Newspaper of Evening Star, June 12, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated June 12, 1855 Page 3
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EVENING STAR. I-ocal Intelligjnce. Ao?ni'CT.?We understand viw^iT LUT>?D,^aqa''luct ia V**Scn r utTn fhT. ; r#' fr!,rne WldiapihST. heon lil- -k ^PnoK at Convenient pr-ints of tbe d i - -n qQan,it"* of work are to be th. "11 T ar? mach n,ore comfortable than l**eoi'U ated phan1 'er cmmonly foen unop jubllc works and will fiTe. .Mh. a^mmo ation to lortyor fiftymechaiies and laborer?, no will be ab!e to live comfortably and T 10 engaged upon the work h??i?tInJP?ftan,# of snch ?rr?n??roent8 to tbe th??e.eajployed c?nnot be overrated a?d we think that contractors generally wonlH do well, even as a matter of d,ll?r, and cents to follow the exan>ple of care for the working' meat h#re 8b?WD tj th* cfficf" of ,heGovern a?2t2iS?%2?hwt',b' * 01 i,Urrh t0 tbo 26>h of May. iV?h? ;?*! f W larda of rock wer? wcavated and 400 V th? .(,ro&t F*U?; between 30? fromAnn' Bb\? *ard? of dry masonry built; ?h?ned and??r Tr*.*0 conduit treneb 250?D hi\V ?PTd f1r tbo Krick^ork; about eo'li^ai'w r1 ID c?>?iduit; icms 50 or COhneal feet of tunnels complete,!, an,j wo,k f^"on ca *?rU 7, 8. 12, and 15.' The ?5 th* ca'verl3 era nearly completed and ib^J hr"Lemb:nkmenr tas >>?nbegon 12 to 15 000 betakqn?C i?rS arr ^lipo"?S about rlrilL X - k * ,ln*' and Lay# been pre sfcVir: uTw\zc""r" ? defriUhhUr7itb tb#P;eP* ?* nof thecracep, saeh? J^k*' "?*>' ?ou tooia generally for a a work, have employed some two h?n ni8ar tbefaJIs n^* ^ h? "ork< ?P"l??y wV A ' V Prw?ats a busy scene. terTa^nr'w Itb*i mM0:13 and "one cut -I^LW omployed upon the culverts above specified, and upon tbe conduit itself. .?"E? pA8TXM?s -We are among those who believe that incoccot, public or private amusements cot only have a tendency to a2!?!i l? *dva?e ^rtue They who errc thlt lJ C0?ee,T? fh4t " '? ? ein to smile, and that propriety demands a farryir?? s? hom? \?%S" ""??' 00 crVap" . S3 ^ zzr. SErtJ" hf#" 18 *onhy of ecoour. agemec.. Of each uajusem^nta ii tbe Straw berry Fejtival. being held ij Frasklin Hall" corner of D. and Kmth streots ; the pro:eeds d?voted to the comfort of the pi rem less Sr^\?rrKPbMVf.St Vi?0?nt fl Asylum i f ^ festival, too. will becontin h?i tJ? ?venings longer, in the n?sw concert hall adjoining the Star building.. I0 addilfon Ik thl"Uof rlf ,traWber"ei ',ud ic#0I6&^. ?t P,c"'ur? company, including of ooune the prerence of ladies, without warm attracted! *?I*c,al,y WOttId not. it" likely, be ?v^ 4V,a' *" K*r**Taiin:B?T.?Dr Mille wt-dT^.rtii^1 All"rm?" ?f<b.S?l*d flit J S LCQ '0ID3 l*o hundred of his fneids ar.d snpprrte. ? ia the recent election l?ft evenirg, a: WillarJ..' HoK 1 Tho JSm? waa served up in the ben Vfn nf .V PP, brated Howe in whieh it win 8\?Jn 55~T. ?0"d.ta^ bil.ritv rufed the hour Appropriate .peeehes we;e made bv ^f<TMa*rnd?r'^ Miller, ai.i VanTol Kaf c^-dTe and Ferdinand Jefferwn. E.q the i?? f JDtLatneiab;rgTKreW,:/ ^'uncuman : ; ? speech of Mr Jefferson Jd b ?, J''? J 80rpri e II "bounded K,tUnSi,m is f-1/ Sr5?l'|h:C,,J^*L'. Ti" 'V?HI ?epan loniubl. h?3 '.S'*1*iib tLir ou!? ' CDtertaicment. fcud eaoh Traveling AccowoDATTot^ ? wm ?*? ?K Pric C?pUin her regular tnpe on the 29ta u"Lo l-t.?! W?bi?gtoo ?. .i, aad ? ?? o clo.k, on Tue^dav and Friiav mn-ni?> .a tooehio^ at the different landing, on the Potomac In addition to the uocomm-dation ihuj afforded to pors>ai reddingcn or visi):ir the country iairted by the river bnrg, g.rd.n ^,! farm p?,Jc,e , u'r tets. ^ he latter leatrre in the pro-'r rrrne Alice O. iVi^ may. in time, whi:e in-refine the vegetable fupphes, b& the means of to* cSn^T'" of th-?d^r:ption of food Captain seems to be aa aj<prycriat? came in this coonecti^n. pnate Concert or Classic Mraic.?We. in yester day's paper, alluded to the announcement that M lie. de Boye, the accomplished pianut, in tends to give the lover* and aimirers of classic music a grand treat cn Monday evening next, atCarusi's fcaloon. agisted by the moat emi nent talent ot the city, under the direction of Prof. T. ALrecd, whs. as a vloiiccelloist, pro bably has CO superior in thi? country. Mr Samuel V. Noyes. will, we learn, call, doling 'he week, at the places of reeidecce of the cttsical people, in Washington, aith sub scription listi; when, it is hiptd, he may ob tain a degree cf encouragement which will cu only be gratifying to the accomplished ar tiste, but to the courteous and gentlemanly agen*. himsoif. Tub hsv Mason I?oiilc, chaplbln io the United States Navy, and lor sev%rai years past stationed at the Washington Navy Yard, is, wo learn gaing to sea in the frigate C- cgrrss, in that opacity. Ihis gentleman, it will be recollected, in lHa2 or 1S52 commenced his labors as a miuiouary in the seventh Ward, and the result i- a tl^urishin^ congregation, and a hajdje-me Presliyterian church edifioe, cocling about OuO, with a debt of one or two thousand dollars testing upon it. lie is now absent frem the city but will shortly re turn to it. and. before embusing nill preach a farewell sermon, lie will le .va with the re j rets of hia entire congregation. A Correction ?In the hurry of copying yestsriay. to be in time for the Star of that day. the protect of llr J C. Fitif a-rick claim ing the ^eat in the B^ard of Aldermen from tbe Third Ward, which had been awarded to Mr. Busey, we made h:ci sty 4 I do hereby ttkf nutnt.y pretest again&t the holding or oc cupying of that ;eat by Samuel C. Busey. Ac *' Oar error waj io substituting tbe word vA? iHently lor tultuiuly wnich rendered a digni fied atntense, ?3 written, ridiealms ai printed. It retu'ted only frrm the want cf time to verify the copy by the origica!, before putting It to pre?? Tn* Iate IajAHTitiDE ?We stated, yn terday. that, on the morning of that day. the body of an infant, iuppoie t by the co.oner's jarj to hsTe been murdered, v. a* discovered io the ceighborho-1 cf north Sixth and L ?treets During the craning, offic' A. 11. Allen arreeted a stive woutan, numtd kiarga ret Uami:ton. on suspicion, froai certaiu Cur zoberating circam?tancns, cf l.eing the mother of the child, but which fac: ^ho positively denies Jos'ire Bonn cemm.tted her to ji'l to await a further examination Although the act of murder may n>t be proved U;>on ksr. the ^ateri.it7 of the chil t may be estab lished Post Qvr.cE Abcrrios.?The excavation on the north and west aides cf the Post Office tqaare is near'y completed, anl materials, luch a^ itone, b.icks aoj cement, line the itree s In that vicinity, preiiminary to build lag operations. Wh;.e there, thi* morning w? no'icsd leveral beautiful kpecimen* of white pine, intended tor derricks ub ut fiitv :?et in length, each of the four 8 lc?ot whioh presents a surfaca of si.ttean inches of thicli ?csj. Firm and sfut, n^ ai prehension of ?"ppng and splintering in tha hvistiu,; of ?tcne, need be ectertaiced Fire ?Ihis morning between ^even and ?i|h: o'c'o'k. an a'.armcf u/e was eounced. The oeci'ion of it w is the burning of s tee loose krips of rajer. and the fencing in the tear of the .Na'i .nt,! intelligence- cffico it is ?npposod that somebody w in'? apt li^d the fcatch to th? comb stil 1^ rosterial. 