Newspaper of Evening Star, June 4, 1855, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated June 4, 1855 Page 2
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EVENING STAR. WASllINiiTON 011 X: MCSDAYAFTKMIWir.t; Jum 4. 8 P IB IT 07 TEX XOfciriHe The Um*? irgwa that the true and only safe policy Tor the Democratic party on the slsvery question is that of rigid adherence to non Intervention, aa It b impossible that the North and Sooth can even agree upon it. The Intelligencer announces that Mr. Perry Charge d'AlMrs pro tern at Madrid, has ob taiaed an entire satisfactory settlement of the ?1 Dorado case ana that of the Vice Consul at Sagia Le Grande; and alio that M Do Cueta, the Spanish Minister In Washington, is about to return home at his own request, beiag opposed to the party now in power io Spain. WASflJBfiTOM MKlVg AND GOSSIP. A Fraudulent Publication ?Proofs are ac cumulating from day to day of the base means by which the base ends ot Know Nothingism are attempted to be attained. The person* usurping without a show of right the title of the Board of Managers of the Washington Rational Monument Society, in their address to the people of the United States, as pub liihed and re-published in their Organ for the last four weeks, contains the following paragraph: o' Managers have now been appointed We coma into tffioe under favor able auspices, and with well-founded hoTes of means to proseoute the work. Sinoe our elec on 22d February last, we hara sot ? ?n idle Oar arrangements have been be Koo, aod are now in progress. Ail of difference between us and the Old Board have as we hope, been removed, and we will imme-' dlately go to work." The assertion contained in the last sentence cf ta?t paragraph, unequivocally conveying the idea that they and the only true and gen uine biard of managers had come to an un derstanding whereby their doe election and authority as a board were acknowledged or acquiesced in by the trne board, is a palpable falsehood; the falsehood of it is plain and manifest on the faee of every communicatioa between the two parties; on the face of the resolutions published in the papers of this city, with the address of the true board. Those xeselaftfeas, the instant they were paesed, were communicated to the persons $o usurping tho title of managers; and these who read the news papers have seen how unequivocally and em. pbatically they denounce the illegality and un fairness of tho protended election on the 22d of February last, and repudiate the author ity attempted to be set up under it. So far from such denunciation and repudia tion havitg been recalled or in any degree modified, the true and only board of man agers, in their vtry last communication to the board of false claimants ^ which was in answer to certain requisitions from the latter) ex pressly referred to the resolutions denying ?-d repudiating their authority to intervene la any of the society's affairs. Bat U.* turpitude ef this falsehood does not eni here, lae dLttagenuoas and mean at. tempt to shieli i: from detection aad exposure is no less worthy of genera! abhor^i^e. The eezuence oonuining the falsehood is faund only in the Organ a edition; but is wholly omitt'd in tha edition published in tho Inul ttgeaeer. The policy aad canning cf this do ceitful variance between the two edftluns is apparenter:oogh. The calculation was founded on the very evident and strong probability tha; the National Intclligenccr''? edition would irst meet the eyes of thoJe who could at once detect, and would necessarily denounce and expose the falsehood a; soon zs it* ex istence chould be male knewn to tacin; and that having enoe real the a-dresj in that paper, and wholly unsuspicious of the truth, tiiey would not think of looking after it in the Organ. They have succeeded, however, in merely deiayiag detection?the work of jus lica has been retarded, but has at last roached its goaj. This is all of a piece with the fcrgery and peijury. by whwh the public were made to believe for a fev days the statement sixty Know Nothing workmen had beon dLich irged /rem the Gosport Navy Yard. 'Tia Over!?A truce to polities, say we. fcever waj mortal more wearied oat with the pulling and hauling, watching an*squab bling. f?>lding wtd fretting, aweaMng and swearing, coaxing and g?*:-blicg; ep^utirg, ncd doing aH sorts of aneoogen^al things, in wkieh we as an active participant in the pre liminaries o? the municipal canvass, LtJng de cided as we go to press, have deeply im mersed for the last week. Wj prefer s^ft crabs and sherry, at this season, by long adds to such scenes and exai.emeat as theso in wbion we have been almost alone engaged in ftr the last se.en days. Naturally, ^eare a fat, good-natured soul, oveiti)*ing with the mik of human kindccu for ersrybody, qjite aa much as did the father of our friend, the editor of the Alexandria Gazette, who in bis day was famous tor being able to keep a crowded theatre in good humor with a poorly p?ayed comedy, by the vehement test with -which he enjoyed everything even muaiu to be amusicg 1. oat:e Lard to us, therefore, ever to J>3 unamjaoie, &ad we do not readily forgive .curse If for permittlrg tie bile within us to b?e so aiirreJ by our opponents, lb that it gets the uppcrhand of our really kindly nature. We have Ujt wtoe ten pounds cf ileth by the la bors and m.dae excitement of the week's cam paign, which, We confess, piu us ia better trim for the editeriai labois cf the summer and iu that we are benedted Ly what we have undergone We are, nevertheless clapping our hands ow the fact that we feei at libcrtj, n'ter to-day, to let politic*.go to