Newspaper of Evening Star, June 15, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated June 15, 1855 Page 3
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EVENING STAR. ? i T ?? -r ~ Local Int*Uigtnco. As Abravt Ivpostir ?The name of Wm H. Thore bury i? well known in this commu nity, ard, therefore, the following srtlole. copied from the hicbmond Enquirer ef day, may prove indicating : "'Wm H Tboribckv?Wnaaa in Ha?*? This dUiin(ai?k?J indivi lual played ? prom inent pert in the Know Nothing oauvaa' la this city, being ns?d by 'hp managers a ' good ?nongh Morgan' to excite indignation &gain?t the pro??riptive Democracy end to whaedle the we*k-minded in'o the Secret Camp! He wu a veritable Simon Pure vie im of opprea aion at the Go-port Navy Yerd, and his arri val in this fti'y with hie fre?h bleeding wounds. wu hailed as a ncr auspioiou event by the whippere in of 14 8am " His personal tes imony to the ruthless prescrip tion of himself and sixty thre< other worthy mechanics at Por sm >atb, spread like wildfi;* through the atreeta; and at the Know Nothing mam meeting on the Capitol Square tho night before the eleetion. this bleeding victim, we learn, waa pom ously paraded before the erowd by a Know Notning speaker, and mem bar of tne next Uouae of D?!egetea, who tore the pataiona to tatterain hia furious denuncia tions of the groas ou'rage and hia glowing appeals for revenge at the ballot-box next d*y ! Thornbory made a speech and de*eant ed on hia wrongs?and the sympathising Know Nothings, we learn, raised a pony purse for the unfortunate distressed The next morn ing there appeared a fl.ming afUavit of thia aame Thorn bury to the truth of all that ho aaid Uaviog served hia own purpose and that of the politice! mana&era, he auddenly disappeared jnat in time to save himself from the reek ng vengeance of his duped victim. The responae to the affidavit of hiawion^a ?ame back from Porsm>?th in so clear a light, that all partiea were satisfied that he waa an arrant imposter and that he had com mitted most vile perjury !" The fir?t we ever beard of an individual of thia name waa abou' saven mon ha ago, when he called upon one of oar oitisena?an Odd Fellow ? for assistance, representing that, while traveling, hia pocket bad been picked, and that not only hia money, but hia "travel ing'* certificate. (known to that benevolent order.) had heen stolen He. however, gave a?ch other proofs cf brotherhood, as to com mand ready relief He eft hia private card, the name beantifallj written ' Riv Wm H Thornbury." He subsequently visited Odd Fellows Hall, where be managed to obtain money under similar pretenoea Before he had time to tell bis pitiful *:ory?or, ra'her, his lie??to all of the li dges. bis true charac ter was discovered, wben he impudently tbreatemd to make a publication in deroga tion of the fraternity He circulated himself freely about tie community, calling upon minsters of different denominations, claiming to b* one of the;r number, and ac?ommodati ag himself to their respective creeds, and obtain iog from each pecuniary assistance So fa vorab'e was the impression which he made on an ut suspfc'it g partor, that he was invited to preach for him?a request which he de clined; and tbis is the only item to be placed to bis credit The fellow was repeatedly drank while in the midat of us and was ar rested by the police for being engaged in a fight with a negro! and would have been sect to tbe worihou # but for the promise, on his part, that he would at leave the ci.y; wi b which asauraDce he complied. We claim some credit for ourselves for mak ing the conduct of this arrant impoater known throt gh the pr -a* at that time When we saw hi* name in connection with recent political movements in Virginia, we were in doubt as to whether be w<u the same individual, for, jndgu g from hia conduct in Washington, we bad thought that, ere thia. he was in some S'ate Penitentiary, where certainly he deserves to be This Thornbury profeaa d to ui to hail from Georgia; but the a'vement may, like all of hia other as ertioni, be false. Exxcctor de so!* To*t ?On Wednesday evening waa tried before a jiry, the ease of Punch against Kagan Ir appears accord, ing to our information, that Ju*g. Pur^ell aued Rsgan as an execu or dr. son tort (in hia own wrong) of Thompson Hutchinson, de ceased Pureell had a demard agaitat Uut chinaon. in hu lifetime, which the deceased had admitted was correct. Vari?us witnesses were present, and testified to facts in the case Judge Pureell acted us bis "wn lawyer, while Mr Ratcliffe appeared for Rjgan. The first named, during the argument, referred to sev eral authorities, among them that of Lord Macsfield, to ahiw that the declaration of a dying man is helJ to be sufficient to cancel a written instrument previously execu'ed by him We refer to this point oen.-elving tbat it may be a matter of interest to some our readers The oase had twice been tried, but tho re rtive ju ies were not able to agree; but in tbe * bird center t, a verdict was rendered for Purcell to the full amount claimed to be due, namely, fifty dollars. * A Dii*tt Tbief ?Yesterday, a black man was discovered m the act cf stealing yeung chickens, whi*h temptingly chirped about bis premises, intending, dour>iless, to have a deli* eate dinner and a obeap one. too, in these times, when it is so difflcalt to procure the necessariee of li'e. His wife, in vindication ot her bu-baod'a character, itoutly denied the im;>u'ation of ber female neighbor; and was ao exa-perated as to mike an a-sault on the accuser Ibe consequence wa*, the b'ook man was taken before a ju-tice of tbe peace to answer to tbe charge, and will be placed in a condition which will prevent him from enjoy, ing the aoniempla ed ohicken luxury; while hia wife will be required o keep h^r aruui to herself, and to bridle hor tongue. Hbalti or Waflai.N&Toa.?We believe it id generally adm'tted there Is not a healthier city in the Uni ed States than Waahington; and the supply of water from 'he Great Palls of the Potomac will very materially improve our unitary condition. The billa of mortality are comparatively e;aall. Dariag the month of May only fifty-five deatba are recorded, or about one for every thousand of the inhabit anta. Of tbe deatha twenty two were of tbe agw of five yeara and