Newspaper of Evening Star, June 8, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated June 8, 1855 Page 3
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EVENING star. Local Intalllgonca. Cbabitailb Adtbrtisivo ?We frequeatlv ttelJ^i*!!8 t0 i",e,t ^^'wminUomn i2? ?" P#r f"r steles and nn^ ?Mv; and' io caao of tefwal, render ourselves obnoxious to the aharge of not be'rc y fH" m the moral elorms of tbe da>! In other word', we are asked to exoludo pjV. ^verti??menta, to make room for tho;e which cost as money to pat info type, and for WQicb we receive no pecuniary return Pe *mi generally hare no adequA'e idea of the large outlay of ready cash Lece?sary to con * a ?a,lJ P*P?r? else they wouJd not be un reasonable in their demanda To be tare the Charge for advertisements is small, but this ia a reason why it should be paid by those directly interested in the publication. In the bofldtiTe 12ikfi?K ?eM ?2n wiU thr wopsn thei ??tab ishmenta and deliver their goods ? wl>b l price,'on all orders 2l? k SF fr??.chwritable societies, it will wen be time te discuss the propriety of news 1ST.BSy ? fo,lowi?K their example n.akL nf M wo deem prope- to make of charitable movements, are of cour*n with uteoet; but the publication of written comman,c.uo,., and rcnorts mo" be J.I: Wnlera of 8uoh "tides cam the ??h?*r a ?or* "?TTiaenbli contribution to the c.nrity he wishes to promote than to raj nity ? Dg It3 clailM b?for* the comma V, e charge for tbe Star about the cost of the white paper on whioh it ia printed, which compels us to depeod upsn the pay re:eived for Advertisements for the uie-na of defraying all our heavy weekly outlays in OAah. LiLBrHEJ0liV,O1,.i!'D Pic *IC of the Northern *,r? Company which took pl?,ce yesterday, at the White House paased oT in SUSm ' everJthin? been moat com ?!??\>!7 ^ranged by the company', oommit SLS t comfor' and pl?Asure of their ?!!??! ?fn c< nseqn?nce of the threatening wither the party waa not aa large aj ex Ekl?n th#revwaa a enffioient number to make all sgreeible and happy. The erea* ?lKEIn^"fc '1 ?f th? trip Pror*d t? ^0 the v' ' lvJ ?.f !h# ete m*r '0 reach the wharf at fl/S?*riW eoa??la?? of the high wind then prevailing, by nhicb upwards of fifty persons were prevented from unitinw with the excursionists. At the pavilion, to the exccl lent music of Scott's cotillon band, ,'^a ry forms', now here, now there Hov??f'i| like cluld.en of the air," until a lArt hour, -hen the pArty returned to the city, highly pleased with the msnner in which everytnicg passed cff. Mr. A Colum bus furnished me supper and relreahmenta, disp Ayirig his uanal giod cas e in their nro vision. "Ihe Ben Franklin Target. Western Moee, and Usion companies of this city, wern largely represented; lireriae the Vigilant of Georgetowa, and the Friendship and Hydranl loa of Alexandria. 3 u *?RIVlTr1*Ilc"7 w;?a ?rreg-ed. la?t ni-ht, Go*rd> and brought to tho warch-houje, where, after aleepirg awav the effects of his dejauah, he waa h<a morning arraigned before Capt Bir-h to answer to the aomplamt, mide by Mrs. Johanna Kyan. cf SiM / Vg4r!y a':u'inS her. but of threat ening to burn hor with her property. The poor woman told her story in a plain, direr Ei *eJad8* ir??hiul manner, describing h w Hickey h.?d intruded on her premi.-es drunken udu id a untT truly diitrTid'iDc * in fjet, tbec?D-iitioD in which h. .a7br ,n/h'.. t" the watch hon^e was An iiidiiputable evite&ce o. the fact. Mrs Ryas ij a widow, with two tmaJI eh.luren. By mesns of her late has i banu a and her o*;n icdistry a small h-.u??l was pur?ha-ed, in which, she said, she wished { to Ii. o' ut r ude n.oleeta*ion; ai.d ?L? sj,.. poot i that either locii prejudices o: the 'ould couathry," or a de-;re to wrea; her tenement from her, superinduced the disreputable pro ceed, n&- on the part ox the defendant. Al;er a patient hearing cf the ca*e, C*i t Birch r? ^?'cd Rickey to fur.dsh iteurity, in default1 o which be was rent to jail, the' aporoph-ve j pi acet r All parsons ia the form ot inaa ^to ! wou.d oppress or trample on a pocr widow Attb.vd, DBrRACPED Votebs !?We Are re quested to ceil on All thoao Ar.ii.Know Nothic* ?otera whoaa ballots were rejected At eiiher cf the seven p. II:ng places on Motdey last, to meet at ilarmoay liall to-nijht, with the com mittee charged witi? the duty cf preparing a list of iheir n >a#j, residence ard the circuiu ?tancea under which ihey were defrauded of their ngbu aa citiaeaa of Waahington, f,r the aeuoa of the counsel who have been emploved to produce the contest for tho positions to which Know Nothings have been Aad fraudulently re urae 1. It is of greAt im pcrta: ce that ali such persoaa should Attend on this call, ai it ia necesaary at once to m.ike out a complete liat of them. Tho^e alao *ho ow ot the reception of illegal Know Nothing ? jrotes at Ar,y poll in the city should likewisu ' a? sure to atread. Iia.m >ny iiall ia ob D atreet, (north.) between Twelfth and Thir teenth streeta. Aersst bob Absos ?Officer Boea has or reated t?o ledd who are cha-ged with aet::-ii< fire to the property rf Air Ad^ma, on Kieventa r.reet, some diya ag ; and to the Apollo Hill premises on Wedneid iy moriiing U?t Ttio will have a hearicg to day before Ju-tice Bteveas One of them, a boy of 16 or 17 years 04 aa;e. named (ieorge Gray, in the acoouat which he g.vea of himie;f. s atta taat he waa brought from Baltimore by Another boy who was arreste I a few d?ya since on the ehargo of robbing sere, al amall grocsries of money, &; ^ * at*temeot ahows ihat tile " Da bob Gang ' have beea rocruitiag, and eitii^a nave much to fear f<om these aoeomplishad burglars and incendinries, thonrh taero is proOubly not one o?er aixteon ye-w of ase ex. cept Gray him?elf. ' Closing Hocus ?Many of oar merehenta in order to effjrd their clerka aa opportunity far recreation, have decided to close their ?torn every evea rg in the we?k, (except that of Saturdayj at hvf-pAat seven o'clock, dar ing the luiuatr season Judging from move ?eots in tae midat of ua the ariADgemont is likely to become general. Without deeignio^ in the rem>teat de/ree to iaterte.e in the QiAtter, we mey express tbe opinion thAt it is egood rule?.ae thAt those whe ere imaia. uia:ely benefited will docbtlesa appreciate A.iothbb CocffTBBVBtT ?We, yasterdav. Warned oar eiuseas against apurious twenty areceat pieces, aad new atate that oounter "Btfio notaa ua tbe Bank of ?orth Ameriea Have made their appearance in PhiladelphiA, ?ad whi*h may find their wey to WAahington. "?y Are well exeeu ed, end caloulatei tu de taive They are dated April fa, 1654, end Are ttgaei ? J H .ekley. oAahier," aad '? J. Eich a*dioa. preaidcat." ASB PRICK 09 BBBB CATTL*.?A reduction ?