Newspaper of Evening Star, June 12, 1855, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated June 12, 1855 Page 2
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KVENTNG STAR. WASHINGTON OTTY: ITTE8D1TAFTERHOOH Jnna 12 [T7* Adt?E7is*mxkm should bo handed in bj 12 o'clock, M., oth<?rwis? they may i.ot appear until ihe next day. AUENTN FOB THE STAR. 'i he following persons are authorized to contract for the publication of adver tisements in the Star: Philadelphia?V. B. Palmkh. N. W. corner of Third and Chestnut streets. New York?8. M. Piruisill & Co., Nassau street. Boston ? V. B. Palmer, Scollay's Building. . M. J. Bcbns, Crawford street, Ports mouth, Va , is the Star's agent for that plaoe and Norfolk City. SFLEIT OF THS MORSinO FHF.2v The Union holds up to popular reprehen sion the alleged Know-Nothirg doctrine, that Oovernment, Constitution, and all, must perish, that stands in the way of tbe triumph of its views of progress. Still continuing it* discus f ion of the Perry case with the Intelligencer, the Union say?: "We were not to far wrong, however, in the supposition that it was the removal of their frien .* Perry, and not the exposure of their tergiversation*, which disturbed the placidity ? f our neighbors. When they come to rpeak on this matter, they become 44 serious,'' und f ankly admit that they see in Mr. Perry's "recall at this particular time" cause for "re gret." Our mistake, then, was in supposing they were irritated, whereas they wero only sorry We acknowledge the error, and have only to regret we cannot sympethise with then in their distress. They admit that Mr. Perry wss guilty of an 44 indiscretion" in ad dression his letter through their paper to the President; but they think this small official indecorum ought to have been overlooked in consideration of tbe great public sorvices which Mr Perry had rendered in Spain As we are unable to appreciate those services like our neighbors, we cannct tee in them any reaaon for overlooking the'iudisoretion.' wi.ich they enabled Mr. Perrr to consummate through their colnmns We thick their xor rvtr. therefore, is legitimate, both kocaus? Mr. Perry *as so indiscreet aa to write such a letter, and because his friends of the Intelli gencer were so unfortunate at to yield le his request to give it ;ublicity, and thereby to consul cr* i his ' indie* ret-o*n.' That we may give tbein all tbe comfort in our power, how ever, we will aid th~t there w*s co connexion bctweoD the appearance of Mr. Scale's last letter *nJ Mr. Perry's recall. Ihe recall of Mr. Pfcrry was a fixed faot as soon as his lec tor ai>pe*reu in tbe Nati'ral In'clli^encer, and tfc> announcement was only delayed until bis suocec>-ui could be selected The iHtdiigeneer s New York correspond ent says: "The prosecutors in the Kinney are completely nonplussed ite Colonel has dio appeared. and all -ff.ris to di*cov?r bis whero abcuts have thm; far failed. Ind-.ei. it is as s*rtel th~? he left the city two days ago in a vessel for Centra' America, and that tie iron forming 'hi a?j<jeiatkn of which he is the head Lavo been quietly shipped for their El dorad > by circuitous routes during the past lortnigh4; *"> that the Government blockaia of tae steamship l'->ited sta'es h?3 been entire ly objectles.- and having, 1 presume, arrived at tbv conclusion, tbe authorities last evening withdrew the vessels that had IVruted the cor don are-nu ;!ie >i-:p*tei steamer." It strike? us, from what ko hear, that Col lvinney and LL co adventurers wiil net be more successful in departing fr m anj other pert iu the United States than from New York. If they have siicntiy slipped away from New York to rendezvous at soma other p int to de part for Central America, it is prcbab'.y from a point in Florida, til which two Eu?piciocs but well-w^tchod vo?el? have been iylng for some time. We feel a?u ed thit tbey will not be permitted towei^h anchor unle-u regu larly and sa'irfaotcnrfly cleared from tho port off which they were at last advices. Eat even if they get cfT from some other point of the territory offl.ia Government, they will he duly taken care of on the Central American coast, unless iwhich L an impossibility) tie papers of their vessel or vessels are in all respects eati-factory. The way of the transgrosior is bard, and the chances are twenty to one that bis schemes tail of sueeess in the long ran. A Novel r hi ispt ?The ship Sunzy South (tays the San Francisco Herald of the ly.h ult ) clear?u yesterday for China, having on board the dead brdies of seventy Chinamen. It appears that ti.ere is a Company of China men in this city doing juke ?.n extensive busi ness in disinterring and shipping tho deid bodies of "hair countrymen to tbe order of th-s relatives cf the decesfed in Okioa The cost of the operation ia about fifty dollars?a sum willingly expended by tbe wealthier class of Cbi?, who consider it a duty, as well as a privilege, to pay tribute of resptjl to the re mains ot deceased relatives A Li rkv M vx?Kiaosa** lUMK*BKi:xD. "W hen Mr. Albert Morgan kept the Pavillion at Gloucester, several year3 ago. one tf hie quests was ar. Englishman, name Erskine. lie was attacked with the small pox, and, wnile all other attendants deserted him, Mr rlorg.m m:niscered faithfully to his wants till he recovered. A day or two ago, we learn, the Bnti-a Counsel communicated to Mr Mor E?n tbe intelligence that Mr Erskine had de c^a?ed and .el: urn by will the Bum of $l?i, ??