Newspaper of Evening Star, June 15, 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated June 15, 1855 Page 1
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? VOL. V. WASHINGTON, D. C., FRIDAY. JUNE 15. 1855. NO. 764. THE EVENING STAR PUBLISHED EVERY AFTERNOON, (EXCEPT 3CNDAYJ At th* Si.f Hv ldinjf. P*unsylranim a r.{ E''v*nifr ?j H . D. WAI.LACH, Wdfrhe *erv*d to *ubsrrtbers in the cities of Wuii Itgtw, 0?np. ti?wnj A'-Tindria, Baltimore and FvladrTrdiia, at SIX AND A QUARTER CENTS, payable weekly to th* A rents To mail subscribers the ?abscripckw price if THRRE DOLLARS AND FIFTY CENTS ay.u In advance, TWO DOL LAKS for SIX MONTHS, and OVB DOLLAR *r THREE MONTI'S. 3t?-Sii??L* conn on out. Treble patent improved eyelet ma CHINE. Firs' patent?combined on one stock Second patent -self feeding with eyelet Third patent?patent unprnrM fastener, rivetin* both sides At' parlies in want of a food Eylft lachine, are ?rr>ngly recomnfftrt^ i to n* none hut LIPM AN'S P A TEXT IMPKOVED, which is 'tecidedly the best ever brought l?e?V>re the public, po??w?ssing numerous advai<tag> s, Tii: It is strone, durable and not liable to get out of or der. It punche* th?hol? well, and to fit the Eyelet, an1 ia one opera'ion clinches the Eyelet on both ri les. It saves tim?, a? the papers 8tc.. need not be reversed or tnmed over to clinch tbe Eilet a se eond"time, a* is the cav with ail other M ?chines It Is utcful to the Merchant in filing away papers, as wr|l as to the at or ley or Conveyancer, fie -<hoe in iker, Tailn Milliner, and iioaenma others, and Ia a very labor saving Machine Sold by all the principal Stationers and Fancy flood* Dealers throu hou: the Un.trd States. Agents for Washington. TAYLOR A MAURY, inav 21?tf Bookstore, near 9th st m A CARD. A Economy m tk* r?ad to Great Reduction in the price of Hats & Cap* TH E an*isigned, havm-r made arrangements with a New York Hat Company to be con K-tntly supplied with the very best Moleskin or DRESS HATS, got up in the latest style, offers them at the unprecedented low price of $3^0, worth from f ur to five dollars; second quality. 13. worth from $X50 to ft; and a very good fashicn able Hat at *i,50. w .rth from fJ to Also, Be- hf A (Jo's Hau, at a in??h less advance than they have been h<?re tof-ru sold in this city. First rate heaver Hats .f3,5 ?. All kinds of >?s;t HATS and CAPS very loi.. In order :o sell at the abive low prices the cash system must be adopted ; consequently those who ??cImm will not be charged ft >rn fifteen to twenty five per cenL as an offset ft?r bad debt*. ANTHONY, (for inanv ye^ns in the employ of Todd fcCo.) Nf>. 3. Columbia piace,?tb sU, sp 13?tf Sri door norr!i of Penn. avenue. SOEETHINO NFW V DEE THE 8TJJ. CHARLES WERNER, Petin.xylcu.nia ae0nue. opposite Brawns' Hotel. TT AS fitted up the ccmnndioa; hall nwr his Res It tauram as a first class LAGtiR BEER S A LOON, having pro-ured a supply of every luxury and RoBiir?rtf founl in first e?ass >?tablishiuents ol the kind in thft Nori.iern cities. Uii Udl\U WINES and French VVhite Wines, as well as las Clnr?-i- S> t tr l.a^er Bet r, German, Italian, at.J SwMtzcr CSIKF^CS, and indeed f ev ery mhtsr appropriate luxury in ?ueh an jstabli: h naer.t, is tK-vrpaiXfil in flHs country. lie soUcii* a call uooi hi? f.ii nds and the public, nay 12?tf dentistry! RB. DONALDSON, Dentist, late of the finn <d . Iluni x Donaldson, continue* to manufacture and i.i? rt those brautiful tei tL, wilr <>r without gums, - sp?*..iinnts of whi-'h (n.:?de and de posited by the late fina) was awarded the first Cinmm at th^ Mecliasucs* lu utute Pair, recently d in ihi^ cuy These teeth are carved and shaded to suit each particalar ci-e, an;! their resemblance to the natu ral ?'z?p- ? p?*r.''Jt :?.s to det eivc the most prac tised ey-. Particular attention alv? peid to filling and pre aervine the n^tnral teeth L'harges mod- rute and all operation* warranted. Office -r.ithwe*' . Seventh and D 9's.?en tianc: on I). mai 21?6ui NOTICE THE 4/arf>: KOULE PAVIL iton ftc h -t been rented for tha I seaei?. ana ?s ieadv rtr the receptmn of visitors. Lar^e a d *ms(l parties can t>e necoinniod^led witfi Menls, kc. F?>r particulars a;?p'v to WILLIAM COKE, on F, between 21 -<t and 2i1 sirens. No Excursion paru^s except thoso already ? n f^e*?l, can fcr..:sn tn^ir own caterer except paying f |j!ra f?r the iis^ of t'?? house. By ord ?r of the M ANAGEKS. may 3l?MWkFlm LAND WARRANTS WANTED. THE audeisigned vrdl pay the highest price for Land Warrants Stock; bijugut and so!d on Cfiirtnu-^ion. HAMILTON G. FANT. No. *3* Pi*, aveaue, VVa?lnngtoa. ?V M?lm (Int." Ciiion) ICE?It E?ICJB! U4HLE ? W < ith, ?, ita Pa. avenue, opposite Br<>wu-' llofd, will ke^p thruuahoiit the seas.)n an ample snppl of Pettibone's b st K E, which he will sell, on call, in any quant ties, at the If west possible ra-es may Q9?dtS?-p30 PLF ASURE TRIPS to The white house pavilion. Tho S'eaaiers QEO. WASH ;iN<}10N or THOo tOLLYEH can be ebauerc-i r?;r public or ?