempted. It Blwaya tells tha Truth?(Vidi iho Vir i i v.a Election,)?-Our talented, amiable, ocar loous, entertaining, enthusiastic, agreeable and truthful neighbor has its manufactory of4 cccks atd bull," in full operation just now, the election being so near at hand. Three or four of the most export and ambitious workmen in the roorback line are evidently at it in its .aotoijr with sleeves Tol'cd up and perspiration rolling down. Were'*b to attempt to shoot down, cae by one, o'1 of its fancy whoppers, here would bo no rcom lei: in tho Star for the publication of any other reading matter. Tho following smasher, however, is so re freshing in its unblushing mendacity, that we chocso to exposo its utter and eatiro falsehood, if but by way of exhibit's ; in its true light to people of comm< a tease, the exact charac ter of the present elforts of cur talented, amia ola, courteous, entertaining, enthusiastic, knowing and truthfv' neighbor to effect the election to cjma off on Mooday next. hECEETABT OF THE NaVV VS. CoMMANDANT or the V^ashtngtos Navy Yard ?It instated ;?? a fact that Mr Dobbin, Secretary of the N-?vy, has iiroed an >mperial uka-e (.?'uch as ?mis noted for) to Captain lliram Paulding Commandant of tho Washington Navy Yard, r^quirir.s* the discharge of every employed who may have the independence "to vols tho Americun ticket on Monday next; that the re p!y of the C.irxaidaai to ibii order was, "taat he ffdc d?;crj<!ied to discharge every man uader him that did set vote his o:cn **n ttm nt$! ' Truly, anobiv reply from a ga' Iac? and American seal! The above is iroiu a responsible source: but o hardly beiicve that tan Secretary of the Navy can have issued so tjranical an or ??er. lis probably requested Commodore Paulding to as* a: ab -ve staged, and thea re ceived tho reply attributed to Commodore i'auidingby ocr conwpondeut.?Ed. Organ Now we hav to roiraxk that we are author ized aad requested by Commodore Paulding to say, that in tho course of his command 01 tre ^ a=hingtoa Navj Yard, nearly two and a half years, cot r. wrd haa been said to him by the Secretary o! the Na?y, or any of that functionary's subordinates upon the subject of Voting cr the politics of any person or persors employed in the yard, and that there is no foun dation l'?r the story embrrccd in the above paragraph from the Organ. Fight Meetings ?We trnst that that all thought of holding or*,a air meetings during the day or r?^bt will be cbnndoncd by ail the Anri-Kcov Nothings of Washington. The rowdies and bullies kept by cr.r tafented and truthful neighbor's i*media's cotcile will sarely bretk the peace at any such Anti K^ow Nothing gathering, for they knew by cxpiiieaca that thoy erjoy the hearty sympa thy of the police on tuch c3casioi:3. Up to this moment the A&ti-Kaow Nothings have exhibited most commendable forbearance, and a tL?poai?_:oc to surrender much of their righto ior the p, enervation cf t'iepe;ice. Y? e bc^eccL tne:n tc do nothing which may possibly lead t > a Barren ler of the graat advantage which taeir conduct g'.vea them, wnen compared wi h than of the portion of their opponents k*_>t by the eot^iie of our talantod and iruth fui neighbor for riotou? pcrpofes. ?. Crucri-5 Out the Military, ic ?The tery ~eaeralty circulated Jloow Nothing biiry ab>ut ordering cut th?< miiitEry on Monday ucxt, haa no cthsr foundation than ou- rei^-a bor 3 iabo. i to gensratc riots at the polls ?:n that recasion. Nosu a ' rdcr has been ji; en fcy j.ny mi'ita'y authority here nor is necessity for any such order nnti cii-a-ed, uaie i it bacreatci by the patriotic eho.-ts cf the gang of {\rsoas with ques t; personal roputatiyns, cleaaei out (Cvljuional gamblors, aod disappointed of hce ieeker3 forming oar I Seated and truth ful neighbor'scoieris, to invsie the rich's &i peaceable and rcspectahia c 'ixeni of V/tsh 'itig-oa with tho gang ot * >wd>ea and vhey keep on Land tor tha. pTtrp jlo. Iho Gun Pcwder Plot ?Wj truat that no ono in Warhington who i: is any tning to lose by aaarcby 3Hvi moo rule, so laokj common I sense a3 to bolieve the fai.ry story of our tal catad and truthful ncighb.r, sajing that there is an anti-Know Noth'cg dei-ository of arms atid ammunition in tU3 c.d capiiol building. I; has its origin n.icily ia tho ecaricticn rest itz on the minis of our talented, tbivclric and trn'.Ltul ntlgtb^r j c;/cr^c, that the out rages perpetrated up:n tho rights of their opponents by their agenU in the councils and their baad of ruffians and rowdies in the Etreeta, a.c sufficient to juitisy a xciort to any