Newspaper of Evening Star, June 6, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated June 6, 1855 Page 3
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EVENING ST Aft. Local Intelligence. Bible Societt Meetiwo.?The nineteenth anniversary of the Washington City Bible So ciety was held last night 1b the Foundry church, on which o-sasien the Rev S-t&ael U Cox. D D . de'egate from the American Bible Society, deliver* d en Interes.hg Jig coar-e M II Miller F?q , the rtcrel ry, read an abstract A the annual report, by which it ap pears the ager.t hsa been quite 6u<ves-ful, bcth in collecting fforn former subscribers and in obtaining the names of new con'ributors. The pecuniary resources of the Society. in eluding the balance as per la^t report of $4 50, have been: From subscription* and donations *610 from the sale of bibles and tea<a u.ents. 367 32? a total of $973 01 Of this amount $319 6y have been ranemittcd to the American Bible Society ; $7^? have heen psid as compensation to the Depositories; $X7 50 a# salary to the agent, whose term off employment extends one week from this date; $25 for printing :ind adve tising; (13 32 for freight; leaving iu the hands if the treasurer a balance of f 7 50 The number of volumes in the Depository at the c ommencinent of the year was 310 bibles and 709 testament', costing $3t?5 29 There have since beer, purchased 534 biblts end 1.463 testaments, $121 20 Tha issues from the Depository, luring the came |>eri-d, have been by sale 419 hi Me-> an 1 1.152 testa ments, am >ur.tin ? to $<72 ?>t and by gra'ui tous distribution 170bibles and 379 elements, cf the value ot $76 79 ; leaving in the De| os lory 411 bible? ard 616 testaments, of the vaiue of $34 0 64. The lollowmg donation* hava been made In ring the year, on stecifio applications, vii: To theSabba'h School of the Second Col ored Baptist Church, 12 bibles and 12 testa, ments To the Sabbath School of he Six'h Presby terian Church. 24 b.bles and 21 test iinent^ To the Sabbath School ot the First Colored Baptist Church. 6 bibles To the Sabbath School at Islaad 11*11, (Bap tilt.) 12 bibles and 24 testaments To the Sabbath School of the Young Men's Chri>tian Association 24 bibles and .'6 testa ments To the Mission Sabbath School. Capitol llill. 24 testaments To the Agent of the Amerioan Tract Socie ty. 12 bible* and 24 testameLt*. To Miristers ot the Gospel and other mem bers for destitute families and individual;, 72 bible; and 205 testnments. The number of rontri >uticg member3, who?e names have b*en furniahed, i- at present 19$; ani the rumber of Lite members, by the pay ment of $15 at one time, or $20 in two pay ments, is 33. Fina?Apollo H ill is Ashks!?Thi3 morn log, about 1 o'clock. flames were perceived issuing from a frame home, near Pennsylva nia avenue, between Thirteenth and Four teenth streets, whfjh soon extended to the ad joining temment and to Apollo Hail The three structures being of wood, and theref .re combustible, human exertions could not stay the progress of the fire which w<? consuming them; and stac ting chimneys i nd ashes i-dy bow rem in as the result of the enfl igration. The firemen, as usual, acted a noble part. ar>d doubtless savel other property in the imme diate vicinity. One of the tenements was oe pied by Mrs Balcber. a^d owned by Mr. 6 C Grammer It is said on this there was no Insurance. The other, by Mr. King, a9 a cabinet wp.'i r em, ;.nl by Messrs Shutter t and Kohler: as a paint shop the property of! Mr William Prentiss, who is in-urod *o the ! amoun* c f $o0j. A barb ?r occupied one of the rooms on the first door of Apollo Hall, ani other parts of the building were stored with furniture belonging to the estate of tee late Mr Brown, rho there conducted hi: bu siness. Mr M .rrow was insured to a small! imvuat?nrobably $^00. The effects ot those houses were mostly saved, but not without much damage by the ? necessarily hurried manner of removal i ? Strawbbrbt Festival* ?The ladies of! several of our ehurches intend giving straw ; berry and i-e cream fes'ivals; availir^ them- ; -elves of ihe luxuries of tho season lor this] purpose, and affording a means of pa?sirg a ; pleasant hour At ihe Union Engine house, i First WarJ, the iedies of the Union Chapel. | and those of St. on the I.I and. will: this evening er.tertaTa their friends not oLly I with the delicate and choice edibles, but Kith i *tra;ns of musio The ladies ? f Grace Chu-ch. which is lo-1 cated on the Island, will open their festival ' of similar character this in the new 1 Concert Hall, a-ijoinisg the Star building'. to i be continued throughout, the week; the p*o eeeds to be appropriated to the payment 6f the church debt The ladies of Ninth streets Presby'erian church havo one iu progress at i Frankl n Hall. Heceeatio* ?It is pleasant to reoasiona'ly absent one's self fr-m th? turmoil and ?ommo tion of city lifs Su;h an oprortunity will be offered tc-morrow afternoon by the Northern _ wj ?uv A1VI lUVi U Liberties" Fire Comoany, who w<ll nake in , exsur-i-n to '.be Whits Him In the flt!e . steamer George Washington, where thev will have a pie nie and '-en the light fantsric toe"' merrily {EM the day Julging frcm 'he extensile arrangements made by the beetle manly committee having the mat er in cnarge. this will be a grand fiair The belie* will be there in &1! their lovalice-e; and ex:cllen* music will enliven the party. Jam boat will leave Georgetown at 1 o'cl ck; Washington -t 2 Blagden - wbarl (near the Navy Yard) at 2j; and Alexandria at 3?and return about twelve at aight. Aladmx!?This is the evening, the only one, an:?jn~ed forthe performance of ' A!aa din. or the Wocderul L imp." at the Nntion al Theatre; a spectacle pretested nightly for m rethan two ooose.'utive months at the Bal timore Museum to the deligb* of all behold en, tie enterprising manager, Mr J^?rett sparing no expense to produce the picce in a s'yle of unsurpassed gorg^ousnes*, with tbe full s rerg:h of his dramaiis company, inclu ding a large number of hot a maie and iem-ile sapt'cumeraries I Every one in his er her youth, has heen jf charmed with the st .ry on whlah the play is foanded; an 1 tbe effort ani design is to pre sent to the eya nil that the imagination has painted it. liechanioal ingenuity, ipleniid dreuev scenerv and properties and a boat of [erformers, unite to tender the intended eff^jt ooajieta. Coaatcfiox ?We are requfated to say by one * no knows the facts that the police par agrajh in the Star of Friday las*. (June 1st.) announcing that two youth A Diek and E . At well, were held to bail f^r an attempt to ra; ? ; a joung wotaan in the monument square, v is incorrect in come particulars; the cburgo "as f>r an unauthorised moleatation of the lady, akd not for in attemp'. to commit a rape u|oa her. which make* an entirely d fF ?