the dogs. Thousands of car readers, no dcabt, rejoice w.Jj us that the Star can new rctarn to iu bitten path as the simple gatherer and dxoiur up of jast such news of matters arouad w as nil the Washington world, aad thoeewke keep their eyes on affairs transpiring L-re aiu ? this vicinity, like to hear of. It always tail* the Truth?Our talented, ingenuous, and truthful neighbor, it seems, is quite aa near the mark in accounting fox the winnings cf it* ooterie in the late Virginia election as it was in its statements on whieh that precic-:s band won so muoh. The it+nfhsuls De moemt spikes its " ten t hcuiand-foreign-vciet" excuse, by pointing to the consas of the State, wherein It will be perceived that there are but T.000 foreign bo?n persons in Virginia?men, women, and children The 350 Irish-raliroad-laborers-in Augusta story, It spikes by referring to the fact that while the anti-Know Nothings lost heavily there, the Know Nothings gained as ?eavily, thus bringing about the (to the anti Know Nothings) unexpectedly Urge Know Nothing gain there Ihe editor of the paper to which we refer, teems to think that these mow ingenious than ingenuous explicative* of the reason wh/ Vir ginia came so closely up to our neighbor's *ati election calculation, are induced by tho fact that its moaey winning friends are ain inf to give it some even more effective and aubstantial testimony of their peouliar affec tion for it at the present writing, than that to whieh they treated the Hon. flenry A. Wise in front of Brown's hotel. II The Bain ?As the rain experienced in tbis region during the past week turns out to have been very general, there can be no doubt tiat It is destined to provo of almost incalcu lable value to cur country. Twenty millions of dollars is a very moderate estimato of the additional value it will gire to the crops, ?bove tbeir probable value, had the dry eta,. son lasted a month or even three months longer. It secures us, perhaps, average crops of vegetables (though they will be late) for fifty miles around Washington, and at least quadruples the quantity (weight) of hay that would otherwise have been cut, though we question whether the hay crop can be an av e.a^a one To have made full crops gen erally it should have fallen a month ago, as up to its advent we bad not had a real " a'ca ?on ' sicco the snows of winter passed cff. In this vicinity the heavy dews and remarkably oool woather had kept the wheat thriving, though the stalk was very generally short. As far as we can perceive, we have no joint-worm this year around Washington, and far less rust than we ever saw before, for which latter good fortune we may thank the absence of rain. The season of last week, however, will doubt ess make the wheat crop of this region much more than an average one, for it will keep the ground quite moist enough throughout the next month, in which the wheat will grow astonishingly if sunshine is vouchsafed to us abundantly. The backwardness of the sea son has kept the corn and oats apparently at a41 stand still," though both theae crops have looked green and healthy. They must now start forward and grow with great rapidity. So also must the young clover, whioh within oar observation has overy where taken well Cur orchards, in all directions are laden with fmit a3 they have not bson for four cr tivo years past. On the whole, the prospect for a successful agricultural season for fifty miles arcund Washington, is now most gratifying, notwithstanding the gloomy aspect of things a week ago. We havo all, indeed, abundant reasons to. be grateful to Bim who watches over us and provides for our wants. A Characteristic Device?Some of the so select coterie of our talented, knowing, truth al, entertaining, and ingenuous neighbor caused to be posted around the city a hand bill signed " Official," calling on Democrat* to regard the contest of to-day a Democratic one, and treating the subject so as, if possible to offend Whig anti-Know Nothings. The trick is transparent throughout ita every line, even without the addendum in penoil which we saw on more or less of them, attributing their issue to the Star offic:. We thank the nineompoops who got this hand-bill in question up. for so completely proving it, on its face, to be a bald Know Nothing trick, on a par with the Secretary of the Navy and Commodore Pauld ing story, and with that, the falsehood of which is so completely exposed in the follow ing letter, which we take from the columns of the last issue of our talented, truthful, and ingenuous neighbor, aforesaid: w ^ *?B TIf* AJfBHICAX OBGAX. Mr. Editor: Your paper of ywterday o^n tains an article, over the signature 0f "Mo-1 llei>ry," statin* that ' the Montgomery Guards u GQard- ha?0 raceivad orders to nOid theias*. vus in r-adiness ou Monday noxt " And adds, that native Americans are to be threatened with the force of tke bayonet in the bands of mercenary foreigners and anos I4t. 4, How, .ir, .h. whoi. is a premeditated falsehood. 7 The National Guard has received no orders to be in readmesa for Monday, or any other day And as to the mercenary foreigners, there are but w * perscnj of foreign birth on the ro'l of tfce Company, numbering 58men. In regard to thepolitioil complexion of the Company. I respec'fully refer you to some of its members, who are candidates on the Amer lean ticket for the City Counciia. Jakbs A. Tait, Commanding National Guard. Privilege# to a Land Officer ?A land ofii cer inquires whether the purchase of a few Land Warrant* and their lfcoation in his name f>r his own use is regarded as in contravention of the circular recently issaed by the Secre tary of the Interior against speculating in Land W arranta oy officers of the government. We answer that a fair and invest vtrtit for his own use and benefit wiil not be considered as a violation of the rale therein laid down Government Losses by fire.?Value of prop erty destroyed by firo in the United States from 1830 to 1840, a period of tea years. .