1 ho dam **? wntrifl-ng, and the il ?itef wi-re 3UfprotU5d fc??v?r? the arrival v? the*?3. 1 Do NotHuaa ?W? lute for a long lime beea aware that there are very many ? Do Nothings ' ia this city; and now have to state that there is an organisation of them, as ap pear! from the following notice, which has been sent to n.i lor publication, and paid for a* an advertisement: ?? Nonce.?The members of the Do Nothing Hc,ciety are mnuested to attend a special meet ing, to be held at the Park Hotel, Juno 12, at erven o'clock, p m By order of Ut Horbtcamp, June 11?It* Secretary." M o take the liberty of placing this notice car local column, with a view of insuring its perusal by all who are interested in the ob ject! and aim* of the organisation. Centre Market was plentifully supplied with all the good things of the season ; but it required a very small basket to carry away a dollar's worth of tho vegetable and animal productions, so temptingly displayed The prices were not only exorbitantly high, es heretofore, but uniform; and, therefore, a trotting round the market premises with a view of finding reduced rates, was futile. Beef, fifteen, and mutton and lamb twelve and-a-half cents a pound; strawberries from twelve to twenty contsaquart; string beans fifty, and green peaB thirty seven and a half csnts a peck ; butter the last named sum per pound, and eg*? twenty two cents a dosen. The misfortune in that the appetite oannot be contracted or accommodated te the prioes. The quality of the articles purohased, how ever, accords with the length of the purse. Tin Mkrtino to Night ?It should be rec ollected that there is to be a meeting to night of the 1'nion Association, at Harmony Hall, where all who were defrauded of their right to vote in the late municipal election, and, indeed, all anti Know Nothings among us, aro invited to be present Thk Ujciow Gcarps ?The first grand mili tary and civic excursion of the Union Guards will take place on Thursday next. By refer ence to the advertisement in another oolumn, it will be 6een that two b^ats have been en gaged for the occasion. The famous White House is to be the scene of tho pic nic and the beautiful Potomac of the moonlight excursion. Stock Sale ?Yesterday afternoon, Mc Ouire. auctioneer, sold at his rooms $25,000 worth cf Chesapeake and Ohio Canal pre ferred bonds, at 33i, to Messrs. Burke and Herbert, brokers of Alexandria, Virginia. GEORGETOWN CORRESPONDENCE GEORQETOTrx, June 12,1855. Yesterday, the schooner William Henry, Bailey, from Baltimore, with a cargo of salt to James A. Magruder. of cur city, in attempt ing to get 'hrough the draw in the Long Bridge, ran on a snag wbioh was concealed from view on one of the s des of the draw, and damsgel her bottom to such an extent that aha sunk in a few minutes. The salt will be a total loss, but the vessel, we presumo, will be raided again, a* we learn that the oaptain succeeded in running her cn the fiatd before she went down This is another proof, strong as holy writ, rf the great injustice done to tho people of Georgetown by the continuation of this outrageous obstruction to their eomtnerce. This ac^ilent of itself, to eay nothing of the multitude of a lee* magnitude which a*e con stantly o:curring, and the continual difficul ties, delays, and annoyances that this bridge imposes on vessels generally, will be sufficient tj deter many from trading to our wharves, particularly if the obstruction is suffered to continue wiiero it is; and if they oorisent to como at all, it wi>! bo only upon condition that cur merchants submit to additional bur dens in the shape of extra freights, which, of course, would be a drawback to the general trade of our city. We doubt vwry much whether there can be found in the Union an other community who would have submitted to such a grftiance wi.h the same degree of pa'ience as the people of Georgetown have to this, for the last half century. We learn that a brother of Mr. Riggft. of the firm of Ri^gs A Co , ha.i purchased the beautiful property upon our heights, formerly owned by the late Col. George C Washington, for $17.dOO. Also, that Major Scott has dig pos?;d of his pre pertv known as the cedars, and for many years the residence of the late C<*1. John Ccx who was Mayor of Georgetown for twenty odd years, for $10,000 This is also a lovely spot for a private residence, being situated in one of tho most quietaud healthy parts of our city, immediately upen its northwest border. Our poople lave become "great'' for excur sions ; ecaicoly a week elapses that one or more does not leave our wharves. Yesterday a party left cn board the steamor George Washington, in company with an excursion from your city, for the White House pavilion, and to morrow morning the steamer George Page, Capt. Rither, leaves at 8 o'clock, with another for Fort Washington, vii: the Sabbath School of the Methodist Churoh. Mr Amos Hunt, who resides on Capitol Hill, wo learn, was yesterday appointed by the directors, agent for the Potomac Fire Insur ance Company f?,r your city. Flour he'd at $10 871 for shipping brands; no sales except in a small way to home traJe. Wbuat?but lirtle arriving; held at $2 40a $2 45 for red and $2 o0:*$2 55 for white. Corn $1 03a$l 10 for whito and yellow. SriCTATOB. Griay Day's Wobk ?We learn from the f Miners Journal that on the 18th day of April last eight thousand four hundred and five tons of coal in 1,73ft car3 were weighed on one of Fairbar.k's Track Scales in use by the Mir.e Hill (Pa ) Railroad company, which is about one thousan i tons more than was ever weighed in a singlo day before. About one-third of the time was not occupied, which would give the capacity of the scales for % constant day's work at about twelve thousand tons The scale is about the longest ever made by the Messrs Fairbanks, and probably the lougest in the world, it being one hundred and twelve feet longer than an ordinary "city lot," and capable of receiving and weighing at once, and with a fc<Dgle weigh beam, a train of eleven cats loaded with ceal. rryns booflano's cki.kb rated grrman bit TKSrf.?Weak, nerroua, depressed In spirits, and a prey to Innumerable mental, *? well im phytic*! evils, the ?!? tlm to <1**! ens'.s, i? In deed object of rnmi>ilsseratlon. Y< t it is ab?tird t'-r hitu !e despair. We earn not Imw weak low, nervoua. ami Irritable he msv be, the cordial proper ties of llooKI.ASD 3 OKHYIAN lilTTfcKS, prepare s hy Or. C. 11 Jaikfon, Philadelphia, am atrcnger llian the Inany h'-a l?--1 Uiom-ter w!ilrh lit pieying upon hi* b .dy and uilnd; aui it l.i- rl.,.. ,-?? Ij try thetu, we will Insure a speedy cure, see *1 vert;a? t. je 7 -Im "XT*A SRCiiET KOa 1 HK LAD1E.4?HOW TO PRBSKHVK Beauty.?1? m't use Chalk, I.lly WhKe, or any of Iha * railed cosmetic*, t? conceal a faded or s*!low Complexion. lr you would hare tl.e roaea brought ba k to your I'hwk, a clear, ueklUiy aud tranepareut ikm, and life and viKor iu fu-?-' tl.roijch the pfulei.i, get a hi ttle of Curler'* S|>ani?li Miitore. and Uke It a< fortlii* u> dirertiou*. It d,.ea not l*<'.e <)?.lte as well ai s .ve?t.nenla ; but. If a'ter ? f>.w J. ?m you do not Si.i yonr be .:th and I?auty reviving, your ?!e|i tilaalic an! vljcoroua, and toe whole ijyateUi refre heil and iixr'.gi ratr J like a A;>iIdk muriilne. then your ra>? I* bo|>n Ie.<?. and all th.? valuable rert'.'itatee we )rI.i?eaa, go i. r iiauxht. It I:1 f e g tea list lurlQer of the bluod known. In perfectly liarmlen, and at the unt tliue powerfully efllcft ok>U. *a*oce : t. r^~p-i.OOD WKIUriSKS.?It l? e?Wm*te.| that A Y K R 1 S L-y CHKKKY PEt'roRAL mm) <"A IIIAHTU' PII.I.S have dune tuoie t<> proutote Uia public bealtu tlian any other ouel ean<e. "Piere ?i, l>e u > ^ueition tnat the Cherry I'vcloral l?a i by lt? thon?ind on ti>oa*?udcurrsof CoM?, Courtis, A?th .0*. Cr.iup. Iiitluenzt, KrnnrhitH, Mr., very mu< h redurcM t ie proportion of deatlie Iroin < >ii<uui|'tive diaeaaea in thla country. The fllla are *a ?ood aa the Pectoral, and wll cmeoi re?-oinp!alnta. Kveryb"?ly a-- ?:.? tuore or lea.* purging. Put <;e the Motid froiu tta Impurities. Puree the Bowels, Liver, and tie whole vlecerai aystoni from obstructions. Purge out the <ll?e taea w nlcli faateu on the ho ly, to work Ita de-ay. Hut fcr illMfci wt ?!:' 'OH ii;o u:;ly ( f old age. Take aut doles early and thruet it from the (J'ntera, before It is yet too stro ig to yield. Ay-y's Pills do tlirnst ?nt dlaeaae, not only while It ia lillt wheu It has taken a rtrong hold. Head the >is toan<ft?g statement' of thoae wLo have b#eu cured hy tiiem ft. m dre-tdful H-rrfnl?, Dr-.j>ay, Cl.-era, hkin dBheu mat.*in, Xeui ?!gls, Oy?ix*p?la, Internal Pain*. Bilious C<>m |4alnte. Heiilacbe, Heartturn, tlont, and many low daiige rvua but sUll tl.roateiiiug ailments, such aa pimples on tlie Is e. Worm?, Kerwous 1:: itaWiity, Loas of appetite, Irregu larlties, I>iz/ uee* Iti the he 11, C? Ida, Fevers, Oysentery, and Indeed every variety of complaints for which a Purgative Remedy i? required. TUese are no random rtatementa, but *-e ;iulUen:lcat?d by your owti neighbors and your owu physitiaua. Try them once and y u w'.ll never be without then* Piice U cente per bot?5 boiet fur |1. Prji arsd hy bit J. C. AYKK, Lwwsl!, Mass.,?Acd iold t-r I. I>. tlfl.M A V, Washington. O. M. I.INiHIC: U, licergetowa. J A*. OOOK * CO., Prederkksturj, and by all OrognUt* ?vsrywhere. may a?eo.m fh" OILMAN, llrng^lst, has reiuoveil to 133 Seventh aire-t, opposite b' t'l- Patriotic lUnk, and Is now pre iwred t"?: all or.lera f t M .dW lued, PalulS, Oils, and UlaaS ou, 'la.lng term*. Strict attention will be bald to pl.yalc! in ? prtecrlpUous at all Uours ut tl?? day an4 Liibl. The nl;ut bell is Ou Uiv flgltt of Ui? Stort tfoor, ?| it?iu !f7*?ritSGTnKK THI ^TOMaTH ~fb? crand 4e?iJrr. ~~ ?'0U1 ?I plow, t!ng health ?t thle ?e?.isn m th? reir Is to relieve th? ?t ,cuc'j of *11 imparities, to invigorate to "<? U*"'- from torpidity. 4nd to excH fr^m the N>w'e!? ?!? *11 -Mihaslthy ?e?et!?n- Th'. ehculd 1-* ,|one br ?.--m? K"ntl? tnwdldne th?t, In It* eetioa. will n?| 4~biuut? the ?y.t-io, unpiir Uie noi ve? cr he-l-u-l the natural ?rint- t-r wiitrli 1*11 rpnac w* Know ?>f norcm^jr ptpt j??t Inroute! ihat can l^?in to -ippnmrl, In pflV^v th#> rmebr.U*'! PRRMU'M 8IT-I KKS manufacture! Il.ii) pm- y Testable mi b?U lire* by EIijhIi Roller, of Richmond rlty, ?t?l no|<1 throticbout the <s>aiitry by apothecaries generally. The ? Bltb>r^r? pwa I liar I > the summer nn4 r?ll .lUexiea of ? ?mth??rn climate ?n I, ? l.-n taken nrrordlnc directions, ire a ?>ire cn'e f,.r D -p.l?a!a. Diarrh ea, Oran.p Omllc, rhalera MorbiM. A-.i- ami I *er, > ,ir Sl-warh. X. rvoim Hea.iael.e I a'. I ..Incut every . ti.e ? affection -i i.Mlij fron- till purity the bl. *-i or (tlfttr |ere?t stomach. T, th'.ae Wl... Iiave not vet teat, the anperforitv of H ik?r'a Pr-nilnm Killer*, aa ? fam lly iiie.lirli.e, over ?U other* known to lh? civilian wnrl<l W' Bay Inmiio ?'????? 4o|ne ao, ?* tf.oy will alWii alin?t liiatant relief. Try tbeni by all ineaiii. Price 5C cant* per bottle 'I ? be hat of CH A KI.KS STOTT A CO., W*?Mncton I> P , U&Sg&St? '??"?? p" tiZSSpii dUeiweaoftl.e Feojale System It Ha.*). preeminent. A Slercyman just Inform* n* it h*? cured him of Br?ocidti? 01 a desperate character?particular* hereafter H * UPTON S VKtJKT \RI.R TTNCTl KK-Mi lia mlM ??v I'ver a/id kidney*. w;n CIlr8 nyapep ?n*th^R*ri km""*, .r,',nrhU'Lon* Affection*. Paint .* m * , ? CV,n"n">P?l"?.Hcrofiila, Khen matt.m, Ooti^ Neorat,ria. FUtula, Rowel Complaint... Pile. Wrirma, and fcervon* Itebilltle*?with all dLeaaee arl.inJ from Impure blood, and la the -reaieat female medlclne ev #Ll!Q?rai; r,li" ,a**lB*,'l"u*'"cl"# !s working wonder* apon thebamaufrsoiu. tvMadvertlaemectto-day. nj*r7 T /" 'BKMIFM8 AT THK KA1 RS. ? WffTTFUTRMT'S -7l ?" 