** Uken ilace ia Baltimore. Cattle sold Jeeterdiy, in that city, at from $3.50 to $5.76 Per hundred pounds grosa, making the nett ?wt from $7 to $11 ii. The reporla from New *orx aod other of tbe northern eitiea ahow a eorreapocding deelina in the price of eettle ?om? of our oontemporAriea therefore, Are ?engratnlAtii?g the publio that the " good ^me coming 0f beef At living prices is ceer ** aAnd. Bo may it be. KAI,,a' yM ?^ay after. ?i? V ay 1,8 th' iameaae volumes of dust l ,0 the rehef ia thTJlii T?Lt" them to be jnd bright, outside ZU?01'u.ZY ~LMt W *V> 0 >nd iiten Mcilann were takea before Jani-e ?*tes, charged wita usiag profane and fnie cent language publicly in tbe streets. They ^vosed ?tch other end p.<yed tbeir eharse* were fceth mAde to pay the fi^a aui ^8l '?qaixod oy the coro ratloa law. Aj^owmtbs,-? K^Qffatr ha#. outi appom.ed by the President of the United th# in ?d for tbe wv; of Wasfciofua Public 8chool?.?At the l*ta meeting of the board of trsfteee of the Public Sohooli a resolution ?u paused t0 oommenoe the examl netlon of the variou* Febnola on the 15th in?t ? and th?8eere?vj <Mr. Abbot) wudirected to Jrew a letter to the teacher to the eff?ot that the board etpeet then to oomply with tho rules and ragulatlona la all respecte Thla more especially hai relation to the fohool bonre, which, heretofore. hare not been uni form in practice, tboaph the specified time during which instruction s^all be imparted is laid down in print Mrs Kelly, assistant teacher of the first male pnnairv *;hool, flr*t district, having resigned t< at cffi?e, Mies L. E. Moore, who had been temp rarily emploved. was elected to fill the vacancy thus occasioned. Mr. Wm. Lord resigned as trustee for the second echool district, ani the vacancy was fille by the appointment of Mr. J F Polk, *?ho had changed his residence to that part of 'h-3 oity. The vacancy in the first district re mains. Tan Soldi*rs op 1812.?An adjourned meeting of the soldiera of the war of 1812 was he?d yesterday afternoon, in the chamber of the Board or Aldermen, Col. J 8 WiMams in the chair, and Kiehard Burgeas, Seoretary. The object was to form an association of tho*e who redded in the District of Colombia at that time, and who were in tho military ser vice cf the country, and including all who hare since removed hither, they having beer similarly engaged. The extension of relief to tho distres e-i and suffering of their nnm her is the prominent feature of the proposed organintion A committee was appointed to draft a con stitution, to be reported to aa adjourned meet ing. to be held on the 18th of June, the anni. vers%ry of the declaration of the war of 1812 We presume that all the veterans residing in tho midst of aa will cheerfully respond to the call of philanthropic doty, to be performed by the contemplated association. Rfsic.xid.?Captain John Reese, of the Washington Highlanders, has resign 3d his Tuition rs Capt?in of that company, and his resignation has been acceptoJ. The High landers l<*3e a valuable officer and good s^l dier by the resignation of Captain Reese. It is the intention of the company to retain him as an honorary member. Watch Rkttrbr ?John Nesbit, drunk, bronght in last night, was this morning dis missed He w.ts about to be committed to tae work-honse. hut tho vory name of that insti tution filled him with terror, and he at once commenced to make excuse* for his oonduot. paying that he bad undesignedly imbibed '' much ether," but which, we think, we do not err in supposing to be "blue oap " Me solemnly premised that he would never "gain plpoe himself in so critical and disa greeablo a condition, and that he would here after take "heed to his ways " The oaptain, in consideration of the importunity of the penirent, kindly permitted him to depart; and ba. after expressing Ms gratitude for the act of clemency, hastened away to his ace us tomed work. PKLEBBATED GBRMaN BIT ? week. nervons, denres?e<! in spirit*, and * ?? l?;nwr?bl#Bnuit as well a< physical evils, the *1<tlaito dyspepsia, u Indeed an object of r?in:?i->??r?ll..ii. Tet It !? iU >rd r>r blci U despair. (V? rare not how w^k 1 l,rr|ubl* ?"?* U.? cordial iirnt.-tr tie^of IIOOFLAND S GERMAN HITTERS, prepare! by l?r. ' M Jic)Lron. Philadelphia. ?r- strrng-r than the m*T,y , ., m " ter It preying a|H>ii hi* body and mil d. ? l.1 if u? rfcooaes to try tbeaa. we wm tD??re a speedy < nre See 41 ver fpeiunnt >7-Stt [y-y? BAKER'H PRRMIIM BITTERS?Mr. /?"?tor?Ton won 1.1 beaatcnisned, though true, Inuiy travel through ^ irgiota a ?h<.rt : sin re. to h -ar of the fs'th and rtK-rm D:en lstlon th it is given t-. IIaKKK'S PREMIUM BITTERS Several ladies and g?ntleinen said they h .d lia l ti e bmn ? n f'ir many year*, but never liad fonnd anything u> ni?k? a cure of It 1 ut IUk?r'? P. eiuium it itera, ant aome w ulii *ay It 1 aj cured il.ein entirely of the nvrvous l.e-d'irlie an l Otnrr* wni|,| *nj If it l,?d n. t been for tbeae B iter- tl ey wunld >.ave di-d with t)i? cholera So ?? Mi ro BaKKR and liia PKK"H'M BITrERS. l? SV'ry family aboiild keep a f?>w U.ttle* ou lianJ. Pi le# 5C cent* rer Imitle T<> be had ?.f rjf tRi.KS STOTT A CO.. Wa*b!nirt-n I> C C4N 1;V * HATCH, and SETI1 S. HAXCE, B.ltiaioie a?d ty Drujitists everywhere. eoSt KKCPFT PUB THK LtDIKS?HOW TO PRK^ERVSt Htaoty ? Don't dm n-a'k. Lily Whit- or any of the f coemetics, to con -eal a fa lrd or rrUiow eoin|>leti<in. If you wanii have the ro9?-a brought back to yonr clieek, a, he ili' y and trnr.aparent -kin and life and v' i'n f< ?sl thri aft.i the *y?tnu. ic-t a b >tHe of Corter'a Mlxtrre, and take it ?rror'tn* iire<ti"na. Itd..c? not 1 t.rt ? quite t_a well aa f^eetinetta . but. If a?ter a few d<mea y.-o 'lo c >? Bi?J your bea th and betuty reviving, yolii at?*p e,?Mc and r1rfor<<na. and tbe whole avatem refreah^d an I lnvI<ora!?d 'Ike m Sprin* rac rnluc. then your caae >? hope I?a?, and all tha valo?bi? eerfifl'-ate^ we (?>**??*. go for i. iOkiil. It la the rraat^at j.nrifler of tha blood hiionn la P" rfertly harmleM and at the line time powerfully ctoua. ?.*-?