Newspaper of Evening Star, June 6, 1855, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated June 6, 1855 Page 4
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f . I '? ? ? I I I" t >i 11\ \ x > ( \ K. r/" Tb? following poem bj Riohard Hay ward colt?ias a new Idea?* rare thing now. ada ji.?Kniekvr footer, I lent my love n book one day, She brought it bach I laid it by ; Twas little either bad to <wy? She ?i? so Strang and I 90 shy. But yet Wf loved indifferent things? Tbe *prou>ing buds, tb?- birds in turn: ; And Time stood still and wreathed his wwjts With rosy links from June to Jane. For her what task to dare or dol What peril tempt, what hardship bear ? But with her, ah I she never knew *ly heart, and what was hidden there! And she with roe, ?0 coid and coy, Seemed like a maid bereft ot sense ; Bat in a crowd, ail life and joy. And tull of blushful impudence. She married ! Well, a woman Deeds A mate ber lifi? and love to share? And little cares -pri".p up like weeds, And played around her elbow chair. And y^ars rolled by, but I, content, Trimmed ruy ou?- lamp ard kepi it bn^hi^ Till age's touch my hair besprent With rays and gleans of silver light. And then it ehanred I took the book Which s*e had read in days gone by, And as I read such patemn >ok My sool, I needs mo?: curse or cry. For here and there ber l"?v was writ In old. half faded pencil signs, Aa il she yielded bit by bit Her heart in dots and under line*. Ah! silvered loo ! too late you look' I know it. L?t me here record This maxim?"Lerui no maid a book Unlet* you read it afterward "* Swearing.?The absurdity and utter folly of swearing is admirably set forih in the following anecdote of Beelzebub and his imps : The latter went out in the morning each to command his set of men, one the murderers, another the liars, and another the swearers, Ac. At evening they stopped at the mouth of a cave. The question arose among them, who commanded the meanest set of men. The subject was debated at length, but with out coming to a decision. Finally, his Satanic majesty was called upon to de cide the matter in dispute. Whereupon he said : The murderer got something for killing, the thief for stealing, and the liar for lying, but the swearer was the meanest of all, he served without pay. They were his majesty's best subjects : for while they were costless their name was legion, and presented the largest division in his (Satan's) employ. A Totgh Cigar.?Joseph was a bad boy. He had succeeded in blinding his mother for some time as to his imbibing propensiiies. One night Joseph came in before the old lady had retired. He sat down, and with a lojk of semi-intoxica ted wisdom, began conversing about the goodness of the crops and other matters. He got along very well until he espied what he supposed to be a cigar on the mantlepiece; he caught it, and placing one end in his mouth, began very graye ly to light it at the candle. lie drew and puffed until he was getting red in the face. The old lady's eyes w ere opened and she addressed him?"If the takes thai tenpenny nail for a cigar, it is time thee went to bed." tiT The WoonEooket (K. I.,) Patriot he.idi ita '? Marriage' thua : " lle-e ihe tci*Is and here the witiiirr Alwajs cast their earliest z'ance, Ami ? ith >oii in* con-Mb r IflAey too, won't stand a chance To make some clever fellow double in b!'?s, and often, too, in trouble." 0"ZF A cicerone, directing the attention of a foreigner to the po-trait of Harvey, said: "This is the man who invented the cumulation of the Wood !" (H7*Why are railway companies like laun<tfesses ? Because they have ironed the country, and sometimes do a little mangling. (?7*"Pythens, the daughter of the phi losopher Aristotle, on being asked which color was the most admired, replied? that of modesty." MOVEMENTS OF OCEAN STEAM Name. Lear? Fir Dous. Baltic ....New York?Liverpool....May 3ft Facilic Liverpool ...New York....May 19 North mar Hav e New York...May 19 Washington Bremen New York....May 23 Africa Liverpool....Boston May 2t> 3C?" Th?- California steamers leave New York on tfce 5th and 20th of each moaiii. ARRIVALS AT PRINCIPAL HOTELS National 0 wiinta A M Brooke, Md J H Juek W Tyler, do T havidson C A Washington, Va S Drew W P Quisenberry, do O Gregory, NY C L Itade, do J P llorbacii and family, T Connelly, MJ Md H Percy, do S Stevens, Pa W H Terreti, Va G W Bowers R Dabney, do G M Andrew-* W H Bray a lady, Ga M Hreni, Md !>r E Sheppard and lady, DrB F Laratoa, NY Ala H C Sbe|tard, Tenn B E K< a.-uard. Va G H Slauglites, <lo A Lewis k wife J C GoOtiard, Mass G Vail. NJ CD Cobb, .Jo G P Shriver, Cal D W Hort?o, do W A Burt, Mich B F Vaugban. Va C S Geix J Cook, .-C A Ber edict J N Mclilton C Gardner H C Jarrett A B Jarrett Browai' Hot*I?r r. k m. aaown. H B Dyr E Cromwell, NY J Webster Miss C Croruwi 11, do J N Carman, Md W N Beverly, Va B F Cole, do J ? Blanc bard, Me J Irvine, Pa A C Ferris, NY C Rowan, USN W G Handy a wife, Md D D Love, NM JWs Brooke, do Mr Cropper & lady Miss Warfield, do G W Clatter, Va Mrs Suckney, do L Weaver, Md T F Bowie, ir, do J Hurst, do Wlllarda' Hotel-b. a. a 1. c wnuiii. A Taleott, Va H F Co*, Wis J Beak'-y a wife, Mo E Talcot a lady, Va Mr* Cbausun, daughter L' Lincoln, Mass a nen e, Md G W Donaldson, RI C H McCormick H S Kid?r, do Mr Starhuck a lady, NY E G M. mil a sister, NY J T Kilby, Va J li -buey a lady, O M G Claiborue, T?