Newspaper of Evening Star, June 9, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated June 9, 1855 Page 3
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VXiocal Intelligence.^ Tn DxraAroEo Voters ?In pursoaase o? the nodes to that end, two hundred and ssv ?oty ?ix persona, who-? legal votes were re jected on Monday last at the polla, to give the certificates of election Illegally and fracdo Mntly to the Know Nothing candidates, as sembled last night at Harmony H?!l?C. P Wannall, Esq, in the chair, ard Mr Kirk, of the Seventh Ward, actine a* secretary Their names were g.ven in, with the n?uie* of o'here who failed to attend It was reduced to a cer tainty by what transpirod there, that the bal lot* of some four hundred citizens entitled to vete at the recent eleotioD. under deoisions of the Circuit Court?all Toting on such grounds a* were never before questioned at the polls in Washington?were rejected on Monday la*t. This evening between the hours of 6 and V p m . those whose votes were rejected ai the Fifth Ward polls are earnes'ly requested to call at the re>idence of Mr. Fiixpa nok (en B street. Capitol Hill) where they will find a justice of the pen-a and the proper papers made out for them to 4weir to, in crder that tha rights of those persons who have illegally received the certificated of election as Alder men and Council men from that Ward may be contested. The rejected voters of tha Seventh Ward will please go to the reeidence of Mr. Kirk on Seventh Street (Islard) between 6 and 9pm., where they will also find a justice of the peace and the nece-sary papers. The Third Ward rejected voters may oall any time this afternoon aud to night to 9 p. tn., at the office of C P Wannall. on E street, oppo site Callan's drug store where their affidavits will be taken as above desoribed The illegally rejected voters of the Fourth W-.rd are requested to oall at the offi'9 of Capt John 11 GoddarJ on Louisiana avenue, near the Bank of Washington, at any time this afternoon and up to i p m to-night, where their affiiavits also will be taken. Such rejected voters as have naturalisation papers will pleaso be dure to oarry them with them to the several places mentioned above. We again urge them all to attend. ?'That's the Figure."?A day or two ago, we noticed a middle aged, well dressed man? his pantal ons enow-white, and his toilet ar unged with good taste?proudly promenading Pennsylvania avenue touching hit; hat to male friends, and lifting it in a glorious al#ude of at least twelve inches to ladies ofnrs ac quaintance lie was so extraordinarily po lite as to attract public attention, while, judging by the appearance of his face, he had a nappy heart Poetically Epeaking. h* " basked in sunshine ' Nine o'clock at night, we saw tbia same man grasping a lamp poet, on Pennsylvania avenue?the lata scene of his sober and polite display?and, hia voice being thick and dra <ling, and his body exceedingly limber, a suspicion was ea'u ally excited that he was either painfully fatigued with his day'a promenading, or had been aftemoomng with a few select friends! We attentively watched this citizen. Anon, he relaxed h<s gr<>sp ot the lamp post, and pitohicg and sig zag^ipg toward a uouse, eame near bumping bis head .ig;*i st the tenement! Whirling, and wi h difficulty keeping on his legs, he reached the gutter, on the east side of Seventh s'reat where he commenced the delivery of an incoherent address. " That'* tne figure'." he exclaimed, at the end of a sentence, clapping hi* hands convulsively; and at that moment his pedestals give way, and down he fell into the mud; first, in a sitting posture and af'erward al fall length. That wai "the figure," indeed?comical, and yet mournful. With extreme difficulty ho le gained hia foo'ing and staggered from the neighborhood What a contrast be'ween his conduct in tha morning and at night! ExccrsicR and Pic .nc ?It must not be for- i gotten by tbc-ea who love innocent and health j ful piaasures that the National Guard will have their graad moonlight excursion at.a . pic nic on Monday proceeding Jown tho J Potomac in the steamer George U aihington, ? which they havo chartered for tha purpose j As the very oest brass and cotillcn music has been engaged, the company will, of course, in-' dulge in the pleasures cl the dance Ladies! will grace the entertainmert; and, in the way 1 of gastronomy, refreshments and supper will be furnished by an experienced caterer. Ev ery arran ement calculated to give satisfac tion, has been made by the gallant Guard un der whose auipicaa the excursion is to be con* ducted ? / Clark Mills ?Ic conversation with this gentleman last night, be informed vt that ihe equestrian statue of Jackson, similar to :hat erected in Lafayette sqoa-e. ?Ld which has been ordered by the city cf New Orleans. is now about half completed?.he d.magos widen be sustained at hia work* (several miles from Washington) last year, by both wind a^d fiie. having imteded hie artiatio operations The ratue for New Orleans is to be erected in th it city on th? 8th of January, with imposing MNMiias. So toon as the new building*, now in oourse of erection sh ill have i?een completed, he in tanda to *?t up tho skeleton of the equestrian j statue uS Waih.i-gtou, and to fashion it with slay, a/a necessary preliminary to the casting. New Wise Store?Me??rs Neal A llav ?nnar have recently eatablishod a depot of im ported wines and liquors on Sevsuth, near Canal street, 'lho lovers of the parent ot these artioles ran there be supplied with what they like at moderate prices. The extensive acquaintance of there gentlemen, and the aa perior quality of their s>ck, will, we have no doubt, obtain far them thi patronage, in and our of Washington, of thosa who have not yet ooneluded to be governed oy the principles of the Maine la v. More Yocho Caroidates?This morning quite a crowd of peraona assembled at tbe guard house to hear tbe trial of Thomaa Con nelly and John Davis, who are charged with stealing shoes from th* store of Louts Strab There are other boys ovnneeted with this case Connelly was sent to jiil, and Davis held to bail for eoart Children appear to be pro gressing in vioe. Parents and guardians are required ro be more vigilant now than at any tiu.e within our recolleotion. Disorderly?Mary E Brown, George