Newspaper of Evening Star, June 13, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated June 13, 1855 Page 3
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EVENING STAR. Local Intelligence. Ti* Do Nothings.?A convention of the members of the Independent Order of Do Nothings wu held Inst night, at the Park Hotel, in accordance nith previous notice The meeting was large and enthusiastic, with n full attendance of delegates The proceed* toga were private, not ferret; but in order tbat no misrepresentations might be circulated our special reporter was provided wi'.h accommo dation!- for which he returns his thanks to these who conferred the favor upon him for the benefit of the readers of the Star. There was a brisk and animated oontest for the office of president, az.4, after at least twenty balloting#, the young gentleman who had, at an earlj hour in the afternoon, treated without stint a large number of his friends to the liquid and solid luxuries of the season, was elected, and acknowledged the compli ment in a strain of eloquence peculiarly his own Vice presidents enough to fill the seats of the Georgetown and H vhington line of omni buses. and two secretaries. were elected, but for reasons sufficient for the convention, we are denied tbe privilege of spreading their names before the public. Oocopying an eleratnd scat, on the platform, we h?d a fine view of the delegates assembled. There was the elegant gentleman. die3*ed in the height of fashion; wearing, too, '* the looks' calculated, in bis own opinion, tn ?? kill" roacy a susceptiblo lass! He rested his chin on the ivory Lead of bis cane, and supported a dignity that aJaitted of no sapr? nority Befci ie him eat a youth, with a cigar in bis mouth, pule nad emaciated. seeming to take no interest in tbe proceedings, but care Je-sly erj ying the of his toba-cao. which he arehitectural'y emitted in spiral columns In the same neighborhood, were a doien or mure chewers of the Indian weed?men who certainiy ?' a ula their mark (on the floor ) An old head appeared hero and there in the orowd, but it was not1 a crown of glory to the possessor, for the reason that it was nut *? found in the way of rigteonjnp?* " Youths cf sixteen, cl^d in tl*e best brosidcloth, with long golden watch-chains, vcre as mannish m ihuse wlo had numbeted twice as maay summer?; in iact they could swear as loudly and as offensively as any of '.heir seniors ; the latter oftentimes checking the juvenile preco city in this respect. White kids were plenti ful ; and we notioed amorg these who wors them, several double-barreled revolvers, such Qi are made use cf to stare iad>e > oat oi coun tenance at the o-pe-rah. Doubtless many an "anxloui mother," at that very m m*st. was aw3re r-'' the absence jf her tender offspring. for whom -home" hu no charms, except when the exc'ae-.uer needs replenishing from the maternal coders. Aod there, likewisf, was the lad, verging on man hood, whose nose described a curve, owing to his continually turning i: up In contempt of honest manual toil! "iae sweat of labor never bathed his face, nor waro his fingers ev*r toil ed by a vu'gar contact with the implements of mechanic skill Priding himself on his shell, his mere external?an upstart, presumptuous and conceited?be had probab!y neglected to improve bis mind and store away solid learn ing to answer the valuable purposes of life, ihere were married ai well a1' single men in the moilev convention; a strange assembly, representing all the shadas of Do Noth .ngiem, while crowds of ragged boys vainly attempted to thrust their beads in at the window '. But to the business ot the convention, or, rather the movements with thrt intention. Several propositions were cff-?red, kokiog to a platform of principles, bvt the3e were, after debate, in wLicli *he fire-t-i'ers and firt drinkers itdulgei, defeated. It was con tended. on the one part, that to do sorris thing would militate again?t tbe l> > Nothing policy This ?u the view enTcrtaiied by the majority And so the meeting broke up ia disorder, and the htmm fragmer's of the conran'i'.n re galed themselves at the bar, and indulged in various little private sports, peculiar to them selves V/e noticed that the " Beau'' ciae limping along in lii-e to wrnoss the breaking up but net too late to ri-g in f<_r a drink and a cigar Washihgtos City Bible Society.?The following are the i;ei tf the tricars reoent ly elee'ed. to tervo during the ensuing year : President ?John P Ingle. E q. Vice Presidents ?Llev G D Cummins. Kev J. C. Smith. D D., Rev P D Gurley. D D., Kev E P. Phelja, Kev. S. P. Hill, Rev. J. d. Butler. Secretary?Mitchell II Miller. Treasurer ?Michael Mour n. Directors ?Geo J Abbot, John W. T s'>y, A L Edward*. Dr F H<?wsrd, Pre ley Simp son, Ulysses Ward Leonid as Co;le, Jame* L Edwards, Thomas K Gray, Dr. K. Johnson, A. Rothwell, A. N Zcvelj. Fie* ?This morning between twelve and one o clock, some persons set fire to the frame house of Lieut. Hunter situated on G. near Fifth street, applying the match te the gable end; the alley coace^licg them, meanwhile, from public view. Tbe flames ran up the side rapidly, and, in the course of a tew minute', the entire wa? in a blaze The brick j basement walls and the chixneys only are left standing We did not learn whether or not there was an insurance on the property, but presume there was. Ths tun i.djjining brick tenement'*, owned by Mr William G. Deale, were considerably irjured, the roofs and the upper storied beirg (he part* miinly damaged; but the insurance is sufficient to cover his looses The i.macs of th..?se houses s*ved thiir furniture, though in c. uamagod condition. We learn tbat several pcrseas have been arrested, charged with ilia o.njuis *ion of the crime. Thu Paiktikgs ?'ihe reader whe ha3 a soul for the painter's art?ana who will aokno* ledge tbat he has not ??stxould lecJlect that to-morrow afternoon, at 1 o'clock nn auction sale of a laige, varied, and valuable collec