Newspaper of Evening Star, June 12, 1855, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated June 12, 1855 Page 4
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rvkning star. TUSH ON BT DB5RT J. 8ARQKMT. Awake, and listen. Everywhere ? From upland. gj?vr and lawn. . Outbreathe* lh? universal prayer, The onson of morn. Anne, anil don thy working put-, All nature is<u>ur; Lei hones- motive* b?> thy barb, An* usefulness thy spur. Stop not to im th?- boist'rous jeerj, (Iff would be what thou a't;) They should not e'en offend thihe ears, 9u!i le*s disturb thy heart. Whar, though you have no shining hoard, (Inheritance of Mtralih ;) To purchase at the broker's l>oard, Pu*h on ! You're nmiug while you stand Inaction will not do; Take life's small bundle in your hand, And trudge it, briskly, through. Push on Don't blush because you have a patch, la honest la!>or won ; There's mauy a small cot roofed with thatch TlK'i happier than a throne. Push on the world is large enough For you,and we, and a 1; Yob must e*peet your share of rough, And row and then a fait. But, up ?c?ai' art out y "r j>a.'t ? llear willingly y?Mir load; There's nothing like a cheering heart To mend a stony road. Push on! Jump ov^r a'l th'' if* atid hvt\ Thare's a.ways soma kind hani To lift life's wagon from the ruts. Or poke away the ?and. Meiaemh: r, whea your sky of blue . Is sbad <w<ed by a cloud. The sun will plane as ?o->n for you As for the monarch proud It is but v riltt-n on the moon That toil al ne rnt urns ; The kins would dance a rigadooa With thai blithe soul of ynure. Push on You're ius:mg while you stand, Inaction will noi do; Takrt life's <mall bun<tle in yonr hand, And trudge a, briskly, through. Purh on! Tite Tea-Tablb.?The tea-table is in most families a delightful relaxation ; it is prepared with no trouble and little expense, and the only time, perhaps, a father can spare to have his family once a day collected about him, where "he may see the different disposition of his children and draw a knowledge of the general management ot his family. It is a grca' pity that the tea-table, as a magnet for social re-unions, is now, in our cities, so nearly obsolete In Paris it lia^ been partially introduced within the last few years, but the plea^an'-cst s^ciely thprc is in the even?rg, where they giv* nothing at all, where the ladies all worlc, and the gentlemen, if they do no: I lay, walk about and converse with them. An even ing spent thus, in agreeable conversation, with well informed and pleasant people, is a delightful relaxation to men engaged in #ngros>ing pursuits through the day. If American ladies would add to this French fashion of evening re-unions, the comfort of a cup of tea and a few cakes, without the fuss and formality attending fashcnable evening parties? the pleasures of social entercourse with our friends would be immeasurably enhanced, and the extravagant expenses, now incurred, toc'irely be avoided. General James Wolfe ?Considera ble interest has recently been manifested in England in regard to the history and character ot the gallant British general whose name will forever be associated with the siege o! Quebec. The man who, it is said, preserved North Ameri ca to the Anglo Saxon race, is still al lowed a paee of history, and, considering the many biographies which have of late vears appeared, it is somewhat remarka ble that so distinguished a man should have so long escaped unnoticed. A late writer in an English journal contends "that the name of Wolfe is identified with a gTeat undertaking, alike worthy of the country who planned it and of those who conquered. ' It is also said that Mr. Bancroft and otheis in this country have borne eloquent testimony to the high estimation he is held in by the people of America.?Boston Trail script. ARRIVALS AT PKLNOIPAL HOTELS. ZfatiosM Hat*!?i d. watat r ? Whit? a laJy, Ala II J Ca.L'e, DC MrtHarnHy, <*o C H K-lier, Ho J K Goor, do H W Hampton, d j J Pastor, tJav*r.a J E Ma lory, NY P L B rosa. Cuba H Lyon, do W K DeWiU, Wis J >1 Clincit, Ga J O'Neal, O J W Tnonip-on, Va S J George, Pa G A Gun ton, Ala S M dmythe. NY Miss lones, Cl W B Br> oits, Md Miss Partes, do lMr Eugiil, do Capt Bursty, do L Herbert, DC Mr Claxtou. Va lloa G Vaii, NJ J Samu* I, Cal J B McGi*ro, La W VY Wrigiit. Ala Capt Price, O C II Carter, Md T Co*, Ark 'i Misses Carter, do J Mullikin. Md J Rjh:and Col Boteier, do J G knapp k. lady, Wis G C Brookd, do T Andrews. Lug B T W bite, Mil > J Lynch, Md VV Beyelow, do IV ?rey, do Got; Trail a lady, iuO O Gregory, NY I) Beatson, Eng W 11 l)ot>bin, Md J WecklanJ, Va Mi* flarn>.in, NC C C Warteison T Scott, Ya Brovas' Xiatal?t. p. a u. ciowi. M Hobsor, Ya C S Lewis. Va 1) Walter, to J T Pr:ft, Md P llobvcti, do M irs Ely, do F AI lea Col Merrick, do \V B Bubii ff, Fa II Howrttn & lady Miss 8 Hutanc, do II T North, lady, 2 chil Mi?s E U<4t>in^-. do dren a servant, Tex J M Giere a lady, Md W Appleton, O M >s M Gi. ?'*, do Miss Appieton, do E 9 Bartx nr Mim Y App!etoa, do K Brundige. f'? J A Blake well, do E Brundig". jr, do Cnpt Mokutk ? K Cas?y, III J S Allen, Pa J 11 Wilson, do II L Hartie a lady, Jiy K Naths, T' ni J I. Loekwood, NJ G Tt.ursber. Pa Mrs A Jones, Fa J T C?#ey, Ky Mi?s Jones, do Mi? C?rr, d) G A Mills, Md It t? Bibo. Ala II P ' ?wt>s, do E I? I"rake, NC J H Than as, do T bvwit- jr, W T Washin'ion, Ky A II llewrHi i. ui.d lad;, II P. Ilill, > o Ga I ?l>t McCau-'land, Pa Mrs VtBT?ght?n, i'o N StooiKm i, Md Mlss Vanvifliton, do l'r on Ko H llaitSdil*-, NC A M WiUsrhfTisB, NY II Jessen, NY T A Mil^btll, do J H Bndweil. do 'Wlllarda' Hotsl-D. a. a j. c. ?i:ui9. J CaihutM, Lu in Co,-seek, USX J Bi?kiw, NY l'r Ihllord, do P Ril? y. Mk-s II N P.ariow, Pa H T Hartt Ya A 1) H.cks lh 1 J Haol-.y, Tei?n O ^onjermaa, Ya W W li^dms, P? dS Cox, O C AU lander, Ma- C B llovt. NY E W Coltoi, Mrs M L Wool-on, Va ttliknond llama*- j. u. a a. Eiuicwooa W Santa a lady, III Dr Samuilone, Md C L McCann, NY J VV Wdliams, do *? N Ihnms, do If C Stey n-, ao I KiMer, Pa J Borers, do W Clark and d.iu^httr, B Newell, NY Md G W Baker, O M J Pratt, do J Maboil, do Gen H Kr.L-bir.s ^nd lady, E Robinson Ya Ma?- J J Shaver o. sod, HG J N Whittemore, ?o C F Fisher, do f* Mair, do J H Haskell, Pa Maailon Ilnsiss. Al?i?n?1rla, Va. a. stwron, rcr.rKii to*. J u Standuh, Va L M Braxtoa, lady a s#r Col Panrord, do vant, Va W c* Whiung,?lo 'AE Marshall, do I) H Gordon, do W C F^kridju, do MrsCarr, do Cap! A Pitman, do II Mc Wil.iam:', do W N Berkvley, do C J Htiiriu, do P Corey, do J 9 B trlxiur, do W B Clarke, Pa M M Nam e, uo 8ti Gregixy, NY n J Brown, do FEOPOfcALi FOB WAVAL SUPPLIES. NAVY DKPARTMENT, ) Bn?EAtJ Tw Cos5tr*:ctio*, loririrrwr, 4e, V M*yl5 !