>?). This Lis a munificent instance of En glish gra'itcrie. rnd the recipient of the good fortune is quite worthy of it We trust the f.gure is not set too high.?Boston Post, b:k mat. very cuxio is !?lfnir; tays the Scntinelle ? f Namur. is abont to occupy public attention in Eeigiuiu In the siege of Uuurigues, ;n Stii, Luke de lirahant made a mbleman named Le^rain- but instead of Ukine hi' lile as he was entitled to dt>, the 3>uke ccrs^enttu t) st>aro it on coadi'ion of re ceiving all his c; stes and property. Legrain male ever all L? possessed, but stipulated that at the end of fo;:r centariw itthould return to bis fniaiJy. 'Jte I'udo made no objeotion ihe four ceatnties erp;rn in July next, aLd alroady a great mary persons, representing themselve? to be ties cndanta of Legrain, are preparing to claim me property. !?: is fore seen that the claims will give rise to iiuaior ou? law suits. bt Beaver i>am village, in Duige county, Whccnriu. which two years ago bad a popu lation of r.biut eirht hundred inhabitants, Las tow twet>ty-tive hundred It ij ou the La crosse uQti MPwnukie railroad, and hp." a wa toifaiis et 4.1 f-:et, which a short distance fur ther on lr-cieasti to fii'iy teeU This drives two large giiit mill.-* and one cloth factory night ncd day, und there is much power to sr<ar9 Tbe Wisconsin railroad will pasi through the village aci give it a communication with C'hi c.igo, as it ^lre^dy has with Milwaakie. fkom CaLoK0F0aM.?The Pawtaoket (It I )0 ictte says that on tbe moraing cf the 29'h nit , i littlo daughter cf Mr James C. Aldrich, cf Fawtaekei, was fourd lying upon her bed ini.aiing the odcr cf a bottle of chloroform linimeut, which had teen left withia her rea?.h It was taken from her. lu? son.e tf ;ts con^rrl.; wtre : pilled, and she laid d?>wn wi.h her face up* n the saturated Led elothos. and was found half an hoar after wards dead. tV*Koufseau tell* us that to wri'a a gcod love letter, you oegbtto begin wilheut know ing what you uicsc to say, and iiuish withcat kJiowi.,jj what jrou said. WisniNGTOIt NEWS AND COSSiP. <?> fc. mmm . m The Tally.?The convenient eiecticu com* mi??ioners of the Third Ward, smarting under the pfcftmre of public sentiment with refer ence to their share of the means by which the Know Noth'ag candidates were enabled to obtain the certificates of election as the (bogus) result of our late municipal contest, resort to the columns of our tnlented, courteous, ami able, modest, entertaining truthful, and knowing neighbor, ia which to ossay to break the force of that publio opinion, m far as they are eonoerned. They seek to get up an issue of veracity with us. We do not intend that they shall escapo the consequences of their complicity with the circumstances of the re oent election, on the Know Nothing side, by thus aiding them to lead the publie off from the true is6uei involved in our account of Captain Goddard's tally. They get ccme one to say in another of our talented, modest, amiable, truthful, entertaining, and knowing neighbor's columns, that he (Captain Goddard) denies the coreectnrss of our state ment with reference to himself on Saturday last. Now, we have to say that ho author iies us to declare that he told these conve nient commissioners no such thing as they sr.y ho did, through this agent of theirs. lie told them that he had been careful to note down every vote polled at the window in the Third Ward, and that he found that according to his tally, 0ot> votes had been received there, with, perhaps, two more that had eeeuped his ob servation, and only two more. This reiteration to them of his declaration to us was not repeat ed honestly and fairly to their paragraphia. As for the discrepancy between his tally and their recollection, as all the parties to the con. troversy are well known in Washington, we need make no oommcn's upon it, leaving their fellow citizens who know thom?John H. God dard on the one sido, and Wm. C. Zantzingcr, et at., on the other?to judge a* to the amount of crodenco to be given to their contrary ac count; of the manner of conducting the elec tion at the Third Ward polls They essay to maka another point with us? that is, with refercnco to the number of anti Know Nothing voters waiting to deposit their ballots when they closed the window, nomin ally at 7 p. m . but really before that hour, as wi'l bo proved before the Circuit C jurt. Their allegation, that there were '? by actual count'" but 35 in all who had n >t deposited ibeir vote* when th*y closed the window, as e sayed to be substantiated, reminds us of the thief's effort ! to rebut the testimony of the witness who swore .hat he saw his thiefsbip steal the shoe,), by producing a witness on his side who swore that !u did not see him steal the animal.' By the count cf come 44 brother," as convenient for the purposes of tho lodges in the late elco tion, as the Know Nothing commissioners were, there were but 35 voters waiting to deposit their ballots. Really, thr eye3 of this counter (in the faco of the fret t a at from three to iva hun" dred citizens of Washington know of their own knowledge that there were from 100 to 150 anti-Know Nothings deprived of their right to voto at the Third Ward polis (by closing the wind .w before they reached i?) were as sadly at fault, as wore the eara of the Know Nothirg commissioners at all the polls; for i: will bo recollected that everybody in Washington but themselves heard of the de cision rendered in the Gr^ue-n case, within an hour after the court rendered it. All the mock indignation of the Third Ward convenient eloction criammionors ega'nst the editor of ihe Star, for the menner in which be hai discharged his duty with reference to ihe shameless, premt-di'a^d nnd disgracefu' frruds perpetrated in this election, wi'l net suffice to