Newspaper of Evening Star, June 2, 1855, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated June 2, 1855 Page 2
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EVENING STAR. W ASHINGTON PITY: BATP1DAT ATTOJ001. Jut 9 TBI WEEKLY BTAB. Another food DonV?r for the wn! ending to day; filed with the latest and most inte^ wsting news, foreign and domestic. The toco mi urns of the press, everywhere attest the high reputation in whieh the paper is deserv edly held. Terms $1 25 per annum, or three ?ents a aiagleuem.oer. lean or TEX moxiuko prsss The ImsUigfnc*r. commenting on the reoent proclamation of the Captain General of Caba, raising the blookade of that Island, says: "Weagree with ourcotemporary the Union, In tblnklrg it probable that it was the judicious course pursued by our owa Government which led to this step of the Captain Qeneral. That ocurse relieved Qeneral Concha from all ap prehension. for the present at least, of any fi libustering invasion. The denouncing by the President, in the first pla?e, of all such llle gal enterprises, and, in tbe second place, the pre>eDoe in the Cuban waters of * fleet of Amer ican cruUers. rendering the evasion and sue oe^sof any such expedition from our thores text to impossible> have bad the effect, no doubt to give a feeling of security to the Cu ben authorities, and enable them to dispense with i he measures of precaution which had been deemed necessary " The Union rej aoes over th? probable pallt leal effects of the recent Virginiaeleotion. dASniKSTOft HEWS ASP GOSSIP. Wio Shall be Collector ??Some $200,00? T?r annum is paid into the treasury cf the perforation of Washington by our citizen tax payers, among whom are included not onlv tbe various owners of real estate here and tho,e who take out licenses, but every man who rents a house in Washington or buys of any licensed dealer. The proper manage -ent and . us.ody of that large sum, is a matter of p ime importance to our fello^r-citisens, and m aiCg ? selection of a manager and cus todian 0f |t> men of common sense wH be governed by just such considerations as would guide them in seleo ing en agent to transact private business for tbem-a financial manager and custodian of their private funds, when that may be necessary Two persons are be icrsihe people of Washington for the position, one of whom must be chosen. P-oaxnr J. Rochb, tbe present incumbent, is probably kc wn to every voter in tbe city, certainly to every one who has had occasion to pay a dollar in person, into the city treas ury. Hit opponent is John M. McCalla, of Kentucky, who is probably known to every member of the Know Nothing lodge* of Wash t-gton. if to few others of our fellow citisens 0. him we hall speak presently Mr. .Roche Has grown up in our midst; his early advan tages Having been quite as meagre as those of any other U ashmgton reared lad, we care not What may have been his parents' position in life When old enough to handle a drumstick he en ered the service of his country as a dramxsr boy in the marine corps, and was for many years in that capacity notel for his ?teadine*. excellent character, and patience nnder the restraints of his humble and irk ?cm* position When regelarly discharged It, m he service, he went u,to Todd's hat store wnere nil capital business habits and com mendable devotion to the interests of his em ployer, soon mado him one of the principal managers of that gentleman s extensive bus Inees. Frcm thence he went into a clerkship to the cfflc. of the city collector, then Mr Jewell. So well did he discharge the du ties of that poeition, that his fellow-citiaeas when they obtaiued the right under our city', new charter to say at the ballot box who aid be their e.liector, triumphantly elected him to that office He has held it for four years ??d we may deolare without fear of oontr die' ben that in the whole course of that Ion* ttna, though necessarily thrown into contact with every tax payer in Washington, some of whom are unreasonable in the matter of ;oot lag their tax bills, (M some meQ alway. will he,) not a single complaint of the manner in TiT v RcChe bM ^?charged his oflbial duties hsi ever been uttered He has civen aati e satisfaction in that position to all men cf ail parties and ell turns of mind This * the truth; yet w. qQMtion wh#tW ^ mush can be said of any other man who ever Inten! *Q Cffl96 UariiMfrota fidelity, hWUgence, probity, courtesy, industry, pa ?e ana scrupulous integrity, all of whieh qamitle, be posswses in a degree ,0 remarka , ' ~u b,tt*"at opponent in the election to come off on Monday next wi.l not gainsay aught that we have written above ooaeerning 11 ?PP "din this electionsimply be aaose he d^c.ines approving of the propriety of proscribing a portion of his fellow oitisvii because they do not worship Qod as he doei, an J another portion because liod chose that they ihould be born in some other land. These are the reasons, and the only reason why the j?cp:eof Washington are asked to proscribe aim, tL*n whom no other native born Wash lngtotian ever set a better example thronxh oa- his whole walk in life, to their children aver more faithfully discharged all the dutiw cod3 led to him, ever did more in his sphere fcr the progress and prosperity of our eity, cr ever reflected more credit on the soci ety m which be was reared and has lived all his life time Fellew citisens, these are but rfaple truths, every one of them known to