* advertiaomaoV. fT-T?KOAH Walker k CO., Marbla Hall ClotLluc Knipo rtBDQ, under Browns* Hotel, raapertfnlly anii^tunre that their diaplRy of Spring acd Komraer ClotlilnK ia now rvady for ln*p?ctl^u, comprising an aaarrtment of Vaau and Pantaloons of the nawaat and rh heat de?f*n? hi material, trirmlBf ard workiraoatlp. To <e:itle:ne? who stwd; uxceilen>-e with e-onomy In faahlon-tble artlrlea of j drw-s to "pporl-j'il'j for se'ecttc* Is oiTerud from one of >*?.? laii(e?t and most attractive stock of gooda ever offered !n tti's c!?y a*, a wy r?la<-?d #r?!e of prices. #p 17 fp?a*irMS AT tuk P41RR ?^whitehi-rmts ??1" !n the M?j'uc< -The lories of each of the !at* u:n at Kaitltn -ie. Htchmond and New Tork awarded 'heir bt<h?st preoilams to J. II. W. fl>r tbelr saperlority of I'L<^ U?:raph?, 9tare?-c<-pea and Daguerreotype* exhlbltel. Mr. W. klso received two Medals at the World's Fair, Len der iic.1 a premlora at Crystal Palace, New Tork Aiao, th* flrrt awards of the Maryland instltote for three je&rs paat. W)i'?Lnrafa Callary la UiU city M on Fa. aT?no?. h?itt*. ik&u <ilh ntreeU ft.b 17 i-"Z D. OILMAN, Drngglat, has rsmovad to Stt) Seveaib ?tr??et, opooait* to the Patriotic Bank, and 1? now ore pared infill all ordi-rs f.r Me<lict> sa, Palnb), lliia, and OIu>s ou accomroo<la'.lu( terms, (strict attention will ba raid to p>iyaicl?c?a preacrl tior.a at all hoars of the day and night. Th* night bell Is on tbe right of tbe store door. ap 1??lot rr"y=? A PHENOMENA I* fi KDICINB?R-oncbltls, Ocogh, Dy pe *1a L'ver ''owplaints. Scrofula. Ac. '-Per all diae-rts of the ."erua'e Sy.tem It -tanda pre em'nent. A 4iier; Just luforns Be it haa cored him of Bronchitis (tta tieape ateoh<rait?r?n*rtic- ara hereafter. 9AMPTON8 VKUKTaBLE TINCTI'BR?By I's mild ac t1< n on the atomacn, II-er and kidneys, will core Pyap^p sla, C-<r>gb. Ast iina, Bronchi.1 and Lnug Affections P?:i.a lo the t>>va, h: lo and Brea t, Con?um|>tloii. Sc-ofuia, Klica Uont. Nearalgia, Plstuls, Bowel Conpla nta, Pilen. Worn.*, a id Vervoas Deldlitlee?with all dl-eas** aristny from Impore b! >od. and Is tbe grea'est female medicine ev er knswii. Tl's .a??lr?ble m<-1'cine Is workl'ig won<l< rs np?n t'.ehooian fram* K* advertisement t ^-day. mar 7 !T*"^T.CN'JS?Ll'NOS.? Wc refer our reade-s to en adver ?*?' r'*etn#?jt lo anot ier nilumn, for full particulars con cerning the UYOKANA of Dr. Curtis. It ie >a d to be one <>f u>e re-it remirkable cures for all description of di?ea*ei of me luurs ever discovered. Its vli toea have been to-*titied to by hendreds, who bave obtained their knowle<ige by the best of all te?M-her??experience. CAUTION.?Dr. CCUTIS'B HHOEANA Is the original and on!) geuulne article. may ?1 m ?rj?ibs!LU*STO* receives ell thsnew Books aad :.'swt papers aa faat ?e pi.bll h?d. he is agent for Harper's and ail l^e other M*ga.''.c<*s, and ocr readers will alwavs Sr.i a Itrgeaud good eaa< rtnienV of B.ana Books and HuJioi.ery at hit. Bookstore. I Moon Relidlng. cor Pa. eeoone ar.d 4^ at. By J. C. McOl IKK, Aualonctr (1HOIPE COLLECTION OF RAUE AND VAL j uablK Oil Painting* at Pub ic Auction.?On TUESDAY aft?*riionn, June 12th, at o'i'lock, ai the .-'al on ovrr Farnham'i Br.okgrore, coiner Pa. ithhk suit 1 lih ?tr? rt, I *hall nell a collection of rarr at:.1 va'.uahle Oil PHln'inf?, wit ciei) wuh sr?-at cure by H. N. Kailow, E q., from various salle i?', oti th?* C<irfin?nt. Amonf-4 them will bn t'oun I ^Beci neoa ol Domenchioo, Vtlax^utz, dir Godfrey Kneller. A Van Willies, John VVilnon Canniburo', .M nulla, Wrnet, Poussin, Hhayer, jr., and other*. The sn'rvw will be open and the Pictures on free exhibition dtily until the ?al?. Catalogue* rr.ay be obtained at lb* aaloon or al t ie auction rooms. Tcrnw: 8LOO and under cash [ over tha* auoi a creditor sixty and ninety days, i'or note* aatiaf^ctoi i ly eudorsed, b?aruig interest. J AS. C. McGUIKE, Jet5?d Auctioneer. By JA8. C. JHeGL7tliJB? Auetlonaaro "f TERY VALUABLE BUILDING LOT ON 7th V Bireet at public sale.?O.i FRIDAY afternoon, June feih, at 6 o'clock, on the premises, 1 shall it'll, the south part of Lot No. 11, in Hquarr 4&>, front ing 38 feet 7 inches 011 Bevtnth sire* t we*<, between n< th K and I. afreets, rii nint back 100 feet 1 nc Lot is handsomely situated in one 01 tbe best butinchs streets in the city, but a short distance from the Northrm Market, and affords an excellent op portunity lor a safe investment. Title perfect. Terra#; One i-ixih cash ; the reeldae In 6,12. 18, 24, arid 30 month*, with interast, secured by a deed of trubt on lite nremiMs. JAS. C. McGUlltE, Je i?d Auctioneer. By J. G. UcGUlfLKi Aactlon?er. PEREMPTORY HALE OF TWENTY ONE Eighth I'I'In of Co^n a/ Brandy ?On 8 AT UK DAY, June kth, at 10 o'clock, in front of the auc tion rooms, I shall tell, wjlbout reserve, to cover advances? ?) ooe-elxbth canka pale Cognac Brandy. Tefnu : ."*60 and under caah ; over a credit of twu and four montlia. for noted satL-tactonly en dorsed. bearing interest. JAP. C. McGUIRE, je 7?d Auctioneer. B y Wall, a *?*.?% A til) * CO , A acts. VES8HL AT AUCTION?On MONDAY next, llch inatant, at 0 o clock p m.,at the man* b->a: wh.irft 11 in street, w? ataail Mil to tbe lii|hesi btddar taa acbo.ur Only ton. with all her rig?u.g and fit inn ' orapUte. > A goc i r pponanlty k ofllrad to iboM to W?o? of Wcc a ?asset, Totma at aa& . ^ WALL74A*KABn fc CO., J* T?AucUoo ? AHR1?D. On the #'h Ins'ant, by Mr. Boyle, Dr. FRANK LIN* WATERS to Mrs. MART A BROOKE, both o"Mootromery co , Md. ? ????? i i ?ui i mm i !? .? m' Wauts. \*rANTED??9 000, A< A LOAN FOR TWO ? f orthr^e >vars. which will be secured by a deed of trust on pr p?*rty srust'd In Washlngt -n city, wonh thre ? times the amount, Address'P<d lard Webh, office on Pa avenue, 7 doors ea*t of the I N'ari'-ial Hut 1 je 8?3'# \\T ANTED? FIFTY HANDS' TO CLEAH I'UE I T V earih from a qtiarry. Inquire at UIOHAUL) ItF.ID'S Farm, on t ie G'-orpet wn a.^d Lc?* burg Tiir pike Road, two miles above the Little Falis bridge. |tf 6??*t W'ANTED?AT BOULANGER'S RESTAU rant, G street north, near 17th street and tlie War Department, a young man to ahuck ov?nef. a d a- a waiter. Also, a eirl, to wash and Jo cham herwork. Reasonable wages given art J satisfactory r ,co?om',n lations riquiroi. Apdv immediately. je 7?3t zhjT ANTED?A PARTNER TO WORK A Stone Quarry and conn act for sale of St^ne to Government and others, there being now great de mand for stone. ^Thia Quarry i* immediately oppo bite Georgct wn. Largr. shanty, blacksmith and ev-ry implement on tlie fpot. Tl l ? quarry iur nishes the best and largest truck t3ioae, &c{ A chalice u now ofl'ered. Call or write to LLOYD St CO, F fteentli street, oppo. the Treasury. may 3?t( \f ANTED?EVERY BODY TO KNOW THAT V t they can get a lot 24 feet front by 130 te?t deep, for the low price of $75?payable $3 a month without intcre>t. Apply at the Union Land Office, | 7ih st., above Odd Fellows' Hall. ap28 3m JOHN FOX, Sm>, Boarding. Board. transient or permanent, during the re ce-* of Congress, can be oMained hy applying . t No 5 5 5, near and south of the Capitol, V J. r pey ave nue. ie 7?eo3.