Newspaper of Evening Star, June 5, 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated June 5, 1855 Page 1
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THE EVENING STAR PUBLISHED EVERY AFTERNOON, (EXCEPT 81TNDAY,) At the Stmr Building, corner P*nn-*y!v*niM t*v+nu* uvd El*vmtk strut, By W . D . W ALLACO, W4J !>e d to ro'^rihm in the citiei of Wash loniT, ?town, Alexandria, Baltimore and Philadelphia, at SIX AND A QUARTER CENTS, ^ijrvbi#" weekly to the Agents. To nail tubacribera th? avbocription price ia THREE DOLLARS AND FIFTY CENTS a year in *famc?, TWO DOL L*R3 for SIX MONTHS, and ONE DOLLAR I* THRBJE MONTHS. Q??8i!tOLt coma on ??rr VOL. V. WASHINGTON, D. C., TUESDAY, JUNE 5. 1855. NO. 755. Treble patent improved eyelet ma CHINE. Pin*' patent?combined on one stock 3?con 1 patent?self feeding with eyelet Third patent?patent improved fastener, riveting both aides All parlies in want ofa food Eyelet Machine, are strongly recommended to none bat LIP MAN'S P \TENT IM PROVED, which is decidedly the beet ever brought before the public, potsesaing numeroua advantages, viz: It is stron*, durable and not liable to get out of or der. It panche* the hole well, and I? fit the Eyelet, and ia one operation clinches the Eyelet on both side*. It sives time, as the papers lie., need not be reversed or tamed over to clinch the Evlet a ae cond\ime, as ia the caw with all other Machines. It is useful to the Merchant in filing awiy papers, ?a well m to the attorney or Conveyancer, the Shoe miker, Tailor, Mllhn?r. an1 numerona others, and h a very labor saving Maehine Md by all the principal Stationers and Pancy Goods Dealers throughout the United Elates. Agent* for Waebington, TAYLOR * MAURY, tnav 91?If Bookstore, near 9th st m A CARD. Economy is the road to wealth." Great Redaction in the price of Hats & Cap* ft! U E und*>nrign<><1, havinr made arraneeim-nta X witk a New York Hat Company to be con stantly supplied with the very best Moleskin or ORE9S HATS, got up in the latest style, offers U?em at the unprecedented low price of $3,50, worth from frur to five dollars; second quality, $3, worth from $3 50 to $\ ; and a very good fashion able Hat at #2,50. worth from $3 to $3.50 Also, Be^be ft Co'a Hau, at a much less advance tttaa they have been here tot th sold in this city. First rate beav-r Hat* $3,5 ?. All kinds of s*ft HATS and CAPS very low. Ia order to sell st the above low prices the caeh system must be adopted ; consequently thoee who purchase will not be charged from fifteen to twenty Ore per cent. as an jffset for bad debts. ANTHONV, (ft* many years in the employ of Todd fc Co.) No. 3, Columbia place, 7th at, tp 13?tf 3d door north of Penn. avenue. LOOR D E R E!!! *\JfORE BOUNTY LAND TO JILL who served IJfj. in war since 1790, whether as Officers Soldier*, Sailors. Marines, Clerks, Indians, Chap tauns, Wagon Masters, Teamsure, Land-ro n, (or (heir widows or minor childr< u) who have not yet received full 160 acre5, and have been in aervice 14 daya. will do weU U writ- to us. poitpaid, -.nd their Land Warrants will be f#?rward<*d to them for the at ove quantity. and ao charge if they do not get it. LLOYD St. CO., t^aim Agent's Office, opposite U. S. Treasury, W ashingUMi City, D. C mar 6?3m 1 f L rSTHlSG MSW UfDEB THE 6U2T. CHARLES WERNER, Pennsylvania ?**?*, oppotite broirns' IhUi. Tf AS Rued up liie cotnir.-jd. ->us nail ov?-r his Res i"l taunii as a first class I.AG SR B^EK SA LOON, having pro ured a supply of every luxury and comfort* sound in first claos establishments of the kind ia the cities. Hia RHINE WIVES and French White Wines, as well as ias Clarets, defers. La?er Beer, German, Italian, and Sweiuer CHEESES, ind indeed < f ev ery other app'opriate luxury in *uch an .-stabiish meat, is ui?9urpa.-?*d ia this country. He solicits a call from his fri< ::Cm iud the public, may 19?tf DENTISTRY. B. DONALDSON, Dentist, late of ttie firm of IV, Hunt Si Donildson, continues to manufacture and insert those beautiful porcelain teeth, with or without gums, tor specimens of which (made and de posited by the Ute firm) was awarded the first premium at the Mechanics' Institute Fair, recently held ia this city These teeth are carved and shaded to rait each particular cas*, and their resemblance to the natu ral organs is so perfect as to deceive the most prac tised eye. Particular attention alio paid to filling and pre ?erring the nutural teeth. i-barges moderate and all operations warranted. Office southwest comer Seventh and D rs en trance on D. mar II?6m LAW PARTNERSHIP. Robert j. walker ana louis janin have formed a co partnership under the firm of''Walker k Jann," for the management and ar Kment of cases mi the Supreme Court of the Un ted area, and before the Court of Claiiys at Washing ton City. Addresn Washington, D. C. may 10? eoSm S. P. HOOVER'S IBOH HILL BOOT. 8H07, AND TEU5X ESTiBUSMK-?T XTTST received a large assortment of Boots, Shoes %J and Trunks, perhaps the largest atock in this city, from wbieb to m*ke selection. Ladiea Slippers, 50 to 75 cents Do Gaiters, 75 to $1 4 Gents French P. Leather and Calf Pumps Do do do Walking Shoes Boys', Mines' and Children's Shoes in every va rfety and ctvle,which I will sell at the lowest prices. S. P HOOVER, Iron Hall Boot, Shoe