tacans for self deftnoo. Foreign Paipo:#.?Oar talented and truth ful neighbor yejterday published an art:c!e complaining that at this time the alreetd of Washington are more crowded with foreign paupers than ever before, ane writer cf it un3t sec dcubio, or mots than double, as there ae%erwu3 a lime when tnerc uai itas street b^pgifg in our ci y tha:; at prisent. Lut if hii t&Ki tion ii true, it mcieiy ..mounts to a itroog cecsura of tha Know Nathiag aathori tioj cf V?'ashiLgion: whose c!aty it is to cle-r the streets of any such pcricas. ^.atd Ctfice.?Tho follotring is the amount of work done in Jhe General Lind Office during the four weeks ending May 2fi, 1S55 : Number of letters examined and entered upen registers, 2 291; letters written, 2 242; pages of re;ord covered therewith, 1 6D1; patents ? ecgrotacd 0 822, rt:ordoi 4 7'J2, tran?mitted y,2?>J), examined 12,740 ; entries posted in traot books, 24,C21; acres of larip issued, 10,316. Stay at the Pol's!?It is to ba hoped thai on Monday rext, as many re*p?cted and re spcctablo eitiasng of both parties as possible will remain at the polls. Oar talented and truthful neighbor, by'l-s foofiFh* stories about dspositorics of ajjis atj ord?iirg out of the ?military, is doing itj best <o generate rio's at the election. lh? be^t a3j io preveut th< m it lar many respected am respectafel* cit*. tecs to remain constantly around the polls Their presence will, doubtless, operate to pre forto the peace. The Subterfuge.?Great (mock) indignation seems to be excited by the attempt made by the Board of Aldermen to seonre (he presence of I an anti-Know Nothing in the room during the 1 o^njticg cf the votes nfx^Mondky evening. So Tftiver^l i?Umpractice, here and every where elsejko alloWbUtli parties to bo repre sented among the commissioners of elections, that the Board of Aldermen were ashamed to allcw them to be composed entirely of Know Nothings. These immaculate commissioners consider the attempt to have any others than Know Nothings present as a slur upon their integrity?as an intimation that they, per haps, would count and report the votes more fairly in the preeerce of their opponents than in sccret conclave. They have guessed right the first t'nac. As the move wm first made in the Board by a Know Nothing Alderman and supported by Know Nothing votes to some extent, it must be presumed that tho motion and vote arose from aere considerations of common decency, and a rcspect for the Know Nothing party. But the community have other reasons for such a move. They know that that the only elact of the presence of au Anti Know Nothing, wouid be to dctcct fraud if attempted, and that nj ono of c mmon-cense would object to his presence excent for the purpose of| securing the opportunity of committing a fraud with impunity.. We have it upon excel lent authority that, when " men seek darkness rather than li^ht" it is u because their deeds are evil." Men do not eeok to concoal their] virtuous and magnanimou3 actions?conceal ment is for quite another purpose. It U useless to talk, and be ind:gnant about the integrity of men, with euch premonitory indicat'onsuponthem. They will not be treated and do not deserve confidence, and the open ticket will be lesorted to to guard ..gainst: the 14auds which ecim to be deliberatoly in tended. The driveling about the administra tion seeking to control the votes of clerks, and the ranting about the integrity of the com m'fskners, will net prevent the citixocs of] Washington from looking after their right?. Men who intend to aet honestly in public matters. have no objact'on that tho public shall inspect their doings. Kn.w Nothissism vs. Principle?A Pro toitant clergyman seudi us the following : "When we get possession of the Federal Government in lbio. a" assuredly we will, there will r.ot he lel't in office oae man outsids of our order "?lZxtract from an argument of Jno. j\' Craig, Knaw Nothing candidate f or Aid i ynin in the First Ward. Experience also shews that men CRn, to a groat degree, get over their sorti cf shame, so as ?hat by profees'n? themselves to bewlrh o?*. principle, and nvowin?? even direct vil-, Ininy, they c;.n support themselves against the infamr of it."