*.ect parties to visa tne Wbne Hmse Pavilion, .Mount Vernon, Fort Washington, or other laces on the river. The White House Pavilion j* now op-.n for vi>i tors It it. a rw autit'ul ^laee for pleasure trips; it ha< a fine Bali and Inning rooin , ai.s>, a new Tea Pwi Alley For particulars app!y to the President of tht Company, or the ?'ap' tins ot the Boab>. Mr WILLIAM COtfC i." f'iruici:ir<g refreshments on he boats, and is prepared to furnish parties on the be?t terms. ap 26 - *2m PURE SILVERWARE?A MAGNIFI-1 CEN T AMOR I'M ENT. MW. GALT * IIKO ca I .mention to their ? anaauaily large jiunent of Silver ward, consistn.t of? &A? stiver reaStv, ei.wp: xa fetuver Pucbers, solid e>??v r castois fciJ vtr Cups and Saaeers, G<ibleu Silver Fisia Carve rs and Forks. Crumb Sera par ^ Cas.e K.U1V a, Fruit Shovels. Sugar Sitters Jelly Sp on-, Cheese Scoup^ Picnic EjiivsM ?s.d Forks Olive Spoon-, Salad Tonjn, Vegetable Forka Prait Knives, Ice Tongs, D-umii Knives Soup. Cream and Gravy Ladle 1 ' e Cr?-ain Kmvet.-, Satt tVllam -N'apktn Ri ti-s, Bii:t?/ Knives, Tea Strainers Tea, TitMe, and Desert Spoons and Forks of everj variety Breakia.-t and dinner Coif?*?j Spfwmi, he. Ai?o, a very largw assortment of Fancy Silver ware, suitable for wedding, birth day, and other presents The jhov- h all of our ov. n maaulacture and Is warranted to be pure. W. GALT K BRO., IS S Pa. ^ve.. betsv. dih and 10ih ?u. Bar 31?11' GREAT BARGAINS IN LA DIE*' GENTS'. MISSES', AND CHIL DREN J'BOOTS \\7> SHOKa? Th.- .Jfc ?uSsmber beinr eimipell???| to remove fromSBi I the store he now uccttpaes, <oiers tns pree r|s| r?t ?eii asasjrted stuck oi BOO I S AND BllOES at greiuy reiluced pticcs. All persons m wans ->i tu.r aMk! Will find it to tlu;)i idvaalu^e to | call U-Kse purnh .-un^ eUew!t? re. A. U. SLOAN, No 3U* Pa. av.. n? ar luih st., north side. ?*?y 1?<ta RKEiSES I AIM PLUMHM AND T GAS- FITTING l>EP??T. Hi: sab-rriber re pecU'uIly annouaces to his trieiids and th< public in {eiierai that be ha:ir< eei??5u the h??t lot oi" t'.e celebrated liODGG'8 DOUBLE ACTING SLUTK'N ANL FORCB !>: vil'. v i received U?. SILVER MKDJSt* .u '? ?<- ui.e ii. ol th? MtUii Al 'ch?siucs* In-:I '? < i, ,*y pr<. par. d ?? t'aiiii. ii ;:il who ID y| Lvor U.ia wiU> .? . Ji. Uissukk oi OAS FlkTt 1MLS a*c pns^d in U?e Dt^UlCt. Witii his irorp^ of , omp tent workmen In: p*stn* , 1m iite PI.I'MUING AND] r 1, 11 , i"lt' promptnrksaad despatch. ?*'' *?l* '? ae *>Ji4u i ll u> give complete JOHN IIE?SE, way S- u cor, riinii it and Pa avtnur MILITARY HALL. THK a^sfKd *vouid ie.,p. ituOy .nform tiw A friends that he has aken tlo . ^taUUshoent lor ?? ily known as the '? Ai.iur m IJ<jm?,? which lie isu ud, .ij^ninc <* Saturday next. May l?hn,s.,a ??uiir4!il of litr lirsi ordr , and feels assured thai be W'li&ave LIQUORS and' IfiARSo it^e cbou rsi kraads, OYS-I KRS, GAMR sad FISH, in m and ? very other article in hi> line 10 suit all wtio ? hould tiv?K hini with a call. F. A. C<>OK. "?y I" ?IT DO YOU WANT FIRST RATI ICE _ cieaMt mU' to AUNY, Ilii.l|< iiKLltsMiftiiaa,! VJ i * wjkawaidc.ra MEDAL bv the Mru..p.,n M. i. ar. v liutiiute, fV?r ICE CKKAHS, \ T?ii ahd CA Kid way ?-eo? C Auction nales Bfr GRfcESi * SCOTT Aacttoaatn. 'pRUSTBF.'SSALBOP HOUSE AND L??T AT L Auction?On FUI DAY, ttif itkn June le55 I shall sHI hi front or the premises, at 6V? o'cluii p. m , by vittue of a deed oftrust frooj (lesr IV Ham iltnn to the subscriber, bearing date the sixth riuv of Feb uarv 1855. and filed for record 12ih February, lt56, *11 that pi?ee or parcel of ground, in the ci > of Washington, in the District of Colu mbia, known as Lot Ni 11, in Square No. 499, together with the i-oprovenienta, which are a good two atory Brick Hou^w, fcc. The above described property fronts on 6th street ] we?t 47 reel, hp ween ? and K streets so ith, run r?ing bick to a 80 teet allsy, contai'.ing 4,200 square fset Terms: One fcurth cash; th halanc in 8.12 and 18 months, the purchaser to give n<>tes for the de r red sav n nu, be aring interest from day of dale A deed given and ade*-d of trust taken CRAVEN AHHFOR", Trustee. GREEN at fCOTT, auctioneers. Aad at 6 o'tlork, ume avtulng wa shall II a good Paiat Sh<p. -it lated hi 6ih street, I immediately opposite Lland Hall Terms rath. GREEN ft SCOTT, je 7?eofcds Auctioneers. By IAS C. HcQUlUB, Auction or. i , RUSTEE'9 f*ALE OF VALUABLE HOUSE I and l,ot on the corner of F atr-et outh and 3<i I street w?t. - By virtue of a deed in trust fr< m Jno P. 1'olson and wife the subscriber will ael',at pub lie sale, on THURSDAY, the 28th day of June, 1855, at 5% o'clock p. in , <>n the premised, parts of Low Nos. ZA and 25, in Square No f>39 fr<>uti:ig 4 ? 1 feet ou F street south, by 6H feet 6 inches on 3d si Wftt, with the buil inn.- and improvements which consist of a weil built two-story fr me house, wit j \ brick bakery attached. The a ov? property is eligibly situated on the Is! ind, ami offers a favorable opportunity to person* desiring a t?t to make an investment The terms of *ale ^ill be one-third cash, and tlie balance in 6, 18 and 18 months, for notes bearing n terest from the day of sale, secured by a deed o? 1 t-u.