*?. ) SEATED PROPOSAL? to furnish Neva! I'npp'le? f;r the fiscal y*ar ending 30th Jun?. 1S5*J, wll be revived at this bureau onMl .1 o'c!o:k p. ?>., of tb*2t>th day of June n'Tt. Th**e propne*ls n>u?t be endorsed <'Pr?poMls for Naval Supplies, Bureau of Construction, At." that they may b? distin guished from orher bucir? ss letters. n? m-teria-'s and article* ? mhra'-d in the classes named are particularly der,"rib?d in prints Mb *d tiles, e.ny rf which will he furnbhed to Fach iir d-wre to offer, on appiication tn th?* corom?ndant of the r*?to5tiv6 navy yards, or to the navy agent nearest theret\ and thore of all th<* yard* upon ap pication to this bureau. Ths commandant tnl navy agent rf euch station will hav a ocpy of the schedules of the other yard? f^r eXMnlnatiin only, from which it may be ju g*d whether it will be de sirable to make applies ioo fir them. Offers must tw ravi? for the whole of each c afs at any yari upon one of the printe I schedules, or in ?trict conformity therewith, or they will net ba considered. AJ1 article must bs (.f tha very best qaali' y con fjrmiibl" ti sampl?, siao, 4c , to to deiivrred in go'-d <*rder a^d in suitable Tenuis, and pa< ka?e?. as th cise may be, a' th-e.T;en*e a'.d ri;k of the cocti ac tor, and In a'l resp?cfn autycct to tha in'pertion, measuremer t, onnt, wei rht, Ac , of the yard *? here received, and to the entire satisfaction cf the ccrn aiar\dar t thereof Bi Idera are referred to tb* ysri.' for s^mpie^. and a particular descr^ptfcn of the articles and, all other thiols beinsf e^ual, preference will bo given to ar ticles of Ame ictn nunnLctore. Every offer, as requir d by tb-* law of 10th August, 1S46. must oe accompanied by a writ ten guarantee, the fjren of which ars herewith given. Those only whose offers may he accepted will be notifie!, anl the contract .'ill be forwarded as soon thereafter aj practicable, wtich they will be required to execute within tea days after its receipt at the p:et cCP.ce or navy ngency named by them. Sureties in the full amount will b? required to sign th?c?ntr<ct ani their responsibility certitl-d to l>y a United htntes district judge, United States district attorney, ooll-cfr, or navy scent. As *d li U nal reoarity. twenty |>er c-ntu<a will te withheld fr m the am nnt of the I i Is until b-CMj'ract shall have been completed, and elgh'y per centum of each bill epprovwl in triplicate by th* comianndint cf the refp?ctlVi yards will bj jiai.l hy the unvy strent within thirty d^ye after its preten'.ation to hiin. It i- stip jlated ir. ti?e contract tbaf, if default l>e ma le by 'he pircie^ o(iho ti si pa-t in delirt-ringall <>r any cf tti?Hrticle* menti :ned, of the quality and s.t 'hb time and place? provi ied, th?T>. aud iu that ca^e, thecciitr-*etorian i eurcties vi!l (orteit ard pay to the Uui'ed rfiat fl a? iitjuiJat-d danisms nam of nnn>y eqtO t) t#i:* the amount o\ hecontiacf prices therein agr. ?d epen as tlie p-ice t"> be t aid 0 ciee of the a *tual delivery thereof, wlpeli liqui dated damages may bj re ov-re.l or retained fr, m time to time as t >ey accrue ;r m tLe said parties cf 'he fir^t part or either of ttn m. Chases No. 1,2.4, 6, 6, 7, to be delivered ere fourth pi.rt on or before the 1-HQ .tlxy, oriiMoutUi psrt by tfce iO.h July, ooe !'? ;:rth by tho 2l)th S >t> eaiber. axid tlie remainder l?y tho In: l)t c-tnt). r, 1850. No. :i?'he whole by the l.V.h >1 y, l^i>^ C!.i?h No. 8 ?the wh>.L i>y th? -0th Ju.y 1 b:6 'Ihe rer.ain ng eldrFest> be <leliv?re?l?ui '?ovrlh part on or lietirethu 1?" ,-f:-ptebil>t r, cii?> f-urt.i p+rtun cr b*li>rr t*?e 1st December n-At. o?.r. fj.rih )art on ? r before th<* la! April. 1S5*">. and .In nm?>nJtroB <r beioreti e ;u:h Jun^. 155t?. c?n pricing at e*ch de very a dje p oporti n O' ea h ar "icle. CUs< N->. 9 i.nd all fidlowrins ?ji aat ties of a'J articled naas ?? therein urns be delivered on like term3 anl c >nditioor. during 'he fi?^l year, upja receiving a cctice cf fif teen ?layj from ;lie bureau cr e .mmandant oflhe y*rd. Aj th4 liw re>]uire5 th* prepaymert of persor..-i d *irin< thr e mnmndan. ot th? ya'd ortfie uavy agint to ?tnd them b> m ai Bch<dul>? rf P?eh ela?f?? as they d*?-i:e. should ?ncl-we iu their npt li ratioR pt Uigi sUimpt to iM>ura th-ir trau: miw<i n, but applica .-oiis to th-s bureau f >r such -.cilt iu'es will notre?iulre prepayment. FOHM Of Olir'KK. T, . rf???,-t'-t^of ?? ? '??, hereby agr^e to furnish <ir, l de! ver at the m?p?ttlTe navy yard? "11 :b<- artirle? nsmfd ii th*- hereunto asn 'T^d, a^re^"hly totbe pr? vj-i( ns ofti?".'*ti?d ii. s lher*?"er, arid in e nfoimitv the adv-rtiacnient o: the Bureau cl Cone riijlicn Ac., of 10th Mav, i 1^55. Should my olcrb? accepted, I rfqae t tol>eal lre?<eJ ?-t , uoi the contract f(.>rwarc.i?l to the uavy agent at , or to , f:-r fii^nature aud c?rtifl"ate. D te (Si:jr.atur*>) (Th* jrfVcJuVs vWcA fie fnr' ..-<*} mrift l pasted ti kit arid eirh of thr n tisned l-y /urn. OypxtiU etc\ c.rtide in H,e ?c i*duic Hi? prize m it be get, the amount carrel out. ti* amgrega'e looted up for each class, and the am.tint tikeurisc icvitLn tn tojids.) FORM OF GUARANTEE. The under.'ignu!, , cf in the State of , ai d , of ?? inthe state of -, hereby guaranty th<t, in c%.;-> ihe forego ing bi lot .tir any ol the claw* ther-in nam d be ace p el, that h* or th y will, within tea day. aft .r the rece pt of the <>-ntf?rt at the p at office named < r navy ager.t de-isrr.ati1, ewea'o th contr-c* for the ?mb? wilh goc-d an 1 sufflcient f nre ti-f; and in eaauBiid ???eh^llfail to en*rr into ontra-1 a? af re-aid, we guarantee to makq gocd th" differe ??< between IheoTtr of ho Laii -? *n?l that which m?.y be aovptoi. Signature of two guarantcrs | ^ (IHte) Witness. I hereby certify th&t the ab >ve earned ??-?? are known to uie a? niea of property aod abl? tJ mf kegood their ^uara^tee. (Signature.) (Dale.) To '? tinned hy the Vni'f*l S'aU-s district United Stat*-* fti?'riit altomty, cAl cfr.r, or mvy agiU, art'l no others ) The followi'-g a-e the cla?w? required at tha re ipeetlvj yardic KITTER7, MATTE. No. 1, white catc; laac etcek 1-^g'. No. 8, white oak premiseu >fca timber. No. 6, ellcw pin? plan* aU>cti logs. No. 7, yell jw pia? m i?f. timb-r. No 0. white pia?. No. 10, af h ar 1 c pre<s. No 11, b'a.:k ? vinut aid cherry. No. 12, locust and oe ar. No 13, *hue ash oar n-id hk'iory bars. N??. 14, whit^ c?k eiarasand beading. No. 10, li/mimvit? No. 17, < 0m[i0Jit,'?iJ aud c< pper nail?. No 18, Wrirc.n and steel. No. 1^, iron epikei *r.d nall& Nc 20, had pipe. s:nc, tin N ., 21, hardware. No. 2U, pain te, oil. No. 24, dai o*nv<iii. No. 25, cotton can vas. No. 2d, Cax and eel ton twino. No iff, gla-s No. iS, leather. No i(t, hose. No. 30, brushes. No. SI, buotir g, dry goovjit. No.U2, pitch, ro^-ia tar. No. S3, od, ao-.p, taUuw No. 31, Fhip chandlerf. No. 05, scaticnery. N >. 