?lixtract from U is hop Butler's Atia'ogy of Religion, p. 54. Cur Legations in Knropo.?ILo la3t Livor pool steamer is understood to have brought dispatches from all our Eurcpcrn Legations. Our cJLtirs with all the continental Govern ments are understood to be going on prosper ously Mr. Oasou'a rc :eat sojourn at Nice h a great;y improved his health, lie is much be'.ier tdan b 3 frionde bed hoped. Mr. Bel mont was in Paris at latest dates. Votn Dailyliesolh :t loiuake your pre paration, reader, to vote aa early as possible; on Monday morning next. A very h:tTy vote will doubtlew be ctst, and those who fail to he early cn '.ae groin.' may reasonably cxpect to have to eland fjr thr.e c; f.inrs hour3 ia line before reaching the polling v>indow. A KUBriri Land Location Ch^.nped The land office heiet^fjrc located at Clinton, Missouri, bai been remove 1 to Warsaw, on tho Osa^e, E&cie twenty-five mile3 east, tho latter location heing found nearer to the body cf un-1 sold !an':s in the southern and eastern parts of] the district. < The entrant Cpo^itlctia of the Treats-y Bdjarxtesi.-- ~t. ye.-terdcy, the 31et of May, therowcreof Treat cry Warrant3 entered on .hi 1 ochacf the B-jpartrnffnt? Vi,r the re 'emnti.;? of stcch flTR 52! F??r the Treasury department.... 7.2J3 20 '*.r the Intnrior Department,....*- 14.?".44 72 "??r th-s Cr'trsT.s... 6,2o7 45 War warrants received ai:d en tered 314,770 21 17ar repay warrants rccoivod and entered 337,072 29 0.'. account ?f the Navy 50,545 89 For covering into the Treasury from Lands 1,460 51 P?kKOM4L. .... Senator Toomb3, of t>eorgij, accompa nioi by bis family, arrlvad in tho city yester day. and is a*. Lirj National Hotel. .... An eup-ricnoed woman assorts that when men brent their hsarii it is ?.ll tho same fti whtn a lobster breaks one cf his claws:, another sprouting immediately and growing; in iti plate .... Jesse Chickering, M. D., the well known statistical author, whoso writings rank among tho highest works o? their cla^s, died at West lloxbury, Masse chuset's, on tho 30th tltimo. .... Count Nesjolrcdc has tendarei his re signation of ?ffi;e In taa Kus&ian ministry,, which the Kmraror he* accepted, and ap pointed P#HiCe Yeimo'.cHto occupy the vacant j post, to which the Princ* has signified his ad hesion. ....Mr. Moilimc; Thomson, bettsr known to tho public a? " Doestocks," was acciden tally hilled, on Wednesday morning, at Ann Arbor, Michigan, where he was spending a lew days, llo wa3 out shooting at a mark with s^me companions, when an incidental bullet put an end to hits life. .... lion. L. M. Keitt has made a spcech at Orangeburg, S. C , ad vacating the deolars ?:ou of independence by Cuba, and her recep tion in'o tho Union. Tui Virginia Elsctiox.?The Richmond Erquirer of yesterday has returns from 13 o jantie?, uiid uial:e3 Mr. Vvice's majority so far, 10,575. I; says hia majority in the State will bo about 11,000, &3 the strong democratic counties of ?cott n-d Lee are among those not heard from. The Bispatch makes the major ity only 9,295, and 13 counties to be heard fr<?m whiah gave Pierce 910 majority. The Democratic majority in the Legislature will bej over 40. Tho Enquirer says the rotnrns leave j no doubt of the election of Lewis t> Congress, so that the Democrats will have the entire del ? ogatfon. West iinsteu Trumpet ?A correspondent at Westminster, Carroll eounty, writes us that the "Trumpet," a Know Nothing paper of that town, has be^n sold, since the Virginia olectiwn, to the dnrn >cra'^. He adds that the outsi'itform had be* n pat to press, and will appear as befure. zealous in its advocacy and support cf "Sam." while the inside is expect ed to sp:ak out with renewed vigor for the democracy.? Halt Sun. llfTho new Council of Gaino?vil!e, Ala, has put the liquor license up to $2,000, and no ^oa&titj to b? cold less than twenty gallons. rr-7*A flr.CBET FOB THK LADIES-ROW TO PBKSKRV1 / Rmatjr.?Don't nw Chalk, Lily White, or *ny of the eo-railed >-o#in?tln?, to conceal ? f?d*d or **llow complexion. If yon would hare Uie r?aae brought bark to your cheek. a clear healthy and transparent akin, and Ufa and vijor In fused through the ?yntem, get a bottle of C?rter'? Spanlah Mixture, an ! take it according to directions. It d-*a not taste quite aa well aa sweetmeata ; bnt, l< antar a Tew dosea yon <io not And your health au<l be*nty reviving. your atep elastic and vigorous, and the wbole ?y?tem refreeliad and Invigorated like a Spring morula*. than your c?.f la hope lee*, and all the valuable certificate* ve poeae*a, go for naught. It la th# greateat pnrtfler of the blood known, la perfectly harmleae, and at the .ima time powerfully efflca ciona. ?.?See advertisement f>?