thousand! of both parties in your midst. Jon* M McCajas is the man for whom you are asktd to proscribe Robert J. Roche, lie was first heard of in this region during the President el canvass between Clay and Polk 1* the ecuree of his electioneering tour of that campaign, as the bitter and brutal per ianal slanderer of Henry Clay, he first visited The editor of the Star, who was a so on the stamp in that campaign on the democratic side, flowed him in a ip^h at the memorable Shooter's Hill, Fairfax County, I ' B"UL? I* 1*4) at which thousands were present, and U the pretence of tho* thousands tmany of whom, now iu Washington, rectiieot the eircumstanea wall) the editor of the Star, before commencing his argument took occasion to proclaim from the stand that John M McCalla had not s*id one word Im pugning the personal character or patriotism of Henry Clay which he endorsed; and that he felt it due to himself, as It was his lot to follow Mr McCalla, to purge himself from any suspicion of Joining in a warfare on a loyal, patriotic and true-hearted gentleman, however much he might be desirous of pre venting the Government from being adminis tered aeoortMng to that gentleman's views of public affairs. We reeur to this foot only that we may not be charged with inconsistency !n arralging the assassin of Henry Clay's private character before the citisens of Wash iugton, for whoee inter^t?. clevaion pnd proep*lty no una in his lifetime labored wilh tingle-minded fidelity and seecees iban did Henry Clay. Mr. McCalla, u we remarked above. first appeared hart a* the atamp calumniator of tha prlvat* character of Henry Clay, armed with certificates from political parsons of his own church membership, with wood cuts rep. resenting Clay to be worse, far worse in his character and habits, than any known man outside of a States prison. Such was the en lire staple of his politioal harangues. Thous ands who will read this have heard his foul mouthed detraction of Mr. Clay, belohed forth before audiences of hundreds and thousand! While quite aa many know that Henry Clay very properly regarded this man as the bit tereet ai>d most loathsome personal enemy it had ever been hie lot to make in the oourse of hie practice as a lawyer before the bar of justice, where, if we remember cor reetly the oircumstacoe occurred *hich turned the, heart and soul of John M. McCalla into a burning voloano of hate far the great Kentucky statesman, for the gratification ot which he (Mr. McCalla) alone lived, until God, in his Providenoe, saw fit to eall the great man beyond the reach of the poisoned shafts of his splcenatic detractor. When Mr Polk took his seat in the Presiden tial ch ? ir John M. McCalla, who had been a (Democratic) federal office holder in Ke tuoky, tnder Van Buren, applied for offloe here. There are other gentlemen in Washington be side the editor ef the Star who reoollect dis t noily that he (McCalla) was appointed to office by the Polk Administration, not beoatue his course toward Mr. Clay was approved, or on account of his qualifications or politioal service*; but simply because it was understood and believed that if he should dare show hiB face at that time within the boundaries of Kentucky, (his home,) ho would be summarily hung or shot down by some of the th>ucands on thousand! there who personally knew the utter untruth of his wholesale and violent personal detraction of their State's honor and prido?Henry Clay. He was appointed to the Second Audito'sbip of the Treasury only be d-use Mr. Polk did not choose, if he could prevent it so easily, that the life of any man ahould be sacrificed for hit advocacy of him. There are hundreds in Washington of both partiet who know that no man waa put in of fice here by the Polk adininittration in any such position, whose four yeara di.-charge of his duties crea'ed a more decidod and general impress on of his want of competency, through his bad temper, want of system, lack of spirit of accomodation, Ac .Ac. His administration of the duties of the Second Auditorship were the cause of constant complaint by members of Congress and other?, as hundreds of both parties are well awsre. Oa his entering offioe there stood a balatoeofsome $500 against him on the treasury books, a? ti c taker of the cen sus of Kentucky, which a not liquidated by h:m until 1846, when hia account was closed in full As a matter of course he went out of offije on the a^oession of Taylor, beinp, if we remember oorrectly, the very first person re moved in this city, beciuj: he had been the soshamelees calumniator of the personal char aoter of Henry Clay He remained a profes sing member of the Democratic party up to the hoar in which he was refused office under Prea ident Pieroe. He had been weighed in the balance and found wanting in those qualifies tions necessary to justify his second appoint ment toa position of trust and respoosibity here. He le't his former party affiliations with a po litical sore head, and on the advent of Know Nothingism turned up a high priest of the dark lantern, oath-bound seoret conspirators. He is now known to the people of Washing ton only as the bitter, virulent, and bigoted persecutor of his fellow-eitisens, on account of the acoident of their birth and the form of Christianity to which they adhere. Twelve years an office-holder in Kentucky, when hounded out of that State by public opinion, he was four years an office-holder here. Sub ?equently, he was a pertinacious office-seeker from the Democrats, until they refused him place; when hsuddenly found out that their principles, men, and measures deserved his oondemnauon, detestation, and villifioation, all of which he has since poured out upon them without stint?an office under the new party being all the time in view. He has so journed here since 1845. In all that time, follow-eitisens, has he beeome in the slightest iegree identified with our city f He has sot Did he evar even vote inoureity before the teat ileotion? While the recipient of a large salary from the General, did he have thrift enough to lerve offioe with a dollar more in his pocket, or owing a dollar less than when he entered it? If he has had, we oertalnly have not heard of it. having alway* understood him to be a shiftless man about business mat ter* Do you, fellow-eitisens, propose to place four most important financial trust in the hands >f one who, with every possible opportunity to "do well in the world," has not evinced his capabilities turning his advantages to rea lonable aeo'^nt? This is a sober question, toberly ask If you are as sensible as we lake you to bet you will be quite as far from trusting to stttk management of our city's Snanoee, as you would be from putting your own private money matters In the hands of one who, in the oourse ef a long liie.time had not proved himself oompeUnt to manage his ownt: iio advantage. Tou have the two men bsfore you? Robert J. R*.one M McCalla. if any of you oi>''h e correct ness of our comparison betweoftl^em, a^k any well-known, prosperous, and respected busi ness citisen of Washington who has grown with oar city's growth, and strengthened with its strength, if every word we say above of the two men is not true to the letter; and then vote on Monday according to the yea or nay response that will he made to your question. Carry mo Arms there?Those who have not given mueh attention to Know Nothing tao tics would naturally suppose that the state ments of the Organ, that arms, for the anti* Know Nothings o use at the polls on Monday, are concealed in the old Capitol building, was the statement of what the editor understood to be a fact, and as such wculd naturally be laughed at as an absurdity, and a faleehoo 1 too atupid to be believed. It seems strange on the face of the statsinent that it should be treated in any other light than -a a good JokcC Illustrating the degree to whioh this editor sup potea this eommunity capable of being gulled. But it is a sei ious matter. Too oow ardly to coma out and say what they mean, the men who edit that paper, In the absence of its siok responsible oondactor, resort to that course well understood by a oertain class of Know Nothings to ocaivey to them the man* date that they ahall arm themselToe on going te the pells. It Is not at all Intended that thej shall he!;**? hit story about arms In the o!<! Capital; W it simply *?U? on tkem to arm for purposes cf unprovoked Hot and bloodshed, and the disgrace cf oar city ; and they perfectly understand it, whila it is sup posed that their opponents will be misled. It ii te be hoped that every Anil Know Nothing will go to the polls with an open tioket, and with no other weapon, and with an unwavering determination to deposite the same. Ballots, are better than ballets. Baoh are the weapons with which we will pat to flight the arrogant and unprincipled agents cf Know Nothingism. Onoe well beaten, the insulting swaggerer becomes a " boot liok." We did not suppose there were any of Intel* ligenee in this eommttnity base and blood thirsty enough to call on either party, in a manner so unproved, to arm themselves for the polls. It shows the desperateness both of the men and thsir cause in this eity. If they deny what we obarge them with, let It be proved by their cohorts oomlng to the polls, as their opponents sarely will, unarmed. If violence is perpetrated by armed Know Nothing bullies at the polls or elsewhere on Monday, the in stigator will be the first indieted. Who, after this, oan doubt about the origin of the mob on Saturday evening? Know Nothings cannot carry the ooming eleetion by foroe of a:mat nor by the fraud of paoked commissioners operating in secret; and if violenoe ensue, the blood shed will be upon the heads of the present Organ managers and their coadjutors. But let no one fear. This armed offal dare not attaok a quiet voter, armed with his bal lot, and shielded by the elective franohise. [bey cannot bear tha glance of such a man in the daytime. Major B B French.?As an Impression that this gentleman is connected with the Know Nothing secret political organisation has ex ia'ed among our fellow citisone, and as that impression was doing him grievous injury in the estimation of many of his friends, we re cently took oooasion to bring the faot to his notice. Whereupon he sent us the following let'er, whieh we have obtained his permission to publish : Washirotos, May 31,1855 Dbar Sib : I have seen a letter written by yon yesterday. I intended to have seen you personally to-day, but my official duties pre vent. I am not " a member of a Know Nothing lodge''?I am not a member of thit order?I never was a member of that order as now or gantz'd, nor do I know its name, its forms, its principles, or have with it the remotest con nection or sympathy. In the early stages of Know Notbingi m I went, under an entire misapprehension of its character, far enough to asoeriain that, as an honorable man holding office under this Ad ministration. 