tion of pictures in oil colors, is to commence in the hall at the oorner of I'eonsylvauia avenue and Eleventh street It is probable that they wiil sell a' very lo-v j.ricfas, as we hear they must be io'd Thev have been ss le:ted with great c .re, in bjth hemispheres, by a distinguished connoisaen*. Competent judges speax of the collection as being rich, Indeed, with valuable gems. The Cc3in2.?Tie cook of the Kirkwood touts in thiseity is -'a trump." There was a terrapin soup o! iiis brewing on the table yes terday, which went far abeai of Walker's r-ewed terrapin in W.'s most fexous times We lovegocdealiLg and drinking as fsw oth en do, and we flatter our-eif that fow in America have a more delica'e perception of ths luxury of a^com;disaei c. oking; and we ?ejojred this artists terrapin ,>oup as it de serv.d to be ecj >yed. to tay nothing of hir iamb chops in cream and mariowfat peas sauce and broiled spring chiekens \\ e c >:n mend epicures to tbe minibtrntitnof tLec&ak of ths Kirawo./dHcu?e. f Military Facade ?Tbe Scott Ouard, a eoapany <f youths parud-~i our streets to day; carrying their i.ow uu.-ke s, purposely I manufactured tor ihem. and of iigLter weight than thoeo of the army pattern. They^ere ?eeompanied by Fisher's tar i ?.nd their ap pearance was not only r:?;?t and handsome, bat their movement* itd ;ated improvement in the drill ? Steamews ?Mc frs. Richard Wallach and ^ an Ri?wick, ye-lerday, pur:h is^d the steam boat Union, pavir* tor it the rum of $10 000 Tneee gentlemen ^re likewise tho owners of the George Page ihe tw<> tteimers will con tinue to ply their regaiur route3 on the P^to mac river, sui-jxt also to pleasure j srtics snd the demands of trade. Tn* I'kigs Association beld a businea; meeting last evenirg. at ll:rmir,y Hall A resolution wis adopted requesting persons whose naturalisation paper? require examina tion to call on either Messrs Johu F. Ellis, George McNeir, or A Austin ?mitb. attorneys *t law, to that end The Association neat tgtia at Harmony Hall, on Iceoday night next A Gsoawieo Prccessio.h ?A largo force of disorderly Know Nothings paraded tbe First Ward, la?t n!ght, calling on some of their leaders firinr pi3 o!s in tbe streets, and es saying under :ha cover of the darkness of the night to insult sundry respectable persons op posed to them, politically, us they [awed tlieir residences. 1 Ritu. BbIluanm.?? Mr. Star : B? good ?nougb to rtat* in your paper ?not doe* up the. no ho thin a, when the moon rues. Ths hum. tirm i? ncked so I may know whether I can tbo moon riw If I go on tha moonlight cx oursion advertized for Tbunday next. Yon advertised a moonlight excursion last Thura day; on the faith of it I was thar. Got home wot, muddy, and tired; aohing in my bonee, at half past oo? o'clock at sight, and I conld see no moon?then it wai so awfal dark. Be plewsod to give the information, and oblige Etertbodt. We refer oar correspondent to the almanr.o for the information which he desires to obtain. Cat we can ae^ure him that if he shall join the excar^ion of the Union Guards, to morrow, he may baek in the light of ladies' eyes?an illumination not considered by gay young bachelor? to be inferior to that from gentle qQeeu of night.?Reporter. The Late Ijfahticwb ?We hare already stated that a slave, named Margaret Hamil ton, was arrested on suspicion of being the mother of the infant whose body was found, sever?! days ago, in the Northern Liberties, the majks on the person induoing the coro ner's jury to believe that it came to its death by violence Yesterday evening, there was an examination into the case at the jail, before Justi^e Donn There was not outside evidence to connect the woman with the orime, and she wai therefore dismissed, and placed in a con dition subject to the order of her owner. Ilorcsw Stbaliso?A few days since a man named W. T Pierce, stopped at the honsa of a gentleman in Virginia, and oiaimed to be a relatlvo Tbn gentleman hospitably ento - tained him. But in order to thank his friend for the kind treatmont, he stole his horse, and mads off with bim. The gentleman followed the rtmnway to this city, where he discovered be hhd sold hiM to Mr. Sohwartss in the First Ward Mr Smith recovered his hor3e, but the thief has aot been tcken. Target Cohpahy.?The Ben Franklin Tar get Company have completed their organita tion, and aro preparing for target exerciso on next Monday. The officers of the ocmp&oy are os Captain?Alexander Tate; Leu tenants?5. C. Eckloff, Jos. Williamson. John T. Evata. The uniform of the corps is 7ery neat, and will attraot considerable at tention Lajtd Warrants.?Chubb Brothers are to day buying and selling land warrants at the following rates, vis : Buying. Selling 160 acres 110 cents per acre $178 each 120 acres 119 " ? ?? 134 ? 80 acres 110 " ? ? SO " 49 aore? ,112 '? ? ?? 47 Accident.?This morning, while the fire men were at work at the fire, Mr. J. It Ilar rovor, a member of one of the ftre companies, had one of his fingers badly crushed by being caught in ens cf the pieocs of machinery. We are informed thit it is probable the linger will have to be amputated. Mimical.?We tako pleasure in calling the notice of those wishing instructions on the piano, to the cird cf Mrs. Phillips, contained iu our advertising columns. We have seen evidences cf her qualifications, which show that she is tully competent to discharge satis factorily the dutif3 of her profession. Special Police ?Themayorof Jhecity has appointed James MoCann, one of the snperin tendents cf tbo public grounds, a special police officer lor the Smi h-'onian grounds. Bo is, we learn, empowered with all the authority usu ally gran:ed to police offioers. y* Ilot'ss ?There wore no ca;cs for trial this morning !L/"?aKa2*I1A''n'3 CKLKBRATID QBSMAN BIT Tass.?'Weak, uerrcBS, depressed In spirits, and a prfyto liiniirH-.Mem.nUj,*,, physlr.i evil?, the victim to dyspepsia, U indeed an objec t of comi?ii?*eratiop. 