$53,$2?, 1)60 Value of property destroyed by fire for the same period in Kurope an<1 A?ia Tot*! $179,944,050 The above includes the large fires only, and may be fairly auppoied to embrace but 50 per eent of the actual loea. An Agent s Compensation ?During the lifetime of a soldier, a bounty land warrant was issued cn hia application, and delivered to an agent in this oity who was duly empow ered by the i&ldier to receive it for him. After the soldier's death, a dispute arose between his helra and the egant in possession of the -warrant as to the fee he was entitled to re oeive for his services, anl the heirs demand the issue of a naw warrant in the name. Held that the issue of tho warrant to the soldier during his life, and its delivery to the agent selected and authorized by him to receive if, had exhausted the powers of the office in the premiers, and that the measure ef compensa tion to the agent was a matter of private con cern beyool the jurisdiction of tho Depait ment, and in whioh u cjjyinot interfere. The Bebioca 6hool Beacon, on the Flcrila Coast "We hear that the severe gale on the Florida, of the 17th ult., swept awsy all the preparations that had been made for the erec tion of the beacon numed above, which will cause a month's delay of the completion of that work, und some additional expn;e. Light-h.use Keepers Appointed. ? Josiah Tobey has been appointed keeper of the light hou.e at Boon Island, Maine, at $000, vice George Bowden. removed. Hiram Tobey and Charles H. Tobey hare been appointed assistant beepers of the same l'gbt, at $300 per annate, vise Christopher C. Littlefleld and George G Bowdsn. Under Invoicing ? Proceedings have been commenced against the importers of three oum of magnificent embroidered goods which eame over in the last trip of the stoamihip Amarioa. They were seized by the reve nue officers of Boston for a violation of the 66ih footion of the act of March 2, 1799. Their appraised value is $1,473, while they were invoioed as worth $865. The Faturalized Voters' Question.?The Circuit Court for the District of Columbia, Judges Morsel! and Daulap presiding, this morning decided that persons who have re sided in this corporation for a year, aad have been naturalised since December last, have ? he right to vote in tbo election to-day; but that the list? having passed out of the hands of the corporation Register into those of the judgej of the election at the several voting places, who are themselves quasi judicial cffi ccrs, they (the Circuit Ccurt) have not power to issue tbo mandamus to compel the election boards to accord to such citizens their rights. Such citizens should, by all means, olTar their votes, and if refused they have a remedy in suits at law against those depriving them of what the Clreuit Court decides to be their rights. Besides, if they offer them, they must be counted by the revision power in deciding the general result. The Know Nothing judges are even refusing the votes of citiiecs naturalized on the 8th o Juno, 1854, on the ground that they have not been citizens for one jeer. The decision above mentioned shows that they are depriving such ci'.iiens of their rights, and they will of course be sued by all snch persons to-morrow. If the illegal votes they aro receiving on their own siile, and the legal votes they aro reject ing on ours, vary the result in any case, their illegal action Trill of oourse bo appealed froir, and set aside by the Circuit Court. a he Current Operations of the Treasury Department.?On Saturday, the 2d of June, thero weie of Treasury Warrants entered on the books of the Department? For the redemption of stock $948 42 For the Treasury Department.... 34,018 45 For the Customs 171,377 76 War warrants received and en I ltTtered 20,927 08 War repay warrants received and ontered 20,927 08 interior warrants reoeived and en tered.... 14,677 21 For covering into the Treasury from miscellaneous sources.... 3 46 On account of the Navy 403 00 Cholera.?Ihe N. Orlean3 Board of Health have declared the existence of cholera in that j city as an epidemic. Tha number of deaths last week was large. I'fciKiNOiuZT .... The venerable J. Nicholls, late pastor of the First Unitarian olinroh in Portland, has refused to accept an annuity of <500, tendered him by the oongregation with whom he has been connected for near fifty years. A rare example ! ....Mrs. Sinclair, late Mrs. Forrest, and Madame Barili Thorn, fig-ire in the California por^jas parties to an opera ma^^goment .... Hon. Erastus Brooks, of Naw York, is seriously ill in that city with an affection of tbo lungs and general debility, induced by iij close attention to his duties during tha late iessiea of the Legislature. His many frisn is ;n W &ihir>gton will bo grieved at this sad in teliitj-snce. A society hi3 besa formed in Da Soto, Iowa, by persons desirous of 'in^intainint" a character of sobriety in that town," for the purpose of teiring dowa ani domoliuhirg tie premises of such ai sell liquor contrary to th6 ' law. fceveral femalt? belong tc it, and sign tao warning withtho men. .... A beaovolent old gontleccn U3?d to give away wood to the poor by the cord in or der, as he said, to have it recorded ab jve. ....Mr. Stephen Maulo. of Columbia, Pa , one of ihe agents attached to Mossrc. Lsech & U>. s line ot freight cars, met hie death ?n Aecneoiay last, by being crushed beneath the cars. ....There were one hundred and forty nine deaths in Philadelphia, last week; ofconsump tion twentj.four, small pox. five; typho>i fe V-8^i J9' vn ?e,T y?rk> during tf>e stme pe nod lim hundred find .... Mr. Charlw Fo.gor, a native of Wan t???et' !?;' 1eventy :T?