1 could not go with them, and I withdrew. I never took part with them in anything. I sustained to the utmost of my power John W. Maury, for Mayor, at the last election I voted for bim, and did all 1 could to induce others to do so. I have recently uken measures to make my position as publio as possible, and" l mean it shall be known everywhere, and I stand ready to take all the personal consequences that may re3jlttrom it. Until I was betrayed by some unprincipled member or members of the order my tongue was tied Thanks to those who betrayed me to injure me, they have loosened my tongue, and I fee! my freedom, and intend to use it to go"d pu-poto in our next election. I shall not fail to support the nominees of the ami Know Nothing party to the full ex tent of my ability. Yours respectfully, and in great haste, B. B. Fbbscb. W. D. Wallacb, Esq. Baltimore Bullies?Many citiaens have oalled on us to say that some of the Know Nothings are expeoting a large gaDg of row diea, ruffians and bullies, fresh from the stewi, gambling-houses and low groggeries of Balti more to make their appearanoe here on Mon day morning next, to aid the Washington gang of Saturday night last in regulating our elec tion We have to say to those who are under apprehonsion of the damage they may do? give yourselves not the slightest uneasiness, gentlemen Their presence and all possible attempts on the part of any bad men to inter fere with the rights of the people of Wash ington on Monday next, have been amply guarded against. The anti-Know Nothing oitiiens of Washington, knowing from the ex perience of Saturday night last, that our po? lice in this contest are little more than ma chinery to aid and abet the violenoe of rowdies and rufflians, have taken measures to protect themselves if assailed or trenched on any where and by any parties. They know their rights, and, laeking defence of them in the officers of the law, will turely themselves de fend them. The Xnotrisg 'Un ?Oar talented, iagenu ous and truthful neighbor thus discourses of the Know Nothing majority of our City Coun cils : 41 They hare paid off $60,006 of the eity debt?have materially improved and beauti fied the city?and, what is better than all, have reduoed the rate of taxation from 70 to SO conts on the flOO. ihe laws have been rightly maintained?many nuisanees have been abated, and order, peace and quiet have prevailed in every seetion of the oity. No other oity in the Union, we firmly believe, has been better or more economically governed, than has been the oltv of Washington daring the fiscal ear whieh baa just expired. Wealmittbu it ia a knowing'un; quite as knowing a?> <> oity affairs a? with reference to the Virginia clactiqp, but not a whit more so. The truth is, the late Know Nothing Councils have paid off some 910,000 due by the corporation when they entered office, and leave $60;000 of debts incurred by themselves, to be paid oat of means to be raised by their successors. Of this fact our talented, ingenu ous, and truthful neighbor was of oourse una ware, or with its scrupulous regard for the truth (as manifested la its reoent cock-and-bull story with reference to the Secretary of the Navy and Commodore Paulding) it never would have told any each bogus tale as we quote from it concerning its friends' management of the city's finances. As for thai* rigid main tenance of the law* and their preservation of order, poaoc, and quiet in Washington, the reader is referred to the example of Saturday night last, before Brown's hotei, where they " did" that thing 11 up brown" as every one hereabout knows. Verily, our neighbor is confiding, as well as talented, entertaining, Cju-teous, enthusiastic, knowing, and truthful; aa a man with half an eye will see who reflects a moment on the real condition of our city's finance j, and on the refreshing scene of peace, order, and quiet" whioh oame off in front of Brown's Hotel, on Saturday night laat Long live our talented neighbor! Considerate Solicitude.?Know Nothings around the pablie places of Washington aie expressing heartfelt apprehensions least the determination of their opponents to meet their refusal of a judge on the election boards of four wards, their refusal to have the ballots praeerved and made of record, and thai an j Anti-Know Nothing shall in each ward wit qms the oounting of the votes, will revolt in a loss of hundred* of rotes to the Anti-Know Nothing tloket. This la what we oall" high " Gentlemen who here eonoooted the plot, yon have made your arrangements in whioh yon set at deflanee every principle of oourtesy, right and justice, and hate thns given ample room for laying the oharge of intended frand at your door. We have to inform yon that there is not a man among your opponents in Washington who does not heartily approv* and endorse tbe plan agreed qn, to compel jour agents to make a fair return of the bal lots oast in the fo?r wards. It will be oarried out to the letter, though you squeal under tbe defeat of your disreputable scheme at tbe top of your bent from now nntil tbe votes are counted out on Monday night next Tou don't deal like fair, open-handed, bonestmeo, and yea will be dealt by as men should he, who by their aots proclaim that they are not to be trusted. The Anti Know Nothings in Washington are neither ashamed nor afraid to exeroise tbe