1 et It in absurd for him te despair. We rare not liow weak low, nerroti*. i--i Irritable lie roar bo, the rordial Droper HOOPta%*I?'S GERMAN BJTTKR8, prepared by Dr. I" !!v!<-lpMa. are utrrr.'jer tlian tbe ciany aenArt whi-h !* preying npou lil* body and mind; and II 1.0 choose* to try tlirm, we will Insure a speedy mre See adverti^.-inont. J?7?sm fy^r* A SE<"a?T FOB THE LADIES?HOW TO PRESERVE lieaoty.?D >n't o?- Chalk, Mly White, or any of the S->f aleu ro-meU'.!', t> coni-eai a faded or naliow complexion. If yon won. J bav- the roaes bronzht bark to your cheek ? clear, baalt - ar ' traii?i-*ror.t sklu. and life and vi^ r V fas-vt tnron<b I ? fr>t a bottle of CorVer'a Spnnlsli Mlxtnr?. a I tihe it acrorlitif to directions. It d.,e? n,.t ta*w qu te ?? well a, iweosmeate ; b*u. If a?ter a f-\t doses yon do not ila . y.>ur he:?lta and beauty re?|vliijc, your #(^?> elantir and ?lKor..?., and the whole fy.-tem refreehed ac-l Invlf.rated Mke f. f?pr'nr ir.ornlns, then your rane ie hope, le??. *ni all the valuable certirtcatee we poaaeve go for eaciht. It U tte (createet purifier of the blood known, la t- Uj harmleaj, ?u-l at Uie i&oio time powerfully elt ? Cto?*. ??*dee a^vertiecin?nt. n- CILJCAN, Dr'i)ri?i*t, hv? remored to S28 Seventh atreet, opp to the P trSotlc Bank, and la now pre pared to fill ail crier* for M< il.-jnea, Palnta, Oil*, and Glaie ou acconiBiodaUi.RUii/.*. Strict atteiitlou will be pal l to phyaiclan'A pritrrl/u^ii4 at all houra of the day and qI^U, The night bell 1. ou m- rlg'it of the a lore door. ap 14?Iu PHENOMENA IN MEDIUINS.?Bronchitis, Cot?h, I>J'M>.'ila, Liver Complaints, Scrofula. *e. ?for all dia^aied >t the Feiuale Synu-m It xtanda preeminent. A Gl? Jift lnn>rK? n* It bat cured h!m of Bronchlt!* of a denperav rh*r?rter?jartlcalar* l?*reufter. HAMHOS 8 VEGKTABLK TINCTCBI?By Ita mild ac tion ot< the etoraach, liver aud kidnaya, will cure I)y*p<rp ?!a, Coujh, Aatlima, Br .urlilal and Luok Affection* Patal In thj Barlt. SHoani Hraa-t, Hon-uanptloti Scrofnl*. Uhec mailain, Gout Neuralrli Tiat^la. Bowel CoronlaluU, Plica, Wi.rna, and feiirv->a* Oeb.iitlea?with ail dla?aae* ariaiau fr'-ic Impute bl >; 1, aud is th* ?reu:est fdroale icedUino ev er known. Til# invaluable u:e<l!rln* la worklnx wonder* upon thet.anian frania. ad*<?.-<laement to-day. marT rX~J* PHKMIVUS AT THE PAIRS.?WHITKHI RSTS still la the aace- juiiea of each of the late fair* *i BiuU.i?')je, k! l.n.cnl, and Nfw Tork awarded tlselr premlaii.* t-> J. H W. for their euperlorlty of Pho torrapl.% fter*<-scope, and Dafc-irrreotypM azhlfaji?d. Mr. V?. *i*o rv-e!ved two tte?lai* at t)ie World'* Pair, Lon don, au.l a pramlaui Crystal Palace, New Tork. ?ito, tl.. Crkt awarCa of the Maryland InatiluU for thr?e y??r* pa?t. Whi(*hurst'* Q..r,?r7 In til* dty I* on Pa. avraua. betw. *li and 8th atroet*. tab 17 7-^HOAU WALKI1U * CO., Marble Hall Clothlnc Bropo ' rlnm, andrr Hrow *' Hotel, re*p<ctfully annoui i that tiielr display of spring and Summer Oiothlnx is now ready for luapA.-.! ,u, comprising an aaeortraent of O^ala, Vest, and Pantal<Joni4 ?f the newest and richest deelfiia iu material, trlumiUK a;.-1 workmanship. To K*utleine'i who study azrclle^re with a-o'iomy tn faahlouabla arli. lwj S.f dro*. an opportunity fur ee ertinz la offer*! from on* < f-* r lar(r?t auj uto*t a t,;->ck of g^oda ever oflei ?.l tu tni* city at a vory reduced ncala of prlcae. ap IT fTy^LCKM?LINOS.?We refer our reader* to ao adver tiaemenl lu anoioer column, for full particulars con cerning the HTUEAKA of Dr. Curti*. It I* aaid Ui be one of the most remsrkab'e rcrea fir all deacrlption of dia<MH?4 or ibe lui.xs ev?r'I'acov.rt-I. lu virtue* have been ti ktlfleil to by buiiclre<N, *'io have obuined their knowledge >,y the best of all tear'nre?experience. CAUTION ?Dr. Cl UTU'S UHGKANA 1* the original aud only genuine artlcla. may as?lm VJ?i BziaUkaTOa iKoalve* all thenaw aooksand Wsnt, ptpa. s ?* i as pakiiabad. He t* agent for Harpar'a and all UsotiiarllMaiiuti, ar.d enr raader* will always ilnd a I rf- ud r* d :usok-ti3?ut Bookt and stationery at kl< ftvAitWrs. 04*>>e Btttldfrz. cor Pa. av.ntia and sis *t n Altai ico. On llir 31->t May, I'::" E v. Dr. Gurlcy, Mr. B. M. UKLf) lo Mm- A li. WILSON. ? ) | y ^ On the K th inatant, M?. 8ARA11 W. WALSH, coneuttofj C i.a Wai^li, E^q , and daugl.ter of tlic Inli: Caj>t. UcC'll, of tlie U. a. Navy. On th * l*th insult, Ctl UXE8 WILLIAM, in fin* i"u of K chard and fca.-ali Ann White, aged 1 mouth. Wi.uiKTOi, June 11,1855. A CARD.?At a cullwi meeting of the VouUib' t'riend?hii> <;!ub ou Monday eve in >g |<tii occaatwj i f tin: death of cue nl jlie ui< m* b??rs) tliv fcllowiijg preauiblu at.d rL'^oluiioua wer^ unwiimooiily edepte!: VVbe/L j, it ti.ii)>'u*e<l divine Providence to re movt 'r<.iu t.ur ini 1st JAkMjVAaiiiHOTOH, a ose'ul aud efficicient uuiub r cf ih'j Club, therelure, while wa bow 1:1 humble bubiai ?:on to the will cf Cod, be it Retc'i til That we, t'ie remaiuinf officers and oittul>t.i4 Oi the Kii^iid-hip C'luo do deeply deplore ti e l?i#s uf .>ur hite b.-.Jth *r. Laiigua^t.' is inadequate to n^rcss our r'i'f. Resuhed, That a copy of these resolutions be ten de.-?d lo tilt Cituily ol Uio deceased and published in thf Livening ?tar. Rejoice for a l?rother deceased ; Our Iosh iM hi? tafiaite taia ; A soul out of irison released, And freed from ita bodily chain. With ?o<i(^ let up follow his fl.glu, And luount with hi? spirit above; E-cap^d to the iuaiitiionH of lie^t, And 1- dged in the Eden of Love. CIIARLE3 B. FldCUER, Tres. W. W. Hakptox, Sec. jei:<?It* OLD POINT COMFORT. T'HE hotel ui this I'avoriu wateilng place u now ?ipe.