^?NOAH WAI.KKR * CO.. Marble Hall Clothing Kmpo ' rlum, under Brown*' Hotel, reepectfully announce that their diaplay of Bpriag and Sommar Clothing is now re*dy f?r Inspection, comprising an aaaortment of Coata, Vnto and Pantaloon* of the neweet and richeat deaigns la material, trltnmllg and workniaoablp. To ge?tlaroan who stn'ly excellence *Mth economy In fashionable article* of urass su opportunity lor selecting Is offered from one of t?he large*! and moat attractive stock of goods avsr offered In thi< city st s very reduced scale of price*. ?p 17 fry* PREMIUMS AT THE FAIB8.?WnTTPTTTllSTS J?' gtill in the ascen lance.?The Jtirlea of each of the 1st* fairs at Baltlniuir, Richmond, and Nsw Tork swsrdsd their hUbeat pramin jis to J. H. W. tor th*ir superiority of Pho to;rap'i?", Stereoscope* and Daguerreotype* exhibited. Mr. W. also received two Medals st the World'* Pair, Lnn doa, and a premium st CrysUl Palsce, New York. Also, the first sward* of the Maryland Institute for .hrae years past. _ . Whlvehursfs Gallery In this city Is on Pa. avenn^betw. 4< and 6th streets feb 17 rr"p?DE. HOOFLAND'S CKLIBBATKD GERMAN BIT US TESS. There are few things which afford its freatar pleasure than sitting down to write a notice of the celebrated Uoof land Qenn-.n lllttflrs, because we are fully conscious we are conferring a public benefit, and our heart tella us that by onr notices many have been iodnced to take thee* Bluer*, and teen rescued from death by dyspepsia, liver complaint, ic_ for the cure of which It la certain. It Is prepared and only b7 I?r. 0. M. JACKSON, at the German Medicine Sio.e, No. lia Arch street, Philadelphia. See advertisement. mar 1?In D. OILMAN, Drnggfat, ha* removed to 62# Seventh J?' atrnet, opposite to ths Patriotic Bank, and Is now pre pared to till all orders for Medicines, Paints, Oils, and Glass on accontmod^UIn* terras. Strict attention will be paid to physic! .u's prescription* st all hours of the day and night. XL* night bell 1* on the right of the store door, ap 14?lm n--T?A PHENOMENA IN MEDICINE.?Bronchitis, Cough, ' Dy*peix<!a Llv*r Complaint*, Scrofula. Ac.?For all JlMases of tbs Female Sy item It sUuds pre-eminent. A Jaft Itfirm* us it ha* cured him of Bronchitis fa despe'-atw character?Particular* hereafter. HAMPTON S VKOETABLE TINCTi'HE?By It* mild %t> \ tloa on the stomach, liver and kidney*, will enr* Dyspep- | si a, Oiugh, Aat'ima, Bronchial and Lnng AfTectlous, Pain* In the ha<Side aad Breaet, Cousumption, Scrofnla, Rheu inatlam, G<>ut, Neuralcia, Fistula, Bowel Complaints, Piles, Worms, and Nervous Debilities?with all dieeane* arising from Impure blool, and la the greatest female medicine ev er known. Thl* Invaluable medicine Is working wonders upon the human frame. See ad vertl*ement to-day. iuar7 n?^LUNBS?H'NGS.?We refer onr reader* to an adver i+-' tisement in another column, f >r full particulars c?m cer'iinc the HYGEANA of Dr. Curtis. It Is s.ild to be one of tiie most remarkable cures for nil description of diseases of the lm** ever discovered. Its virtues have been testified I to l.y hundreds, who have obt lined tuelr kuowled*e by the best of all teacher*?experience. CAUTION.?Dr. Cl'BTlS'S UHGKANA Is the original and t only genuine article. may 2S? lm tVJom receives all the n*w Books and News papers as fast aa published. He is a^ent for Harper** snd all tie other Magazines, and onr resder* will alwsy* find a 1 ir<s and good as^ortme*it of Blank Books and BUtlonsry at bo<?t?tore. Odeou Building. cor Pa. avenoe and 4)4 st. I. O. O. P?ALL THE MEMBERS OPl __ 'Metropolis Lodge p r. earnestly invited to he prrr-cnl 'J'HIS EVENING, a;? maturs of import ance wi'l be brought beliire them for conpiiieratlon. Bv order: R. GRAY CAMPBELL, je 1?It P. S .UNION ASSOCIATION, WASHING-] TON CI TY.?A Hireling of the above As Mei-itton ^vi'l i?e held at Haioionv Ha'l THIS (Pri day) EVENING, at fi*ht o'clock. To which the] fri this of civil and reugioui liberty arc respectfully invited. Several gentlemeii expected to a-idrcss the | meeting- js i?If ^THIR1) \VARI? MEETING?The Third I Aa-v*i^r*~ '.Varci voters of the Uni >n ticket will meet at a o'clock on SATURDAY EVENING, at Frank- j lin HaSI, corner D and Wi streets. ThU btfine the la?t meeting pri'?r to the election, I important business in to be transacted, and a full at-1 tendance id requested. JOS. BRYAN, Chairman. It. Coyl?, gecreta.v. je 1- 2t CARD.?Having been a member of the I 3^ ft secrct poiiticsl erganizatlon known uni versally as the Know Nothing oar y,and having be- | come ^aiisfied thnttbat org;inizition pleirily t< nd to n vfolat on of law, and that racied iiiFtrumcnt oar I country's conslitution, I iif sired to ?itlidraw, and for that purpwsr weat a few nights back tothr lodge {??r the j