-nn W H Hutler, Pa G Harrington a lady. Pa B Child a la?iy, do A J Goorge a lady, Md T'aitad Stat?? Hetal-i. c. i*cuai. W O Winston, Va C M Monroe. Va J Winaton, do C Woodward, do W Winston, do B W Thorp, Tex W E Alwick, NY J Heard a lady.Jnd T B Taylor, Md Z Kidwell Vm W H Hooper, Md T.BJh,iB,p*>.n'dw B G Wooula, Va J B Toulon, do C S Leibot, d* i P Adams, Mich L A Wunning*, do A L Lownea, Va Klrkwood u. * 4. klREWOOQ ? Hillings, HI W Kavanach. Md A S Jones, NY <i W Wiley, \ a R P Webster, do T W?ley, Uo P Kavanagh a lady, Md H A Banks, NY Aaaalon Hoass, Altxsadrla, Va. a mwTo.i, rkorairroR. G G Lawine, DC W T Martin, Mi J W White, O J H Muii-son, Va J M Branham, Va A C MiKjriuau, La W A Taylor, do C A Washington, Va Mias Deas, do Miss Randolph, do Mim M iwn, do Mr Garter, do D H Gordon, do W H Kitzbugh, jr, do J C Heriutg, do Capt C Randolph, do ? F Van<|iiaii do Mrs J W Cooiuas a son, G bHi-rt do do PPiMe.uo W Lyloa, Md ^ C H?fo,'Cal ** KTo. 307. WASHC58T0K ST'lTE H'MFivIV Rf, S. ft. iorner nf Pa. a?. awt FJerrtJA tfreet, Sole Agency for CHJLSON, GOULD X. CO.'3 Warming ami Ventilating Apparatus, M POND Si CO.'S (of Boston) Union Double-Oven Tookine Range, J. L. MOTT?a (of Mew York) INViNC'BLE 00UBLE-0VEN RANGE. Constantly on hand, anil r*ceivin:; I.ATROBE STOVES, forhfttingWnstorips; Parl"r and Cham her GRA i'ES, Enamel ed and Japanned Cooking, Hall, Parlor, Chamber and Dinin? Ro<-.m S : OVES; Plain, Tinned and Enamelled Iron HOLLOW W ARE; Bioek Tin, Ptanished and Ja,aij?!"d WARE in er^'at varirtv. All of which will bo sold at the lowest possible natrr-.that will compare f-vonhly with any Estab lishment south of New York. An "xaminatinn of my stock is earnestly solicited jip I-'t?3m J\i* PKIRVING DENTISTRY. DR. MUNSON respectfully calls puMic attention to his new ofttent. and GREATLY IMPROVE!' method of sciung Artificial^ Terth, with Continuous Gum ?the verv PERFECTION OF THE ART. Thin?tyl? ofTeeih has the following advantages over all others, viz : GREAT STRENGTH, CLEANLINESS, COM FORT, and BEAUTY, vieing with Natnre in there re?peets. and in some others ?? xo* lliinr. Public io apection is respectfully solicited. PIea*e ca'.l and see specimens. CAUTION?No other 0? ?mist in th?- IMslrict of Columbia a right to make this style of Teeth. N. B.?Teeth constitutionally healthy, pliicg-1! and warranted for life. Office and house at No. !A98 E street, near the comer of Pennsylvania avenue and 14th street. ap94?tf FOR POOR AND LABORING MER ?J'?LL ECTT.r?i::a T.OTa ic fr?t or mo - t * sric a~ vr.rm(?* ti ?QU ao ? :?*r.w. 1 ' - U toMtt. LLOYD t C ? 5 u i l i> 1:: g 5 x o f 11, :: 1.-, !?" hi e at the Gtet), <rr **T??r7? W Q rs* ? ira Itaaairia \ ; on> > ? - -?*- ?_ -t ??- P ~ .. '.8?1 NFW POLKA. 'P'.IE CHEVY CHAPE POLK*, compose! {>?: I and dericaled t Mii-s Sally L). Bradley, by J. I). Saunders, Esq., ot thi- city, whose composition; have always met with such gr at public favor The merits ot the piece are such as will introduce it among all lovers of music. Pace 25 cents. Just pMlilieh.'-l and for sale by Hit.BUS & HITZ Die President's Mounted Gaaie Qnicksfp, cot uos? 1 by t'.e accomplished Pianist, Mr. Robert I! I Ter, will appear in a few dnvs may lit DR. THEOD. HAKSMAN ti w el No I 5 0."5 Seventh <*., oj>}> OM FcVo :s lia'.L may '2-<- -1 m " WILLARD'S II O T F L , Old Point Comfort, Va. 'JMIIS SPLKNi-'ID SEA-SHORE HOUSE IS X NOW OPEN. Board per day $? 'Ml Board by the week, per day 1 50 Board by the month, per day 1 25 Baths fre?- lor thf pnc-its may 10 ?lin C. C. WILLAR 1 a BR'? wILVKH W.l?K,PLATKO W A i * l? O A;OJFlS?; FA i a OUOL'S.-Siivvr Tee and Tea ^ets, ^uear Bowls, Crr.ain Net, Cups, Spoons and F.'rks Also, a gr it variety of magnificent Fancy Silver War**. st::'a ? for pie^ents. Plated Coffee eets, Castors. ?!?; kct-, Spooits rj,.; Forks, on best Albata. Ti" T-icler; are warra"ted reprt ji fed, ? ? will be . old ai a ?mall advance. II SEMah.\, *30 fa. avent* . be 9th ar.<i iti? 1 :i' v. mar 2i? -V ?? i FISCHKRS BAND FULL1?' 05WAN IZi.l) HAVIM; ikiw eompl?:ted ail my :rrangtr.i n: for a first rat? and COTTLI <>N BAND. I am apain at lb?- .service of the publt r i attend Excursion Parties. Eihit>;t n<:*, Parade. ic Xi^-j P.1IN. an:1 -?erenad? -- Alt ibose in lavor < i" a C:Mzeii's band '.r?- respectfully invited to er courage our co erpr-e, here in V.'a^bmgt -n Cm. P FISCHER, L- a.! P H.?Thi Band, under mv direction,inreguiar y uniformed, am: troui a practice ever t-venty vr:;> I can givi- satisfaction to every one. Residence, Pa. avenue, north side, b? t. !hh :.nd lOMi Mrcets fir^-1 door west of Iron Hall. Orders left with v. s^r^ Hilliu Si II-T7: punetuuPy attended to. n:.tjr 14?I m* Fnv?.'^? Mcclicsl 017 TOJ FriYHIOTjOGIC ?L VIK\> 05 MAR:i.l\0? irr 2-r I? > a crxoi*. nr. *> * I BANT. X V ' ; :? v'? aci 130 fln? PU-o sad Oclorsi U'too irrmphf ?n>J s. 4?2" Prl?n oaiy C?aif fjf ' at f - (1 pr*?*"? t. ;i ptrfn of th? Unf.-, f ** \r QUI kTMtt COOK liTtt in.i onUirin u>- '!;? onw^tr o! i,. 'r'J**- ?* - raj.' ?r :r tr.-r r 1 ? - CL.Nrr o ? ?">? ^ - Sii: rULMOaTIO. Ji treats on the I'llYfl'OW GY O? MALTUAG?. *r?J the -ret :?.t5rnii. of outh ^n<J natar^j-, -? raiting frcsa rxce-tr-*?. v.-t : deJtroy thrrh,a:c?! 3ri'i c cb taki po^er;. wi;h ov, ??<??,*. - n* en r-.'.rr.i.<?*, ita duties unJ 4is^ua!!0rat{ ,is, ?t5 tx.?tr i<?u.?Ji??-, v -h iitfeosjrr.i b*. il*r-*.?4ic ?; t1? matomy and physiology* .*! m:*' f Jn^tive organs of both thevg strnc-.ur . vra *d i ftnctlors. A pof.u!?r ?ni ocrnprflb'naixt . va tiss en tfce datiea and ca?ua*'l f Mingle isd i : r ricd life?happy and Jro't<u; aJ B"d? sar.n^ th?o?- iafr !r-f-i-ti!e on?^? t .* actiaLon an?i Ln?T-^rt*nt biuts to tl o y.nt?uplatin* nj?lr^.r^7 tnat or^roj^.e o icctiui)? to It; neno. !?? ?!j.o-a!d tak- this \:z portact sup *:-*Lou: 1.*k: o. nrui:in2 Ita pup'*? Of mmeiiiHri^s - ? t;,?r ? . > meditcitreatKea' fomaini frorL ir.!?xcy co cli ?. ea^h ras? ??i>ph ioiJiv UluKratr-t t> braats'ui L'-ha^rHj ' n } ;n<^ nervc-dfi UeLiiiry, It- r"ici.r>, by ? ?t onct: w) fe ?a-1 Jia: la'. ure la !spoc;.>;? -rules for daily mac&zrzsent?to e ?sy ?a gp-TEaioTThara wivii prat Leal oliwrvaL'n^ . u ? itlfrr ia- ie . r^odo of treatment?pr^ **a'Uunirr hir'i ?>', *ho svilfl requiting tmpirj ral \ractlc??*? n easav cn aii ii*e?j?s arl^irj, lndi.Tcr?t?'"n, \i h pi in and riwrle rn!.? by -.'Job ki' -na ir.n cure th^on ive" wit^ ut m^rcarv? rrrr.-sl.eB for iho-- : U i -Aic^i iulceri?; &nd ?'! "j,p ?;oiaU'l 1: pen r.o uuf. r'-.n- >!>? fr?va>nt !n tbr roting Ir * tiatrtel aiviMt t;- tho c.^r. ?i vad o.n:racp!*tiii>; irsrti^". Itc parnr.t: ticalariy rac^mai?>nded to *r>r*cs -cleitu, :a>: t* ZT'.i jonbia of thrir pkysi^vt tOaditiaii, m-i nl rrc 5cm?cioa>. ot Saving b*^*;de-i ihn bftalth, hefpi - if and Itvbkk 'rrry huu ye.aj ta <c* tftle J tC. Prkm i6a#) > p*r copy, or ??r ccples * roi 1A lar. Mfci!