*r? ol Pgs. arrived at New Bedford on Thursday lait frcm th<? island, it heiog tbe first time he ever set foot upon tho Continent. .... Parks, the murderer, wis hanged in Cleveland, Oh?o, in the 13: Intact, with the words upon his lips, "I die innocent." .... Thomas Bally R^jum, of San Pran cisoo, formerly of Baltimore, blew his brains out on Sunday night, in New York, iu a house or ill fame, on acjount of a Oourtezan'u refus ing to marry him. A FESTIVAL? The Festival for the ben.fitof the Methods Episcopal Cho;c i Oeorgetown, i* s-ili op.r:, ;.nd will contin ue unu I ut.-day nigtu, 5Jtj instant, when it will dcae with sn auction-. v ' The L.i-hes return thai ks for tho p;.tro<:u*e Uiev nave received aud solicit a continuance ot tin* same. T hey have table* bountifully supplied with Ro fre^hmenis, filled with uicut beautiful handiwork. JC 4 Jr^FEriTiVAL A.VD (JONCFli'F^TW U ^ of s?- t)ominicks t-hurch (Inland) will h9ld a Strawberry and Refresh ment Festival, commencing on TUESDAY EVEN IXC*, June 5ih ; and to land additional attraction and vane y to th? occanun, ? CONCERT will be ipven. Several I'lofessors ami Amateurs of Vocal and Ii strumental Muaie, having kindly tendered Uitir aid. Tha patronage of tha public genet ally is solicited. Doors open at <i% o clock?concert commence at 8^ o'clock. je 4_2t ?j CARD?-Hr. Editor : I with to inform the public that the J. II. Weaver whose e ?rd appeared in last FrHay's Star, is i ot J. G. W iavh, Confectioner, oppotite Hrowns' Hotel. It " no? ?ny business to meddle in politics, but to sell CONFECTIONERY. J.1 <j. WEAVER je 4?11* (NOIiCE IH HEREBY GIVEN BY OR ? der of the District Committee organized und.'r the canon of 1853 of the Diocese of Mar>land that ther" will be a missionary meeting in Trinity Church (God willing) on TUESDAY. June 5th, at 8 o'clock |. m. Able addresses, explaining the na ture and reasons of thij inovfmcnt, are expected, Th.- meuiben of Uie Prote-tent Episcopal Church and r?ll otls* r? deeirou^ of extending christian influ ences in the District are invited to mtenc. IIENUY STANLEY, ^ ^ ^ ^ Chairman of Comm. of Arrangement;". ST1IE MARION RIFf^ES beg leave to in ? ?,? iorm their Irien.ts and citizens generally that they will five their firwt *rand Tic Nic and Ex cui-ion < n the likh June, 1855. For particulars sen rtitare advertisement. EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE. Je2-3t (Organ) JI^S^TUE AKNIVERSARY OF TIIE WASH :rSIOU 4 '?y H't?i<* Society will be held next TUK3DW EVENING, Hie 6?hm???ant. at 8 o'clk, in ti e Foundry Chuich, corner 14th and G sts. A discourse, appropriate to the ucca*ioa will bo delivered by the Rev Dr. Co*, of New York, a del egate from the American Ilible Society. It is v?ry desirable that the regular annual contri butors and other friend* who have not y?t paid du ring the current year, should make pa>ment to tha Treasurer or Agent before that day. M H. MILLER, _je 9?Heererarv. CAU t fOK ?I hereby to. warn nil p? reon9 fioaa h^ib>iinj, tiustuif. or ? inploying my son, John T. Ilarru, (a bartx-r,) Imiu Ums dat.;, as I nui dner miu? d to euforce the law against ail such rffendera. je 4?3?* GEORGE HARRIS. LOST?On Wednesday aAern< on, on Penn av enue, l?etween 20th ?nd 15th Mre- t*. or on H street between I5th and 18th ?tmti, a gaM f.l Kret Brca?tpin, with small garnet stones. fhe finder ?ill receive a suitable reward by leaving it at No. HO? I su, near 20th. Mrs. 8. A. IRWIN. )? 4?Si STRAYKD A WAT on the 16lh instant, two Cows, one a black Imrn-il cow, with ? white streak down h?*r back, and wh'tc tall, and her bind Tet are white up to Uie bock, an 1 a wluf *p?* 1,1 tier forehead. The other Cow is ? red buffalo Willi a white face and red aroand her eyes, a tit le in the right car, and a piece cat out of the left ear. ?rf iil!Lar\.w 111 h" civen ifbrougbl to MARGARET FLEET, No. 908 corner F and 3'rtatg., First Ward. je4_3,e tiOST. -Strayed from the subscriber on \j Saturday. the id instant, a buffalo COW. larce mre, thin in fleeb, red color a little white on the bn ast and on the bick, over ibe hips,and about the feet, giving inllk, and very gentle. A suitable re ward will be given for her return to the corner of 7tli and I street. A. ROTH WELL. ^18 4?3t ?fi KKW AKI) ?Strayed away from the sab senbrr, at Joseph Ehrmantraub's tavern, a middle flfsrd hay borne MULB, with a black stripe down his back, mane and tail trimmed, drooping in the hips; with n leather bailer, having a broach at the end. The above reward will be riven if returned to me at the above placc. JOSEPH BOTELER. Je 4?at Furniture sale.?the articles be maintng unsold at the recent sale of Furniture and Housekeeping Goods at the store of J. R. Mc Gregor, 309 Pennsylvania avenue, between 4'^ and 6th street*, south aide, will be sold off at greatly reduced prices during the next ten daya. as the sub scriber will positively close up bis business wi hin that time. Term?: $15 rnd under, cash ; over that sum a credit of 30 and 60 days, for approved endorsed notes, bearing interest. Dealers are requeued to call and examine the stock. J. a. McGREGOF. Je 1?lw OLD POINT COMFORT. THE HOTEL at this favorite watering place is now open for the reception of guests. The en tire establishment has been put in fine order, and greater facilities have been made for landing pas sengers. A small steamer has been chartered to act as ten der upon the larger mail boats, and also to make ad ditional trips to Norfolk and Portsmouth, including two trips on Sunday to and from those cities, thereby affording an opportunity of a pleasant excursion and eajoy the sea bathing. The boat will make fishing excursions three days in each week. Communications should be addiessed to C C. WILLARD k BRO., Proprietors. Je 4-2w Ol ? Point Comfort, Va. JOHN H. BUTHMANN, IMPORTER AND DEALER IN WINE, BRAN DY, Ac., has received his supply of Bordeaux Wines, to say ? 