divert pnblic attention, from the facta that when they shut down the window in the face cf a U^ge number of anti-Know Nothing; voters, thsy had received but 712 votes in all r.gainst $24 taken at the same ward p lis at the last election, and against 1.014 taken at the Fourth Ward polls on tbii occasion. Our talented, courteous, amiable, modest, enter tainicg, truthful, and knowing neighbor, (hi It the Virginia election) unfortunately, for the success of the niock horoics of these conve nient commissioners, let the cat cut of the b;>g in declaring, shortly af;er meridian, on the day of the election, that all the votes could (would) not bo got in. Perhaps if it had anti cipated that tho vote received at the Third Ward polls, would havo been so much less thar ?? the last previous election, it world not hare tau' bleated out in aIvinoa cf tho man ner in which those oonvenient cooimhsioners designed doing their share of tho wjik carvcd out by the lodges. Interesting Telegraphic Statistics?Our little sister Republic of Switzerland, it ap pears, according 'o statistics, has greater facil ities for telegraphic communications than any other country. Switzerland has a telegraphic station to overy 20,000 of Lor inhabitants Kngland has one to every 56,000. Saidinia to every 70 000. Belgium to every 130,000 United States to every 240,000. France to ev ery 290.000. Pru?.-ia to every 320,000. , California.?Late arrivals from ourfarwoct render it certain that the era of the true pros perity of California is already dawning. That is, they tell of the improvement of the habits and character of the mining population of the State, and of the very generally eucue:sful application of machinery to get out the gold, greatly reducing the cost and labor or that operation in proportion to tho quantity real, ized. ihey tell alio cf a great revolution in tho system of doing commercial busiaoes throughout the Stato, growing cut cf the Ule fail-arcs of the banking boused and bwindling and extravagant speculators of ail degrees. The temporary disasters brought upon the people of Mississippi by the troublos of the era cf the Brandon bunk czplusion, have proved aA inostiiuable blessing to the people oi that State, who aro, at this tiino, with very few exceptions, indeed, as free from pecuniary embarrassments, thrcuyh tho Itvfcon thus taught them, a? any o'.her population of the same number in the world Plenty, contentment .ud moderation ate cow tha ruling characteristics cf the inhabitants of Miss sjippi, as st'args as it uiuy seem to those who only know tuein through recollcc tions of newspaper accounts of thsm durii.g the era of Brandon b.-ukism. The people of California have just under gone much rush acothor iuvoluulary purging, freeiag the u from u.o evil effects (.f the busi ness hafei-s cf the worst set of uuprinoipled specalatcra who have inle.'ted any portion cf our oountry since the days of Mississippi above reierred to. Three-fourths of the of mor handise frcm the Atlat tio const to Cali U\u\? up to *ery rooent'y, proved almost dead 1ocj>j, w??i.e the accuuil itorj of the profits of the lafcv* the of uu^ci* wet* the keepers of gambli ig aouiej and doggeries of *11 degrees. The change has come, however, over Cali fornia 0 affairs, and the result will not only be larger and steadier shipments of specie to this side, but fair payments for what California obtains from the Atlantic side, and a more uniform diffusion of property and wealth among her own people, wi.h better health and longer lives for them. Tho era of the true prosperity of California is, indeed, but jest dawning. " Consistency, thou art a Jewel!"?We have not until to-day had space at command in which to call the attention of the Star's readers, to the correspondence appearing some days ago in the columns of our talented, amia ble, courteous, ingonuous, entertaining, know ing, and truthful neighbor, (vide its cock and bull story about the Secretary of the Navy and Commodore Paulding.) between Mr. John Minor Botts on one side, and a worthy dooapi tated watchman in the Treasury building, the estimable scavenger of the First Ward of this city, and soma other distinguished gentleman enjoying the honor of serving on a Know Noth ing invitation committee with those patriotio k n. leaders, wherein the man that slept with John Tyler is invited to try the effect of his elo quence on cur late municipal oleation; and wherein that so succossful politician declines, with a very modest hint that Know-Nothing i<m may fairly attribute the loss of the Vir ginia election to its foolish nomination of Flournoy as the competitor of the great and foroible Wise, rather than himself. There is nothing more note worthy in the corres pondence in question, itself?which ig Botts all ovor. The point to be notioed, however, is the alacrity with which Washington Know Noth ingism estrew to the winds its indignation against the interference of foreigners in our municipal politics, alleged as its excuse for the outrages against common decency, good order and tho right of free speech in our land, beforo Browns' hotel on the Saturday night following the Virginia election. That is, when it seemed likely that the interforeuoe of for eigners in our municipal politics could be turned to the advantage of Know Ncthingisin. Verily, there is even les3 moral honesty?in tegrity of purpose?in the oath-bound, Eocret, j prescriptive. political icctety, than we gave it credit for?which was a very small modicum indeed, as our readers by this time are all aware. IheTwo-Horao Act?A no lees distinguish ed personage than the veritabla conductor cf I our talented, truthful, modest, ingenuous, en tertaining, and knowing neighbor (vide the Virginia election) is positively the author of I the *oheme cf making Know Nothingism eesu j to ride the Northern anti-slavery and South ern slavery horses at the sime time! At lca^t j such is the so coinmendably modest declara tion of our bashful neighbor itsoif This scheme is to pas3 resolutions in the Philadel phia Sanhedrim? 