-t on tm* pi op ny if the terms of sale are not complied with in six days after uie sal'', the property will be resold at the 1 risk and exp use of the purchaser. 1 All couvcyancing at expense of purchi*er C.iAS, 8 WALLACH. Trustee. J AS C. McGUIRE, ie 5?coStds Auctioneer. BY J C NcOrUtK, Auctioneer 1*RUBTEB*S SA'.F. OF V \LUABLE BUILD ir.g L t near Railroad D pot By vistue of a de-'i at trttst bearing date cn the 4th day of Aoril, ! l&">4. and rec orded in Lib r J A S., No. 3W, foli?>? 161. tic., the subscriber wili s>wll, at public t-ule.oj FKiDAY, the 5Ji day of June, 1855, et o'clock p. in., on the, all that piece or jr.reel I ground lying and being situate ill the citv ot Wa.<li niKton, an.1 b ingpart of squire No 63). beginning I at a point on New Jersey avenue 270 feel from Uie I northwest corner of said s?iuart. and ruauing thenci I ea*twardl? at right angles to New lers*y avenue 124 feel I \ iaclits, tlierwse due -outh 23 feet, mure or lewi, to a parallel lin? 22 feet from the first de ? cnbed line of ?hi* piece or ground, and runmrgpar all' 1 with . .:d line we>twardly to N? w Jersey av< nue 116 ieet Ij<J in?-l?e;?, thence north waolly on >.' < Jersey avenue 22 leei to the pniot of beginning. The abovt* property is eligibly situated m ar the Railroad pot and adjoining Foy * Hotel, rapiJIt enhancing in value, and offer* a most favorable op portunity for investment i Tkiom M sale: Half ca?h. and balance in 6. 12, | I and 15 month*, lor notes bearing rnt'-resi trom the | day of sale, secured by a doed in trust uimki the property. If the terms of ?ah ate not complied with In six i | data after he sol' , the property will te refold ai the | ' riok and expense of tlie purchaser. CI1AS f?- WALLACI1 Tru.tee. J AS C McGUIRE, may 15?eo3t<*s Anrtioiim i? DENTISTRY. DR. Ml'SSftS respectfully calls public attention | to uis new patent, and GREATLY jgwA ! *1 PROVE!* method or setting Artifieia Teeth, wi h Continuous Gum the verv^*uxi-tr perfection OF THE ART. Thi?style of Teeth h*sth? f(flowing a<*vantag?M over all others, viz: GREAT STRENGTH. CLEANLINESS?. < OM HJLtT.and BEAL'TY, vieing with Nature in tin ?e ] rerpects, s?nJ in some others excelling. Public in spection ia respectfully solicited. Plua-e call and see *p<ci>iiens. CAUTION. -No other Dentist iti the District ol Columbia lias a right to make this style of Teeth N. B ?Teeth constitutionally healthy, plugged and warraioed f>-r life. Office and hoiue- at No. 998 E street. n< ar the corner of Peunsyivaiua aveuue anil 14th street. ap 34?tf NEW AND OLD PIANOS. \I *"E have n->w in otorc the largest ? .;tratnt oi V ? P1AN S ever oiTere in t.ns city irom Hal 'et, Davu Ci Ga, dacon 5t I-laven, and Kiub Gaehle IX Co's celebrated ma<.ufactories. Tiles* I Piano- ?<? cuarantee, and sell upon veiy eatsy terms Also, a new Pi no u*e?l only a few months, which we ofiVr at the low price of 9200 < a?ih , a sccond hand Piano, ky Andre Stien, for 975 A ver.> fine ?econd hand Chickering Piano fu ?ale or rent at a bargma. Old Piuum taken in exchange for new. Always on hand. Su ols, Covers, Vioiim, Guitar Flutes. Accordeon*. Miihc. fcc kc John f. ellis, 300 Pennsylvania avenue, may 10 bet. Otlt and lOib street*. FRENCH HAIR DRESSING AND SHAVI.xG SALOON. (''HE undersigned re-pectfully annoui ces to it-* citizens of Washington, thai he has opened a Gentlemen's U-.ii Dre<?i>ig and Hhav:> g 8al<K>n. 11. Pa. avenue, between 11th and 12t>< streets where h* ia at ail Utiles (trepnred to accommodate them in all branches of the umsorial oper uion. Hair Jutting performed m the very latest style*. lie would call particular attention to his Wigs, Totipei?, BranH Fnx'tt?s, Whisker*, Mustachoi-. fee , and ts prepared to fill all orders iu the abort line at the shortest notice. A good assortment con stantly ou hand He rcipecftully so'icits a call, feelicg as-ured that he cannot fail to ph.asa all who may so fsvor l:im j?6?eolm JOHN HERbORN XT EW BOOKrf RECEIVED AT i> 8HILLIROT(?M*l. l'nc Watchman, will be found a fitting comnamui. to the popular and simple stoiy of the Lamp lighter Harpers' Magazhie for June?commences a new volume The M i"*ing Bride, by Mrs. Southworth The Two Gnnrdians, by the author of Hear' jca<;e Hlanch Lftrwsij. a tale of modern life Virginia, Harper's Sto^y Book for Juue A Book of Thoughts, Memories, and Fanoit', by Mrs Jame>on Peeps from a Belfry, or the Paru 8ketoh Book Leavij fr* * in a Fam ly Journal, by the auth >r of At* | uc PI>ii?jie>Mher in Paria Joy and Car.-, a friendly book for young mothers, by , Mrs. -utlnll Ail the new books poblisbed received iinmt !ha.e Zaftei wards, and every thing m J?. stationery iTue r Ale at SHILLING'TON'S, BtHiksiore, ilteon Building, j? 1 Corner i% st, and Pa. av. NOTICE TO THE CREDITORS OF HALL fc liROTllER. BARUCIl HALL, aurviving partner ftf Isaac llsll, having, on the 28.h day of Febtanrv. 