Newspaper of Evening Star, June 1, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated June 1, 1855 Page 3
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? VKNING STAR. LocaJ^ Intelligence. Otlh^Hon' V|A*TIC TI*? 0f the frlead3 ? h. II UeDry A Wi*. of Virginia, and ^MiBreI??fKe,T ?f tbat SUte' WM h9ld I rurpow of ilk* nit?K SUtM Uotel- fyr the to X?? k uk,=g preliminary stein to testifv rrel^t hon^r*!)la Kent??man their Mgh ap of h,m- ** tfa? ?reat chamrton of | ihl n u" u" r^'fioo toloratioo. ?v w ? n Richard M Young was sailed to k'm??? "" Mc?" J^OwnoU anj Lump. tewts aassss "d llr ?? J"!""""* '?Tik,, which I XatI s?m ???>?">< of .p piaase bome due union ensuin* ns ti ti,? it entertainment to be tendeied it: w*.finally de.ided to .elect a commhtee of rcfe'rS th'V0 W*?m the <?a#ation ?bould be h?BMt?S,ifg w?'1Vg5ly 8tten^. and the l?amr .A?? ? ?f 501,1 th? Whi? ?ad ?ho VTere th^?. M'iu* harmo iii-ft. C?CC?DtraliD< thei' ?^ft3 to OLC i,? [71 ?eni'* ct hon r ,0?ceot Vir lh,? * b? *n<1 tt3,t elcqaent sons, who ?.".JU,'|,IDir?e fro:n one of th# fflost despe rate political contest* ever waged in tb,3 JHKt Hnd iVbi,sh he h3< oo^red himself with glory. and won a triumphant vi 'torv over knjw Nothingiam. Ti.iory Th* Assehrlt Chcech^-A la? ?T?Un ho^JeMof^S'1!? ?futh? m?Icb?r8 and pow" ao.Jers of thia church was held on Wednesday I tatHw v * ???,UtiOM WW9 r^ed conpti Wm wiT ?h0n CSDonn- John W. We'll. ? rU'us Pr?ntieoacd AbnerBiosh ? he board of trustees for the pieaent year xing the salary of the paa'or at $1,200 a ?*M WI * p?*p?ct of itj increase to f 1 500 ? express, ve of deep sympathy with their " be kV<? EfF' Rev Anarew (Tcarother? ir f r* ^9a,th UDdr which he ht8 labored to him T ?'* Months,-'and recoujmendiri hi8 duti" for 'be oominf th.^hnisV roqtuwticg the elder* of th? LrYfn 1 COuf'r with nim on tho fa^ject lheir gT9Bt P,ei3ur? ^ SscJr.d make "7 dcjiaioD which he may *?*kZ?Z7SAri0yAL Thbatb= -It will be Tihil ft rW?3a t0 an ??lTertis?ment in ac i? o?S3UI lwL National Theatre will be opened ?n Wednesday evenirg reit. b? ?;^arrett? cn wbi;h occasion will hi thTw^ e?rp',us ?P?5t??*?e of "Aiidiin, SLL? - v derfui LaMp." It wi:l be rro it h^lh~n 3a?f. V?19 Magukcenco as it ha? been in Laltimore for between iixtj ?^n9*?a' ve at the Mu !??? Tk 7VB!1<i":lle direction cf Mr. Jarrett Tho orchestra, eorpe do ballet, g*. ' J?^Cmeran13, tbcsido. th? entire d^matie ooa>p?Dy, and the artist and carpenter?all the Azores and the personnel?ere to be transferred to Washington The (Jrand March .of the ?. emale ?}-j3-d is. execn'ed with great P?*01?. which, together with the other parts or tne piece, compose a ?pectacle in the hiirh ?et degree gorgeous and imposing. Oa. tikr s S4LOOSS, Pcrnfylrania Ay?nue between Twelfth and Thirteenth streets J0 ?very evening largely attended by ladies and gentlexen His elegant and rich confeoriocery can ^t fail to attract the lovers cf the artieti cal.. prepared loinries. which are to be ob tained in every variety. The general f ccer mtendence of Air. (tactier, seeing that the ?ervanu are r'ooapt in waiting wn cusrcm-M an i supplying their demands, tends to render ? visit thitbsr additionally pleasant. only are ?reaji3. i-8.'. fodi. And other refre?h menu suitabio to tje season itiire to be pro cured. but tne substantiate of iifo. in the way of meal*, the best the market affords. Thus the proprietor accommodates the pnblic in a manner that eiicits from all the highest oom mandation. ?? i _ &erk9adc?Las? evcninjr. a. wcddic^ party ae?embied in the southern portion of tho city, and were passing the time sce'rily enough, when, at a late hour, a party ot joang me.i . presented them=?lves in front of ?he rcslJen^ p and gave the happy cocple a serenade We i understand that tne exeouiion of the eelec [ lions from the opera? was not su*h as wjuld have done crcdit to the Marico liand or the Germania Society, or coarse the whole thing > caused c>jcsi ieraole amusen.ent; bat r??ugh us was 'he ?v>mplimen> i: was taken oy the itr ried courle in y-erfect g;^>d humor. Wo have b#Gii told that the same party intend ro^jr-li. mentitg the bride ia a mianer more p' to the ear; wa presume the diactr Jaul instru menu wili be left cut. Con.*ce 3pokt3 ?The third "grand dra matic representation for the Whitsuotide hol idays" at Georgetown College, yesterday af ternoon, was attended by ^etwesn eight hundred ard a thousand !a(iie? and gentlemen The tragedy of ? Hamlet " was perforai?d in a manner v.hi:h, we learn, wouM have pnt to shame many theatrical prole;sor?. TL'e ires ?es were rich ani perfectly in character. Tbe melo-drama of (* Robert Macaire " concludrd the afternoon's delightful enterfainme&t. The amateur-- were e^aplimen'ed wi'h shower* of bouquets from fair ones in attendance. Tbe ladses know how to reward thoja who "act well their part' where > all the honor lie;. ., tf Marriages ? Qaito a large number of mar TtPges have taken place in the churohes cf Wa^iiingt^n of late. Ye3terday afternoon, a party of ladies and gentlemen resorted to thej rj[ Street Presbyterian chnrch to witness a eel ebrction of the hymenial rite; and every day there arc ooc&rrencej of this k<n 1. The high f prices of gutronomic supplies 4 Ml SL-etn to restrain the formation of matrimonial ti?j k Love interferes not with su:h gro-;s substan tial*, it wouil appear to the superficial obser ver During '.he paei n-uth neaily one hun dred lieeuaes have been uiued irum the oourt-, housa in this oity. Qcarter Kacz ?Oa Wtdno^day laat, a col ored man stole an nie from the store of B. W. Reel and was making off with it in fa?t timo. Officer Panning happening toget a 'igut cf tbe thief, started for him, and a race came eff which wai very exciting to the contestants The thief &nd.Lg that the ( &:er was gainiuz on him, let the a:.e fall, and in doing b~> hurt his foot. The officer ccon caught him and took him before Justice Stsvens, who dispoted of him according to law. I**ocr>t ? Recently a certain gentleman was accu-cd of stealing books Looking at the case as one that would do great injary to all parties if the cir:nrastaace> * ere given to i to the puwlic bef re tho arrctLo ji-ti e c'.' sed bis Jcckfct, and tho clrcsm;tjncrs were not made known. The gentiumm cama upf>>r trial ye>terday and hi' caso was dismuied by Justica Clark, who saw there was no evidence upon which to charge any one with aa* so wick ?d It was merely a conflict of huiinc&i ar rangements ?? Pall is Flocr ?Ttse New Orleans Pieayon* ?