an J Trunk Estabm't. Ta. avenue, betw. 9th and 10th streets, may 19? SfcW6t DO YOU WANT FIRST RATE ICE CREAM? GO at once to ARNY, Bridge street,Georgetown, he was awarded a MEDAL by the Metropoli tan Mechanics' Institute, for ICE CREAMS, VVA TER ICES, and CAKES. may 9fr-eotl "PLEASURE TRIP8 TO THE WHITE HOUSE PAVILION. The Steamers GEO. WASH ?C3Bfe?rNGT0N or TUOS COLLYEK can be charte -ed for public or select parties to visit tne White House Pavilion, Mount Veraon, Port Washington, or other i laces on the river. The U nite House Pavilion is now open Car vui tors. It u a beautiful place for pleasure trips; it has a fine Ball and Dining room , also, a new Ten Pin Alley. For particulars appiy to the President of the Company, or the ot the Boats. Mr WILLIAM COKB is tarnishing refreshments on i be boats, and is prepared U> furnish partes on the beat terms. ap i!6-Jm GREAT BARGAINS IV LADIES'. GEVTd', MISSES', AND CillL DRKKe' BOOTS AND SHOES.?The j. euha^iber being compelled to remove from Km I uw sMre he now occupies, offers hia pre* fill ent well-assorted nock of BOOTS AND SHOES at greatly reduced pricm. All persona In want of the article will find it to their advantage to call before purcnasing elsewhere. A. H. SLOAN, No 30* Pa. av., near 10th at., north aide, may 1?tf REESE'S~EAGLE~PLUMBING AND GA^-HTTING DEPOT. rpHE subscriber respectfully announces to Lit * friends and the public in general that he has re ceiwed the fi ?t lot of tle celsbratsd DODGE'S DOUBLE ACTING SUCTION AND FORCE PL MP, which rec..iv^d the SILVER MK&JIL ai late fair of trie Metropolitan Mechanics' InsO rite, and M n<>w prrp&red to furnish all who may thvor him with i calf. H" Kocx ofsA| KIXTl'HKI Vfr utou peesed ia the District. B?m-eu u!*ei'irp" ^ > workmen be pndes -?*zi attss1-* ? cor. Sliih st. and Pa avenue. NEW AND 0LD~PIAN08T W ln fs^rtiaertt of Irt, Dan* a i'?*eL ' ** 0u" cU*? ,ru'" HaJ (.i-hie kt?,^,rtfCOU 81 IUv'n' and i'lamu, we mannlectedee. U^'J wnich , hand Kaoo hy Am4X'^ CUickering IW> far bJ' AiwavsTn KEk<!in lU e,ch*ni* for new. 9 ??<?*?, ?*u"' John r. ellis, 306 Peuasylvanla avenue, ana IQih KIM ME IP YOU DARE t?a new Walu. very suitable tor bearar.srs, ccrnpoasd and i?^rtcnte<l to Miss ?? ?, of GfwgeioWii, CT Prut. W. Hunter. PQlJtehi 6 and tor sale ?? UILBUS St HITZ'S JJirte Depot, me# JH- i ?mt Pa. av. and lith at. m TO ALL THAT VALUE THEIR SIGHT. RACTICM OPTICIAN ISHES to call the attention to all that ruffer * 1 with defective sight, caused by age, sickne** and particularly f oin glasses injudiciously m lect-il, to his f Ui^rior SPECTACLES and GLASSES car* fully ground by himself to a true *ph>rical accuracy, and brilliant transparency, sui ed precisely and ben eficially to the wearer according to the concavity nr convexity of the * ye. Very numerous are the ill ef fect! caused to the precious organ of sight from the commet'<-emrnt of ueirg glasses in not being pre cisely suited, by the use of an Optonuter; and the practice of many years, enabl-s him to measure the focal distance of the eyes, and su^b glasses that are absolutely required will be furnished with precision and satisfaction J. T acknowledges the very liberal encourage ment alrendy obtained, and further solicits the pa tronage of those that have not yet availed ihem?ul ves of his aid. Persons that cannot conveniently call, by sending the glasses In use, and stating how many inches the* can read this print with their spectacles, can be supplied with such that will improve their ?ight. Innumerable testimonials to be seen; and refer ences given to imny who have derived the greatest ease and comfort from hi-) glasses. Circulars to be had eratis, at bis office. No 519 Seventh "treat, three doors from Odd Fellows' Iiall, up stain. Nobfolk, September 7,1854. 8ir?The Spectacles you made for me suit very well, and seem to have unproved my sight more than any other I have lately tried Litt. W. Tazbwkll. I have tried a pair of Spectacles obtained from Mr Tobias, and find them of great assistance to my sight, an-l corre?ponding with bis description of the focus. I recommend him as a skilllul optician Hkmrt A. Wist. Mr. J. Tobias : Sir?The pair of Spectacles you famished me j yesterday are particularly satisfactory to me They arc very decidedly the best I poises-, and I am the o?ner of eight or nine pairs, carefully selected ii I different places and from opticians recommended to me on account of their professional standing in Eng land, France, and the United 8tates I have been also plea-ed with your remarks and directions on the treatment of the eyes, for the purpose of pre serving and improving the sight. Hespectful'y yours, ' i'hai Caldwkll, Professor of M. O., LwiUv.iie, Ky. LTHCHBraa, Nov. 10, 1854 Mr John Tobiaj having furnished me with '.'las ae*, by which I have been greatly aided, (my vision bavir.g offered greatly from reading at night in my earlier life) it aff >rds me ihe highest pleasure to say that I consider bim a skilllul practical optician, and well prepared to aid those who ay need his profee *?e?al services. Wm. B. Rouzie, Eider of Methodist Conference. WtLMwero*, *. C , Jan. 37, 1854. Mr. I. Toblis: Dear Mir?I am happy to say that the Spectacle* I which I obtained from you last week are entirely j satisfactory. From