Newspaper of Evening Star, June 6, 1855, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated June 6, 1855 Page 2
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KVENING STAR. W A sHINGTON U1TY: WKDFESDAY Am&HOOR June 6 sn;.4r at ihx pees* The Union notioes Mr Soule'i letter, in jeiterday's Intelligencer, and adds : 44 We regret to see, from Mr Soule'a letter. that be id laboring under the impression that Mr. Perry's 4- treacber j" secured him "en courage ment and 'upport in the State Depart men* at Washington. We have every reason to believe thai in entertaizing each an im ?rr?-ior. Mr Soule does injustice to the State ?epartment, an 1 we cannot bat hope that he will discover and oorreot his error before he Oomes oat w.tu his history of hid n.ission Now, none are so blind as those who will not tee, such we take to be Mr. Soule's case ?u*p;o>tus by nature, because originally trained in the school of European secret politi cal soc.eties, he has taken it into his head that the 5-tate Department was his enemy, founiing that opinion only on th; well known fact that the 'Secretary of State did not ap prove ot the policy wbioh he (Mr. S ) saw fit to es-ay without instructions to th&t end as the Spanish policy of this Government. Mr S , thought be saw proof of this fact in Mr. Mercy's recep.ion of a letter from Mr Perry, which was not even derogatory to him, \ man of common tense ??ill at once understand that ? he Stale Departuiout U itsyjusrole f r letters written, not f.0m, but to it, as in thii case It i notorious that the offensivs correspondence was not made the basis of the least aciior, on part 0f the Depir men:. having oeen consigned with, perhaps, a hup. dreti other letter- against individual employe.' of the Department abroad, to the tomb of ob livion When its existence was forgotten, it " w%* acc:d'-ntall v and unintentionally brought to M* Sonle's notice by some clerk in the De partment, and was eeiscxi on by t:iia a? proof of the ca;e his disappointed ambition was de sirens .f making against the Secretary. Hm mif'i^n had proved a very da.*hi g fail ure. indued, owing to his want of discretion, and his effort to make himself, personal y. ra her 'ban the succefs of the policy laid down in his ins;ructions, thi chief feature of hi* mi-eian In casting around tr get cut of his scrape for fcuch it was. bo seii?s up>n the Perry letter-which was written without the foreknowledge or eolici ation of the Depart ment?an?i Mr arcy' undisguised wan' of sympathy vith the S ulei'ws of his agent's p*?'icy, to make them the excu es for bis epien did failure in Madrid aforesaid. This is the whole story in a nut shell. We thus present it to our readers that they may understand, in advance. the true stafe of the caaa upon wbi h Mr Suule announces that he is about to ccme before the public in a book. We write as we have d?,ne b'oove, without consultation with or even tie knowledge of any one what eve*; and only on our knowledge of the cir cuir.s*9.nce3 of the case, which are likewise kno\?n to hundreds of unofficial persons, mai iy through Mr. S >ule's conversations on the sub ject with a lar^e number of his friends The Intelligencer comments .,n the instruc tiens given to C;mroodc-e McC^ulty. when that cffi:er wr.s ?i;r?t down to command the ?iulf sqoaJr?>r, asd maintains that they em brace a virtual acknowledgment of the ri^ht of viBttartcn on thr__bi/h ?e?" ?.T~ ???? ? ~.i4clrni question the editor hjs. 4 Here it w.Il bs seen, the Secretary speaks of ou'rage 'perpetrated on a vessel tight fu'-x/ byirtvf* ..ttr Jt-tff.' Wtat is this hut n adui" i n of tiie right to ascert^hi whether oa. d*g be rigmuily or wrongfully bon.e? Lut there ii au-jther point in ibis sentence that serins to argue !es? acquaintance with the us-g-is and et-.quette of ships of war than other tiosi ot th?> instructions ind:cate V\ e believe there never wa* en instance, at lens au.or.g the ? fficers of civilised nation-, whtn <m>, ot war of different nations are ern-ugh together to bs said to be ? pre tent.' that either w<?>ild attempt to question a *e sol belling the fl ig ot the other no matter wnai the sus(i ioas cfcatacter of that ve-sel The u-Hge in ?uch cases is f?-r the ship uf war den.-iag to atcertaiu the isai characer of the s us peeked ve sel io request of the co-present ?hip ot war, the 2ag ot whose na ion the ves eel bea s, to d^pt the neceKsary measures to arrive a: the tru:h. This, if we are not greatly mistaken, is the etiquette of the sea the eourte y ut> ob.-erved between ?r>ipa ot w^r; %>i that the cs?e cupp&sed by the Secretary could not, u^ider any ctrcum sUuct-s. oa-pen.M Wlilll.NliTUN Mm A>D GOiSIP. What ar-t wo Comicg To ? ?The conduct of tae tecre: pjliti.'al org-.nisation in this city in - connection wich our recent municipal election, was nark d with quite as many and signal viclations of law atd personal rights as it has ventured in any other quarter of the coua?.ry, not excepting on ihenccasion of the gutting of the cLuich in >ewark, New Jersey, whioh was the w >ik of Lritish tu^jicts acting in strict uniou with it (Snow Nothingism;) in the Cin er nati rkts, and in the acts of the recent Mas sseausetts legislature With a full knowledge th*. their organisation were in a very deciJcd asiacrity in this city, they set to work to carry thit tlection by and through atjy and e>ery posfirle violation of public rights whatever, ihos. they conceived the plan of deliberately depriving their opponeaU of the never be ore rtfused i ight of a representation on the boards of eltctioo commis-icnars, a thing never bo fbre m'er.'