>s that S jor has declined in that city, w>thin # * tw:> *ee1"- one dollar and a half to two a^llart a btrrel, ' and tha indicatiecs are ?at tt will go down still farther " In Wash ??'? ? stiii turtttr " In Waab ingtrn tbe prise of the best flour, by retul. per barrel, is thir.teii or thirteen and a half dollars ; but we see ?o ra-ih favorable ** indi cations' as are mentionel by our contempo rary. *? ^ Eraioria* KfTcnTAimmTS.? linekley's Kew York berenaders will r.ppeur at Odl Pel lows' iiall on Monday, in the first concert of their contemplated series Tbey possets a &ae reputation ,for comic and vceal and ia^truuiental powers, and will doub'le?a. tne re being no other pl*ce of pah'.ic amuse ment o^?u in Washington, a'.truot orowd* of auditors IsrotTAsr to Voters.?To-narrow has been set apart by the Circuit court to bear ^?rgamant*. and the mooted rpea iti?o, whether eitiseii.* nC Washington of for?ign birth, naturalise! since the 31 st of December |a?\ will be entitled to vote next Monday. Bau? ?We werethi- morning visited ai^h rain; a blcsiinc truly welcome. M iro of it is reqaired for tne h?ueflc of vegetation; and from the present a{ p*aracee < f the clouds, we ar? net likely to be dtsappoibtei la oar ex gestation* and hopes ThbTOtmiiw Ml It, failed to arrive last Sj'?!' J^uence of the terrible accident, firno-. PM?51?g:nw Ab*rj6?*. on the Bel timore, Philadelphia, and Wilmington rail road occasioned by the bureting of the boi' kllV*; tk? reiult of which wee the othew ? meQ a,J 'CT<re iojoriw to two w2lf-SlX*,LWfRD Mkftiko of theanti-Know party ladt n.gfct at Anacoatia 11 all mX. att6,d#d- Speeches were u!kr7 Crawford, Ew . W D. Wal CaPtfH*'ker, and Dr. William B. Ma grader, which were enthusiastically received by all present. ? Major B B Frkjcch hag written as a letter onoerning misunderstandings and miareprc* acntationa with reference to bia political poa - Hon, which we cannc: publi*h to-d*y, as it was received too late. We will apread it be Tore oar fellow citiiena to-morrow. WATch Rarnnws.?Thia morning the reoord of the guard house shows the namea of aeveral Uboring men, who were there for lodging! Po-erty ? r.o crime. and the unfortunates were c^oMrill811 hCQr- w- no Mr Eiit.r: I oo!ioa .ufiKSrSk. md f?.r, ap?]Jin* thc terms " rowdies eveninJt - iV ra<>b wio' on Sat?*rday ner rn.i f m^ed' the mo,t "decent man ner, upon freedom of discu Bion, and bv their boistercusneas droro Mr Wis# from the atand. ?t!LrfpreS<DLj Persona of whom you were speaking as the rtspectaUe mechanics and jwekaau of this city. I am glad to hear the tones of the Organ ou this sabj-ict It shows U3 authoritatively what Know Nothines Cf usider respectable. U -reafter when a Know Nothing journal apcaks of resectable and orderly peopie we shall know that it meats those who make night hideous by howls, yella, ai)d coarse vulgarities to auppresa trae dianut sion. ? ~ ? _ [ COM.MUXIC.VTBD. Tl r ? . awd K.vow Nothisoism. iho followicg Btatement has been made by an eye witneas of one of the vagaries cut up by tin ?reverend gentleman in the late canvasa !n v ^gmta, and aaow* very forcibly to what lengths even preachers will goto when they da..b.e in the muidv waters of politics : At a meeting of Kcow Nothings in Alexan dria, after the Rev Mr. Evans bad concluded hie speech, which, by the way, waa a very politic or.e for the parposo intended, aome one cailod on him and toid him there waa a mourner in the room. The parson called out, end him up; ' and as a movement of that Kind was being made, clapping his hands in a mo3t fervent manner, he exclaimed loudly: '? tilery be to Gcd ! glory be to God! "' While the lamp hold* out to Luru, The vilest sinner nay re .urn." writer ofthi?, ahoeked and disgusted at 18 nta dry, and mixing up of things so sacred wi?h politics, left the assemblage in a hurry. Chriaiians of Washington. this i? th? frai's of mixing politics with religion, a thin? unknown before in this country, until Knew iSothlngism sprung up. Will you sanction tois unholy alhanca by supporting its princi ples or its candidates f 0. T. S. To (hi Editor of th' Star: The controversy between M*. John N. Crai? and myself haviag been transferred, in part. trorn (no columns of the Union to theoolumra <f the Organ, a pap?r having considerable Jeeal cirouiation, 1 have to ask that yoa will <?0 as the fiver ti in~erf in your paper thc subjoined card of ' Office " a-d the subsequent correspondence in rela.ion thereto. Washington, May 31. A G Socthall. ? [COMMUNICATED ? V. hen we get possession of the federal government in assuredly wo will, there will not be left in office one man outaido of oar e-der." Such was the emphatic language, a few days since, of the h>K>io Nothing candidate for Alderman la the ir ir?t W ard, in epi osition to our present well.tiitd tnd talented represent ative, Dr. William B Magmder; and that euoh, follow-ci'ir.ene, a^e the aentimenta and pradioes of tae Know Nothing order, we need but look at he mo for the pro .f On Monday, the 4th cf Juno next, you will cajt your voles for l>r. M igrui*rcr Mr J. N Craig, and I have too much uOnSience in yoar intelligsnce and , goo?i juugment to believe that yon wiil he^i tete U>r ? Uiomciit between the" two. As the representative of the ward for aoveral yearB past. Dr. Magruvler hu Jiiahaiged his duties us alderman not only wiiii signal ability, but with a bjii^ess and fearlessness that recom mcnla him to the continued support of his constituents. Let me remiad yr>u that there is an organized oppo.