an inequality in the visual ranre | of m> ?ye?, I have heretofore found great difficulty in getting glasses of the proper focal distance* It affords me pleasure to state, that by the aid of your optr. neter this difficulty has been happily obviated so th it the Glasses you furnished me are dccidedly the toot adapted to my eyes of any I have ever yet used. very respectfully yours, R. B. Dbank, Rector of St. James' Parish. Department of Interior, May 7, 1855. From natural defects and the unequal range of my eyes, I bave been compelled to use glasses for seve ral j cars. I have tried different opticians without <>bt ining glass"i perfectly fitted to my eyes Four months since Mr. Tobias made two pair* especially tor me, wnich I have found to serve me perfectly. Ry the u*? of his optimettr be is enabled to a(*ap G'as es minutely to the eye I most cheerfully rec onnnei'ti Mr. Tobias to all having occasion to use glasses, and bear tuy testimony as to his skill as an optician. Hiwav E Baldwin, Assistant Beefy to sign Land Warrants, may 16?tf FOR THB CURB OF Asthma and Consumption NEW AND VERY WON D htiFUL !!! HYGEANA Brought homo to tho door of iho Million. A WONDERFUL discovery has recently been made by Dr. Curtis of t'us city, in the treat ment of Consumption, Asthma and a'l d>sea?es of the Lungs. We refer to Dk CURTIS'S HTOE AM A. OR INHALING HYGKA.V VAPOR AM D CHERRY SYRITP " With tiiis n?w method, Ur C. hm restored many h'licted ones to health, aj an evidence of which he has innumerable certificates Speaking of the treatment, a physician remarks, "It is evident that 1 haling?constantly breathing an agreeable, heali g vapor?the medicinal prop* rties m jst come in direct contact with the whole rnal cavitic of the lungs, and thus escape the many and vsried changes produced upon them wh?n intra, duced inta the stomach, and subject to tlie procet* of digestion " The Hygena is fot kale at al! the I>rugg;-t's throughout the country.?JtT. York DuUJ* man of Jam. 14 The Inha'er is worn on the breast under the linen without the least inconvenience?the beat of the b<>dy being sufficient to evaporate the fluid. Hun dreds of cases of euree, like the following, might be nanied One package of tho Hyg*ar.a has cared me of the Asthma of ai years' standing. J F Kiiiiiuy, P. M. of Uuncannon, Pa I am cured of ill e Asthma of ten years' standing by Dr. Curtis'* Hygeana. Mauhit Bastob, Brooklyn, N. Y. Mrs. Paai, of No, 6 Uatumnnd street, N Y , was eured of a severe oase of Bronchitis by the Hy gearfa. My sister has been cured of a distrusting cougb of several years' standing, and decided to b? incurs He b. tlie physicians. the was cured in one month by the Hygeana. J. H. Galbsbt, P. M Richmond, Me. Ths Rev. Dr. Cgiirn, of New York, tesliAes of our medicine in the following language i N*w Yobk. Nov. 15, 1854. Dear Sir?I think highly of Dr. Curtis's Hygeana as a remedy in diseases of tb? throat and Lungs ? Having bad mm? opportunity to testify Its efficacy, 1 am convinced that it is ^ most excellent medi eine, both the Syrup and the inhaling application to the chest. Prof. a. Curram wites us as follows: Gentlemen?1 have recently bad occasion to test your Cherry Syrup and Hygeiui Vapor, in a case of chronic sore uiroa:, that bad refused to yield to oth er forms of treatment, and the result has satisfied me that, whatever may be tbe composition of vour preparation, it it no imposition, but an exeeilent remedy. I wish, for the sake of the afflicted, that it might Le brought within the reach of all. Dr Johmb, one of the most celebrated Physicians tn New York writes as follows: Dr. Ccbtib?Dear Sir?Having witnessed the ex cellent effects ot your Hygeana or inhaling Hygean Vapor and Cherry Syrup, in case of Chronic Bron chitis, and bein* much in favor of counter irritation In affections of tne throat, Bronchial tubes and lungs I can therriore cheerfully recommend your Medi cated Apparatus as being the most convenient and effectual mode of app ying anything of the kind 1 have ever seen. No doubt, thousands of per-ons msy be relieved, and many cured, by osiiifc your medicines. I must here be allowed to confess that I am op potted to prescribli>r or using secret compounds, but tius little neatly contrived crude, ami its effects in the case above alluded to, have induced me to speak In Its favor. You are at liberty to use this in any way vou think prooer. Respectfully, yoars, lie. C. johms, M D., No. 600 Houston street, N. Y. Price tl.ree doiUrs a package Sold by CURTIS * PERKINS and BOYD It PAUL, No 149 Chambers street, N. Y Pwur packages sent free to any part of the United States for ten dollars N B ?Dr. Curtic's Hygeana is the ORIGINAL and ONLY GENUINE ARTICLE; all others ure imitations, or vile and injurious countcrteiis Shun tbem as you would POISON. For sale In Washington by CHARLES STOIT, Pa. av- nue, near 7th street; and J. B MOORE, in the Hm Ward. may 23- 6m PERIT?? AND GILLOTTf BTSEL PEN? tn variety, b ?ugbt In person from the manuffcetur ere by the aoiersigned, tn this way socuring getu ti.en?