1 th* ?"2?d?ice,,-The jnrlea of each Of the late a n at B.iltirnoro, Richmond, and New York awarded their hl<be?t |>r?tniair* to J. H. W for their anperlority of t?ho Lral??' s.t6rft"8""Pf'" *?fl I>.iS'ierre<'typ?? exhibited Mr. W. revived two Medala at the World's Filr, Un flon, and a premium at Cryaul Palace, New Tork. ^r#l *w*r^s 4l*f7lan<l Ia?titnie for three a 0*l!'ry In 0,18 rttJ 1. on Pa. arena*, 1 -tw. and 6th streeta. ^ jj3r*NOAn WAI.KKR A CO., Marbl- Hall Clothing Einpo t'.i ,h,;;?',nn^r H/W' Hot"'- ra*P?,"^l!y annoance t.iat tb'lr display of H^rln- and Summer Clollila* la u<,w r-?adf for Infection, comprlalng an aesortment of Coats Veateaud Pantaloon* of the neweet and richest designs lu material, trlmtalng and * orkruau?hlp. To gentlemen *l?o study excellence with economy In laahlonable articles *o{ ires an opportunity for selecting la offered rrom one of^e alo,'t ?k,t5*rtty? "tn? k of goods ever offered r!n lhi? city at a Yerj replaced tenia of prScat. ap X7 ft""y=?I.rN<JS? LI NGS.?We refer o?r readera to an adver -r tiscmeut in another column, for full particular con cerning the HYUKANA of Pr. Curtis. It In said l, be one of the moat remarkable cure* for all description of diweases of the lunge ever discovered. Its virtues have been testified to by hundreds, who have obtained their knowledge by the best of all teachers?experience. CACTION. Or. CI KTIH'S HHOKANA Is the origins! and ?nlr genuine article. m(iy 2S-lm 9MTJOK 3Eti.r.TvoTDif receives M theow Books and News p'.pers as r??t us published. He la aceut for Harper's andall lo?oth^r a?, ami onr w?!1 alwa^p Had a Urge and good aeaortment of Blank Books Mid Stationery at K.a Kooketore. 'Wmd Bnlidlug, cor Pa. avenue and 41^ at 1 Li ? HAllKIKU. On the 4ih instaut. at St Matthew'8 Church, M. O de UOILLLAU, Charge d'Aff.iire.-i of Fre.Hce, to SUHAV BENT?N. yo?n?est daughter of the lion. Thos H. Benton, of ilissnuri. j ? - ?gl AH,. Wanta. W^T TO H,RR AN ACTJVH, TRUSTY V f \. oman ami a C;rl, to tlr> thf work of a small fanny Alsto rrnt or purchase a hon=<? of about fix or tight rotsms, in a pleasant neighh^rhoou. Enquire at ,N<J 9 between Btli an.l 9;h sts., N. Y. avenue. "V"T;i;RO GIKL WANTED ? A GENTLEMEN living in fhecournry wishes to |inrrlia<!? a re gro girl, from 15 to 18 y^ars of age; one that is ac cti-torni*d to do any kind of work < onuron to wo-neti, or that could b? taught without nevere chastisement. Any rers<"n liariris such to sell for cash will he as sured of he' humane treatment. Address "H," at tins '.(lice. j? I2_3t* qno CANVASHERS?WANTED. A PERSON ? ot t'^ntlemanly address and acttve business hai> as, to canvass for the Union Land Association. A liberal comptnsation will be given to a suitable per son. None other need apply. JOHN FOX. Secretary, Office on 7th st, above Odd Feliows' Hall. I Jc 12?2t* ANTED?A GENTEEL COLORED GIBL f T or woman. One who can usmh i? plain scw and uursiu* cl.ddrrn. can g^t a good h<.rne ?.n li >* r-l waged by plying early,at No. 8 Louisiana ismue, opposite tin: City Ha!l. je Ii2 ?It* AfT ANTE.)?A MAN TOTAKETHE CIIAUGE T V of feedin?, milking, ai.i^care of a large Dairy, and two men to u?si?t in feeding and niilkinz. Also, a eiwjk?a colon d man wlio understands plain cooking would be preferred. Such as can be well recommended tor sobriety, honesty, ci relul n- ss, an<. indu-stry may apply at Lscuu Hill Furm. <ih sueet r.-: d3 aear the; tirst toll gate. je II ? 3t* \\rA^TED?Tfj BORROW for nine months, . *T? 'w,:Jv{!.''^u^red dollars, for the use of which ten dollars will be paid monthly, equivalent to ten p? i cent interest. Secured by u ii^n cn real estate w rta two Lhousaud doi.ais. Addri-a- '?! VV T 8lar "flic*- jsi 11? VS/' ANTED-VW F< ?R ONE (>R TWO VEAR?, | ? ? secured I y r#al estate in this cily, worth three i tiiues rhe amount, for which a liberal reward will b* pa.d. Addreas '-Box 155 " je 11?jw WJU ANT ED-EMPLOYMENT FOR A YOUNG ari l able bodi?>d colort-d man, acou-tomed to the care of horses and driving a cart. Encui?? at u"H Je 7? eo3t ! W h1',1;,11 immediately?a resfecta 7? 12. "man, who is a competent cnok. Call j at 1 F street north. j,? 9_(-o3t* W ANTED ?a partner to work a ! V m"no u,,;lrr> and contract for sale ot Stone to Government and others, there being now great de iwand for stcn". This Quarry it immediately oppo site Georget wn. Large nhiiniy, blacksinith shop, and every inip|wnent on the ipot. This quarry fur Disoes ut i nest and latest truck Stone, 4tc. A chance is now ottered. Call or write to LLOYD flt CO, Fifteenth street, opi*o. Uic I'readury. may tf J \ITANTED?EVERYBODY TO KNOW THAT , " , l,";y r? g, t a lf,t 21 fe<;t f?">? '?y 130 feet J< ep, fnr the low prk.- of 575-payable *3 a month y:J-;ul.V,torfc^^ Apply at :h Union Land Office, l" et^iab,)VC 0,1(1 Fellowg' Hall. ap 28-3m JOHN FOX, Sec. 1 Boarding. }OAKDI9fG.?Feasant rooms for summer, i ? toarfang f? *r farniJik*- or single p*4r^oris can b^hatl by early applicafion at KING S, 3(13 i orth t Street, between 3d a,,d V*. The house is de llfcb fudy situated, and has iurt been thoroughly n n ovaud and re.umiwred. Meals furnished to fanii lies and day uoarders accLinmodaud on r. asci-able L rW9- ? 4 - lm* 1>OA UU1XU.-A lady, wiiliout children" hav img UKen the hoube, N.. 405 Union K-.w.caii accommodate one genteel family with board. Also a lew single gentlemen. The situation is very de Mr.Lie, beiii: on F meet, the (bird door from 7ih p! Ltfnt'*l,borhood of tl<c "atent and' MKS. JW O. ?UKltii?8 Boarding Hou^c ?amt'.r^t"^ P !,'a av,-,:u'' flr:;t west t j ^apitol gate. Fine rooms at varinu- prices and ^1''*'.P1?**r?'>?'' and comfort bestowe'd "n iLdiea and cent.emen gursis. may 26 3tv* iransunt or permanent, during the re . I- Ci-1 Congress, can be o, tamed by applviuc at \o 55 5, near and south of ihe Capitol, iv Jer a, > HV' jc 7?eo3t* IVOT 1 C 1C.-FOB KENT-PARLORS AND i ^ Cham ten, with board. Also, table u.-.J aan sient board, with a baEm.g an.l shower hutbs and every attention to u nder it iuo<t a?.-?eable to iter boardeis. .Mrs. P. G MURRAY, Corner Pennsylvania avenue and 4'%' st. _ap9J?3m BOAnu, Ae.?MIIS. BATES, on the south w< t corner of Pa. avenue and 9th street ij pre jmip -I t-j accoininodat': genllemen with rooms, uith or witr.out board. Every effort will be made to ren ?i< r those comforts ble wuo may favor lur with their pa'r"""'c" ap t-tf READY MADE SUMMER CLOTHING. i ^ AN')'G Wl""" ?'