under Pneumonia, consumption ani measles oI aimed the larger aomber of victima ; of the firat named, nine, and ef ea-h ef the other t are* diaeaaes six. A HAJbaoiii TaatiMoniAL ?We have aeen a beautifully b'^ond Album, containing fifteen oolored platea?viewa cf the rriacipal towns and placea of in'crest in Switst-rland; for warded to thu country, by an officer of our aister Republic, and designed aa a private tes timonial of respect for one of our prominent statesmen whose friendship for hat confede ration has frequently been exhibited, and who, doubtless, wilt appreciate tho gift more on ac count of the grateful feelings by whioh the do aor is aetua ed. than tho intrinsic value of the ?legant volume lapaoviMMTS?Although the building op erationa of tbe preaoni aeaaon are not to be ooaapared. for magnitude, te any one of ita prtdeeeiaors within the last five years, yet in *11 section* of the city we have noticed houaea i&pro??Mof erec ion. acme of them apaciou* and elegant with all tbe modern improvements. 6everal of 'hem are on the line of Pennsyl vania. between the Capitol and the Preaident'a Houae. Pic-mca?The Foundry Sabbath School en joyed a pto nic yes erday. at Arlington?a and deligh'ful meana of passing a summer's day. Many m->re su:h diversions ara In prospect by other schools and societies Pcslic Schools The annual examination of the public scoools will be eom uenced this afternoon. ? Ho.1* Ha.vkr A Wis* ?Mr. C. Bohn of this eity. has just published a moat excellent like Mas, on ateel, of the Governor elect of Virginia. Ricx Eqcipaok ?A crowd of people gather ed around a dashing carriage that atood in front of Stuart's itore, New York, on Tuesday afternoon, havirg cn ita pancla a crest, I9 , and otherwise decorated wi h vari?na devices, *11 of Calitor nia gold. The horses wore bar fc'ssci mounted with gold, very elaborately (at and poiished. The establishment is said "> belong to a ' returned Californiaa." ALEXANDRIA OORRHPOHDKNCB AfcvrrromiA, J*n?0. 1ft, lftSft. Our etty eouncil hare o&omq Sdwarf Saowden corporation treasurer, at a a alary if $800 Mr. B ha? filled thia position for torn# time put, exhibiting fraat ftnaDoial taot. Another bill to prohibit the aala of intozl oatiog drinks upon the Sabbath day, has been introduced in the lower board of ear city ooun eil. Legislation on thia anbjeet haa been com menced reveral timea here, bat in the end baa alwnva fitted out. We i>eer a aomewhat laughable incident talked of in oar atree'B. It peema tha a very respectable gentlemen deairou* of ejeoting a^me female tenants from one of bia tenements, proceeded in person to give tne u?ual notice Arrived at the house he was hardly within doora, when sotne male frienda of tbeoccu parts seized end "held him oneuy," whiln the feminine residenta used the press board for the purpose of a bectinado contrary to the peace end dignity of the oommoowealtb, and the comfort of the beat-ee. Last eveninc, Christ ehnreh waa filled with the tltta of this neighborhood on the o.:oasion of the marriage of a well-known gentleman of this city to the accomplished daughter of the editor of one of our religioua journals Rev 0 B Dana, rector of the ohuroh, of fioiated. A moveable observatory baa been placed in our streeta A view through it can be had any fair evening fcr a fip. Cheap aatronomy thai. Our pleasure loving frienda are moving. The Young Catholio Friend's Society take a trip to the White Hou?e on the 20tb, and the Ke-habite* to Piney Point on the 25ih. In all probability there will be no apecial celebration of the coming 4th ef July here. Parties by the cara, steamers, vehicles, Ac , will tnke country trips and celebrate indepen dence day by pleaaant pic-nice. Ami. Plan roa a Railroad raox St Louis to Memphis ?The Memphis Ea^le and Enquirer ia out in favor of building a railroad from St. Louis to Mempnia, and givea the following plan, which haa been ably di?cussed through ita columns by Col. J T Swajne. and which it thinks entirely feasible, even in tbeae hard timea: The plan, as we underatand it, ia thia: It is proposed hat the ownera of the landa along the line of tho route in Arkanaas organise rhemetlvea into a oonpany; that each mem bar of this eompany put in bia land aa eo much atock; that a portion of theae lands be mort' gaged for a sufficient amount, together with what the cify of Memphia may subscribe, to Commence the road It ia propoaed :o invest a part of the funds raided on the land mort gage in three or four hundred alavea. who will grade and do all the eerthwork trom Mim phis to the Mioouri line, (61 miles ) where the people of St Laui* and Missouri are to meet us with a road from St. Lonia via Iron Mountain and the Pilot Knob. Aa the work progresses the land* of the company will of oourae ceme into market, and another portion of them will be old to iron and equip the r->ad ready for tho active operationa ot trade and travel. This ia. in effect, the plan upon which the Illinoia Central Road waa built. That road is about 770 milee long, and waa built by the judicioua management of a Congressional do nation of 3 COO 000 acree of wild lands The thirteen gentlemen who organised tbe com pany under the charter, graded, ironed and equipped the road with the land, and, after the whole waa Gnisbed and all expenses paid, they still had $4 550 000 worth of land lef;! Now, tbe Mempnia and St Louia project will have two advantagea over the Illinois Centra!: flrat, in the artiole of alave labor; and. second, in a la-ger proportional amount of land? Bay not less than 500 000 acres, with whi -h to build Al enles Slave labor ia cheaper than free labor, and after the roa-i ia built the slaws may be BcJd without loss?possibly at a profit; and whereas the Illinois Central had nr.t quite 4 000 acrea of land to the mile with which to complete that road, the Memphis and St Louis Road will have over 8 000 acrea to each mile of tbe read in Arkanaas? bly me?e After the road ia built, the pro ceeds of tbe aale of the alavea will pay off the 'be company will have from lonOuO to 200,000 acres of land? and the road Ah Editor's Own Dribk ?According to the Priooe'on Kentuckian, the following ia a recipe tor the ezcluaive drink of MeOondwin, tKe magnificently funny editor of the Paducah American : Take one pint good whisky atir in well one apoonful