30, fi:owooi. No. 3/, oakum. CHARLESTON, MA5-8AL'IICrfETTS. No. 1, whit; oak plank sto.i logc. No b, white oak proiai< cu'u<) t:mb?r. No. 4, while o?!i kocl pieco;. No 6, yeilow pino piaak Mtrck l:g?. No G, vel'ow pine Ifiins. No. V y?!i"W pine ms?j<. t m'?er. No. 9, white piiie. No iu, whi:e oak boards an ! butts, aih. cypress. No. 11, b:?ck wulnut an t cher ry. No. 13, locust. No. 13, white a*h oars, hickory bars. No la, bljicU apruce. No 10, lizouwvit&e fro. 17,oompesitiouicl copper nali?. >'o It?, bar Iron, steel No ltf. iron s>ike?, nails No SQ, pipe, sine, tin. No. 'il, hardwar e No. 23, paiuts, 0:1a. No. 24 Uaz canvas. No. 25, cotton canvas. No 2ii, tUi aod cotton twine No. 1fl, gl?-s. No. 38, leather No. 2U. huae No. &>, brushra. No. 31, bcuting, tlrygo-xla. No. 32, pi ch, resin, tur. No 33. oil aeap, taiiow N<>. 34, whip ehnn-ilery No. ;>5t (stationery. No. ?c, firewood. No. 37, oakum. BROOKLYN, NEW YOI'JK. No. 1, white nak plank st(?t Iojf. No. t, white oak plank he. 3, white oak prom'ncucus timber. Mo 4. v a.ta '?ak keel |> tor. .,o. 8, yt lto,T" pine plark st'ck leys. No. 7, yellow pine rarst timber. No. 0, whits pine N??. 10. e-h, cyj*nw<?, white oal; b a d ' and Lcttp. No 11, biaek waluot, ch?rry, maur^auy. No. 12, lcc.'ft Sj 13, white ash earn, hickory bars. No. 14, ?h ie oakrtiv? anibeading. No 15, blai a epraoi. No. 16, liguuiuvi>M. No 17, eompontioD aud copper nails. No. IS, bar irou, slcwl No. 19, ir -a sp>kiu aud n.^ils. l.o. 20, \-hni, aloe, tin- No 21, hardware No. 23,, cila. No. 24, 2skX car ?t*. No. 25, cotton u>L\as. No. 20, f!ai aud cctt n twine No. 27, f l?-a No. 2H, leather. No. 23, hcie No. 20, Lru^hrS Nc.31, hunting, dry go..ds. No. 31 pilch, renin, tar. N^ &>, oil. roap, taii.-w. No 31, thip ctun llery. No. 83, stat enery. Nc. 36, Crewood. PHILADELPHIA. I-RsNdfLVANIA. No. 1, white oa< plank stcci 1 g*. No. o, yellow p'n? pl-nk stook loyt. No. 9, whit^ pH<j. No 10, ash aud white eak plavk ul heard'. No. 13, whlU. ash ears &od hickory bars No. IP, b'a-k fpnroe. No. 17- composition and oop?<r naili No. .18 bar iron aa 1 rt^eej. So. 19, Iron ; ikes and n?l!s No 20 lead pipe, *inc, tip. No 21. hardware. No kZ pitch, rosin, tar. ? 34, thip chaDdlery. No. 35, Kationery. No. oakum. WASOTNOTOy, r>. c. Class No 4. * hi> oak k.-el l le^ s. No. 6, y-Il w pitu* plank ttink 1< 4* No 9. whi e pine No. 10, a^k, cypres, white o k h aids and l uts No. 11, black w. tor, chs rrv, make piny. No. !7. eom^-CBi tion and ccpper nalU No. iS, bar 1": n, rt'ol. Ko. 19, ir-:n spik*-.", nail >. Nc. t:0, le-d pip J, riac. tin No 51. hardware No t3,pi;iroa. No 23, [taints tiie, 4? No 24. flax aavae No. ?5. oittou c\n vu No.!W Cax ard ro t .n twt'.e. No. 27,1 lafS. No CB, l-"th-r. No hore. No. 60 hru.befl No 31. ban* n t, dry go <1? No. 32, ]<itrh, ro:in t*r. No. 33, oil, leap, tallow, *c. No. "4, Fblp chandlery. No. 26 etvio^ery No. 36, fitewcod. Ko. 37, oakum. No. 3*, tauk aud galley, or eambooM Iron. Nc chain lroo. No. iC, in#o< ?tppir. OOSPOUT. VIROINIA No. 1, white oak pUnk t-to?k lega. No. 2, wWtw <>?k plank. No. 3, white c?k promiscuous tlml>er. No. 4, write oak %e*>! pi?or>s. No. ft, yellow pin* p'ank sU ok timber. No. ?>. yellow pin* t**ma. No. 7. yellow pine raaft tjnb?r. No. 9, white pis'*. No. 10, ash. cypress, elm. Nx 11, black walnut, cherry, mahogany No. 12, Jrcust. No. 13, white ash o%r?, hickory rn.r? No. 15, black spruce. No. 16, liKnumvitwi No. IB, bar iron ?ud steel No. 1ft, inn sfike* ?nd nail* No. 20, W.l pi>>, tinr, t'n. No. 21. hardware. No. 22, pii$ lroo. No. paints, oils, to. No 24. flax canvas. No 25, ootton canvas. No. '20, Hax and cotton tw n? No. 27, R'a's. No. 2*, leather. No 29, ho?~. No .'50, bru?hos- No 31, bunting, dry gyxia. N.>.32. pitch, rcs:n, tar No. 33. oil, tallow. sosp. No. ::4, ship chandlery. No. 35, stationery. No. 3tf, firewood. No. 37, oakum. PKNPACOLA, FLORIDA. Claas No* 1, whit* oak plan* steck leg*. No. 2, wh'te oak ptouk. Na. 13, white aph oars, hi'kcry bars. No. 17, composition and copper na;.Ls No. 18, bar iron, steel. No. 13. iron spikes and nails No. 21, hardware No. 23, paints, oils. Ac. No. 3a, stationary. may 21?law4w FIRST^RlSlItJM PIANOS. JUST received, several P:iuios from the celebrated factory of Steinway 8l Pons, New York; one in Louis XIV style These Pianos are in etr? ry re spect the best now made in the United States; they received at the late Metropolitan Mechanics' Fair the first premium (a silver medal) tor eacii of their Pianos exhibited. Eveiy person admired the voinn.e of tone, a* well as the workmanship of their instru uionti. These, iu addition to my other stock of Pianos, forma the best ar.d largest collection south of Mason's and Dixon's line. The public are respectfully invited to call and ex amine before they purchase elsewhere, they will Had moderate prices and reasonable terms. PIANOS to rent always on hand, and second hand Pianos taken in part payment f*?r new ones, at my Piano Warerooin, No. ?98 Eleventh st, above Pa. avenue. FR. C. KEICHENBACH. may 14?eolm# ABOARD.?LOOK IIERS! A LL ye I overt of the good tinny.: of this life, and J:\. we will tcli you where you may obtain at least some of them. Thankful for piut favors, I would ret-peetiuliy ask a continuance of ths sane dur nc this Spring and Summer. I a.ii pi . pared to furnish ail v/ho will ?ive mo a call with the iweet and cool mg Beverages in my liiit at short notice. Such as lee Creams, Water Ices, of all flavors, Scharlotte Reuse, Blancmange, &c- Cakes of all kinds. Also, foreign and domestic Fruits and Confectionery, gen erally kept in well regulated establishments of the kind. Particular attention will be paid to fumUhinz Wedding or Bride's Cakes* Also, Parties, Balls, Excursions, Pic Nics, Sic., Uc.t and upon reason able terms. Call at the old stand, M.iwcIiiMett-' avenue, be tween 9th ar.d 10th streets, Northern Liberties. N. B.? BeU quality iC'ii CKEAId o?ld at .