?? few davs made great ? X additions toour former stock of Ready-made t lot"ing, we are now prepared to offer gentlemen cver> inducement in prine ami quality to visit our extensive salcsro -ms before makingUieir selections. Our assortment ol White and colored Shirts Gauze, m-rieo, ti!k and ottou Undershiru Liiieu and t'ouon Drawers Summer Htocka, < ravj|?, Scarfs, Ties Collars, Giovt s, Hosierv, Stc., Is very large and coinplete, making our present stock one ol the most desirable to tried from in pri Ctb and qualn V to be lound this t-ide of New York D WALL 4 STEPHENS, o. A- ,c *? av*;.',,ext door t0 ,ro" Usui. " ^?-? (News) OLD POINT COMPORTS 'j I E IM TEL nt this favorite watering (dace is 1 now open lur tb^ reception of guests '1 tie en u,.:kw b.4 p,M,u6 C?lr.Z ^'iige'rs ,UC9 have bt?n UJUdu landing pas A sihrII Steamer has been chartered to act as ten der upon ihe largur mad boats and ahw to make ad ?iKlonai tripsin Norfolk aad i'urtsmouth, including tvvo trips on Sunday to and from those cities, thereby affording an opportunity id a pleasant ex.-ursim, and ? njoy the sea bathing The boat will make fi?huig excursions three days in each week. Communicatmiw should be addies-ed to i ,'n1, WILLAHD <k BRO., Proprntors. Je 4-.w Ol ? Point Comfort, Va. l^UENCH VISITING CAHDS.'.-itra thin, and X <?! Ui? lintsl fiui*h, ju-t imported Irom Paris di rt|i^,yi5 rRANCK 'rXYUM. For Bale and Rent For rent?the stork now occupied Joseph Huggtn?, Jew>-!er, No $1# Penna. tv?nu?. E. OWEN &. SON. jo 1J ?eo2w For rent?a large front and back Room, over Maguire's Hat Store, 418 Pa av. ?nue, bflow 4% street. jo II?4t* 17IOK RENT?THAT DESIRABLE BRICK HE ; sidence, N.?. 3V9 Twclfili itreet, belw^en I and K, x v Prtnilin Row. Pric $400. I'osnes stun given 1st July. Mr liow?n, th'- present occu pant, will show tne house and premises to any wi.o may apply. p* II 'it* C^OUNTRYSE\T FOR RENT OR SALE.?The j f.l.uc adjoining a;irt i a I of Kalor&ma, just with out the ciiy limits, cnntainin; s.bout 15 ncrcs of land, with commodious Brick Dwelling and oitl houses, !?rge barn, fc<* Apply to . C. W. PAIRO, F.secutor, jo 6-4U opposite tlie Treasury. I[lOllRENT?'THE FORREST HALL RESTAl* ' rant, ccntrnlly situated in Grorpetnnn. This ix one of 'he most spacious basements m the United States, and attac hed to the only public hall in tin town. Po.-aession given 1st July. For terms apply to BLADEN FORREST, Corner of F and Twentieth sis. Fir*t tatc Devon Cow and Calf for sale. Apply as above. je 8?1 w* A LARGE AND ELIGIBLY fITITATED corner Lot, containing 14,000 jquare feet and fronting the Capitol Park, for sale on accommodating t? rms if immediate application b? made to IIILBIJS h HIT'/, Corner Pa avonue and 1 llh st. Bom? so near the Capitol and hut a few minutes' walk from the Car Depot, makes it most advantage ously situated for a large public House. je 5?If For rent?in Alexandria, va., that large three story Brick House, w.MI known as the best stand in the city lor a hotel and restaurant, on Cameron street. opposite the Market Hou-e, and now occupied by Mr. McGonejral. Possession eiv en on the first of July. Address LLOYD &. CO , Claim Agent, 15th at., opp. the Treasury, Washing ti n, D. C. may 30?tf Rents reduced to suit the times ?150 a year will be received for the rent ot those new and convenient cottages at Kendall Green, with two acres of ground, stable, wood sli?-d and ether conveniences attached. Pumps of purr water are near the door, and commuuicat on is had with Georgetown by way of H and Seventh streets and Pern. Avenue, morning and afternoon, at the usual fare, for the accommodation of clerks :n the departments. To secure the advantage of this great reduction of rent immediate application must be made to the undersigned, either by letter, or at his bouse at Kendall Green, after office hours, where the keys may be had ard the houses inspected at tiny time. Several of these residences will be sold on liberal terms. V/M. STICKXEV, No.4, Kendall Green. N. P.?F.'Tits paid quarterly in advance. apr 9, 1^55?tf IjlOR KE'<T - The three story stoke and Dwelling, No 86 Bridge 8lr<-< t, tjeorge town, so lonif occupied a- Emmerl's Confectionery. Apply to ARMY, next door inav ????eoif ITii-R RENT?.^KVEKAi. ilANlWU.MI. PAIt lors and Chambers, with board. Al'-o, Table and tnmricr.t board. Inquire at 'Trs SMITirs.*33 Fatfeet. ap'J HOME^ F^'R ALL.? Beautifully and heaithilj located Building Lots, 24 feit front by RiO I'eei d-ep, on graded streets, can, until spring, be bought at the exceeding low price o: $75, payable $3 pet month. Title indisputable. Union Land Office, 7th st., atiove Odd Fellows' Hall. J an 3?Cm JOHN FOX, Secretary. - 1 . ? i JuES K. KLVAM3. WILLIAM THOMPSON ELVANS 4fc Tll'iMPSOM, DEALER* IN HARDWARE, COACil TRIMTNGS,&c. No 336 PtnmylvanU nvtnne, betu-een Ninth and Tenth streets, Washington, D. C. HOUSE FURNISHING HARDWARE. Britannia, German Silver, Albata and Silver Plated Tea, Table and Dosert Spoons Carvers and Forks, Steel?. Knives with and with out Forks Brass, Britannia, Block Tin and Piatel Candlesticks; Shovel and Tongs, Waffle Irons, si-id Irons Ma lin aiwt B? 'l Metal K'Jttlcs, Furnaces,Gridirons Ovens, &c. BUILDING MATERIALS. Rura' Cott!!g". Clo-et, Cupboard, Chest, Till, Pad and Trunk Locks Shuttle, Door, and Blind lliarScrew*, Cut and Wrought Nails, Bolts Brad's Shutter Screws and Stuhbs, Door Sprirgw Handrail Ser?'w*, Door Krrtbs Be'l Pulls, Door Sheave? and Hail, ?*c. CABINET MAKERS' GOODS. Hair Cloth, Curled Hair, Moss, Gimp*, Sofa and Chair Sprints Venitira Blind Hooks, Rack Pulleys, Roller End:?, Brackets, Furniture N.iils Glu<-, Coffin Handles and Screws, Diamond Screw Plates, Sic. CA P.PCM EUS' GOODS. Plane;-, Saws, Drawing Knives,Spokeshavcs, Cilia els and Gouges, Plane Irons Augers, Braces and lints, Boring Machines, Ham merit, Hatchets, llcvels Bcvils, Squares, Guages, Axes &c. BLACKSMITH AND COACH MAKERS GOODS Black and Bright Spiings, Axles, Felloes, Spokes Hubs, Bows. Shafts, Poles Sleigh Runner??, Silvered and Brass Bands, Stuni[ Joints, Stump Collars, Top Props Curtain Frames, Lamp*, Inside Linings, Liuinf Silks, Damask, Seaming Cc.rds Tufts, Tassels, Buttons, 'l acks. Fringes, Laces, am Plain and Enamelled Canvass'ia Duck, Enamelled Leather, Dash Leather EL VAN'S & THo\Jpr-<?V, je 1?6in 336 Pa. av? nue. L- A/m Bacon, ul.'