Brown, and Sarah Brown, were arreated by officer Stewart for disorderly oondoet, last night, and carried to tha guurd house This morning all were keld to security for peaee The disorder was caused by George Brown trying tooorrect Mary, who ia bis daughter, and wanted to act contrary to his idea* ot good behavior. They are all colored Tax Great Fall*.?The canal packet boat Congress will leave Bitter's wharf, Georgetown, at eight o'alock to-morrow morn ing on an excursion to the Great Palls and water work). The scenery in that direction is truly grail and imposing, aid, as there can be no more pleasant trip than this, it is to be presumed tha'. many persons will avail themselves of tke opportunity thus presented to visit that celebrated locality. Frisco Pairtirq ?It will be seen, bv ref erence to oar advertising columns, that Messrs. Sehutter A Kahlert, freeoo and ornamental painters, have temporarily loetted themselves at Baldwin A Nenning's, corner of Pennsyl vania avenue and Eleventh street. Ihese gentlemen, it will ba recollected, were sufferers, by the tre on tho morning of the 6th inst. Nioav Paradr ?The Ben Franklin target ootnpany paraded in uniform lost night, and passed through several ot tha H.reets *nd ave nue*, attracting mneh attention, few person* knowing what coapacy it was Their uni form is neat, and \er> suitable lor the pur - poea intended. A strong corps, well drilled, and parading in that uniform will b? sure to axoite geoera! admiration. Firr ?About half past 10 o'clock last night a fire br.ka out in a large stable eart of the Capitol. Tbe property was destroyed, and we are told a hcrse and ea risge belonging to a a?loreu man w*re burned with it *e are not informed who was he owaer cf the ?Ubl?. iRttTRAXCX ?We lea. n that Mr G C. Gram mer, whose house was re;ently Jeetroyed by fire, near the lata Apollo Hall, was insured on the property it tka sum of on# thousand del* law. Buum a Rceaway?Ttitordij a otae was tMed before J oat ire Goddard that Inter* ested quite a nam her of gentlemen who heard the facts Thomas Mortimer, a ho J fourteen Tear* of age, an apprentice, who sometimes leave* hi* work and bia home for hit amve< meat, had a cellar sometimes called a yoke, fastened on hii nejk in order to break htm of bis bad habits The boy went to his mother, who obtained the advice of a lawyer, and oar. riel her son to Justice Goddird, who sent for lc.ok.*mitb to take the oollar from the boj's neck. Tlie cue will be taken to a higher ccurt, where it will be tried. Ckktri Market ?This morning, beef 12J to 18} cents a poard; potatoes. 75 certs a neck; green peas, far a like quantity, 87J to 25 cents ; butter, per poun I, 25 to 31$ certs; eggs. 2u cents a dotes; lamb 5U cents to $1 h quarter; mutton, 10 to 12i cents a pound, rruea of other articles were about the same as they were on the preceding market da;. Tub Grace Cncxcn Festival, at the new Concert 11*11, nest to the Star buildings, will be continued this evening Strawberries and creams, and other delioucies. have attracted not a few person* thither to participate in the delightful entertainment. [COinrVNlCATED. Iksclttog Femaivs ?Mr Editor: I avail myself of the columns of your interesting and extensively read paper to call attention to the practice which prevails among certain am ma/s. wearing the form of man, of insulting females, if alone, while walking in open day light the streets of our city, llaa it not oome to a pretty pass, indeed, in this age of decenoy and refinement, ^hat th: gentter sfx cannot walk our most public thoroughfare*, either on business ? r 'or pleasure, evon the god of day has sunk to his eoueh in the west, with out feeling the d:ead that during their prom enade they are likely to be insultingly ac costed by some one of the man; b?a4ts in hu man shape that prowl every avenue of our ci'T, seeking wh<?m they may devour. Mr. Editor, the foregoing is written with the hope that it may reach the eye of the who had the consummate impu deuce, in an insulting manner, to aooost a lady while she was walking, yesterday afternoon, in the vicinity of the President's Mansion, and that he may profit by this timely notice of his dastardly conduct. fcor his sake it it well that he is not known to the writer, otherwise he would rrceive a different kind of admoni> tion. which it is m< sr. likely he would not for get the balance cf his life. A word to the wise is sufficient Depekder or thx Weak. Watch Returns.?Wm. Pindall, oolored, profanity; fine and costs. O W. Redmon'a. vagrant; workhouse thirty days. Mary E Brown, colored, disorderly; seourity and cost*. GEORGETOWN CORRESPONDENCE Georgetown, June 9,1855. The following business was had under eon sideration by our oity councils last night; A message waa received from the Mayor, in relation to a house now being erected by Jos N. Fearson; referred to the reoorder. Also, one in relation to the police and their du'ies, and notifying the councils that Mr R. Sedgwick had signified his intention to resign, and ?ecommenoing tho appointment of Mr Je?se Ki'chcn in his s ead; laid on the table Mr Oiborn offered a resolution authorising the Mayor to pay to A. S. Settle, out of the contingent lund. $15, for printing report of committee and ordinance Mr Banga moved to amend the resolution by inser ing $20 in lieu of f 15; passed?and the resolution as amended was parsed and signed The tax bill was then taken up for consid eration Mr Bangs moved that 37J ets , the an.ount cf tax proposed to be levied for the benefit of the Metropolitan Railroad, be stricken out; which motion, after considerable discussion. was agrood to Air. Osborn then mov*d that the blank be filled with 25 cents ; rejeoted. Yeas?Messrs. Osborn, Becomes, and Utitinger Nays?Messrs. CimTon, Bangs, Grimea. McCann, Welch, ar.d Pickrell. Mr Oaborn then moved to fill the blank with 20 cents; rejected Yeaf?Mcss-s. Os b .rn Semmes. ana Bit ringer Nays?Mes3rs. Bang* Cameron, Grimes, Welch, Piokrell, aud Mc Jann Mr. Ocborn then moved to fill the blank with 12| cants; lejtc^d Yeas?Mesa s. Os born. Bittinjcer. Semmes and Welch. Nays? M?vj Bicg3, Caa>e/on, Mct&nn, Grime? and Pkkrell Mr. Bangs thon moved to fill it with 10 cts ; adop ed. Yeas?Messrs Bang* Cameron. Grimes; gemotes, ?i:kiell, McCann, Welch and Myers, 8. Nays? Mesars Osborn and Bittingor, 2. Mr