*ent ca-e. Tue whole thing grew out of a fcrjli;h and regretted frolic on tbe part of the Truths, who protected that there was not the '?east incise bat fun, in their intentions. Jcst Bcsi?H4g Arkavgrubsts?Several days ago we pnblibhed the fact that the pro prietors of the largest jewelry establishments, with a view of ?ff rdir g recreation to their em pl'jes during the summer evsn ngs, had en |?ered into aj^r.t *rrang-uiei.t to close their s ores at an nour earlier than in the p vt sum taer, and niw have tho srratideation to add 'aat the gentlemen named below, hardware dealers, have fjllowel the good exsmple : h Ta ker & ^ons, K \N he2ler L Co , C mpbell k Coyle. Elvar.s 1 Thomson, an* Juh^seo, ? ay A Co. ineir respective stores will be closed every evening except on Saturday, at "even o'clock, until the first day of September next. The t'sios Association met la.t night at Uartoocy Hall. A res>)lutton ?as passed to eon'inue their organisation, zree?ing once a aioith until further notice Ano'her resolu- \ tien w%j passed for the employment of Messrs. !vL* .^endin, end Carlisle, to proceed before Circuit Court of this District, ju account i ? the frauds committed iu the recent elee'ton. A^oth<sr tceeMsg of ;he sss- elation, at eight 6 clwk thti evaaing, we? t *re?d on CiRctrrr C->r*T having %ijoarned till tt?->f,!i so the case g owing o?t rf the re ; cer*' tra.duleat elec i>n in this city will be. ?r^u^ht b?f?r? the jud^ee in ohawber* ? th ^h* Know Nothings, during J k ?iWOt n,ghU- h,Te been marching "Eft ?* *"???. bands of musicier ?nadmg their canJidates in the recent eleatmn lX?L\h0 "v.*tb"r '?>??? Si" m,<1! b' ?>">? ?f 'b. lut. named and by othets. and their houses thrown ?pan and hospitalities dispensed We doubt not many tbroati Rre tore with hur-ahing and voices husky from the effwts of the anre ?tj-iaed Tooaliin, and the usual et ceten, on such occasion? nJlMK!.4*11?-8150 g've the,r as '? cvema * at the Capitol grounds In con-equenceof ?be rain on Saturday, there was a relation of performance? at the Presi des s grounds. We anticipate. as heretofore. ????* M t0Ty at the fir9t Eamed popular t ; VfiHiaoro*. June 4 1855. it t'te hd tor 'jf the Star: Sik: In the notice you gave of my ProoU mation of Pardon to all of my persecutors you do not convey mr ^iewsof the question To wit'0 1 fif,t forth the reasons for doing it. Isr That I might comply with the com mands f my Law giver and guide. second That I would be let alone to attend ro my own busiPess in acco-den?e wih the prine.p;u of The Law, and Constitution of the lured States of America. Th^wm7 r.?rflecat,?" may (if they H vZD WlH u? ln doing 8?od i^teadof !i r .I1 J Jh,Pr'neso nf man is the chief fh?, * ,i! c ,hich 1 liva and ,abor on bis earth: So as to lead millions to eternal ? e jn heaven. Where <11 will gJ that practice the principles of The Truth. practice /?r VT J*MES KoBKRTgOf. ur H. Y , Editor of The Truth, At Washington, D C. To My Follow-Cuixecs of the Firit Ward. Having understood that you were prevented from calling on mo last night by the advice of n-y brother s physician, allow me to take this mc.hod and opportunity of expressing my ' 1thp..ho'ir>r J* h?^e bean pleased to confer in electing me as one of your repregea' I fZ' C^asi1' The gratification I fee. is ininjled with regret, for I had honed I hrLT ffU5,?ke38Wu0,d ha*e been comnlete the city-that we wouid have fol ' * . , e Ir,,^t exnmPl? "fourdistinguished neighbor, old V :rg:nia, in defeating an orgar. I lihaS,*!1' ' wh,ereTer ir ha? exited has general mistrust for mutual cocfl d-rce, and, in fact, has done more to demoral ise tLo people where it has kad influence than any political party which has ever existed in our land. It 58 almost unaccountable how in this great ap- ot rapid progress, a secret t,socia lion which, if successful would have thrown us back several hundred years, and perhaps even dismembered oui- Union, should have a' quired such an ascendency Tho-o wno are observers cf the world's past history must have seen how the Great Ruler of the univerre has ouetimes thrown the bridle on the neck of a depravod Luinan will to let us see r.nerc without JJn restraining and guiding influ ence, we wonld be carried by it We now and nf0<1 sa?h checks to le?sen cur self re liance and miko c- feel that we are not u preme and if this blighting thing which has dared to strike a bhw at the very key stone Isanctity of an oath, shall make Us seea the true source and channel of our prosperity and greatness, it will have been a in disguise. Among the reasor.s which I think have in uuenced a majority cf those who have been drawn into this organization, are these?an iguorance of its tendencies?the charm of se crecy, and the alluring cry of America ruled by American*. Oar Charity may excuse those Who have ignoranfly fallen into thesnnre Of its ?e:rc.-y so repugnant to the theory and principle cf our government. I shall say potting further than this, that we should j' !etr huy political association which snrinks ! ou. lull, frto. open, public inve?tiga tion and diwussiou -He that doeth the ,r" a r? 'be ' .^Lt that bis deed3 may be manifest " } i As CTf of Am?rica ruled by Amer at't that it may ever be so ! but let th?m .je those who, whether Americans by birth or constitutional right, really love Amer ic ? whojerk to advance her among the na t! li ih? world?who support the C"u.jtifu tS^a. and all ?aws m^dein pursuance thereof? who respect the will of the majority legally c^LStxtu'ed who w tuld hasard everything for ?he :.erpetuation of onr glorious Union. Let them be m-n who L.i tc. ?r try to know, every Uing they Ought tc know, and do, or try to do. evojy thing they ought to do. Let them not be !h-.