/v/Lf 30 boxes new Chee?.? 10 bales Hops, low priee Ju-t received and for sale bv je 9?eo3t MURRAY 3t SEMMES. '! PROSPECTUS For publishing a monthly Musical Wor,i it ths city of Washington. MI E undersigned, at the solicitation of many o _ their e?t?'i med customers, propose publishing ; monthly Musical Work, entitled The National Monthly Muaicftl Klagaziae. The Magazine will conwin from 'our to sii of Music, selected ftom the best European nnd NIn t ve Comnosi-rs In addition to the Music an **xt:r sheet will be ad led, containing the latest Mu-ica New>, Musical No'ioes, Sic. The Magazine wil be pr.l.t 'd on tiie best quality Music pap<;r,e.nd wil be printed from engraved plates, in the neatebt man ner. The fust number of the Magazine will be read; about the 1st of July, 1H55. Mr. S. V. Notes, the Agert for the Work, wil solicit Luh-cription from the citizen" of the Distric of Columbia Hod show a specimen number. James II. Ill rns, No. 150 Budge street, is tin agent for Georgetown. IIILBIJS fc HITZ, Music Depot, cor. Pa. av., Kth and D st?, Star Building*, Washington, D. C. June 4?tf LHSLIk'a LADIES' GAZUTTU OS Puiis, London and New Y jrk Fashions for Jun? is received and for sale at SHILLINGTON'S Bookstore. The Watchman, n companion to the popular bio ryofthe Lamplighter Tales lor the Marint:<, by the author of Los Clin gos Harper's Magazine for June commences a new volume The Missing Bride, bv Mrs. South worth The Two Guardians, by the author of Heartsease All the Magazines for June All the New Books and evety thing in the Sta tionery line, for sale at SI!ILLINGTON'S Bookstore, Odec n Building, cur. st., and Pa. av. je 4?tr PilOSPElU'S CORNEr BANdT~ 1"* i 11S Band is suitable for am'and all purposes and it> warranted to give satisfaction to all thevt who may be pleased to engage them, either as i Brass, Reed, or Cotillon Rand. Any number of musicians to be had at the short eit notice by applying to FREDERIC PROSPER!. Leader, at Taltavult's diore, opposite the Marine Barratk". N. 11.?Orders left at Hilbus h llitz's Music De pot, will be promptly attended to. may 25?4m THE POTOMAC RIVER STEAM HO AI COMPANY'S HTEAMF.R ALICE G. PRICE CAPT. SAMUFL BAKER, , Will coramenca her r?gn!ai cn TC2SDAY M3LM1SQ tm; "2D,11 instant, touchiag at the different Landings on the river. I.eace Wa-iiington at 6 and Alc.vandiia at 7 o'clfc on Tuesday and Friday morniugs. Returuing, wi leave Cone River at 4 o'clock, on Weduceday anc Saturday mornings, until further notice. may 26-d I.^OR SALE.?A Pair oi BAY MARES, 7 year, j old neitspring,well-bred,sound,stylish, gentle, spirited ;.e.d capital Tney ar? well-broken and perfectly free fr.;.n tricks, aadwHl particularly suit cny gentleman who is lond o Jbiving. The owner parts with them only becaui?? his purpose is to retrench his cx|*-nscs. They ciu be seen at Southron's (late Birch's) Stabla, on 14tli atreet. ??ruth of Pa. avenue. For t* rms, or an op portuf uy to try them, enquire at the counter of lilt Star otfice. They will be sold a ba.gaui, Auction Bales. For jfaction BJm tee rtrrt p*i^c -?* By OKKK1 A SCOTT. Auctioneer*. H OUSEHOLD AND KITCHEN FURNITURE _ __ at Auction ?On WEDNESDAY, the 13ih m slant, we shall sell, at ilie reside ice of a lady dc riininj hnu-seki cpint, on Ihr nixtli *i?!? of G street rorth, No. 26G, between 14tU and 15lh streets weti, at 10 o'clock a. m , a a??o;tment of Furniture, viz: M ibogany Bureaus and Fi.hhiards Do dirmg, silc ami oilier Tables Feather Bci's Hair and shuck Mattress* Bedstead*, Wardrobes ai;d Wash - i?;d< China, Glass, Crockery and Stoneware Cane??> at and other Chairs Window Shades, Lounge* Tltice ply, ingrain and other Carpels Solar, ha l, and < tlier Lamps Stoves, Shovel and Tonga Wit i a gor?d lot of Kitchen Requeues. Terms cash. GREEN St'OTT, jc 'J?d Auctioneer!. By GRKKN <Jfc SCOTT, Auctioneer*. VALUABLE BUILDING LOTS AND HOUSE V and Lot at Auction ?On FRIDAY, the 15tli instant, we shall sell, at 6 o'clock p m.t in front of ill* premise*, part of lot 21 ami all of Lot No .22. in Squnre No. 158, having a front on Massachusetts avenue of 88 feet 4 inchest, running back al.-uut 145 f?et, between 17ih and l*tb strfets west. The above dtscribcd property is near Favier's gardr n. And immediately after th< -al" of the above, atT o'clock, we shall sell part of Lot No 18, in Square No. 117,fronti.ig on M &tr??*t north, between 19:h and 20th ?tr>>ft? west, with the improv< menu, which are a good an I nearly new two story containing 4 good rooms and cellar. The lot fronts 16 leet, run ning back 97 feet to a 29 feet alley. It aho has a fin*- spring cn the premises. Terms: One third cash; the balance in 6 and 12 months, for notes bearing interest from the day of the sale. A deed given and a deed of trust taken. GREEN fc SCOTT, je 9?d Auctioneer. By GRKEH A SCOTT, Aurtloactrs VALUABLE BUILDING LOT NEAR THE Navy Yard Gate at Auction.?On THURSDAY the 14th June, we shall sell, at 6 o'clock p m., in front of the premises, Lot No 4, in Square ?82. iron tine 47 feet 9 inches on south M street, running hack 129 leet 1' inches to a 30 feet alley, between 7th and Canal streets ?ast, immediately in from of the Navy Yard wall Term.*: One-third ca*h ; the balance in 6 and 12 moths, lor notes bearing interest from the day of tile sale. A deed given and a deed nf trust taken. All conveyance at cost of piireh?s-er. GREEN 8t SCOTT, je 8?d Auc.ioneers. By QRESX * SCOTT* Auction**?. rpRUSTEE'S SALE OF VALUABLE REAL JL Estate.?Hy virue of a decree of the Orphans' Court ot tie District of Columbia, for the county of V. a>hirctoa, approved by the Coeuit Couit of sa*d District, lining in c-hancr ry, passed iii tbe mattero* the petition of William \V hitniore, ?>t a', eh.ldren and heir?-at-la<v of William W Wbitmore. late of said county. deceased, I will, on THUMSDAY, the 31-a day <<f May, lii"-r>, r,t o'clock p m., in front of the prenii-es, proceed to sell Lots of ground tium hertil seventeen (17) and eighteen (IS) in Square numbered five hundred and three (503) situate in the city of W a-hi net' n, a-id District atoresaid. The above describe! property i? situated on the northwest corner of Cth street west and N street soul.i. and contains in the aggregate about fotute* h thousand square feet of ground. Terms of sale : ? >ne third ca-h, and the residue :n two equal payments at tu ant! twelve months, wuh interest from day ol sale. The deferred payments to be secured by the notes of the purchaser or pur chasers. satisfactorily endorsed. Upon the full pavment oi ihv purchase money and interest and the ratification of the sate by the Court, the trustee wiil convey said lots of ground to the purchaser or purchasers thereof, at his or their cost and expense. It" the t-ruis of sale are not complied with within five days irom the day of sale, the truster re-, rves. the right to resell said lots, or cither of them, upon reasonable notice, at tiie risk and cost of the first purchaser. RICHARD U. LASKCY, Tru ite?. GREEN & SCOTT, way 15?r .