*? tor the feceptioo of |ue^ts. 1 he en tire eslabibhiuciit has been put in flue order, and greater fac?nue? have beea madv for landing pas ser n^n. A Mil .ill steaintr his hr?n chartered to act a? tm der u|K>n the lare-r mad hoatj,and also to make ad ditional it? pn to Norfclli and Portsnioutli, including two tries on Sum'ay to ar.dtrr^m those cities, thereby affuruin* on oppnr:ijrity of a pleasant excti'sfon and enjoy the ten baUting The boat will make (Lbing Mtorei'ini ihrt?; days in each week. Conmiu.'iicatious at ould be addiessed lo C C. WILL AUD k BRO., Proprietor*. i- Xw ql fvittt Contort, V*. Auction Sales Jf^-For Jtoirtion Sale* im jhrit p?gt "1ft By J? C. MeOUIIlV, Anctlancar. VKRY DESIRABLE BUILDING LOTS AT Public Auction On TUESHAY afternoon, June 19th, at 6 o'clock, on th* premises, 1 shall wll, siihdi vision* 55, 56, 57, 58 and 59, of Square No. 418; each fronting il feel on 6th street w*st, betw. north M and N street*, running back 105 feel. Taese Ion axe siliia rd in a rabidly imp*?vmg part of the city and arc very desirable, being graded and p ivetl in trout. Terms: One-third cash ; the residue in 6 and 19 months, with interest, secured by a deed of trust on the pri mises. JAS. C. McGUlRF, je 13?d Auctioneer. By GRK?!V 4 KCOTT, Austlontsrs. VALUABLE BUILDING LOTS AND BOI SE ana Lot at Auction.? On FRIDAY, the 15th instant, we shall sell, at 6 o'clock p m., in front ol" ilf premises, part of lot 21 and all of Lot No. 22, in Square No. 158, having a fronton Massachusetts avenue of 88 feet 4 inches, runnirg back about 145 feet, between 17th ami 18ih streets west. The above described property is near Favier's garden. And immediately afer the sal* of the above, at 7 o'clock, we shai I sell part of Lot No 18, in Square No. 117,fronting on M street north, between 19:h ai.d 20th streets west, with the improvements, which are a good and nearly new two str.ry containing 4 good room" and cellar. The lot fronts 16 feet, run ning back 97 teat to a 29 feet alley. It also has a tine spring on the premises. Terms: One third cash; the balance in 6 ard 12 months, for notes bearing interest from the day of th* sal?. A deed given and a deed of trust taken. GREEN & SCOTT, je 9?d Auctioneer. By Gn,i?K?l A HCOTT, Auctioneers VALUABLE CUILIHNG LOT NEAR TliE Navy Yard Gate at Auction ? On THURSDAY the 14th June, we Fhall sell, at 6 o'clock p. in., in front of the premise?, Lot No 4, in Square S82, fronting 47 'J inches on south M street, running back 129 leet 1' inches to a 30 feet alley, between Ttli a: ri Canal streets east, uuued.aely iu front of the Navy Yard wail Terms: One-third cash ; the balance in 0 and 12 moths, for notes hearing inure: t from the day of the sale. A deed given and a deed of trust taken. AH conveyance at cost of purchaser. GREEN KSCOTT, je a?d Auctioneers. By .7. C. BIoGi'IKC, Anct*on**r. T RUSTEE'S SALE OF VALUABLE AND ?L * igi'tily situated Real Estate on the lrland.? By virtue oi"a deed of truit, bearing date on the 6th day ot Km, 1&S5, and recorded in Lit cr J A. S., No. a?, folios loo, &.c . the surscriber will sell, at pub lic sale, on THURSDAY, the 14ih day of Juue, 1855, at 5'/4 o'clock p. m., on the premises. all those nieces or pascals of ground lying and bcins niuate iu th" city of Washington, ami motva and distin guished as the north half of Lot No. 12 and tin: "A'ljole of Lot 13! in Square 543, the whole lro.itinj 70 leet 6 inches on 4X street west, between n and L streets south, and running back 100 feet to an al ley, with the buildings aid impro /euientM, which consist of a subs antia! and comfortable cottage buil? Frame Dwelling House at J necessary out houses. The ab< ve property is situated in a rapidly im proving bart of tho city, and oilers a favorabie op portunity t< ? persons desirous of obtaining a residence or invt aiirg. The terms of sale will be one third cash ; residue m 6, 12, and 18 months, for notes bearing interest from day of sale, secured by a deed of trust upon the p:opert7. Utile terms cf s^le are not complied with in six days after the sale, the property will be resold at the risk and expense of the purchaser. Ail conveyancing at cost of purchaser. (.HAS. S WALL ACH, Tiustee JAS. C. M GUIRK, 6?d Auctioneer. By URKUII * SCOIT, Auction**?. VALUABLE BUILDING LOTS at Auction.? On WEDNESDAY, the 13lli day of June, wc shall ? ell, on the premises, at 6 o'clock p. m.. Lota Nos, 3, 4, and 3, in Square No. 669, fronting 30 teet eich north E stieet, between 1st and 21 streets wei*, tunning back 100 feet to a 20 feet al.ey. Tt e above mentioned property is handsomely lo cated a little northwest of the railroa ? depot. i'erms : One third cash ; balance a credit of -ix and twe!we monies, lor notes bearing iot?rert Ircm the day of sale. A dotd given and a deed of trttU tak?w to te?ure deferred payments. GREEN & SCOTT, may 31?eo&ds Auctioneer*. Wanto. 117ANTED-IN A SMALL fTwiLY A COM 7 f potent woman, to do the cooVng and wash iris. Recommendations required. Apply at No. 3 lirst street, Georgetown. J ^j<- 13?2t* V47ANT TO HIRE AN ACTIVE, TRUSTY Vf Woman and a Girl, to do the wctk of a bmall fami'y ' * A'-<?, to rent or purchase a house of llont six or rkiglit r-}??t;is, in a pleas-ait neigho -rhood. Enquire | at No 9 b' tweeu 6th an.l 9.h sts., N. Y. avenue, je 12?21^ ?VTEGUO G1RV. WANTED.?A GENTLEMEN J..1 living i.? the country wi-hes to purchase a ne gro girl, from 15 to 18 years of age; one that is ac customed to do any kind of work coin icon :o women, or that could he taught without severe chasiigement. Any j-.cr3' n hdVing such to sell for cash will be as sured 'if her humane treatment. Address "II," at thia office. j* 12?3t* riK) CANVASSERS?WANTED. A PERSON L of eentlemanly address and active btistne > hab it*, to canvass for the Union Land Association. A liberal compensation will be given to a suitable per son. None other need apply. JOHN FOX. Seeretir*. Ofnce on 7lh 6t, above Odd Fellows' Ilail, Je 12-21? ? "11 7 A N FED?A MAX TO TAKE THE CHARGE If of ff-edir.g, milking, and'eare of a large Dairy, and two inen to aarist in fe? %iag and milking. Aho. a cook?