*e who. vaunting of their native bir n whic" mrely is a bles*ing and a priis are never the. ess secre ly working to subvert ,.:e 'onstituiion, vio!atii;g its provisiocs, dis obe^tag tbe law-of the land, .and arraying u?jc se^iion cf the country against anot'ier ; men who iiottf notht*>p they oujht to know, and do nothing they ought 'u do. Let us hope, fellow citit^ ns, that the good men who have unhaipily i ean beguiled into tais unfortunate ?esoc;atior -and 1 believe there are s.' me such?will, no gating its evil -?ndsncies. quickly forsake it i here i-? no grea'er evidence of true courage an. good sense than when a man seeing his uttots quickly and entirely forsakes them e Jug you for the honor ycu have con. :erred, and hoping to meet your approbation dunug my course as y^nr representative. I remain, very mpccttillj, j^um, June f,?it Charlbr Abxrt. ?t?\4L, ?... It is stated that a bounty land warrant rf 100 acres w is forwarded to rfce Pre idcnt cf the United State? for military services ren derel by him ?!urirg the Mexiom war. A similar w.trraiK vr^-: forwarded to ex-President Tyler, for military services during the late war wita England, li >n Wil lam L Marcy secretary of State, receives an 80 acre war rant f.,r miikary services in the same war be iiavir.g nlready re eived a bounty of 80 acres under ihe act of 1850. ....Juhnii Gcu^h. the noted temperance lecturer, ij expected to leave Great Britain for Ameiica about August 1. ..A few evening* since, in the board of Alderman, a row occurred between two noted alJermen. Briggs and Howard It appeirs that L'avid 0 Keefe and son both hold < fflce under the c;ty adminiitration. Bri g*. last et ar4i:,g by way of ridicule, iutroduced a res olution requesting the Mayor to appoint Mrs O Keefe matrcn of a station-hous* This raired ti?e ire of Howard, who pronounoed * coward The latter retorted thai upward was a public pauper, whereupon Howard seised an irk bottle snd threw ic at the he i l of bis brother alderman, who fortu natcly dodged in time to save himself. ....Last L rid ay forenoon, two men named John .VoCarty and Dar.iel Connolly had a fist fight on btatcn Island, N. Y , in the course of wbuh Connelly was so badly beaten that be died in about ten minutes MoOarty was ar rested . .... Cymmcdore Stockton is on a visit to Columbia, S. C. ....A T. Cavis, printer, formerly of this alty, has beoome a proprietor of the Carolina Spartan, published at Spartansburg, 8 C. !h* Gbjc*t Laar Show.?The if. T. Ex press cf yesterday afternoon, eays the Baby -bow, got up by Mr. Barnum, of wbioh so much has been said for the p ast few months was opened this raorning at the Museum. The total number of Babies already on hand, is 143. of single*, twins, and triplets, with the qu items on their way from Ohio. I be Exhibition is. without exception, the greatest novelty we ever witnessed It consists i f a mixture of the feathered tribe, the hairy tribe, quadrupeds, diamonds,'rare stones, an cient war implement!, the happy family, the teardud woman, the bearded iniant, the fat woman, and the giantess, the statuary, and lastly, though by no means least, the sweet "dear !i*tle darlings'' and their amiable nurs es. who form aoonspicuous and important por tion of the attrao.ion to the male portion of the nudienoe. while the-'darlings ' served to attract the young and married women, the ar^ the tender maiden. Ihe littlo angels ?re divided into two squads, ? ncfe nrxie: two jeair of age being ranged *i-h tUeir nunej, cn a platform directly in l.olit of f.i? 4,(Jiraffe s"' Cag4, and facing the ^tairs loading frcai the street, ok the second fiovr of {Lt Mamma ry BiHM PRIMICM BITTlRi.?Jtr. Editor?Ton 1 woold l>? A*tonl?n*1, though true, In my tr*T*| throurb Vlrrfnt* ? ibort tire* tine*, to h??r nf the f*Uh and rwt men Jstlnn that la flven V> BAKER'S PRKMIfH BtTTKRS Se*?ral ladles and gentlemen a*H they had the Dynpep ?la for many ytara, hot uarer had (band anything to make a j <n?r? at It b?t Baker's Prwnlure Bitter*, ant lorae woold say tt had aired Qiara eutlraly of th* n?rrcu? La?d*.itns and r>th?ft woald aay If Tt lUkd no* bMn fhr th?M Bitten ttiay would have died with tha cbnlara 80 <? ?af, roonasa to BaKEB and hliPRKXH M BITTKB4 ?Vsry fcmily should kaap a ftw hrttl?* on hand. rr~^A 9KCRKT FOB THE LADlKS?HOW TO PRK8RRVE L~' Beauty?Don't u?? Chalk, Lily White, or any of the | So called coemetlcm, to conceal a faded or enllow cumpleilon. If yon would have the roses brought back to j our cheek, a I cJecr. healthy and tran*imrant skin, and life and vigor In- | luted turona'-i the system, get a bottle of 0>rter's S(>anUb Mixture, and take It accoritlrf t? illrectiocs. It due* not taste quite m well as sweetmeats ; but. If ?*sf * ';?? doses yon do not And your health and beanty reviving, >car **?t) elastic and rifcrtrnui, snd the whole *y*tem refreshed and Invigorated like a Spring tMiffllBr, {':en your ca#e Is hope less. aud all the valuable c?rtltl<-ates we possens, go for nauicbt. It is tha greatest pnrltler of the blood knoa n. Is perfectly harmless, aud at the same time powerfully effica cious. ??49ea advertisement. rr-^?NOAH WALKER A CO., Marble Hall Clnthlcg Bmpo- ! rlutn, under Browns' Hotel, respectfully announce | tbat their display of Spring and Rummer Clothing Is now rsady for Inspection, comprising an assortment of Coats, Vesta and Pantaloons of the newest acd richest design* In material, trimming and worktraushlp. To gentlemen who study excellence with economy In fashionable articles of dre?s an opportunity for selecting Is offered from one of Mi* largeat and most attractive stock of goods ever offerwl In (his city at a very reduced scale of prices. ap 17 PREMIUMS AT THE PAIRS?WHITKH1RST9 still In th" ascendance.?The Jurle? of each of the late iWtri at Balttm >re, Richmond, and New York awarded their highest premiums to J. H. W. for their superiority of Pho tographs, Stereoscopes aud Daguerreotype" exhibited. Mr. W. also received two Medals at the World's Kalr, Lot (Sot, aud a premium at Crystal Palace, New York. Also, the first awards of tb? Maryiaul lustttnie for thiae years past. Whltehnrst's Gallery In this city Is 00 Pa. aveune. betw. I ? H and 6wi etreeta. fob 17 P. GILMAV, Druggist, has removed to 5is Seventh J ' etreet, opposite to the Patriotic Bank, and Is now pre pared to fill all orders for Medicines, Paints, Oils, and Glass on accommodating terms. Strict attention will be paid to physician's prescriptions at all hours of the day and uight Tba night bell la on the right of tl.e stcre door. ap 14?lm T"j?A PHENOMENA IN MEDICINE.?Bronchitis, Oongh, Dy?p?ns1a Liver Complaints, Scrofnla. *c.?Por *11 disease* of the Female Syxlem It stands preeminent. > Glergyman Jnst Informs ui It has cured him of Bronchitis j of a desperate ch Tarter?nartlcnta-s hereafter. HAMPTON S VEGETABLE TINCTURE?By its mild ac tion ou the stomach, liver and kidney", will enre Dyspep ? la, Congh, Asthma, Bronchial and Lnng Affections Pains In the Back, Side and Brea-t, Contraption, STofnla, Ki.en niatism. Gout, Nouralgia, Pistula. Bowel Complaints, Piles, Worms, and Nervous nebilttie*?with all dlsea"?