Pickrell then moved to strike out 75 conti and insert 05 cents in the general tax bill, which motion, alter a pretty spirited dis cu-sion betwetn Messrs Osborn, Bangs and Pickrell. was rejected. Yea?Mr. Pickrell. Naya?Messrs bang3 Cameron, Bittisger, Mi-Caun Myeia, Osborn, Semmes, Welch and Grimes. Too bill iia amended was then passed and sent to tho Board of A'.dermen, where it was abo pasied, and nigaed. The Bo-rd of Aldermen passed a bill in re lation to swine Alao, one providing for the thorough repair of the fo t way on the weai side of Montgomery street; and another in favor of E M Linthicum. Theee bills were severally referrod to appropriate committees of 'he Common Council. Bxth Boards *ben adjourned. We have been requested to call the atten tion of the proper authorities to a gang of boys and you'hf who are in the almost rightly habit of congregating about the corners of liigh acd Third street and annoying the neighbors by their disorderly and very die repu'able conduot. Look ont, beys! the neighbors have determined U. adopt auoh means as will put a atop to the nuisance. Verlum sap. A colored man named Bill Butler, was con siderably injure! yefterday at the stone quarry of Mr Selsbee, by a large atone falling up^n him Or Isaao Lank, who was sent for, dressed hia wounds. E 8 Wright, auctioneer, aold yesterday the following lck : Lot No 91, fronting 15 feet on Piodpeet street, and running baok 53 feet, to D. W. Oyster for $212, and the ad joining lot, same site, to B. F. Moxley for $285. He also offered the property on Bridge street, wbioh belongs to the entate of the late William Nelson, whieh waa withdrawn at $5,000, the hida not having reached to within Sl.ouu what they did for the aame property aome three months ago. bpncTATOE. ALEXANDRIA CORRESPONDENCE. Alexaedria, Jane 9, 1856. Arlington, lately on trial for the murder of Klggina, was aevertly icjured a day or two sinee by the falling of a wall upon him. Dr. M. M Lewis baa amputated one of hia legs, a:d this morning we learn that he lie* in a vety oritioal condition. The eonnty court eoneluded a very intereat ing and important tern on Thursday. The arrangementa for the new ateamer Alice G. Price are announced in the Gasette of thia morning Our community have juat reason to thank me enterprising gentlemen at tho head of the company for thia most valuable atutilia. ry to our city trade Thia morning a fine dwelling and valuable negro slave were offered at publio auction in the market squaie. At the June term of the Circuit Court for the county t?i Fairfax, last week, R. D. Dickoy waa oonvicted of the murder of H. C. St. Clair and eeofenced to eighteen years imprison ment in the penitentiary The caae of Grima ley, oha/gw1 with the murder of Shepherd, was postponed until next term. Our City Collectors give notice that all whe nav their city taxae previous to the flrat o1 I Suly wiil bo untitled to a deduction of torn per eeut ? 3P The National Divialon of the .;ons ol T^u>pe*anoe assembled at Charleston on Wed' res4a7, on whioh day there was a grand pro ct^sion addresses and proiontation of a ban ner by tho bouth Carolina or tor to U?s N??ona ?ooiotj. SgmiTviAif iTim o? WA*m*?To* ?Tb? lota Manufacturing Company, in Chioopee, *re catting a colossal eq nest Han statue of Wuhincton, to stand in Union tquara, N?w Yark It wm modelled by H K. B^own, o< Lejdsa, Masuchusctta. and t? a work of art is ipokan of in the highest terms of praise Tba Springfield Repabiioan mji : " Piece artar piece hat baen sent off. every one of wbieb wat perfect, and on the morning of oar visit to the asUblishment, Washington him 'elf, legless and ha dless, and fitting on * saldle that wat horgelets, wm finding his dig nified way oat of the sand " Mabrmqi iv Utah ?Married on the 29 b of Mirch, in Great Salt Lake City. Ttah Ter ritory, by the Hon Chief Justice Rinney, Jsf. P Drnmmond, Ejq , (Gentile) of Iowa, to Miss Mary Ann laylor, on'y daughter of Elder John Taylor, oca of the Twelvo Apos tles of tba Church of Latter Day Saints. The bride was given away by Capt Rufus Ingalls, of the U 8 Army. rr-y-rB. hoo*t,and's cklkbratkd qbbman bit 7KR8 ? Weak. nervous, depressed lu spirits, snd a prey to Innumerable mental, as ?ell as phT?i<al evils, the victim to dyspepsia. Is Indeed ?n object of corarelsserstioii. Tet It te absurd for lilro to despair. We - are not bow weak low, nervon*. and irritable he mar be. the cordial prop?r tieeof HOOKUMi'S GERMAN BiTTKBS, prepare* by I?r. C. M Jsrkaun, PMUdelphla, are strc nper than tbe tnaiiv headed m<<n?t?r which 1? praying apo> liia body and mind; and If be chooses to try tbum, we will insure a speedy cure. tee sdrertlaament Je*??n rr~7?A BUCKET KOB THE LADIES?HOW TO PRE?KBVK Beanty.?Don't nse Chalk, Lily White, or any of the so-called cosmetic*, to eoDCeal a faded or sallow complexion. If yon would have the rosea brought back to yonr cheek, a clear, bealthv and transparent skin, aud life and vljor In fused through the system, ret a bottle of Corter's Spanish Mixture, and take It aocorllng to directions. It does not taste quite aa well as sweetmeat* ; but, If a*ter a f?w doses yon do aot And yonr health and beauty reviving, yonr step elastic and vlgoroa*. and the whole system refreshed and Invigorated like a flprlng morning, then yonr case Is l.op? lesa, and all the valuable certificates we possess, go for naught. It is the greatest purifier of the blood kno?n. is perfectly harmless, and at the same time powerfully eflca ?S- ? *?*9m advertisement. ffTMIOOD MKDICIKM.?It Is estimated that A Y K R ' 8 CHKRBT rBCTOKAL and CtTllAKTIC PILI?