of whiskv. then add another pint of wbiaky. beat carefully with aapoon, and keep pouring in wbiaky Fill a large bowl with watc*. and make the aervant set it out of your riech Take a small tumbler, pour in two apoooiful of water; pour out tbe water and fill up with whisky, and add to the above. Flav >r with whlaky to your taate HOLLAND'S CBLEBBaTBD GERMAN BIT *** TER8 ? Week, nervoue, depreeaed Id eptrlte, and ? pray to Innumerable ni?nt?l, u veil u pbvilctl evlla, tUa t1. tlm U> Jyspspsia, la Indeed an ob)ectot commlasersttnn. Tat It la abtird fir him >1ea:>alr. We <-are not ho* weak low, nervoue, and l-ttt?ble he nui be. the cordial i.r> par ses of HOOPLAND'8 GERMAN BITTERS, prepare* by Dr. C M. Jack-in, Philadelphia. are ?tr< nger than tha many headed in n-t-r which la preying upon bU body and mti.d ; *ad If be thoveee to try them, we will insure a apeedj cur*. See aJvertteetziect Je 7 ?UI T~r~* Struer BOB THE LAUIE8?HOW TO PRESERVE Baauty.?Don't use Chalk, Lily White, or any of Uie -called r-oetnstlca, to conraal a faded or aallow complex on. If yt>? would have the ro*e? brought bark to yonr cheek, a clear, healthy and transparent akin, and life and rigor In fused through the system. get a bottle of Corter'i Hpanlsh Mixture. and take It accorllng to directions. It dr*>? not taate quit* as well aa eweetmsste . but, If utter a few <1 >aea you do Dot And yonr heath and beauty reviving, ynar utrp slsstir and vigorous. and tbe whole system refreshed aud lovlgoratod like a Spring Morning, then your cass la hope lass, atd all tie valuable rwrtlttcataa we poeaaas, go far ?E/hL It 1* the greiteat purifier of the blood known la perfectly harmileaa, and at the same time powerfully efllca adTertlaemeut. Z D. GILU tSf, Drnggln, kaa remored to (38 Seventh etreat, oppoett* to the Batrtotle Bank, and la bow pre pared to (111 all ordera for Medtct 'ea, PalBU, Olla, and Olaaa on ?*eoiiiUodaM<ig Urraa. Strict attention will be pal'l to pb)etclan'e prwii. tloae at all hoar* of tha day and night. Tbe night ball la on the right of tha atora door. ap M?Via Try*' PHBJIOJIKJfA IB MED I CI BE.?Broach! tie, OoBgh, Dy?pai?ala, Liver OowpUlnta, Scrofula. *c.?Por all dlaaaoee of the B?i. Syateu It aUada preeminent. A Qlargyman ]oat In^rtna aa It haa cared him of Bronchltta of a ileapO'ata character?eartlcnlara hrreafter. HAMPTOM S VEOKTABLB T1NOTVBB?By Ita mild ao ttou cn the at-.marh, liver and kidney a, will care Dyapap ala, UoMtfli, Aathma, BroachlaJ and Lung Affactluna P?lna la tha Back, Bide and Braan, OonanmpUon, Scrofula, Rhea nutlau, Oout, Rearalgla, Platala, Bowel Oomplalata, Pllaa, Worma, and Nervoaa Debllltlea? with all dlaaaaaa arlalag frcm Uapnre Mood, and U lie greatest faaale medicine ev er known. Tola Invaluable medicine la working wonder* upon theboman r~ame SaeadverUeemeutto-daj. uiar 1 PBEMIL'MR AT THE PAIBS?WHITEHURsTS atiU In tbe aacandasca.?The jarlae of each of the lata fctra at Bttltlm .ra, Blchmond, and Row York awarded tbelr b'.gbaa; pramloma to J. H. W. for tbelr enperloiity of Pbo bxrapba, Htaraoacopaa and Daguerntotypee exhibited. Mr W. alao racatred two Madala at the World'a Pair, Loa 4co. and a r>retnian> at Cryatal Palace, New Tork. A>?), the Brat awarda of the Maryland Inatltata fcr ibiee yeare paaL Whltaharat'a Oatlary in tbta city la on Pa. arena* betw. ** aod 6th atrewa. fob It r-J?HOAH WaLKBB a CO.. IvU* Hall Clothtag Kmpo ^ rtuao, under Browne' H?tel, respectfully aaaoance that their dleplay of Hpiing and Summer Clothing la now ready (or Inspection, comprising an assortment of Ooata. Vhu and PantalfKvua of the neweet aud richest dsalgus In materUi, trimming aod workmanship. T>> gentlemen who study excalleuos with economy in Uablonable articlee of draw an opportunity for ejecting Is offered from oue of libs ' larges: and most attreotlte atock of goods ever oShred In titl* city at a very red need scale of prices. ap 17 rf"-*LC?'J8?LCWOS.?We refer our raaders to aa advar ' tlaement In another column, for fall particular* oun carnlar the llTOEAN A of Dr. Curtis. It la aald to b* oue of the moot remarkable enras for all description of dlaeaaee of the lunga ever dleoovered. Its virtues hsvs been testified to by hundreds, wLo have obtained their kuowlsdge by the beet ot aU teacher*?experience. CAUTION.?Dr. Cl'BTIB'S HHOBANA U the original and only genuine article. may 31?lm aw* Joa Saiujierci reoalvas all the as w Books sad Hew* paper* as Nat aa published. He Is sgent for Harper's and all i ts other MmuIiss, aad sur readers will always Bud s large snd gno-1 vfsortmsnt of Blank Books and Stailonsry at aie Boo^-tore Od?>i> Bnlldlag. nor Pa. eveaae and 414 at M AKIll KO. Oa th?- 5'.h matant, by Ihc R?v. Thomaa A. R?'ir don, in Middlrbury, Vt, Dr. W. A- MANNING, of Waahinttr.n coun.y, D. C-, to Miaa MARY MAY, of the loraief plica. On the 6th lueiant. at the recidenee of Co mmand er Z F J?>hn?ion. U. 8. N., a?ar Kocfville, Md., by the Rev. Mr RimII. E. B. PRBiTYMAN to LYOIA K. JOHNSTON, both of Montgomery co., Mil Bj GRUBS * SCOTT# Aactlonaari. Large lot of dry goods,^furniture Cigars, ke , at Auction On SATURDAY Ui? leth inTiant, we ahall tall. In front of our atora. al 9 o'clock a m., an excallent lot of Dry Oo<wa, trlii Ci<>th?, CaMimerti, Veatiofs. Buspenderi O'ovea. Ilsiidkcrctitefa, Crepe Sbawla TsMe tlmlw, Port?monnaitja Cravats. T?*a, Oigara, &c A Iarg?; lot of Furniture. Term* caali. GREEN k SCOT 1, r M?d Auctioneer* Want* AfrttJATIOlf WANTED BY A RESPECT n tddle flged woman, m child non* or to ?itnrd t? an Invalid latfy. .She has no obfection to housekeeping. AdU;ert ''H C/* ?* thi? ofBce. ]e 14-4t? ' ' \JL> ANTED?9,300 FOR ONE OE TWO YEARS, y * secured by n al estate in thH city, worth tin** time* the amount, foe which a liberal reward will be paid. Addreas "Boi 155 ? )? \ |_lw WA N T E D ?A PARTNER TO WORK A Stone Quarry and contract for sale of Stone to Government and oth >i*. there being now great de mand for stone. This Quarry t* imniedia'elv oppo >ite Geortet wn. Large shanty, blacksmith shop. ;?nd every implement on the spot. TMs quarry fur nishes th? best and largest truck 8!one, fcc. A chance is now offered. Call or write to LLOYD k. CO, Fifteenth street, oppo. the Treasury. may 3?tf klTANTED?EVERYBODY TcTknOW THAT Tf they can get a lot 94 feet front by 130 feet deep, for the low price of f75? payable $3 a month witiiout interest. Apply at the Union Land Office, 7?h St., above Odd Felloirs' Hall. ap 28 -3m JOHN FOX, Sec. Boarding. BOAIIDIMG.?Peasant rooms for summer, witii boarding for Tamili?g or Hnfle pcrtong can be had by eaily application at KINGS, 303 f orth P ^7^ ^tween 3d *nd 4^. The bouse is de iign rally situated, and hai |oi?t been thoroughly ren ovated and refurnished. Meals furnished to fami lies and day boarders accommodated on reaamable 1 ""*? Je 4 lm* M?8.BI C. ORKKK'S Boarding House, cm Pennsylvania avenue first house west c f the Capitol gate. Fine rooms at vnrion- prices, and every possible attention and comfort bestowed on ludie? and gentlemen guess. may 26? 