-ition bmded together by t je most shocking oaths, and commanding as they do a fixed and oertaiovote to be over come and to do this, let me urge upon every anti-Know Nothing voter the importanoe of going to tho polls and ciepoaiting hia ballot 1 or the faitkffti public servant go us to deleat the candidates whose principles are anti* ( athclio, a;?r*-lcreigners, and for epeils OrFica. Jo the Kditor of the Union ; A communication appeared in your paper or ^and?ty morning l^t aigned "Offioe," in which the writer, who is the cooupant cf a Sitccu e cflje, who.e duties leave him ample leisure for dabbling in politic*, aaierta that I mado the following emphatic declaration a law day a aince: ? Wnen we get pjaaesai:n of the federal government in I85d, as : sauredly we will, c(*Zt*order?''U lrft" ?D? man out,ide Not to contradict thii aaiertion would bo to give sUent e^ent to its truth. I am, .Lore I <.e. compelled to deolare. aa I do em wrUnr rn ^K"w" a f",39fc00;1. aa > that tLe libiin h ' hare been well aware that it waa ? hen ho penned it. f"rlher, from conver?atiora with me, that I entertain sentiments entirely ad verie to universal political proeciption. iiis intention of injurirg we at the coming eleotion I give him lad credit for ; his nieaua of so doing by hold and unscrupulous m-snda eity entitle him to a reputation that will reach h>m iu apue of the fanoitid security of an anonymous attack. J. N. Ceaio T? the Ed> tor of the Utron : I have no taate OTdispcaition to bandy wo: da or lnsBltiog epithets with Mr John N Craig, n?r did it ever occur to me that tha "fancied aceunty of an anonjmcce attack" would ihitld my "unscrupulous mendacity" fr;m e^poture* nur, indeed, did Mr Craig think ao, for, it fore 1/ c* 1,113 wr. tten. I told him in unmi'tai able language that I was the aulhor of the c 'Hi mui.ic at ion in the Union over tho siirna 'ure of "OSoe," and of whioh ho complained that aignatura I asserted that Mr Craig ba/i made the deolara'ion attribute 1 to him 'J.'er hi a cwi r.nsae Sir. Cr;tig h u pronounced thaj declaration "a falsehood, and that the wrner mast have krtrwn it wa? when ho penned It ij, tiien. by Mr Craig's own fallowing, a question of veracity between himself and vr.jae r; and in triumphant vindication of my self, 1 beg jcu will do lrctl-o favorto publish the subjoined corre?porder.ce A. 0. Socthall. t, _>VA!iBl t0T05, D C , May 30, 1855. U^aroir: On bunday la?t a communication appeared iu the oolumna of the Washington L jlon, over the ftignaturo of'Office." to whioh it appea a that Mr Joan N. Craig has taken exception, and, in tho I nion of this morning, pronounces the dtc'arat ion attributed to him to be "a falsehood, and that the writer must hare known it when be penned it " I was the author of the ccmmunioiiion referred to and frankly admit ed it to Mr. Cra?g when he called to see me on Monday lajt. The deola ration attributed to Mr. Craig?to ^it: "When we get the poweMion of tho federal govern ment in l*id as a&mredly wo will, there will n->t be left ineffio*. one man outside of our order ?was m?de in your i fuse, and, if I mia take not,in yoar prae'enje. I aai, therefore, ooaopelied in j to mytelf, to aak you to a n.e succinctly what occurrcd on that-occa aion. He*, ec.fu.iy, jour ob?lioal hft at, COilLBJ A ABET, E;,. A " S"V^ M ,U? In af ,;a', John N. Craig. ?.<j , and vour?eir, airi ukior ooc??ion *t# ,a8oiootl7 w*?*<*e?rwdonthat On the day referred lo you both eaterad nr? office, engaged in a dlecoWion o? thV?IK Kdow NotMogira, I? 0M*?f*|nbd !TPem"? ??/??e?WBi?,'*g ,at?rrnptioDs I heard Mr. Craig in nffii "* he wn?ld leave one Democrat ?s&s mst cf Wh* ?^ miAa78 ;*!n ho-w often in e?ited ditoBMions maka iJl .-0a ^ h8at of the m,3n??ot to Sea J ' Wh,0h th,y d0 not Mai}7 c*pra?? opinions which they iI *nrt a0Inent8 d0 n#t r#aI|y entertain: and froua the positive and emphatio tone of Mr. Craig a Dote in the Union of this morning I doubt not that the expression he used w?i SVSM?* DOt be/nK agonBine sentimont . ?xPreMlon ?f ?heated moment, found no plat* in bis memory. ' I remain, very rerpectfally, yours. An t? ? CHAKLKS ACBKT Q. fc>OUTHALL, Esq. A PBBILorS VorAGB?ErIB TriOMPixAKT - I d?in ??Sn iff"7 f?iIiDS*0 *Bt th*jr dredge en?JU ? r ?bk0T?,. ^ron*h the locks soon gh to finish a little clearing at the foot |ov*J,S:drS.k bordowi | er toe rapids. Being large and unwieldlv jt wasi neefdsary to have somebody on board fo keep her straight. The half breed voyagers d^l not like the craft, und would not try tho passage without an advance of fSO ; this look icg raiher hard, four of the Iriih laborers came forward and offered their services The ij.^chinery having been taken out, on Tharg day morning last she was towed out into the a?d I#t go; on she went career fofm HM pJanglr:K through the eddies and hn- r i reached the smooth water bs iiMon tin ^h0 fl,nobin? from bis perilous po wm ? flit Js gd,Dcd a point of 8af?fy It r,f* a\v requiring Pome nerve to look upon. be. a thousand times more to narticinatn in ?d -tori, ?? lrilh ,,bor?.,?T.T.L0i ttmrfckb** Th? "V04 B"lro of rtpids. The volume of water had been " increasod bJ ^e high winds ot tho u?v ortwo previous. Lata Superior Jour Ch"scb i^iFFiccLTr ?-The quarter of a century auar I?rnaj 1 C^Qrch brck#?ntwith increased day G^r'^W^P nay e7caic? L*!t Thurs W. CoIIainore, one of the barirfh Kko minded held a conference fn K? JhBrCh ,aD<1 T0ted t0 Cl^? the ^me ol WinlX ?d?P?',M,|y no* t0 a11377 R^v. Ot Sa'nr^" if, ' rector, to officiate, ua ba urdar afternoon. accordingly, Mr. Col iatoore ar.d these who supported him, affixed i.tayy locks to the doors of the church, ai d stationed cor.stablfs to sea that they vo-e not removed. Toward evening the L sen bv seeing the locks naturally stopped to inquire tb0 thereof, and in a short t?mo a vo:y pretty mob was collected The crowd in it* turn, attracted the attention offinMr > mithett who chargcd upon the door with his ? ?arty, and, effecting by violence an erratic U in Mil'**? Kf tbC 24=16,1 odiflce' aad kept it in person, or by proxy, all night. k.^la.Q!')" i^'Hately rushed to the larira nar^Tf ??- I *',Cd rePre8erit?