* BOA K1)I.1U.-A lady, without children, hav ing taken the h?use, No 405 U'lion Uow, can accommodate one genteel family with board.* Also j a tew single gentlemen. The situation is very de sir-ble, being nn F -treet, the third dmr from 7:h, in the immediate neighborhood of t^e Patent and P< st Offices. je 7- lw* Bt) A K O t !H G.?Three gentlemen with their j wives, or five or six single gentlemen can be ae- [ commodat d with rood board *nd lodging in a very pleasan- and healthy neighborhood hy applying at No. 8 Louisiana avenue, nearly opposite ti?- < ity lla'l. je 6- 3i* UOA UUIflO.-P Icasant rooms for Summer, with boarding for a gentleman and his wife, and 'or st-v> ral single gentlemen can be had by ear ly application at KINtJ'S, 303 North G, betw? ? i: Ud ami 4)< streets. The house delightfully si'u nted, and has Just been thoroughly rcuovate I and lefurnished. je 4_tv,* MKV m C PoarifirTg House, on Pennsylvania avenue, fir t hous ? west ?f j tne Canitol ?ate." Fine rooms ai variou- prices. :>nd ? very possible attention an I comfort bestowed vn ladies and gentlemen gues s. may 26?3.w* %0 I'Tc 4C.-FOR RENT-PANU'KS AM) I ^ Chambers, with board. Also, tabl" and trail stent board, with a bathinr room an 1 shower baths and every attention to render it m<?et aereeahle t?> her boarders. Mrs. P. G MURRAY, Coruer Pennsylvania avenue and 4*^ ct. ap23? 3:n T>ERSONS WISHING A H ANDSOMELY FUR 1. nished Parlor and Chamber in a private family can be accommodated hy spfiyins at317? south side of the avenue, op;?osite VVillaids' Hotel may 29?eo2w Ac.?MRS. BATES, on the ?ou h wc-^t corner of Pa. avenue and 9th street is p -- lK,rcd to accommodate gentlemen with riwin", ? r v/ilhosit board. Every effort will br made to ren der tr.^c c?>m?'ortrb e wh.a may favor her with th*??r fiM ? t tf FRENCH II AIR DRESSING AND SHAVING SALMON. 'I'HE unler'igned respectfully nnnoutici's to lite : ( citir.en.- of Washington, thai h- hss opened a 1 Gentb men's Hnir llrossii.p wnd Shavi'-g Haloou, en Ph. av>'i ue, between 1 lih and 12ib stre?-is. where li ?s ar ail tint s > repare?l to aecemmoiiare th'Mn in a'l ! b>^-i? l.? el the lonsori J op, r i i:m Hair Juttni< periorni'd in the very hu-' st; lea H? would call rariicular fct'enuon to hi< V\ "ii>up?'ip, Bra Mb, Fn*rti<s. Wbukam, Mmacboi , &c , arnt k prepared to fill aSI orders in the ai-nve line at ih'- -horifst notiv.e. A kk] a>s r inent con stantly ? n hand He reHtjeeilulIy fo'icits a call, fe?liri? as-ured "hat he cannot fail to plta.'ir nil who may so fi.vnr j?U?eolm JOHN HERLORN. INTERESTING^ TO CARPENTERS AND *? UILI'EKS ^F^ME sub?crib?-rs having S"cu(?* i the service* of a J fir-t r*te operator. ar-? prepared to execute with imin diat?- despatch, and in unequalled I}le, any desc-ipti n of t'lamiig Mill work. Tin v have ?n iiat'd 40,000 fct prjnae se&s^ned ."> 4 \'oit!i I 'arolina flooring, a?ol alet? n:? ?qual qinntiiy ?t-4 Eastern Shore, which will ' e Bold at the lowe f. m.trfe' i piic? lor cash,; r to sti-'i cn-ionier? a? they may choo-e to trust. je (5?eo3t FITZH^GH COYJ.E fe BRO. (Olfeai>.?-?il ^r) MEDICATED FIGS. r|'HnSE Fi:?s are ?-peen.l y adapter! in all cares ? where a pii'ga ive is d<"-ired. Thiy are mo e activt- than the Senra. and entirely fr? e from any ? ifing properties, and di the same time free from the teste ? t medicine. Prepared ard sold only by i. U. MOORE, Drusifi't. Pa avenue, opposite Seven lluilding . Je 2?r * 3t THE POTOMAC RTVFR STEA l. OA L COMPANY'S STEAMER ALICE G. i'PJCE, C ?PT. !? AMUf L I'.AKUR, ?ri:"wr ^ Will commence her regular LTj^i:trina ntiTnK4< AY HO'tlifKr, tripe on lOK'ii. AY HOMING, itie 2Jih i.i Ui'it, touching a; the dilTtreui Landings on the rivt-.r. l.f ice Washington at 6 and Alexandria at 7 o'clk on Tue-day and Ftid ?y mornings R-tnrnin?, wi I U i".' ' ine Kim at 4 o'cio-u, on Wtdaoiaj and ri-t'j.-dii; mornings, until furtner notice. may 26? d PURE SILVERWARE?A MAGNIFI CENT ASSORTMENT. 1" W. GALT X ilKO ca'l attention to their xYl a unusually large asso/tmeiit of Silverware, consisting of? Solid Piiv* r TeaSels, complete Silv r Pitcna/s. solid 8ilv> r Castors Silver Gups and Saucers. G^lets silver Fish Carveis and For*". ('lUinh 8crapws Cake kuiv s, Fruit Shovels, Sugar Jelly Hp on-, Chee?e Scoupi; I'i. kl.: Knives at.d Forks Olive Spoon*, Salad Tor.g.-?, Vegetable Forks Fruit Knives, let- Tongs, Uessert Knives Soup, Cream and Gravy Lad! s Ice Cr< am Knives, Bait Cellars Napkin Rin.s, Butur Knives, Tea Strainers Tea, Table, and Desert Spoons and Forks of every v.iri<ty Ur< akta-t b!id dinner CofTee Spoor.s, he. Alro, a v -ry large Ji sortmem of Fancy Silver ware, suitable fcr wedding, birth (*ay, a: d other presents Tbe aluve is all of our own manufacture aud is warranted to be pure. M. W. GALT & BUG., iii* Va. avc., betw. 9tli acd 10th stf. Kltr 31?tf PROSPERI'S CORNET"BAND? ri'HIS Band is suitable for an/ and all purple*, j aad is warranted to give satisfaction to all those who may be pleased to engage them, either as a Rtass, Bied, or Cotillon Hand, Any number of mu^ieians to be had at the short est notice by applying to FREDERIC PROSPER!, Leader, at Taitavuii's Store, opposite the Marine Barrai ks. N. B.- Orders left at Hilhus fit Hitz's Music De pot, w ill he promptly attended to. may 25?4m NEW BOOKS RECEIVED AT SHII.UKGTOll'S. The Watchman, will be found a fitting companion to ibe popular and simple stoty of the Lamp liyhtrr Harpers' Magazine for June?comine.iCeM a new volumo The Missing Bride, by Mrs. SomhworUl The Two Guardians, by the author of Heart#oaie HI inch Lorwood, a tale of modern life Virginia, liarpet's Sto?y Book for June A Book of Thoughts, Memories, and Fenclcs, by Mrs Jameson Peeps from a Belfry, or the Paris Sketch Book Leaves from a Fam ly Journal, by the auth ?r of At tic Philosopher in Paris Joy and Care, a fri-ndly book for young mothers, by Mis. riuthill. All the new books published received immediate ly afterwards, and every tLing in :h- stationery line for sale at SHILLINGTON'S, Bookstore, O eon Building, 1 ? Coiner 4% st, and Pa. a v. F*OR SALE.?A Pair of BAY MARES, 7 yeara old uextsprir-s-well-bred^oucd.stylish, ^ gentle, soinied and capital gtnrs. They are * rll-brokcn and perfectly fre^ fro.