Newspaper of Evening Star, June 11, 1855, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated June 11, 1855 Page 4
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: ' \ (Nfj ST A K THX MODEHW BKAU. itj ? iai. yon strange Agura, and at a moment scan Thai stendereat sample o? a gran*, man ! "*r^, >* he ram Man, tboe*: prccar)nui P^fi Which, by their motiun mo*l be deemed his lets : He hu a bead?one may be aure of that o ? jusc obe*mng hit egregiou? bat; That he bat arms it* logically plain Pram ilia wide coat-sleeves and hia pendaat cane; A tongue u well?the inference is fair, ^ince, or, ..ccasion, he can Ito^ and swear; You ? *k hi* use; that's not so very clear, *pend five thousand pounds a year, ?Q modish vices which bit aoul adoim, Drlak, dreaa, and famine, boraea, bounds, and? ??corea Of minor tollies which 1 can't rehearse, Dear to himself, an?1 dearer to hia purse, Wo product he of Fortune*)* fickle dice? The due reault of luxury and rice, Three feneration: have sufficed to brin* That narrow cheated, pale, en?T7*te thing Down from a man ?fin, marve! a? you will, Hia huge great rand-ore fought at Bunker liill ? Bore, without glove?, a niuakvt 'hrough the war ; Came ua- k adorned with many a noble sear ; Labored and prospere i at a thrtving rate. And, dying, left hie heir a snu? estate, Which pew apace upon hia bu^y hand-t? Stocks, ships and factories, tenement* an<' laa j?? All here at las;?the monov and the ract ? The latter ending in that foolish face. The former wa> deruig, tar beyond his aim, Back to the rough piehiaitt, whence it came To Sportsmen.?The Scientific Ameri can says : 44 Wash your gun barrels in spirits of turpentine, by dipping a rag or sponge, fastened on your gun rod into into the liquid, and swabbing them out three or tour times, when they will be ? leared from all impurities, and can be used almost instantly, as the turpentine will evaporate and leave the barrels dry; even if they are a little moist it will not prevent their going off, like water. After their being washed thus, there is no dan ger of rust as when water is used. I am an old experienced gunner, and have prac ticed this for years, and found it useful. Spirits of turpentine can he procured at all country store*?, and a small quantity suffices." A Sign of Depreciation.?We stated a few days ago that the Pontalba prop erty, consisting of stores and dwellings in the second district, and mostly within the business limits, was sold under the hammer for the sum of 893 000. These buildings were appraised fifteen years ago at ?,'<40.000. and were rented for 834,000 a year. The property now rents for 816,000. The difference between the appraised value, and the amount at which il sold is nearly 76 per cent.?N. O. Delta. H7"A fellow at a race course was stag gering about the track, with more liquor than he could carry. " Hallo ! what's the matter nowsaid a chap whom the inebriate individual had just run against. 44Why?hie?why." said the fellow, so drunk he was hardly able to articulate : 44 the fact is, a lot of my friends have been betting liquor on the race to-day, and they 've got me to hold the stakes." iC^Weare all growing old, and losing the fresher charms of youth. What is most to be deplored is the loss of youth ful feelings: the crushing out of high as pirations?the lowering of the aims of lfe, and the devotion of its bist energies to debasing cares. If the heart be kept young, it matters not that the body grows old. % Virtue and learning, like gold, hava their intrinsic value; but if they are not polished, they certainly lose a great deal of their lustre; and even pol ished brass now pass more upon people than rough gold. What a number of sins does the cheerful, easy, good-breed ing of the French usually cover. Truth Will Oct.?4'Mother sent me," said a little girl to a neighbor, 44 to ask you to come and take tea with her this evening." 44 Did she say at what time, my dear ? 44 No, ma'am : she only said she would ask you. and then the thing would be off her mind ; that was all she said. Zs It has been beautifully said, "the veil that covers Futurity is woven by the hand of Mercy." aeek not to raise that veil, therefore, for sadness might be seen to shade the brow that fancy had aiTayed in smiles of gladness. H7" If you don t wish to get angry, never argue with a blockhead. Remem ber, that duller the razor, the more you cut yourself and swear. [HTWhat is more beautiful t tan a road < It is the symbol of an active and varied life. MOVEMENTS OF OCE AN STEAME&S. ^trnw- Leave tor Dam. ? ? New York...LiverpooL...May 30 Liverpool ...New York....May 18 Nortii Mar.... Havre Ntw York...Mav 19 Aaaiiington Bremen New York...May 23 Africa Liverftoot?Boston May * CCr-The California steamer* leave New York on i' e *??h ind 20th of each moaui. 1RRIVAJLS AT PRINCIP AL HOTELS ^ IIoiai? n. a. & j. c. wi^uu V ^ liainiM>n, Md i JJi'nor lady a two chil Lt Price ?T8\ drer;, do P O Strang a lady. NY Gen Teim T B lb? xdia G J Pillow, do P?>rtiz Valparaiao \V Pork, do T N ?e*,jr, Mw J B Lugg, do Mrs Price, do A R Pezuela, Me* Mlas Hodc*-?, do 8A11 em*;:, W s Mm Nile*. d?> H Wills, Fia " Pnnford, <?t A Talcott, Va H H Heid, NY LP Pneli.s G Freeman, NY Kl<ki?ood lioast?j. b. a a. aiacwoos A 3 Hunter, Pa I)r Hodge-* L Ma?raw, Md G A liickcoi, NY L I)e Angelia. NY T M i r?,u< e, Md C A Rabielenery, do VV W Herbert, Va S X Cram, do H Boltoa, Md S Plana*, Can j b Walker, Pa F Aldecoa W Smith & lady, III Mr Pebnn, NY CL McCann, NY 8 N Dennis S Barton J Keblar, Pa Kamalon Homia, Alaxaadrla, Va. A HIWTOI, PROPRIETOR. Col Suuipter, La T W Pishback aad ladv, Misa E Pish back h aer NC ? T"1' Nc W H Fowle, Va Tt NT C L t**'' ?? U Herben, Va M P Howe, Mar? N P U?