*4 have Son* more to promote tbe public health than any other onel cause. There can be no question that the Cherry Pectoral has by Its thousand on thousand cures of Ooldi, Coughs, Asth ma. Croup. Influenza, Bronchitis, *c., very much reduced the proportion of deaths from consumptive diseases in this country. Tbe Pills are as good aa ths Pectoral, and wll cure more complaints. Everybody ne?d* more or less pnr<!ng. Pnrge the blood frem it* Impurities. Purge the Bowels, Liver, and the whols visceral system from obstructions. Pnrge ont the diseases which fasten on the body, to work Its decay. Bnt for diseases we should dls only of o'd age. Take antidotes early and thrust It from the system, before it It yet too strong to yield. Ayer*s Pills do thrust ont disease, not only while it Is weak, bnt when It has taken a strong hold. Read the as tounding statements of those who have been enred by them from dreadful Scrofula, Dropsy, 1'Wrs. Skin diseases. Rheu matism. Neuralgia, Dyspepsia, Internal Pains. Bilious Com plaints, Headache, Heartburn, ftont, and many less dange rous bnt still threatening allinent*, such as pimples on the face. Worms, Nervous Irritability, Logg of appetite. Irregu larities, Ptiiiosas In ths heart. Colds, Fevers, Dysentery, snd Indeed every vsrlety of complaints for which a Purgative Remedy is required. These are no random statements, but are authenticated by yonr own neighbors and vonr own physicians. Try them once snd you will never !?? without them. Pries * cents per box?4 boxes for f 1. Prepared hy DB. J. C. AyKB, Lo??ll, Mass.,-And sold ??T Z. D. OILMAN. Washington. 0. M. LINTHICXH, Georgetown. J AS. COUE A CO., Fredericksburg, and by all Druggists ??erywbsro. may I?eolin [r-y?!!0AH WALEKR A CO., Marble Hsll nothing Empo ' rlum, under Browns' Hotel, respectfnlly snnonncs that their display of Spring and~Snmmer Clothing Is now ready for inspection, comprising an assortment of Coats, Vests and Pantaloons of the newest and richest designs la material, trimming and workmanship. To gentlemen wb? study sxcellei.cs with economy In fashionable articles sS dro?s an opportunity for selecting Is offered from one of^fcs largest and most attractive stock of goods evsr offered In this city at a very red need seals of pries*. ap IT TTJ* PREMIUMS AT THE FA IBS.?WHITEm'BSTS still In the ascendance ?The Juries of each of the Uts (klr* at BalUiO'ir*, Richmond, and New Tork awarded their highest premiums to J. H. W. for their superiority of Ph<^ to;raphs, Stereoscopes and Daguerreotypes exhibited. Mr. W. also received two Medais at the World's Fair, Lon don, and a premium at Crystal Palace, New Tork. Also, the first awards of ths Maryland Instltnts fcr three years vast. Whttehnrst's Gallery Vn this cltj U on Pa. avenue, betw. 4K and 6th streets. feS> 17 *r "fl- D OILMAN. Druggist, has removed to 513 Seventh >?' street, opposite to ths Patriotic Bank, and 1s row ore pared to fill all orders for Medici >es, Palnta, Oils, s^id UI.-jis ou accommodating terms. Strict attention will be paid to physician's prescriptions at all hoars of the day and night. The night beli is on the right of the store door. ap 14?lm r~r"* PHENOMENA IN MEDICINE.?Bronchitis, Cough, ?' Uy-peosls Liver < o-rplaints, Scrofula 4c.? For &!! dlsoasee of tlie Female System It stand* pre em'uent. A GHrgymati Jast Inforn.s us It ha' cared him of Bronchitis ofadespe ate character?nsrtic 'a's hereafter. HAMPTON S VEOKTABUr TINCTURE?By Ifl mild ac tion on the stomach, ll^-er and kidneys, <wlli euro Dyspep ? '.a. Cong"'!, Asthma, Bronchial and Lone Affections 1'at >? In tbe Back, Side and Brea t, Consumption. Scrofula, F.lieu matleia, G ot. Neuralgia, Fistula, Bowel Complaints, Piles, Worms, aod Nervous Dei-llitlee ?with all di-eases arising from -.mpnre bl'xjd, and is the g-ea'est female medicine ev er knew n Tnis Invaluable rned'clne Is working wonders unon the human frame Se? ad vertisrment to-day. mar 7 (T~^LUNr?8?LU1KW.? '.Ve refer our readers t?? an adver J?' tisemsnt In another column, for full particulars con cerning the HTGKAN A of Dr. frrttj. It Is said t<> be ons of tbe irmet remarkable cures fcr all description of di?"a?fc? o* the lnngs ever discovsre-1. lt? virtue* have b-en testified tu by hundrs<la, who have obta'.ne I their km wledge by the best of all teachers?experience. CAUTION.?Dr. CURTIS'S HHOEANA Is ths original and only genuine article may 2S?lin ?WJoa SniLLraiiTCs receives all the ne v Books and !ios> rapsri as fast as pub!ish?1.- lie !? - ?? nt foi Harper's andaU as other Majaxines, and our wll. always find c I u-ge and good assortment of B!ank Hooks ai d stationery si k's Bookntore. (M?on Bslldlag. cor Ha. aventa anil at t>a v.'ii On Pridav. the 8th in>tnr.t, aftT a linK",rir:g ill a.s , WILLIAM KANT. a;ed 64 y..r:. The relatives and fri?.r.d? of th?i family are in vited to attend the funeral fron his Inte residence, No. 4i2, 1) street, tn mnrrow, (Sunday) at 4 o'clock, p. m., without fnriher notic? At half pist6 o'. look this mornirc 9ib i-;;tt?nt,) afier much ^ufftring, Mrs. A' iiKHTA EWHIiL, eonsort of F M Evreli, resigned to the will of tin Il'-nvenly Father. iierliiends and those of the f.mily are invited hereby to attend tbe fun* ra! at 7 o'clock tlii# tven ir g, at No 9, south sid ? New York avenue, between 8ih and 9.h Kireels went. Wanti. WANTED IMMEDIATELY?A RF.3PECTA h'e Woman, who in a competent o o*t. I'all HI 174 K street north. Je t?> o3t* WANTED?^20C0, AS A LOAM FOR TWC or ihrre years, which will be secured by a t'rrd of iru^t on pr 'perty si'tutted in Wa>-hiu^t>>ii city, W' rth thre ? limes the amount, Addrecs P< | lard Webb,office on Pa avenue, 7 doorj ea^t of the National H?t> l. je 8 -3t* WANTED?FIFTY HANDS TO CLE A a THE earth from a quarry. Inquire at ltlCHARL KKID'S Farm, on tn? Ceontet wn and Leesbur( Turi pike Road, two miles above the Liitl?- Falli bridge. *Je 8?St WAN 1 ED-EMPLOYMENT FOR A YOUNG and abln bodied colored man, accu tomed tc the care ol horsed and driving a cart. Enquir" ai this office. je 7 - en3l WANTED?AT BOULANGF.R'8 RESTAU, (3 rtreet north, near 17th street and th* | War Dt pariment, a younx man to shuck o>*ihm and ah a waiter. Also, a girl, to wash and do cliarn berwork. R?a?Mitiable wa^es given and satisfactory recommendatiODS required. Apply immediately. Je 7?31 Ur ANTED-A PARTNER TO WORK A Stone Quarry afid contract for sale of Stont to Government and oUipm, there being now great de tpand for stone. TLia Uuarry is immediately oppo situ Oeorgct wn. Lar^*i chanty, blacksmith shop and every implement 011 the ?pot. Tl 1? quarrj' fur nishes thi best and largeet truck Bione, Stc. / chance is now offered. Call or write to LLOYD k. CO, F.fteeuih etreet, oppo. tbe Treuury. may 3?tf WANTED?EVERYBODY TO KNOW THAI they can get a lot 34 feet front by 130 fee deep, for the low pric# of %75?payable $3 a moral without interest. Apply ut th< Union Land Gificc 17th frt.. above Odd Pellows' Hail. ap S3?3m JOHN FOX, Sec. Boarding. BOAIIOINO.?A lady, without children, hav ing taken the ho?se, No 40ft Union Row, cai accommodate one genteel family with board. Al<< a few single gentlemen. The situation is very de eir.ble, being on F street, the third doer from 7ih in tbe immediate neighborhood of the Patent am Pest Offices. je 7?lw* BOARD15VG.?Pleasant rooms lor Summer with boarding for a gentleman and his wife and for several single gentlemen can be had by car ly application at KING'S. 393 North C, betweei AJ 4# streeta. The house Is delightfully oiiu ated, and has jtm been thoroughly renovated ani re furnished. je 4?lw* MAS. H. C. OilKKli'S Boarding House on Pennsylvania avenue, first boute west < uie Capitol gate. Fine room.