.ijLally done anywnere else under this Uovemment This right ia so sacred that ia it .e or ieu of the States its observ ance is rscurei by constitutional provisions TLcir nest mcve was to select for these one aided election boa-ds?in the wards where they ki ? w it wou d ba nccessary to practice out rages, illegal acts, and frauds to give them cuccess men. f^r the most part, of a class who 'jfereLtter beiore entrusted with the discharge of any such re p >nsible fuoctions in this com munity?igco ant men, of narrow minds and big ;ttd : rejudices. many of them with few re ipo&'ibiliiies to the public; as they arc with out aught to lose by civil suits to recover daaagei for the wrongs they might perpetrate individual citnens. The better to shield them and to encourage them in doing what they were selected to do, the Know-Nothing Council board refused to request them either to return the ballots voted, to be made of rec ord, cr to pe mit respectable individuals to witness the counting cut of the votes, which always heretofore has ke-n done in Washing ton. On the Saturday night before the election these men met in conclave, and received in structions emanating frt m their secret lodge*, doub'less, as to what they should do to carry the election by fraudulent and violent in fractions of the legal rights of their fellow citisens opposed to them. The recult of those ins.ructions was seen in the refusal of the commit*ione.s in the First Ward to put cither n?ai of thirty aeven illegal votes on their oath, as reque.ted by the challenger, in the hope 'hi' hj so refusing they m*ght screen '.Lose persons from the punishment meted out I 'irder our laws for a violation of *be eta u'e again:! voting in s ward wheretn the v.?ter ha? not a legal residence In the same ward they refused to take the vote? of sixty five oitiiens who were unquestionably en titled to vote under formal deoisions of the United States Ciroait Court, some of them made on the very day of the eleotion, of which they were formally notified. The refusal to respect the rights ot their opponents as thus adjudged by our higher court, was pre arranged on the p~evious Saturday night, as explained above, and was general in all the wards of the oities It amounted to a bold assumption on the part of the seoret pro scriptive political organiiation. of authority in and over this city, superior to that of our oourts of law; a circumstance until then, en tirely unheard of in this community It turned out that the assessor had mile error in re turning the d* lm of more or less voters on the other tide, blu none in the names know Nothing voters, and in toe face ol the law these commiseion&rs deprived tbo.ein whose mines suoh e rors had been made, of their right ot -Hien-jbip, in more than one case with a positive and offensively announced refusal to assign any reason for so doing. The cour 'wt yea; decided that a legal voter whose r;.me had accidentally been omitted upon the poll list was not deprived of his right to vols t>y the laches or fraudulent cesign of the as ses<or. iu the First and some other waria tnis decision of our highest court was treated by the election boards, as though it was of no more authority than the opinion of any pair jof professional groggery rowdies who g>t hoarse on Monday night last on execratie whisky and huuas for "Strn T' So also was I t ?e court's subsequent decision, that ajl cit ? tiers naturalised up to the time of offering their votes are fully en'itlel to exercise the elective franchise here sot at defiance. In their ignorance and improper partisanship thoy alio refused ihe votes of hundred*, whose votes their | friends had taken a year ago, when they were given for th?ir candidates of that occasion I They also aseumed the right, in s-me wards, j to rejec: the votes of all foreign born citizens whore naturalisation paper* w?re taken out elsewhere ?han in tte District of Ctlumbia, and al.<o to reject, on frivolous grounds the j votes of persons (native and foreign-born) of heavy business interests among us, and owners [of large real estates Lere, accumulated by | honest industry and dis>ingushed intelligence who hal notoriously bee-i voters in Washir.g | ton for from ten to th ?ty years, among them being men who had long served as members o: the Washington Council! In the Third Ward, ! ^bile voting their own friends with celerity. | they so delayed the leception of the Votes cf their opponents as that when they closed the I polls there were from 100 to 1?0 voters still in the lin* to deposit their ballots, hardly one j of whom was their own political friend. They received the votes of mora or leja oi their friends there a' a point diferent from the regular votirg place and of oocrse out of their turn; thus securing aj many a? possible for their candidates to the cxclu-ion of those wao were opposed to them In this ward par ticularly they received the votes. ?n certifi c?tes, of a nucuber of per;oi.d uoktJown to an} | one in the war! on the ether a do. all of *hom were rushed through the process, in striking with the manner in which th-T treated i-tviuiwg voters iney .