<i colored man who. understands idam caking would he preferred. Such as can be well recommended for sobriety, hone-ty, cj relul n-<8, and industry may apply at Locust 11 ill Farm, Till street ro d, uear the first toll gate. je 21?3t* 117 ANTED?TO BORROW for nine months. If twelve huii'tred dollars, for the us?? of which ten dolJars will bg paid monthly, equivalent to ten per t ent inf rest. Hecured by a li n on real estate worth two thousand dollars. Address <4I W T," Star office. Je 11?3t* V[ T ANTED?9^00 FOR ONE OB T WO YEARS, V Bdcured by r? al estate in thi* city, worth thr< e tiuK-s the amount, for which a liberal reward will be pa d. Address "Box 155 " jell?lw WA N T 15 I)?A PARTNER TO WORK A Stone Ouarry and contract for sale of Stone to Government and others, there being now great de mand for elone. Thii Uuarry ir imntediately oppo iHe Guirget'-wn. Lftrg*: shanty, black.-.iniLnqhop, and ev> ry implement on the spot. Tr is qu^ray fur aiakca tha best and largest truck, t.cac, Stc. A chaiicc is now offered. Call or write to LLOVD i CO,i Fifteenth street, oppose Treasury, may 3?tf VTTANTED?EVERYBODY TO KNOW THAT Y\ they can get a lot 21 feet front by 130 feet deep, for the low price of $75?payable ?.1 a month without intcre-t. Apply at the Union Land Oificc, 7ih st., alinv? Odd Fellows' Hail. ap 23?3m JOHN FOX, Sec. Boarding. D1XG.?F'easant rooms for summer, with boarding for families or "in^le perwrna can lie had by eaily application at KING'S, 393 north C street, between 3d end 4y/i. The house is de li^h fully situated, and has Just been thoroughly rcn "?ivated :.nd refurni.-lied. Jdeals (urnihhed to ii'.ini liesar.d day boarders accummodaud oil r< asenable t rmn. je4 ?lm* Kl;i St u.?A lady, without children, hav ing taken the hcusc, No. 405 Union How, can accomodate one genteel family with board. Also a few single gentlemen. The situation is very rie i-ir.ible, tin F ftreet, the ihirtl d>s.r fri>tn 7th. in th^ immediate neighborhood of the Patent aud I'cst Oiiices. je 7?lw* M>tH. M C. OKKKK'S Boaremg House, on Pennsylvania avenue, first houee west of the Capitol ?ate. Fine rooms at various prices, and ?v ry po.^ible attention and comfort bestowed on !;tdies e.tid gentlemen guests. may 26?3w* V OTIC JK.? FOR RENT-PARLORS AND 11 OtollWi with lioard. Also, table and trau ?tieni l-oard, with a bathing room and shower baths and every attention to render it most agreeable to Iter boarders. Mrs. P. G MURRAY, Comer Pennaylv&nia avenue and 4j^ st. ap23?3m 1 >OAilDf Ac?MRS. BATES, on the south J } west corner of Pa. avenue and 9th street is pre pared to accommodate gentlemen with room?, with or without hoard. Every effort will be made to ren der tii<v>e comforuble who may lav*r her with tlieir , i.rrna?e. ap 6?tf ri HE MISSING BRIDE, by E. D. E. N. South | worth, 2 vols, price . $1 90 Hyper's Magazine Tor Juiie 2a Harper's Story B?ok No. 7, Virginia 25 Putnam's Magaainc for Jane S6 Godey'i Lady's Book do 23 Graham's Magazine do 25 All the New Books, Magazines, Cheap Publica tions and Weekly Papers received as soon aa pub lished aud lor sale by E. K. LUNDY, No, 4)18 Bridge street, George town, may 31-U For Bale and Beat ??TORE FOR RENT-SITUATED ON 14th st. ^ ketween Pa avenue sod E street, opposite tb< Franklin Engine House. This note is a racst de strable basinese stand, being admirably calculated for an office, retail Grocery, or any baeiaetv For terms apply on the premises. je 13?2t* For rent-a large front and back Room, over Maguire's Hat Store, 448 Pa a* enue, below street. je 11?4t* For rent?that DESIRABLE BRFi'K re sidence, No. 399 Twelfth street, between I and K, near Franklin Kow. Price $400. Posses sinn given 1st July. Mr. Bo wen, the present <>ccii pant, will show the house nnd premises to any whe may apply. te 11 3t? For rent?the forrest hall restau rant. centrally situated in Georeetown. Thi? is one of the most spacious basements in tbe United States, and attached to the only public hall in thr town. Possession given 1st July. For terms apply to BLADEN FORREST, Corner of F and Twentieth s:s. First tate Devon Cow and Calf for safe. Apply as above. je 8?1 w* A URGE AND ELIGIBLY SITUATED corner Lot, containing 14,COO square feet and fronting the Capitol Park, for sale on accommodating terms if immediate application b? made to HILBUS & HITZ, Corner Pa avenue and 11th st. Being so near the Capitol and but a few minutes' walk from the Car Depot, makes it inott advantage ously situated for a large public House. je 5?tf FOR RENT?IN ALEXANDRIA, VA., THAT large three story Brii k Mouse, well known a? the best stand in the city lor a hotel and restaurant, on Cameron street, opposite the Market llou*e, an.l now occupied by Mr. McGonegal. Posssessinn civ eu on the first of July. Address LLOYD St CO., Claim Agent, 15th st, opp. the Treasury, Washing ton, D. C. may 30?tf BUILDING LOTS AND DWELLINGS.?For sale. Lots on Third street, near the City Hall; on F, between Thud and Fourth; on E, between First and Second; on Seventh, between L and M; on M, nenr Tenth; on Third, near L; on Seven'h, b.tween Land M: on K. between Fourth and Fifth; also, opposite to Franklin Squ ire; Massachusett s avenue, between First and N. Capitol; First Ward, G near Twenty first; Virginia avenue, near Twenty first; N. Hampshire av.-mie, between II and I; a^o, two frame dwellings en Fourth between F and G, will be sold low for cash. Island property?Two small frame tenements on L between Four-and-a half and Sixth; also, lots on Virginia svenue, and a variety in other parts ot Hie Islind and City, all of which will be sold on terms a -commodatine to suit pure<Vsera Enquire at No 337, Pennsylvania av , opposite to Brown*' Hotel. may -1 ineo DAVID MYERLE. FOR RENT?A NEW THREE STORY FRAME HOUSE, on New York avenue (No 18?) npar the intersection of New Jersey avenue and 3d street, containing tiglu good rooms, with a cellar under the kitchen. "To a good tenant the rent will be put very low. Enquire at No. 168. je 4?eoflt VALUABLE TRACTS OF LAND NEAR tile City, at Private Sal*:?Fer sale, four very de Birahle and situated tracts of Land, contain ing about filty acre* each, partly in Montgomery county, but principally in VVas5ii; g:on comity, D 0. opposite the fnnn of Joseph II lira Hey, Esq.. a Wit nul?