-jl 56 per gallon. may 7?eoBm JOHN W. lilUHTSTINE. R LAT P ARTNEESIII P. OHERT J. WALKER mid LOUIS JANIN have formed a eo par:nf i-hl|? under the firm of "Walker & Jan.n," for th < managemtvt and ar gtituent .?f eases in the Supreme Court of .he Un-ted Sute?, and before the Cou.t ot Claiiv* at Washing ton City. Aildri^s Washington, I). C cay 10?rx>;Jm M. WILLIAN, LADIES' DBE".S?2U> TTU&tMIffO fTOEii, I'ti. avenue. Icttrccn 7lh arul S//* Urals. MWILLIAN would re pectfuilv announce to ? the Ladies of \Y a-huton, that he has just received from the Nor*' r..i cities a complete stock of (lOODS, among which may be fo,;;:d? New ?.tyle French Drcst Trimming Fine Fren h Flowers an. J Rihands A large lot of Bonnets, iu sill;, crape, snd straw, of the late?t patterns And an excel'em' tu of handsome Einhroi dcries et all kind'* Drreses made in the latest Puris fa-hi'lis at rea sonable i at' s. Pinking and Fluting and Ki.l Gloves cleaned. Ladies .MHnti!las,re:.ny made, and made to order, may 31?eolm CARRIAGES?CARRIAGES. Ill AVE now ou hand, and constantly flriHim-r, a very large n&sortmcnl ot lV:isur> andcS^BUs? family CAUltlAGES, <.f t!..- Iat< -1 fas!: ions, which 1 will sell a> low as the snine quality of' worn can be sold in any of the piiucipal nmikets of the United Statei. The subscriber is now ?:e-,ii:e? esclu-ivdy in Car riages ot his own manufacture, and all wc:r. -old by him will be warranted, and compare favorably with any work in this market. As 1 a!way:, keep a larze a-sorimeat, I invite pure ha 1.- and ? thera to ex amine my ^tf-ck bert>r - purcha^i*?4 elsewhere. Carnagea built Lo oid* r ?'Id Carriages Uik-m in exchang", or repaired at the -hort? t riol'ce. THOMAS VOL'N'G, ?;'gn of tbc Golden Hone, No. 409 Pa. avnne ar J 4\' etreet. may 1??:o3m DO~YOU WANT FIRST HATE ICE curAM? ("1 O at once to AllNY, Itri Ifc' et.G'orgetr.wn, JT he was aw ir Jed a >1EHAL by th" Metropoli tan Mechanics' lrst:iut?>. |i?r ICE CRU XMr?, WA TER H.'ES, and CAKES. may 2> ORGANS FOR SALE. A SUPERIOR toned CI1APKL ORGAN; and a fine Rosewood PARLOR OKR NN, h<ith now on * tliibition at tlie Metropoiitan Mechanic*' Fair. They are Iroin the innnufacu*ry of HENRY F.RBEN of New York. For terms, he., apply to Prof. 8CHEEL, on 14th ?treet. north of P. HENRY EKHEN. t?b - ?k>u' Piivato Modicai T]?utios <n rrj PUYi*IOLOaiCAL VI*W O* MAURI AO?, ' rr H. B. Z.A CIC015, Ei. P,? ALBANY. N V. I!4 Tisea *nd 130 >lr? I'l&ln a:iJ (,o! r*d LithC' giKph.c ana l'!ate?. Sfli" FrSce r?aJjr 2?S Casti C3r"?en; trrs of poeVa^e to au rar*r cf thn Unk)i}*?f ClfljAirt:-T cOOU E7?R P'J#ljXfcHBr>, wii Containing t'ar!^ d nM? tli? r,^antity ot rea-liaij matter m tbet cf ?he Firry cicm's or ixjllaii PUitfJCATIOIi3. rifti l<A,t T' tiflfct? on tL# PIIYalOT/V QY OF UASRUGJ!, f.nd th? ?*- itiraullcf an J dicoidex of vouth *rd matnrity, r? eultiui ftroai ?^(%<uea, which destroy thaph ybic&l man tal P<v?iy, wj.ii ou?r?iCrn? ha c.(.rSa^.*, its duties and di i^oaHiicutlona, and tha.r r?ia?dles; T^iih iItUalrr?.^;.3, i!tar.;rAting the luy and phy?i&?&?7, ???d ?-tioeu-'ts ci th# ri>pro' Juciivc ornnti. Cu oolh'c, taoir ftruetm*, nsae at.i l'annticioji. A po>u.^r wiii et.Sip>-.?hea?ir? u?a ZiB-: oa 'a* duties n:? i cusj^1-?> . t ttn^iei aud Liar rwcJ llfe~hty^7 and Lait:-! ui1 *.i iei., iiiudt cf snxld>' ludxii ?inieik ?T.'a >:Vdile on^g?(heir 9b>latica and xs,oic?_: lunto so thn?c jr>nt?jj,'!?ting u^ti-.^-rsy. ?]11 ovorcozis oh JwtioaB to it; neoe, .'it -??>v?r. tal;o this im jorUnt s up wr.'iout iiifit Xiifcaltiii2 iu p?ga> o:nua?t tarus oa t V> al^fcj.- s ar t ;.ie:i; cl tft-atsa^nl 31 iron ifuan^y to ?>id a.?, ea- U can? ?r?ph ically iiluiiiiA^l by haaulirnl lithogra.Miic i Ltss? t;4r?'otJ dvbillty, Its citr.'t: -ad c- .t, by a process ?! occe s'. ?i.tif>!?, 'lie and ei>ctu*l. --r at laiicrs ie J?rulsa isr rtaiiy ?an essay an &pcrm?u;*th>.?a viCi praclscei c'od?rvaUcn? an a ?alr.r, snd la jre Hucceaa/uj rnouf. of tr?t,Lni?nt?pre i*. ltiotar? hiiiti: iu 1X3 ?riia ieantii^g f.cci ?upiri :al piaotloe?t i Moay on all dine..;* a^ialaj nok Irdlscrstleu, with plain t.nd rauna by which all nei-uons can our* tVj^-j'lT*- without cieroui-y-? fi.iiedls? Jrr tboae ie!f In'Ji ! v.-?i fi?a: u^d diaap j:.,ottd i^epe; fco unlvttuua^y ni-?valtiit in tht fating. I;Vj u trnthTu! uiivl-rj/ to the ir.*iTied and iiot? oonlsxsplt.tlng MmrrUje. Jti u rii ?tl is v-^r aculii-17 r?x jiai(-?i?i^d to pniwoa ezjaU'rizg * n?>t i- abtj if the*r ;>Uysioj. ioudiilaa, and ?bo are vmsclMifl of haring fa^erd'yl til i li?a;lth. hr.ppiunst siid pri-?i'efca to which evciy haaian ia en Hi!^! 19. i*rwe if-Mcts ;?er cory, or five otvdsa fj* ".;te lal lar. Miiiou fteo of 10 a^y ^uxt the Uni ted N. M.?TLoei t;ho prefer zany fon<niU i)r. I.A ('aca ?pon any oftiediseaaw up.<u V hiah aJ? 1 00k tithe* leri-ocpity or by ej^SI. A.eaicine to tuj fait of the Unk>n aivordieg to dL>ict}o*u?, a?t^lj jivOi.'d un i eait inlly bacurcd froai all ocsarration. Ad-in?s Dr. li. B. L.-. Oiv jCS:.No.:u iiaiien Laa? or Poit i'.i 1m >'o.; 179, Altun l-i. Y. iti* OCte "*pan dt?ll,/ fioin ? a m to 9 ; S3, and ou Jund.iy frcn i> antil ft p 1a. *jr Office t*?iuotii I (-on No. W Dea /eret, 40 31 lUaklasa L-iat, Alatny, N. Y. 4m T ( f!IS MUTUAL FI8F, ISSUtiANOS 00MPA. HY OP THK l I8TE1CT OF COLUKBIA, CHARTERED by Ceng re a*, e tiers to the property owners of the Disinet sal", r and cheaper means oi^ in&urance than u.v oilier Company. ULYSSES WARD, Prc:,iJer.u CI1AS. WILSON, Secretary. MATIIEW <J. EM FRY, Treasurer. MAHAOERS. U1}nw- Ward John Van Riswick Thomaj Bidden P. W. Urowidnx F. !Iow::rd, Muthcw G. Emory. J. C. McKelden. Office, Columbia Place, corn** Louisiana avenue anJ 7th street. Officii boors from <J to 6 o'aioek p. m. feb aC~?sitf KESIDENT'S MOUNTED Gr \KI> UU/CK MTEP.?This excellent pieea of Music of the popular compoeer, Mr. Hi.beit Heller, has just b??n published by the subscribe?. Tin title page ij mert eleenntly emkellifhed. HI LRUS Sl niTZ, Music Publishers, Depot in tiinr Buildiugj. je4 Ufite Marque W?4o?d?y, Friday, md Si\f day &t 3 p m . , _ lrriv? at i'rhitcu Friday, 3oo4ay, *ad aU? day by Opm Blda to rim or>c& a wivOr wM be ',<*wd?r*l. No. 152SI Frr?m Whitehead's, by Highland, Io*t Point, to Story's Landing, 40 miles and baok, once ?we?k Lsavs Whi'eb^adV F H?T at 5 a m Arrive nt Story's Landing satne (lav l>y 9 p m L'?ave story's Landing Saturday ?t 6 a m Arrive at Whifeheni's fame day by 9 p n?. No, 16WS From Orr-gon, (Me.,) by Iowa Pn'nt, to Highland, (Kansas,) 14 stilus and back, ones ? woek L?ni* Oregon Saturday at 6 a in Arr!ve at Hicrhinnl ssme day by 12 m Leave Highland Saturday at 1 p m Arrive at Or#gT Fame d?v by 7 p m. No. 18289 From Fort Leavenworth to Sao and Fox Agencr. 