-prang I !up there in an instant, and, we presume have disappr-ared quito a, suddenly. It, this ward the number of v.tes polled was | porno hundreds less than in the Fourth Ward W'Ay was this the case, with fromouc hundrtd I to one hundred acd filty anti Kuow Nothing voters demanding their right to deposit their baliots when the window was closed on them by self evident pre-arrangement ? Were thfy not as competent to receive, determine, and record the votes proffered, aj the commissioner* jof the Fourth Ward? We mention these facts to illustrate the means throu?h ?hich the reported result I was brought about, and to prove to our oitisecs j that the secret proscriptivc political associa tion has deliberately essayed to destroy t <lr rights, in uaarj-ing in their midst a superiority | of authority to that of our regularly constituted acd he-etofore always respected court of iaw whose decisions it spuras as not worth a rush j when standing in the way of their effort to' control our municipal affairs by fraud, vioioncj and illegal means 4 i-ranee in the d*ys of her first revolutiol was under the control of sccrei political ,-ooiL | tie*?Jacobin clubs-at first identical ii ?heir aims and acts with the American Kbott Nc^ I ?2g lodges Indeed, those clubs re?pee ed^sfe leBa righ-.i of society much longer than {hey have been respected by those who are thus | carrying out the secret resolves of the lodges in our mids-; for they were originally ocn tilled by men cf a much higher order of ia. telleot greater experience in publio aff irs | moie adroitness, and much more true public spirit than are poetised by the preachers of ru;ned personal reputations, prcfeosiona gamblers and groggery loafers, who form the ruling nucleus of the 1 ,dg.9 in tbb region Ihe clubs however eventually wont from one illegal step to another, until they trenched all I ranco in the blood of her best citixenj, com mitting more atrocious violations of public and private rights and murders in a single year, than had occurred in the kingdom by nominal authority of law in any hundred years of her previous history at a Siata governed by a monarch with unlimited powers Vtrily the oocurrenm of Monday last at the polls in thM city, show that those who have somethiig really at stake in sooiety should awake to the doty of the vindication of their rights. The End Ou't ?We hear that the Govern ment, this morning, received by telegraph in telligence of the abiquatulation of Mf3a-? Kinney and Fabeos, forfeiting their bail Bench warrants for their apprehension as fugitives from justice have been issued Thua the Nicaraguan freebooting expedition ex pi odes. This, to us always anticipated, term laation of this affair, forces on our mind seriou? reflections upon the so unexpected course of th * Journal of Comttrrcr. always heretofore conservative and considerate in all its positions on public affairs For some time it was turnea into a sort of puffing machine of the scheme which a man, with half an eye. might have comprehended to involve features suoh as should make it anything but popular in the office. The fact that it met the em ?s * !?i ^''^PP'^ation of the iJovernment here have b-en sufficient to induoe the iJeoure*^ LomnUrc? to have hesitated in r<r: vr0 ??. * i tku polct ?.?ld willlogij wi|1> ,*?7 * ",0 to b. d.dg?.d fcr I the extension of our commerce. Ae uLlesg ' well satisfied that it involved circumstances j maklftg e>*rly lllej.'l The truth ii, the Jiurn il was essentially humbugged, and that, too, by very shallow parties, indeed lh* Journal is ?? ganging the aim* gal'" with rererenoe to the Kendall affair in New < I Orleans, oontending that the indicted ex Post-1 muter is a viotim of an official conspiracy, having its head here, in the person of the Seoretary of War. who it represents, as dis ! liking K. on account of that persons promi ! nence as a Union party politician All this is exceedingly silly, ?9 Rn instant's reflation j on the fact that no administration would seel j to bring itself into disgrace by nesd!eea!y j rroviog its appointees to be criminals, will satisfy any clear mind. The Journal harps on what jt regar la as the insufficiency of the testimony in the Marshall Hanson oase, (tf Kendall) as though that were lBd only poSnl in the offences o^argti on him-Kendall. Tts? editor has surely overlooked the faot that th?5 grand jury of the discriot of Louisiana have presented Kendall on their oaths as being guilty of other robberiei previous to that of the Marshall Hanson case Now, it strikes us that the prompter of the Journa' in this matter is no other thai its prompter in the Kinney o ?se, an individual imbued, from former assooiations, with srath western views of the propriety of fillibutcisg, who is. besides, one of the sureties on Kci dall s boni to the Post Office Department, if the editor will tafce the trouble to put the question plumply to its prompter, the reply will embrace an admission of the fact we s ate above, which renders him a vary unsafe a lvigor, indeed, if the Journal of (Jommrret is ^coking, as we certainly believe it to be, only to do justice and pro'ect the public it* t?rcct in this case as in all others That the wisest, most cxporienccd, -'nd thosa of the purest iutentions are at times deceived is proved past per.idventure in the course of the Journal of t ommtree on theso Kinney ex pedition and ex-Postmaater Kendall oases Tho Firet Bloci of the Revolution ?Wo take the following from the New York Mirror of Monday last: learn by telegraph thut blond has been | sp'Med in tne streets of Portland?the birth place i i Maine Lawisci?in consequence oi a ?ipt ou- of an attempt to enforce the Liquor Law It seems that Neal Dow. the VIa>or of the city and the godfa her of Pro hitittioiiifm, had bought Some sixteen hundred dollars worth of liquor, on specuia ion, antic; gating 'he act ion of the ci y in establishirg I an agency f r the sa!o of it; tut the liquor rs [ maimng on his hands several citrons en'ered ?vmpluint, and a warrant v^as issued for the *ei7.ure . ftho liquor, when the Mayor callei a 'pec;al meeting of the aldermen, pnd a vote was pa?