-; free c: p-wiags V> aay p*rL el ...3 Jet ?d States. N. B.?Th-'-se who ?.r?Vr cay HMltDx L." .?;s Bfs-.r- any of tbe diaa*e*-b upon whjfh aL jcok ?ither rsr nally or by mail. Medicine -i?Q? u> k ij ptrt nf tba UuJ?n tjcordin? to di/^Ucne, ?r?I? pfcek-vi in.i '?arMiiily f-^urod from ill c'^aarva< a. A Jlon! Dr. M. K. La CKOTX, No Si Maiden l&ae or Pom ?>ftt.w lioz b"id, AlU.ry. hi. I. opt-it daily from t, c t"j : r n, ?o I on 8und?y ^r:ic i until 5 p ra. Aaf - H?ac?i>l frcci lie. i5 ?et;a?- ct, to *1 Maiila* Laa?, Aibu^r, N. Y. dec T FINE WATCHES. HAVING made a considerable addition to my stock cl . GOLD Hr!*Tl*e PkTfKT UVIU, and LAOIK8' WATCHR8 Of tirot quality, be;:v>- lb carat] r a^g. Also, SILVER WATCHES for boys. 1 offer them at greatly reduced prices. The movement* are selected with great care, and ev? ry Watch i? warranted. Persons in want ef a fine timekeeper are invited lo examine rav assortment. II S EM KEN, No. ISO Pa. avenue, botw. 9th and 10th *ts. mar 30 FIRST PREMIUM PIANOS. J UST received, several Piano- from the celebrated factory of Stemway &. Sons, New York ? one in Louis XIV htyle These P:anos are 111 e 1 ry re speet the best now made in the Uhi'ed States; ihey received at the late Metropolitan Mech inies' Fair the first premium (a -ilver medal) for each of their Piano- exhibited. Ev?*ry |>ers<?ii admired th<- voIuim of tone, as well as the workmanship of their imtru merits Th? se, in addition to my oilier stock of Piano*, lariim vlie best and largest collection south ot Mai-on's and Diion's line. Tlie public are respectfully invited to call and ex Hiniuv hefure they purchase elsewhere, they will lind moderate price* and reasonable terms PIANOS to rent a!way? on lian.l, and second Hand Pianos taken m part payment for new ones, at my Piano Warerooin, No. 49 ? Eleventh st , aLove Pa. avenue. FK c. REICHENBACII. may 14?eoloi* I AND W A It RAMTS WANTKS. 1 >r 4 wtuoh the highest prices will be pal.! bv * CHUBB BROTHERS, may 31?U (Intel) opp tbe Treasury. PROPOSALS FOR STATIONERY. Horsx or RKPat??NTATiVE; United Statis. Cbrk's Offi"*, ,?av 2-V 1856. IN per uanoo of the 17'h section of the *et of Co:igretsof the 20th August, 1842, entitled ?' An a*t legaiting and making appropriation.- for such n?ce<sary objects as have been usually included in the general appropriation bills with ut authority <? f law, and to fix and provide fbr certain incidental expenses of the department- aad offices of rvv ernment aud for other pu~poses," reat?d proposals will b? received at thi? office urtil Wednesday, V7th June next, at 12 o'clock noon, for furnishing the following articles of statiorery for the u?e of the Hou?e of P.eprepetta*ivee during the Thirty focrih Congrers, vi?: DESCRIPTION* OF ARTICLES Class 1 ? Ptjprr. Item 1?600 reams whi'e l*id quarto pret, extra sunerfln*, 'aint lined " 2?100 reams [sune article,) unruled " 3?50 reaos white laid Ba'h po?t exira super fine, fa'nt lined " 4?26 reams [same article, ] unrrla# " 5 ?100 resins extra superfine cream laid no'e ptper, la g* f-ize, faint lined and giU edged " 6?100 reams 'saire article] unruled '? 7?100 reams extra superfine cr-amlaid note. small size gilt edged '' 8?100 resm? white cap p?per, extra super fine f?ii**t lined " 9?2f> reams [same paper] unru'ed " 10?10 re imi blac> border mourning p?per, 5 reams letter and 6 reams note sit* ' 11?ICOr-am commercial ltid note paper, large zize, feint lined P<-opcfal' for the above must state th? price per ream. Of items 1,2, 3, and 4. a portion?not to exceed one half of each?to b*? furi.isb d gilt edged, if re quired. Cuss II.?Envtlrypet. I'em 1?200,000 envelopes, Oik laid white, lerpe letter six* 44 2 ?200,000 envelope*, thick laid white, small letter or lerg<? notorize " 3 - 50 000 envelope*, thick lail white. em? 1 note s'ze 44 4?60,000 enwlcjws, thick laid white, offlo;al s re 5?'0O or,oenvelop-s. laid buff, larg? letter t-iae ?4 6 ? 5o 0#o envelopes, la'd buff. official sire 7?100,000 envelop s, laid buff, mei!u?n. be tween letter and cffltfal size, sroo th aod stroog. f rnewf pa;>-rs and documents Th-' enveiores are to b-* !d all iase<? adfceJVe Preference will be given t~ those having full p k :s. Pr.'posal m.ttt ct ite the price per thous and. Class ITI.? Knivts, </<c. Item 1?75 Jczen four blaJe pearl l.sndle p:ck>-t ku'-ves 4 2?75 doz n [-ante .rk'e,] staghandl 3?25 do/, n two blaie pearl or shell haDdl* po- ket kniv-s, small size " 4 - :>0 art s ;* iasjrs 44 5?f0 paiis fi-st rate Office ?hears '? 6?3 dozen i v. ry handle era* ;s Pr? P'-sals fur kuive<< aid erasers mu't state the price per do* -n. Iftms ' os. 1.2,3, and 4, are to be of the best quality md fir?t ?ty'?of Ilai?h. Class IV. r-ns. ,r-nhn'<1. rs, Pencils. an<1 QuiUs. Item 1?50 grtes P- rry's double j.etenf la-ge bluii b?irr U>t'n?. fin-* print3 44 2?50-rm * errywlarge double action l??a 44 3?100 i?ross Perry'" ti-ri-o pr iul?d p<-n<? " 4? 300 cross fin'* "quality Bi? tai'ic p<*n?, in jw.v-a ffjnnl to Wheeier'f United 3*a*es |>en ? " 5?100 gros^ flu" quality metallic pens, on ra ds ? K?CO groFs bullion {>??? ?. cn cards '? 7?3 grcriQ porcupine quill T**n holders '? 8?3 ;rri ?? ros-wrod p^n holders for lar^e l>ar rel pens '? y?3 rrc-r ro--wood pea h?ld'r6 for small barrei fees 44 lO-lOgrof p?*i holitrs. >??t style*, for pens wi h ut barre s " 11?2 ??r s? faney pen hoMerc, hamlsom^ stv lea 44 12?EO gross b!ack 1 a-i ;>encil8, ?qua! to ?& b?r's, No? 1,2, and 3 '' iZ?ii ^r..* r>d le .1 p-ncils ?4 11 7,00<) ^ui'ls 5.0.!,??*?' quality opai?ut, and 3.lK"si bs-' j:iality clarified 44 15?20 dozen g il Jm ?h, wiih silver c;se?? L lut fir:, rate quality will tie considered Class V ?InL and InJ.standi. I*em 1? d' zeo ink, n pint bottle* '4 2?10 d *en i; k in half p:nt bottles 15 do?n !nk in quar' b'.tt'fc" ?4 4?1 doi-n red iok or carmine *' 5?5 dozen s.andi he . China or < ut glass inkstands, with racks, G?6 dozen fioe C! ra ioki.tand -, gi t pump and d'-bes 44 7? V)d*z"n ' an'.M ine cut gla-f !'ikstand?, la size " 8?10 dozen ha d ? me cut inkstands, medium ?ize 44 'J-5 d ?