-s arising from Impure bliod, and Is the g-eatest feroaie medicine ev ?r knewn. This invaluable medicine Is working wouders | upon the bnrnan frame Se?a lv?rtiie?nentto-da7. n?: 7 rr y-LCN-JS?l.t'NGS.?We refer our readers to an adver ?>?' tlsement in another column, for full particulars con cerning the HYUEAN'A of Dr. Curtis. It is said to be on,- j of the most remarkable cure* for all description of disease- j of the lutyrsever discovered. Its virtue* have kMa te?tifi?d to by hundreds, wh > have obtained their knowledge by the | best of all teH<-h?>ra?experience. CAUTION.?Dr. Cl'RTIS'S HHOEAHA Is the original and | c lily genuine article. may 2.1?lm S^Jok Shillihstos receives all theuew Books and N'ewr rspers as fast as published. He 1* agent for Harper's atrial! I 16 oU.dr Magai!ne?. and otir readers will always Und a I I irge and goo<| asaortra-. t f Blank Books and Stationery at | h a Bof>krtore. Odeon Kolldlag. cor Pa. avanne and ? ^ -t Want*. WANTED RY A RE^PEiri'ABI.E YOUNG womaii, a situation as a Sht* ] has no nbiectiwn to do ch.mibcrw rk. Add ? note to "M 8," at this ollic?J, atid it will bo attend-1 ?*d to. jp 0- 2t* \Zj a N'T En?A PARTNER TO Yt Op.K A ? ? r tone Quarry and compart for sale ot ;?t 'ri? tf> Government ami otii'-rs, tli> re bein>{ now grt ttrir mand for stone. This Quarry i- luinitdia'ely oj.jk? sue Georget wa. Large shanty, biackHmitii shop. ari-J every iiit[>lement o? the t Tl is quarry !'ur liishfti th,- best and largest truck intone, tc. A chance u now offered. 4'all or write to LLOYD fc < 0, F fteenth street, opjio. the 'I'reaetiry. may 3?tf WTANTED? EVERY7t()r?Yf0_KN0\V 'THAT j y V th'-y can e< l i: lot 24 fi-et front by 130 feot deep, for the low price of .*75?payable $3 a month without intere.-t. Apply at th?: Union Land Office, 7ih Ft., above Odd F* hows' Hull. ap 28?Jm JOHN FOX, See. Hoarding. HO A K D ? JI O.?Three gentlemen with their] wi\>?, or five ?.r rix sin"l.' eentlenieti can l>e ar- [ C'linniod it -ii with tiofid bi.nrii t;d !?? 'fin? in a very pleasan*. and healthy neighb -rhood by apphintr at j No. H Louisiana a. e'-ue, nearly opposite the 1 uy Hall. jeG-3i* VPLAIN, PRIVATE FAMILV, having more room ttiau they o:ci?py at present, would be pleaded to fcccouitnuilaie i*vo or three gentlemen with board, where ihe comforts of a home mav !?? ha I. .Meals at mechani' -' iiours. Location on 12:h street, near Pennsylvahia avenue For turtlser par ticulars enquire ai the office of 'he ritar. je 5?.?t* pOA RDIKb.?I' ea -ant rooms I t Summer, 1_> with boarding lor a gentleman and his wife, and lor ?? v< ral siiiulf ntle>i,eii can be had by ear ly application at KiN't.'.-5, 393 North t:, between 3.1 a>td 4 )%' etreels. The house i< d' liehlfully situ ateil, pud has ju?t btjen tl:oro?jchly renovated and refurnished. je 4?lw* MIIS. SI. <?. CIlKMl'S Boarding (louse, on Pennsylvania avenue first hous.- w?-st ?! the i'aintol a^te. Fine rot m- at variou- prices, and ??very pos.-ible attention ami c-mfort b?towed ?<n ladies and gent'eniea gues's. may 26?3w* NOT I e Ki)K ItLN'i' ? UAKIHrt \\ !11 <'hanik,ers, with lioard. AI<o, table :t;id trail ^ieiti board, with a hathing morn and shower baths and every attention to render it inon acreeabte to her boarders. .Mrs. P. U MURRAY, Corner Pennsylvania avenue and 4}^ st. ap2^i?3m PERSONS WISHING A HANDSOMELY FUlt nished Pailor and ('batuber in a private faintly can !> ? accommodated by applymz at!417, south side of tee avenue, opposite VViliardo' Hotel, may 29?eo2w BOAHD, Ac.?MRS. BATES, on the south we-t corner of Pa. avenue and 9th street is pre wired to accommodate gentlemen with ro<?in->, with or without board. Every i .Tort will be made to ren-1 der those cemforu ble whu ;nay favor her with their patronage. ap fi?tf 11EATON'S ELEMENTS OF JNTEKNA fY tional Law, n w edition Adanis ' t new edit inn, with American no'el j-5 FBAWCK TAYLOE. ALEXANDRIA POLKA HC'HOTTISIl?HaaaI Kiumru icht r's e? w picce of th - abov? name, ? -? He- ted to Miva J DoCtuip, of this city, just pu hshed and for safe at the M u^sc Depot of je 5 IIILBl M St HITZ. SVPKRIORTABLK ANDPOCKiLT Uutlery, Razors, Scissors, fitc - A larije assort ment, low?-r than at any other p!a-e in the city. For good articles and low prices always call ;>t the Housekeeper's Furnishing S'ore, Seventh tl. mav 30 a KR AN'i'IS. TO TIIE LADIES OF WASHINGTON AND VICINITY. sew-*, AMELIA PR I ft RAM fc. SISTER.-TT j?ljNo. '47 7 Pennsylvania :;venue, he-iftlj (PP'tween 10th and 11.h streets, return fi** their re^ariis for the kind patron ge her. toiore be stowed upon thi if efforts, and tak>- 'he liberly of in lorm'n^ their i>;auy friends that th> y intend opeu int their . priug, Summer and Fancy BONNETS, which con-ist of 250 pi?-ees, besides h rich as?ort inentot STRAW I'.OXNETd, kc. They are able 1 to >erve all sues who are in want of a IsshiouaWe ! and cheap Bonnet. Catl and examine before purchasing t-lstwherc. may 12?lm* JOHN B. KLVAKS WILLIAM TH0MP8CS, | KLVAIVS St. Td MPSOT, DKAl.fc.KS 111 HARDWARE, COACH TRIMINGS, &c. Mo 336 PNiusylvanln av?tiuti between Ninth mui Tenth street*, Washington, D. C. HOUSE FURNISHING HARDWARE. Biitanma, Geruiaii<*r, Albata and Silver Plated | Tea,Tabl?