urpo*"' cf hanging in my notice of with (iinwil, wnen I wu prevented from entering by a police otlic?r l?y the name of Martin. Thus de priced of tin? opportunity to withdraw, I therefore t?i?' tl?ij method publicly to declare bene* forth on my pnri all conti'x ou v?;Ui the above ?tcret orsan-1 i/.ifi->n ctP-es, a>i?l tJiat in the pendin? election I wiil support fie Union Ticket wi:h my best er^eav or^ 'or ill - access. JOHN II. WEAVER. je 1?It* y\ CARD?I t?ke this opportunity of re tu'nin; iny ?ine< re thanks to 'hose few I p r-s:un w ?o have made themselves so very officious in ruv fJI:?,r-i, an*! to tlios? friend* of two ye^rs I eaariot ior? grateful; aud if t'rev will ca'l on I rap they shall receive one rent for their v?Ju ?ble services EDWIN A. UYT1IER. VVashinaton. May 31,1855~ 2i* r-??IV12NTAL HALL. -T;ie EucHilt| *^?* COTiiniittee of tli:j Regiuiental Rati will nieel at F< nt*s Hotel on l'UlDAk* EVENING, the] 1-t June, at x o'clock. Tiie Committees lr>iu (lie different Companies! In h'.iiig tickets are reque* ted to Mlw their returns to j the Tieosuret on cr Lelore that time. WM. II. t.LARK, may 30-3t Chair- Ei.C'om. Of - THE RAPPLE AT TAYLOR &MAU-I KV 'S ?The list being nearly complete for Ihe drawing of t!ie Water Color Pictures, the eub b< tiit rs are iulo.'on J that the Raffle will take place | on s \TL'lil)\Y EVENING neit, at eight o'clock. Thos who w:sh to secure chances wiil have to do | bo i-T mediately. TAYLOR MAURY'S m ?y 30 Bookstore, near 9ih tt rj^lsl ET(! Lost a few days tince, tw&l 1 p.n?i.'ftre'it T etb, set on a goM p'aie. The [ Adder will be sui.ably rewarded on applying at the j Star oflice counter. j.* 1?3t STEWART'S KYLIGHT DACUERREAN GALLERY.?Wei ^ arc ma'ii.-ig spl -adtd pictures for lower prices) than any o'her Ga lery in the city. They are per f.oil v lif?:-like, and satisfaction i< always given. Gallery directly over M. VV. Gall's Jewelry Store, | Pa. avor.Je je 1 ? lin JOHN It. KLVA5S. WILLIAM TIIOMI'SOK. | E'jVAKS Si, TIli >M PSOJI t HARDWARE, COACH TRTMINGS, <fcc. Ho 3'JU Ptiiuiylvsnls av*nu?, between \\ and Tenth streets, Washington, D. C. HOUSE FURNISHING HARDW ARE. Britannia, German 8-lver, Albata and Silver Plated ] Tea, Table and Deaert Spoons Carvers and P>?rks, Sieels, Kntvcs with aad with-1 oul Porks Class, Hritnnnn, Pl>c'.: Tin and Plate < Candlesticks; ] Shovel sndTor gs, Walih Irons, S .d Irons Masliu and BeU Metal Kettles, Puruaces,Gridirons, ] Ovens, ?ic. BUILDING MATERIALS. Rural Cotlsge, Clove', Cupbjjrd, Chest, Till, Fad j and 1'runk Locks Shuttle, Door, and Mind Hinges, Screws, Cut and] VVr<-light N'nils, Belts Ctad's Shutter Sctewa and &tubb3, Door Springs, | Handrail Scr;w?, Door Knobs Bell Fulls, Door Shtaves arid Rail, ?c. CABINET MAKERS' GOODS. nair Cloth, Curled Iliir, Moss, Gimps, Sofa and Chair Sprini.3 Vcnitian Blimi Hooks, Rack Pulleys, Roller Ends, ] Brackets, Furniture Nails G'ue, Cofl'm Handles and Screws, Diainoni Screw j Plates, 6lc CARPENTERS' GOODS. Planes, Saws, Drawing Knives, Spokeshaves, Cliis- ] ? Is and Ganges, Plane Irons Augers, Unices and Ritts, Boring Machines, Hatn u?c.rF, ilaichef, Devels Bevils, Squares, Guagcs, Axes, tic. BLACKSMITH AND COACH MAKERS GOODS lPack and Bright Springs, Axhn, Felloes, Spokes. I ILiba, Bows. Siialts, Poles Sltigh Riinio rs, Silvered and lira-s Bands, Stump I Joints, Stt;r:ip Collars, Top Props i Curtain Frames, Lamps, Indde Li-iings, Lining S'lks, Damask, Seaming C< rds Tuns, Ta.sels, Buttons, Tacks, Fringes, Laces, and Piain and Enameled Canvass Rus^in Duck. Enamelled Leather, Dash Leather, itc. EL.VANS k THOMPSON, je 1?6 n 3J4G Pa. avenue. "\TEW BOOKS RECEIVED AT i> SHILLISGTOR'S. Tiie Wateliuian, will be ^ound a fitting companion to the popular and temple Btoiy of the Lamp lighter Harpers' Mag^z r.e for June?commeaces a new volume The Mi-sing Bride, by Mrs. Southworth The Two (.uardians, by the author of Heartsease Blanch Lorw:iod, a tale of modern life Virginia, Harper's Sto'y Bock for June A Bjok of Thoughts, Meiuoiies, and Fancies, by Mrs Jameson Peeps from a Belfry, or the Paris Sketch Book Leaves from a Fani ly J.turnal, by the of At tic Philosopher in Paris Joy and Care, a fritndly book for vouuc mother* bv Mrs. Suthiil. * ?->?* All the new books published received iinmediaje ly afterwards, aud every thing in ihe stationery line for sale at SHILLINGTON'S, Bookstore, Odeon Building, J* 1 Comer \\? >n, and P?. av. BRALkSMOHS Just received uiil for sole l,y ELVANS & THOMPSON, . 