*nbury, do j A Wa^hingtoo, Va VI t rewtxm. do h B W'aahmffor, do E Bruudige. NY W p Hickman, La R L Barlow, NJ E Hrunotgc, ?r NJ F F Ninde, Va PH AtwiT./lady I aon C t Baker, Va y ' B Bann a, do VV Brown, do B Woud, do M N^Jley, Md W W Janif? r, Md J A Siniti, do J A Barrl* DC C Kiagot a lady, NY KMcKaae,do A Herbert, DC G T Whiitington, do G W Mercer, do B B Washington, Va H P?rker, do J j}""**** do J T Weeks, Va J W Bttik?,do C Howard, jr, do Mr Barksdale, do A Herbert, do R C .No)and J G Jontu, do C W Blincoe, Va Dr Walton, Va i* Chilton, DC G C Beckham, do M H Springer. Md R H Dulany, do H CiMner, do Mm DuUny. child a aer W Carter, do vant, do L C Eiiaaoa, do E Bonndife, NY ELBarinw, NY K Boundige, jr. do W P rtcugix, Md R J Brown, Md C Waakina. DO UNITED STATES MAIL. TKRRITORIB^ OF N'EURA-K A AND KANSAS. Poet Orrici PBMMHMf, Jun? 1, 1856. OPOPOSAL8 f>r carrying the mails n( the United I 8tat*? from fh* 1st d*y of January, 1856, to the 3Mh dar ? f June, 1958 inclusive. on the fallowing rou es in the iVrriori# of Nebraska and Kmsas, wil be r?civ?d at ihe Contract office o'the Poet Offloe De'ar m?nt. in the city of Washington, until 8p m.. o'fhelat day of Octob?r, 1856, tobc ddbided by the 10th of the ?amem nth. TERRITORY OF VEBRA8KA. From lj* of January, 1866 to ' jf of July, 1868. No. 1*001 Oregon, in Doit coat ty, Missouri, b Ht-ph-"n W. dtory's, on he Miieeurl. be tween the two Nemah&a, Mr. Pcrket'a on Muddy Creek, John A. Sing!e'on'? rn th? Great Nem?ha, Mr. Bobet's on the G-sat Ne maha. and Marysville on Blue River, to New ? ort Kernev, rn Plat e river 316 miles and ?>ft~,k, ON a week Lear. Oregon Monday at 6 * m Arrive Ht *cir Forr K'rn*y in 10 days LwTf New Fort Kenit-v M inlay at 6 a m Arrive at Oregon in 10 days. Bide m> run by a prpaeeJ rchoiule wiil be con sidered Mo. 16002 From Ni Agency, in Rum; T?rri tory by Sephen W. story's, at Star?' Feny, Bro mville, Nebraska City, We-piag Water, Th^mpdo i'?, at Thomp* n's Ferry, Plat's noath, B lteview, Omaha City, Fliref.ce, Black ' ird "ills, and Black B'rd City, to the m^.u hof Hycway river, it the Territory of Nrbrask , 250 mile? end bnck, cace a weet. . Letve Nem?h'? Ag^nsv Arrive at the ui->uth of Nyoway rirer Leave the mouth of Nyoway river Arrive at Xemaha Agency Bid 'ere will propose a tcbedulc cf departure? and arrival No. 16003 From Bellr'e* City, by Omaha ''ity, Fon tanel'e, I'awnees on Lcup fork, to Pert Lara mie, 500 m:l * and beck, twice a month Leave Bellview City * Arrive at Fer Laramie L a e ro?-t L&raoiie Arrive at Uellvi w City Bidders wilt propose a schedule of departurss and artiva'a No. 15"0* From ebratkt City, by New Fort K?r ney and Arh Hollow (o Fort Laramie, 500 miles and back, t*i< earn ?nth I**ave ebra-ka Clt* Arrive at For i aramie Lsav- Foi; Laramie Arrive at Nebrtsk- ity Bidder ? will projKi-e a pc^edule of departures and arrival? No. 16005 From Linden, in Atchison county Mis sour by J hu W>rlaT.d's and Bencei's Fer ry. ?n th? Missouri river to Nebraska City, 40 m>ltM ?nd back, one ? a we k Luave t ir.dun Mowd v at 6 a ra Arrive at N-hxaska City s ue d-y by !0 p in L? Nebraska City Tue day at 6 a m Arrive at L'&du > same da.', by !0 p ra Bids to run twine a -reek will fd No. 15006 From'lJ nwocd, in Mills county Iowa, b. C?<rro Gordo. low', to ell view Ci'.y, 12 miles aid back, <bre-- time* ,*t w.-ek Le^vi G>n ood Tuesday Tbur day,and Fa'nr da-at9 a m Ar*i *? e: BeUville City same days by 12 m L*ave Bel view City Tu?*?d.iy. 'l'hurs'Jsy, and faturday a 9 a m Arrive at Glen wood same days by 4 p m Bid* t?i i-mmotce at Cerro Gordo will be cor rilered Bid-. f>r once a week service will be considered No 16007 From Council Bluff . Iowa, to Omaha City. (> mile* and back, t* ree 'ime-< a week Leave Cou ell 1 lulls Monday. Thursday, and Saturday ?t 9 a n> Arrive at ? inn'n City Fame ays by 10 a m Leave Omaha Cily Mnndav, Thurs- ay ai Sat ?ardxy at 1' a m Arri7e at Council B uffs -arse days by 12 m Bi f-r oncf a we k e. rvice wili l?e con idered. No 15003 Frc-m Oreg n, in II -It countv, MiawJ- ri, to Brownv:!le, M) Ilea a <i back, once a week Leav- ?)refon Tu adav attain Arrlv- a' Brownvdle tame lay by 10 p m Le ve Bmwnville Wednerda i*6>m Arrive ?t 0?e on <am* day b^ Opm Bids to embrace l.indun en ?h?> route, and commence the ser ie- ar ? 11 ?.ffi esndenl at Br wnv'Ila. -^iu ^econrtlernd No. 15009 Fr^-n 8 dner fo-r- *o V^brask* City, IS j miles and b? ? , ore a ne^k I eave 9"?!rey u d?y a' S e m Arriv- a? Neb ask ?. ity nm3 day by '2 m Leave Nebr??ka ity ?'stuKay a *? p m Ar iv- at Sidney ?nme day vy * p m. No 15010 From Cerro Gordo low- to IMattV Mouth ! 9 il - *nd taf*k, twi^e ? we?k Leave Orro (Jordo I nesdtiy snd Sat rday Rt 10 am ? Arr re at P'att's Mouth same davs by 15 in Le-v Platte Mouth Tue??d%y and Saturday at 1 p m A rive at ro Grrdo same dnys by 3 p m B d? for ere a waek ervi*e will S- conoid-r-d. No. 16011 Fr m o> Mi?a uri to Bt^wnv lie. 5 mile? and ack tbr? e ?ime? a we^k Lmv f'mra "onday, W-dDes-lgy, and Friday at 10 a in Arriv a" Brownrille simedayby 12 m L^ave Bro< r.ri 1- Monday, \Ve'n??d%y, and Prid?y at 2 p n Arrive at caora Fawe dsysby 4pm Bjdd"TS wil? propose a schedule, aodcnce a week serve will b? 'on-ider-^ No. 160_2 From & nort. Missouri, to Nebraska City, 25 m les and back, r-nce a eek I^ave *onorv Monday at 4 a m Arrive a* Nebraska 'Sty sam?- day bv 12 m leave NVbr?ska City MoB>'a< ?t1 pm Arrive at 8on<-ra same day by 9 pin This rou'e is Bnppoee-i to bo ui;nectary. No. 16013 Ftccd ouncil Bluff Iowa, to Florenc*, ft mil's and back th-ee t m*1 a we?*k Leave C un?-il Bluff, Moadr v, Wednef-dav, and Friday at 1 p in Arrive at Floret<?? snmedays by 3 p in L-a'e (-"orenct Mond?y, '^'fdne-day, and F*i day at 10 a m Arrive at Ooun i> Bit'IT s*me days by 12 m Bid to run by a prrpeeed nbedule will be eon o.U red, pnd t. ce a week service will .-ilso be cecaiier?d No. 15014 F oin Floi- nee, by iv^ge City, to F nta nelle 35 m;le? nnd '.ack Core* times a week Leave Fior^n^e Monlcy, Wtduecday, and Fri 'lay at 8 a m Arrive at FoncaneUe aame days by 6 : in Lea?e Fontanelle Tue?day, Tbursdav, and S-> torday a? 8 a m Arrive at F:oreno saxedays by 6 p m Bids for once a week service will beeopsid<' ed No. 160 5 Fr.'m fJlenwood Iowa, to Piatt's Moutb, 9 mile j ana h*ek, twice a week Leave Gl^nwood Mondav anl Thursday at 12 m Arriv* at Piatt's Mouth sam" daya bv 2pm Leav? Piatt's Moath Mond?y ard Thursday at 3pm Arrive at Glenwoo*) same days by 6 p m Bids f"T onc? a week aervioe will be considered. No. 15016 From hklney Iowa, to J. D N. Thomp son's, at Thompson'^ Ferry, 16 milea and back, twice a we?k Leave ^Id e? Mond y and Triday at 8 a m Arrive at Thomson's Ferry tame day. by 12 m I?ave Thompson'.