* find Desert Spoons Carvers and Forks, Steels, Knives with and with out Forks tiras*, l<ritannia, Block Tin and P'ate 1 Candlesticks; | Shovt I Rnd Tong-i, Watild Irons, S d Irons Maslin and Bed Metal Kettles, FlrnHinn_GlhlilWI?jI Ovens, kc. BUILDING MATERIALS. Rural Cottage, Closer, Cupboard, Chest, Till, Pad | and Trunk Locks Shuttle. Door, and Blind Hinges, Screws, Cut and I Wrought Nails, Bolts Brad's Shutter Screws and Stubbs, Door Springs, I Handrail Screws, Do r Knobs Bell Pulls, Door Sheave.* and Rail, ac. CABINET MAKERS' GOODS. Hair Cloth, Curled Hair, Moss, Gunp*, Sofa ami I Chair Springs Vemtian Blind Hooks, Rack Puiley3, Roller Ends, | Brackets, Furniture Nails Glue, Coffin Handles and Screws, Diamond Screw I Plates, fcc CARPENTERS' GOODS. Planes, Saws, Drawing Knives,Spokcshaves. Chis els and Gouges, Plane Irons 1 Augers, Braces and Bitts, Boring Machines, Hain meis, llatclieis, DeveH Bcvils, Squares, Guages, Axes, &c. B..ACKSM1TH AND COA< H MAKERS GOODS. Black and Bright Sptiogs, Axles, Fslloes, Spokes, Hubs, Bows. S.'iatt^, Poles Sleljii Runners, Silvered and Bra?s Bands, Slump Joints, Stump Collar*, Top Props Curtain Frames, Letups. In-ide Liuings, Liaiug Si!ks, Damask, Se?<ininj Cords Tqftf, Ta ssls, Buttons, Ta< ks, Frin;<M, Lvoi, snd Plain and Enamsded Cati^ass Ritsrin Duck, Enamelled Leather, Da*h L< ..itier,| Xv ELVANS fc THOMPSON, j? 1 -Cm 990 Pa. avenue, For Bale and Pent. For rent or for sale?small frame House, No 69 Loui?iftna avenue, Wa?hinrtor, to a sespontibU tenant the rent wili bo low. Po? ? ;i$ on given on the 20ih June. Alio tor sale House and Lot No. ST fTV' street Georgetown. T?rms llbaral. Apply to E. K. LUNDY. IF ... xv LUNDY, No. 13 8 Bridge st., Georgetown. Or No. 40O E street, Washington. Je 4 5t OUSE FOR RENT AND FURNITURE FOR _ Sale ?A new thre* story Frame Huts?. c? - tainini < ight rooms, with cellar under the ki.ehi r, m.u ted on N. York avenue (No. 108) near Now Jer-e? ?ver?e, will be rented ???*> :o a good tenant. The own*i, deauotis ti* br?-aVir.g up Iioih keep ii'g, would dispose o his Furniture.- whi^ll is nearlv new, on moderate terms. Enquire ut the Grocery t-'torc of MOORF. & CISSELL, 7t!i street mar I, or on the premises. (Ogin) je 5 3t AI^RGE AM) ELIGIBLY SITUATED corn r Lot, containing 14.000 ?quare feet and fronting ( the Capitol Park for sV|o r,n accommodating term* j i:':mmediate application l? made to HlLBUS St HITZ, Horner Pa a >enu<? and 11th st. . R( ing so rear ih<- Capitol and hut <% few minutes' | walk from the Car Depot, make* it mo-t aJvar.i!??'? ously situated for a lar^c public House. je 5?tf FOR SALE?THAT VALUABLE HOUSE and Lot at the eorierofFifh and Wai-hineton -is. ^o. 378, in Square No. 518, being a central and healthy location. Title perfect ^ppiy to the un uersigned, on the premises, without d* lay. . A man is wanted to work on a small tann in Fair- | fiii county, Virginia. A married man would b? pre ferred B. MIL BURN, je 4?3l o TORE For RKMT?ONE OF THE M?i>T 0 desirahl ? busices-i s'ands in the city, with mod ern tront, p;nte pltsr windows, &c., locrt d ??n Pennsylvania av? nue, north s'de, between 9th a;.d 10:h streets, and n >w in possession of Mrs. Morley, as Millinerv and Fancy Store. Possession given iii July. Enquire in th.' store je 4?3! I^OR SALE OR KENT?THAT LARGE thre ^ story House on Missouri avenue, three doois e?Kt street. This hou-e i* lar^e anil has jt;-t twen thoroughly repaired, and ga* introduced, and is one of the beet location - id the citv for a pnv ae re-idmce or boarding hons^, or school Pos-<?-si'-ii ijivi n ah ut th ; 7t!i June. For lerr*?. which will h. liberal, a?ply to T. PUItSLLL, 341 i'a avenue, opposite Browns' tToiel. jel 6t? E^?'U KENT?Iff ALEXANDRIA, V\, TBAT three story Brick l!ou-e, w.-ll known ?he best -tar.d n the city lor a hotel and rcztaurant, on Cameron ctreet. opposite the Market llou-e and i!ovv ?ceupi? 1 hv Mr. McGowgal. :'o---. ion ^iv en on the first of July. Addre-s LLOYD X Cl) , Claim A .-rent, 15th st, opp. the Treasury, Wa-hir t ton, D.may .?>?tf \rALUABLE TRAITS OF LAND NF.AR the City, at Private Sale.?For sale, four very de sirable and eligibly situated tracts of 1.and, contain ing alwjiit titty acres each, partly in Montgomery eounty, but principally in Washington er.uoty, DC. opjKvite the farm of Joseph II. Br.t Jlev, Esq., about 4 miles from W jshincr.#. communicating with it hv a new and commodious road row under cor.-I st'UC!inn. The soil is excellent, and well ndapte. to corn an<l wheat The situation is i?rom:ii<m healthy, and the laud well watered. There are three tenements on the premises. This property is peculiarly suited to c*ntlem? n having hu-'ue.-t. in the city fur bcauuful country res idences. . A plat of the property can be seen at lite office of the subscriber, John Pinker, Er-q., living adjoinir.e, will show the property to any who may wi-li to see it. K EDW. SWAN" No 1546 Louisiana avenue, n< a, City H.i!l. ap 20 -eo2m 1 *l'lf.lil\s; LOTS AND DWELLINGS?F?ir 1 > sale,Lots on Third stre. t, near the City Hall; on F, between T hird and Fourth; on E, HlW' ii First and Second; on Seventh, between I. and M; j on M, ne.?r Tenth; on Third, near L; on St v rrh. brtwen Land M; on K, between Fourth and Fifth; also, opposite to Franklin Square; Ma-saehu-e'i avenue, between Fir^t attl N. CajM'ol: Fir- Ward, G nt ar Twenty fir.-t; Virginia avt nue, near T???iry fii>t; N. Ilainp hire avenue, between II ar.d I; a'.-o, two frame dwellings on Fourth liitween I' an ' G, wiil In sold low tor ca>h. Island property?Two small t nue tenement' on I. hetwe?*n Four and-a hall uoti Sixth; also, l?>t? on Viiginia sver.u -, and a variety it: other parts ol tt?<r I si .nd and t'ity, all of which will be sold on terms accommodating to s-'iit purch' ^ers Enquire at >.o 3^J7, Pennsylvania av , opposif to P.'owtis' Hotel. may lib lmeo DAVID MYEItLL. ]7*()!{ SALE?A LARGE NUM. EK.OF BUILD in^ Lots, located in aH p i t-- ??t'tlie city. WILLIAM II PHILIP, Attorney at La .. . I Iffice, I'J l Pa. av., betw. 4* and 8;h s'.rei t5. may 30?i o.iw itKNJ'?THE DUELLING PART of the " three-story brick llou*^ on the conn r t f II ar.d 13th streets. To r.cood tenant the rent will mo.t etate. Apply at the Grocery in the same le use. je 1 ? eol a' RKAL ESTATE AT PKIVATL SALE <>\E Frame Dwelling House and Lot en M st , be tween O h and 7th -treels west, containing -ix good rooms, nearly new. tine two and one thre?-story frame Dwr iiin'' Hou-e ?