1. Protesting against tho enactment of the Nebrarka-Kansas bill under tin form of a pro test against the repoal of the Missouri com promise; i. posturing at full speed to tickle the fancy of the! 2. Pledgirg Know Noihingism to oppme j any action by tho Gsnurai Government do signed to disturb the airantage in Kansas | which the North says the South fca3 achiovcd by tho enactment of tho Nebraska Kin-as bill; i. <? , posturing at full speed to tielxle the fancy of the South ! ! 3 Pledging Know Nothiagisin iu favor cf enaciirg a law to restore to tho North all the advantagea tho NorU lost by tbc enactment of the Nebruska-Kunsa^ bill, in and over all the remaining territory of the General Gov eminent; i. posturing at full speed again, j U tickle the fancy of tho North ! !! This is essentially a funny world we live in. Who They Are ? Dr. Bartlet, tho new Pre sident of the Know Nothing National Council, is a full-blcoded Kentucky abolitionist, it ill Haid, while Parson P.uff, their newly elected Grand Chaplain of tho order, is a full-blooded "unjust, unrighteous, and damnable1' A!ass&? chcsetts preacher of abolitionism ?nd univer saliem?a lending one cf the three thousand clerical signers of the snti-Nebraska Kanew bill excommunication against Senator Dougl ar, the supporters of the bill in Congress, the President, and the South Up to this time he has only been known irom the vehemence of tho abolition politics in his sermons, so ultra( indeed, as that throughout New England he pasied for the best possible model of an ab olition pulpit Blang-whanger. Headed Again ?Just bcloro going to prosa, we ascertained that a dispatch w is recaived in this city, this morning, announcing that the revsnue cultcr on the Mobile station had brought into the jort cf Mobile the Kinney expedition barque referred to in another col umn cf to day's Star, as laying off tho coast of Florida awaiting her live freight. Sho is said to be loaded with boxes cf army ammu nition. We have every reason to beiieve that the District Attorney at Mobile was, this morning, telegraphed to libel her. 8o, it seems that our antioipation that the Govern ment would surely prove oompetent to man age the now phases of the Kinney expedition, was actually realized so soon A less ?The War Department received a dispatch this morning, announcing the sinking of a steamer (the Australia) on tho Missouri river, loaded with a cargo of Quartermaster's stores, ordnance and subsisteoce storef, in tended for the supply cf the Situs expedition. We f resutno that it will bo some daja before tho extent of the loss to tho Government from this disaster can be kaown here. Orders have already gone by telegraph to replaoe the loss instantly. The Current Opar&tions cf the Traijury DopanT?6Et.--On yesterday, tho 11th of June, there were of Treasury Warrants entered on the books oftho Department? For the Treasury Department.... $4,549 70 War warrants recoived and en tered 17,577 S8 War repay warrants received and entered 17,577 38 For the Interior Department - 24,697 15 Co/ered into the Treasury irem Customs 19,823 20 For covering into the Treasury irotn miscellaneous sources.... 8,074 36 A Clerical Appointment?Mr Louis Brand, of Maryland, has been appointed to a first class ($1,200 per annum) clerkship, in the cilice of the First Auditor of the Treasury, vice Merit Jordan, promoted. Applications and Issues.?As erroneous publications have been mrJo concerning the number cf bounty I.iad applications, under the Ian cf the last cession, we have to say that up to thi? morning (June 12, ic#t.,) 107, have been received at the Pension bureau ; and that 2.9S3 warrants, under tbe new law, bad been sent from the bureau up to tbe close of of&oe hours yesterday. They are now being ittued at the rate of aboat 300 per diem. A Superintendent Appointed ?Mr. Ephraim Swett, of Belfast, Me, haa been appointed ra purintendent of the construction of the new at th?t poinf. PKRMOIV1L. .... Among the recent arrivals in this eitj are those of Col. Wm. L. Casenau, of Texas, and his accomplished lady, who areatWil lards. They are just from the island of St. Domingo, where Col. C. is understood to hare been engaged of late as a diplomatic agent of this Government. .... Senor Aiberdi, Minister Plenipotentiary from the United Provinces of Buenos Avres to England and France; and General G. J. Pil low, are among tho recent arrivals at Wil lards' hotel. ....Hob. George Vail, of New Jersey, and Gov. Pratt and wife, of Maryland, are at the National. ? ?..Hon R. H. Stanton, of Kentueky, has been unanimously nominated for Congress by the Democratic oonvention recently held in his district. ....JohnW. Bdile&u, convicted at Phila delpbia of forging land warrants, has been sentenced by Judgo Kane, of the United States District Court, to three years' imprisonment in the penitentiary. .... II. V. Johnson, tbe Governor of Georgia, has been re-nominated ad a candidate for that omoo. ....John Adams, the renerable president of the New \ork Fulton Bank, died on Sun day evening, at the advanced ege of 84 years. He had boen president of this bank over tbirty years, and attended to its duties to the last. He was, provisos to his conneotion with the bank, an old Pearl street dry goods importer. .... 