~ei to purchase it for the ci:y At ten o clock on Saturday night a noisy mob as-emblcd about the building u*ed as the city liquor agency, and a tempted to break n and de.?r<-y tie liquor. The police attemp ted to preserve the peace, but failing to do so, tr.d the crowd becoming more tbreaten:ng. I two military companies were called out u fhe mob broke into the building, when the military. dr*wn up opposite. Cred a volley, ? Iling Lphraim Robins, of Eaa-port, and wounding ee/eral otlers, some severely A quad of the Rifle trutrd then chargei the U rowd with bayonets, which rapidly dispersed >ne old gentleman, Eaid to be quietly on bis vay .iome, received a severo bayonet wound A few ar-ests were made, when the trely dispersed Another m~n is reported ieid having been wjun.ed sevcro'y." There is nothing in the ehapc of ia v exist I ing at this moment ucdor the most despotic | r.f ? -?* VIOI&C1V0 01 private rights as tho Maine liquor law, nor ??id uny Jaw more so exist in any portion of j Europe under the despotism of the middle a<jes. Its au iu-r, Neal Dow. Is a miserable, i" I ud?nt, fchallow-minded hypocritical bigot fie has essayed, as Mayor of Portland to en. lorce it by ordering the militia to Gre without the least legal pretence of right to do so under I the circumstances Neal Dow is tho mar I d?rer of the man who is killed, and should bo J i..dieted forthwith for the crime he has com mired Thus : ia violation of the rights of Joiners involved in his unconstitutional, op pressive, and anti-Amerioan statute is coming home to roost; he bein? now legally the first man who should pay the forfeit of his life for an act growing o-it of hfo own bigotry, fanatl eisra, and nirrow mindedn-s?. This man, by the by, is a king in the Know Nothing lodges ia Maine; and Maine-liquor-lawism being wiih Abolitionism the ruling elements in the organization tnere, he fancies the purposes of I the lud ;ej may rightfully be carried out by " footing down cirixensa*/ libitum as they are saved ?o be cirriel out here by deliberately iking dawn the public rights of citiiens and the decisions of the courts which sustain those rights. I New Mexican Conaul ? Joaquim de Cas t llo y Cos has been acknowledged by the PresiJent of the Unite I States as Consul of the Mexican Republic at N^Work. the Current Opc* Treaauiy Doear mesr.?Cn yestMa^BI 5th of Juna thcr- wrrecf Tre^ury WarrK entered on ??? Looks of ih-j Departmenl? For the Treasury Department.... $3,450 00 ccr the Interior Department 2 9?0 70 i ^<ir th* Custoias 10,942 63 w zr warrants received and en , !*r?! 81,760 81 interior repay warrants received an ientc od 5 870 92 ror coveting into the Treasury from miscellaneous sources.... 13 592 50 From customs 4^4 60 On account of the Navy 33.200 00 I'or repaying on account of the *av* ? 5.040 23 OfiZ WES* L?T1?E FFOM EUR0PJ. /.nival of tho Stoamor Africa The Royal mail tteaoier Afrioa arrived at .lahfax yes erday afternoon with Liverpool d-nes to the 26,h ult., one w?ek later than the advices per steamer Pacific. 'rririi The Vienua confersraes are to be re opened. A secrot expedition is preparing in the Cri 111 "A.*,r 80cnc enterprise. rhe siege el Seba^topol is unchanged the il?H.a lhr.'^;.781I,,pr'zn"bl8 tc "" " Gen Pellissior, the new French command The motion of a want of confldence in the ssr,do,?,he ,!ri,itk -?? The latest int.nig0UC0 from th# Crim ?? n ?n?aK*ment before the Flair w"" T d?^y?ath, H0Mlfn t^i.w W C,0Unt Buo1 l"d ?" -view With L-jrd \\ estmorelond and Count ui ttie late conference meet a^ain Th? and English Minute? couW^o? give'any ^ un^er8t00^ that if they as-ent mlniSrM th? part of A"8tr?a, would tIa pl!r P arr*nge the third point it o Berlin papera report that the Austrian mediatory proposal, are that Russia and Tu" key aettie be ween themselves the number of ? ilpe eaoh shall keep in Blaak SM-.En? F',>Xt ? k,op l? "hip. lb,?*. u nol >o ?nt?r lutoany treaty with Kussia, unless first submitted to Franoe and England. IBI# 10 According to tbe Vienna papers the confer inces wanld b? re-opened. A meeting would oe held on the 26'h, without the Russian plen potentiaries, end another on the 2otn, at whfou those funotiouarles would be preeent. Lord Palmerston's explenations In P?li? ment In regerd to this matter, indicate that the meeting* above referred to would be pre liminary only. AUSTRIA. An Austrian envoy was to leave Imme diately for Frankfort to urg* the immediate mobilisation of the German Federal forces. It is reported that Austria sent secret cir ouIrti to all the German court*, insisting taat each shall specify distinctly the line of csnduot they mean to follow FROM THE CRIMEA General Pellssier's appointment to the com Dand of the French force? prov?i to be im nensely popular, and operations on a great scale are oonfiden'ly hoped for soon. It was strmised that Pelissier would make a bold attempt to cut off Liprandi's army. It wis said that Omer Paoha had offered to ttke and hold Simferopol with his Turkish coops if the French support his advances. The secret expedition which was recalled from Restsch is reported tojiave again sailed destination unknown. The recent arrival of three Frenoh divisions makes the allies force aljout 200.00? men say French troops, 120 000; English,30,000, Turk*. 