200 cases of Red and White Wine, consisting of Chateau Lafitte, Chateau Margaux, Cnateau Leoville, Margaux Medoc, St Julien, St. E? tephe, Haut Sauternes. Ac. 25 hogsheads of Claret and White Wine. Also, received by former arrivals? 25 cases St. Peray Snarkl.rg, 25 casen of Rhine Wines, some of it of very high grade Likewise Sparklini Moselle. N B?From Bordeaux a email cask of extra su perior Cognac, $23 p<?r gallon. je 4?3t PROSPECTUS For publishing a monthly Musical Work in tht eity of Washington. N TIIE und> rngntd, at the solicitation of many of their esteemed customers, propose publishing a monthly Musical Work, entitled The Rational Monthly Hosical Mag;zine. The Mainline will contain from four to eix pages of Music, selected from the best European and Na tive Composers In addition to the Muiic an extra sheet will be added, containing the latest Mimical News, Musical Notices, *c. The MHgazme will b? printed on the best quality Music paper, and will be printed from engraved plates, in the neatest man ner. The first number of the Magazine will be ready about the 1st of July, 1K>5. Mr. 8. V. Norte, the Agent for the Work, will solicit subscription from the citizens of the DiHtrict of Columbia, and show a specimen number. HILBUS A HITZ, Music Depot, cor. Pa. av.. Itth and D sts, Star Buudings, Washington, D. C. June 4?tf LKSUJt'^ LADI2C8' GAZBTT1AOF Puis. London and New York Fashions for Juue is received and for Kale at SHI ISLINGTON'S Bookstore. The Wstrhman, a companion to the popular sto ry of the LaiaplijKer Tales for the Marines, by the author of Los Glin gt;s Harper's Magazine for Juae commences a new volume The Missing Bride, bv Mrs. Houthworth The Two Guardians, l>y the author of Heartsease All the Mavarlne.i for June All the New Book)and every thing in the Sta tionery line, for sale at SHiLLINGTON'S Bookstore, Odeen Building, cer. at., and Pa. a?. je 4?tr READY-MADE SUMMER CLOTHING. f f AVING within the few days made great I A additions to our former stock of R? ady-made Clothing, we are now prepared to offer guntletn?n every inducement in pii ?e und quality to visit our extrusive ealearo ?mn before leaking iheirselectijn*. Our assortment ot White and colored Shuts Gauze, merino, ?ilk and cutto* Undershirts Linen and Cotton Drawt-rs Summer Stocks, Cravats, Scarfs, Ties Collars, Glov. s, Hosiery, Ac., Is very large and complete, making our present stock one oi ibe most desirable to select from in pri ces and quality to be found this side of New York. WALL A STEPHENS. 3?a Pa. av., next door to Iron Hail. Je 4?if ^ (News) UNITED STATES MAIL. TERRITORIES OF N1IBKA3KA AND KANSAS. Post Orrics Devastmsst, Junn 1,1S5G. PP3POSALS f r carrying th*j mails of the United Stab s fr*-m the 1st day of January, 1656, to tbe O'.h day cf June, lSog. inclusive, on the following to the T?-rrl<rri?s of Nebraska and Kui.~a*, will be ree^ivsd at tbe Contract ( ffice of tbe Poet Ofiioe Pei-nrnn-wt, in the city of Washington, until Jp ra., >>f the Is*. dsy of October, 18i>6, to be decided by the i0 L of tie sninem^nch. TKRK1T0RY 0* NKBRA8KA. From 1 it n/Jmuary, 1866, to 1st of July, 1858. No. 1 *001 I' ou Orotcon, in Holt county. Missouri, b ? frt*i-b *n W. Slory's, on the Mijseori, be twoen the two N em .has, Mr. Parke*.'* on Muddy Cre*k, John A. Msgleton'a tn ths j Urea: Ncm*ha, Mr. Bohst's on the Great Ne maha. and Muryevill* on Blue Rirer, to New F ort Kerney, on PUt'.e river, S16 miles and ba-k. a week L*av* Oregon Monday at 6 a m Arrive at ftew Port K^rnsy in 10 daya I?w Ne* Fort Kerney Monday at 0 a m Arrive at Or*?on in 10 daya. Bids to rue by a prjpoe?l schoinlj will be con fide rel No. If 001 From Nthama Agency, ia Kania* Terr' tory, by 8>phen W. Story's, at Stary'. Ferry. Brownriila. Nebraska City, We?pieg Wat?L Thompson's, at Tb^mpenn's l^siry, Platta n oath, B-lltview, Ornaha City, Florenoe, Black Urd Hills,and Biaek Bird City, to the mou'h of Nv-iway river, in the Territory of Ntbraak*, 260 mi ea and back, once m week. Lt??ve Nemaha Aireney Arrive at the ru '>uth of Nyovay ri7er leave ibe mouth of Nyoway river , Arrive at Nemaha Ageney. Bidders will propose aeebedule cf depirtorwi and arrivals. No. 1*003 From Bellviev City, by Omaha Olty. For> tinelie. Pawnees on toup fcrk, to Fcrt Lara' mie, 600 m'h-e and back, twice a month Leave Beilview City Arrive at F&rt Laramie L"a*e lort L?ramie Arrive at Bellvi-w C'ty Bi !d-rs will propose ? schedule of departure* and aniva'a. No. 1600? Vr m Nebraska City, by New Fort Ker ne^ and Ash Hollow, to Fort Laramie, 600 mil?8 ar.d bark, twi e a ni nth Leave Nebraska City Arrive at Fcrt Laramie Leav- Fort Laramie Arrive at Nebraska f ity bidders wiil propose a schedule of departures asd arrivals *. No. 16006 From Llndnn, in Atchison county. Mis souri bv J- hn Werlaofi's aid Benne'i's Fer ry, ?n tha Missouri river, to Nebraska City, 40 milM ? nd ba.