-n Mas-?chuseta avenue, between 4tli and 5th streets. ^ I Two two-storv Frame Houses on Washincion st. A'-o. a very comfortable iiwelliii* Hou?e on Bt.ill street, Georgetown. All the above property i* nearly new, and will he suld on accommodating trrm<. Enquire of FRAN CIS U HL \TLEY, Lumber Dealer, No. 37 Water j street, Genrgctown. may 23?eodlm FOR KENT?A NEW THREES TORY F?MME HOUSE, on New York avenue (No 166) n- ar the inier-ection of New Jef-. v avenue an l >!d street, copt ' eipht E<??d rootns, with a c? 'lar ttn'it r the ki'ch' n To a good tenant the rent will he put very low. Enquir'vat No 1Q!3. je 4?eofit KNT-< Kl DtJt'FO T?J 1 iHt. i i .U. v .?j-lSO a year will be received for the r nt tho**e new and convenient cottages at Ken Green, with two acres ot ground, stable, woo.! -j am! other conveniences attached. Pumps o! water are near the door, snd cemniuntcat on is had wiiii Georgetown by vny of II and Seventh *lreeis and Penn. Avenue, morning and afi? moon, at the iftial fare, for the accommodation of clerks in the departments. To seeurr. the advantage of this great reduction of rent immediate application must be made to the undersigned, either by letter, or at his tiou^e at Kendall Green, alter office hours, where the k ye may be had and the houses inspe ted at any time. Several of thes? residences will be sold on liberal terms. WM STICK KEY, * No 4, Kendall Giwri. N. B.?Re.uts paid quarterly tn atlcancz. apr 9, 1855?tf 1>JR KENT?SEVERAL HANDSOME PAU i lors and Chambers, with board. Also, Table and transient ! ??.*ird. Inquire Mrs. S.MI'l l!'S. 333 F street ap9_ 1 10ME8 FOR ALL.?lieauufully and healthily i 1. located Building Lots, 34 fei t front by 130 teet Je. p, on ?rnded streets, can, until spring, be houultt .tt the exceeding low price ot $75, payable -53 per met:til. Title indisputable. Union I.and Office, 7th ot., above Odd Fellows' Hall. j:-.? 'J?Cm JOHN FOX. Secretary. THE POTOMAC RIVER STEii 1LOAT COMPANY'S STEAMER ALICE G. PU1CE, CAPT. SAMUEL BAKER, Will commencfl he?- regular ,trips on TUKSi;AY K0K5IN0, Me 2^lh nutant, touching at the ditfersnt Landings on the river. Leace Washington at 6 and Alexandria at 7 o'clk on Tuesday and FriJ ty mornings. Reiuniing, wi'l leave Cone River ui 4 o'clock, on Wednesday and Saturday mornings, until further notice. may 26? d GR^AT BARGAINS CtAN be had in the following named goods, as we / have fully determined to close out the remain der of our spring and fcummer goods with as l.tile delay as pot<t>ible; and as ihe quickest and surest way of accomplishing that objec t is to offer goods at a great sacrifice, we have concluded to adopt that very plan in order to dispose of our large stock of? Plaid, stripe and plain Silks, black Silks Rich figured Ben ges Be rage itobes. Jaconet Robes Organdy Muslins, French Lawns Berage de Lames, Challey de Laines Figured Challeys, Gikghams, Chin z?n French Jaconets, plain Berages, black Berages Black Grenadine.., black and colored Silk Mantilla Lace Mantles, Lace Points and Shawls Berage ShawU and Scarfs Crape Srhawls, Pa*asols Large lot French Work Corded and worked Ski;ti Pocket Hdkfs, Gloves, Lace Mils Hosiery of all kinds Men and boys' wear Gauze Flannel Ladies and gentlemen's Gauze Merino Vest?. Ladies shopping for any of the above named goods may rtly upon getting great harg ins by callim.* ear Iv, as the euiire stock inu^t be so'd before the 1st of July. CLAGETT, NEWTON, MAY & CO. may 31?6t ~MEDICATED~FIGS~ 'FMIESE Figs are especial'y adapted in all ca*ai S wli'tr a pU'ga'ive is desired. They are more ao lve than the Scnra, and entirely fr?e from any g.lpins properties, and ?tt the same time free ln.m th" teste?t medii ine. Prepared ttnd icid only by J II. MOORF., Druggie. Pa avenue, o|.po?ite Seven lluil.lln*-. je Auction Pales. *3-Par .Wion Balm ?* Jk+ W "6* Bjr J. O. HcOUIRE. A?cll?a??r. ; RUiTKH'S PU.E OF VALUABLE AVT> EL ? ifibljr situated Real Raiate < n the virtue of a d? rfl o? *rust, iwarltig date on the mh d ay of lane, 1855, and recorded In LI; er J A. 8-, No. 58, folio* 136, &c . the ?u striker wi'l *11, at pub I sale. on THURSDAY, the 14th **T of June, 18,*>5. at 5l{ o'clock p. ni-, on the pretnlsea. all thoee '?it-cei or parcHsof ground lying and beln* siiflate in th * city of Washington. and Known and distin guished as the norh hall" of Lot No 13 and the wholo of Lot IS, in Sqnaie 543, ihe whole fronting 70 <e< t ti in< he? ?n 4)f street wrsl, between K and I. streeta south, and running *<>0 fet: to an al ey \*rh th ? Miihtinga a d imj.f??em*n?s?, which consi-t of a subsantial and conifortaufe cottage built Frame Dwelling House ard necessary "it houses. I'be above property is situated In a rapidlv im provin: fitft ot the < Ity, and offers h favorable op sonin.ity t?. p"rsor.s drnroui of obtaining a retidence or mv sti: g The terms of sale will b? tbirJ cash ; rendu e in 6. 1*2,and 18 months, for note* tearing interest fr: m ?'a> of pale, secured by a dtelof tnt*'upon iLe prop-it . It the terms of silr arc not wiihtnail days after the sale, the propirty will bu retold fit tbr ri k ani expense of the purchaser. All conveyancing at e?M of purctiawr. CI1AS. S WALL ?<H, Trustee JA? C. M Gl IKE, J 6?d Ant tioneet. Ily J. C. ncGUIUK. Auctioneer. ("1IIOI? E COLLECTION OF RAKE AND VAL } nnl.le <>ii Fainting* at Pubic Auction?On TUESD \ Y nf''*rno<?n, June 19th, at 4 >4 o'clock, at the -ai on over Fainham's Bookstore, coiner Fa. :iTci ?. and llths!r*et, I shall s< II * collection of rar. arid valuable Oil Pain'irg- selected with gnat ere by ?L N. La low, E q..irom vanou? ?al?e les Oi til r C-mtin- .t. A>t them will be found k.: Omen* i f l)3.i'i'nchino. Vela?|ii*s( Sir Go<1trey Kir 'i?-r, A Van Willies, John Wilson iJainsboto', >1.inll:?, V. rn< t. I'oussin. Shaver, jr., and others. Tin- saloon u-iil be open and the Pictures on free i xhihiti n il .i?y until the safe. Catalogues mr.y a* obtained at thj saloon or at i <? auction km iu? T-nns: $100 and under cash; o7er tha* sum a cn riit of sixty and ninety days, for note* sHiisf.cton ly < iidorjtd, bearii.g interest. J AS. C. McGUIRE, j. fi_,| Auctioneer. riy J. C. PlcGl'IKK, Aucttotseer. 