- at vnrinui prices, au every possible attention and comfort bestowod 01 ludies and gentlemen guests. may 96?3W* X O T 1 C FOR RENT?PAKLOKS ANI Chambers, with board. ALo, table and tran ?eut board, with a bathir^ room ani shower batb and every attention to render it rcoet agret able t her boardera. Mt$. P. Q MURRAY, Corner Pecmylvania avenue and 4% iu spti 3m Board, *?.?mp.s. latus, oh tbe %ua wm cornet of Pn avenua and Bth strret in pr< pared to accommodate fmtloinen with rw>M. wif or without board. Bverv effort will be made to ru dor Ibote comforteM? rtn uay favwr her with the pain-oaf#, * ?p M For Sal? and Fent. pOUNTRYSEVT FOR REVT OR 9ALR.-The place adj-tmnf *r.<i aast of Kaloraaa. lost with , ". f"!' heaus, oontsltdng ; boat 14 a ores of land, wttn ?ommodiofla Brick Dwelling and oat house*, large barn, A.c Ajp'y to . . C. W. PAIRO, Executor, 6~6t 'Opposite the Tjwpy. Forrent-the forresthall restau rant, centrally dimmed in Georgetown. Thi Is one or ih? nio*t?paci?u* bn? ments in the United . lines, .tnd attached to the only public bail In thr ??wn. I obsession given 1st July. Po? terms apply PLADRN FORREST, ... _ C ?rner of F and Twentieth s's. First talc Devon Cow nnd Ca!f for ?a:?. ApdIv asjabove. 8? 1 w? A LARGE A^D ELIGIBLY SITUATED corner contain.tig 14,000 <quare feet and fronting th?! Capitol Park lbfni<> on aoc->mtnodaang terms it immediate application b ? rnaue to HILBUS k niTZ, Corner Fa avenue and llth st. Bj'ing so near the Capito! and but a few minutes' walk front the Car Depot, makes iimoetadvantage ously situated for a large public House. Je 5?tf T^OR RENT?IN ALEXANDRIA, VA., THAT JL large three story Brick House, well known as the be?t ?tand in the city 'or a hotel and restaur:? t, on Cameron street, opposite the Market House arid now occupied by Mr. McGonegal. PdMWwiim aiv en on the first of July. Address lloyd tk CO Claim Agent, 15th st, opp. the Treasury, Wa-hing *' "? D-(>- gnv 30?tf Rents reduced to suit the time* $150 a year will be received for the rent ol those new and convenient cottigej at Kendal' Oreen. v.ith two acres of ground, stable, wood sfc> d nnd other conveniences attached. Pumps ot pu'e water are near the door, and communicat on is hmi with Georgetown by * ay of H and Seventh .treet* and Pei-n. Avenue, morning and aftenioon, at the usual fare, for the accommodation of clerks iti tin departments. To secure the advantage of this great reduction of rent immediate apvlicatio:\ r.iu.-1 be made to the undersigned, either dv letter, or st his house it Kendall Green, after otfice hours, where tf'e k?y? may be bad and the bouses inspe- ted at any time. Sf-venl of tne6e residences will b?> s^M on liberal terms. VVM STICKNEY, No 4, Kendall Green. N. H?Rents paid quarterly in adranre. ?pr 0, 1855? tf FOR RENT OR SALE ON REASON A BLK Terms.?A threo story Frame, with basement oa New York avenue, between Fourth and Fifth streets west Also, a tiirce story Frame, with back building, on I street noth, between Fourth and Fifth sts. we*t Apply to James VV Barker, residence on H street north, between 12th and 13tli streets wen. DICKSON & KING, ap 5?Til'I' Georgetown. 170R rentTthf. three "if or y~ st<m e and Dwelling, No. 86 Bridge stre. t, (iforg town, so long occupied as Emmert's Confectionery. Apply to AR\Y, r.ext doer may 95?eotf FOR KENT?SEVERAL HANDSOME FAU lors and Chambers, -.vitii board. Also, Tiible and transient board. Inanira a? Mr= SMITH'S. '43 3 F street apQ HOMPS FOR ALL.?Beautifully and healthily located Building Lots 24 feet fYont by ?'*> feet deep, on graded streets, can, until spring, be at the exceeding low price: ol $7o, payable $3 tor month. Tidr indisputable. Union Land office, 7th st., alKive Odd Fellows' Hail. jan'J?Or. JOHN FOX. ^crrtiuf. Jons n. etiVANs. william thomps >h. ELVAJfS A TII. MPsO*, DK.el.ER9 IN HARDWARE, COAUII TRIMTNGS, &c. No 3i8 I'sniii} Ivsuts avrnue? between N nti an4 Tenth streets, I Fathington, D. C. HOUSE furnishing HARD WAR P. Britannia, German S:lver, Alhata and Silver Plated Tea, Table and Desert Spoons Carver.-and Forks, S!erls, Knives with and with out F^rVs Brass, Britannia, RlnckTinand P'ate Candlest c?ts; Shovel and Tongs tVafll; Irons, S>d lroj>s Maslin and Be'l Metal Kettle*, Furnaces,Gridiro .s, Ovens, &r. BUILDING MATERI \LS. Uural Oittug". Close-, Cupboard, Chest, Till, Pad and Trunk Looks Shutti :, Door, ami Biind Hingrs, S^^ Cut and V\ r light Nans, Bolts Brad's Sliuiier .^ctew s and Slubbs, Door Spring-;, Handr ill Serevs, Do:ir K:>'ibs Bell Pu Is, D >or Sh? avcs and ttiil, ?c. C A BI * ET MAKERS' GOODS. Hair Clotl), Curlrd Hair, Moss, Gimps, t'ola an ? Chair Sprines Venitii i H.'md Hooks, Rack Pulleys, Roller Ends, Brackets, Furniture NsiU Glue, Coffin Handles and Screws, Diamond SoreM* Plates, he CARPFNTERS' GOODS. Planes, Saw?, Drawmp Knives. SpoKeshavcs, Chis els and Gonges, Plane Irom Augers, Braces and Bi.t*, Boripg Machine*; Ham niers, Hatcbets, D?*vels Bevils, Souares. Guages. Axes. kc. j K..ACKSMITII AND COAt II MAKERS GOODS B'aek and Bright Springs, Axl?