-8 tiom Washington, communicating with it by a new and commodious road now under con struction. The soil is excellent, and weli adapted to corn ami wheat. The situation is prominent ant! healthy, and the land well watered. There ate three tenements on the premises. This property is peculiarly suited to gentlemen having business in the city for beautiful country res idencea. A plat of the property cat; be seen at the office of the subscriber. John Parker, E/q., living adjoining, will show the property to any who mav wish to s? e it. EDW. SWANN, No. ISC Louisiana avenue, neat City itall. ap -K) -eo2m I^OR~jtK\7VTI'OUR NEW AND CONVENE . ent Brick Houses, brown mastic k fronts, coo taining parlors with marble mantels, dining room, kitchen, servant's room, and five chambers e&<'^ and situated on Thirteenth street, lelB?.*, near the putiiii- grounds, convenient tc I"a. avenue and the Departments. Rent very moderate. Apply at R. U. CLARKE'S office, comer of Sixth street aid Eouisinna avenue. r,r at D. B. CLARKE'S Dru; Store, Eleventh .-'r*et, Inland. tnar 6?wtf VILLA FUR cALE?THE SUBSCRIBER of feis at private .-a!> the villa in which she at present resides, h eight acres ol land, situated at Ellaville, on the Washington and Baltimore Turn pike Road. The htnse is n?>w, w:th all the niodern improvi mcnts, and the situation ha* many advant ages lor person* engaged in business in Washington as it is within five minutes'walk of tbe Bladensburg Depot on the Railroad, and ;!i<tp is a!?o an omnibus i running twice a day between Washington and Eila ville. Application to he made to the subscriber, living on the premises. MARY S. VASS. mar $7?2awtf IJUlR SALE?A LARGE NUMBER OF BUILD ing Lots, located in all j,a-t> of the city. WILLIAM II. PHILIP, Attorney at Law, Office, 484 Pa. av., b?tw 4% and 6th streets, may 30?eo3w KEAL ESTATE AT PRIVATE SALE.-ONE Frame Dwelling House and Lot on O st. be tween 6th and 7th ttreets west, containing six good rooms, nenrly new. One two and one th*ee-?tory frame Dwelling House on Massachusetts avtrtiue, between 4th a&U 5th streets. Two two-Ptorv Fraite Houses ?n Washmzton st. Ai iO, a very comlortable Dwelling House on Bcal! street, Georgetown. All the above property w n?>arlv new, and will be Sold on accommodating terms. Enquirr of FRAN CIS WHEaTLEY, Lumber Dealer, No. 37 Water street, Georgetown. may 23?eodim Rents reduced to suit the times. $150 a year will he received for the rent ol those new and convenient cottages at Kendall Green, with two acres of ground, stable, wood shed and other conveniences attached. Pumps ot pure water are near ihe door, and commumcat on is had with Georgetown by way of II and Seventh streets and Pd ii. Avenue, morni-.g and afternoon, at the usual fare, for tlie accomnu dauon of clerks in the depiutmeutu. fo sccur?,the advantage of thij great reduction of r-int uwmcliate application ma t be made to the undersigned, e:tiier by letter, or at his house at Kenda l Green, alter office heurs, where the keys may bo had and the Immh IdspwN at any time. I Several of these residences will be sol I on liberal I terms. WM. STiCKXEY, No.4,Kendall Green. I N. B.?-Rent? paid quarterly in (ulvaticc. apr V, l?i>5?if |J^~RENT?bEVKKAL HANDSOME-PAif L and Chambers, wuh board. DfvVu, Table an4 transient boaiJ. Inquire at Mrs. J SMITH'S. H3u F sire.i t ap tf UtTOMES FOR ALL.?Beauiiftilly and healthily I ? A located Buildiu^ Lots, 21 f< tt float by I'JU feet deep, on graded c;;n, until s^ui-ig, !>e bought at th.: exceeding lpw price ot j'.j, payable $3 pel TUi. Title indisputable. Union Land Office, 7th St., above OJd Fellows' Hall, jan "?Cm JOHN FOX, Sccreury. ~PROSPEUrS CORNET BAND."" THIS Band is suitable tor an/nnd all purposes, and is warranted to give satisfaction to ail those who may be pleased to engine them, either as a Brass, Reed, or Cotillon Land. Any number of musicians to he had at the shorV cat notice by applying to FREDERIC PROW'ERT, Leader, at Taltavuli'a Store, opposite the Marine Barrack*. N. B.? Ordere left at Ililbus fc Hitz'a Music De pot, will he proniptly attended to. m ty ?if^-4m TIIE POTOMAC RIVER STEA !!,0AT COMPANY'S STEAMER ALICE G. PRICE, CAPT. SAMUTL BAKER, Will ccinmeaco her regular j trips on TU2SUAr MOSRISO, t ie U^tii instant, touching ut the dill'ereni Lauding^ on the river. Leace Washington at 6 and Alexandria at 7 o'elk on Tuesday and Fridiy mornings. Reluming, wi I leave Cone River ut 4 o'clock, on Wednesday and Saturday mornings, until further notice. may 36? d FOR SALE.?A Pair of BAY MARES, 7 yean old next spring, well-bred,sound, stylish, gentle, spirited and capital goers. They are v. ell-broken and perfectly free from tricks, and will particularly suit any gentleman who is fond ol driving. The owner parts with theuj only bccaus? las purpose is to rctrcn< h his expenses. They cas bo seen at Southron's (late Birch's) Stable, on 14th -trcct, sooth of Pa. avenue. For terms, or an op portunity to try tiiem, enquire at tbe counter of the Star office. They will be sold a ba. gain. ap 3?tf _ LKitLU'A AjA DIES' UAZKTTKOF Pari), London and New Ysrk Fashions for Jun? is received and for sale at * SHI ISLINGTON'S Bookstore. The Watchman, a companion to the popular sto ry of the Lainplishter Tales for the Marines, by the author of Los Glin gos Harper's Mtgazme for June commcnees a new volume Tlie Missing Bride, by Mrs. South worth The Two Guardians, by the author of Heartsease All the Magazines for June All the New Books and every thing in tbe Sta tionery line, for sale at SHI ISLINGTON'S Bookstore, Odeon Building, car. 4U st., and fa. av. ]e 4?U TELEGRAPHIC. MFOBTKD PGR THB I5AILY EVEHIHQ- BTAJ8L OR WKSK L\TEB FBOK EURQPI. Arrival of 8teamship Atlantic NEW ERA IN THE CRIMEAN WAR. Nkw Yosk, June IS ?The Atlantio arrived ?? half past eight o'olock thia morning. She bring news of a highly important ohar?eter. The Allies hare taken Kertsch, a fortress of the greatest importance, commarding the