'Ihe bark Sultana sailed from Boston on Saturday, loaded with New England rum and a number of missionaries. Their names are Rev Mr. Pettebone, of Andover; Dr. W Goodell, Miss A Goodell and Miss J. Goodell. of Constantinople; and Miss Thompson, of Beyrout. Tho miscionaries are intended to counteract tho effects of tho rum. .... The Green Mountain Farmer, of tho 31?t ult., published at Montpelier, Vt.,says: 'On the occasion of the J ate dangerous illness of their r.ged and excellent roothor, now how ever recovering, the nine sane, and only sur viving children of Senatir Prentiss, assembled at tho paternal mansion in this place, from their w ittered residences in the North, South and West, hight of them are lawyers in es tablished business. and the ninth is clerk of the United States district court of which his father is jodgo " .... Louis AdoJphe Estrampos, brother of Francisco Estrai^pcs. lately g%rroted at ITa vana, is now in and aboit to become a oitixen of New \ ork. .Senor Eitrampe*. who is twenty Jive years old. -.nd a well accomplished gcuile in*m is, we believe, about to adopt some pur suit in life here suited to his abilities. .... Matthew Gilfrcy who was tho standard *lear.?r ?-^ t,ie ?rst l>ennsJIvania regiment in the Mexican war, and was the tint man of the regiment who readied the inside of the ene my s work at Cerro Gordo, died recently .... A verdict for $7,6(<0 haa b^pn obtained in Henderson county, Tennessee, against Rev. J. it. Graves, editor of the Tennessee Baptist, for libel uttered in that paper .... Miss Ann Jackson, of Kentucky, died on Saturday last at tho extraordinary age of one hundred and eight years ' ~ .... On Saturday last, as a son of Mr. E. Gary, in Loui-villa Kentucky. wa$ p'ayinir it a porch, he teil over the Unisters, his head striking a e^arp spike of the iron raiiin" be low, which penetrated its eatire length He hung thus suapendoa a minute before taken down hen released, tho brains came flow ing out, and the lad disd ic a few hours. .... Les^eire I.cilcnctcin, the Hungarian j Warbler, fermerlj at*ached to Sanford's opera troupe, committed suicide at the Metropolitan Uo.e.1, ^cv,irL', Ntsw Jcrfey, on Thursday night last, by jumping out of the third story window. Ho was laboring under derangement cf mind. .... Miss E. Canode has reco\ered $ 1.000 damages from Geo. Robinson, in Botetourt oounty, Va , for breach of promise of mar riage. I ... Hon. Andrew Parsons, formerly Gover nor of Michigan, died at his residence at Cor unna, on Wednesday morning. : GTOn Friday evening last, some abolition emissaries succeeded in enticing from the res idence of the H>n. C. J. Faulkner, six of his slavos. After they bad beon run off, tho tele graph wires east and west of Martinsburg were cut. to prevent the transmission of the intelligence MEL.ANCflOLv Affair?Two Livits Lost? Onk ? Si iciok.? 1 he lloboken ferryboat New ant, was the scene of go little excitement last evening, in conseqr.eneo of an unknown man committing suicide by jumping overboard .or ?"oner was the alarm given, than the en gine wan reversed, and the boat lowered two of the deck hands getting into it, with a view, if possible, to eave tho life of the man. Un fortunately however, there was at the time a heavy swell in the river, with a strong tide and the boat was swamred, ju?t after she was let down. One of the bunds, sad to relate was drowned ; the other being a good swim mer, w-s ea ed. The body of the suioide was recovered and taken to the office oi Ju* tioe Crane, at lioboken. He is said to be a German, and to have a family in Brooklyn. The name of tbe dock hard who thus lost his life iu the noble endeavor to save a worthless man that had been thrown away, was " Char ley. He was not one of the regular hands on the ferry boat. For some time past he has beon employed in the coal yard, attaolied to the ferry premises. Ho leaves a familv to lament his loss ? N. Y. Express A Ecsxb i* Broadway.?About four o'clock on Saturday afternoon, Broadway, in the vi cinity of the theatre, waj the soene of con siderable excrement. A crowd of between threo and four hundred pen,ens had assembled ?vehicles were imped d, tbe streets blocked up, and every window in the neighborhood filled with tbe curious aud the idle. From all that we could learn, thu wonderful exeitement was caused by the attempt of & husband to have his wife arrested having founa her in a ca riage with another man Tho officer protest ed that this wculd be transcending his power and that he oouid not ar.oat her on such a charge. Finally, tho gentleman entered in to an explanation <?ith his cara sposa, after which they retired ia company. The Lotha rio in this case ia said to be a person well known as a politician and sporting oharaeter iV. I. JZV4. Post. Stem 4?i> brei;N.?The Albany (N. Y.) Knickerbocker does not eeem to know the dif ference between tho?e part?, if we may jndxe from the following, which appeared in Wed netdays edition : " While the steamer Kniek crboeker was 'winding' yesterday morning the Isaao Newton came along and knocked off her stem, injuring her bows considerably " This reminds us hearing a fellow declare scmn years ago, that he got a kick on the shin that made his nose bleed. Tnx Us* of Piahos Proscribed.?A highly respectable Quakor in Now Vork, has been disowned by tho Hicksito Friends in that city because he had purchased a pianoforte, and had the same in his house in Madison street It seems that there are about forty Friends in New York, who, with their families, are liable to the same condemnation. i , L_ " 1 ? ? detachment of two hundred and forty Unite* States troops, from Governor's Island, ^ew *?rk, went up the lake last evening, on bovd the steamer Plymouth Rook, en route for St. Louis 1 he detachment was under the command of Mcjor Garnett? lii'ffalo Commercial jUverttser, Saturday, Tns Clay Moncmst.?Eight ??eUeoi 01 the iron column; have been placed to their Fr^per position. The oap of tho eolumn. sn-l the iron statue ef Mr. Clay alone remain* 'o be raiced. On the coming 4th of July (lew than a month from this,) the monament wilJ be folly completed, and will be inaugurated with very interesting ceremonies. It i? n notable a id creditable fact that on the 4h of July, 1855 Pottsville will be the only plso* in the United 8t*tee possessing a completed monument to the memory of the illuftriou? deceased?PottsvUle Journal. Orict&lihm is Kbw York.?Mr. Oscac yan has opened a Turkish salion in New York, in which, after the Maine law goes into effect, the citiiens ran drink coffee and in dulge in dreams of " a golden horn." ,THE FOURTH ANNUAL RIIETOIU1 cal Exhibition of the Junior Oa?s of the Union Acad'mv wPI take place in the Aradetav Hall on WEDNESDAY EVEN [NO, Jane 13th, a: 8 o'clock. The Middle Ola** on the 90th of June, ] and the Senior Claw on the C7th, will also give an Exhibition. All friendj and the public are invited to attend. Z RICHARDS, Je 12?gt Principal. EDITOR OF THE STAR? Sir: 1 un derstand a report in extensively circulated in this city to the effect that I am a member ot a se cret political society commonly called the Kn^w Nothing party, and that f votod their tickct at the | lata election, I take this method or saying that tin report in false in every par :cular, and has been ma liciously circulated for the purpose of injuring in in my political and personal relations. I am a mem ber of the Democratic party, and at t^e reccnt cm. test in this city, voted for the Ami Know Nothing Union candidates. Very respectfully, JAME8 OWNER. Washington, D. C., June 11th, 18Sj. je l'?It* ,THi: UNDI2RSIGNED GROCERY ME I! chants, in order to give time for recreati. ?? to the clerks in thrir employ, dating the warmth o! the Summer months, In rchy agree to close their re spective stores at eight o'clock p. m , (Saturday evenings excepted,) from this date until the first day of September next GEO. h. THOS PARK ER fc CO , SAMUEL RACON fc CO., MURR VY 8l SEMMES, HAMILTON fc LEACH, II. F MOR9ELL. BARBOUR i SEMWE3, E. E. W llTE H CO, ED HAIL, SHRKELLBROTHERS, RFR??V fc BOWIE, MIDr?LETON h BEALL, JESSEU WILSON. Washington, June 11,1855?2w ,GRACE CHURCH FESTIVAL.?At fie _ request of many friends of Grace Church ihe Ladies' Festival of Strawberries and Cr-nrr will be continued a few evenings longer, in the new Concert Hall, adjoining the Star buildings. jell?lit (IntelkUnion) X A MONTGOMERY GUARDS, ATTENTION. m & A meetinc of -he Corp? will he held at Karmo PlTny Hall, on WEDNESDAY NIGHT, the 13th JB it instant, at 7^ o'clock. By ? rd^rofCapt. KEY : je 11 ?3t WM. O'SULLIVAN, Sec v a ATTENTK?N, PRESIDENT'S \H>UNT- ] ed Guard You are hereby notified to at t.'nl an adjourned inci ting on TITE"D Y ' TV EVENING, June 12. at o'clock, at t'.c tie at armoi y, Vartiums Ruii-liiies, Louisiana avu nu-?, bc-tiveeu 6tii and 7th sis. Each I- ember is lequestedto attend this meeting, as business of importance will be laid betore the Company. By order: J. U. G. McCUTCiiEN. Je 11?St r SCOTT GUARDS, ATTENTION.?VOU 6a nre herebv ^rd^red to appear at your trm?.rv Won WEDNESDAY MORNING, .Tun.- 13:h. at ? G/4 "'clock, in full summer uniform, for pa rade. There will fee a meetiag of the Company to-reor row (Tuesday) evening M 8 o'clock. The rule wil' he stnngentlv enforced asairst all absentees either irorn ilt*? meeting or parade. B A JAMISON, Captain. Joitx KevWorth, Orderly Sergeant. je II?2t* g^-rO;RT\M~Mi x iNLIGIIT EXCURS!. ?\ nitii I'is Nic?Th<' Good Will <!ub Ik 5 | leave- to :iif>'i:ii their friends and the put'ic in c.-n er?l tnat thev v/il' rive their first Excur-1011 and P c Nic to ill? White H^use Pavilion on THURSDAY July 19,1855 For pu?5-~n!ars n'ffnttre sdv^wnrnt je 7?co3t COMM Of ARR. IT1INE FAMILY HORSE AND CARRIAGE fori Sale,?The hors? is iron rray, 8 years ffV?w I old. and warranted a coed family hone ? flic ('arrive ha# 3 ?lidir.g t >p, and can he nsed h? a buggy by ^lidirs the top f.irward, and as a fami v Cairia*?- with twu Keats bv sliding it hack. En<|uire at II \II 'S Stabler, Munbartcn &t., Georgetown, je 12?31* 1'EN DOLL A H S KBAH?? Strayed or was stolen from the commons near the pr?-ir 1.0 of iho kiih-Tilitr itnri! c'tie ricKt, frolll the t?5t'h to the 31 -* ot Mav, a brown work Horse, neck aiia | belly mixed with RrE'v, n.r.n color. H<- was in mid dling workin; order, had on no shoe?, and was last seen near the tailgate over the Long Biidge. Trie pirty who is sn-|?ectcd of detaining hln had better return him at once. G MILLER, Ga*dener, between 16th and -i7th streets. 1 je 12- lt? I 1MIE HIGHEST RATES \\ ILL BE PAID FOR LAND WARRANTS by GEO T. MA8SEY, No. 498 Thir centh etreet. Al?o, a fine HorrC for sale very low. je 13?3t? A CARD. , MRS. E. PHILLIP;-, No- 401 Sixth ft., between G and H, de?ires to inform the ci'i z?*nn of Washington and vicinity, that she is now prepared to give ii-^tructions on the Piano For<?- , She ha.< laught mnnic in woine < f the principal itie>-1 o! ti?e Union, n-td ha* testimonial* showing that ?.h? is fully compett lit to discharge the duties of her pro fe.ision to the sati-taction of those who may f vor her with their patronage. j Terms: $10 for C'A leivons at her residence, or j .