100 Qil<s and back, once a we*k Leave Fort Monday at 6 a m Arrive at Sac and Fox A fancy W?dnafdayby li m Leave Pae and Fox kf^nrj Thursday at 6 a m Arriv? nt Fort L-avsuworh Paturdav by 12 m. So- 15240 From Frrt goott to Fort Atkinson, ? mild- and back. Leave Fort Scott Arrive at Fort Atkinson Leave Fort Atkinson Arrive at Fort t*-ott Libiors will state the distant* and preposs a schedule. Ne. 15141 From F. rt Scott to Crawford Ctminary, ? Di)*f> ar>d hark Leave Fort S ctt Arrive at Crawf nl Seminary Lea^e Crawfud Seminary Ari iv< at Fcrt Scott Bidders will etato the dlstaaae and propose a schedule No. 15242 From W?-nt;ort to For^ Scctt, ? mii?? and tack Leave Wes'port Arrive at Fcrt ,ccott Lmve Fort So tt Arrive at Wes'pirt I Bidders will rtate the distinoe and propose a schedule. . For fuma of proposals, <ruarant**, and cert'fl; also, iortmrTi-'DS and reqtilrnn^nt*, (em liracing e-ndi'jocs to be inoo porated in the coi> tiacts toeueli ost-snt &s the de triment ncay deem proper,) s>e adTcr(i?um?ut iuvtiiog proposals fcr mail servire in the w??:r.*rn ar.d southwea'fcrn iftatts. dated Olh Jaafarv 1824. ? A$ES CAMPBELL, jane 4?lawlw Post master General. VVE WOULD NOT GXVeTaDOLLAR For ALL THE TINCTURE HAMPTON EV ER MADE.?Thus spone a wue and good mail, but mark the chance ! L?; the nfilicted near bun, ami then riecirie whether to suffer on or in- marie whole. Yt professional tuen, with runad health, hear! Rev. Jamfs W. UcNKirrT, the faJentod and inde pendent editor of that highly popular and extensive ly read piper, the Christian Banner, published at Fredericksburg, V.i., ta hi-. editorial of the IHth of May, 186T>. thus <-pe.iks of HAMPTON'S VEGF. TA'.LL TINCTURE: ''Some tint.: ? we merely alhided t ) Hampton's Vegetable Tincture, with ?i promise of noticing aioic particularly the fc.oat r* lief we have ourself derived fion> its u?o our colh-piate c<?urs?*, 1 O'Viag to sedentary hr.b)^, we bvcaike tjuitedyspep tic, and were very much troubled with vertigo For more titan twelve year.* aft-r leavinj; college, we were laboring nn '.c.i tiiese two atHictions In tiie spring of lS3i5,our general heaidi iiecame no delicate ti;at it was with great difficulty we coulJ atte:;d to the ordinary duties our (tfot'edrinn Everything w.? ale iiomeitjat iy itiruud acid, <iur dig<vtive ?'r cuns became wiiollv deranged; losing as it neenied I to ua, uli their activity and v.iaiity; we we.'e con stantly depressed in spirit, our energy idnrwt for sook us, and nothing but necessity urged us t>o ui a< lion. We had tahen atrotig medicines, observed gien! particularity in our diet, and all to no purpose We had despaired of ever recovering our health, when a female friand ot ours importuned us to get a bottle of Hampton's Vegetable Tincture, aewarinc us that we woual find ur- at r' lit-l from its usii. We bri- dy r?!pli-'d, i'we would uol ?i'te a dollar for a.U the Tinc ture Hampton ever made, so tar as our own individ ual Uealtii was coneerneJ." e had no faith in it nor any other mcdieiue :ft effecting a cure on us. In the^ of her heart, however, without con suliir? us about it,ptiv fieat an i r>t ene bottle ar.d urged us to accept of it, and for her sitke, as it could not possibly injur.- us, to use it according to dir?*c lion. F^>r the high rei]->r;i we had for her and ber act of kindness, \ve promised to do And with out eiag-ration we c?in truly say thit before we ha ? u-?''l the cotitvnu of one bottle we lelt like a new man We used, ccnsecctively, from ton to fifteen b<n ties. We v/??re airnid to ^jve it *.!p, fearing our old diseases mig'it return. Since then, our d:;;?<tive organs have h? n u".ifor:nly correct, our head clear, and so far a?< our laf.ors, toils, liabilities, reaponxi bill ties, :.nd w>r!-}ly cares will allow, our spirits have been buoyant" an J we ? il what we |4eae, and as much as we. ph a?c, and when we please? and all is well. For the -ake of the afflicted wr make this statement, hoping that others may tlmi Uii: r'Je:ic relief Ir'an i'; iv lhal ?.e ha; r. It :.hou!d be h"p: in every tamilv. \o family sho'itd ?v. r he without 11 \ M P 1 O .N 'S VEGETABLE TINC TURE." Lawymif D t -r- , Du'hjrc, 'linirtert, In all the Departments of Statu, Ladies r. ntlen-. n in Uie hl{;h.-at walks '.rcl! a- th 'se movitij in tiie most hnmble ?phert >, ?-;ieak '?f the cures on them selves and tiieut-s by th> woiidertul article. Call and gel painphtelM jir'i'ls, and see ernes oi Cough, Bronchitis, ItheUHiatisni, Nenruiria, Dys pepsia, N'ervotisne-s <ren- nd U'ltknCr >. A- a female medicine or for uelic.ile clnidien we Inrhevr it UBeiiitalled. Sold by MORTIMER k MOWBRAY, 140 more street, Baltimore; nn.! Br.-iadwav. N. Y-wl CHA3. STOnr fei Co., I. I!. Moons, II. U. CLikRKE Claxti Bowliho, W. Elliot,aj?d H. M'-Pher son, Washington; also, bv R. 8. F. Cissrl,Goorse town, and C. C. B?r*t, Alexandria, and by Drag jirts ev?iry whe-o. Rev. john lan ah an, rAsrroR op thp. EXBTER STREET, M. E. CHURCH ? A iU-oug desire to ben -fit tin1 .illticted iudoces him tlius to certify. We chal en^e any other medicine to present such a mass of teatitoony from gcnUemen mo ladies of hi((h sm.ilirg of out own well-known citizens, who testify ?>f cures of COUGH, BRON UHITIS, RHEUMATISM DYSPEPSIA. h.c lULTiuonx, January 24Ui, 1655. Messrs. M& \ Mowhrny: 1 take pleasure in savinc to you that I have uaed y an '? Hampton's Tmcttire" with very great profit. From a serious throat afT ction, my general health Lad become very much impaired, when 1 com itjenced to use 4 Hampton'u Tincture." I found it- effects upon my i/ener'l health must salutary.? My nervous system and digestive organs soon rigl.l ed up under iis ime. I have several uaa? recoinmended it to my friends, and in every c;.jc, as far as 1 have boen in formed, they have tue it with succc<u. Yours utly, Jons LAN&nA!t,ra.uor Of Exeter it., M. S. Church, Baiiknore. BLEtyiJJG (ITTHE LUNGS. Bilsioe, N. V., Fcb.S, IdSS. Uessrt. Mortimer <V Uoitltay: I do heretiy certify that a'.tout twelve months is;o i wa- taken v/ith a eevere hemorrhage of the Lungs and had four attack*of it 1 was advise,! to try Dr. Hamilton's Ve^etiDie Tincture I procured one boitle, and after taking which, I was satisfied that I was much belter; aad that, after taking the fourth boillo, I was entirely well, uud now 1 enjoy a* ycsid hetdth as ever 1 did ui l&y iife. 1 can, and do, with out the least hesitation, recotnu^nd the Tincture U> iilpersoui tflLcud in my way. Toaa, Oi a. W. Wiaslst* CURE FITri?liEAD! fdar*tstiic SU: than G*ld.?From one ol the mmt MspCQtahle Dru^ists in douth Carolina. Cuasleston, B. C. Sept. 91,1853. Me?!irs. MoctiMcs 6l MowbsaT:?The sale ?f your H.unptan*8 Vegetable Tincture is increasing ave-ry day, and every bottle cold recommends this valua'-Ie medieiue to tlie alflicteii. Bnveral of our planters hava tried it in difter?nt e;i?es with auton Isliirij euceese, and are gettii i; it by half dozens. 