-?n h~rd>>ome pr'-sc;,! j, various pa'.t-rcs ?4 10?' d't n'?Dr-perV." nr cthei airtightpat ent inkstands 44 11?5 ^cztn "Fry's" improved, or oth-T ?-lastJ? ick'tands 44 12?4 dozer hands* me po^celaic, 'adies* ink rta..dr, v.riou- patterns '? 15?6 dozen por ;i' ie -pring inkstands, best quality Class VI.?Mfmi-rawlvm P"?kt. Pnrffofiot, TolJ*tst an>i Di'tri'S. Item 1?2u Joz n memnntDdum books assor'ed 4* 2?20 ilrige'? p-.r'f* li'i", qnart"!, with locks. tabl?-t-, i.nd of f.nj quality 44 3?10 d'/.en portf -Ji s,c ?p, with locks, and of fine qua'i^y ?i 4?lo(fosen pe*ri tablets, wi h pencils, and rf superior quality and flni^h " 5?15 dreen p-- '-<"t d'arus, of tine paper and fl ish Clas< VII.? Viz am' Wafers. Item 1?5 pounds sruail ? iz* transparent wafers, various olor?, in saney boxes 44 2?2 gross m'?tt?~ wafers, in fancy bci-s 14 3?200 p-und red wax, of very fine-t quality 4* 4?50 box^s tancy wax, in small h*nd*omu b xes . Class VIII.? l"n]*r *n'ght? and Paper ?<Mert Item 1?26 < zen alat a.-ter weights, elegant patterns 4' 2-30dozen cut glass raper weights, finest qua'ity and patterns 3??0 dcien i ine-icch fim; ivory folders, one io-h ?'de. and not lesa than 9 oureer to the dozen 4?20 flczen ?n? ivory f ?ld-rs one inoh wide, with stroojt handle " 25 do?en fii;e pearl fulderr, ;uijorted paterrs, strong hand>a Class IX ?Jfiscellanenus. Item 1?250 dozen r-d tare, No. 19 4* ii? 260 dcz -II red tape, No. 25 44 3?50 'oBen white tape, No. 25 44 4?25 dozen v* ta taper stands, wi'h wax ta p-ra, fine quality ?4 5?20 dozen fand l>"X-s, flue qualitv " *>?1,000 pounis btuck at-nd in pound papers 44 7 10 doz? n letter clips, gilt " 8?10 dozen letter clips, bronze 14 C?300 line ivory baLd'.e letter stamps, cbecq uered " JO?150 fine ivory hand e letter stamps, p'ain 44 11?12 dozen pkces beat quality office taste, various colore 12?12 dozen larftles adhusive mucilage, b et qua'ity ?' 13? 12d?ten mohair penei s, Isrge s'r.e 44 14 ? 5 pour.ds India rubber,in us??l tiaepi^ Js (native ?imi preferred.) " 15?500 skins of purchinent, 15% by 21 iDuhe*, to b^ of the fceit. quality, and rul??t a? per nAmple f.>rnii^hed bv this office. By the aciapp-.ov. d Junel7,1811, the Clerkol the Houre r-f 'teprefwntatvao i ? directed to confiue his pur chases exclusively to &r:i :lesot '.he growth and man ?ifacture of rh<? United 8tate-. pcoviied the anmecan be proflur-l of su-h gr wth and inaiuffccrure of suita ble quality and at reasonable prices, upon as geod tarm? . s t -! quality aed price as c m be obtained of f?r eign growth and mtnufacture. A preference will therefore be nlv. n to the productions of American in1u-try; and all persons making proposals to sup ply :iny article wi i ^'ate wlistlier 'he same Is of tbe gr owth and oxacufa-turs of the Unites Spates. The articles are to be delivered tree oi any charge i'^r c-rrian^ at the office of the Cierk on or beforu thelith of October next, and to be paid tor *s soon as the CommitUe on Ac- junts shall audit the bill Ea< h bidder, though he may desire to propose f>r the whole of the articles above enumerated, will be required to make a Sf jurat* and dittinrt jmifxysal for kp U item; and do proposal orpaper ? mbracingmore than ? sing'e item will be considered. Kacb propo ?al tD be e^dors-d 44 Proposal' for item No.?, clsg' No. ?, ol stationery for Houseof Hepreyentatives cf th- United btates. and it !dre^se<lto the undei*ien?d. Tlit*) will Ia"?*? of ;>off(A?a. 8ufficieot specime j* of ?acb Item to accompany the proposal, marked w th the name of the bidder and the ?iuml>er of the clav and item, according to the above advertis ment. The person offering to furnish anv description of articlec at the lowest price (quality considereJ) shall receiv?a ct ntract for ihe ssme. on exeiotiDg a bond, wi'h two or uiyre sureties, sati?iHctory to the Olerki for the pertormance of the same, under a forfeiture of twice the contract price in the case of failure; which ton l must be file J in the oWce of said Clerk within t*n days after ft a proposals have been ODeaed and the remit declared. The right ia referred, in case it chould be necee sarv, to order a further suppW or all or any of the aticles cen'ained In th? ab ve list. J. W. KOitNEV, rierk House IteprenentativeBUijitwl 8ta'e*. May'id?la?*4w DO YOU WANT FIRST RATE IUE CREAM? G1 O at once i.i AKN Y, Bridge street,Oeorgeu^wu, T he wad awarded a V1EDAL Ly the MeiropoJi lan Mechanics' Institute, for ICE CREAMS \V4 TER ICES, and CAK ES. may 25_leotf NOTICE. THE WHITE HOULE PAVIL ion. ftc , hu bttn rented for the .?fiisoit, am) is ready for the reception of visitors. Large and small parties can be accommodated with Meels, fcc. For particulars apply to WILLIAM COKE, on F, between 21st and 2Sd streets. No Excursion parlies except tho?? already eu gaged, can furnish their own catercr except paying e(tra for the use of the house. By order of the MANAGERS, may 21?MVVfcPlm M. WILLIAN, LADIES' DBE3S AND TRIMMING 1T0BE, Pa. avenue, between 7th and 8th htrccti. M WILLIAN would respectfully announce tf? ? the Ladies of Washing'.m, that he has just received from th^ Northern cities a complete stock of GOODS, anions whieh may be fori id? New style French Dress Trimmings Fine French Flowers and Ribands A lanje lot of Bonnets, in silk, crape, and straw, of the lat??t patterns And an excellent assortment of handsome Embroi deries ef all kind* Dre^cs made in the lat-vt Paris fashi .ns at rea sonable ? atee. Pinking aud Fluting and Kid Glows cleaned. Ladies Mantillas, ready made, and inide to order, may 31?eoliu NOTICK?I received this dav a new a?-ort ment of SLEEVE BUTTONS and STUDS, of the latest styles. Also, a variety of other new Goods : as Vest Chains, Chatelams, Brace lets, Pii ? Earrings, Rings, etc. Great inducements offvred to purchasers. H. SEMKEN, No. 330 Pa. avenue, bet. 9th and 10th si . {"ffjr? New Point? put to Gold IV ns at short noiee. Diamonds remounted, and Jewelry made to ord r. mar 29?tf NOTICE. 7''IIE Und* rsigned can accommodate parties with _ COACHES for pleasure trips. Also, fn make trips to boats arriving^ after night from th;- White House.