right of suffrage against you, as openly as the Anti Enow Nothings of Vir ginia?whigs and democrat;?did on Thursday of last week. They know that in that course lies their on y positive safeguard against the frands the soncostors of the council's scheme design to have perpetrated, if possible; and they meai to bring yon up on Monday next with the round turn of Virginia time-honored viva voce. Cool ?Our talented, ingenuous, entertain ing, enthusiastic, knowing, courteous and truthful neighbor, so fresh from its labors of interferenee in the Virginia eleotion, wherein it oomplimented Mr. Wise and his supporters as honest folks at times oompliment jail birds, "indignates" the conductors of the Baltimore Rtjiub.'iem in its ohoioest terms, for daring to express their opinion of the candidates and isiues involved in tbe approaching Washing ton election. Our neighbor beiug too sore headed tinoe the Virginia election to argue with dignity, foroe and in agentlemanlj way, contents itself with blackguarding these gentle men personally; thus confessing the weakness of its eause and its own want of attributes to entitle it to the respect of those *hovalue true oharaoter in a journal as well as in persons. It is due to the responsible conductor of our neighbor, to say that he has been hors da com bat since the Virginia election; keeping his bed, his ailing being neuralgia, and its pro bable oause undue exoitement in huit&ing over the emphatic manner in whioh Virginia responded to his anti-eleotion predictions, through faith in whioh bis friends won so rnurh msney from the Wise men. We are persuaded that, had be been at his post during the last week, much of the disgraceful "copy" that has appeared in our neighbor's columns, would have gone, instead, in ths rejected matter barrel A New Wrinkle.?We understand that the immediate ooterie of our talented, entertain ing corteous, ingenuous, knowing and talented neighbor, have aotually turned the Washing ton Monument, of which they obtained the tempory control through fraud, into a place in whioh to hold their Know Nothing lodge meetings. They oreep over there o' dark nights, muffled up to prevent them from being identified by those who, when they answer a fel'ow citiien's question, are under no oath bound obligation to reply with a falsehood. The conversion of the monnment, the farther presecution of whioh appears to be abandoned since they obtained possession of it by frauu and violenoe, into a Know Nothing lodge-room is indeed a new wrinkle. It was designed as an enduring testimony to tbe memory of the Father of his Country?of him who won for us from a foreign tyrant, oivil and religious liber ty and equality. To what base uses has it come so soon! The Naval Retiring Board.?The following is a list of the officers who have been appointed to act on this so important commission : Captain*.?Wm. B. Shubrick. M. 0. Perry, C. S. MoCauley, C K. 8tribling, A. Bigelow. Commander$?G. J. Pendergrast, Franklin Buchanan, 8. F. Du Pont, Samuel Barron, Andrew H. Footo. Lieutenants.?J. 8. Missroon, R. L. Page, 8. W. Qodon, W. L. Maury, Jas S. Biddle. The Service,, we are sure, will hail the selec tion of these gentlemen with great satisfac tion, as they are all without superiors in ary of the attributes whioh, together, make the serviaeable officer and acoomplished gentle man. They are to convene in this city on the 20th instant Attention, First Ward Tigilanee Commit tee 1?We have every reason to believe that your Ward is being extensively colonised by the Know Nothings with slsepers for a night or two. The pen they have already erected at the First Ward voting place seemed evi. dently designed to prevent your ohallengers from questioning the right of any such partios to vote there; and, indeed, to defeat the pos sibility of their challenging any one or re cording tbe names of anti.Kno ?? Nothing voters who ehoose to vote open tickets to pre vent tbe sueoess of the frauds for the perpe tration of whi:h preparation seems to have been so openly made'. Vote Cpen Ballots ?All men whose hearts and minds are not in favo .- of dismissing from public employment, every mechanio, messen ger, olerk and laborer, who does not belong to the seeret oath-bound politioal organisation, will wote an open ticket on Monday, that be ing the only possible method left by themaohi nations cf that organisation, to insure a fair return of the votes oast. Naturalised Citissns!? Be sure to take your naturalisation papers to the polls, even if you have voted every year for the past twenty years without them. Tour votes will be re fused unless you produoe your jfpers, on offer Ing them. Ths Current Operations of the Treasury Department.?On yesterday, the 1st of June, there were of Treasury Warrants entered on the books of the Department? For the Treasury Department.... $392 gg For the Interior Department...... ] g7g 53 For the Customs IS 877 &o War warrants received and en 1,477 60 Interior repay warrants reoeivel and entered. 1,154 88 For covering into the Treasury from miscellaneous sources.... l&o 00 On aoconnt of the Navy H 810 00 Kansas El*ctio* Nnws ?The Herald of Freedom (Free soil) reports that the speoial election for Representatives to tbe Legislature, held on the 23d ult., resulted In the sueoess of the Free State ticket in the Lawrenoe district. The Herald says everything passed off quiet, ly and without Interferenee from nen red LIST OW LITTIRI Remaining in the Fss^ OjUe^Waekington, D. C., [Ordmeilto U mdnortUedin the" Bvsmws St an.