3!4? Pa uve , betw. ?th and lUth su. may 30>3t ^Organ) TRKASURKR'B fiTATKWEIfT, Shoirtng the amount at hi, rrrd,t ?? th* 'IWantry. fmth asHjtanf Ireastrer,and degg tiated dejtositanes, and in the Mint and hranrfa.hy return* received to Monday. May 28 1855; tha amount for which draft, hare he*n tstiud, hnt ?*r* then wnpai*. aim the amount then remaining tuh^eet to draft. Shaving, also. the amount n f futran. fern to and from depositaries, as ordered by t/it Stertiary of ths 1 reasury. In what pines. ??a????????????????????????*?** Treasury of the United States, Washington, D.C - | Assistant Treasurer, Boston, Mnwichnwtt* I Assistant Treasurer, New York, New York j Assistant Tren?urer, Philadelphia. Pennsylvania. -, APfi?Unt Treasurer, Charleston. South Carolina , Assistant Treasurer, New Orleans. Louitiaaa ............ Assistant Treasurer, St. Louis, Missouri Assistant Treasurer,San Francisco.... ?fSM.B-*' <l 1 Depositary at Buffalo, New York ?? i Depositary at Baltimore, Maryland Depositary at Richmond, Yirginia ? Depositary at Norfolk, Virginia Depositary at Wilmington, North Carolina...... Depositary at Savannah, Georgia. Depositary at Mobile. Alabama Dejositaxy at Nashvilie,Tennessee Depositary at Cincinnati, Ohio Depositary at Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. Depositary at Cincinnati (late) Depositary at Dnbuque. Iowa Depositary at Little Rock, Arkansas.............................. Depositary at Detroit, Michigan, E. Hood Depositary at Chicago, Illinois Depositary at Detroit, Michigan Depositary at Tallahassee, Florida Suspense aocount 1G1 14 A pay cflce, New York Rrauch mint.?an Francisco, <'%1 Mint of the United States. Philadelphia, Penn ' Branch mint of the United States, Charlotte, N. C Branch mint of the United States, Dahlonega, Ga Branch mint of the United State*, New Orleans, La 4 ei ll HW4.370 54,134 84 1.003,0 0 46 ' SlO.rtSS 41 9*,8*5 f3 314 477 W 3 616 KM .S3 ' 2*?5 T.W 51 2-?.-299 74 960.391 83 67.491 18 227 3(1 iy 14V V! 51,262 70 142.914 86 44.7*6 48.784 ? 21,216 99 so :s9 208.535 P2 10.*. 583 13 6.SWS 36 ?:?*no as 104.013 49 42,106 33 "4744.500 00 768783 66 2.198 354 16 324*00 00 30 550 00 2,705,415 47 0^9 ?? ?s 5*3 ?? ? * m h* ?k Ja ? ? C 5^3 JI1M I.. 9MJB3*. <?2 U0 630 59:1919 rj 19.791 95 10,819 93 944,191 77 55T.32* 56 550.568 14 9"lt> 23 14,633 C7 130 45 100 660 00 9 :?5 ( 0 6,759 82 3-1,226 95 1.7P7 50 9.764 54 10,721 15 "' K.P38 56 2 889 27 6^3179 14,136 11 2,761 75 161 14 :to,000 00 I Se s*? i S Ledoct ovarfTtft, Ac. $254 998 77 21,170^.92 51 J 2,479,03? 75 *199,734 62 3.587.503 35 409 090 73 71.096 46 88.045 30 70.286 15 3,119 500 V7 ???? ? ?? 91,383 51 r4'.,7W 16 67,365 73 196.65 ! 92 16.780 91 44.503 88 104 687 9t 49 939 39 46 019 85 10,495 84 90 39 196,4W 36 102.' 93 (6 6.995 3d 59.648 63 89,877 38 39,344 58 ??????????????????? 4.744 500 00 768 783 66 8,128,354 16 39 000 00 30.550 00 f,675,415 47 Add ihffoi *'noe id tirs.?.??, ., 18,946 .V 9 53 254,998 77 17691 Ji63 76 9o9,049 70 Net amount sutgect to draft.. f 19,650^603 46 Transfers Transfers Transfers Transfer* Transfer* Transfer" Transfers Transfers Trausfen. ordered ordered crilerrd ordered ordered ordered o rue red oniered ordered to trearu-y of the Unitel States, Washington, B. 0....~ ? iJn'nno 00 to assistant treasurer, New York. New York > 40.0<0 00 360 000 00 30J.O00 CO to assistant treasurer r.t Chariot'n, S.C. to assirtant treasurer. New orlw?n?, Locltiana. to assistant treasurer, St. Iooi*. Missouri ,k) to affictant tfasurer. San Francisco, California m'nfMi no to dejK.sitary at Norfolk, Yirr^ria? 900*000 00 1,000,000 00 to branch mint of the UnHe<i States, San Francisco. California to branch mint of the United Status at Philadelphia, P* TracRfer^ ordsrf l from assistant trtasurer, TV>step,Maf?ach'Jset{? Transfer* or lered fr>.'m assistant treasurer, New York, New York... Trars'ers ordered from assistant treasurer, St. Loui<*. Missouri. Transfers ordered from depositary at Dubuque, Iowa Transf-rs ordered from depositary at Tetro^t, Michigan - Transfers ordered from assay office at New York, N Transfers ordered from mint of the United States, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. $5,660,000 00 "" 620.950 30 1 642 500 00 867,500 00 50,000 eo 25 000 00 1.000,000 00 495,000 00 14,700.950 30 June 1?It 0VD FELLOWS* hall. BU 0KLEY~S HEW YORK SfiREJff ADERS RESPECTFULLY announce to the citizens of Washington and Georgetawn, tliat they will give a s?ies of ETHIOPIAN ENTERTAINMENT S in thi? city, commencing cn HOBDAY KVKKISG. .Time 4.1855, W Men the whole Troupe will appear in th? ir great delineations of Negro Character. For particulars lee future advertisements. je I?2t NATIONAL THEATRE^ leasee.... H. C Jtrrett Stags Manager Mr. J offer ton The inagnificcnt Oriental Spectacle of ALADDIN; or. THS WOWDERFUL LAMP, Which retently had au unprecedented run of Sixty tiro Consecutive Nig/Us in the city of Baliimore, will he presented at the at?ore establishment POSITIVELY ONE NIGHT ONLY I WBDMSSUAY EVK!N!IIB, Jnac 6r Will be presented (for the first and ?n!y time) the Grand Fairy 5pi'Ct?ie (from the Arabian Kniglu Er.teminment) of ALADDIN. In the course of ihe piece (}raii'.i March end Miiitarjr ?