40 000 ; and Sardinia, 11,000. General Pelissier telegraphs under date of May 24, as follows : 44 A very lively combat against our most important position lasted all of last night, but we obtained suocess The Russian loss was enorraou9 and ours considerable ' The Patrie gives 6ome further information of the affair The French attaoked the Rus sian entrenched oamp near the Quarantine bastion on the night of the 22d. and again on tie night of the 23d, and carried it by assault. THE LATEST. Satubdat Mobniko ?The Moniteur says a 4i?pa?ch from General Pellissier dated May !5th, yesterday, states that the Frenoh occu pied the large p'ae* d' between the cea ;r?l baslion and the seashore. The enemy aavirg ?nffered enormo us 'osses the preceding day ceded their ground more easily. FRANCE. The French minister of foreign affair*, in a circular addressed to the French agents abroad, answers Neeselrode's late note FROM THE BALJ?. The French fleet was at Riw on the 22J of May on the way to join the English The British cruisers had brought several prises to Elsinore. The bulk of the English was at Nai^en. Official information had reached the British consul at Elsinore. statisg that ;he Russian Government '".ad ? rdered a!l tbe ships of war at Croustadt to be sunk except eight liners A dispa'cn. dated St Petersburg. May Id says that all the fortified harbors in tbe bay r,f Fin'and have b^en placed in a state of siege. Tbe Austrian squadron was about to leave Trieste Correspondence, from the English Camp, ol the 8:h says that '? the army is well supplied with luxuries as well as necessaries, borne fever and cholera still prevail ." A spirited engagement took plaoe on the night ot the 10th. and was a* ended with eon siderable loss It was repeated on the 11th On the 12th, a sortie was made against th? left attack. The Russians charged up the trenches, and some Ieaj ei?ver the parapets, whore they were bayoneted The loss on b >*b sides was severe. Tbe British lost a captain, and over one hundred men were put hors du eovxbit. On the 19th of Mny Gortschakoff telegraphs as follows: ' Theonemies fire is weak, and our losses 8re moderate. Both sides are re pairing and erecting batteries." AUSTRIA. Lord Palmereton stated in Parliament tha Gen Coronini's proclamation of the martia laws in the Principalities, only referred t( persons engaged in induoing Austrian Boldier: to desert. pnt k wn An imperial ukase authorises the Poli?t ! treasury to effect a lonn for thecurront expen ses of the army in Poland. GREAT BRITAIN. A great debute occurred in the House ol Commons, on the 24'h. on D'lsraeli's motiot of a want of confidence, and expressing dis satisfaction wi h the ambiguous language and uncertain conduct of the government Sir Francis Barring in behalf of the gov ernment. mured an amendment regretting the failure of the conferences, and promising ev ery support to continue the war IJ Israeli and bis party lashed the Govern ment. especially Lords Palmerston and Ros sell The latter replied, defending his con duct at Vienna. The debate was continued on Friday, when, on a division, there were 21V for DT3raeIi, and 31V against his motion; con sequently the ministry stands Earl Gray mado a similar motion In the House of Lords, hut withdrew it. The bill abolishing newspaper stamps was read a second time in the House of Lords, when Parliament adjourned until the 4th of J une On the 24th, Lord Palmerston hadaprivate mee'ing of tbe members of Parliament in bis bouso, when over 200 were present. He as serted the unanimity of the Government, a&d declared the inten'lon of prosecuting the war. The proceedings were harmonious It was cxpected that by June 20th, every available man in Great Britain belonging to the intantry regiments will have embarked for the war. It was expects 1 that an nneonditlonal par don of Smith O'Brien would be obtained. Tbe steamer Sarah Sands has been taken up by the British government to convey troops to tbe Crimea A severe earthquake occurred at Aukland, New Zealand, on the 12th of Feb. Queen Vietoria will visit Paris on the 16th of August. SPAIN A conspiracy on a small scale bad been discovered at Saragossa An officer, with 60 men belonging to the garri-on deserted. SARDINIA. The infant son cf the king of Sardinia has died, and it was reported that the king would go to the Crime*. RUSSIA Russia has just n-.nexed four dietriots ol Country belonging to the Mogul tribes en tha frontier of Ohuia THE MARKETS. At Live-pool cotton wa3 in very active de mand. Sales for the week 153,000 bales to speculators 75 000 bales at an advance of id. Fair qualities have improved the most. Breud^tuifs "?ere generally unchanged, but the market was dull Western CBnal flour 49i a42; Ohio 45s a 45s 6d White wheat 12s a 12j Wd. White coru 51s a 51s 6d; yellow oorn 50s a 41 s. The weather had been favorable to the ore pa Provisions bad slightly advacoed and the market closed steady. Mu Chahlks Abert.?We refer the reader to an interesting address from this gentleman to bis political friecds of his ward, which will be found on thu next page of our journal Its publication is caused by tbe illness of his brother, which prevented him from receiving at his residence the congratulations of his sup porters in the recent election, they having de signed to compliment him with a call, in body, on the night before last. a >THE PRESIDENT'S MOUNTED will give an Excursion r.n 20th June. je 2?3t IS. W. OWEN, Sec. UNION ASSOCIATION OF WASH _ ingion Uity (Anti-Know Nothing) will m-et rHIS iWfctJneaday) EVENING at llurmony llall. at 8 o'clock. CHAS P. WANNALL, j?6? It* President. NOTICE. The regular monthly meeting L of the Notional Guard will be to Id ai their Ar f inory THIS (Wednesday) EVENING, ate-ght o'clock. THO0. E LLOYD, Je fl?It Hecretiry. EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE OF tbe Regimental Ubll are respectfully le quest*-! to be punctual In their attrndauce to-night, (W?dn? *d*y) at 8 o'clock, at Flint'a Hotel. .Ail ?"h hav? not mad* their returns will please he pit; are.l 10 do *> to-night, as it h ume the affaire were settled. je 0?ll ,NOTICfc?The member* of the Frsnklln _ Fire Company are mprctfupr rwuhted to attend the regular monthly me^tinf nf th* Sany at tfce Hall, THIS ( .Vednesday) EVEN i Mi une 7th. A reward of ftld will be p?ld for the apprehnu a on of the person or persons who rnt the r?p?? at tached to th*? hill of the ev>v? nnm?i! t'omp.ny R E. I) 'yi.E, Pre.?i?!ent. o. u cfkottridd, Sec. j.