- Fer-y Monday and Friday at lpm Arrive at Sidney same days by 5 p m B ds for once a w*ek servic-# will be considered No. 160 7 From vagno!ia I wa, to Florenoe, 30 miles and ha k, once a week l*ay? Magnolia Tus day at 8 ? m Arrive st Florence sam* day by 6 p m L-ave Florence Wednesday at' 8 a m Arriv- at Magnolia same day by 6 p m No. 1501B Ffm Magnolia. Iowa, to Black B!rl City, 46 mile* a d back, once a * eok Leave Mat' -oHa Fridav at 6 * m Ar-iveat Black Bird City same day b> 9 p m Leave Black Bird City Saturday at 6 a m Arr ve at 'ugno,:a same day by 9 p m No 15019 From Jiartfeant'a Bluff, Icwa, to Blaak Bird Oity, 20 miles an-1 back, once a week Leave Harg>unt's ?1< ff Tuesday at 8 a m Arrive at Black Bird ( Vv same day by 12 m Leave Black nird Citv Tu**dav at 1 p m Arrive at ParRea-'fa Biuff tame day by 7 p m No. liO'^O From Leavenworth City, by StanleyV Mooney, G-as<hopper Falls, Rock Point, V r* million, to Dyer's, on Bier Blue, ? mil?s and back Leave Leavenworth City Arrive at Dyer's L*ave Dyer's Arrive tit Leavenworth City Bidders will state di-tanoe and pro(>oee a sched ule \ This route is supposed to be in Kansas. No. 150S1 From Atchison to Marysville, ? miles and back Leave Atchison Arrive at Ma ysvilb Leave Marysville Arrive at Atchison This route is aupposed to be in Kansas. No 15024 From Pargeant's luff to Florence, 80 mil*s and back, encw a week Leave Sargehnt's Bluff Arrive at Florence Leave Florence Arlve at wargeant's Bluff Bidders will propose * echadule of departures :.nd arrivals. KAK9A* TERRITORY. No. 15W6 From Sa'it Joseph, Mo , by Highland, to Marytville. I2u miles and back, once a week Leave -t. Joseph N onday at 6 a m Arrive at Mary<ville Thorsoav by 9 p m Leave "ary vil e Monday et 6 a m Arrive at ft Joseph Thurediv by 9 p m 1 his route is supposed to ba superseded by w u!iJ!V,: !tnJ " ,0- not be let to oontract. No 15207 from Doniphan, by Wo f River, to nfch Und. 25 milw and back, onoe a We'k b*ave Don?(,han Thursdav at 6 a m Arrve at Hig .land same day by 10 p m Leave Highland Friday at 8 i m . ,Arrlye,?* aam? day by 10 p m No. Atch aon, by Ind-pendenca gprina to draashopper Cn?k, 26 miles >nd back! onoe a weak Leave Atchison Monday at 9 a m Ajrive at Or**hopper Creek same day by 10 pm l?ave Grasshopper 1re?k I r.?ed?y at 6 a m Arrive at itehiw same day by 10 p id No. 1M0S From Kick*poo,by Marlensburg, to Grass bopp<r Creek, 17 miles and back, three times a week Leave Kickapco Tuesday, Thuradav, and Satur day at 6 a m Arrive at Grasshopper Creek mm? days by 12 m Leave G'assfcopper C-e^k Tuesday, Thuradsy, and Sat rday at 1 p m Arrive at Kiekapoo rame days by 7 p m T Ids to run ' no* a ?eek will be c-Mieldered. No. 15910 From Leaven* rth City, by ^'uato Sb'lds Oaawkee. Wh?tfield Wins Hallet, Sain* Mary'8 Minion, Vermillion River, and Shan non. to Pawnee, 146 miles and back once a week Leave L?avenwrr;h Cftj Monday at 6 a m Arrive at P?wn?? Sa unlay (6th day) bv 6 p m Leave Pawnee Monday at 6 a m Arrive at Leavenworth Saturday (5th day) bv 6 p m Bids te extend to Fort hi!ey. one mile furtiier, wi'l be considered. No. 15211 Fr< m Westpor!, Mo, by Franklin, Lsw renc City, Tokeska. Dotigla* city, Taoomp ton and T>cume?h, t > Whitflall, 78 miles and bark three times a week Leave Westp rt Monday, Wednesday, and Fri day at 8 a m Arrivo at Whitfield next days by 10 p m Leav? Whitfield Kotdny, Wednesday, and Fri day at 6 a m Arrive at *Veetport n-it days by 10 p m. Bids t-> ran one* a week will be considered. No. 5211 From Westport. (Mo.) by Bull Creek, Black Jack, C-ne-Hundred and-Tea-MlleCreek, and Council City, to Council Grove, 12^ mil*s and back, onee a vr-Va Leave Wes'poTt Monday at 6 a m Arrive at Council Gro e Saturday by 6 p m Leave Council GroTe Monday at 6 a m Arrive at Wes?|;ort Saturday by 6 p m No 15213 From Weetport. (>lo. ) by Wea Mlaalon, OsawatN'mie Miam Agency, Oen reville. t*n trar Mnnn<l. ^ina Creek, and Little Otagv, to Fort Scti 100 mi!?s ?tnd *a- k, ores a woek Leave Weetport Monday at 8 a m Arrive at Fort Soott We -nssiay by Sam L*ave Fort Ssott Wednesday at 12 m Arrive at Westport Saturday bv 10 p m No. 162t? From G*a aft* mie by ilenry Shaman's, ?c the Sac and Fox Agency, 60 -ailes ard hack, on e a we-k Leav* Osawattcmli- Mo?<*ay at 6 a ra Arrive at J'ac and Fox Agency same day by 10 p m I* ave ^ac and Fox At??ncy Tuee-lay ct 3 a ? Arriv- at Oawatt mie s*>me b? 10 p m No. 16215 From We^t Pni -t, (Mo.) '<f Thomas polk'a aod Old Catholic Mine! n, to "agar Mound, 40 m"t?e and bnck, once a weok Leave West MointThur day at 6 a m Arrive at Su^ar Mou- d -ani? day by I9p ra Leave ttarar Mound F day at A a n> Arrive at We t Point sani-? d y by '0 pm No. 152lii Ft m Tekuiuteh by W&cha'us*, to Sac and P".\ Agency. 90 miles and, ? nco a wek Leave T kuinseh Arrtri' a' *acand F?x ige cy Leav? 8ac nd Fox Agency Arrive t T-kum?eh B?1 lerswlll pr. po:e a eohe^ule of departures and arrival? Thii< service is ?'tipnowd to b; unnecessary at pr sent No. lf.217 F'om Doui-Us. by <>ea -k?e, to Highland, 80 mi'es and hack, on^e a wa-k Le ve Do.ig aa Monday t 6 a m Ar Ive t Hijfh ard * t irdav by 10 p m Leare High ai d Mo da at 6 * m Arrive at aturday by 10 pm No. 1521S From For Scot to catholi'* Mission. In ? he O ag- nation, 40 mi'.es and back, one a w^ek Leji^e Fo t Seotf Monday ?t 0 a m Arr.veat ?athol c Mifsio j .-tune day by 10 p m Lenve 1 '*fho' c M ss oo Tuesday at 6 a m *rri< e at Fort Scoff am- cay by '0 p m No lo'19 -ro Ft t Scott, Thomas Polk's, to Weet P int, (Mo )40 miles and b-ck, onoe a week Leave Fo^ Scot W?Hlne*iay >? t (5 a m Arriv nt West Point ame day bv 10 p m l>*ve W? t Point T ursl^yat flam Arriv- at F -rt ^ovt mm- d y y 10 p ?o No. 152?0 Fr m F rt Sc tt, by" Big ry Wooi. to N-osh'>, (Mp.,) 75 mile? and back, once a we k Leave Fort Sc tt Wed's ^--1?y a* 6 a m Arriv.- t N-o ho Friday bv 10 p m L?av ? Neo ho Sandy a* # a m Arrive at F -rt ?