-s, Felloes, Sj Jkes Hubs, Bows. Shatta, Poles Sleigh Runner*, Silvered nnd Rrass Bands, Slum; Joints, Stump Collars, Top Prop^ Curtrin Frames, Lamps, Inside Linings, Lirinj Silks. Daina-k, Naming Curds Tufts, Taisels, Button?, Tacks, Fringes, Laces, ?n?! Plain nnd Ennmsiled Canvass Russia Duck, Enamelled Leather, Dash Le-.ther ic ELVANS fe. THOMPSON, 1?fi-n 3U6 Pa. av*nue THE POTOMAC RTVER'JAi COMPANY'S STEAMER ALICE G. i'KICE C ^ t'T. r AMUI L 15 AKER, _ yriK ?ji Will comxnence her regulai JfeiiitSdfctrips oa'iUESi,AY D 2yili in: tani, touching at the dilTereoi Lamiiaaji on the river. Li'ace Washington at 6 and Alexandria at 7 o'clt on Tuct>da,' aaJ r rid iy muriiings R. turning, wi leave Cone River at 4 o'clo-k, on Wednesday :uu Saturday mornings, until further notice. limy "28- d PURE SLLVERWARE?A MAGNIFI CENT ASSORTMENT. MVV. G^LT & BRO ca'l attention to thei ? unusually large ussortment of Silverware consisting of? , Solid siiver Tea Sets, col^lete Silvi r Pitchers, solid Silv- r Castors Silver Cups and Saucers. Goblets i-ilver Firh Carvers and Forks. I'nuib Scrap^ra Cane Kinv s, Fruit Shovels, Sugar Sift&rs jeily ?p on^, Cheese Scoups Pickle Knives and Forks Olive Spoons, Salad Tongs, Vegetable Forks Fruit Knives, Ice Tongs, Insert Knives Soup, Cream and Gravy Ladles let Cream Knives, Salt Cellars Napkin Rin^s, Buttrr Kt.ives, Tea Strainers Tea, Table, and Desert Spoons and Forks of aver; variety Breakia t and dinner Coffee Spoons, kc. Alr-o, a very largs assortment of Fancy Silvsr ware, suitable for wedding, birth day, aud oibs presents The above i? all of our own manufacture and 1 warranted to be pure. M. VV. GAI.T tL BRO., J#4 Pa. uve., betw. 0th and 10th sta. mac 31?tf XTEW BOCiKS RECEIVED AT In HHlLLIMOTni'8 Watchman, wilt be lound u fitting coupaniai to the popular and aimpla stoiy of the Lamp lighter Harpers' Magazine for June?couuu<; ices a cs? volume The Missing Bride, by Mrs. South worth The Two Guardians, by the author of Heartsease Blanch Lorwood. a tale of modern life Virginia, Harper's Story Book for Juue A Book of Thoughts, Memories, and Fano*s, b Mrs Jameson Peeps from a Belfry, or the Paris Sketch Book Leaves from a Fam ly Journal, by the autli >r of Aj tic Philosopher in Paris Joy and Care, a triendly book for young mothers, b Mrs. Suthiil. All the new books publish^ received immedip'c ly afterwards, and every thini in Jit stationery lln wr sale at SHILLINGTON'S, Bookstore, O leon Building, J1' 1 Corner 4^ st, and Pa. av. STEAMBOATS CONNECTING ""ifcWith each train of Can arrn in Waahington or Alezar dritu? 1 lie creamers THOMAS COLLYERi GEORGE WASHINGTON wili make the abov connections, leaving Washington at 6 a. m for tl> Orange and Alexandria cars, and connect wttb' t -line train on their airival. Meais furnished on the boats. The Boats connect with all tho trains from Ba timore. SA-tl'L GEDNEY, Capt. may 17-d PROSPERI'S CORNET BAND. r|*HiS Band Is suitable lor an/and all puipose J. and ir warranted to give satisfaction to all thu< who may be pleased to engage them, either as Brass, Reed, or Cotillon Band. Any number of musicians to be had at the sbor ett nrtice by applying to FREDERIC PROSPERI, Leader, at Tsltavuii's Stors, opposite the Marine Banacks. N. B. Orders left at Hilbas a Mitt's Miste Di pot, will be promptly attended to. may 86?4m \tra{fiim&'xoi) corpokaTioh IT w 9*m h ty ?ayfl^-?w JUOO0 H f9, fc'ni N prtt FNJ??-W? By J. C ItOUlRK. Awc<t#?#?r. "Tiurnituib and bom* PVH*l*tLP?o JT ?ooda at AMttaa -On TUB9U1T moVn*^, Jon 19th, at 10 o'clock, at the Hou??-tarui??hir g Store of J R. M' Grv?>r, on th# *o?ih ride of Peen sylvnnii avenae, between 4S and Bth streets, I shall sell, without reserve, the balanaa of his stoak, comprising? Suite of Pla?h Pari?* Furniture Ma^b e top 1'entre Table, Arm Chair* Miho-^any carved R cker* Jenny l.ind Cottage and French R.'dsteads Mattress, mahoganv framed Looking Glasses Clocks, China and Gla**wire Tin Safes, < 'hildren's Cha'rs Bureaus, Wa-mstand*, Toilet Seta Tin Ware, Willow Wa-e, fcc. Te m>: %20 and under cash; over f20 a credit of pixty and nin'ty r'nya. for notes satisfactorily en darted, beojiii^j iniert*'. J AS. C. McGITIRE, je 0?d Auctioneer. By GltF.KIf * SCOTT, A nctlonoara HOUSEHOLD AND KTTCHEW PUR N ITU IB or Auction On WEDNESDAY, the l.'kh In slant, vv? shall sell, at the residence of a !a,!y de c'minr ' usekeeptoj, ? n th* n?rth ?i ?e < f O st> -t nor b, Ni. between 14th and 15'.h streets west, a- 10 o'clock n. m , a go-Ml a>?o. tment of Furniture, v>?: Mhh jnny Dureju = and Sideboards Do dining, <i e and other Table* Feather Beds fl -ir and rbuek Miltres^ Bedil^ili, Wardrobes and Withstand* CMna, (Sia^s, Crockery and Stoneware Caur.* at ? nd otter <" ?irs Window Slind Loui?g?*? Til ce-ply, i; grain ar.d other Carptt* Solar, h& I. and (tlier Lamps S?r,f?, Shovel and Tongs Wit ? a 30. d lot c! kitchen Hcqu<.-ite*. Terms cam GREEN & 8COTT, J': * " Auctioneers. By GUERN 4 6COTT, Anctloneera ITALUABLE BUILDING LOTS AND HOUSE \ and Lot at Auction - On FRIDAY, the lftt.i in-tant, we slta!; sell, at 6 o'clock p ni., in front < f h.' premis-s, put of i.:t 21 and a:l of Lo! No .92, in Square No, 15^, having a fronton V assart,u-etH avenue of 88 feet 4 inches, runni. g hack about 145 f?.et, betvicu 17th ai d 18th streets west The nb'ive d-.seribed property is near Favier's ? ird? n. nnnieui.-.rely after the sal" of the above, at 7 otlnolt, we sha.l scil pat* <jf Lot No 18, in Sqnare No. 117,frontier on M street nortb, between 19 h and 20th <-tre< ta we*t, witn the improvements, which are a good an i neirly n? w two story containing 4 tood 100ms and ce'iar. The lot fronts 16 teet. rur. ni <| back 97 lee-, to a 29 feet alley. Il ai.o Las t fine spring cn the premise*. Terms: One third nsl:; the bninnce in <1 ar.d 12 montiie, for notes bearing interest :roin the .lay <f trK- *alte. A deed jjivrn W:d a deed of trust taken. GREEN A 8TOTT, i1' ? Aictio.ieer. Bv J. C. UrOl'IRE, A^Tct sv?r. YERY VALUABLE BU LDING L'lT IN THE Firat W 1 .i at Auction.?On Tt'LSDAY af t<jn?u, June 19.h, *tS o'clock,on the prnniaet, 1 (hail Mil Lot No 10. in Square 80, fronting 71 \c f! n north G ftreet, Ik tween 21ft and 22J ?u . ion nn-e hack 1-28 leet 8)^ inch-s Thi? Lot is sitiiited in a rapidly improving part < the city: a number < f fir^t cla-r house* are no*^ ? n eotir-f of en ctinn in that vioinity, and thi? *aJ^ o(T-rs a pood u-n.ty for an in w*tine;:t l ertns : r?ne-fourtti cash ; th* roe id Hi: in 3. 8. 9 *"d 12 month#, Willi interest sai;8.actorlly secured JAS. C McGUlRE, je 9?vi &.d;; Auctioneer. By JAS. C. Mc OP t e |., sabtinit^tri V; A; UABLE HALF SQUARE ??F GKOUMl ??t Auction?f:u f Rll'AY afteieoon. Ju :e Sfcic at ? '-'cl.-ck, en the premr es, I shall sell Lrt-s No. 1,2 3,4,5, 13,14,15, a d '6. tn Square No. 159 f t ntjr*;; 'rugi t.v)y 011 Ritode ItJand avenue, 17tl q:..; iioitH K 'l b. w .o*e forms hair a square, costaining 11*, 0-.?) hqaar fet*l aru one <if the most d- vated n f 11 uo.u in th? city, nt a short distance from, and i: full v w of, th- Pnbllc Bui-dings. Term* ai the sale. m J AS. C. M^GUIRE, _L; * Auctioneer. By Gntfun A SCOTT. Auctloi?er? VTAUJAl'LE BUILDING LOT NIMR ? \avy V ardGnte it An-tv-n ?On THURrilJAY to" 14ili June, we :-hali sell, at 8 u'elock p tn , ii tren t the |j0? 