3w* l\^J K? B ?F?8 BENT-PARLORS AND > * Chambers, with board. Also, table and tran ?ient board, with a bathing room and shower baths and every attention to render it most aer-eable to her boarders. Mrs. P. G MTTRRAY, Corner Pennsylvania avenue and 4U Ft. ap 23?3m BOARD, dfcc.-MRS. BATES, on the south west corner of Pa. avenue and 9th street is pre pared to accoinmodr.t? gentlemen with rooms, with or without board. Every effort will be mnde to ren der tho?e comfortable who may favar her with their i>a iron age ap ylRGINlA PAY AND MISTER ROLLS OF Muitia entitled to Land -tnunty under the act of Congress, Sept. 28,1850 Reverley's llutory of Virginia Ruflin's Agricultural E*s*y0 Tiansacnons frihu Virginia Stale Agricultural So ciety, vol l Rurke on ihe Virginia Springs wooonnau on do Fletcher's Study on Slavery Fiavel's Works, 1 vol Cunnning's Minor Works, 3d >erl?s -chuiitx's Manual of Ancient History Mowitt's Hi?t try of Priestcraft Le c"[* pi;(J.u/'or 8oc,;i1 and Brtigioua custom* Woman in the Nineteenth Century, bv MarCar<u ]e ] ?fCr * FRANCE TAYLOR I^d; BASKETS?lust owned a variety o? and T^^NiS,K;""",? C'r,J' ??"' Wu,k' Scl""' Al*o. a lot ol Fresh Perfumery, from ApolLs, St Harri-on and Jules Hanel, Philadelphia. Tombs, Brushes. Fa?, Playing and Visiting Cards, C rd C^es, Porte Monnaies, Jet Goo s, Pocket Cutlery, cages, Music, Musical Instruments, S.aiionery, he JO.N F.ELLIS, Jp 8 - tf Pa a"'? bet 9lh 411(1 10lh i'WO PIANOS that ha?e been in use for a J few months for sale ut.on very cheai. and rea sonable terms JOHN F. ELLIS 300 Pa. avenue, bet. 9th and 10th sts. SELLING OFF. WE have concluded to quit the lancv silk trade, and in order to reduce - ur larse stock we' snail commence to day selling , ?nr entire -tock rnlVl "r,,rad' and Col'd Silks at t Of i , and many for less. ANd. aM P'infl Ran Ken, and tii in Dress Goods at 25 per cent less than former prices. Ladies and purchasers j??:nerally are invited to examine our n?sortnient h. f?r. making their selec tions, as we are determined to offer great t arsains v COL1.EY at SEARS, ,o * ^a3 3event!? " . 3 doors north Pa av. je 13 - ro2w P'21? FA-.M,ItY H()RiJK AND CARRIAGE for i, "y 1 ?s iron grv , 8 years old, and warranted a good family hor?c l he Carriage has a ^liui. g t. p. and can he^dls a l.unry bygliding the top forward, and as a fami y mhTzVTmST.?h.Ma,Mby:hd,niJ 11 back- E'"lu,r? at H JZEL^ Stables, 1'unharMn st, Georpetown. je 13?coj'* s FISCHER'S BAND FULLY QHGAN 1ZED. PAVING now completed all my "rrangemems rrmJka*. rate '"d ootiLloh ", TV. am **ai" ,be service of the public to attend Excursion Partie*, Eih.bitons. Parades, Pic Nu-s, Balls, and Serenades. All those in lavor of a citizen s band are r?>pecuully inviied to encourage our en erpnse, here in Washingt n City P ri tv,:_ n a a V FI'st;HKB, Leader. _ r. }"'* Band, under my direction,isregularlv ttniformed, and from a practice over twenty yeais I cai gtve t-ausfacuon to every one. Residence, Pa. avenue, north side, bet. 9th and 10'h streeu first do.r West of Iron Hall Orders left with Messrs Hilhu* & Has punetua'iy attended to. m.,T |^2(n. 7 SCnUTTER & KAHLERT, ? T & e?ra*-vet aTut <ce?ii de crifAion of ' U It n A !H It. M 1' A L >' A I M< I !V O Order, left with Baldwin and Nenning, Archi tecu; will be promptly attended to je 8- dim* STEAMBOATS CONNECTING if - train of Cart arriv Waiil'g in Washington or Alexan. df i?.? I lie .-n-amer* THOMAS C, O L L Y K R atr <?f.'?RGE WASHINGTON wili make the above c??nnecuona, leaving Washington at 6 a. m for th Orange and Alexandria cars, and connect with' j .?ame train on their ajrivai. Meals furnished on the b<-ats. The Boat* connect with all the trains fr ?ai Dal tim,,re- SA^-'L GEDNEY, Capt. may 17? d ' All strasgkuh vi?iting the City should aee Hunter's Cataloiru' ? r the i uriooities of the Patent Office. Also hi: Inscription of Powell's Great Picture. HUNTER is to be seen at 450 Ninth Mreef. may 81?3in* IMPORTANT TO PERSONS BREAK ING UP HOUSEKEEPING PERSONS removing from the citv and within. uE.trr,of ,hT J I** C en.-ils. Ac , without the trouble of srudina them t > public auction, can rto so by calling on us fat our Stoie, 817 Pa avenue, corner o? Ninth et, as wm are prepared lo buy all such goods a? may be Oorifd ' Housekeepers and others will do well by calline on us, as we will pav the highest cash prices for all such* ods. Wall, barnaru & co. ^ 317 Pa. avenue. LAND WARRANTS. TOHN D CLARK, Agent tor claim*, No. B27 ?* rnelftl. sueet, will Kive the highest market price in gold for Land Warrant' Je 7? ira* P*T*-*T ICr CMC Art PKJLKZ ERS ice Cream M-ulds, Jelly Moulds. Melon .wouids, Rice Mould , Pudding Moulds, Pudding I ans. Cake Pans, Patty Pans, Cake Cutters, at the Housekeeper's Furnishing Store, 400 7th street. J*6 G. FRANCIS. LAp?lB JVOHK BASKETS - Card Htwkeu, Traveling Baskets, K y Raskfts, .^i^K 2Sk!t"' ClB" Market Bahkets, Clothes Ba?kets, a large variety, verv low, at the Housekeeper's Furnishing 8u?re, 400 Seventh G. FRANCIS. WBEATON'S ELEMENTS OF INTERNA tionai Law, new edition Adsms' Equity, new editi-n. with American note FRANCK TAYLOR. MORE BARGAINS. JOI19V H. SHOOT, HBndgt WreW, m>uM nd? ntar High Omngttoicn, just received a lurther supply of seasonable Go4j,is, amougst which will be found 50 pieces good styles lk*t colored Lawns at 19K 10 do plain black and white and black do. .? do rich plaid Ginghams and Gingham Lawns TO do dotted and rich emb'd Mu<lics 50 do plain Swiss and Nainsook rf.i 40 do Jaconet and Cambric do 30 do plaid and striped do 25 Grass Cloth Skirts 90 errded and daxask do White and colored Watered Mom a* 60 pieees light pretty styles Callcoa 10 do Baref* de Lainos at l?Uc 9 do Buff shade Linen With an MMwtmant of seasonable stylas or fovea, Hosiery, and many other very desirable Goods, to wnich the atten;ion of cash or pnanpt cuato?nar? is invited, as we are con?tanUy receiving new soods, and aresolling them at prices to suit the times. J. U. SHOOT? For Bale igd Pent A RARE CHANi'IFOR TR \N8IENT V!PIT ERS ?For rent uo'il the 1st Augnm, a iwo ?t .ry brick Cottage, in the upper part m rh? eftv, a few slept rrtm Penna avenue, and near Lsf ivette with the UM of the furniture, fcc , ii'clnd i g trie ser*te*s of a good eook, and a boy 10 years ?Id} at #40 per montf A pel? to HOOE BIOS It CO, or at the Star office. )? l?