*c f Tue d?y b 10 pm No. 15221 '"rom l/vav-n^'-rth City by Klckapoo, 4?c i9-n, noniph- n. n Prlant, to Wirt?, hea "p, 52 m>lee -rd Va^k one# * week Leave Leav nworth V/.'y u ^d y at 6 a m Arrive it Whitehead ? nex' day by 12 m Lesv- Whitehead's '^.irpeday at 3 p m Ar-ivf a' L?ave w rth City nex' diy by 10 p m No. 16222 From P wnee to Mrtrysville. 100 utiles and b*rk. nc- a w^vk L^ave ? 'hwdh- M ? day at 6 a m A'ri'ea Mar ivi'ln Sa'urd y '?y 0 p m Leave 'taryville Monday at 6 a m Arrive at Pawnee .-*a urday by 6 p m. No. 15223 From Cou oil G eve by Fort Riley, to Pawner 40 milee n d b<>*k on<* a week Lc vc Ourcd fJrove Monday at 6 a m A-rive a* P?wn-i nex day by 12 m Ijeav- P?wnw Toe d??y ?t i3 p m Arrive at Council Grr>v? next day by 10 p m Hide *o run tw ee a w- ek wl'I he e nsidered. No. 16224 From r?,eto?. (^o)to Atchison, 18 miles at-d hack twi^e a week I>?ay?? Wes'on Tu-??ay and Saturday at 6 a m Arriv* at Atchison nm dnye by 12 ra lrf?ve A'chi'on Tufadar and Saturday at 3 p m Arrive at We.--t n h me days by 0 p m Th-'s r^>it- i.? srppr?d to he sup-rwded by No. 16/31. 3 No 16225 Fr m Tecoms-b, by Bapt?st Miwdon Unientown, and Waapaj a to Pawn e, 82 mll?? and bv>, orc?- a w?*ek Leave T?-cu?- -eh V or day at 6 a m Arrive at Pawnee Wefln-^sday by 6 p m Leave ?awne? Thur?dr, v at 6 a m Arrive at '?Vcnm^eh Saiur tnjr by 6 pm. No. WJ2* Frr-m P vnee to F< eder, ? miles an! bu k, nee a neek Leave Pawnee Arrive at Reader Leave R ?der Arrive at Pawnee Bid lers Mil propose a schedule and state the dif-tunca. No. 152^7 From W^etport, (Mo.,) by Powall's Store and St. Barnard, to ?*r *nd Fox Agency, (50 milef and back onc^ a week l*>av? V- estp?r: M->nday > 11 'J in Arrive at f*ac \ud F x Agency Wedn?sday by 12 ui Leave S?? a'd Fox Air*ncy Wednesday at S p m Arrive at W-stp^rt F Way by 3 p m No. 162^8 Fr. m Kansas, i Mn,) bv Wyan.1?tte and Jackwmllle, to C-rawkee, 69 miles and back, once a week Leave Kansae Monday at 6 a m Arrive at Oeawk^e next day by 12 m Leave Oe*wkee Tu sday at .'1 p m Arrive at Kaiii?a5 n xt day liy 0 p m Bids to ruo tt>r<fo .im-o a week will be consid ered. No. 152/9 ^rom Indepen lencft. ( v?o..) y the nettle menU at the n;outh rf the Iluer'ano, on the Upper Arkansas, and Llttl- Lak* Settle ninu e, at the head rf the Nicollet Kiver, to Stockton Cal-f rnia 2,400 mi'es, once a m^nth Leave I -depended c? Arrive at Sto kton Leav- Stockton Arrive at In epend-nce Dicls t > ruo by a pr^jKised schsduls, and to pais other joints in llt-u of those tamed lathe root?, bo as to convey the malls in the ?-hort est p seible time, w 11 bo con>idr ed No. Mfi8(i Frcm cal-t So pb (Mo,) by Great Ne mthaw Agenry and I'ibanra, to MarysviUe, 85 miles and b<ek, on e * wrek Leave Sa nt Joeeph Friday at 6 a m Arrive at Maryevi 1- nrX' rfav by 6 p in Lear- Marysvllln un^ay at <> a it Arr've at Saint Joaeph t ext day by 6 p m No. 15281 From Weston. (Mo.,) by Ja'on, to Atchi son, 18 milrg a? d tack twice a w-uk Tieave Weston Monday and Friday at 6 a m Arrive a'. Atchiaor name day* by 12 m Leave Atchiscn Monday and Friday at 1 p m Ait vea' Wbitu sime dtys by 7 p in Bids to r in once a we.-k will be considered No. 1623*2 From Leavenworth, by Strtng?-r Oef k Crossing. Hickory Pei: t, 0s?ukr-e, Whitfle r, Soldle'- Crnek, 8?>ver Lak?, Catholic viagjon, R'ck Creek, and Blue, to Fort Rllev, 130 miles and bick, tw^ce a w?e-k Leave Fort Leavenworth Monday and Thursday at 6 a m Arrive at Fort Riley Wednesday and Saturday by 12 m Leave Fort Kiley Wednesday and Saturday at 8 p m Arrive at Fort Leavenwor h Filday and Monday by 9 p m ? ??0DCM ? wi l be considered. No 15282 From Fort Leav -nworth, by the settle mente and towns ot L.wrenoe, Wilsor Hprings, Pottawattamie, and Sugar Creek, to Fort 8 ctt, 125 miles and b ck on^e a week le v? Fort T^eaven wo th Wednesday at 6 am Arrive at Fort Soctt Friday by t> p m Leave Fort Boott Saturday a* 6 - m Arrive at Foit Leavenworth Monday by C p m No. 16234 F'om Raa<tas tM .,) to Lawrenoe, (Kan irae ) 40 miles and back six tine- a week Leave Kansa daily, except Sunda . at 8 a m Arrive at I?wreuce san e days by 9 p m L ave L&wreoea daily, except undoy, at 6 a m Arrive at Kan"?e tarn-- day- by 9 p m Bida to run three times, and oace u week, will be cons dered. No. 16236 From Fort -cot*, by Sugar Mcund, Gen tieville, and IJenry (h-rmin't t, Hibbard, 50 mile* a~d back once a we^K Leave Fort Scott Wedneaday at 6 a m Arrive at ILibbaid Th are Jay by 12 m Leav ? Ilibbard Thuraday at 3 p m Arrive at Fort S ott Friday by 9 p m No. 15230 From Fort Atchison 'o Maryaviiie, 120 mile* ard back thre* tirr-es a week Leave Atchison Monday, Wedoe day, and Fri day at 6 a m . Arrive at Marvsvil'e Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday by un Lea Ye Mar grille Wednesday, Friday, and Pun diy at 8 p m . Arr've at AMJhiaoo Friday, Sunday, and Toet day by 9 p m Bid* to run o? ce a week wiF be oon*idar?4. No. 15*3 4 Prom Whitwv?i<r?, by Highland, Tow* Point, to Story's Landing. 40 miles and back, ?oca a weak Le^ve Wh'tehe?>d's Fiday at 6 a m Arrive at 'tory's Larding same day by 9 p m Leave tory** Landing Patur ay fit 5 a m Arrive at WH'eher 1 ' pame day t>y 9 p m Wo, 15233 From Or-gon. (Mo.,) by Iowa Paint, to High la d. (Fan-as.) 12 mil** and back, ore* a week L^ave Oregon Saturday &t 6 a m Arr've *t Q ghland mn?> day t-y t2 m Leave Highland Saturday at 1 p m Ar iv* at Oregon same d^ by 7 p m No. 15*39 From Ft rt Le*verworth to 8?e and Fox Agencv, 100 mil** and back, once a week Laave Fort Leav-^wr rth M i d iy at 6 a m Arr:v<- at tin.1: and Fox Agency VV dnawiay by 12 m Leave -ac and Fox Agancy ThurMay at 6 a m Arr've at Fort L*?.venwor h fta* urdav by i2 m No. 15240 Frcui Fcrt -cott to Fort Atkinson, ? mile and back. Leave Fort Scott Arrive ?t Fort Atkinson Leave Fort Atkinson Arrive at Fort 8 ctt Didders wVl sta.e the 'liatanc* and pr^po#. a schedule. Na. 15 41 From Fnr? 8< ott to Crawford Seminary, ? nil-s *nd L?iave Fort Srott Arrive ar Crawf rd Semi aiy I^ea e Cra* f ud Seminary Aniv ? fct F( r* Scott Blider* will ptate the distant and propose a schedule N ). 