*1 egreeaMe to the foUawtng uetton of ike Po*-OffUe being the newepaper kavUu ike large* cinu l it ion of anvlnil)/ p*p*r jnMOKU in ITaehington: Sic. 5. Jini be U further enacted, That the Hat of letters remaining uncalled for in any jKtst office fn any city, town, or Till*}*, Where npwe;>apcrs shall be printed, stall, hereafter, be published once only in thp newspaper which, being i?su??d weekly, or oftener, thall have the largert circulation within the range of the delivery of said office, to he decided by the postmaster at auch office.] STPersonsapplying for 1MU? la the followla# list, ?1 pi MM Mr tk?7 Ml 1DT1ITIU9. LADIES' LIST. Armstrong, MIm A B Boowles. Bllsebeti ? Boon, Mr* Alex Knight, MIm II Brooks, Mrs L > Im, Mrs B B Bail, Mrs Jane Lang. Mrs Csrolta* Rarnard, MIm A P Mill*. Mrs Sussa Hradlejr, Miss Sarak D Maine, Miss B Bowler, Mrs M Major, MIm Barak Bradley, Mary Ana Murphy, Bridget Rakar. Mrs J Marched, Mrs Martha B Kearney, Miss Mary Morria, Miss A J Barks, Miss Atlc? I MllUgan, Mtss B Clark MIm BIIm Kalson, Rebecca Clark, Mrs Blln Rorrts, Mr* Kit? Clark, Mtss Vlrglnl* Palmer. MIm Ellas CrnM, Miss Mary Pnrosll, Mlaa Jnlla Clark, Harrtat Rathbun. Mrs J H Coleman. Mtss M Blrbard, Mlaa 8bms Carroll, Mra Harris* Reran, Mrs Mary Clesson, Mrs Ann Richards, Mrs H B Charters, Elltsr Boyer, Mls? Add Carroll, Miss Cathsrtus Smith, Mra Mary Dora, Mrs R J Bmlth, M'ss Catharine Dnl*y, MIm Bate L Smith, Mrs J K Pari-, Mra P W Shepherd, Mrs 8 A Davison, Mra M Shaw, Mra Mary Evans, Mra Sareb M Sorrel), Mra Osnrietta Bckart, Mra Elisabeth enliven, Nancy Piaher, Mlaa luaa Btsrsns, Mrs U L Powler, Mary Bkortel, Mrs Catharine Garrett, MIm K P ttalllran. Mary R Oraang, Mrs Msry flotnmers, Miss Sophie Graham, Marrella ? Thnmpenn, Miss Virginia Oumson, Mrs Martbs Taplejr, Mra Mary Gallagher, Mtss Marts Taylor, Mrs S A Hyde, Mrs M B Thornton. Mrs Harriet Handy, Mrs S O Tyne, Mtss Margaret Herbert, Mlsa Klin Taylor, Mrs S A Hudson, Mrs Cspt Thompson. Mlae BIIm 0 Hallo ran, Annie Wilteon, Mra guean O Irving, Mlaa Agnesa Wood, MissPrlctlla Jackson, Mrs Henrietta Woml, Mrs Jane Kenlflck, Mtss Bllea Wetera, Mrs John Keren, Mra Wttbere, MIm Jolts Kennan, Mrs B Werebam, Mrs Emily Rem. Mra Mary A Wlnstoo. Mlas L ?BHTLEMEHS' LIST Athney, Wm Harris, Wm Rogers, Ban dolpk Agar, Wilson Hunt, Wm C K<?e. R Allibon, Thos Harris, Sam! 0 Railley. Michael Alleton, Col R PW Henry, Robert Richmond. Lt Arthur, Robert Hanrehan, Patrick Roche. J as L Adrlaoce, Isaac Hale, P M Rica, Joel T Ana.n, JnoP Higgles, Wm B-nrk, Jaremtak Allen. H P Hatfleld, Jao Robblaa, J J 1 Holing. Wm M Hendereon, Jno Roche, Jno B Keckenbangh, WW Harback, J as P Rocere, J as H Breckenridge, W H Hlbbe. James B Robinson, Rer J P Bracken ridge. Wm Heffley, Joe Rtley, Col H Borrl J<:e,,W H Hetlln, Jno Regan, Hugh Erodlwck, Thoe Horsemao, Geo, B D Bees, U Howard, Geo P totnart, W Blake, Michael Harber, Chaa Smltb, Thos Berto'i I.utgl Hartmen, Calrtn P Speake, Dr B H Bowers, J Harle-ton, O Shucking, Dr P L Butler, Jno A Herrie, Cliaa 8* eet, Philip Benjamin. Joa Hood. Abner T Selrey. ratrlck Aelden, SrDon Joan Johnson, Wm Stilm, N B Bailie, Hanson Johnson, THJ1 8cott, Ma) J W Rennet, G W Johnson, Col J B I Stuart, Juo G Banner, Geo K IrM, H B Smith, Joa 8 B irtllng, K-lward Johnavn. 0 A btarhuok, Jas P Bayment, Edward Jontt, Capt ChM B Sampeon, Jeasa Bathgate, Cliaa King, Th.* B 1 Smith, J Corbtn Bradley, Ctinf W Ltvia, Danl Hantiiccf, Iiidoro Bnrlingame, Anson Lenlnr, Wm Sloat. Com J D Burton, A L Lee, Oomr S S 8hngert. J no W Cross, Hiram B Lee, Col R K ? Smith, Jos Chandler, W B Lange, P 8cott, Henry Cullen, Wm Lee. Joa D Smith, P H Cooke, Wm H Lewis, Jno J Schilling, P Onchln, Gen K Lewis, Jno 8ebree*e P Clark, Capt J D I In. 0 W, ad As Eg Scutt, Ephraim ? Colton, J H Lariaon, Andrew Sweeney, Deanta M Colli, Jno Larkin, Daniel Smith, Wm Oombrombee, J C Morris, Z Tucker. Wm C demons. Hon J Morgan, N D ? Timor. Lt Thoa Cain, J Kendall Mllboorn, W M Thornton, Tht?a Co*. Maj H r Monroe, JamM Truulle, Thos Cooper, Lt Geo ? Mills. Joa Tbnn, Capt P B Chaplin, E Matbieeou, H Thurston. J B Chapin. ChM Mitchell, Ely Thorn peon J Don us, Patrick Maba^ey. Daniel Thomas, B P l)l??, Wm J Moore, ChM Tebba, D H Deiansy, Thos B Maxwell. Chns Thorn, ChM Dement, Thos Miller, E B Thompson Allen Denlaon, Geo Saml Mitchell, C W Tyler, Lt C H Howling, Robert Merilck, A D Vincent, Hugh B Daris, J p Mitchell, A 8 Van Sentrnrd, Jno t Dreler, Henry Mayo, Abel C Vein, Lewis H Dexter, Geo W McAbee. A Williams. W G Dyson, Geo H McEnight, Jno Williams, W HamlV Detiahy, Denis M<-Leu, Jno ton I?