-i tricks, auu will ^-rtlcularly sclt any gentleman who is fond of hiiiiig. The owner parts with th?m only because h.s rRijpaae is n rvirsnrh his expenses. They can b.< mmd at 8oathr<in,i (late Birch's) Stable, on ll'.ii ?iroft. aruth of Pa. av?na*. For terms, or an op portunity to trr them, enquire at the connter of tl)? Star ohlce. Thsy wffl be fold a ba.gate, I For Palo and I eut. Foil RENT?TUE PORRRST HALL RE8TAU raut, centrally situated m Georgetown Tht? i< -ina of ihe most or art' as I e-n a.ent? In tbe Unitw? Siates, and attached to the or.'y public bt'l in thr uwn. Poiseasion given li-t Jnlv. P.? trrma apply 10 BLADEN porrest. Cornet ofF and Twentieth Firft iate Devon Cow and Calf for ?aie. Apply above. je B-lw' FOR REVT OR pf>R S V.F,?SMALL FRAME Hon-.-, No 58 LMiirianii ivrnn*1, Wa^liinfrtan. to a re-por>ibl>* ?< nant the rent w2i b low. Poa f on givsn on t'n! 20'h June. A'*o lor --ile H.iuse r.:,d Lot N'"?. *7 Hi$'i street Giorp'town, Termsiir???ral. Anpivto F. K LUNDY, No. 12# o.rnlg- ???t., Georftorrn. Or No. 400 E ureet, Washington, je 4 5t 1 L \RGE AM) ELIGIBLY SITUATED comer f\ Lot. co.nailing 14.000 qiian> feel ami fronting^ th? Capitol Park for s ile on accommodating terms if tin'Mediate application !? ir.?ide to Hi LRUS & HITZ, Comer !'a avenue and 1 Ith at. Being to near the Capi'o' and but a few minute-' wrdk from the C?r Depot, make* it moit advantage ously situated for a large public House. jf 5?tf ' 17OR RENT?IN Al F.XANDKIA. V A., Til A I large three ^tory Brick House, well known as the best Hand in the city tor 1 hotel and restaurant, 011 Cameron street, opp-isire the Market Hou-e ami now occupied by Mr. MeGote gal. Poss*ie?-.i.,n civ en on the first of July. A.ilre* LLOYD X CO , Claim Agent, 15th st, opp. the Treasury, Wa hinu Ion, D. I.'. m*v I#1?tf Rents reduced to suit i he times 1 i$150 a year will be received for the rent ol those new and convenient cottage* a: Kendal' Green, with two acred ol ground, stable, wood ?t< d and outer coavenirnccs" a'rached. Pumpn ot pti'f wiiei are near the door, and rotnmumeat on is bar with Georgetown by of H and Seventh streets and Pe n. Avenue, n.orning and afternoon) at the ti.-ual fare, for the accomm-HaLoa cf clerks in the departments. To secure the advantage of this cri at reduction of rent immediate application must oe made to th? undersigned, either by letter, or at his house at Kendall Green. atVr otftcc honm, where the K?ye may be had and uie bouses inspe ted at any time. Se veral of these residence* will be sold on liberal terras. WM STICKVEY, No 4, Kendall Green. N. P..?Rent* paid quarterly in aiv.iru,e. apr 9, 1R55?tr flUILDING LOTS AND DWELLINGS? Fni |J rale, Lots on Third street, near the City Hall: on ( , f etwi en Third aid Fourth; on E, between Fir?t and Se.iond; on Seventh, beiwern L and M; on M, near Tenth; on Third, near L,; on Seventh, bttwron Land M; on K.between Fourth and Fifth, also, opposite to Fanklin Squire; Ma--aehtt-ett av. nue, between First and N. CapitoS; First Ward, G near Twenty first; Yirgi: in avenue# near T*". n'jr lirst; \\ Hampshire avenne, between 11 and I; a*?o two fiume dwellings tut Fourth between F ami C, will be :;o!d low for cash. Island property?Twe small f a me tenements on I? In tween Pour-an J a h ilt'and Sixth; al-o, lots on Virginia avenue, and a v.iri: tv" to otntr i>ar<s ot the ltd md and City, ail o: which w.ll be sold on terms a<*roinmodatu c to suit purchasers Enquire at No XI7, Pennsylvania av , opposite to Browns' Hotel. may *2b luieo DAVID MYFRLE. TLVIR REN'T ? FOUR NEW AM? COWENI r ent Brick Houses, brown mastick fronts, con taining parlors with marble mantels, dining twin kit?*hen, servant's room, and live chambirs ?ach. and situateii on Thirteenth street, Island, near tht public groum'-'. ronvenie?!t to Pa. avenue and tb< Depart men t* Rent very moderate. Apply at R H. .CI.Mf KS'.'S ofiiet*, e'Miter of Sixth sire; : a 11 Fouisi .na j.tie, or ar D. B. CLARKE'S D:u. St-ire, El, ventli stn-et. Inland. u.n.r tf??vtl TTIULA PO? 8ALE?THE SUBSCRIBE* ol V ficrs private sale the villa 111 Vvluch site at pres.*iit i< -i"3e-. with ? ight acres (?i land, >ituated at Elhiville, on thr; Washington an>! n'M'te re Turn pike The h u?e is new, with a:t tiie modern i improvement*, and the sanation has many a'lv t * ; ? lor " t-.o. * 1 rjaged hi bu in"-- in V'vra-hi?ivi >: ? - it u v!;:ii::i t:v ? sn.::U!es' w.?.!k of the Blah :.-l>t;ij j Depot on the liailtoad, at. l :in r ? is also an on:: ibu i rtt'tning a ?'ay betwen Wasnington an:i I'iii: i vii'e. Apps.iii', to be ma?}r to tls? subM-rilx r, ; living on t!t< ; ftmise?. MARY S. VASS. j b<i27?5a* If (; !<: \T?A NEW THREE S ; ??RV FP AMF, IIOU'C. on X -?v Vor'. (\o lfiS Ii' ir lllr i'lt'T-: tort n| VeW J -r-" y : Vl'" &:t.l 'a. ' - r.-rt.? o. t mi j t.i/ht to.'.d root?"-, v. ith a eellnr tut.', r t-.e ki ' Ii- m To n goo<! ten 'it the rcr.' wi. be put verrlow. Enquire at N'o 1 C'J. 1 j'-4? ?< .#tt YALUABLE TRACTS Ol-' LAND NEAR th "ify, at Private Sale.?F< r sale four >?:ry de tt';itlil-' and eitg-blv si uu'ed ;r"..;s of l aud, reiitatn i.'i r!:tiut fiUy iieres ea'.Ii, piri.y .1 M-Hitfjon.ery ' c.aiiity, mil p.i.\ iu W>ishiiig!on county, DC, ! < ,'P'? it" ihe lar.11 of Joseph H Bialley, E-q., ai?oti? ' 4 -t iitii'n from VVashjiigt<?n, ci niiiiun.eating with *t hr a new ai..l commoilious lead i'>t? under iot. >t tictiim. The soil is excelh lit, and w>ll adapter t- r- 'it and v heat The s'tuaiion is prom :n ?u ant! . and ti? li.ud well watered. There are iiii' - 1.1. i.,ectH on ihe premises. This pr jic ty is p-ct.iia'ly suite ! to gent!e*-tcn ": t:. in: :-.t in the city foi h auuf.ii con at: y rrs Lideiices j A p' of the property can be seen at tht office ol ? the 'tii? - rilwr. j .<?*: 1 I'. rk'-r, E?q., living adjoining, will show the i property t* ui ?y w ho may wi-h to see a. El W. SWANN, No TUG Louisiana Bve??u?, near (Tity Hall. J a;' e") e 2m BUILD I^Oit SALE?A LARGE NUM* E ; OF BU ? ing L"ts, located hi all pa ts of ;he ritv. WILLIAM 11 PHILIP, Atiorn*\, a' Law, ! Offic" 4514 Pa. av., b^tw <?rid Glh ?trt'ets. maj 30?iw m . .; o.l I SNT -'J HE DWELLING PARTofiln ! ? ' tht- e -iory brick Hot:*'- <.ji th^ ec.'n. r f 'i r.mi 13l!i ?tre-ts To a good tenant the rent will b m--d erate. Apply at the Grocery in ihe same house. je 1- col < 1>KAL EST \TE AT PRIVATE SA!.!i ONE L\? Fi nine Danliiag Howe u4 Lat 1 n O st , be j f.vee-i G.h And 7ih tr tls w?