1; haj U.en found to be the freiUost reaiwdy far ilu.u matic afioctii'Us, and a wonderful cure has been performed on a nejro Loy, suifermg from Fits. I will furiiuh you wiJi a number of cei tificales if you wish thun. 1 an>, gentlemen, yours, VV. C. Troit. Call and gel |KUU(.?i^ts grada, and cores of Cough, Bronchitis, &iouiuati?m, Neuralgia, Dys pupma, Nervotnme ^ and General Weakness. As a female medicine or for delicuto childreu we believe it unequalled. Sold by MORTIMER fii MOWBRAY, 140 Balti more street, Baltimore, and 304 Broadway, N. York Cdab. Htott &. Co., J. B. Moors, 1). B. Ctarkk, Clarke St, W. Elliot, and H. McPher ?ON, Washington; also, by R. fl. P. Ci->sel, Gvoik-e town ; and C. C. Berry, Alexandria, and by Drug gists everywhere. feb21?tr haIr work. ORNAMENTS of Hair, euoh as Braeelets, Ckat elains, Chains, Breastpins, Earringa, Finger Riiiks, made to order, of any desired design. All ordwrs faithfully attended to. Specimens may be seen at my store. ? ww ?? SEMR.EN, No. 330 Pa. tv., between ifth and 10th eta. lttar Mi IAfUil .^^1!.K'ir*rlS WANTED, for j which the highest prices will l>e paid by CHUBB BROTHERS, may 31? if (fntflQ opp the Treasury. ? COObKRN fomethirig new, an oil ?nicl?. DOUBLE ICE PITCH ERS, different stvU a and n?*ra; Brittannia Pitchers, open and oovered ; all kinds of Bnuannra and Block Tm ^ are. Fw low, at the liouauke?|i?^'B Punitshiog Stnrr, 4W tfeventii m. msy 30 q PRAVCI3 rr I**"me rrrornxtfeiiA new ' * *t>r beglnnere, composed and dedicated ss,^iw"? ^ "*?w-,um* H1LBU8 4i #n^'e Mu? Depot, **a/ Corw;r Pa, iv, and 11th at* DOCTOR MOOFCAND'S CELEBRATED 0crman Bitters, M?ri **rr? ?r BE. C. M. JACKSON.'a^ P* . WILL KFPBrTUAtr.r cm* 'l; CfVES COMPLAINT. DYSPEPSIA, JirXBlflL Chronia or Xerrout Debility, lh*eei4<t of Kidney*, and all di?aer* arie\ng from a die ordered Liver or Stomach. Such a* Constipation, Inwaid Itlcn, Pullne*<, or Blood to the lit ad, Acidity of the Stomach, Nau MR, Heartburn, Dir-cust for Jood, Fnllnrss or weight in the Htnmarh, Sour EruotaC'tns, siitik inj or Fluttering at the Pit of" the Stomach, Swim niiiiR of th** H"j1 Uurr ed and difficult Breathing, Piuttenng at the Heart, Choking or Suffocating Sensations when in a Ivicg Posture, Dimnt^i hi Vision, Dots of Webs before the Sielit, Fever Dull Pain tn the Head. Ikficirncyol PiUfira'Mii, Yellowness of the Skin and E.V'-s, Pain ih the Bide, Hack. Chest, l.imhJ, 4c., Sudden Flu?lni ol Heat l>urning inlue Flesh, Conrtaat imagin iu^s of Evil, and great depression of Spirits. ri 'lip proprietor, in taliin; tr.e attention of tlie X public to this pn-naratio j, dees eo with a feel of the utmost confidence in its virtues and adap lafion to the d?se ises for wliieh it i? recommended. It is no new and ur>:ned arucl*. but one that hss ?;:>?<] the te.-t ol'a ten y ws' trial before tlie Atneri ccn people, and it * reputation and sale is iHinvaileri by any similar preparations extant. The te^tim ?ny in its favor given by the most prominent and wi!l Kiiown Physician* and individuals, in all pats of ihe country .s immense. The following from Nort> Carolina is regretfully sub nltt <1, reterrtng any who may still doubt. to my "Memorabilia," or Prac tical Receipt llook. for Faituerv and Families, to L? had eratis, of nil th:- Agents tor tlie German Bitter Principal Office and Manufactory, 1X0 Arch it., Philadelphia Pa. TESTIMOIfY FROM yORTH CAROL Hi ? Certify a'e of Dr. W. "f Pine Hill, RirA Cs&mtj, sr. C. I'iNf litiL, March 4th. I8M. Db-C. M. Jar g'ON, Philadelphia? Dear Sir: I haw been a subject of .Vy-pcp^0, "< its won-: f r.i, tor.the laa live yean. oeeh \v is iny condition lot iw. lvr months thru Uie pi.ysit and all uho sa^v eaid I must die. While in thi? rormitinn, I was earned to the waterinit places it Virginia. Tennes see and North Carolina, but wa? not benefited by any water to which i was taken. While on my v.ay home, i stopped a week at Rutins fur "on, a smflU village in North Carolina, ta t.v the tfleet ol seen C?i:ilybcate water in that place. About t!.e la-t of tlie weefc, I w<mt into a ?*ris^ store to c~i some medicine for my child and myself. Tl.-'c ware several of the vUice physicians in the -t *rr. and c.neoi them s'-etist .1 to take some interest in m> ca?e, and, >?fttr a*kn?a lue some questions, s.'.id Ik had b-.eii h dyspeptic, find had been gr -ally bene fitted by tl?? u?eol"l>r. Hoofl jnd's Carman Sl?t tertx' ]<repar< d by you. and lie insisted that 1 would try tne HiiUr' fie si o the next day at niy room, and in?i ;tad so inueh that I would try them that I ;;->ke-< him to get iuc one bottle, lie ::id if, uni! I commenced taking it as Utfect-'d, uJ I do say 1 was more benefitted by it than all tne n'iti r ai?d medicine I had ever taksn. After reaching h me one of my neir>ib:?n ran;e to m? i'. r a jiresi-nption and no <:.-*in", (he a <v,-?pe;? Ite,) an I t cave him ner.iiy all tiie Bitter.- I (ind left, which ? fleeted ir.a;-ii ?'< in his ca?e tl.- haioft^ii culled on m?* for more of ft-'? fame k-nd ci" uiedi cir.c, sayini li* was nior-^ benefitted ty it tbiii any ojcer he had iak -n, L^t I V.ivo r.ot bt ? n abie f a^t div i'tcr?' f'=r iii.n <?r my.~ If , V ! . tbenv i.trp," pb-ase ?hip toe a or ni'*re .is soon is>s tble. U*.-sp?-Tfully y-urs, W.SMITH. n. K. nriOKF.n. K?.,;er"j ?tore, Wak" Co., N. C-, l>ctob< i 24. lrio.'!. ? ?."<:liavir-d eiperienced very rrenf Ix neit f rom the use of " lloodaad's Gereiau Ii:tters,r* in Chr'r.:c ''Vsentcy -.r.d functional de rangement of the I.iv. r. ^nd ns conefimitam evi's, 1 am de-.rous of obtaining a luantity of it for *he benefit of ?;v coram unity. Vou will, Un-rcior--, please -??:n i a lot, etc. fee. CERTIFICATE OF VVM. J. AT WOOD. IirimnLU, V x3?i: !-?, C . Nov. 1st, liSJ. I)r. C. M-Jackj ja?1>? ur :-ir: Allow me to ci prcs? to you my sincere tlianks for your <iisrovcry of a medicine which, to ^ay the lea-tof it, ha* ef fected a cure that all fitter medicines, that I have :aken. have entirely la.lrd to oo. "HooP.r.nd's Ger man hitlers" have ?ured me of the most stubborn an ! aggravated c-?se ol the en.ts thht, ^erlia.ns, ever feP t* the lat of man. My case is not a ^irai;g? r in U-Is community, a- I am well kno* n in tiiis and the sumwrnding counties, and eon truly s>av that my r?? covery has ;mtound< d Ml my friends and relation*, as I iiad tried everything r^co;:miend-:d. and nothing did me any g?n J uritii i was prev&iled up?iti to fry the Bitters. You aie at l?h"rty ton-ike anyoacof this communication, for the bti lit of tl:e a3ict? d, you u?ay ?ink proper. Truly yours, Wl#. J^TWOOD. These t.;tte?