-e. Dari<l M-Gawley, Patrick Wharton, W A Peiaar, CIim H McKinnon, Richard Wheeler, W A. * Co Duvail, ChM H Nevltt, R K Wise. Tally B E'imonds, Geo H Nicholson, Lt J C A Williamson. Lt R S Pitzhugh, Wm H NmIb. Prancia A Wager, P >?ir, Dr Saml Nicholson. C H Williamson Mr Prieml. Pranklln O'Nealc Wm Wa'ker Joe T Gardener, Wm O'Dowd, Bichard Walker. J nine Gardner, Lt W R f Owen. R M Walker, James Galnea. Thos O'Brien, Jamee Walters, Geo H Gorman, llichael Otto, GutUvus Wright, Geo Griffln. James P Prior, Thos O Webster, C C Goes, Rer G G Peudill. R White, AdolpbUS Great, P It Peck, Rer J T Terby * Bro Orelg, E P Patterson, Jsl Young, J Penwlok t Gordon, Dixon k Co Picken, Alex T>us, Gilee P 0?"t, A A Rodney, Wm Tiaglan, ChM H wser, Wm Boblaaon, Wm Yonng, A T Hamilton, Wa H JAMES G. BEBRET. P. COLUMBIA TYPtMIKAPHICAL BO ciety.?A rtated meeting will be held this evening, at the City Hall, at 7^ o'clock. Collector's Offleo, June 2,1855. ^OriCE TO VOTEB8?In order further to fa ll cilitate the voting at the election on Monday ntxt, a collector will be in attendance at ea h of the Ward Polla, at 7 o'clock a. m , for the purpose ot receiving tha taxes. ? R. J. ROCHE, Collector Je 3?lt (Union) ,8EVENTH BTREET PRESBYTERIAN ? Church, Inland?The Rtv. Luther H. Van Doran,from the Tennent Church Freehold, N. J., will prejeh in the above Church to morrow, at 11 O'cock a m. and 4 p m. jef?lt* ^-^^THE BISTERS OF CHARITY AT BT. Vincent's Asylum thankfully acknowl edge the recwipt of ^34 00, a donation from the choir of Old 8t. Patrick's Church, for the benefit of the orphans. je 2 ]( WASHINGTON LIGHT INFANTRY?A monthly meeting of the Corps i# postponed un fit MONDAY EVENING, the 11th Inslant, at 8 o clock. The member* are requested to be punctual in tl eir attendance on that evening, as business of important ia to be transacted. By order of the Captain. je 2?lt B. F. BEERS, Secretary. ,THE MARION RIFLES beg leave to In _ form their frienda and cititene gen* rally that they will five their first grand Pic Nic and Ex cui Ion on the lfch Jnr.e, 1855. For pariiculars tw futnre sdvertiaemrnt 1XECUTIVE COMMITTEE, je 8-3t (Organ) ^-^j^THE ANNIVERSARY OF THE WASH ingion l ity B'We Bocietvwill be held next TUESDAY EVENING, the 5th instant, at 8 o'clk in the Foundry Church, corner 14th and G eta A discourse, appropriate to the orcruinn will be delivered by the Rev. Dr. Cox, of New York, a del egmc from the Am*ri?-an Bible Society. It i? v<ry desirable that the regular annual contri hutora and other friends who have not yet paid du ring the current year, should make payment to the Treasurer or Agent before that day. M H. MILLER, Jc *? Secrerary. ,THIRD WARD MEETING?The Third ? ? Ward voters of the Uni on ticket will meet at 8 o'clock on SATURDAY EVENING, nt Frank lin Hall, corner D and 9th streets This being the last meeting prior to the election, important business is to be transacted, and a fall at tendance is requested. ? J08. BRYAN, Chairman. R. Cqtle, Secretary. Je 1 - 8t ,THE RAFFLE AT TAYLOR k MAU _- RVS ?Thi list being nearly complete for the drawing of the Water Color Pictures, the t-ub acribers are informed thafthe Baffle will take place on SATURDAY EVENING next, at ei<ht o'clock. Those who wiah to secure chances will have to do so immediately. TAYLOR 8t MAURY'S niay 30 Bookstore, near tlh at Fans, combs brushes, kc. LAMMOND, 484 Seventh street has received another ;ot of those very cheap Fans. Also, India Rubber, Tuck, Puff,, Neck, Dressing ana Chil dren's Lone Ctmbs, Kair andTaoth Brushes, Pone Monoaies, kc , and for salo as "cb?ap as the chean jar " Bacom, fruit i 1,000 small Hams 8,0001ha. Joles . 1,000 Ms. Breast Pisoet 800 lbs Dried Beef 850 boxes Oranges SOS boxes Lemoas US drams Figs Just noetved and for sale by Js 8-eOt MURRAY fc 8EMME8. BAFILK. FOR raflj , Four Pictures, representing Scenes tat the Life of a Fireman, handsomely varnished, and in ornamented Gilt Frames. Chances $1 each. Call and see them at J. MARKRITTER'S 5th st, next door to Odd Fellows' Hall. Je 2?3t* WEST END SODA FOUNT. THE undersigned is now prepared to supply the public with the best and purest Soda Water, with tne most ddiciom Sirups (too numerous to mention) ever offered in this city. His Mead cant be excelled. Q&~ Persons who prefer Swan's Soda Water can be accommodated with the "Foaming Powd-r " of all flavors, at 50 ceats per pound, which is equally as good, and 100 per cent, cheaper than the Soda Water. J. B. MOORE, Druggist, ^ "? BVaaue, opposite Seven Buildings. Je T AMD WAIftAITS 1.. ?j which the hifhest nrteee will be paid by CHUBS BROTHERS, ?ay 51?tf (lntei) spp. the Treasury. ELECTION NOTICES. F IRBT WAMD- UNION TK KET. . For Celiac tor-hOBT J ROCHE. For Register?WM. J MeCoRMICIC. For Birr^yof- S T. ABPRT por Alderroaa? WM B MAGRUDER For Common Council- EC WARD R FULLBl, CHARLES ABBBT, JNO B TURTOW. tray3D-die SKCOIf D W A RD - UNION TICK XT. For AWerman-Dr. TllOS MILLER . For ComnO'i Council?WILLIAM ORMK,PfcB DIN AND JEPFFRAON, THOS J FISHER. For Ahm or?WM. H CLAMFITT may 90?*e (lntelhUtiiorj 1 iHIBH WAHO.?UNION TlCfftt. i For Collector ROHERT J. ROC MB For Register? WILLIAM J. McCORMICK. For Sorrfjw?8 T. A BERT. For Alderman?T?r. A. Y. P. GARNETT. For Comaon C uncil-THOB. B ENTWISLft. ERA3TU8 M. CHAPJN, RICHARD H. LA8RET. may 93?te* ITlFTH WAKD NOTIOI^AiIMm will be held on Monday, the 4tb day of Jane nr it, at the building tonfnrn a* tbe Old Capitol, for Register, Collector, anfl Surveyor of the City; atoo for one member of the Board of Aldoraiee. and three meirbera of the Board of Coanoa Council to r? present Mid Wa*d. WM. P. FERGUSON, P. BARRY. JAB. A. BROWN, Commissioners of Election for Pi fib Ward, may S3?cte SKYBRTH WARD?UNION TICRn. For Alderman?DEARBORN R. JOHNSON. For Common Council?8AMUEL PI MPHREY, SAMUEL 8. TAYLOR, HENRY A. CLARKZ. mav 4?te MEDICATED FIGS. TIESE Piss are especially adapted in all ee*ea when* a pu-*a ive m d'sir? d. Tbey arc mora aciive than the Senna, and entirely free fro*, any r iDing properties, and At tbe came time free from tb? tante ? f medi lue. Prepared and sold only by J. B. MOORE, Druggi*. Pa aeenae, opposite Serea Build lag*. Je 8?ea3t ________ P.