-3t? O LET?THE SUBSCRIBER WILL ItFJT hia H< use?n Pa nvenue, between 17 h and 8th ?treeb>, No 184, contai ning iwelee ruoni, upon the aoM reasonable terms, cither *1 h or without furniture. Enquire on the premise*, or of R IV. BATES, Agent, je 15?eo3t* (Organ) For sale or rent?a new two sto ry and attic brick bouse, with a two-story t>ack bunding, c^ntainirg a large ha I ?nil ten good moti.s. Tu a careful tenant t'.e r?*nt will be very niorfer*l?. For further particular* enqu re of Mr. PHILIP MACKEY, corner Fourth and I street*. Je_15?lm FOR RENT?THE FORREST HALL RESTAU rant, centrally situated in Georget wn. TM< is one of the most spacious basements in the United States, and attached to the only public hall in the town. Possession given let July. P?*? term# apply to BLADEN FORREST, Corner of F and Twentieth s's. First rate Devon Cow and Calf for ssie. Apply as above. Je *?1W A LARGE AND ELIGIBLY SITUATED corner Lot, containing 14,000 *quare feet and fronting the Capitol Park for sale on i??commoda:ing terms if immediate application h": made to .. M IIILBUS k IllTZ, Corner Pa avenue and 11th at. Being so near the Capitol and but a few minute-' walk from the Car Depot, makes it mot>tadvantage ously situated for a large public House. )e 5?tf For rent?in Alexandria, va., that larg?* three story Brick House, well known a* the best stand in the. city lor a hotel and restaurs.!, on Cameron street, opposite the Market Hou-e and now occupied by Mr. MoGon?-gal. Possse?sion eiv en on the first of July. Address LLOYD & CO , Claim Agent, 15th st, opp. the Treasury, Wa-hing ton, D. C. m*v 30?tf Rents reduced to suit the time* #150 a year will be received for the rent of those new and convenient cottages at Kendall Green, with two acres of ground, stable. wood sh?*d and other conveniences attached. Pumps of pine watei are near the door, and coiuinumcat on is had with Georgetown by way of H and Seventh streets nnd Pei.n. Avenue, mornii.g and afternoon, at the usual fare, for the accommodation of clerks in the departments. To secure the advantage of this great reduction of rent imtruduUe application must be made to the undersigned, either by letter, or at his house at Kendall Green, after office hours, where the k< ys may be had and the houses inspected at any tim?'. Several of these residences will be- sold on liberal terms. WM STICK HE Y, No 4>J?endall Green. N. B.?Rents paid quarterly in advance. apr 8, 1855?tf VALUABLE TRACTS OF LAND NEAR th t'ity, at Private Sale.?For sale, four very de sirable and eligibly si'uated tracts of Land, contain ing about fifty acres each, partly in Montgomery county, but principally in Washington county. D C. opposite the farm of Joseph H Bradley, Esq.. about 4)( miles from Washington, communicating with it by a lew and commodious road now under con struction. The soil is excellent, and well adapted to corn and wheat The situation is prominent and healthy, and the land well watered. There are three tenements on the premises. This propeity is peculiatly suited to gentlemen having business in the c?ty for beauuful country res idences A plat of the property can be seen at the office of the subscriber. John Parker, Esq., living adjoining, will show the property to any who may wish to see it. EI>W. SWANN, No. ISA Louisiana avenue, near City Hall, ap 20 eo2m Building lots and dwellings ?For sale,Lots on Third street, near the City Hall; on F, between Third and Fourth; on E, tetween First and Second; on Seventh, between L *nd M; on M, near Tenth; on Third, near L; on Beven'h, between L and M; on K. between Fonr'h and Fif'h; also, opposite to F'mklin Square; Massachusetts av?nu?*, t>etwe?*n Firsi nnd N. Caoitol; First Ward, G n^-ar Twenty first; Virginia av-iiue, nearTwi n?y tirsf; N Hampshire avenue, between H and I; also, two frame* dwellings on Fourih between F an?i G, will be sold low for cash. Island property?Two small f sine tenements on I. between Four-and-a half and Sixth; al>o, lots on Virginia * venue, and a variety in other uarts ol the Isltnd and City, all of which will be sold on terms arenmmodating t-? suit purch'sers Enquire* at No 337, Pennsylvania av , opposite to Browns' Hotel. mr.y 28 lmeo DAVID MYERLE. FOR SALE?A LARGE NUM' EK OF BUILD ing Lots, located in alt pa ts ?.f the city. WILLIAM H PHILIP, Attorney a? Law, Office, 4$i4 Pa. av., betw 4^ and 6th streets, may 3&?eo3w Real estate at private sale one Frame Dwelling House and Lot (nOit, be tween G'.h and 7th treeis west, containing six good rooms, nearly new. One two and one three?tory frame Dwelling Hou-e on Massachuset'a avenue, between 4th and 5th streets. Two two-rtorv Frame on Washinct?n st. Also, a very comfortable I welling House on Br&H street, Georgetown. All the above property is nearly new, and will be ?old on accommodating erms. Enquire of FRAN CIS WHEVTLEY, Lumber De ler, No 3T Water street, Georgetown. may 33?eodtm For rent?a new three story frame HOU-*E, on New Vork avenue (No 166 > n? ar the intersection of N?w Jersey nvenue and 3d street, containing eight goerd rooms, with a eeilnr under 'he ki'cheu. To a good tenant the rent will be put very low. Enquire at No. 1?/#. Je 4?eo6t IjlOK RENT.?FOUR NEW ANt? CONVENI ent llriek Houses, brown mastick fronts, con taining parlors with marble mantels, dininc room, kitchen, servant's room, and five chambe rs each, and situatea on Thirteenth street, Island, near t!ie public grounds, convenient to Pa. avenue and tne Departments Rent very moderate. Apply at B. H. CLARKE'S office, corner of Sixth sin-et aid Eouisiana avenue, or at D. B. CLARKE'S Dnu Store, Eleveutli street. Island. mar 6? wtl YILLA FOR SALE?THE SUBSCRIBER of fers at private sale the vi!la in which she at present resides, with eight acres of land, situated at Ellavi!le, on the Washington and Hallini' re Turn pike Road. The h use is new, with all the mode rn improve ments, and the situation has many advant ages for pvrsors engaged in busines in Washington as it is within five minutes'walk of the BIad?