1524*2 Fom W*stpor tr Fort Fcott, ? miles ? nd back Leave Wog.'poit Arrive it F rt 8cott I/a?e cort Sc tt # Arrive ct Wostport Bidder-will state the distance and pr poee a schedule. For forma of proposals, guarantee, and oer fl ease; also, instructions and requirements, (em bracing cMidi ions to be inco-por te.1 in the a n t-act* to such exfnt as the diyartment may fie> m proper.) ? e a ivor i eisent in-lM?<g ; ropo?als fr-r mail se rvice n the western and fou bwestern Sta< s dated 9th Janaarv. 1S54. JAMES CAMPBELL, june 4?lawfw fostmasMr General WE WOULD NOT GIVE A DOLLAR F*OR ALL THE TINCTURE HAMPTOS EV EH M M)F..?Thu* ppokr a uiae an ? good man, but mark the change 1 Let he ??io.ted hear him, and then decide whether t# suffer on or be mailt wi?ole. Ye professional in n, with ruined heal h, henr! Rev. J ames W. {Iunnicut, lite lelenfed and in-:e pendent editor of that highly p ipular and extensive ly rea'l pap^r, tin- Christian Banner. p?b ished at Fredericksburg, V.i., in his editorial ot the 18th o May, 1855 thus ^al>3 or HAMPTON'S VEGE TAHLF. TINCTURE: "Some time ago we ti.eroly al'u:ied to Hampton' Vegetable Tincture, with u promise of t>ou<*in?. more particularly the g?eat r lief we have ourself derived from it- u*c During our collegiate cours? owing to t?etlentarv h.ibit*, we became i]uiteriyjp? p tic, *nd were very tn'ich troubled wi>h v? rtigo Fo more than twelve years after leavinc college. hi were laboring un ier these two afflictions In t::e spring of 1 SDH, our general bealth became so delicate that it war- m ith Rreat difficulty we cool . atte? d to t^e ordinary duties of our profession Everything we ate immediately turned acid, our digestive or" can* became wholK deranged; losing as ii seemed to tie, all their activity and vitality; w? were con stantly depressed in spirit, our eneray altno?t for ?ook us, and n'?thii-j? but necessity urged us on *n action. We had taken strong medicines, observed great particularity in our uiei. aito all to no purpobe We had despaired ot ever recovering our health, when a female friand of our- importuned us to get a tattle of Hampton's Vegetubl- Tincture, assuring us ha' we won find great relief from its u?" V\ e bri? fl repli-d, '-toe would not give a dollar for all ^e Titir turc Hampton ever mirfe, en far as our own individ ual healin wa> concerned." V\ e had no faith in it nor anv other mcdicine in effecting a cure on u? fn the kindness of her heart, however, without con suiting us about it,sh : sent and got one b ?ttl? and Urged Us to eccep: of it, and for her sake, as it could not possibly njure us, to u*e it according to direr tion For the high reparj we had for her and her act of kindnea*, we promised to do ^o And with out exageration we can truly ^ay thai before v%e hal used the contents of one bottle we felt l:*:c a new man We used, consecutively, froni^en to fifteen b it' ties. *Ve were at raid to give it up, fearing our oh! diseases might return. Since then, our dijft-iive organs have been uniformly correct, our head clear, and so far as our labors, toils, liabilities, responsi bilities, and worldly cat'.-s will allo.v, our spirits have been buoyant, and we em what we pleaM and as much ?s we please, and when we picas* - and all is well f or the sake of the "fflicted w^ make this .-tstemrni, hopiuz that others mav fi;id the same relief from it? use tliat ve have, h thould be hepr in every lai.uly. Xofamilv should evt r b* wi'hout H \ M PTO N'S VEGETABLE Ti\C TI'RE." Lawyer!, Do--'ts, Ra-.knt, Ministers, in all ihv Departments ol Stat9, I.aJies and (*ent!ern?n in the high* st walks < f iife, as well as thuse moving in the most humble spheres, -peak of the cures on thtm selves and friene's b) this wonderful article. Call and get pamphlet* ?ratls, and 6ce c ire .? Cough, Ilroncliiue, Itheumalism, Neur opil, Dv; pepsir., Nervousness and General Weakness. A^ ttmale medicine or for delicate childien ??; i?eliev it uneQualled. Sold by MOlwMMER fli MOWBRAY, HO Balti more street, Baltimore; <ik* Broadw^v, N. Yor> Chas. 8Ton Co., J. ti. Moore, D. B. Ciarki Clark* h Rowi.iko, W. Elliot, and H. McPh=?: sow, Wa?hingt'.:i; a!<o. by R. s. F. rr??*T,, Oeorzt town, an:! C. C. f>RXY, Alexandria, p?<! Cy Dru giats eve.*>r. i;.1 c. REV. JOHN LVNAHAN, PASTOB or THE EXETER STREET. M. E. CHURCH.? A strong desire to Leaefit the afflicted induces him thiw to ' ^r'tfy. We chal! er^o any other naedicino to present tueh a njc.;s of tesumony from genti- rr.en riiU ladie i o; high landing of our own well-known citizens, who testify of cares of COUGH, BRON LII1T1S, RHEUMATISM DYSPEPSIA, fce IUltimgri, January 24tli, 1855. Hi ears. Mortimer Mo'rhray: I take pleasure in sa; ing to you that I have used V ur''Hampton's Tmciiire" with very great profit. From a seriousuroat affeuion, my general health uud become very much unpaired, when I vcai ?cenced to use <k Hampton's Tincture." i found it.- effects upon my general health most salutary. My nervous system and digestive organs soon right ed up under its use. I have several times recommended ii c.j mv friends, and in every case, as far as I have been in" ioriocd, they have use it with success. Yours truly, Jonn Lanarak. Pastor or Exeter St., M. E. Chnrch, Baltimore. BLEEDING fj"THE LUNGS. RAfxion, N. C., Feb e, 1855 ueurt. Mortimer J* Mowbray: I do hereby certify that about twelve months ago I was taken with a t evere hemorrhage of the Lungs and had four attack* of it 1 was advised to try Dr. Hampton's V'egetillo Tincture I procured one boitle, and after taking which, I was satisfied lhat I was much better; aaJ that, after taking the fourth bottle, t wss entirely well, and new I enjoy as good health an rvrr ! did in my life. I can, and do, with out the least hesitation, rccommend the Tincture to tllpersous afliictcJ in try way. tovtz, Gio. W. Wiailet. CURE FITS-READ! More to the Sick tkc.r. Goli.?From one of the moet icspcctablc Druggists in South Carolina. Cuari ebtoh, 8. C. Sept. 21,1833. Messrs. Mortimer U Mowdrat:?The sale ol >-our Hampton's Vegetable Tincture is increasing 8very day, and every bottle sold recommends this valuaMc medicine to Ihe afflicted. Several of our planters have tried it in different cases with aston ishing success, and are Retting it by half c'oxens. It has been found to be the greatest remedy for rheu matic affections, ?