* For terms apply to Mr. JOHN HOLBROOK. at the Siase Stand at the Capitol, or orders left at <1. fit. T. Parker fcOo.'s Store. WM WHALEY. may 16?lni* IIAIR WORK. ORNAMENTS of Hair, such as Rracel?ts, CHat -elains, Chains, Breastpins, Earrings, Finger Ring*, made to order, of any desired design. All order* faithfully attended to. Specimens :nay be g?6r at my store. n. f RMKF.N, No. 3 30 Pa. av., between 9th -snd I0?h sts. Mar 30 3 MILITARY IIALL. HE undersigned would re>pe tfuily inform his friends th; t he has 'aken the establishment lor raeily known as the " Arlingirn House," whieh he intends opening on Saturday nexf. May 19th, a> :i Restaurant of the first orde-, and fe?M* assured that he will haw LIQUORS and CIGARS oi the choicest brands, OYS 'EMS, GAME and FISH, in season and every other article in his line to >uit all wIk> should fcjvor him with a ea!!. F. A COOK, may 18?eo! m* WE WOULD NOT GIVE ADOLLAR I^OK ALL THE TINCTURE HAMPTON BV * ER MADE.?Thus spoke a wise an i good man, but nmrk the ciianse ! Let he affliet'd hear him, an.I then decide whetlier to suffer on or be irane whole. Ye professional m Jn, with ruined heal'h, hear! Rev. Jamfs W. FrMWtcrT, the talented and inde pe ndent editor of that highly popular and extensive Iv read paper, the Christian Banner, published at Fredericksburg, Va., in his editorial ot the lt?th r.t May, lf55. thu< speaks of HAMPTON S VEGE TABLE TINCTURE: "Some time ago we merely al'uded to Hampton'' Vegetable Tincture, with a promise of noticing more particularly the great r. lief we have oiir-elt derived from its use During our collegiate course, owing to sedentary habits, we became quitedyrpep tic, aud were very much troubled with vertigo For more than twelve years after leaving college, vv< were laboring under th?.-e two afflictions In the spring of 185KI, our general h-alth became so delicate that it was w ith j;r<-r.t difficulty we could attend to tbe o.dinary dutie.* 01 our profession Everything we ate immediately turned acid, our dige?tiv? or gans becaim wholly deranged; losing as it seemed to us, all their activity and vitality; we were con stancy depressed in spirit, our energy almo?t for sook us, and nothing but necessity urg? d us on to aition. We had taken strong medicines, observed greet particularity in our diet, aud all to no pur|sh;e We had despaired o! ever recovering our health, when a female triund of ??tirrs importuned t^s to get a bottle ol Hampton'* Vegetable Tincture, a>surine us ha; we wouii rind great rehet from it:- u>e. We V>r:f fly repli ],llwe would not eive a dollar for all the THtir fure Hampton ever made, so far as our own m<livirt ual health was concerned." V\ e had no faith in it nor aiiv other medicine in effecting a cure en us. In the (iudness of her heart, however, without con suiting us abc.iit it, she sent and got one bottle an ! ur^? d us to accept of it. nr.d fur her sake, as it could not possibly injure us, to use it aecorJieg to riiroc tion For the high regard we had for tier au-i h< r act of kindness, we promised to do bo. And w itn out ??xageration we can truly say that before we had u<eil the contents of one bottle we felt like a ne w man ~ We used, consecutively, from ten to fifteen hot tl es. \Ve were afraid to give it up, fearing out old ? jlseases might return. Since then, our digestive organs have been uniformly correct, our head cl-ar; and so far as our labors, toils, liabilities, responsi hiiities, and worldly cares will alio*', our spirits have been buoyant, and we eat what we please, and as much as we please, and when we plense Hnd all i? well. For the sake of the afflicted we make this statement, hoping that others mav find the same relief from its u?e that we have. It s-hould he hepi in every family. No familv should ever be without II \ M P TO N >S VEGETABLE TINC TURE " lawyer*, Dorhrrs, Ba\krrc, Minister*, in all ill* Departments of State, Ladies and Gentlent?n in th' highest walks cf life, as well as those moving in th most bumble spheres, speak of the cures on them selves and friends by thi* wonderful article. Call and get pampniets gratis, and see e-treti n Cough, Bronchitis, Rheumatism, Neuriiiria, Dvs pep<sia, Nervousne?r, and Ge neral Weakii"-4!. As l female medicine or for delicate childien we be'K v. it unequaMed. Sold by MORTIMER & MOWBRAY, t!<! tarn more street, Baltimore; and 304 Ilroadwav, N. York Cuas. Stott 6t Co., J. B. Moore, I>. B. Cla ts? Ci.arkc Ot Bowliwo, W. Elliot,and H. M? P ikr ?OS, Washington; aJao. by R. S. F. Cisecl, Ge rae town, and C. 0. Btr.*Y, Alexandria, and by J rua giats evfci > v. he e. REV. JOHN LANAHAN, PASTOR OF THE EXETER STREET, M. E. CHURCH ?A strong desire to benefit the affle'ted induces htui thus to ccrufy. We challenge any other medicine to present such a mass of tes'.imony from gentlemen and ladies of high standing of our own well-known citizens, who testify of cures of COUGH, BRON CHITI3, RHEUMATISM. DYSPEPSIA, &c. Baltikori, January 34th, 1&5. Messrs. Mortimer 4" Mowbray: 1 taki: pleasure in saying to you tliat I have used y ,ur '-Hampton's Tiucture'' with very great profit. I rom a serious t.iroat affection, my general health hud become very much impaired, when I com I luenced to tue '-Hampton's Tincture." I found its effec's upois my general health most salutary.? My nervous system and digestive organs soon right-1 ed up nnder its use. I nave several times recommended it to my friends, and in every cage, as far as I have been in formed, they have u^e it with success. Yours truly, John Lakadan, Pastor Of Exeter st., M. E. Church, Baltimore. BLEEDING OP THE LUNGS. Ralbioo, N. C., Feb.ti, !S55. Jtfri Tl. Mortimer Movjhray: I do nereny certify tim about twelve me.nths ago 1 was taken with a severe hemorrhage of the Lungs and had four attacks of it I was advised to try Dr. Hampton's Vegetable Tincture I procured one boitlc, and after taking which, I was satisfied that I was much belter; and that, after taking the fourth bottle, I was entirely well, and now I enjoy as good b?altii aa ever I did in my life. I