*nsbnrg Depoi on the Ruilroad, and there is also an omnibu? running twice a day between Washington and Ella ville. Application to be made to the subscriber, living on the premises. MARY S. VASS. mer 27?2awtf EJOR RENT?SEVERAL HANDSOME PAR 1 lorn and Chambers, with board. Also, Table and transient board. Inquire at Mrs SMITH'S. 9S8 F Street. ap? HOMES FOR ALL.?Beauuftilly and healthily located Building Lots, 34 feet front by 130 feet deep, on graded streets, can, until spring, be bought at the exceeding low price of J75, pavabie #3 per mouth. Title indisputable. Union Land Office, 7th et., above Odd Fellows' Halt. JanH?6m JOHN FOX. secretary. OLD POINT COMFORT. THE IIoTEL at tills favorite watering place is now open for the reception of guests The i n tire establishment has been put in fine orde r, and greater facilities have beeu made for landing pa? aenger*. A small steamer has been chartered to act as ten lier upon the larger road boats, and also to make ad ditional trips to Norfolk and Portsmouth, including two tries on Sunday to and from those cities, therebv affording an opportunity of a pleasant excursion and enjoy the sea bathing The boat will make fithing excursions three days in each week. Communications should be a-ldieased to C C. WILLARD &. BRO., Proprietors. Je 4?8w Ol Point Comfort, Va. PROSPECTUS For publishing a monthly Musical Work in th$ city of Washington. THE under-igned, at the solicitation of many or their esteemed customers, propose publishing a monthly Musical Work, entitled The National Monthly Musical Magasi&o. The Magasine will contain from 'our to six pager of Music, selected from the best European and Na tive Composers In addition to the Music an extra sheet will be added, containing the la'est Musical Ntwj, Musical Noticea, &c. The Magazine wi'l brt print d on the best quality Music paper, ar d will be printed from engraved platea, in the neatest man ner. The first number of the Magazine will be ready about the 1st of July, 1*55. Mr. 8- V. Noyis, the Agent for the Work, will solicit subscription from the citizens of the District of Columbia, and show a specimen number. Jajiks H. Burn*, No. 160 Bridge street, is the agent for Georgetown. H1LBUB fc HITZ, Mua? Depot, eor. Pa. av.. i;th and D sis, Star Buildings, Washington, P- C. June 4?tf NOTIC*.?Our customers are rerpectAilly in formed that on and alter tills date, un'it Sep tern tier, we shall cloee our store every evening at clock. R/LBUS fc HITZ, Music Depot, 7H o'ci Auction Sate For ftatim 8nUt ess firti By J O. ?cOClH*. A???U??r choice collection or ^,?Mi^7if).VArV. I7 aabie Of* PaWme. ?t PuM'c TtJSSDAY aftera-nw, AeneJ?h. ?' <S" ???*; ? the Saloon over Parnhafa* Boofc?of, ?W? ?f llth street and Pa. nvsnue, I 'hall w^Twhh of r** and valuable Oil P^nl,B5^T * greet ea'e by H_N. Da.low, E- q _, leriea 6f? CosrtroenL Among* tbeni ?*? ?nund specimens ?* !>>menlch?no, Vr*V*^:J^ GodfreyKneller, A. Van ;c.Jol?n^ ?K)n. ? Jain-born', Murilla, Vernet, Poosefci, Bhayer, ?r., anrl mhe f. . _ . _ The Baloon will be open and the Picture* en Tree cibibition until the sale. ' . . ... . CAitlniufi may be obtained at th* saloon or at t an ?tion rwnw Terms: $?0^ and mrier cash ; over tha ?m a credit of sixty and w?nety d?\s, for note.salisf-ctori |tf pniiiiri'di bOAfiltf lulfTfft ,yefl<iur ' * iAS C. ?cGUIRG, Je G-d AiK-.kx.ocr. (&*? Th) ab?V< P*?# ??til tcebday xk??, June 15-J .... Auctioneer. By OREBN * ICOTT, AtieiloaM" XTALL'ABLE building ednebday* V Lone BndM at Anctmn.?On WEDNESDAY, he yjth instant, I -hall aril, at JljfcS half of Lot No 11, in B??? Mi? on ?oath D street, between 13% ?d 14th sts. west, running baek 92 fret to a ? Ret alle* . . The abov* described iicoperty is handsomely lo caied near the Lone Bridge. Trr^niT^H)"c?*h, balanos in six and months for now* bearing interest from the day of '"V&-d " 4,&SSW?rv. > 14?d AKtlbP*? J\i 111 be add'd to the at*.*' "5?* tinip and placc, 10 WW or 15 000 foOO P 1 lot of Lumber. Teimsca-h. UREEN A SCOTT, Je 15?d Auctioneers. Dy J.r. HcGl'IRK. Auetlo-itar. 1 RUSTEE'SB'LE OF VALUABLE 1ND EL 1 igiblv situated K al Estate ?'0 the Island.-M v.riue of a <leed of trust, be -ring d ?t? on th' 6:h d ay of lune, 1855, and recorded In Li er J A. ?.,??' 58, folio# 138, fcc . the su scribe r will ?-*H. ?? P?? lie ?le, an THURSDAY, the 91st day af *un 1855 at 3W o'clock p. m., ?n the premim-a. tl.< nor h haito- Lit No. \s2 id J f he while of Lot 13 in Squa e 543, the whole fronting7D eettf inches on 4# ?ue't ?>,!, between K and L stroeta south, and runnu r back 100 feet to an ailey, wuh the buii- lnj?s a- d tir nroveti.enf, w?uch a.e iwo two story and ne co' ta?f> built Fraiae DwelliBf Houtec, well and ?uj ? antiall ? built, or bo much tMetil u tuay bf necw ?arv to ?au?-fy said de*d oftiu?t. Thn rb??ve propmy w liuutw in & rapt"** nr-tvinc ''art of the fi'y, anu "(Tutf a ta\orabl<* op portuniiy t' persoiiH dcair<>us of obtaining a reii.leuce or invesiii ?. .. I h? ie;iiH of na> will be one fourth ca?h ; re idut in 0,12,and iSnionih*, f.?r note* bearing in'ere fntin r.av of eale, secured by a cf tru- * u^?n lh?' pMipert . .. . . . Iiihe terms of e*le are Ktwr.pliM fill W?ix days afier the oa'?, th" p-op*ity will Ik; resold at the ii.-k an ? X|?* use of ihe p'irch?>*r. All conveyaaciiu i?t c?w5i <>t purchaairr. ?;HAd. H WALLAH,Trustee JAB C. M Ol IRE, 15?d Auctioneer. By QRKKff A. HCOTT. Anettoweera \J~ALUABLE IMPROVED PROPERTV NEAF V the Navy Vard a! Auction- On THUU>^A^ the iisd lh^tant, we ehall sell, in front <>( the preni t^re. part ol L t No 3; and oil of Lo; 4, in >quan No 8?1 it being the prnp -rfy belonginf t Mr Bam iitl T Little, situated on '?uth L, between ?.ih an.4. 7th streets eas?, and near the N?vy Y?r<1 Market.? On lo: No. * >? a go d. substantial, and conveniently arranted Brirk dwelling ?l?