-s ire erJhr<'!>j vt^elMe, th-'yiiivi^pra!' and strenjthen tr.? rystcr*, never prcsaaUt it, and can bv us^d tor intnif* .is wei! a ? adults. For sale I y rctpecu.ble deal* <s evtrvwhere, and by 7.. D. OILMAN, Wa liiu^bm; J. L. KI DWELL, Georgetown; and J. R. PISiSPONT, Alexandria, mar 1?Iv OAKXKK'8 SPANISH MIXTURE. Th* Orca: P?i-IC?r of tiis Hlooil I Hot a Tarticlo cf Mercury In It IriaU'ju K?U*i>t UjT Ncofuia, Ktnj'? Rvil, SLea^atie-a, Oi.fe:i".ite Cui>nr>ue Sropti:>r>d, PlJipl^scr PiuloKf. cn fac?, clowhss, IJoiis, Obrotlc ?cr.> Hju, & '?roru ce Tsttrr, S aid Head, P.niarsr^meai r.rl Tvn tcs Ber^s sq4 Joints, Stobfcom Ul<vi?, 8>;>h!iitl? Di?crd?rs. Lanugo. Cumpui-nts. so ^ *il the iimi-4 ariflicg frota an trju-dciovs use of i: trrory, La pra>tiiioe in ?;re. '-r Iinpuivty of toe >>iocd. ? a-Ollh valu?.V>le K?aic.a?, which Lti be.-soiD* <*i? X. brsted lor tfc; r.iffib<*r -?f ?xiracrdinary evrsa. e?"scte4 through l*s T? th? propri ??org, at Oss Hj"g-1: cf :h?*<r ^rlrn-U, ro off"r i? to th? prbbc, whi?Hi tb-r dc xri>!h lb* ulmr^t cod lidenc? m itr virte?a ara Venderfu! rurntifs yrop e?"tl<? 5h? fbl<ov|?2 certAli:-at-4. relertsd tiein a LlT?? ncrnber, an, L vcver, sir: a^er toatiico!?/ than ths uinra wo* J ol lr ? p.oprku rs; ai.d tr* afl fcoai fsis'Jeani w?U kora In thiii- localities, .id of th* bighse: r?sp-:-:tfc!/.i:iy, iaaay cf th?nt reaidiag lu the cttv of Richmond. Ve. F. DO^DaiH, ??l., ct ih? Hotel, Rich mood, evetytrhere rays lie hact^en the kUi idue CutSu'a -fair::.!. ia-iK* a-;a'.t-i*i?\r-i Ln over a hs^lred oabci, La u?uri7 all the dlteaja? for wLlah it u racctamer*r<!, the n.c.jt a?tcn Uhinglj goed results. Ls tj.y.5 it is she m&e?, ?x trasrui.-uu t Uiedicins he hi.9 * ?.?rm9. AOUU *IU? rSVSR?URR\T CCiIR.?I hereby :<ertiiy that rcr tlixw- yeaia I bad A^ae rr.d V?t*i of the most vifclaat daiutption. i had oeverwl Ph?* sidans, UkZ. <,unmh.ue of Qnviina, Mareaiy, uiid I b'ilfete all tn* Totiz. adreitisad, but ali ?liL oat 1-fm.t.r.erti reJ-<f. At lii-: I tried Caiter't t'pa; :*b MixtuiM, t*o fcotii-s cf Thlch effort us !'v oure.1 sii, Uii I as rcr T have had ne!1?er chilis or fsve rs cince. 1 ccnsider It the bsat T nic In tlil-i wcrld, a^d O* oiay me?3i*iin that tier CMalMdasj <u;a. Jt>HN LaNGI>2N. L'a?.v*j Dxtcu, litt rjci.-.;Ta. C. I?. L-C-I, - - ^ u.'W J itV CltJ Of ki 'iucr? and \ct rati:j y--jiL in the Post has uttcIi eoofideoM in ths a'fcni-nir;;; sPlcacy cf C-rt?j' Be;ir:r.h HirtuM, that he hi- bought nj.W3tdn of ti br<ltlvx, he hsj given av.ty to the -Jttatad.? 1L*. La?U feave h? ha? nave* tu?a it U tali whan taasn ?Jicording to cdr^tioas. Tr. Ml>Tfl i. a pracliAicj: Ph/s!. 'ta, ?ci ficrmerly ftf th: Cily lluM, i.: thi ci:/ t i' 1L h urnd, iay^ Le hap witnw-ie-i ii a 2uwb*>r c f Uiitar.^esthe rifocLs oi Uar<er's bpanian .Mtxsure, vhtoh vere mopt truly sorprisl. t iia ia a eaae ci 0-.nsumptk>n, dt (jendsnt oa the Liver, ths geed eT-vts vers ?;a dsrfa! indcaJ. 8AMU?L II. of die fir^; si Drinher k Morrla, Tty.hf.inud, om cured cured of Uvtr Ccm tlaini of thre^ 'e#r? ata&dlnf, by the uae oi tax ottlns of Cat*.-ri t'oanis?! Mlxtma. QUKATCUhU 0? FCKOffUhA?The Bdltors of ths Riduuccd ftepabiicau h?d a eupio,ci In their prosn roca, oared of violent Scrofala, oo;n bmed vlth LLaui.!.:i?4a, vuich eutlrciy hhi fr >ia work. Two boaiss of Osrtere Spanish ^irt^e maifl a perf.xX ewe cf hie, anil ihc Bd:. tt,rs in a public s^tjca, n?y they "oheerfill?i?o.m o;enJ it tc uil vLo a:s aiui^tti *'kih anv oi the Lloc-i." WILL ANOTHER CUItt Of BCQCJTXU^-It?4 ? very valuable boy rnted of ccrcrali by Carter's Spaurh M!xtux.i. 1 ecus*!*!- it truly a t uie?uoiue. J AilOH M. TA*? L<?P- ConaacU.i ; s ii ?. P. and P. U. tt. 00 . Rlehtsrcd. V? SALT ttflJCCM Cf T>> K:\Tjf i AAOS STAHXIfc.i tiJaJCD Mr. JOHN THOMPt'GH, residiie la ths citrcf Richmond, *ni cured by three bcttlns of Can-w'e Bpanisk Mixture, of Bait Khrum, whl'h he iiaa i- r nearly trvzij yeare, aad which all iht, physiciane of th? sUf eouid not cure. Mr. Thompson Is a v?il knowa mm*ant in the city of Rlihaondf aud hie li mfld 2ttiarkab!e. ^ A- MATRUIWS. of Kichmor.d t, servant oared at Brphilie, in the worwt form, by Gertie Spac.rk Mixture. II# sayi he ehevrfti'ly re^m menda it, and considers it a very Invaluable medi cine. RDWIN BORTON, commisMoner of ths rsveno*. wye he h?e s?*n the good effaetn of Carter's Ppaeisb Mixture is a number of jjypliRtis caucs, and say ^ it is a perfect sure ft r that horrible dit-'ase. V/M. Q. HARWOOD, af Richmond, eared of okf Bores aad Dicer?, which dL?abled h!m fr*m wsiking Took afrw bottles of Cartels Bpauuh Mixture, und was enabled to walk without a crutch, in a ch^rt time permanently cured. Principal Dopotf! at M. WARD, CLOB* * 0o? 3a. M Maidan Lane. New York T. W DYOTT A BONtf, No. 183 North Seocnd st. Philadelphia BBNNISTT k BthRS, No. lie Main street, Rich mood, Va. And for sale by OHiURP STOIT, Waahington, ?. 0; HENRY PCH-, Alsxsniria, ?^d by DraMi?U everywhere. Prteo $1 per bottle, or ?ix bottles tor (Jc sen 21-r-ty THir'txnjfi+Eir* or ni.i:T M. sfnfton.^hy'Rrii. Mnddrn, M R. L. A - two vwi^ FltANch TAYl^'k. v. ^ TRAVfl^RS' "TORY. BY 11 Aft,UOAO DIRECT TO THEI w HST II lima between Wubinf^ton and WhMhu but 173 hours! liinuing timr b-tw**n Washington and Cinri nnatt 27 fiour$ Through Tickets and Baggage Checks to be had in Washington !!! THE BAL TI MORE AMD Oil IV RAILROAD AVIKC ?reaily improved iW Western conaec , tiara now offer* the fullei-t tiiduoiaenta u> traveler* bmrarn Wa>hinit?n, Baltimore, and *n ;iortion* of the West, U?c Northwest and the South west. The oonnrciior. between the train* from Wa?h ingtoa ami the train* bound ????** troni Baltimore ? .tlwaya prnnplly made at tht V\ aahmctnu Jun< two (lately d the Ki ltyUoux)]) mi lea from Uaiu utore. Thi.* i> the only chann of t ara r? quired br iweec Wai'hinfon an.I th* Ohio riv< r. Hiecaj* ?? checked throufti to WheHmr at The W?*hiftoa utaiioa, aert r? checked and tnuiNfrrred there. (wuh tl:?- pa?*??n|rera) w thout char(e, lor Umm? holding through tickets 'or poiut* 1>?vo?m The conn* tine ir.ian Uave Winhiiifj'* dad* nt 6 a. tu. and 4% p. ai. ()n Sundays at the latt.