-ss, as as the best qutjify andfloMh, of eaeU trad!. PTOhSk : AVBtHi, % any II Auction fcalca By J.C.McUl'lHS, Acottoa??r. Chancery sale of valuable and el igibly situated improved and unimproved Real E-tate, consisting of Dw llinz (loutei and Lots. va cant Lo s, and Wharf.?by virtue of n deciee of the Circuit Court of tin Distr.i t of Columbia tor Wash ington county, made iu the cause wherein John A. Fra&er i-< compla nant, and John Waiker, H.en S. Frsser, and other-, heirs at 'aw of Simon Fraser, deceased, are defendants, No. 899, in Chancery, the sub-cnbt-rdp truster* appointed by s-aid d? cree, wili pell at public auction .ill thoxe pieces or parcels of ground I> inn and briiiggiiuat'd in ihecity of Wa-h iiiemn. and kn >wn and distinguished as being Lots Nop. 1.2, 3. 4.5,6,7,8,9,10, 11, >9, 3, 14,15 16, 17,18 19, 20, 2 , 2?, 93, and 24, in the subdivision made by said trustees of Square No 412, fronting respectively and variously from 18 feet 1 inch, to 30 feet 8 inches on 8th and 9th street* we?t. and E and F streets south, by various depth" to an alle*, with tlie improvements and appurt> nanccs, which con sist of a mmmodious and well an*, substantially built 3# story Brick Dwelling House on Lot 8, and a comfortable and well built 2 story Brick Dwelling House on each of Lots Noe. 18 and 16. in said sub division ; lot No. 4, in Square No 388. fronting 25 on F street south, between 9ih and 10th sts. west, by 12ft feet deep, wirh the improvements and appur tenances, which consist of a 2 ? Ftory Frame Dwel ling House; pa?t of Lot No. 3. in Square No 730, fronting 40 feet on Pennsylvania avenue, running f^ack to "A" street south, with a width on said ,4A" street of 43 feet 7 inches ; and part of Square No. 472, fronting 44 feet on Water etreet, at the termi nation o?'7th street west, with the valuaMe Wharf thereto attach"d and belonging, extending to the channel of the Potomac river, and n->w occupied by George Page and used as a steamboat wharf The Fale of the several Lou in the subdivision of Square No 4N, w th the improvements and appur tenaaces, will lake place on Thursday, the 24th day of May, 1855, at 5 o'clock p m., on the prem fjes. The sale of Lot No. 4. in Square No. 388, with the improvements an t appurtenances, will t?ke ?lace on said Thursday, the '24th day of May, 1855, at 6 ??'clock p. m , on the premises The sale of part of Lot No 3, in Square No. 730. will ake place on Friday, the 25th day of May, at 5j/?o'clo kp m., on trie premises. And the sale of part of Squire No 472, with the valuable Wharf thereto attached and belonging, will lake place on Tuesday, the 29th d ly of May, 1(555, it 5l? o'clock p. m.. on the pnniises The above property is al! situated in desirable lo cation-, rapid y enhancing iu value, and offer* to capitalists and others a nnwt favorable opportunity for investments or procuring a desirable residence. The terms of sale, as prescribed by said decree, ?.vjll b?- one fourth of the purchare money in cash, and tiie balance in six, twelve, eighteen, and twen ty fuu- months, to h* se< ured by the purchaser's bonds, bea ing interest from day of sale, with secu rity, to lie approved by the Trustees. Upon the foil payment of the puichase money and interest, and the ratification of the sale or sales by the Court, the Trustees will convej the proper'y to the respective purchasers in fee. If the terms of ?ale are not complied with in six days aft?r the sale, the property th?- terms of tLe sale o. which are not so complied with will be resold at t ie risk and expense or the purchasers upon one week's notice. All conveyancing at the expense of the purchas er*. CH AS. S. WALLACH, i rp ,loto? EDW'D SWANK. J TnisUrs. J AS. C. McGUIRE, ma. 2?eekda Auctioneer. (jj- Th? ia<e of the several lot* In square 4i2 and lot 4 in square 38b, wi:h improve ments, is postponed, in coueequfiice uf the rain, until TUESDA V, June 5th, same hours. P. S?The sale of the valuable wharf property at the toot of SeTenth tree? is p >?tpon?d until TKURS i> AV iFTERNOOX, June 7th, a' 5 o'clock, on the ?remises. CHAS. 8. AALLACH,) _ .?4 EDW'D SWANN. J* ranees JAS. C. McGUIRE, june 2?eokds Auctioneer. By J AS. C. TCeQUlllK, Auctioneer. VF.RY DESIRABLE BUILDING LOT at Au* tion.?On TUESDAY afternoon, June 12th, at 6 o'clock, on the premises, the subscriber will sell, by virtue of a dee,I ?<f tru^t from Basil Lancaster, dated Septemb" r221. 1818. and duly recorded in Li b-r J. A S., No I, folio? 3*0, k . one of the land records lor Warhingt n county, all that piece or parcel of ground and premies designated upon the ground plan of said city as Lot No. 28, in Square 197, having a front of 49 feet nine inches on 15lh st. '?est, between north L and M street*, running back 197 'eet to a 30 feet alley, with a 15 feet alley run ning the full depth of the lot on the side. This lot is situated in a rapidiy improving part of the First Ward and is very ii?-cinilily located Terms: $450 in cask, the residue in fi and 13 months with interest, secured by a deed of trust on the premises. Ail convevanci.ig at com of purchaser. JAS. H. COLLINS, Trustee. J AS. C. McGUIRE, may 11?2awfrds Auctioneer. PURE SILVERWARE?A MAGNIFI CENT ASSORTMENT. MW. GALT & BKO ca'l attention to their ? unusually largo &*oOrtment of tiilvtrvrare, cons sting of? -'olid silver Tea Sets, complete Siiv-r Pitchers, solid Silv*' Castors Silver Cups and Saucers. G- Lie's silver Pisfc Carvi rs and Forks. Crumb Scrapers Case Kniv s, Fruit Shovels, Sugar S.ftera Jelly .