-u-e Lot No 4 haa a front on L street, of 5^ fei t, and will be subdivide,, to tuit furetofers, o,i a part of which n a goo<i brie a ?tore honxe or office. Wo *\r ra it unn^cc^tiy to anything rfliliv^ to the desirable I cation ol the above i.eacfiDt-1 property, as it is wrli known. TitH Indisputable . ? at T rnis: Onoi-ixth cash ; brlancc iti #. 12, 18, at 30, ;ind 36 dv nths. the fum-ha** r to ?tye notes to. the deferred payments, bearing interest from day *?t ?a!c. A dted eiV-n nr.d n dee-l r> tru^t ta tin. C?EEN k flrOTT, J- 16--d Auctionaef*. fjy ' fltitC!? A SCOTT, Auct'on?.r?. TWO HANDSOME I^U LDING LOTS a Au< ti .?,.?On THURSDAY, the 21st n.stant, slial' m.-!I. on ih rr? ?" ' s, at 6 o'clock p m., Lot No. 19, in Bqut re No. 724, having a f'?nt on north D of 50 feet, between 1st and 2.1 atreetJ etut, run ninj back to a 30 fe?t alley _ M#?*f immfdiat^ly tHcr he na ? nf th6 auovf. at 7 o'clock, we shall sell o? the premi>es part of Lot No. 4, ia Square No. 7a2, fronting 60 feet cn 3u ea-t by 10?> feet on ?J st. ii"rth Both the above dcscrib d lots are handsomely fit uat-d and r|? vated. . T? rms : One fourth ca-h ; balance in C 12 and le months, tor note.^t b aiiif interest f?om the day 01 pale Ti le indisput ble. A deed given and a deed of fust taken. QUEEN a SUOTT. je 15?d Auctforeera. lay JAS. C. lenFIRR. Awetionaer ClllANCEikY BALE OF VAL.' ABLE impr ?< d / Kea E'tate a d M k t Garden By virtue o tt < ecrre of th*- ? ircuit CoU't of ttie i-tric f ' o I ii r bin fir Washington county, made in the c w :ereih May II flat an, aiini idstrat'il and hiii at? I iw of i h' Moore, deceased, is co plaman and Ha nali Mo<ire, and J uie* Mo<ire, and Li?ur* A.m M K;re his wi e heirs at law of a-'d^ t ?mua. Mo?ire,dece sed. are def inlants. Ne. 1,067 in< h n eery, the subscriber tm-tee app?mited by said de cree, will sell *t public auct on, on TUESDAY the 10th ay oi July, 16 5, at 0 o'ciook p. m , on th premises, the whole of .quare No S03 in the^^*t* of VV ashmeton, frontluit ? 10 fee on each of lltbanA I Jth street* we?-t, anu 20i teet 2 inches on each ot V ai.d W street* n nh ?nd containing about 62 6 * equate leet of around, with buildings, improvements and appnrtenain eii. ^hich coi.tlst of a well at?d sujis antially built two-etory brick dwelling houae and fiame stable, fcc. The above property is eligibly Fituated and rapid ly enhancing in vu ue and ha- been occupied and cultivated as a market garden for msny ye.? s, is in an excellent condiiif'n for that purpose, auu witli in a very short .Itrtance ot either of the city mar kets and offers to persona deMrou-t of obtain ng a valuable market garden or makiag an investment, a rare opportunity. , _ . . .. The terms of eale, as pretcnoed by the saw ce ctee, will be one fourth ??f the purchase ni-.ney to be paid in caA, md Uie balance in 6, 2, 18 and ?4 months, to be secu'ed by the purchaser's note, bt-a:inr interest from the day of Uiu sal^, with seen rity tn b? ipproved by tbts tivilci* Upon the nill puymeot ot the purchase money and intfre?t, and the ratification of the aa!e by Ci urt, the trustee will c <nvey the property M tha purchaser in tee. II the terms of eale are not complied with in six d*ys atter the mile iha property will be resold at the n.k and expanse of tha jiurchasaj, upon one weea s notice , . All conveyancing at expense of purchaser. 1 CIUS B WALLACH. InisUC. JAB. C. McGUIRE. Je 16-no*da Auctioneer. By J. C. McQUlKlC. Auctioneer. XfERY DEBIRABLE BUILDING LOTB AT V pub!ic Au tion.?On TUE9DAV afternoon, June 19th, at 6 o'clock, on the premises, I shall fell, subdivisions 55, 56, 57, 5?4 and 59, of Bquare No. 443; each fronting 24 feet on 6th street w?*t, betw. north M and N str??'s, running back 105 f?'?t These lot- are situaid in a rap.dlv iiup ?vin? part nf ibe city ar.d are very de-irable, being giaded an-i p .ved in front. Terms: One-'hird cosh ; the residue in 6 and ia months, with interest, seemed by a deed ol tnut on "" MS. C. McOU.KE, Je 13?d Auctioned. Ry QKEBn * HCOTT. Auctioneer!. VALUABLE BUILDING LOT ON VA8JA chuettts avenue at Auction ?On WEDMJ* DA V, the 2<)lh instant we shall sell, ?"/7?nt of the preu.ises, at 6 o'clock p. m , a beautiful Building LOi, situated on Massachusetts avenue, betwi-en 4th and 5th streets west, it being Lot No. J*1, in sq. 517, having a front on the avenue of 67 feet 4 in , running back to a wide alley. Terms. One-third cash ; balance tn 6,12 and 18 months, for nutes bearing interest from the day of the sale , ' A deed given and a deed of trust taken. GREEN fc BCOTT, Je 14?d Auctioneers. By ORIIH dfc ICOTT, Auctioneers VALUABLE BUILDING LOTB AND HOrfcE and Lot at Auction - On FRIDAY, the 15th instant, we shall sell, at 6 o'clock p ra., in front of ih * premises, part of ha 21 ana all of Lo: No .2U. in ^?,uare No, 158, having a fronton Massschtuett^ avenue of 88 An 4 inches, runnii g back about 145 f?ei, betw> en 17th and 18th streets west The above described property is near Favier's garden. And immediately after the sal* of the above, at 7 o'clock, we shall sell part of Lot No 18, in Square No. 117,frono ig on M striet north, between 19 h ard 90th ?treats wet,I, with the improvement*, which are a good and nearly new two story containing 4 good rooms and cellar. The lot fronts 16 feet run nirg beck 97 feet to a S9 feet alley. It alto hss a fine spring on tha premises. Terms: One third cash; the balnncc In 6 and 19 months, for notes bearing interest from th* day of tha tal*. A deed given aM a deed of trust taken. GREEN fc pcorr, ;? 9?d Auctioucsr, TELEGRAPHIC. daily BVBirare star Latest art Important F?wi from Matfoo Nsw Oblbahs, Jaaa 14 ? Rrasse data* ?f the I0;h iaatant, have been ?rfwl Monterey ?M Ukto by tk? rovoloUoaf*ta ob the J7tb alt. General Cardona and 17 ^ fleer* ar? prisoners Large quantities of ??. al'iona of war, aad 36 pitM of oaaooa wore also taker. All baai^<s< ware suspended Caravajal kw croaeed tho Rio Grande, and ig rtporUd to hars eneotrotered tho Government troop* Latar froai Mexico? Ansibe* City takaa bf the Bevofrnnooiats Nbw Orlbmik, J one 14 ?Gaanesaato Is la posse* a oa of the revolutionist*, aad Yieioria Saltillo bare joined the revolution. If aw Orleans larked Nbw Oblbabs. Jane 14 ?Cot'on ia firm; ?alru of l,5o0 halve; cod midd'ing 13k lfo* la?