-k, cne-> a week I^jave Lindun Monday at 0 a m Arrive at Nebraska City Mm* d?y by 10 p m Lsave Nebraska City Tuesday at 0 a m Arrive at Undua same day by 10 p m Bid? to run twice a week will be conside-ed No. 15006 From Olenwocd, in Mills county Iowa Ly Cerro ?"Jf>rdo, low*, to Fellview City, 13 ittiios asd bark, three tim?s a week Leave G'.en*ood Tuesday,,and B# or day at 9 a m Arrive at Bellviile City same daya by 12 m Leave Bel.view City Tueedty, Thursday, and Mjiurdny a 9 a m Arrive at Ulan a ood day s by 4 p m Bid* to c mmecee at C?rre Qwtdo will be cor sidcrrf Ltda f a a week etrrica will be considered No. It007 Fiom Coatrit Bluff., Iowa, to Omaha City, 6 mile* urd back, tSree limes a week Leave Cou* ril I luCs Monday. Thursday, and Saturday at 9 a a Arrivs at ('maha City came dayj by 10 a m Lrave Omaha Clly Mob day, ThnraJay and Sat urday at 11 a m Arrive at Council B'ufft raine daya by U m BUe for once a wo-k service will be con?iderwl. No. 15C08 From Oregon, in HMt ouat/, Missouri, to Brownvdie, 60 n<ihs and back, onoe a week Leav* Oregon Tu sday at 0 a m Arrive at Browaville nune day by 10 p in 1*1 VI Brrw?TtlW Wedoeadav Arrive it Owron eain? d?y by 10 p m Bids to embrace llnduo <n ?!??* roe<e. wxi romm 'nee the Berries at ??id r tti *e enl i n i at Br>wu villa. will W eMliltrod No. 16008 From Sidney, low*, to Ncbresks City, 13 milee and back, oeoe a week I eare Sldrev Sah^dey at 8 a m Arrive at Nebf *ka C Hy .sms day by 12 m I/eare M?bwk? Olty Saturday at 2 p m Ar.ive at Sidney mim day by 6 p m. No. 18010 From Cerro Gordo, Iowa, to Platfl Mcutb 9 mil" end back, twiie a wt "?k leave Csrro Gordo Tuesday and Saturday at 10 a m Arrive at P:aU's Month nam# day* by IS m Leave Piatt's Mouth Taeeday aad Saturday at, 1 p m A? rive at Gordo wm daft by S p m B d* for once a week eerviee will be considered. No. 16011 Prom 'onora, Miraourt. to RrownvJle, 2 mi lee and back, three tinea a weak L-av* Sonera Monday, Wadneeda/, and Friday at 10 a m Arrive at Browaville mm* day by It m Leave Brownville Monday, Wednesday, aad Friday at 2 p a Arrive at "oners raace daya N4pn Bidders will propose a schedule, and once a week eerv oe will be considered. No. 16018 From S^nore, Miwourl. to Nebraska City, 26 m>le* and baek, ore* a week Leave Sonora Monday at 4 a m Arrive at. Nefcraaka City mae day by 12 m I eare Nebraska City Monday at 1 p m Arrive at Soaora Mice day by 9 p m Thla route la auppoee I to bo unnecsaaary. No. 16013 From Council Blnff lewa. to Florenoa, 9 milt* and back three t;mee a we-k Leave Council Bluff, Monday, Wedoeeday, end Friday at 1 p m Arrive at Flore ^oe aw daya by S p m L*ave Florence Monday, Wednesday, aad Fri day at 10 a in Arrive at Council Bluff aame dayi> by 19 m Bid# to run by ? prepoeed ached ale will b? con eid*red, and esoe a we?k service will aleo be considered No. 16014 From Florence, by Dodge City, to Fenta. nelle 35 miles and hack, three t'mee a week Leave Florence Monday, Wtdneeday, and Fri day at 8 a m Arrive at Fontanelle aame daya by 6pm l?ave Fontanel 1? Tuesday, Thursday, and Sa turday at 8 a m Arrive at Florence aame daya by 8 p m Bide for once a week aarvioa will be eonatdered No. 16016 From G leu wood. Iowa, to llattii Mouth, 9 mile* and baek, twice a weak Leave Glenwoc 1 Monday anl Thursday at 18 in Arrive at Platt'a Month aame daya bv 2 p m leave Piatt's Mouth Monday and Thursday at 3 pm Arrive at Glenwoo4 same daya by 6 p m Bids for once a wetk service wi!l be considered. No. 15016 From Mdney, Iowa, to J. D N. Thomp son'*, at Thompson's Ferry, 16 miles aod back, twice a week L?ave i idoey Monday and Friday at 8 a m Arrive at Thompson a Ferry aame daya by 12 m Leave Thompson's Ferry Monday and Friday at lpm Arrive at S.dney saait) days by 6pm B'da f-ir onre a week eerv'ce will l>e considered No.UOii From Magnolia, I.wa, to Florence, 50 iniie ? and ba-k. ones a week Leave Magnol-a Tue-day at 8 a m Arrive %t Floieuco??Bm?day by 6 p m I'?aye Florence Wedceedav at 8 a m Arrive at Macoolia s*me day by 6pm No. 1C01H Frcm Maznclia, Iowa, to Hlack Bird City, 45 m;le* n.-d back, (>noe a week Leave Macr o'la Friday at 6 a m Arrive at Black Bird City pa ne day by 9 p m Leave Black Bird Oity Saturday at 6 a m Arrive at Vagnolia same day bv 9 p m No 15019 From Savant's Bluff, "Iowa, to Elaak Bird City, 20 miles and hack, onee a weak L*ave Harffanf* blcff Treeday a: 6 a m Arrive at Black Bird'Oty same day by 12 m Laays Black Hrd City Tuesday at 1 p m .Arrive at Sargent's Bluff anire day by 7 p m No. 150W From Leavenworth City, by Hurley's, M"?ney, G'pa?hrpper Fa'l*, llock iVint, V-r million, to Dyer'r, on Bi^ Blue, ? mllea anl back Leave Leavenworlh City Arrive at Dyer's Leav<# Dyer's Arrive at Leavenwerih City Bidders will state dUtanoe and jropoea a sched ule. This route is aspposed to be in Yanras. No. 16021 Froru Atchison to Maryaville, ? miles ai d back L*ave At?hi*cn /rrivc at Ma-yrville leave Mnrrav^ile Arriva at Atohiwrn Thi? route is seppovd to bi In Kaisaa. No. 16022 Frtm faineant's bluff to florenro, 80 miles and bark, ppoe a week Leav^ darrennt's Fluff Arrive at Florenco Leave Florence Anl re at .wargeant's Bluff Bidden will propose a schedule of depirturai and arrivals. KANSAS TERRITORY. No. 16?06 From Sa;at Jos?ph, Mo , by Highland, to Siarjhville, 1?0 isiies and back, ouce a wees leave *t. Joseph Monday atttan Arrive ^t ThiirsJav by 9 p m L*ave jaary vjlie Monday at 6 a m An:ve at St. Joseph Thur^dav by 9 p m hi*, route is auppoeed to la superseded by 16280; and If to, it will n*?t be let to contract, ho. 16-07 From Doniphan, by Wo f RJvar, to High land. 26 milee and back, one* a weik L?ave Doniphan Thureday at 6 a m at Higllnol same day by 10 p m L*aye HighUnd Friday at 6 a m Arrive at Doniphan Fame day by 10 p m. No. 15'4?8 Fr^m Atch son. by Independence Fprinj to Qris^bopp-r Creek, 26 milee snl back, onoe a week J cave Atchison Monday at 6 a m Ajrive at Uraaahopper Cre??ksame dav by 10 pm l*av?