^p on-, Cheese Scuupe Piekle Knives and Fork* ' slive Spoon*, Halad Tong"\ Vegetable Forks Fruit Knives, lo* Tongs, Desert Knives Soup, Cr*-am and Gravy Ladies lee Cream Knives, S?? t Cellars Napkfti Hints, Butt- r Knives, Tea Strainers Tta, Table, and Desert Spoons uud Forks of every variely Rreakfa-t and dinner Coffee Spoons, kc. A'.ro, a very larg? sscortment of Fancy Silver ware, suitable for wtdJing, birth day, and other presents The ubovs is all of our own manufacture and is warranted to be pure. M. W. GALT k BRO., IS4 Pa. ave., betw. Bill and lOlh sta. cinr 81?-If nOH SALE.?A Pair of BAY MARES, 7 ye.ars P oiduextspring,well-Lred,sound.stylixh, gentle, spintod and capital goers. They are v eil-broken and perfectly free from tricks, and will P'.rticularly suit any gentleman who is fond of Living. The owner par's with them only hecau?e nut purpose is to rctrsach his expenses. They can Ik: i-een at Southron's (late Birch's) Stable, on 14th .treet, south of Pa. avenue. For terms, or an op portunity to try them, enquire at the counter of the Star offlce. They will be aold a ba gain. ap 3?tf \TEW BOOKS RECEIVED AT i> SliILLlKGTOll'9. The Watchman, will be found a fitting companion to the popular and simple sto?y of the Lamp lighter Harpers' Magasiue for June?comm*.io?s s new volume The Missing Bride, by Mrs. Southworth The Two Guardians, by the author of Heartsease Blanch Lorwood, n tale of modem life Virginia, Harper's Sio y Book for June A Book of Thoughts, Memories, and Fancie;, by Mrs Jameson Peeps from a Belfry, or the Pails Sketch Book Leaves from a Fain ly Journal, by the auth >r of At tic Philosopher in Paris Joy and Care, a friendly book lor young mothers, by Mrs. Suthill. All the new book; published received iiamedis'e ly alterwarda, an I every thins in 'h?- stationery line for sale at SHILLINGTON'S, Bookstore, O teon Building, 1 Corner st, and Pa. av. Ice cream. AT the old mnd, corner of F and 9th street, can be had Hie hest quality of ICE CREAM. WATER ICES and CONFECTIONERY ofT7 all kinds. Y All orders promptly attended to. <? A I have opened my Saloon for the teasous, wh> ie nothing but the best quality shall be kept. All wish ing a good article would do well to calU may *4-lit T11Q8 Kt'KABDT. PKRIORI WITH DKFKCT1VK vision are invited to examine my, extrusive stock of all kinds of SPECTA ' CLES and EYE-GLASSES. Glasses' of any kind, kuch as Cataract, Parabola. 1'eriscopic, Double Concave, Double Convex, r.ud Colored Glasses, put in at short notice, with groat care, and persons in want ef glasses may be sure Ui get thoee which benefit the eye. +?? Circular* "Detective Vision." gratis at H. BKMKEN'S, MO Pa. wmc, betw. 9u? and 10th eu. mar 80 LA3D WARRANTS WABTRO, for wttleh the bi?beM nrioen will be paid by CHUBB BROTHERS mar 3t?M |iatei) opp. tile Treasury, i . . . ? 71* Excursions &o GRAND PIO NIC or THK IORTHSHI LIBERTIES' fl CD. The northern liherties' fire com pany respectfully make known to their friends and the public generally thai they will give their first PIC NIC. on THURSDAY, June 7th, 1855, ko the WHITE HOUSE The Company will spare no paica or expense to insure satisfaction I he Ref eshment* will be nerved by an expe rienced ' a ere ?, M r A Columbus Visiting Companies will appear in uniform The boat will leave Ge rgetown at 1 o'clock; Washington ai2; Nary Vard at 2* ; and Alexan dria at 3 p. m TicketB ON 3 DOLL AR?admitting a g ntleman and ladies?to be hai of any of the Committee of Arrangements Committee. E O Evans, II Knicht, 8 Culver well, 8 P R iberuon, H.Keenan, R Warren, J T Halleck, C Matlock, A Columbus, J II Goddard,jr T Dawson, J Slatford, Mid Birkhesd, L Newmyer, J King. 8 Taylor. may 13?eotd GRAND MOONLIGHT iXCURSKN~ AND PIC NIC or THE NATIONAL GUARD, AT THE WHITE HOUSE PAVILION Oft MOriUAl, Junt 11 tit 1885. jp; w Thw Company take great pleaa JwSn&Mifure in announcing to their nu merous friends and the pulilic that they have char tered the Steamer George Washington, and will give a Grand Excursion and Pic on MONDAY, the lltli June, 185j. Te Company pledge themselves that no pains i?r expense shall be spared on their part to give aatis taction to those who may honor them with their company. The very best bra?s and cotillon music has been engaged for th?* occasion. RcfreshtrenJs an i Supper will b* furnished by an experienced ('aterer Omnibuses will be at tfie Wharf on the arrival of the boat to convcy passengers to the Navy Yard; fare 25 cents. Other pins of the city cents. Tickets ONE DOLLAR, admitting a gentleman and ladies ; to be h?d of any of the Company, and at the Wharf on the day of the excursion The Boot v'll leave Georgetown at 1 ; Washing ington at-2; Navy Yard atii#, and Alexandria at 3 o'clock. Committee of jirrsngemerUt Lt Putnphr.y, Sgt Johnson, Sgt Drew, John Tucker, JainesJ Anderson je 1??'tex WEST END SODA FOUNT. ! fpHE undersigned i? now prepared io supply the I public with the best ami pnrest So:!a Water, ' with tne most delirious Sirups (loo numerous to mention) ever offered in this city, ilis Mead can't ; be excelled j G&- I'ersons who prefer Swan's Soda Water can i be accommodated with the "Foaming Powder," of ' all flavors, at 50 cents pet pound, which is < qunl<y ? an good, and ltO per