*ea 29j. Fionr 9 50 a 964. Baaon fide 6#s. Baltimore Markets. Baltimobb, Jnne IS?Floor baa dasliasd 12-v to 2fa ; ??'ea of 300 bbl- Howard et*eet b ends at |10 50 ; Ci-T Mill* ear be toarbt at flO 15. Wheat?Offerings of 2 000 baabels; p rices have considerably declined; sale* of e t at 2S5.240? ?white et 240 25fto Com? Race;pts of 20 000 buab?l*; sale* of tailed at lO0->l02r, yellow at 103al06e , and while at 104al08o. Hew York Markets NbwYobk, J,,n* 16 ?Cotton market it dalW Ploa' if fi'tn wit.*: an upward fcend-ncy ; g a Ohio at 19 50,9 81; o^'bern ia easier; sa'sa at $1112^.11150 Whoa* ta firm aid an changed. cVn is a trifle lo . ar; misad at Boa 101?. Pork ia * trifle higher Baaf ia flrm. Lard ia firm. Whisky?Ohio 35sS5j New York Stock Varkst Niw Tobb Jnne 15?8iocks are better, and Motive Mom? is enebanxed. Sales at thefirat board of Erie Railroad at 49j; Litt'e Mi ?ui Railroad 100; Cumberland Coal Gem pany, 29?; R%ding Railroad, 9'I; Cae n Company 263; New York Central 97#; Penn <yl7ania Coal Company 112; Mis-oars 6'a 9G|; TeasMaee 6's 96J A CARD. Mas. k rum l p No ?oi ?iitk a., between (J and 11, f1r?irec to Hi wioi (lie cri x-na nf Waah-t gion and vicinity, U<a: s?i? is new orcparinl to xive in?lructioa? on the Fore. S!jh lut? taught iimmc in w>ta?t < f the principal itlee | o( the Union, and ha- eetimoniftii ahowine thai ?iie m 'ally e.i>oip? I' tit to discharge ihe duties of h?r pro fusion to ti?e satisfaction ot thoee wbo may f vor i ber With tb?tr pair-Mian". Term* : $10 tor S4 leMon at her residence, or 512 a' 'tie r-*i ence of her pupils. je IS??-?3ni* STEWART'S OKVLIHHT D\Gl7KKRE^ GALLERY ? We . i art- making sple ndid p?fure# io> lower prices than any u ber Ga ler> in the City They are per fectly liie-like. and saiiafacdon i- alway.- given. Gal ery directly o^er M. W. Gaa'a Jewelrt t*iore Pa. aveaue )> 1? lm Paanosi with oiritf'Vc vieicn are invited to examine inya -it<TMve stiK k m all kind' o< HPE? 'T A.* 1 "LES and EYE-OLArtSE*. Gli ?f any kind, such as Cataract, Par-bola, Periscope, fK-utJe Concave, Double Convei, and Color.-d Glar-ees, put in at at.on notice, with freat ?are, a. d pen-on* ia want of gla<#?s may be sure .0 itft 'hofw which benefit th*1 eye t j- Circ'ilors "Defective Viiwi," gratis et ii. H< MKEN'rt, 330 Pa. a?cnue, b*tw. Jhh ?ind 10th ate. inar .10 I NEW POLKA. pita CHEVY CHASE POLK'., for an.i !e.,:cnu*d 1 Mu dallv I) B adit \, by J. I), sauuder?; fc?q.. ot this city, who* comp^ucms ii?V'? always mc withfjch fr^at public tav.?r The imnl* ot the piece ure nuch as will intr it among all lovers ot luuatc. P ice ?5 cents. Just p?biuii<:d and for aale by HILBUS a FTTT7L. Pile Pre-idenfn Mounted Guard Quickstep rom poeed by t r accomplL-tie>i Pianist, Mr. Robert Hoi irt, will a;>r?'ar ??? a 'ew rt-?v? SMt 13 foiTr 11 k Change a alrxandrla ANU MANA80AS GAP UAlui tiADd THE "ub- rilfrr'* Coaches w H call t?ir P*e-en?ers wi In pioc.?nnect?iththeabove Railraais. My' ? acheseonne?i <?iit. the ftcrtn-'r* Tbos i oi ltcr or >* *aaine rot, whi^h leave \Va?hii.*t. n >161 a ftp- .Me Ik turiu?h?<i on Uie boau. Peraon* ihe C<?ches to call fot ibem can Jeave tfn ir name aed re#idene* with Mr John T. T IIman, ne-.r th C pit I (ta'e; %lr's drag ?ton-, corner ? nncylvauia aveoiie end 13ii street; or at G? o. k Ttooe P irker k Co '? et<>re. Coach'-s can be had for Pleasure Tntw may 36- ?m WILLIAM VVH LFT. j LADIk^'O Is-TTbcP 1 j peiia. London and New Y irk Puahi ms for Juae ? receivtd and fur *ale .it flilLMNOTON'8 Bookstore. The Watchman, a companion to the popular ato jr ot th?" LatJipliifli'er Taies for the Manues, by the author of Loa GUn V* a Hrtrper?s .Uaceune f'Jr June coSMpancea a new volnn.e Tlie Miasung Bride, hy Mrr. Hoot* worth Pbe Two Guar<lut?in. by the author of A!l the Magaaineo f?.r June All the New Hooks und every thing ia ihe tionery line, for k* c ut SMII.LINOTON'8 Bookstore, Odecn Bulldian, car. 4^ at , end Pa. av. Je4?tr READY MADE SUMMER 0I> (THING. ? I AV1KG mi hin :b- last fe ? deva made feat 1 I adiiitioiiK toour former stock of Ready-ui^e T?' inff, we are now prepared to c.ffe geutlem*-n eveiy tnoucement in pri *e aau quality to vieit our exten^ve aalearo urn before makingtbeir eelecuoas. Our as<ort.a*nt 01 White end col red Shirts Gauze, men o, eji k and cottoa Underahirt* Linen and ' "otion Iwhwi is Bummer stocks, ? ravat^, Scarfs, Ties Collar.*. Glov ?, Hoeiery, kc., I? v *?y large ?nd compieu-, mefcie^. "ur presint stock one ot the moat desirable 10 ?el? ct *romln . r! ctsaod qua'i:\ to be found rlu* aide nf New lork. WALL a STEPHENS 399 Pa. av.., next door to Iron Hail. Je 4?tf (News) f HE MISSING RfUDE, by E. D. S. W. South 1 worth, 9 vole, price $1 CO Harp? rV Mogax ne for June '18 Harpor'a 8tor> B^ok No 7, Virginia 86 P tnaniN Magna ne for June 3ft Godey'a Lady'i> Kook do Sft Grahau.*a Magazine do 3ft Ail ihe New Books, Vtgazinrs, Cheap Pablea tiona aiid Weekly Papers received a< -oon aa pub liahed aad lor M.le by E. K LUNOY, No. 1 '4 8 Bridge street, Georgetown, may 31?tr j-ILVKR WAOK,PUTED W A UK AHD FINE GiK)U4-8ilves ?'? Tec and T. a 8eU, Sugar Bowls, Otam Juge, Hohlt-u, Cups Bpoon? and Forks Alao, a great variety of maamheent Fancy 811 ver Ware, suitable for pi events. Plated Coffee 8ets, Castora, Banket*, Spoons aad Forks, on beat Alliata. 1'be anicles are warranted aa re[ will be sold at a Email advance. H. 330 Pa. avenue, bet Dth aad ISth mar ?? - if PROSPERI'S CORNET BAND. THIS Band is s-uuble for an.1 and all porpa and is warranted to give satisfaction to all thoee who may be pleaded to engage them, either a* a Braae, Reed, or Coalloe Band. Any number of muMelans to be had at the abort eet notice by applying to FREDERIC PB09PE3I, Leader, at Taltavult's Store, eppaeite th^ Marine Barrack*. N. B.-Orders left at Hilbua k Rita's Mmie D* pot, will be promptly attended to. may 35?4m FOR SALE.?a Pair of BAY MARE8.7 year* oidneitfepring,wel!-br d^uaad,atyli?hl gentle, spirited aud ? apitsl goer*. Th? y are>yff *ei| broken and perfectly :r*e from tricks, aae wfll trucularly ami any geutleman who Is load of iving. The owner pans with them owlybecauae bis parrwae is to rctreach his expenses. Thrv eaa be see/ ut Soothma* (late Bireh's) Stable, Sa 14th street, iM-uih of Pa. avenue. For terms, or aa op Cur.ity 10 try Uiem, ea^uire at the eoaaaw of the orftce. They wilt be eolda be pda. ap 3 tf DR. THEOD. HANSMAM Keeps ??!?* uffi *?? hour* from eight to tea oWoekaai No 505 S*rml\ *mp.O>V Hill, mar 93?lm*

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