can, and do, with out the least hesitation, recommend the Tincture I to cil peraonj aJ3i-;ted in my way. Yours, Gio. W. WkaXmy. CURE FITS?READ! 1 Myrt tc the Sick than Gold.?Prom outj ol the most fiispeCtaMe Diuggists in South Carolina. Charlrston, S. C. Sept. 21,1853. Miwrs. Mortihsr &. Mowbrat :?The *ale ?f your Hampton's Vtgetable Tincture is increasing every day, and every bottle sold recommends this vaiu'^ 'le medicine to the afflicted. Several of our planters have trie! it in different cases with aston ishing success, and are getting it by half dozeus. It has been fouud to be the greatest remedy for meu matie affections, and a wonderful cure has 'jeen performed on a negro boy, suffering from Fits. I wiii furnish you with a number of ccrUficateo if you wish them. I am, gentlemen yours, W. G. Trott. Call and get pamphlets gratis, and see cures of Cough, Bronchitis, Rheumatism, Neuralgia, Dys pepsia, Nervousness and General Weakness. As a female medicine or for delicate children we bilieve it unequalled. Sold by MORTIMER fc MoWBKAY, 140 Balti more street, Baltimore, and 304 Broadway, N. York Cuas. Stott & Co., J. B. Moork, D. B. Clarxb, Clark* St Bowling, W. Elliot, and II. McPhcr ?OH, Washington ; also, by R. S. F. Ci sil, George town ; aud C. C. Brrkt, Alexandria, and by Drug- j gists everywhere. febSl?U LAND WARRANTS WANTED. , 11I1E undersigued wdl pay the highest price for| . Land Warrants. Stocks bought <1 ud sold on Commimnn. HAMILTON G. PANT, No.439 Pa. avenue, Waahincton. may 29?lm (IntitUnlon) DOCTOR HOOFLAND't CELEBRATED (German Bitttra, mrnn bt DR. C. M. JACKSON, PMlftdV, Pa., WILL BrntCTTALLT CTU V MTEK COVUDiT, DV5PBP&IA, JIUXKCR, Chronic or Norvout Debility, IMnmam of tk* tr.-J ? -? " ** woivhvc vr iiWIOW MOMtftf, m?MM 1 Kidnap, amd ail cUmmm mruing from ? I wtsreci l/iott ec - * ffUch as Constipation, Inward Pile*, Fullnc?*, or Ulood to the Head, Acidity of the Stomaeh, Km sea; Heartburn, Disgust for food, FuIIik-s,. or weight in til* Stomach, Sour Eructations, Sink in* or Flattering at ihe Pit of the Stomach, Swmi ming of the Head, Hurt ed and difficult Brrithmi, Plmtering at the H? art. Choking or Suffitcatm:? Sensations when in m lyinc Posture, Dimne** ot Vision, Dots of Webs before the Sight, Fever ami Dull P.-iin in the Head, Deficiency of Perspiration, Yellowness of the Skin and Byes, Pain in the Side, Rack, Cheat, Limhs, h.c., Sudden Flu-h> s o| Heat (turning in the Flesh, Constant Imacin mcs of Evil, ana great depression of Spirits. 1'HE proprietor, in calling tue attention of the public to this pre|>aiAl:ou, does so with a feei ng of the utmost coBfidencc in its virtues aad a,la|> tition to the diseases for which it is recommended. It i.< no new and untried article, but one that has ?tnad the test of a ten years' trial before the Amen crn people, ai d its reputation and sale is unrivalled by any similar preparations extant. The testimony in its favor given by ;he mo? prominent and well ? -.'own Physicians and individuals, in all parts ot 'he country is immense. T.'ie following from N<?rtb Cm Liia is respec tfully suh. itt d, referring any who may still doubt, to my <\Mcmorabiln?."or Prac tical Receipt B<iok for Farmers and Families, to be liad rratis, of ail the Agents tor the German Bitters. Principal Office and Mai uiactory, 190 Areh St., Philadelphia, Pa. TESTIMONY FROM NORTH CAROLINA. Certificate of Dr. If". Smith, of Pine HiU, RoJt tnotu/ County, N. C. Pti?t Mill, March 4th 1854. Dr. (J. M. iiCisoN. Pliilad'iphis?Dear Sir: 1 tiave been a subject of Dy.-<pc|?*i,i, in its worst t" rm, tor the lii?i five years. Such wan my condition f<? .welve months that the physicians and all who saw ne *<iid I must die. While in this condition, I w is carried to tin watering places in Virginia, Tcnnes see and North Carolina, but wa< not benefited by any water to which I was taken. While on my way home, I stopped a week at Rutherfordton, a sni^ I village in North Carolina, to try the effect of some Chalybeate water in thit pi ace. About the last of the week, I went into a drug store to get some medicine for my child and ntys?-if. Ther? w?;re several of the village physicians in the store, and on" of them seemed to take tome interest in my c^?e aud, after asking me some questions, said In had been a djspepue, and had been greatly bene fitted by the use of " Dr. Hoofl-nd's German Hit ters,"' prepared bv y?u, and he insisted that I would Uy the Uittors He also called the next day at my room, aad insisted so much that I would try them ti:at 1 asked him to get me one bottle. He did it, and I commenced taking it as directed, and I do say I was more benefitted b> it than all the water anil mrdicine | had ever taken After reaching home one of my neighbors came to m^ for a prescription and medicine, (he a dyspep tic,) and i gave him nearly all the Ritters I had left, ?? :nch effected much good in his case lie has often ailed on me for more oflhe same k nd of medi cute, saying he was more benefitted than any other he had taken, but I have not been able to get ir.y more ibr him or mywlf r..^., __ there ore, please ship me a dozen or mote as soon as pos -rble. Respectfully your*, W.SMITH. D. R. HOOKER, Roger's Store, Wake Co., N. C., 1 )?tober 24.1853, says:?*' Having ?-xpenenced very great benefit from the use of " Hooflan<1 s German Bitters,"'in Chronic Dysentery and functional de rangement of the Liver, and its concomitant evils, I am desirous of obtaining a quantity of it for the benefit of my community. Vou will, therefore, pleas* send a lot. Ac. <kc. CERTIFICATE OF WM. J. ATWOOD. Hr-fTsvtLLt, Vadkih Co , N. C ,Nov. 1st, 1853. Di. C. M. Jackson?Dear Sir: Allow me to ex press to you my sincett thanks for your riiscovery of a medicine which, to say the least of it, has ef fected a cure that all other medicines, that I have aken. have entirely failed to do. "Hooflind's Ger mr.n Bitters" have ?ured me of th? most stubborn un.l aggravated case of the pilis that, perhaps, ever fell to the lot of man My case is not a stranger in ttns community, as I am well known in this and the -urrounding counties, and can truly sav that my re cov* ry has astound,-1 ail my friends ai?d relations, as ! had tried everything recommended, and nothing did me any go-d until l was prevailed upon to try the Hitt. r?. You are at liberty to make any ut*.