cent. cheaper than the Soda Water. J. B. MOORE, Druggist, Pa. av.nue, opposite Seven Buildiuis. i Je 2?Ai Stewart's . QRYLIGIIT D4GUFRRE AN GALLERY?We j O are making splendid pictures lor lower prices ; than any o.lier fin ler> in the eiry. They are per i fectly life-like, and satisfaction i- always given. ! Gitllery directly over M. W. Gait's Jewelrv Store Pa. avenue je 1?lm ICE CREAM AND SODA WATER. C^REof all flavrs. such ;s Vanilla. Choco J l.itf. Lemon, Strawberry, Pine Apple and, Or ange. AI?o, German Creams, Water Ices, Blancc J Mange, Charlotts, Jellies, he Tha Sod t is of the , Uftst in the city , on the old princip'e of manufacture w:th Pure Fruit Syrups withuUt the usual drug mix tures. : CAKES and CONFECTIONERY of all kinds sent ' to any pait of the city. j Creams $2 per gallon?62# c*nts per qt. ! N. B.?Ladies Saloon tip stairs j Parties 8-ipplied. J G. WEAVER, Pa av., No. 347 opp. Browns' Hotel, j may 24?2w* ? MOUNT TERNON UOtYl, Cape l*l?y, (lew Jsracy. THE above House has been completely finished and furnished, nd will comfortably accommo date 1,900 guests. The house is situated within the city, standing by itself on probably the best beach for bathing in the world The house is upward of 800 feet in length, the dining room is feet. Al together, the MOUNT VERNON HOTEL aflords the coolest and most delightful retreat in the world Families of six p> r-ons and upwards can be ac commodated with private tables, having ibeir meals furnished ut any hour agreeable to them. An ordi nary will also be se^at regular hours for th"?e who are not in parties, and wuo may prefer a Table d'Hote. A large number' f private Dining Rooms have this season been added, for parties desiring to be strictly private. An Artesian Well has been bored nearlv 100 feet in depth, and luriuskes pure soft water throughout the house. Large and commodious stabling have been a-ided I'he Hotel has every modern improvement, in deed, every thing has been ordered to give comfort and pleasure to the guest*. A full Band of Music will be in attendance during the whole season. Letters addressed to the proprietors, directed to Cape Island, Cape May, N. J., will be promptly answered. SAMUEL B. WOOLMAN &. CO., may 26?2w* Projector*. STEAMBOATS CONNECTING Cwith each train of Can arriv irgia Washington or Alexan. diia.~'J he .sr.-auier-T HOM AS COLLYERsi GEORGE WASHINGTON wili make the above connections, leaving Washington ai 6 a. m for U> Orange and Alexandria cars, and connect with' j same train on their ai rival. Meals furnished on the b au. The Boau connect with all tha trains Bal timore. SAM'L GEDNEY, Capt. may 17?d I?ANS PERPI7MERY, TOILET ARTICLES, ac., ike.?We hav* now in it ire a large vari ety of fine and common Fans, Harrison's siid Lu bin's celebrated Perfumery, Brushes, i 'ombs, l'oo;li Powders, playing and visiting Cards, fine Portmon naiea, Cigar Cases, Card Cases, Ba?ki is, Canes, flic, tec., all of which we are selling out at low prices to suit the times at the Piano. Music, Sta tionery, Perfumery, and Fancy Goods Store of JOHN F. ELLIS, 306 Pa. avenue, bet. Uth and lOtli *u. may 28?tf ATER COOLER)*, something new, an excellent article. DOUBLE ICE PITCH ERB, different st>les and sixes; BriMannia Pitchers, ot>en and covered ; all kinds of Brittanuia ard Block Tin Ware. For sale low. at the Housekeeper's Furnishing Stoic, 400 Seventh at. may 30 Q FRANCIS. COPARTNERSHIP. E have this day formed a copartnership under tne firm of Nba.l ?. Hivenner, for the sale of Wines. Liquors, Cigars, a.c., at wholesale an 1 retail, at No. 603 Seventh s ., npp. Centre Market, J. T. NEAL, may S3?eolm C W. IIAVDNNER. AL.L. KTUA^GtCRX visiting the City should see Rimer's Catalogue of the Curiosities of the Patent Office. Also, hi* Descrip ion of Powell's Great Picture. HUNTER is to be seen at 450 Ninth afreet, may 31?3m* SUPEKIOH. TABLE AND POCRkT Cutlery, Raxors, Scissors, 8tc A large a3?ort racat, lower than at any oilier pla-e In the city. For good articles and low prices alwavs call at the Hou*ek**eper'* Furnishing Store, 400 Se?*-iuh ?. may 30 G. FRANCIS. ICE-ICE?ICE! CHARLES WtcilNtlv on Pa. avenue, opposite Brown>' Hotel, will keep throughout the Mason an ample supplv of Pettibone's b> st ICE, ??hlch he m**l, on call, in any quantities, at tha lewest po?rttejtfie*. may 29?dtSepJO f{UK riDKR?I6.\RDare now working tha Sterna Quarry formerly occupied by Major Wm B. Boon, and are prepared to fa<m?h STO.XE at Um usual market rate?. HUMPHREYS It WILLIAMS, Gaerptowa, May 15?lai* W W EVEN IN(?