< ??it ,GRACE CHURCH FESTIVAL.-THF Ladies of Giace Church, Inland. Rev Al rsan HoLWt ad, Rector, will oprn th?*tr Festival, in the d*-\v Concert Ma i, aiioming the Htar Buildings, on WEDNESDAY EVENING, at 6 o'clock, to l* continued through the week. The proceeds are tu | be appropriated to the payment of the church debt Je 6-4t A?'ARD ?It tiavirg b^en generally cir _ eulated in the section of the city in which i reside, th it I v. ted the Know Nothing ticket nn Monday last, I adopt thin meth >d to prouaunce the charge a wilful and deliberate lie, and I can prove It, and I do not hesitate to say that if justice hart been acrorded to the Union Party their ticket would have been tmiraphanilv ?Vected i am a Democrat; have p i ways been in favor ?f the principles adopted hy Jeffer.?on and Jackson,and i am epposed to all secret party association*, believing them to Ik dan gerous to the liberties of air country and the insti tution- tinder which arc Itve jas. FOOL. >e 6 ?It* THE u*DERSIGNF.D, HARDWARE _ Dealers, in order to give t me for recrea tion to the clerk* in their employ during the waruub of the summer month*, hereby acrec to close their respective Stores at seven o'clock p. m , (Saturdi) evenings excepted) from 111 s date entil ths first day of September next E. TUCKER h. CO., E. WHEELER x CO.. CAMPBELL k COYLE, elvans 8i THOMPSON, JOHNS'?N, GUY k CO. Washington, Jure 5,1855. je 6?3t (tirgan) (the UNION GTAUDS BEG LEATF 'to inform their frien a ind the citiaem ceiu rally that they will give th?ir first grand Mili tary r>n?l Civic Excursion on THURSDAY, June 14th, 1855. The Union Guard* would also ttate to thei- nu merous friends that they dispense with havinx an* Hall.thin last winter, therefore they have pledgee themselves to make this the Excursion of the s? a *on, u two cteamboats have been chattered for the occasion. For particular* fee advertisement. je 5?3t COM. OF ARRANGEMENTS. "wticiai. DlPtlTVF.nt or 1 Washington, June 5, 18h- j tk< following notice* of new ityht houses on the const of Spain, transmitted by the legation of the Uni cd States in Madrid, are published for the ben efit of navigators: m [Translation ] Htdrographk'al Bcsiac. NOTICE TO mariners. Li^hl houttt on the Spanish coast, ii th* o ean. Iitf< .uiation has b?-en received al this h.ireau from the department of Minne, common.eaied to tlie i..tie- uy the !.? parttwnt of Pubiic Work*, relative to the position oi a new light .e>use which ha* be*-n established on the coast of the Spanish peninsula hy the corps of engineers of road*, canals and liar bars Irom which the fol.uwing notice has been drawn up : Chipiona Light kouti. On the southern peint, at the mouth ol the river Gundalquiver. (province of Cadiz.) This is a plain light, located in the tu*ret of the ?ill ige church, f. nd will b< illuminated on the first of May next, and thereafter, lis position is as fol lows : Latitude 36 deg 44 min. 15 sec. N. Lottgiiude 13 min. 30 sec W. of the Marine Ob servatory of San Fernando The light will be at an elevation of 71 9 Durgo* feei abr>ve the m?-an l^vel of the sea, and will have a range of fight mil-s. This light, besides serving as a tuide on thst part of thec< an, will be in use in the interior as a mark for navigator* in the bay of Salmedina, the extrcm* NVV. poi'it ol which bear* N. 83 deg E. to th* light, at a di-tanee of 1 8 miles joaurin GUTIERREZ de RUBALCAVA M iprid, March 24,1855. [Tianslation.] IIydrogrsphical Bcr AC. NOTICE TO MARINERS. Light hou e on the Spanish coc.t,i i the ocean. vnfnrm<ktif n bf^n nf fhi? kiirftii from th ? Department ot Marine, comuiunicated to tj.e Utter hy the D?pirtment of Public orks, relative to a ch made in the mode-' or iiiuminati' g ths Cadiz light, under the direction of the corps of en gineer* r.f roa is, cana'a and harb-rs. from which the following notice has been drawn up: Cadiz Light houte. On the first of June of the present year, in place she o'd rert-cting light placed in the westernmost ??art of the castle ol'San Seb??stian, in tiie town cf Cadiz, the-e will be illuminated a new ca'adioptric apparatus of ihe second class, large siae, with which it lias just b-en replaced; its position, which has in ii" respect b^en altere , is as lollow*: la itude 36 oeg 31 min. 10 sec. N. Longitude 6 sec 38 mm. W. ol the Marine Ob servatory of San Fernando. The i'sht is elevated 1,575 feet (43 7 m) above the level of spring tide, and con<irts of a fixed whi't light, varied with red ll isiie* every two n:ihutes, visible at a dif tanc?* of twenty miles, whenever ti.e state of the atioo-pher- permit*, and the eye o ' th? observt-r is 8^ 5 teet (c 81 in) r.bove the same level. JOAQUIN gctibrrhz DE RUBALCAVA. Mabris, April 33. 