1855, v-i 'nrd to the undersigned all the ttock in trade M.d debts ot the firm ol Hall h Brother, to be applied to the full satisfaction of certnin debts, lia bilities, and enj>c?euieiiU of the said firm of Hall & Brother, and the surplus to pay and distribute rate among auch of tbc remaining creeiiors of said 1 firm as slitdl within sit month* rh>m said 28ili day of February, 1*55, execute and deliver to said ila lU'li II <11, full and absolute releases of all indebted lie s to ihem respectively by ^id Baruch Hall, sur viviwg paitfier a aftiMMid. Notice |. ilierafore hereby given to such creditors i (i! -;ud iirm of M >11 i*. Brother, or said llarucb Hall,! surviving iiartnT, as may desire to participate m the bei.r fii < f scid as-igijsr nt to ciccale and deliv er to -aid Karuch llall, full and absolute relea ea a- aforesaid, withiu tlie period of six months fioinj said *ih dayo* K bruary. 1855 KICHA ID WALLACH, I'msWe. je II ?eotAllgSStb L.J. niJOLICTOI, DEALER IN ICE, Office ami Dffci totUA nidr F, nejd to i orn*r 12lh U. ICE REFT constantly ON HAND ATI THE < IF PICE, which can be had in large or nu&il f?n titles. OU-'.' met open from 5 a m to 9 p. m. ?n I ~i .tit11 vv COPARTNERSHIP. T ' ??.4?e iliia ij^y fanned a r?)|?ann?r?lili> uiijor r " h III 1,1 .Slai. ft llaVKNMll, for tl.e ,ale * !": saor?, Cigars, tic., at wl.ole? le and ' ~ '*? Sfl'4 3,vtnib a.., >>b^ Ounr Market.{ j ^ V fe AI. Wtai w. HAVEN NEK, EvKNINU ST AH. TRY i GAIN. How oft has disappointment marred riome cherished plan ot mine, An?l bidden winter cloud# anin nr When- summer's >un should shine; Yet fcfien as ibey darker trew, !'??: seen some w< nrttous pen L'pon the very blackest write The sentence, ''Tr) agai.i " (low often in (he stilly hour Of nigtu ike heavy sigh In sympathy has strove to meet Tiie tear <Jr?p in my eye; And then, ike a: gels whispering Th?-ir me?8aj?<*s 10 men, I've heard a qni-?t breathing of The sentence, "Try again " How often as I've walked amidst Lif<- b ever busy tide, And jostled with ils fivorei ones On each and eve-y side ; When my misfortunes seamed to be O'erwht Iming, even then Has some good spirit breathed to me The sentence, "Try again." My guardian angel it mast bo, Or else the weight ol care Had sunk me in the very depths Of sorrow and despair; But oh, my heart mu<-h lighter seeiuri, And hop* shines brighter, when I bear thai spirit s ft j breaths The sentence, "Try again." TO THE PUBLIC. In the Organ of the 11th and 12th in stant is published a reply to the state ment of the board of managers of the Washington National M nument Society, signed by the parties who claim to con stitute the board of manages, by virtue of the fraudulent election of the 22d of February last, and the treachery of I'd?, loff, the clerk, and Hilton, the day watch man, of the old board, together wi h a statement of S. S. b'r ggs in relation to what occurred at the monument on the 12ih of MaichWst, in which although they dare not make any direct charge, they leave it to be inferred that I received and disbursed money without rendering any account, together with other insinu ations in relation to the manner of con ducting the work. Were these charges only to be circulated in the community amongst whom I have resided for the last nineteen years, and who know both me and my accusers, I should be perfectly willing to let them pass unnoticed, even though T atu but a common stonc-cutter, whilst these patriots, who have nothing but the welfare of the monument at heart, are known to be the soul and body of Know-Notbingism in this District. But as ?his will be circulated throughout the country, and be a perfect Ged-send to them to case the dying gasps of Sam, it is neressary to set myself right, and leave the country to judge betwei n us. In reply to Briggs's statement, I will only say that the statement made by me on the 12th of Marrh last, was written on the night the occurrence took place, with all the facts fresh in my mind, and is true in every particular, and I am per fectly willing to leave it to the five police (;fficers who were present all the time, to say whether it is so or not. Although they all belong to their organization and are depending on them for their continuance in their offices, yet I am willing to leave it to them, and dare my traducers to put them on their oaths, ai d ask them whether aoy part of my statement is untrue. n regard toHiltensstatement.whetner true or falae, there is nothing iu it that affects me; he is as well kuown to them as he is to me ; he answers their purpose for the present to do their dirty work, and when hey are done with him, they will ut him loose, unless before that time he be trays them as he did those who have fed and pampered him for the last seven years. In their first allusion to me, they state that alter the meeting of February 24th, " they continued in otlice Dougherty, the superintendent, appointed by the old board, and did not, in any manner, in terfere with the aduiinis ration of the i-ociety, further than to examine into its condition, and prepare some system of operations for the collections of funds." This assertion they knew to be false when they