} STAR. IXTEAORDIJIARY 1>UBL Mr. Thomas Sheridan, in his life of Dean Swift, his recorded an account cf a very singular character, who lived in the town of Tipperary. The name of this gentleman was Mathew; after a long residence abroad he returned to Dublin at the latter end of Queen Anne's reign. At that time parly spirit ran high, bat raged nowhere with such violence as in that city, insomuch that duels were every dav fought there on that score. There happened to be at that time two gentlemen in London, who valued them selves highly on their skill in fencing ; the name of one was Pack, the other Creed?the former a major, the latter a captain in the army. Hearing of these daily exploits in Dub lin, they resolved, like two knights-er rant, to go over in quest of adventures Upon inquiry he found that Mr. Mathew had the character of being one of the finest swordsmen in Europe. Pack rejoiced to find an antagonist worthy of him; and meeting him as he was carried along the street in his chair, jostled the fore-chairman. Of this Mathew took no notice, sup posing it to be accidental. But Pack af terwards boasted of it in the public ccfiee house, sayiug that he had purposely of fered this insult to that gentleman, who had not the spirit to resent it. There happened to be present a particular Iriend of Mr. Mathew, of the name of Macnimara, a mau of good courage, and reputed the best fencer in Ireland. lie immediately took up the quarrel, for he was sure Mr. Mathew did not sup pose the affront intended, otherwise he would have chastised him on the spot; and if the major would let him know where he was to be found he should he waited upon immediately after his friend's return, who was to din* tha day a little way out of town. The aipjor said he would be at the tavern over the way, where he and his companion would await their commands Immediately on bis arrival Mathew being made acquainted wiih what had parsed, went from the coffee-house to the tavern, accompanied by Macna mara. Being shown into the room wh^re the gentlemen were, Mathew and Pack drew their swords; but Macaam*ra stopped them by saying he had something to pro pose. lie said in cases of this nature he never could to be a cool spectator. " So, sir,'1 addressing himself to Creed, " if you please, I shall have the honor of entertaining you in the same man ner." Creed, who desired no better sport, made no other reply than that of in stantly drawing hi* sword ; to work the four cha f.pions fell, with the same com posure as if it were only a fencing match with foils. The conflict was of some duration, and was maintained with great obstinacy by the two officers, notwithstanding the great effusion of blood from the many wounds they bsd received. At length, quite exhausted, they both fell, and yielded the victory to the' supe rior skill of their antagonists. Upon this occasion Mathew gave a re markable proof of the i?eriect composure of his mind during the action. Creed had fallen firtt, upon which Pack exclaimed : 44 Ah, poor Creed ! are you gone?" 44 Yes," said Mathew very composedly, 44 and you shall pack after him,' at the same time making a nome-thrust quite through his body, which threw him to the ground. This was the more remark able, as he was nevtir in his life eithtr before or after, known to have aimed at a pun. The number of wounds received by the vanquished parties was very great; and, what seems almost miraculous, their opponents were untouched. The surgeons, seeing the desperate state of their patients, could not suffer them tc be removed out of the room where they fought, but had beds immediately con veyed into it, on which they lay many hours in a state of insensibility. When they came U> themselves, and saw where they were, Pack, in a feeble voioe, said to his companion: 4 Creed, I think we are conquerors, for we have kept the field of battle." For a long time they were despaired of; but to the astonishment of every one they both recovered. When they were able to see company, Mathew and his friend visited them daily, and a close intimacy afterwards ensued, as they found them to be men of probity, and of the best dispositions, except in this Quixotic idea of duelling, whereof they were now perfectly cured. A Rrssiuf Hkkoink.?The following is related in a letter from Kamiesh, in the Crimea: 44For some days past nothing has been talked of but the arrest of a young Rus sian woman. She had been remarked several times before, as her favorite walk appeared to be in the trenches. The ru mor circulated for some time, and the General at last was informed of the fact, lie ordered a stricter watch to be kept as be thought it could be only a spy disguised in woman's attire. At 6 o'clock on the morning of the 28th the same woman presented herself in front of our mew while.they were at work. She was ot tall and majestic stature, and seemed to examine the works with much atten tion. Some one perceived that she held a roll of paper half open, in which prob ably she noted all the observations she could collect. At the sight of our soldier! and officers she quickened her pace and entered a sort of ratine which is at the extremity of the Frenah trenches. As soon as she reached that spot sb< began to ran, bat the commandant sent I two Zouaves in pursuit and they sooi THE WEEKLY STAR. f9?C*ta, urr aeiably n A?r*mmm. 0&- Sinflo cop<ea (la wrappers) cm he pUMll at the counter, 1?jMiy after *e 1mm of 'J* Porrvarrtaa who act n? i|?ti wfl be aBewnf a conuaiKiwrt of twenty per cm. overtook her. Tiro hours after she ?u conducted to General Canrobert. 