4< in pqUar.. r ' f 4/ u ii,c..i a .<n f?<uth M street, r>iomn< ? h k 129 n et 1' incn^MaOO feet alley, bctweei 7 h 1! Canal atreets tasj, i umed.a eiy in front o tlie Nr.vy Yard w II T>rin?: One-thir-f cash ; the ja'anee in 6 and li mot:i<, tor i.otes beanng interest from the day o tn^ A deed given and a deed of trust taken. Ali ^ouveyanceatcoat of purchaser. _ GREEN fli SCOTT, Jc B-d Ane.ioneerm. *>y J C. McGUIR.*'. Anrtionttr CUIANrEKY SALE OF VALUABLE AND EL y g.lily ?itiiated unproved and UMirnproved Rea E tHe, ( ir-siMuig of Dw (ling Houe-* i.nd Lr?t^, va enr t F^o s, nod Y\ harf.? Bv v rtue of a d"Cie? of thi ? ircuit Court of th. l)i?tr;rt ol Columbia 'or Waah inrt-ui eniiiity, made in the rnu^e wherein Johu A Pra-er is couipla nant, and John Wa ker, I lien S Fraser, aod o?her?, heirs at law of eiinon Fraser deccaed, are defendant, No. 899, in Cliancery, th. t?u'e:cribers, trua!ee?> anp>.inted by faid decree, wil >? II ai public auot'n, ali ;ho ? p eces or parc?U 0 groiind l>in? an.J beingsituat- d n the city of Wa*h inaton. and kn wii and OieiuiL'Ui'aed as heui" Lor 4.5,8,7,8,9, 10, II. i2, 3, 14, 15 18 17, 18 li 20, 2 , V!2, !!3. and 24, in the suhdivistr.: made by ?aid tru-tee* of Sqinre No. ll'i, trouiini re?p.-?clively and variously 'rom 18 feet 1 inch to & '"? t 8 on 8ih and 9<h atn eu west, and E an. F street* south, by various depth- t.> an alle*, wit the unptoveirtenta and appurt. nances, which con sift o. a orr.modiou* rod well an1 subetmtiall butlt 3)< story Brick Dwelling House on Lot 8 m a conilurtable and well built 2 Mory Bri? k Dwelim H"ii. e on each of Lots No*. 18 and 16 in said sub division; lot No 4, i . Square No 388, fronting *2 on F street k uth, between 9rh and 10th a's. west by 125 feet deep, wnh the improvements and apf^ui t? nances, which coiieist of a 2'< story Frame Dwel I'l'X House ; pajt of Lot No. 3, in Square Nu 73C fr.?nriii2 40 fett on Pennsvlvauia avenue, runnin ack to "A"*tre< ts'-uth, with a width on said UA street of 4.1 leet 7 inches ; mid part of Square N< 472, fronting 44 feel on YVarcr stieet, at the termi natiorr o' 7th street wist, with the valuable Whai tlicrt!.! attached and belonging, extending to th ci.anuel of the Potomac river, and n'?w occupied b George i'age and used as a steamboat wharf The saie of the several Lots in the subdivision t Squais No 41-', w th the improvement* and appui tenanccs, will lake place mi Thuraday, the 24t day >t( May, 1855, at 5 o'clock p li., on the pren Ises. The *a)e of Lot No. 4. in Square No. :?8, wit thu iu.|sroveuient* an.t appurtenances, will tak place on said Tliurw'av, the 24tli day or May, 185.' a: 8 o'clock p. m , on the premises The sale of pari of Lot No 3, in Square No. 73 wii; tke place on Priday, the 25th day of May, 1 5}X o'clo.k p. in., on Lie premises. And the eale of part of Square. No. 472, with th valuable Wharf tl:. reto attached and belonging, wi take place on Tueiidav, the 29th d-iy of May,185.' at 51^ o'clock p. m , on the premises. The above property is ail situated in desirable l< c&tiou?, rapidiy enhancing in value, and offers 1 capitalists and other* a must favorable opportunii for investment* or procuring a desirable residence. The terms of ?aJe, as prescribed by said decrei will be one fourth of the purchase money in ca*l and the balance in six, twelve, eiglr.eea, and twei tv tour months, to be secured by the purchaser bon-ie, tea ing interest from day of sale, with sect rity, to be approved by the Trustees. Upt'i' the full pa>ment of the puichase money ar ii>lere*t, and (he ratification of the sale or sales t the Couit, the Tru*teea will conve} the property 1 the respective purchasers in fee. If the terms of sale are net complied with in a! dayu after the sale, the property the terms of ibe sa o: which are not *c complied "with will be refold 1 the risk and expense of the purchasers upou or week't; notice. All conveyancing at the expense of the purcha er i. CH VS. S. WALLACH,. ^ EDW II SYVANN, ( l??etees JAS. C. McGUIRE, mav 9?eok'id Auctioneer. C(^Th? ial? of the icTcral lota I square 4'3 and lot 4 in square 388, with improv ments, is prstponed, in cons? qu<-nce of the rai until TUESDAY, Jane 5tti, same hours. P. S ?The sale of she valu. hie wharf propertv the foot of Sewenih street is p-tstponed until THURi DAY AFTERNOON, Juue 7th, at 5 o'clock, ou tJ premises. CIIAS. S. 'VALLACH,1 Trna. EDW'D 8WANN, ' | Troateea. JA8. C. McGUIRE, June a?eokds Auctioneer. Th? sal* of the W ?rf Propsrt is fur:lier postponed, in consequent of the rai ur.til *1 UESDAY AhTEBNOON, June 12th; at 5 o'clock, cn tlie premises. CH4S S YVALLACH, ) _ EDWARD S W' XN < 8-d JASC. McGUIRE, Auct'r. By UULifiK * SCOTT, Auctlono.r T7-ALUABLE BUILDING LOTS at Anction. V On WEDNESDAY, the 13th day of June, t shull sell, on the -remises, at 8 o'clock p. m., L< Nos, 3, 4, and 3. in Sq iare No. 589, fronting 30 i? each on nonh E stieet, between l?t and 9d stre* wtst, tunning back 100 feet to a 90 feet alley. Tj e above mtnuoued pro erty is bandaonaly I cated 1 littlfl northwest 01" the ratlroa . depot. Tenu? ?? Onf-third ?as> ; balnuee a cuditafi an." twelve moatv*, tor no.e* bsuku iaure?t ftt tlw di.y of sole. ^ A .te d given and a teed of traat lakerv to mi dtfu i?rf pe^meiut, SlUtKN k SCOTT, 31?aokda r*Lj^ i biii i I' ggggaa TKLRGRAPHIC. Cattle Cariea aa Xalfiut Depot Kit Yott Jdm 9 ?Tbe cut livitna| thtf privilege of ociog Cattle Gardes uum* 1 grant ,5*p?t? by tbe Commiasioaeri of Eml gretica ?u dt-clded this morniag Jedge Hiffcan decided *wy polat la ewUK im favor of the and removed tba temporary iojanetioo A Shock iag Murder la Baltiaor* [?FECIAL DlSPATCB.] BaLTtxeBB, June 9.?This morning, Via* Bimpeor, the keeper of a bawdy kwx la thia oily, killed Ma garet Haail'on, tho kM^r of a rival establiihmeat, by (booting feor la the bead, at tbo Centre (Marsh) Market. Tba7 bad b?cn quarreling for yeers. Tho Philadelphia Convention PhiuiDBLpaia, Jbbo 9.?Last night S B. B*rtle<t,of Kentucky was elected oa the sixth ballot President of tbo retention Tho ve'a wai?for Bartiett, 90; fo. Barkor, N Y , 