->C wills Auctioneers. Lot 17 hkvlng bir a to'd, the tale of Lot No. 18 is po-'pened until THURSDAY, the 7th of June, same hour, whf n it uil be suhdiv led and sold separate, one part ol whi-h having rn a po;??l twe -story frame, the other part is the corner lot, having a fp-nt of25 feet, and 1 <*2 leet ?ie? p. Terms as ab >ve. RICIIARI) H. LA3KEY, Trustee. GRE2N i SCOTT, je 1?eokjs Auctioneers ?-?- '1 La above talo Is further post p ined in consequence ot the ram untd TUESDAY, the 12'h infant, at the same hour. By ord r ol the TrUilee. GREEN fc SCOTT, je cokds Auctioneers. By J. O. Sr.r.ttlRK, Auctioneer. r| RUSTEE'a S ALE OF VALUABLE AND fcL ; igibly silual.-d Real Estai.: on ilie Island.-. By r ;rcos or parcels of g'fi.ind lying and heiiiic in ?h" city of Washington, ai.J known and rituale _ . _ _ oistin gus.died a the r.orih halt of Lot No 12 and the whole of Lot 13, in Square 543, the whole fronting 70 ie< t(? inches on 4>* street west, between K and I. streets south, and Miiuuig bark lik? fe^t to an al ley. with the b tii :in;s a'><l improveuientss, which coisi-t of a subi'antial and comfortable cottage built Fr^me Dwelling House aud necessary out houses. The prepcrty is bitnati'd in a rapidly im psoviuz part ot the city, and offers a favorable op I>ortunity t'. persons desyous of obtaining a residence or iiivcsuiie. The terms of sale will be one t bit J cash ; ret idue m f>, 12,and Id months, f.>r notes bearing iateiest from i ny of sale, secured by a '? edof trust upon the p:cpert>. If th? terms of s^le are n?tconi|dkd wiihiasix days after the suie, the prr.perty will he resold at tiie risk and oxpins.: ofth" p??rebaser. All conveyancing at cost o? uureti.i^r. CI1AS. S V1. ALL*CH,Tnistee J\S. C. M.GU1RE, j' 6?d Auctioneer. By J C. McOUilifel, Auctioneer. pllUlcE COLLECTION OF BARK AND VAL i u;?ble Oil Pamtmrs at l'ub:ic Auction.?On TUESDAY afternoon, June 12ih, at 41* o'clock, at the Saloon over Fcrnhani's Bookstore,* comer Pa. avenue and llthstr-et, I shail b? II a collection ot rare and valuable Oil Paintings, selected with great care by 11. N. Barlow, Esq., from various saileiie^ Oil the Continent. Amongst them will be found sptcimens ef Donienehino Vela-i|uez, Sir Godfrey lineller, A Van Willies, /film Wilson Gainsboro', Murilla, Verm t, Poussia, Sliayer. Jr., and others. The saloon will l.e open and ttn I'icicres on fret exhibition d -ily until the s;ilo. Catalogues may be obtained at th ; saloon or at t!.e auction iot>ms. T.'im*: $!09and nn-Jcrcash; over tha* sum a credit of sixty and ninety <?:iys, for notes satisf.ictori ly endon-d, bearit:2 interest. JAS. C. McGUIUE, j.?G-d Auctioneer. By Otifiit.^ a SCOTT, Auctioneers. V" 7 ALUABLE BUILDING LOTS at Auction.? t?ii WEDNESDAY, tiie 13th day of June, we shall sell, on tb<' premises, at 6 o'clock p. m.. Lou Nos. 3, 4, and 3, in Square No. 569, fronting 3u leet eicii Oil north E sacet, between lct and 21 streius west, tunning bark luo feet to a 'ill feet alley. The above mcniiontd pro.erty ii hart Ise.mely lo csted n little northwest of tiie railroa i depot. Terms: One third cash ; balance a credit of sir and twelve mont* s, lor notes bciuing iat- re-t tr. ui the day of sale. A de- d given aud a deed of trust taken lo uxuie dcfe.icd puj mm.tb. CRI'.EN &. Si'OTT, may 31?coSlJ.4 ' Auctiooeers. By J. C. r?IcOUIltK, Auct'oneer. "T7"LRY VALUABLE BUILDING LOT IN THE V First Wad at Auction. -On TUESDAY af t? rnoon, June 19. h, r.t 5 o'clock, on the premiers, I shall >*11 Lot No. 10. in Square 60, fronting 7l)a It. < n north G 'trect, between 2Lt and 22J sts , run ning back 1-2^ feet inch's. Thi? Let ia situated t:i a rapidly improving part ol the city: a number of first c!a-< houses are now in coure of erection in that vicinity, and this sale ollVir a ;;cod opposiuuity for an itivi sMoent Terms: One-lourth cash ; tha residue in 3, 6, 9, arid 12 months, with interest satisfactorily secured. JAS. C. M- GL IRE, je 9?ecflids Auctioneer. B> JAS. C. McOUlRSC, Auctioneer. RUSTEE'S SALE OP VALUABLE HEAL Esti.te ? By virtue of a deed of tr* t iTom Fran cis St id- n, bearing date on the fir.-t day of Detetii b< r IS Hi, and recorded in Liber W. B , No. 130, fo lios *J31, i32, and 2X1, ?h? . ubscriber will sell at public sale, oa MONDAY, the lith day of June, 1B.>5, at 6o'cl .ck p. in., on the promises, the we*i half of Lot No 2, in Square 247, I'roniing 29 leet on north L street, between 13ih and 14.h streets west, running back 120 feet, with tbe liuiidinge and tm proveui nln there on, which con?>t of two well built frame dwelling hou-ws. The above property is well located iu a rapidly impiliving pari of the city. The terms of the sale will be one-half csish, and tiie balance in 6,12, and IB months, f >r notes bear ing interest from day of sale, sccured by a deed of trust on the property. If the terms ot eale are not complied with In six days after the sale, the oropeity will be resold at ihe risk and expense t.f the purchaser. AH conveyauciug at cost of purchaser. Walter LENOX,Trustee. /AS. C. MeGUlRE, Je I?eo&da Atcuoueic, \ telegraphic. scrorra) ron m DAILY EVBiaifO- STAB. Tbe Philadelphia Convention New York. June I2ih ?The Tribune and HoraM have the majority and minority reso lu'ions of the Know Nothing Platform Com mittee The former (according to the Tri" tone) declare* (hat the American party ar? not responsible for ^aat legislation, bat that it ia the imperative duty of American* to inter* po-e for the purpove of giving peace to the oounfry, and perpetuity to tbe Union Ai there i> no dishonor in submitting to laws (ho National Council deem; it the beet guarantee for peace to abide by the existing laws. The second resolution declares that CongreM has no right to legislate upon slavery, or to exclude any ?d?ve State frcm admission int> the Union ; And interference