<l that a I?rge party of Irishmen were sacnligiuusly entering the temple, and a of mneTfi cers wm uriaediately dispatched. Thev re mained till 11 o'clock, everything being nniet *'1?, B 6i .e the ohnreh. when a worshipper In i ^ ? hammer in hla hacd. and gDir^ to tho front door, proceeded to Wk cfi tb. b,H Jlr CoM.l", i? lh? name of the Commonwealth cf Massachusetts commanded the police to arrest the hammrrer! biit they di-n t xke individual, after doing 2-rff. obs?r*ed to Mr Ccllamore. in a Macbethean manner, ?? I did it. ' No funhor di^urbance occurred, and Mr Smithett preach ed and prayed a.l day witnout intenup'ion and wound up by lecturing in the evening ' j Ho*ton At!at. *? -During a period of one hundred und ?b.ny .,gbt t.?, ,h, ?rsl bor? of ;?A?J tri? royal f.iniily has olwuya been a girl ? kxchange Paper. *ul f ^Ahjr?B01'? V^omen have won mo-e empire fur Austria, in aricc of love and not of war than all i;s men The historfcal epigram bide ; 0. .er nations fight,?/ tn felix Austria. n?b<. [Albany At'as. Qcbip. Pr are to I'lant Oyhtk^s.?a rcs> lu,?on waj passed by both houses of th? Pnn bat (?eorge Iloyt and otfiei?, of Worwalk" reUuVeVo?/0 "tCr ^ pelition lor a ,a* relative to plantine of oyuers in the Secre. iolwhhfunding7'Ul? ?r laW t0 the C0ntr*r7 nAiiittuu. On tlie uftimn, |?y thi' Rrv. Mr. llo?!^e9, Mr. Flirt^C'S W- ^ASKV, of Hntrimore, M?l., to Mi.-a MABCAR^T V. GIBBr^, of Washington. <?n irif lilst uliiin<?l t'y K?-v. loh*i t'. SmiiOi, JA*. MITCHEI.L. jr. Ksq., of Wilmington, N. C., to Mi^s JANE A;:Ll.fNK '' litis rily. On the IGth nltirno, at we rnMcoci! off. W. Lei. li-q , Bradk-y tountv, Tenn., the H-in. s? A. t^MII 11, in' mher of the la-t t,'oti?irsc, lo Mid. I.A VI VIA HKNl)ER8t?N, daughter of the lap? lloa. Luke Lea. DI1CD. On th?.'3U;of May, after a Ions r.nd fainful ill neas, Mrs. ARMSTRONG, in ibe 4&I) year of her af ller friendn and acquaintance-' arc respectfully in viled to attend her funeral i?> im-rrcw (Si'jrtlny) ?1"fiw"n, at A o'clock, from her late rpMdence, No. 519 I strvet north, between Bisth and Seventh <l?. Want?. VVOUNO WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION as eook or chambermaid ?^in be wh|1 re coinmenJed. Addict No. OT54 O ?t, English llill. }e l ? lt? \IJ ANTED?UV A RESPECTABLE English \f woman, a sit lation hou-< kei |mt, or to go traviding. She is ?illin^ to d > serviug and chamber work. Address "L W," at this oftice. je l?it* |>AKER WANTED?ONE WHO underetuuds J.) Pastry and Confectionery. Apply at WILLAHli'S HOTEL, may iti?lwr \ii~ A N T E I) ?A FABTNEtTTO WOKK. A W Stone Quarry and contract for sale of Stone to Governuiciit and others, there bein^ nov/ greutde niand for stcue. Th.s Quarry u immediately oppo eite Georget nn. Lerge hhanty, blacksmith :>hop, and e7? ry implement on the sp-'t. Tt is quarry fur niches th? be? and lnrpe^t tniek Stoue, 4tc. A chance is now ottered. Call or write to LLOYD & CO, Fifteenth street, oppo. the Treasury. may 3?tf WANTED?EVERYBODY TO KNOW THAT i .ey can g**t a lot 24 foot front by l~'0 feet deep, for tit*.* Ijw ? of ^7A?payable $:i a month without inter" t. A[iply at the Union Luud OlEee, 7ih st , Odd Fcliows' Hail. apy??;im JOHN POX, See. Hoarding. SUMMCU BOAR01 NO.?A few r^r.=ons can b; aee?:.;ru< ua:?*d with boird from the Ut June, in the country, at Ni o sha, near Bladensbutj The locau'in is a healthy and p easant Ocie( with in a ?I;ort dUtance rf ilie Spa Spriii^ and Bla lens I'Uri; Depot References rtquired. /pplytoMISS ROSS, Blaiembur^. je 1?eo2t* HO A HO AND ROOMS.- Two or three newly furnish'd and very desirable rooms toi rent, with brard, at 403 F st, Union Row. m 30 4t* Mitt P. ItOtUII, No. 371. I'pKj .ir |ka M?? el, h;t< n l.irje no* vacant, rattible for a family or single gentlemen, with board t few more Mble boarders can be accomiuodat'id. Also, transient koatd. may 30? 3i* MtlS. PI O. bUliilClt,*l Boaruinti house, on 1'ennsylvama avenue, first house wr-st c-f tb ? Capitol v^te. Fine rooms at variou-* price?, and every ros-ib!:' MlfUlm and conifort bestowed cn iudies and gentleme?, gue^ s. may 20?3w* 6 TiC 1C.-FOR KEN J'- PARLOUS AND Co tinkers, with boird. Alsoj table and tran sirut board, with a bulbing room and shower batlis aud every attentiou lo render it nto?t aare- able to iier boards;?? Mrs. p. O MURRAY, Corner Pennsylvania avenue and ft. ap '23?Jib H6a.UL>, 4tc.?MRS. BATES, on the south went corner of Pa. avenue and 9th ?u-eet is pre l?ared to ai coinmodate gentlemen with rootu-i, with ?,r without board. Evi ry effort will be made to rf*n cer ill? .'ornforti ble who may favor her with their patrouafe. up (Ku Fot Bald and Rent. For bent?the dwelling part of the three-story brick llnuw on the corner of H and I3tli str? ?ts. Toagood tenant the rent will be mod erate. Apply at th? Grocery in the sane heme. j?- l?eol * FOR SALE OR RENT?THAT LARGE three- | story House on Missouri avenue, three doors cast of 4 % street. Thi^house is large and has just j been thoroughly repaired, and cm introduced, and is one of the best locations in the city for a private residence or boarding bouse, or school. Possesion f;iven about the 7th June. For terms, which will be ibcral. apply to T. PURSELL, 341 Pa. avenue, opposite Browns' Hotel, je 1?6t* AT PRIVATE SALE ?Several two stoiy frame Houses, with Lots from 80 to 105 feet deep I The above property is located on the north side of Massachusetts avenue and the south sidoof I street, being the seme square, between 4?h and 5 h street*. Beirg a he iltlty and very thriving pirt of the citv. Also athree-si?ry Frame, fronting on the tame avenue, containing ten rooms, all private, the houre nearly new, and has a flower garden attached to it. Any of 111" above property will be sold ?ay, one third cash, and 'he balance on a credit of S, 12,18, anA 24 month* Persons des;rons of obtaining a ph a-a it residence on easy terms will do well to call at No 304 Has saehuseits avenue. Ti'le to the above indisputable. One small house lor rent. jc I?3t* TIO REXT?FROM 1st JUNE TILL MIDDLE of October, two pleasant Chambers, near the Departments. Address "A ny," Washington, may 31?3t For rent?in Alexandria, va., that large three story Brick House, well known as the ben stand in the city lor a hotel and restaurant, on Cameron street, opposite the Market House, and now occupied by Mr. McGonegal. I'osssession tiv en on the first of July. Address LLOYD k CO., Claim Agent, 15th st, opp. the Treasury Washing' tun, 1). C. may .10?tf FOR SALE OR RENT.?The owner of a hotel, now engaged in another business, would like lo sell his entire stfcck and Fixtures, and if demand ed, the house situated on Pennsylvaniaavenue with a gooj tun of custom, on liberal f?