1 )OOKS, Slc at Fuhlic Rale?On FFIDAY ar 2 ) t^riioon, June 8tii, at o'clock, at the Auc i Rooms ! ?fi.!! ^eil an inv ice of standard books a? i ? which are hi.ioriep, biographies and Scit n iifie wo ks, many naniard |?eti al works, novels. &.C., &c. Alto, a few fin* family Bibie*, t^e wliole to be ?-rld without reserve. A>o. a out :<50 dwi. of gold guard, fob and vest Ch tills. Al.-o, iliree fine gol.! Lever Watches, the balance of iUK-k of a teiail store- Terms cash JAH. C McGUIRE. jo 6 - d Au. tioneer. n>- JAE. r.HcOl'IKK, A Mil?HM? *rEUY VALUABLE BUILDING LOT ON 7th V ?* re?? at public sale ? O.i FitlDAY = fterncon, June ^:h, a! '> r'efo -k. on th;- pre.nites, I shall sell, j!i-? -on:b p-r- of Lot N?. 11, in Square 4--6, fn n" ji g 2? ft et 7 inches oil Seventh str?r* t wes?. brtuee:i n? r;!i K and L ?treets, ru ninr Mck 100 feet. 'i he l,ot i- l!8!i<lsoni? ly situaied in one h: the brut !i5i-i'ie><s streets in the ciry, but a short rt:starrce frnni th- Northern .ATar^er, and affords an eicellent op pert unit, .w ? -afe invdment. Title perl et. .Ti rm."; ?:ne ixtli cash) the residue in 6,12. 18, 04, ?uid 30 irnr.ths, with inteifsl, *eeUred by a dttd ? 1 i: u:1 cn the premises JAS. C. McGUIRE, ].. 4_d Auctioneer. Hy ,C C. McOUiHU, Auctioneer. IT-ALU BLE IMPROVED PROPERTY AT V i'.ihiic Sale ?On FRIDAY aiternor n, June 1, at .".'4 o*cl<K k, on the premises, I shail ?? l|, by o d! r - I The Orphans' Court, that valuable piece of property si;uH",d a? the corner of 10th and E street, ?t! i t'i n t I v known "as the Medical College. The loi front t-1 f. ei 1 in<-h on E street by 58 feet on 10th ?ti< -t, cor.iaininjt 3,v|3 square f? 11. The build; < coH^ifts of a substantial and well hii-'t three s:..r>. brick Building, which is admirably 3i):ii.ipit for a warehouse, for i:i:?nufactur:i>g or seli'N;! purpOff Fintions ot tliis building c.r? now ui "r very ^atisfaetory rtl. 'i itle p' ifect rn -: On^-third (Urn; the rr?due in fi, 12, 18, r.nd Si i.' >!hs, with interest, secured I7 a deed - f L * l or: l?e pri uu-'e-i. 3. :i NOi USE, AdminUtratrix, By WM. NOURSE, Attorney, JAS. C. McGUlRB, III.1V 8?t-okds Auciioueer. i he above in!e li po?tpnn*d in C'Ti-eijuencr of the ram until WEDNESDAY after noon, J'.f- flth. same hour and place. J A3. C. McGUIRE, j,. o d Auctioneer. By GUKKJI A '? COTT? Auctioneer* \*7"ALUABI E BUlLDiNC LOT ON NINTH S7. t.i-twe ?'? I street a d New York avenue, at Auction.?On WEDNESDAY, the 6t'i in^a-.t, we t-l.a. -1II. !*i froi.t ?.t tlie pn.mises, a: 6it o'clc-ck p. in , a beautiful B'lilding Lot. being Lot 6 in Square No 40", hav.r? a front of 20 feet on the east side of Ni :r.*-e? t w si, betweeu nor.h 1 street and New York avenue. Ti: - ;.i.ove ?iepcribfd :?top' rtv is handsomely and ? luibly fiiuate.l,atid ;-to>ei!t* "rare inducements to per-on-4 wsstnne to mak.- a z >od investment, having a pinup of eicellent water but a lew steps f rom the pr i ii es, and a public sewer 12 leet deep iinmedi at! ly in front. Title indisputable T?raw: Ose third cash: th-* balanca in 6 and 12 nv.'ntli", for notes bearing interest from the day of th'* s i!e A iecd given an J a deed of triui taken. GREEN 81 SCOTT, 2 d Auctioneers. PURE SILVERWARE?A MAGNIFt CENT ASSORTMENT. W. GALT & BRO c;t'l attention to their , untM'ioJiy large assortment of Silverware, Httfi ^'oti <>f? Soili! silver 'I'ea Sets, complete Siiv^ r Pitchers. 9<?lirt Siiv- r Castors ?stiver Cup" and Saucers. G' blets . ilver Fish Carv. rs and Forks. Crumb Scrapers I'nt-e Kniv s. Fruit Shovels. Sugar Sifters Jelly ~p on-, Cheese Scoups Pi' kle Knives and Forks 1 live Simons, Salad Tongs, Vegetable Forks Fruit Knives, Ice Tong-, D 'ssert Knives Soup, Cream and Gravy Ladles Ire Cream Knives, SaU Cellars Napkin flings, Butter Knives, Tea Strainers T? a, Table, and Desert Spoons and Fiirks of every variety Ureakla t and dinner CoflT. e Spoons, kc. Also, a very iargn assortment of Fancy 8ilver waie, suitable for wedding, birth day, and other pr< seuts . The above is all of our own manufacture and Is warranted to be pure. M. W. GALT k BRO., 3S4 Fa. ave., betw. 9th and 10th st*. Ctar 31?if I tOH SALE.?A Fair of KAY MARES, 7 years J o;d neitspring,well-bred,sound.stylish, jrui.tie. spirited and < apital goers. They are well broken and perfectly free from tricks, ana will particularly J-uit any geudeman who is tond of j;ivii:g. 'i'he owner parts with them only because his purpose h to retrench his expenses. They can b seen ;it Southron's (late Birch's) Stabls, on 14th treet, south of Fa. avenue. For terms, or an op portunity to try them, enquire at the counter of the Star oftice. They will be sold a ba.gain. ap J?tf N'FAV books received at 8IUL.L1NOTOBI^. j Tht Watchman, will be found a fitting companion to the popular and simple stoiy of the Lamp lighter Harpers' Magazine for June?cotumeaces a new volumo 'Hie MisMiig Bride, by Mrs. Southworth The Two Guardians, by the author of Uearrscate | Blanch Lorwoo J, a tale of modern life I Virginia, Harper's Story Book far June | A Book of Thoughts, Memories, and Fancies, by Mrs Jameson Peep,, fioui - Belfry, or the Paris Sketch Book Leaves from a Fam ly Journal, by the auth *r of At tic Philosopher in Paris Joy and Care, a friendly book for young mothers, by Mrs. Suthill. All the new books published received immediate ly afterwards, and every thing in the stationery line far ?ale ut SHILLINGTON'S, Bookstore, O ter.n Building, j? 1 Corner et, and Pa. av. ICE CREAM. 4 T the old stand, corner of F and 9ih str*'t>^ /\ be had the be?t quality of ICE CREAM, WATER ICES and CONFECTIONERY ofT7 all kinds. X All orders promptly attended to. I have opened my Saloon tor the seasons, wh? re nothing but the best qualiiy shall be kept. All wish ing a good article would do well to call. may 24 -12t THOS ECKABDT PTTuTo N 9 WITH DEFECTIVE vision are invited to examine my, eitensive stock of all kinds of SPECTA-. CLES and EYE-GLASSES. Glasses* of any kind, such as Cataract, Parabola, Peris^pvie, Doable Concave, Double Convex, and Colored Glasses, put in at sN?rt notice, with great caie, :i id rx rwns in want of giaases m:y b* to (?<?! 