with tbe exist siet of slavery in the District or Territories would be a viola ion of the compact by which Maryland ceded the District of Columbia to the United States, and a t reach of national faith. The minority resolution declares the re peal of tbe Missouri Compromise an infraotion of tbe plighted faith, and that it should be re stored; and if that fail, then Congress should refuse to admit any State tolerating slavery, which shall be forired out of any portion of territory from which slavery was exoluded by that compromise. The Crops at the Somth, Ac New Orleans, June 9 ?The weather hrg boon of late very favorable to agricultural purposes, and accounts of theootton and grain crof s are cheering The Washington and New Orleans telegraph line is done south of Columbia. Cotton is downward and dull, and the mar ket is unchanged, with a limited demand at previous rates; sale* of 500 bales; siock on hand 3S,000 bales Coffee has advanoed ; sales of fair at 10c ; no prime here. fenatorial flection Postponed Cohcord, Jane 12 ?In caucus last night ft was resolved that the Senate reconsider the vote assigning to day lor the election of Sena tors; thu? allowing the ilou*e of delegates to take the initiative in tbe matter. It is confidently 6 tiled by leading members that both branches have united on James Bell for the long, and John P. 11 die for the short term. Cchooner Sank on Lake Erie. Cleveland. June 12?This morning, off* Dlack river, the propeller Delaware ran into an 1 sunk the schooner E M Lyon, laden with 0)h1. Tbo latter sank in about twenty minute* in seventy feet of war The crew were savoi. tuiclde by an Expressman. Pawttcket, Jnnt 12 ?J. A Baleom. mes senger of Earle's Bo.'on Jt Providence Expree* shot himself dead this morning. No cause yet assigned. Whole Town cn Firo Cleveland, Jane 12 ?A fire was raging in Hillsdale Michigan, last night. The whole town appeared to be burning. E-Uimare JfarkeLs. Baltimore Jane 12 ? Flour is unchanged. Sales of City Mills at $10 *2*. Wheat is lo*er; sales of red at $2 5fta$2 AO; white $2 &5a$2 60 Corn is dull, and has declined tinoe yesterday; sales ox white at $1 04a$l 06; yellow $1 00a $1.08. New York Markets Naw York, June 12?Cotton is unchan ed, with a limited business at previeas rates Flou? has declined 12 cents; good Ohio at $9 S9 aP.Sl; Southern is unchanged; sales of SCO barrels at $11 25a$ll 021. Wheat is easier but not auotably lewer Corn r; firm at $1 01i i$l 03. Provision* arc firm and a trifle higher. Lard is in active si ecula ion demand?sales in barrels lOiala). Wbisky is dull. New York Stocl Mirke' New York, June 12?Stocks are steady. Money is'.es at the first board of Eries, at 4Sc ; Cleveland anl Toledo Railroad 83c.; Cleveland. Columbus, and Cincinnati Railroad $1 Oar; Cumberland ooal Co 2WJc ; Reading Railroad 901; New York central 93|; Louisiana 6i 92; Indiana 5s 831; Ohio 6a. $107; Virginia 63 $100; Mis.ouri 6s 94} By JA8. C. ecuriRK, Auctioneer. A7EUY DBSIRAIILE MILIUM; I.OTitAac ' ti t.. -Oa TUMOATaftenwia,iaaa Mk,at 6 o'clock, on ilie premise--, the ??uliseriber will *11, by virtue oi" a dee.i of trust f.-.mi 15a il Lancaspr. dated September ihli. 184<, and duty iceorded in Li b r J. A S., No I, 3S), fc?-. one of tbe land record* for Wafbingt* n ccunty, all that piece or parcel of ;-ro::.i?i and preiun-cg C ignated upon the crouitd plan of said city as Lot No. 28, in Squaru 1'jT. having a trout of 49 feet nine inches oa l."4h at. *e?t, between north L and VI streets, running back 1 J? feet to a 3ti f< et alley, with a l."? feet alley ran n:;:^ lite lull death of tee lot oa tl??* side. Tins lot i- situated in a rapidly improving part of the Fir.-1 Ward and is very deMrably located Terra*: iu cask, tiie residue in 6 and 12 momik.-, with interest, secured by a deed of trust on tiie premises. Ail couveyaucing at cost of purchaser. JAd. II. COLLINS, Trustee. JAS. C. .McGUIRE. may 11?2aw&ds Auctioneer. By JAS. O. McCVIHKi A uct founn rn? \f AI.UAULK H ALF SUCAKL OF CKOI'Mt ' at Auction ?On FUJI'AY afWnoon, J one 22d at 0 o'chnk, on the premise*, I sbill ncII Lou No?. 1,-J il, 4,4, I^I4,U| aiut X. ia Square No. 15V, fronting respe< lively un Klioae Island avenue, 17th and N.irib II streets The wbule forms ha'f a squire, containing 1W, OuO i-quare feel, and is one el Ube most ekvated sit uations in the city, at a short distance from, and ia full view of, ihe Public iluildiiig:?. Terms at tae sale. JA3. C. McGUitt, je 9?coSids Auctioneer. Ely J. C. MiGl'lUr:, Atacllosaaer. TT"Al.UABLK ELM. KSTATB AT PIT. I.!C \ Sale.?The tubsciiber w;ll -ell til public ?ale, Oti MONDAY, ill*' If; i day nt'Juae, lKv?. at 5 iVIL. p ta . on the premise?, lot Xo. 2^, in stjuaie 367. fnmtirgSi> feet on lUtlt street west, Ix-twecu N and O streets north, . n.l iuiprovcm^'uis, wbich consist of two small fnuie bcuves. Terms ol sal**; Ouy ti.itd cadi, and balance in 6, 12 and 18 ui< ndi notes, beaiini interest from day of sule, secured bv u de. d of tru -t upmi ihe property. If lie terms are not cn oipli?d with in ttree dayt after the ?ale. the property will be rtsoid at the rub and expi-nse ol me pur* baser All couveyancine at ihe ripmne of purchaser. CIIAS t?. WALLACII, Aitoraef. JAM Ed C. McGUI&B, may 4!?eoSi *s Auctioneer. PURE SILVERWARE?A MAGNIFI cent ASSORTMENT. M\V. GALT & IIRO. ea 1 attention to their ? unusually la/ge aasortmtnt of Silverware, consisting ot? Solid silver T?8oH, coir.pli te Silv r Pitchers, solid S:l\\ r t'a-tnrj Silver Cap? and Saoce?.s, G b??*ts Silver Fish Carvers and Forks. Crunib Scraper* Cake Kniv s, Fruit Shovels, Su?:ur S.ftcrs Jelly Sp on-, ( .teese Swups Pickle KiUVcd ar^l Porks < -live Spoons, si^lad Tones, \ tgetal?le Forks r:;ct Knie^a, Ice Tonss, Dessert Knivea Soup, Cretin and Giavy Ladles Ice Cream Km res, Sail Cellars Naptia Uin*s, Hutu r Knives, T< a Straiat-iF T< a, Table, and De*cu Spo^as .^iid Forks of e?ery virluty llreaku t an I dinner C?#?e Sp.? ?ns, &c. Also, a v. ry large a-esortnwnt cf Fancy Silver ware, suitable foe wedding, buih day, aad other presiuts Tbe above i-< a'l of our own manufacture and 1* warranted to be pure. M. W. GALT Si BEO., *9-1 Pa. aVb., bet .v. 9ih and 10th ata. oar 31?tf \\TIIEATON'S ELEMEXTS OF INTEKMA Yf tional Law, new edition Adams1 Lq'iuy, new cditiwn, with Am?Yiran note je 5 FRANCK TAYLOR*

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