pas sage from the Sea of Ar.of into the Black Sea. They hare also taken the Rusoian camp on the Tohernaya, besides several successes be fore Sebastopol. The AMantio brings the regular European dates. THE MARKETS. Livkepool ?Cotton ?Milligan, Evans A Co., quote prices advanoed id; sales for the week at 152,500 bales; to speculators 81 500 bales; to exporters 5,000. Sales on Friday 20,000 bales-half to trade. The marketcijsed steady New Orleana fair, 7*d; middling, 6 11 6d; Uplands fair, 6Jd; middling, 6 7 16d. Stock iu port 29 500 bales. Stoek cf Americas cotton in port 32,500. Manchester.?Breadstuffs are generally unchanged, and the market olosed dull. Pro visions had slightly advanced, and tbe market is steady. Naval stores are aotiTe, and prices are unchanged. Lard is steady and also un changed. Ihe weather has been very favorahlo. Lcndcw.?BariLg St Brothers quote sugar firm, and brcidstutlj generally unchanged and the marLet dull. Money easier. Consols have advanced to 92:. American stocks closed with an active demand, and at slightly advanced pricej. FROM THE WAR. The naws from the Crimea is the most im portant of a*..y since the battle of the Airaa, comprising threo distinct successes of the Aliiea. First, the French, in a succession of sanguinary ootfJieU, lasting the whole of the nights of the til and 23d, took und retained a a important position of defence (or plac? d'armre) before Sebastopol, when net less than 8.000 men were killed oj wounded, most ly by tbe bajocet. beeondly, the Allies made rapid auvaaces, and seized and retained the Russian liues on the Tchernaya, without much loss?the Russians r-treating to the hills Ihirdly, the Allied sccret expedition has ob tained easy possession cf Kertseh, where they now command the tea of Asof, in which are now fourteen allied steamers. The Russians on the approach of the Allies blew up the f-rta, and bcrnel four steamers, thirty trans ports, and half a million eacka of breadstufls. THE CONFERENCE REFUSED. Prance and England declin-j to re or^n tj,e Vienna Conference, TI1E LATEST. *Tha Fronch have established a camp at Tchernaya. It id said th'at Belgium will furnish 20,000 man. Hopes of pea-!e appear to provail. The Barings quote oonsols for money at92j; ece half and account 93to93j; but others quote 92J. Money is abundant. [iECOKD DISPATCH j Tbe Atlantic brings Liverpool dates of Sat. i urday noon, the 2d ;nst., and 102 pacsengers i By the last prrival we had a brief announce ment that the French had driven the Russians from a etron^r^on^^defence before 6e baetop^t^HuTplaca was defenSWR^^ear ly the whole gartisen. The total loss of killed and wounded on both sides is s?Jt down at 8,000 Felllssior eays that ihe Russian loss was enor mous, while that of Lis own troop is consider* able, though much less. Tho French retained tho position. Gortschikoffs acooent of tbe affair inns thus: " Yesterday evening seventeen battalions of tbe enemy, with reserves. attackeJ the trencha A counter appr aoh commenced the day betore in iront of bastions five and six The combat lasted duricg tbe whole nigbt. Our battalions lust nearly 2,500 men, in driving back the en emy." \ Pellisier telegraphs: '? Msy 25, p m.?To-day we have occupied ? be lines of 1 ehertaya. 'Ihe enemy, not being iu force, i tTcred buc littie resistance, and re treated rapidly into the hill3. \\ c have defini^oly established ourselves in tho works oarrieu on the 22d and 23i An armistice was igret i upon to bury the dead, which enabioi us to estimate the enemy's losses The.? must be Gve to rix thousand in killed and wounded." 44 May 26 ?Tho enemy havo not made any demonstration yet. either iu front or agai&st the lines on th? Tchernaya. The works atd fortifioationa at Ksmieech aro progressing. Ihe sanitary ccndiiic-n of the araiy is good. " Oa the 27th, the expedition to Kertsch and l.aikale wis attended wi h complete -ucccss. The enemy flsd on the approach of tho Alliee, blew up their powder magaiicee, destroyed their battarias, and burnt their steamcra." It is lumored in Paris that Peli.sier had at tacked and routed Liprandi's forces; that Canrobert w is wounded, aid another French general killed. Tho report is considered doubt ful. On the 27th Lord Raglan telegraphs : ?' We are masters of the Sea of Asof. With out ca.-ualty our troops landed at Kertsch on tfeo 24rh, her Maj-gty s birthday, 'ihe enemy fled, blowing up the fortifications on both sides of the straits, and destroyed their steamers Some vessels and fifty guns have fallen into the hands of the Allies." Lord Raglan telegraphed on the 25th : "Gen Sir George Br<}?n reached Enikale, having the previous day destroyed a foundery near Kertsch, where shot, shell and Minie balls were macufaotuted " A dispatch from Lord Rsglan cn the 30th says: " Letters from Sir George Brown and Admi ral Lyons of the 20th, announce the destruc tion, by the enemy, ot four Russian war steamers, and large depots of corn. The allied eloops succeeded ia blowing up a maga zine at Ar; bat, and destroying about one hun dred merchant vessels. Only one Russian steamer remains in the sea of Asof." Advices from Gen. Brown, of the 2Sth state the troops continued healthy. Five vessels of corn having run int? Kertsch, net knowing tbe place, had bean taken. The number of the guns found by tho allies exceeds one hundred The French aceoant saya that the Russians burned thirty transports, as well as their four steamships, destroyed 360,000 sacks of corn, 160,000 sacks of oats, ami 100,000 sacks cf fljur. Fourteen allied steamars have entered the sea of Asof. Reinforcomenta are daily arriving at Con stantinople. Tbe occupation of Galatz, and an attack upon Ishmael anu Ueni, are confidently spo? ken of. Tho garrison of Sebastopol drew most ol their supplies from Kertsch, and its capture, therefore, must exercise a speedy influence upon the siege. Fifty care3 of cholera and twenty deaths hava been reported ia the British forces bafors Sebattepol 8ofe? euti