^ia at tiie rt-fi-iencc of her pupils. je 12?eo3m* THE PROTESTANT CHURCHMAN, KDIHi BY TBI REV. STEPHEN 11. LVNG, D. D.. REV. II AN THON, D I), REV. E Q. CAN FIELD. IS a large weekly religious newspaper, published at 32 50 a y^ar, in advance. The above named el?rgym? n have recently be come editcia of the "Prote stant Clergyman," and, with the aid of many ex tinguished writer* of th Protestant Episcopal Church, willcuise this period ical 10 lake u first pl;ic? in tfca rank of Keiigious Newjpapers. From the Pro prrtut " We fully believe that, with our w J1 known '"hurch principles, our f? arli c^ trairitenance of tho?t principles, we may appea1 to Ev tngeliral Church men with b ldness for support in th;s our opening address " Subscriptiop received by the Agenu, GRAY fc BALLANTYNE, jc 12?6t 498 Sevtnth ?t eet. [No. 537.] I Notief of the dixcontinuavct of the United \ St*te* land oJU*s it Paltstine, LJuivry. BdwarJsvtHe, Chicago, and Dixon, llli no it UNDEUTHE PROVISIONS OFTIIE SECOND section of the act of Confess approved June 12,1810, which deelan- "that whenever the quanti ty 01 public land remaining unsold in any land dis tiict shall be reduced to a nu t brr of acres leas thr.n one hundred thousand, it shall be the duty of the Secretary of the Treasury to discontinue the hnd office tor t-ueit district; and r any land in any sucti district shall remain unsold at the time of me dis continuance ol a land ofhee, the same shall be sub ject to sale at BOine one of the existing land offices. Bo it convenient to the district m which the land office shall have been discontmue I, of which the Secretary of the Treasury shaJ! give notice and inasmuch as the 7th section of the act approved 4th September. 1M1, authnrizus the Secretary ol ib? Treasury to continue any land district in whi"h ih nituat'd the scat of government of any one of the States, notwithstanding the quantity ot land unsold in such district may not amount to one hundred thousand acres, when in his opinion such continu ance may be required by public convenience, or, in order to closs ihe laud system in ruch State, r.t a convenient p int. ur.der the orovi-ions of the act on that fu^ject approved June 12, 1&40; aruf inatmuck as tlw duty nftore required kat berndexolcedontke f e cre'aru of tkc lntrriar bj the ('ad to eitah!i$k the home department," approved 3d March 1849: Notice Is accordmgl hereby given that in view of report* trom the land officers st Palestine, Uuinev. Etlwardsviiie, Chicago, and Dixon, mat lee vat-am laud in each of said districts is reduced below one hundred thousand acres, the Secretary cfth> Intcri or has directed that the land office's at Palestine, Quincy, Eitwardsviiie. Chicago and Dixon, in the State of lUir.ois bo discontinued, and the lards re maining unsold at ihe time ot tho dncontinu -nor n*> made subject t<> sale at the land t.ffice at Sprii.gficid the seat of government in said State Lmds remaining unsold, and unappropriated by law, and snbjcct to private entry witnin the limits ot the distri- Is now discontinued, will cease 10 be subject to entry as heretofore at those offices from the date of the rcceLit of this notice by the registers and ieceiver? ther?of, and the landefficers at Spring field will pve public notice of the day on which they will be prepared to receive applications tor enuics of any such lands at their office. JOS. S. WILSOV, Acting Commuwiouu Ccn'l Lan4 uticc. 1 je ia-la*?w SUBSCRIPTION CONCERT M'LLt W. D? BOYB wtligiveaOm* Subscription Concert of CIsskic tfusie a? (.* nifi'i! Saloon, MON1M Y EVC^INO, Jiiif l*th, n which occa-ion she will be assist >d by ihr m?n e?. ir.ent talent, ixd the cbotceat se.ectocs of BEETHOVEN. - MENDELSSOHN, C M. WEBER, kc. B<* performed. Ttckcts 50 n nts. For particulars ?ee propamine, which. togetb* villi subscription list*, can be iound M all ibe pria cinil hofN, music and Bookstore*. J, 11-31 SAMJL V. NOYE8. Age?. F1KST UK AND MILITARY AND CIVIC EXCURSION op tpf UNION GUARDS. _ . JT?k, THE member* of the a bo** Co*. moat respectfully announce to iiie i iiik iii ?>i WadiiNfton, OwfrftonTi, and Akr ar.dna that they will rive an Excursion to the White House Fatnlion on Tlll'KIDAT, June Ntk, fS.>5 The Brst boat leaving Georgetown it 8 oVrlock; Washington at 9; Navy Yard at 9V; Alexandria at 10 o'clock. The second boa- will leave the a*eam bnat wharf, Washington, at 1 o'clock, touching at A'erandria. Returning, leave* the White House at 6 o'clock n the evening. giving person* an opportunity of re tnninr early ; the last bint leaving at 11 uVlock at night. making it a Grand P.r Sir ?n4 M?nligkt g? rtrnrton. II I860 Pinter will be furnished by Wn. Coke Tickets ONE DOLLAR?to be hid of anr of rh? ?embers, or an be boat. u_J STRAYED AWAY on theCth in sunt Li off the lands of the Park Hotel, 7th ? % light r??d hf>rneil COW, on the brink ofRVf alving. with a white line airing the barkH^L and tail, a ep~ckled <ace, and Wud tn the let^^ Any p?rson riving ir.formation to the owner. CFn' BECCEKT, of the above placr, so at to find her" will be suitably rewarded. jell?3p ' J01IN H. BUTHMANN, " IMPORTER AND DEALER IN WISE, BRASDT. Ac, Hae received direct from Schiedam two pipes,/ extra superior GIN. jf |j_ A CARD. FORD h. BROTnER experience p'.etsurf in an nouncing t?> their frimds, and the public ge0 ?rally, that tliev have entered inio co partnership he DSUG AND APOTHECARY bWse!* S 'he corncr of 11th street ai d Penna avtr.ue, where hey intend keeping on sale an assortment of Pure Druy. and Medicims, together with a vari< ty oi Per um-ry, Fancy Article, fcc. T!?" public may rely on being served with that ???. it< mus uiil most wholesome beverage. SODA WATER, made from pure surer carb. of Sod.., lor whieli the establishment baa heretofore been mi celebrated. 