- of tiii? communication, for the benefit of the afflicted, you may think proper. Truly yours. WM. i. ATWOOD. These bitters are entirely reeetaUe, they invigorate and strengthen the systi m, never prrvtrate it, and can be used for infants as well as adults. For sale by respectable dealers everywhere, and bv Z. D. GILM AN, Wa^ington; J. L. KIDWELl., Georgetown; a::d J. P.. PI2KPONT, Alexandria, mar 1 ?lv CARTER'S SPAIN ISH MIXTURE. riia Or?tt Perifltr or tb? Blood T 5ot a Particle of Mercury In It in IwiiLUBU Kiw.-it fcr Scrofula, King's Evil, ^heumstis's. Obctiuate Cutaneoas Eruptions, Pimvies r Pustules on the faoe, Blotches, Boils, Ccrcci", Sore Eyee. King Wcrm or Tetter, S.ald Head. Knlargement and Pain of the Bones and Joints, stubborn Ulcers, Syphilitic Disorders v,'jmtago Spinal Compla cts, tn 1 all the aise.v>i? virtrg from r.n iiijua5_ioafi uce of Wer"ar->, Ic tmd -nr-) lr ' i:"e. or Impurity of tb- Biood. I'Hla valuable Modicum, ?h;?h ha^ became (*! I brated for the cumber of ?xrrarriinary cur^A. ?Tseteu hrou^h Itc agency, hv induced the propii -tj-s, et the org nt request of their friends, to off?r ? the public, which th-y do with the utmost coo tl'lence in itfl virtues and ? c>oJerful curative prop- , *rti 3 The following eertJficater., ?elerte-l trom a A-g* number, are, howwr. stronger testimony ' '.ran the mer? wo*d of the propiietor*; and ar-? a*1 ! tToni gentlemen weil known in th ir localities, tni ' rfthe blghNt respectr.lility, uuny oj th-m ras^d. i in the city of Richmond- Va. F bOYDUN, Esq., of tn? Kx hange Hotel, Rich- ' aord, known everyxb-re Fayr ue has seen rhe MeJ. 'cine called Carter 3 Mixrcai. adminiilarad io over a hnndre-i :a^s, in -ecrly all the di^easaa tor whkhU is r-^ miaenied, with the =ost aau>n ehingly gr^d reeult* Ke rays It i? the aioet ex 'ra*nl;u*rv Eedl -iat, he hs? ?ver efc-a AQDiJ irKVUK?GHKAT CUKS.?I hm?bj wtifj tfcet for three yeara I had Ague an J P-?er of the most violent d<*-crlpt?on. I heri 9e ve U Fhv 'i?iaatities of Quinine, Mercury. ?Jid I o?l e^e all tt.e T- -nics advertised, but ail with ut t^mar.snT relief At last I tried Cartel Spanish Mixture, two birjea of whieh effectnally "uwl and I atn hippy 10 say I kara ha-1 ne ther hilln or teveis aiuoe. 1 consider it tho t-e?t Tonlr this wtrM, *nd tae only r:edi? n? th?t ever z,'h?vl 107 oa?e JOHN LOKOb&N. Bxavi? Diwa, near Hiciuuvnd. Va. 0. B. LTJCK, Ksq., now in the city of Richmond -ni for mtny yetrs in the Puet Offl-je, hw euch Tonfiaence in the as^nLhinx efflcaey of Carter's Sp^nLsh Mlxtitro. ;hat he has bought cpwarls of It ootties, whi^h he r.A3 g*Ten aw?y to the affi'oted.-. Mr. Luck fays he h?s neve: koown it to fail when -aken according tc- direoticnii. ??J.Na?K' ? Ppotising Physidan; and formerly cf the City Hotel, in the city of Richmond, says he has w.tneeaed in a number of instances th# effcete ot 0?r^e^'s Spanish Mixture, which were mont truly sarprWna He nays in ? caae of Ooneucipticn, de .-?end'-r.t on the Liver, ths good effects were wc oJ^ed. 8AMD1L M' DRINEKR, of the firm of Drinker k Korrta, Richmond, was cured cured of Liver Com plaint of three 7 ears standing, by the use oJ twe bottles of Carter's Spanish Mixture M-nftTCC,Ko 0?" SCRO'ULA.-Tbe Idltor. of the Richmond Republican md a servant employed In their press room, cured of violent Scrofula, 00m bined with Rheumatkm, which entirely disabled him from work. Two bottles of Carter's Bptabfa Mixture made a perfect cure of him, and the Edi tors in a public norice, say they "cheerfully recora STbli^d0"^1 Wh? 678 *ffliolwl ^ *27<i#*?of STILL ANOTHUlt CURB Of 8CE0JULA?IUJ i bc-J' COMd ot Scrofula by Carter 's Spanfch Mixture I consider it truly a vXoble medicine. JAME?. M. TAYLOR, Con*" ..etzg -x 35 R. *. and P. K. R. Co . Kichmond. V. tte SALT RHJCUM OF TWENTY TSARS STANDI*6 THOMPSON, residing In the dtv cf Richmond, web cured by three bottlec cf Ctaiir's 11 ?f fcaU.Rheum' which he had fcr Md which sll the physidanl ofthejtHj ?uld not cure. Mr. Thompson is a weil kSS'^^'^.u'??"7Rkh""?1' Rfchm^d h?d ? wrv?t rarea atf ?jrphilis, in the worst form, by Carter's 1 s, H" 6-78 h8 c^^rfally recom meuJ* .t, and considers it a very invaluable xredi ??/hViKN BUR1'?lN' commissioner ?* the reveuue, ?ays he has seen the good effects of Carter's Spilth Mix -are > n a number of Syphilitic cases, and says it feu fir that horrible disease. ?VM. G. HARWOOD, ef Richmond, eared of old Bores and Cloera, which disabled him freci walking Took a bw bottles fif Carter's Spanish Jliiture. and eneWed to walk without a crutch, in a fchort time petwanenlly cured. Princlpa1 Depots at M WARD, CLOU A Oo? Na 58 Maiden Lane, New York. T. W. DY0T1' A SONS, No. 182 North ieccnj Philadelphia BlNNltTT A BKKR8, No. 125 Main street. Rich Bond, Va. And for sale by CHARLBS 8T0TT, Washinirt.n. D. 0; HMNRY PIIL, Alexandria, and by Dra?^-t? everywhere. pHee $1 per bottle, or six bottles for $fc ^ FftAMt'K TAYLiifi i TRAVLLERS i IP.&TOHI. Tim* between WukiAgton and bat 17* hours! Runrnttt? iuv btw,,* Washtnjrfn and Cincinnati 17 hour* X Through Tickets and Baggage Chtcka to be had in Washington !!! THE BALTIMORE AND OHIO RAILROAD HAVING frratly improved lis Weatera omim. tions now oflVr* the fullest inducement. m traveler* between Washington, Baltimore. and ?* poruow of ibr W?n, the Northweet and the *,*T WPf| The connection between the train* frwm K14. tngt<?n and the (rtmi bound we*t tron Balttmo.e m V PfJ?lPt,y n"wlt at the Washington Jnn< n<* ??' Thr^11;;R" '7 H,,? ^ ??5fSitk more. Hn |. the nnl> rhi.nce of car* paired t? twt-ec Washington and the Ohio nv? r Rm,- _ checked throU*h to VVherln,f at the HUaon, a..: r. h. r k^d ai.d iran-fened uwT[55 'he paeaeagam) without char?e, for iWe hoidi^ through Ui k<ill or point* b. yond. The coihmcu2 train leave W a.-timpt.