uttered it; they knew that they had no power to remove me, that I was in law ful possession of the property at the mon ument, and responsible for the delivery of it into the hands of the legally quali fied board, and that so long as two par ties claimed to be the lawful board, nei ther had the power to take the property out of my possession until it was deter mined which of them had the right to it. Had it been in their power to have re moved me legally, I would not have been retained one hour, but as the; knew they could not do it, they went sneakingly to work to get possession by sending mes sages to Hilton, the watchman. As soon as I found this to be the case, I a*ke.i hiin it he reoogniaed them as having any right to instruct him, he answered emphati cally, no. I then ordered him to tell Eckloff if he brought auy more orders, that he would not receive them, and that I was the only oue that he could receive directions from. The next day a note was sent to me, the same th&t was pub lished in my statement of March 12th, signed by live of their number, represent ing themselves as a committee of the hoard of managers, and addressed to me as superintendent, thinking, no doubt, that i would suppose that they intended to retain me in the situation, and would acknowledge their right, to the places they had usurped by obeying their instruc tions, and if I once recognized them, I would be in their power. But notwith standing the letter was gilded over so rticely by the eminent lawyer, (who it appears has iO furnish brains for the whole establishment,) 1 was not so sim ple as to bite at it. Immediately on re ceipt of this, I addressed a note to one of the number, refusing to acknowledge them in auy shape or form. Finding their scheme had failed, the next information 1 had was, that this august body had de creed my removal, and appointed in my place to construct the heaviest body of masonry and marble work in the country, a gentleman known here only as a black smith or filer of brass, who a few months ago was engaged) in connection with a committee of the Know Nothing councils of Washington, in risking the northern cities to obtain information, and descant! on the qualities of the various mud ma- ! chines in operation in those places, and in making offers to build better ones But who, having failed in that, and hav ing been elected a member of their board of managers, was prevailed upon to try his hand'at building monuments, not for the sake of the salary, but out of pure patriotism. i hey next assert that large sums have been received and paid out b/ me at the monument, of which no account appears on any book at the office. This is a wiiful and deliberate falsehood, and they know it, if they know anything about the of fice. The vouchers for every dollar ex pended up to January lst/1855, are in their possession in the office, and under their sole c3ntrol. ^nd in regard to the monies received by me. they were the collections from visitors, and the pro ceeds of the sale of the refuse marble slabs, hire of crane, &c. On the second day of every month, the monies so re ceived were sent by me to the office by Hilion, who paid them to Ecklotf and broaght me ins receipt, and if there is no return made, they must look to this model clerk whom they still retain in their service, and who, let him be guil;y of what he pleases, they dare not dismiss, knowing well, if they did, that the old saying, " When rogues fall out, honest pecple will get their dues/' would be ver ified. I hey also state that I have carried away ti? books from the monument, and still retain them. This I acknowledge, and what is more, I intend to retain them, until this matter is settled, aud then tbey will be placed in the hands of those lawfully entitled to receive them. They are the only check I have on those who would not stop at anything to do me an injur}, fco long as I retain those books, I ran point to every dollar I have disbursed But let me pan with them, what guarantee have I that my vouchers, now in t^eir possession, may not be dt stoyed ? 1 do not know who has access ! to the oflice. and as the minions of ih-3! party have not only circulated the vilest! lies about me, but, as I have the bestrea-! son to believe, even went so far, the 3uu-! day after the election in June, 1854, as to J poison my horse end t hree others belong-; ing to the monumeut, 1 do not think they i would hesitate to do anything to crush me. One thing 1 do know, that the pa-. pcrs in that office are acccssible to one ; who not only took from the post otlico my private letters aud broke them open, i but received from the treasurer ou iha order of the board of managers; the mo- \ ney to piy the stationery bill of Mr. R. \ Farnham, twelve months since, and afier receiving it, forgot to pay it to him, and it remains unpaid to this day. This fact is known to some of those who have their : names appended to the address of this bogus board of managers, and, if they doubt it, and want the name, tbey know where to find me. The pub ic