km alto appeared among the French troops The Sardinian contingent landed in splendid condition, and well supplied with all the ma terial of war. Uaat bu suoeeaded the rain Largeconvoys h\ve entered Sevastopol from tbe north aide The Rani an a are workiag rigorously on the north aide of the eity, la erec'iog earth work*, do. The allies ban completed their fourth par* allel, and the British are meviag all their heavy gana into the advanced parallel Two deeertera from behaatopol reported thai the garrison waa very atrcng numerically. bat the hot weather wet eaaaing Back aickneee there. TUK BALTIC. It waa reported at Daatiie on tke 23d tket the fi-st division of Rusaian gunboats flattened at Statenborg, had made a movement toward* the oppoaite coaat la the diraetion of Riga. The Frenob aqaadron aalled from Kied on the 22d to j >in the Ynglish aqaadron, laat re ported beyond Nargeu. The Russian Minister of Foreign Affairl had issued a ci-oalar respecting the blockade of the Finland perta. in with he aaja, 4 Ecg land haa departed from the prinoiple that th? dag sorer* the cargo, and warna neutral vet. aela of tke eircumatance. THE VIEHNA CONFERENCE The expected conferenee at Vienna ktd not been opeoed. It waa doubtfully reported that tha new Anatriau propositions had been peremptorily negatived by England and France. Austrian negotiations were more active then ever. RUSSIA. The vieeroy of Egyyt haa given order* for the construction of a railroad aorcaa tbe isth mus of Su?t Menschikcff had returned to St. Petersburg where be waa well reoeived by tbe Caar Seven hundred and forty six Russian pris oner* a:e in the banda of the British, while the Russians have bu; 108 privates and ten or ficer* belonging to the latter. No reters of the French. Aeonspiracy to aasassinate Gen. kal?rgl? the Greek Minister of War, haa been dieouv ered at Athena Some arrests have been mstde. Miss Nightingale bad been laid np with ? fever, but at latest accounts waa recovering. GREAT BRITAIN. Parliament waa not in seesion. Addreaaee have teen voted by the various deputations of working men to Layard. Tbe Britiah shipping returna of April con tinue to exhibit a oenaiderable decrease in tha employment cf tonnage. FRANCE. The exhibition at Paria waa beginning to attract more attention, but it still far short of the general expectation. The first free exhi bition drew 30.000 viaitora. The King of Portugal was in Paris. ITALY. The Sardinian ministry haa at length been I recomposed. The eruption of Mount Yeiuviuf has <ub sided. SPAIN. The Insurgents of Caspi and Aloaniti have been defeated, and two leaders and a prieat I have been shot. The provinces are new tran quil. CHINA. Shanghai. Feb. 9.?All is now quiet bere? and tbe troop* have witbd-awn towards Nan | kin. In tbe interior affairs bave assumed aa unfavorable change. The insurgents were uiakiDg such advances as led to the fear that they might stop the export trade of this eity. Famine threatened tbe people of Canton, and food riots were apprehended. Tbe British fleet of eight vessels was to ren I detvous a Japan, and afterwards to proeeel to the Rossi an settlements of the north. Tbe U 6 ship J P Kennedy was at Can ton, the Vandal ia at Whampoa, and the Pow* batan at Singapore THE VERY LATEST. A dispatch dated London, Saturday morning. says: Mkvel, 2oth May ?When the steamer Dri ver was sen: into the Baltic ports to serve the vessels lying there with an effiaial notice of the blockade, the found, among otbe: ships, the Samuel Applet-jn, of Bos.on, which aba also served with the warning to clear ont with in six days. A day or two afterward*, while cruising outward she fell in with tbe Apr leton, and neat an tffiaer cn board to examine har papers. They were found to be perfeotly io order, whereupon tho cffl:e: demand*1 to see her bills of laden. TLe Amerioan captain ob jected, and beg&a to make difficulties, but tha | odoer insisted, when it wa8 found that tha Applolon bad just lauded at a Baltic port 50 000 rifles, 10,000 revolvers, besides about 300 bales cf cotton as her o.-tersible cargo. Tbe ship was carefully overhauled, but no thing contraband oi war wa* found. Tbe Vienna papers publish the consular dii patch dated at Vienna; according to which, the numbor of the allied troops winch landed at Kertsch under Gen. Brown was 20,000. Tha advance on the Tohernaya on tha same day was effected by 35,000 French private dispatches, also fr .ua Varna, state that tke A'lies were in pesjession of tha right bank cf the Tobernava, and two Rue I in battalions detached from the north of Stbas topol were advrccicg to suppoit the retiring foroa. _ E&ltimore ttcikau. Baltimore, Juno 13 ?The markets are dull to-day. Flour is 12 cunts lower. Salas of How ard street at $10 75, and City Mill* at $ 10 50 | Wneat is dull acd unchanged. Corn is dull, and but little doing a: yesterday's rates. Kew York Mirkstt. New Yor.x, June 13.?Tbe cotton is exeltad and unsettled. Piou : tbe iteamers news haa depressed the market, and prices are weaker, wiih a decline of 12 to 23 cents per barrel. Sales of gocd Ohio at $9 50a9.75; -outhern ia eteadv at $11 25a$11.62 Wheat ia a trifle lower. Western white ta 2 47|aU# C??wi is a trifle lower; western mixed 9*al 03. While 118*119 0*?a are lower. Beef is firm, wiih an upward tendency. Pork is a trifle iowar. Lard is firm and upward. Whisky is dull, with a deolinin ' tendency; Ohio 35a35i. Hew York Stock Market Nkw York, June 13 -Stocks are active and better. Money is plenty Sales at the flrtt board of Eries. at 49o ; Virginia fie $100; Cleveland and Toledo Railroad 863 ; Clev* I land. Columbua. and Cincinnati Railroad $1 08; Cumberland coal Co. 30*c ; Reading Rail road 91 i' Canton Company, 26*; Hew lork Central 94i; Miwouri 6a 95. drtheod. hansman Keens nis oflire hour? from eight 10 ten o*elock ajn. *ffa 305 Se~,UK^o? OUfrtow HmlL way ?3?lw* BENCH VISITING CARDS, <?**! thia, anC 11 wa y 14

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