- t, co.;tai..i.i5 si~ g<- >.! r rooms, wi ily n? w. One iwn .md one tliree-story fmne Dwciliu. Hoj e-^n ^a^ -icUusetii uvenue, between 4'.ii n-t 5ih stre?ts. Two tw3-/t"r* Frame Houses en Al-o, a v ;t > cv- .ifortable I v.-eliiug House on B. ai street, Gt t.'g town. All the ats-ve y operty u nearly new, and w ill kt sold on aecominodaiie.g 'ertrs. Enqnt.e of FRA."^ CIS sIir.tTLKY, Lumber DeJer, IVo. 37 vViitei slri et, ticorgetown. may 23?eod'm ij*OR RENT?SEVERAL. HANDSOME PAR ioi;i and Chambers, with bo.t.d. A No, 'Pnble and transient bi!ard. Itiqi'.ire at ?.Irs SM J TII \s. H3 .'J F itrect ap9 | t 0.V1ES FOR ALL.?Beautifully anJ healthil) J 1 located Building Lots. 24 fett front by 130 feel deep, on graded streets, can, unlil sprinp, he bough at the exeeeding low price of$7j, payab!" ^3 pei month Title indisputable. Ucioa I .and Office, 7th st., ab.5ve Odd Fellows' ilal!. Jan !i?Gui JOHN FOX. Seer. tary. JOHN B. KLVAK3 WILLIAM THOUTSuH ELVAS8 it TII ilPSOS, DKJkl.ERS IN HARDWARE, COACH TRIMINGS.&c Ko 320 Pannaylvanls KV?nue? heiu-ean N nth and Tenth streets, Washington, I). C HOUSE FURNISHING HARDWARC. Britannia, German S Iver, Albata and Silver Piatct Tea, Table and llesert Spoons Carver-, and Forks, Steels, Knives anth and with out Forks IBrau, i'ritaiiuia, BbickTinand Plate Candlesticks Shovel and Tongs, Waflls Irons, S-.d Irons Ma-lin and Bel! Mt-ul Kettles. Furnaces,Grtdiror s Ovtti9, Sic. BUILDING MATERIALS. Rural Cottage, Ciosc, Cupboard, Chest, TU1, Pat and Trunk Locks Shuttle, Door, and Blind Hinges, Screws, Cut an: V\ r.iught Nans, Bolts Br&d'a Shatter Screws and Stubbs, Door Springs Handrail Screws, Door Knobs Bell Pulls, Door Sheaves ar.d Rail, ac. CABINET MAKERS' GOODS. Il.iir Cl .th, Curied Ilair, Moss, Gimps, Sofa an* Chair Springs Venitian Blind llt?o!ts, Rack Pulleys, Roller Ends Brackets, furniture Nails Glue, Coffin Handles and Screws, Di tnoui Scrcv Plates, Sic CARPENTERS' GOODS. Plane*, B.iws, Drawing Knives, SpoKeshave:', ChLi els and Goti^es, Plane Irons Auger?, Brices and Bitts, Boring Machines, Ham iiteis, Hatchets, Devels Bevils, Sijuares, Guages, Axes, Jic. Bi.ACKSMH H AND COACH MAKERS GOODS Black ai:d Br ^iit Spiio^r, Axles, Fello: a, Spol;ef Hubs, Bows. Sbalts, Poles Sleigh Runners, Silvered s.n.1 Bra--s Bands, Stum Joints, Slump Collars, Top Props Curtain Frames, Lamps, Inside Linings, Linin Htks, Dama-k, Seaming Cords Tufts, Ta.sels, Buttonf, Tacks. Frmjes, Laces, an Plain and Enamailed Canvass Kus.-ia Duckj Enamelled Leatlier, Da?h Leathei &c. ELVANS & THOMPSON, je 1?8:11 39ft Pa. avenue. COPARTNERSHIP. t*(rE hare this d*y loitned a c.ipnrtn?rshlo und? \\ tac dun ol NeaL & Havkmhse, tor th? sal of Winra. L*qu ??, Cigars, fcc., at wbolee la an retcil, nt No. B6H Savanth a ., Onus M?rta< J T lyp at may 8fr-wl? e. W. HAVEN N*g. Anction Sales. tdfFor Auction f? first pa/1 ? nf By OR.K KH * sCOTT, A?eii?nccri. VALUABLE BUILDING LOT NE*R TUB Navy Yard Qnte at Auction ? On THURSDAY I the 14th June, we -hall e?.r, *t 6 o'clock p m-, ia front ' f the prcmi-e?, Lo? No 4, in Square ?88. routing 47 feet Vjnc'.ea on -.uuh M street. running '?a--k l'^y (eer i: inches to a 30 feet all* y, brtween 7th and Cnnal streets ra*% (muted.vely in front of the Nary Yard w II Terms: One-third cash ; the balance in 6 ?nd 19 moth-, lor notes l? ar:n* intere t from the day of iha ?ale. A deed giwn and a deed oftm-t taken. All COaTfTHictiSt CO?t of pnr?*li"> er. GRFEN A. SCOTT, J* 8 -d Auc ioneers By CRKta Sl SCOTT. A n?t t onesrs. l^WO VALUABLE BUILDING LOTS a; Auc ' twn ?Ma TliUlf?IlAT. t:*?- 7iU Jane r?-it, at *<?'cl<:ck p. hi , we shall ?t ft > n the ptrmiwi Lot No 2, in Square No 515. frorlmg :9 feet on K st., bc< wcm 4iii and 5:h, ruining luck 96 feet to a 30 ft. alley. Also, north hrdfof Lot No. 26. in Square No 5 6. fruiting 27^ feet on Fourth troet, ronniuj back 100 ieet, tietw en I and K streets. The ab re described property is r?'xtut tvo at d a lia'f squares from the ftor !i? rn Liberties' .Market Douse. Terms: One quaner c?*h ; bal?nce in ?, 18. and 18 month*, lor noty^ bearing interest D? :? i civen and a deed of trust taken to secure de ferred payments. Title r rVot GKCEV fc SCOTT, may DO?< -ktls Auctioneers. *?? Th? abort Halt Is postponed In con-equem-e of lie rain until Moi<l)AY, the 1 itit instant. at the si.m" hour. GREEN fc 8C(?TT, i" & ? <1 Aucti iiicer*. By GUSKX ft SCOT I', Auctioneers. I RUSTLE'S SALE OF VALUABLE REAL * Estate.? iiy vir ue t?t a deer-1; of the Orphans' Court ot iie District of Columbia, for the county oi ?t a.-ho alio, approved bv lite Cucuit '"ourf oi ssid District. rj'ttag m chancery, passi d in the mattero' ite petition of William U hftmor*, et a> . cl:ildr> n and heira-al law of William W Whiunore, laic of -aid countv deceased, I w ill, on THURSDAY, the ?M-t day or May, 18C5, at 6J.$ o'clock p. ni , in trout if the premise*, proceed tos. ll Lots of-round nmn bered seventeen (17) and eighteen (18) in Square linaih'-rcd five hundred ant three (50.1) si mate in ihe city ,,f U annuel u,aad District aforesaid. The above described property l- situated on the norhwest corner of 6 b street west and N street and contains in the aggregate about fiurfcn thousand square feet of ?r >uad. T eriu? r.f sale . t hie third eri-h, and the residue in two equal p tyrnents at -ix and twelve months, with in'Hrefl from di> of sale. The deferred payment* to be secured tin: nnt(? ot liie |itirc!t.i*.er or pur chaser* satisfactorily endorsed. Upon the iujI payment ot the purchase money and interest and the ratification ot the *aie by the Coiir , the trustee will convey said lots of grouod io the purehasrr or purcha;rr-? ther?-..f, pt hi> .r iheir cost ami expense. If the t. r?!'H ot sale ar^ not coinplied with within nvo ?.a> s fr<*iii the Cay of sale, ?he trustee n'.-erves the ri^lit to resell said lots, o either of them. uiK.n reasonable notice, at and c-1 ol the hr-t purchaser. KICIlfliO II. LACKEY, Trustee. GREEN k 8COTT, T,ay 15?eo2tvki<4 Aucuoneer*. Lot 17 i*? vm* b>e? told, the salt of hot No 18 is po,tp.?iied untii TMUR-DAV, tue 7th i June smse h'u:r. w?ien it will he subJividcd r.nd -old separate, one P"ft oi which h iving ? n ? g?id (wo-?tory frame Ho*!