>:?' a wonderful cure ha.- been performed ou a ueuio bov, aiutfeiing from Fits. 1 will furnish you with a nuicber of certificates if you wish them I am, gentlemen yours, W. G. Ttorr. Call and get pamphlets gratis, and see curer nf Cough,, UheumatisiB, Neuralgia, l)ys pepsia, Nervousness and General Weakness. As n female medicinc or for delicate children we U,iie*r h unequalled. ' Said by MORTIMER a MOWBRAY, 140 Balti more street, Baltimore, and 3M Broadway, N. York Chas. Stotv h Co., j. B. Moor., D. B. Clarki, oLAE5f ^ Bownr a, W. Elliot, and H McPhkr ior, Washington ; also, by R. S. F. Ci srl, Georee town; and C. C. Brrrt, Alexandria, and by Drug psueverrwhere. ^ febW? tr hair work7 ^ 8Uch M bracelet*, ChaN ?lain-,, Chains, Breaatpins, Earrings, Fuiger Kings, made to order, of any desired design. * All orders fmthfuily attended to. idpeeuuens may he seen at my store. Vn -no ? u H. SEMKEN, Mar 30 aV'' bt:tweKn 9,41 and 10th su. LAJ*?, tfA?HA ttTg WAITED, 'tor wftjch the Highest prices will be paid by m,? o, ? , ('HUBB BROTHERS. may 3l"~(Intel) opp the Treatury. W * *ti^" something new an article. DOtfBLE ICE PITCH nay 90 O PBANOI8. 1 !l L?ID ?-Aiisrwini ;,V"S ' ^ ?w- l""uen 1 doctor HOOFLAND*8 celebrated ?trman Bitters* ??p*ut) irr DB. C. M. JACKBOH, Phflud'a^ 1%., WILL EPFBCTCALtT CCU tfTEI LfllPLiWT, DT8PKP8U, JAUKDICL CWio or JVer,o~ V ? Kidney, and ad <h?n? nruinj /row ?, A*. ordered L*v*r or Stowtack. !<U? h at. ? oro-Up?tuon, Inward Pile?, Pullncsa, <n litnitd to th?- li? ad, Aridity of the dtonia b. Nan aea, Heartburn; Diegust for food, Pullnes? o. weight in the ^i Huach, Sour ?nn uium*, 8uilt in* or Ptnttering at the Pit of the ^tomach. dwim nun* fUh-Head, Hurr ed r l difficult Breathii-.g. Plu tering at Ltof Heart, Choking or HufFrx amii Sen'aoons *hen in a lying Poature. (hmuesa Vision, Out* <if Webe before the f*ifht, Fever am Dull Pain in the Head, Deficiency of Perspiration Yelloivn -st of tht Skin and Eye*, Pain ia lli* 3ide, Bark, Chest, Limh?, fee., dudden Plu?h? - of Hea( Burning inthe Pleah, Constant Imagui inrs of Evii, and great depression of Spirits. ' 'HE proprietor, in calling t:.e .Mention of tlx t wbli m thid prenaratio-. doc? *o with a feel ing m ii.e utiuo-t confidence in iU sirtues and adat> lltion to die due .>* a A>r which it id recommended It is no anv und untried article, but one that ha> ; '??d the te.-t of a ten year-' trial before U?e Amen Cfn pi?ople, and its reputation and Hale is minvslli. by any mmilar prepi-itiom rttant. The t-*l Li itw favor sriveii t?y tile most prom irert and well ? '.own Pnysiciaus and individuals, in ail part- ?>' ? iM country is mmenee. The toll >wins I'm Nurth ('tu-'lii.a ii respet tfully snb itt-d, ref**mi.g any Aho may still doubt, to my "Memorabilia,'*or Prni ticat Rf'ci ipt Hook for Farmers ur?d Families, to l.? h?d grnlin. of a'l the Agents !or the German Bitter*. Principal OHice and Mavjtiietory, 190 Arch at., Philadelphia Pa. TESTIMONY FROM NOKTH CAROLINA. Ceitificatr of Or. W. Smith, of Pine HiU, RicM taerui County, N. C. Pink HtLi, March 4th 1854. Dm. C. 51 Jacksok, Philadelphia?l><-ar P:r: J nave biro a subject ??f flyspepsia, in it< worst f n.;, for the ta-t five years. Such vi a? mv condition i ? .we!ve moutha that the physii ian* and a'l who -a* ?ne '?aid 1 must die. While in this condition, 1 w . carri<-J M the watering places i:t Virginia. Tenn* ?? see ami North Carolina, ! ut vra- not benefited b\ any water to which 1 wa? tafcet. While on try way home, f stopped a week at Rutbcrfnr toil, t. *mal I village iti North Carolina, to try the effect l" -oRie Chalybeate wat?r in that place. Aliout t!i? 'a?t of'he week, I went 'r?*o a dnig store to p ?oiiie -.n tlKiiie luy o- i?'> and myself The. ,^ wcr? vera! of the ? ^hyisiciaiir in tin kUh*# und one ?if them s'-emed to take some interest in cawe afir .vking mt Mine question*, naid b h**.d Iren a dyspeptic, and hnd been jreatlv beii" fitted by th^ u*e of " Dr. H-mA^nd's German H?? 'ere. ' pi* pared by y u, and be insisted that I wduld tiy (ne ftittwr* U< aln< called the next day at my ? oom, ai d insi.<fM k) touch that I would try them that I :!>ked him to ge( me one bottle. He did it, I coiiitfi-mcttd taking it as directed, aud I do .? ty I wat mon hi nefitied by it than afl the wale- hud n.-di- int* t had <!?<?! uken AtU'.- reaehint home one of my r<?ulit*.rv ar?i * to me f. r a prewripoou ind rae.dleine. (he a dv^peji ?n ) jml i tav uexriy ail tlic 2atei> I had left, v irli effecied mu. h ^t?o?f in his ea<e Mi !ik- nfl+n Jle-I on me t"-?r more ot the -am< k nd of ruepi .', saving lie wa- more b.-iiefiued by it than any >t been fcble roni-l or tb?? .>f?;, pieatie ship me a dozen r more^^Hm Wv ?. r?'e. Risspn uully yours, W. 8VITW l). It. IIUOKER, Rofri re Store, Wake Co., N C., ? -tob< r id lUTJ, says:??' ilavin? eimrien< tt! vmy rre;;t benr flt from the use of " FIooffHrd'* German Bitters,'' in Chronic Dy-entery ano funcuonal <le -ar.geir.ent of the Liver, and us cirnromitsni eviit., I am defeirou? of obtaii ins a 'luantity of it for jpe oeneftt of my community Von will, then.-flpe, please tiufad a lot. &c. iic M CERliPlCATE OP WM. J. AT WOO I >. 'TKTSVILuK. V aBKIS Co , N. C , ^'ov. Id. !8E3. I>t C. M Jackson?l>-ar Hir: Allow n?? to ex ?re.^ to you my mincer* thankb lor your |li>cgvery >f a medieine whicb, to say the lea-tn#" it, har ?f ecte<i a .-ure lha? all other med cim ?>, tlw.t ^ ba/e ?ken. "r ave enurely tailed to ?to. "Hoiiflan-f ? G<t t:-an uliterh" Iiave ?ured roe of tb? m->-i atubhon. ir.d ajf^ravated case of the piles that, p?;rliapn, ever fell '? th<- lot of man My case is n >t a >-tr?jip?*r in this community, a* I am well know in tht- and the nrro?: idit't counties, ar * crn truly ;av t*ni my re*, cove'y h:i? tw;.niii(i'?i all ?^y friemli and relations, u> I had tri^-il? rtrytiling recommended, and no&inc did me any ex d until I was prevailed upon to try the Bitters. Y ?u are it liberty to v ake :uiy Uib conuuuniention, fr?r ilie benefit ot the p.:!l.> t^d, vou rany th:;ik pniper. Truly yours, WM. J. AT'.V0( t n yK Jff tr- m u 'ufa-, all T!ie.