0*7" Prescriptions carefully dispensed at all hour* of the day and night. je 11?3t MOSAICS! MOSAICS!! " II. MCKKKir, Jtweller, Ho 330 Pa. avcaai. AH received this day, direct, the larg?i?t awn __ ment ol magnificent Roman and Florentine ^'.t^AlO JEW l.LKY, which htx ever been oBeted in tiiis city. I'he patterns are of the very latest rtjles. The lot, b?'ie?r rather large for the adv&nced sea son, will lie sold nt ex*remely low prfoer Magnificent set* of Pin* and Ear Rings, from % "P to .?30. Admirers ot ihi* style of Jewelry are ia yited to examine this assortment. je 11 TnKGiNIA PAY AND MUSTER ROLL* OP J Mtiitia entitle.! to Land "c.uuiy umier thf *?i of Coagnu, .<ejit. 28,18J4 Beverley's History of Virginia UurSnV Agricultural Esaays T:ansactions of the Virginia State Agnc^'mai So ciety, vol l B'irkeon the Virginia Springs Monorman on do Flcicliers Siudy on Slavery Klr.vel 'a Work^, 1 vol Ciinitrinjj'i Min->r Worki?. 3J series Vhsiirx's Mir.iul of Ancient lluitory II.witt's Gi?t try of Tnestcraft Le t.'ure or Social aurl RelLJoM (MM in France Woman in the Nineteenth Century, bv Margaret Fuller 0?oii. FRANCE TAYLOR. Jeil?tl LIME, WOOD AND COAL. BIJSHF.I,H I.IMF., now Ian oing fr**S from the kilns, (w ood burr.t and of supe rior quality,) the bsst *>f the seamen, ^unaMe tor ;.!.isurer?i, bricklayers, stone mason*, he. All iho?* in want of the article will p:? a->e call on fcontlay next, ant! ex!unin?- 'or tlieme?*lv<-f, as the pric at :!ie Iiou.-T will oe lowered to suit the tunes Also, Hickory, Oak and Pine WOOD, COAL, lie., 'in hand. All of v.inch wiil be eoM low. WM. WARDER, Cor 2:th and C sts , near the Canal, No. 548. je 9 -3t rOrgan] I"?R SALE?A GOOD FAMILY HORSE *ND r ("a;riage Enquire at the Stables of Mr ROB E3F HAaL, in the First ?Vard. }*? 9?3t* ? IF YOU WANT 1VIC vrrv fin?'.-t si? K ?? n?( li^kin H AT go to AN THOXY'S, on T:h street, second d<K>r north of f*n. avHime, w here ycu can g. t the very best lor 13 30. He sells for cash only. He roes lor a small profit in 1 quick return j. A dollar saved is a dollar made Je 9?3t PEKIffJIS HAKIHO P'tE^ENTI will fin.I at LAMMOND'S, 484 Seventh it i gr^at variety of Fancy Notions, tur.ab.t-. tor all ic-s and tastes, and at prices that cannot fa.t to je 9?3t I^SCAPKD in F street, between 13th and Mih JL >treet^, a -potted CANARY RIRH, for the re u n ?u which, if found, a suitable reward will be given. Apply at thia office. je 9?A* OTRATED on the 29,h of May, from Sarah K'-ueh, on L street, between 13th andi 14th, a large black milch Cow, large horn>-J turmd tip. al<rut 8 years old. Ar? w.iru" w li b?* (riven to any person on her r?*turn. jet 3t I)IC NIC RASKETS.?Just opened a variety of Pic Nic, Traveling, Card, Office, Work, School and Toy Ita.-kets. Al>o, u lot of Fresh Perfumery, from A polks, St. Harrison and Jules Hanel, Philadelphia. Coints. Brushes, Fans, Pla>iug and Vieitiiig Cards, Turd C.tses, Porte Monnaies, Jet Goo s, Pocket ( vtiery, Cages, Music, Musical Instruments, S.anonery. kc JOhN F. ELLIS, 300 Pa. at ., bet 9th and 10th sts. j-8-tf FANCY GOODS, PERFUMERY, 4c. AT HUTCHINSON & MCNRO'S can be found a ureat variety of Fancy Goods, such as C?has Work Box-??, Traveling Cases, Fan--. Porte Won awe#. Card Cases, Writuig Desks, Cold Pens and Pencils, Pocket Kaivaa, Scissors, Raztrs, Shaving Cases, shaving Ciehm, Cumhs and Brushes in great variety. Perfumes, Luliir/s, Piv* rs, Harrison's, and Oih-r choice exitack-, all warranted geuume. Po mades, Lyon's Kath&iron, Barry's Tnc< p-rous. kc. Als<i, Gloves, Hosiery, Handkerchiefs, Laces, Bmhmideries, Hibbons. French Fl' wers, Bcnuetf, ar.d Milluu ry Goods g? uerally, to which the attea lion o the ladies is particular^ iavit?-d. HUTCHINSON k ML'ITCP, 310 Ta. avtiuue, bet. 9iii ai d lO.h eu. je S?Ot TWO PI A.\OS lliat have been in us. for 4 few months for sale upon very chea;i and rea sonable terms JOHN F ELLIS, 800 Pa. avenue, bet. 9:h and 10th st?. Je 8?if SC IIUTTFR 4 KAHLERT, A R T I S T ? , I'raco, Dtoortdive, and every de cupti -* of OIinAKKXTAL I? 1 I N T 1 H U Orders left wirh Baldwin and \\n:. ng, Arthi* teeis-: will b?- promplly atteuded to. je 8?dlia* IMPORTANT TO PERSONS BUKAK ING UP HOUSEKEEPING. PERSONS removing from the city, ar.d weluag to di-pose of their Furniture and H^atekttp iug Utemils. kc., without the trouble of s< uuing th* in to puhlic auction, can do so by "t< *<? at our Stole, 31T Pa avenue, corner oi Ninth 4, as we are prepared to buy all tuch got ds a- h.ay be offered Housekeepers and rihfrs will do wrjl b\ on us, as we will p*v the nicest es-h jne? , mi ail Mtchg 'Oda. WALL, BAFN <Kii & Ctl. je 7?2m 3i 7 Pa. avenue. LAND WARRANTS. JOHN D CLARK, Agent tor Claims. No. 507 Twelfth street, will give the highest niarktt price in gold fof Land Warrant* je 7?liu* PATICM' ICK GHKAM KKKkl EU.S. Ice Cream Moulds, Jelly Moulds. Melon doulds. Rice Moulds, Pudding b.ontd*, PuiMing Pans, Cake Paas, Patty Pans, t. ake Cutters, at the Housekeeper's Furnulimg Store, 400 7m >tr>et. je 6 G. FRANCIS. IAD1UV WUIIK BASKKT8. l'?rd J Baski.ts, Traveling Baskets, K y Baskets, Knife Bnsk-ts, Cifar Baskets, Market Baskets, Clothes Ba>keui, a latge variety, very low, at lbs Housekeeper* Furai?Lius Sune, 400 Seventh street. G. FRANCIS. Je ti? A LL ST ti A 3k O kill J\ visiting the Ctiv should see IIlintel's Catalogu of the CtHMMili?M of the Patent Office. Also, bli Dc-er p a! Powell's Great Pictuie. llU.x I'Lh is to be sctu at 450 Nuith sirt-cU ua^ 91- *i*4*

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