#/-, t'-e other ps't is "tie- rner lot, having a front of l> feet, c: d !0\? '-et de?p. Tetms as ab ve. UiuHARD M I.A.-KEV, Trn?fte. GKEf.N HCOTT, ? ? 1 eofcds .Auctioneers ' I- above snlv *a furi 'sr post ponee in conseqneitcu ot the rain u:. :? , L'?>DAY th- I2ih iiii-t.iti, at the ?mie h'.?ur. ny older o| tl.e Trti^tco. GREEN fit SCOTT. ??w e??St?U Aii;-t.?Hie.-rii. J -^Seul Il!r . Auctioneer, /^il W'CEKV SALE ??F V VLI'ABI.E AND EL ^'hi. . uar . !.! ??ed uid u- impniv d Real ct'i'sis-ti" j : l!?ui.-c? ^n<i Lots, va ' ai'r Loa, and ho > - hyv ria. uf n dectee of ttie '"-i. t {;",4rt ?' District ?: O :ur.ibia tur W.ish io :ton ??"Ui.ty, mac ? i,i tr- -vtierein John A Fr if. r f- ec nant, :? id I hn Wa'Ucr, i t en S r fas.., a; <| < iti r<f, h"irs at law of Miiton I ra^-r. d?:c?;iH?-.j, }?. ? deten-tant*, No. t'J"J,isi (/'buiccry, the -!!"? rr.b-r . iri:?T, . c . litj ,jt.crei.t w,; ? ' ' '* .'llct'O'.i ,.!t lh?><e p;e/-es or parcel-??f iiioi-ntl Ivitisr tt"d b? nissii'ia' o n the city ol Wash M'srton. and kn nn an.I .n<ui: tn-i.ej as Iw-in- Lots If": I -1 4 5 #, 10. II. 2, 3,14, IS 16. 1>. 19. -JO, 2 ,iti. i!J Hud 21, in tie Mih<hvisi<iii made by sa;d tru te:* of Squ ire No 412,'renting re.?pec:t?v.y and varioutlv ?n in Jfc t- et 1 inch to 00 feet f i-ichenoi. 8ih and 8:?i s-'r-. i; we-t. and E ai.d t s'rerts mth. by van.ius /epth i an alle*, witn t o- improvements and- ?tppurt. i.aii? -.s, wuieh c?>n -i-t or a . o!I!l:o,'iou< rni w |l ar. 1 substantially hut.t 3% story Brick J*'- a op Lot ? ana a cocil?rtabl? m l v-> :i ba. :> storv Bri k Dwelling H iUre on eaeh oi Lots N'cs 18 ai.d 16 in k-id shK divis;on; lot No 4, in Square No 3S8. froM.-nt vJ5 oa Fktru t (M Uth. '>etween fl h a?;.l 10th -ts. w..>f, hy 1 i*, fef 1with tiie .t.-ptorr ;:i*"ist? a. ?! nnpur tei aiiec, weir h coiisi-1 < I a 2 storv Fiarje |>we|. litii House;j a t of !.->t %.?. 3, ,it Square N ; 730, .ronttiij; -1J t. t on Pe.'nsi Iviaia av>-oue, rue.ninj: -'A" street sooth, v.ith a width on saiu ''A' Street of 4 < feet ? inches ; r.::d part of Square No. 47^. fo r- 2 44 fe<-t (,;i \7i;f --trcet, at the t? rmi narioi, O 7 !' ?v?..?. w.-h ??,? valua!!? Whaif :l - r. to a;'ach"ii r.uJ '? n'i ig, rxtendine tt tl??? clian"? I of tiie Pit hv ?, end n ?w occupi.hy George and usr d \* a \tea.iibtia'. wharf i tie sale c.i ijjp -ever;.I Lot.-; :n the -ululivi.-'.ri 'if Square N'.i 4U, w Hi i..n iai;<ro7(-ments and appnr teii ne. s, will :ake on T. ursciay, the -J4il4 Jny of May, 1855, at 5 o'clock p in., on the pr<-ra Iw. The s.-.'e of Lot No. 4. in ?q?:;re No. 388, . ith tb^ improveno nts an . ft;?|jirienariee>?, will take t?!.-ce on s ud Tnursdav, the ^4-ii dsy ot Miy, I85.r?, a' H n'clvcik p. t:i , n? the pre.rat es riie s le r f p;ir| t.f t,;(l Squ ..p So. 730 W |1 ake place on Friday, the cay cf Ma v. at aJ<o'ch? k p m , on Me premis?*s. An I tiie ?i|h of p'^rt of .Squar No 472, with the v iuahie \Vha?f ther toattavhed and b< hingiiy, will iaUe on Tue dav, the a?;n d ?y of May, lr.>5. :t aitf i> cb'ek p. ill , on the preot'.se* T!ie above property i^ nl situated in desirable Ig cat.oa , rupid.y enl:-;-. in ? in value, ar.d tifT-rs ?.t capitalists and other- a must (av?n:ilih* opportumtv cr^javestm. nts or procn.inj * de irahle re^-deiice." The t. *n? of sale, a? pre^ciibed by eaid decr?e, wi'1 !? ? n.'e fhuftii of tiie {Mirtita'e money iv cash, and (he balance in ?ix, twe'w, ? ightr; n, and tweii ty four months, lobe se ured bv the purchafjir'i tMir-.ils, h?-a in" int?-re^! from dr.v of sale, with e?ca lity. so he approved ty th" Trustee*. Upon !?i full pa} mejit f-t"the puicliase money ar.<j interest, and the raulicption of th : sale or sales b) llie ( tiij?t, the Trustees will c^rtc.' the proper'y tc the respec'ive pire'aasers i.i ?ee. If the'errns "f rale are no: complied with in sit dajs after the ^ale, the property th-" terras of the sah o which are net so cooiplie.i with will he resc.ld e the ris'. aaid expense of tiie purchasers upen orn vre.'k'h notice. All coiiveyanejiti; a? the expense of the purchai? c/s. Cfl \H. rf. W\LEACH, , PDVV'D SW ANN, t 1'"****? JAS C. M' GUI RE, ma' 2?* rti. ls Aucta:near. Cl?" 'J'h* rf site several lots lu square 4'5i and lot 4 in square 388, v>,ih improve meats, is peatponed, in en*, queuce cf the ra^i until 'i UI.HDnA , Jane 5ui, snin-* hours. I'- S ?3 he sale of vtlu hi wharf nropertv ai the l'ootof Seventh -trret is p >-tponed until THURS DAY a Kl'BRNOOK, Ju:ie 7th, at 5 o'clock, on thi premises. CHAfl. 6. iVALLACH.l- . EDVA'DSWANN, '^Trnsfeea. JAS. C McGUIRE, Jtsnefl ?eofcda Aucticaetr. M~*~ Th* sa's of the \V ' srf Prcptrl) is furth* r postponed, in consequence of the ia>n UMil TUESDAY AFTEFNO' \. June 12th. at 5>< o'clock, on the prea isss. CHAS 9 WALLACH, ) r . EDWARD SWaNN \ rrUsW?? J d - d JAS C. McGUIRE, Auet'r. Dy J, ' . XtGEKlG. Aur.ttosti r. r RCSTEE'S S?LE OF VALUABLE AND EL ? igibly o.tuated Real Estate on the l-land? b] virtue ol a teed of Uhst, bearing dite on the 6th dat of une, 1855, and recorded in Li. er J A. S., No* 58, folios 136, Uc , th ' s'i scriber will s*II, at pub lie sale, .n THURSDAY, the 14th day of June 1855, at 5.'4 o'clock p. in., on the premises, ail thos? (?iecea or parcels of ground lying and beint aituatt in th" city of Washington, and known and distin guished ha the r.otth half of Lot No 12 acd th< whole of Lot 13, in Sijuve f>43, the whole fror.tinj 70 ieet b inches on 4% street west, between K anc L streetj south, and running back 100 feet to an al ley, with th'j h-ii!i in;s a d improTementss, v.