'hose will"'* bc".eft ihe eye. ? j- f Circulars "Detective Vision," f ^nj? II. h^mkenu, 330 Fa, avenue, betw. 9=h and lOtb !??. I rnai Ju TELEGRAPHIC, y* UrOBTBD roi TO DAILY EVBimrO 0TAS. California Intelligence Naw You, Jooe 6?The Northern Light arrived here from San Jean this morning at lit o'clock; lb* mad* the paitagc in seven Jays, two hours, bringing 416 ( UNigan and $324 000 in ?peste The Sooora left San Franoisoo with the mails and passengers an tha 10'h, hot wa do not find the amount of specie on tha files. The piss angers bj tha Northern Light had * .cry large amcunt of gold in their peeeee lioti. In Central America tha Government party h*d again invested Leon with a determina tion to reduce it before Walker's party arrive a. Both the Walker and Kinnay expeditions were anxiou-Iy looked for. The sloop of-war St. Marys waa still al San Juan del Sui. She would leave about the 1st ?f Ju'.e far the Sandwich Islanda. In California badness waa geaerally dall, although there had been >oae large aalaa af flour and grain for shipment to Kaw York. The ship Charmer sailed for New York on tha 16th with TOO tons of wleat, 204 tona of bar. ley, and 172 ions of flour Tho Flying Arrow will a?on follow, with 1 000 tons of wheat and Hoar. Chili and California flour ia quoted at i e.vlea of 2 000 barrela auper&ne Gel lego (low prieed) $10 at thirty and forty-five days 2here bad been much rain, but tha crops looked well. The micas ware yielding abua. dautly but money waa seaioe. The ship John Sand, frcm Tahiti, with a number of her erew in irons was immediately libelled by tha whaler, D. M. Hall for salvage. The eaami La'ion of ;he mutineers teok place in the U. S. Circuit Court before Judge Hall, who da ci(l?d that as the oaptain had virteally aban doned her, nnJ almost all control over tha crew, they had a right to seleet their awn captain. He therefore discharged them. A Know Nothing paper called " The Cit iaea," had started up in San Francisco The Union Democratic p^rty had attempted soma o. jo'ition to the Kc*w Nothings, but without mush success. 2he confirmation of Satar'e titie to 30 rquare leagues had given much gratification. Eailroid Accident Eostoh, June 0 ?The mail train from Mew York, last night, met with a serious accident. When near Worcester the engineer dieeovered an oubstruction upon the track. Tha rails had been raised up and six large atones plated underneath. A frightful oollisiou earned, and the whole train was thrown from the traek. The locomotive was thrown into a ditch, and the baggage car rolled over and was broken la pieces, and six persocs in the oar were badly but not fatally bruised. The forepart of a passenger car was much brcken, and tha trucks of two others were torn off: but tha passenger? escaped serious injury, and arrived here this morning. It is supposed that this attempt to destroy tbe passenger train was made by robbers, who to[ed in the confusion to reb Adams A Co , af * large auaoun* of specie in their charge for different banks in this city. An engine wait ing at Worcester was tampered with, in order to prevent its being tent ia aid of the disabled train. The specie was much scattered, but was all safely recovered. It amounted probably to upwards of half a million dollars. Saiiing Of an Ocean Steamer. Bosrox, June 0??The America sailed this noon, with 200 passengers, and about $lt$12.> 500. ?oap Faciory Burnt Bostox, J une 6.?The soap and eendle fac tory of Joseph Morrilla. together with asver al dwellings, was burnt this morning Col. Kinney in Custody. New York, June 8.?Colonel Kinney gave himself up this morning, and is now In eus t>dy. Baltimore Markets. Baltimore. June 0 ?Flour is firm and un changed ; sales of 500 bbls. Howard street at $10.87. Wheat has improved since yesterday; .-ales of red at $2 50 $2 00; white at $2 05a $2 00 Ctrn is unchanged; white $1.10, yel low $1 CO. New York Marked. New York, June 0 ?Cotton?The steamer's news had not developed the feeling of the market F ou' has declined 12 to 181 cents. Good Ohio $9 87a$10,12i; Southern is steady and unchanged. Corn has declined 3 to 4e. Western mixed $1 O0a$l.lO Pork is firm, with an upward tendency. Beef is firm. Lard is firm. Ohio whisky ia dull. New York 8toek Market New Yoax. June 0?Stocks are aetiva and higher Money is easy Salea at the first board of Erie'a at 49; Cleveland. Colum bus and Cincinnati Railroad, 107J; Cumber land Coal Company 291; Heading Railroad. 91 i; Canton Company, 27; New York Central Railroad, 94; Missouri 0's, 93i] Kentaok/ 0's, 104 PROSPERI'S CORNET BAND. THIS Band ia suitable for anwandail purpose, and i* warranted to give satisfaction to all thoee who may be pleased to eng^e them, either aa a Bra*.-, Ueed, or Cotilloo Hand. Any number of luueiutanH to be bad at the abort eat notice by applying to FREDERIC PROSPER!, Leader, at Taltavult'a Store, rppueite the Marine Barrack*. N. It.?Orders left at Eilbua a tliu'a Music De pot, will be promptly aitenJed to. may 25?4m rg HE MISSING BKIDE, by E. D. E. N. Souib J worth, 2 vola, ptice $100 Harper's Magazine for June *5 Harper'* Story B*ok Mo. 7, Virginia 85 Putnam** Magazine for June 25 Godey's Lady's Book do 85 Graham's Magazine do 05 All tbe New Books, Magazin* a, Cheap Pabliea tioas and Weekly Papers received aa pood as pub lished and lor sale by E. K. LUNDY, No. 1)48 Bridge street, Georgetown, may 31?tr RAFFLE. FOR raffl , Four Pictures, represenUng Scenes ia the Life of a Fireman, handa^mely varnished, and in ornamented Gilt Prames. Chances $1 each. Call and see them at J. MARKRITTEI'S 7th si, next door to Odd Fellows' Hal. je 2?3t* MORE BARGAINS. JOHN H. SHOOT, BriJgr street, toutk tide, near Hi,|A? Georgeiowm. HAS jni>t received a lurther supply of seaaoaabie Goods, amongst which will be found 50 pieces good styles fast colored Lawns at lfl}{ 10 do plain black and white and black do. .? do rich plaid Ginghams and Gingham Lawne :*> do dotted and rich cmb'd Muslins 50 do plain Swiss and Naiasook do 40 do Jaconet and Cambric do 30 do plaid and striped do 25 Grass Cloth Skirts 30 corded and damask do White end colored Watered Moreens 50 piece* light pretty styles Calicos 10 do Barege tie Laines at 19){e 2 do BulT shade Linea With an assortment of seasonable style* of < Hosiery, and many other very desirable bn wh'di tno attention cf oa^b or prompt cnetor lov.iod, a* v\?- are .vw-tauily receiving rtcw and an- selling them at prices to suit the llmtV way ?-U J. M. twoV.

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