can judge whether 1 am right or wrong in retaining these books The next charge is, that woo l was bought at Capta?n Carbery's farm, and brought to the in< nument at a cost of $8 75 per cord. So far as Captain Car- ! bery is concerned, he is abundantly able 1 to take care of his own reputation, and I am surprised that any one having any pre tensions to truth or justice, cculd stoop so low as to lend himself to such a perversion of the facts, in order to draw odium on one who is so far superior to any or either of them in all that consti tutes an honest and hon ?ral le man. Tl e purchase and hauling of the wood wa* my act, and so far from its costing ?8 75 per coid, the truth is that it cost but $1 75. The following is a true statement: At the time the work was commenced on the monument, a contract was made for the hauling of the stone, and eontinu<-d during the fall of 1848 and until Decem ber, 1849, during which dine the sum of $3,G78 52 was paid for it. During . he summer of 49 two horses had to be pui - chased for working the derricks used in raising the stone. I saw that the haul ing was expensive, and recommended to the board of managers the purchase of a wagon, that the horses might be kept instead of being sold, as there was no work for them at the derricks. The en gine being then completed, being satisfied that a great saving could be effected in the coat of hauling, my re commendation was adopted, and since then the hauling has been done by the team belonging to the monument at probably less than halt the cost of those two years. In the winter season no masonry could be done, or blue rock delivered. This com posed the greater part of the work fcr the teams. We were either obliged to sell the horses every fall, and purchase others in the spring, and have the mar ble hauled during winter by contract, or keep them to haul the marble and stand in the stable when net so employed. To avoid this, instead of letting them re main idle every day during the winter that there was no marble to haul, I sent them for wood, and by the time the sea son for commencing the masonry had arrived, we had a large supply on hand, which, together with what we could haul during the summer, when wc had nothing else to do, (generally one or two loads a week) we managed to keep a supply ior the engine, so that instead of paying $>2.75 per cord for the wood and *6 for hauling, the truth is, the hauling cost nothing, and the wood only $1.75, which is the highest price Oapt. Oar berry ever charged until last summer when he had no wood, and we could get none fraun the boats for less than $4 and 54 25, which price we paid on two occa sions. He bought twenty cords irom a person by the name of King, at $2 per cord, and paid him for it out of his own pockct, and which the mouument owes bi n for to this day, togetker with all they got from him during the last year. Ihis is a true history of this great Woo l transaction which figures so largely in their report. Had I gone to the par ticular friends of some of my accuses, who arc in the wood business, and prd them >5 oO and SO per cord, short me* sure, it would have been al! right and I would have been a clever fellow. In relation to the hauling oil umber to Stan's and the other ?ork I had doDe : it wi. hauled for Messrs. Cripps & Waller. I co ^ much btt,tr for thc to earn aO on its way out tor a load of wood, than to go empty. The money so earned was placed to the credit of the monument on their bill for lumber foi house now occupied bv the night watchman, which 1 am told" is now also ustd by these gentlemen to hold their Know Nothing meetings in; and the bal ance of the bill yet remains unpaid Again. they say, that in regard to the cost of the work which has b-en done there may be and is a great difference of opinion, but upon a rough estimate th? cost of the marble cutting has been a ?reat deal more than what it was worth, or what it could have been done for, and that they expect to lay before the public a detailed estimate of a skillful and ex perienced marble cutter to show what the work nugh; to have cost. In regard to the character of the work and the^s. of the same, I challenge them to a com parison with any building of a like char acter, public or private, here or else where, and dare them to the test. I ran show them that it cost a great deal less, and is better done than any they can put their finger on ; and when they get their estimate fi^m their skillful and expe rienced marble cutter, I want him to put his name to the bottom of it, so that if lie makes any false a.