-rms. Particulars at CHARLES WALTER'S Agency and Intelligence Olflc*, 532 Seventh st, opp. Cenjre Market may 30? lw* I^O R SALE OR RENT?A FIRST CLASS . House in ttie First Ward, several Houses in other portions of the city, and a large number of choice Budding Lots. For rent, several large Lots, suitable far coal and wood yards Hous?s in all the Wards. Several fine Farm s in the victnitv of the city for sale. JUS. C. G. KENNEDY, Corner ol Penn. avenue and 10th succts. may 30? 3t IjlOR SALE OR RENT?A NEW TWO STORY anl attic Brick Ilou-'e, with a two story back buddinc, conising a large Hall and ten good rooms. To a carnfrl tenant the rent will he v? ry moderate. For further particulars enquire of Mr. PHILIP MACKEY, corner Fourth ami I streets. may 20?lw* For rent-four new and conveni ent Brick Houses, brown mastick front*, con taining parlors with marble mantels, dining room, kitchen, servant's room, and liv.; chambers mu h, and situated on 'lliirteerth Island, near the public grounds, convenient to Pa. avifnuo and the Departments. Rent very moderate. Apply at It. II. CLARKE'S office, comer of Sixth Ptrn*t aad Eouisiana avenue, or at D. B. CLARKE'S Drug Store, Eleventh street. Island. mar 0?wit 1>MLDIEG LOTS AMD DWELLING^.?For i > sale,Lots on Third stn-. t, i.ear the City Hall; on P, between Third and Fourth; cn E, between First and Second; on Seventh, between L and M; on M, near Ten'h; on Third, mar L; on Seven'h, hftwi en L and M; on K, between Fourth ami Fifth; al io, opposite to Franklin Square; Massachusetts avenue, between First and N. Capitol; First Ward, <? near Twenty first; Virginia avenue, uear Twenty fitvt; .V. Hampshire avenue, b?-tween II and I; also, tuo fram<- dwellings on Fourth between F and G, will be sold low fur cash. Island property?Two small fniiiie tenements on I, between F> ur-and-a half and Sixth; also, lots on Virginia tvenue, and a variety in other parts ol tbe 1*1 ind and City, alt of which Will be sold on teims accommodating to suit purchrst-M Enquire at No. 337,*Penii?yivanhi av , opposite to Browns' lintel. may 23-lineo DAVID MYERLE. IbEAL ESTATE AT PRIVATE RALIUONE ^ Frame Dwdling House and Lot on O st., lie tween 0th and 7:h streets west, containing mi good rooms, nearly new. One tw<v not one three-story frame Dwelling House on Massachusetts avenue, between 4th aud 5th street*. Two two itorv Frame Houses ?n Washington st. AHo, a v?-ry eoitifortable Dwelling House on Brail arcet, Georgetown. All the above p-operty is nearly new. and will be lgild on iWcaiitMiilKing iprmi. Enquire of FR AN CIS WHEATLEY, Gumb?'rDealer, No 31 Water street, Georfet-m n. may '23?eodlm \riLLA FOR SALE?THE SUBSCRIBER ul ' fers at private rai?* the villa in which sl?c at nresi nt reside-, with ei^Ijt aciea nt land, sitiiaied at Ellaville, on the Washington and Baitim re Turn pike Road. The house ij new, with all the modern improvement*, and the situation has many advant agy-Tor persons engaged in business in Washington as it iri withiafive in motes" walk of the Bladensbiirg In pot on the Ra.iroud, an l there is also an omnibus running twice a day Lciv.. en Washington and Ella ville. Application to be made to tin* subscriber, living on the premises. MARY S. VASS. mar 27?iiawt t ~WJOR SALE-A TWO STORY Brick HOUSE r on the corner of Prospect and Frederick street* Georgetown, jiow occupied by Mr. John W. Bro naogh. For information apply to Mr. JAMES MIL LL'K, Mark, l *t , belw. 4th and 5th, Georgetown, np 25?lawSw* I^OR SALE?A LARGE NUMBER OF BUILD Ing Lots, located in all parts of the city. WILLIAM II. PHILIP, Attorney at Law, Oflce. 4514 Pa. av., belw. 4% and tiih streets, ?ay 90-? f o3w A R AKE CHANCE FOR ONE OF THE BEST J\ Grocery Stands in Washington rity.?The tin dersigned will -? 11 at private s-ie his uiocery .V'are hotn*?, situated on tin- corner of B and 12th stre* ts, and w itnin a moil distance of the bridge crossing the Canal. Tim budding in i ite is lect front by 50 de? p, and was t reeled about mx years ago; the i'>Uftdal:on is of stone, three feet deep, averaging 50 itiick hi Hi- top of grnunti; the wall of first s-ory is 14 inches l!iick; the second 9 inches, til ot hard brick; the floor is grouted wiii gruvel and bri> k, leaving no space for rats ;o Upiow ^ the roof i. of tin, and ail tl.o materiaU throughout arv of the very best quality and executed by the test workmen The re cent closing of the Grocery bit inesi; was in cnnsequence of not being aide to obtain capital t<> keep up with the great increase of tra U , which had nearly doubled every year since it fir*t went into ? pcraiiou. Any person h; vir.g means to enter into the wholesale, with the retail, also to deal in wood ami coal, and particularly horse feed, flour and bacon, can do a very extensive and profitable busi ness, having when closed a large city, country and boat custom. For luilher particulars apply to C. P. SENG STACK, D street, between 12lh aud 13:h. N. B.?A lot of ground on the fast end of the buildiiig, S5 by 75 feet, will be sold with u; without the house. may 29? ]MOR jj.\LE-A LOl ?>F GROUND IN rilE r most thriving part of the city, improved in part and is under rent at two hundred de-liars a year It is situated on Ninth near N str ct, and h is a front of 76 feet on Ninth treet, by 73 feet ti inches deep. The above property will b>: sold at a bargain for cash or on tima, as the pur has?r may desire, by paying one-fourth ctoh P'or particulars ? nquirp nf JAMES O. WHITNEY, on C, betw. 12ih and 13th street*. may 21?2w T) ENTS RKDliCE:) TO SUIT THE TIMES. CV %150 a year will be received for the rent r.| itiose new and convenient cottages at K< ndall tir? rn, with two acre j ot grouti-'. sta'iie, wood .