-i hmir ?>nly. At \"?h<Tlni2 r~ t wwifcfiM ie made v th die trams of the CENTKA?. OHIO KAILKOAfl. nine from Bellaire on the Ohio. r*ar Wk ?:ir? ?lirouvh CaBknilie, Zane^vdU- and NVw*rk. C? ?LUMBUS. These train* connect at N-? .t| with ih?- cam of the Newark, Man*fi-ld and fabdna ky Railroad for Sandusky, Toledo, Detroit,? b cagi St. Louw, etc. At Columbus the C. O. Railroad trtin? >n-?rt with the f.v-t trains of the L'ttle Micm; RaJrond to \. n:a, CINCINNATI. LOUISVILLE. *ir At Xentm (on Little Miami co?;i vtios * i )*iued with the trains through Dayton,V> INDIAN. APOLIS, T'-rre Haute, LaitjrcUe, Chicago, Rmfc 14and, St. Louis, etc. Pnwn&er holding ihrr.:ich ticket* ii?r .Vrm j.hit I'icktbure, XaVkn, A'etr Oriec*? etc., wh'.eh are also sol.1 at \Va>hinirtf-n -ar?- trnn?!"?-re.i a; t\a ci' ?>ati to the Mail suaun i> on the Onto. (or Kvaiuviilc, Cairo, and it. L'Wm arr aold bv ,uia route. ?*?POB CLEVELAND, wrt via Ovtlanl to Toledo, Detroit. Chicago. etc , t^ck'-l* ar? mM *:hen the Ohio ia navigablebetween Wheeling ?r.<j Wellsvilte (forty mdea) where i oHiiwctim, w?tb tho Cleveland ftnd Plttabarg UadrnnJ ik ma.v. Tr..velicr? are requ* ? ed to u??ticc tUai thn i ' the orly rout* afi*.rWinie through tick' u and rh> cka In Wa-hinpton, i. i* abo the pi nrtf -t, no-t *pe?ty, and direct to nearly all th?* l^r.dinc point* in 'he cn at Wh. Tl.e distance frim ?>n tot ia cmnati in hut 6.S.I nr.h N l^in^ about SOU nuic* abo??. er tlian bv any other route I FAUR BV THRCUGh TICKLT FRuM WAFH INOTON: T'. Whecl iyf, f'.l .Hi; t^oluruMn <13 ?, l>a;*ton, ,*15 50; Cincinnati, $16 ; a. ty rnii'9166S, hv "tearuerfrom I incinran. $.8; !t ?!t2Tiap'>li-', .*1? fiO; ? 'W'velaii;?. ni-J 15: Toledo. *1S t'.; Detroit. 2(1; I1n> ap). $?> (?j and niM V>; fft, l.ouis. ffre 50 :iud iji5; Mcuiptii*, >; N?-w Or leans, v ?t I, etc. 4*- fOR FUr.DERI<K and HARPER'S ftRkT MARTINSBCR'5. BERKLI.EV S? RIN'G8, Ct'K BERI.ANP,!'f'llf t>RI)SI'RI\G?, Ticdiroat. Oak land, and PniraKMMt, |?4i'ni?n may leave \\'a?b ineton at fi a in or 4]^p. m. P??r the n.*nnr wt? >utiona between Baltimore and Whveiin^, take I a m UaintDm WadtinittoH. For trains to and from BaJutnore, AmapolU, <tc., -we sp? ?:ai aiivcrtUeui- l;?. Jl^-rcr further information, rl r urh lirketa, hc^ ajipfv to THOs?. 11. PARS- '\s, \g- i,r, at M aabina ton Stall-?!>. JOHN H. IH?NE, Maati-r ol Tri.i?p>r??ion Ba'.uai'Xo und Ohio Baiiroad, C^Iujnarn. may 3?tf Y7ASHTNGTON B^.N'CU RAILROAD. CHANGE OF HOURS. ON and after Monday, the in.unt, the will I.??**?? Warfnnxton at C and Hi a. m., and 9 aid 4* p in On Sunday at p tn Leave B&iiimore ;.t 4 % and Wj a m, and Sand 5% ? ni On Sunday at 4# a in. hp 23-if T. H. PARSONS, Afent. 4? 2?ott Bedslla Lino. i?k KEW yonK,JlLEX-iyj>RiJt. W^ IHSGTOM city, a si) DixrrirrT of Columbia r^cirrrs. rpHIS LINE t)F PACKETS SAILS WEEKLY JL from pier 14 ?ast Uivcr, \cw YtMk.and oft*-e?* 1'' necessary, and arc cc(bpor?d of the followui| first, c!a.-"? vi!"**!*: \ew ichr. .f. T*. BidcB, nta?t?r. New schr. Mott ft> drll, A. V. Tredwell. Sc^r. ?<<* D., Waa. Oliver, roaxtnr. Sclr. f'ltimu, L. A. Smith, ma*ter. Pclir. CoKt iiaivbrr itt-Chicf, Wuftjin, ma?te(. S.?hr. Grtc- t -iy, Wilson, niuter. These vrw 'f .ire nil fast sailer?, and the maat'Ti Bi<*n of e*;?eri?mc?- ttt fo* trad*', r nd the only refc ktr line ol Washington City packets. MlTlT BLuCI .1., WaB atroet, N. Y. g. S. MASTERS <1 SONS, AU-xandna, Ya. THOMAS RLLEY, ftb 1?fhn WMhingwj and D. C. OEiF'JE AJTO ALEXANDRIA RAILROAD. On cmd after Tuesday, Nov. 7, 1854, THIS CsJTa isnve Alexandria daily lor Gorlcic* Ttita and In .ern~d3i.ts ataUona ?t " 4 o'clock, a. ni.. cn tha arr>?! t;t tLt beat fr>? idv;ni?as:p> tims for br?akfr^t ok b< ard Coo HMCii:/ at Idanvma Jun.H?au ?itb a feralu fcr 6aw?. bc.TR, at MTarrsnt<>n Jor rtJon with a tr*in fcr War ronton, wd at tirordon.Tv;ijs viv.b (lit traina cn t}as Virginia CautRkl llaliroa.! ft>rLirkaH>ua,Ch<u>viU? >rllls, Mt.l B'ajnten Tt??t?ro U*ve Gfiri-.anrfl'e dally fr.?- .* ?^ktdrla and iaterK??]Uu ptaliot.*, a: 'i *. n.,, ?a trip arr.Til of tb? triiris c ?h* vlr-rlnia (Vctm1 rail r?d trca Eic^x&o-a.l, GtariCUw-vifia. t&i >taantca. T'tHOUOn TTCKKTP Jrcxa Alexandra to Warr?n-jrn...^ fd * 44 dcrdoasv.ii>.. I M M * Charlottfanlla 4 a? " * fttaan^ ; i> ? M " Btrsf oarj..^ M u * L.ynehbars 6 71 " " Wlnaha?b6r....M..MM>. 8 i.3 " 0 Luraj^.?.. 4 "i5 M u Market a ul *? ? nidaistuii S -i Prr I^neLburf. MuaacUi?c - uh tLa U nLuck;U?TlIle, ca Ucadaya, Wtdnasdaft, ^ad Prt dam For L-cray ann l'.z\r !iark?f, c r.usclL: t %*.b tLi t.nfae at : a 1 aiaursx^y., aAd aat> ui<laj. for WlndbudUi dwj( oeazjctiag .*iwi tL-s ala^M at 11Macr*t For MiM'-.'rurg ially, eccucur^ wiiii ^.a al U 0 Pialnr. i'sr friar: W. B. EBOC.LBTV, ne t ??utr ITnTVLI^ON 7 0a TUEoDAV'J aud ^RIDA^i K-ifcd t'ip SI; trcm A'? andri:. 7b cants -Tl.a TLOilAi C . I ? aR iea?el Vi'anlilc.^tcr. at 3 and AlaxandrU .t o'c!r k. Ccaib^s leave tLa Oapitcl tor tfca'wu?k at Ij* c'dk, Ooach fir? 10 ttuli. Pan?r9 *iaL-c< r-ie Ora:he? will l?tv? tkslx raA d?-".^s QtO. k Parker. LeiV?di&.a&ia ca u<e bo?t. 05iJ*C?dtf SAM'L GiLN<Y. CafA. 9I1C HBW YORK & L1VKHFOCL UKITED STATES MAIL STEAMERS. ryiHS SHIPS COilritlSlKO TH14 LIN* All X Tili? ATLANTIC, Cart. TTwt PAOIHO, CapL Nj i, BALriO. Caj t. CdS5U>:k, ADRTATTO, Cf^t. Sraftcn. CTie-ia nlif * have bsaa hu;lt bT ooutrart, *?ipre*? ?y rjr GcTcmiaent eerrW; ?*arv cure W bsen taken In tasir oor -<tmetirn, a? in th? Kr^inaa to Inrvrt atren^.b at>d apeed, and thfir aocoxnm>!a> tlona for paoatu^sra ure nne^ualled for aleg&noa and ooclbrt. Pr*cs cf r-aaas^e tn a? New York to LIv 'rposL In first ct^n ? Qcooad Cabin ?? 70 Btrimhrf use ol fEtl"S f F" * ? lii.*....? ....~ 80? Fnm Liverpool to Jtrw York L-^i ard ?20. An expertenoad tUcbed to aach (hip. No bsrth can ba accused until paid for. for ikaigh: sr * apply to B^ AAJSL K. COLLIN'S k 00-, id Wall ftreet. New Yorkj BROWN, hUlPLBY k CO^ Liverpool. B. G. ROBERTS k 00-, 13 Ein^a Aran Yaid, LcttdOO. JOHN ML'iitUlk k 00, it Rue NotDame dea Yktciraa, Paris. GEO. 11. DRAPKR, Ilavw. Tis ownar^ of th??e ?hlps will net ba a*outtabl? for roIJ, ml?-r. Wu'lan, ppsds, lexelry, pra^iona stone* or matals, unies? billa af tad lug are ?1|m4 therwfoe, and iia value tharaof tbsrein axprsaaad. nnr l?-dlv BAKKIK0 E0US2 OF PAIR0 ft 30UR1S, Oypoute UmM StaU* lYf?wji. BON'liK, Stock* ai.d other aocnriaoa p?>cb?*ed and sold. Interest at the rue of ?ii im# cent annual alj low?-? on di p??eiis when left for 9P dflyt t* julM toj

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