^e bitters are entirely tegctable, they in*ij?r?i? and *tr< iivtben the syidein, never prostrate it and can tei used for uifants- as w< li a* adults. For s-*U* by n^pec'aWe dealers everywhere, and by 7.. D. GILM KS, Wa-hingum; J. L. KIDWELL, Georgetown; and I. R. PIBRPOWT, AN xandria. mar i?i? i OARTKR'S ' SPANISH MIXTURE. Cnc G PBrlllsr ?f th? tilocd I Hot a Particle of Kercory Ia It -vn It. ?!J 'tut Inrt ior dcromia. Kirge" F^rli, P.benmAtlsta, Olwfinate Ontan?on? Ernptic.:^ ?;? I u^ulee on tb; fsoe, Blotcber, Bo-! . Cure^ere r,y-s, I leg Wcra or Tetter, Srali ^.Md, /i:l?: tr?*T!e2t an^ :>aic cf th? Bones and JolnUi. f^tchbom UlcerFj 8yphilitlc Disrrder*. aaitaito fpinai Cou>pla;nt?,> (?nd all the n^"s *-ifi"..< frumiui injudlricur- use of Meir-tirj, Ini prud i?j ? iie, or impurity of the Blood t 'HIS valu? It Mnikine, *n.ich ha? becoia- cfle? i ^r?.<si for the n umber cf ?xtra rdiDary enrep ?Jfected through Ita ? .?ncy, hat- induced 'the propr, :i ??^3, s* :'-fce Tjrf ct r*>qneftt cf their Mew's, to offer t w t' ? ouliiie. w^lchthey do with the i:r. *t u^a h ?enr? n its virrne* and ?wondnrtul cur.T.?*e prop ;i->a o The following cerUScat*f>, feiected us nrmb-r. rje, hewer; r. st'on^r irstj than the mere word of the proprietor-; fcxl - 'rer. irjntUm'Q w?'l k^own m ticlr loeil!f;"% sti >{highest rec5 ecuv.llity, ma-jv o** tLita rwi 1 ?ig ;n the city of Bici.moad. S a. ? ZOi"OhK, Of lb* Exclian^e Hotel, Riih luoii, kuowa cver.r* liere sajB he hia seen' he U ida- ca'.i'd Caxtip.'i gpunsu Murmi. adm?nUter?d in ot? a linc lre'l canea, in nearly ell the digea:** ior which it r^ecmmen led, ?ith the stent astrn ?ahiagiy good re?ralt? He pays it Ip the ^oc>, .*? ^r?ar1inarv r>edlTine he has t<ver eer-T?. AC'JK AND l"*lVliLi?GHbA'i OUttB.?I fcerrbj .certify thai, frr thxee yrar- i had Ague *na ferer of the o"*t vl.lent Rescript:cn. I hac. neveral rhy de*.?.r.e, trr.k Utn quantities of Qninins, tieicu'y. tna ( >?*i eve all th? ei-^rtlsed, but all vith out p'rarn'.nt relief. At la?t I tried Carter"* ^p-vtiah Ffbxtrtre, Mrc bottles of Thich offestuaily > crivi bi>* and i sn: t'<?pi"5 to my I feav<? had ne t'.ei ? hiU? ox fea*?s fltoee. I soo-idert; the teat Tcnw ;a ihln vorli, and Uie dinj uedkiue tb?i ??er iMcbedanrcue. .T01IN T.CKC2' ' DiATtl i)iT"3, ?iA.httcci. "Ve. 0 B. LP<?:C.. !?->,. r.o^v in the eit7 of Ki'Jlibjai ?nd for taaih '?a tr.e i'ltH Ofllce, hi?* ai*cb oonfl lenne to th* ?-<?otihhiiig ^rfisacy ot Caxtei? Spanlith 5Xixtur* th^t 1? hai Dcvjht upwards of fee which he h?? ->??.) cc An afilictei^ 11a. Luck 8*9r< he n?s n?;Ter -Ej u . ? lull when take.: 3ccf>rd-i-g tv <!ireotio^ .* 0i. MISftB, a prtu'ihini ?b .vi.usn tnC fc:ji?Hy of tlio C-ty Hotel, ia the city < ' KS -i.^aond, atys L? Lar Uicnetii*-! In u DUinbf. c; inf-.antesths -ffeets o! Oarer's bp?sr.-nb hKxrturu. t.lii.h wctt- iuoat trn;j ?urprit>tn^. Beecyiia atise of (iouMiuiftior, d^ pendent on the Lirsi th? effe'.se mere u iit.-ful indeed SAMVRI M. i:I:D>Ma olthe firm cf Drink?r * Mer-**, Hietrioad, eured cured cf Lircr Octi ^Laint o. tsr?e e*T' ?U "uiln^, by the uee of to ^ rttlee of Carter's Ht-'jn h M laxare. Glia'T CUIUS Ot ai;ltOkULA ? Th^ Ku!i?rs ot tLe Rialiir.cnl Rspubik;.r, h-d a eetvuat empioved ?n their pr?> toob cured c: violent ScrMulu. a to bined with liheuata ieiii, which entirel / 4id*bled fiim flroia work. Two bottlw of (^rt*r t R ir.ieo M'xture LU:de a p*r;aet cure of him, aub th? Lui tor- ir a public no?ict?, say they "eheevful r rsooir. men 1 it to ail whe are e.llL:ted iriih any JUest ? o> the blotxi" eTILL \:'0TI1K?L -Ul.? Of t>0E0fU.^ : a *?rv yt .ablo boy cured of hcrofula bf On ?it ^ Bpanlfh: Mituii) I <xusidf r it truiy a "'tit.tbk medicine. J iMK8 51. TAYL^H, Coaduc. r cn Li 8t P Mid P U. K. Co.. J^ehioondU Va. bALT iiHiiUM OP TWMiTir YKAB3 S&AMLi^C ODnSD Mr. JOHN TitOMl'HON, redding la t2>o ti?j u iUchtcoad. xtsb cared by thr?e bottle o< J*?t?r"f spaaiah Mixrarts of bait '.heum, which Lj hul for nearly twenty years, and which ell the physicane of ths eit?' ecald not "um Mr. Thompson is a wrl kuottii Ttcshsnt in tue city of lUabmosdf a id Lit teiacr.' uw/ araaM-* i ISATTSSWS, of Kichmo J. had a wy?5. 'tired (W Hyphl'ia. in the w&r? fr.ric. by Carter' 3paa*nh Wxtcre. He raya he cheerfhl'y recn menle it, end ocuukler* it a very >evaluable Uit dne. EDWifii BURTON, comniasioner ot the rsvr? ao ?ajs he ha-, -wen the good effects or Carver's : pani'-' Mlxiare in u number of Syphilitic eaees, and sa'.rf 1 is a perfect eure fcr that horrible disease. WM. O. HAR WOOD, ef Richmond, cured of old 9orasan4 Uleem, disabled Ids fr*m w?la.c Took afr'i bottles of Carter's Spanish iUs'uro, ????' was eimMe.1 to walk without a cruteb.w a? rt tiase a^taeaufn'ly cured. _ _ .. Princij Ki uepoh, at M WARD, OLOSR A . o, No. H8 Maiden Lane. New Yerk T. W DTOTf A BON8, No. iW North Second j?t., ^BMNn'kTT k B1IHI< No. 1M Main street t fbr sale by 0HAWLK8 8T0TT, Washington D. 0; hknkY PJUa , Aiexan iria, and by urugguta *T*^ce*|l%r bottle, or sis bottles for |& ?et>r -iy EMQliw UP THE COUNTERS r?*-'in I TIMVM.FW I'-s t ? V RllMt'mi 1HRV( T THB W me beUrttB WMkfofto* acd WhteUi but 171 hcurt! fhtnii*g ttww Vrr, * 14' ?*? Ct?<rt?wcfi 27 hours through Ticket* and CWks w, be had in Wellington !!! THE BALTJMOdE AJSD UUIO RAILROAD II AVIN? treaiiy improved iw W?**t< ru c?aa?r LI tMN.8 now i4T-rt the tulieet utdi. un** :e> raveleni brtwcrn M'kJiiiir'na,, rvno M! nortion* of Ut< \V*?t, ilir Vathaest in4 tb? !*owfc The eonn?rrir?o t*tw?^fi il?r tram* from W**, and ib?* traits botind Wf>t Imm Halttmo t w Jwaya promptly made at t'.e W if?biiifl<>n Jnnct** ( called the Relay Hou-.) ft mi.-* 1 nr? Bv more. Tliu ?? the <?nl> chuitkc oi" c*>i r quirt d hr. we?*c Wa?l.i:<gton and lb*-< ,.i; riv?r. Rj'tfja*- * 'hacked through to Waning it tie- W?^irr,? -ta.?'/(!, ndr.cbock'tl ai d if n-u ini iIk re. (aitti p*?*acer?> wthout char.r. thnw. :ir.'.u?h ticket* ?r point* W yn.ij. Thr wiwcm uv in Uave V* axlitnei >n diiijt fil 3 a m. an l 4 - u c on Saitdtj- at Ui*- lattrt ti< tu only. At Vfhnelnik dire t counn?ion tua-li aitfc if train* of the CENTRA* Of?