<s- rtions we can 'ell where to find him They also charge, ? hat the work being done hy the day, and no proper adequate supervision, the men lost mu< h time. In relation to my self, I will only say that no mistake ? mine during the time I had charge of the bunding (nearly seven years) ever cost the Monument .Society twenty-lire cents and as to the men, it is a matter tba; cannot be disputed that they were the best set of men on *ny publ c in the city, and were as iaitnful and atfen tive to then- work as any men could be for the proof of which 1 challenge them to call on any member of their order who ever worked on the building-and there arc a number in the city i they don'tknow the-, call on roe and I wul give their names. The next, and, I believe the last charre, is, as they say, in relation to the partisan cbarac er of the direction of the work ? that thvy can only speak from hearsay! but that they are informed that out of twenty-three men employed there last, but four were native-born citizens; a .d they have the proof to show that cer tamly one (and they believe more) Amer ican, a native of this city, and fully com petent and entirely trustworthy, applnd for work there last 3*ea rand w s i ejected and immediately after the very work fur which he applied was given to a foreigner To the first |?art of the charge, I aiwwtr that they either know nothing about th nui.iber or character of the m?*n employ ed on the monument, or tha* th y knew they uttered a base and wilful lie* uulesR tuey consider no man an American who is not a memberof the midnight order as. I believe that is the number of them (Know Nothings) who were emol yed at thc close of ;he work. I can name more than double the number, and if they had wanted to tell the truth, ihey could have learnei it from any Know Nothing there I also assert that the proportions of /mtneam- on the monu ment i? greater than on any other build log in the District, taking the three branches employed, viz; stone cutters masons, and laborers. The reason of the priponderance of the foreign-born is, that in those three occupations, especial ly masons and laborers, there are bat few Americans to be found. [ also chal lenge th?.m to show wheie I have dis chaigedan American for the last four years, except one or two, and they were di charged for good reason, and if pro duced will admit it. Numbers of Amer icans have left the building voluntarily; among them many Know No.hings who are now in the city, the present foreman of stone cutting included, whom they ap pointed, (S. 1. Laroombe ) The reason of their leaving 1 will give, and 1 defy vou to ask them if I state an untruth It was this: that all the work on the monument was plaiu and verv heaw and if a .nan workul at all.'tTwE obliged to work haid. As soon as the other buildings started, where the woik was lighter, and more varied in its char acter, where a young man, especially, had an opportunity to improve himself, sev eral of them came to me and asked me If I would think hard of them if they left. I told them certainly not, and advised them to go and improve themselves. Ihey did ao; and for this I am traduced and held up to Acorn by a party who dare not avow their principles, and come t;ut in the open day and defend them. As to my refusing an American work last year, thut may be true. 1 have refused probably a hundred during the year of *!i nations. W e had no work for them, | and ! could not employ them, although I kuewr many of them needed and de served work. The whole hue and cry igamst me has been raised by tliree or four common loa!er.s about the city, (and I will name them, if they desire it,) who never would work when they had it, but 3nly want the name of having a job to insist them in running in debt about the] town, 1 would not discharge i faithful and honest men, and good work men, wh.^e only crime was that they happened to first breathe in another sjuntty, and put (hem in their places, tor the want of something better thia tfas taken hold of by the Know Noth ng leaders, and tho cry of proscnpt.oE raised , arid win e it was treason for ma Lo employ these men, this same party, fuve been running about the city begging .lie very men to go to work under tlcin. j 1*W? do. Twenty 4o , UN Q9> Hua. MTitiiii 07- Hind* ? M tfM paper, mce?mu? ci PotTHAn ill who nc\ mm m?H will tw i a ctnniBt?v<.:i of twenty p?* few. Let them deny it if they dare?I chal lenge them to the pmof. Id conlusion, 1 would say that during the difficulty oonoenling the ramumnt, whi at I have endeavored to maintain my just rig-itaand do my duty to th t* who T ain sati>lied have the ouly legal c'.aiui 4o i he control of the monument, I have al ways treated the member> of the oppos iug board w th whom I have U-en brought in contact with re pect; much more so than they were entitled to at my hand*. I'he truth of the matter is, they have g t more than they bargained for: they el I per ted to make political capital out of the afi'&ir, and collect a large sum of money to be squandered as they thrugfet fit. 1a this they have tailed, and, notwithstand ing the loud boasts of their sending it up with a jerk, and the assertionsot tbeir first vice president, that the r^haft would be completed iu two years (which showed ihat be knew nothing at all of what he was talking about, as it could not be done if they had all the mooey in the country.) it stands just as it was left at the close of la>t season, except that the cover was torn of!'by the wind las. March, because they had not sense enough to know how to prevent it. The af!