>n daily at 6 a. m. and 4U? tn. < >n Sunday* at the latter hoar only. At to h? eling direct connevtion 1* made with rH? trams of the < I.N'TRM OHIO RAILROAD ninf from H? llaire on the < ?hio. near Wh? rn?. through Cambridge, Zan^vill.- and N'.-wwk iT COLlJMBUS The?e train* c? i?n?*ct at K?war* with ih< cars of th# Newark, Manefi.1.1 and handuZ ky RaMrond for Sanc'u?ky, T.dedr., Detroit, Chicaa. St. Loin-, etc. At Coluinbua the C. O. Railmed trim* mnneet with the fa?t train* of the Little Miami Railroad Xenia, CINCINNATI, LOUISVILLE. eft- *, .Yenia (on Little Miami Railroad) conn.cnoBa formed with the trams through Dau*o%?,?o IVm ?\ APOLH.IVrn-Haute. Lafajeu^ Rock l-land, St. Loui*, etc a#~ Paaeen--rr* holding through tickets lor Mem yku 1'icksbure, SatcKe?. Sew 0<em? etc. which are alro sold at Washington- are transf'Tre*! st (~ia cinnati to the Mail >i< am< r.? on tbr Oln\ rich** ior Evan.ville, Cairo. r>nd Si l^oiug are sold bv tt.? route. * ?*FOR CLEVELAND, and vir Cleveland to r.iied Detroit, Cfiiaro etc., tickets ar- r.|< when the Ol.10 i* navigable be tween Wheeling V\ ell?ville (forty mileai where a conn* ction ? l(k the < Icvei.ind and Pittsburg Railroad i? mart*. Travel ier* art- r. quct t.1to notice thai wkile ih* is the only route afiorrfinc through ii-ketc and ch?*<-ki In Washington, it i- alpn the *hortf-i, most ?perr? and direct to nearly all the leadin? po:nb< in 'ke fr?-at West. The duum e tr m Washinc:o? toCia cuinati 1* but 653 mil?*, bei: 2 100 mile* .l. jn er than bv any other r>?nte J FARE RY THKOUGD. TICKETFP.< M WAp'H INQTON: T Wherlmr *'? 5??: Colombu- ftl.t ?? Dayton, *15 50; ?16 ; Louuni v 'y railroad $lr"?5. by "Iiumittoti ? ineinrati. ?1?- la dianapolis *17 5f?; I 512 is; Tnl??d.., *15 80; D- tr??it. %I5 *30: 1 |ii< ag**, .$-J<j fi5 and <19 5f? Louis. **50 ami Mempbi*. ?fcK New r lean-, JIl, etc. wf?X.r.?R fSpPERIcK and 1URPF.R S prRKY MARTIN8HITRG PERKELEY SPRINtJP, ( | V BERLAND, BEDFORD SPRINGS, PiednioM Oji land, and Fairmoiiiit, pa-o-nc* r> ntay Itave VVa*h ington a? 6 a m w 4^ p ;a. For the n.inor **k station* be tween t alt 1 more and W'hceliac. take S a m tram Tom W. -in a#" For trains to and from Baitimorr, Ahum*. etc., s^e so cial adv. rti>eiii'-nts ^ a?-Fc?r furtlier infonutjon, thr upli tirket". ac apply to 7 HQS. II. pARS^ ?NS; \g nt. at v\ acliuu' ton Stauon JOHN U. lMJ\L, Master o! Tne.-pttrMtinH Baltimore iind < ?hn? Rrulrotd. Kalu .?.?re may 3?tf WASHINGTON BRANCH RAILROAD change of HOCRS. ON and after Monday, Hi- 33.1 in-*3nt. *-.* tram, will Leave Washington a: 6 an<! g. w., ?od 3 ?d P ?n ' ?n Sunday at i\{ p m Leave Baltunon at 4^ and ^ a m, and 3 aai 5* p m On Sunday at 4# a m. _aP^Jf J H. PARSO NS. Agent ^ Mott Bedell's Lice. & H .f SfUSQTOM CITY, JiSI) DISTRICT Of COLUMBIA PACKETS. This l?ne or packets sail? wtiekly from pier 14 Emt River, New York, and ort.-nef it necewary,and are coinp?^.*d of the f ?l it wine tirw cla^s vessels: >?ew schr. .1 F. Retell, B?-dell, maxier. N ew sehr. Mott Bedell, A. V. IMweL Schr. Air. D., Wm. Oliver, master. ! 8ehr. I >>lant, L. A. Smitn, master. Schr. Commaruier w-Chnef, Woclum, 1 Schr. Graewiray. W-ii^m, master. Tlieut venels are all fast aaiiers, and the xwit-ra men of expenenre in the trade, and the only puj lar line ot Washington City parketa. MUTT BEDELL. Wall street, N. T. 8. 8. MASTERS & SONS, _ Alexandra, Va. THOMAS RILEY, fcb 1?Cm Washington and D. C. ORAHOI AND ALKXA9DEIA^p On and after Tuesday, Nov. 7^854, THE Cars leave AloicndrU da'ly for Goidoa? vllle and Invna?diate -Ution? 7 ? o'clock, a. on the arrival ci th* boat from Washlnrtoi! nnng ample time for breakfast on board Coo RMtinx at Kauaea* JcLctl?L with a tr*!i? for gtn? hor^, at Warr*nton Ju rtion w<th a traic fcr War renton, and at Gordor.itvil]* whh the train* ee Um YirgialaCentral Railroad I 'rHichBond.Char' .tuo vil!?, and Staontun The cars leav? G->rdcB*vl1?e dall* ?nr AUxaudrta Md InUrmedl&te ?uti">bK at V. befor* 12. a b? oa the arrival of thr train* ot tks Virginia Central rail r^ad Rlcbsci J, CharlotteerlU* *3'J rtauntoa. 1HB0DQH TTCKKTg Ftol; /Jeran-irla ro Warrentoc $3 00 M Gordonaville 8 10 Charlottesville ? 86 ?* Stamnton ? 00 atmbvrr? 3 10 Lrnihbnrn 0 71 Wlnohaeter S M ^*u"7'.w...^.,?...?m 4 2M New Market.. 6 00 " . ^ iUdllatui.r 1* ?or LTtt&ctxg ^' -.uectiaz with ths stwo* at C^r*Ot^vUIa, co Mcud?yCVeilnMd?y-. acJ Fri *or Luray aud Now Market, socne-.tir.^ with '* at uulpepei, ca ruvtlaya,TLup*isyslacd 8aV ,*?T ^iDohest^r daily, oonaect;ng the *Uf? at ivamoot ? *vr hUj, ?atec:iEg with the ?Ug? at the Plain*. Par order: W. B. B&GGb WT, Af-nt dov 7?atf FOR MOUNT VERNON. On TUESDAYS aLd FaIDAYS. i(Fara roand trii JI; f-.ozxi Alei* "dn* 76 cent* The TH<?MAd 0G!.L^ BR Washington at 0 and Alexandria at 9,^ o'slfw*. ?-oach** leave the Capltrl ur tfc e Vat at ? * o'clh Co%oh tire 0 cent* Persons wishing tha will 1-*t? C-eir rrtl dens- with Geo. A Thoa Pans; Refr*ahni*nt? on the bo*t. Oct 2&?dtf 8ADTL GRI>N*T. Ca?t. *KW YORK dt LIYKUPOOli UNITED STATES MAIL STEAMERsT Thr jiuips ooM^RwrNG tsts linr iri TIIK? ATLANTIC, Capt. Weet PAClfIC, Oapt Nve, BALTIC. Capt. C cr^tosk, _. ADWATIC, CkpL Grafton. These ahipa have been built by contract, expreea *7 Qoremia#nt mrk*; every oaw has beea taken in thair oonrtntctino, aa in the Snginet U> inwr# strength and epeed, acJ their awunaod*' tione for paaaengera are unequalled ior e>^anoa acd oomtort Price of paange ft*?? N'v York to Lfrerpcol, in firet cabin... ..??? ?.?? >-..h...h... ^ 4 jq Second Cabin ? 70 Exclmdve nae of extra rfae at ate rooms From L.rarpool to New York IM and ?30. An experienoed anrgton attached tc each -lip. No berth can be aeoured until paid Ior. Wot freight er naaaage apply u> MbwAfiD K. COLLINS A cW_ ...mi Wall str^t. NaT York. BROWN, 8UIPLIY A CO., Q. R0BKT5 * CO. U"rr"rl ? J0UsKSi5,ra;JSf1^*"' * Eae Notre Dame dee Tl- toire?. Pari*. OBO. H. DEAPKK, Havt-. 01 ^P* *ili aot be aoooantabto aovTi^d W*6 V*io# therein expreiwad. BAEXme HOUSE 07 PAIE0 4 B0USJX, OpponU Umtsd State* 7W?w? T)OND8, Stocks and other aocariteee Mrchaaad X> and mid. JanM?In

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