-hi d ami other ct-nveaieiices attached. Pumps ol pure water ar?- near the door, KJid couiuiuiucat on is hat! wi-.h Georg. town i.y way of 11 and Seventh streets and Penn. Avenue, morning and nfurnoou,at the usual fare, for the accommodation of clerks in the departments. To secure the advantage of this great rtduclion of rent immediate uppiuation must be made to the undersigned, either by letter, or at his house at Kendall Gieen, after oifice hours, where the keys may be hud and the houses isspe ted at any time. Several of these residences will be sold on liberal terms. WM. HTICKXEY, No 4, Kendall Green. N. B.?Rents paid quarterly in advance. apr 9,1855?it 171 OR RENT?SEVERAL HANDSOME PAK ? lors and Chambers, with board. Also, Table and transient board. Iuqunc at Mrs. SMITH : . 833 F treet jiP9 HOMES FOR ALL.?Beautifully and healthily located Building Lots, 24 feet ftont by 130 feet deep, on grudi d streets, can, until spring, be bought al the exceeding low price of $75, payable #3 per m<inth. Title indisputable. Union Land Ofiiee, 7th st., above Odd Fellows' nail. Jan H?6m JOHN FOX, Secretary. '? HE MISSING BRIDE, by E. D. L. N. South [ worth, 2 vols, price $1 00 Harper's .Magazine for Jure 25 Harper's Story B-ok No. 7, Virginia 2^ P loam's Magazine for June 25 Godey's Lady's Book do 2<> Graham's Magazine do 25 All the New Books, Msgaciaes, Cheap Publica tions and Weekly Papers received as so-m as pub lb lied and tor sale by E. K LUNDY, No. 138 Brulee street, Georgetown. way 31?U ? Auction Bales. t&"Fbr Auction 8mtm *?r fir*t pate ?%% Bj GllCKN dk> SCOTT, Auctloa??rt. TRUSTEE'S 8ALE OP VALUABLE REAL Estate.?By virw of a dfrw of the Orphans' Court of the District of Colombia, thr countv of Washington, approved by the Circuit Court ol *ud District. Kitting in chancery, passed in tte matter o< the petition of William Whitmore, et al , children and heirs-at law of William W. WbiOBorc. late of said county- deceased, I will, on TIIUBSDAY, the 31st day of May, 1855, at 6J4 o'clock p. m-, in front ol the premises, proej-ed to sell Lots o( eround num bered seventeen (17) and eighteen (18) in Square numbered five hundred and three (503) situate in the city of Washinst' n, and District aforesaid. The above described property is situated on tiic norihwest comer of ?:h street west and N street | south, and contains in the ajfregate about fuuitetn thousand square feet of cnnnl. Terms r t sale : One third cash,and the residue in two equal payments at six and twelve months, with interest from day of sale. The deierred payments to he secured by the notes 01 the purchaser ur pur chasers, satisfactorily endorsed. Upon the full payment ol the purchase'money and interest and the ratification of the sale by the Coum, the trustee wi'.l convey said lot* of ground to the purrli.-wrr or purchasers thereof, at his ur their co*t and expense. If the t ims of sale are r.ot comp'ied with within five dnva lrorn tha day of sale, the trustee reserves the right to resell said lot*, or either of them, upen reasonable nouce, at the risk and cost of the first purchaser. RICHARD II. LASKEY, Trustee. GREEN A SCOTT, may lo?co2wltds Aucuoneers. Lot 1 7 having; br?? sold, the sale of Lot No. 18 is postponed until THURSDAY, the 7th of June, same hour, when it will be subdivided and ?old separate, one part of which having ? n a good two-story lrame House, the other p*rt is the corner lot, hatlne a front of 35 feet, aud 102 leet deep. Teinis as ab ve. RICHARD II. I.ASKEV. Trustee. GREEN fc. SCOTT, je 1?eefcia Auctioneers. By J. C. McCJUI K5?, Anctlonesr. TTALU/BLE IMPROVED PROPERTY AT \ Public Sale?On FIJI DAY afternoon, June 1, at2 o'elick, on Ike maim, I shad sell, by or Uer of the Orphans' Court, that valuable piece of property si'uated at the corner of 10th and E street, aud generally known as the Medical Co'lege. The lot front- 61 fet 1 inch on E street by 58 feet on 10th street, containing 3.543 square feet. '1 lie building consists of a substantial and well built tliref s:ory brick liuildin*, which is admirably adapted for a warehouse, for manufacturing or school purposes Poitions of this building urn now under very satisfactory rent. Title perfect Terras: One-third cash; lac icsidue in 6, 12,18, and 24 months, witti interest, secured bv a deed cl tru.-ton the premises. S. 11 NOi'RSE, Administratrix, I5y WM. NOUU3E, Attorney, JAS. C. McGUlKE, mr.y 8?eo&ds Auctioned. kiy J. C. ffltUl'IRKi Auctioneer. ["PEREMPTORY SALE OF THE STEAMER J_ UNION ?On FRIDAY afternoon, Jun- l.t, al 5 o'clock, at Paa-'s Wharf, at the to<?t of Seventh strei t, I shal! seil, without reserve, the nearly new ?tcamer called tin; -Union." at pr< sent running au a I'crry boat ?etwr? 11 this citv and Alexandria. Th\s steamer wis built 111 Washington c;:v in tiie year KV2; is ttiil Sect ii. length, l>n .niM: ui* beam 34 feet fi im- .es She measures 41! -Jo f a custom house id-n>urenieiit, us pei enrollment. Her en g:ne is n artt cL.?c?enty five horse p.wrr engine bni t bv Smith sad 1'eiktns, Alexandria, Va. she runs either end f r- ari l is very convenient for loadiiii! and unloading treigi.t. Terms: One half cash, the res- i lue in ti months, With interest, satisfactorily secured. JAS. C. McGI'IRE. may 3?ct.iijs Auctioneer 3y GILKK* * SCOTT. Auctioneers. 1ARGE AND COMMODIOUS BRICK HOUSE J and Lot on Capitol Hill at Auction.?On FRI duy, the 1st day of June, we shall sell, at ti oYlnck p. 111., on the premises, tlie lar;:" and well-bui'l three story brick House, lately occupied by the Hon Judee Craneh, situated on Delaware avenue. \t t>, ih't corner ol north 11 ?-treet, near the north Capitol gn'o. The house contains thirteen cc.nre niontly arranged rooms. and wise fa-sage Miroogb to*- l.o,ire. and bui't with thick walls, and a cellar under the wliole hti.l.Ptig, in.! the !nt b.-ing h:i|f 01 Lot N 1. 6, 111 square No. ur-t. having a Iront ol thirty feet six rue >.3,, ttinning 13i feet Btv^u inches to a thirty l**?t ulley. The above-described prop ciiy Is eertrinly M.e of the h^it^aonim locations .;rni mo.