\olulions OF THE FKBALK CUARO, AMD Th? Procession of the ChriMrcn oj Li? ;U For cx-te of characters (cnbracicg over 00 per formers,) dcaciiption of Scenery, SyuopsU of Inci dent, ike., see bills of the day. PAS DE MATELOT MISS 1) NORVAX. Tae cntertainioent will eomnietice Willi the tan.oias farce of THE SPECTRE BRIDEGR'JOM. Dickory Mr. Jefferwn Aldwinkle .Mr. Ellis Doors open at 7?Curtain rises at 8 o'clock pre cisely. Admission?Press Circle and Parquet 50 cts ; Up p-r Circle25 cents; Private Boxes and Orchestra team s?n t?e eccured. No extr 1 charge for reserved seats. Cox Office optu onTue.-day and Wednesday from 10 a. m. to 3 p. m. je 1?5t ?rand moonlight excursion AND PIC ZVIC or THE NATIONAL GUARD, AT THE * WHITE HOUSE PAVILION, On MONDAY, Junt lltb, 18S5. - ?r>i ** ^The Company take great plea? ^5^f?SS*ure in arinoanciog to their nu mtrous trieods ami the public that rliey have char tered the Steamer George Washington, and will c:ve a Grand Excursion and Pic un MONDAY, the lith June, 185"?. Te Company pledge themselv;s that no pains or expense *h*ll be spared on their pnrt to give satis faction to those who may honor them with their company. The very best brass and cotillon music has been engaged lbr the occasion. Rcfrtshn>ents and Supper will be furnished by an experienced Caterer. Omiiibusen will be at the Wharf on th? arrival of the boat to convcy passengers to the Navy Yard ; fare 25 cents. Other parts of the ciiy 12# cents. Tickets ONE DOLLAR, admitting a gentleman ard ladies ; to be had of any of the Company, and at the Wharf on the day of the excursion. The Boot will leave Georgetown at 1 ; Washing ingion at 3 ; Navy Yardat2#, and Alexandria at 3 o'clock. Committee rf *1rrxn*?mentt Lt Pwcphrey, Sgt Johnson, Sgt Drew, John Tut ker, James J. Anderson. j? 1?<Uex LAWD WARRANTS WASTED, for which the hichcst prices will be paid by CHU1SB BROTHEllS, may 31?tf (Intel) opp. tlie Treasury. MOONLIGHT EXCURSION 10 ROSEVALE^ AND GRAND CONCERT. THE Concert given a hhort time since for the erection of a Baptist Church at Blader.-l.urg, will, by particular request, be repented011 FRIDAY EVENING, Jur.e 1st. Professor Wm. Miiiicb will conduct the Conecrt, and Pref. Schecl will preside at the piino forte. 4MT A train of cars will start from the depot at K before 8 o'clock. Fare 25 ccnts Concert 25 cents. i 1 tois Excursion will be one of th? mof>t pleasant t'rat has ever been offered to the citiien* of Wash iiigton. njay 3j_2t LOST?A CHECK drawn by Messrs. John T Given & C.i, on the Washington Ci;y S ivinga 15ank, for the sutn of 69fi 71, No. 39, <Uied 10th in stant. and made payable to me or bearer. As its payment has been stopped, the finder will confer a favor by leaving it with Messrs. Given U Co., Cot I Dealers, corner 14ih and C sts. may 31?3t JOHN DICKERSON. ELECTION NOTICES. First ward-union th ket. For Collec u?r?KOBT J ROCHE. For Register?WM. J. McORMICK. For Surveyor?S T. A BERT. For Alderman?WM B MAGRI'DER. For Common Conncil - EDWARD H FULLER, CHARLES ABERT, JXO. B. TURTON. may 30?die SECOND WARD.- UNION TICKET. For Aldeiman?Dr. THOS MILLER. For Common Council?WILLIAM ORME, FER DINAND JEFFERSON, TUOS. J FISHER. For Asses or?WM. II. CLAMPiTT. may 3C?te [IntelkUnior.] flllllRD WARD?UNION TICKET. J For Collector- ROBERT J. ROCHE For Regi ter? WILLIAM J. MeCORMICK. For Surveyor?S T- ABERT. For Alderman?Dr. A. Y. P. GARNETT. For Oomirou C uncil?THOU. B ENTWISLE, ERASTtJS M.CHAPIN, RICHARD II. LASKEY. mavl Fifth WARD NOTIOr.? An Elecuon will be held on Monday, the 4th day of Jane next, at the building known as the Old Capitol, for Register, Collector, and Surveyor of ihe City; alw? for one member of the Board of Aldermen, end three members of the Board of Common Council to represent said Ward. WM. P. FERGU80N, E. BARRY, J A8. A. BROWN, Commissioners of Election for Fifth Ward. may 23?ete SK VIC NT II WARD?UNION I'h'KBl. For Alderman?DEARBORN IL JOhNStiN. For Common Council?SAMFEL PI MPHREY, SAMUEL S. TAYLOR, HENRY A. CLARKE. may 