* FEE HAHOIVet ft WHIOW IHADIB Seventh tt, n>xt te Odd Fellow?' Ball. r*?HE subscriber would re*pectfttlly inform tba I public that he has on hand a good assortment rt Paper* suitable for hall*, parlors, kc. Pir^board Pin's. Paper Curtains, Velvet and common B fder, Tapert in unit;itio*> of Oak, Maple, Satin and Roae wood. Window Shades of every description on hand or icaJe to order. The under icn?d havinc be?n awarded the pre mium for (!e*i(n and workmanship at the lata fhir of th? Mechanic*' Int-time, will rndeavor, by prncim al>t> and uperi^r workmanahipf to merit aa iacreaso o'tfce liberal patronage heretofore re. en a ', and for whi< h he returns bis waim ac';nowlert?en eit*. je 8?3i* JOHN MABKR11ER. THIRTY NEW STYLE^fANTILLA8 From 0.1 to $30 carta MAXWELL k l.RO i ave iu?t received 30 new style Mantilla:., ra co -iontreat from a Nam York Manilla Hoiihf, w th instruction* u> cioaa th> in r>nt in ten days without recard to c? at. Tb? aa 30, in addition to our former large supply (wbicb we have also reduced in price in consequence of tba a tvance of jhe s"a?on) makes ours ths most com plete assortment cf Man'ills in Washington. Every lacy that want* a Mantilla at a great re duction from former price* should eall immediately and act a bargain. MAXVVEl.L k BRO , Je 2?eo3t 388 Pa. aveaoa. ~ODD FELLOWS' HALL. BUUKLKY '8 HEW YORK SiRENADERS KCSPECTFULLY announce to the citix?ns of Wasliiu.ton and Georgetown, that they will give a ies of ETHIOPIAN ENTERTAINMENTS in thi? city, commencing on HOBDAY KVKKlaO, Joac 4,1859, When tbe whole Troupe will appear in lb air great delineations of Negro Character. For particular* tee future advertiaementa. Je l-2t NATIONAL THEATRE. Iet?ee H. 0 Jarret! Stage Manager Mr Jeffaraon. The magnificent Oriental Spectacle of AXjiA x>x>iaar p OR, THB WONDERFUL LAMP, Wbicb rccentlv bid an unprecedented ran of Sixty two Consecutive Nights in the ci'y of Baltimore, will be presented at t<*e above ? s:ablis<hmeni POSITIVELY ONE NIGHT ONLYI WEDNRIUAY EVUIMNS, Jaaa ft, Will be presented (for the first and only time) tba Grand Fairy Spectacle (from tbe Arabian Kuigbt Entertainment) of ALADDIN. In tbe course r~f u>e piece Grand March and Military ETolntioni or TBa FRRALBUUARD, AMD The Procetnon of the ChriUren of Light ! For caste of characters (embracing over 60 per formers,) description of Scenery, Synopsis of Inci dent, lie. see bi'.ls of the day. PA8 DE MATELOT M188 D NORVAL Tbe entcrtaiament will commence with tba famoos farce of THE SPECTRE BRIDEGROOM. Dickory Mr. Jefferson Aldwinkle Mr. Dv?rs open at 7?Curtain rues at 8 o'clock pre cisely. Acmis?ion?Dress Circle and Parquet 50 eta.; Up per Circle 85 cents ; Private Boxes and Orchestra seats aan be secured. No extra charge for reserved seats. Box Office open on Tuesday and Wedneaday from 10 a. m. to 3 p. m. ^e 1?5t Lt;ST?A CHECK drawn by Meaara. John T. Given fc Co , on the Washington City Savinaa Bank, for tbe sum of $9f> 71, No 39, dated SOth U> stant, and made payable to me or bearer As lt? payment ha? b?en stopped, the finder will conler a favor by leaviag it witb Messrs. Given k Co., Co-.l Dealers, corner 14th and C ats may 31?St JOHN DICKER80N. WATER COOLBHP. fieni^Unng new. an excellent article DOUBLR ICE PITCB ER8, ditTerent stvies and ataes; Brit taenia Pitchers, o. en and covcred; all kinda of Brittannia and Block Tin Wars. For sale low. at tba Housekeeper's Furnishing Store, 490 Seventh M. P??y 30 G. FRANCIS. CoIl*etor*a Ofleo, > City Hall, May 98,1865 / IN order to avoid as much as poaa ble tbe harry incident to the payment of taxes on the day of the election, tbe undertigned will remain in tbe of fice from 8 o'clock a. a. until 6 p m, for tbe reai due of the week. R. J. ROCHE, Coifoctor. mav 29?td JOBS B. BLVAKP. WILLIAM TIOINQR. KLVASI 4 TH MP BOH, DEALKta IK HARDWARE. COACU TRIMINGS, Ac. Bio 336 P?nna|lvaala av?a?Oi between Ninth and Tenth itreeti, Woehingt?, D. C. HOUSE FURNISHING HARD A ARE. Britannia, German Silver, Albata and Silver Plated Tea, Table and Deaert Spoons Carvcrr and Forks, Steels, Knives with and with out Forks Brass, Itntannia, Block Tin and Plate ? Candlesticks; Shovel and Tongs, Waffle Irons. S?d Irona Maalin and Bell Meul Kettles, Furoaces.Gndiro^s, Ovens, tic. BUILDING MATERIALS. Rural Cottage, Clone*, Cupboard, Cbeat, TBI, Pad and Trunk Locks Shuttle. Door, and Blind Hinges, Screws, Cot aod Wrought Nails, Bolts Brad's Shutter 8crews and Ptubba, Door Springs, Handrail Screws, Door Knoba Bell Polls, Door Stiesvc* and Rail, aic. CABINET MAKERS' GOODS. Hair Cloth, Curled Hair, Moaa. Gimps, Soft aoJ Chair Sprinca Venitian Blind Hooka, Rack Pulleys, Roller Ends, Brockets, Furniture Nails Glae, Coffin Haadlea and Screws, Dumood Screw Plates, kc CARPENTERS' GOODS. Planea, Saws, Drawing Kmvea, Spokeahavea. Cbis ela aod Goagea. Plane Iron* Angers, Braces and Bitts, Boring MacBinea, Ham mers, Hatchets, Deveis Bevila, Squares, Gaages, Axes, kc. BLACKSMITH AND COACH MAKERS GOODS. Black and Bright Springs, Axles, Felloes, Spokes, Hubs, Bows. SnalU, Poles Sleigh Runners, Silvered and Brass Basda, Stamp Joints, Stump Collars. Top Props . Curtain Frames, Lamps, Iaride Linings, Ltaiaf Silks. Damask, Hesming Cords Tafts, Ta.seIs, Buttnas, Tacks. Frmgea, Lacea, aid Plain aad Ena mailed Can ram RnssU Dock, Enamelled Leather, Dash Leather, kc. KLYANS k THOMPSON, ja 1?fim IH Pa. aeeaoa. AS TAKEN OP BSTRAY on tbe MiR 1ml, a sm?U red and white Cow aad Calf. The gayll-ft

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