-t L ?irin < ir? Wa-hington. presrniint th. moM couini-inditig view. There is al??> a pum^ of ex.-flle^t u^ter near the d*ior. 'i'eiinf: One-fouith cash; balance in one, two, three, and :?.ur y. ars, the pureha.-er to give u*te? for 1 be deferred payments, bearing Interest tiom du> of sale A deed fiv. n ami a deed of tract taken. Title Imiibputable. All conveyaiK>e at the cost of the purehaser. GREEN X SCOTT, may l!i-d Auctioneer.!. Uy GRltKM A, SCOTT. Auttloaetn. rinVO VALUABLE BUILDING LOTS a; Auc I. ti-'ii ?On THURSDAY, the 7th June ne*t, at B o'clock p. in., we shall sell. 011 the premises. Lot No 2, i'i Square No. 515, fronting .'9 feet on K st., between 4th and 5th, runniug back IKi feet to a 30 ft, alley. Also, north lialfofLct No. ihi. 111 Square No :"?1G, fronting i57V.J feet on Fourth street, running baek 10U te? t, betW'i ii I and K streets. The above described property is al>out two and a ha'f squares irom the Northern Liberties* Market Hon-'. Terms: t?n*? quarter cash ; balance in C, 12, and 1^ uienih-. for notes bearing interest Deed given and a i!e?-.i of trust taxen to secure de ferred payments. Tiile perfect. GREEN & SCOTT, may CO?eoSids Auctioneers. Orphan's rnurt.^Iny 4'4, 185ft. DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA, U'Asiitxnrow Coi'sty?To wit; In the ca-cof Teresa A. Sail-|i. udbiir:stratrix ' I Thomas W. Sntl'ell, deceased :?The aJraiii!?trairi3 a:or?>aid I a-*, with th - anpn baiiru. ol tne Orphan"? (,'?/Uit of W a?lui.<rton County, in Ui?s District of Co .lmiibin, a"jto*:it< d Tnowlay, the l-2th day cl'iun? II. ij, lor the final rruSement ai:d uistribuiion of thi esta'.c of said deceased, tit the a^> 111 l, tui as the r-aine have lieui cUiect-.d ahd turned lute niof.ey. when and where ail tftu creditors of saiil d?c?a?ed are nolified 10 attend, (at the Orphan'i Court of Washington City.) witii their eiiims prop erly v. uched. ?:r iti=*y may ciiie.-wiae by law be '-x clui'?:l froiii &1I benetit of &eid estate: Provided, 1 if this or.ler be published once a week fo' tluee weeks in the M Daily Lveuu ? Stat ,0 p.tvioui to Mid IvUo day 01 J'jtt^ :<ext Terte: ED N. ROACH, Reg. Wills. True cn,-,y?Tote : En. N. Eoaxu, lie#. Wills. May 31.1^55 -111 28. V3i Bp UltlkkSI dt SCOTT. Auctioneers fT'RUSTEE'S SALE OF FRAME HOUSE AN1 I Lot al Auction?On FRIDAY, the 1st day o June, 1 shall se!l^ at G:< o'clock p m.. in front o the premises, hy virtue of"a deed cf trust, duly re CordeJ in one o? the !an:l records nr Wasbin^toi c? tr ty, in til** Dirtiict of ('ulumt.a, Lot No 49, ii Cabott'a subdiiiiioa of Square No. 677. The loi has a front on north H street of -23 fee t, betweer Noriii ('ajuiolaud Ut streets ea t, running hack 8< f?;? t U, with the improvements, which is a and nearly ticw frame house. Thid proper.) is near the iron bridge. Terms: One-halfca?h; the reoiuue in C aud ii month-*, for notes tearing interest *rom i:.e day ol the sale. All conveyancing zi cost of purchasi;r. A deed given and a deed of irust taken. J. V. N. THROOP, Trustee. GREEN &. SCO'lT, may 29?d Auctioneers. FOS1 II111K?Au excellent male COOK, col ored. A.'.drCiS "L M," Bex Na ?4, Georget'n, may 3d- 4t* Coll*etor's 1. tlic. ) City Hal!, May 29,18ii. | IN order to avoj I as much as puss bio the hurry incident to the pay.uent of taxes on. the day ol lh<; election, ihe unieriigned will rema n in tbe of fice from 8 o'chscx a. is. uni?! t? p. 111, for the resi due of the week. K. i. ROCHE, Collector, inav 29-1J STRAYED OR >TOLE8i from the sub scriber on Saturday night, May 2C(h, a black lloise, with a short bushy tail gray forward and Wind in his right eye. A reward ot .*5 will he given if found within the ciiy limits, ot $10 if found elsewhere, and returned to the owiicrs ou F, between 4'X and Gtli sts , I.lar.d. may 39?St* TRAVES EVANS. WASI1INOTOIV COHPOKATIOK O per cent. Stock for sale by may 29?2w RTGfiS & CO. ~ LAND WARRANTS WANTED. ?HE uudeisigned will pay the highest priec for Laud Warrants. Stock? bouj'iit and sold on Com mi rion. HAMILTON G. FANT, No 43 4 Pa. avenue, VVattuigtor. may 29?In tlnt^Union) I VIE L VST GREAT AMERICAN NOVEL-The Mi ing Bride; or, Miriam, the Avenger, by Mrs Emma D. E. N. Southwonh, ambor of the Lor t lleitess, the Wife's Victory. Cut>e of Clifton, the Discarded Daughter, Retribution, fcc. Complete in one volume of 635 pages, bound in cl'ith, lor one tioliar and twtnty Ave cents; or in two volumes, paper cover, far one dollar J net received and for sale by JAS H. BURNS, st his Cheap Bookstore, No. lftO Budge street, Georgetown. A Is:', Agent for all tho weekly new?pfiper?, which Will b 1 ved at ilic dwclliLgs of the subscribers. Scud in yuut uaiu?s. ma; 5W? lw 1 3 ! TELEGRAPHIC. atroBTD roa nix DAILY EVEZmra BTAS. Arrival of the Jortk|itar. New Yoar, Jane 1?The North Star arrirei here early this norning. with bo later 4atee than 'hose bmaght by the Paciflo She briefs over 100 passengers The St. Loeis arrived at Havre on the ???? iog or the 18th in a damaged oeaditioa, having enoonnUrtS an loe berg on theeaetarm. edge of the Grand Backs. Her bowe were badly stove, bat (he was able to ooaplete her voyage safe! y. The injury was ehkfly above the water line. Baltimore Market*. Baltimore. June 1?Floor Is dall There was a small sale of Howard street, at $10.8? ; bet it is generall held at$U. Wheat and Cam are dall, rome small tales took pUoe at yes terday's rates. Hew York Markets. Nbw York. Jane I ?Cotton is firm. Floor is a trifle l?wer Southern is heavy. ^ heat is firm ; whits Michigan $2 85. Corn has ad ?acc^d 2 to 3 ets; Western mixed at tl.lOia $1 12*. Pork is apwarJ; old meesflMTa $17 00 Beef is firm with an upward teadenoy; repacked Chicaco |15 25h$I5 62 Lard is firm. Whisky is declining ; sales of Ohio 36ia37o. lfew York Stack Market Nbw Ycrk, Jnne 1 ? StocKs are steady. Money is unchanged Indiana 5's, 85i; North Carolina 6 s. 98] ; Ohio Llfa Treat Company, 94; Cumberland Coal Company, 27J; Pennsyl vicia Coal Comnany, 110; New York Central Patroad, 93; Reading Hal road, 89; Clare land, Columbns and Cincinnati Railroad, 10T. WHAT THE SOUTH THINK OF IT. I^VERY town and city fropi Texas to the border* j of the Ohio are wi'dinfin their orders for OAUTIEB'3 SPAf KLI5G SUGAR It is tonnd to be indispcnsibie in hot climates. PREPARE FOR THE SFTMMER hy laying in a nipp y of this delirious beverage, which is equal t? the best Soda Water, rb'jjwi, and more convenient. may 30?3l I^HE FAIRY TALES OF THF COCNTE88 D' ? Aulnny America and the American*,by W. E. Baxter, Eaq. M. P? Trans- Atlantic Wanderngs, by Captain Oldmlson, . * !i> The Pri.le of the Mev, by the author ofCevendtsh Hand Book ot Domestic Medicine Smyth'* Lectures on Modern History, f vols tlsnd Rook nt"Proverb* Mi moirs of Ph Hip de Coaises, vol 1 Ci rvant's Exemplary Novels James* Life of Richard Coear-de Lion, f vols Ik-Biosth* nesoii the Crown, literally t.