*ir has become a by-word of reptoacl to them, and made them the laughing stock of the country: aud in order to distinct the attention of the public from themselvts they have raj sea the cry of mad dog against the old board, of whom a few wetks ago they spoke so affections'e)y in their address. Whilst the monument was under the control of the eld board, a statement was made mouthly of be re ceipts and expenditures, but since theso ;taragOi.s of honesty aud Know No'.hing i>m coxbintd have obtained possession, they have taken care uot to let the light of day sliine on any of their financial operations. They have thought proper to go out of their way to assail me sud make insinuations that 1 defy them to attempt to prove, and they must not com plain if I speak plain in return. During the time that I had control of the work, I endeavored to deal justly with all with whom 1 had any dealings, and performed tne duties to the best ot my ability ; aod 1 now defy them or any one else to say that cviT I received a bribe or appropri ated a cent to my own use that did not justly belung to me?every person who uad dealings with the monument got ev ery dollar they were entitled to, and I took care that they did not get a cent more. I am not ashamed to Icok any man in the face and tell him so ; and that is more than some of those can do wnose names figure very largely at the bottom of the address making the attack ou me. Wm. Dougherty, Sup't of the Wash. Nat. Monument under the legal board of managers. Washington, June 13, 1855. lOVEMilNTS OF OCEAN STEAMERS. .Vwf Leart For Day*. ?It L' tii- ....Hivre ...W-w York.. J?to? 6 <r:el II ivt?-.........New *' >rK..jiiae 9 Atia L v roooi.. Boston June 9 ?v tshington New York.. Bremen June 6 t>rK scuu.......... Naw Y.?ik... H *re-...-....iuy- 18 II .........Sou'&uiptoii.N- w Yoik.. <wu? uu Vl-ica H<?:< ..Livrrpu?L.Juid- 'JO li-iDoid New Yurta...A-|nnwall Jan-vO Star >1' Uie Sout'i .New t ?.rk .. Liverpool.. uue *5 Q akerCity New t ork.. Il.ivre ju e *) L'aituii New York.. Ii4vr? Juu< 30 fjtl*Th? (UMnnneam?n leave New York on Vt? ?Utl 4Mftll ?f < ?? tl hmhiui. i kKI v aUJ AT PRINCIPAL HOTELS. flruw m' Itot+i?T- r a a.. aaow* i Lay <-er J !*oil, lady a itru cW K w t i aym< r 4rm T $ Tbnra i? W Wdi dy a la.iy, Va tl v ? i' tains It W G-todwm, V* d '? Vnch il ? lady, Pa 2 *nn?eg G<>.><iwin, do Mattli- ?a a lady, ?;o Mi-s E P-.Iiar ?, do \4i>* y .tui wn, do 6 Hiliexr , Md 4i:s A ouuptou, do w || ?\ ard USN J lluwuiau > V fc It uwei , .to ?V TIjO a?, do W S Ga?* e?l, do R .? Taylor, InJ ? J G Maxwell. do U Nrekoea, V* A Butler, NY D ; S.urv, Mi Mi<u iiu(ler, do Mrs Nrdly do H n ?' I F.umner, Va M m Neelly, do T Fitwerai ?, <to \lis? ArmMruug. Va Mi?? Jj .?* d > A K C: apttin, Md Mi?? Prror, do T H CaiupU:il aud lady, B Hart, do Va National Hotel- -? d. wiiui* G P &>ode. DC A B Muljr, Md TEG.owtr lady fc two Uorma , do chil refl. SC C !>??** do ? E VVi inniH. do WD r*wjH., Mbm T J Strut, N Y W B Ska* . DC L J Bradley, Ct J VV Urew?ur, III J A a lilte J ?, Vl E Lwk' nf, Pa 8 BerrHI, Pa Co' Bowiio, W4 P P Woi|rwn?*ih, do F H lrvsn?, Ky J Cainpl??|l, Ni J B Hpencer. .Si1 Mam-r, rfo A M Pours', NY WW ?aco<, Ct J A ? amieiier and lady, D H <'arpef>te-. NY Mil A D H- wbfrn Pa A C tfpcocer a lady, do J Cliruty, do tVtllardt' [lottl?n. 4. k J. c. wiU4Ut J H Upioa, NY II P Shannon, Tean J N Carer, do WD Neuny, ao T H tanficld. Vt fi Lyrch, Md W II Ha^er, DC A r Tbayer, do Cr?in Mayo, B Al* Tin Jer, USA Com lii(irah<an, do Ja<lge Clayae, Ga F Cenover, 00 F H Ger US' 8 MrR<>pie,SC A F V Gray, UBN D Kani<uiy, do N dam? Havana E W fun, Mai-# G M Ban* NY T Ciu'k, NY II Chaofiin, Pa Mr* Cl.irt, do M Murphy, do Col J X ji.r-*.', do T Woodruff a lady, Ct C J Grave*, Ga W Wright, do l(l?k*o<Mi liaaaa?j. a. k. 4. siaawooo J Ci raae, Ala C Smitk, f$ Mr Gagv a cluld, do B Isinan. lady, child k J nartij'g, Te? nursie, VY VV Rain1?>y, NC E P < oHiam, do C I. B< niiitt, Va M Onnjinr, Han G W Barueft, NY HP ? \V I llol't an, Iittl T Uaificy, SC 4' A Glover, N Y VV S Crtiueiy, Ala A Mackey, do II llviu, rHi A B Rict, do J Wcllj a aon, MJ i W limner, MJ J J&mca, IU W Hunt NY ?????? llouaa, Aitikudria, Wm. 4. MBWIOI, P*A?BlfcToa. Mma li.tMiniOR, Va DC Planers*, Va i B lla ker, DC r? C Mlllei ST J M Kintuiijli, Md J ^uit a lady, DC i i- Ciaaier a lady, NY Mm Fuatiugb,do E James, do R Mull, Md it Teruau, do Mr* Mull a two ?<rvar.t?, II Braa'iier. Md do 0 L) Merrer, do Col B G Banc*, Va 1 F Sir oilier, Va A Heib-rt DC J '? ! L' ? . N<?'rtcai- ? I reetHVed thl^ (?ay a new mmmrrf mtmt ./I .SLEEVE Burn IKS H1VD9,?I ihc l.iUait t>iyk?. Aieo, a wutety '< oth? r new (?<Mkl*: a* Vest Ciiaius, Chut- lains, Brace l?W,P.i ? Earnmpi, Rum*, etc. * Great inducements offered 10 uurclaMM. , if. hemken, Nti .130 Pa. awnuc, let. 9th and lOflt ?> . ;>/? .V?u> Ku$u 1 pui to Gold Ptn? at ctiort dwir. I'idi I' titld I r 4., ..uitud ami Jt* eirf made to tntirt turn M?u

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