> Ora"?':cpper Creek Tuesday at 6 a m Arrlv- at Atchi>on same day by 10 p. m. No. ItS'tO Fro-n Kicks]>oo,by Marlensbura, tcQraae* hopp r Creek, 17 miles and back, Uuee times a week L-ave Kickapro Tueelay, Thursday, and Satur day at 6 a m Arrive at Grasshopper Creek at me days by 12 m L*ev?j G'as'fcoppor Cherk Taeeday, Thuiaday, and Saturday at 1 p m Arrive at Kickaj~oc rame days by 7 p m ?id* to rnn cno? a week will be e->midrred. No. 16?10 From Leaveawnrth City, by Nuato bh'lda. Osawkae, Whitll-ld, ls>rirg llailet, taint Mary's Mission, Vermillion River, and Shan non, to Pawnee, 118 mtles and back, onoe a weak Leave Lfavunwcrth CUy Monday at 8 a m Arrive at Pawnee Sa-urday (6th day) by 8 p m Le?ve Pawnee Monday at 6 a m Arrive at Leavenworth Saturday (6.h daj) by 6 p m Blda te extend to Fort fil'ey, one mile further, wi'l be oonside'ed. No. 1*211 Ft< m Wratport, Mo , by Franklin, Law reuoa City, Tokeska, Douglas City, Laoomp ton. and Tecdiuaeh, to Whitfield, T8 milee aad haok. three tinua a weak Laave WVa'p-.rt Monday, Welnecday, acd Fri day at 0 a m Arriva at WhitHeld next daTa by 10 p m Lt?ave Whitfield Monday, Wedaeeday, and Fri day at (i a ni Arrive at Weatport m xt daya by 10 p m. ? ozu* a wt** ^ ojnaidered. No. 16211 Fr-m Wertport. (lfa.) by Bull Creek, Blank Jusk, One-Hundredard-Toa-Mlle Creek, and ConuoU City, to Couadl Grove, 1X6 milts and btok, one- a w<>ek Leavj Wes'port Monday at 8 a m Arriva at Council Grove 8aturdey by 6pm Leave Council Grove Monday at 0 a m Arrive at Westport Saturday by 6 p m No. 16218 From Westnort. ?Mo.,) by Wee Mission, Osa?at'.omie, Miami Agency, Centreville, Bn JP M#und. Mine Creek, and Little Ouif, io Fort Scott, 109 Bailee and hark, oue a week Leave Weetport Monday attain Arrive at Fort Soott Wednesday by 8 a m L *ave Fort Roott Wednesday at 12 m Arrive at W est port Katurdsy by 10 p m No. 16214 From Gsawatt->mi?. by Henrv Sherman's, to the Sai and Fox Atf?ncy, ll milee and back, onoe a week Leave Osawattomie Monday atOam Arrive at fcac and Fox Agency aaaw day by 10 pm Lave Sac aod Fox Ageney Tuesday at 8a m Arrive at Oawatt-mie aame day by 10 p m No. 16215 From Weat Poirt, (Mo.) by Thomas Polk'a and Old Catholic Mission, to Sugar Mcund. 40 mUea and back, once a week Leave Weat Point Thur-day at 8 a m Arrive at Su/ar Mourd same dar by 18 p m Leave Sugar Monnd Friday at 8 a m Arrive at We*t Point game d*v by 10 p m No. 15316 From Tukumreh, by VVachaTuaa, to Sac and Fox Agency, 90 mllea aad b;ck, once a week Leave T> kumseh Arrive at Sac and Fox Jig*icy Leave Sac and Fox Agency Arrive at Teknmseh Bidders will proporo a ache'ule of departures and arrivals This service is buppcaed to be unneeeaaary at pr< soot. No. 16217 From Coujlas, by Ovaakee, to Highland. 80 mL'ee and back, once a week Leave D&vg'as Monday st 8 a m Ar.ive at lligh'and daturJnv by 10 p m Leave Highland Mo day at 8 a m Arrive at Douglas Saturday by 10 pm No. 16218 From Far -. Scott to Catlolic the Or eg* nation, 40 miles and heck, oco a week Leave Fort Seott Mtoday at 6 a m Arrive at Catbol e Mission same day by 10 D m Leave Catbollc M>ss on Taeeday at 8 a m Arrive at Fort Soot team a dsy be 10 a m No k?il? Fron Pert Scott, by Thomas Folk's, 8a West Point, (Ma.J40 miles and btck, ease a . week , Leave Fort 8oott Wednesday st ? a m . Arrive at West Point same day by 10 p m Lmti VVVt Point Thursday at <1 * a Arrtvr at P?t Bentt ky It Nr l?>t?o Firm F it He tt. bv Ri< Vry Wood, to N?ofhi\ (Mo.) 76 ai.'ei and bock, onoe ? week Leave Fort fcett W?4? eadav ftlliB Arrtoa ?t Neoebo Priday V? 10 p a Lmv* Fwl# fcwta* at t a a irrive at Port W. Tneedar bv 10 p n Ne. 11S21 Prom Leavenworth City, by KleUpot, Atebtoon. Doniphan. ??< ibal, to hw1*i, 62 ailee ud haet ?M* ? Lmv? Leavmworth City TntidiT at 6 a B Arrive at Whitebeed'e tin: day by IS at Lm?? Whitehead's at 3 p a Arrive at iMftawtrth City next day by 10 fa No. 16229 Prom Piwdn to lUryvvilla, J 00 aOa and bark, sar? a week Uaw Pawnee Mor day at fl a a Arrive at MarvsvPle dsturrlay ty f p ? Leave Maryville Monday at 0 a at Arrive at Pawnee Patnrdsy brSta. No. 1623* From Council Oreve by Part May, to Pawnee. 40 ailee ?td bark, oaoa a vaak Leave C'unrtittrove Monday atlas ArrlTe at Pawnee Hit day by 18 a I<nr* Pawnee Tra-dey at 8 p a Arrive at Council Grove wit day by 10 p a Hid* to ran tv.oa a w?ek will ba is atolea e| No. 1SS94 Prom W**tnn (M" ) to Atehtooa, II aaltof and back, twiee a vaak Leave Waa cm TueaJay and Saturday at ? a a| Arrlva at Atebiaon Mm* daya by IS a l?eve Atehiaon Taaaday and Saturday at S p a Arrlva at Wafca aama daya by 9 a a Klin ioat* la aappuard to ba eaperwded by No. 16281. No 16226 From Tfeummh, by Bapttot Untontown, and Waapaa?a, to milee and beet, oaoa a vaak Leave Tmaiab Moadur at ? a B Arrlva at Pawnee Wednesday by fl p a 1/aaTf Fawnee Thursday atlan Arrlva at Ttrumseh Saturday by 6 p a. No. 1629A Prom Pawnee to Reader, ? Bitot aad back, <nae a week Leave Pawnaa Arrlva at Reader Leave R*eder Arrive at Pawnse BldJera will propose a schedule and state tfcfl distance. No. 16*77 From Weatport, (Mo.,) by PowelTa Haw aad 8l Barnard, to Sac and Pax Aaoaty, tt mile* and baek. onoa a vaak Leave Weetport Monday at IS b Arrive at Sac \sd Fox Agency Wtdaeaday by Leave 8ae asd Pox Agency Wedaeeday at t pa Arrive at Westport Priday bylpn. Ne. 168*4) From Kansas, (Mo .) by Wyaadatto aad Jackarn>illa, to Oaawkee, M mflea aad back, once a veak Leave Kacaae Monday at I a b Arrive at Oeawkee n?xt day by 19 a L*ave Oaawkee Tu-edny at 3 p a Arrive at Kiwai a?xt day by 9 p a Bide to ran three tlmee a week will ba a?aatd erad. No. 15iW from Independence. (Ko?) ' y the m*V< ments at the mouth of the Hner4ar>o, oa the Upper a rkanpas, and Lhtl? Self L*k? 8att*e ments, at the head of the NicolM River, t J 8-ocktoa, Calif>rela 3,400 alles, ones a month Laava li depend?ccc Arnve at 8toekton l>ave Stockton Arrive at ln ^epend?noe Bids t-? run by a propoeed sehadcla, and to paaa ether points io li-u cf those uaaad in the roate, ao as to ?onvey the mall* in the shora P'seiMe time, v.H be ernKid?i id. No. *50 From Faint So . p 'r, (Mo,) by Great Fa ?diav Agency and tT.