-aasi?tad by Clias. U. Ki-nue i>. may .11? FRANCE TAYLOft. MORE BARGAINS. JOHN I). StIOOT, Bride' $trcet, tnufh side, near High. Georgetnwn, 1 T IS jM-t received a further supply ol seasonable XX Go?k!s, amongst which will be found Ml pieces food styles fa-t colored Lawns at 12)( 10 do plain M ?ek and white and black do. Hi do rich plaid Ginghams and Gingham Lawna 0 do dotted and rich cmb'd Muslins M? do p'ain Swiss and Naiasei.k do tO do Jaconet and Cambric do : 0 do plaid and striped do 2fi Grass Cloth Skirts :<ti corded and datr.ask do \\ h:te sad colored W.,tered Moreens ? A pieces light pretty styles Calicos JO do Bir? ge de Laines at 12*^c ?2 do Buff *h?de Linen VV i;U an ?3Bona?it of seasonable style* cf Gloves, Hosiery, a:.d many other very desirable Goods, to *viiich tho attention of cafch or prompt customers ts invited, a- we are constantly receiving new foods, and are scHiug tutm at prices 10 suit the times, way 29?tf J. II. SHOOT. PROSPERl'S CORNET BAND. ? TH1IS l>and is suitable for an? and all purpose*, J and if warrant* d to give satisfaction to all those who may be pleased to engage them, either as a Crass, Reed, < r Cot.llon Rami. Any number of mu-icians to he had at the short est notice by applying to FRKDERIC PROSPER!. Leader, at Taluvnli's Store, opposite ike Marine Barrack*. N. P.? Orders left at Hilbus .V Hits'* Music De pot, will be promptly attended to. may 25?4m TIIE POTOMAC RIVER STEAjIEOAT COMPANY'S STEAMER ALICE G. PRICE, CAPT. SAMUEL RAKER, Will commence her regular trips ou TUESDAY M0RRIHG. t ie iKKh instant, touching at the diflerem Landings on the river. Leace Washington at ft and Alexandria at 7 o'clk on Tuesday :ind Friday mornings. Returning, wi*k leave Cone River at 4 o'clock, on Wednesday aatf Saturday mornings, until further notice. in ay 20-d A CARD. MA. TVfeON * SIFTERS take this ? mi thod of informing their patrons and the I ublic that tlteK scliool will be continued as usual in th.a city tor day scholars exclusively, and will re-open on the l.Vh September next; the scholastic year will terminate on the 1st of July following. In connexion with the above, it is also their determi nation to open their establirliment in the coantry f-<r the reception of boarding pujils on the first of November, the particulars of which will be made known hen alter. Applications may be ma 'e at their institution on F street, between 12th and lU;li. tui.y 26? Ot <7T0 BAKERS AND CONFECTION ERS." FT OPS, Mo Lasses, aud Currants, kc. ? J *2 baiss let sort hop*. (gr^Ui of le04) i t bbls strictly prime New Orleans Moiame* 1,000 lbs estra owe Currants, (equal to ibe new crop> '"JO llw SfeciitJ AJmin la 2,000 Ihs Havana Sujnr, (fine grain and color) SO lb. clarified do. Also, An.:oad-, I'alm Nuts, Filberts, Waluais, I'ecans, Dr.u-s,, Cherries, Plums, fcc. kc. In mors and for sale at ex'renicly low pr ces. WM M. CRIPPS, CI Louisiana av , bet. 6th and 7th streets, mav 2d ?fit N - SB ' 'W9T TO THE LADIES. KW MILLIftkHY ?Miss THOMPSON is now o|x* another invoice of (hose4 bar.dsi):ne Leghorns, Neapolitans, English Split Stiawt. Lace, rnipe. Silk, and other Hats, at our salesroom No. 3l0 Peaa. avenue. Ladies w ill also find at our store a rich lot of Em broidt rie:?, Mtinlles, Laos Slmwis, Slc., which wa arc selling ^t very nosleiatc prices. HUTCHINSON & MUNRO, may -i? Ct Perlumery and Fancy liealere. " f int Ot eod.J FOR THE ORANGE & ALEXANDRIA AMI MANASSAS GAP RAILROADS. THE i'ub>cnher's Coaches w II call for Passenger* connect with the above jp? ^ Railn<ai?. My Coaches connect with the Steamar. I'uos Collyek or Gaoaos WasBina tow. which leave Washington it 6 a m. (uj- Meals t'urnishsd on the boats. reiscns v. i lunc the C achcs to call lut them can have tl> 1 u n.uue and icsidenc* Willi Mr. John T., near th? Capitol gate; Mr. Butt's drug storii, eorucr nnsvlvunia avenue and 12th street; or at Ge;>. he Thos. Parker V Co 's store. Coacii's tan bo bad lor Pleasure Trios. atyftMa william wbaley._ TO THE LADIES OF WASHINGTON AND vicinity. -Wl AMELIA PRIBRAM k SISTER, Lfi 11 No. aTT Pennsylvaida avenue, be-JhLU Tfwtwws 10th and ll.b streets, returnJpP their regards fur the kind patron-ge heretnfore be - stowed upon th?ir efibrts. and tak- 'he liberty of in f:rniin? thelffnany trieinls that they intend open iii2 their--'priag, Summer and Fancy B<?NNETS, which consist of 2.10 pieces, besides a rich asiorx nieiit ot STRAW i:o?NKTS, kc. Thsy are nth, to herve all sizes who art in want of a lasbioaablw and cheap Bonnet. Cail aud examine before purchasing ekerwbom. may 12?1m* ICE-ICE-ICE! C1I1ARLE4 WKRMEK. on Pa avenue, > opposite Browns' Hot. I, will keep throughout Uie "easvn an ain(iie eupplv of PeUib.ine's bist ICE, which he will s< ll,on call, in any quant ihss, at the Icwtrt possible rat<-s. insy 29?dtSep30 Sl'PEaiOft TABLK AND POCKET Cutlery, Razors, Scissors, Sic.- A large aaaorv ment, lower tliau at any other pia~ein the city. For vuod articles and low prices alwavs call at the Housekeeper's Furbishing Store, 4D0 Seventh sc may 30 G- FtANOIS. I COPARTNERSHIP. WE have this day formed a c^partnership under toe tl.m of Neal k IIamlxkik, for tbe sale of Wines. Liquors, Cigars, kc., at wholesale and retail, at No. 96*4 Seventh s ., opp. Centre Marker may 2^-eoiiu ?. W.^UAVIbiMMU

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