-hicn eousi't of a subs anual and comfortahle cottage bruit Frame Dwelling House and necessary cut bouses. Tiie above, proptrfv is siluited in a rapidly im proving jErt of the city, and offers a favorable op oortuniry t<. persons desirous ofobir.iuii:ga reaidenct or inv. s'ji g. The terms c f -ale will he one third cash ; residue in 6,1 J, and IB months, for notes hearing interest fr; m cay of sale, secured by a deed of trust upon ib< proprrt1.. It the terms of s?le are not cemplied with in sij daya lifter the sale, th* p-cprrty will be resold a the risk and exp"nse of the purchaser. All conveyancing at cost ot purchaser CHAS. S WALL CH, Trustee JA? C. >M Ol IRE, Js t~d AUouou -rer. ALLXANDiliA PuLKA "sCH'TTTIbM?Hani Ki?mna?ber,H r?w pl*e? of tho abors t ?me dsoicted to Mi?s F.iisa J DeCsnp, of thlaelry just puilltbA.1 and fur safe at it?e Musie l>epot or' j? i uLLhLu k bnz TELEGRAPHIC fob m? JPATLT EVBtCIlfQ 8TAK. Ib? Know Bothiaf luqut PnitADBLraiA, June 7?The Kmv Noth ing grand banquet came off this evening Foar hundred and ftfty ptrwna ?t dowa at Ira o'clock, Mayor Conrad presiding Tha roam and table* wer* beautifully deoorated The first toaat was "The Union.' which wu responded to by Kenneth Eaynor, of North Carolina in an old time patriotic, glorifica tion. Mar spargled banner, Bunker HW1 ?peach The seoond tow, ?? America Ruled by Americans. ' wu responded to by J. B. Ricaud, cf Mary lard. Tha third, "Religion* Libert*," was responded to by 0 Andrews, of Now York Much c^r fusion and disorder prevailed, and the rpeakers were several timet inter* rnpied. Tbe chair hid much difficulty ia pre serving order. To the fonrth tons! Mr Ridgwny, of tfca Richmond W big, responded briefly, and apol ogizicgly called upon Mr Prentice, of the L uirville Journal, but he was nC*i preeent ilia name, however, was received with cheers. Mr JudsonO rane, of Virginia, then speka at length chiefly on the Virginia election, aftor vrhich the president called on the States alphabetically for speeches Albert Pike spoke for Arkansas, and Mr. Stewart spoke for Alabama Conneeticnt was called npan bat no reeronse was made California being n ;xt, .Mr. Matthews eommenoed by saying that he d*?ired to hear from Massachoaetts Aral. Delaware was answered by Mr Smituera. who also desired to hear from Massachusetts Florida. Georgia and other States were oalled upon, and speeohes given by delegates repre senting Uein. Arrival of the Illinois. New York, June 8?I tie steamship Illi nois, fr m Aepinwall, arrived here at 8 e'eioek thin moriring. with about $495,000 in fpeeie, p in-ipaliy consigned to?Mills. Fargo 6 Co., $75,600; Drexel A Co., $82 000; John B. Lu ige, $20,000; John Phelan, jr , $16,000; Hudson A Bro ,$12 000; William HoyeACV, $60 000 ; George Daniels. $30 000 ; J. Watson .t Sons, $22 000; Lyman Nichols 4 Co , $15.000; t read 'fell A Co , $12,000 Her dates were aaticipated by the Northern Li^bt and her news is unimportant. Considerable rain bad fallen on the isthmus without doing any damage of moment to tha riilroai. The steamship Golden Age was got afloat at T'b*j? on the 23d, and is being prepared for aa uiuediate trip to San Franctseo. It is c*iJ that tie ia perfectly safe and in good cocdi:icn. "ha Know Nothing Convention I PniLADRLrHia, June 8 ?The Tribune of ibi3 imrciug state; that the Louisiana delega tion to the National Convention was excluded yesterday by u vote ol 78 to 44. The disputed scats arc low being settled, and an organisa tion trill probably be effected this morning. Awful Catastrophe. UrrpALO, Jure 8.?On Wednesday a tunnel on the ehort line Cincinnati railroad caved in, terming twelve mon who wore at work in It The five fallowing were instantly killed : Jzvits Pierce, foremen ft the gang Dennis Dryman. John Collins, Phillip DeVere and Patrick Ilaggerty. James Coleman is notes (.eotcd to live. Ike IwilUid Eiot and the Liquor Law. Portland, June 7 ?A special messenger of the Governor dismissed the military from fur tier service this afternoon at 5 o'clock. ftacei t returns completely turn the tables in regard to the liquor law. Twenty-three ?an tral and sou1 hem oounties give over 10,000 majority sgainst the prohibition. From all returns received the State stands at a majority agpine* the of 4 349. inltimore Cattle Market Caltimore. June 7 ?Offerings of 500 head ot Beef cattle to day at a slight decline. Sub laittnd to the scales 340 head at $7 to $11 25 ne weight li<?rrs were scarce and in demund; soles a: $7 75a$3 per hurdred. Eal^ixcore Markets. Biltivork June 8 ?Flour is unchanged ; saloa cf llowa-d street at $10 87 Wheat is nr.ehar.ged ; sties at $2 58s$2 60 for red, and $2 55?$2 6j for white. Cora u unchanged and rather dull; white $1 0??$1 10; yellow $1.1#. New York Markets. New York June 8 ?Cotton is firm. F!our is a trifl* lower; good Ohio $9 75a$10 121; Southern $11 37u$l I 62 Wheat ?s stiffer. but net quotably higher; Mieh-gan white $2 56a $2 6(i. Corn is a trifle lower ; Western mixed SI 02<t$l 05. Pork is a trifle higher; old mess $16 94a$17?new mess $17 50 Beef is Arm Lard is lower?in barrels 10ial0|0. Whisky 35ic. New York 8took Market. Nnw York June 8?Stocks are variable. Money is unchanged Cleveland and Toledo SIi; Pennsylvania Coal Company 1.10; Cum berland Coal C< mpany 28f; Reading Rail road 9<-j; New Yotk Central Railroad, 93j; Missouri i f. 94i MORE BARGAINS. JOHN H. HBOOT, BnJt' street, toutk side near High Georgetown, H\r* received a further supply of eeasooskls Go-?i8, arnonrst which will be found 5<i piece* g<*>d tlyln ia-t colored Lawni at 19% 10 do plain black and white and bUck do. ?k) do ricii plaid Gingham* and Gingham Las ?'<0 do dotted and neb emb'd Muelina 50 do plain Swiss ruid Nainsook So 4i> do Jaconet and Cambric do '?0 do p aid and etripod So 25 Giaes Clo'.li Pkirts 30 corded and damask do White md colored Watered Moreens C<0 piece? light pretty tlylee Calicos 10 do liarr ge de Lalnee at 12)^e 9 do Buff fcbade Linen With an a?M>rtment et n< asonable styles Hosiery, and many otber very deeiranle Goods, ic which the att?-n<i?n of ea*h or prompt cnetoners Is invited, as we are constantly receiving new goods, and ar? pelting th?-ns at prices so suit the bases, may if J. H. SHOOT. 31 HE MIH3ING BRIDE, by E. D. E. If. Bcuth | worth. 9 vols, pric #100 ?pei * Magazine for June IS Harper* Btory B%ok No 7. Virginia 96 Putnam's Mitgsaine for June IS GodcyV Lady's Book do SS Gn'iam's Magazine do S6 All the New Books, Magastnta, Cheap Pub'lea tioas and Weekly Papers received as soon as pnt> ikhed and lor sale by E. K. LUNDY, No. 1X8 Bridge street, Georyetossa. jiay 31?tr TO THE LADIES OF WASHINGTON AND VICINITY. r-ETT\ AMEF.IA PRIBRAM * BlflTEE,^^ iJ&i^No. a?T Pennsylvania avenue, be TTi'twcen 10th and 11J? strwu, manTlW their regards for the kind patronfgs beretofore^be stowed upon tbelr efforts, and tak?tbe liberty ofin ft.rming their many Iriends thatthey ime na opea ini their .-pnng, Bummer and Fancy PONNFTfl, which cun-ioi of 950 piectw, besides a rich aatotV Ztntoi STRAW Tb-y are abU lo serve all siaea who are in want of a laabionsSSs and cheap B?mnet. Cail and examine owre pu ^caang eisewnere. snay lS-lm* A8HIIQTOI CORPORATIO* .6 p.* sent. Pme* fcr sSlt fly 89?#w KlOOt H ft. W

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