1?55. Franklin Pierce, Prendent of the United Statet of America, to all whom it may concern: Satisfactory evidence been exhibited to aie that Don joitcm d* Castillo t Cos has been appointed consul of the Mexican republic for the port of New York, I do hereby recognise him a? such, and declare him free to exercisa and enjoy such functions, potwrs and privileges as are allowed to the consuls of the most favored nations in the United States. In testimony whereof, I have caused them letters to be made patent, and the seal of the United States to be hereunto affixed. Given under my hand, at the eity of Washington, the 4th day of June, A. D. 1855, and of [L. ?.] the independence of the Unitod States of America the seventy ninth. TRANKLIN PIERCE. By the President: W. L. Marot, Secretiiry of Stale. LA DII?S? WORK bavket8 - Card Bankets, Traveling Baskets, K y Baskets, Knife Ba*k?ts, Cigar Baskets, Market Baskets. Clothes Baskets, a "ia'ge variety, verv low. at the j Housekeeper's Fnoublug Store, 400 Seventh street. G. FRANCIS. je 6? INTERESTING TO 0ARP1MTERS AND fuilderli. , THE subscribers having secured the services of a [ first rate operator, are prepared to execute with imni' diate despatch, and in unequalled etj le, an> description of t'l.imng Mill work. They have un hand 40,(tti0 feet prime seasoned 5 4 Nortel Carolina flooring, and also an equal quantity 4-4 Eastern Shore, which will bo sold at the lowe t mark) t price for cash, or to such custodiers ax they may choose to trust. jo 6?eo3t FITZHUGH COYLE fc BRO. (Organeolw) P;T*.*V ICE C ilk a11 ckekz ERS Ice Cream Moulds. Jelly Moulds. Melon i Moulds, Rice Mould, Pudding Mould*, Pudding ran*, Cake Pans. Pauy Pans, Cake Cutters, at the Housekeeper's Furn:; iiing Store, 490 7th street. je 6 G. FRANCIS. SUMMER MILLINERY. , WILL be opened on SATURDAY, the fth inst., over ihe Dry Goods Store of Seo Allen, a handsome asaortment of Ladies'bbs BONNETS, of the latest style, inclading gjeat variety of Neapolitan Bonneta, at prieee^'"* to please, to which the ladiej of Washington and its vicinity are respectfully invited to examine before purchasing eLewher.:. GEO F ALLEN, ju 6?3t* Pa av. one door east of 10th st FRENCH U AlR dresstno and SHAVING SALOON. THE undersigned respectfully announces to the citiz'-ns of Washington, that he has opened a Gentlemen's Hair Dressing and Shaving Saloon, i n Pa. avenue, between 11th and 18th streets, where h? is at all uiiir'a prepared to accommodate them in al! branches of the tonsorial operation. Hair Jutting performed in the very latest styles. He would call particular attention to hi* Wig*, Toupees, Braids, Fnxrttes, Whiskers, Musta-hoi*, kc., and is prepared to fill all orders in the above line at the shortest notice. A good assortment con stantly on hand He respectfully solicits a call, feelirg assured that he cannot fail to please all who may so favor him. je 6?eolm JOHN HERBORN. THE GREAT QUESTION ?Will you consider the subiect of Personal Religion ? By Henry A. Boardinau, D.D This volume is not above the comprehension el quite young persona. It is & plain, simple, scrip tural exhibition of the sin and . anger of indifference or inconsieeration on the sutoi<-ct of Religion. To the S*bbaih school teacher, as well as the parent and pastor. It will fornieh a mo.t reasonable ar.d powertui aid in Impressing and a: foreing the duty of al<< ndiag at once and in earnest to ihe seal's wet fa... GRAY h ballantynk, )e 0?> BookMilere, 4w8 7tb ?V. Amusement*. NATIONAL THEATRE. H. C Jamtt Stag* Man&g-r Mr Jtffertoa Tlif R?;Dillc<ai Onc?t*l l*prcttrl? of AXjAODiNt ?*. w TH5 WCNDERFTJL LAMP, Which rucndj had an unpre edenfd run of Sixty itro Co**eentiv* Nights in the ci-y e.f Paltim?.r*. will b?* pr??enud at m, IIhitc ' stablishnient POSITIVELY OJlE NIGHT ONLY! WKUSkSOAY KVK M U, Jhm t, Will be presented (for the flr*t and only time) Um Grand Fury Spuria Me (from the Arabian Krnglr. RniTtsii.mrst) of ALADDIN. In lb* (our?f f ihr piece Grand larth and Military Evelolieii nr THt FKHALK. Ol AHD, AMD Tht Prcctmion *f Ike CkriUren ?/ Ligkt ! For caste of character* (tmSraciig over 60 per formers,) description of !*cenery, Synopsis of Inci dent, kc. We l*i Is of the day PAS DE MATELOT MISS D NORVAL The entertainment will commence with tht lai farce of THE SPECTRE BRIDEGROOM. Dickory Mr. Jfffer** Mdwinkle.... - Mr. Fjim Doon op; n at 7?Curtain rises at 8 o'clock prv cisely. Admission- Dress Circle and Parquet 50 cts ; I'p. p?-r Circle 25 cents ; Private Boxe* and Orcfaasua seats van b? seeur* d. No eitra charge for reserved seat*. Box Office open on Tuesday tr.d Wednesday frn? 10 *. m. to 3 p. m. |el?it TK.KT5I LOST. Lost a few days ', i?, magnificent T-e.h, si t on a gold pUte. The finrferwill be suitably rewarded on nppfyine at tbc "tar Ifice ortunier. *j 1? >TOTI?i' ? ?Our customers ar* re pectfuHy hi y formed that on xnd after tins date. un it Hep t-mber, we shall close onr store everv ?rerun# ? 