|?. RMI.LOM'. IUP nine from Hellaire <?n tf*r ? I .t. ?? if \Vh'ei>tv .hrougb Cunhniip, 7.??e*\ He and * -*ark, u* COLUMBITH T? ?-?? train- eaanjrt at Kewwfc *Kh ih?* eai* of the Nt-warW Vam--fi u and Sjiurtat ny Railroad for Sanrfvskv, T>?????!<>, !'.:trou,t bx-M St. Louie, etc. At C??lt?t;?bu* th' C. O 0 ?na?_t ?tth the fa? trains uf ?he IaUU Muum Ra\Wt,wi ?? XeniE, riNCIRKATI, l.oUltfVILLE tie. At XenU (on Little Miami Railroad) rot in ctjna M r'->rme<l with tlie triin* thfon*h INDIAN APOLH, Terre Haute, Lafayette, L'hieafo, Eocfc Mand, Ht. Louu?, etc. Pa-tfcfn.frs h t'dirg thf>uch tlckcto lor Mrnv fikit Atir Oriean* ?*tr., WhKb *rr also oold at W -ut. rrt"n- are tranat??rrcd at 1 i*. c*J >naii to ib?- Mail :*W 1 w 1m the Ohm. Tickvu mi Evaitsrilk', Cairo, ana Louis are sold by ou? r-iQte. ty-F<?F. CLCVCLAWD, and via CU-vela*) t* '? ? led , i icuoti, CUira^o, etc., tk keU are aoM. n-f:T. thp Olito is nangah> h? tw*? a WliecliDf n<4 Welh?T?tle (forty ibiIcs) wh^n a c?nn?-< tioti with \L._ 1'(rv< nitd at d Plt??luirg R^ilr ?a(! ^"TVa velier* a*?' n quoa <? t * nouce tl^^^hMap^ is Ji.' only roiUf tflo.dutf tiimnxh Ucketqfl^^^Kl iu vVBshittfiu*, k is alt" th* ?t!ort?"n, ruolfp?. yt an<1 dir?-ct to nearly all th?- l? n?i:nr |v> r,t< m ^ *reai W'e?t. The distance ft m W>??^mf*oti toC* cinuati ia hn? 663 l<?iRfkk >til H?t aulca borv tr tliati bv any otb^r r.?ui I FACE HV THKOUGti TI?'KETFR<:M W ?\GT0X: T WhediDf .'>0; < -d uai.n- ?1? ?; 'lajlon, A15 ro ; PtBcicnati, ?16 ; b? - ulroad hy teim rtrorn ?'inrii.ra-- ?!?*;'? ?'?!nap,di'' #17 W; (Vtrtan*, |l^! ifc T?dHk> flS N?; D iron. (|15 5R>. '? -hi< ajo ?^1 6;. n?< f 19 Sfr gj, Louie 50 and $25, Men'pfci*, <pJ6: V? i? Of. ?in- A3I. < if. C# OR FRHDERT K :>n !? \H i'V'^'ru. J V A37 ?N.aH1TR0. r.EKKKLE >" SI l.|v 8. ( C M l?E!?f.AM> BFnfORriSPFT*?0F P:ivl?,.r 1. o^. Um!, a-i.l ^ainoomt. pMCWcri may leave Wa-di iiitfU>(. a 6 a m or IU, p m I 1 r.ntvn nation- b. tat en t altininre and Wu< - :ag. takeC a ir. tram fr'?m ^ '"hinftim tbg* For train- t au?- ft ^n: C*i xn <r? \.yr, -p<*a1 etc., xe< 'p? ?ial advcrti*em< n;.. a^-Tor further foforiiiati'in. tl? iifh tirk?-t?., ke., apjuy to TH08. H. PAUS- iff"*- f *. at tv .i-tiiaf tos. titau..n i(?HN H. L- VE. M :s:? t ??i'Tra??t tat oa UalUmori' tud < Moo lia.:r<jh ' Ba .more, aiay 3?tf _ ??/sni\'Gl,OK PRAKCHRAILROAD CH * \CE OF IIO!'Rs? (vN?an<f aft't V ? d-?v. L!ie s3-.: u - ut. thr I I wt!l L?*av?- Wr^-hiurtor, a: J a<>d a. m . <?.d 3 w. 1* P ?? <'!! Sunday at A% p nt Leave Ba'tiinore at 4 4 n>il * in, *nd 3 art 54 P m On Su.sday a* 4^ 3 r> ap 23- tf T. H PARDON*. Af*-at. Mott B?cioll ? Lir>d. ^ SEJV YORK .ArF.XJl\DSM W-1cfifS'C7T? CITY. AND DTfTRJfrr OF C'JL "MPIi I'JICXETS. 'pHiS LINE or PACKJP i r>\'LS VVEEKl.* 1 from pi?-r 14 Ea* iL? -r, ^ w i * and ofte . if n^es'ary. ?nd arc I'Mrij'-W-*' of t???? t; ? <n\' *?*hr. -A F. Hn'ell. RedeR. m> -t?? Svw schr. MoT? Ktceli, A. V. TirJafU rfchr. wfnn P.. VVm. ( nt;^-t?r 8chf. Volaiif. L. A. ^?r ;t??. master. ??cbr. OMmniile' 'V-Uit<f, vV>?e1 ia, ua-aei. 8ehr. Gnenrn;', VV, |?. : t. T}:c;T?" veaa*' ? ar>* . ?."? *e, '"-S th? ai. m^n ot rrp> ri^nr? in t*- '.??'?? "f the o:Jy re; 'ar line of W^i-u tun *^itv pa<-k't? >*t?rr BE. ELL, A"all ?tPHt, !f. \ i. 6. MASTERH Ai' iaudna, Va THOMAS RILKT, feb 1?6m tYa<>hinf"-?i and D C 0BAF61 Airs AiEXAyr K ". 1I-. II.KC'AD On and after Trtadny, AY\ 7, Ie54, '? UK 0*i* l^ave A1^k?o? i*r-. tln^y f t tJcr?* ur J Tille and iBterra- dj?te .vatir.cs a. * *' oT?) ? a. ia, o th? *rr.v?l o, th-* i<ok. ; --n W?<hlc, ^.r ; a^pV t?ct? for hrea.'D-i. i e*> : v.rl ' ?MllBgMtJubcI:?. ?'i**; * f ita* Wtrrea* u .?? rtl ? * ?T Wii r<*?U't, an<' at Onrrtf-crrM!^ <?>n 1.. ? !:? Yiryiiaa O-itraJ )? ior a.Ufc? rliic, a til 3t?utoa Diahh ime ti< (i'^nUl* Jsl.f '->* ' ?**%?&* anu liiterueiiitr at b?-u'X? li- a. m. ti tie artival of tbe *r*in'- c" ti% ? "ji. ^Oiitr*1 :al r-:ad iz^zt RJctr < * >, Charl^* ?*. *" 1 ?taa*t? T^:uiu^a riorrre Trm 7"?:rr?ntt ??? t* * ? 3 K ? * Chclrteftri'.!* ?* i' * ? * ^ Stra;tii-7S ? - ? *?; 14 4 T.jr-ihjtiri.. - " *',ct?t?r...m....?.- S 5? ?-oray.. . 4 M Market 4 ?? ?* " lii<i>fcur| - S if t*r i<> oBractia;? wish tha ata*^ ?< aar5otte'*ille, -vi. ^loujaya, "*>lc?ed*y?, and rn 'in ... . Per Lara; ur ?w M?r<?L rr>noact*ns with ?n? s ?gaa at Oc.lpe^i.jnTonw^y'1 Ttnradwys and hai nnaj. r ? r vYischortei iaily, oeoDe ing with the i at FieinoLt F..r UkUUnUUR iaL.r, ooit-iiing wili the at tL? Plaias Ptsc order: W. R. LHOC*ITT, uor 7?<ttf FOK MOUNT VKKNON. On TUR8DAY6 ?ti FRlDAib iFara rc^t4 trip 91; from / '???? 1 be TUt. Mac tV-XiSR ,('r' WssliiB^on *t ? ?Bd Aiexa. Irta ?.l V i r'odo-t. (. -it.', he/* Ifave t^e Ciapitcl tor the ><* at ii % o Cl <u far* '0 Qauii> r.Tfoui wiahin^ lh? Ooaol.e.1 ia?T.ce with Qui. i fbo-*. EffYeahcjfntP on thr V??at art 7H- -dtf sAM'i. 6F Villi diKW YORK * LIVl O"1 UNITED STATES MAiL STEAMRCS. res sni^s ccMrxtiswo tki* TUK ivTUUr'TlC, Oapt Watt rAClfIC, Otrt Ny-, BALTIC, Cap.. Owe*** ? s __ AL^IA ;IC, "~lt. Oralira 1*1 iea? have fc^c bai'.t t>y ?oBtra:t, rapr^ ly frrr Oo.-mmect txrrh ; r, -r: oar?? hae baea taken in their oofu^rnw an, k? ia th* -Agineh to iosHi* gtrciiftii io4 io^ th*ir ^xx>nua ^ _ lioas tor yawBgeif are an%aalled for *- ??.*?*" f rat cabin ? IK^Bd QfcblB? ;?f ?:? ?/ ? ?r-'nriTf ni?e ot "Tltra I'taU? TOeiE^ ........... ?>?? ** From Li??*pool tj New Yor* ?.k) at J Au eapariemoed acr^eoB atta^ced to aa.-t tM|> So berta Ohb oe e -c.vioi until pud for. i'ct .Tei*ht or pa-at-jje apply to HDWAHI* K. OOLUXe I CO., W Wall rt-.-eet, Njw Fork. BUOWIn, &E1PL8Y A C0n UM|Ml H. 0. L^BEttTfl A CO, IS K.iLf*a nrm ?iri, I<-d4o?. JO US HthT-.t a CO. SC Rut Notre Dar^c T! tcirafi, Pari#. Ot* R P^ATr.R, Havae Tha cwarrr of tkaea t-hij . will act fca ascowtta. e tor ?o?u, silfer. Val!io?, ^pevi-. ja?elry, atonef or ia?Uis, uutca; bl!!: r.r ira tbar <K>r. -at th* tralae Uiaran< tL?re*B exprajaad cor 16?die RAWTTWO EOUSK OF PAIEO & ROUBS*. Opposite Um/sd State. Titamry. ^ONlM?, Stocks aad oth<?r eocaxit*' paftha**1 and ^ interest at liic r*U: uI *u utf c^at te: lowed oadepomta Wto'n leA i<?r ft Avva 1' 1^*r'

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