-baona. to MarjsviUe, 86 milaa and b.ek. c.n.~e % week Leave Saint .Trseph Priday at 6 a m At rive at Marysvi.lf n?-xt dav by 6 p m Leave Msryevllle *unlay at 6a a Arr've at Salct Joe>ph text day by 6pm No.lOiPl From Weaton. (Mo,) by Jaion, to Atchl aon, i8 milaa and back twice a week Leave Weaton Monday and Frtdaj ittan Arrive at Atchlaon eame Sin by 12 m Leave Atchison Monday aaLi Fridaj at 1 p b >rr'xe at Wenon aame day* by T p a Bids to ran once a week will be <Y>n*iderod No. 16282 From Laavenwcrth. by ?tr?&|r*r Creak. CroadnK. Hicxorj PeiLt, <Jaeukee. Vl'LitfieWJ, Soldie.- Creek, 8iiv?r Lake. Catholic "iaeioa, R-ek Creak, and Blue, to Port Riley, 130 milaa an! b?ek. twice a we<k Leave Fort L*avenwcr Ji Monday and Tbunday at 6 a a Arrive at Fort Riley Wei'needav and Saturday by 12 m L*ava Fort Ril;y Wednesday a&d Satcrdaj at 9 p m Arrive at Fortletraatorth Frlliv and Monday by 9 p m B dsto ran onoe aireak wl'l be ronaldired. No 16*238 From Fort Leav^awrth, by the m?nt* aad towns ot L-wrence, Hllam Pvrin^a, PottawattamK and Sugar Creek, to Port S ?tt, 126 mile* and b-?k onre a week Le?ve Port L?aTeiiwoTt*i W^dneedaiy at ( a B Arrive at fort Poctt Fn.ay by c p a Leave Fort goott Satarday a? 6 a m Arrive at Port Leavenworth Monday by I w ? No. 15234 Froa Kacaas fMo^) to Lawrenoe, (Ran* eas.) 40m'leM end back, six tinea a week Leare Kan.>a? daily, except Pundav. at 6 a a Arrive at Lawrence same daya by 9 p m L'av* I^wrecee daily, fxcept eundav, at 6 a a Arrive at Kansaa same daya by 9 p a Bids to run three times, and once a week, win be ^onadere-l. No. 1623a From Fort Feett, by Sugar Mcund Cea* trevilie, and Uenry f her man's to Hibbard. 69 miles a?d beck oaee a week Leave Fort Soott Wedaeaday at 6 a a Arrive at Hibbard Theredey by IS a Leave Hibbard Tb nraday at 8 p a Arrive at Fcrt 8-olt Friday by 9 p a No. 15JS6 Prom Port Atehiaoa to Maryrrllle. 120 mi!?i and baek three titnee a aaek ^^ay ^e(^?Mday, and Pri ar?4 ?> Leave Marvsv?l!e Wednetday, Priday, and tan day at 8 p m Arrive at Atchison Friday, Sunday, and 1 day by 9pm 3' ? win b< conridered No. 16284 Prom Whitehead's, by Hlahlaad Point, to Story'a Landing, 40 nil'jc* ata' baek. onoe a week Leave Whiteheed's Priday at 6 a a Arrive at Story's Landing aaae day by 9 a a Leave ftory'e LandJDK Sstnrday at 6 a aa Arrive at Wbi'ohead'a same dag by 9 a m. No, 16A(8 Prom Oregon, (Mo.,) by Iowa f eint, to nigh laud, (Kansas,) 12 mile, id back ona a wuek Ltave Oregon Saturday at fl a B Arrive at H:ghlaad same day ky 19 m Leave Highland Saturday at 1 p a Ar rive at Oregon aame day by T p a. No. 16289 Frum Fcrt Leavanworth to See and Fox Agency, ICO miles and baek, onoe a weak Leave Port Leavenworth Monday at 4 a B ^rn??t8acand Pox Agency Widneeday by I^ave Sae and Fox Ageney Tbnreday aft ta a Arrive at Fort Leavenworth Petuniav bv 19 a. No. 16940 From Pert ?oott to Port Atkinaon, ?? miiea aad baek. Leave Port Scjtt Arrif e at Fort Atklnacn Leave Port Atkinson A rrive at Fort S-ott Bidoeia will itate the diatanoe aad preiyiae a schedule. v ^ Ne. 16idl Proa Fcrt Seott ta Ckawfoid taainan. ? a ilea aad Mk l/'*ve Fort Rett Arrive at Crawf rd Seminary Laa?e Seminary Ai.ivj at Fcrt Soott Bidden will etate the dieUaae and ataaaae a eobednle r a *? l&tack* 001 Wni^art f0f:gf^ ?*mntf Leave Wos'port Arrive at P.-rt Poolt L^ave fcrt So. tt Arrive at Wea.port fUte diU4tc* ^ r?p?n a of propoaals, ?uara3t?*, and eerttfl. 1 80? inrtrucUoBi and rioititKffitA, /pa. braring ondiMota to be inco.-p?r?ted Id tfce ool* ^aeta to web ext-nt as the d?rartment tray deem proper,) ere adverti>?inent tnvtrief tropoeals (i '* th# w<s,t*rn *?d sou h western gtat. dated 9th Janaary, 1864. ^ , . , JAMES CAMPBBLL, June 4?lawiw Postmaster Qewaral. UNITED STATES MAIL. STATE OP LOUISIANA. Pear Crr.ot CaPAhrwLKT, June 1,1861. PROPOSAL? for earning the ma'leo'the United rtotali from the 1st day of Oc ob-r, 1966. to ibe t?n*' in-lu-jve, en the P?llswing route la the S^ate of Louiriaua, ail be received at tfce Otn ract 0? * of tV Poet Offlce I>. partaent. In ' I??. ofWaahing on, antll 3 p. a., of Iflth July, l?0v, to be d ci'iel by the 20th of the same month. LOUISIANA From 1st OctoU', 1865, to 1st 1868 No. T807 From 8airt Martinsville, by Breaux, Br! tge, Araaadvllle, LeonaviTle, f oc^L. aad Barry's Lending, ('eealj to Opeienaaa, La, AQ and back, oi oe a week Leave Saint Ma'tiaavllle M nday at fl am Arrive at <>peloarasnext d?y by 10 p a ( leave Opalouaae Wedneed. y at fl a a Arrive at 8ein Martitsvill - n?x. day by 40 p a Bids to ran three tlaee a w?ek, with a propoeed s bad ale, making clwe <e?n-ctx?ra at Ope kmaas with the New Orlesna Mail, will be I co naif red- \ for fwae ot propo ak, guarantee, aad etrti'eatat e alia, la^aattotia an 1 requimne->U, (rm\<mrlvr eonditarna to be incorporated in the ooaVada, to aueh aa *xt?t asthed^rt*cnt aay Oe?Biprona \ are edveit ?-aeat inviting pnpaalator Bail BlWe In the wetoera aad aaathweat ra States, datad 9 k Janaary. 1864. JAMMi CAMTBsJl; " Juae 4?la?4w ~

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