12. C. D F roe nan was elected Vice Pi^ideat Frobibld r-eporture of Col Xiaaoy New Yobx. Juno 8 ? Kinney did sot mako hit api oararoo in ooart this morning Tba District At orney stated tbal bo bad keen 1b formod (bat Col. Kinney bad loft tbo Hal tad States Tbo 6 team era Bows in Vow Or loans New bleabs, Jaao The Africa's bows was leseived hero by tbo Natioaal lino aboad of tbo Southern lino, and published by tbo Awociatrd Press Tbo Pioayane had ? brief d:*p?teb, but of littlo account. Keatncky Nomination for Governor Locir villb, J aao 9 ?Tbo Joaraal an do an 00s tbat Char. S. Moorohoad. lato M. 0 , tao rooeived the Amerioan aomlaatloa for Gsr> error. - Sailing of tho Harro Steamer. New Yobe. Jane 9 ?Tba North Scar saliai this foronom for Harro with 182 paaoongoio and $226 000 in specie. Katino Disaster. New Yggx, Jane 9?Tbo aebooaar Baaihy Ward, from Wilmington, wont aahoro on Bta ten Island, last night It will bo neoesaery to discharge her eargo before sbo oaa bo got off. Fativo American Stato Convention Habbisbcbo, Pa., June 7?Tho Native American Stato Convention assembled hero to day, and unanimoasly nominated Kiaiber Cleaver as tboir candidato for Canal Commie aioner, at tbo next general oleotfen. Now York Markets. Nbw Yobe, Juno 9?Cotton is firm. Floor hs? dootitod 12 cents ; good Ohio $9 M*t9.87; Southern is heavy at $11 26s$ll 62 Wheat in dull; white Miobigan $2 6<J*|2 AO Cora la stiller, bat not generally higher; mixed $1 02 a$l 05 Pork has advanced 12a per 100 lbe. Beef i-firm Lard is dull. Whissy is heavy at S5aS5i. Baltimore Markota. Baltixobe Jane 9 ?Floor la beary and ftna'l rajes at yerterday's rates Wheat ia unchanged Corn Is lower ; sales of white at $1 05n$1.08; yelbw $1 06a$$1.07. New York Stock Market NbwYobe JaneQ?6to*ks are dull. Money !?> unchanged Sales at tho board of Erie Ka lfiid at 48); Cleveland and Toledo Railroad 8I|; Cleveland. Columbus and Cin cinnati Railroad. 107|; Cumberland. 3df; Reading Railroad 90; New York Ceatra' K. II r ad, 93J; Virginia fl's. 9J|; Missoari 6'r, 94*: Ohio 6's, 107; Ken tacky 6's, 103j. By Gaftk:s a SCOTT. Aaetleaeera. 'I^WO VAI.UABLK BUILDING LOTS a; Aao I li"ii ?On THUR8DAY, the 7iB Juue next, at * o'clock p ni , we -liaJI sell on ihe prea.i.ea Lot No 2, ii: Square No 515, fronting .'9 leet on K st.f between 4Ui ai.d o!h, running back 96 feet 10 a 80 ft. alley. Ale), north half of Lot No. 26. in Square No 5.6, fruiting 2714 f.Tton Pourtli street, running back 106 eft. betw-en I and K streets. The above described property is about two and a ha'f *q';arc4 from the Northern Liberties' Market, (lease. Terms : One quarter cash; balance ia 6, 19, Bad lb month , l'.t n<>u> bearing interest D( f J |iivfii and a deed of trust taken to eerure de ferred pavjrnta. Title perfect. GKEEN It BCOTT, may 30?eolkdi Auctioneers. tfjf The above eale Is postpoae? Im consequenceef he rain unul MONDAY, the llth instant, at tlie nme hour. GREEN a SCOTT, J* 8-4 Auctioaeers By J. C. McODIKK, Auctioneer. CHOICE COLLECTION OP TUBE AND VAL : uablc Oil Tainting:- at Pub ic Auction ?Oa TUESDAY afternoon, June 12th, at 4^ o'clock, at th* cal on over PamhanTs Bnokatore, corner Pa. aveuu** iind llthi>tr> et, 1 nhali sell a coJlection of ran and valuable Od Paintinn, eelt eted wuh (real care by tl. N. Ha. low, E ^., from various galie tea on lbe C-oiiuno it. A nong?t them will b* found ? p ciafiw of Oonienchino, Velaaqu<z, Sir Godfrey Kneller, A Van Williea, John Wilaon Gamaboro', Mnrilla, Vernet, Fouwin. Shayer, jr^ and otbera. The catoon will be open and the Pictures on free exhibiti. n d >ily until the Male. Catalo^ut'M may l>e obtained at the saloon or at e auction room* T? rm?: $100 and under <?aah ; over tha*. sum a credit of sixty and ninety Uaya, for notes aatiaf.ciori ly eitOors d, bearing interest. JAS. C. McGCIBE, Je 6?d Auctioneer. By WALL, B?K!<AnD * CO , AaetSi yrFg.sEL ^T AUUTI< >N- On MONDAY next, 1 T 11 Hi .n?, at 6 o clock p m , at tbe hovt wharf, lith urt^i, we r lia l Mil to >ae bigbeot biJ-lf tbc echojner Oulv t*on, witb ull her and fitting complete. A gooti opportunity ii> off.-rod to th-ve ia aucn a veteel. Terms at aale. WALL, BARNARD a CO., 7?dn Aactioneera. By J. - . VrSUIRE. Aoetloaetr. UITSTFE'S 8*LE OP VALUABLE AND EL igibiy situated Real Estate >>n tbe Island.- By virtue of a .:? ed of trust, be inng date on the 6th d ay of tune, 1W5, and recorded in Liter J A. 8., No. 58, folios 130, fcc . ih" su scribe r will sell, at pub lic sale, un THURSDAY, the 14th day ef June, 1&55, at 514 o'clock p. m , on the premises, ell those nitces or (tercels of (round lying and being situate in th" city of Washington, and kaown a^d distin guished as the north balf of Lot No. 19 aad the whole of Let 13, in Square 543, the whole fronting 70 teettt inches on 4% street west, between K ana L streets south, and running back 100 feet to an al ley, with the buildings and improvements*, which eoosi?t of a Mibs antial and comfortable coctage built Frame Dwelling House aad nnr nssarj out houses. l be above property 1a situated la a rapidly low proving sart of the city, and offers a favorable ogy (?ortunity f persoaa d*w. rous of obtaiaing a residenca or invratirg. The terms ef sale will be one third cash ; reiidae in 6, 12, and 18 months, for notes bearing interest frt m cay of sale, secured by a deed of trust apoa the proprrt'. If the terms of sale are aot complied with ia ala days after the sale, the property will be reoeid at the ri?k and exp? nse of the purchaser. All conveyancing at cost of purchaser. CHAS. 8 W ALL ACH, Trustee JAB. C. M:Gt IRE, Jr? 6?d Aucuonesr. TO TUB LADIES OF WASHINGTON AND VICINITY. AMEUA PRIBRAM a SISTER, jMrfi 11 \o. 97T Pennsylvania avenue, be-jflLal ^H^tween 10th and ll.h streeu, return M ~ their regards for the kind patmarfe beretoAwe be flowed opon their efforts, and tak* the M^rfr wis their many friends that they iae their -pring, Summer aad Fancy BOFI1TBTB, which c^n-lst of 950 pieces, besides a rtea assort ment at STRAW BOS NITS, ae. They art> able 10 rerve all slf-s who are ia waat ?ra lashtonaMe and cheap Bonnet. . . Call an 1 eiamine before purchasing etoewaeie. may 12?!?' Alexandria polka scBOTTisb?iiaaa K rumaiacher>s new pleee of die above ?e.i 10 Miss WUm J- DeCamp, 01 thts cK|t, r >,??... *.?.? jy-j.

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