4?te IUST?On Tue<diy, ei'her on hoard the steam 4 bont George Washington, or a? the Wharf in this city or Alexandria, a Memorandum Book, con taining some fish accounts of no uss to any one but myself. A suitable reward will be given iflefr at this office, or no ice sent to me so that 1 can get it. may 31?3t* ALL 8TRAROKR8 visiting the Ciiy should tee Hnntir's Catalogue of the Cunwties of the Patent office. Also, hi* Description of Powell's Great Pictnre. HUNTER is to be seen at *56 Ninth street. may 31?3m* WAS TAKEN CP EHTRAY on the $4>ti insu, a snnll red and white Cc.w and Calf. Tfce owner is requek-ted to come forward, prnvw proper ty, pav charges, and them away. Enquire of the subscriVr, No, 73 Frederick ?t, G??rg, town. may31?3t R II. TRUNNRL. PURE SILVERWARE?A MAGNIFI cf.nt ASSORTMENT. MW. GALT Si BRO. ca'l attention to tneir ? unusually large assortment of Silverware, consisting of? Solid silver Tea Seta, complete Silver Pitcher?, solid Silver Cantors Silver Cap^ and Saucers, Goblets Silver Full Carvers and Forks. Crumb Scrapars Cake Kniv s, Fruit Shovels, Sugar Sifters Jelly Spoon-, Cheese Scoups Pickle Knives and Forks Olive Spoons, Salad Tongs, Vegetable Forka Fruit Knives, Ice Tongs, Dessert Knives Soup, Cream and Gravy Ladles Ice CKnm Knives, Salt Cellars Napkin Rin^s, P,utttr Knives, Tea Sualnrra Tea, Table, and Desert Spoons and Forks of cverr variety Breakfa t and dinner Coffee Spoonn, Jtc. Also, a very largs assortment of Fancy Silver preat'nu"tal>^ ^ WcdJ,nf' birtb ^ay, and othet 1 he above is all of our own manufacture and is warranted to be pure. M. W. GAfeT fit BRO., 314 Pa. ave., betw. 9ih and 10th aU. mar 31?tf EXCURSION TO the AND WATER W O li K S. -T. ?.. .TV. The Canal Packet Boat CON .jjln R E S S, Cap:ain Charles MerriU, will make mi excursion on 8UNDAY, the 3d June, a' 7 o'clock a. m , fo aflf.ird persons an opportunity of visiting the Great Ealls of the Potomac, and ea> amining the Washinjtnn Aqueduct. At the solicitation of many citizens the proprietors have been induced to make the above excursion, an.i will f nt the round trip at 50 cents ; a gentleman and lady for the round trip. 75 cents. Refreshments can be had on board. The boat will leave the Wharf of W. H. k II G Riuer, near the Maiket House, Goorzetown at 7 o'clock a. ai. A boat will be in waiting at the Falls to accom modate 1 hose who may wish to cross the river. pay 31? WAT ER COOLERH. something new, an excellent article. DOUBLE ICE PITCH ERS, different stf!es and sizes; Briitaania Pitchers, o,->en and covered ; all kinds of Brittannia and Bloek Tin Ware. For sale low, at the Housekeeper's Furnishing Store, 490 Seventh st. maV 30 G. FRANCIS. restaurant! HAVING bought out the establishment of llnrare Ritier, on Penns^lvan a avenue, between 11th and 12th streets, which l< have completely renovated, I can ac commodate my friends with real TUR TLE SOUP, OVhTKRS in ?very style, and the befct ol LIQUORS, CIGARS, Ac. All luxuries and delicacies m season. may 31?lw RICHARD ADAMS. GREAT BARGAINS CAN be had in the following named goods, as we Lave fully determined to clote out the remain der of our spring and bummer goods with as little delay as possible; and as the quickest and surest way of accomplishing that object is to offer good* at a great sacrifice, we have concluded to adopt that very plan in order to dispose of our large stock of? Maid, strpe and plain Silks, black Silks Rich tigured Bercges Iterage Rot.cs, Jaconet Robes Organdy Muslins, i rtn h Lawns ll< rage de Laines, Challey de Laines Figured Cballejs, Gikghains, Chin zes Fieuch Jaconets, pi^jn Herages, black Beragee Black Gtrnadines, black aad colored Silk Mantilla Lace Mantles, Lace Points and Shawls Kerage Shawls and Scarfr Crape Shawls, Pa-axois Large lot French Work Corded and worked Skuta Pockwt Hdkfs, Gloves, Lace Mils Hosiery of all kinds Men and boys' wear Gauze Flannel Lad Kb and gentlemen's Gauze Metiao Vest#. Ladies shopping for any of the above named goods may ?vly upoo getting great barg-ius by callios ear ly, as the entire stock must be sold before the 1st ot July. CLACETT, NEWTON, MAY A CO. may 31?<t TRAY ED A WAV on Friday, the 4th flf _ May, from Georgetown, a small colored Boy, about eleven vears of age. Had on wbe? he leftja; pair ol snutf < oforwl pants and a straw hat. An swers to tit*' wm- ??f Jake Any one giving infor- ,J man >1. U M? iNTEZUMA DAGGS, 43 Seventh/ at., Ge<*rgeiowu, will recaint iht thanks of the faMf Iy mi arew?(4 u deauvd. pay 10? S

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