13er examination was not long: she constant ly replied that it was for the good of her country, and to avenge the death of her husband, Banmoff killed at the Alma, that ?he acted thus, and, moreover, that she felt no regret. She was then searched. The searchers found in one of her pock ets a paper book, containing several de tails on the state of our batteries, the number of men employed, the number of guns in our batteries, Ac.; and in another pocket a double-barrelled pistol, and a letter addressed to Prince Menchikoff. After the visit, she was shut up inanap partraent of the General's headquarters, under the guard of two soldiers, until such time as she can be sent to Malta." LO\E OF *\TTOX. How many are there to whom the lus tre of the rising and setting sun, the sparkling concave of the midnight sky, the midnight forest tossing and roaring tothesk\, or warbling with all the melo dies of a summer evening; the sweet inter change of hill and dale, shade and sunsh shine, grove, lawn and water, which an extensive landscape offer to the view; the scenery of the ocean, so lovely, so majes tic, and so tremendous; and the many pleasing varieties of the animal and vegetable kingdom?could never aflord so much real satisfaction as the steam and noise of a ballroom, the insipid fil dling of the opera, or the vexation and wranglings of a card-table! But some minds there are of a different make, wcto even in the early part of life, receive from the contemplation of nature a spe cies ol delight which tiiey would hardly exchange for any other; and who, as avarice and ambition ari not the infirmi ties of that period, would with equal sincerity and rapture, eidaim: *? I tare not Fortune, what you m?* deny: You cannot rob me of tree natu'e's grace; You cannot chut the window* the ?ky. Through which Aurora -iiows ferishteuiog faee ; Von cannot her my co- ht*nt fe*t to trace The woods and law ..s by livinc stream* at een." To a mind thus disposed, no part of crea tion is indifferent. In the crowded city and howling wilderness, in thecultiva^d province and solitary isle, in the tlowery lawn and craggy mountain, in the mar iner cf the nvulet and uproar of the occan; in the radiance of summer and gloom of winter, in the thunder of heaven and the whisper of the breeze, he still finds something to rouse or to soothe his imagination, to draw forth his affections, or to employ his understanding. This happy sensibility to the beauties of nature should be cherished in young persons. It engages them to contemplate the Creator in his wonderful works; it purifies and harmonizes the soul, and prepares il for moral and intellectual discipline; it supplies a never-failing scource of amuse ment: it contributes even to bodily health; and, as a strict analogy abuse between material and moral beauty, it leads the heart by an easy transition from the one to the other, and thus recommends virtue for its trausemdant loveliness, and makes vice appear the object of contempt and abomination. An intimate acquaintance with the best descriptive poets?Spenser, Milton, and Thompson, but above all with the divine Georgic?joined to some practice in art of drawing, will promote this amiable sensibility in early years; for then the lace of nature has novelty superadded to its other charms, passions are not pre-engaged, the heart is tree from care, and the imagination warm and romantic. A " Bluff" Transaction.?A fellow was indicted in the old Ninth District {Alabama) when Tom G 1 was Soli tor, for gambling, to wit: playing "short cards,", a* a certain locality known as Fivg Level. Col. N defended him and contended before the jury, that though the >tate's evidence 44 tended" to show that his client, with a bottle of liquor in his pocket, accompanied the crowd who, it was shown, d>d actually play, yet it never did with absolute oer tainty locate him as one of the players. Said he by way of peroration : 44 Gentlemen of the jury : the witness have told you that Peter Wryatt was thar, and a'playin'; for he noticed ku hand, and it was a full of <juttns. 44 llan y Snow was thar, and ke was a-playin'; fbr he hilt two little pari 44 iUiam Upson was thar, and ke played, 'cause witness noticed in partic ular, that he had nothing but an ace! 44 Bill Connor was thar, and he played, gentlemen, for he had the bully hand? fjur high-heeled Jacks! 44 But, gentlemen, when I come to ask him about Abraham Pitkin, my client's hand, what did he say, gentlemen? Why, nothifc', gentlemen, exoept that if An hilt any hand, he disr<.membered what was in it. And now, gentlemen of the jury, because my client was seen goin' down to Frog Level, with a bottle of liquor in his pocket, and the witness can't remember as he hilt any hand at all, when bully hands was out, and him the best player in the crowd?is that?u that?I say, gentlemen of the jury, ?e that any "reason that my client was guilty of the crime of gambolling ?'* It is almost needless to say that the jury saw the non-sequttur and aoquitted the defendant. Soap Mads from Locusts.?The sev enteen year locusts, while in an under ground, grub state, are said to be a fa vorite food of various species of animals. Immense numbers are destroyed by the hog before they emerge from the ground; they are also, when in their perfeet state, eagerly devoured by chiokens, squirrels, and many of the larger birds. Tfte Indians likewise consider them a delicate food when fried, and in New Jersey they have been turned to a profi table account in making soap. [C^Two shrewd boys of a Yankee mother, by shutting themselves up in a room, on a rainy day* made five dollars each by swapping jacksU.

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