7X o'clock. HILBU3 V HITZ. je5 Mwsie Itepat CAUl'IOS ?I bereb; (nrwin ail persons f-n? h-rbormg, trusting. or i my son, J?ba T Harris, (a barber,) fr< ni tins date, as I sin dei?. mined to enforce tt.e law against all such ' ffetulfi*. je4?3f GEORGE HARMS ST1UYKDAWAVO! tht ?th i? et. t, two Cows, one a black horned cow, with a whit* ?n ak down her back, and white tail, aiu h' r hind 1 et aro white up to the hock, and a white spot ta her fo;. h- ad. Vhe other ? ow is a red buffalo with a while ^sce and red arrand her eyea. a hole in tbs r 5ht car, sud a piece cut out of the left ear. A rew .rd of eiehf dollar? will be j- ri if bmnghl to MARGARET FLELT, No. *68 con er K and 2'st s:a., First Ward. je 4-3t* / W L"ST.?Stniyed from the snb*crib?ron V/ Saturday, the 2d instant, a buffalo C< W large sue, thin in fl eh, red color a little white on tf>? In"' ast and on the bick. over the hips.rnd ? bout Um feet, giving mi'k, and very gentle. A unable re wa-4 will he given for her return to the rorner of 7 th and 1 sireet. A. ROTH WELL., j* 4?3t PRESIDENT'S MOUNTED GUARD QUICK 8TKP -Thi- excellent pi? ee of Music of the popular composer, Mr. Robert Heller, ha? ju?t been published by the subscribers. T&c title page if most elegantly emkellibhed. lULBf'S k HITZ, Music Publishers, Depot in Star Huiidingi. Jg4 IOST? On Wednesday aOernoon, on Penn a? j enue. between ^Oih ;<nd 15th siretls, or on H street between 15th and 18th streen, a gold fil grrr Urca>tpin, with etna'I garnet stone*. The ftnier v-i!l receive a suitable reward bv leaving it at >'o. ?40* 1 st., near 20th Mrs. S. A. IRWIN, je 4?3t REWARD ?Strayed away from the ml senber. at Joseph nhrmantraub's taverr, a middle sized bay horse MULE, with a black strips down hit back, mnne at:d tail tnmaied, drooping m the hipt; with a leather halter, having a broach at the end The above reward will b? ?ven if returned to mr si the ai.ove pla- e. JOSEPH BOTELER. ;e 4?at Furniture bale?the article? re maiuing unsol.1 ai the recent sale of Furniture tnd Hou?ekeeping Goods at the store of J R. Mc Gregor, 306 Pennsylvania a*enue, between Hiel 6th streets, south si.f*, will be nol.1 off at greasy reduced price* dving the next ten data, as the sub ? rriiier will po> tJvtly close up his business wi hu that time. T rm-: $15 r nd U'i'er. ea*h; over that aum a credit c#l 30r.nd60< ays, for approved endorsed cotea, bearing interest. Dealers are requited to call and examine the ???<*. J. R. McGREGOR. Je 4? 1 w OLD POINT COMFORT. 1'HE II??TEL at tht- favorite watering place is now open for the reception of guests. The en tire establichment ha? been put ui fine order, and greater facilities have been made for litding paa acrgera. A small steamer ha* been chartered to act as tea der m>on the larger mail boats, and a'so to make ad ditional trip-? to Norfolk and Por;>rrioath, ineiuding two tii{>son Sunday to and from those cities, tl>er? by affording an opponunity of a pleaaarit cxeursio: anu enjoy the sea baihoig The bout will uiake fi?htiif cxcursiotis three days in each we?'k. Communications should be*< d to C C. WILLARD k BRt>.. Propro tcm. jg 4-2w <J1_ P. in? Coin fort. \'a. JOHN H. BUTHMANN. Importer and dealer in wine. br?v DY, kc., has received his supplv of Bordeaux Wines, to ^ay ? 2ll0 cases of Red and Whit" Wine, consi-ttfg of Chateau Lafitte, Chateau Margnux. Cna'eao Leoville. Margaux Meooc, St JuJoo, St. Es tephe, Uaut Sauternes. he. 25 hogshead* ofCLret and White Wine. Abo, received by former arrivals? 2o cast a St. petav Sparkling, 25 cast s of Rhine Wines, some of it of very high grade LiVew i-e Spark'ing Moselle f B.?From Bordeaux a small cask of extra ni perior Cognac, $20 p*-r ga'lon. je 4?St PR05PECTU8 For publishing ? mortk/y Mutual Work m tht nty of Washington. THE und<'r<ignr d, at the solicitation of many of their esteemed customers, propose pu; li-hinj? monthly Musical Work, entitled The Rational MoatWy Mtuioal Mtgaiim Tue Magazine will contain from 'our to ? x pa^e< of Music, selected from the best European and Na tive Comnocers In addition to the Musi ? an extrt sheet will be added, containing the laiest Mu-ua) News, Mmucrl Notices, kc. The Magazine will be j r:ni d on the best quality Musjc paper,aiid wiU be priuted from engraved plates, in the neatest iuid> ner. The first num^?er of th?- Magazine will be ready about the Mot July, l>-5? Mr. S. V. Notis, tue Agent for the Work, will solicit subscription from the citizen- of the District of C^ltimUa. and show a specimen number. Jamfs H/Birms, No. 150 Bridje street, is the agent for Georgetown. HiLBUS k HITZ. Muaic Depot, cor. Pa. av., aM O i?t?, Star Buudin^s, Wa'bwgton. D. C. june 4-tf LBSUK'S LAP1KV GAZETTE OF Pans, London and New York Fa?1 i-ns for Juas is received and for sale at SHILLINuTON'S Bookstore. The Watchman, a companion to the popular sto ry of the Lamplighter Tales for the Marines, by the author of Los Glin gos Harper's Magazine for June commences a new volume _ The Missing Bride, by Mrs. Soutbworth The Two Guardians, by the author of Heartsease All the Magazines lor June All the New Books and every thing in the Sta- . tioncry line, for sale at SHILLINGTON'8 Bookstore, Odecn Building, car. 4% st., and Pa. av. je 4?tr READY-MADE SUMMER CLOTHING. ' f AVING within the last lew days made great t X additions to oar former stock of Ready made Clothing, we are now prepared to offer gentlemen every inducement in pri-e and quality to visit our extensive salesro >ms Before making their selections. Our assortment or White and col red.Shirts Game, merino, silk and cotton Underahiits Linen and Ootton Drawers Summer stocks, Cravau, Scarfs,Ties Collars, Gloves, Hosiery, kc., Is very large and complete, making our preseot atock one ot the most de^trable to select from in pri ces and quality to be found this side of New York WALL k STEPHENS. 319 Pa ave., next door to Iron Hail, je A?tf (News) FAS*. BRCSIIEr.k . L AMMOND, 484 Seventh street has reeeiftj toio'her ,ot of those very cheap F?ns. A'?o. In^" R ithfr. Tuck, Puff, Side, Neck, Drasslnif -ltd CW JteiiV Long Ccmbs, Hair andTaoth Brusb<>s, t*** Monn^e*, kc., and for sain as "ct>?ar m tb?; e*."

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